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Dublin Almanack


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Dublin Almanack 1776 page 1
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Dublin Almanack
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Dublin Almanack

Date of Article: 01/01/1776
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No Pages: 1
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( 6 ) T P M, Begins Sits Ends HILARY Term 1776 Sat. Jan. 20 Tuef. Jan. 23 Mond. FeOi EASTER Term 1776 Mond. Apr. 22 Wedn. Apr. 24 Mond. May2 TRINITY Term 1776 Mond. June 3 Frid. Tune 7Wedn. Junfej MICHAELMAS Term 1776 Mond. Nov. 4 Wed. Nov. 6 Thurf Nov. 2 CHANCERY Ret. ( Add next enfuing.) KING's BENCH RETURNS!*! a HIL In 8 Days after St. Hilary. « HIL. Frid. the Oftave of S. Hilary b In 15 Diys after St. Hilary. b F'rid. In 1 5 Days from St. Hilary. c OntheMor. ofthePurif. oftheBl. V. M. c, id. mor. of the Pur. of the B'i. VM J In 8 day. » aft. thePurif. oftheBl. V. M. d Thur. Oft. of the Pur. oftheBl. VTVf e EAST. In 15 Days after Eafler. e F. AS. Mon. ini sdaysfr. thefeaftofEal / Frorti the Day of Eafter in 3 Week?. / Mon. In 3 weeks fr. the feaft of Eafl f From the Day of Eafter in 1 Month, g Mon. In 1 month fr. the lead of Eaf$ From the Day of Eaft. er in 5 Week?, b Mon. In " 5 w'eeks'ft;. the feaft of Eati i O11 the Mor. of theAfcen. of our Lord i Frid. The mor. of theAfc. of ourLorfl k TRIN. On the Mor. of the HolyTrin k TRlN. Mon. The mor. of thtH. Trin I In 8 Days after the Holy Trinity. Mon. The octave of the Holy Trin. TO In 1 5 Days after the Holy Trinity. m Mond. In 15 Days fr. the Hn] y Tr n From the day of the H. Tr. in 3weeks. n Mdn. In 3 Wefks fr. the Holy " Tr. 0 MICH. On the morrow of All Souls. 0 MICH. Fiid. TheMor. of All Souls p On the Morrow of St. Martin. p Mond. The Mo'rrow of St. Martin, q In 8 Days after St. Martin. q Sat. The Octave of St. Martin.' r In i' 5 Days a, fter St. Martin. r Sat. In 15 Days from St. Martin RETURNS. COMMON PLEAS. Quarto die pofl a QAT. Jan. 20. KIL. On the Ottave of St . Hilary Tuef. Janu. i; b Sat. Janf, 27. In 1 5 Days. from the Dr. y of St. Hilary. Tut'f. januj 3; r Sat. Feb. , 3. On the mor. of the Purif. oftheBl. V. M. Tuef. Feb. f J Frid.' Feb. 9. On the oft. ofthePurif. oftheBl. V. M. Mond. , 15 e Mond. Apr. 22. EAST. In 15 days from Eaft^ r- day. Wedn. Apr. 2; f Mond. Apr. 29. In 3 wieeks from Eafter- day. Wedn. ay, J g Mond. May 6. In one Month from Eafter- Jay. Wedn. May J b tylond. May 13. In 5 weeks from Pafter- day. Wedn. May i: » Frid. May 17, On the mor. ofthe Afcen. of the Lord. M. or. d. M; ty 2c k Mond. June 3. TRIN. On the mor. of the Holy Trin. Frid. June'j. j / Mond. June 10. On the oftave of the Holy Trinity. Wedn. j'. ne 1: m Mond. June 17. In 1 5 days from the day of the H. Trin. Wedn. June 1; n Mond. June 24. in 3 weeksfrom theday of theH. Trin. Wedn. June 2( 0 Mond. Nov. 4. MICH. On the morrow of All Souls. Wedn. Nov( Jp p Tuef. Nov. 12. On the morrow of St. Martin. Frid. Nov. ic q Mond, Nov. 18. On the o& ave of St. Martin. Thurf. Noviii r Mond. Nov. 25. In 1 $ dnys from the day of St. Martin. Thurf. Nov. 2! EXCHEQUER RETURNS. Add the Words next coming in each Line. a HIL. In 8 days of St. Hilary. k TP IN. On the mor. of the H- TrinJ' b In 1; days of St. Hilary. / In 8 days of the Holy Trinity. <• Onthemor. oftluPurif. oftheBl. V. M m In 1 5 days of the Holy Trinity. s: d In 8 daysof thePurif. of the Bl. V. M. n In 3 weeks of the Holy Trinity. e FAST. In 15 days of Eafter. 0 MI H. On the morrow of AlISouls. f In 3 weeks pf Eafter. p O' 1 m° rrow of St. Martin. g In one month of Eafter. q In 8 daysof St. Martin. h In 5 weeks of Eafter. r In 1 5 days of St. Martin, 1 On the mor. of the Afc- en. of © urLord Jtj" Hil. 1777. in- Pa; je 8.
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