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The Glocester Journal


Printer / Publisher: R. Raikes 
Volume Number: LXI    Issue Number: 3160
No Pages: 4
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The Glocester Journal
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The Glocester Journal

Assault by Spanish and French forces to take Gibraltar 1782
Date of Article: 04/11/1782
Printer / Publisher: R. Raikes 
Address: Southgate-street, Gloucester
Volume Number: LXI    Issue Number: 3160
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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Letter from Gibraltar with image of a floating battery (Page 3 Col 4)

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VOL. LX I. MONDAY, November 4, 1782. 3160 THURSDAY'S POST. LONDON, Tuesday, Oct. 29. ''^. ooooooocoooiABOUT two o'clock yesterday, an ex- press arrived at Lord Grantham's of- important advice of the I arrival of Lord Howe at Gibraltar, on ' Atlle Ioth of October. These dispatches mention that the combined fleet, con- sisting of near fifty sail of the line, were waiting for him before Alguezires, determined to obstruct the relief of the place. As Lord Howe was entering the Straits there came on a mofs violent gale from the Westward, by which our large ships were com- pelled to pass the Bay of Gibraltar, for fear of being upon the rocks near Europa Point, and seek for sea- room in the Mediterranean ; but Lord Howe ordered the transports to push for the Bay, and run in under the guns of the fortress, which by the admirable skill and activity of the English seamen was happily ef- fected during the storm, in spite of the French and Spanish fleet. The enemy, who were lying at single anchor, were no sooner apprised of Lord Howe's ap- proach, than they dipt their cables, but before they could clear the Bay, the English transports were got so near the garrison, that the enemy's ships, had they attempted to cut them off in such boiste- rous weather, must necessarily have been driven un- der the guns of our batteries, which would have pre- sently set them on fire. These advices say, that the gale threw the enemy into such confusion that two, large Spanilh ships, and one French, were totally lost. Some assert that the Spanish ships were the St. Trini- dad of 110 guns, and the Magnanime of 70. Others that it was the Conceptione of 90, instead of the St. Trinidad. The French ship was the Suffisant, a new 74. One of the French threedeckers lost all her masts, and many others suffered greatly. In this situ- ation the combined fleet were driven after Lord Howe into the Mediterranean. His Lordship, we are told, had sheltered his fleet under the African shore, where the promontory of Ceuta protected him from the gale. The enemy were collecting their fleet on the 14th, and seemed preparing to attack him.— The foregoing dispatches came from Lord Mountstuart, our am- bassador at Turin, who has agents in all the Italian ports, that furnish him with the earliest intelligence. His Lordship dispatched his own servant with it to Mr. Fitzherbert at Paris. Among the various accounts that appear in the pa- pers, there are some circumstances, which it may not be improper to relate, though their authenticity can- not yet be ascertained. As soon as the combined fleet were loose from their anchors, the greatest confusion arose from their numbers and want of order, ships running foul of one another carried away masts and yards. Don Cordova, with a great number of the young Spanish grandees, are said to be lost in the St Trinidad. At day- light on the morning of the 14th a large three decker, supposed to be that famous French first rate of 110 guns, the Majestueux, which was launched last year, was seen ashore near Europa Point, and the garrison were endeavouring to bring guns to bear to destroy her. The Invincible of no guns, was run ashore at Algesires to prevent her sink ing, The garrison fired at a 74, which was driven dismasted near one of the batteries, and set her twice 011 fire. In short, they say most of the fleet were dismasted, and of 50 sail of the line, riding at Alge sires the 8th of October, they have account of only 38 ; but it is supposed four bore away to Malaga, or some other of the Spanish ports. A French frigate of 40 guns, that was in the storm, got into Eltapona, small port where there is a fort, a few leagues from Gibraltar. The storm is said to have been as violent, as that which did so much damage at Gibraltar in February 1776. Such are the incidents that at present are the subject of conversation. Before a fort- night expires authentic dispatches may be looked for. first knocked her down, and afterwards strangled her. They then returned to the houfe, and plundered it of all the cash, and every thing of value besides, there being no male servant to prevent them." LAST Saturday was introduced to the public, at Drury- lane theatre, a Miss Brown, in the part of Fanny, in the Maid of the Mill. As far as may be conjectured from a first performance, and in so slight a character, much may be said in favour of Miss Brown. She is low in stature, young, and very pretty. As a finger, her musical tones seem more sweet than powerful; but, as a speaker, she certainly discovers no small portion of comic excellence. The admired tragic actress, Mrs. Siddons, was engaged for Drury lane theatre about six years ago, through the recommendation of Lord Bruce, now Earl of Aylesbury. Mr. Garrick, from that Noble- man's account of her talents, solicited his friend Mr. Bate to go down to Cheltenham in Glocestershire, where she then played in an itinerant company, in order to see her performance, commissioning him at the same time, if he approved of it, to engage her at what salary he thought adequate to her merit. Mr. B. saw her in the character of Rosalind, and was so struck with her propriety of diction, as well as natu- ral stile of acting, that he waited upon her the next morning, and immediately engaged her and her hus- band for the then ensuing winter at Drury- lane, on very handsome terms. — Mrs. Siddons made her first appearance on those boards in Portia, in the Merchant of Venice, and was very warmly received by the town : but owing to the indisposition of Mr. Garrick, and the crooked politics of that theatre, in conse- quence thereof, her talents soon became so neglected by those whose duty it was to support them, that be- fore the close of the season, her friends had the mor- tification to see her reduced to the miserable necessity of walking a dumb Venus in the revived pageant of the Stratford Jubilee.— Mrs. Siddons, to fly from si- milar indignities, retired from thence to the Bath theatre, where her genius met with every possible en- couragement from the liberality of Mr. Palmer, its manager; and where she continued, till her wide- spreading fame pointed her out once more to the pro- prietors of Drury- lane, as a theatrical object worthy their attention. The house always fills when she plays. Married. Saturday morning, at St. George's, Hanover- square, Robert Hopper, Esq; of the Tem- ple, to Miss Williamson, niece of Sir Hedworth Wil- liamson, Bart, high sheriff of the county of Durham. Friday last, at Reddenhall, the Rev. Mr. Lloyd, Vicar of Happisburgh, to Miss Sufannah Walne, of Harlston. Saturday morning, at Teston, in Kent, by the Bishop of Chester, William Morton Pitt, Esq; Member of Parliament for the town and county of Pool, to Miss Margaret Gambier, youngest daughter of the late John Gambier, Esq; of Charlotte- street, Portland- place. Yesterday, by special licence, at St. Clement's Danes, Mr. John Leonhardi, to Miss Mary Malpas, of Worcestershire. Died Last week, at Worlingworth, in Suffolk, Mr. John Wilson, aged 116 It is very remarkable that this man's suppers for these 40 years past have been on roasted turnips, which it is thought con- tributed to his long life. Lately, at Curragh- more, in Ireland, the seat of the Right Hon. the Earl of Tyrone, Charles Polier, Esq. Monday, in Tower- street, the Rev. Mr. Tinley.-— On the 1st inst. Henry Arthur Corbet, Esq; of Ynys- y- maen- gwyn, in Merionethshire. - A few days ago, Lady Mostyn, mother of Sir Roger Mostyn, Bart, of Mostyn, in the county of Flint. BRECONSHIRE. TO be LET, and entered upon the 2d of Fe- bruary next, PIPTON FARM, in the Possesion of Mrs. Spencer, lying within five Miles of the Hay, ten of Brecon, and i 5 of Builth. Apply to Mr. Allen, in the Hay. lO be LET, the ancient DEMESNE of Penlloyn Sarph, and a convenient Malthouse adjoining thereto, with 170 Acres of Arable, 77 Acres of Meadow, and 41 Acres of Pasture Land, fituate in the Parish of Mony- thuslloyn, in the County of Monmouth.—— For further Par- ticulars enquire of Henry Morgan, Attorney, at Caerleon. GLOCESTERSHIRE. TO be LET and entered upon, on the 5th Day of April next, A very complete DAIRY FARM, situate at Shurdington, six Miles from Glocester. For Particulars enquire of Robert Lawrence, Esq; at Shurdington aforesaid ; or of Law. Mills, at Hucclecote, near Glocester. GLOCESTER. T0 be LET and entered upon immediately, a good and convenient MESSUAGE or DWELLING- HOUSE, consisting of a Hall, two Parlours, four Chambers, and four Garrets, with other Appurtenances, and a Garden, thereto belonging, situate in King- Street, in this City. For further Particulars apply to Mr. Weaver, in King- Street aforesaid. H' Extract of a letter from Portsmouth, Oct 28. " Arrived, the Pegase, of 74 guns, Capt. Berke- ley Commander. This ship, with the Bombay Castle, of 74 guns, Capt. Cranston, Proselyte frigate, and Griffin cutter, is expected to sail this afternoon, or to- morrow morning, on a cruise. It is said Capt. Berkeley in his last cruife was sent out to look for the Ville de Paris, but can hear nothing of her." This day a dispensation passed the great seal, to enable the Rev. Robert Hastings, M. A. Chaplain to the Earl of Huntingdon, to hold the vicarage of Ed- lington, in the county and diocese of Lincoln, to- gether with the united rectories of North and South Easterkeal, in the same county and diocese. Friday a dispensation passed the seal to the Rev. Thomas Fuller, M. A. Chaplain to Lord Onslow, enabling him to hold the rectory of Hastings, to- gether with the rectory of Chalvington, both in the county of Sussex, and diocese of Chichester. A dispensation has passed the great seal to enable Edward Chambers Jones, Clerk, M. A. and Chap- lin to the Lord Bishop of St. Asaph, to hold the rec- tory of Llanfannan, together with the vicarage of Llanufydd, both in the diocese of St. Afaph. On Saturday last the Rev. John Randolph, B. D. of Christ- church, Oxon, was in installed, by the Dean and Chapter of Sarum, into the prebend of Chute and Cheesenbury, antiently founded in the Cathedral church of Sarum, vacant by the death of the late Rev. Dr. Thomas Morgan, Prebendary thereof, on collation of the bishop of Sarum. Extract of a letter from Norwich, Oct. 26. " Tuesday evening a most cruel murther was com mitted on the body of Mrs. Philips, of Erismell, near. Mildenhall, in Suffolk. The circumstances attending this melancholy affair appear to be as follows :— Mrs. Philips was a person of considerable property, farmed a large estate of her own, and being of a very parsi- monious dispofition, it was generally understood that she kept a deal of ready cash by her, which was with- out doubt known to the perpetrators of this horrid act, as they planned a scheme of calling her up in the night, by informing her a dog was worrying some of her sheep. This had its effect : she immediately rose, and followed the persons to the supposed place, where ( from the marks of violence 0n her bead, and her throat appearing very black) it is supposed that they TO be LET, a compact FARM, situate in the Parish of Iron- Acton, in Glocesterlbire, Consisting | of from no, to 150 Acres. For Particular! enquire of I Mr. King, at the Lodge. MONEY. WANTED ONE THOUSAND POUNDS, to be secured upon Messages and Lands, situate within a Mile of Carmarthen, at 5I. per Cent. The Tenants will be attorned to pay the Interest regularly. For Particulars apply to Mr. Jones, Attorney, King- Street, Carmarthen. ENGLISH STATE LOTTERY, 1782 HORNSBY and Co. Stockbrokers, licenfed to deal in Lottery Tickets, agreeable to Adt of Par- liament, at No. 26, Cornhill, and No. n, York- Street, Co- vent- Garden, are now felling in the greateft Variety of Num- bers, and on the very loweft Terms, TICKETS, and SHARES of TICKETS divided into HALVES, QUARTERS, EIGHTHS, and SIXTEENTHS, ftamped ac his Majefty's Stamp- Office, where the original Tickets are depofited, as ordered by Parliament, for the Se- curity of the Purchafer. HORNSBY and Co, take the prefent Occafion oF return- ing their fincere Thanks to their Friends and the Publicj for the extraordinary Support their Endeavours have been honor- ed with in a Courfe of twelve Years Bufinefs, and now hum- bly folicit their future Favors, as they ( hall continue to con- duft it, in all its Branches,' on the fame Principles of Honour and Integrity which hath hitherto been fo kindly patronized. They are alfo happy in having been fo fortunate as to vend the following capital Prizes, with many others of lefs Va- lue. Capital Prizes REALLY SOLD at the abovementioned Of- fices in several past Lotteries, vie. ; io, oool. in Cox'a Museum, 20,000]. and 2000I. in the State- Lottery, 1774, J, oool. 2, ooul. apd i, oool. in 1776, \ r « , oool. in 1777, ' / JT-, oool. and 2, oool. in 1778, oool. 2, oooi. and t, oool. in 1779, 20, oool. in 1780 ; befides feveral Prizes of 500I. and 100I. • ft- d in the laft lrifh State- Lottery, one of 2,000!. two of I, oool. each, three of 500I. each, and three of 100I. each. The Lottery begins drawing the 18th of November. Schemes may be had at either of the above Offices gratis. Country Currefpondents or others, fending their Orders accompanied with good Bills at a ( hort Date, may be fup- plie4 on the fame Terms as if prefent. Conedl Numeiical- Books are kept at the above Offices, weere Numbers may be conftantly examined : And Purchafers of Shares at either of the above Offices may examine them gratis. A careful REGISTER BOOK is alfo kept, and an Account of the Succefs of Numbers fent, the Day they are drawn, to any Part of England, at 6d. per Number. By Authority of his Majefty's Royal Letters Patent. C. S H A R M A N and Co. RESPECTFULLY inform their numerous Friends and the Public, that they have devifed a very cheap and m.. ft eligible MODE of ADVENTURING : n the Englifli State Lottery, 1782, which is ftriaiy legal, and un- der Sanction of a ( cecial Patent from the King, granted to them folely and exclufively : Therefore there is no other Op portunity for thofe who wi( h, at a fmall Expence, to partake of the Favours of Fortune, which they hate already diftributed to the very confiderable Amount of upwards of Jcojocol. They have, therefore, purfuant to his Majefly's Royal Letters Patent, now on Sale at No. 48, Ludgate- Hill, Cor- ner of the Fleet- Market, London, HAZARDS at ONE GUINEA, HALF- A- GUINEA, SIX SHILLINGS, and HALF A CROWN each. For ONE GUINEA the Putchafer will receive, during the N' the Paul's STATE- LOTTERY, 1782. THE TICKETS are sold and divided into SHARES, by Messrs. NICHOLSON and Co. Stock- Brokers, at their State- Lottery Office, the King's- Arms, Bank- Buildings, Cornhill, London. ( And no where else on their Account.) *„* In the last State- Lottery thirteen of the capital Prizes were sold and shared at the above Office. The SHARES that are allowed to. be fold, agreeable to the prefent Act of Parliament, are as under, all of which are stamped pursuant to the said Act; as also with the Crown, and round it " Nicholson and Co.' s Lottery- Office." A QUARTER SHARE, at 4I. 6s. will receive 5000I. if a Priae of » o, oool. 2500 ——— 10,000. 1150 . . . I, 5,000 750 3,000 500 hi . 2,000 25 » ' I 1,000 iiS a? -— III. IOS. — 5I. All the firft and laft- drawn Tickets are included, as well as every other Prize in the Lottery. Not two Blanks to a Prize. The Prizes to be paid without Dedwdlion. HALF A TICKET, at 81. us. will receive double the above Sums. An EIGHTH SHARE, at » I. 38. will receive Half the above Benefits. 0 And a SIXTEENTH, at ll. 2S. will receive one Quarter of the above Sums. As this Lottery contains only 40,500 Tickets, with nearly as many capital Prizes as ufual, the Price of Tickets mutt therefore of Course be very high. ' Country Correspondents may have Tickets and Shares fent them, or the same Terms as if personally present, by re- mitting Bills ar Sight or of very short Date. Also Commissions for buying or selling all Kinds of Go- vernment Securities executed with Fidelity and Dispatch.,— Letters ( Post- Paid) punctually attended to, and Schemes Gratis. ' ' > The Lottery begins drawing the 18th of November. whole Time of Drawing, £ i6co for a Prize of 20, oool. 800 for 10, oool. 400 for • 5, oool. 300 for . 3, oool. 150 for 2, oool. 80 for I, oool. 40 for 5001. 15 for —— jool. 6 for 50I. but 1,2501. for a 20,000!. and only 61. for lool. or 3I. for 5cb For HALF A GUINEA the Purchafer will receive £. 800 for a Prize of 20,000!. And Half the above Benefits in all other Prizes. For SIX SHILLINGS tbe Purchafer will receive £. 400 for a Prize of 2o, oool. And more th^ n Quarter the Benefits of the Guinea Plan, in the other Prizes. For HALF A CROWN the Purchafer will receive 500 100 5° 20 150 tor a 80 for 40 for 30 for 20 for 12 for 6 for 1 2 for 1 for Prize of 20, oool. xo, oool. 5, oool. 3, oool. 2, oool. I, oool. 500I. lool. 50I. All the firft drawn Tickets entitled to Benefits, and the laft drawn are included in thefe Plans. This Lottery confifts of only 40,500 Tickets, and will begin Drawing the i8" h of November. Letters, Poft- paid, addrefftd to Sharman and Co. No. 48 Ludgate- Hill, duly attended to; and good Bills at Sight, or ( hort Date, taken in Payment. Any Perfons having Demands upon the late Mr. J. Shaiman, are defired to apply as above. The above are alfo fold on Commifiion for the Convenience of the Publk, At No. 30, Fleet- Street. No. 11, St. James's- Street, Entrance of the Thatched Houfe Tavern. No, 67, High- Holborn. No. 6, Cockfpur- ftieet, Charing- Crofs, Corner of Suf- folk- S'reet. And No. 5, Bridges Street, oppofite Drury- Lane Theatre. Thefe Adventures being conftrudted upon a peculiar Mode of Contradt, authoriled by the King's Patent, are ex- empted from any Lawt concerning L. tterici. WHEREAS RICHARD GREEN was, on Thursday last, sent by his Master, Mr. John Jones Smith, of Crowle, Worcestershire, with a Sum of Money to pay for fome Sheep at Cheltenham, but absconded, and has not since been heard of: This is therefore to give. Notice, that whoever will apprehend the said Richard Green, so that he may be brought to Justice, shall receive Two GUINEAS Reward, from me, oct. 17. JOHN JONES SMITH. N. B. He is a labouring Man, about 30 Years of Age, stout made, five Feet ten Inches high, with light brown Hair, sandy Beard, fresh Complection, has a Scar over his Eye, and is subject to a Breaking- out about the lower Part of his Face. QUEEN's WARE POTTERY. To be disposed of, and entered on immediately, all that large and commodious MANUFACTORY of QUEEN'S WARE, situated and being in the Borough of Kidderminster in the County of Worcester, now in compleat Repair, and having every Convenency to carry on a large and extensive Trade, being moft desirably situated for the Western Parts of the Kingdom, and clo( e adjoining the Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal, so as to be free from all Land Car- riage, and within four Miles of Stourport. There is a large and good Connection established in all the Western Parts by the late Proprietors, at an immense Expence and Trouble; and a Set of good Apprentices and Workmen, in every Branch, on the Spot. The Manufacture is so situated in a large and populous Country as in general to take ready Money sufficient to pay the Workmen's Wages. The Coming- in not very expenfive, and every Encouragement will be given to a good Purchafer. For further Particulars enquire of Mr. Robert Phipps, Spital Square, Londun ; or Mr. Job Humpage, Kidderminster. TURNPIKE TOLLS to be LET. NOTICE is hereby given, that a Meeting of the Trustees appointed by Virtue of an Act of Parlia- ment, intitled, " An Act for repairing the Road from tbe Town of Cirencester to the Town of Stroud, and that Part of Redborough Hill which leads to Dudbridge, and alfo the Road leading from Cirencester towards Bisley, so far as the Bottom of the Gulph Hill, all in the County of Glocester," will be held by Adjournment at the Crown Inn, in Minchin- hampton, in the said County, on Tuesday the 26th of No- vember next, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon ; when the Tolls arising at rhe Toll Gates upon the said Turnpike Road, at the Round Tower, and Park Corner, will be let by Auction to the best Bidder, between the Hours of Eleven and Two ; which Tolls produced laft Year the Sum of 164I. above the Expences of collecting them. Whoever happens to be the best Bidder, muft at the fame Time give Security, with sufficient Sureties, to the Satisfaction of the said Trustees, for Payment of the Rent agreed for, and at such Times as they shall direct. PETER LEVERSAGE, Jun. oa. 26. cietk to the . aid Cruften. Tuesday, November 19, must be published, THE following ALMANACKS, for Year 1783, printed for T. CARNAN, in St. Church- Yard. Sold also by pvans and Hazell, T. Dunn, J. Hough, S. Harward, and J. Washbourn, Glocester; T. Stevens, Ciren- cester; J. Bence and R. Dyde, Wotton- Underedge; J. Careless, Newent; J. Chew, Bristol; C. Badham and J. Allen, Hereford; W. North, Brecon; Mrs Price, Hay; P. Davis, Leominster; and O. Tuder, Monmouth. Francis Moore's Almanack Ladies Diary, with Enigmas, Rebufies, & c. Poor Robin's Almanack Rider's Almanack, with Fairs, & c. Goldsmith's Almanack Wing's Sheet Almanack Cambridge Sheet Almanack London Sheet Almanack, on a Copper- Plate; with Mi- niature Heads of General Conway, General Elliot, Lord Rodney, and Lord Keppel A new London Sheet Almanack, printed on Royal Paper, with Court and. City Calendar The Cornwall and Devonshire Almanack The Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Cheshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, and Rutlandlhire Almanack. The Middlesex, Surry, and Hampshire Almanack The Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, and Cambridgeshire Alma- nack The Northamptonshire, Huntingdonshire, Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, and Berkshire Almanack The Northumberland, Cumberland, Westmoreland, and Durham Almanack The Somersetshire, Glocestershire, Wiltshire, and Dorset-. shire Almanack The Staffordshire, Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Shrop- shire, Herefordshire, and Monmouthshire Almanack The Sussex and Kent Almanack The Yorkshire and Lancashire Almanack. ALSO, The Ladies Complete Pocket- Book, with a Table of the Moon for 1783 The Ladies New Memorandum Book / Baldwin's Daily Journal The London Calendar and correct Annual Register, for the Year 1783, containing Lists of Lords and Commons, tec. with many Lifts never before printed. A Companion to the London Calendar; being a Lift of all the Changes in Administration, from the Accession of his present - Majesty. The London Calendar may be had bound with Rider's Al- manack. The London Calendar and Companion to it may also be had bound with Rider's Almanack. A Companion to Moore's Almanack. *„* The above County Almanacks are printed on Royal Paper, with the Days of the Year enumerated, calculated to the different Latitudes, and contain the Moon's Southing an Account of the Members of Parliament, Officers of the Militia, Fairs fixed and moveable, Quarter Sessions; and to the Maritime Counties are added new and more accurate Tide Tables for the Coasts than have ever been printed. A CAUTION. Whereas the Worshipful Company of Stationers have pi- ratically imitated many of the above County Almanacks, whereby T. CARNAN is injured, and the Public impofed up- on, it is thought proper to inform the Purchafers, That all Almanacks printed for T. CARNAN are to be known by the following Words: •< Printed for T. CARNAN, in St. Paul's Church- yard. « Who, after an expenfive Suit in Law and Equity, by the " unanimous Opinion of the Judges of the Court of Com- , " mon Pleas, dispossessed the Stationers Company of their " pretended exclusive Privilege of printing Almanacks, " which they had usurped for two Centuries; a convinc- " ing Proof that no unjust Monopoly will ever stand the. " Test of an English Court of Justice." r"/ V - The Pur chafers of Almanacks are dejirtd to obferve^ jj^' j/ ' ' S'V that tbe Worshipful Company - of Stationers gave Lord North their utmost Assistance for the additional Duty of Two- pcnce which was laid on all Sheet Almanacks, and T. CARNAN Y sented a Memorial to both Houses of Parliament against the addi: ' V tional Duty, which was very ably and constitutionally opposed irt' J tbe House of Commons by George Byng, Esq') Member for Mid - dlesex, and in the House of Lords, by the Right Hon. Edward Lord Thurlow, Lord High Chancellor of Great- Britain. \ . . , ^ MONEY rEADY to be advanced, three several SUMS of 100i. ~ 100l.— and 40). on three several Rea Secu- tit'et in the Neighbourhood of Glocester, by THOMAS RUDGE, Attorney at Law, Glocester. WHEREAS JAMES BURROP, of Dimock, and SAMUEL COX, of the Leigh, hired Servants to JOHN SURMAN, of Elmstone Hardwick, have left their Service without any Cause : This is to forewarn all Persons from employing or entertaining them, as they will be prose- cated with the utmost Rigour. GLOCESTERSHIRE. TO be LET, and entered upon immediately, or at Christmas next, a PUBLIC- HOUSE, called The Half- Way House, in the Parish of Minchinhampton, ad- joining to the Box, with the Lands thereunto belonging For Particulars apply to Mr. Walter Heaven, at Woodchester; ot to Mr. John Rogers, at Chafenage, Glocestershire. ULEY, GLOCESTERSHIRE, OCT. 11. WHEREAS the Cheese Loft of William Smith was broke open on Thursday last the 17th, or Friday the 18th instant, and about three hundred Weight of Cheese stole thereout, Whoever will give Information of the Person or Persons, who committed the above Robbery, shall, on Conviction, receive Five Guineas Reward. An Ac- complice making a Discovery of his or her Accomplices, shall be entitled to the same Reward, and a Free Pardon, by ap- p lying ; o the above William Smith. NOTICE is hereby given, that a Meeting of the Trustees of the Sodbury Division of Roads, and of the Commissioners of the Sodbury Hill District of Road, will be held at the Bell Inn, in Chipping- Sodbury, in the County nf Glocester, on Wednesday the 6th of November next, at Ten o'Clock in the Forenoon, agreeable to their respective Adjournments: When the Commissioners are requested to be early in their Attendance, as it is particularly wished that the Business of the Day may be finished before Dinner. GEO. HICKS, Clerk to the Commissioners. TROSTRA, MONMOUTHSHIRE. LOST, fupposed to be STOLEN, from the 1 Town of Usk, in the said County, the 5th of this instant, October, a WHITE HOUND, a little of the shag Kind, with yellow Ears, a little Spot in his Forehead, Spot on one Shoulder, a Spot on his Rump, and burnt lightly on his Ribs of his left Side with a hot Iron, with the Letters H. J. ; anfwers to the Name of Cryer, the Pro- perty of William Jenkins, of Trostra, Esq. Whoever will give Intelligence of the said Dog, so that he may be had again shall be handfomely rewarded, and, if stolen, receive a further Reward ( upon Conviction) of Two Guineas from n. e, Witness my Hand the 21st Day of October 1783, WILLIAM JENKINS Breconshire SOCIETY. For the Encouragement of Agriculture, Manufactures, & c, SAMUEL HUGHES, Esq; Prefident. THE GENERAL MEETING of this SOCIETY will be held at the Golden- Lion in Brecon on Wednesday the 13th of November Inst. THOMAS LONGFELLOW, Sec. T GLOCESTERSHIRE. WANTED immediately, at the new- erected convenient Workhouse at Randwick, a Governor, or a Man and his Wife, to superintend the same. None need apply but thofe who are well acquainted in the various Branches of the Clothing Manufacture, that being the sole Employ of the Inhabitants. Testimonials in regard to Charadter for So- briety, Cleanliness, and Capacity, will be required. Further Particulars may be known by applying to the Churchwardens and Overseers of the said Parish ; or Mr. Richard Pettat, at Ebley. Randwick, Oct. 31. NOTICE is hereby given, that all Persons, who can make out any Claim or Demand on the Estate of the late Rev. Mr. John Wilshire, late Vicar of Painswick, in the County of Glocester, deceased, are desired to send an Ac- count of such their Demands, verified on Oath, to Mr. John Colborne, Attorney at Law, in Stroud, Glocestershire, in order that the same may be paid, so far as a Legacy given by the Will of the late Mrs. Bliss, of Painswick aforesaid, for that Purpose, will extend to pay. And all Persons indebted to the Estate of the said Mrs. Bliss, are defired fottbw'nh to pay the same to the said Mr. J. Colborne, who is authorised by the Executor to receive the same. BRECONSHIRE. TO be SOLD by Auction, some Time in No- vember next, or in the mean Time by private Con- tiaft either together or in Parcels, Several MESSUAGES, LANDS, and TENEMENTS, in the County of Brecon, of the yearly Value of 50c!. and upwards. Enquire of Mr. Hugh Bold, Brecon. TO be LET, and entered upon at Lady- Day next, A DAIRY FARM, between 80 and 91 Acres of Pasture, and upwards of 30 Acres, of Arable Land, at Bridge- Yeate, in the Parish of Wick and Abson,. 7 Miles from Bath and 6 from Bristol, and near adjoining the Turn- pike Road. For Particulars, enquire of Mr. Richard Plaister, on Red- cliff- Parade, Bristol. CITY of GLOCESTER. TO be SOLD, four several FREEHOLD HOUSES, situate in the Bell Lane, in this City : The principal one, with a large Garden, and Three- stalled Stable thereunto belonging, now in the Possesion of William Hughes Vernon, Esq. The other three Houfes in the Pos- session of Mr. Pruen, Mrs. Heming, and Mr. John Heath, Tenants thereof. For Particulars apply to Mr. Hughes, is Cheltenham. GLOCESTERSHIRE. TO be SOLD by Auction, at Howcomb House, near Minchinhampton, two large Furnaces for scouring and dying, a Cochineal Mill, a Willy, and all the Imple- ments and Utensils in the Clothing Trade, with some Yarn and scoured Wool, and a small Quantity of Spanish Wool ; a Cyder- Mill, a Horse, two small Ricks of Hay, & c. See. The Sale to begin on Thursday the 7th of November Inst. at Ten o'Clock, and continue till all is sold. SAMUEL DAVIS, Auctioneer. WANTED in a Gentleman's Family in the Country, a sedate steady WOMAN, as Cook arrl Houfekeeper, who thoroughly understands all Sorts of made Dishes, Soups, Pastry, Pickles, and Preserves. No one need apply unless she can give a Reference to her last Place for an undeniable good Character. Enquire of Evans and Hazell, Booksellers, Glocester. ELOPED, on Monday the 21st of October last, from Mr. William Kearzeys, of Claydon Farm, in the Parish of Ashchurch, in Glocestshire, JOHN MOTT, a hired Servant : This is therefore to forewarn all People from employing him after this public Notice, as they will be dealt with according to- Law. He is desired to return immediately to shew cause why he left his Master's Service.-.— He is a native of Winchcomb. OCTOBER 3 LOST out of Lidney Meads, a dark Bay GELDING, about 14 Hands high, six Years old, with a switch Tail, a Star in the Forehead, the near Foot behind white, and a little white on the right, Saddle Spots on his Back, and a remarkable Spot on his left Shoulder. Whoever will give Intelligence of him, to William Harbut, at the London' Prentice, in Abergavenny; Mr Marment, at the' Angel, in Monmouth; or Morgan Powell, at the Hare and Hounds, in Aylburton, shall receive One Guinea Reward. Turnpike Road from Cirencester to Lansdown. NOTICE is hereby given, That a Meeting of the Trustees, or Commissioners, appointed by Virtue of an Act of Parliament, intitled, An Act for repairing the Road from the Town of Cirencester in the County of Glo- cester, to the Tenth Mile Stone from Cirencester, at or near the East End of the Town of Tetbury; and from the West End of the Church Yard, in the said Town of Tetbury, to a Gate in the said County, near the Monument upon Lansdown, for putting the said Act in Execution, will be held at the Dwelling House of John Ledgingham, being the Sign of the White Hart, in the said Town of Tetbury, on Tuesday the 5th Day of November next, at Ten the Forenoon ; when the Commissioners are requested to be early in their Attendance, as it is particularly wished that the Buniness of the Day may be finished before Dinner. JAMES LUDLOW, Clerk. Sodbury, 0ct. 17, 1782. N' MONMOUTHSHIRE. TO be SOLD, all that well- accustomed INN known by the Sign of the Three Salmons, situated in the Centre of the Town of Usk} together with a Quantity o Land, Stables, Coach- House, and other Conveniences there- unto belonging ; the whole making a very commodious Inn. The Premises are in exceeding good Repair, and let to an able Tenant. N. B. The Town of Usk is delightfully fituated on the Banks of the River Usk, and of late much improved ; has a well supplied Market every Friday, exclusive of a Monthly Market for Cattle, & c There are six Turnpike Roads lead- ing to and from the Town, and particularly that much fre- quented Road leading from Brecon to the New Passage, being by much the best and nearest by some Miles to Bristol, Bath, & c. For further Particulars enquire of Philip Reece, at Usk. FRAMPTON ASSOCIATION for prosecuting FELONS- THe Subscribers to the above- mentioned As sociation are desired to meet at the House of Mr. Sa- muel King, the Bell, at Frampton- upon- Severn, Glocester- shire, on Monday the 1 ith of November Inst. by Ten o'Clock in the Forenoon, to settle the Treasurer's Accounts, and on other special Business. CONWAY WHITHORNE, Solicitor to the said Association. Dursley, Nov. 2, 1782. Bowcott- Hill, Nubbis Ash, Billow Bridge, and Wisloe Gate TURNPIKES. NOTICE is hereby given. That the next General Meeting of the Trustees appointed for putting in Execution an Act of Parliament passed in the 19th Year of the Reign of his present Majesty King George the Third, en- titled, An Act for amending the Road from the nine Mile Stone on the Bristol Road, at or near a Place called the Clay Pits, to or near the Chapel at Stone; and also the Roads to and near Berkeley, Dursley, Worton- Underedge, Stroud, and Sodbury, and several other Roads in the Counties of Glo- cester and Wilts 5" and acting for that Divifion of Roads lead- ing from Stone to the Clay Pits, and to and near Berkeley and Dursley, in the County of Glocester, will be held at the Dwelling- House of Samuel Tainton, Innholder, being the Red Lion, at Newport, in the Parish of Berkeley aforesaid, on Monday the 25th of November Inst. at Ten o'Clock in the Foienoon ; at which Time and Place the Tolls arising from the Gate called Wisloe- Gate, within the said Division, will be let S3 the best Bidder or Bidders. By Order of the Trustees, CONWAY WHITHORNE, Clerk. D;, rfl- y, Nov. I, 1782. Duly Licensed, agreeable to Act of Parliament. STATE LOTTERY, 1781. THE TICKETS AND SHARES OF TICKETS are sold and divided into Halves, Quarters, Eighths, and Sixteenths, at the lowest Prices, bv BYFIELD And H AWKESWORTH, At their Original State- Lottery- Office, the Corner of Craig's- Court Charing- Cross, London; where the Lottery Business has been carried on with Care and Fidelity, and where many capital Prizes have been sold and shared in the Lotteries for Twenty nine Years past. TICKETS and SHARES re'giftered at Six pence per Number, and the earlieft Account, fei. t to any Part of Great- Britain or Ireland. SCHEME. j. of Prizes. Value of each. Total Value. SHROPSHIRE. TO be SOLD by private Contract, on the nth Day of November Inft. at the CrOWn Inn in Lud- | low, 824 Oak Timber Trees, 62 Ash Trees, 34 Poplars, one Wyche, and 120 Rundles ; now fallen and lving upon'Se- veral Farms and Lands in the Parishes of Stoke- Saint, Milbo- rough, and Hopton- in- the Hole, within about five Miles of Ludlow aforesaid, and near the Turnpike Road leading from thence to Bridgnorth - Mr. John Wheelwright, of Hopton aforesaid, will shew the Timber. T of 2,0,000!, is —— | o, ooo - - - 5, coo 1,000 ——~ 14,3^ 8 Prizes. ' First- drawn Ticket, for the first five 7 Days, 500!. each J First- drawn Ticket for the 10th and ? 15th Days, 1,000!. each - First- drawn on the i3th Day, First- drawn on the 21st Day, The last- drawn Ticket - 2,6,162, Blanks » 40,0001. a 0,000 10,000 S, 00 S, oco 10,000 5, coo 12,500 2,80^ 00 393,500 2,500 2,000 2,000 3,000 2,000 40,500 Tickets. 405,000 Not two Blanks to a Prize. In this Lottery the full Money will be paid for the Prizes j and will begin Drawing on Monday the 18th of November. All Shares fold atf this Office are stamped under the D rec- tion of his Majesty's Commissiones for managing the Stamp Duties; where the original Tickets are deposited pursuant to Act of Parliament. Schemes gratis; and Letters ( Post- paid) duly answered. The present Price of SHARES: I- d. Half, - 8 12 I Eiah'h, - 140 Quarter, - 4 7' Sixteenth, - 120 Country Correspondents, by remitting good Bills at Sight, or of a short Date, may have Tickets and Shares on the same Terms as if personally present. STROUD, GLOCESTERSHIRE. O be SOLD by Auction, un the Premises, by SAMUEL DAVIS, on Friday the 15th Instant, a MESSUAGE or TENEMENT situate in Stroud, and now occupied by John Dyer; consisting of a Kitchen, Parlour and Pantry, on the first Floor, with a good Cellar under ; three Rooms on the second Floor, and Garrets over. A Messuage or Tenement occupied by Mrs. Pitt, consisting of a Kitchen, a Cellar, a Pantry, two Parlours, two Bed- Chambers and Closets, with Garrets over; with a Brew House and a pleasant Garden adjoining. A Messuage or Tenement occupied by James Ellis; con- sisting of a Kitchen and Pantry, two Lodging Rooms Garret over. A A Messuage or Tenement occupied by Matthew Williams confifting of one Room and Pantry on the first Floor-, Lodging Room and Garret over. A Messuage or Tenement occupied by James White, con sisting of two Rooms below, and one Room over, with an Out- House adjoining. ^ The above Premises are Freehold, and all contiguous; and will be put up in one Lot exacty at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon. May be viewed in the mean Time by applying to John Dyer, Shoemaker, in Stroud. Likewise to be sold the fame Day, on the same Premises, a Quantity of Household Goods and Furniture ; consisting of Beds and Bedsteads, a Chest of Drawers, a Mahogany Table, and Tea- Boards, an Eight- Day Clock, and a Quantity of Kitchen Furniture, four Hogsheads, a Brewing Copper and other Brewing Utensils, & c. & e. The Sale to begin at Ten o'Clock in the Morning. No. 23, Cornhill, opposite the Royal Exchange, London. Nov. 1, 1782. MR. PARKES his the Honour to announce, that his TWO LITTLE PLANS are now ready for the Public Judgment. His Attempts are wholly novel; he submits, too,, are perfectly just and eligible. In considering the Utile with the Dulti— in blending, as far as such a con tracted trifling Undertaking will admit of, the Love of one's Country with the Views of private Pursuit— he respecfully presumes that, he shall meet the Sanction of a patriotic Ad- miniftration ; no less than he shall gratify the Amor Patria, attain the Applause, extend the Patronage, and secure the Aid, of his Friends and the Public in general. The Lottery begins Drawing at Guildhall as soon as Mon- day Nov. 18, so that the more immediate Application be- comes necessary. It is a Matter of the greatest Notoriety to the whole Me- tropolis that the Reception of his Plans is already so great and general, as to almost exceed Belief. It is however to be ac- counted for, not only in the Novelty of the Plans, and the Smallness of the Risque ( 6d. or 3s* 6d.) but in the vast Va- riety and Value of the Sums which many Persons will inevi- tably win of him; and in these Persons obtaining, through those Winnings, a most important Chance and Interest EVERY Prize in the State Lottery, from the lowest of 20I. to the highest of 20, oool. — Many Thousands of these little Sums ( of 6d. and 3s 6d.) have been received by Mr. Parkes within these three Days, and the Number is fo rapidly in- creasing, that it is probable he will have compleated his li- mited Quantity by the 16th of November, if not before; and as soon as that stipulated Number is finished, no more Sums can be received by him, on any Account whatsoever. Persons in the Country are respectfully recommended to send their Commissions immediately to their Correspondents in London; in respect to how many Times Three Shillings and Sixpence in one Plan, and how many Sixpences in the 0- t.!: er, they may chuse to adventure. Post- paid Letters ( only) answered. *#* In the Irish State Lottery, 1781, Mr. Wood, of Walworth, won of Mr. Parkes, twenty State Tickets . for Sixpence, one of which ( No. 14,106) was afterwards drawn a Prize of ONE THOUSAND POUNDS. In the last English Lottery, Mr. Heggenbothom and Mrs. Crewe, of Skinner- Street, won of Mr. Parkes Twenty State Tickets for Sixpence, which they immediately sold for near 400I. In the last Irish State Lottery, 1782, Mr. Nicoll, No. 44, Conduit- Street, won of Mr. Parkes ( for a Correspondent) Fifty State Tickets for Sixpence', and Mr. Burbidge, Totten- ham Court- Road, Ten State Tickets for Sixpence. Mr. Parkes also paid, in the said three Lotteries, above FIVE THOUSAND POUNDS, to other fortunate Per- sons, won of him for such small Sums, that the whole toge- ther, which he. originally received of them for their fortunate . Policies, amounted to no more than il. 19s. 6d. It is a Circumstance publicly known, that Mr. Parkes was the original Deviser and Publisher of such small priced Policies — that he has always sold greatly more of them than all of the Office- keepers ( his Imitators) in London put together—- that he sold above Fifty Thousand in the last Irish State Lottery— and that the Demand for his Sixpenny, and Three Shilling and Sixpenny Policies, in the present English State Lottery, is still beyond all Example 1 To CLOTHIERS. TO be SOLD, by Order of the Assignees of Mess. Joshua Mathews and William Powell, of Stour- bridge, in the County of Worcester, Clothiers, their Trade and Business, Stock of Cloths, Wool, Yarn Materials, Mills, Presses, Stoves, Racks, Looms, Implements and Utensils in Trade, sufficient to manufacture 1000 Pieces of Cloth per Annum. The Business will be. carried on by the Assignees till sold : And for further Particulars apply, at the House of Mess. Mathews and Powell; to Mr. Palmer, of Coleshill, War- wickshire; or Mr. Robins, of Stourbridge, Attorney. TO be SOLD in Fee, A MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, situate in the Town of Thornbury, the County ot Glocester, in the Occupation of Thomas Walker, Butchcr; together with a very valuable Orchard thereto adjoining, containing about an Acre, well planted with Apple Trees just in their Prime, and now in the Occu- pation of James Knapp. For further Particulars apply to John Cullimore, Attorney at Law, at Moorton, near Thornbury aforesaid; by applying to whom, any Person or Persons may be supplied with several Sums of Money, not exceeding 600l. on Mortgages of Lands in Fee. This will be advertised but once, i MONMOUTHSHIRE, be SOLD by Auction, on Thursday the s8' h Day of November instant, at the King's- Head in Newport, in the County of Monmouth, between the Hours , t Four and Six in the Afternoon, by Order of the Assignees of Samuel Jeffer, a Bankrupt, one fifth undivided Part Share of that MANOR, or reputed MANOR of NEW. PARK, otherwife Dowle's Park: And of all those Messuages or Tenements, and several Closes, Pieces- and Par els of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Ground thereto belong- ing ; containing in the whole, by Estimation, 350 Acres ( more or less) situate, lying and being within the several Pa rishes of Marshfield, Michaelstone Vedow and Bassaleg, in the said County of Monmouth, and now in the Occupa- tion of Thomas Edwards. The above Estate lies within a Ring Fence, and adjoins the Turnpike- Road leading from Newport to Cardiff, distant about six Miles from each of those Towns, is capable of great Improvement, and will admit of a considerabie Advance, having been let at the same Rent for upwards of 50 Years. • » * For further Particulars apply to Mr. Thomas Thomas, Attorney at Law, Cardiff; or to Edward Daniel, Attorney at Law, Bristol. CARMARTHENSHIRE. TO be SOLD immediately by private Contract, the capital MANSION HOUSES, ant Out Houses, Gardens, Orchards, aad Demesne Lands, called Pendine, to- gether with a Water Grist Mill, called Pendine Mill, situated the Parish of Pendine, in the Councy of Carmarthen. Now in the several Tenures and Occupations of William James and Evan Jenkins, and their Under Tenants, one whereof is of the clear yearly Rent of 70I. 7s. and the other nf the like clear yearly Rent of 69I. 15s. amounting together to 1401.; it consists of • ji? Acres, 5 Roods, and 35 Perches, of Meadow, Arable, and Pasture Lands, The whole 1/ on Limestone, and Culm near thereto, besides a large Track of Burrow Lands, and Rabbit Warren ; bounded on Part of the Bristol Channel, where there is an excellent Fishery. It lies within three Miles of the Town of Laughame, six Miles of the Town of Tenby, and seven Miles of the Town of Narbeth, all of which are Market Towns. Enquire of Gwynn Vaughan, Esq; at Jordanston, Pembrokeshire; Mr. Morgan Thomas, No. 4, Norfolk- Street, Strand, London ; and of Mr. Gilbert James, at Narbeth, in the County of Pembroke. The Tenants will shew the Premises. JAMAICA RUM WAREHOUSE. TO the Nobility, Gentry, Dealers, Captains of Ships, and others, delicate in the Flavor of fine old JAMAICA RUM, & c. & c. RICHARDSON and STEVENSON, City Repository, 173, Bishopsgate- Street, London, have on Sale a large Parcel of select, well chosen, fine Flavor, old Jamaica Rums, war- ranted neat as. imported by the West- India Merchants, in which Oil will sink, of last Year's Importation, at the lowest Key Prices, regulated by the Sale of the present Importation. per Gallon. The finest over Proof old Jamaica Rum, in which Oil will sink, at ifts. 6d. Ditto in Casks of 10 Gallons to a Puncheon - lis. zd. Ditto per Puncheon out of the Excise bonded Ware- houfes - - - - - us. 8d. The finest over- proof old Coniac Brandy, in which Oil will sink - - - ijs. 6d. Ditto in Casks of 10 Gallons to a Puncheon - 13s. id. Ditto per Puncheon on the Custom houfe Key - 12s. 8d. The finest over- proof Rotterdam Geneva, in which Oil will sink - - izs. 6d. Very fine old Batavia Arrack - - 14s. od. Fine old proof Jamaica Rum, at 10s. 6d. per Gallon, equal to what is sold at - 12s. od. Good- old Rum, at 9s. per Gall, equal to - us. Very fine old proof Coniac Brandy, at IIS. 6d. per Gall, equal to what is sold at - - 13s. od. Good old Brandy, at 10s. equal to what is sold at - 12s. od. Finest Orange Rum and Brandy Shrub, at 9s. 6d. equal to what is sold at - las. od. Good Orange Shrub, at 7s. equal to 9s. od. Real Rotterdam Geneva, at 9s. equal to - - lis. od. Hollands Geneva, in Casks of 5 Gallons each, at 7s. od. FOREIGN WINES. Red and White Port, Mountain, and Calcavella Lisbon Wines, of the most approved Vintages, at 23s. per Doz. 13 Bottles.~ Per Pipe, l'ort Wine 491. Calcavella Lisbon 47I.; old Mountain 47I. per Butt; very excellent Sherry Wine 30s. per Doz. per Butt 6 1.; as like- wife some of the choicest old Madeira Wine in this Kingdom at 4~ s. per Dozen. ENGLISH- MADE WINES, allowed by the best Judges to be superior to any. Rich and dry Malaga, Smyrna and Sun Wines, two Years old, at 3s. 3d. per Gallon; in Casks of 10 Gallons to 30, at 3s. Half Hogshead to a Pipe 2s. iod, Frontiniac and Orange Wine 3s. per Gal on, or 13s. pT Dozen. ^ N. B. The above Warehouse being first opened to supply the Public with Genuine Goods, 15 to 20 per Cent, lower than is in general charged, no Credit can be given. Good Bills inclosed with Orders, taken in Payment. Not less than two Gallons sent to any Inn, Wharf or Place in London, Carriage free. MONMOUTHSHIRE. TO be LET, and entered upon at Candlemas next, ail that capital FARM, called HOWICK, situate about two Miles from the Town of Chepstow, with a House and Outhouses, in complete Repair, now let at i iSl. per Ann. Together with the above, and contiguous to it, will- be lety a confiderable Part of Itton- Court Farm, which has been for ny Years occupied by the Proprietor, containing about aco Acres. Also to he let, another small FARM, in the Part of Itton, called Languilan. For Particulars apply to Mr. Thomas Davis, Attorney, at Chepftow or at Itton Court aforesaid. A Quantity of WALNUT TREES to be sold standing. A1 To be LET, at LADY- DAY next, T Redmarley, in the County of Worcester. COUNTRY HOUSE, ready furnished, with » choice Collection of Books, a good Kitchen Garden, Stable, for six Horses, large Cellars, and every other Convenience for the Reception of a genteel Family.— The House is pleasantly situated within 100 Yards of the Turnpike Road leading from Glocester to Ledbury. Thirty Acres, or any less Portion of Land may He had with the House. - " For Particulars en- quire of the Printer. Also to be Sold by Auction, on the 21st of November next, between the Hours of Two and Four in the Afternoon, at the Green Dragon, on Corse- Lawn, 210 fine large OAK TIMBER TREES, and 30 ELMS, now growing in the Parish of Redmarley For a View of the Timber apply t » James Goode, of the said Parifh, Carpenter. MINCHINHAMPTON, Nov. 2. TO be SOLD by Auction, at the Crown, ia Minchinhampton, in the County of Glocester, o » Tuefday the 12th of November Inst. between the Hours of Two and Four in the Afternoon, ( unless disposed of in the mean Time by private Contract, of which Notice will be given) . ill those three Freehold Cottages, Tenements, or Dwel- ling- Houses, and Gardens, situate at the Box, in the said Parish of Minchinhampton, in the several Occupations of Joseph Gillman, John Ockford, and Thomas Evans.— Apply to Mr. Lediard, Attorney at Law, Cirencester. N. B. The above Premises were late the Property of the said Joseph Gillman, and ( with the rest of his Estate and Effects) are conveyed to Trustees in order to discharge his Debts j therefore his Creditors are requested in the mean Time to send an Accuunt of their respective Demands to the said Mr. Lediaid. SATURDAY's POST. FOREIGN AFFAIRS. From the Madrid Gazette of Oct. 8. THE keeping up of the fire from our line, and from the advanced posts, has been very successful against the besieged x place from the 24th to the 27th ult. ® > during which time the English have fired> from different parts of the moun- tain, only 49 shots, which did no manner of execution. Their slackening their fire is by us attributed to the excessive toils and fatigue they must undergo. COUNTRY NEWS. Bath, Oct. 31. Monday evening, Mr. Fuller, a gentleman of Wells, was robbed, on his return to that city, by a footpad, of his watch and three gui- neas. The same man also robbed two farmers, and another person, whom he stript of their clothes' He is supposed to be one Pear, of Cricklade, lately adver- tised for robbing the Trowbridge mail. It is said. he keeps a woman, whom he supplies with clothes, by stripping such females as fall in his way. _ Wednesday last a gentleman was robbed by two highwaymen, mounted on bay horses, near the Cross- Hands, of cash and notes to the amount of near 1O0L They were dressed like farmers The same day a far- mer was robbed near the Monument on Lansdown, by two highwaymen, of seven guineas. Friday evening Mr. Lenton, pawnbroker, of Salis- bury, was robbed of his watch, and about 50s. in fil- ver, by two footpads, on the London road, about four miles from Salisbury. They were dressed in surtout coats, and were armed with a pistol and hanger, which they presented with many horrid oaths. Birmingham, Oct. 28. At a meeting at Dudley, on Wednesday last, the maltsters agreed not to give more than 4s. id. per bushel for barley delivered at their malt- house, for one month from that day j and like- wise concluded to sell their new malt at 6s. LONDON, Friday, November 1. Last night arrived in_ town the following Captains of Ja- maica ships, from France, viz. Cox, of the Heator; Dela- more, of the Dorothy ; Howe, of the Britannia ; and Carr, of the Paruassus.— The three first ships were carried info dif- ferent French ports in the Bay of Biscay ; but the latter was retaken by a Liverpool privateer, and sent in there. Captain Co*, of the Hector, two days after the storm which did all the mischief, fell in with the Ville de Paris, of 100 guns, near the Western- Islands. She had then lost her main and mizen- masts, and was otherwise much damaged. No other ship was in company with her, and Capt. Cox staid by her ' till blowing weather, with a thick fog, separated them. Before he left France an account had been received there of the Alliance A- merican frigate having captured the Commerce, Sims; Anne, Paterson, for Clyde ; and two other of the Jamaica fleet. The Winchelsea, Capt. Sir John Botlase Warren, is arrived at Portfmouth from Newfoundland, with dispatches from Ad- miral Campbell, of his proceedings on that station, and a list of the prizes taken by the ships under his command. He brings the news that the Caton, of 64 guns, and the Pallas, of 31, were arrived at Halifax. x Tho' the Caton, of 64 guns, and the Pallas frigate arrived at Hallifax, yet it does not in the least place the situation of the other men of war, that were convey to the Jamaica fleet, in a more pleasing light; on the contrary, every day produces same fresh matter of alarm for their situation. The above two vessels separated by order from the Admiral, on the 7th of September, and the storm did not happen ' till the 16th, ( a that in all probability they did not feel its fury.— The Ville de Paris, of 100 guns, being alone on the 18th of September, is a bad sign, that the Centaur, of 74 guns, is lost ; as on the 17th, the former was lying- to to assist the latter, when it ap- pears she was herself so much disabled as to stand in need of the same assistance from others. The Hector, of 74 guns, which was leaky, and parted from the fleet the day before the gale, and the Glorieux, of 74, have neither of them been seen, or heard of, since the 17th. There is no probability of their going to Hallifax or New- York, as they were to the eastward of both thoss places, and for a fortnight after the storm, there. 4 i >— - I was a strong and constant gale of wind at West: the only hopes there are for their safety is, the chance of their bearing away for the West Indies, or Lisbon, unless they put into some of the Western Islands, which tho' a bad situation for a large ship at that time of the year, is nevertheless an idea that ' is entertained at the Admiralty. The Actionaire French prize of 64 guns, at Plymouth, which has been repaired and fitted, is now called the King George, by order of the Admiralty Board. The Lords of the Admiralty have put the Salisbury, of 50 guns, into commission. She is fitting up for Commodore Johnstone, who is to have a command. On Monday morning the Duke of Kingston, outward- bound Eaft Indiaman, Capt. Nutt, by some accident, ran a- ground in the river, at the Half- way- reach, near Woolwich ; but it is hoped the ship will be recovered with less damage than was at first expected, as several small vessels have been dispatched to lighten her. The Rev. Thomas Tate is presented by his Grace the Archbishop of York, to the vicarage of Sheriff Hutton, va- cant by the death of the Rev. Mr. Hawxwell. Dispensations have passed tbe Great Seal to enable Ed- ward Chambers Jones, Clerk. M. A. to hold the rectory of Llanfannan, together with the vicarage of Llanufydd, both ' in the diocese of St. Asaph— To the Rev. Robert Hastings, of the rectory of Esterkele North and South in the county of Lincoln, together with the vicarage of Edlington, in the same county. — Also to the Rev. Humphrey Shuttleworth, of the vicarage of Kirkham, in the county of Lancaster, together with the vicarage of Preston, in the same county. The hop duty in Kent this year, it is said, does not a- mount to 7000I. The grand question for continuing Mr. Hastings in his government, or dismissing him from it, was yesterday deter- mined. by ballot at the India House, and the Numbers were as follow : For Mr. Hastings, - 418 Against him, - 73 Majority, 355 By this, the resolution of the Court of Directors is voted to be rescinded. Governor Johnstone then moved, " That it be recommend- ed to the Court of Directors to dispatch, as fast as possible, to India, an account of the determination that the proprietors had come to on ballot, in order that any bad effects, which a mere whisper of the design of removing the Governor Ge- neral might have created, should be done away." Extract of a letter from Coxheath, Oct. 29. " Thit morning Capt. Townshend, of the 45th regiment, nephew of Lord Townshend, and who at the death of his mother would have been Lord Greenwich, was found dead in his marquee. He went to bed the night before seemingly in perfect health, and when his servant went in to awake him this morning, found him quite cold. His estate and title will now go to his brother, Capt. Townsend, of the 59th regi- ment, who acts as Aid- de- Camp to Lord Townshend at War- ley camp. " This is the most tempestuous day we have had this cam- paign : two petty suttling- houses have been blown down ; up- wards of 20. marquees and loo tents have been blown away, and it still continues quite a hurricane." Wednesday morning, about half past two o'clock, a most dreadful fire broke out at the house of Mr. Vale, pastry- cook, on Snow- Hill. It was first discovered by a hackney- coach- man, but the flames were then so violent, that it was impos- sible for the family to save themselves. — Mr. Vale, his wise, an infant child, and the nurse who attended Mrs. Vale in her lying- in, perished in the flames, as did also a young man, said to be an apprentice. A gentleman who lodged in the second floor, escaped by leaping from the window upon a feather- bed held for him in the street. The bodies of four of the persons who perished, were taken out of the ruins by ten o'clock. The two adjacent houses were considerably damaged. Monday evening, while the carriage of Lord Maitland was standing at tbe post office- gate, in Lombard- Street, some vil- lains found means to cut off a portmanteau trunk full of rich clothes, See. with which they got clear off. This morning thirty- feven convicts which have been sen- tenced to Africa and America for seven years, were brought out of Newgate and Wood- Street compter, and put into three carts, and conveyed to Blackwall, where they were put on board two clofe lighters, and carried down to the ships which lie at Gravesend ready to receive them. Among them is Patrick Madan and Laetitia Goodhall, mother of tbe unfor- tunate Charlotte Goodhall, lately executed The tragedy of the Grecian Daughter was last night per- formed at Drury- lane theatre to a brilliant and crowded audi- ence. Mrs. Siddons, in Euphrasia, not only equalled, but ap- peared to exceed the expectations formed of her in so arduous a task as that of representing a capital part that had been played by Mrs. Crawford and Mrs. Yates. The prejudice of the people is generally strong for stage veterans and favourites j but here all prejudice was done away, and merit evidently took place of every other consideration. Mrs. Siddons was dressed in an elegant white sattin robe, decorated with a border of black velvet, richly brocaded with gold, and ornamented with gold fringe and tassels. The whole was extremely beautiful, in high taste, and set off her fine figure to the best advantage. CARMARTHEN. APerson in Priest's Orders is desirous of having a Curacy in Glocestershire, or in any of the adjacent Counties. The Person will bring his Character with him. Terms produced, an Answer may be directly had, by applying to Mr. Hughes, Merchant, Quay- Street, Carmarthen. TO MEN SERVANTS" WANTED A WELCH SERVANT to live with a Gentleman in Monmouthshire, who is to wait at Table, look after two Horses, and to manage a small Garden; he must be very well recommended for his Honesty, Sobriety, and Diligence. " Inquire of Mrs. Hughes, at the Westgate Houfe, in New- port in the said County. N. B. This will be advertised but once. T0 be SOLD by Auction, on Saturday the 23d of November Inst at the George Coffee House, in Glocester, between the Hours of Three and Four in the Afternoon, according to such Conditions as shall be then pro- duced,— the GREAT TYTHES of the Parish of Brook thrup, about five Miles from Glocester, holden under the Dean and Chapter of Glocester for 21 Years. For Particulars apply to Mr. Stock, Attorney at Law, in Glocesler. GLOCESTER. TO be SOLD by Auction, or private Contract, on Wednesday the the 6th Instant, the HOUSHOLD GOODS of a Lady in Queen- Street, near Mr. Richard Chandler's, consisting of a Four- post fluted Mahogany Bed- stead, with Cotton Furniture, and Window Curtains to match, and other Bedsteads, & c.; Goose Feather Beds, Mat- tresses, Quilts, and Blankets; Pier and Swing Glasses, in oval gilt Frames; a large Sopha, with ten Mahogany Chairs • o match ; a Mahogany Commode, Chests of Drawers, Tables and Chairs, Carpets, China, and Kitchen Furniture. The Sale to begin at Ten o'Clock. NICHOLAS BARNES, Auctioneer. To be sold, a Beam and Scales, with some Lead and Iron Weights, Enquire of the Auctioneer, at his House in Half- Street, near St. Marys- Square. MONDAY'S POST. From the LONDON GAZETTE. Admiralty- Office, November 2, 1782.. VICE Admiral Campbell, Commander in Chief y of his Majesty's ships and vessels at New- foundland has transmitted to Mr. Stephens, his letter of the 23d of September last, a list of prizes taken by the squadron under his com- mand. [ The prizes are nine American privateers, from 7 to 18 guns ] [ Thus far London Gazette.] LONDON, Saturday, Nov. 2. A report prevailed yesterday in the city, that an action had taken place between Lord Howe an the combined fleets of France and Spain, in which it is said the English suffered a loss of six or seven ships, but that the enemy lost sixteen. This report had ef- fect sufficient to raife the ltocks half per cent, but a messenger being dispatched from Mr. Tayler; Master of New Lloyd's Coffee Houfe, to the Admiralty, to know if any such information had been received there, he was assured by the Secretary of the Admiralty, that it was not well founded; in consequence, the stocks fell nearly to their former price. However, it is still asserted that the report was originally propa- gated in Paris, and brought over by Mr. Pultney. Those who know that there is now from four to five millions of scrip lying in the Bank, which must be re- deemed on or before the 21st instant, are not surprised at the many artful fabrications of favourable advices, which are contrived merely to raise the funds, and to enable the owners of this scrip to sell to advantage be- fore the aweful day of payment. The letter sent over by Mr. Fitzherbert, relative to the relief of Gibraltar, we are assured, was not merely the substance of the French accounts of the matter, but a complete copy of the dispatches which had been received at the Court of Versailles. These dispatches arrived at Paris 011 the 23d of last month, and Mr. Fitzherbert's letter is dated on the 24th. A gentle- man, who has seen that copy at the Secretary of State's Office, says, the circumstances therein related, both as to the relief of the garrison, and the damage sus- tained by the enemy's fleets in the storm, exceed even the most favourable accounts from report. Among other things, it says, that a strong wind and current had carried the combined fleets a considerable way into the Mediterranean, past Lord Howe's station on the Barbary Coast; so that his Lordship has it in his power to fight or not as he pleases, as the same wind which brings the enemy back, will carry him on his way homeward, if he chooses not to give them battle. Those who are surprised at the storm in the Medi- terranean, which is said to have injured the enemy's fleet without injuring our's, are to be informed, that when the wind blows off the land, the water near the land runs smooth, and ships may ride in it with safety. From the description given of the storm off Gibraltar, it is clear to those acquainted with the situation of the place, that the enemy had the lee shore. * As there is no such commander in the French ser- vice as the Marquis de Bouzolles, it may be taken for granted that the letter pretended to be written by him from the camp before Gibraltar, to the Mar- chioness, was penned by a paragraph- writer. The St. Andrew, Capt. Smart, is arrived at Ports- mouth, from Antigua, from whence she sailed on the 26th of September, and it is with pleasure we inform the public, that the report of a hurricane in the West- Indies, is entirely void of foundation. The St. An- drew has brought in with her a valuable French prize, laden with 700 hogsheads of sugar. Extract of a letter from Portsmouth, Nov 1. " This morning sailed on a cruise the Bombay Castle, Capt. Bourmaster, the Pegase, Capt. Berkely, the Medway, Capt. Edgar, the Proselyte frigate, and Griffin cutter. " Commodore Elliot is expected to sail to- morrow morning with his squadron." Yesterday an express arrived at the India- House, with advice, that about seven o'clock of the evening before, the London and Oxford East- India ships, which lay off Greenwich, were driven by the violence of the wind, from their moorings, and about eleven o'clock of the same evening forced on shore near Crawley's Wharf at Greenwich. We are now informed there is no truth in the re- signation of Sir Guy Carleton, nor any foundation for the report that he intimated such a resolution in case his last instructions were not altered. If Lord Cornwallis takes the command in the East- Indies in the room of Sir Eyre Coote, Col. Tarleton certainly goes with him, and many other officers who served under his Lordship in America, when he was Commander in Chief for the Southern district. Sir Thomas Rumbold's business in the House of Commons, it is believed, will be certainly dropped, no further notice being expected to be taken of it. Yesterday the Earl of Northington kissed his Ma- jesty's hand, on being appointed ambassador to the court of Turin, in the room of Lord Mountstuart. The Prince and Princess of Mecklingburgh Schwe- rin arrived in town from Bath. Yesterday an express was received in town, with an account that his Grace the Duke of Portland, the late Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, arrived at Park Gate on Monday last, at three o'clock in the afternoon, in perfect health. The Earl of Surry was yesterday at St. James's and bore the staff as Earl Marshal of England. The backwardness of the harvest in Scotland and in Wales, has caused greater distress in those countries than has been remembered for many years. Mr. Gainsborough has just compleated his painting of the whole Royal Family, at Windsor, sixteen in number, all of which are spoken of as highly- finished characteristic portraits of the illustrious personages who sat to him. They write from Dublin, that the Duke of Leinster has given a rare instance of generosity, attachment to the interests of his country, and hospitality to the oppressed and distressed Genevans, in the offer he made, about a fortnight ago, in a letter to M. D'Iver- nois, the agent appointed by the Genevans to pro- cure them an asylum in Ireland. His Grace's offer was, that he would vest in the emigrants who should settle on his estate the fee simple of a great number of acres of land, without requiring any pecuniary con- sideration whatever for so noble a grant. Extract of a letter from Dublin, 0ct. 25. " A Right Hon. Gentleman, no less remarkable for being the youngest than the wisest of the peers, having lately ( when discharging the many thousands due from his father, which he was not obliged to pay by law) been applied to by a person for the payment of a bond of 150l. his Lordship, upon examination, found it was transferred by the poor man, to whom it was due, for the very inadequate sum of 50I - I will deal with you ( said his Lordship) justly, and ' no more. Here is the fifty pounds you paid for the ' bond, and the legal interest.' Circumstanced as the matter stood, the money could not be refused. Lord M n then sought out the original owner ; and finding him poor, paid him the whole sum, and the interest. Such are the virtues which dignify nobility. They are indeed sweet, and " smell to Heaven." The object and end of the petition from the brewers maltsters, and distillers of the home counties, pre sented to his Majesty, and delivered by Samuel Whit- bread, Esq; is answered, although not in the mode pointed out in the prayer. The Earl of Shelburne had a conference with the gentlemen of the several trades, when he stated three objections to the issuing a proclamation for the free importation of foreign bar ley at the port of London. He acknowledged the. emergency of the crisis, and professed his willingness to interfere, as far as possible, in order to soften the national calamity ; but his objections to the mode pointed out in the petition were :— First, His extreme reluctance 10 extending the prerogative of the Crown. Secondly, His objections to going against an act of Parliament, so lately passed, and which the wisdom 1 of the legislature in so recent a review of the case had j thought necessary. And thirdly, The circumstance of it being now so near the opening of the session, when a regular remedy might he found for the evil. These were his objections; but still the scarcity and dearness of barley was a matter of such alarming ten- dency, he was anxious that they might agree on some middlecourse, as a temporary expedient, until an act could be procured for the purpose. After some con- versation it was settled, that an indemnification should be given by bond to the custom- house for the pay- ment of the high duty of a guinea per quarter on the barley imported, in the confidence that these bonds should be discharged at the meeting of Parliament. Mr. Whitbread said, he would give bond for 10,000 quarters, and trust to the wisdom and generosity of Parliament for his relief. The matter being thus set- tled, we understand that the trade have already sent large orders to their correspondents on the Continent, and they expect in a few weeks a supply from the Bal- tick. A plan is in agitation by Captain Thompson for the relief of the distressed widows of naval officers, by- paying into the hands of certain bankers, appointed for that purpose, the sum of two percent, out of their prize monies, to be funded to the best advantage in government securities, by a committee of three Cap- tains, annually chosen out of the first nine senior Cap- tains on half- pay, who are subscibers. Alderman Peckham, the late Lord Mayor elect, having requested to be excused serving that office, on account of the infirm state of his health, Alderman Newnham is chosen in his Head. Extract of a letter from Cambridge, Nov. 1. " The Master and Fellows of St. Mary Magdalen College have presentcd the Rev. James Atkins, M. A. and Fellow of the said College, to the rectory of Stan- ton St. Michael's, in this county. " Mr. Seaton's prize is this year adjudged to Spencer Madan, M. A. of Trinity College, for his poem on The Call of the Gentiles Extract of a letter from Coxheath, Oct. 31. " The weather here is now so cold and wet, that within these last three or four days, more men have been taken ill than during the whole of the camp be- fore, and out of the two regiments of horse, more than one half are rendered unfit for service." Orders are sent off from the War- office for the camps on the West coast to break up and march for their winter cantonment; but the camps on the North coast have as yet received no orders. A few days ago a sale of household goods and fur- niture was published to be held at Langley in the county of Essex, being a distress for rent of long stand - ing : the auctioneer and company were assembled, when the former mounted his rostrum, and with great good- humour addressed the company, informing them, that a sale was intended ; but that the landlady, Mrs. Maling, having made minute enquiry, found her tenant's deficiency was not owing to any extrava- gance or neglect, but to unfortunate circumstances ; she had therefore given up her claim to the superior part of the arrears, had lowered his rent that he might be the better enabled to live, was sorry to have called the company together, and requested they would, at her expence, regale themselves before their return. On Tuesday morning last, about three o'clock, the toll- keeper of Hutton- Gate, near Brentwood, in Es- sex, was found with his skull fraftured, and other wise most cruelly mal treated by some villains, who had plundered the house of his money ; he languished in great agonies till Wednesday morning, when he expired. The perpetrators of this horrid act have not yet been discovered. Died, Saturday last, at Twerton, near Bath, Peter Joye, Esq. Wednesday, in St. James's- f? , Clerkenwell, Baker John Littlehales, Esq; barrister at law, of Lincoln's- inn. BANKRUPTS. Richard Pitt, late of the Haymarket, in the county of Middlesex, upholder and auctioneer. William Feltham, of Fleet- street, London, hatter. Samuel Crane, of Kidder- minster, in Worcestershire, dealer and chapman. Henry Nor ris, of Oxford market, in the parish of St. Mary- le- Bone, ir Middlesex, cheesemonger. James Mason, of Bristol, tallow- chandler and soap maker. Joshua Marriott and John Hill, both of Manchester, in the county of Lancaster, merchants. John Moss, of Frodsham, in the county of Chester, woollen- draper. Richard Collet Bradnock, of Birmingham, jeweller. DIVIDENDS. Nov. 29. John Craven, of Crow- cross, Middlesex, drug- gist and chymist. 30. Samuel Glover and Samuel Huxley, of Coleman- street, London, merchants.. 25 Robert Wright and Richard Wright, of Norwich, worsted- weavers. 23. James Macgowan, of Pater- noster- Row, London, bookseller. Patrick Brown, late of Gracechurch- street, London, haber- dasher and milliner. 30. James Syme, of London, merchant. Dec. 10. John Tucker, of Rhode, Somersetshire, mercer. Bank . Stock, . Three per cent. con. 57 7- 8ths Three per cent. red. 57 i- 4th. Three per cent. 1726, —. Three i- half per cent, old ann. 56 7- 8ths. Four per cent, ann. 1777, 71 7- 8; hs. Long Ann. 17 i- 8ths Long Ann. 1777, —. Long Ann, 1778, 12 7- 8ths. India Stock, —, India Bonds, 2s. dif. South Sea Stock, ——. Three per cent. Old Ann. 56 7- 8ths. New Ann. 57 3 4ths. Ditto 1751, Three per cent. fub. 59 1.4th. Four per cent. fub. Navy Bills, 11 1 4th per cent. dif. Ex- chequer Bills, IS. a 2s. prem. Omnium, . Lottery Tickets, 17I. ICS. a 12s. 6d. a 13s. a 14s. GLOCESTER, Nov. 4. THOMAS GAINE, Linen- Draper, Haber- dasher, and Hosier, begs Leave to present his most re- spectful Acknowledgements to his Friends and Customer; for the many Favours conferred on him during his Residence at Cainscross, from whence he is removed to No. 18, in the Southgate- Street, Glocester; where he has laid in a genteel Assortment of the most fashionable Articles in the above Branches, and of the best Quality, which he purposes to sell on the moft reasonable Terms. He further solicits the Con- tenance and Encouragement of his Friends and the Pubic, assuring them it will be his chief Study to merit their future Approbation. Extract of a letter from London, Saturday Evening. " I was in expectation that I should have had some good news for you ; but it is now near seven o'clock, and nothing come. Reports are propagated every hour ; but we give credit to none of them, ' till con- firmed at Lloyd's. " A packet is just arrived from Helveotsluys with- out any letter ; but the Captain brings word that the Dolphin packet, Captain Flyn, sailed from thence last Monday, with the two mails ; but he has not since been heard of: it is therefore feared that he is either lost or taken. From the bad weather we have had, the first conjecture is the most probable." [ As every incident respecting affairs at Gibraltar is at this time interesting, the following letter, which we received last Friday by way ot Lisbon, though of a date previous to the period of General Elliot's last dispatches, may not be unacceptable.] Extract of a letter from an officer at Gibraltar. Dated September 2. " I have had the mortification of being obliged to take three letters to you, written at different times, out of our post- office, as the ships are all laid up, and the seamen landed and formed into a brigade. This goes in a boat to Portugal, which I hope will escape the vigilance of the Spaniards. " On the 15th of August, at night, the enemy continued a parallel, ( which before reached half way across the isthmus) quite to the Eastern shore, and at the same time made a communication from the East t » d of it to their lines. The whole of this work must be above a mile in extent, and was by the morning sufficiently formed to cover men from our shot, with- out our having heard them at work. They continue! employing about 10,000 men every night ( according to the reports of deserters) but we did not know what they were particularly doing, ' till the morning of the 25th, when it was perceived from the heights' that they had made embrazures for 64 guns in the Eastern part of the newly made parallel. They have likewise made some new mortar batteries in the Western part of the parallel. This parallel is from 1oo0 to 1200 yards from us. The 64 gun battery is about 1000 yards from Willis's, and is intended to flank the batteries there. " Eight of the fortified ships, or floating batteries, are finished, the other two nearly so. The larboard sides are fortified with strong timbers and old cables, the decks are covered with a roof consisting of strong beams, resembling the roof of a house. They have two tiers of guns on the larboard side, but none oil the other.— The Duke de Criilon appears determined not to fire ' till every thing is ready, which I think can- not be longer than ten or, twelve days. By land and sea he will have about 400 guns and mortars play- ing upon us. We keep up a fire on the working parties, with some effect." Representation of a FLOATING BATTERY mentioned in the above Letter. Extract of a letter from an officer at Plymouth, dated 0ctober 27. " Lord Shuldham this morning shewed me a letter that he had just received from Lisbon, which says that our fleet was becalmed off the rock of Lisbon on the 7th inst. but that upon the 8th a gale from the Westward sprung up so strong, that it was generally concluded he must have reached Gibraltar on the 10th. — This letter farther mentioned, that the Spaniards were greatly dissressed for cannon to supply more floating batteries ; that the combined fleets, by the last information, were cruising off Cadiz, expecting Lord Howe would attack and bombard that city; great sickness had prevailed ON board the Spanish ships, and at Cadiz they were pressing all hands to supply the numbers that had died, and that the Spaniards were much alarmed left Lord Howe should get intimation of these particulars. " Lord Shuldham's correspondent ' tells him, he had this information from a Portuguese sailor, who had been pressed at Cadiz, but was afterwards dis- charged, not being a Spaniard." Extract of a letter from Cirencester, Oct. 25. " The number of daring robberies committed in every part of this kingdom, ana particularly in this neighbourhood, ought to rouse the vigilance of every magistrate, and the attention and activity of each in- dividual. Sunday last one William Butt, of Bisley, Glocestershire, was apprehended in the parish of Mine- ty, as a vagabond and suspicious perton, and brought before Thomas Bush, Esq; a justice of the peace for the said county, who committed him to the house of correction in Cirencester. On searching the said William Butt, there was found in his pocket a small silver pepper Caster, without any name or particular mark. It is presumed that whoever has lost the same will make proper application, and take such steps as the law has prescribed. The said William Butt was tried at the last assizes held for the county of Glo- cester, for returning from transportation." It is a matter of notoriety, that in the year 1785, the magistrates of Geneva, jealous of the privileges of the General Council, called in the assistance of France to deprive the citizens of their rights. The city was surrounded by an army, to put a stop to its commerce, and prevent the importation of provisions. The citizens endured the distress resulting from - this tyranny for four years, rather than consent that the constitution of their city should be altered, and were at last saved by the friendly interference of the Court of Great Britain. While they were in this cri- tical situation, the famous Rousseau Wrote to Monsieur d'Ivernois, one of their commissioners, the following letter : ' Since you are determined to bury yourselves under « the ruins of your country, do more, dare to live for < its glory, when it shall no longer exist. Yes, gen- ' tlemen, there still remains one part for you to take, • and I dare affirm the only one which is worthy of ' you. It is, instead of staining your hands with the ' blood of your fellow citizens, to abandon to them ' those walls, which should have been the asylum of ' liberty, and will henceforward be a den of tyrants. ' It is to leave them all — all in a body in broad day- ' light, your wives and children in the midst of you — ' and if you must be slaves, be at least the slaves of some great prince, and do not submit to the intole- ' rable yoke of your equals. And do not imagine, ' that if you were to do this, that you would want an • asylum. You do not know what esteem and respect ' your courage, moderation, and prudence, have ' gained you all over Europe. I do not think there is ' one Sovereign, no not one, that would not receive ' with honour, I dare say with recpect, that emigrant ' colony of men, too virtuous not to be as faithful ' subjects as they were faithful citizens.' On Sunday se'nnight, Mr. Thompson, grocer, of this city, was married to Miss Woolley. On Thursday last was married, at St. Michael's, in this city, Mr. Packer, of Stroud, to Miss Sewell, of the same- placc. Early on Thursday morning died, at the Newhouse in this county, after a short illness, in the 79th year of his age, John Purnell, Esq. He was exemplary in every stage of life as a son, a husband, and a father. After a short illness he expired, and crowned a life of piety by a death of peace. Wednesday last died, at Carmarthen, the Rev. Mr. Griffith White Havard; a gentleman universally esteemed. We hear that frequent robberies continue to be committed near Cirencester and Fairford. One of the villains is said to be Peare, who broke out of this gaol some months ago. Those families that reside in the country will do well to take every precaution of arming their servants. — The house of Thomas Brown, Esq; of Sevenhamp- ton, in this county, was attacked a few nights ago. The robbers broke a pane in the window of the room where Mr. and Mrs. Brown slept, and were unscrew- ing the sash, when Mrs. Brown fortunately awoke, and heard them, and the servants being alarmed, the villains thought proper to retreat. John Tasker, who escaped from the gaol of this city fome months ago, has been fortunately appre- hended at Birmingham;, and is now safely lodged in our castle. Advertisements omitted this week will be inserted in our next, GLOCESTERSHIRE. TO be LET, and entered upon the 5th Day of April next, the VICARIAL TYTHES of the Parish of Leigh, with the Vicarage House, Barn, Stable, Out- houfes, and Glebe Land thereto belonging, consisting of 16 Acres of Meadow or Pasture, and 10 Acres of Arable ( the Atabie to be entered upon immediately.) There is no Mo- das whatever, and more than ' 740 Cows milked in the Pari A. — Leigh Is situated in the Midway, between - Glocefter and Tewkefbury, and five Miles from Cheltenham.- For fur- ther Particular} apply to the Rev. William Chester, at Chel- tenham. N. B. Proper Security will be expected for the Half- yearly Payment of the Rent. GLOCESTERSHIRE. TO be LET, and entered upon at Lady- Day next, a compact FARM, situate at Launcaut, in the Parish of Tidenham, consisting of a Farm- House, and neces- sary Out- houses, several Orchards planted with Stier Trees, and about 8o Acres of very good Arable, Meadow, and Pas- ture Land The coming on Tenant may sow his Corn im- mediately. Also to be let, a neat modern- built HOUSE, with no Acres of Land ( if required) situate in the Parish of Tyden- ham aforesaid. These Premises have every Conveniency for a genteel Fa- mily, and are delightfully situated, commanding a most ex- tensive Prospect of the Bristol Channel, and Country adjacent. For further Particulars apply to Mr. T. Williams, Attorney at Law, Chepstow. LORD HOWE, and KINGSTON, JAMAICA. This Day - was publisbed, Price is. Embellished with, 1. An elegant Portrait of the Right Hon. Richard, Lord Viscount Howe. 21 A Quarto View of the Town of Kingston, and Harbour of Port- Royal, in Ja- maica. And, 3. Four Pages of Music, THE EUROPEAN MAGAZINE, and LON- DON REVIEW, for Oftober, 1782. By the PHILOLOGICAL SOCIETY. Containing Memoirs of the Life and Military Services of Admiral Lord Howe. Schools of the Arts and Sciences, No. 2, containing a Syllabus of the Course of Lectures on the Principles of Surgery, delivered by JOHN HUNTER, F. R. S. Surgeon- Extraordinary to the King, with Anecdotes of Mr. Hunter. Anecdotes of the Arts and Artists of Great- Bri- tain, No. II. The Man- Milliner from Paris. History of the D- orders in Geneva. Description of Port- Royal. The Country Curate, No. II. Ocellus on the Univerfe. The Lost Daughter Recovered. Misfortunes of the Seabright Family. Character of the Earl of Chatham, See. — The London Review contains the Bishop of Llandaff's Chemical Essays; Mr. Nicholson's Natural Philosophy; De Lolme's Constitution of England, new Edition ; History of modern Europe; Hymn to the Sun ; Memoirs of Major R. Gardiner; Dr Jebb's select Cases; Beauties of Administration, & c. & c.; with Anecdotes of Authors; Parliamentary History ; Thea- trical Journal; Poetry; Chronicle; Bankrupts, Stocks, & c. London, printed for John Fielding, No. 23, Pater- noster- Row; J. Sewell, Cornhill; and J. Debrett, Piccadilly. And sold by Evans and Hazell, T. Dunn, J. Hough, S. Harward, and J. Washbourn, Glocester ; T. Stevens, Ciren- tester; J. Bence and R. Dyde, Wotton- Underedge; W. North, Brecon; P. Davis, Leominster; and Mrs. Price, of the Hay. Of whom may be had, the nine former Numbers, Price 19. each. THE YORK EMANUEL. AT a General Meeting of the Gentlemen and others, who promoted and received Contributions for the Relief of the Rev. DANIEL HALL'S BLIND CHIL- DREN, See. held the 24th Day of July, 1782. at the York- Tavern, in York, pursuant to public Advertisements, the following Orders and Resolutions were made. I. That his Grace the Archbishop of York, Earl Stanhope, Earl of Ashburnham, Lord John Cavendish, The Hon Philip Bouverie, Sir T. Turner Slingsby, gaIts - The Trustees in Sir John Ingilby, 5 V whofe Names Nathaniel Cholmley, 7 £ fqrs> C Money is Peter Johnson, J ° ' inverted. Sir Thomas Egerton, . Sir John Lister Kaye, ' Sir John Sheffield, I Sir Henry Etherington, 1 Matt. C. St. Quintin, ~ John Fairfax, Cof York, Esqrs. William Green, ( 1 William Withers, J Richard V B. Johnston, of Hackness,^ Henry Thompson, of Kirby- Hall, I William Merwood, of Busby, I William Read, of Sand- Hutton, • William Strickland, of Beverley, Esqrs. Barts. J. S. Milnes, ? James Milnes, jun. J of Wakefield, ice, j NORTH WILTSHIRE FARMS TO LET. TO be LET and entered upon at Lady- Day next, two good FARMS at Little Blunsdon, one con- taining 125 Acres of, Meadow and Pasture, and 96 Acres of Arable Land, and the other containing 197 Acres of Meadow and Pafturt. arid 38' Acses' bf Arable Land ; all old Inclosure well fenced with old Quickset Fences; the Lands lie well to- gether, with' 1 convenient Farm Houses, Cheese Lofts, Barns, Stables, Cow- Houses:, Out- Houses, & c. If convenient to a Tenant the Farms may be laid together, being all within a Ring- Fence, and the- whole of the Arable Land may be entered upon immediately, as likewise to carry out the Dung a" nd Soil from the Yards. The Premises are within four Miles of Swindon, four of Highworth, four of Cricklade, four of Wotton Bassett, and 1 of Cirencester, all good Market Towns- For Particulars apply to Mr. Hawkins, at Down Ampney House, near Cricklade, Wilts; or to R. Pember, Solicitor, at his Office in Glocester; and for a View of the Premises to Robert Dufter, at Tadpole, near Little Blunsdon. Kerton Couse, of London, Anthony Bacon, First- Fruits Office: Rev. Nicholas Torre, of Snydall, Rev Mr. Stillingfleet, of Kelfield. And also all the Gentlemen who received Contributions for this excellent Charity, and whofe Names shall be accordingly entered in the Order Book, SHALL be a Committee for the Management thereof, with Power to add to their Number from Time to Time. II. That five shall constitute a Quorum, and be enabled to aft in all Cases at a General Meeting to be held at York agreeable to fuch previous Notice by public Advertisements as shall from Time to Time be thought proper, and the Deter- mination of, the Majority to be conclusive, so as five Perfons or more l- e then present. IIJ. That though many of the Gentlemen appointed of the Committee, may not find it convenient to attend the Gene- ral Meeting*, they may have an Opportunity of receiving and transmitting Applications, of recommending proper Objefts for Relief, and of promoting and superintending the Manage- ment of the Charity in their respective Neighbourhoods, in order that it may be as general as possible ; but if any Gen- tleman named of the Committee do not wish to act, they a e desired to signify the same by Letter to the Secretary. IV. That three- fourth Parts of the Sums subscribed shall be returned by the respestive Persons who received them, to such Subscribers as have reclaimed the same, agreeable to the former Order in that Behalf. The whole Sum then re- maining will t* « , ed 5000I. and be laid out in the public Funds, towards forming a permanent Establsfhment. V. That a List of the Subscribers shall be prepared by the Secretary. VI. That the first General Meeting of the Committee shall be held at the York Tavern, in York, on Thursday the 24th Day of October next, pricisely at Eleven in the Forenoon ; at which Meeting all Applications for Relief will be considered. VII. That all Persons applying for Relief shall transmit a true state of their Case, in Writing, to the Secretary, previous to the Meeting, which must be authenticated by one Justice of the Peace, and two Ministers of the Neighbourhood. *# t The clear annual Income of the Money subscribed is applicable, in the first Instance, to the Payment of live An- nuities of iol. each, for the Benefit of Mr. Hall's blind Chil- dren, agreeable to the Orders made concerning the same; and the rest will be applied to the Relief of Ministers, and the Wives, Widows, and Children of Ministers, in any Part of this Kingdom, labouring under the Misfortune of Blindnessor Idiocy, who shall appear to the Committee to be proper Ob- jects of it. CONTRIBUTIONS, in order to increase the general Fund, continue to be received at the following Bankers : YORK, — Mess. Garforth and Co. and Mess. Crompton ar, d Co. . LONDON,— Mess Martin and Co. Mess. Boldero, Ken- dall, and Cot Mess. Drununond and Co. Mess. Hoare and Co. and Mess- Pybus and Co. By Order, GEO. TOWNSEND, Secretary. This Day was published, In one VOLUME Twelves, Price 3s. bound, A NEW EDITION, being the FOURTH, of THE TUTOR'S GUIDE. In this Performanse the Science of Numbers, and the moft ufeful Parts of the Mathematics, are explained with Perfpicuity, and exemplified in a great Variety of Queftions, amongft which are all thofe moft excellent ones of the late Martin Clare, correfted and ranged according to the feveral Rules to which they belong. By CHARLES VYSE. Printed for G. Robinfon, No. 25, in Paternefter raw. And fold by S. Harward, Evans and Hazell, T Dunn, J. Hough, and J. Washbourn, Glocester; T. Stevens, Ci- rencefter ; J. Bence, and R. Dyde, Wotton- Underedge ; C. Badham, and J. Allen, Hereford ; W. North, Brecon ; Mrs. Price, Hay; P. Davis, Leominster; O. Tuder, Monmouth. Of whom may be had, by the fame Author, 1. The KEY to the TUTOR'S GUIDE ; or, the ARITHMETICIAN'S REPOSITORY. Containing the Solutions of all the Queftions, See. that are in the GUIDE, with the References. To which are added, fome ufeful Rules, See. as thofe nectflary for the attaining a thorough Knowledge of circulating Numbers And an Appendix, ( hewing the Combination of Quantities, the different Ways they may be varied, with the Method of filling the Magic Squares, Sec. The whole principally rlefigned for the Eale of Seho- olmafters, and with the GUIDE, will furnifh a more complete and extenfive Syflem of Arithmetic than any ex- tant ; and will enable all thofe who are acquainted with the firft Principles, to attain a competent Knowledge of the fe veral Rules with Pleafure arid Precifion. The Third Edition, in one large Volume Twelves, Price 4s. bound. 2. The NEW LONDON SPELLING BOOK : Or, the Young Gentleman and Lady's Guide to the Englifh Tongue. In Five Parts. Adorned with elegant Copper- plates, reprefenting the Perfons and Habits of all the Na- tions of the World, alphabetically ranged, calculated to en- large the Minds of Children, and excite a Tafte for Geography, Hiftory, and the various Branches of Learning. The Third Edition, correfted and improved. 3. The LADIES ACCOMPTANT, and BEST AC- COMPLISHER : Containing that Part of Arithmetic which is neceffary f- jr the Ufe of the Fair Sex, explained in an eafy and familiar Method, in a Variety of ufeful Queftions, with their Anfwers annexed. Price 2s. bound in red Leather. 4. A NEW GEOGRAPHICAL GRAMMAR 1 Con- taining a Comprehenfive Syftem of Modern Geography, after i new and curious Method. The whole laid down in a Man- ner fo eafy and natural, by way of Dialogue between a Maf- ter and his Scholar, as to be understood by the meaneft Ca- pacities, and very proper for the Ufe of Schools in general, Addreffed to the young Ladies and Gentlemen of Great Bri- tain, illuftrated with a Number of Maps and other Copper- plates. The Second Edition, Price only 3s. fid. bound. This Day was published, III one large Volume Quarto, elegantly printed upon Royal Paper, and ornamented with a capital Engraving the Author, by Mr. Basire, from a Painting of Allen Ramsay, Efq; befides feveral Copper- Plates, illuftrative of th - Sub- jefts, Price il. 5s. in Boards, THE WORKS of ALEXANDER MONRO, M. D. F. R. S. Fellow of the Royal College of Phyficians, and late Profeffor 6f Medicine and Anatomy in the Univerfity of Edinburgh. Pubtifhed by his Son, ALEXANDER MONRO, M. D. Frefident of the Royal College of Physicians, Professor of Medicine, Anatomy, and Surgery, in the Univerfity of Edin- burgh. To which is prefixed, The Life of the Author. Printed for G. Robinson, No. 25, Paternofter Row. And fold by S. Harward, Evans and Hazell, T. Dunn, J. Hough, and J. Washbourn, in Glocefler; T. Stevens, Ci- rencefter ; J. Bence, Wotton- Underedge ; C. Badham, and J. Allen, Hereford; P. Davis, Leaminfter; W. North, Brecon; Mrs. Price, Hay; O. Tuder, Monmouth. Of whom may be bad, lately publijhed, I A complete Collection of the Medical and Philosophical Works of John Fothergill, M. D. F. R. S. and S. A. With an Account of his Life, and occafional Notes. By JOHN ELLIOT, M. D. In one very large Volume, 8vo. Price 6s. 6d. in Boards, with a Portrait of the Author, and other Cuts. 2. Simmons's Elements of Anatomy, and the Animal Oe- conomy. The fecond Edition, with confiderable Alterations and Additions, in one Volume 8vo. Price 5s, in Boards. 3. Motherby's New Medical Dictionary ; or General Re- pofitory of Physic and Surgery. In one Volume, Folio, illustrated with 24 Copper- Plates, Price ll. us. 6d. bound. 4. The Physician's Vade Mecum ; or, A concife Syftem of the Practice of Physic. Extracted from the Writings of the most eminent Physicians. In a Pocket Size, Price 2s. 6d. sewed. 5. Anatomical Dialogues; or, A Breviary of Anatomy. Wherein all the Parts of the Human Body are concisely and accurately described, and their Uses explained ; by which the young Practitioner may attain a right Method of treating Diseases, as far as it depends on Anatomy. Chiefly compiled for the Use of the young Gentlemen in the Navy aud Army. Dedicated, by Permission, to Dr. Hunter. By a GENTLEMAN of tile Faculty. Illuftrated with ten Copper- Plates, Price 5 » . in Boards, or 6s. bound. 6. The London Praftice of Phyfic : Wherein the Defini- tion and Symptoms of Difeafes, with the prefent Method of Cure, are clearly laid down. With proper Tables, exhibiting the Dofes of Medicines, and the Quantity of Purgatives, Opiates, and Mercurials, in the Compositions of the London Dispensary; . and a complete Index of the Diseases. The whole calculated for the general Ufe of young Practitioners. The third Edition, with large Additions and Amendments In one Volume, Price 5s. bound. 7. Wilson's Medical Researches into the Analogy and Distinction between Hysteric and Hypochondriac Diseases. The Excellence of the Female Conftitution and Character. The Materiality of the vital Principle, Sec. See. In one Vo- lume 8vo. Price 5s. bouud* ' 8. Manning's Modern Improvements in the Praftice of Physic and Surgery. In two Volumes 81- 0. Price 10s. in Boards. Either Volume rr^ ay be had feparaie. 9. Monro's Observations on the Means of preferving tb Health of Soldiers, & c* See. . A. new Edition^ in, two Vo- lumes 8vo. Price ids. bound. 10. Marryatt's Art of Healing; or a New Practice of Physic. The sixth Edition, Price 53a in Boards. 11. Dease's Observations on Wounds of the Head; with a particular Enquiry into the Parts principally affected, jn thoic who die in consequence of such Injuries. Price 3s. sewed. 12,. Sharpens Treatise on the Operations of Surgery; with a Description and Representation of the Instruments ufed ) n performing them. The ict. h Edition, Price 4s. 6d. bound. 13. Dr. Albert Haller's Physiology; being a Course of Lectures upon the Visceral Anatomy, and Vital Oeconomy of Human Bodies. The id Edition, in two Volumes 8vo, Price 12s. bound. ,14. Cleghorn's Observations on the Epidemical Diseases In Minorca, from the- Year 1744 X0 1749. The 4th Edition, Pricc, 5V bound. Tbe following Person being a Prisoner for Debt in the respective Gaol or Prison hereafter mentioned, on or before the 1st Day of January 1781, and being not indebted in the whole to a greater Amount than to the Sum of Five Hundred Pounds, doth hereby give this public Notice, that he does intend to take the Benefit of an Act passed in the z / i Year of his present Majestyrs Reign, intituled) fc An Act for the Discharge of certain Insolvent Debtors," at the next Gentral Quarter Sessions of the Peace to be held in and for the County of Glo- cester,' or any Adjournment thereof which shall happen next after 21 t Day from the Publication of this Notice-; and doth hereby give Notice, that a true and perfect Schedule, containing a Discovery of all his real and personal Estate hereafter to be sworn to by. him, is now ready to be delivered to his Creditors applying for. the same, in such Manner as by the said Act is directed, to tbe Gaoler or Keeper, or his Deputy} of tbe said Gaol or Pri- son, Prisoner in the Castle or Gaol for the County of Glocester. S E C O N D N O T I C E. Miles Pearce, late of Slimbridge, in the County of Glo- cester, Nailer. This Day was published, Price only as. bound, the Twenty- fourth Edition, corre& cd and improved, FISHER's YOUNG MAN's BEST COM- PANION. Containing Spelling, Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic, in an eafier Way than any yet published ; and how to qualify any Person for Business, without the Help of a Master. Instrustions to write Variety of Hands, with Copies both in Prose and Verse. How to write Letters on Business or Friendship. Forms of Indentures^ Bonds, Bills of Sale, Receipts, Wills, Leases, Releases, Sec. Also Merchants Accompts, and a short and easy Method of Shop and Book- keeping; with a Description of the Product, Counties, and Market- Towns in England and Wales ; with a Lift of Fairs according to the New Stile. Together with the Method of measuring Carpenters, Joiners, Sawyers, Bricklayers, Plafterers, Plumbers, Mafons, Glasiers, and Painters Work. How to undertake each Work, and at what Price; the Rates of each Commodity, and the common Wages of Journeymen ; with the Defcription of Gunter's Line, and Coggershall's Sliding- rule. Likewife the Practical Gauger made eafy; the Art of Dialling, and how to ereft and fix Dials; with Inftruftions for Dying, Colouring, and making Colours, and fome gene- ral Obfervations for Gardening every Month in the Year. To which is added, The, FAMILY's best COMPANION : With Instructions for marking on Linen; how to. pickle and preferve ; to make divers Sorts of Wine; and many excellent Plasters and Medi- cines, necessary in all Families: And. a COMPENDIUM of the Sciences of Geography and Astronomy; containing a brief Defcription of the different Parts of the Earth, and a Survey of the Celestial Bodies. Also- some useful Interest- Tables. Printed for W. Strahan, J. Rivington and Sons, T. Caslon, T. Longman, S. Crowder, B. Law, G. Robinson, R, Baldwin, W. Woodfall, W. Domville, and B. Collins. And sold by S. Harward, Evans and Hazell, T. Dunn, J. Hough, and J Washbourn, Glocester-^ T. Stevens, Ci- rencester; C. Badham and J. Allen, Hereford; J. Bence and R. Dyde, Wotton ; W. North, Brecon; Mrs. Price, Hay. This Day was published, The SECOND EDITION, In one Volume 4to. Price 15s. in Boards, illustrated with Sixteen Copper- Plates, THE SPORTSMAN'S DICTIONARY ; or, The Gentleman's Companion for Town and Country. Containing full and particular Inftruftions for Riding, Hunt- ing, Fowling, Setting, Fishing, Racing, Farriery, Cocking, Hacking, See. with the various Methods of Breeding and Dieting of Horses, the Management of Dogs, Game Cocks, Dunghill Fowls, Turkeys, Geese, Ducks, Pigeons, Singing Birds, Sec. And the Manner of curing their various Difeafes and Accidents. Printed for G. Robinson, in Pater- noster Row. Sold also by S. Harward, Evans and Hazell, T. Dunn, J. Hough, and J. Washbourne, in Glocester; T. Steven?, Cirencester; J. Bence and R. Dyde, Wotton- Underedge; C. Badham and J. Allen, Hereford ; J. Carelefs, Newent; P. Davies, Leominster; W. North, Brecon; Mrs. Price, of the Hay ; O. Tuder, Monmouth. Of whom may be had, T.^ A MILITARY DICTIONARY: Explaining and de fcribing the technical Terms, Phrases, Works, and Machines ufed in the Science of War. Embellished with Copper- plates of all the common Works ufed in military Architecture, as well as the Utenfils employed in Attack and Defence, with References for their Explanation. And an Introduftion to Fortification. In a Pocket Volume, Price 3s. bound. 2. The NORTH- AMERICAN and the WEST- INDI- AN GAZETTEER. Containing an authentic Defcription of the Colonies and Iflands in that Part of the Globe; Chew- ing their Situation, Climate, Soil, Produce, . and Trade, with their former and prefent Condition. Alfo an exaft Ac- count of the Cities, Towns, Harbours, Ports, Bays, Rivers, Lakes, Mountains, Number of Inhabitants, & c. Sec. Il- luftrated with a general Map of North- America, from the lateft Obfervations, with the Diftances of the moft noted Towns, Forts, Sec, and an accurate Map of the Weft- Indies. One Volume, Price 3s. 6d. bound. 3. ENGLAND'S GAZETTEER; or, An accurate De- fcription of all the Cities, Towns, and Villages in England and Wales. A new Edition. In Two large Volumes, Twelves, Price 7s. bound. An extraordinary CURE by I? R. NORRISs FEVER DROPS.; To Dr. NORR- IS, in Bridge- Street, Clack Friarsr L'imk- n. Appleton, near Figheidtn, Wilts, July 18, 17^- 3. SIR, GRATITUDE obliges me to fend you my Case, to do Justice to your Drops About Michaelmas last I was suddenly seized with a violent Pain in one of my Knees, which increased and settled in my Legs and right* Hand, and rendered me so weak and infirm, that I was not able to walk without Crutches, nor lift mv Hand up to my Head for six Weeks. In this miserable Condition, Mr. Miles, - of Netherhaven, not far from where I live, who had been cured of the Rheumatism, of many Years standing, by your Drops, prevailed on me to try them, which 1 accordingly did, and af- r ter taking about five Half Crown Bottles, ( which I sent for to Mess. Collins and Johnson, in Salisbury) 1 recovered the Use of my Limbs, and soon after my usual Health and Strength, and have now the Satisfaction to inform you, that by the Blessing of God, and the Use of your inestimable Drops alone, 1 am as well and able to do Business as ever I was in my Life, which I desire you will publish for the Benefit of utheis. I am your very humble Servant. RICHARD PIPER. The above Drops are f id in Bottles at 2s. 6d. 5s. and Ios. 6,1. by EVANS and HAZELL, Glocester; Stevens, Ciienceftcr; Routh and Chew, Briftol; and Price, Hay. This Day was published, Price only 3s. bound, [ Illuftrated with four elegant Engravings, Viz. 1. The Vision of Hercules; 2. The Basket- Maker; 3. Santon Basisa ; And, 4. The Hermit; descriptive of the most interesting Subjefts of the Book] A New Edition, enlarged and improved with feveral original Papers, of THE PLEASING INSTRUCTOR; Or, Entertaining Moralift. Consisting of feleft Ef- fays, Relations, Visions, and Allegories, collected from the most eminent English Authors. To which are prefixed, New Thoughts on Education, and the Manner of conveying In- ftruftion properly. By A. FISHER, Author of the New English Grammar, Defigned for the Ufe of Schools, as well as the Closet; with a View to form the rising Minds of the Youth of both Sexes to Virtue, and destroy in the Bud those Vices and Frailties which Mankind, and Youth in particular, are ad- dicted to. London, printed for G. Robinson, No. 25, in Pater- nof- ter- Row ; and T. Slack, in Newcaftle. And fold by S, Harward, Evans and Hazell, T. Dunn, J. Hough, aisd J. Washbourn, in Glocester; T. Stevens, Ciren- cefter; J. Bence, Wotton- Underedge; C. Badham and J. Allen, Hereford; P. Davis, Leominster ; Mrs. Price, Hay; and O. Tuder, Monmouth. Where may be had, Price 2s. bound, [ Defigned for the Use of Schools, Clerks of Offices, or the Pocket; and to which is prefixed, A practical Abstract of Grammar; a new and improved Edition, being the Fourth) of FISHER's SPELLING DICTIONARY and EXPOSI- TOR of the ENOLISH LANGUAGE, on a new Plan, pecu- liar to itself; containing a much larger Collection of primi- tive Conversation Words than any Book of the Kind and Price; and shewing how the same are to be written correctly and pronounced properly, with the different Meanings or Significations thereof. To which is prefixed, a complete Pantheon, or New Dictionary of the Heathen Gods and Goddesses, and of the most illustrious Heroes treated of by Homer, Virgil, Ovid, and other ancien Poets : With a summary Account of their Origin, Descent, how represented by Statuaries, Painters, Set. which must be found of particular Advantage to mere English Scholars, and greatly enhance the Value of the Book. Also, FISHER's PRACTICAL NEW GRAMMAR, with Exercises of bad English; or, An easy Guide to speaking the English Language properly and correctly. A New Edition, Price is. 6dv- hound. The following MEDICINES are sold- by. R. RAIKES, Southgate- Street, Glocester. ALL- bountiful Nature, amongst the numeroos Blessings she has bestowed on Mankind, has been par- ticularly profuse in the Vegetable System : In that variegated World she has planted Remedies for all or most of the Dis- orders incident to the human Body; and to search out Na- ture in all her secret Workings; to discover the peculiar Pro- perties of separate Plants, or the wonderful Efficacy of a- Number of them in Conjunction, seems to be marked out by Divine Providence as the noblest Employment of a rational Mind. Numerous have been the Discoveries, incessant the Studies, and indefatigable the' Application of the Learned in all Ages, after this truly patriotic Knowledge; and even those whofe Labours have not been crowned with Success, did not in the least doubt but that the Discoveries they were in search of would be brought to Light in future Ages. The great Boerhaave, the learned Sydenham, and many other distin- guished Characters in the medical Line, were fully satisfied within themselves that the Vegetable World afforded a Re- medy which ( when discovered) would render entirely useless that destructive Mineral, Mercury, in the Prescriptions for the Venereal Complaints. Happy for the present Age, this Vegetable Diamond it now brought to its greatest Lustre: VELNO's VEGETABLE SYRUP, as improved by Dr. Burrows, has not a single Particle of Mer- cury in its Composition, but is extracted entirely from Vege- tables, whose Efficacy in destroying the Venereal Virus, ha » been proved beyond the Possibility of a Doubt, This incom- parable Medicine, since its Improvement, has been admi- nistered with the greatest Success in the most confirmed Ve- nereal Complaints, after Salivation and every other Method had been tried in vain. Nor is its great all- searching Quali- ties confined to Venereal Complaints alone j the Scurvy, Scrophula or King's Evil, as well as every Disorder arising, from an impure State of the Blood, yield to the potent In- fluence of this Medicine, as is proved from a Variety of In- stances, even when Sea- Bathing and other general Methods had left the unhappy Patients the gloomy Prospect of being deemed incurable. What renders the Vegetable Syrup superior to all other Medicines is, that it may be given with the greatest Safety to Children, and to Women in every State of Pregnancy ; it is agreeable to the Taste, perfectly mild and innocent in its Ope- ration, and may be administered without the least Inconve- nience or Hindrance of Business. *#* It is particularly recommended to be taken preparatory to Inoculation for the Small- Pox, as also for the Humours affecting the Blood after that Disorder, either by Inoculation or in the natural Way, and also after the Measles. This valuab'e Remedy is sold in Quart Bottles, res. 6d. each, by R. Raikes, Printer, Southgate- Street, Glocester} T. Stevens, Cirencester; S. Harward, Tewkesbury; J. Careless, Newent; Badham and Allen, Hereford; P. Davis, Leominfter; W. North, Brecon; Mrs. Price, Hay; Jack- son, Oxford; Crutwell, Bath ; Chew, Bristol; and by Mr. Hodson, jun. in Cambridge, who supplies all Orders for the Country or Exportation. At the same Places may be had, The IMPERIAL OIL, a Medicine in the highest Repute as a certain Remedy' for all Kinds of Sprains, Bruises, Weak- ness, Stiffness, Contractions, Injuries from Blows and Falls, Rickets, Rheumatic Pains, & c. & c. Price as. 63. The EGYPTIAN BALSAM, a Medicine for old Sorea and Ulcers, green Wounds, cancerous and inflammatory Tu- mours, Biles, Blotches, Whitlows, and particularly fdr ex- tracting Thorns and . Splinters. Price is. 6d>' BICKLEY and Co.' s Grand FEBRIFUGE and SPECIFIC, For the HOOPING or CHIN COUGH. THIS GRAND ARCANUM is an infallible Cure for the Hooping or Chin- Cough, which is con- firmed by abundant Experience. This Medicine is perfefcly wholsome ; gently removes the gross, tough Phlegm with which the Hooping- Cough is always attended; the Want of such a Medicine, and the Loss of a great Number of Chil- dren, have induced the Proprietors to publifh this Specific for general Good. It is a moft excellent Remedy in all Fevers, particularly all ihe Train of inward Fever.- in Infants and young Children, when, by too much Food and too little Exercise, Indigestion, and Obstructions are produced, which end in the Rickets or Death: Also, Fevers in grown Persons, caused by sudden Chills or Colds; and is far more commodious and equally ef- ficacious with any Medicine hitherto known in Europe. — As its great Merit consists in removing Obstructions, this Specific, if continued for fome Weeks in small Doses, opens all the Canals in the Constitution, especially in the mesente- ric Glands, by which the Heat and Fulness of the Belly are removed; and being of a subtile, penetrating Nature, it en- ters the Subslance of the Bones and Gristles of Children, and reduces their enlarged Heads and Joints to a natural Size, with little or no sensible Operation. Sold by the Proprietors, at their Wholesale Medicinal Warehouse, No. 5, the Foot of Black Friars Bridge, Surry- Side. Price 2s. the Bottle. Sold alfo by R. Raikes, Printer, Southgate- Street, Glocesler; S. Harward, at Glo- cefter, Tewkesbury, and Cheltenham ; Tymbs, Worcester j Mrs. Prosser, Ross; Stevens, Cirencester ; Dyde, Wotton- Undered^ e; Forty, Chippenham; Barnikell, Carmarthen j Rees, Llandovery; Pugh, Hereford; and by the'GloceAez Newfmei:. Where also may be had, Healing Mammillary Balfam for tender or chapt Nipples, which gives immediate Relief, and never known failing to cure. Price 2S. 6d. the Bottle. Dr. Logan's never- failing Ointment for a Scald Head, 2S. 6d. the Box. Eleftuary, Diet Drink, Lotion, and Ointment, for tlie King's Evil and every Scorbutic Complaint. Eleftuary, IS, 6d. the Pot. Diet Drink, 3s. the Quart. Lotion, is. 6d. the Bottle, and Ointment, 2s. 6d. tbe Pot. Vegetable Specific Electuary and Apozem fbr tbe Stone and Gravel, Electuary, zs. the Pot. Apozem, 2S, 6J. the Bottle. - Pectoral Asthmatic Mixture and Electuary. Mixture, 2S. 6d. the Bottle. Eleftuary, 2s. 6d. the Pot. Vegetable Restorative for Coughs and Consumptions. Price 3s. the Bottle. Balsam of Liquorice Root, for Colds, Coughs, and all Dis- orders of the Breast and Lungs. Price 2B. tbe Bottle. Ointment for the Itch, which was never known failing t. cure Price is. 6d. the Box. Tincture for the Teeth. Price is. the B ttle. Sugar Cakes for Worms. Price is. the Box. Vegetable Lotion for Chilblains. Price is. 6d. the Bottle. Ointment for Ditto. Price is. 6d. the Pot. G L O C E S T E R , Printed by R. R A I K E S , in the Southgate- Street,
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