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Dublin Almanack


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Dublin Almanack 1776 page 1
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Dublin Almanack
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Dublin Almanack

Date of Article: 01/01/1776
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No Pages: 1
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Garrifons. Magiftrates. 71 Thomas Loyd, Athlone, & c. Andrew Makilwaine, Londonderry. John Pennefather, Clonmel, & c. Francis Persse, Esq; Nenagh, Roscrea. Richard Reeves, Esq; Waterford, & c. Arthur Saunders, Esq; Dingle, & c. lopton Scott, Esq; DUBLIN. Deputy J - j William Ellis, Gent. Thomas Shepherd, Esq; Roscommon, & Edward Watts, Charleville, & c. Francis Vernon Wilson, Esq; Carlow,& cc Graham Johnston, at Johnston's- fews. GOVERNORS of FORTS, and GARRISONS, & rc. Londonderry and Culmore Fort. Go- vernor, M. G. John Hale. ' irk. Governor, John Wynne, Esq; Lt Gov. Wm. Tonson, Esq; limerick. Gov. M. G. Hen. Clinton. Tn. Major, J. Badham Thornhill, Esq: Kingsale. Gov. M. G. Rob. Cunninghame lieut. Governor, Nicholas Price, Esq; fort Major, John Archbold, Esq; Duncannon. Gov. Lord Robert Bertie, fort Major, Capt. Sir Tho. Heron, Bt. Ross Castle. Gov. Sir Fran. Lumm, Bt. Dublin. Town Major, Wm. Hall, Esq; Charlemont. Gov. M. G. James Gisborne. Galway. Gov. L. C. Robert Sandford town Major, Capt. Robert Keily. Carrickfergus Nehemiah Donnellan, Esq Constable, Hon. L. Col. Art. Brown Maryborough. Constable of the Castle and Fort, Charles, Earl of Drogheda Athlone, . Constable, Charless, Lord Visc. Ranelagh. Castlemain. ConsTable, Tho. Halcott Esq: MAGISTRATES of the Chief Town of Ireland, in- Dec, 1775. AThlone. Edward Mills, Esq; Sov Peter Sproule, Esq; Rec. Saquil Kidd, and John BoswelL the Younger, Bailiffs. Athy. Samuel Spencer, esq; Sovrn. William Richardson, and Christopher Holland, Bailiffs. Wm. Hill, Gent. Town Clerk. Bannow. Rev. John Nixon, Portr. Carrickfergus. Ezekiel Davys Wil- son, Esq; Mayor. John Seeds, and Tho. Kirk, Esqs; Sher. Dan. Kirk. Tn. Clk Hon. Joseph Lysaght, Rec. Abraham Todd, and Rob. Scott, Bailiffs. John Hanning, Tn. Clerk. Charlemont. James Stewart, Esq; Portr. | Clomines. Rev. John Nixon, Portr. Clonmel. Stephen Moore the Ygr. Esq; Mayor Marcus Paterson, esq; Rec. Christopher Kellett, and Richd. Moore, Esqrs; Bailiffs. ; Cork. Wm. Butler, Esq; Mayor, Hugh Carleton, Esq; Rec. William Lawton, and Michael Roberts Wes- tropp, Esqrs. Sheriffs. Wm. Snow, esq; Tn. Clerk. Drogheda. Wm. Coddington, Esq; Mayor. Sydenham Singleton, Esq; Rec. Hugh Montgomery Lyons. and John Jones, Esqrs. Sher. William Holmes, Gt. Town Clerk. Dublin. See P. 76. Dundalk. Tho. Read, Esq; Bailiff. Feathard, ( Co. Wex.) Rev. John Nixon, Portr. Galway. Elias Tankerville, the elder, Esq; Mayor. James O'Hara, the ygr. Esq; Rec. James Shee, and Rob. O Hara, Esqrs. Sheriffs. James O Hara, the Elder, Esq; Tn. Clerk. Gowran. George Dunbar, Esq; Portr. Harristown. Peter Bere, Esq; Sov. Samuel Spencer, Esq; Rec. Kildare. James Spencer, Esq; Sov. Sam. Spencer, Esq; Rec. John Long, and George Hetherington, Gent. Portr. Thomas Roan, Gent. Town Clerk. Kilkenny. Jonn Watters, Esq; mayor. Rec. Matthew Keough, and Arthur Webb, Esqrs. Sher. Wm. Waters, Gt. Tn. Clk. Kingsale. Rob. Yarde, Esq; Sovrn. John Herbert, Esq; Rec. Tho. Leary, Gt. Tn. Clerk. >;<\ Limerick. William Gabbett, Esq; Mayor. William Fitzgerald, and Jos. Gabbatt, EsqrS; Sheriffs. H. Bindon, esq Rec Robert Hallam, Esq; Tn, Clerk. Londonderry. Thomas Baseson, Esq; Mayor. Thomas Scott, Esq; Recf Holland Lecky and John Cuningham, 1 Cashel. Pierce Creagh, Esq; Mayor. Esqrs. Sheriffs to Commence' Feb,
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