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Dublin Almanack


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Dublin Almanack 1776 page 1
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Dublin Almanack
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Dublin Almanack

Date of Article: 01/01/1776
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No Pages: 1
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College of Physicians. Trinity College. COLLEGE TERMS. Patrick Duigenan, L. L. D. Censor., Rev. John Forsayeth, D. D. Assistant Librarian. Rev. James Drought, B. D. Regis- ster of, Chambers, Rev. Joseph Stock, B. D. Greek Lecturer. Rev. Henry Ussher, A. M. Rev, John Kearney, B. D. Rev. Tho. Torrens, B. D. Assistant to Greek Lecturer. Rev. Gerald Fitzgerald, B. D, Rev. Wm. Richardson, B. D. Junior Proctor. Rev. John Ellison, A. M. Junior . - Dean. Rev. John Waller B. D. Rev. William Hales, A, M. Rev. William Day, A. M. Rev. Matthew Young, A. M. [ One Vacant.] * Preachers for the Year. \ Mom. LeElrs PROFESSORS of the UNIVESITY, KING's PROFESSORS- Divinity. Rev. Brabazon Disney, D. D. Common Law. Patrick Palmar, L. L. D. Civil Law. Patrick Duigenan, L. L. D. Physick. William. Clement, M. D Greek. Rev. Henry Dabzac, D. D. Assis- tants, Mr. Kearney, and Mr. Fitzgerald ERASMUS SMITH'S. Professors. Mathematicks. Dr. Murray. Assistants,, Mr. Fitzgerald and Mr. Waller. Oriental Tongues. Df. Forsayeth Assistants, Mr. Kearney, and Mr Hales. Oratory. Dr. Leland. Assistant, Mr Stock. History. Dr. Kearney. Assistant, Mr Drought. Natural Philosophy. Dr. Wilson. LECTURERS. Divinity. Michael Kearney, D. D. Anatomy. George Cleghorn, M. D. Chemistry James Thornton, M. D„ Botany. Edward Hill, M. D. Chemist. Patrick Hastings. Law Agent. Wm. Lyster, Abbey- str M TERM „ - fMii Easter 177$ Trinity 177I Michaelmas 1776 Begins Jaau. 8 Apr. 15 June 3 0< a. Ends March 3 ® ; May 25 July 8 Dec. 16 The COLLEGE of PHYSICIANS, in Dec. 1775. PREsidENT. NAthaniel Barry, M. D. Lein- ster Street. Vice- pRESidEnT. Clement Archer, M. D. Censor, Ste- phen- street, FELLOWS. Henry Quin, M. D. Treasurer, Ste- phen's- Green, South. John Ferrall, M. D. Upper Jervis- str. Constantine Barbor, M. D. Caple- str. Samuel Clossy, M. D. Professor of Ana- tomy in King's College, New- York. Archibald Hamilton, M. D. Censor, Abbey- street. Francis Hutcheson, M, D. Censor, Stafford- street. James Thornton, M. D. Censor and Register, Grafton- street Edward Hill, M. ; D. Anglesea street. HONORARY fEllows. Sir Edward Barry, Bt. M. D, abroad. Edward Smith, M. D. Damson street. Ezekiel Nesbit, M. D. Abroad. Patrick Hewetson, M. D. Capel- street. Richard Wood, M. D. Drogheda- str. LICENTIATES IN PHYSICS. George Maconchy, M. d. Stafford- str. George Fletchcr, M. D. Robert Emmet, M D Molesworth- str. John Purcell, M. D. Fleet- street. Garret Hussey, M. D. Castle- str.;, Daniel Cooke, M.% Meath- str. John Michael Daley, M. D. Mary- str. Licentiates in Mid- wifery. Matthew Carter, M. D'. College- green. Sir Fielding Ould, Kt M. D: Fredk.- str. The KiNG'SPROFESSORS, according to the Will of the late Sir PAT. DUN, Kt. M. D. Dr. Hen. Quin, Theory and Practice— Dr. Nat. Barry, Chirurgery, and Midwifery — Dr. Const. Barbor, Pharmacy and the Materia Medica.
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