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Dublin Almanack


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Dublin Almanack 1776 page 1
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Dublin Almanack
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Dublin Almanack

Date of Article: 01/01/1776
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No Pages: 1
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Revenue. Parentee Officers. tall, Esq; first and chief Clerk, Anth. Ferguson, Esq; examinator of the Excise, Michael Clarke, Esq; Clerks Assistant, James Kearney, and Sam. Charleton, Gt. Examr of Diaries, Geo. Evans Cox, Esq; Clerk, Joshua Sheppey Green, Gt. Examiner of the Surveyors and Land Waiters Books, Gar. Goodwyn, Gt. Examinator of the Hearth- money, John Hewitt, Esq; Clerks, Richard Moore, and Wm. Cooke, Gt. Store- keeper, Stephen Wright, Esq; Dep. Rich. Hill, Esq; Cheque on ditto, James Stables, Gt. Clerk Assistant, William Bushe, Gt. Dublin Port. Collector, Rt. Hon. Theophilus Jones. Surveyor? on the Customhouse- quay, and to inspect the Quay Officers, Rich. Chartres, and Henry Duquery, Esqrs. Surveyor & Comptroller in the Store, Mathias Scott, Esq; Surveyor and Gauger on the Customhouse- quay, Love Hiat, Esq; Land Waiters, Edward Vernon, Richard Baggs, Robert Owen, Henry Tisdall, Michael Dally, Massy Stackpole, Gent. Land Waiter on Druggs, George Doyle, Gt. Kidare- str. Land Waiter for Exports, David Burleigh, Gt. Land- Waiter for the Coast Business, Arthur Dawson, Gt. Jerquer, Conolly Norman, Esq; Surv. Alton's Quay, Toby Purcell, Gt. Land Waiters ditto, Marcus Anthony Blair, john Spring, John Butler, and Wm. Disney, Gt: Surveyor Rogerson's- quay, Benjamin Span, Gt. Surveyors of Land- carriage Officers, Hugh Dogherty, & Wm. Owen, Gt. Tide Surv. Jervis quay, Surveyor of the North Wall, Joseph worthington, Gt. Surveyors Ringsend, John White, Bingham Burke, John Mc. Dermot and Gt. Inspector of the Revenue Boats, end F. xa v inator of the Tide Surveyors Diaries ne~, Capt. Luke Mercer. custom- house HOURS of Attendance for the discharging Officers, ^ re from 9 in the Morning in Silmrpw, and' 10, ia the Winter, till 3 in the Afternoon. Dublin City Excise. Collector, john Knox, Esq; Inspector General of the Excise and Licences in Dublin, Hugh Hughes, Gt. Examinator. or the Surveyors' and Gaugers Books, and Paymaster of the Charity Officers, David Moore, Gt. . Examinator of Spirit Books, John Ball, Gt. '.' V ' ;' Surveyor, John Webb, Robert Leigh, John Cox, Wm. Montgomery, and Henry Cooke, Gt. Supervisor of Hearth- money in Dub- lin, Mr. Tho. Nelan, Cumberland- str. Dublin County Excise. Collector, Cha. Lambart, Esq; Surveyors,- William Thomas, and Mathew Dowling, Gt. Ditto Licences, Alex. Cooke, and John Williams, Gt. PATenTeE OFFICERS. Comptroller and Accountant General, Agmondisham Vesey, Esq; De puty, William Wetheral, Esq; Surveyor General of the Cuftoms ia Ireland, Luke Gardiner, Esq; Dep. Wm. Humberstone, Gt. Customer and collector of the Port of Dublin, William, Earl of Harrington, Deputy, John Sheppey, Gt. Comptroller, Robert Tighe, Esq; Deputy, Drury Sheppey, Gt. cranerand Wharfinger, Hen. Tilson, Esq: Deputy, Widow Hincks. Taster of Wines, Rt. Hon. John Beresford and Marcus Beresford, Esq; Searcher, Packer, and Gauger, rt Hon. Nathaniel Clements. < • STAMPER of cards and Dice in the Port of Dublin, john Chaigneau, Esq; Assay Master, and: Receipt or the Duties on Plate, Wm. Townsend, Office, Goldsmith's - hall, werburgh- streety Tues. and Frid. House, Fishamble street. Maker of Weights for all Portion jold current" in this Kingdom., James Warren Goldsmith, cork - hill. lv lifl- t1!-
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