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Dublin Almanack


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Dublin Almanack 1776 page 1
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Dublin Almanack
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Dublin Almanack

Date of Article: 01/01/1776
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No Pages: 1
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Fire Infurance Company. M'Donnell and Latouche Joseph Pike. Alexander Armstrong Tho. Emerson. Ebenezer Geale. Patrick Dease. Richard Thwaites. Shiel and Orr. Samuel and David Dick Michael Cosgrave. james Frood. Joseph Lynam. N. B. In the Year 1750, a Number of Merchants associated themselves 10 the Purposes of insuring Lives, Ships, and Merchandize, under the above Title which Business is carried on at the Office df their Secretary, Mr. William Deey, in Crampton- Court. THE HIBERNIAN FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY is composed of a Number of SubscriberS; to whole Names are annexed in the Order of their Subscription, a Capital Stock of 40,000!. subject to any Losses which may be sustained by Fire; the Rates of insurance are as follow, and Terms more at large may he had from their Secretary Mr. Deey in Crampton- Court. A TABLE of Annual Premiums to be paid for Infurance against Fire Common Insurances per Annum. • Is. 6d. per Cent, as. 6d. per Cent, is. fid. perCent. 3' s. 3d. per Cent. 3s. per Cent. 4s. 4d.! per Cent. Hazardous Injuran- ces per Annum. 3s. 6 per Cent. 4s. o per Cent. 4s. 4 per Cent. 5s. 5 per Cent. 6s. 0 per Cent. Sums Injured. Any Sum not exceeding 500I. 500I. to 750I. 750I. to 1000I. loool. to r jcol 1500!. to IOCOI. aoool. to 3000!. Larger Sums than thofe mentioned in the foregoing Table, may be infured by fpecial Agreement. Thus marked, * are Treasurers, and Thus marked, § are of the Committee Doubly Hazard out Infurances per Annum. 5s. per Cent. 7s. per Cent. 7s. per Cent. William Dunn, Banker. William Gleadowe, Banker. Robert Lawless, Esq; Patrick Lawless, Banker. John Dawson Coates, Banker. Sir Annestey Stewart, Bart. John Collier, Esq; Theobald Wolfe, Esq; George Simpson, Esq; Anthony Dermott, Merchant. Alex. Kirkpatrick and Son, Merchants. George Sutton, jun. Esq; Merchant. Alderman Joseph Lynam, Merchant. Travers Hartley, Merchant. Abraham Wilkinson, Merchant. William Wilde, Esq; Joseph Fletcher, Merchant. Joseph Pike, Merchant. * Joshua Clibborn, Merchant. William Netterville, Merchant, Richard Pike, Merchant.- William Penrose, Merchant. John Cumming, Esq; Thomas Stephens, Merchant. James Reynolds, Merchant. Abraham Bradley, Gent. Late John Connor, Merchant. Francis French, Merchant. Patrick M'Gregor, Merchant. Tweedy and Lindsay, Merchants. Edw. and § Tho. Braughall, Merchts. Stephen Wybrants, Esq; Samuel Dick, Merchant. Thomas Nicholson, Merchant. Martin BroWnly, Apothecary. § James Frood, Merchant, James Horan, Esq; Merchant. § John Blake, Merchant. Comerford and 0' Brien, Merchts. Hugh & Valentine Connor Merchts. Patrick Dease, Merchant. John Betagh, Gent. James Martin, Hatter. Edward
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