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Dublin Almanack


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Dublin Almanack 1776 page 1
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Dublin Almanack
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Dublin Almanack

Date of Article: 01/01/1776
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Volume Number:     Issue Number: 
No Pages: 1
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Name. William Petty, Richard Boyle, Clotworthy Skeffington, Brinsley Butler, James Hamilton, George Rochfort, John Wandesford, Thomas Birmingham, James DufF, Garret Wesley, Peter Ludlow, George Carpenter, john Rawdon, Arthur- Saunders Gore, James Stopford, Joseph Leeson, Robert Maxwell, James Caulfeild, John Savile, Edward Turnour Thomas Taylor, Thomas St. Lawrence, Charles Coote, Edward King, Charles- Wm. Molyneux Robert Jocelyn, Henry Loftus, n Kenneth Mackenzie, John Browne, Ralph Gore, EARLS. Title. Creation. Eldest Sons. Shelburne, E. B. 1753 Fitz- Maurice. Shannon, 1756 Boyle. Massareene, 1756 Loughneagh, Lanesborough, 1756 Newtown. Clanbrassill, 1756 Limerick, Belvedere, ' 75<> Beilfield. Wandesford, > 758 Castlecomer Louth, ' 1759 Athenry. Fife, 1759 Macduff. Mornington, 17 60 Wellesley. Ludlow, 1760 Preston. Tyrconnel, 1761 Carlingford Moira, 1762 Rawdon. Arran, 1762 Sudley. Courtown, i] 6i Stopford. Milltown, 1763 Rusborough. Farnham, 1763 Maxwell. Charlemont, 1763 Caulfeild. Mexborough of Lifford, K. B. 1766 Pollington Winterton, 1766 Turnour. Bective of Bective Castle, 1766 Headfort. Howth. 1767 St. Lawrence. Bellamont, K! B. 1767 Colloony. Kingston, 17 68 Kingsborough. , Sefton, 1771 Molyneux. Roden of High- Roding, 1771 Jocelyn. Ely, 1771 Loftus. Seaforth, 1771 Fortrose. Altamont, ' 77' Westport, Ross, 1772 Gore. EDmund Butler, Geo. Bussy Villiers, Arthur Annesley, John Netterville, John Needham, Bourke, VISCOUNTS. Mountgarret, 1550 Grandison of. Limerick, E. E. 1610 Valentia, 162.1 Netterville of Douth, 1622 Kilmorey, 1625 3 — uuunvc, Bourke of Mayo, 1 « * y Rich. Lumley Saunderson, Lumley of Waterford, E. E. 1628 c .< » « 1627 Rev. Philip Smythe, Philip Wenman, • Francis Taaffe, Charles Jones, Richard Fitz- William, Charles Cockaine, Thomas- Charles Tracy, Tho.- James Bulkeley, * George Barnewall, Strangford, 1628 Wenman of Tuam, 162b Taaffe of Corren. 1628 Ranelagh, 1628 Fitz- Wm. of Meryong, K. B. 1629 Cullen, 1642 Tracy of Rathcoole, 164Z Bulkeley of Cashel, 1643 Barnewall of Kingsland, 1646 , . w jGeo.- Jas. Cholmondeley, Cholmondeley ofKells, E. E. i66i > John Dawney, Downe, 1680
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