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Dublin Almanack


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No Pages: 1
Dublin Almanack 1776 page 1
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Dublin Almanack
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Dublin Almanack

Date of Article: 01/01/1776
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Volume Number:     Issue Number: 
No Pages: 1
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Chief Magifirates. " 3 734 Nathaniel Kane, Sir Rd. Grattan, George Forbes, 736 James Somervell, 737 William Walker, 735 John Macarrel, Daniel Falkiner, 740 Sir Samuel Cooke, 741 William Aldrich, 742 Gilbert King, 743 D, Tew, W. Aldrich, 744 John Walker, 745 Daniel Cooke, 746 R. White, W. Walker, 747 Sir George Ribton, 748 Robert Ross, John Adamson, 749 Sir Sam. Cooke, j 750 Thomas Taylor, 751 John Cooke, 752 Sir Charles Burton, 753 Andrew Murray, 754 Hans Bailie, 755 Percival Hunt, 756 John Forbes, 757 Thomas Meade, 758 Philip Crampton 759 John Tew, GeO. III. 760 Sir Patr. Hamilton, 761 Sir Timothy Allen, Charles Rossell, William Forbes, 764 Ben. Geale, 765 Sir James Taylor, 766 Edward Sankey, 767 Francis Fetherston, 768 Ben. Barton, 769 Sir Thomas Blackall, 770 George Reynolds, John Walker, Thomas Cooke. Robert King, John Twigg. Richard White, Edward Hunt. Charles Rossell, Robert Ross Thomas Baker, George Ribton. J. Bern. Hoffshleger, Jn. Adamson. James Dunn, Benjamin Hunt. W. Grattan, Q. Somervell, T. Read. George Fraser, John Bradshaw. G. Swettenham, T. Broughton. Daniel Walker, Patrick Ewing. John Espinase, Andrew Murray. William Cooke, Thomas Taylor. John Hornby, John Cooke, Matthew Weld, Hans Bailie. Thomas Meade, Robert Donovan. George Reynolds, Thomas White. James Taylor, John Tew. John Forbes, Patrick Hamilton. E. Huband, H. Wray, A. Ryves. Philip Crampton, Tim. Allen. Arthur Lamprey, Char. Rossell. Peter Barre, Charles Nobileau. Michael Sweny, William Forbes Ben. Geale, James Taylor. Ben. Barton, Edward Sankey. Fr. Fetherston, G. Wrightson. Mat. Bailie, Sir Tho. Blackall. John Read, Joseph Hall. William Bryan, Francis Booker. Robert Montgomery, Henry Hart William Ruttledge, Richard French Willo. Lightburne, Tho. Emerson, Pat. Boyd, Henry Bevan. William Dunn, Henry Williams. Killner Swettenham, Sir Ant. King; Blen. Grove, Anthony Perrier. Q^ 1771 Francis
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