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Dublin Almanack


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Dublin Almanack 1776 page 1
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Dublin Almanack
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Dublin Almanack

Date of Article: 01/01/1776
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No Pages: 1
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Chief Magijlrates. i l l LORDMAYORS and SHERIFFS, from the 18th year OF Charles II. when the first Lord Mayor was created, to the present time. LORD MAYORS. SHERIFFS. 1665 SIR Dan. Bel- Christopher Lovet, John Quelsh. lingham, 1666 John Desmynieres, Philip Castleton, Joseph Dobson. 1667 Mark Quin, Matthew French, Giles Mee. 1668 John Forrest, Will. Gressingham, John Linagar. 1669 Lewis Desmynieres, William Story, Richard Ward. 1670 Enoch Reader, Richard Hanway, Isaac John: 1671 Sir John Totty, Henry Reynolds, Nath. Philpot. 1672 Robert Deey, Thomas Clinton, John Castleton. 1673 Sir Joshua Allen, Abel Ram, George Blackall. 1674 Sir Francis Brewster, Humphrey Jervis, William Sands. 1675 William Smith, John Knox, Walter Motley. 1676 Christopher Lovet, Wm. Watt, Benjamin Leadbeater. 1677 John Smith, James Collingham, Wm Billington. 1678 Peter Ward, William Cook, Thomas Tenant. 1679 John Eastwood, Thomas Taylor, Robert Bridges. 1680 Luke Lowther, John Coyne, Samuel Walton. 1681 Sir Hump. Jervis, John Fletcher, Edward Hains. 1682 Sir Hump. Jervis, William Watt, Edward Hains. 1683 Sir Elias Best, George Kennedy, Mich. Mitchell, [ JAMES II.] 1684 Sir Abel Ram, Charles Thomson, Thomas Quin. 1685 Sir John Knox, Richard French, Edward Rose. 1686 Sir John Castleton, James Howiston, Isaac Holroyd. 1687 Sir Thomas Hacket, Thomas Keiron, Edmond Kelly. [ WILL. III.] 1688 Sir Michael Creagh, Christopher Pales, John Coyne, Terence Dermott, Ignatius Brown, John lbH9 | Walter Motley, Anthony Piercy, Mark Rainsford, 1690 John Ottrington, Mark Rainsford, Edward Loyd. 1691 Sir Mich. Mitchell, Thomas Bell, Henry Stephens. 1692 Sir Mich. Mitchell, Francis Stoyte, William Gibbons. 1693 Sir John Rogerson, John Page, Robert Twigg 1694 George Blackall, Ben. Burton, Thomas Denham. 1695 William Watts, Andrew Brice, William Stowel. 1696 Sir Wm. Billington, Rob. Constantine, Nath. Whitwell. 1697 Barth.
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