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The Whitehall Evening Post


Printer / Publisher:  J. Lee
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 5740
No Pages: 4
The Whitehall Evening Post page 1
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The Whitehall Evening Post
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The Whitehall Evening Post

Mrs Thrale
Date of Article: 22/07/1784
Printer / Publisher:  J. Lee
Address: No 4, Ludgate-Hill, London
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 5740
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
Additional information:
Marriage of Mrs Thrale to Signior Piozzi (Page 2 Col 2)

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LICE THREE- PENCE.] From TUESDAY, July 20, to THURSDAY, July 22, 1784. [ No. 5740. W E D N E S D A Y * July 21. S H I P - N E W S . Deal, July 19. ^ S s s i * ^ R R I V E D and failed for the River the Peggy, Butler, from Lifbon ; Findlay, F a m e , and Jamaica, Mafkal, from Jamaica ; John, Carter, for Barbadoes; Sally, Cottrel, from Grenada; Active, Lyde, from Bolton; Charlotte packet, Mitchel, from Nevis; and Liulcdale, Kelrick, f r om Virginia. Remain the Count Zinzendorf, with a Dutch Eaft- l4diaman, Royal T a r , , for Newfoundland, and Queen of Naples, Ford, for Naples. * From tbe L O N D O N G A Z E T T E. Dublin Cajlle, July. 12, 1784. The Officers of Arms, with the Serjeants at Arms and T r u m - peters, affembled at College- Green, and pro* ceeded from thence, accompanied by a fqua. dron of dragoons, to Cork- Hill, where the Lord Mayor, Recorder, Aldermen and Shenffs attended: And Ulfter King at Arms having p r e. fented to his Lordfhip tire warrant from his Grace the Lord Lieutenant for proclaiming the Peace, the proctllion was made to the Cattle G a t e as follows, viz. a party of horfe to cleaf t h e way, Lord Mayor's Officers two and two. City Marfhal with his truncheons. - State kettle* drums and t r u m p e t ' . Pnrlu vants meflengers. Athlone. Serjeants at Arms, with their m a t t s. Heralds. King at Arms, and a Sheriff 011 each fide, with truncheons. Lord Mayer, with fword and mace. Recorder and Aldermen. A ftjuadmn of horfe. When they eame to the Caftle Gate, after the Serjeant T r u m p e t e r had found-, d a call thrice, Athlone Purfuivant made an O- yes, antl t? lfter King of Arms read his Majefty's Proclamation aloud ; the proctffion then cotltinued to tin." Tholfel, Corn Market, Old Bridge, Ormond Bridge, and Effex Bridge, at which place* the Proclamation was read by Ulfter in '. he fame manner : T h e fpeCtators, who were very numerous at each place, expreffed their fatisfaCtion by loud acclamations. During' the proctllion the guns in the Patk were fired three rounds of 21 g u n s ; and the evening was concluded with ring- tig of bells, bonfires, and other dcrmonftrations of joy, B A N K R U P T S . Peter George Monteiro the younger, late of A?- dermanbury Poftern, London, and of Clapham, Surry, merchant; to furrender Aug. 3, 17, and 31, at eleven, at Guildhall. Attorney, Mr. S iepheard, Bofwell- cotirt, Carey- dreet. George Girman, now or late of Pointon, Che- Ihire, earlier ; to furrender Aug. 9, 10, and 31, at ten, at the Old Angel in Macclesfield. Attorney, Mr. Jackfon, in Macclesfield. Jofeph Jump, of Liverpool, Lancafhire, winemerchant ; to furrender Aug. 4, 5, and 31, at ten, at the Golden- Lion in D. ile- ftreet, Liverpool. Attornies, MelT. Siieltll and Bl i-. kllock, in Liverpool. William H. iynes the younger, of Croydon, Surry, infurer; to furrender July 26, and Aug. 7, 31, at twelve, at Guildhall. Attornies, Meff. Winholt, Bafinghall- llrret. Dividends to be made. Aug. i t . Robert Wright arid Richard Wr'ght, of Norwich, wordcd- we. ivers, at four, at Probert's Coft'ee- boufe, in the Market- place, Nqi^' ich. Aug. i t . Thomas Adamfon, late orEad- Raw, in the townfhip of Dunfley, in the parifli of Whitby, Yorkfhire, common brewer, at nine, at Mr. Thomas Hall's, innholder, in Whitby. Final. Aug. 15. Thomas Sherwood, of Houndfditch; woollen- draper, at five, at Guildhall. Final. Aug. 13. Jofeph Spencer, of Groton, Suffolk, grocer, at ten, at the Fleece in Boxford, Suffolk. Final. . Aug. 13. Robert Grimfhavr, late of Liverpool, Lincafhire, merchanf, at eleven, at the Golden- Fleece, in Dale- llreet, Liverpool. Dividend adjourned. Aug. i t . William Cooper, of Shipfton- upoii- Stowrr, Worcederfhire, merce^ at ten, at the White- Bear Inn in Coventry. Certificates to be granted. Aug. 10. Richard Dyde, of Wootton- under- • edge , Gloucefterlhire, bookfeller. Thomas Njxon, of Beeby, LeicefUrfhire, dealer. John Greenwood, late ot Tottenham, Middle/ ex, dealer. James Roberts, late of Liverpool, Lancafhire, merchant. Bankruptcy enlarged. Jofeph Johnfon, late of Liverpool, Lancafhire, tallow- chandler; to furrender Sept. 4, at ten, at Ihe Golden- Fleece in Dale- dreet, Liverpool. T o be S O L D by A U C T I O N , A few Weeks hence, in tots ( if not Difpofed of by Private Contraft in the mem Time), » T> HE MANOR of A S H T O N KEYNES, in the Cou » ty of Wilts, with the chief Rents. Courts, Royalties, and FiQiery thereto belonging. Alfo a good MANSION HOUSE,' Coach- houfe, Sublet, and other convenient Offices, fituate in Afhton Keynes aforefaid, • on a dry and healthy Spot, at a convenient Diftauoe from the Village, and near a fine Trout- Stream. Together • with feveral complete, improveable, and tythe- free farms, in Alhton Kevnes, and the adjoining Pariih of Sharncote, a id a Clof* til Meadow or Failure with Rights of Comm- in in Minty, in the County of Gloucefter, which together are of about the yearly Value of Eleven Hundred Pounds. 63" Alhton is about three Miles from the Borough of Cr. cklade, and four from Cireueefter. For Particulars enquire of Mr.. Townfend, Staple- inn, Iwdon; Mr. Stephens, of Kencot, near Burford, Oxfordlhire; or of Edward JeEfcris, » t- Alhton Keyatf, w. io will ( hew the Premifes. F O R S A L E, BT" Order of the Hon. the. Committers of bis Majejlyi Cujloms, CsV. in PurfucCnce of an A8 of Parliament ofthe Third Tear af his prefent Majefly, on Tuefday the 10th, Wednefday the 2 i f t , and Friday the 2$ d of July, 17S4, at Three of the Clock in the Afternoons Of the J'aid Days, • will be put up to Sale in tbe Long Room its tit Cuflom- Houfe, London. T H E F O L L O W I N G GOODS; FOR H O M E C O N S U M P T I O N, Brandy, Rum, Geneva, Cordial Water, Green and llohea Tea, Raw and Roafted Coffee, Sugar, Cinnamon, Fijh Skins, Rough Cryflal Glafs, Purple and King's Wood, Two Cutters with their Materials, Staves, and Tobacco Ajhes. Alfo fuch Goods as have remained in his Majefty's Warehoufe upwards of Six Months, not cleared or the Duties paid, viz. Pittures, Hooks, I. in en, Glafs, Rum, Wine, SuccaJes, and fundry other forts of Goods as mentioned in the Catalogues, C L E A R OF ALL D U T I E S. The Cutters with their- Materials, Purple and King's Wood, Slaves, and Tobacco Ajhcs, t » be viewed at the Tobacco- Ground, near the Wct- Doei, Rothcrhithe; and all the other Goods at the King's Warehoufe, Cuflom- Houfe, Lonim, on Saturday tbe 17th, and Monday the 19lb of July, 1784, from Nine to One in the Forenoons, and in tbe Mornings before the Sale, JVbere Catalogues will be delivered. N A V Y - O F F I C E. July 20, I 784. THE Ri^ ht Honourable the Lords Commiff. oners of the Treasury having appointed Money for the Payment of Half- Pay to the Sea Officers, between the Firft of July ant! the Thirty- firft of December 1783, according t> ! His Majefty's Eltablifh nent oil that behalf: j Thefe are to give notice, that the feveral i Payments will begin to be made at the Pay- I O ti-. e by ill; Treafurer of the Nirvy, on I T h u r f d a y the 2 2el Inftant, at Ten o'Clock in the Morning, viz, to Captains and th- ir A ' t o r - nics, and other Officers appearing themfelves ; and to Attornie's of Lieutenants, Mafters and Surgeons, ort Friday ; after which the faid Lifts witl be recalled once a Week, that all Perfo-: s may then aud there attend to receive what- may become payable unto them, arid, not only bring with them the Affidavit r quired touching the- ir not having enjoyed the Benefit of any public Employment, either at Sea or on Shore, during, the Time they are to be paid their Half Pay, but alfo ptndnce Certificates that they havefubfcribed to the Teft, and taken the Oaths required by ACt of Parliament to his prefent Majefty. And in cafe any of the Sea Officers fltall n t be able to attend themfelves to receive their Mo ev, but en. ploy Aitornies for that Pnrpofe, that - fie faid Atroruies may produce the like Affid iv t and Certificates from the Per. fons they are employed by. O X F O R D R A C E S , 1784. ' J p l I F . laft Day of thefe Race , as originally fixed, happening upon the Day appointed for the General Tliank% ivhig, they will begin one Day earlier, and will be 011 Monday, Tuefday, and Wednefday, the 26th, 17th, and 28th Days of July, inftead of Tuefday, Wednefday, and Thur dav, the 27th, 28th, and 29th Days of that Month. ' WEATHEKBY. To be S O L D by A U C T I O N, By Meff. B O U L T O N and BAILEY, On Wednefday the 28 th inftant, at Three o'Clock, at the White- Hart, Romford, ( by Order of the Truftees of M A S K P O T T E R , Efq. decrafed) A COPYHOLD ESTATE, fituate at Btillvan in the county of EfTex, twenty- two miles from London, confiding of a Dwelling- Houfe with barn, ( table, and other ereftions, with nine clofes of arable land, containing fixty four acres more or lefs, Called Colis; alio three pieces or parcels, comprizing twenty- three acres more of lefs, called Finches ; the whole held of the manor of Bullvan, with unlimited right of common, and Ictt to Mr. Joft- ph Martin for a term expiring at Michaelmas 1785, at a rent of out of which land- tax is allowed. The Eftate may be viewed by applying to the tenant, and Particulars had at the White- Horfe, North Ockington; Crown, Brentwood ; SpreadEa- (; le, Ingateftone; Bull, atOrays; at the place of fale; of Mr. Bailey, Charles- flreet, Ilatton- gardtn ; and of Mr. Boulton, Threadneed'e- ftreet, London. M I D D L E S E X. To be S O L D by A U C T I O N, By Mr. G O D F R E E, On Wednefday the 28th day of July, at five o'clock in tl « e afternoon, at the Smyrna Coffce- houfe, Pall Mall, in three Lots, By Order of the Executors of EDWARD WOELlDGE, Efq. A Very valuable and compaa F R E E H O LD E S T A T E , fituated in the parifh of St. James's, Weftminfter; confiding of fome extenfive pieces of ground, whereon are eredted nine fubltantial Dwelling- houfes. L O T I. Confifts of Six fubftantial Freehold Hotiles, fituated in Gloucefter- court, St. Jimes'sltreet ( comprifing the whole of the faid Court), five of which are let to tenants at will, and one is now on leafe to Mr. William Barrcll, eleven years and a quarter of which leafe vv', 11 remain unexpired at Michaelmas next, the whole producing an annual rent of 150I. 17s. out of which l. wd and water- tax is to be deducted, amounting to 14I. LOT II. Confifts of two excellent Freehold Brick Dwelling- hoilfes, very eligibly fituated, the corner 1 of St. James's- ftreet and Pall- Mall, now in the pofleffion of Philip Buriton, F/ q. and. Mr. Williams, china- miyi ; let on lcafe to Mr. Williams, for an unexpired term of fifty years and a . quarter from Michaelmas next, at an annual rent of 180I. clear of land- tax and all deductions whatfoevtr. LOT III. Is a valuable Freehold Brick Dwellitighotife ( the place of file), called the Smyrna Coffcehoul'e, very advantaieoufly fituated in Pall- Mail, nearly oppjf. te the Palace, in the poffeffion of Mr. Blake, and let on a leafe to Mr. Hill, for an unexpired term of eight years and a half from Michael mas next, at the yearly rent of Sol- out of which the land- tax of 5I. is. 8d. only is allowed. The whole to be viewed until the time of fale, except the premiiVn occupied by Mr. Buriton, hich can only be fsen from one to three o'clock, hy tickets, which, with the printed particulars, may be had at the place of fale ; of Mr. Ellis, At- j tdriiey at Law, North ftrect, St, Tohn's Church. ' Weftminlter; of Mi John's Church, Godfree, New- Pahce- Yard T o be S O L D bv A U C T I O N, By Mr. W I t L O C K, On the Premifes, on Wednefday the 18th of this inftant, and F; ve following Days, at r j o'Clock, PIERPOINT LODGE, three milt sfroinFarnbam, in the county of Surrey ; cunfiftitiR of an elegant Manfionhoufe with all neeeflary attached and detached offices, a Urge kitchen garden walled round, pinery, fucceffion- houfe, ice- houfe, extenfive walks, plantations, lawns, paddock; a farmhoufe and offices, with a fine troat river running through the eft^ te; the wholfc containing about two hundred and ten acres of arable, meadow and wood land. The Premifes are delightfully fituate in a fine fportmgcountry, and the whole in perficiS repair. On the above and feillowing days ( the Tharkrgiving- day and Sunday excepted) will alfo be Sold by Aurrion, the elegant Houfhold- furniture, pictures, plate, linen, china, farming and garden uteufiH, and other valmhle etfeCts. The Houfc and Eft ite to be viewed ten days, and the Furniture two days preceding the fale, when printed Particulars and Catalogues mny be had on the Premifes ; alfo at the Crown at Reading, at Maidenhead, at Bafiiigftoke; Swan, at Alton ; Crown, at Guildford; George, at God aim ing; King's- Arms, at gagfhot; Caftle, at Windfor ; and of Mr. Willock, in Cbapel- court, New Burlingtonftreet, London. L E I C E S T E I S H I R E. To be SOI* D by P R I V A T E C O N T R A C T, r r H E MANOR of OSBASTON, with she L Appurtenance!, and a large, modern, well- built MANSlON- HOl'Siuin g « » d, Repair, ( itaate tuthe Park, with Gardens, Filk- Ponds, Plantatioas, and every other Accommodation fit forthe, Reception of a genteel Family ; alfo fcveral eligible Farms capable of great Improvement, with good Farm^ Houfes, and all ntceSary Convenrrtnciei, the whole containing 756 Acres. The above Eltate Is lett to Tenants at Will, jnd may be catered upon at Lady- Day next; antj for further Part i c u l a r s apply to Mr. Whitby, Attorney, iu Derby; or Mr. Rider, Attorney, Ne, 113, Fetter- lane, London. Mr. Hooke, at the Majfion- Houfe, will fhew the Premises.' Ofbafton is fituated in a fine fportiug C<> uutry, one Mile ffbm Market fiofworth, and ten from Leieeflcr, and a good Turnpike- road adjoins the Park- Palei. M I D D L E S E X . T o be Sold by A U C T I O N , By Mr. G O D F R E E , At the Ma; thorough Coffee- houfe, near Great Marlbor mgh- ftreet, St. James's, on Friday the 30th of J u l y , 1784, at Five o'Clock in the Afternoon, ( by order of the Executors of Mrs. Ann Pig > tt) A REEHOLD ESTATE, fituated on the north fide ot Great Marlborough ftreet, at the broad and molt agreeable part thereof, confiding of a piece or parcel of ground, 200 feet in depth by 25 feet in breadth, little more or lefs, whereon is a brick Bwellitig- Houfe of three fpacious rooms upon a floor, an excellent broad pafTage, two ftaircafes, and fnitahle offices; a large gardtn, ftable for feven borfes, coath- hoiife, with convenient rooms communicating to Marlborough Mews.— The whole of thefe valuable premifts are now in the poffeffion of Dr. Chittick , and maybe improveef to great advantage. T o be viewed three days preceding tbe fale, between the hours of one and three. Pr. n'ed particulars may be had at the place of fale, being near the eftate; Mr. Ellis, attorney, in Northftrtet, Wtftminfter; and of Mr. Godfree, in New Palac- yarri. C L A P H A M in S U R R E Y . T o be S O L D by A U C T I O N , By Mr. G O D F R E E, On Monday the 26th of July 1784, at five o'clock 111 the Afternoon, at the Wind- Mill on Clapham Common, Surrey, BY order of the Executors of EDWARD W O B L I C C H , Efq. In One L O T , AVERY valuable LEASEHOLD ESTATE, for an unexpired term of feventy- feven years and . a half, at Michaelmas next; ground- rent only 4I. per ahn. out of which land- tax is allowed. Is moft agreeably fituated oppofite the Wind- mill, on rhe fouth fide of Clapham Common. Confitls of excellent Garden and otlier Ground, 380 £ eet in length, by 120 feet in breadth, or\ which' are two handfome, truly fubftantial, Brick Dwellir. g- houfes; one thereof in the polfeffion of the Reverend Mr. tTrwick, whofe leafe will expire at Michaelmas 1785, rent 45I. per ann. out of which land- tax is allowed. The other, next adjoining, in the poffeffion of Mrs. Melloway, on leafe, of which five years and a half will be unexpired at Michaelmas next, clear rent 3 61. per ann.— Thefe two excellent Dwellings confift of extenfive Vaults, and three cleat- Stories, in which are tvvilve Bed- rooms, two Drawingrooms, fix Parlours, two Halls, Kitchens, and other well adapted Domeftic Offices, all in remarkable neat awl good condition ( Coach houfes and Stables). The gardens are planned for pleafure and convenience ; inclofed with walls, and planted with abundance of choice fruits, fhruhs, & c. N. B. The two dwellings appear to have been defigoed far one capital houfe, and may very eafdy be altered to an elegant Mardion. To be viewed three days, viz. Tuefday, Thurfday, and Saturday, preceding the Sale, betvWien the hours of eleven and one o'clock. Printed particulars at the place of Sale ( alfo of Mr. Ellis, Attorney at Law, North- ftreet, St. John's Church, Weftmuifter; and of Mr. ( kidfree, New Palace- yard. To the Worthy Electors of the Borough of COLCHESTER. . Gentlemen, , T AM prompted by cyefy fentiment of efteem and gratitude to acknowledge the honour you have this day conferred upon me, by exertions which have procured me a majority unprecedented in the. annals of your ancient Borough. A fupport firm and refpeftabk is above all praife, and will enfur e to you a faithful difcharge of my parliamentary? duty, and a zealous attention to the interefts of Colcheiter. I am, Gentlemen, Your moft obliged and devoted humble fervant, Berechurch- Hall, ROBERT SMYTH. July 13, 1784. T o be SOLD by P R I V A T E C O N T P A C T , n p H E MANOR. C A P I T A L MESSUAGE, A FARM, and LANDS called BINBURY, fituate and being in Stockburv Valley, in the fevcra! Parilhes of Thurnham, Stockh'ury and Deptling, in the County of Kent. Coniilling of 584 Acrcs of Land, Ar. ble, Meadow, Pa flu re, and Wood, and now in the Occupation of Mr. James Sale, who will ( hew the Preniifcs. Rent at 120I. per Annum, and lett to blip on Lcafe for 21 Years, of which about ten Years are now to come. Fpr further Particulars enquire of Mr. Henry Hogben, of Doddington, in the faid County. PU R S U A N T to a Decree of the. High Court of Chancery, the Creditors of WILlIAM CARY, late of Cowhridge, in the Parilh of Malmfbuty, in the County of Wilts, Gentleman, Deceafed, are to come in and prove their Debts before JOHN HETT, Efq one of the Mailers ofthe faid Court, at his Chambers, in Symond's Inn, Char. cery- lane, London, on or before the 14th Day of Augull next, or i- i default thereof they will be peremptorily excluded the Benefit of tbe faid Decr- t. On the firj}. of Augufl will be fuhlijhed, price is. T H E C O N D U C T of an A U T H O R to the PUBLIC, dated in the Behaviour of Dr. WILLIAM CUI. LEN, hisMajefty's Phyfician at Edinburgh. London: Printed for J. Murray, No.- 3a, Fleet- ftrcet. Where may be hnd, I. Dr. E. Cullen's Tranflation of Bergman's Phyfical and Chemical Effays, 2 vols. 8vo. hoards 13s. II. Murray's Catalogueof Books, in Medicine, Surgery, Anatomy, Natural Hiftory, & c. which are felling at tbe prices marked. [ This lalt gratis. j F O N T A 1 N E's F A L E S. " This day was publifhed, Ilandfomcly printed 011 fine Writing- Paper, in one Volume, fmall Oflavo, price 3s. fcwetl, TH E LOOKING G L A S S : Containing SELECT FABLES of La FONTAINE, imitated. inEngl. fh; with additional Thoughts. " Veluti in Speculum." [ .. Printed f- o - r J. Walter, Charing- crof^— s.• 11 11. This day were pullifhed, price is. "" THREE DISCOURSES addreffed to the CONGREGATION at MAZE- POND, SOUTHWARK, March 25, 1784, on the Church's Public Declaration of having chofen Mr. JAMES DORE their Pallor; together with an Account of their Proceeding* and a Declaration of his religious Sentiments. Printed by J. Archdeacon, Printer to the Univerfity, Cambridge; and fold by C. Dilly, in the Poultry; and at the Veltry adjoining the Meeting, Maze- Pond. This Day • was publifhed, price ar. " P U R I P I D I S H I P I ' O L I T U S . Varus L e f t i. J ontbus et Not is Ediforis acceflere Viri CI. Jeremite Markland F. mendatipnes. Editio altera, cum Verfione Latina, et fecundis CI. Editoris in Notis et Leftionibus snris aufta, juxta Euripidis Editiouem Oxon. impreffam, ' 777- Eton ® : Ex Officina Jofephi Pote, Veneunt etiam Londini, in Red- Lion- court, Flect- ftreet, No. 3. Alfo lately publilhed, 1. Euripidis Medea, Gr. Lat. 2. .- Efchyli Prometheus, Gr. Lat. 3. Sophoclis Philo& tcs, Gr. Lat. 4. Ariftophanis Plutus, Gr. Lat. Editio cadigata, et ad ufum Juventutis accommodata. fpj" The like feparate Pnblicationsofthe Greek Drama will beoccafionally continued for the accommodation of School Literature. A YEAR'S J O U R N E Y through the PAISBAS and AUSTRIAN NETHERLANDS, By Mr. T H 1 C K'. V E S S E. Such who have honoured Mr. Thicknelfe with their Names as Subfcribers, are informed that the Firft'Part of the above Work is ready to be delivered at his Houfe, No. 32, oppofite the Green Park, Piroadi'lly, and that the Second Part will be ready in a few Days; and as very few Copies more than are fubferibed for arc printed off, fuch who chufc to purchafe it arc defired to fend their Names to bcadded to the Lift of Subfcribers, price 10s. 6d. frJ" This Work contains fix curious original Letters of Rubens, and one of Abbe Ranns. H O S i T r y now on S A L e 7 \ T W I L K I N S O N ' S Nottingham Warehoufe, S- A No. g ^ Holborn, oppofite Chancery- lane, a large Stock wf Silk Stockings, and all kinds ofthe beft Hofiery, now felling on the moft advantageous Terms, full 20 per Cent, under the ufual Trices ; line white marble and black filk Hole, at 6s. 8s. 6d. IOS 6J. and las. per Pair; fine cotton, as or 23s. per Dozen; fine ditto, 2S. 6d. fuperfine India cotion, 3s. 6d. extra fine 5s. brown thread, is. 9d. . or 20s. per Dozen ; fine white and brown thread, es. and 2s. 6d. i'uperfine ditto, 3s. 6d. extra fine, 6d. black worfled, is. ad. or 12s. per Dozen: grey worfted, is. 6d. or l^ i. per Dozen ; fine black and grey worfteel, 2s. fine ditto, 2s. 6d. fuperfine, 3s. 6d. to 4s. 6d. alfo a large quantity of new pattern. Goods for tbe Seafon. Town and country Shopkeepeis frrved wholcfale and lor exportation, on the lowelj. Terms. Dr. . L © C K Y E R ' s - P I L L S. So well known for their great CURES both at Home and Abroad, FORMERLY fold in Racquet- Court, Fleetftreet, are- now fold at W. Nicoll's, No. St. Paul's Church- yard, Bookfeller, Wholefale and Retail, with goocLAllowance to Merchants, Captains of Ships, and C - untTy Dealers. Thefe Pills are made up in Tin Boxes, Fifty in the Box Price 2s. and fealed atone End with the Arms of T. Fyge' the Doftor's Nephew, and the Doftor's Coat of Arms\ s' ufual. N. B. The Proprietors having difcovcred that all their ' Marks and Seals are coantcrfeitcd by artful and defigriW Men, forthe Purpofc of felling a baft and counterfeited Medicine; in order to prevent the pernicious Confequence of fgch fpurious Sort being obtruded on the Public, each Bov will now br figned on the Outfide by M. Watfon, one of the Proprietors. WEDNESDAY, July 21. Yeflerday arrived the MaSs from Holland and Flanders. Frankfort, July I. Emigration from this diftrift and its neighbourhood increafes daily, under pretence of not being able to get a living in their different fituations; moft of the emigrants a r e farmers. We have accounts from Mentz, that after the examp'eof fome other Catholic countries an entire freedom of religion will be granted there ; even already feveral Proteftaiit families have been made citizens. i Malta, May 30. T h e A'gerine corfairs thinking this Ifland would be but il! defended, after the lading of. the fleet to join the Spaniards to bombard their city, flocked around it in numbers ; but the Grand Mafter having taken care t o keep fome armed vefl'els at home, fent them out, and they loon drove away the corfairs after taking one with 45 men on board. Paris, July 4. A grand alliance is faid to be concluded between the Emperor, Rr. lfia, England, and Denmark, in opposition to which another as formidable is reported to be formed between France, Spain, Sweden, Sardinia, Naples, and Holland ; there are however many intelligent politicians who do not think matteis are fo far advanced yet, but only that'a t n a t y h a s been concluded between France and Sweden, for llie reciprocal benefit of both nations. Paris, July8. We are allured that all the articles of the Treaty of Alliance. , to be concluded upon between this C o u r t and the United Provinces'are agreed upon, but that the Treaty cannot be figncd till the differences between the Stat, s General and the Government of the Auftrian Low Countries are fettled. In t i e above T r e a t y France engagesto. guarantee alf the poffeffions of the Low Countries, which a r e in ret u rn to furnjfli that kingdom with a fubfidy either in men, fli ps, or mcwey, in cale of war.' v Hague, July 12. The Prince of Naflau Weilburgh, Governor of Maeftricht, has obtained leave to vtiit his eftates in Germany, under prog^ ife to return to his Government immediately upon tire requifition of the States- General. It is' - faid that the Baron de Scbnylenberg is expected here t'o.-. n, charged with a particular comm flinn on the patt of the King of PrUffia his ma^ er- Utrecht, July 15. The following paragraph appeared in. one of the publick' prims of the day before " yeftercjay under an article f r om the Hague t h e 1 it'h of this month, viz. " On T h u r f d a y laft the States of rfolland and Wrft- Friefland f. nt a formal deputation to the Prince Stadtholder, COmmilTmed, it is faid, to lay before his Serene . riiMinefs. Hhal it being the defire of the nation tha" the Duke of Brunfwick be difmiffed from his employments, and retire from the territory of the Rspubiick, they reqtieft his Serene Highnefs to- perfuade the Field- Marflial to afk for his tflftniffion; in which cafe they ( the- States) would life their, influence for him to keep his appointments; This declaration, although every means Jiiitl been made uie of to prepare his Serene Hi ' hnefs far it, affeCted him very much ; he > duelled a copy in writing of the bufinefs of Yhe. deputation-, and defired time to confider it • till - the following T h u r f d a y , when he would ret u rn u written anfwer." \ - C D ' U N T R Y - N E W S. ' Lfives, July 19. As a proof of the remarkable! forvv a dnefs o f ' t h e liops at this time, in Kent, we had a fample brought us laft week, that was gathered on the 1 i. th inft. in the garden of Mr. William Larkin, of Eaft Peekham ; they are nearly of their full fize, and fliould the fine weather continue, will in a fliort time be ready for picking. In this county they are not fo forward, being but juft out in bur. L O N D O N . Extra& of a J . titer from the Hague, July 6. " The Baron Linden, who is appointed Envoy to the Court of London, is going to Bruffels, itVwliich city he will remain a few days, on a particular errand, and then proceed to ' London, where he is cjpeCted to arrive before the conclulion of the month." < Letters from Quebec, dated May 9, mention, t h a t Governor Halclimand was preparing to return to England ; that the grea: eft cordiality prevailed between the French and Britiih inhabitants ; and that provifions were cheaper than they bad- been at that feafon for, feveral years. The laft accounts from Dublin are replete with complaints of the diforcler which prevails in that nietiopolis. Three perfons were taken into euftody laft week for finging feditious ballads near the Caftle; but piefently refcued by the mob. Yefterday a deputation from the meeting- of t h e perfons concerned in the manufacture of ' printed and ftained- linens and Cottons waited on jMr. Pitt, and had a long conference w i t h him, in which they ftated to him the circumftances of the trade, and the very unpleafant difficulties which it- bad lately incurred f r om various caufes, and which, l e n g t h e n e d by the new duty, , mult overpower and annihilate the manufacture in England-. At the fame time they fuggefted t o, t h e Minift. et' regulations which might be beneficially made, and which would be fufficiently pro- • d- iot'ive Without affeCting their trade. Mr. Pitt faid . he would particularly confider the matter, . and they, might depend on his readinefs and delire . t o . do every tii'tag which might be found for the " benefit of this particular branch, confident with the general n e c e f f i t f e of'the- ftate. • ' T h e 12th regiment of foot, lately returned ' from G i b / a l t a r , and now at Windfor- Caftle, are - « iT.; 4oyed* when off duty at is. per man per day :--., aking new roads, & c. in Windfor- Foreft, an'.! hp, v.- f r i t s fet u p for their accommodation. ExtraH of a Letter from Covtis, JsJy 15. " This ' a f t e r n o o n arrived his MajeiVy's* fliip Oreftes, Captain, Ellis; the qneftes- fcntler, and the Swan and Excile revenue'cutters, from a cruize,; and, bro. ugh. 1; • in with t h em two large i'mugglmg luggers, which they cyt out o ' Chriftchiirch- harbour, under a ' v e r y heavy firl f r om the fmugglers, in which Mr. Willian Allen, Mafter of the Oreftes, was ' killed, ani two or thiee of her men wounded." - . ExtraH of a Letter from Coives, July 17. " Yeftcrday the Coroner's Ihqueft fat on the body of Mr. William Allen, Mafter of his Majefty's { hip Oreftes, who was killed on T h u r f d a y morning laft by a party of fmugglers, 011 his endeavouring with fevera! other boats to feize two large fmuggling luggers which lay in Chrittchurchrtiarbour, and which had landed a very confiderable quantity of goods the preceding day, in. fight of the Excife cutter belonging t o this p o r t ; when, after the examination of feveral witnefles, the j u r y retired, and brought in their verdiCt, " Wilful murder againft a " perfon or perfons unknown ; but that Win. " May and Wm. Parrott ( the two reputed Matters of the laid fmuggling lugsjfcrs) were " aiding, abetting, alibiing, and comforting " the laid murderer or murderers." " It appeared 011 the examination of the w i t n e l f s , that Captain Sammon, of the Exci'. e c u t t e r , had fell 111 with tlie fad bigger off Chiiftenurch- head on Wednefdav morning laft, but finding his own force fo very ' inadequate to ihat of the fmugglers, be immediately d. lpacht d a boat to Capiain Ellis, of the Oreltcs, who was then laying in Yarmouth- road ; but before the Oreftes c. uld polfibiy arrive, the fmuggiers worked their whole crop in fight of the Excife c u t t e r , which was- obliged to remain a quiet fpectator of tlie bufinefs. That, on the Oreftes { loop of. war and her tender, together wi: h the tvvan revenue cutter, appearing in light, the fmugglers began to be alarmed about the fafety of their veflels, and in order to prevent them falling into the hands of the King's cruifers, they ran them 011 fliore, fcuttled, and { tripped them almoit of all their fails and materials. That on the arrival of the Oreftes, it was at all events determined upon to cut out and feize the two luggers, Accordingly, the feveral boats belonging to t h e Orettes and the revenue veflels, amounting to fix or feven in number, were immediately manuecl and armed, and proceeded to the fliore ; but on their approaching it, they were fired at by 1 he fmugglers from behind the faid luggers, as well as from a breaft- werk which they had raifeel for that purpofe. That f r om the firlt fire the deceafed Mr. William Allen , who was in the fecond boat, received a flight wound in his thigh, and a im ft immediately after, a i'econd wound by a. ball which entered his fight fide, and penetrated his liver and ltomach, and of which wound he foon after died. That on the boats making the land, the fmugglers retreated to a houfe and { table about three or four hundred yards from, the fliore, where they kept up a conftant fire from behind the windows and doors on the revenue officers, who were fecuring the two veflels, and which they feized in fpite of their inhuman and diabolical machinations. " The lofs of the faid Mr. Allen is very much to be lamented, he being a good officer, and a young gentleman of exceeding good character, and was . tefpeCted and beloved by the whole flnp's company. " It was imagined the fmugglers landed between thirty and forty tons of teas, befi. des a large quantity of { pirits, 011 this occafion, there being upwards of fifty waggons, and near four hundred horfes, on the fliore, loading with the goods." ExtraH of a Letter from Gravcfend, July 20. " Paft by the T h r e e Frielids, Brown; Afiiley, C a f t l e ; Mary Ann, Innes, and Green River, Addis, from Jamaica ; Grenville, Simm, f r om Grenada, and Diligence, Houfe, from Hav. re- de- ^ race." The Commerce, Roberts,. from Riga, and the Glafgow, Patrick, from Virginia, - are arrived at Briltol., The Ann, M'Intyre, from Baltimore ; Young, Wallace, from North- Carolina ; and Fanny, Young, from Antigua, are fafe arrived at Clyde. The Mary, Carnes, and Lethe, M'Carthy, from Virginia, at e arrived off the Ifle of Wighjt, T h e Concord, Bentham, f r om Jamaica, is arrived at Lancafter. The Kirigfton, Fowler, from Jamaica ; Mentor, Law ton, from New- York ; and Mildred, Frolt, from Philadelphia, are arrived at Dover. T h e tid'uftry, Warclel, and' C&' riftopher,' Air, f r om London ; Sarahs Clancy, from Oporto ; Henry, and Mary, M'- Garty, f r om St. Kitt's ; and Thiftle, Grill, from Cadiz, are arrived at Dublin. T h e Morfe and Stormont homeward- bound Eaft- fndiamen were left well at Gravefend this morning : they- are ordered to anchor at. Woolwich T h e new Chapel at K- entifli T o w n was yeftetday confecrated- by the Bifliop of Briftol, and divine fervice performed in it for the firft time. Saturday tiighr, a , l i t t l e after . nine o'clock, Edwards, jeweller, o f , L i t t l e Marlboroughftreet, and. another gentleman, were flopped 111 a field near Pancras church by two men, who robbed Mr. Edwards of two guineas and three '( hillings and lixpcnce, and his companion of feveiiteen fliSlfngs and fourpence ; after which, with dreadful, imprecations, they demanded their watches, but made off without them upon hearing the approach of fome paftengers, who joined Mr. Edwards and his friend"; n a pretty clofe purfuit, as far as the Small- pox Hofpital, where they loft fight of ihe villains. Sunday afternoon, while fix or feven lads were bathing in the arm of the Thames a little below Chellea bridge;- eleven con'ftablcs carirte to the Tpor, and threw^ tl^ ir clothes into the water, whereby feveral articles were loft, befides* a waich out of one of their pockets. Admitting the boys to have been in a fa- tfky that circnmftance cannot j u f t i f y the officersv The damage to, and lofs of their clothes, muft be an injury t o - t h e i r matters or p a r e n t s ; and by wearing their vv. et apparel, the health of them may, probably be endangered. -.- t., . Monday night, about ten o'clock, as Mf. Poynter, the proprietor of Deli's farm, m'aJjf. the Shepherd and Shepherdefs by the fide of the City- road, was returning from that houfe, . where be had fpent the evening, he was attacked by two ruffians who demanded his money, and, upon his faying lie had none, threw hisn on the gr- i'ind, and cut him in a molt . barbarous manner from above t h e ear to the fhoulder, and from the corner of the eye to the bottom of the chin, laying the cheek bone quite bare.- Fainting with pain and lofs of blood, with difficulty . Mr. Tpynter got back to the Shepherd and Sh- epheidef « , f r om whence fome membets of x l o t i e r r - c h ib held there went in p u r f u i t of the barbarous ruffians, both of whom they fecured under the vvnlj. of the new workhoufe. They w. xrs yettor. dny. . committed to New I'rifon by William Blackbo- " row, Efq, by the nam; s of J o h n Mafpn ^"'' nifti'ie - mas Lucas. Monday night fome villains broke into Mr. Steele's, ihe Falcon, alehoufe, in Falcon- court; Coppice- row, Cleikenwell. Unable to., wake her luifband, Mrs. Steele: rofe from her bed,, and heroically purfned the villains to near 40' yards from her houfe ; and one of thgm would certainly have been fecured,. had he not cunningly faid that the naked woman in purfuit of him was a jealous wife, from'whofe f u r y he was obliged to fly for'havicig ftaid out till a late hour " Ye Iters I ay were committed by William Blackborow, Efq; to Newgate, Mary Hills,- for privately Healing 10 yards of new- cloth, the property of Mary Benfon, in Chick- lane, and Ann Riley, to New, Prifon, for flealing alehoufa pots from the Rec'- lion, in Cow- crofs. It appeared that the latter prifoner had- melted fome'of the pots in a frying- pan. Yefterday Francis . Ward, John Gough, and Samuel Trovvbe, were committed to . New Prifon by William Blackborow, Efq. charged with ftealing live poultry from the premil-.- s of the Rev. Mr. Parry, of Highbury- place. Laft night, about tweive o'clock, difcovery was made, that the prifoners in Clerkenwell Bridewell were endeavouring to effeCt an efcape, which was prevented by the timely interference of the keepers. They. forced the bars from the fire- grate in one of the wards, and by means thereof had juft broke away the ftOck of the lock of the inner gate, when their defign was difcovcred and f r u f t r a t e d. Yefterday a po-. r man belonging to Clerkenwell wprkhaufe fell'dovvn a cellar window in Tu'rnmill- ftreet belonging to Mr.. Witts, and received fo terr ble a conrtifion on the back of his head, that he was taken to the workhoufe in coach fpeechlefs and ihT'ehfib'e.„ While he H O U S E of L O R D S ' , Tuefday, July 20; X H E royal affent was given by commiffion ' o the candle duty, and the commiffioners . of . accounts bills. The . CommiffionerTwere, the Lord Chancellor, the Archbifliopof C a n t e r b u r y, and L o r d Sydney. Pafled the aliens duty bill, and the pawnbrokers bill. Adjourned. H O U T e of C O M M O xV S. * Tuefday, July 20. .. - A G R E E D to the report of the ref . lutions of - i i yeftrclay on the fupply. — That 1891B be granted as ai. couTpenFation to the Rev. Thomas Weekes Dalby, reprefentative of Weekes, deceafed, for his lofl'es fuftained in detaining his fliip the Hope, by order of the ViCtualling- Board, in the year 1743. Paifed the Speaker's warrants bill. Ordered the oak bark duty bill to be engrofled. . >. A E B E Y - M I L T O N SCHOOL B I L L. Heard c'ounfel on the bill for removing the. grammar- fchool at Abbey- Milton' to the towii of Dorchefter. - T h e Counfel having withdrawn, Lord Surrey obfervetl, that it having appeared, from the teftimonies of witnefles examined at tt) e bar, that the village of Abbey- Milton was nearly in " a Ttate of depopulation, he thought there could be no occafion for continuing there an elfeeniolinaty feminary, where only Greek and Latin were taught, and that it would therefore be proper- for the bill to go- into a Committee. Mr. Bantr& id, that being a T r u f t e e for the Charity, it 6e'cap> e a part of his duty to refift the commitment'of the. Bill which was to remove the fchool to Dorchefter, where one- endowed lchool was already eftabliflied, and where there were other places for the. education of youth fully proportioned to the number of the inhabitants of the town. " Mr. HuJTiy advifedan accommodation between the noble Lord, at whofe inftance the Bill had been brought i. ii; and the Truftees, and wilhed t h e ' Hon. Gentleman to retraCt his deiigu of dividing the H o u f e ., U p p n t h e queftion for the commitment, the Houfe divided, Ay. es 73 Noes 56 R E P O R T OF A- HE C O M M I T T E E ON . T H E H O R SE T A X B I L L. The Report being brought up, Sir William Cunningham defired to be informed whether the bill was to operate- in Scotland, where it was u f u a l ' f o r the fanners renting extenfive lands, to fell a great - part of their hones in winter, and b « y others in the fpring, and likewife to ex-. change and buy and fell horfes among themfelyas. He wilhed to be informed to what e x - tent. j h e phrafe " horfe- dealer" went. Mr, Gilbert laid, a horfe- dealer was one who dealt'in horfes. In reply to Sir William, Mr. Rofe faid, that in drawing the claufes, care would be taken to compel only thofa- perfons to take out licences who followed the occupation of dealing in" horfes, for the purpofe of obtaining a livelihood - thereby. AND E X P O R T S. that the amounts of the of London from Chriftmas 1783, be laid before the in order to be lightened. ExtraH of a Letter from Coventry, dated July- lb. " As foon as the news a: rived'here of the propofed tax oti ribbands; the journeymen weavers aflenibled in. the market place, and having firft made a tall awkward figure which they called Mr. , they hung it on a gallows ereCte. d for the purpofe with a lilken halter, and afterwards confirmed the whole in a large fire, amidft the applaufe of fame thoufands of people aflembled 011' the occafton." ' - .' It is laid that the celebrated Mrs. Thrale laft w% ek at . Bath had the lienor of giving her haVd to . Stgnior Piozzi, t h e nn- celebrated finge& » —• She was accompanied - as far as Salifbuty by, her four blooming daughters, as bride- mai'ds,; after which the happy pair took . their flight, upon the wings of love, to a climate more propitious- to harmony, and the foft delights'of mutual affections. The air of Bath feems peculiarly calculated. t o fot'ten the feelings of learned ladies," as Mrs. Macaulay,. under rts aafpicious influence was at .. that place melted into a tendency to renew the delights of Hymeneal gratifications. I M P O R T S Mr. Eden moved imports and exports 1782 to Ghriftmas oplay bleeding a. woman came out of the ( hop, and faid it was jtapoffible the man could be hurt, becaufe,- befides many blind men and women, ( lie had known above a hundred children fall into the cellar without hurt. Yefterday afteruodn as a pleafure- boat was palling under Rochefter Bridge, wi. h ' fifteen perfons <> n b ard, by a fttdd'e'nr guft of wind, it was- overfet, 1 by which a tradefmaii at Chatham and his wife, " wh6 baCl beeh married only feven days",. were, dr'oivned,_ T h e cbnipany h a d ' b e en to lee t h e ' o y j t e r . tiecl- e..' broke up in the river Med;. vav. . .. - o :; • . .. * » ' A- dvertisf. MENT EXTRAORDINARY. ' MISSING,- fronv t h e - geneaWgiCs of;, rhe'nety Peers — 3 - Fathers," 5 ~ M'othefs\ q'Grandfathers ; 4 Grandmothers, .2.0 Great. Grqnfjatfrrzs .. afrd nearly twice the . t i u m l j e r o / . G i ^ Grdfldmo'tfafs. Alf » - ibme compJegt ge^ ratifigs^^ ijtejl'tfs;. ; . .' If any p^ eijon- ca;^ ve n. o% e . at. ijjs. MsR^ KBi OFFICE of any Fathers, Mother** & fimttfeHbers, Grandmothers', Great GrttndfaQie'rs,-* : at> d Xireet Gra/ idm'dtbt'rs; Wb/ tlt.; a- xua?*^, of^ itfte n a ^ S ' " of c - 0 - : h - < i . ~ , as that the. ^' Fathers, J^ d}^ js,. G^; qndfatSe! v., Grandmothers, Gt- eai^. Qrd'ndfuthf& a[ pd' Grandmothers may be t a k ^ i - agd » ' sejtpre_ d' t o tl) e advenifers j the perfon ' fo. j! jfp, tn\ » igv. for . c- ye'r- y fuch notice fliall receive ONE cu: K*? E^ j'ewartf, andLa^ —. N. B. ^ No greatef rewards % ill* bio{ fered, as the Heralds have received , clireCtiens- for npifting NEW.'' * " ' ' / • ' ' - ; - o 1 ' ' t\ - p o* M- 9 , •/. !: z). rt » - The Lords of the;- Treafufcyxh'ave - appJftH'tftl Heiirv TomkinSj- Efq. Raceiver- Senehil' y fth£ land- taVfrfr- the. Ciumry; bf B t i ^ n g h ^ ' r ' ? ^ ' ' C O U R S E ^ f t h e . E X C J t l A N 6 B , l : % r ^ . - Houfe. This motion u as carried without pofition. P O I N T I N G THE I N D I A R E F O R M B I L L . T h e Speaker having put the queftisn for the Houfe to go into a Committee for the f u r t h er difc. uffion of the bill for the better regulation and management of the affairs of the Eaft- India Company, Mr. Adam faid, the many alterations made by the Committee had eflentially changed the original afpeCt of the bill, and that circumftance he conceived to be fufficient to j u f t i fy him tin making, a ptopofition for having the bill printed in its original ftate, and with the various amendments. T h e CJMncellor of the Exchequer intimated^ that lie had no objection to the Hon. Member's propofition. C O M M I T T E E ON THE I N D I A R E F O R M B I L L. Mr. Bundas, after expatiating on the importance and magnitude of the btilinefs that was to come under the confideration of the Committee, begged to remind gentlemen, that t he claufes- remaining to be difcufled were upon points of great delicacy. The Hon. Gentleman faid, he meant thofe refpeCting the undetermined" claims of the Nabob of Arcot and the Rajah of Ta'iijore, the Zemindars, Sec. To include t h o fe cla'ufeis in the bill, he was apprehenfive might give rife to an idea, that in del. neating a general fyftem. of. regulation for India, fufficient attention" had not been obferved with r e f p e f l to t h e • ; cl^ jms ofc- the.-^ parties alluded to. Minutely to di/ iriminafe what ought- to be done On behalf of thofe parties, could not fail to delay the pro-" gre' 13 of the bill, and th'ereforetite would mention to the effeCt of what he { hould afterwards move,' viz. that it would be more eligible to - e x p u n ge tjie cfaufeJiu q u e f t i o n f r om the bill, a n d i n f e r t intneir ' r o o m ' a claufe of more general extent. H f t flr'"" 5' t h p n f" r expunging the dwrfctMhe^ iad- rrrentioned-, which being read by Loj, d- Mahda, the. Chairman, they were feverally negarife'd;,; Tlie' Mon."" Me; Viber then moved' tor tiie- iilfcr iori of a cla, ufe" of-< a more general t y i ^ ^ H a n the cla. ufes exputLged.,- for- granting <- » iie. f t'o./ the J,! ij! ices,-& cv < if India; - w b o had feft'aiifed injury" at ^ h e - t e n d s df the Com p'ariy* s fefvantf. ' " "- Amfterda m, 36 9 Ditto* at ( igKt, - 36"^ R o t t e r d a m ' s uf. • - " A ' f r t p f N d l ^ 0 m HamBurglt, 34 3 2 j'- haTf 4.& PQ j , ^ i: h a l f uf. Paris, 1 day s date ,29 13- lOths Ditto, 1 uf. S9 9- 1 Ahs Bciui- deaux, " drt- ftS'," -"- i- ha'lf . . Genoa, 46^ 3 --^ yh., .. Yeniceji ,50-^ 8th , Ljfbon, ,. 5*, : 64>* i3.- 4ths Porto, 5s. 5d. 1- half Dublin, ,?. 3 - 4ith » ^ f l i o r t , . a t i o n - tra « two or three " extremely t ^ ^ r ^ ^ j ^ S o ^ ' ' t j i e ( e& UrSftff'lands',.' „ ^ ^ ^ a ^ r t a R j ^ t h a t ' fli'qftTeafes bad ' been gi'ari'ted, - Company- teafe out their p e l f i ^ R ^ f ^ t -^ eifed' : affcr<' thesgxpiT'ation of • t K ^ i f ^ f f ^ ' a ^ r ^ * ^ 1 - . ' ' 1 ; _ -";'. ;;' • • T l f e & brtmit, tee" meh' ^ r ^ ^ d ^ t j j i i S i . i'Bjihi^ 1 blanks in the othe^' clauics. Adjouruecl. T H U R S D A Y, July 22. YE S T E R D A Y their'Majefties and feveral of the Princes and Princeffes arrived at Kew f r om Windfor; his Majefty came to St. J a m e s ' s; t h e Levee broke up at three o'clock, a Privy Council was afterwards held, and a little after f o u r the King returned to Kew. Yefterday tome difpatchps were received from Barbadoes, which are dated the 2d u l t . : they, contain an account that moft of, the fhips bound t o London, were neai ly loaded, and would fail on' or before the 26th init. Exlrafl of a I. etter from Utrecht, July to. " T h e ultimatum of the Conference at Bruffels is eagerly expected to atrive, as well as that f r om Berlin, in refpeft to the anfwer to the Pruffian Refident, delivered the ift inft. This province is, perhaps, ihe only one in the Republic, where faC. tion does not reign; every where elfe they feern in confufion." T h e Burford man of war, lately arrived from the Eaft- indies, which failed f r om England about fix years ago, with 550 men on board, has brought home no more than 7 ;. A few days lince feveral ot the inhabitants of Windtor had a meeting, and drew u p a a remonftrance, complaining of the lofs which, they iiiftained by being burthened with fuch a number © f the military which were quartered 011 them. T h e King being on one of his morning perambulations, was prcfented with the above paper by oneof the complainants ; his Majefty received it with his wonted condefcenfion, immediately opened it, and read it as he. walked. In the courfe, of three or four days, orders were given for tents for one hundred men to be fet u p in Windfur Forefl, who are to be relieved each Succeeding week by one hundred more of the regiment now 011 duty there, each man to have one finding per diem extra of his regimental pay ; their bufinefs is to repair roads, and cut new rides, for the more eafy enjoyment of the fpor't in . the hunting feafon. It is very remarkable, that of all the meetings which have been alfembled on the occafion of the taxes, there has b. en no meeting of the papermakers, printers, bookfellers, and flationers, on t h e tax which is of all others the moft iniquitous, besaufe it is a tax levelled at a commodity not f n l y already overloaded, but which o u g h t , in every free ftate, to be. held facred, and that without any probable profpeft of benefit t o the revenue. If there wa6 any idea of making this tax opera'e to the uelfare of the ftate— if it could be made to alleviate the burdens of the people, or to anfwer the exigencies of the year, there might be fome apology for t h e meafure ; but here this is not even made t h e p r e t e x t . The fum to be produced is too trifling to be mentioned ; aud yet it will fo materially affect the prefs, and pai ticularly the periodical works, that many of them mull now be publiflied with lofs, uulefs they come to an agreement to raife the price to the Public. Sir John Lade has fold his eflates in Surrey and Middlefex. The fnug pretty Manor by Kilburn Mr. Forfter the coachmakcr is the purchafer of. T h e fituation which the unfortunate Mr. Linton had in the band at Covent- gardeh, and at Mr. Colman's Theatre, was to lead the fecond fiddles. Yefterday morning, at one o'clock, a fire broke out at a h o u f em King- ftreet, High- Holborn, which burnt through into Kingfgate- ftreet, confumed five dwelling- houfe's, and damaged feveral others. A few days ago a fellow, by forging the names of Mr. Weeks and Mr. Hillhoufe, obtained from the Bank in Small- ftreet, Briftol, cafti for a draft drawn in the name of S. Dick, nn Meff. Marfli and Creed, for 108I. 3s. bearing a forged acceptance, aud the names of feven principal London tradefmen on the back. • and t h e father Conftderation and judgment, Upon motion, put off till Monday next. Adjourned. H O U S - E OF C O M M O N S . Wednefday, July 21. .: I N a Committee went through the Hat fluty Bill, with feVeral amendments. Report was made from, the Seleft, Committee to determine the undue eleftion for Ilchefter, in favour of. Mr. Cuft, and Mr. Hopkins, the f i t - ting members. When the order of the day was read for the Houfe to go into a Committee on the Ordnance Hill, Mr. H u f f y oppofed the Speaker's leaving the chair, wifhing the confiderat- ion might be poftponeel for fome time, as there were feveral matters on which gentlemen would wifti to make up their minds,, particularly with- regard to the neceflity of the fortifications propofed to be erefted, and the hardfliips individuals would be liable to fuffer in e r e f t i n g them. The debate which eiifued being by no medns interefting to the public, we fliall only obferve, that the principal objections Were made by L o rd • Beauchamp againft the fortifications, obferving, that it was ufual. for fucceffive Mafters of the' Ordnance to rejeft the plans of their predeceff o r s ; and by fo doing brought on the public a confiderable expence by projecting new works, and an abfolute lofs by rejecting and abandoning what was already begun. That it was naturally the policy of every new Mailer- General to propofe fonie plan on account of the patronage that followed f r om appointing to the offices of Adj u t a n t , Serjeant, See. of the works, as well as f r om other conliderations. He alfo mentioned the hardfhips of particular peifons, among others Sir John St. Aubin, who was deprived of a moft'beautiful lpot, on which he intended to ereCt a houfe ; and alfo of Mr. Cary, whofe lands were now veiled in. truftees for the ufe of the Ordnance. This reafoning was corribated 011 the other fide principally by Captain. Luttrell, on the ground of expediency, obferving, that every advice was taken, and the beft heads confulted by the tjoble Duke who preliclcd over t h e Ordnance : that by fortifying the places near the Dock- yards which admitted Jof fortification, the fleets of this country, in time of war, would be left to offenlive operations: that the computed expence of the works in queftion was only 500,000!. in the entire, of which 50,0001. was demanded this year ; but by enabling the Britifh fleet to aft as vvas moft conducive to the intereft and honour of this country, more than the whole of this fum would be faved in the courfe of one y e a r ; that in the prefent circumftances, we were not to reckon on a perpetual peace: the Spaniards were now actually at war: the French, from the nature of their Navy regifters, were enabled on the fhnrteft notice to equip a fleet of from 50 to 60 fhips of the line, and it was well known their pslicy was as much as polfible to reduce the Naval power of Great Britain.— The neceflity then of enabling this country to defend itfelf by means of its fortifications was obvious. T h e Houfe then went into a Committee, Mr. Gilbert in the chair, when after a variety of arguments, whether the right of adjudicating the claims and damages of individuals concerned in the lands to be appropriated to the ptirpofes of the Ordnance, fliou'. d be determined by Commiflioners or a J u r y , a which the numbers were, For the former For the latter M A R R I E D. A few days ago, William Gibbon, Efq. Cowbridge, in the county of Glamorgan, Mifs Price, of Paik, in the fame county.— Laft week, Mr, George Chandler, furgeon S t . Thomas's Hofpital, to Mifs Lyde. Saturday, - at Uley, in Glouceftei ( hire, John Holbrow, Efq, to Mifs Phillimore, daughter of Samuel Phillunore, Efq. of Cam. Wednef- • day, the Hon. William Wyndham, to Mifs Harford, of Ruffel. l- place. Same day, at Ly mingion, in Hampfhire, Capt. Ambrofe Reddall, of the P. o£ al Navy, to Mifs Elizabeth S c o t t , of Poole, in Dorfetfliire. D I E D . Laft week, at Fairford in Glouceflerfhire, the Rev. Thomas Davis, a diffenting minifta* Lately, at Caen in Normandy, Mrs. Goreham, wife of Col. Gorebam, now 011 Service in the Englifli army. Sunday, at „, Totteridge, the Rev. Mr. Bexworth Liptrott, Minifter of that place. L O R D S . July 21. through and reported the Latjncefton Poor, divifion enfued, on 52 83 H O U S E of Urednefday, I N a committee went t h e Sheffield Affay Bill, and feveral Inclofure Bills.^ I n a Committee went through and reported' Sir Aftiton Lever's Mufeurh Lottery gill. Read a firft time the Paper Duty Bill, Alfo the Speaker's Warrants Bill.. Lord Sydney prefented a Meffage from his Majefty refpefting the CiviLLift, which was r i a d. His Lordfhip likewife - prefented ah Account of the expenditure thereof, from - the 5th of ' April 1783, to the $ th of . April 1784, the title, of which was read, and th. e Aqcount. prdered to lie on the Table. His Lordfhip then moved, t h a t ' h i s Majefty's Meffage be taken into confider'ation on Friday ilext, ( to- morrow) and" the Lords- Summoned. Counfel were called to the bar to be f u r t h er heard on the appeal of Golquhonn and Corbeit, when Connffl were fully heard on both fides, Majority - 31 E A S T - I N D I A B I L L. T h e order of the day was next read for the Houfe t o refolve itfelf into a Committee on the farther coufidefation of the bill for regulating the Eall- India Company's affairs, & c. See. Sir George Howard was called to the Chair, and the Committee proceeded to fill up the blanks in claufe 79 ; that obliging all perfons in the fervice of the Eaft- India Company, within a limited time of their return home, to deliver in upon oath before the Chief Baron of the Exchequer, duplicates of the exaft particulars of all their eftatcs, real and perfonal. This produced a . converfation of three hours, in which Mr. Eden, Mr. Jolliffe, Lord North, Lord " Millgrave, Mr. W. Grenville, Mr. Dundas, Mr. Dempfter, Sir James J* hnftone, Mr. Jenkinfon, Major Scott, Mr. Francis, Mr. Sheridan, Mr. Vanfittart, ( whom we had before erroneoufly called Mr. Stewart) Major G r a n t , M r . Wilberforce, Lord Mahon, and the Chancellor of the Exchequer fpokc. At length the Committee divided on a motion of Sir James Johnftone, to infert the words, " and all perfons in the army and navy," after the words " United Company in I n d i a . " The numbers were, Ayes — — 39 Noes — — 1 ; o The Committee than proceeded to adjuft the claufes immediately fubfequenr ; the arguments ih Objeftion to which'were chiefly fuftained by Mr. Sheridan, Mi". Jolliffe, Sir James Erfkine, and 4 M r . Francis, who were anfwered by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Dundas, Lord Million, and the Attorney and Solicitor General. During the former converfation, Mr. Eden declared, he hail but little expectation'of any good being produced by a cl. nife, defigned to prevent mifco^ diift, by obliging thofe w h o . b ad been guilty of it, to declare Upon oath What they were w o r t h . Thofe whohad been guilty of peculation a/. d other crimes, would not hefitate at p e r j u r y ; ' and to obtain the truth from thdfe who had a f t f d hb'neftly and had brought their little over' wi t h t h em, ' woidiild" a n fwe r nd o t h e r end than perplexing cqnfcientious men, and expofing fHeir poverty. Mr. Eden advifetl the Committee to make tbe claufe. at leaft good fenfe, by obliging perfonis to regitter an exaft account of what they were'ivortli when they went out to India, by compdrftng which with what they fwore they were w o r t h on their ^ t u r n , it wotikl be feen how far fuf picion of improper conduct ought to reft u p o n tihem TKs Qccafibned ' taich ' conveffationi , Som? Geh'dttferi'SigblyiappVoVed it, others as ftrongly difappove^ it; Soine again thought it hard to dbligl a! l peffonS of every defcription to Swear to wlit they were worth, and" thus, as it muft h a p p a i f l mariy'ihftances, expofe their poverty. Lord l o r f h , 0.3 the, other Hand, .' though he disliked t e c'anfe, and declared he had little hopes of anyoenefit arifing from it, faid, if there was any giod to be produced by i', it muft be f r om the dptration of it being univerfal. If they were to pafs a bill that- Could 11 it be confidered other . than as ail innovation, and a very harfli meafure, let them not fritter it away by exceptions, but let it catty its full force with ir. . Mr. Atkinfin highly approved Lore}, North's argument, and mentioned two cafes that ought, he thought, to be by a fpecial claufe declared exceptions; and thofe were, when a merchant has not wound up his affairs, but hai confiderable funis yet remaining in I n d i a ; the others where a perion comes home of a fiulden merely on account of fickneifs and ill health, and means to return as foon as he gets better. The blank in claufe 86, wiiich d. cplires'' that nothing contained 111 the Bill fliSfl extend .. to compel any perfon who fh mid arrive f r om ltulia before a limited time to deliver in any fuch inventory, was filled up witli the w o i d s ' t h e f i r f l day of January, 1787. '• In defence of this date, Mr. Dundas. . faid it would give all perfons now iii India fair notice, that fuch of theiiY as chofe might flay there,, and that by not arriving in Great Britain from Ir. dia be- fore the ift of January 1787, they would become obliged to deliver in an inve'n tory of their eftates and effefts, - while others might take the other alternative, a^ d efcape that obligation. Mr . Sheridan contended, that this was an open and avowed declaration of indemnity to all peculators in India, which was a moft extraordinary mode of punifliing'riiifconduCl. Mr. Dundas replied, that the Hon. Gentleman forgot that all peculators, as well thofe now in India as thofe' that had been there, would ttill be liable to the operation of the othef part? of this Biil, though they might efcape'the delivery of inventories of their eftates arid effefts. They' would be ftibjeft to be tried by the ' neyv judicature,' and ba punilhable under that tribunal. This Mr. Sheridan declared was extremely unfair, fmce the perfons now in India went" out there ignorant that any fuch judicature wuuldbe inftitilted. The Chancellor of the Exchequer " charged Mr. Sheridan with inconfiftency in his argument, delaring that he had juft contended that the P'ill was too mild, and now he was contending that it was too harfli and oppreffive. Mr. Sheridan fliewed, -. from the preamble of claufe 79, that the regulations they vvere then confidering were ftated to be, for befter preventing," or more eafily punifhing, tHe mifcondtift of the fervants of the United Cotfipany ; he therefore infifted upon it, that he had a right to argue, that the exempting'all peifons now in India from the being obliged to deliver iii an inventory of their eftate and effefts, in cafe they arrived in England before the firft of January 1787, was a ft- ange means of pu'nifhment. The Chancellor of the Exchequer contended, that the obliging all perfons arriving" from India to deliver an inventory of their eftate aud effefts, was not a meaus of puuifhmeot, but a means of affording grounds of fufpicion of mifconduft. Mr. Sheridan faid, he had no right to be angry at the Right Hon. Gentleman's not haying, underftoodh: m, fince it was plain he did not underftand his own Bill; becaufe his argument, that obliging perfons arriving f r om India to deliver an i'nventrry of their eftate and effefts was no means of punifliment, was an argument- drawn from the preamble of the claufe mai ked feventy- . nine, which in fo many words exprefsly declared as " much. . M r , Sheridan faid farther, that its appearing that a Bill like that fell fhort of its own purpofe in owe inftance, • and, in order to attain it, over- reached all juftice in another, might prove the mc- mfiftency of the Bill itfelf ; but it was neverthelefs fair ground of objeftion to proceed upon ill bppoticioh, and as fuch he had urged it. Having now arrived at claufe 89, page 29, Mr. Jolliffc reminded the Committee, that it was ten in the evening; and as it was under flood, that a ( lay . was to be fet apart for the difadlion of that part, of the Bill which lelated to tbe new Judicature, he hoped the Right Hon, Gentleman would proceed no farther then-, but - w- culd adjourn the remainder till the next day. The clanfe they had now come to, was the claufe for re draining any of the Servants of the $ aft- In{ Jia Company, who had been employed, in India", and had returned to Great Britain, and comf • nued there for a limited " time, from again tiblding any appointment in India. " T h a t claufe'immediately preceded the claufes au horifing the inflitu ion of a new judicature for' the trial of fndia delinquents, and therefore he thought it a good part of the Bill to leave off at, andhoped the Right Hon. Gent'eman would'content to adjourn. _ > v ...... T h e Chancellor of the Exchequer rofe, and there was a cry of Go'' on ! « g. o- o n ! " fr- om many of his fuppp|" tev|.> Mr:' Pitt faid, he certainly had no idea of ^ Ccc'dfng to the honourable Gentleman's propofition, nor did lie think it at. all reafonable, fioee that day had . been fix- d on for filling up the blanks of the part of the bill which related to the new tribunal. Mr . Sheridan faid, furely the honourable Gentlemen h j d forgot the j o r t of agreement that had been entered into 3. f ew days fince, when it had been uu tier flood, that lie c'. aitfea of the bill relative to the tribunal Were to be difcufled fe parately, and a day lijt. ilbr that, purpofe- It therefore the right honourable Gentleman was determined to proceed wjth the remaining claufes of the. biU, be- certainly departed from the compaft thait had been entered into. Thz Chancellor ' of the Exchequer faid, hd had ftriftl- complied with that agree m i n t ; Iv; had t h e preceding ' day., l e f t off, where he did, bec. iufe t h e elayfe- S th"^ luwl . j h a t - a/ tetnuon' gone through, all of them had fuch immediate connection with the judicature part of the bill, that ( he would appeal to the good fenfe pf the honourable Gentle& atr) ii" He had happened to have been in the Htnile the p'rec& iiig evening, at the moment . of the. adjou. rnmeiiLj, wiiethec h. e would not hive thought ilMst a iereach o f ' the agreement in queftio. nv£> n- llifj- Pa't,. if - h^. had gone on with thoie claufes tiie'Committee'" Ijad j i i f t filled up . M r . Sheridan faid, he wduld very Sincerely anfwer the queftion; If he had happened to have been prefent at the time mentioned, he did affure the Right Hon. Ge . tleman he fliould not have confen ted to adjourn till they had gone t h r o u gh the claiifes they had filled up that afternoon, becaufe thefe claufes undoubtedly had nothing to do with the new Judicature. The Chancellor of th'e Exchequer was f u r p r i z el at this remark, declaring tbkt the claufes we'rei not only nearly and immediately connefted with the new Judicature ;, J}. ut the Hi n . Gentleman himfelf not half an hour fince, nor near fo much, had been arguing in' objeftiori t o one of them, that it was a claufe affording t h e means o f p u » nifliment. ito be inflifted o n t h o f s convifted under the new Judicature, Mr. Sheridan admitted, that the claufes they had . juft. filled up held out the means of obtaining, tbe beft evidence, and thus far led to conviction, and eonf quently to punifhment; but he denied that they bore any greater relation to the new tribunal . than to any other fpecies of jurifdiftion. The Right Honourable Gentleman, he obferyed,- had appealed to, his good fenfe ; in r e t u r n , . h e would appeal to the good fenfe ofthe Right Hon. Gentleman, and afk him, whether the clau'eS that had been filled up that day might not as, well be faid - to relate to profecutions to be carried on in the Court of King'* Bench, or before Parliament, or to any other mode or- place of profecution" ? T h e Chancellor of'the. Exchequer anfwered iti t h e negative; He alfattcimplamed of the other fide trifling w i t h the Haufe, and faid, it'was an infnlt on gentlemen to.- fee th. em Seeking delay, and thus endeavouring to put off the TSil 1 f r om day to day, - H e faid, he fuppofed the other fide of the Houfe had their eye upon an honourable Gentleman,, win, . he " believed, they all had in their thoughts, and wiflied to have him prefent at the difcuflion. If fo., why had he not been prefen. t that day,? T h e honourable Gentleman had never, he obferved, been - prefent lince the Bill came in, but for. the purpofe of delay, and it appeared as if he n- iw ftaid away, that the fame end might be anfwered by his abfence being made a pretext for ; t f a r t h e r poftponement. Mr. Jolliffc declared, he had not the Right Hon. Gentleman . alluded to in his mind at the 1 t i m e ; but he thought the abfence of another Right Hon. . Gentleman, who ufuaUy fat where lie ftood',( Mr. Eden), and of the noble Lord iii the blue ribbon, were matters that rendered the adjournment of ths other claufes particularly proper and advifeable. Mr . Hopkins faid, the Houfe had been trifled with, and its time frivoloufly wafted, by the bufinefs of this important - Bill having been put off f r om day to day, he wiflied therefore to go on ; but fo defirous was he of afting upon a fubjeft of that magnitude with candour and fairnefs, that if the Hon. Gentleman would declare any Gentlermn ferioufly wiflied it to be poftponed, he for one would cqnfent to poftpone it. [ A pretty loud cry of No ! No ! Go on / J Colonel Fitzpatrick rofe to remind the Houfe of what, had pafl'ed 0,1 Monday, rchtive to the agreement t h a t had been alluded to. He mentioned, that his honourable friend had moved j. o divide the Bill into two Bills; and that the Right Hon. Gentleman at fiift confented to this, but afterwards retrafted his conceflion. He had, however, nflu red the Honfe, t h a t he would confent to proceed, t o fill. up the claufes relative to t he new Courts of Judicature, feparately, aad on a day fingly (' elected for that purpofe. The Right Honourable Gentleman's expreffion had been, that he would not fuffer the claufes in queftion to be d fcuffed at the tall of a day's bufinefs, and he had added other words of that n a t u r e ; if therefore that agreement vvas not adhered to, he fhould conceive the Houfe " ill- treated, and it was not the Minifter's majority calling out Go on ! Go on 1 that would remove the impreffiott from his mind. Mr. Dundas rofe t o controvert thefe pofitions ; he. faid, the other fide of the Houfe had been in- - cLulged with, all they had afked for ; nay they had even been granted the nomination of their own day, and that the claufes were then to be filled up, and difcufl'ed in confequence of their having nominated that day for the. purpofe. But to what end. were they to defer the goingon with tlie elaul'cs relative to the new Judicature ? He would be fair to tell them, that they could not difenfs them" fo any ufe as they ftood in the Bill, fince in confeqhence of much confutation and reflection, a variety of amendments were to be propofed, fome claufes omitted, and others inferted, that materially changed the face of that ( part> of the Bill; infomuch, that till thofe amend- ' ments were made, and their effeft'on the Bill was feen, to attempt to debate them piecemeal as they were t o be moved, would be to work in the dark, and proceed blindly and ufelefsly. Let gentlemen wait till the amendments were moved, and when the. Bill was reported and printed with the amendments, it might then be recommitted and f a i r ly debated. . Mr. SberidanixA, undoubtedly, if the alterations went the length that had been defcribed, it would be better to receive them, and have them printed with the reft of the Biil; he, therefore, knowing as he now did, that tha amendments - were extremely material, had no objeftion to receive them ; and had he been aware of this, he would not have oppoied going 0: 1 with the Bill that flight, becaufe he could not have thought it right to oppofe a Bill not yet before t h e Houle, for fo he unii- rftrtod t h e cafe to be. [ For Remainder ofSommom Debate, fei lajl Pct£ e.^ H E L I G O N B A G, For tbe Whitehall Evening- poft. I M T 1 O M P T t l, On bearing a Gentleman prefer a P o l l - T a x to a Tax on Hats. SOM£ people the Chancellor's reafon can't fee For taring our hats, while our heads go fcotf r e e ; * Tis as;' plain as the nofe on one's face, that he dreads, Though each head has a hat, all our hats have not beads. Q^ Addreffed to a certain ASSEMBLY. Yes, load bor/ es as ye can, ^ But ne'er among ft the long- ear'd clan ' Let wild taxation loofe ; For if amprigft that fiuphl race The hydra'- monfter ( li'ews its face, ' " ' By Jove'twill hurt the Houfe. • Commons' Debates of Yefterday continued. Mk . Pitt next produced an amendmen for claufe 89, which reft rains the Com" pany's fervants who have once come homeand been here long, from returning to India, and holding a place in India again under the Company. By the amendment offered by Mt^ P i t t, this claufe is totally altered ; the politive profcription of all of the Company's fervsnrs, who had been in England long, is taken away, and in the place of it, their return, after a continuance and refider. ee at home for the Space of five years, is to lie at the dilcretion of the 111ajori y of the Court of Direftors, and threefourths of tl e . G e n e u l Court of Proprietors. Mr. Francis laid, the amendment improved the Bill, but it was not the fort of claufe that he thought { hould ( land. What he had in contemplation waj, a claufe preventing the Company's fervants who were at home, from getting advanced rank on their return to India, by counti n g the yearf they had thus fpent at home. T h e Chancellor of the Exchequer faid, h e could tiot agree to the Hon. Gentleman's proposition, and it was no wonder, for it did not fet out upon t h e fame principle as the Hon.. GentIerran did. He thought the amendment propofed did eVery t h i n g that was neceffa y. Mr. Dempjlcr produced a claufe o f provifo, t h a t had been put into his hands, which was an exception of fuch of the fervants of the Company from the operation of the claufe, as had' been called home for trial. Mr. Dempfter read t h e claufe, and faid, the cafe it had in view was j h e cafe of Mr. Herbert. Mr. Dundas faid, it < yas the moft exceptionable exception that had e v e r ' b e e n offered, and gave his rjjafons for fo thinking. Mr. Demtjfer then excufed himfelf for having offered it, declaring it was no motion of Kis, but a motion tha( had been put into his hands. T h e amendment was agreed to. T h e Committee having now come to the claufe ( marked 90, in page j o of the printed Bill) which is the fiift on t h e lubjeft of the new Judicature, t o be inftituted under the authority of the Hill, the Chancellor of the Exchequer rofe and faid, as they were now arrived at thofe claufes that related folely to the new tribunal to be appointed for trying Eaft- ' ndia delinquents, and as he had a variety of amendments to offer, as well as fome new claufes to fubftirute, which would in effect amount to a material change of the Judicat u r e , as propofed in the printed Bill, it appeared t o be the molt likely means of faving the time of fhe Committee, and of giving them a c o r r e f t idea of the n t t u r e of the alterations intended, and the degree of difference they would produce, for him to ftate them all together as fhortly as he could, before the Committee proceeded to receive them in detail line by line, as t h e blanks in the claufes called for them. As t h e claufes ftood in the printed Bill, the bringing of the aceuSalion,. which had very naturally, on a former day, excited a good deal of remark and difcuffion, lay folely with his Majefty's Attorney General, or with the United C o m p a n/ Merchants trading to the Eaft Indies, to each of whom was given a power to exhibit an information in the Court of Chancery. In room of this, it was defigned to extend this power of inftituting a profecution, and to authorife any other perfon or pinions to move the Court of King's Bench for an information, which motion would neccffarily be' to be argued, and it would lis with the difcreti n of the Court to decide whether, after the grounds of the application had been fairly and fully ftated, there was a cafe made out Sufficiently ltrong t o juftify the granting an information. It was meant alfo to give the Court of King's " Bench powers to iffue eommitlions to the Courts of Juftice ih India for the purpole of taking depofitions, and collefting Such evidence upon the Spot, as would beft ierve to throw light upon the fubjeft matter of accufation. As it was undoubtedly defirable to r e f t r i f t , as much as poffible, the fort of evidence to be adduced and offered before the extraordinary Tribunal the Bill went to authorize the inllitution of, this mode of procuring depolitions in India would, he flattered himfelf, be deemed a confiderable improvement; but they were not to be the Sole Species of written evidence t o be allowed : exclulive of the affidavits that were to be exhibited, Minutes of the C o n f u t a t i o n s of the differfnt Councils in India were to be taken as evidence; nor was this any innovation, becaufe they already had on various occafions been allowed as fuch in tbe Courts below. Another material, and perhaps the molt material alteration of all was, an alteration in regard to the formation of the C o u r t or T r i - bunal, before whom the informations that would be granted ai aforefaid, were t o be trie*. I t was ft'ot intended that fuch informations Could be filed, till after t h e arrival of the depofmns f r om India; and they were not to be handetover till the whole of the evidence was colle& d that vvas capablfe of being procured, or thoight neceffary to f u p p o r t the information; then and not til! then, the Tribunal was to be chofa, and it was t o confift, as Before, of fome of the Members of the other Houfe Of Parliament, and fome of that. But the more to bring it to the rature of a Special Jury, it was intended to aspoint it partly by ballot and partly by feleftioti. Thus at the time of the ballot there fhould be put into a glafs lifts of names of the Members of both HouSes, againft twenty of which the party accuSed Should have a right of peremptory challenge. As the printed Bill ftood, it was meant that the iffue of the ballot flioula lie with the m a j o r i t y ; but, in order to give the perfon accuSed t h e fairer chance, as it was generally fuppofed that the prevailing party in that Houfe ( which prevailing party was dways prefumed to be the Adminiftration of theday, tho' in modern times they all knew that had not been the cafe) had the majority at will, it was intended that not merely lifts of the majority with forty names fliouil be deemed etefted, b u t t h a - each lift- which co ltai ed as many as twenty names lhonjd ftand good. It was meant further to give theproleeutor a right to challenge, hilt not peremptorily, only a right t o challenge for caufe 1 After thefe lifts c, f 40 and 20 were colltfted, they were to be fent to the Judges, and by t h em kept, until juft immediately before the Commilfion appointing ihe Court fhould be ready to iffue from the Coint of Chancery, when the. fhould be put into the ballorting glafs before the Judges of ihe Several Courts, and fix names fhould then be choten out of the lifts by ballot. As a Surther alteration, it was thouglrt proper t o take away the right* of nominating the fudges from the Crown, and to leave it to each Court to appoint one of its own bench to fit and alillt at the trial. T h e r e would alfo be claufes declaring perfons of a certain defcription ineligible upon the C o u r t , fuch as Direftors of the Eaft- India Comp. iny, perfons who had been in India, and every other d fcription of men, that could poSlibly be SuppoSed to have any bias or prejudice upon their minds at all likely to affeft t h e im partiality and juftice of their opinions and decifipns. Mr, Pitt ftated o her regulations calculated to render the new tribunal as unobjefttionable as in the nature of things it could be made, and informed the Commiite., that fince he had firft opened the outline of it, a great many meetings had been held for the pnrpofe of confidering it maturely, and endeavouring to find ffteh modification's, r e f l a t i o n s , and rules, as fhould be moft likely to add to its improvement, and to fecure it as a medium of the distribution of juftice, unmixed with prejudice, and free f r om abul'e of every kind whatsoever. Having Subftantially ftated what the amendments he intended to propofe amounted to, and defcribed the effeft they were likely to produce, he proceeded to move them one by one, as the Committee arrived at the different parts of the remaining claufes of the Bill in which they were to be introduced. Mr. Sheridan faid, what the Right Hon. Gentleman had fuggefted, certainly went a considerable way towards removing the objeftions, that he had entertained again!! the Court of Judicature, which the printed Bill held forth, as the Tribunal that was to be ififtituted ; it was however impoffible for him on the firft hearing of alterations fo various and fo material, to lay how far they were all of them improvements or not ; hut as the Report of the Bill when it came out of the Committee was to be printed, with the amendments, he IhouUI then be the better able to judge, and to give his op'tiion upon the fubjeft of the new tribunal as it would then Hand. Mr. 3 I f l l i f f e alfo admitted that the amendments that had been ftated by the Right Hon. Gentleman, rriade the latter part of the Bill, which related to the New Judicature, lefs exceptionable than it was in the form in which it flood in the printed copy. The Committee then went on to fill up the hi inks, and receive the Supplemental cl. iufes which the Chancellor of the Exchequer had ftated to be h: s intention to offer. F This D* y were publijbed, • In 4to,. Price 2s. fewed, R U I T T A B L E S ; Exhibit ing in Colnmns an A C C U R A T E D E S C R I P T I ON Of'the SIZE, COtOUR. SHAPE, FLESH, ] UICE, aod other PECULIAR or DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS'( with the various TIMES of RIPENING | • •( the moft Eltcemed and Valuable Sgecics of PEACHES, NECTARINES, PLUMS, and PEARS To which is added, A C A T A L 0 G U E Of the DIFFERENT SORTS of ESCULENT and HERBACEOUS PLANTS that are raifed for tht Ufe of the KITCHEN; with the moft COMMON VARIETIES, and the PARTS which are EA ' EN. fly an OLD EXPERIENCED GARDENER. Printed lor J. Sewcll, in Cornhill ; J. Stwckdale, in Piccadilly; and fold by all the other BookCcllcrs. " Thefr ufeful Tables appear to be compiled with Skill and Corn- chiefs, and we doubt not may be ferviceable to Gardeners. The Catalogue fubjoined makes the Book very convenient for private Families, where there aH| fco large Gardens, as many fatal Accidents happen froroihe cafeleifnefs of S€ » vanta in gathering F. fculents." Engli/ h Rajieiu for October, 1783 POFTFCRIPT. Thurfday Afternoon, July 22. L O N D O N . ' At a Court of Common Council held this morning at Guildhall, before the Lord- Mayor the Aldermen Alfop, Crofby, Townfend, Halifax, Wilkes, Lewes, Newnham, Clarke, Hart. Wright, Sainfbury, Pugh, Picket, Burnell, SanderSon, Hopkins, Bates and Watfon, and a great ^ timber of Commoners, T h e C o u r t voted the f um of tool, to the Hu mane Society. T h e Report of the Committee appointed to prefent the thanks o f t h e Court and t h e Freedom of the City to the Right Hon. William Pitt was read, arid it was agreed that the Committee fliould prefent the freedom in the gold bo* prepared for that purpofe to Mr. Pitt, at his houfe in Downing- ftreet. A memorial f r om the Coriimifliorierr for improving the navigation of the River Thames weftward of the City's jurifdiftion, requelting the concurrence of the City in an application to Parliament for f u r t h e r powers and affiftanee, was read, and after much debate referred t o the confideration of the Committee of Thames Navigation Committee to examine and r e p o r t ; and the memorial was alfo ordered to be printed, and a copy to be fent t o every member of the Court. Several reports f r om the Committee of City Lands for widening the Old Jewry, and making improvements in Honey- lane Marker, and other piirpofes, were read and agreed to, and referred back to them to be carried into execution. A petition of the widow of Mr. John Evans, the late Land Coal- Meter, and another petition of the Deputy Coal- Meters, praying the confi deration of the Court, were read, and referred to t h e Committee of City Lands, to examine and report their opinions thereon previous to the eleftion of a fucceffor. Yeilerday the Chancellor of the Exchequer prefented to the Houfe of Commons the following Meffage f r om his Majefty, which was read b the Speaker, the Members flanding uncovered:' " G E O R G E R E X .. " It gives his Majefty great concern, that notwithftand n g the retrenchments which have been already made in the eftablifhment of the Civil Lift, he find? himfelf under the neceffity of acq u a i n t i n g the H iife of Commons, that debts have been incurred by the unavoidable expences of his Civil Government, to a considerable amount, an account of which he has ordered to be laid before this Houfe. " IIis Maiefty relies on the zeal and affeftion of his faithful Commons, that they will take the Same into their early'conlideration, and provide Such msans as they fhall think proper, to enable his Majefty to discharge the Same. " G. R." T h e fame was ordered to be referred to a Committee of Supply, and will be taken into consideration to- morrow. General Boyd is appointed Commander in Chief of the new Settlements in the Bahama Iflands. T h e laft letters fiom Italy bring the f rrowful accounts that Calabria is ftill the o b j e f t of Heaven's vifitation. About the beginning of laft month there were three violent fli > cks of an earthquake, although the damage was not lo confiderable as they at firft e x p e f t e d . We are forry to inform the public, that the tumults in Dublin are increafing to an alarming degree. By our letters of yefterday we learn that there have been fivedifferent riots — and that in particular, early in the morning of the 14th infh a number of people armed Seized on Mr. Plowman, woollen- draper, the corner oS John'slane, and hurried him to the Weavers- Square, where in a few rr. inutes they ftripped and tarred him. Sheriff Kirkpatrick having received intelligence, polled off to the Liberty, and imprudently threw himfelf among the crowd, without guards, or any other affiilance. The Sheriff refcued the unhappy man ; but on attempting to Seize Some of ihe ringleaders, he was molt violently oppofe'. Swords were drawn, and the Sheriff received two moft Severe cuts on the head. At this moment Alderman Hart appeared, with a lining military force, and came up moft opportunely, as Sheriff Kirkpatrick was knocked down, and lay in the utmoft d inger of his life. Mr. Plowman had, it feems, made fome very considerable importations 1 S Englifli g'> ods the day before he was waited upon, direftly infringing the non- in. por'ation agreement, and which, it is jdledged, drew upon him the refentment of the populace. Laft week a party of the Irifh reformers, in Dublin, tarred and feathered two milliners, f u f p e f t e d of Selling and working up Britijb goods. IS this rough treatment of the fairfex fliould hereafter bfc confidered as a crime, the perpetrators of it are. to m; ike a pilgrimage to Derry, and receive abfofntion f r om the Sanctified paws of the military bijhop of that diocefe. Extraff of a Letter from Water ford, July I 3. " Laft Thurfday the Right Hon. M r / C t i t le laid the firft fountlation- ftone of the new town of Geneva, in the fouth- eaft angle of Templefquare, upon that part of the Crown lands in the barony of Gualtiere in this county, which has been fixed on by the Board of Genevan Commiflioners in Dnblin ; after which Mr. Cuffe gave an elegant entertainment in honour of Lord Temple, to many of the principal gentlemen of this city and neighbourhood, affembled on the occafion, in a very large tent e r e f t e d for the pnrpofe on the fpot where a pedeftrian ftatne of Earl T e m p l e , a founder of the Genevan colony here, is afterwards to be fet u p . Under the foundation- ftone was depofited a plate of brafs, on which was infciibed t h e date and pnrpofe for which the new town was building ; namely, for receiving a colony of diftreffed emigrants from G e n e v a . " Ex Ira ft of a Letter from Heal, July 21. " Wind S. W, Arrived and failed for the River the Vigilant, Spence, f r om Jamaica ; the Neptune, Wilfon, from Nova- Scotia; and the Afton, Cowl, f r om Liverpool. " Put back the Bonny Lafs, M' Fadzean, for Madeira, and remain with ths fhijls as per laft ; Polly, Williamfon, for N e w - Y o r k ; John and Jane, Philip, for Seville; and India Pilot, P i p e r ." " Wednefday laft arrived at Liverpool, the L o rd Rodney, Capt. I. e. vtas, and the K itty, Capt. T a y l o r , from Jamaica; the Johannes, Capt. Rach, from Virginia; and the Mary, Cspt. T e l l e t , from Dominica, with 675 hogfheads, 62 tierces, and 49 barrels of fugai ; 157 hogfheads of tobacco ; 130 bales of cotton ; 273 puncheons of r um ; 55 barrels of coffee ; 8 tons of logwood; 4 tons of lignum vitse; and 515 elephants teeth. Wednefday laft failed f r om Hull, the Polly, Williamfon, for New- York, and the Flanders, Boaz, for Philadelphia. T h e Agnes, from J a m a i c a ; the Devonshire, f r dm Barbadoes ; and the Molly, from St. R i t t ' s and Dominica, arrived at Lancafter laft Week with 63 hhds. of fugar, 47 puncheons of rum, 600 bags of cotton, 115 planks of mahogany, & c. T h e r e aie fixteen veffelsnow laid on at Liverpool for America, all of which are 11 fail by the end of Auguft. T h e Manchefter Greenlandman, Capt. Sadler, is arrived at Hull with 100 tons of oil and blubber, 5 tons of fins, and 1O00 feal fkins, tha produce of 7 whales and rooo feals. Laft week the 63d regiment of foot ( Leflie's), which had been abroad leveral years during t he late war, marched through Stamford on their route for Edinburgh. On Wednefday a divifion of the 27th regiment ( Maffey's) marched into Newcallle, and on Thursday proceeded to Tynemouth Barracks to relieve the 28th ( Sir C. G r e y ' s ) which immediately began their march for Dumfries. At the fame time the other divifion of the 27th relieved that of the 28th at Sunderland. His Grace the Loid Archbifliop of York has collated the Rev. Edward Drummond, M. A. to the Prebend of Hufthw. iit, in York C a t h e d r a l; alfo the Rev. James Willougiiby to a Prebend in the Collegiate Church of Southwell, both void by the death of the Rev. William Cayley. His Grace alio has prefented the Rev. Francis Metcalfe, iVI. A. late of Trinity College, Cambridge, t o the Vicarage of Rudllon, in the Eafl- Rkling of Yoik, void by the death of the Rev. William Cayley. Aud Sir William St. Quintin, Bart, has prefentef the Rev. Thomas Dade, M. A. to the Vicarage of Agnes- Burton, in the Same Riding, alfo void by the death of Mr. Cavity. A Sew days ago was married Mr. Pool, of Guildhall, London, t o Mrs. Bigg. oS Aylcfbnrv, F R 1 C h of t, T O C K S, Thurfday, July 22, at one o'clock. Bank Stock, 11 5 J a 116 New 4 p w Cent. 1777, 73 la 74 3 per C t . reduced 57 5 3 per Cent. Ind. Ann. 53 i l Intl. Bonds as. a j s . d i f. 10 Years Short Ann. ' 7 7 7 - 30 Years Ann. 1778, flint 12 ,' 6 Ex. div, 3 p e r Cent. Scrip 57 | 1 i Omnium, 2 \ pterin. Exchequer Bills, is. 2s. dif. L o t t e r y Tickets 1 5I. 6s. od. 4 per Cent Scrip 74^. Light Long Ann. 171? 4 vrs'. pur. Prizes — 1 S I 3 per Cent. Conf. fhut 56 J I . i t Ex. div. 3 per Cent. 1726, fhut 3 per Cent. 1751, fhut South Sea Stock, flmt Old S. S. Ann. 57 i a 57 New S. S. Ann. fliut New Navy and V i f t. Bills, — Long Ann. fhut 17 { it i yrs. pur. India Stock, 121 J G E N E R A t T o S T - O F F T c " JULY 22, I 7 8 +. BY an A& of the laft, and alfo one of the prefent S-- ffion of Parliament, for etVahlifhing certain Regulations concerning the Portage and Conveyance of Letters and Packets by the Poll between Great- Britain and Ireland, to take Place oil the ift of Auguft next, all Letters and Packets are to be charged and paid fur according to the prefent Rates of Portage in Great- Britain, and the Rates eftabliiheil by the Ai\ of Parliament in Ireland, except to and from certain Perfons who, by Virtue of their refpedtive Offices in Great- Britain and Ireland, now fend and receive Letters ; md Packets free from the Duty of Polhge, provid. il that all fuch Letters and Packets fo font lh. ill relate to the Enfinefs of their refpeftive Offices, and that there fliall be certified on the Outfide of fuch Letters and Packets, under the Hand Writing of fuch Officers refpeiftively to be on Itis Majefty's Service and that fuch Letters and Packets fhall be t'ealed with the Seal of the Office, or Officer fending the fame. And 111 Cafe anv fuch Officers ( hall receive under Cover to them any Letters or Pickets intended for or direfted to other Perfuns, all fuch Officers are required to fend the fame to the General Poft- Office Ira London, or Dublin, in order xhat fuch Letters and Packet* may be charged with the Duty of Portage; it being the true Intent and Meaning of this Aft, that the Privilege of fending and receiving Letters and Packets by foch Officers, ( halt extend to fuch Letters and Packets only, as relate t » the Bufmefs of their refoeftive Offices It is alfo enafted, that 2II Perfons may fend printed Votes, Proceedings in Parliament, and printed N'etvs Papers to and from Great Britain and Ireland, at the Rate of One Penny only for each printe< IVote, Proceeding in Pafi liament, and each printed News Paper, in Covers open at both Einds, to be paid when they are put into any Poft- Office in Grfcit- Bi itain ; but the Peuny need not paid beforehand upon Papers fiom Ireland, as it can hereceived on then Delivery in Great- Britain. It is likewife enafted, that His Majefty's Poftmnfter- General may authorize certain Perfons to fend and receive) printed Votes, Proceedings in Parliament, and printed News Papers by ttie Poft to and from Great- Britain and Ireland, at the Rate of One Penny o. ily for each printed Vote, and Proceeding in Parliament, and each printed News Paper, over aad above the printed price thereon. All perfons therefore who with ty be fupplied with News Papers for Ireland, or from Ireland for Great- Britain, may have them regularly fent, by applying by Letter, ur otherwife, to the Clerk of the Chefler Road, at the General Poft- Office in London, or to the Poftmafter of' any Town in Great- Britain, where a News Paper is- printed ; or to the Secretary of the General Poft- Office in Dublin. The Price of a Paper fix times a Week, at 3d. each, with i< i. for the Phftage, will be ;/, 41. per Annum j an Evening Paper three Times a Week, il. 12s. per Annum, and fo in Proportion for the London Gazettes, other Papers, fcc. And by an Aft parted in the laft Seffion of tho Parliament of Ireland, each Britifh News Paper, & c. will in all Parts of Ireland be delivered at the Rate of id. Poftage for each; all which, upon an Average, will be lefs than the Prices heretofore paid for News Papers furnilhed by the Public Offices in Great- Britain and Ireland, By Command of the Poftmafter- General, ANTHONY TODD, Sec. Sold by J. L E E , No. 4, Ludgate- Hill; where L E T T E R S and A D V E R T I S E M E N T S are received. 4 Letter. Box at the hPmaow.. ADVERTISEMENTS, LETTERS, are alfo taken in at the Printing- office, No. 4, Peterbomugb- Court, near Shoe- LaneFleet- Street. BY T W H I F . L D O N . N o . 4 3 , f a c i n g F e t s e r - L a n e , Wleet- Street Weff. B Y F I E L D and C o . C h a r i n g - O o f s ; at the S T Q C K - E X C H A N G E C O F F E E - H O U S E . CornhilL
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