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Dublin Almanack


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Dublin Almanack 1776 page 1
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Dublin Almanack
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Dublin Almanack

Date of Article: 01/01/1776
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No Pages: 1
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• So Houfe of Induftry. Incorporated Society in Dublin. THE HOUSE of INDUSTRY in Channcl- rc- w, for the fup. preffion of Beg: ging in the City *> f Dublin, being the firft of the Kind in this Kingdorr ^ vas opened Nov. 8, 1773, by the Corporation infiituted by Act Parliament, for the Relief of the helplefs Poor and for punishing Vaga bonds and sturdy Beggars, where Maintenance, Cloathing and Lodging with due Employment for all such as are capable even of the smallest Industry 1 •! ( the Blind and Lame not excepted) are provided. One Thousand eight hundred and Four distressed Object, many of them in a perishing Condition, have been admitted, o: whom K07 having bees mft s. r ^ reformed from their evil Habits, and many of them recovered from Disorders , have been dismissed to useful Labour, under Security never to beg again . ', 150 have eloped, 1257 have died, and 390 remain in the House. A large and commodious House set appart from the habitation of the healthy is now fitted up as an Infirmary for both Sexes. '{? L ; • The execution of the whole is undertaken by Mr. Benjamin Haughton Physicians, ^ rati*. Apothecary, Mr. Wm. Speer, Werburgh- st. Subscriptiops and Benefactions will, be received, and publickly ack now tea ii jed,. by Alderman Richard French, Treasurer, at all the Banks, and Bylii . the.. Clergy and .. Governors. ' 1 ' N. B. Old Linen for the Surgeons, and old Cloaths of all sorts- ft; jtaroe^ y requested, as many of the Poor come into the house almost naked - £$* The Governors meet at the House of Industry every monday at twtf'. ^ Af O Urg^ ons apjVi'yHcd t » y of Pa ' iiimcn- t to- finrnme and certify theQnalni : jfcr Jft, caticns'Ot Surgeons, A'.* ho. a- e . C-.' fdidaLCs foi . the County Infirmaries?*^ Wm. Ruxton Esq; Surgeon General. , Messrs. John Whiteway, Sam. Croker King, Philip Woodroofe, and hnr' Daunt, Gustavus Hume, Henry Morris, Michael White, and Vernon Lloyd. SURGEONS TO MERCER'S Hospital INCORPORATED SOCIETY IN DUBLIN. H KING GEORGE IId's. principal Views in the Charter granted to THE INCORPORATED SOCIETY IN Children . of the Poor Natives In the Protestant Religion, Labour,, and |' n. 4o;. try, from their Infancy ; either by cultivating the Lands . granted to the Schools- • whether by Donation,- or for a certain Rent; or by carrying on the Linen- Manufacture in all- it* Branches, ( Sc. that, as They grew up, They might be^ f- u, come useful Members of Society.. At the Quarterly Meetings, Benefactors are usually elected Members. An at the General Meeting ( first Wed. in Nov.) in Suffolk- street, the President, and all Officers are annually elected, and. the- Accounts audited. . . . - J His Excellency, SIMON, Earl HARCOURT, President; * Rt. H. John Ponsonby, Vice- President. The Committee of FIFTEEN in Dublin, Chosen, 2 Nov. 1775. • Rt. H. Lord Visc. Ranelagh. R. Rev Ld Bp of Waterford. Rt. Rev. Lord Bp. of Cork. Rev. Dean Ladwich. L. L. D. Rev. D. Woodward. L. I,. k" Rev. Dr. John Lyon. John Leigh, Esq; Rev. Arch D. Wight, D.' D.'. Sydenham Singleton, Esq Rev. John Boden, D. DjArthur Craven, Esq; Redmond Morres Esq; William Bury, Esq; George Simpson, Esq; James Ford, Esq;
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