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Dublin Almanack


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Dublin Almanack 1776 page 1
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Dublin Almanack
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Dublin Almanack

Date of Article: 01/01/1776
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Volume Number:     Issue Number: 
No Pages: 1
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M| Court of Exchequer Chamber. King's Council, & c. 61 KING's Council. Majesty's First Council at Law, aS • fci Usher of the Exchequer, Wm. Hig- ginson, Esq; Dep. Philip Higginson Ct Transcriptor and Foreign Apposer, Edmund Burroughs, Gent. Fade- str. Summonister & Clk. of the Estreat John Morrison, and Nicholas Morrison, Esqrs. Stephen's - green, west- side. Marshal of the Four Courts, James Dexter, Esq; 8c Wm. his Son, Marshal- sea, Coal- quay, and Fishamble- str Clerk of the Pells, Rt. Hon. Charles Jenkinson. Deputy, Thomas Bayly, & Hen. Standish, Esqs; Lower Castle- yd Remembrancer, Clerk, and Receiver of the First Fruits, James Glascock Chancery- la. & Nich. Kempston, Esqrs. Cryer of the Exchequer, Gaynor Barry, Esq ; Great- Cuff- street. Pursuivant of the Exchequer, John Warburton, Esq; Skinner- row. Auditor of Foreign Accounts and Imprests, Wm. Montgomery and Henry Thompson, Esqrs. Lower Castle- yard. Clerk to Lord Chief Baron Porter, Gaynor Barry, Esq; Great- Cuff- str. Clerk to Baron Scott, Redmond Kane, EG;; Bolton- str. Clerk to Baron Power, Geo. Roth, Esq; Stephen- street. Keeper of the Seals, Earb. Hendley, Esq; Clerk of the Rules of the Common- Law,. Cha. Farran, Gt. Clerk & Signer of Writs, Jn. Brown- rigg, Gt. Clerk of the Alphabets, Peter King, Gt. Clerk of the Appearances and At- tachments, James Anderson, Gt. Clerk of Deliveries, Robert Tighe, Esq; All in the Exch. - Office, Fishamble- str. Examinators. Thomas Tench, Esq; Cuff- st. & Chan. Examrs . Office, Aungier- str. Charles King, Esq; Jervis- str. and Tho. Smyth, Esq; Whitefriar- str. COURT of EXCHEQUER CHAMBER, near the Exchequer- Court. JUdges, Rt. H. Lord Chancellor, Ld. High Treasurer & Vice- Treasurers, Assistant Judges, Rt. H. Lords Chief Justices, King1s Bench, & Common Pleas Clerk of Errors, John Smyth, Esq; Chancery- lane. j . - Rt. H. Ant. Malone, Sackville- str. Prime Serjeant, James Dennis, Esq; Stephen s- Green, East. Attorney General, Rt. Hon. Philip Tisdall, Leinster- str. [ Solicitor General, John Scott, Esq; William- street. Second Serjeant, Maurice Copinger, Esq- Stephen's- Green, East. [ Third Serjeant, George Hamilton, Ef,; Sackville street. R. H. J. Hely Hutchinson, Trinity- Col. Tho. Kelly, Esq; Palace- Row. Tho. Maunsell, Esq; Molesworth- str. ;; Geo. Hart, Esq; Lower- Abbey- str. James Shiel, Esq; Dawson- street. Rob. Barry, Esq; Merrion- str. Rob. Sibthorp, Esq; Jervis- sir. Hugh Carleton, Esq; S. Andrew- str. ; Fredk. Flood, Esq; Merrion square. Robert Hellen, Esq; Gt. Cuff- str Barry Yelverton, Esq;; Ely- Place. John M'Mollen, Esq; Aungier- str. Clerk to His Majesty- First Council at Law, James Glascock, Esq Chancery- lane Clerk to the Prime Serjeant, James Dennis, Gt. Steph. Green, North. Clerk to the Attorney General, Thomas Tisdall, Ef ; Kennedy's- lane. Clerk to the Solicitor General, John Bradshaw, Esq; Gt. George's- street. Clerk to Mr. Serjeant. Copinger, Thomas Peree, Esq; Peter- str. Clerk to Mr Serjeant Hamilton, Robert Hamilton, Esq; Henry- street. TReasurer to the Hon. Society of King's Inns, Rt. H. Ld. Chanclr. steward, Jn. Robinson, Gt. York str. PUblick Register of Deeds and Conveyances, Jn. Burton, Esq; Lower castle- yard. Deputy, John M'Cabe, Gent. College Green. Office Hours, from 9' to 12 in the Fore- noon, and from 3 to 6 in the Atter- noon. Church Holydays excepted. Keeper of the Records in Birmingham Tower, Wm. Bury, Esq; Low Abbey- str. Deputy Mr. John Warburton. Clerk of the Paper Office, Rich. Jack- son Esq; Dep. Mr. Wm. Brien, Dub . Castle
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