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Dublin Almanack


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Dublin Almanack 1776 page 1
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Dublin Almanack
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Dublin Almanack

Date of Article: 01/01/1776
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No Pages: 1
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BANKERS of DUBLIN. William Gleadowe, Newcomen, Efq; & Co. Castle- street. David Latouche, Esq-, and Sons, Castle- str. Thomas Finlay, Esq and Co. Upper Ormond- quay. John Dawson Coates and Pat. Lawless, Thomas- street. Hour; of Attendance. From 10 to 3. Bankers Holidays are marked thus || the Kalendar. BANKERS of CORKE. MEssrs. Rogers, and Sheares, Hamon s- Marsh. Messrs. Falkiner, Leslie and Kellett, near the Custom- house. Messrs. Warren, Bernard, Tonson, Jefferyes and Cuthbert, in Paul- street. Ebenezer Pike, Samuel Pike, and John Pim, an. William- Williams Hewit, and Co. • South Mall. heir Hours from 10 in the Morning, 2 in the Afternoon. And on Tuel. d Frid. at 5 Evening for Post Business ily. Their Holidays, the fame as the jblin Bankers. BANKER of WATEREORD. derman Simon Newport. BANKERS of CLONMELL. William & Phineas Riall- ; EARLY DIVINE SERVICE On Sunday Mornings, in the Church- es of Dublin, for Servants, & c. Prayers, Sermon, and Sacrament. j* Prayers and Sermon. § Prayers• and Sacrament. SECOND, § St. Werburgh's,. 7 in. Summer, 8 in Winter. THIRD, St. Auduen's*, at 6 in Sum- mer, & 7 in Winter. LAST. St. Andrew's*, in Summer,, and § Winter, at 6. QUARTERLY Divine Service. St. Michael's*, and St. Michan's *,. Laft Sundays in Dec. March, June, & Sept. k 6. St. Mary's*, SundaysbeforeChriftmas,. Eafter, Whitfund. & c Michaelmas, at 6, St. George's Chapel, Summethill, § Chriftmas Day,. Eafter Day, and Whitfun'day. at 7. Caflle Chapel § , thofe three great Feftivalsi at 7. V/ EEKLT Ledures, & c. St. Andrew's, - f- Thurf. Even, from 1 Nov. to 1 Mar. half Hour paft 4. St. John's-)*, Friday Evening, at 5, SOUTHWELL'S Lecture at St. Wer- burgh's Church - f- every fecond Wedn. Even, at 5'. Rev. James Drought, B. D, Lefturer. STEARNE's Catechetical Lecture, from Eaft. to Michs. at 8 in the Morn. Mond. St. Werburgh's, Sc Tuef St. Ni- cholas without. Rev. Robert King, L. L. D Leauret. RAMSAY's Lecture at St. Mary's, • f\ Frid. Evening, at 5. Rev. Moses Magill, M. A. Lecturer. The Holy Sacrament celebrated in the Churches of Dublin, on the ( 1 ft.) ad, 3d, 4th, or ( f) laft Sundays of the Month. WEEKLT Divine Service. St. Anne's, - f- at 7 Sacrament third • aday, St. Catharine's f at half af- 7 in Summer and 8 in Winter, : rament 3 Sunday. MONTHLY* Divine Service. R. ST Sunday, St. James's*, at 6 in mmer, & 7 in inWter. St. Ke •' s*,. 7 in Summer, 8 in Winter. St. Andrew's,, ( 2) St. Anne's ( 1) St. Audoen's, ( i) St. Bridget'*, ( 1) St. Catharine's,( 1) Chrift Chureh,( 1 ) St. James's, ( 3) St. jobn's, ( 4) St. Luke's, ( 1) St. Mark's, ( f) St. Marv's, ( 2 ) St. Michael's, ( 2) St. Michan's, ( 1 ) St. Nicholas with- in, ( 1) St. Nicholas with- out;. (,) St. Patrick's, 1, 3v 4, ( f) St. Paul's, ( 3) St. Peter's, ( 3) St. Thomas's, ( 1) St. Werburgh's)
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