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Dublin Almanack


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Dublin Almanack 1776 page 1
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Dublin Almanack
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Dublin Almanack

Date of Article: 01/01/1776
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Volume Number:     Issue Number: 
No Pages: 1
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Regiments of Foot. 69 DRAGOONS. { 9. Col. William Amherst. 0 L. Lt. Gen. Hon. Sir Joseph Lt. Col. John Fletcher iv. n MtM Wi! ' i vi MM c Yorke, K. B. Lieut. Col. Hugh Cane. Major, Sam. Hen. Mangin. Wy.. 2. Col. Lieut. G. John Severne. ( 8) Lieut. Col. Francis Lascelles. Major, James Stawart 3. CoL. Flowe' Mocher. Lieut. Col. Arthur Preston. Major, Richard Saunders ( 5 Major, Robert Farquhar. ( 32) io. Col. L. G. Ld. Frederick Cavendish. Lt. Col. Barry St. Leger. .. Major, John Lind. M ( 34) 11. Col. L. G. Richard Pierson. Lieut. CoL Col. Thomas Calcraft Maior, Lt Col. Allen Campbell.( 36) ii.* Col. M. G. Sir Eyre Coote, K. B. Lt. Col. Robert Abercrombie. ( 37) Wy. ( 9) M fr " T ! 4. Col. Hon. L G. Wm. Keppell.( ri) Major, James Couffeau. Lieut. Col. David Dundas | 13 * Col. L. G. Wm. Haviland.( 45) Major, joseph walker. M Lt. Col. Hon. Henry Monckton. .. 5.. Col. L. G. Archibald Douglas. ( 13) Lieut. Col. James Blaquiere. Major,. Thomas Pringle. M 6. Col. George Warde. ( 14) Lieut. CoL John Burgoyne. Major, Grice Blakeney . M 7. * Col. M. G. Geo. Preston. ( 17) Lt. Col. Samuel Birch 1 Major, Harry Bishop. M 8 Col. M G. Charles, E. of Drogheda.( 18) Lt. Col Charles Wilson Lyon. Major, Francis Brooke. M FOOT. COL, Lt. Gen. Sir jeffer Amherst. ( 3) Lt. Col. Alexander Stewart. Major,.. George Nicholson. Fi i. Col. M. G. Edw. Vise. Ligonier.( 9) Lt. Col John. Hill.. Major, Mason Bolton. M 3. Col. L. G, Wm. a'Court Ashe.( i i) Lieut. Col. Charles Forbes. . Major, Ben. Edwards • W 4,* Col. M. G Rich. E. of Cavan.( 15 ) Lt. Col. Col. Jos. Gabbett. Major-, William Prescott. Col. L. G David. Graeme. ( 19) Lieut Col, James Coates. Major, James Bird. M 6. CoL M. G. H. Geo. Lane Parker. ( 2o) Lieut. Col. John Parr. Major Henry Conyngham 7. Col L. G. Hon. Edw. Cornwall is. Lieut. Col. Simon Frasier. Major, Robert Grant. M- (. 24) 8. Col. L G. John Parslow. Lieut. Col. Paston Gould ' tjtajor, Fcii.- r Wn- na- w iZD Major, John Saxton j4- Col. M. G Hon. Alexander Maitland. ( 49) Lt. Col. Sir Henry Calder. Bt. Major, Thomas Dilkes. 1 5. ol. M. G. R. D. Horne Elphinstone Lt. Col. Henry Watson Powell. ( 53) Major, Alex. Earl of Belcarries. M' 16. Col. John Barlow. ( 61 ) Lt Col. George Scott. Major, Adam Williamson. : 1.7. Col. L. Gen. Wm. Strode. ( 62.) Lt. Col. John Anstruther. Major,. W 18. * col. M. G. Fr. Grant. ( 63]. Lt. Col. James Paterson. Major, Francis Bushell Sill. 19. Col M. G. Ld Adam Gordon ( 66) Lt. Col. Hon. Edward Stopford. Major,. Theodore Hultaine. M 20. Col. Edward MaxwelL ( 67) Lieut. Col. Hon. Henry. St. John Major,. Lt. Col James Callander. - W 20. Col. L. G. John Lambton. ( 68) Lt. Col. Laurence Reynolds. Major, William Dundas. * Regiments Abroad, viz. No. 17 Dragoons Foot, in America, ( 61) Minorca. ARTILLERY Regiment. CoL. en Chief, Charles, Earl of Drogheda. Col. en Secondv M- G. Bernard Hale. Lt. Col. Commandt. Daniel Chenevix. , Lt. Col. John Straton M;
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