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Dublin Almanack


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Dublin Almanack 1776 page 1
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Dublin Almanack
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Dublin Almanack

Date of Article: 01/01/1776
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No Pages: 1
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78 Merchants and Traders. WA Usher ( Thomas) Merchant, 38, Phrapper- lane. W. Wade ( John) Chymist, ( appointed by Parliament) 66, Capel st, . Wade ( Joseph) Woollen - draper, 1, High- street. Wade ( Mary) Grocer, 85, Bride- street. Wade ( Robert) Silk- weaver, 5, Hanover- street. Wadick and Byrne, Skinners, 54, Watling- street- Wakely ( Francis) Grocer, 20, Stafford- street. Waldron ( Henry) Sword- cutler, 18, Wood- street. Waldron ( William) Limner, 70, Mecklenburgh- street. Walker ( Cooper) Joiner, 64,' Bolton- street. Walker ( George) Carpenter, Prussia- street. Walker ( George) Watch- maker, 40, S. great George's- street. Walker and Geoghegan, Velvet- manufacturers, 54, Francis- st. Walker ( Matthew) Grocer, 16, Clarendon- street. Walker ( Robert) Carpenter, 19, Engine- alley. Walker ( Thomas) Book- seller, 79, Dame- street. Walker ( William) Ironmonger, 73, Meath street. Walker ( Wm.) Mathematical Instrument- maker, 15, Temple- bar. : Wall ( Thomas) Poplin and Stuff- manufatturer, 14, Francis- str, Wallace ( Gertrude) Glover, 1, Castle- street. Wallace ( William) Woollen- draper, 17, Bridge- street. Walsh ( David) Merchant, 8, Anglesea- street. Walsh ( Francis) Gold- smith and Jeweller, 13, Castle- street. Walsh ( Henry) Stay- maker, 25, Bedford- row. Walsh ( James) Breeches- maker, 21, \ D , Walsh ( James) Peruke- maker, 38, ] » ™ e- street. Walsh ( James) Shoe maker, 60, High- street. Walsh ( James) Wool- comber, 5, W. Cole- alley. Walsh ( Michael) Ironmonger, 10, S . great George's- street. Walsh ( Richard) Tobacconist, 47, Thomas- street. Walsh ( Robert) Linen- draper, 102, Bride- street. Walsh ( Sarah) Parchment- maker, 62, Watling- street. Walsh ( Thomas) Baker, 117, Abbey street. Walsh ( Wal.) Master of the Globe Coffee- house, 51 , Essex- str. Walsh ( William) Slater, 35, Phrapper- lane. Walter ( John) Clothier, 9, Pool street. Ward ( Bartholomew) Baker, 27, N. King- street. Ward ( Benjamin) Riband- weaver, 7, Nicholas- street. Ward ( Charles) Merchant, 12, Fownes's- street. Ward ( Constantine) Wine- merchant, Parliament- row. Ward
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