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Dublin Almanack


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Dublin Almanack 1776 page 1
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Dublin Almanack
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Dublin Almanack

Date of Article: 01/01/1776
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No Pages: 1
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74 Collectors; Survs. & Land Wrs. of the Revenue. Hearth- Money Collectors in Dublin. bins, and Ezekiel Tydd. John Russell, Royal Hospital. St. Coleraine. Collector, James Bridget, St. Nicholas - without, and St. Lyke Char. Mulholloe, Orm StAndrew, St. Michael, S. Nicholas within, S. John, St. Werburgh, and Christ church Yard. Balthazer Welten, Moore- street, St. Mary, and St. Thomas. Tho. Eustace, Usher- street, St. Au- deon, St. Catharine, and St. James. Peter & Kevin St. Anne,. & St. Mark. John Crail, , Essex street, St. Mi- chan, St Paul, and christ- Church Liberties. SURVEYORS GENERAL. Edward Bellingham Swan, for Leinster; Tho. Morris, for Ulster; Theophilus Blake- ney, for Conaught; Robert Gordon, for Munster Esq COLLECTORS of the Revenue, the principal Surveyors AND Land Waiters in Dec. 1775. N. B... collectors are Esqrs ARmagh, Collector Peter Gervais. Surveyors Excise, William Rice; Lewis, Boles, and Pigott Agnew. Athlone. Collector, Francis Carleton, Surveyors Athlone District, cha. Dillon, Dutton Hewetson, and Francis Gardiner Ballyrain Collector John M'CAusland, Surveyor, Land- Waiter Joseph Wetheral.' Baltimore. Collector, Rich. Wright- Edw. Davies. Land Waiter of Newport, Surv Port, Robert Steele. Do. Exc. Abr. Mathews, & Arthur Gordon. Land Wrs, Charles O'Neill. Ballycastle Surveyor, Alex. Boyd. Land Waiter, Neal M'Neal. Cork. Port- Collector, Hon. Joseph Lysaght. Surv. Hen. Davis. Of Stores, Conway Tulleken. Of Tide at Cove, Rob. Newenham, and Geo. Moore. Land Writers, James Walsh, Edm. Knapp,: William Purefoy, and Adam Newman, Out- quay, John Uvedale. clerk of Lane Permits, Peter Baker. Collr. of Thomas Winder. Inspector, Carre Williams. Surveyors, James Lill, Fran. Busteed, John Hopkins, Sam, Forsayeth. & Sam. Horton. Surveyor & Guager the Custom house- qUay, William Green Donoghadee. collr. Wm. Caulfield Surv. Port, Ponsonby Boyd. Landwaiter Jas. Dobbyn. Surv. Ex. John M'Mullen. Drogheda. Colledlor, Charles Tottenham, jun. Surv. exc. John Edwards. Land Waiter, Colin M'Kay. Tide Surveyor, Thomas Moore. Dundalk. Collector, James Cavendish SurV. Port, Peter Ivers, and —— • Ennis and clare Port. Collector, John Harrison Surv- Excise, John Kingston. Foxford & Newport. Collecter, Hon. John Browne. Surv. Moses Vernon, Of Excise, Thomas French, and Surveyor Port, John Townshend. Sury Excise, Amyas Griffith, Esq Belfast. Collector, Geo Macartney Portis. Port Surv. Edw. Brice. Tide ditto, John Alexander. Land Waiters, Fran- cis Savage, David Conyngham; Car- rickfergus Surveyor, William Kirk. Land Waiter, Richard Fletcher. Larne Surv of Customs James White. Land Waiter, Nicholas Netterville; Cavan. Collector, James Fleming. Survs. Exc.- Tho. Crosbie, Nicholas Gernon, Geo. Cochran, & Barth. Moore. Clonmell. Collector, Tho. Hacket, Survs Exc. Lawford Miles, Geo. Robins- er, John Delap : Robert Kirkwood. Galway. Collector, Simeon Marshall Surv.- Port Henry White. Surv Exc. —— Land- Waiter, James Bailie. Customer and Port Collector John Wetherall. Killybegs. Collector, Rob. Gamble. Surv Port, Leslie Moutray. SURVEYOR, Excise; James Peery, & Hen. Crawford. Kilkenny. Collector, Joseph Mathews - Surv.- Excise, Edward Kingsale. Collector John Newman, Port- Surv: : John Carrigue. Surv Excise, William Ruth. Land Waiter Limerick.
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