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The Norfolk Chronicle or the Norwich Gazette


Printer / Publisher: John Crouse 
Volume Number: XV    Issue Number: 803
No Pages: 4
The Norfolk Chronicle or the Norwich Gazette page 1
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The Norfolk Chronicle or the Norwich Gazette
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The Norfolk Chronicle or the Norwich Gazette

Mr Blanchard and Ballooning
Date of Article: 23/10/1784
Printer / Publisher: John Crouse 
Address: Market-place, Norwich
Volume Number: XV    Issue Number: 803
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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The NORFOLK O R, N O R W I C H VOL. XV.] Ready Money muji be fent with Advert ifements.- CHRONICLE: T H E G A Z E T T E, S A T U R D A Y , oaober 23, 1784. [ No. 803.] Sunday and Mondays Pofl. LONDON, Saturday, October 16. From the LONDON G A Z E T T E. At the Court at St. James's, the 15th of October, 17S4, prefent the K I N G ' S Molt Excellent Majefty in Council. H I S Majefty in Council was this day pleafed to order, That the Parliament, which ( lands prorogued to Tuefday the twenty-' fixth of this inftant Oftobtr, ( hould be further proragued to Thurfday the fecond day of December next. Feterfbiirgh, Sept. IT. On Thurfday laft the Emprefs. returned to this capital from Czarfco- Zelo for the winter feafon : Her Imperial Majefty is in perfect health.— Ga%. - . F O R E I G N A F F A I R S . HMue, Of1. 10. The laft difpatches f r om Vienna. mentioned, that his Imperial Majefty was unalterably determined upon the opening of the Scheldt. Another courier arrived on Monday from Bruffels, at the Imperial Ambaffador's, with difpatches upon the above important f u b j e f t ; immediately after the pefnfual of thefe difpatches, that Minifter gave notite t o the Prefident of the States General, that about the 7th or 8th of this month a veffel would fail from Antwerp, down the Scheldt, into the fea, and that his Imperial Majefty ( hould look upon any obftacle to t h e free paffage of the faid veffel as a declaration of war. A courier alfo arrived from Paris with difpatches for the French AmbafTador, in which we hear the French Court ftill recommend moderation t o theRepublic, and advife them to give way to the circumftances of the times, to avoid a war, and wait for a favourable opportunity to invalidate their r j g l u s . Upon this their High Mightinefl'es difpatclied a courier to Bruffels, with their refokition, taken in confequence. of the above advice of the French Court, and freffi inftruftions were fent to Vice Admiral Reynft, Commander of the Dutch fleet at the mouth of the Scheldt. It is reported that thefe orders were to let the veffel in queftion pafs under a proteft, but this is not credited here. Wliilft thefe tranfaftions were carrying on here the brig Louifa, Capt. Van Ifeghem abfblutely foiled c n the ( 5th from Atwerp, loaded with 70 calks of geneva, and deltined to Dunkirk ; two Commifliiries who had waited for this veffel at St. Philip were there taken on board. When fttrnilhed with an Imperial • order for that purpofe ( he attempted to fail down the Scheldt. M. tie Volbergenj who commands the fcips of war ftati6ried in the river, gave notice to the Auftrian Captain in the moft friendly manner, that he ( hould be obliged to ftop his failing down that r i v e r ; to which he ahfwered, that " the Emperor t a d declared t h e Scheldt apen, and had ordered him t o pafs down it without troubling himfelf with any ® ne." The Dutch commander, after renewirig his friendly inftances to no purpofe, fired a g u n a-; head • without ( hot, but the Auftrian Captain- ftill purfued his way j a ball . was then fired, from the Dutch ( hip, but'without effeft, when upon the repeated refufal of ' the Auftrian Captain to ( top, the Dutch ( hip fired her whole broadfide, when the Auftrian immediately ftruck. This trapfaftion took place two hours before the new inftruftions from their High Mightiueffes, to Admiral Rynft arrived. We are a ( lured that the Captain of the Aultrian veffel had the offer made him of returning to Antwerp, but he re'fufed it with out orders from his Court. Upon thefe important tidings arriving at the Hague, the High Council of the nation immediately afi'embled, and their deliberations lafted till three o'clock in the morning; the Prince Stadtholder attended till half paft two, and, we are affured, pro pofed to augment the troops 14,000 men. Couriers have been difpatched to Vienna, Brutfels and Paris, and Meffengers to all the frontier towns. Hague, 0( 1. 13. Our accounts from Bru( Tels, dated the 7th, mention,' that 90 artillerymen are fet out for Antwerp, towards which place two battallions inarched on the 9th; Go pieces of cannon are expefted to arrive in that city, and the troops at Bergen and other places have all received orders to be in readme fs to march. arrangement wilt be completely fettled. To the Court Qf Direftors he writes, on the 41 ft of February • laft, " I have lately received' more than one fevere warning to retire from a fcene to which my bodily ltrength is no longer equal." From the. foregoing ftatement it is natural t o conclude, that Mr. Haftings will quit Bengal in two or thfree months from tins date ; but then on the other hand, it is to be obferved, that the Court of Direftors wrote to the Governor- General and Council on the 16th of March laft, expreffmg their fatisfaftic 1 at What the Supreme Council had done, and confidence in their future exertions. The Court of Proprietors alio " laft' year p- afted a vote of thanks to Mr. Haftings and his Council, and a requeft that M r . Haftings would not refign till peace was fully reftored, and the ceconomical retrenchments has taken place. All thefe advices, as well as an accountof the change of the Miniftry, mult have arrived in Bengal in the courfe of the laft month, and it is probable will induce Mr. Haftings to remain for one year longer in the Government of Bengal, but no man has an idea that he will ltay beyond that period ; and the ftate of his health ( nay oblige him to quit Bengal in December next, however contrary to his inclination: Under thefe circumftan. ces, it was natural for the Gentlemen" ir. t h e D i r e f t i o n to confider of a fueceffor for Bengal, and the iot- h of December is fixed for the appointment. Some of the Direftors have propofed Mr. Wheeler, the fenior Councellor on the f p o t ; others favour Mr. George Vanfittart, the prefent Member for Berks ; and others again are . for M r . Ralph Leicefter, The two latter Gentlemen were bred in the Company's fervice in Bengal, which Mr.. Leicefter quitted in 1766, and Mr. Vanfittart in 1776; both have been Members of the Adminiltration in Bengal. Thus the affair now refts. His Grace the Duke of Portland had an audience of his Majefty laft week at Wiudfor, whither it is faid he went in confequence of a rneffage from the King ; but what was the fubjeft of the interview has not. yet publickly tranfpired, though it is ( trongly fufpefted to be upon the fubjeft of Irlih affairs. A queftion has arifen among the Crown Lawyers that gives the Miniftry fome uneafinefs, as there is a difference of opinion, front which neither fide are likely to recede. T- fce point in dil'pute is, whether, as the F. att India Company is now circumftanced, in confequence of the Minilter's regulating bill, an appointment to any of the Governments in India will not vacate a feat in Parliament ? From the Crown's having fo much power in the nomination, this difficulty has been ftarted we underftand petulantly, at firft, but has fince become the fubjeft of l'erious conlideration. The King's Commiffioners under the India bill, have appointed Mr. B— 1— y, a merchant in the city, to be their Chief Clerk, with a ( alary of 300I. a year. Mr. Cowden is appointed by the Earl of Waldegrave to fucceed his father, deceafed, as Clerk of the Queen's ( tables. We Yefterday there was a levee at St. James's; after which'a Privy Council was held; when that was oyer, the Secretaries of State and others of the Miniftry had conferences with his Majefty till paft four, when he went to Windfor. The fame day the Earl of Mansfield was at. Court, greatly recovered from his late iridifpofition, and had an audiencfe of his Majefty. His'Majefty has had a dangerous fall from his horfe in hunting;— but we have the happinefs to infoim the public, that he received but a ( light contufion on the brow. There was a very warm debate in. the Court of Direftors on the queftion of the appointment of John Hollond, Efq; tofucceed Lord Macartney in Madras, and a proteft is entered againft him, which is figned by three Direftors. Mr. Hollond is taken up, as it may be/ uppofed, by the party of MF. Haftings, iandhe has always, fupported his Tyftem. He has been' • intimately connefted with the Nabob of Arcot, to which he lent thirty thoufand pounds, which he had abandoned as a defperate debt. It is therefore contended againft the appointment' of this gentleman, that it tends direftly to perpetuate the prefent fyftem. Attached from iritereft to the Nabob, he is likely to ( inter into his oppreffive plans againft the Rajah, and invigorate thole animofities by which the plans of Hindoftan have been fo difturbed. We truft we jhall be able to lay before our readers a copy of the proteft. As various contradiftory accounts have lately- appeared relative to the appointment of a fuccefi'or to Mr. Haftings, we are delired to lay before t h e public the following authentic relation of f a f t s -.— In March; 1783, Mr. Haftings wrote a public letter to the Court of Direftors, earneftly requefting them to nominate afuccefforto him, and declaring his firm intention of quitting India as foon as peace and tranquillity Ihould be completely reftored, This letter arrived in London in September, 1783, but no fucceffor was appointed ; the late Miniftry having determined to take the entire goyernment of India into their own hands. Mr. Haftings was in hourly expeftation of the arrival of his fucceffor when the laft ( hip that has arrived left Bengal, In his private letters to his friends, he writes, that no confideration upon earth ( hall induce him to remain in Bengal longer than January* > 785, by w f o h tiatf be & y » thai every economical e hear that the new intended Debtors Bill will be brought in early in the i'eflion. . T h e forming of this aft. took up much time laft Winter, but it was impolTible to finifh it. Hence the. reafon of the bill brought in by Lord D e n y not taking place. The new bill is framed in fuch a manner as to punifh fwindling with death, in a very fummary way. It makes contrafting debts to a certain amount, without the vifible . ana clear means of payment, felony and death. Drawing, mdorfing, accepting, and paffing notes of hand, and bills of exchange, without va'ue given by each " party, bona fide, comes under this defcription. It is confidently afferted that a bill will be brought into Parliament next feffions. for making perjury in certain cales, and the receiving of ( tolen goods, knowing them to be ftolen, capital offences. To reduce the number of receivers of ftolen goods, would be the moft effeftual method of diicouraging robberies of all denominations. According both to the principles of humanity and found policy, tlie prevention of crimes is always to be preferred to the punifhinent of offenders. Plans are preparing in the Drawing- room in the Tower for fortifying our Welt- India iflands, particularly St. Vincent's and Grenada. The Mailer General of the Ordnance has not as yet appointed any engineer officerJfor this fervice; but it is uuderftood that Col. Gordon, who hasaconliderable eftate in the ifland of Grenada, will be fent out as the Engineer. Had this officer's advite been attended to by the inhabitants, the ifland would not have fallen into the hands of the French laltwar; he advifed a fubfeription f o r e r e f t i ng a fort that ( hould be able to make lome ( tand againft an enemy, Had the Colonel fucceeded, the French Admiral muft have abandoned his attack,, as Admiral. B y r o u V f l e t t appeared hi- a few hours after the enemy had landed, and without any refiftance got poffeffion. His Grace the Duke ot R; chmond has almoft entirely demoliihed Fort Monckton on the Gofport ( liore, which had been conftrufted by Col. Archer. The Colonel's plan was not approved of ® % y the Duke, who has himfelf made a drawing which is now carrying into execution under the direction of Major Moncrieff. The expence of the new fortifications intended to be carried on by the Board of Ordinance, will l'well the eltimates of the expence to be voted next- feffions to a fum littje lhort of a war eftabliiKment, which is to be faved to the public by leffening the expence of the fleet, provided Parliament can be brought to adopt the ideas of the prefent Mafter General. Yefterday goods to the amount of two hundred thotifand pounds were entered at the Cuftom- houi'e, for Virginia and Maryland. The following is handed about as part of the plan now under contemplation of government, for converting the walte Crown lands to purpofes of national u t i l i t y T h e lands are to be divided into lots or parcels, a number of which are to be fold or leafed out every year, by commiflioners, to be appointed for that purpoie ; but the annual alienation is not . to exceed a limited meafurement of ground, left the too fudden creation of new farmers mould decreafe the value of the lands already in a ftate of cultivation; the purchafers and renters are to be exempted from the land- fax for a certain number of years after the ground is broken up ; and divers other privileges are to be granted for encouraging the cultivation thereof. The lateft letters from New York, by t h e Tankerville packet, are dated the 26th of Auguft; they univerfally agree that the goods daft imported continue 011 hand, trade being very - dead, - though the peace and tranquility of the city- and province are pretty well eftablilhsd again. The New Yorkers, however, carry on a great traffic for provifions to the Weft India iflands, where their cargoes neceflarily dome to very good markets., Sir Jofhua Reynolds has lately got into his pofleffion the famous miniature pifture of Milton, . painted by Cowper. It njolt Sir Joihua an hundred pounds. On the 17th of laft month died, in an advanced age, at Naples ( where he had refided many years), John Earl Tylney, of the kingdom of Ireland. He was the grandfon of Sir Jofiah Child, Bart, and Ton of Ricrwrd Earl Tylney, who was on the 17th of April, 1718, created Vifcount Caftiemain, and on the 11th of January, 1731, Earl Tylney. Dying without iflue his title is e x t i n f t . He has left his feat at Wanltead, in F. ffex, and his eftates, to his nephew, Sir James Tylnev Long, Bart. Member in the prelent Parliament for Devizes, in Wiltfhire. An, Officer of high rank, great experience, and approved ability, is now under art arreft, charged with ( peaking and writing difrefpeftfully of his Grace tlie Duke of Richmond. It leems that Colonel D e, the Officer under an arreft, in a letter which he had occafion to write upon fome profeffional bufinefs, took the liberty of animadverting upon fome part of the Duke's c o n d u f t a s Mafter General of the Ordnance; the letter was addreffed to Colonel B n, and was perhaps unavoidably laid before the Duke, who conceived himfelf, in his military capacity, treated with contempt, waited immediately upon the King, and lodged a formal complaint againft Colonel D — — - e , and demanded a Court Ma. tial. The Colonel, in confeqnence of this, was put under an arreft, and we underltand will not make the Duke any apology, or enter into any ex planation of his reatbns for writing as he has done, but J$ determined to fubmit himfelf to the judgment of his profeffion by the lentence of a Court Martial. A very curious marriage was lately celebrated in Drury lane, which ftrongly marks the progrels of folly and diffipation.— Avman of fome connderable fortune was kept for a week in a bagnio in a ftate of intoxication, and became fo infatuated as to prom'ife immediate marriage to one of the moft common proltitutes in the place. Care was taken'that he ( hould be kept as devoid of reafon as poffible, until the bufinsfs was finifhed, which was done with all the fplendorof Old Drury. He gave a grand dinner to the mother abbefs, and as many nuns as the pleafed to invite— and thus a gentleman, who perhaps deferved a better fate, was hurried by intoxication and proportioned infatuation, into a life of fhame and mifery. Let the youth of fpirit and intrigue read this, and learn t o avoid thofe haunts, " arid that company, where the ambition ft, to level ail to the fame ftandard of unhappinefs; and debate- human nature by the corrupt influence of its dregs! A few dags ago, a jolly tar from Portfmouth, who. is a warrant officer , on board one of the men of war inordinary, came- on a friendly viiit to his lifter in Stepney Caufeway, where a beaytifyl young girl, about 17, juft returned to her grandmother's conltantly vifited. Jack, thought the- girl monftroufly handfome, and that ffie would make a good- wife, as the'grandmother h., d put her down for 7000'!. in her will,- and. fo paid his addreffes to her ; atvJ haying in aVi'acquai'ntance of three dayi prevailed upon her to. marry him, he got a licence, and took her to Stepney church inthe morning, where they wedded. In about half an hour after, ( he returned, to her grand-' mother's, and fertt u p a formal meffage to the oid La-, dv, that ( he begged to fay a few words with her,. She was inftantly admitted, and going up to the grandmother, fhe threw herfel. f upon her knees, and begged to be forgiven, for'( he ' ; d married a Captain that morning. The moft violent affection, wl\ en infulted, feldom pardons. The old Lady was inexorable, defired her to depart, which fhe did, the Captain being in waiting below ; and the grandmother having fcratched her out of her will, ( ne fet off for Portfmouth with her marine cara fpofa, wh re they now are either rejoicing in love, or lamenting ( he difap - pointment attendant on fudden paffions of a matrimonial nature. We are affured that the enclofed Epitath was found written in chalk upon a Tomb- ltone in the Clofe of Salilbury, when Dr. Burton filled the See. It was fufpedted and reported that Dean Swift was- the Author, and that he had taken a long journey and uncommon pains to publifh his Satire, and conceal the Author. - HERE Sarum lies, who was as wife And learn'd as T om Aquinus, Lawn ( leeves he wore, yet was no more A C'hriltian than Socinus. Oaths pro and con he fwallow'd down, Lov'd gold like any Layman; He preach'd and pray'd, and yet betray'd God's Holy Church for Mammon. If fuch a foul to Heaven dole, And paff'd the Devil's clutches; I do prefume there may be room For Malbro' and his Duchefs. Firfl ufe of Mahogany in England.— Dr. Gibbons, an eminent Phyfician in the latterend of tlie l i f t , and beginning of the prefent century', h id a brother, a Weft- India Captain, who brought over fome planks of this wood as ballaft. As the Doftor was then building him ahoufe in King- ftreet, Covent- Garden, his brother. thought they might be of ( ervice to him. But the carpenters finding the wood too hard for their tools, they were laid afide for a time as ufelefs. Soon after, Mrs. Gibbons wanting a caridle- box, the Doftor called 011 his cabinet- maker ( Woollalton in Long Acre) to make him one ofTome wood that lay in hisgjirden Wo< jMafto » alfo complained - that it was too hard. The Doftor ( aid he muft get ftronger tools. The candle- box was made and approved;; infomuch, that the Doftor then infifted on. haying a bureau ma'de of the fame wood, which was sccprdingly done, and the fine colonr, polifh, See. were fo pleafing, that he invited all his friends to come and fee it. Among them the Duchefe of Buckingham. Her Grace . begged- fome of the faYne WiSod of Dr. Gibbons; and employed Woollaftofi t o make her a bureau alfo; on which the fame of mahogany, and of Mr. Woollafton, were much ra'lfed, and theWood' became in general ufe. It is remarkable, that the word mahogany is t o be found in no Englifh Dictionary whatever. Thurfday being the day for the removal of the prifoners f r om the different gaols to Newgate; in order for trial at the Oid Bailey, a Tailor got up' behind a hackney coach in which one of bis old meffmates was in cuftody, and placing one foot on each of the rails rifing from the foot board, kept waving his handkerchief and. hallooing as he rode; but the carriage turning ( harp out of Berkley- ftreet into St. John'slane, by a fudden jolt the unfortunate tar was thrown oyer the hind wheel, which paffing over his head,' his ( kull was f r s f t u r e d in a terrible manner, and by . the violence of the fall hi. s lhoulder was dillocated*. - He was taken t o St. Bartholomew's Hofpital. Laft Wednefday being tho laft day before moving the prifoners to Newgate from New- prifon, Clerk- . ehwell, ong James Hamilton, alias Smith, endea-. voured to. perfuade Tome of his fellow prifoners t o. join with him to make t'heir eicape, bpt the others, - did not conftnt, and refufed fo to do, on account of. their irons. The keeper and his fervants, ever finoe', Hamilton was committed to New- prilon, had a very watchful eye over " him, well knowing his. cafe to be defperate,- and'himfelf to be 61ie of the moft daring" old offenders ; although he was well- ironed he had the audacity that lame evening, by himfelf, ' to a t -; tempt Iris- eft: ape, b y procuring a quantity of Stotelr; fnuff - in . his pocket, and throwing the lame in the turnkey's eyes as he was opening t h e gate ; but the' turnkey held hhn fall till the- keeper arid his." other fervan. ts appeared, who feciired aiid chained lirm" down to the floor:' It is thought that he meant t o do murder, or fome other defj> eiate a f t of cruelty, as o n ' fearching him two large fharp riafc'ed kniVes wfcrt" found in his coat pocket. - Hie next moriiing he Was - moved to- Newgate, when the keepes ajid: lws- fervants'' being informed of his behaviour, he immediately Wa'j1 ordered to. be heavy ironed and put into the cells. Hops fold this morning in the Borough as Tollow • ' Bags from 4I. to 41. 10s. per cwt.— Pockets 5I. 10s. t o 61. '" B A N K R U 5 T. John Simpfon, of Halfnlooiv- alley, Bilhopfgate-.-. ftreet, wheelwright. [ F « r the remainder of the news of this pojl, fee oar • lafl M'-'} Ntcejfary for all Qhriftian Families. This Day is publiffied, Price 2s. 6d. bound. TH K C H R I S T I A N ' S S U R E G U I DE 10 S A L VAT I O N : Confifting of Precept, and Exampjes. Divine , ind Mor. I, exiraflcd from the HOI. Y SCRIi'TURES, and exemplified u. dcr. variou. Heads, viz.: I. Introduflion to Hriyer, Method of J V y i n g from - ISIc. r ipAt uSrue, m mfoarrmy eodf oPne tthiteio Mns oadnetll oSfu tphpel iLcaotridu'ns sP, raasy erhr. e y . ire. found in the Sacred Writings.— III. Sctiptur. il Fj ir. ulstions , f. r Grac , Protection, anil D'neaion.— IV. Fpt. . Profperl j— For Thankfgiving— For - Deliverance frorn ' .' Trouble.— V. For the Church.— VI. FoVthe Lord's Supper. >'.".-'.' With a GeiterJ Lift of God's Promifes as revealed In the ' Sacred Writing*.— Scriptural Rulesfor Chriftians to walk ' t> y.— Coiieiition of MoiiifTtece- ptt from the Old- and New- Teftaments. . , . • LikevvifeGod's remarkable Judgment on Sinners, and wonderful Dealings with th « RigbteOus, beins a chearful • Affiftance to every feri. ius Member of theChurch, and ferring ai a General M. inual'of T), votiyns. > By the Rev. H E N R Y « 5QUJ" ff\ YELL. L. L. D . . . Late of . Magdalen College, . Cj'njbrjdge ; ; rrd* Jttaor of./^ Aiferby, in Lincolnflii e. % London :- Printed for J. Cgok't^ tin., j 7", in Pater- nolleTro\ v ; and fold by J. and C. Berry, K" ookfellef « , Nor- 1 wich, and moft'other " KookfiiU^ s'in Town irid Coup: Vy, Of vjhem may he: had, . F. legantly printed in l. arge Folio,, on an l xctlleat large and new l. e Crr, apd . on fuperfine Paper, The Rev. D r . S O U T ,1 W l i L L's Univerfal Family Bible; Or, Chriftian's Divine Library. Being a new, c mplete, and clear Expoiition, Illuftri' ' tion and Commentary on the Holy Scriptures. Containing the whole .> f the Sacred Text of the Old and New Teft. imenn, wich the AJI cr pba at large. With Notes and , Annotations, Theological, Hiftoric. al, Geographical, Chronological, Biographical. Pfattieal; Critical; Explanatory, Mo. ai, and Divine. Wherein all the difficult and obfcuie Pafta^ es are clearly and fully explained ; the feeming Con. rradid ions reconciled ; and the lSflif tranflitions cocrefled. r The whole forming a complete Commentary, with pradipal Improvements and general Reflexions on each . Kapler, calculated to enlighten the Underft. inding, and make Mankind wife unto' Salvation. Wi h complete Concordance, Indexes, and many other Matters of the moft imjiortanc Natuie, eflentially neceflary to explain and illuftrate the Sacred Writings. The Whole forming a Complete and * Univerfal Treafury of Divire Knowledge. By the Rev. HF. NKY SOUTHWELL, LL. D. 3 Auihor of the Chrijliarit Sure Guide to Salvation. Embellilhed with upwards of One Hundred grand and beautiful Copper- plates, taken from ihe fined Paintings of the mart efteemed Maiters, fuch as Riphael, Ur- bin, Ruben, Vandyke, Picart, and from the Drawings of the moft ingenious modern Artilis ; and engraved by the following well known and celebrated Matters, viz. Grignion^ Walker, Collyer, Taylor, White, Roberts, Reynoldfon, & c. P The Whole of this valuable Work being juft printed off, may be had complete, elegantly b und in Calf, Price Two Pounds Eighteen Shilling, ; or in One Hundred Numbers, Price Sixpence each, one or more at a Time, ai may b « ft fuic the Convenience of the Purchafer. J Of whom alfo may be had, Beautifully printed in Crawn Folio, The Rev. Dr. S O U T H W li L L's New Book of Martyrs; Or, Complete Ghriftian Martyrologyi,- Containing an authentic and genuine Hiftorical Accoiint of the many dreadful l'erfdcutions againft ( he Church. » f Cbrift, -. in all Parts of the World, by Pagans, Jews, Turks, Papifts,- and others, from the earlieft Ages of the Church, to the prefent Period. Including the Life, Sufferings, and Martyrdom of our Bulled Lore! and Saviour JefusChrift, with the Martyrdoms of the Apoftlcs, Evan- V gellft's, i'hd other primitive CfiriAiamt, Si. " Forming, at one a complete Hiftory of Perfections, and a Biography " of- Martyrs. By the R; v.. HENRY SOUTHWELL, LL. D. Author of the C. hri/ li. in's Sure Guide to Salvation, and the UNIVERSAL FAMILY BIBLE. EmHellifhed with a great Number of uncommonly' highfiaiflted Copper plates, rei'tefentirig the various* Modes of cruelly torturing Chriftians for their Conftaricy, and putting them to Death for their Faith: alfo di- fytaying fome general Scenes of Pagan Barbarity and Popiih Crue- lty, tiken from tile Paintings and Drawings of the. Ingenious MefTrs. Stothard, Dodd, and Simuei W^ le, Efq; of ths RAyal Academy. The Whole engraved by the moft cele- Irued Ajtifts. The Whole being juft cortipleated in FOR T Y NTum- . b_ TS o u r , making' an elegant Volume in Fqiib, mjyr be had one or ntore Numbers at a Time", agreeable to the Convenience of the Purchafer j or the Whole together, elegantly bound in Calf and Letteied, Price il. 6s. Wednefday and Thurfday s Pojl. . LONDON, Tuefday, Oa. 19. W E are affined that the King of Praffia has intimated to the States General, that he is perfectly fatisfied with tlieir laft anfwer to the Emperor of Germany, and that they may depend on his fupport fliotild the confequences of maintaining their argument be 1 military csntell. tiague, 0£ l. 15. The fubftance of the refolutions ot the States General at their Affembly held oil Satuf. Hay the 9th of Oftober, at eleven o'clock at night, relative to the flopping of the Attftrian brig from failing up the Scheldt was, " That having delibeiatsd upon the letter on that fubjeft fent by Capt. Volbergen, dated on board the Pollux frigate, the 8th of Oftober, at half pafl 011c at noon, it was determined' to lend oVders to that Officer to releafe the veffel in queftion ( hotwithftandiag her having paffed Fort L, illo without the neceffary paffport), ou condition that the Captain returns to Antwerp, and engages in writing not to continue his voyage along the Scheldt, « That a . full account be laid before the Government General of the Auftrian Low Countries of the whole affair by the Dutch Ambaffadors at Bruffells, and in as refpeftful, and at the fame time as ftrong terms as poffible, to complain to the faid Government eTthe attempt of tire A u ftrian brig to fail from Antwerp doWn the Scheldt, without flopping at Lillo to take tlie necctfary palfpofts, in direft contradiftion to the. tights of the Republic ; that fnch a proceeding upon the territory of the Republic wauLI have been punifhed upon the fpot, had not CoVint Belgiofo given tiotice to the Dutch Ambaffadors at Bruffels, that fuch a veffel was to fail by the exprefs orders of the Emperor-; that their High Mightineffes imagine fuch eiders muft have been given by his Majefty before he was well informed of the importance the opening of the Scheldt wis looked upon in this country, and before the refolution of their High MightinelTes of the 30th of Auguft and 24th of September had come to hand ; in which their High Mightineffes fet forth the impoffitoility of revoking the orders which had heen in force ever fince the treaty of Munfter for keeping the Scheldt ffcut; and that it be further reprefented, that their High Mightineffes cannot imagine the Emperor can think Of opening the Scheldt: the right to ( hut which tiver was acknowledged at the fame time, and by the fame treaty, as the independence of the Republic, and which right has never been in the fma'left degree con tefted from that time till liow, neither in the grand alliance of 1701, or in the barrier treaty of 1715 ; and that in all the conferences held at Antwerp, and at Bruffels, when every thing that Was litigiotls relative to the Auftrian Low Countries Was debated, there never was the leaft thing mentioned ' againft the Glutting of the Scheldt) and even in the acionlU of the ^ t h of May laft, which was to contain all the pretenfions of his Imperial Majefty againft the Republic, not a word was mentioned of that river. That their High Mightineffes think they have in all their tranfaftions fhewn the highed 1 efpeft for his Imperial Majeftyy and mod particularly in the evacuation of NamuV, and other barrier towns, although they entered into the grand alliance of i? ojt, and waged a ruinous war, only to obtain thofe barriers. That the fame modetation has appeared in all their memorials and refolves, and Was particularly manifeded in the'r readinefs to grant His Imperial Majefty every reafonable prrten- Ji « n contained in his lift of them above- mentioned • * That as a further pro « ; of their moderation, notwith ftanding all ( hips of Whatfoever nation were condemnable that paffed the laft guard of the Scheldt, without taking out the neceffary paffports, & c. yet that the . Austrian fetig which was flopped by Capt. Volbergen fur paffing Fort Lillo, and attempting even to pafs the irrigates of the Republic, ( hould be releafed, provided < Re would return. That their High Mightineffes Snatly depend on the known magnanimity of his Imperial Majefty to leave the Republic in the quiet pof. feffion of their lawful right to keep the Scheldt ( hut." Utrecht, Oil. 14. An immediate war with the Emperor feems inevitable; and indeed this iffue might have been predifted in the earliefl ftage of his controverfy with the Republic, refpefting the navigation of the Scheldt, fince the event that is now on the point of taking place was fo plainly indicated by the inflexibility with which the King of the Romans perfifted in his demands, and the firmnefs with which they were eppofed by the Batavian Senate. On Sunday laft Lor. d Waldegrave vifited their Ma lefties at Windfor Caftle, in return for the honour done aim by the Queen, who paid his Lorclfhip a vifit a few days fince. On Monday evening his Grace the Duke of Argyle, and his fuite, arrived in town from Scotland, and in a few days is to fet Off with his Duchefs for the South cf France. We hear that the report which appeared in feveral of the papers, dating that the African, Company had at laft fucceeded in their applications to the Board of Ordnance, for a fort to be erected for their goods fent from Europe, is entirely without foundation, nor is their requeft likely to be decided upon for fome time to come, on account of a difference now fubfifting between the French and Englilh Minifters, refpefting how the boundaries were meant to be fettled by the late treaty of peace. By an article in that treaty, ihe King of Great Britain gives up Senegal, and its dependencies, and alfo Goree to the French K i n g ; and the French King by another guarantees James Fort and the river Gambia to the King of Great Britain ; another article exprefsly fays, Commiffioners ( h? II be appointed to fettle the boundaries; after which it is agreed by the 19th article, that all places not particularly defcribed are to be given up reciprocally to thofe to whom they belonged previous to the war under this article the French claim Albrnda, afaftory on the northern banks of the Gambia, fituate between James Fort and the Bunian I ( land; the Englifti contend that it ought to be evacuated. There is now a negociation on fo ® t ou the fubjeft ; and in the mean time the river is wholly abandoned by the Englifh, and the trade engroffed by other nations. Fridays Pofi and Exprefs. LONDON, Thurfday, Oft. 21. N Otwithftanding the late news from the Continent relative to the flopping of the Imperial Ship by the Dutch, and the threatning afpe£ t of politics in confequence thereof, yet in England the alarm has fubfided, and the funds have been on the rife ever fince Tuefday, with a brifk market at near one per cent, advance. This looks as if the publicin general thoUghta war between the Emperor and the Dutch not likely to happen, the idea of which fome of the principal merchants in the city have all along feouted, particular the French houfes, whom we know within this three wseks to have received orders from Fi ance t6 buy up confnkrable fuifcs in oiir funds, in cafe an alarm fhould be\ fpi? ad among the Stockholders from the appearance\ of things on the other fide the water : Great quantity " of ( lock lias in confequence been ' purchafed ; and, from the urefent profpeft of the funds, the French will be confiaerable gainei s by our late apprehenfions. The news which lately arrived, of the Dutch hav- ; ing infulted the Imperial flag in the Scheldt, has already had a moll difagreeable effect on the proprietors, of hotels, at the Well end of - the town; almoll allr the officers who are now on their different avocations in the metropolis, and belong to the different powers intereftsd in the prefent threatening ftorm 011 the continent, having received immediate orders to returti to join either the fleets or armies, to which they t'fefpeftively belong. The Dutch funds have fallen very eonfiderably in confequehce of the bppofition given to the Emperor's ( hips in the Scheldt. As to the report of the firing having taken place without defign, there is an abfurdity on the fact of. i t ; as the ( hips weie ftationed there with no other view than to impede the paffageof the Imperial veffets. 1 Yefterday their Majefties andthe Princefs Royal arrived at Kew from Windfor, from whence his Majefty immediately came to St. James's ; the levee broke tip,, at . three o'clock ; the Secretaries of State, and others of the Miniltry, had conferences with his Majeftv till near five, when he returned to Kew. The lame day his Grace the Duke of Argyle was at Court for the ftrft time fince his arrival from Scotland, and had a private conference with his Majcrty. The fame day Lord Chewton was at the levee, for the firft time fince his return from abroad. Yefterday General Boyd had an audience of the King at St. James's. A letter from Dover fays, that a Gentleman, who arrived there from Boulogne, fays, that he faw juft landed the day he failed, foine fat oxen, fheep, lambs, and feveral calves; and that he learned by a friend that the veffel came from the coaft of Suffex. It is confidently reported that Lunardi has challenged Blanchard to a balloon- race, in three heats: the firft with the wind, the fecond acrofs the wind, and the third, which loofes leaft againft the wind. The betts on Monday and Tuefday night in the neighbourhood of St. James's were very confiderable in favour of each adventurer, and great odds were laid on both fides, and it is politively declared that above jo. oool. is already depending. Two illuftrious charafters have propoted this plan as a rational incitement to a further improvement of thofe wonderful machines of human invention; and three of our principal mechanics are now aftually em ployed in condrufting an apparatus to facilitate the undertaking. Were we to appeal to common under- ( landing, independent of mathematical enquiry, we fliould certainly conclude, that as a furprifing fubtending power has already baen procured to raife men in the air, that by combining an accelerating power, operating agijinft the impetus of the current of the atmofphere, any direftien whatfoever can be given to the aerollats, and thus render them both pleafant and perhaps highly ferviceable to mankind. Dr. Prieftly has communicated an experiment, by which he has difcovered an inflammable air, that can be prepared for one- twentieth of theexpence attending the preparation at prefent in ufe. A gentleman who arrived on Monday lad from the Northern part of England, over a great part of which he has traverfed in the courfe of the lad fix weeks, brings certain information that the Commutation Tax upon Windows is univerfally reprobated ; and M r . P, is loaded with the levered reproaches. Similar accounts have been received from the Wedern parts of this kingdom ; and in feveral of the borough towns they are talking of indrufting their Members to obtain a repeal of the fo- much- detefted Window Tax. This morning fome difpatches were received from Lifbon, brought over in the Jenny, Emmerfon, arrived at Plymouth; they contain an account of two Dutch men of war having arrived there in great diftrefs from the Ead- Indies' Yefterday morning an eminent merchant of Colemanftreet ( hot himielf through the head in a room adjoin ing his compting- houfe, while a friend, whom he had appointed to br. eakfafl, was waiting for him in the parlour. The deceafed has left a wife and nine children, who fortunately were at his country houfe when the melancholly event happened, which is fuppofed to be occafioned by various difappointments, but particularly in not receiving remittances from America, where he had fent goo^ s to a confiderable amount, On Sunday afternoon as Lucas, a Canftable, and an officer belonging to the Police, was coming thro' Chick- lane, obierving a woman with a bundle, he accofted her with, " Well, miftrel's, What have you get there ?" T o which ( he replied, with feeming confufidn, " What is that to y o u ! " This brought on fome ( trong reafons that increafed his fufpicions; he infided on fearchine her," and for that purpofe conveyed her into a ptiblic- houle. On opening the bundle, it was found to contain three thoufand and upwards forged damps for receipts; and on more drift examination were alfo found a wedge of fiiver, weighing about fix ounces, and two fmaller pieces which had evidently been in a crucible.— From many cirnumftances, there is great reafon tobel leve fhe is an accomplice with the man frequently advertifed in the Public Papers for having put off forged Bank notes in different difguifes, and is known in Bow- tlreet under the appellation of Old Patch. She is about forty years of age, and has the appearance of a Jewefs. A a . Fov this life the ( aimer mad at tqaft fclect one particular horfe, enter it, and pay the duty accordingly. ThS above conftruftion being a matter of importance to all farmers and others keeping horfes, a proper attention to it may feture them from the penalty and much incidental trouble, to which their ne^ left or refufal to pav the duty as above fpccified and direiled WiU inevitably fubjefl them. Oh Saturday laft was launched at the Revi Dr. Poyntz's, of North Creak, in this county, a curious and beautiful air balloon ; it afcended with great celerity, went in a South- weft direction, and gave great fatisfaftion to a concourfe of people, among whom was the Dowager Countefs of Spencer, who affifted in fillidg the balloon and letting it off. The balloon launched from Bungay Common, on t h e , n t h inftant, at half pad one o'clock, in the afternoon by Mr, Waterman, We hear fell the fame afternoon at minutes pad three at Peivhurft, near T u n - bridge, iij. Kent, which is 139 miles didant from Bungay Common. Lad week the noted Harold, went from Edgefield to Norwich and back again on foot ( which is 38 miles) for a wager of five guineas. He Was allowed eight hours to perform it in, but did it with great eafe in feven hours and twenty minutes'. He is a very corpulent mail and labours under'infirmities. He is alfo faid to be lineally descended from Harold Harefoot, who was vanquilhed by William the Conqueror in 1066 at Heathfield, near Hadings, in Suffex. A few days fince fome fmugglers having met at a houfe on the coaft to fettle their accounts, and make a divifton of money received for goods fold, it unfortunately happened one of them had loft a parcel which contained tool, but en returning back, and making enquiry concerning it, he luckily met with a man who had found it, who returned it unopened. The fmuggler, as a reward for his gratuity, gave him five guineas. A few days fince a raaa, about 30 years of age, near fix feet high, of a dark complexion, dreffed in a light blue coat, called on feveral tradefnien in Yarmouth and ordered a confiderable quantity of Irifh cloth, which he defired to be fent to an inn with a bill of parcels. When the goods were carried, he took the bill of parcels andi'aid he would fend the Money when lie got home. He gave his addrefs to the tradefmen of whom be ordered the goods on a card neatly printed, with the names of Hawkins, Duncan and Gill, Cookrow, Bury St. Edmund's, Suffolk. A pertbn who anfwers the defcription of this man called at a filverfinith's and offered to fell fix'fiiver fpoons and a brace of piftols. He left Yarmouth on foot laft Tuefday afternoon. . Upon enquiry there are no fuch perfons'as Hawkins, Duncan and Gill live a t Bury, therefore it is fnppoled he is a fwindler. On Monday lad M r . Stangroom, officer of excife, feized at Hunftanton ( affided by a party of Elliott's light dragoons) 40 half ankers of geneva, See. which was fafely conveyed the fame day to the excife office, Lynn. The colle& ion at the charity fermons, preached laft Sunday in Bury, by the Rev. M r . Harrifon, amounted to 7 t l . i s . fid. a larger fum than ever was before collected on the like occafion. At St. Faith's Fair, near this city, on Monday and . Tuefday lad, cheefe and butter fold as follow Fief cheefe from 36s. to 38s. and 45s. per weigh.— One meal cheefe f r om 4I. 8s. to 4I, tos ditto.— Butter from 33s. te 34. per firkin.— Half firkins from 18s. to 19s. 6d. At the above fair, which was the greatetl ever remembered, thei; e was a large ftievv ef Scotch beads, which fold at very high prices. On Friday laft an inquifition was taken before T ho mas Marks, gent, on view of the body of John Pleafants, who was accidentally rode over, as he was croffing the Catron road, on Thurfday the 7th inftant, when he received a mortal fraiture in the head, of which he lahguifhed. until the 15th inftant, and then expired. A few days fince was married, the Rev. M r . William Gordon, fonof the Rev. Mr. Gordon, of Blickling, near Aylefham, to Mrs. Pyke, of St. Stephen's^ A tew days fince died at Hickling, in this county, Mr. James Harby, an eminent ( hopkeeper. Wednefday fe'nnight died, in the 81ft year of his age, Mr. George Turner, of Woodhall, " in the pari( h of Stoke, near Meodleftiam. He was only a dairy farmer, yet he is faid to have died worth zo, oool. which devolves to his brother's children. Thurfday laft died, greatly lamented, Mrs. Cotman, wife of the Rev. Mr. Cotman, of Brome, near Eye, in Suffolk. On Saturday laft died at Stoke, M r . Ralph Buck, proprietor of the papsr- mills, in the 50th year of his age. Wednefday was committed to the caft'le by R. Kerrifon, Efq; John Flint, charged with dealing a. horfe, the property ef Mrs. Emneth. Same day was committed to the caftle " by R . Kerrt fon, Efq; Matthew Hunter, charged on the oath of William Bales, a ferjeant in the regulars, for inlidirig for a foldier, and denying at the fame time he was in rolled in the militia. fjoiwich, OfloBet f t , I THE Audit for receiving the F E E- F A K M R E N T S due to the Right Honourable Lord VVAt- POtK, fur ihe County of Norfolk and City « nd County of Norwich, will he held on Saturday; the 30th Day of O c - tober Inflant, at the Maid's Head in Norwich ; of which ail Ferfonif concerned are to take Notlee, and aie required to pajr iBeir Rent„ s Vto f " t J' AMMl E SI I S M Y T1H , . R e c e i v e r . Eriggi's l i n e , Norwich, Oft. 21, 17I4. SA M U E L D A V Y , CLOCK, a n d W A T C H - MAKER, being f o l i c i t ed by his Friends to continue the above Bufineft, begs Leave to i n f o im t h em a i d the Pub* lie in general, that he has taken into Partneifhip Mr; Henry Brlttan, from London, with whotn he hopes co merit i Continuance of their Favours, and all others w h i w i l l pleafe to make T r i a l may depend on having theft Orders executed in the beft Manner, and on the moft reafonable T e r m i , and their Favours gratefully acknowledged by their obedient humble Servants, S A M U E L D A V Y, H E N R Y BRITTATJ. - - • J AY L E S H A M A S S E M B L Y will be on W i B j t i s D A V , t h e ! 7 t h Inftant. Hon. Colonel W A L P O L E , 7 . GEORGE W Y N D H A M , Efq; 5 S t e w a , d s - LYNN firft monthly Subfcription ASSEMBLY, will be on WEDNESDAY Oftober 27, 178a. STEPHEN WILSON, Efq; Mayor, Steward. WALSINGHAM firft Subfcription ASSEMBLY, will be on WEDNESDAY the 27th of Oflober Inft.— Tickets to be had at the Black- Lion. HOLT SECOND SUBSCRIPTION ASSEMBLY will be on MONDAY, November ,1, , 7 8 4. FIRST SUBSCRIPTION on MONDAY the Firtl of N o - V E ME E R. next. Sir J O H N WODEHOtJSE, Bart. ? „ JOHN F E N N ; Efq; \ S t e w j f d .. K3* T i c k e t s to be had at the AfTembly H s u f e. B. Dereham Card Affcmbliei begin on T h u i f d g y the ' 28th Ihfiant. EAST DEREHAM ASSEMBLY will be N STOCKS this day at one o'clock. Bank Stock fhut 1 r 1J ex Div. 4 per C. An. 1777, fhut 701 a j ex Div. 3 per Cent. conf. 55J a 54 j a J. 3 per Cent. red. fhut 54! a f ex Div. Long Ann. 163 a } . Do. 1778, 12 i - i 6 th a | . j per Cent. Stock 88 | a 88. Do. New Ann. J3f. India Bonds unpaid, 2s. Dif. Navy Bills, 161 Dif. Lot T i c k . 14!. 18s. a 19s. 3 per Cent. Subf. 55! a 55. 4 per Cent. Scrip. 7 » | a T^ ie reft fhut, or- H O M E N E W S. Oi » Wednefday lad the Rev. John Goocb, Clerk, M. A. Chap'ain to the Lord Bifhop of Norwich, was collated by his Lord( hip to the Archdeaconry of Sudbury; vacant by the death of Dr. Chapman. A doubt having arifen whether horfes that are kept by farmers and others, not folely for the purpofe of riding, are objefls of the late tax upon horfes, the following condraftien of the A f t , procured from the Hon. the Comrtiiffioners, on the matter of doubt, we are authoriied to lay before the public for their informatien : Evsry horfe kept and rode is the objeft of the tax, and the words for tbepurfafe of riding muft be fo explained. Any horfe therefore which draws in a team, but is occafionally rode to market, or elfewhere, by a farmer or his fervant, muft be deemed kept and ufed far two purpofes ; one of which being for the purpofe of r i ^ n g , is conlequently within the meaning of the In our paper of next Saturday ' will be gi- ven an authentic and circumjlantiai account of twenty- four cerofiatic experiments - which have petti made in Europe fince November 21, 17 $ 3 .' v ; < N O R W 1 C H. At a £ o u r t of MAYORALTY, held the Ninth Day of Oft'ober, 1784. TyHER E AS many ^ EROSTATIC' MACHINES, afcending by means of Fire attached to them, have been feen in fht Night oyer feveral Parti of this City, and there is Rtafon to apprehend that great Mifchief may accrue from the further Ufe of fuch Machines. The Magiflrates of this City hereby declare, that they auill profecute, < with the utmift Rigor of the Law, any Per- ' on or Perfons that Jhall fend up, or caufe to be fent up,, any fuch Machine, by - which Damage jhall accrue to the Inhabitants of this City. By the Court, D E H A G U E . C O U R T S . . NO T I C E is hereby given, that the general COURTS BARON of WiitiAM WICGETT But WER, Efq; for his feven) Manon following, wiih his Majefty's Leets, will be holden and kept ( at the ufual Place,) on the following Days, viz. For the Manors of Thirning with the Members, Gueftwick, Brofeyards, Norton Hall and Denfon'i, otherwife Mendham Denfon'i, on Monday , the Firft Day of November next, at Ten o'Clock in, the Forenoon; and for the Manor of Brilton Miwtbies, at Two o'clock in the Afternoon of the fame D « y: For the Manot of Crabgate Lancafter, in Wood Dalling, on Wednefday the Third Day of the fame Month, at Ten o'Clock in the Forenoon: And for the Manors of Heydon with the Members, Selkirk Hall with ihe Mem. ben, Stinton and Oulton, Sixiinghtm and Leeches, at Two o'Clock in the Aftemooa of the fame Day ; when and where the Tenants of the faid Minors are required 10 attend to do « nd perform their feveral and refpeflive Suits and Services, and fo pay their Quit- rents which will be then due and In Arreaf; and all Perfons intitled to be admitted to any Lands or Tenements holden of any of the fjid Manors, » ie ilfo required to attend and be admitted thereto. WILUAM BRiRETQN, Slewed. X T O R W I C H FIRS* SUBSCRIPTION BALL L^ L Will be at CHAP I L - F I K LD HOUSE, on T u e f d a y the 2d of November, 1784. ROBERT PARTRIDGE. Erq; ? „ Captain GORDON, J^ tewards. The Ladies who intend dancing Minuets are rtq; iefte4 to place themfelves on the Front Seats. .,* Many Inconveniences having lififeri from the Obftruftion of Carriages at the Poor, Gentlemen are requefted to order their Servants to drive off, when informed bf the Porter the Compiny is not ready. M O N E Y. FI V E Hundred Pounds is now ready to be advanced on approved Land Security.— Enquire of the Printer of this Paper ; or of M r . W h i t t i n g - bani, Bookfeller, Lynn. T U R N P I K E H Q A D S From NORWICH to SWAFFHAM and M A T T I S H A L I . • ^ O T I C E is hereby giverr, that the next Meet- • » • ' ing of che Truftees for the faiet Turnpike Roads will be held at the Guildhall in the City of Norwich, on Monday the Firft Day of November neat, at Eleven o'Clock in ihe Forenoon. YARMOUTH, Ofl. 20. t i i t . N Q T 1 C E to C- R E D I T O R S. THE Creditors of S A M U E L M A S O N , of GREAT YARMOUTH, in the County of N o r f o l k, corn chandler, are requefttd to meet at ( he Angel Inn ac Great Yarmouth aforefaid, on Satuiday the 13th Day of November next, at Twelve o'Cloek at Noon, to examine the Accounts of the Truftees of the faiti Samuel Mafon, and JO make a final- Divifion of the fiid Samuel Mafon's Effefls: And all Perfons indebted to the Eftate of the f. iid Samuel Mafjn ( fince he became a B. mktupt) are required forthwith to pay their refpeflive Debt, > to Mr. William Steward, Attorney at Great Yarmouth aforefaid. TH E Creditors, who have proved their Debts tfnder a Commillion of Bankrupt, awarded and ifiued againft W I L L I A M S P A R K S , late of Little Walfingham, in the County » f Norfolk, Innholder, Dealer and Chapman, sre defired to meet the Aflignees of the faid Bankrupt's Eftate andEffefls, on Monday the Firft Day ot November next, at Ten of the Clock in the Forenoon of the fame Day, at the Houfe of Thomas Tilbury, called or known by the Name 01 Sign of the White Swan, in St. Peter of Mancroft, in the City uf Norwich, in order to af. lent to, or diltent fiom the faid Aflignees commencing, profecuting, or defending any Suit or Suits at Law or in Equity for the Recovefy of any Part of the faid Hank, rupt's Eftate and Effefli j and alfo to their compoundiigfubmiuing to Arbitration, or otherwife agreeing any Mat ter or Thing relating thereto, and on other fpecial Affaiii. T . . „ ,. Brillon, Norfolk, OFL. 21, 1784. H E Creditors of W I L L I AM BELL, Ltc of Aylcfkim, in the faid County, Gentleman, deceaftd, aie requefted to make out their Demands upon his Eftate and Effefls refpeflively, and fend them to THOMAS MENBHAM, of Brifton aforefiid, immediately, in order that a Day may be fixed to difcharge the fame ( of whirh further Notice will be given in this Paper), And all Perfons now indebted to the faid Eft tie and Effefts are defired, within one Monih from the Date of this Advertifemcnt ( at furtheft) to maka Payment of fuch their Debts to the faid Thomas Mendham, who is auth nifed by EHZASETH, Widow, Relift anrffole Eyecu'rix of the faid deeeafed, to recover, receive and give Dif charge, for the fame. N. B. It i « ufu I, in Cafes- of this Ntfure, to talk of fueii. g it the Debts ( hall not be paid at the Time fiied. Nothing of the HoJiile U inferted in the above Advertifement, becaufe, at the Widow intends to honour eveiy juft Demand upon her late Hufb. ind, it is hiped all thofe who are indebted to the Property will, be equally ready to difcharge their Obligations. t j * Eftates purchafed, difpofed of, or fuperintended at One per Cent. Commiffion at ufual. Money procured, or advanced upon goid M > rtgage Sec » rities, and feveral Sums, now in Hand, may be h > d on fuch Pledges at 010- der it€ Intereft by applying a* above. T o be L E T T, At C H R I S T M A S n^ xt, AL L that commodious DWELLING- HOUSE, now in the Occupation of Mrs. CURTIES, with the Shop thereunto belonging, fituate in the White Lion Lane,' Norwich. For Particulars enquire of Mrs. E. Harwood, in St. Stephen's; or Mr. John Bafeley, Surry- flreet. Norfolk Farms and Marfh Lands. TO be L E T T , in one of two Farms, about Fifteen Hundred ACHM of Whole year I. A N D, lying altogether, and ill Arable Land, except about 200 Acres of old Heath Ground, which incoming Tenant will be permitted to plough up. Alfo to be L ET T , with or without the above, feveral Pieces of good M A R3H LAND. t ? For further Particulars enquire tf Mr, Robert R ijner, Ringftcafi, N » r^ lk. - A N O R F O L K F A R M . TO be L E T T , and entered at Michaelmas ( Old gtile) 178si a M E S S U A G E, with Barns, Stables, and other Edifices, Gardens and Appuitenances, and 630 Acres, more or lets, of good Aralile itnd Pafture Land, in DOCKING, near Burnhun Marker, NOW in the Tenure of Robert Jackfon, Yeoman. • " Alfo to be L E T T, and entered at Ladv- day next, a new- built fafhed MESSUAGE, calculated for a moderate Czed Family, with Offices S t a b l e a n d Coach- houfe., and. a fm all Piece of Land adjoining, in t| ie. pleafant Village of BOCK ING aforefaid, now in ihe Occupation of tin; Rev.. Mr. Mantle. 1 For further Particulars enquire of Mr. CARLOS CONY, in Lynn; or of the Tenants, who will ( hew the tefpeftive Ptemifes. r" i • I 1 ' il ' if 1 ' ,. .1 AN E S T A T E confifting of Three Acres of Land in Little R' To he O L D, T- WO POST- CHAISES, in good Repair, one of which has a Box, occafionally 10 he fixed on. £ 3* Enquire of Mr. Matthew Drake, of Stanhop, near Buinham, Norfolk. To be S O L D , ACompleat and very defirable B R E W I N GO F F I C E , with Malting Office, & c . fi uSte at C o l - TISHALL, in Nurfolk, now in the Occupation of Mr. D . Poflle, and very near the navigable River to Yarmouth. A l f o all the P U B L I C HOUSES belonging to the above Brewing- Office. The Whole rented at mote than 4201, a Y e a r . For furthelr Particular apply to M r . John H o w f e, of North Walfliam, in N o r f o l k ; or to Meffrs. Fofter, Son and I.' nthank, Attorriies in Norwich. To Soap Makers and Tallow Chandlers. TO be difpofed of immediately, a capital O F F I C E , With an eftablillied Trade in both thofe Branches.— The Situation iJ peculiarly convenient f o r a Supply of Wood A( he » , of the beft Quality, on reasonable Terms j and for the D i f p ' f. il of the wafte Arties.— T h e Fixtures and Utenfils are very fubft mtial, and well adapted for carrying on cn extenfive Trade. For Particular! enquire of Jofeph Sparflull, Yarmouth, Norfolk. To be S O L D, AMESSUAGE in T H U R G , A . R T O N , in the County of Norfolk, with a Pain, Stable and- other Convenient Outhoufes. A l f o two C O T T A G E S or Tenements, and, by Eftimatlon, 33 Acres of good Arable and I'aflure Land thereunto belonging. About 22 Acres of the Land are - Copyhold of the Manor of Thurgarton with Bafinghamy Fine certain ; tbe reft is Freehold. . .. " ,-!•-, T h e Pfemifes are in the Occupation of James Rayner arrd his Undertenants, at the. yearly Rent of 37I. . . . * . * The fait! James Rayner wiil fhew the Piemifes, on which are many Oak and other Timbers fit So f e l l , and the Buildings are all in exceeding goqd Repair. fcj- For Price and further Particulars apply to Mr. Charles B6ck, Attorney at North Wallh; im. To be S O L D together, AMESSUAGE, Barn r Stable aijd othei convenient Outhoufes, with about 5a Acres of good Arable and Pafture Land in Grelham, in the County of N o r f o l k , Part Free and Part Copyhpld, in the Occupation Of Jofeph Eglentonj at 40I, per Annum. A l f o a M E S S U A G E , , Barn and other convenient Outkoufes, with about 40 Acres of Arable and Pafture Land in Aylmerton, in the faid County, Part Free and Part Copyhold, in the Occupation of Thomas Cable, at 2 j l . p f r A n n u m . — T h e Tenants will drew the Ptemifes. Seven Hundred Pounds of the Piirchafe Money may remain on the Eftates. For Particulars inquire of Mr. Carter or Mr. H o w f e , North, Walfliam, A W A I E R M I L L. To be S O L D , A Very good DWELLING HOUSE, - and near i l 20 Acres of Land, and acompleat Water- mill, all adjoiningand fituate at Greflenhall, near Ea ft Dereham, in Ihe County of Norfolk., The Mi| l contains two Pair of Trench Burr Stones and two Flour- mills, and is capable of cutting and'drelRng four Lafts of Wheat in a Week ; and the going Geers aVe all in excellent Condition. T h e PiemifeS have a Right of Common over two extensi v e Cdmrtvins. Part of the Purchsfe money may remain upon the Preftiifes. For further Particulars and Price apply to Mr. C r i f p, Attorney at l aw, at Dereham ; or Mr. Cooper, Attorney < tt Law, in Norwich. To be S O L D by A U C T I O N , By E D W A R D C R A N E, T H I S D A Y ' , the 23d Inft. at the White Swan Inn, in St. Peter's Mancroft, Norwich, between the Hours of Three and F i v e, ON E of the molt capital and complete MALTING O F F I C E S in the County of Notfolk, fituated juft without the KINS STHEET G * T « S , upon the navigable River to Yarmouth, and fo near the Water that the Crafts are loaded by Spouts direflly from the Granaries. I t confifts of two Sixty- Coomb Steeps, with feveral Granaries, fome of them newly erefted, with Coal Yards, Conl Binns, Cinder Oven and other Offices. A large Piece of Ground inclofed, and feveral Tenements for Servants working in the Bufinefs, fome of them new built. T h e Whole in excellent Repair, and very modeiately af- I t f f . d to the Land T a x. C j * Particulars may be had by applying to the A u f i i o - neer, at his Upholftery Warehoufe, in London Lane, Norwich, tTo be SOLD by AUCTION, By E D W A R D C R A N E, On Monday the Firft of November, 1784, piecifely at T h r e e , at the King's Head, in the Market- place, Norwich, LOT I. A Very compleat FARM, fituate in Earlham, near Norwich, containing about 300 Acres of extenfive good Land, now in the Occupation of Mr. • a r t h o n. I I . A PU B L I C - H O U S E in St. Stephen's, in Norwich, Called the CROWN, with Stable adjoining, in the Occupation of Mr. C h a l k e r ; with a good Store Cellar in the Occupation of Mr. Stackhoufe Tompfon. I I I . A new- built M A L T I N G O F F I C E , in the above Crown Y a r d. I V . A DWELLING HOUSE in St. Stephen's, in the Occupation of Mr. Goodings; with a Malting- office, Coach houfe, Stables and T u n houfes nd'oining. V . Several T E N E M E N T S in St. Stephen's, called the QUEEN CHARLOTTI Eftate, lett at about 30I. a year. ( Cj* For further Particulars apply to M r . Robert Marfh, Captain Stevens, Mr. James Smyth, or Meflrs. Foftrr, Son and Unthank, AttoVniej in Norwich. To be S O L D by A U C T I O N , By H E N R Y T A G G , from Walfingham, On Tuefday next, ihe 16th Inftant, and following D a y, AL L the capital FARMING STOCK, Implements of Hulbindry, with D i j r y and Brewing Utenfils of the lans Sir JOHN T u n s i l t , Bart, at his Maniion, W A I H A M , near Wells, confifting of fatting Siots, Cows, Sheep, Hoifes, Waggon*, Carts, T u m b r e l s , Plows, Harf o w s , Harnefs, Halters, Rolls, Rakes and Forks of all Kinds, a large Copper capable of brewing well 2} Barj e l i , and every other Brewing Utenfil good and anfwerable, M i l k Leads, Churn, Heelers, Pails, and every • ther Dairy Utenfil, with a Quantity of good Iron- bound Xut* and Barrels. Each D i j ' s Sale begin* at T I N y Clock. To be S O L D by A U C T I O N, By HENRY TAGG, from WALSINGH AM, At the Red Lion in Fakenham, in the County of Norfolk, b on Thurfday next, the 28th Inft. " between the Hours of Three and Five in the Afternoon, a Mefluage and Ryburgh, in the faid County, lett to Francis Slegg, at the yearly Rent of Five Pounds and Ten Shillings. The Eftate is fubjeft to a fmall annual Qmt Rent, and moderately aflefled to the Land Tax, tS^' Fqr the Conditions of Sale and other Particulars enquire of Mr. Jones, of Fakenh im aforefaid. Removed for Convenicncy of S A L E , On the Premifes of HENRY TAGS, nt Walfingham, and will be Sold by AUCTION or HAND, on Friday next, the 29th Inftant, TH E HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, and Implements of Hufbandry of the late NICHOLAS GI » KS, of Guift, deceifed, confifting of Beds and Bedding, Drawers, Tables, two Napkin Prefles, Chairs, Coppers, Tubbs and Keelers, Milk Leads, Churn, with the ufuil Dairy and B ewing Utenfils j alfo Harnefs, ten capital Drag Rakes, and Variety of other Articles. Sale begins at Ten o'Clock. To be S O L D by A U C T I O N . On Wednesday next, the 27th Inftant, at the New Inn in Hough: on, in ihe County of Norfolk, between the Hours of Three and Five in the Afternoon, APair of well matched Broivn Chaife GELDI N G S , one Six, the other Seven Years old, with Nag Tails, very genteel in their Harnefs, perfeflly free from Blemifhes, and will be warranted found. Alfo. a very fine COLT and FILLY, ofthe Riding kind, three Years old each, very promifing, and worth the Attention of. a Purchafer. Alfo a Pair of new H ARNESS, fir a Poft- Chaife, with genteel plated- Furniture, of the iieweft Fafhi in. To be S O L D by A U C* T T O N, By R I C H A R D B A C O N, On Tuefday the 2d of November next, and the following D a y , at the s h i p of P H I L I ? W O O D , UPHOLSTIRIR, in t h e COCKIV LANU, NORWICH, THE STOCK, in TRADE and HOUSHOLD F U R N M U R E o f the f a i d P H I L I P WOOD. The StxkinTiade confifts of s greatVariety of Wilton, Scotch, and BedfidcCarpets, and Paper- hangingiof the neweft Patteins ; fuperfine and c. iminon Blankets, Rugs, Quilrs and Counterpines ; Damafks, Moreens,, Cheneys, JSlanchetier Stripes and Checks, Ljnfeys, Sackings and Tickings; Lacesand other Furni ute for Beds ; Hair Seating, & c. & c. The Furniture Is alraolt new, and in excellent Condition. %* The Sale will begin e ich Day at Ten o'clock. KJ* The G094IS may be viewed on Monday preceding the Sale, and Catalogues mjy then be had of the Auflioneer, and the flace of Sale. To be ' S O L D by A U C T I O N , By J A M E S G A R T H ON, At the King's Head, in the Market- place, Norwich, on Wednefday the 3d Day iif November, 1 784, between the Hours of Three and Four, fubjeft to fuch Conditions of Sale as will then and there be oroduced, the following E S T A T E S in St: 3T I T H KN'S : LOT I. A Capital D W E L L1 N G - H O U S E, Wafh houfe, Brewhaufe, and Cellar- room fufficient to contain zoo Pipes of Wine, a double Coachhoufe, a Four- ftall Stable and Stable Yard, in the Occupation of Colonel Gobbett ; a Dwelling- huufe and convenient Offices, in the Oceupjtiwn of Mr.. Baftow ; a Tenement In the Occupation of Mrs Hicks ; a Tenement in the Ocpation of Mr. Boyles; and 4 Tenement in the Occupation of Mrs/ Smith. I I . A TENEMENT in the Occupition of Mrs. Whitby} a Tenement- in the Occup ition ef Mrs. Elvin ; and a " large Garden walled in, and planted with the belt Sort of Fruit Trees. HI. A TENEMENT, Coach h< Mjfe, Stable, and a large Waiehoufe, Wood- houfe, two Stables and Hay Chamber, in the Occupation of Mr. Francis and Mr. Canhatn. The above Eilates are in guoi Repair, and moderately aflefTed to [ he Land Tax. For further Particulars enquire of the Aufii. neer, and of Mr. Henry Dibfon, Carpenter, Norwich. r ; „ Sept. » 2, 17S4. Town of S H I P D H A M , in the Hundred of M I T - FORD, in Nprfolk. . LO S T , fuppofed to be Stolen, from off SHIPDHAM Conimon, on Wednefday Night, or early on Thurfday Morning the 43d Inftant, a dark Brown MARE, eight or nine Years old, about 14 Hands and a half high, a fmall Shim down her Face, with half her Mane cut off, and a Switch Tail when loft, the Property ( ifMt. Thomas Bringloe, of Shipdham aforefaid. Whoever fhall apprehend the Perfon or Perfons whoftole, or was or were concerned in ftealing the faid Mare, fo as he or they be thereof lawfully convifled, will be intitled to and paid the Sum of TEN POUNDS, Out of the Treafury or public Stock of the Aflbciitian for* apprehending and cohvifting of Horfeftealers within the Hundreds of Mitford and Launditch, and adjacent Hundreds, within fourteen Days after fuch Conviftlonj agreeable to the Meaning of certain Articles for that Purpofe, bearing Date the Twentieth Day of March, 1770, by applying to ROBERT THURSTON, of Eaft Deieham, Treafurer. N. B. The Mare was chained, and the Chains were found next Morning in a Ditch. We can afture the Public, from good A- ithoricy, that Mr. . O ' B OU R N E, the noted and moft wonderful aftonifhing IRISH GIANT ; likewife t h e W A R W I C K S H I RE YOUNG, LADY, will arrive at the SWAN WITH TWO NKCKS, In this City, in a few Days. MR. O ' B O U R N E isaCuriofity certainly more aftonifhing than any other Giant or tail Man ever expofedtO public View in this or any other Kingdom fine ® the Days of GOLI AH : He meafures very near Eight Feel high ; his Foot meafures Sixteen Inches long; his Hand Twelve, and fo in Proportion: He is of athletic Make, a great Exaftnefs of Proportion, and high beyond all Conception, he being the moft extraordinary Produttion of Hu man Nature ever feen. Lixewife MifsHAWTIN, the Celebrated WARWICK. SHIRE YOUNG LADY, barn without Arms, and will mark with her Toes, in as complete a Manner as with Arms and Hands. She is perfeflly agreeable in her Countenance, of a fine Pretence, and amazingly ready and fenfible in her Difcourfe. This litte Artift, or Phenomenon of Human Nature, by the help of her Toes and feet only, is capable of many curious Performances. She cuts curious Watch Papers, threads a Needle; Sews, picks Pins or NYedjes from a Pincufliion, and flicks them in again ; ufes the Sciflars dexterouily in cutting out Devices in Paper- ; picks up Mcmey, put* it into her P icket and takes it out-. again, fgeds heifelf, drinks out of a Glafs with Eafe, 3nd exhibits fundry other Fancies too tedious to mention. Severaleminent rhvfu. ians, Surgeons, aid Man- Midwives, have accurately examined this young Lady, particularly Francis de Valanpin, M, D. and Member of the Royal College of Phyfici in?,, Thomas U- mfreville, M . D Mr. Horfley, Surgeon and Man- Midwife, as alfo that diligent Iveftigato, r? f Nature, Thomas Fifher, Gent who all agree that the is Nature Lufus quam maximi mirabilis, or a moft wonderful Sport of N. rure, and 1 cinyincing 1 roof that rhe DIVIXE BEING can fupply any Dffefts he permits in the Animal Formation, and unanimoufly recommended this Human Parity, ( as remarkable for iis ripe Underftanding as ir » Make) to the ferious Attention and Obfervatinn of the Public in general, and the Anatomifts and Yiitucji in particular. ... Any of the Nobility, Gentry, & c. willing to be fatisfied ofthe Merits of this young Lady, by giving timely Notice, fhall be waited on, V E R S E S extempore, by a celebrated Virtuofo, Wrote on feeing the above aftonifliiKg and curious Wonder of Nature, Oftober 10, 1784. INSTEAD of having either Hands or Arms, Nature's fupply'd her with ten th iufand Charms 5 This little Artift threads her Needle well, Ai d does all Wonders « f the A. e excell ; She with her Toes exhibjrs mure to view, Than hundreds \ v\ th theli Fingers e'er can do ; She feeds herfeIf, can drink « >> ene'erflie pleafe, And every ASiundoes with f much Eafe, That hundreds fl ick to fee her every D . y, -• And. every one goes fitjsiy'd away. , I Brilton, Norfolk, Oa. 19, 1784 To be S O L D by A U C T I O N in Lots, At the Houfe of Jamei Simmons, known by the Sign of the Half Moon, in Biifton aforefaid, on Tuefday the 26th Day of November, between the Hours of Two and Five in the Afternoon, fubjeft to fuch I ondirions of Sale as fhall then and there be produced ( unlefs before difpofed of by private Contraft, in which Cafe Notice thereof will be given in this Papei), LOT 1. A L L that MLSSUAGE or Farm- houfe i l in Brifton aforefaid, ftanding there againft Walfingham Way, together with the Barns, Stables, Outhoufes, Yards, Gardens, Orchards, upwards of One Hundred and Eighty Acres of Land, and Two Tenements near the chief Edifices, fuitable for Labourers on the Farm. This capital Lot ( except the Two Tenements) is under a Fourteen- year Leafe, made to Mr. William Burton, the prefent Tenant, of which Ten Years will be unexpired at Michaelmas next; the annual Rent One Hundred and Thirty Pounds; the Builldipgs in genetal are nearly new, brickcd, tiled, fubftantially built and very convenient; the Land is kind foiled, whole* ye i t , in liigh Condition ( and under Covenants that will keep it fo), it is chiefly inclofed with thrifty well fet Fences. Great Part of the faid Land adjoins the Houfe, and the Whole lies contiguous. N. B. One Thoufand Pounds, Part of the Purchsfe Money, to remain for aTeim of Years, on Security of the Premifes, atlntereft. i o T I I . All that double TENEMENT, in the Ufe of Meflrs. Thomas and Jofeph Williams, in the fame Psrifh, pleafantly fituated on Chapel Green there, with the Barn, Stable and Seven Acres of rich enclofed whole- year Land, forming a pretty Homeftali at the Back of the Buildings. This Lot is under Leafe for the fame Term as above. The capital Tenant li Mr. Jofliua 1' atk; the annual Rent 12l. 12S. LOT I I I . All that TENEMENT^ In Brifton aforefaid, near Monge Green, with a fmall Barn and Twenty- four Acres of enclofed whole- year Land ( divided into Six Pieces) adjoining to, or veiy near the faid Tenement. The Tenement and Three Acres, Part of this Lot, are in the Ufe of Robert Rifeborough, Tenant at Wilt5 yearly Rent 5I. 10s. Twenty- one Acres, Refidue thereof, are under Leafe for the Term before mentioned, to Mr. John Johnfon; Rent of the Twenty- one Acres 14I. per Annum. All this Lot is Freehold. LOT IV. All thofe Eighteen Acres and Two Roods of LAND in Brifton aforefaid, whole year and enclofed, lying there next the Highway leading frcyn Biiflon towards Edgefield, divided into Three Pieces, one of wHch produces excellent Brick Earth : the Whole is in the Ufe of Mr. Thomas Paul ; annual Rent 12I. 12s. N. B. Every Lot has an unlimited Right of Commonage for great Cattle upon all the Commons in the Parifh, which ( though not over fertile) are very extenfive. frj* Tenure, Outgoings, Price and further Particulars may be had by applying to Mr, Thomas Parker at Fakenham ; Mr. William Grieves, orThomis Mendham of Brifton aforefaid. Lenwadc Bridge Houfe, Oftober 15, 1784. THE Subfci ibers to th « Affociation for punching Offenders conviftcdof committing Felonies and Larcenies, held at this Place, are deiired to meet at Lenwade Bridge Houfe, on Monday the Eighth Day of November next, to fettle Accounts, and ttanfifi other Bufinefs relative to this Society, according to the Articles of A IT. elation. RICHARD CANTRELL, Treafuier. fcj" D I N N E R at Two o'clock. The Managers and Directors of the Amicable Society of Lottery Adventurers, have apptinlea Books to be tpened for the Accommodation. of Snifcribers, at the Repofitory, Back of the Inns, Norwich. The Dividends arifing in all the Claffes of Subfeription, will be'paid in London tr Norwich, as mofl ctuvenient and agreeable to the Subfcriber. Signed by Order, R I C H A R D J A C K S O N , Secretary. S T A T E L O T T E R Y , 1784, Begins Drawing the 22d of NOVIMBIR. Amicable Society of Lottery Adventurers And general Subfcriftion for thf Pur chafe of Lottery Tickets and legal Shares, Inftituted Oflober 21ft, J783, and removed frsm No. 4, to N o . 2 3 , £ XC. H ANGK ALLRV. C O R N H I I L , opp » fite t h e ROYAL EXCHANGX, LONDON. FOR the Convenience of the Subfcribers reliding at the Weft End of the Town, Bqoks are by Appointment of the Managers opened at No, 75, New Bondftreet, eight Duors from Oxford- ftfeet; where, and at No. 23, Exchange Alley, proper Clerks now attend taadnit Subfcribers in the different Claffes, viz., F I R S T C L A S S, FOUR SHILLINGS each S u j s c R i l i t , DIVIDENDS, 220/. on a Prize of 20,000/. no/, on io, oee/. and defcending in proportion upon other Prizes. D I V I D E N D S of t h e S E C O N D C L A S S , S i x SHILLINGS each S U B S C R I I I R. 370/. on 185 - 90 - 3 « 20,000 /. 10,000 5,000 2,000 20/. — on 12 — — 2 LOJ. — I IO — 1000/. 500 loo SO The Mode of fubferibinj Is net attended witli Trouble, Lofs of Time, or Expence, but as plain as the Putchafe of a Ticket, nothing being neceflary for Ladies or Gentlemea in Town or Country, but to ftite perfonally, or by Letter, the Clafs they fubferibe into, or, the Sum they mean to fubferibe, when a Certificate fpecify ing fuch Clafs and the Number of the Ticket is delivered, or remitted, and the Subfcriter entered as if prefent. , To the P U B L I C. N the Plan at large of this Society, given gratis, lit _ which is iticladed an exaa Table of the Dividenda in each Clafs, the Origin and Progrefs of this Inftitutioti are paHicularly defcribed and explained: It is fufficient here to remark, that amongft its principal Objetls are, the obviating the Hazards the Adventurers incur in purchafing Divifions of Tickets at msny of the Lottery Offices, and removing the numerous Inconveniences of entering into Public- Houfe Subfcriptions for Shares or Tickets. T h e A p p r o b a t i o n of LAST YEAR of near T E N T H O U - SAND MEMBERS, has furnifted the ftrongeft Teltimony in favour of the Condufl of the Managers, Direftars, and Secretary, whofe Candour was ftilly proved by the Difttibution of many LARGE PRIZES, among which were one of jooo/. and a Share of 20,003/. It is worthy Remark that of above ONE HUNDRED paltry Imitations of this. Inftitution, in the laft Lottery, not a SINGLE ONE f « rvived the firft Fortnight of the Drawing. The Managers and Direflors flMter themfelves that they eftablifh this Undertaking upon a Foundation no lefs permanent than ufeful. Its fair Intent and fuperior Advantages will be clearly evident by iu Regulations, in the Conftruftlon of which they have been governed by the moft found Judgment, and able Advice this Country can produce; the many OPINIONS of COUNCIL ( and particularly the very explicit ones of Mr. SH ERIIIAN and the late Mr. H OWORTH, here annexed) will, without doubt, be fatisfaflory as to the Security and Legality of the Inftitution. It will be obferved that thofe who wifh to baiard fmall Sums, hive no oth « r Opportunity whatever upon fait Terms and folid Foundation. All Lettets from the Country, or Orders to be direfied " T o M r . RICHARD JACKSON, at No, 23.. E x c h a n ge Alley, Comhill, oppofite the Royal Exchange, London;'* and no Bills but at Sight or fltort Date can be taken. ( Signed by Order) ' RICHARD JACKSON, Sec. " r t \ HE intended Scheme of a general open Society " I receiving Subfcriptions towards the Puxchafe of " LotteryTickets, in which the Contributorsare to have an " Intereft ad Valorem, in Proportions agreed upon, ap- " pears to me unexceptionable, and even likely to prove " of public Utility. '* The Amendment I have foggefted in the Inftrurasnt " called the Certificate of Admiffion, removes all Poffibl- " lity of its being conftrued into an Engagement or Pro- " mifeto do arty thing depending upon an Event or Con- " tingency relative or applicable to the Drawing of a " Ticket, the only Prohibition ' of the Aft uf Parliament, " which in this Cafe couid interfere. February 22, 1783. « H. HOWORTH." " T T PON. tlte firft Query annexed . to the Cafe flated " by the'Managers and Directors of the Amicable " Sijciety of Lottery Adventureis, which relates to the " Security ,() f Individuals in the General Subfcriptioti ' ' Plan, I am ot Opinion it is not . poflible to devifea "" Syteai which'can bid more fair to be as permanent and " refponfibie as any public Company whatever. " The fecond- Queltioti, refpefting the Legality of the " Inftitution,* I coniider almo'ft fuperfluous. The Plan " evidently is, a Central Subfeription, open for a Con- " tributlon towards the Purchafe of LotteryTickets and " LEGAL SHARES. — T h e A f t of P a r l i a m e n t does not f o r - " bid this, nor can it be imagined, that the Legiilature " Bntertaraed an Intention, Into which no Ingenuity can " tortu re a Conftruftion of the Afl : Its Defign is plainly " to prevent that Specicsof extraheous Gaming, which is to be decided by tht Event of Numbers in the Lottery 5 " therefore it is exprefly en ' fled, that no Perfon fhall do " or forbear d iing any thing upon an Event or Contingency " relative or applicable Jo the Drawing of a ticket. The " Certificate of Admiffion delivered to eveiy Subfcriber, " isextrtmely well penned, and moft cleirly has nothing " to do with any Event ur Contingency in anj Shape, but " rtirefllj declares the Subfcriber to be one of 2 Company, " who mutually agree to p u r c h a f e t h e T I C K E T ITSELF, or f u c h Shares thereof as are au horifed by 1 a w . A p i i l . 2 9 , 17S4. " J. SHERIDAN." J a n u a r y 20 t784. At a numerous Meeting of< 3entlemen, Member* of the AmiC ible Society of Lottery Adventurers ;— Prefent 437 Subfcribers: RESOLVED unanimoufly, That the Principles upon which this Society has been inftituted, do affird a moft unqueftionable Security to every Mi mber individually, equal to that of the beft SOncerted Public C impany, and greatly fuperior to any ever propofed upon a Lottery Concern. THAT the Thanks of this Meeting be given to the Managers, Direftors and Secretary, for their very upright Conduft and Attention to the Interefts of this Society. W. THdMPSON, Chairman. M A R K - L A N E , oa. 18, """ The fupply of wheat to- day Was by much the largeftof any lince harveft, and there where in proportion a greater number of fine famples, fome few of which were fold early from 4.5 1046s. but 4.3 to 44s. were more current mealing prices, and for thofe of a middling quality much lower prices were complied with ; upon the whole full 2s. lefs than laft Monday. Barley, though the quantity was confiderable, fold quick, and rather dearer. Boiling peas, of which there were few here, fold, as we expeited, at higher prices. Tick beans were alio dearer than laft Monday, but 6d. lower than Wednefday: In rye, grey peas, oroats, no alteration. Per Quarter. D I V I D E N D S of the T H I R D C L A S S, H A L S - A GUINEA each SUBSCRIBER. 74OI. on 2o, oo » /. 38/. — on 1,009/. 360 — 10,000 ao — —. 500 1 So — 5,000 4 4 s, — 100 75 — 2,000 2 10 —^ jo F O U R T H C L A S S, ONE GUINEA each SUBSCRIBER. DIVIDENDS, 1500/. on a Prizeof 20,000/. 750/. on I » , ooo/. and defcending in proportion upon other Prizes. F I F T H C L A S S , THREE GUINEAS each. SUBSCRIBER. DIVIDENDS 5200/. on a Prize of 20,000/. 2600/. on 10,000/. and defcending in proportion u » on otherPrizes. The following Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Claffes include Dividends on the fmall Prizes of ao/. D I V I D E N D S o f t h e S I X T H C L A S S, THREE HALF CROWNS e a c h SUBCSRISER. 36ol, on 20,000/, | 18/. — on 1,000/. 180 — to, 000 I 10 — — 500 — 5.000 I 2 51. — 100 35 — 2,000 | 15 — 50 fitidHeven Shillings and Sixpence on a Prixe of 20/. D I V I D E N D S of the S E V E N T H C L A S S, E I C H T E S N SHILLINGS each SUISCRIBER, Wheat 31s. to 45s. od. Rye 2 J J , to 28s. od. W. Peas 30s. to 37s. od. Grey ditto 30s. to 34s. od. H. Beans 27s. to 31s.. od. Tick do. xis. to 25s. 6d. Old ditto 19s. od. Per Quaiter. Barley 10s. to 17s. fid. Oats 1 j s . od. to 21s. od. Malt 38s. to 4 j s . od. Per Sack. Fine flour os. to 40s. Second fort os. to 37*. Third fart 24$. to 28a. P R I C E of- B U T T E R ; At S waif ham, Oft. 15. At Downham, OSt. >!. FIRKINS sontairiing j6lbs. 29s. each. » * * AJJtze of Bread at per laft. Rye - Barley Oats - Peafe N O R W I C H per C O M B. - 12s od to i2 « 6d I Malt - - 22s od per Comb - los 6d to 12s 6d I Beft Flour- 38s? Sack 9s od to los 6d i Houihould- 37s j " - 12s Od to IJS od | Wheat - 24s od to 26s od Rye Barley Oats Peafe Y A R M O U T H per C O M B. 12s od to 12s 6d I Malt - 2 2s « dperComb . 10s 6d to 12s 6d I Wheat - 17s. 6d to 22s id 9s od to 1 os 6d I Ducks coals, 24s. per Chal. 12s od to 1 js od | I P S W l C H per C O M B . I, 0oo/. on 20,000/, 500 —' 10,000 250 — 5,000 too — 2,000 And Eighteen Shillings E I G H T H jo/. — on 1,000/. 30 — — joo 6 — — 100 3 — — 50 upon a Piize of 20I. C L A S S , Wheat - - 25s od to 278 od Rye - - • 11 sod to 13s od Barley - - l i s od to 13s od Oats - - - los od to 1 os od Tares - - - 0 od to o od Beans - - 10s od to l a s c j Small do. 13s ad to 14s 6d Peas - - - 1 is od to 16s ed Grey ditto otod to os ad T w o GUINEAS and a HALF e a c h SUBSCRIBER. DIVIDEND;, 3010/. on a Prize of 20,000/. 1500/. on 1 o, oool. and defcending in proportion upon otherPrizes, down to TWO GUINEAS and a HALF upon a Prize ef at/. W E E K L Y BILL Chriftened Males • Females In all Birth) ir. creafed MORTALITY, Buried Males g » Females 9 In all | f Burials increafed j We are happy to have it imour power to lay before our readers a juft aa. ount of the neroftatic experiment which took place at Chelfea on Saturday, and as we derive i t f r om the authority ol Mr. Blanchard'sCommittee; it may be depended on as authentic. About nine in tiie morning the balloon being held up between tbe two poles, the fignal was fired to commence the proeel's of filling, which took place foon a f t e r ; the inflammable air palled in very rapidly through each appendix, and at about ten o'clock another eun was fired to denote the balloon was half filled ; the operation was continued with the fame fuccefs, and before twelve the balloon was Sufficiently charged with gas'. The boat and wings were now fixed to the net, a n d ' t h e inftruments, ballatt, and proyilions being put" into the vefl'el, with the hardy Aeronauts, the fignal for departure was now fired, and the balloon attended in a llow and majeitic manner to _ t. be height of 20 fe^ t; but being too much loaded with ballait, i t came down into a garden adjoining to the place of experiment; a bag of land, a g r e a t c o a t , and a fpeaking trumpet being thrown out, it again aroie, and foon attained a confiderable elevation, and in about 20 minutes, from the hazinefs of the weather, was removed from the fight of the fpeftators at Clieliea. • ' While the travellers remained in fight they were feen to wave their banners with the greateft composure, and to manage the wings of the veflel with apparent dexterity. T h e ballooil took adire& ion a little to the fouthward of the Weft, and'by the time it reached Sunbury, in Middlefex, it was no_ longer capable of carrying the two paffengers, it having unavoidably loft fome of the gas; it was therefore, neceflary that one of them ( hould quit the boat. For this purpofe they defcended in a field at Sunbury, in Middlefex, belonging to Mrs. Boehm: and Mr. Sheldon, with great reluitance, left his fellow- traveller, After having put in a fulhcient quantity of ballaft to compenfafeTor the, weightof Mr^, Sheldon, and to prevent too rapid an afcenfion, Mr. Blanchaixl departed alone, and went on with great celerity m a South Weft direftion, and a little before four in the afternoon had reached Rurnfey, in Hampfhire, where he defcended by means of a rope fall ened to the boat, was carried round the market- place in a triumphal manner, the balloon ttill floating in the atmofphere, and the intrepid Aeronaut fitting in his car. The ceremony being over, the boat was hauled down into the ftreet, and intelligence immediately . fent to . town t o inform his friends of the termination of his voy-' age. The news was brought to Mr. Hunter's, in Great Marlborough- ftreet, and to Mr. Thomas Sheldon's, in Tottenham- court road, at twelve o'clock yefterday noon, by three gentlemen who were accidentally on tlieir- way t o London at- the very time when' the balloon reached Rumfey, and who left M r . Blanclinrd fitting in his car receiving the compliments and admiration'of about fix thousand fpectators. Rumfey is 73 miles diftant from London, , fQ that allowing for the time , taken up. at Sunbury, the whole. of the journey mull, have been performed, 111 three hours and a half. The gentlemen who brought the intelligence from Rumfey met Mr. SheldSn at Alton in Hampfhire, who fent a letter to town by them. He was immediately going on to meet his fellow- traveller, and they were both expected in town laft night. We hope the public will pay that tribute which is due fo the merit and abilities of Mr. Blanchard ; the exactitude whiclr lie obferved as to the time of his departure, and the final fuccefs of his v » yage, entitle fiim to univerfal patronage and diltinftion. T h e procefs of filling Mr. Blanchard's balloon was carried 011 under the direflion of Mr. Argand, a native of Geneva, and an experienced chymift. He was affiled by thirty workmen,. and, the whple was condu& ed with the gfeateft coblnefs,. and' completed with the utmoft fuccefs. Yefterday, about 3 o'clock, Mr. Blanchard and Mr.. Sheldon arrived at Chelfea, where they were met by the gentlemen of the Committee, and conduced t o town with great proceffional pomp. The gondola was placed on the feat of a pliaeton, in which the travellers were feated.— The gentlemen of the Committee arranged themfelves in- pairs, decorated with white wands and blue ribbons— A number of ladies i ornamented with ribbons, in - a chain of carriages,"- brought up the rear. . 1 The. proce. ffion was accompanied with two excellent bands of mufic, and the enfign were borne before the airy machine. In this ftate" they conducted tbe balloon, and lodged it in the great room at Springgardens, where it is to be exhibited. When Mr. Blanchard's balloon came down in the garden adjacentto Mr. Lochee's, he was very urgent willi Mr., SheWon. to alight,- and Cuffer him to make his voyage alone. - M r . Sheldon would not comply, and. a fltort dilpute took placed " If you ' are my friend-, fays Mf. Blanchard, you will alight. My fame, rrty- all, depends on'my fucceis."" Still; Mr. Sheldon was pofitive— On whi'clrthfc lrttl'e ftiJfi in a violent paffion ( wore that he would'ltarve him— point du- chicken— You fliall have n o chicken by Gar-, " fays M r . Blanchard ; and faying this he threw out every particle of their provifion,' which lightening their machine, . they afeended .- It was- a, good' French notion, that the beft way- to-> get rid o f ' a n Engliftrtnitn was,' to throw out the viftuals.-. - • - r- " Mr. Bl'aiichard's . experiment- is like to produce a good barveft to the praQitioners of Weftininiter- liall, the gardeners having determined to bring actions for damages againft the le. veral perfons concerned. B'afrington, the Rioted pick- pocket, - was deteited pn, Saturday at the. going up of Mr. Blanchard's balloon, and'inftantly handcuffed, by the peaceofficers in waiting. Another of the tribe " was. alfo' detected at the fame place. . ' The'pickpockets were particularly bllfy on Satur-' day, a'hrf purfes, watShes, and handkerchiefs, were" conveyed from one pocket to another, with a dexterity that Pinetti himl'elf cannot equal. One pick pock&' was laid hold of, and carried to the river near Batterlea- bridge, where, for a quarter of an hour, he underwent the moft fevere diliipline of ducking, while upon the leaft reftftance, 1' he . was knocked 011 the head with an oar. After this he was thrown over- board, and allowed to fcramble on lhore, which, heeffefted. with great difficulty. The repott was that he was a flioemaker from Hammerlmitli, and a reputable workman. The ducking, - however, will probably make him ftick t o t h e l a f t. They write from Jamaica, that- a brig belonging t o New York, has been taken by one of bis Majefty's { hips in the Weft Indies, and carried into Pert Royal, on board of which are found fufficient teftimonies to condemn her for carrying O11 a clandeftine trade with • the French and Dutch iflands by means of falfe entries. - •* A felony exactly the fame as that f o r which the Meff. D. are now engaged in a prolecution, has been committed at another principal banking- houfe in the city, and at the Bank it'l'elf. In both places, fays our correfpondent, it has been difcovered that a bag containing 1000 guineas has been carried off. ExtraSl of a letter from Dublin, Oil. 9. " Sunday night laft, between the hour of feven and eight o'clock, one of the moft daring afts of violence " was committed on the perfon at Mr. James Murphy, an eminent fkinner, in . Watling- ltreet, ever known in this city :— Sitting by his parlour fire, all the family being out, except the girl and himfelf, a perfon rapped at the door, enquiring whether Mr. Murphy was'at home, and on being anfwered in the affirmative, defired the girl to I n f o rm him, that a gentleman wanted to ( peak to him. Mr. Murphy defired the gentleman might walk in, which he refufed ; upon which he got up, and went to the parlour door, alking, who wanted him? T h e anfwer he received was, " You villain, have we caught you at l a f t ? " the ruffian at the fame time pulling him forcibly by the breaft towards the ftreet, giving the girl a blow on the head with a piltol, and blowing the candle out. He had fcarce got outlide - the door, when he was f'urrounded by feven or eight villains, who, with dreadful imprecations, vowed they would have lire life, fnapiped two different piftols at him, which fortunately burnt priming, and ftruck at him repeatedly with fwords - a n d ( ticks. The fellow who firft laid hold of liim, and whom he feized, fnapped alfo a piftol, which had no other ill confequence than fingeing his hand witlvthe powder.— Providentially he got loofe from them, and running back to his own door, that fortunately remained open, he had the prefenceof mind inftantly tolhut it, which proved the means of faving bis life. The villains finding themfelves difappointed in their purpofe, dembjiflied the windows and globe over the hall door, at the fame time roaring out, with molt terrible execrations, " take that for your apprentices." — A grocer, who lives next door, upon the firft alarm, was running to his affiftance, but was ( topped by a fellow putting a piftol t o his breaft, and another execrable villain had the unaparalelled audacity to put a piftol to the bread of Mr. Troy, who . lives'in the laid ftreet, walked with h im ten or a, dozen doors from the. fc< ne of action, and then fnapped the piftol at him, but happily without eft'eft." A fpe. cimen of the. mode- ofeleSling Members of Parliament , in the laft century- Taken from a memorandum MSS. of J. Harrington, Efq-, of Kelfton, in Somerfetjhire, dated 16+ 6. A note of my Bathe bufinefs about the Parliament. Saturday December 265 16+ 6, went to Bathe, and dined with the Maior and citizens, conferred about my election to ferve in parliament; as my father was helplefs, and ill able to go any more'; went to the George inn at night, met the bailiffs, ' a n d deliered to be difhiifl'ed from the ferving; drank ftrong beer and metfieglin ; expended about three ( hillings ; went home ( ate, but could not get. excufed, as they entertained a good opinion of my father. Monday, December 28, ' went' to Bathe, met Sir John Hornet; we were chofen by the citizens to ferve for tli¥ city; the Maior syid. citizens conferred about parliament bufinefs; the Maior promifed Sir John Hornet and myJ'elf a horfe , a piece, when we went to London to the parliament, which we accepted of, and we talked about the Synod . and the ecclefiaftical difmiffions; I am to go again onThurfday, and meet the citizens about all fuch matters, and take advice thereon. Thurfday 31, . went to Bathe; Mr. Afhe preachad, dined at the George inn, with the Maior and Bailiffs, and four citizens, l'pent at dinner 6s. in wine. - s. d. Laid out in viftuals at t h e George inn 11 4- Laid out in drinking .7 z Laid out in tabacca arid'drinking veffels 4 4 January ift, my father gave me 4I. to bear my expellees at Bathe; Mr. Chapman, the Maior, came to Kelfton, and returned thanks for my being chofen to ferve in parliament, to my father, in the name of all the citizens.— My father gave me good advice, touching my fpeaking in parliament, as .. the city ( hould direit me : can)? late at night much troubled hereat; concerning my proceeding truly for men's good report, and my own fafety. Note, I gave the city meffengers. two ( hillings,, for bearing the Maior's letter to me ; laid out in all 3I. 7s. for victuals, drink, and horfe hire, together with divers gifts. N, B. It is not quite certain, that this eleftion was in 1646, as the . date isobfeure in the MSS. but it is within a year or two of that time.,.. . I « I I I I IW « I —— For the certain effect of Mr. Hayman's Maredant's Drops ( late Surgeon Norton's, to whom he was feven yean chief qjjiftant) fee the following recent certificate of a Gentleman, whofe credibility is alone fitfficient to do away all that envy car. fuggtf' to his • prejudice.:. T O T H E P U B L I C. I Hereby certify that my reft was many years interrupted by an ichorous . Sco( butie humour in ihe bloBd, which » t length fettled in my aims, hinds, » nd fingers, the difcha'ge fiom which w « J extremely corrofive « nd profufe : I, feverjl fe « fons, tiied the file water it Scarborough, without the leaft relief ; nor werethe prefcriptions of my phyfician more efficacious ' till he hiuifelf advifed me to the ufe of Mr. Hayman's Maredant's Dropi, which, bv three months peifeverance, made me perfeftly whole: Having now enjoyed a comfortable ftate of health near two years, the time fince I ritfeontinued this medicine, 1 cannot, in humanity to the afflift'ed, with- hoTd its publi- TaUow Chandlers Ha. i, t o n - WILLIAM COG AN. ' don, Sept. 20, 1784. N. B. Mr. Hayman's houfe is in QGF. it N - S T R E E T , Golden- fquare, London, where he may be confulted gratis, and were thefe Drops, wrapped in dlreflions s I O V I D BY H I M S E L F , are fold at 5d. per bottle, duty included ; or they may be had at the following places, viz. Beccles, Mrs. Horth Bungay, Mr. Miller Bury, Mr. Philip Deck Derehsm, Mr. Baiker Downhani, Mr'a. Harvey Halefworth, Mr. Miller Leoffjfi, Mr, Roman Lynn, Mr. Marfhall Norwich, Mr. Croyfe N. Walfham, Mr. Ranfome Saxmundhim, Mr. Ki ight Thetfoid, Mr. Watfon Ytfmouth, Mr. Elton Juft received, a F r e s h P a r c e l cf < M% DR. A N D E R S O N ' S onlv genuine S C O T S P I L LS prepared by the fole Proprietor, JAMES I N G U S H , at the Uni- ChurchN, o„ I n 16th3e, oSptjrioanfidte, thLeo nNdeown. More than 150 Years Experience has proved this Medicine tu be ex tremely ufeful in Diforders of the Stomach j n d Bowels, particularly in Bilious and Dropfical Complaints, . Xndigeftion, after hard Drinking, Surfeits, Want of. Appetite, or Sleep, Rheumatifm, Gravel, and all Obftrudions. Worms cannot breed in the Bodies of thofe who frequent ly take this Medicine. One or two Pills taken twice a Week, or oftener, will prevent the Scurvy. Itwillkeep its Virtues many Years, and in all Cljnjates; Is there fore the beft Medicine for Seafaring People. 1( U very ufeful in Diforders peculiar to Women, at all Ag^ s, part cularly at a certain advanced Time of Life ; and may be taken from Infancy to extreme old Age, by both Sexes It does not always purge, in Dropfical Habits, and very fevere Colds, only operating by Urine or Sweat. A greater Proof of. the Excellency of this Medicine cannot be ^ iven, than that the Gentlemen of the Faculty take it often. The late celebrated Phyfician Sir Edward Hulfe, Bart, was fo fully convinced of the great Utility of it, that he gave Mr. lnglilh a Certificate, recommend ing it as a very . ufeful Family Medicine There are many Counteifeits; fome have Copies of Inglifh's Direflions, which aie Dr. Andeifon's own Words, taken from his Latin Treatife, which is in Mr. Inglifh's PofRflioii only ; which Treatife and Certificate he is willing to fhew to any Gentleman who fiiay be defi IOUJ to fee them. .. Some ride theXountries in hit Name, and falfeiy fay they are Partners with him : He never had a P inner, nor ever allowed any one to take Orders for him. For thefe Reafoirs he troubles the Public with this Advertifement., To preyfint thefe ( hameful Impofitions' Mt. Inglifh ligns his Direfti ' ns it the Bottom with his Name, and has appointed Mr. J. Croufe . Mrs Agent at Norwich. .. ' - ' II. Dr. HOOPER's FEMALE PILLS, univerfally knowp tu be an effectual Remedy in thofe general Complaint! to which the Female Sex are fubjeft. They clcinfe and purge off all grofi Humours, remove Ob ftruflions, and ciufe 1 free Circulation of the Blosd. They ire excellent in the Palpitation of the Heart, Giddinefs, loathing of. Food, Piins of the Stomach,- beating of the Arteries of the Neck, dejefiipn of Spirit! and all vapourifh and hyfterical- Diforders. They are particularly recommended in fettling the C- onftitutjon, and curing thofe Complaints which aie peculiar to a certain Time of Life. Price is. a Box. P O E T S C O R N E R. On feeing a Portrait 0} Mifs Charlotte Ives, painted bj Mr. Beechey, of Norwich. W H E N Helen s matchlefs form Apellesdievt, A province gave its beauties to his views j From this he took the eye, the fliipe, the air, To form one perfeft whole completely fair ; He ftudied each, and each perfection caught, T o form a beauteous work, f r om beauties Wrought ; Greece t o the artift gave immortal fame, And Helen s borrow'd charms gave Iuftre to his nam'e^ Not thus the finilh'd piece which BEECHE v drewi And gave us charms Apelles never knew j Nor borrow'd looks he ftole, the lucid eye Which melts with pity for the mourner's figh ; He painted from the life, and brought to view The copy perfeft, and the likeitefs true. His fame's eftablilh'd, while- his work furvives, And diftant ages fhall adore his IVES, Lady's Mag. Sept. I. C; Dr. B U K. R U - W S ' s Original Vegetable Syrup^ An acknowledged Specific in ill Venereal, Scorbutic, and Scrophulous Cafes, and in a Complication j Prepared by ( he Proprietor oriiy, No. j , MARK- LAKE, L O N D O N . T H I S M E D i e I N E of the Proprietor's fole, compofition, fold in bis name ilone, abftnfled fiocd every other pjirty,.. title, or pretence, his been found fupetlor in its effefts to any other of a fimilar title. It ba*, • been confirmed by long and extenfive experience a fove^ reign remedy in the mofi defperate venereal cafes, in the moft inveterate fcorbutic and fcrophulous habits, In 1 woi if. in all dlforden arifmg from an impure flatftof theilood, that general fouice of humia Miladies, and has been Angularly efficacioui in cancers of all others the moft malignant, as a recent inftince of which is annexed the following C A S E. M r s , ERANBOK, wife of RICKAEB BRAKDON, of DARTFORD^ in Kent, BUTCHER, encouraged by the recommendation » f Mrs, Longbottom, midwife, and wife ofc Mr. Longbottom, now of Snow's fields, Southwark, ( from the nature of his pr feffion well known to the faculty in general) who had been cured by Dr. B U R R O W S of a cancerof a moft malignant natuie, made application in afimilar diforder about the middle of laft June. On examining the breaft there appeared a large cancerous tumour of aa uncommon fize, irregular and knotty, very much difciloured, and fo weighty that fhe w. as obliged to fufpend it. She had undergone great utieafinefs duiingthe growth. The moft powerful means had been ufed by many prifiitioners to refjlve it, but In vsln, till from the acute pains ( he had long endured, fhe was reduced to a very languid condition. Dr. Burrows followed his ufuil method of praflice, viz. a courfe of his Vegetable Syrup, and « o externil application which fubjefts not the patient to the leaft { lain. From thefe means, in a few days flie found very fenfible relief. The fchirrlious turnout begin to foften, move, and incline to dlfoive ; softer which very promifing fymptoms fhe grew daily moreeafy, by degree* recovered her reft and ftrength, and in the ( pace of two months w is fo perfectly reftored as to be able to aitend ill dotneftic concerns, to the joy of her family and the fuiprizeof her acquaintance in the town abovem'entionCd. This excellent remedy, which was heretofore fold at Hilf- i Guinea, Is now fold ( in order to bring it mete within the compafs of pitie'nts in gebcr. J, and theteby eictend its utility) at F- fgHt Shillings and Sis^ ence the quart botrle, duty free, and may be had of Mr. Jo> HS C u e u s * at hit Medicinal Warehoufi, in the Market- PIace NORw i c h . r ; . - Stamp Office, Oft. 9, 1784. TTl S Majefty's Cotmniftionersfor managing the Stamp . Duties do hereby give Notice, that by a Claufe in an Ail oj' laft Sefflon of Parliament, it is enafted, for the Relief • of. all Perfons uaho have omitted to pay the feveral Rates and Duties, or any Part thereof, upon Monies given, paid or contrailed for, with Clerks, Apprentices or Servants, and alfo who have omitted to infert and write in IVords at length in Indentures, or other Writings relating to thejiervice of any Clerk, Apprentice or Servant, the full Sum or Sums ^ Money, or any Part thereof,, received or^ contrahed for, with, or in relation to, every fuch Clerk, Apprentice or Servant, that upon Paypient s/," double the Rates and Duties upon the Monies, or . fuch Part of the Monies fo omitted or. negleCled to be paid, and alj'o fo omitted to be j inj'erted and written in fuch Indenture or Writing, on or before the 25 th Day of. December next, to the proper Officer, the fame Indenture or other Writing Jhall be good and valid, and the Perfon offending be excufed from any Penalty incurred by the OmiJ/ ion thereof. By Order of the CommiiTioners, JOHN B R E T T E L L , Secretary. On Tuefday, ths 16th of November, will be published, TH E following A L M A N A C K S , for the Y E A R 17115. ,.., Piinted for theC. OMPAN Y of STATIONERS, ancj fold by J. WitKiE, at their Hall in Lud^ ate- ftrejt. And may be had of all the Bookfellers in Town and Country. 3 Wing's and Cambridge Sheets, Price 7d. fac. f1. London Sheet on a fopper- plate, Rider's Sheet, Goldfmith's Book, Price 8d. each. Gentleman's and LadieS Diaries, F. Mosre, Partfidge, Poor Robin, Seafon, Tycho Wing, White's Cffileftinl Atlas, and Rider's Britilh Merlin, all at 9d. each. A New London Sheet Almanack, with the Court and City Regifter, & c. Price lod. Alfo, Price Eight Pence, each, • The following C O U N T Y ALMANACKS, With Lift's of Members of Parliament, Officers of the Mi- ] litia, and various ufeful Tables, adapted to each County, viz, ' '"• 1, Cornwill, Devonfhire. 2. Somerfetfhire, Dorfetfliire. 3 Wiltfhire, Hampfhire. 4. Kent, Surry, Suffex. 5. Gloucefterlhire, Worcefterfhire, HCrefordfltiie, Monmouihfhire. ' 6. Oxfordfhire, Berkrfiire, Buckingh- mihire. - 7. Middlefex, Hertfordiliire, Effex. 8. Norfulk, Suffolk. 9. Bedfordfliire, Cambiidgeifilre, Huntingdonfhire. 10.. Warwickfhire, Northamptonftiire, Leicefterlhire, Rutlandfliiie. n . Shrop( hire, Staffoidfhire. i z . Chefliire, Derbylhifei 13. Llncolnfhire, Notfiiighamlhire. 14, Yorklhire, LancaChlre. 15. Duih- im, Weflmoreland, Cumberland, Northumberland, N. B. Country Shopkeepers, Hawkers, and Retailers of Almanacks may be fupplied at the faid H'Jftl, for it. dy Mone. y, or good Bills at a fhort Date, at the fame Price as the London Bookfellers. To Dr. S. FREEMAN, Phyfician to theiDifpenfary, oppofite Surrey- ltreei, Strand, London, June 12, s 784. S I R , HAVING laboured under a relaxation of Ihe whole nervou^. fyftem many years, with violent piins In my bick, held, and: ftomich, and at night when afleep with sertible Jiightful dreams,, v. ain fens; lownefs of fpirits, and a total decline.— But by taking your Grand RESTORER . of HUMAN NATURE, commonly called Fothergel's Cbymtcal Nervous Cordial Drops, am reftored to my piittine ftate, which cure I acknowledge for tbe benefit of m) fellow creatures in general. JOHN TAYLOR, Late Mailer's Mate of his Majefty's ( hip Magnificent. Witnefs. to- the cuje, -- - John Wjgbtman, Milter of AOiley's Punch Houfe, Ludgate Hill', London. •-, *- : -. 1 hi i. moft . valuable medicine is i* battles, fieeofduty, at 10s. 6d. 9s. and 4s. 6d. ' The following cafe is earneftly recommended to be read by unthinking, jouth^ in order to deter them frotn debauching their conftitutions with common proftitutes, viz. To Dr. F R E E M A N . ' S I R , A Servant of mine was affiided with a confirmed Venereal Cafe for three Years; his'private Parts were exceeding bad., and - he endeavoured to fecrete his deplorable Situation from mey applied io feveral of ihe Faculty for Relief, but grew worfe : he at laft loft his Sigfit totally together with bis Speech; at which Time 1 fent for you' who reflated Mm to . his former Health and Vigour, by adminifteting your invaluable Medicine called GU'lTA SALUTARIS, or Royai Antlvenereal Diuretic Vegetable Dropi without Mercory. And iii order- tjiat you fhould repeive an Emolument for yotif Grand'inventjon, and that the afflifled nriyknow where to apply for Relief, without having their Conftitutions rttftroyed by mal- praftice, I do hereby certify the above to be fafi. Witnefs my hand, s. AXTF. LL, Printer W, ^ TU , King- ftreet. Wift. Smitlifild, London. WitnelTes, John Axtell, P, inter, New- ltieet, Shoe- lme • J . Pratt, J. Richardfon, and F-. Johnf « n, bookfellers ' This Medicine called Gutta Sal'utaiis, is in bottle's of io « . 6d,- and 6s. each, a certain cure, for all Venereal and Scorbutic Complaints, and Diforders in the Urinary P . f - Uges, Gleets, WeaknefTes, Rheumatifms, Grave), & c Thefe two famous and long eftablifted Medicines are to be had no where in Lontfoii, but of the Author, at his houfe No. 292, oppofite Surrey'ftreet, Strand ; where may alfo be had, the li » dtl, r's Treaufe, 17th edition, price zs. - Lettere, with the complimentary^ fee, will be . nfwered • and if the money be remitted, the medicinea will be fen't Into tbe country. Thefe Medicines may be had, genuine, of the Printer of this Paper. Kj* The above Medicines, and all others which fold by J . CHOUSE, the Public may be alTured ire alway, in the higheft Pei » e « ipn : Hi, Sale being luge, occafion, a aontinual fiefh Supplyof them. For AUTUMNAL COMPLAINTS, efpecilily ot the STOMACH and BOWELS. Recent inflance of the extraordinary lefficicy of ORIEN TAL VEGETABLE CORDIAL. IN the beginning of Auguft, 1781, the widow of the Rer. Mr. Longford, who was in the fiftyfcvenih year of her- age, by catching cold, wis feized with violent cholickly pains, which became intolerable, aud would at times continue for eight or ten diy's without intermiflioh. She was two yeirs under the. care of the molt eminent phyfician!, md often, by their idvice, frequented the Hot Wells, neir Briltol ;— intercha geabiy fhe had recouife to medicine, which ftemed to palliate t ' e complaints, at length the diftemper returned, and tbe pa. roxyma became more acute and alarming. At times fhe was afflicted wiih a Cold Senfation or Chilnefs all over the Body; Cold Sweats, Fainting Fits, Sicknefs, Giddinefs. Convullions, violent Pain in the Belly, which at times extended to its whole circumference, beating a ftrong pulfe, and moving from place to place. Here appeared manifeft fympions of a nervous difeafe, the moft difficult to cure. As 1 was reading the St. James's Chronicle, I obferved the very extrawdinaiy encomiums of your medicine called The ORIENTAL VEGETABLE CORDIAL, . bottle of which was procured frem Mefl'rs. Burbage and Son of Notiingham, wha. defirecl Mrs. Longford. would perlift and perfevere in the ufe of it, and follow the printed l i lt of dlreftion. The firft bottle removed the Sicknefs from the Stomjich Finding that it had this effect, fhe continued the ufe of it for thirty- four days ; in which time her piins Ccafed, itid fhe was perfeflly cured of all cbollckly compliints, and every fymptoni of nervous diforders. It is now three months fince fhe difcentlnued taking the Cordial, and enjoys > perfefl ftste of health. At I write this lcttet for the benefit of the community, your are at liberty t> » give any reference to her, or either of the fubfejibing witneffes. - I am, Sir, UOUT mod obedient humble fervant, T H O M A S H A M M O N D. Whnefs, J I 0 H N R A M S A Y, ' I J A M E S P A E N E . Nottingham, Auguft 10, 1784. The PROPERTIES and VIRTUES of the ORIEN- , T AL Y EGETA B LE COR DIAL, ex pe. ienced i„ d ifcertalned in England for the laft THREE YEARS, hare uniformly produced all thof* SALUTARY EFFECTS which are be'ltowed by i u ufc on all the ASIATIC NATIONS ind TRIBES. HERE the AFFLICTED will find a medicine in which the greateft fifety is UNITED with the utmoft FFFIGACY, it warms and invigorates a R E L A X E D STOMACH, ftfrengbens the whole NERVOUSfyftem, pro^ motes digeflion, and diffufes iliciity through the whole ANIMAL OECONOMY ;— any further elucidation of its virtues here muft be wholly fupeiftunus. ' , , *** T o prevent impofilion md forgery, obferve the author's cuat uf arms is infciibed on the glafs of each bottle ; and the bill of direction is figned by the Patentee. Sold by B. Cornwell, Patentee* at bis houfe^ No. 19S, Fleet- ftreet, near Temple- bar, London, in bottles of 51. or the quantity of fix bottles il„ 3s. 3d. dury included, with proper direflions. Of whom may be had, That valuable ne\ y publication, * l. rge OSavo volume^ price 7s. 6d. neatly bound, with an Appendix, containing t Dlfpenfatory, The Domeftic Phvfician,' Or, G U A R D I A N of H E A L T H . Which points out in 1 moft familiar m. nner, the fymptims of every diforder incident to mankind, with thofe of every ftige of difeafe, md what ihey denote ; p, rticularly adapted to the ufe of privite families, though equally effentialto the Faculty. With the Authorities of J . F. M. D, and F. R. S By B, C O R N W E L L, M. L. The Family Medicine and the, Book is fold by Mr. J. C R O U S E , at his Me d icinal Waiehoufe, in the Marketplace, Norwich, and by ac lead one vender as bookfeller in moft towns in Great Britain, & c. N O R W I C H : Printed by JOH. N C H O U S E , ia the Market- place,- Price THREE PENCS,
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