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Dublin Almanack


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Dublin Almanack 1776 page 1
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Dublin Almanack
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Dublin Almanack

Date of Article: 01/01/1776
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Volume Number:     Issue Number: 
No Pages: 1
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120 Circuit Infpeffors. Inspectors for the MONSTER CIRCUIT. Co. Waterford, and City. John Hobson, Theodore Cooke, Samuel Taylor, John Lymbery. Co. Cork, and City. Nicholas Wrixon, Bickford Heard, John Boland, Thomas Garde, Richard Chester. Co. Kerry. Francis Meade, Henry Blenerhassett, Thomas Franks, jun. Co. Tipperary. Thomas Hodgson, Thomas Prendergast, John Bradshaw, Ambrose Lane. Co. Limerick. Nicholas Smyth. Alexander Franklin, Croasdaile Moloney. ( Vacant.) Inspectors for the NORTH EAST CIRCUIT Co. Meath. Denis Doran, Francis Hopkins, Adam Williams, Hugh Reily. Co. and Town of Drogheda. Henry Coddington, John Ackland. Co. Louth. Peter Tyrrell, Matthew Murphy. Co Down. Robert Carson, William Gillespie, Samuel Heron, John Macartney. Co. Antrim and Carrick- fergus. John Dowdall Hammond, Samuel Heron , John Dwyer. ' Alexander Anderson. Co. Armagh. Inspectors for the Alexander Hutchinson, John Burgess CONAUGHT CLRCUIT. J^^ F ' John Forde, Co. Roscommon. John Thewles, Charles Blakeney. Co. Leitrim. William Keon, Robert Keon. Co. Sligo. ( Vacant.) Robert Lyons. Co. Mayo. Andrew Clarke, George Jennings. Co. Galway, and Town. John Davis, James O Hara. Peter Kilkenny, Joseph Skerritt. Co. Clare. Francis Upton, Thomas Kelly. Co. Monaghan. Thomas Noble, Richard Dawson. Inspectors for the NorTH WEST CIRCUIT. Co. Westmeath. George Meares, Robert Reynell, John D. Hackett, George Reeves. Co. Longford. Thomas Bond, George Crookshank. Co. Cavan. Patrick Brady, Daniel Stanford. Secretary to the said Society, Mr. Wm. Glascock, Co. Fermanagh. Thomas Noble, Charles King. Co. Tyrone. . Richard Cowan, Richardson Williams, Thomas Cowan, John Wright. Co. Donegal. Andrew Nesbit, Richard Cowan. Co. Londonderry. Andrew Mc. Ilwain, John O Kane. Richardson Williams, AEneas Murray. Inspectors for the LEINSTER CIRCUIT. Co. Wicklow. ( Vacant.) Laurence Pearson. Co. Wexford. William Bolton, Benjamin Wilson, Joseph Waddy, Co. Kilkenny and City, George Roth, Bibby Hartford, Richard Colles. Co Carlow. Edward Butler, Thomas Burroughs, John Byrne. Co. Kildare. Wentworth Thewles, R. Wright Templeton. King's Co. Henry Betagh, John Denny Pain, Edward King. Queen's Co. John Humphreys, John Pilkington. Inspectors for the QUARTER SESSIONS, SEE, Co. Dublin. John Rawlins, William Hickie, Andrew Carmichael. Attorney. Dawson- street. A CHRONQLOOICAV.-
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