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Dublin Almanack


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Dublin Almanack 1776 page 1
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Dublin Almanack
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Dublin Almanack

Date of Article: 01/01/1776
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Volume Number:     Issue Number: 
No Pages: 1
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$ 6 The COMMONS of IRELAND. 60. KILDARE Co. ( 10) Sir Kildare Dixon Borrowes Bt. Arthur Pomeroy, Esq; 61. Bor. of Athy. William Burgh, I*% Walter Hussey Burgh, Esq; 62. Bor. of Harristown. Robert Graydon, Esq; * Thomas Burgh, Esq ;. 63. Bor. of Kildare. Simon Digby, Esq; Joseph Henry, Elq; 64. Bor. of Naas. John Bourke, Esq; John Bourke the Yger. Esq; 65. KILKENNY Co. ( i6) Rt. Hon. John Ponsonby. James Agar, Esq; 66. Bor. of Callen. Rt. Hon. Henry Flood. John Flood, Jun. Eiq; 67. B. of S. Canice, alias Irishtn. Rt H Fredk. Campbell, commonly. call'd Ld Fred Campbell Tho. RadclifFe Esq; L. L. D. 68. Bor. of Innistioge. Joseph Matthews, Esq; Lodge Morres, Esq; 69. Bor. of Gowran. Hon. Arthur Browne. Henry Prittie, Esq; 70. City of Kilkenny. Sir Hayd. Evans Morres, Bt. Sir John Blunden, Bt. 71. $ or. of Knoctcopher. Sir Wm. Fownes, Bart. HercUles Langrishie, Esq; 72. Bor. of Thomastown. Tho. Maunsell, Jun. Esq; George Dunbar, Esq; 73. KING's Co. ( 6) Sir William Parsons, Bt. John Lloyd, Esq; 74. Bor of Banagher. Peter Holmes, Esq; Thomas Coghlan, Esq; 75. Bor. of Philipstown. Hon. Richd Rochfort Mervyn. Duke Tyrrell, Esq; 76. LEITRIM Co. ( 6) Rt. Hon. Nath. Clements. Wm. Gore, Esq; 77. Bor. of Carrick. Henry Sandford, Esq; Robert Clements, Esq; 78. Bor. of Jamestown. Hon. James Browne. John Fitz- Gibbon, Esq; 79. LIMERICK Co. ( 8) Rt. H. Silver Oliver, Hugh Massy, Esq; 80. Bor. of Askeyton. Joseph Hoare, Esq; John Tunnadine, Esq; 81. Bor. of Kilmallock. Windham Quin, Esq; Tho. Maunsell, Sen. Esq; 82. City of Limerick. Charles Smyth, Esq; R. H. Edm. Sex. Pery. 83. LOND. DERRY C0. ( 8) | Rt. Hon. Thomas Conolly. Rt. Hon. Edward Cary. 84. Bor. of Coleraine. Richard Jackson, Esq; Rt. Hon. Theoph. Jones. 85. City of Londonderry. Hugh Hill, Esq; * James Alexander, Esq ; 86. Bor. of Newtn. Limavady. Col. William Burton. Richard Jones, Esq; 87. LONGFORD Co. ( to) Henry Gore, Esq-, * Lau. Harman Harman, Esq; 88. Bor. of Granard. Gervas- Parker Bushe, Esq; Richard Malone, Esq; 89. Bor. of Lanesborough. Matthias Earberry, Esq; Edward- Bellingh. Swan, Esq; 90. Bor. of Longford. David La Touche, the Ygr. Esq; Warden Flood, Esq; 91. Bor. of St. Johnstown. Ralph Fetherston, Esq; Robert Jephson, Esq; 92.. LOUTH Co. ( 10) John Foster, Esq; R. H. James Fortescue, 93. Bor. of Atherdee. John Ruxton, Esq; George Lowther, Esq; Gorges, 51. Graydon, 62. Grogan, 140. HALL, 37. H Hamilton, ,1 3 » 34,98, 116. ib-. ii Handcock, 133. Harman, 87. Hatch, 49. Hellen, 138. Henry, 63. Hill, 85. Hoare, 11, 80. Holmes, 74. Howard, 36, 146. . Hutchinson, 24- Hyde, 18. JAckson, 84- Jefferyes, 18. . Jephson, 27, ib. 91. 1 Johnston, 41. Jones, 84, 86. Irvine, 104. KEarny, 26. King, 113. Kirwan, 98. Knox, 125. ib. LAmbart 13 5. lb i i Langrishe, 71.1 La Touche, 90. Le Hunte, 145. Leigh, 44, 143. Leslie, 40. Levinge, 101. Loftus, 139, 141. Longfield, 23. Lowther, 93, 99. Lloyd, 73. Lysaght, 22,30,130. MAcartney, M'Causland, 31. Mahon, 112. Malone, 88, 132. Mason, 148. Massy, 79. Mathew, 118. Matthews, 68. Maude, 118. Maunsell, 72, 81. May, 127.
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