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The Glocester Journal


Printer / Publisher: R. Raikes 
Volume Number: LXI    Issue Number: 3147
No Pages: 4
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The Glocester Journal
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The Glocester Journal

Date of Article: 05/08/1782
Printer / Publisher: R. Raikes 
Address: Southgate-street, Gloucester
Volume Number: LXI    Issue Number: 3147
No Pages: 4
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Murder of Loyalists (Page 2 Col 4)

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VOL. LXI. MONDAY, August 5, 1782. 3147 T H U R S D A Y's P O S T. From the LONDON GAZETTE. Admiralty- Office, July 30, 1782. sjqjojososok Letters were this day received WW at this office from Vice- Admiral Sir w Peter Parker, giving an account of < 5 L Q his arrival yesterday at Spithead, in his Majesty's ship the Sandwich, )&)$( having on the 20th instant detached a frigate with such of the trade as 7K7K7KKK7K came under his convoy from Ja- maica, as were bound into the Bristol and St. George's Channels, and sent the remainder to the Downes, under convoy of two ships of the line. Whitehall, July 30. The King has been pleased to present the Rev. Copleston Radcliffe, Master of Arts, to the rectory of Stoke Clymesland, in the county of Cornwall and diocese of Exeter, void by the death of the Rev. Mr. Willoughby Stainsbury. In this day's Gazette appear the following Irish promotions— Dr. Bourke, bishop of Ferns, is trans- lated to the archbishoprick of Tuam.— Dr. Cope, bi- shop of Clonfert, is translated to Ferns ; and Dr. Law is promoted to the bishoprick of Clonfert. [ Thus far London Gazette.] Arrived the Mails from HOLLAND, FRANCE, and FLANDERS. Paris, July 19. Mr. Clonard hath brought a full confirmation of the important news that all the States of the American Republics have, after the example of Maryland, resolved to reject every proposal for a se- parate peace with England, even though the latter should consent to acknowledge fully their indepen- dence. Ratisbon, July 17. It is said here that the minister of a certain belligerent power, conversing with the Emperor on the present war, observed to him, that if his Imperial Majesty was willing to take a part therein, he would meet with an excellent opportunity of extending his frontiers. That Monarch replied, • " I have neither occasion nor desire to enter into a " war with any power. All my cares are confined to the happiness of my subjects." LONDON, Tuesday, July 30. Yesterday one of the lieutenants of the Formida ble arrived at the Admiralty with dispatches from Lord Rodney, dated the 10th of June, containing an ac- count of the sailing of the Jamaica fleet, and the course he had directed them to steer in order to avoid ' the enemy's cruizers. His Lordship mentions his de- sign of returning to St. Lucia, having fixed the sailing of his squadron from Port Royal, on the 15th of June, his stay there being no longer necessary, as he had re- ceived undoubted intelligence, that most of the Spanish troops, which were collected at Cape Francois for their long intended descent on Jamaica, were all re- embarked and returning to the Havannah. When the officer came away with the said dispatches, the British fleet lying in Port Royal harbour consisted of 35 ships of the line, Rear Admiral Lord Hood be- ing returned' from his cruize off the Cape, without having been able to meet with any of the enemy's ships. No force had been sent against Curassoa. Only three ships of the line were then at sea, two of which, the Royal Oak and Prothee, were cruizing with Rear Admiral Sir Francis Drake to the northward of Ja- maica, and one with Rear Admiral Rowley, viz. the London, off Tiberoon.— Lord Rodney's health was such as had obliged him to retire into the mountains for the benefit of the air, in consequence of which the command of the fleet had devolved on Lord Hood. His Lordship had heard nothing of his recall when the Lieutenant sailed, which was on the 13th of June. The fleet were all in high health and spirits. .. . The Jamaica fleet just arrived, sailed the 25th of May, under convoy of the Sandwich, ot 90 guns; Russel, of 74; and Intrepid, of 64. By the arrival of the Jamaica fleet, 4000 seamen . will be obtained ; these, with a proportionate number ' of landsmen, will be sufficient to equip 10 sail of the line. We may therefore expect to see the Blenheim of 90 guns, the ' Princess Royal of 98, and many other capital ships, which only waited for hands, join the grand fleet. Yesterday morning Lieutenant Cooke arrived at the Admiralty with dispatches from Commodore Sir Richard Bickerton, dated off Rio de Janeiro ( a Portuguese harbour in the Brazils, on the coast of . South America) the 5th of May, which place he quitted with the cutter which brought off his dispatches, in order to proceed on his voyage to India. The Com That the Dutch fleet have left the Texel, the Winchelsea and other cruizers have given full infor- mation ; but as they bent their course to the north- ward, and have not been seen upon our coasts, it is imagined that they are convoying their West- India fleet so far to the westward of Ireland, as to leave them free from apprehensions of the British cruizers. Whether they will afterwards proceed to join the com- bined fleets, or return to guard their own coasts and Baltic trade, further information must decide. The High Sheriff of the county of Suffolk has called a meeting to consider of the expediency of a voluntary contribution to furnish a ship of the line for the service of the state, or to procure a number of men for the navy. UTTON- UPON- SEVERN, Worcestershire. MONSIEUR DE CLERCq, French As- sistant to the Rev. Mr. Baines, at Upton- upon- Severn, begs Leave, under his Protection and Recommenda- tion, to offer his leisure Hours to the Service of such Schools, or private Pupils, as shall do him the Honour to make Trial of his Punctuality and Abilities. TJie beginning of laft week his Majefty and fhe Prince of Wales paid a morning vifit to Lord and Lady North, atBuftiyPark. The King, and his late . Minifter, had a private conference for more than an hour. Morn. Pojl. Extract of a letter from Windsor, July 29. " This morning their Majesties, the Prince of Wales, Princess Royal, and two of her sisters, at- tended by the Duke of Montagu, Lord Aylesbury, and other persons of distinction, went to Eton, being the election day, when, according to annual custom several speeches in Greek, Latin, and English, were spoken in the upper school by the following young gentlemen, viz. The Hon. Mr. North, Latin- Mr. Dyson, ditto Messrs. Selwyn and Hume, ditto Mr. Montagu, ditto Lord Blandford, ditto Messrs. Roberts and Luxmore, Greek— Hon. Mr. Fitzroy, Latin Messrs. Mellish and Cooper, ditto Mr. Hampson, English Mr. Raine, Latin Mr. North, English. " The young gentlemen delivered their speeches with great accuracy and spirit. Mr. Raine, the cap- tain of the school, was particularly happy in his elo- cution." ALL Persons who are indebted to the Estate and Effects of William Mountain, heretofore of the City of Hereford, but now or late of Minchinhampton, in the County of Glocester, Carrier, Dealer and Chapman, are desired to pay their respective Debts immediately into the Hands of Mr. Edward Brewer, Attorney at Law, Cirencester, who is duly authorized by the Assignee to receive the same. BRECONSHIRE. TO be SOLD to the best Bidder, at the Golden L Lion, in the Town of Brecon, on Friday the 16th Day of August Inst. between the Hours of Four and Five in the Afternoon, in Pursuance of a Decree of the Court of Chan- cery of the great Sessions for the several Counties of Gla- morgan, Brecon, and Radnor, before Hugh Bold, Gnetle- man, Register of the Court of Chancery aforesald, All that capital MESSUAGE, FARM, and LANDS, with the Appurtenances, called Trebinshun, lying in the Pa- rishes of Llangaftey Tally Llyn, and Cathedine, in the County of Brecon, of the Yearly Value of One hundred and Thirty Pounds or thereabouts, containing about Three Hun- dred Statute Acres, having many Acres of Orcharding well wooded, and a suitable Quantity of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture; lies near the Turnpike Road from Brecon to Abergavenny, and at a convenient Distance from Lime and Coal; is capable of great Improvement. Inquire of the Owner Mr. William Jones, on the Premises ; Edward Allen, Esquire, Hay ; or Mr. Bold, Brecon. rjpO Lady Bridgeman has lately brought over a new kind of summer hat from Paris which is quite the rage; it is of straw manufacture, looped in at the sides, vari- ously decorated with ribbons, and, unfortunately for the milliners, is worn without a cap ; it is called the Bridgeman hat. in compliment to the fashionable im- porter. Sunday night at eleven o'clock, Mrs. Woodmason, of Leadenhall- street, whole recent calamity is still fresh in every feeling heart, was happily delivered of a son; who, together with the mother, are likely to do well. Last week the Rev. Dr. Jenner was instituted to the rectories of Buckland and Midley, in Kent, void by the death of the Rev. Mr. Lupton. The Lord Chancellor has presented the Rev. Hum- phrey Julian to the vicarage of Egg- Buckland, in Devonshire, void by death. Several of the seamen who were wounded in the ship with Lord Robert Manners, are now at the Duke of Rutland's seat near Newmarket, where they are al- lowed their board for life, besides a pension of 10I. per ann Late last night Justices Wright and Addington visited, with a strong body of constables, feveral E O tables at the west end. of the town, and in the neigh- bourhood of Covent- garden, which they most laudably broke up, and took the persons found at play, with the masters of the tables into custody, and lodged them in Covent- garden round- house. About the same time a detachment of civil officers visited a table- in St. Martin's- le- grand, which they broke to pieces. The company taken at this last place filled so many coaches, that the procession appeared, like a city caval- cade deputed to present an address at St; James's. Married. Thursday last, Edward Sulyard, Esq; of Haughly Park, in Suffolk, to Miss Dalton, daugh- ter of Robert Dalton, Esq; of Bath.—— Last week, by special licence, the Rev, Henry Quartley, Fellow of Queen's- College, Oxford, to Miss Constantia Read, of Buckingham. Lately, the Rev. Mr. Lucas, of Northampton, to Miss Hurd, eldest daugh- ter of Mr. Thomas Hurd, of Birmingham, and niece to the Bishop of Worcester. Died. Sunday morning, suddenly, at Kingsgate, near Margate, aged 43, Robert Child, of Osterley Park, Esq. By his will we hear he has given all his estates, both real and personal, to Mrs. Child, Mr. Lovelace, Mr. Dent, Mr. Church', and Mr. Keysall, his partners, in trust for the purpose of paying all his partnership debts, and for carrying on the business as usual at the house at Temple- Bar, and has made them the executors of his will. Saturday laft, at Stroud, GLOCESTERSHIRE. be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. SKINNER and Co. On Wednesday the 28th of August, at Twelve o'Clock, at Garraway's Coffee- House, Change- Alley, Cornhill, London A valuable FREEHOLD FARM, situate at Wibden, ir the County of Glocester, three Miles from Chepstow, in Monmouthshire, comprising ONE HUNDRED ACRES of fertile old inclosed LAND, of a natural rich loomy Soil, i Part bounded by the River Severn, and the Hedge Rows ex ceedingly well stocked with fine young thriving Timber, on Lease to Mr. John James. Also four TENEMENTS, with Paddocks, let to Mr. Benson and others; the whole Rent only Eighty- nine Pounds per Ann. To be viewed 11 Days preceding the Sale, when Particulars may be had of the Tenant; of Mr. Davis, Attorney, at Chep- stow; also at the Post- Houses at Monmouth and Glocester ; Angel, Oxford; Red Lion, Henley; Sun, Maidenhead j 0/ Mr. Kierrian, Gray's- Inn ; at the Place of Sale, and of Mr. Skinner and Co. Aldersgate- Street, London. GLOCESTERSHIRE. TO be LET and entered, upon at Michaelmas next, A FARM HOUSE, Barn, Stable, and other Conveniences, with 20 Acres of Arable, and 37 Acres- of Pasture Land thereto belonging, situate at Upton, in the Pa- rish of Tetbury, and now in the Possession of Mr. Thompson. For further Particulars apply to Mr. White, Attorney at Law, in Tetbury. CARMARTHENSHIRE. TO be SOLD, together or in Parcels, the great and small TYTHES of, the several Parishes of Langendairn, Llandeveylog, Llannon, Llannelly, and Llan- ginnuch, in the County of Carmarthen.—;— Any Persons in- clined to treat for the whole, or any Part of these Tythes, are desired to apply to Mr. Roderick, at Newton, near Llandilo, on or before the loth Day of August. Crown- Inn, Newport, GLOCeSTERSHIRE. July 13, 1782. JAMES SIDNEY embraces this Opportunity of returning his Friends and the Public his sincere Thanks- for the Encouragement he has received since he opened the : above Inn ; and having lately very much improved his House, and neatly fitted up Dining- Rooms, and additional Bed- chambers, for the better Accommodation of his Guests flat- ters himself it will be in his Power to give perfect Satisfaction, to all who shall honour him with their Company. He has in a Stock of the best Liquors of all Kinds, and will be n0 ways wanting in Civility and Gratitude. Neat Post- Chaises, with able Horses, at 9d. per Mile, Duty' included. WARWICKSHIRE, be SOLD by AUCTION, By Mr. SKINNER and Co. On Wednesday the 28th of Auguft, at Twelve o'Clock, at Garraway's Coffee- Houfe, Change- Alley, Cornhill, London, A very valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, desirably situate in the Parish of Studley, in the County of Warwick, 12 Miles from Birmingham, seven from Alcester, and five from Hen- ley Arden, comprifing the extensive MANOR of SKILTS, with all its Privileges and Appurtenances, together with 836 Acres of Meadow, Pafture, Arable, and Wood LAND, di- vided into eligible Farms, with suitable Dwelling- Houses and Buildings, and also a Mansion House and Offices; the whole let to Mr. Martin, Mr. Bolt, Mr. Milllngton, and others, at reasonable Rent, amounting to THREE HUNDRED and FIfTY- SEVEN POUNDS per Ann. which is considerably un- der the yearly Value. To be viewed 21 Days preceding the Sale, when Particulars may be had on the premises; at the Post- Houfes at Birming- ham, Alcester, Henley, Warwick, Stratford- upon- Avon, and Coventry ; also of Mr. Kiernan, Gray's- Inn ; at the Place of Sale, and of Mr. Skinner and Co. Aldersgate- Street, London. 1 in Glocestershire, Mrs. Smith, wife of Henry Smith, modore informs the Board that he met with nothing I Esq of Swithins. lane, merchant. . A few days particular in the course of his passage, but relates the I a at pQW; - — ' -• — ' following circumstances :— that he made the island of Madeira on the ' 7th of March, where he staid five days. During this interval he received intelligence that a French squadron was waiting at Cadiz, to be detached after him as he advanced in his passage. Upon this information he altered his course, and stretched over to the Brazils, where, however, he did not arrive ' till the 16th of April, on account of the heavy gales and bad weather he had the misfortune to encounter. He pays the greatest compliments to the Portugueze for the remarkably kind and obliging, re- ception he met with at the Brazils. They readily sup- plied him with provisions of all sorts, which detained him for ten days, and he was then proceeding in his way to the East- Indies, where he expected to arrive in three months. , The Mahrattas, with whom the Government of Bombay have concluded a truce, are the natural ene- mies of Heider Ali; against whom there are great hopes of seeing their forces, which are numerous and well disciplined, now employed. Government have received advice that Sir J Wheate, Bart, of the Cerberus frigate, had captured one of the St. Domingo fleet. Yesterday several gentlemen arrived in town from France, that were taken on board the Newfoundland ships, and carried, into Brest, They came* over in a cartel that is arrived at Poole from St. Maloes; and report that the combined fleet is still at sea consisting of 38 line of battle fliips, and several fifties, under the command of Don Cordova. He had been joined by every ship from Brest, but his fleet in general was very indifferently manned ago, at Powick, in Worcestershire, Sir William Ar- not, Bart, late Lieutenant- Colonel of the Queen's regment of dragoon guards. MONMOUTHSHIRE. T0 be SOLD a FREEHOLD ESTATE, in the Hamlet of Glascoed, consisting of a good House, two Barns, and a Stable, with Thirty- three Statute Acrcs of , Land. The Buildings are in good Repair, and situated within .. three Miles of Pontpool. Four of Usk, and Five of Carleon, all Market Towns; and how let at the yearly Rent of 161." For Particulars enquire of Messrs. Osborne's arid Seager Bristol ; or of Mr. Davies, Attorney, Pontpool, Monmonth- shire. > 0 be LET, and entered upon at Lady- Day next, Two good inclosed DAIRY FARMS, at Clot- ley, in the Parish of Hankerton, in the County of Wilts, one late m the Occupation of John Ferrebee, Containing 237 Acres of Pasture- Land, and the other now in the Occupation of Farmer John Stagg, containing 205 Acres of Pasture, and seven Acres of Arable Land, Tythe- free, about seven Miles from Cirencester, five from Malmsbury, and five from Tet- bury, with very convenient Farm- Houses, Cheese Lofts, Pig- Sties, Cow- Houses, and Outhouses in- good Repair- The Lands lie well together, and the Farms are well wooded and watered, with Right in two very extensive and valuable Com- mons. The coming- on Tenants may be accommodated with a Quantity of Hay, of the Year's Growth. For further Particulars enquire - of Mr. Samuel Walbank, near Cirencester ; Mr. Abraham Walbank, at Chalford Mr. James and Thomas Chambers, at Hampton, Gloces- tershire; and of Mr. John Cole, of Minety, who will shew the Premises OXFORDSHIRE. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, L By Mr. SKINNER and Co. On Wednesday the 28th of August, at Twelve o'Clock, at Garraway's Coffee- House, Change- Alley, Cornhill, London, The capital and very desirable FREEHOLD MANOR ESTATE of STEEPLE BARTON, near the Turnpike Road from Oxford to Banbury, distant 12 Miles from the former, and seven from the latter, and only four Miles from Woodstock, in Oxfordshire, comprising ONE THOUSAND and NINE ACRES of Meadow, Pasture, Arable, and Wood LAND, Tithe- free, in fine Condition, within a Ring Fence, divided into eligible Inclosures, and exceedingly well timbered and watered, with two Dwelling- Houses, and pro- per Buildings, in the Possession of Mr. George Trotman and Mr. Richard Ibell, unexceptionable Tenants, at reasonable Rents, amounting to 510L exclusive of the Wood Land, which has been valued at 40I. making the whole annual Rents FIVE HUNDRED and FIFTY POUNDS. To be viewed 21 Days preceding the Sale, when Particulars may be had of the Tenants; also at the Post- Houses in Ban- bury and Woodstock j Angel, Oxford ; Red Lion, Henley ; Sun, Maidenhead ; of Mr. Kiernan, Grays- Inn 5 at the Place of Sale, and of Mr. Skinner and Co. Aldersgate- Street, Lon- don. T° T GLOCESTERSHIRE. SLIMBRIDGE SALT MARSH. THE Price of HORSES and SHEEP will be HEREFORDSHIRE, be S O L D by AUCTION, by Messrs. SKINNER and Co. on Wednesday the 28th of Auguft at. Twelve o'Clock, at Garraway's Coffee- House,. Change. Alley., London, A most desireable FREEHOLD ESTATE, delightfully situated on the Banks of the River Wye, at Kenchester, ad- joining the Turnpike Road, and only four Miles from the City of Hereford. Consisting of Two HUNDRED and FIFTV- TWO ACRES of MEADOW, PASTURE, and ARA- I Ble LAND, of the first Quality, within a RING FENCE properly interspersed with a large Quantity of Oak and Elm Timber, near Perfection; and planted with Fruit Trees, which produce Yearly from 80 to 100 Hogsheads of Cyder, together with a good Water Corn Mill. Let to an unex- ceptionable Tenant at Two HUNDRED AND SIXTY- TIVE POUNDS per Annum. Also an excellent modernized MANSION, with necessary Out- buildings. A Moiety of the MANOR abounding with Game and extensive FISHERY it Hand. The Lands are well watered, and afford a Variety of beau- tiful Prospects; the House on a rising Ground, having a full command of the River in a most pleasing serpentine Form, over which the Meadows, hanging Woods, and distant Hills, afford a Prospect truly picturesque, To be viewed by applying to Mr. Benjamin Watkins, Car- penter, in Hereford, of whom printed Particulars may be had twenty Days preceding the Sale ; also of the Printer of the Glocester Journal; of Messrs. Parrott and Hodgson, In- ner Temple ; at Garraway's; and of Messrs. Skinner, and Co. Aldersgate Street, London N( reduced the 12th of August Inst. Horses from Three Shillings to Two Shillings per Week, and Colts in Propor. tion; Sheep from Three pence Half- penny to Three Pence j and Lambs from Three Shillings per Score, to Two Shillings and Six- pence per Score per Week; and the Stock then prefent will be charged at the same Price after, and live much better than any Time past this Year. » « * The Money to be paid for the Tack when the, Stock is taken away. ' " A FLORIST FEAST. OTICE is hereby given, That a FLORIST FEAST will be held at the Upper George, in the City of Glocester, on Monday the 12th of August Inst. where there will be a shew of Carnations; and, for the Encourage- ment of so innocent and pleasing an Amusement, the four fol- lowing Prizes will be given : For the three best and com- pleatest Carnations, a handsome Silver Pint Cup; for the three second best, a Silver Punch Ladle; and for the best Seedling Carnation, a Silver Cream Jug; for the second best Seedling, a Pair of Silver Salts. The Flowers to be delivered to the Stewards by One o'Clock, and Dinner to be on the Table precisely at Two. No Perfon to be allowed to shew more than six Flowers- and four Seedlings. The Person that wins the first, Prize not to shew for any other, and to pay 5s. towards next Meeting; and the Winner of either of the others, sa. 6d. W. TURNER, 1 J. BOUGHTON, I Stewards. L. CHURCH, J DESERTED from the 89th Regiment, at Hereford, EDWARD DAVIS, inlisted a few Weeks fince at Worcester, by Serjeant Clark, aged about 34 Years, five Feet eight Inches high, or nearly so, strong and well made, brown Hair: He deserted in his Regimentals, but changed them at Dymock, under Pretence of seeking for .3 Deserter by the Name of Thomas Cooper, of the said Regi- ment, now lurking in the Parish of Dymock, with Edmund Taylor, a Constable, whom he took with him to assist in taking up the said Deserter. He apprehended one Deserter, and put him into Glocester Gaol, and was before Samuel Hayward, Esq; and then, as he did before, produced a Beat- ing Order, or Pass, which is a Forgery, in the Name of Major J. J. Ellis, commanding the said Regiment. The Dress he stole from Edmund Taylor was a narrow plain round Hat, and a Kind of purple Coat, of the Bath Coating. He is likely to inlist with any Party from whom he can imme- diately obtain the Three Guineas and a Crown, and after- terwards his Majesty's extra Bounty of Three Guineas at Head Quarters. Five Guineas will be given for the Apprehension of the above Rascal, besides the 20s. allowed by Act of Par- liament, upon the Delivery or Securement of him. Wanted a Man who is Master of the French Horn, Bassoon, or Clarionet. Apply 16 the Commanding Officer at Hereford. o GLAMORGANSHIRE. COWBRIDGE RACES, 1782. N Stallingdown, Wednesday the 25th of September, a Purfe of FIFTY POUNDS, given by the Member for the County, will be run for by any Horse, Mare, or Gelding ( having never won any Plate, Match, or Sweepstakes) the Property of a resident Freeholder, and ha- ving been in his Possession in the County two Months, im- mediately preceding the Day of running.- r- To carry 12 Stone. The best of three Heats. On Thursday the 26th, FIFTY POUNDS; to be run for by any Horse, Mare, or Gelding, Four- year- olds to carry 9st. Five- year- olds 10st. ; Six- year- olds lost. 9 lb.; and Aged lift. A Winner of one Plate since the jft of March last to carry 31b. extra. A Winner of two or more Plates to carry Jib. extra. The best of three Heats. On the same Day will be run for, a Subscription CUP, for Three- year- olds, bred in South Wales, Colts to carry 7 ft. 71b. Fillies 7 ft. 41b. One Two- mile Heat. No less than three reputed running Horse's will be per-, mitted to start for either of the above Plates unless allowed by the Stewards. If only one enters, to have Ten Guineas : if two, seven Guineas each ; and the Entrance Money re- turned, unless agreed by the Stewards that two shall start, when, if either refuse, he shall have no Claim to such Pre- mium. The Horses, & c. to enter on Monday the 15th of Septem- ber at the House of Mr. William Bowen, the Three Tuns and Tennis Court, between the Hours of Four and Six in the Afternoon, with Certificates of their Ages and Quali- fications to be produced at the same Time. A Subscriber to pay One Guinea Entrance, and Half a Guinea to the Clerk of the Course, or double at the Post ; a Non subscriber to pay Three Guineas Entrance, and Half a Guinea to the Clerk of the Course, or double at the Post, And each Winner to pay One Guinea to the Clerk of the Course for Weights, The Stakes each Day to the Second best Horse winning a clear Heat 5 and all. Disputes either in entering or running to be decided by the Stewards, or whom they shall appoint, and that Determination to be final. No Person will be permitted to erect a Booth to sell Li- quors on the Race Ground, but those who shall have sub- scribed Half a Guinea, to be paid into the Hands of the Clerk of the Course, before, such Booth is erected. * » * Ordinaries each Day and Balls, as usual, at the Bear and Green Dragon Inns. « * RICHARD AUBREY, DAVID THOMAS, Esqrs. 5 sTEWARDS- DAVID WILLIAMS, Clerk of the Course. CIRENCESTER, July 17, 1782. ALL Persons that have any Demands upon the Estate » nd Effects of the late Mr. Albert Eyles, Apo thecary, are desired to make the same to John Brown, and they will be paid. And all Persons indebted, are desired to pay the same to John Brown, Executor to the late Mr. Eyles. Breconshire SOCIETY. For the Encouragement of Agriculture, Manufactures, & c. WALTER WILKINS, Esq; President. THE GENERAL MEETING of this SOCIETY wiil be held at the Golden- Lion in Brecon On Wedneslday the 14th of August lnst. THOMAS LONGFELLOW, Sec. NOTICE is hereby given, That a Meeting of the Trustees of the Sodbury Division of Roads, and of the Commissioners of the Sodbury Hill District of Road, will be held at the Bell Inn, in Chipping Sodbury, in the County of Glocester, on Wednefday the 14th of this Instant August, at Ten o'Clock in the Forenoon, agreeable to their respective Adjournments. GEORGE HICKS, Clerk to the Commissioners. HEREAS MARY WEBB, Wife of RICHARD WIBB, of the Parifh of Minchinhamp- ton, in the County of Glocester, Clothier, did, on the 17th of July last, elope with one WILLIAM WAIT, and took with them a large Parcel of Goods: This is to forewarn all Persons not to trust her on my Account, as I will not pay any Debts fhe shall contract, as Witness my Hand, RICHARD WEBB. N. B. To be fold, Spanish Wool, Utensils in Trade, and a large Dying Copper. FOR SALE by Auction, at the Exchange Coffee- House, Bristol, on Monday the 19th of Auguft Inst. at One o'Clock, 97 Puncheons of fine flavoured strong Jamaica RUM, 50 Puncheons of very good Leeward Island RUM, One Puncheon in a Lot. Catalogues Of which will be timely published, and Samples may be tasted at the Office of J. BONBONOUS, Broker. CARMARTHENSHIE. TO be SOLD by Auction, at the Greyhound Inn, in the County of the Borough- of Carmarthen, on Saturday the 28th Day of September next, between the Hours of Four and Six in the Afternoon of the fame Day, unless previously disposed of by private Contract, Subject to such Conditions of Sale as fhall be then produced, All that MESSUAGE, TENEMENT, and LANDS, called Pentre Meyrick, situate in the Parsfh of St. Peter, in the faid County Borough of Carmarthen, now set to David Rees, at the clear yearly Rent of 13I, us. 6d. Also all that MESSUAGE, Dwelling House, and Garden, situate in Priory Street, in the said County Borough, now set to Owen Young, Gent, at the Yearly Rent of 4I. Also all that MESSUAGE or Dwelling House, and Car- den, situate in Priory Street aforesaid, in the County Bo- rough aforesaid, now fet to William Williams, Gent, at the Yearly Rent of 61. Alfo all that MESStlAGE or Dwelling Houfe, situate in Priory Street aforcsaid, in the County Borough aforesaid, now fet to John Thomas and others, at the Nearly Rent of 61. 4s. For Particulars apply to Mr. Thomas Howell, Attorney at Law, Carmarthen.— The Tenants will shew the Pre- mises. TO be SOLD in Fee, to the best Bidder, on Thursday the i » d of August instant, at the Talbot- Inn, in Upton- upon- Severn, Worcestershire, between the Hours of Three and Five in jhe Afternoon, subject to such Condi- tions as shall be then produced, A MESSUAGE or FARM HOUSE, with a Barn, Stable, and other convenient Out- buildings; and t Garden and small Orchard thereunto adjoining; also three Pieces of Pas- ture Land, containing about nine Acres, and five Pieces of Arable Land, containing about twenty- one ( more or less) ad- joining together, and lying extremely convenient, situate in Woodmancote, in the Parish of Defford, in the County of Worcester, about three Miles distant from Upton- upon- Se- vern, and five Miles from Pershore. Also Common of Pas- ture for all Commonable Cattle, in Defford Common, valued by the Commissioners, under an Act of Parliament, at 3I. is. 3d. a Year. The Premises are capable of great Improvement at a small Expence; are all TYTHE FREEr and not subject to the Payment of any Herriott or Chief Rent. For a View apply to Mr. William Wood, the Proprietor, at Woodmancote aforesaid; and further Particulars may be had on Application to Mr. Francis Welles, Attorney, Upton- upon- Severn, Worcestershire. GLOCESTERSHIRE. For Sale by private Contract, AN undivided MOIETY or HALF PART of the several MESSUAGES or DWELLING- HOUSES, FEE FARM RENTS, and PREMISES, herein after men- tioned, viz. of and in ... * All that commodious and new- built Messuage or Dwelling- House, ornamented with a handsome Brick Front ( being the Centre House) in Albermarle- Row, leading to the Hotwells, within the Parish of Clifton, in the County of Glocester, the Situation of which Premises are very desirable, commanding a delightful and uninterrupted View of the Country round, and in every Respect well calculated for a large Family, hav- ing two handsome- Parlours, two Bedchambers, and two Clo- sets, on the first Floor j two Dining- Rooms, two Bedcham- bers, with Closets, on the second Floor; in the attic Story, five Bedchambers with Clofets, and eight Garrets ; two ex- ceeding good Under- ground Kitchens, with other suitable Offices, and Plenty of both Sorts of Water ; with a pleasant extensive Garden behind the Dwelling- House, laid out in the completest Manner, and planted with a Variety of Trees, Shrubs, & c the whole of which Premises are in the Pos- session of the Rev. Mr. Budge, at the yearly Rent of 81I. Also of and in several Fee Farm Rents, issuing and payable » ut of the sevcral Dwelling- Houses in Albermarle- Row ( ex- cept the Centre House ;) and also out of Granby- House ad- joining thereto, amounting in the whole to the Sum of • Also of and in the additional Fee Farm Rents issuing and payable out of the several Houses In Albermarle- Row only .-' except the Centre. House) for a large Piece of Grouud fronting Albermarle- Row, inclosed with Iron Rails, and laid out as Pleasure Ground, for the better Accommodation of Company resorting to the Wells, amounting to the Sum 16l. 10s. fk Also of and in a Fee Farm Rent issuing and payable out of two Houses adjoining together, in Possession of Mr. Dupong, situate at the Corner of Green- Street, near Albermarle- Row, amounting to the Sum of 10I. Also of and in several Fee Farm Rent* issuing and payable out of the Stables in Green- Street, amounting to the Sum • f gl , Also of and in a Piece of Garden Ground lying behind the above Stables in Green- Street, now void, and worth to be let at it. 21. Per Ann. Also of and in three Dwelling- Houses adjoining together, pleasantly situated in Budge Row, near Albermarle- Row, and fronting the River Avon, in the several Possessions of the Rev. Mr. Russell, th « Rev. Mr. Budge, and Mr. Fear, at yearly Rent of 60I. Also of and in a small neat Dwelling House behind Alber- marle Row, and fronting the Road leading up to Down, in the Possession of Mr., Jennings, at the yearly Rent of 9'. Also of and in eighr Coach- Houses adjoining together, be- low Budge Row, fronting the River Avon, and six Srables lying near the above Hosfe in the Possession of Mr. Jennings, and are in the Possession of Mr. Pedlar, at the yearly Rent of 3 d with a Stable adjoining the above, in the Possession of Mr. Dupong, at the yearly Rent- of il. 2s. For further Particulars , apply to RICHARD JENKYNS, ESQ; at Wells in Somersetshire; or T. FISHER, Attorney at LAW, Bristol. ' lL— WOTTON- UNDEREDGE, Gloustershire. Mr MOORr Surgeon Dentist, from Oxford, will give Attendance for all the Operations on the Teeth, Gums, and Artificial Teeth, from the 8th of August Inst. ' till the 15th. He may be spoken with at the Swan Inn. LEFT at the Swan Inn, at Staunton, near Corse Lawn, on Monday the 22d Instant, an horizon- tal Silver WATCH, Maker's Name, RICHN. PEYTON, Glocester: Whoever will return the same to Evans and HA- zell, Booksellers, Glocester, shall receive a Guinea Reward. It is hoped it will be stopped if offered for Sale. STOLEN or STRAYED out of the Heath near Berkeley, in the County of Glocester, on Wednesday Night or Thursday Morning, July the 25th, a BLACK MARE, aboat eight Years old, about Fourteen Hands and a Half high, Switch Tail, Scar on her Rump' rear the Tail on the near Side Whoever will give Information of the said Mare, so that fhe may be had again, shall receive a Guinea Reward. Apply to Aaron Knight, Green Dragon, in Glocester ; Or Francis Norman, in Berkeley, Glocester- shire. GLOCESTERSHIRE. TO be SOLD in Fee immediately, a good and convenient MESSUAGE and SHOP, with a Brew- house, Stable, Garden, Orchard, and other Outlets thereto belonging, containing together about two Acres, situate in the Parish of Stonehouse, fronting the Road leading to Glo- cester, and the Possession of Mr. Simpson, as Tenant at Will. Enquire further of William Vizard, Attorney, at Dursley. N. B. There are in the Shop, of the Proprietor's, many. Fixtures, such as Counters, & c. to be sold ; and ' till Lady- Day last the Shop has been open, and in good Custom for near 40 Years. ALL Persons that have any Claim or Demand on the Estate and Effects of the Rev. Mr. Philips, de- cesed, late Vicar of Bisley, in the County of Glocester, are defsred immediately to fend an Account thereof to Mrs. Philips, sole Executrix, at Bisley aforesaid, in order that the same may be discharged; and all Persons who stand indebted to the Estate of the said Mr. Philips, for Privy Tythes, or in any other Manner, are desired to pay the same, either at the Red Lion, in Bisley, on Monday the 19th, or at the George Inn, in Stroud, in the said County, on Tuesday the 20th Days of August Inst. between the Hours of Ten in the Forenoon, and- Five in the Afternoon, where Attendance will be given to receive the same; and in Default thereof, they will' be sued for the same without further Notice. All Persons are desired to bring their last Receipts with them who are in Arrear for Privy Tythes. To the Right Rev. the PRESIDENT, the Hon. and Rev. the VICE- PRESIDENT, and the rest of the GOVERNORS to the GLOCESTER INFIRMARY. GENTLEMEN, ENCOURAGED by many respectable Friend* I beg Leave to offer myself as Candidiate for the Place- of Apothecary to your infirmary ( Mr. Trye having signifed his Intention of resigning}: Should I be so happy as to meet with Success, my ultimate Wish will he, by a diligent Attention to the Duties of my Office, to merit the Trust you repose in me. I am, GENTLEMEN, With all Deference and Respect, Your most obedient humble Servant, DANIEL COX. Glocester, June 20, 1782. N. B. The Day of Election is fixed ( at Thursdav the 12th Day of September next, at Eleven o'clock, in the Forenoon, at the Infirmary, where the Attendance of my Friends is humbly requested. To the Right Rev. the President, the Hon. and Rev. the Vice- President, and the rest of the Governors of the GLOCESTER INFIRMARY, GENTLEMEN IBeg Leave to offer you my Services in the Room of Mr. Trye, Apothecary to your Infirmary, ( who has signified his Intention of resigning) and' humbly solicit the Favour of your Votes and Interest on the Occasion. I flatter myself that my Qualifications, & c. will meet the Approbation of the Gentlemen of the Faculty and Governors at large.— Should your kind Suffrages place me in that Office, my con- slant Attention shall be paid to the Duties of it, in discharging it with Diligence and Humanity. I am, Gentlemen, With all due Respect, Your most obedient and humble Servant, JOSEPH MILLS. * T* J. MILLS request those Governors who have not yet received Letters, or personal Application, to impute such apparent Neglect to unintentional and unavoidable Causes, he will do himself the Honour of paying his Respects to them as early as he possibly can. Hereford, July 4. PURSUANT to an Order made by the Right Hon. Edward Lord Thurlow, Lord High Chancellor of Great- Britain, for enlarging the Time for William Bloxham, now or late of the City of Glocester, Mercer, Linen- Draper, Dealer and Chapman, ( a Bankrupt) to surrender himself, and make a full Discovery and Disclosure of his Estate and Effects, for 49 Days, to be computed from the 30th Instant^ This is to give Notice, that the Commissioners in the said Commission named and authorised, or the major Part of them, intend to meet on the 17th of September next, at Ten in the Forenoon, at the House of George Hinks, the Boothall Inn, in the City of Glocester; where the said Bankrupt is required to surrender himself, between the Hours of Eleven and One of the same Day, and make a full Discovery and Disclosure of his Estate and Effects, and finish his Examination '; and the Creditors, who have not already proved their Debts, are to come pre- pared to prove the same, and assent to, or dissent from, the Allowance of his Certificate. The East- Indiamen under Commodore Bickerton's convoy were the Alfred, Ceres, Dutton, Ganges, Calcutta, Royal Henry, Major, Norfolk, Kent, War- ren Hastings, Morse, and Hawke, for Coast and China; Talbot, Nottingham, and Worcester, for Bombay; Royal Bishop, for Bengal; and Anne and Amelia, for Bencoolen. The Jamaica fleet had a very narrow escape from being captured near Scilly ; the combined fleets were within eight leagues of them, but they were so wrapped up in a thick fog, that they passed them undiscovered : a frigate informed Admiral Parker of his danger, who pushed for the Channel, where he happily arrived with his whole fleet, one vessel only being missing, which was burnt on her passage. One underwriter, by the arrival of the homeward bound Jamaica fleet, will gain 6000I. which was un- derwrote only 10 days ago. Lord Howe is expected to return in three or four days, preparations being made for that purpose. He is to sail again, for the relief of Gibraltar, in about a fortnight, by which time the second Jamaica fleet, as well as that from the Leeward Islands, will be 0n our coasts, and after giving them the necessary pro- tection, his. object will be to fight the enemy, and succour that important fortress ; which, as he will then have 37 sail of the' line, there can be no doubt of his effecting. Extract of a letter from Gibraltar, July 2. As this will probably be the last opportunity of sending for some time, I snatch the opportunity of a cutter sailing with invalids to give you some account of our situation. The Spaniards advance their works, and from the large shells lately thrown in here, which have been but too fatal to the garrison, there is a prospect of an obstinate attack very shortly : with 8000 very spirited men ( for we have none but soldiers here I now) a true British General will not give up a place of so much importance, without some very desperate situation renders it necessary. There is nothing tena- ble or secure here except the bomb- proof works, which are our only retreat when fatigue obliges us to procure rest. Our life for several months has been like that of people given up and attacked by all the world ; though we have been pretty lucky in that most of the supplies have got here safe, which is more than was to be expected in single ships. The Spaniards no sooner see a vessel coming in than they are at her like our English dogs at the bull; and too often, as our cargoes are landing, they destroy them on our very beach. The Moorish gallies, of which, we have had several lately from Laroche and Tetuan, are our best friends; they row in so quickly, principally in the evening, that we get their cargoes stored before the Spaniards know a vessel is arrived. The Jews, one and all, have been sent away, on account of their un- derhand dealings. It may be truely said we have no more cats than catch mice : were there as many more soldier's there would be full employment, though they have extra pay for all extra work; the Germans work indeed like horses." Extract of a letter from Rio Janeiro, May 23. " This comes to inform you of our safe arrival here, and that we are now on the point of sailing for India, though our men are not yet recovered; for there has been a great sickness in the fleet. The Anne- Amelia alone buried 5- 7 before they arrived here, and eight since, and have at present on shore 140 Hanoverians ill. All the sick are on a small island, where we have an hospital, but the island itself is not half a mile round. 11 The provisions we have here are very indifferent, and by no means in plenty; but we have abundance of oranges, limes, & c. and the water is good. " Our Indiamen are greatly distressed by the de- sertion of their seamen, nor do we know how to put a stop to it. The Vice- Roy indeed delivered up to the Sceptre, and even sent after her, some of her men, who had deserted, on the very day he found them, therefore wc cannot suppose he countenances it. The Sceptre, which parted with us on the voyage, had been here a month, and sailed with the Medea, a week before we arrived. "' We are just now informed by a Portuguese gen- tleman, who came about six weeks since from Buenos- Ayres, that the Yncas in that neighbourhood had 80,000 men in arms, and are in possession of all Peru What makes this matter worse is, that the Spaniards have no force there to oppose them. " The gentleman who gives us this account wanted Sir Richard Bickerton to go to the River Plata, and assist the Indians, but that you know could not be done. It is said they have an English General to command them." SATURDAY'S POST. FOREIGN AFFAIRS. Rome, July 11. THE conferences that the Pope held with the Emperor at Vienna seem to have given rise to a great revolution in the Romish Church. His Holiness, it is supposed, has been Convinced by the argUments of the Monarch, that the confining such numbers of the human race in con- vents, does not promote the cause of religion and virtue; for he has declared, that he will permit but one convent of men, and one of women, of each order, in any one kingdom; into each of which only 40 persons shall be admitted, of the age of 25 years ; and if ever they should incline to come into the world again, they may do it with impunity. Another instance of the decrease of the rigour of the Romish church is, that the Grand Duke of Tus- cany, on the 5th of this month, abolished the In- quisition throughout all his territories. Naples, July 2. We- have accounts from the Cri- mea, that what has occasioned great disturbance in Tartary is, that the Chan wanted to clothe his men in the European fashion, and that he himself was going- to wear the Russian uniform, without reflecting that the Alcoran forbids any Mahometan from obey- ing a Prince who shall be impious enough to dress like a Christian. LONDON, Friday, Aug 2. Yesterday the Court of Directors elected Sir Henry Fletcher, Bart chairman of the East- India Company, in the room of Robert Gregory, Esq who, we are sorry to inform the public, has, from his bad state of health, been under the disagreeable necessity of quitting the East India direction. Mr. Child, by his will, has left 6000I. a year to his widow, and 2000I. a year to Lady Westmoreland ; likewise 12. oool. a piece to each of her Ladyship's younger childen, down to the twelfth, except the second, to whom he has left the residue of his for- tune, which it is imagined will be nearly equal to that particularly devised. Capt. Cradish is appointed by Earl Temple to be his chief Aide- du- Camp in Ireland. It is said the Lord Advocate of Scotland is appointed Treasurer of the navy, in the room of Col. Barre. The Lords of the Treasury have appointed John Brown, of Evesham, in the county of Worcester, Esq; to be collector of his Majesty's duties on post horses and carriages, and distributor of stamps for that county. The Rev. Mr. Jackson is appointed by his Majesty to succeed the Rev. Dr. Blair, deceased, as Prebend of Westminster. The constables on Monday night entered the Tem- ple of Health, in Pall Mall, and cut the tables to pieces but they were not strong enough to take the company, for there were not less than 300 persons present. Tuesday night the Justices in Bow- street went out a second time, with proper assistance, and took and destroyed feveral E. O. tables in the parishes of St. Martin's and St. Clement Danes. They all belonged to lottery- office keepers. . v Wednesday evening a young lad was perceived run- ning from Leicester- Fields towards the Haymarket, and two or three fellows running after him, crying Stop Thief /, Some of the passengers no sooner stopped him as such, than he told them he was n0 thief, but had been kidnapped by his pursuers, who had chained him in a cellar with about nine more, in order to be shipped off for India; and that he had made his es cape so far, by mere desperation, swearing he would run the first through with a pen- knife he held open in his hand. The youth was instantly liberated, and the whole fury of the populace fell on his kid- nap- ping pursuers, one of whom, was heartily ducked in the Mews pond. All the remaining youths were then taken from their place of confinement by the intervention of the populace. These robbers of human flesh, it seems, not only intoxicate country lads till they can confine them, but have been known to stop people in the streets, and " carry them to their infer- nal dens, under the various pretences of being de- serters, pick pockets, & c. ' They likewise attend re- gister offices, and hire raw youths there for servants, whom they immediately confine, and sell them either to the military, or to the India kidnapping contrac- tors. The master of this infamous house behaved in a most insolent manner before Justice Hyde, and was committed to the Black Hole be re- examined. It is sincerely hoped that the Middlesex justices will sup. press these infamous houses, which there up- wards of fifty within the bills of mortality. Extract of a letter from Edinburgh, July 28. On Wednesday the 24th inst, came on at Holy- roodhouse, the election of a Peer, ( as one of the Re- presentatives of the Scottish nobility) in the room of the late Earl of Loudon; — the candidates were the Earls of Buchan and Lauderdale. The latter was. chosen by a majority of two, the numbers being is to> 1 St. Upon this occasion the Earl of Hopetown deli- vered a speech, which has been much the subject of conversation. He began with observing, that their Lordships appeared that day as the poor remains of a once beautiful structure. That he never could reflect on the event which deprived them of their hereditary rights to seats in the grand council of the nation, without feeling the humiliating degradation of the Peer; of this country. It is the first time, said his Lord- ship, that I have appeared here in my new situation, and if I should deviate a little from the primary object of our present meeting, in what I have further to add, I shall hope For the indulgence of my fellow Peers. My Lords, it should be remembered, that the union was first proposed on the part of England — Proposed, did I say ?— It was asked, it was urged, it was petitioned for by England. That the commerce of this country may have profited by the treaty-, I will not pretend to determine; but sure I am our order has dwindled- almost to insignificance What did not Scotland forfeit by the connection * To say no more, she relinquished- her sovereignty which has always been held of consequence nations. Her imperial diadem is, alas I no more. But whilst. I lament our degenerated state, I mean not to inflame. The law has now marked our path,— let us tread it with honour. Our sister kingdom, indeed, has, with arms in her HANDS, compelled the legisla ture to do her justice. I rejoice at her successes. She has nobly, on her part, obtained what she had a title to enjoy. But in what manner ? Not by a voluntary' — act of the British Senate, but, I repeat it again, by the power of the sword, wielded in her right hand.' As people 1n general seem interested in the event that has brought Capt. Asgill's life into danger, we have extracted from a very prolix detail of circum- stances published by the Loyalists, a few facts relative to that subject : , The loyalists, having suffered the most unheard or cruelties when made prisoners. by the Americans, which they ascribe in a great measure to the want of spirit in the British commanders, in not making pro- per retaliation 0n the enemy, determined to take the matter into their own hands, and when any of their friends suffered death for the cause in which they had engaged, they resolved to make a similar example of their foes.-- To evidence the truth of this, it is advanced, that Col. Delancey, of West- Chester, caused one of his. prisoners to be hanged up, to retaliate for the hang- ing one of his refugees by the rebels, which immedi- ately put a stop to the treating his people in any other light than as prisoners of war. — Captain Cornelius Hatfield likewise hanged up one Ball in the same man- ner, and it was attended with the desired effect. The provocation given by Ball was such a specimen of sa- vage barbarity, that it deserves a particular recital: — Richard Long, a refugee from New Jersey, who was no partizan, and had never made himself peculiarly obnoxious to the rebels, was persuaded by his friend, Mr. Stewart, another refugee, whose wife had lately died in New Jersey, to go privately into th « country to bring his only child to him at Staten Island, which after the death of his mother, he was anxious to re- cover from the hands of the rebel's. While Long was engaged in this act of friend ship and humanity, he was taken prisoner by Ball and some associates. They first stripped him of his cloaths, and flogged him most unmercifully; and, after tearing up his flesh with their instruments of cruelty, they peppered and salted him. To add to the indignity, they tumbled him into a hog pen, and threw before him some ears of corn, as if they had been feeding a swine. After they were tired' of this diversion, Ball proceeded to tear the boots from the legs of Long, and then- pound- ed upon his unguarded feet with the but- end of his musket, till he had not a nail upon his toes. Long was then made to march some miles with his bare mangled feet upon frozen ground, Ball whipping- him as he went, and giving him many stabs with his bayonet, which put out one of his eyes. When they arrived at the destined place, in order to compleat the tragedy, they hanged him, but took care to let him down just as he was becoming insensible, that they might repeat his agonies. They hanged him again, and took him down as before. Upon hanging him the third time he fortunately expired. After these scenes of diabolical cruelty they dug a hole in the earth, threw in the dead body, and covered it in such a manner that one leg and one arm were left ex- tended above ground. The corpse lay in this situ- ation for a day or two, when it was taken up in the night, and placed against the door of a loyalist in the neighbourhood in such a manner, that when the door was opened in the morning, it fell forward into the house upon the person who opened it. Some months afterwards this monster of barbarity, Ball, in some of his incursions, fell into the hands of the loyalists, and Captain Hatfield carried him over to Bergen Point, in New Jersey, where he made a public example of him. Having stated these and many other instances of the revengeful disposition of the Americans against those who adhere to the cause of Great Britain, they proceed to relate the circumstances reflecting the execution of Joshua Huddy, whose death was the- object of reprisal. threatened by General Washington upon Captain Asgill. " Being frustrated in their design of carrying off Capt. Tilton by force," say the loyalists, " they dreaded that he was reserved for a fate similar to that which their associate Philip White had suf- fered, who was taken at the same time with Capt. Tilton, and inhumanly and wantonly murdered by the guard, who were carrying him to Monmouth gaol. " They thought it high time to convince the rebels, that they would no longer tamely submit to such acts of barbarity, and determined to begin a retaliation of intolerable cruelties, often repeated ; convinced that they could not have saved the life of Capt. Tilton by any other means. They there-- fore pitched upon Joshua Huddy for a proper sub— ject for retaliation, because he was not only well known to have been a very active and cruel per- secutor of their friends, but had not been ashamed to boast of his having been instrumental in hanging Ste- phen Edwards, a worthy loyalist, and the first of their brethren who fell a martyr to republican fury in Mon- mouth county. Huddy was the man who had tied, the knot, and put the rope round the neck of that in- ofensive sufferer.'' The loyalists farther enumerate a long list of- their friends who have been massacred by their coun.- trymen for their adherence to the British cause. A melancholy proof, that even in these enlightened days, where party rage takes possession of the mind, all the advantage, which mankind should draw from those bright precepts our religion enjoins, are lost; and men are reduced to a state more brutal, more sangui- nary, than in the darkest ages of ignorance and super- stition. ' in murdering and hanging the said Ed- Extract of a letter from Marazion, in Cornwall, July 15. " On Tuefday the 23d, about three in the after- noon, a French polacre, called Le Beinsaisant, was drove from the Lizard, and came on shore between the Mount and this place; she proves to be a prize to the Cerberus frigate, Capt. Sir J. Wheat, and was captured about 35 leagues S. W. of Scilly, being one of a fleet of 150 sail, escorted by six sail of the line, from Cape Francois, and is loaded with coffee and sugar, worth 2o, oool. if the cargo can be all saved. The prize- matter imagines, that about 20 sail of this fleet were captured by the Cerberus, Myrmidon, and Apollo, which were in company." COUNTRY NEWS. Hereford, Aug. 1. John Webb, who was con- demned at our last assizes for having been concerned in plundering a vessel wrecked on the coasts of Gla- morganshire, and left for execution, is reprieved. Bristol, July 31. It is with singular satisfaction that can announce to the public, the safe arrival of the Jamaica fleet; twenty- one ships are now in the road, the trade for Lancaster, Liverpool, & c. are also ar- rived safe at their respective ports. H E RE F O R D1 WHEREAS on Tuesday the 16th Instant, three well dressed Persons ( the one about 50 Years of Age, with dark brown Hair, an Ash coloured Coat, and a flapped Hat j, the second about 30 Years of Age, five Feet eight Inches high, of a dark Complexion, black or dark co- loured Hair, a brown Cloth Coat, and a striped Waiscoat; and the third a corpulent Man, about six Feet high, of a swarthy Complexion, with black Hair, and a remarkable Scar on the left Side of his Head) came to the Saracen's Head, in this City, and under Pretence of leaving Things of Value locked up in the Apartments where they slept, obtained from the Landlord thereof, the. Day following, a light- coloured Bath- coating great Coat, and light Bay Mare, about five Years old, with a Black Mane, and Tail ( docked rather short) a small Blaze in her Forehead, a little white round each Ear, the near Foot behind white, a Scratch just above the Fetter- lock Joint, and the four Legs shorn ; which they promised to return with the next Day, but have not since been heard of. Whoever will give Information of the said Mare, shall re- ceive a handsome Reward, with all reasonable Charges; and a further Reward of Five Guineas will be paid upon the ap- prehending and Conviction of either of the said Perfons above described, by WILLIAM GREENLY, July 24, 1782. Landlord of the said Inn. N. B. Left at the said Inn, by the Persons above described, a dark Bay Gelding of the Chaise Kind, with a Star in his Forehead, and a Snip in the off Eye- lid ; the right Owner may have the same by paying for his Keep. But if the said Gelding be not claimed, within 14 Days from the Date here- of, he will be sold to defray that Expence. GLOCESTERSHIRE. WHEREAS JOHN SAVORY, of Ampney, in this County, has reported that John Turner, of Harnill, robbed his Shop the 3d Day of June last, of six Dozen of Stockings, which it entirely false This is to give Notice, that whoever accuses him of the same, shall be prose- cuted according to Law. August 1. JOHN TURNER, of Harnill. CIRENCESTER RACES are fixed for the Week after Bath Races, or the latter End of Septem- ber next, when there will be a 50I. Plate for Five- year- olds, Six year- olds, and Aged Horses; as likewisfe a 50I. Plate for Four- year- olds. Particulars of which will be advertised in the next Paper. JAMES DUTTON, Esq; Steward. GLOCESTER. TO be LET, and entered upon at Michaelmas next, or sooner if required, an old accustomed GROCER'S SHOP, now in full Business, with the Dwelling- House, large Yard, and convenient Warehouses thereto belonging. Enquire of Evans and Hazell, Booksellers, in Glocester. FARMS to Let, Tythe- Free, in GLOCESTERSHIRE. TO be LET at Cowlesborne, near Cirencester and Cheltenham, several FARMS of 25c!. a Year and upwards, with all the growing Crops and live and dead Stock, at the Option of the Tenants, to be taken at a Va- luation.— To be entered upon immediately, or at Lady- Day, and great Encouragement to good Tenants. Enquire at Cowlesborne House, or of Messrs. Chambers, of Minchinhampton. Wanted a clever, notable, middled- aged Woman Servant, to take Case of a Dairy, and manage a Farmer's House and Servants, with a Girl under her. — Enquire as above. WINSTONE INCLOSURE. WE, whose Names are hereunto subscribed, being the Commissioners named in or appointed by Virtue of a certain Act of Parliament, intituled, " An Act " for dividing and inclosing the Open and Common Fields, « Common Meadows, Pastures, and Commonable and Waste " Lands, within the Manor and Parish of Winstone, in the " County of Glocester," do hereby give Notice, that we have set out such public Roads and Ways over the Lands by the said Act directed to be divided and inclosed, as to us appear necessary and convenient, and have directed our Sur veyor to stake out the same; and to put up Direction- Posts for the Information of the Public. Any Persons, who shall think themselves or the Public aggrieved, are desired to ex- hibit such their Cause of Complaint to us at our next Meet- ing, to be held on Thursday the Fifteenth Day of August ln- stant, at the House of Robert Coney, at Park Corner, in the Parish of Lower Dunsbourne, in the County of Glocester. Dated the 3d Day of August 1782. RALPH WHITEHART, THO. VAISEY, jun. RICHARD RICHARDSON. STAMP- OFFICE, July 31, 1782. BY an Act passed in the present Session of Par- liament, all INLAND BILLS of EXCHANGE, PROMISSORY NOTES, or other NOTES, from and after the first Day of August next, payable otherwise than upon Demand, for any Sum less than Fifty Pounds, must be drawn upon a Sheet or less Piece of Paper, charged with a Stamp Duty of Three- pence; and all Bills or Notes of the like Kind, for Fifty Pounds or upwards, muft be drawn upon a Sheet or Piece of Paper, charged with a Stamp Duty of Six- pence. Therefore Notice it hereby given, That for the Convenience of the Public, the above Stamps, conformable to Act of Par- liament, may be had of Mr. William Pitt, at Glocester, Distributor for the County; Mr. Harward, Tewkesbury; Mr. Smith, Cheltenham ; Mr. Thompson, Campden; Mr. Charles, Stow; Mr. Wood, Winchcomb; Mr. Phillips - Fairford; Mr. Stevens, Cirencester; Miss Cook, Minchin- hampton; Mr. White, Tetbury ; Miss Harvey, Sodbury ; Mr. Martin, Thornbury; Mr- Townsend, Wotton- Un- eredge; Mr. Williams, Dudley ; Mr. James, Colford ; Mr. - $ ymonds, Mitcheldean; Mr. Morris, Stroud; and Mr. Loveday, Painswlck. N. B. Any Bill of Note as above, not stamped agreeable to the Directions of this Ast, and bearing Date after the 1 bove Period, or marked or stamped with a lower Duty, cannot be pleaded or given in Evidence in any Court, or be available * either in Law or Equity. And any Person counterfeiting these Stamps, is guilty of Felony. ' The curious SMELLING BOTTLE, Called LE SEL POIGNANT D'ANGLETERRE. HELD in the highest Esteem by all the Quality and Gentry throughout Europe, who constantly carry it in their Pocket; and is infinitely superior to every Kind of Salts hitherto invented, and far more fragrant and re- freshing than either Lavender, Hungary, or any Kind of Ef- fence, or odoriferous Water. Its Uses,— By smelling to it it gives instantaneous Re- lief in all sorts of Head- Achs, Sickness, Faintings, Swoon- ings, Tremblings, sudden Frights, Hysteric and Hypochon- driacal Disorders, Oppression and Palpitation of the Heart, Melancholy, Lowness of Spirits, Anxiety, Inquietudes, and all the whole Train of nervous Disorders. It gives the greatest Relief In convulsive and epileptic Fits, Apoplexies, Palsies, Vertigoes, Heartburns, Yawnings, croaking and tingling of the Ears; add to these most excellent Qualities, only by open- ing the Stopper now and then, it gives a most pleasing and a- greeable Flavor to a Room, or any public Place; and by its penetrating and discutient Effluvia, is a certain Preventative from the Small- Pox, Measles, and every Kind of infectious Disorder; in short, considering the many sudden Disorders we are liable to, no one is really safe without it. This celebrated Smelling Bottle is prepared only by Dalma- hoy, Chymist to her Majesty, on Ludgate- Hill, London; and toid, by Appointpient, only at Mr. CHARLES Cox's, Per- fumer, Glocester, at 1s. 2s. 6d. and 10S. 6d. each. In order to preserve the Reputation of these most excellent Smelling Bottles, the Public art requefted to observe, that ^ the Name Dalmahoy is engraved on each Bottle, and that none else are genuine. Also, DALMAHOY'S incomparable PLATE POWDERS, so famous for cleaning and preserving Silver Plate of all which gives it a most superb and elegant Lustre, far superior to new; also for giving a most high Polish and Lustre to alil Sorts of Steel and other Metals, totally preventing them from Rust or Canker, at 1s the Packet. N. B. A great Variety of Foreign and English Edifices, Waters, & c. & e. Pomades, hard and- soft, with every other Article in the Perfumery Likewise . the choicest long Hair for Braids, with all Kind artificial Hair made in the most natural Form. Light Summ- Cushions oa a new Con- struction by CHARLEs Cox. M O This Day N D A Y's arrived the Mails Flanders. Paris, July POST. from France and LETTERS from Brest inform us, that the f L % combined fleet has been extended for some t^ l days past from the Lizard to Cape Clear. We promise ourselves much that the English Jamaica fleet, on board of which, it is said, are Count de Grasse and 3000 prisoners, will not escape our fleet. But the English are so successful and so clever ! The approaching reduction of Gibraltar is much talked of here ; the preparations for the siege of which are carried on with all possible dispatch it is imagined it will commence on the 10th of next month. The artillery both for sea and land service is so numerous and powerful, that it is presumed the garrison will not hold out above three weeks. LONDON, Saturday, Aug. 3. St. James's, July 1. This day the Right Hon. George Earl Temple, and the Right Hon. Henry Dundass, Treasurer of his Majesty's navy, were, by his Majesty's command, sworn of his Majesty's most Honourable Privy Council, and took their places at the board accordingly. His Majesty in council was this day pleased to de- clare the Right Hon. George Earl Temple, Lieute- nant General and General Governor of his Majesty's kingdom of Ireland. Whitehall, August 3. The King has been pleased to order a Conge d'Elire to the Dean and Chapter of the Cathedral Church of Salisbury, for electing a Bishop 6f that fee, the same being vacant by the death of the Right Rev. Doctor John Hume, late Bishop thereof; and also a letter recommending to the said Dean and Chapter the Right Rev. Father in God Doctor Shute Barrington, now Bishop of Landaff, to be by them elected Bishop of the said fee of Salisbury. The King has been pleased to grant to the Rev. Thomas Jackfon, M. A. and one of his Majesty's Chaplains in ordinary, the place and dignity of a Canonry or Prebend of the collegiate Church of St. Peter, Weltminster, void by the death of the Rev. Doctor John Blair.—- Lond. Gaz. The Lively privateer is arrived at Leith, with an account, that on the 21ft of July she fell in with the Dutch fleet, consisting of 14. ships of the line, steering to the northward. From this information it is pro- bable, that the Dutch are pushing for the East- Indies, to join Mons. D'Orves, in order to give a decided su- periority against us in that part of the world. They had no frigates, transports, or smaller vessels of any kind in company.— And as, the latest accounts re- ceived of Lord Howe were from a vessed that passed him 60 leagues to the westward of Cape Clear, it is imagined, that he was stretchind into the ocean, with a view to intercept the Dutch fleet, as they are steer- ing to the southward. , a Government have received information that the State of Vermont has settled its differences with the Congress, by which it is admitted to be a free and in- dependent State. The American confederacy, there- fore, is hence forward to bear the appellation of the Fourteen United States of America. By a letter received from a merchant of considerable eminence residing at Jamaica, brought by the last fleet, we learn, that during the time Count de Grasse re- mained on that island, his conduct and demeanor bor- dered fo much on the hauteur, that he was generally disliked by the inhabitants : a suspicion having gone abroad, that he intended to blow up the Ville de Paris, a guard was placed over him, and which, it is sup- posed, saved the Count from some personal insults from the negroes, who were extremely exasperated, when they heard that 30,000 handcuffs had been found on board one of the men of war captured by Lord Rodney, in the engagement on the 12th of April, and which were intended as shackles for them immediately after the reduction of the island. The Jenny, Walker, a running ship from St. Lu- cia, is arrived at Liverpool. She sailed from the islands the 19th of June; but had not heard of the fleet having left Antigua, tho' supposed to have done so on the 17th. Every thing was quiet, and both the English and French islands were well supplied with provisions, the latter in particular drawing great re- sources from the islands of St. Thomas and St. Croix, the former of which now is what St. Eustatius was before the Dutch war. Advice was received yesterday from Liverpool, that the Major, Capt. Harrison, and the Charles, Capt. Graham, two of the Jamaica fleet, are lost near Li- verpool. They were very valuable ships, and are sup- posed to be worth more than 50,000!. A letter from Philadelphia says, that the Congress have offered a considerable reward to any of the King's troops who are prisoners, that understand cultivating the lands, if they will settle amongst them and ma- nage the farming business during the continuance of the war, that the land may not lie uncultivated ; and whenever peace is restored they shall have liberty to return home, or shall have a tract of land allotted them for their own support, & c. Advice is received from Boston, that two vessels were lately launched there; one called the Intrepid is to carry 60 guns, the other the Resolution, 64; and that keels of two more ships are laid, one of which is of 79, the other of 74. guns; and that frigates are building in every port belonging to the Americans. Lord Shelburne's scheme for prosecuting the A- merican war, is to withdraw - the troops from New- York, but to keep Charles- Town, and to carry on hostilities chiefly at sea. The troops at New- York to be sent to the West- Indies, where it is a fact we are so weak in troops, that, if we had ever such a naval strength, we could attack none of the enemies' islands.— St. James's Chron. A cabinet resignation, little thought of, it is said, will take place in a few days, " The supercillious car- riage of the person with whom condescension should originate, is assigned as the sole cause of this sudden resolution. English Chron. Mr. Bryan Broughton, one of the clerks of the Treasury, and late confidential Secretary to Mr. Ro- binson, is appointed private Secretary to Lord Shel- burne. This day a young fellow was taken into custody for a forgery on the bank of England of 1ool stock. We hear that the activity of the Westminster Jus- tices, which has been of late so laudably exerted a- gainst the E O tables, < vas occasioned by an applica- tion from the Directors of the Bank to Mr. Secretary Townshend, stating, that they had suffered considera- bly by this public practice of gaming in the metropo lis, and requesting, on behalf of themselves, and the public, that the laws now in being against gaming, might be extended as far as possible, to prevent its pernicious practice. In consequence whereof Mr. Secretary Townshend wrote to the different Justices of the Westminster Police, who waited upon him, and after a promise of every assistance from Administra- tion, undertook the business ; and they have since en- gaged in it in so very active a manner, as promises to put a period to this horrid practice, which has become more particularly dangerous from its being so Com- mon. It reflects no small praise on Mr. Justice Hyde, that he was the first of the Justices who ventured to do this good service to the community. Mr. O'Burne, who some years ago was pushed into life by the introduction of Lord Lyttleton, is sup- posed to have realised by play upwards of one hun- dred thousand pounds; he is now, and has been for some time past, resident at Paris; where he lives in the highest stile, and is one of the first favourites and most admired characters in the Bon Ton. The once gay Sir H y E n is at last become a post- boy, and not long since actually had the dishonour to drive a man, who formerly was his coachman, and to receive from him a livre in remem- brance of former acquaintance.—- M. Herald. Married. Saturday last, at Chelmsford, the Rev. Robert Young, Rector of Little Thurrock, to Mrs. Langwith, relict of the Rev. Oswald Langwith, late Rector of Thornton, in Yorkshire.— Wednesday, at Camberwell, Maurice Lloyd, Esq; of Montgomery, to Mrs. Elizabeth Lloyd, of Garth Llwyd, in the fame county, widow.--- Yesterday morning, at Lady Irvin's, in Stanhope- Street, May- Fair, Hugo Mey- nell, Esq, to the Hon. Miss Ingram, daughter of Lady Irvin. Died.-— The 26th of May last, in Bourdeaux river, on his way to the South of France for the reco- very of his health, Charles Lenox Smith, Esq; late Lieutenant- Colonel of the second regiment of horse, and brother to Thomas Smith, Esq; member in the Irish Parliament for the city of Limerick Last week, at Weston, in Staffordshire, of an inflamma- tion in his bowels, Henry Bridgeman, Esq; son and heir of Sir Henry Bridgeman, Bart. Wednesday last, at Merryfield, near Plymouth, Henry Thomp- son, Esq; late surgeon to the London hospital.— Thursday last, at Edinburgh, Lady Mary Gordon, daughter of the late Alexander Duke of Gordon. Monday, in the Bachelor's Alms- house, Green- walk, Surrey, aged 103, Mr. Crouch. Tuesday night, at Walworth, aged 100, Mr. Heidington, late an anchor smith at Radcliffe- Cross. Monday, at his seat near Seven- Oaks, in Kent, of a mortification in they were induced to make him the offer of a very considerable establishment, would he relinquish for ever the dangerous profession in which he was engaged'. — The spirit of the Marquis of Granby's son revolted at the idea, he fought.— and he. died.! When the news of his lamented death arrived, the Duke's feel- ings did him honour as a brother and as - a man. Among other uncommon marks of affection, his Grace went down with his Duchess to Salthill, where he spent several days in wandering over the environs Of Eton, and enjoying the melancholy pleasure of traversing every spot which might bring to his mind the liveliest recollection of his gallant brother.' There was no picture of the young hero in the family:; but the rude production of a country dauber, This the Duke of Rutland conveyed to Sir Joshua Reynolds, and at the same time endeavoured 10 give him a more adequate description of his brother, whom indeed Sir Joshua had seen. Leave the picture with me, my Lord, and call to- morrow.- His Grace returned, and was informed, that the artist had it in his power to give him a perfect likeness of his noble relation,; which he has since most happily finished, to the intire satisfaction of the Duke. Lord Townsend has called upon his tenants and neighbours in Norfolk to embody themselves for learn- ing military discipline for the defence of their coast. — Fifty two horse and fifty- eight foot have already engaged in this association : the horsemen clothe them- selves in uniform, and find their own horses; Lordship cloathes the foot.— Many other gentlemen of that county intend following the example. ; a corn too near, aged Esq; formerly High- his foot, brought on by cutting 65, Frederick Wodehouse, sheriff for that county. Same day, after eating a hearty dinner, Mr. William Hay, merchant, in Corn- hill Tuesday last, at Chillingham Barns, in Nor- thumberland, William Crichton, Esq; Alderman of Cheap Ward. The Alderman left Edinburgh on Tuefiay evening the 43d ult. on horseback, intend- ing to ride all the way up to London, and got to Wooller- haugh- Head next evening, where he was attacked with a violent colick and vomiting.--- The 16th of July, at Stockholm, after a few days illness, the Queen Dowager of Sweden, in the 62d year of her age. BANKRUPTS. Robert Mayne and Robert Graham, of Jermyn- street, Weftminster, Middlesex, bankers. Samuel Smith, of Ches- terfield, Derbyshire, dyer. William Squire, of Shirbeck- quarter, Lincolnshire, merchant. Aug. 13. John Mills and Sherland Swanston, of Great St. Helen's; London, merchant. Thomas Wycliffe, late of Li- verpool, Lancashire, merchant. 10. Joseph Adams, of Bir- mingham, Warwickshire, gunsmith. Bank Stock, . Three per cent. con. Three percent, red. 57 i- Sth. Three per cent. 1716, —. Three i- half per cent. 1758, Four per cent. con. —. Four per cent. ann. 1777, 71 3" 4ths. Long Ann. —. Long Ann. 1777, —. Long Ann. 177S, —. India Stock, - . India Bonds, is. a is. prem- South Sea Stock, —. Old Ann. —. New Ann. 56 3- Sths. Three pier cent. fub. 57 3 4ths. Four per cent. tub. —. Navy Bills, II per cent. dif. Exchequer Bills, 6s. ptem. 6m- niurri; — ; Lottery Tickets, 15I, 15s. CHELTENHAM SPA. THE BALL for the Master of the Ceremonies, will be at Mr. Miller's Long Room, on Monday the 5th of August, 1782. Tickets to be had at Mrs. Field's Rooms: and of Mr. Moreau, at Mr. Russell's. %* To begin at Seven o'Clock. AT the ANNUAL MEETING at Oakley Wood, on Wednesday the 7th of August next, will be a grand CONCERT of Vocal and Instrumental MUSIC ; the Vocal Part by Mr. WALTON, of Litchfield. The Concert to begin at Eleven o'Clock. After the Concert will be pro- vided a cold Collation and Tea, gratis. Tickets to be had at the Swan Inn, Cheltenham; of R. Raikes, Glocester; Printing- Office, Castle- Green, Bristol; Printing- office, Bath; Printing- Office, Oxford; George Inn, Stroud; Bell Inn, Dursley; and at Mr. Whatley's, Cirencester, at 7s. 6d. each. No Tickets to be had after Monday the 5th under Half a Guinea. N. B. On Tuesday the 6th, the Evening before the Meet- ing, at the Great- Room, Cirencester, will be a cONCERT and BALL. Tickets to be had at Mr. Whatley's, at 3s. eich. To begin at Seven o'Clock. Nothing certain can be learnt from the papers, re- specting the situation of the combined fleet A letter from Plymouth, dated July 17, asserts, that an ac- count was arrived there, that the enemy's fleet was gone into Brest; their principal object, the protection of their St. Domingo convoy, having been effected. Another account lays, that they were seen the 26th instant, cruising in three compact divisions, at the mouth of the Channel. For the two following articles we are indebted to correspondent in London i It having been insinuated that a great and amiable Youth is disposed to place himself at the head of a party in the prefent dissentions among our great men, we have it from good authority, that nothing is far- ther from the truth. The good sense of the young Personage alluded to, forbids us to suspect it; while candour obliges us to add, that the person who is sup- posed to have endeavoured to excite such an evil fpirit, is well known to have done every thing in his power to prevent it; that amidst so many other causes of vexa- tion, at least, the domestick tranquility of the best of fathers might be uninterrupted. The life of Lord Robert Manners appeared of so much importance to some of his noble family, that Mrs. SIDDONS is at present at Cheltenham ; and it being the earnest desire of the nobility and gentry, as well as the public in general, to see that very fa- vourite actress perform some principal character, we hear that Mr. Watson has requested her acquiescence, and she has most obligingly promised to appear in the part of Portia next Tuesday evening; — Mr. BRUN- TON, from Bath, makes his first appearance in Shylock the Jew. A great resort of Company is expected this evening at Cheltenham; where there is, a grand hall for the benefit of the Mafter of the Ceremonies. ' J A few days ago died, after a tedious illness, which she bore with great resignation, Mrs. Morse, wife of Mr. Morse, mercer, in Newent, in this county.. Lately died at Lantrithyd, in Glamorganshire, John Roberts, a blacksmith, in the hundred, and eleventh year of his age, who was in good health till within a few days, and retained his senses till within an hour of his death. It is melancholy to view the quantities of hay in the meadows in this neighbourhood, nearly spoilt by the frequent rains. The wheat too, we are told, in many parts of the country, is lodged in such a manner as to afford a dismal prospect to the farmer. ; On Tuesday evening William Lewis, a young man who was learning to swim in the river Leddon, near the mill at Over, going out of his depth, was un- happily drowned. The Sieur BOAZ, having finished his engage, ments in Bristol, is arrived in this city; and we are authorised to inform the public, that he purposes displaying his Grand Thaumaturgick Exhibitions here, as soon as he has fitted up a commodious room for the reception of ladies and gentlemen, of which pro- per notice will be given. i N. B. The exhibitions are of an entire new species, and chiefly calculated for the genius of the British nation, of both sexes, and ail ages, being more apt to improve the mind, than affect the senses; tho' in an age and country left enlightened, they would inevitably have appeared supernatural. Last week was committed to our castle, Mary Wil- liams, charged with stealing a silver pint from a pub- lic- house in Briftol. This woman has been twice condemned to be hanged for horse stealing, and was discharged from the prison at the last assizes only. —~ To a person who expressed his surprize at her speedy return to her old habitation, she replied, that she was born under the planet, and as she must therefore die at the tree, she hoped the Lord would have mercy upon her soul. She is near 70 years Of age. A few evenings ago, one George Gough, who had been committed to the castle for a breach of the peace attempted to leap from the top of a high tree in the court- yard of the prison, over the wall ; but not jumping far enough he fell down upon the pavement in the court; and was taken up so much bruised tha there are little hopes of his recovery. . Arrived at Cheltenham, Mr. and Mrs. Camp- bell, Miss Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. King, Mrs. Leachman, Mr. Boswell, Mr. Prado, Major Baggs? Captain Farquhar, Captain Gibson. Captain Price, Captain Phillips, Mr. and Mrs. Pytts; i Miss Chamberlayne, Mr. and Miss Myer, Mr. and Miss Lysons, Mr C. Dormer, Mr. ahd Miss Noverre, Mr. Dore, Mr. Woodward, Mr. Glyn, Mrs. Eng- land, Miss Draper, Mifs Hogg, Mr. Austin, Mr. Butterfield, Mr. Day, Mrs. Knox, Miss Knox, two Mr. Knoxes, Mr. Cooper, Mr. Hollingworth, Mr. R. Hollingworth, Mils Hollingworth, Mr. C. Loder, Mr. Aubrey, Mrs. Macie, Mr. Macie, Rev. Mr. Loder, Rev. Mr. Boys, Rev. Mr. Best, Mr. Cumberland, Mr. Finch, Mr. Dueleigh, Mr. and Mrs. Dobbins, Mr. and Mrs. Barker, Mr. Clarke, Mifs Carter, Miss Beale, Mifs Clutterbuck, Earl of Macclesfield, Countess of Macclesfield, Hon. Mr. Parker, Mr. and Mrs. Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. Bourgeois, Mrs. and Miss Winford, Mrs. Rice, Mrs. Newton, Mr. and Mrs. Purnell Purnell, Miss Philli- more, Mrs. Cox, Mr. and Mrs. Anthony, Mr, Baber, Dr. J. Smith, Miss Northey, Miss Butler, Mr. Rouze, Capt. Gaman, and Mr. Wenman, & c. Cheltenham Theatre, Aug. 5. The Fete Champetret which was so well received last Thurfday, will be per- formed again ( for the last time) next Thursday, the 8th instant, with additional illuminations, transpa- rencies, & c: & c. , A gentleman, lately arrived from India, has fa- voured us with the following instance of the efficacy of James's powder, which he received from Col. Watson :— The Colonel was going out to India in a ship extremely crowded with soldiers, and, off the Cape they met with such contrary winds and wet weather, that the people grew very sickly, and in a tew days a fever began to rage so violently that the men died in great numbers; There were three sur- geons on board the ship, to whom a person who passenger offered the rise of some James's powder, which he had, in his chest.— They refused to make any trial of it, ridiculing it as a nostrum..--- In the space of four days the three medical gentlemen were themselves carried off—- The passenger then had re- course to the powder, which in a short time restored to health the remainder of the crew. From the same authority we have another remark- able instance of the use of this medicine in India :-— Twelve gentlemen on board a ship at anchor, on the coaft of Sumatra, went on shore for their amusement, and pitching a tent, staid there the night- The next day, when, they got on board, they were all seized with violent fevers, one of them, luckily recollected that, he had a packet of James's powder, to which he instantly applied. This gentleman presently recovered, and is now in En few hours. Best Wheat Second Third land ; the eleven others died in a 8s, 7s, _ o6. d, ood. o3d. Barley is. o^ d. to owj. Beans 3s.. 04.( 1. to 33. o8c( Oats v js. zed. to is. BRISTOL. FOR SALE by Auction, on Tuesday the 13th of August Inst. at Ten o'Clock in the Forenoon pre- cisely, at Messrs. John Garnett and Co.' s Deal- Yard, Can- non's Marsh, about 100C. Red and White DEALS, from 1 and a Half'to 3 Inches thick. Being the Cargo of the Providentia, from Dram. Catalogues of which will be timely dispersed. TO be SOLD, two DWELLING HOUSES, with Gardens adjoining, in the West- End in the Town of Minchinhampton, in the County of Glocester, in Possession of Samuel Clift, and the Widow Chambers. One other DWELLING- HOUSE, and Garden, in Bull- Street, in the faid Town, inPossession of Thomas Bingham. Three COTTAGES and Gardens, with two Acres and a Quarter of Woodland Ground, lately cleared, and two Acres of Pasture Land, planted to an Orchard, now in full Prime, at Mattock's Land, in the Parish of Minchinhampton afore- said. Also one DWELLING HOUSE and Garden, at the Box, in the said Parish, in Possession of John Swain. Also two Inclosures of ARABLE LAND, in the West and Box Fields, in the faid Parish, in Possession of Richard Smith and John Chambers. For Particulars enquire of Mr. James Chambers, or Mr. Christopher Gardiner, of Minchinhampton, aforesaid. MONMOUTHSHIRE. TO be LET and entered upon at Michaelmas or Christmas next, the capital MESSUAGE or MANSION HOUSE of Goytrey, situate in the Parish of Goytrey, about five Miles from the Town of Abergavenny, and adjoining the Turnpike Road from thence to Pontypool, together with convenient Outbuildings, a Cyder Mill, good Orchard, and one hundred and twenty- fix Statute Acres of Arable. Meadow, and Pafture Land, lying compact and hav- ing a valuable Common Right, with Liberty of getting Lime- stone and Coals, and burning Lime on very extenlive Wastes or Commons near thereto. Also a FARM called Pentwyn, situate in the Parish of Lanvair, about a Mile from the former, consisting of a con- venient Dwelling House and Out- buildings, all in good Re- pair, with One Hundred and Twenty Statute Acres of Ara- ble, Meadow, and Pasture Land, lying compaft, and having the like Common Right, and other Privileges above men- tioned. Also a MESSUAGE, with all convenient Buildings, and Upwards of Seventy- five Statute Acres of Meadow, Arable, and Pasture Land, including two Covers of Orcharding, planted with good Fruit Trees, now in their Prime, situate in the Parish of, and adjoining to the Town of, Ragland, and within Sll Miles of Usk, seven of Monmouth, and nine of Aber- gavenny, all good Market Towns. N. B. The Dwelling- House on the last Farm is a very eli- gible Situation for a Publick, having great Conveniences for taking in Pigs and Cattle on their Road from Wales to Bristol. Also a BARN, with about Twenty- eight Statute Acres of Arable, Meadow, and Pafture Lar. d, very good in their Kind, situate in the said Parish of Ragland, at a short Distance from, the last Farm, and may be occupied therewith. For further Particulars enquire of Mr. Powell, Attorney at Law, in Abergavenny. N. B. Good Tenants will have Encouragement. NEW PLAN STAMP OFFICE LONDON, JULY 11, 1782- THE Commissioners for managing his Majefsy's Stamp Duties, do hereby give Notice, that there^ will be Attendance- every Day at the Wine Licence Office, from Half an Hour after Eight o'Clock in the Morning, till One in the Afternoon, ( Holidays excepted) for granting Wine Licences. And whereas the said Commissioners have received Infor- mation that divers Perfons fell Wine by Retail without Li- cence, contrary to Law, Notice is hereby given, that unless they do forthwith take out Licences, they will be prosecuted as the Act of Parliament directs. By Order of the Commissioners, JOHN BRETTELL, Secretary. Note,— Every Person selling Ale and spirituous Liquors is to produce those Licences when he applies for his Wine Licence. GLOCESTER. TO be SOLD by Auction, on Wednesday the 7th of Auguft Inft. at the New Inn, in the Upper Northgate- Street, in this City, between the Hours of Three and Six in the Afternoon, ( unlefs disposed of in the mean Time by private Contract, of which Notice will be given in this Paper) subject to such Conditions as will then and there- be produced, a HOUSE, situated in the Upper Northgate- Street, now in the Occupation of Mr. Moore,' Shoe maker, and set at the yearly Rent of Twelve Guineas. N. B. The Premises are in good Repair ; and a View of the same may be taken any Day previous to the Sale, by ap- plying to the faid Mr. Moore, FIRE ENGINE. FOR SALE, A FIRE- ENGINE compleat, now standing near Bristol, on the Borders of the River Avon, where the Expence of removing by Water would render the Purchase an Object; it is a Machine erected about three Years, of the most modern and advantageous Construction, and by its Contrivance a prodigious Saving in Coals has been experienced. The Diameter of the Cylinder is 2,8 Inches and a Half, and Working Pieces 9 Inches. Alfo 110 Yards . of Iron Shydes or Pipes, 7 Inches Bore, with Octagon Flanches, which will fit each other indiscri- minately without the least Trouble. ,'. Apply to JOHN GARRAT, Anchor- Smith, Bristol; who has also for Sale a Quantity of Second Hand Anvils, Bick- Irons, Sledges, Bellows, Screw- Plates, Stcicks, Top and Dies, w: th a Variety of Smith's Tools and Implements, late the Property of a Company having declined Trade. This will be advertised but once more. A MAGAZINE AND REVIEW CALCULATED TO MERIT UNIVERSAL APPROBATION. • On the 1st of August - was published, Price 1s. [ Enriched with the following truly elegant Engravings! — I. A beautiful allegorical Frontispiece, reprefenting Wif- dom and Truth condufting Genius to the Temple of Fame, and repelling the Attacks of Envy and Detraction.— a. A handfome engraved Title, and emblematic Vignette ; the Frontispiece and Vignette both defigned by Stothard, and engraved by Heath,, with their ufual fuperior Excel lence.— 3. A moft delightful View of SION HOUSE, the Seat of his Grace the Duke of Northumberland, from Richmond Gardens, drawn on the Spot by C. Metz, R, A. and engraved by the celebrated Mr. Walker] NUMBER I. ( To he continued Monthly) of the BRITISH MAGAZINE and REVIEW; or or UNIVERSAL MISCELLANY of Arts, Sciences, Literature, Hiftory, Poetry, Politicks, Manners, Amufe- ments, and Intelligence foreign and domeftic. London, printed for Harrison and Co. Pater- noter- Row. Sold by Evans and Hazell, T. Dunn, and J. Hough, ii Glocefter; S. Harward, Tewkesbury; T. Stevens, Ciren- cester ; J. Bence, Wotton- underedge ; C. Badham, and J Allen, Hereford ; W. North, Brecon ; Mrs. Price, of the Hay ; and L. Barnikel, Carmarthen. P L A N. BESIDES the usual Variety ( and even that eonfrderably extended and improved) of temporary Circumstances, and daily Occurrences— Humorous, entertaining, interesting, mo- ral, a^ d instructive Tales, Stories, and Adventures. - New, curious, and improving Effays.— Extrafts from choice, fcarce, and valuable Books and Manufcripts. - Original Pieces of Poetry.-— State Papers.— Foreign and Domeftic Intelligence, See. & c. & e. Common to all the Mifcellanies of this Nature, or which have been peculiarly attempted in any-—- THE BRITISH MAGAZINE and REVIEW will contain ( among others) the following totally new and ftriking Articles; every one of which has either entirely efcapcd the Conductors of all fimilar Publications, or been fo inaccurately, unconneftedly, or Sightly noticed, as neither to convey authentic or fatisfaftory Information, on Subjefts Unqueftionably of the very firft Importance : I. MODERN BIOGRAPHY, or Anecdotes and Me- moirs of eminent LIVING CHARACTERS, of both Sexes, and of every Country : including the Statesman, the Divine, the Lawyer, the Soldier, the Physician, the Historian, the Poet, the Philosopher, the Man of Genius, the Traveller, the Virtuoso, the Heroine, the Courtezan, the Man of Gal- lantry, the Gamester, and the Debauchee. II. MODERN IMPROVEMENTS in the ARTS; in- cluding the moft accurate Accounts of all elegant modern Buildings, highly finilhed Pieces of Sculpture, celebrated Paintings, Prints, and Engravings, and every new and ufe- ful Machine, Inftrument, & c. See. III. A Copious and candid REVIEW of all NEW BOOKS and PAMPHLETS, including the foft- Number ® f every Periodical Publication, and Striftures upon- their refpeftive Embellilhments; with the GUAR EN AN of LITERA- TURE— under which Head every Gentleman or Lady who may conceive their Produftions to have been mifrepreleoted in either of the two Reviews, ( or even by ourfelves) will have an Opportunity of appealing from the Judgment of their C'enfors. IV. A compleat PARLIAMENTARY HISTORY, com- mencing with the late important Change in the Adminiftra- tion, clearly and concifely methodized, on an entire new Plan, and comprizing all the DEBATES on every important Sub- jefl. V. An hiftorical ACCOUNT and DESCRIPTION of every NOBLEMAN and GENTLEMAN'S SEAT, rn Great- Britain and Ireland j with VIE WS taken on the Spot, by the firft Artifts in this Country, at the unavoidable Ex- pence of fome Thoufands of Pounds, and engraved In a very fuperior and fuperb ctyle. — One of thefe delightful £ ubje& s, with another equally elegant Engraving, on fome popular, temporary, or interr.{ lrr » £ Qccwfion, will accompany every Number: To each of thefe maftcrly Embeiliftments, as we / hall neither copy old Prints, nor employ inferior Arvifts, the Names of the refpe& ive Defigners and Engravers will conw itantly appear. And at the End of each Volume, v/ i 11 be given, ( without the Impolition of any SUPPLEMENT) a copiouS and comV pleat index of the whole Contents. SucH 1$ the general Plan of the " Work now offered to the Public— which the Editors are free to confefs they mean ^ lionld farpafs every Thing of the Kind ever produced in this . gauntry— for the AcCoipp lift me Fit of a Purpofe fo defirable, they are determined no Ext: eace lhall be fpaied, nor any At- tention neglected; atyl though they flatter themfelves they are in fume Mftafure equal to the T* fk « » f executing it with Propriety and Refpectdbility, they earn eft ly wifh, neverthe- less* to receive the AlTiftance of the Learned and Ingenious in evsi'y Branch of Seitnee- and- Literature, whofe Communica- tions- will be received with equal Gratitude and Reipedt, ad- ^ refled to them at their Pubiiiher's. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, By W I L L I A M B I R C H A L L, On Tuesday the 10th of September next,, at Pile Inn,, in the County of Glamorgan, between the- Hours of Tvelve and Two In the Afternoon, in three Lots* The feveral FREEHOLD ESTATES hereinafter men- tioned, late the Property of JOSEPH LLOYD, Esq; deceafed. Lot 1. The MANOR and FARM of Skerr, in the County of Glamorgan, consisting of a large Mansion- House, with Barns, Stables,, and other Offices, and upwards of 400 Acres of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, besides a large Rabbit Warren,, and several Cottages and Gardens thereunto belonging, moft pleasantly situated in the Parishes of Pile, Kenfig, and Newton- Nottage, and bordering on the Sea, with a most beautiful Beach, now in the Occupation1 of Mr. Mor- gan Howell. Lots. The capital MESSUAGE, FARM, and LANDS, called Tally van, situate in the Parishes of Dingestow, and Pen y Clawth, in the County of Monmouth, consisting of a Farm- House, Barns, Stables, Out- houses, Orchards, and Garden, and about 180 Acres of Arable, Meadow, and Pas- ture Land, now in the Occupation of —— Lot 3. The FARM and LANDS, called Trevldee, situate in the several Parishes or Hamlets of Cumcarvaw, Lan Thomas, and Pen y Clawth, in the said County of Mon mouth, consisting of a Farm House, Barns, Stables, Out., houses, Orchard, and Garden, and about 267 Acres of Ara- ble, Meadowy and Pasture Land, now in the Occupation of * The respective Tenants will shew the Premises.-' Particulars and Conditions of Sale will be produced' at the Auction, and- in the mean Time be had, by applying to Mr. Thomas, Attorney, at Cardiff; Mr. William Birchall, Auctioneer, or Mr. Fowell, Attorney, both of Bath. This Day was published, In one large Volume Oftavo, Price 6s. half bound, V O L U M E the S E C O N D, of THE NEW ANNUAL REGISTER r or, General Repository of History, Politics, and Litera- ture, for the Year 1781. The British and Foreign History, the principal Occurrences, and the public Papers, are continued with the same Impartiality, Attention, and Diligence, which have already obtained so general an Approbation. The Miscellaneous Part, which is divided into a Variety of important Articles, contains many of the choicest Extracts from the most valuable Productions of the Year* The Account of the Domestic and Foreign Litera ture of 1781, is carried on upon the new and improved Plan begun in the first Volume:— And to the whole is prefixed> A general View of the State of Knowledge, Learning, and Tafte in Great- Britain, from the Death of Queen Anne, to the Death of King George the Second j as introductory to a more particular Survey of thefe instructive and entertaining Objects, during the Course of the present Reign Printed for G. Robinson, No. 25, Paternoster- Row, Lon- don. ** 1* Sold by Evans and Hazell, T. Dunn, and J. Hough in Glocester; T. Stevens, Cirencester; J. Bence, Wotton- Underedge } W. North, Brecon j S. Harward, Tewkesbury, Of whom may be hady The first Volume, for the Year 1780. To whicg is prefixed A short REVIEW of the principal, Transactions of the present Reign. This Day ' was published, . In One Volume, Price 5s. Bound, The NINTH EDITION, greatly enlarged, and wholly new '' improved of EVERY MAN, HIS OWN GARDENER Being a New, and much more Complete GAR- DENER'S CALENDAR than any, one hitherto published Containing, not only an Account of what Work is necessary to be done in the Kitchen and Fruit Garden, Pleasure Ground, Flower Garden, and Shrubbery; Nursery, Green- House, and Hot- House, for every Month of the Year, but alio ample Directions for performing the said Work, according to the newest and most approved Methods now in Practice among the best Gardeners. • With complete practical Directions for forcing all Kinds of choice Plants, Flowers, and Fruits, to early Perfection, ir Hot- Beds, Hot- Houses, Hot- Walls, Forcing- Frames, Forcing Houses, Vineries, & c. Also particular Directions relative to- SOIL and SITuA TION, adapted to the different Sorts of Plants and Trees, & C. * _ And to the Whole is added, complete and useful Lifts of Kitchen Garden Plants, Fruit- Trees, Forest- Trees. Flower- ing Shrubs, Evergreens, Annual, Biennial, and Perennial Fibrous- rooted Flowers, Bulbous arid Tuberous- rooted Flow- ers, Green- House, and Hot- House Plants, proper for Cultiva- tion in the English Gardens and Plantations. By THOMAS MAWE,. ( Gardener to his Grace the Duke of Leeds) JOHN ABEKCROMBIE, ( Gardener, Tottenham- Court) AND OTHER GARDENERS. London, printed for J. F, and C. Rivington, S. Crowder, B. Law, T. Lowndes, G. Robinfon, T. Cadell, T. Evans. W. Goldsmith, R. Baldwin, and F. Newbery. Sold also by Evans and Hazell, T. Dunn, J. Hough, and J. Washbourn, Glocester; S. Harward, Tewkesbury; T Stevens, Cirencester; J. Allen, Hereford W. North, Bre- con ; and Mrs. Price, Hay. Since the first Publication of this Work, fifteen Years ago, very many capital Discoveries and Improvements have occurred to. the Authors, which are now introduced in this Ninth Edition, whereby it is considerablv enlarged, compre hensiveiy improved, and rendered much more universally in structive than any former Edition. The following MEDICINES are sold by R. RAIKES, in Glocester. To the Afflicted with the Scurvy, Scrophula, & c. By Virtue of his Majesty's Royal Letters Patent. VELNO's VEGETABLE SYRUP, improved by J. Burrows, M. D. is recommended to the fair and can- did Trial of every Perfon labouring under those dreadful Com- plaints, the Scurvy, Scrophula, Venereal Disease, or any other Disorder arising from the Impurity of. Blood ; wherein it has proved signally successful in very many Cases, some of which are extremely malignant and inveterate, and even deemed incurable. It is agreeable to the Taste, and so per- fectly mild and innocent in its Operation, that it may safely be given to Children, and Women in every Stage of Preg- nancy; and withal fo powerful in its Effects, that the mod confirmed Venereal Complaints have been totally removed, after Salivation and every other Method had left the unhappy Sufferers despairing of Relief. And old obstinate Scurvys have given Way to this valuable Medicine, which, by restoring Purity to the contaminated Bluod, cures radically. This Svrup ( which is entirely Vegetable without a Tinc- ture of Mercury in its Composition) is fold in Quart Bottles at 10s. 6d. eachr by W. Hodson, No. 7, Bunhill- Row, London; who supplies all Orders for- the Country. Sold also by R. Raikes, Glocester; S, Harward, Tewkesbury; C. Badham and J. Allen, Hereford ; J. Careless, Newent; W. North, Brecon; Jackson, Oxford; Crutwell, Bath ; Chew ( Successor to Mr. Cadell), Bristol; Collins and Co, Salisbury; Stuart, Bradford; Goadby and Co. Sherborne; Mr. Trueman and Mr. Grigg, Exeter; Haydon and Son, Plymouth} and El- liott, Falmouth. Of whom may be had, Dr. ANDERSON'S only Genuine SCOTS PILLS, Truly prepared by the fole Proprietor, JAMES INGLISH, At the Unicorn, at No. 165, oppofite the New Church in, th » Strand, London. THIS Medicine is peculiarly ufeful in difor- ders of the STOMACH and BOWEL, alter hard drink ng, excefs in eating, Son R E IT'S j-' want of Appetite- or Sleep. One or two pills taken twice a week, or oftener, will pre vent the SCURVY, ? ESTI U EN TIAL FEVSRS, and cthe malignant diftempcra : it is therefore the heft medicine for feafaring people. It will preferve- its virtues many years, anc in all climates. It is very beneficial in the following difor ders, vii. IN DIGESTION, Gotr T, RHIOM AT ISM, DR OP si. T < NE, GRAVEL, GHEEN- S ICKNES S, CHOLIC, GRIPES WIND iu the Stomach and Bowels, and all Ohftruftioni Won MS cannot breed inthe bowels of thofe who frequently take this medicine. It is excellent in disorders peculiar tc women ; and may be taken with great fafety during the wholi Sime of pregnancy, and even in the time of delivery if the body be coftive. A greaterproof of the excellency, of this medicine cannot be given than that the gentlemen of the faculty take it fre quentl^ r. The late celebrated phyfrcian, Sir Edward Hulfe, Bart, was fo fully convinced of the great excellency of it, ths' hr gave Mr. Inglifti a certificate, recommending it as an ex- cellent family medicine : which certificate and treatife Mr. I'nglifh is wining to ihew to ? ny gentleman who may be defi- rons to fee them. There are many who counterfeit it ^ fome have copied Mr Inglifb's direftion, which are the Doftor's own words, takn. from his treatife. Some make ufe of his family < oat o arms, which is his feal on the top of his boxes : others fay, that they a- e partners with him, and ride the country in his name, though neither his srandfather father, or himfelf, ever ha » Fny partner, 01 e\ er allowed anyoneto take orders for them air thefe reafors he troubles the public with this advertifs- meat. By his Majestys Royal Letters Patent, The TASTELESS AGUE and FEVER DROPS. No MEDICINE was ever offered to the Public that has. a greater Claim to their Approbation than this, as marvy Thodfaads caB teftify. If taken regularly and accord- ing to the Direftions, it is the moft efficacious Medicine in - ihe World for. the Ague and Intermittent Fever, and in moft yaies on; Bottle is fufficient For a Core. The Bark is the ufual Remedy in this Cafe, but being a very naufeous Medicine, and feldom taken in a fufficient Quan- tity, it very often fails, and Children and thofe who have weak Stomachs are frequently loft for Want of a . more eafy and pleafant Remedy, In tliefe Drops the Affiifted will find a Medicine, in which the greateft Safety is united with the ntmoft Efficacy, and fo perfeftly taftelefs, that they may be given to any Perfon with- out their. Knowledge, yet fo efficacious, thatjthey have fel- dom or never been known to fail. As there are other dangerous Preparations that are fold, under ~ the Name of Ague Tincture and Drops, be careful to have none but thofe fold by the King's Patent, all others be- ing Counterfeits, and the Venders liable to be profecuted. By Appointment of the Patentees, this Medicine is fold in Bottles at is. fid.. each, by R. Raikes, in Glocester. Of whom may be had, By his Majesty's Royal Letters Patent. JOSEPH WESSELS, Surgeon, Patentee, and only furviving SuccefTor to the late Dr.; WALKER, and fole Proprietor of the GENUINE PATENT JESUITS DROPS, and SPECIFIC PURGING REMEDY. Which may be had at my Warehoufe, No. 45, the Corner of Fleet Lane, oppofite New Newgate,- in the | Oldj Bailey, London. The Patent Jefuits Drops being . univerfally known, and the many Thoufands that have'experienced the happy Effefts of them, let it fufficeto fay, they are a favereign Remedy for Weaknefifes and Obftruftions in the urinary Pafl'age, Gravel or Stranguary, incident to both Sexes; likewife in ftorbutic or rheumatic Complaints, for the Stone in the Bladder, and all Diforders in the Stomach, Lownefs of- Spirits, Pains in the Head and back, nervous Diforders, and Diittnefs of Sight, being void of all Mercurials, and operating- by Urine, ( which may be feen bv my Patent.) Bottles at and » s. 6d. Likewife Dr. Walker s genuine Specific Purging Remedy, which totally eradicates all Injuries ia the Venereal Diforder, from, the flighted to the n\ oft malignant " Cafe, and purifies the Blood, with ample Direftions. One Pot at IS. 6d. is fuf- ficient in a flight C'afe. Several Perfons having lately been impofed on with a fpu- , riou> Medicine, by- fome Impoftors in the Old Bailey, on the Direftions of which the two initial Letters of my Name were forged, has determined me to write my Name ( Jftpb WcffcU) in full length on the oiitfide of each of my Bottles, and like- wife on the firft Page of my Direftions, given wich- my Bot- tles and Pots. To- Mr. FRANKLIN, Chymist, and Wholesale Perfu- mer, No. 11, Gray s inn- Lane, London. S I R, . ' •• ' I take this Trouble to acquaint you, I have for Years been afflicted with a soft Corn next my great Toe, and was advised by Mrs. Webster, of Lombard- Street, to try your Corn Salve, and upon her Recommendation sent my Servant for a Box of it though fearful of receiving Benefit; having tried so many before to no Purpose ; but from yours 1 have found such Relief, that what, has- been a- great Grievance to me for Years, appears to be perfectly cured, therefore for the Good of the Public1 you are welcome to make what Use of this you think proper. - l am, Sir, yours,,.. " Mount- Street, Grosvenor- Square, S. ILES. May 9, 17X1. . ,.', ' This jufsly celebrated CORN SALVE is sold Wholesale and Retail, with printed Directions, at Mr. Franklin's, Wholesale Perfume- Wharehouse, No. 11, Gray's- Inn- Lane, London, Price is. 6d. per Box, ( if it fails, the Money to be returned.). Where may be had all Sorts. of Foreign and Eng- lish Perfumery on the loweft Terms, Wholesale Only. Country Orders punctually executed on the lowest Terms, by a Line addressed as above.- f! f' Also regular Assortments of the best Goods made up for the Accommodations of Persons entering into Business, 18 per Cent, cheaper than any where in London, His Corn Salve is also to be ha, d of the Printer, of this Paper, and of any of the News Carriers. To Mr. NORTON, Surgeon, Golden- Square, London. SIR, ^ Winchester, February 14, ALady of this Place, who for upwards of three Years laboured under a moft dreadful Nervous Complaint, attended with Lowness of Spirits and violent ' Hysteric. Fits, has desired me to write, the Particulars of her Casfe, that you may poiiliftl it for the Benefit of others afflicted as ( be was r She had tried every other Medicine recommended in vain: She was at laft advised to take VANDOUR's PILLS, by a Perfon that had found Relief from them in the like Diforder, and by taking three'Boxes only, ( he recovered her Heal. h and Spirits; her Fits entirely left her, and flienoW remains perfectly free from that complicated Nervous Habits vyhich had fo long baffled every other Means of Relief. Any one who wishes to try the same Remedy, and has, a previous- Defire of enquiring into Particulars of the above Perfon, may have her Address by applying to, Sir, your humble Servant, J. WILKES. ' June 26, 1781. %* THE Public are rfquefted to obferve that VAN- DOUR's NERVOUS PH. LS, invented by Mr. NORTON, Sureeon, in Golden- Square, are now fold Whoiefale by hirti ONLY, and Retail by his Appointment; and that we, tb& Sons of the late GEORGE FRZERAIRN, of Goodge- ftreet* Tottenham Court Road, have difcontinued the Sale, and- re- linquifhed in future every Claim to this Medicine, ALEXANDER SHEPARD, : ROBERT FREEBAIRN. C. CROLE, Adminiftrators. GEORGE FREEBAIRN. VANDOUR's NERVOUS PILLS, At Two Shillings and Six- Pence a Box. The Efficacy of which have been fufficirntly proved, for the Removal of that Difnrder in Degree, viz. Lownefs of Spirit, Head- ach, Tremblings, vain Fears and Wanderings of the Mied, frightful Dreams, CatchSngs, Starlings, Anxieties, Dlmneff, with Appearance of Specks before the Ejes, Lofs of Memory, Hyfteric Frs, and the Falling Sick'nefs. They prevent Sickr. efs in the Stomach, and take off eotiiely the Senfe of Fulnefs after Meats, and that Swelling of the Flefti in damp Weather, which fo greatly affeft Perfons of relaxed Fibres : They give a ferene Ch'earfulncfs of Difpofltion, in.-, ftead of thofe Horrors v; h" ich fo dreadfully opprefs People » ¥" weak Nerves. They are likewife efficacious in what commonly^ called, the Green Sicknefs, fo incident to young Women. It is earneflly requefted that . thofe who receive Benefit by this Medicine, will ( end their Cafe, ( in Writing) to. any of the Venders, who will transmit it to the Author for Publicju- tion ; it will not only be a Juftice due fo him, but may be the- Means of relieving others affiled with the like Complaint.' ' N. B. They are fold, Wholefale and Keta'il, by the Author* Mr. NORTON, Surgeon, Golden- Square, London; and at his Country Houfe, Smal( berry- Grte^, Hounflow. None are genuine but what are signed by Mr Norton* in his own Hand- writing, beneath each Bill of Direction. Thefe Pills are fold i, by Mr. Norton's Appointment) by R. Raikes, Printer, Glocester; Mr. Ford, Grocer, Chep- ftow ; Mrs. Hill, Cirencester ; Mess Robson an! Rees, ar Neath; Mrs. Downes, Carmarthen; Mr. Harward, Tewkes- bury ; Mr. Willett, Cardiff; Mr. C. Morgan, Newport and Mr. Padley, Swansea. Of whom may be had, Mr. HILL's ORMSKIRK MEDICINE, THE MEDICINE tor the CURE of the BITE of a MAD DOG, prepared by Messrs. Hill and Berry, Nephews to the late William Hill, of Ormskirk, Lancashire,. ia sold at Mr. Berry's, Apothecary, Mount- Street, Berkeley- Square, at 5s. 3d. per Dose, with proper Directions. As the Accident, for which this Medicine is ufed, is of the moft alarming Nature, and serious in its Consequence, the Importance of obtaining it authentic must be obvious; and therefore every Person, having Occasion for it, is requested to- be particular in observing, that each Packet is sealed with Mr.- Hill's Coat of Arms, and signed by J. Berry, as the fureft Means to avoid being imposed on by spurious Preparations* By Authority of the KING's PATENT, granted to JACKSON and MOWBRAY, At his Royal Patent Wholefale Medicinal Warehoufe, No. 95, Fleet Market, London; where Country Dealers ma- bt fupplied with the following genuine Medicines, and good Allowance to fell again, i. JACKSON's TINCTURE for the Rheumatism, Gravel, Stone, Cholic, or Griping of the Bowels, or any windy Disorders ; it not only gives dresent ease, but if continued taking, one bottle or two will entirely remove and destroy the Cause; and is infallible in Disorder* of the Fair Sex, either, young or old ( it is far superior to any Medicine extant.) Likewise Burns, Scalds, Bruises Strains, old Ulcers, Or Swellings of any Kind, especially White Swel- lings, it cures to Admiration. Price is. the Bcttle, - The" only true BRITISH POWDER for the teeth and gums. Its virtues are as fellow,, viz, It cleanses the teeth and gums of all scorbutic humours, which always attend them when- foul-, It brings the gums to fill up the proper places and channels which the scurvy hath eaten away. It causes a sweet and pleasant breath immediately after appli- cation, It refines the palate, and preserves a pleasant taste n the mouth. It preserves all the teeth that are., found en- tire, and those that are decayed from growing any worse. It will always prevent their aching after, this application. It ' It makes them a « beautiful and white is the whitest ivory, always keeps the mouth free from cankers, and - all other, hot and dangerous humours, Price 1s. the box. 3. The famous PATENT OINTMENT for the ITCH, which effectually1 cures that Distemper at once dressing, without the least Danger : It entirely cleanses the Body from. 11 Spots, Blotches, scurvical Itchings or Breakings out whatsoever, as Thousands to their great Joy have- happily experienced; and is allowed to be one of the fafeft and beft Remedies for'that Distemper ever found out, and never known to fail.— N. B. It does not ftain the fineft linen, but has a delightful Smell, and makes the Skin extremely smooth and soft, and for its Safety may be applied to a sucking child. Price is. fid. the Box; one Box being fufficient ta core a grown Person, and divided, is a Cure for two Children. Despair not, for it has never been known to fail. Sold by R. Raikes, Glocester; Mr. Hogg and Mr. Ranger, Stroud;. Mr. Constable and Mr. Harris, Tetbury Mr. Faithorne, Dursley; ' Mr. Sarjeant, Newent; Mr. Wood, Winchcomb; Mr. Hartlebury, Tewkesbury; Mr. Lewis and Miss Watkins , Rofs; Mr. Fryer, Coleford. Of whom may be had:, GRAVEL and STONE ; Stoppage of Urine ; Com- plaints in the Back,- Kidneys, and Bladder, See. effectually Cured"; and. loit Appetite restored. H I C K M A N's original PILLS, , Compofed of the moft innocent Ingredients, are of singular Efficacy in not only ftrengthening. the Veffels containing the Urine, but deftroying. the petrifying Qualities without Con- finement. After a private Practice of many Years, they are now pub- lickly offered to the Affllicted. To advance that they . will cure ' every Diforder which, the human Frame is- incident - to, would be adopting the Stile of a QUACK; they are therefore recom- mended as salutary for a Cure of the above Complaints only, by a safe and gentle Operation, without the leaft. painful Sen- fation.- They are made up in oval Boxes, labelled HICK- MAN'S. original PILLS for ( he effeftual Cure of the Gravel and Stone, & c. Three Shillings per Box; Directions ioclofed, fe'aletl Vf. J. H.' the Motto Amicis prodesse Nemine Nocere—, A'fo figned W-. J. H. out the Infide of, the Cover.— Sold by. Appointment of the Proprietor, Wholefale and Retail by M. and H. Wray, Birchin- Lane, London; and at every prin- cipal Town In England, by their Appointment. The following are Cuies amongst many others too tedious to infert.—— Numerous original Letters m: iy be feen by ap- p'ying to the above Mesrs. Wray's. Mr. John Bent, of Barnesly, Yorklhire, cured by taking . three Boxes of the Pills, of a gravelly . Complaint, attended with violent Pains rn ihe Loins and Sides. ' Mr. Thomas Bessley, of Woods End, in the Parish of Hambleden, Bucks, cured of the Gravel; the violent Pains of which had reduced him so low, he could not ride or walk, and frequently rendered him unable to stand upright. George Gordon, Efq; Sub- Sheriff of Berwickshire, by using Hickman's Pills two Months; cuied of the Gravel of ip Years ( landing, attended* with the moft acute Pains, after following he beft Advice without finding Relief.., . G L O C E S T E R , Printed by R. R A I K E S , in the Southgate- Street,
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