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Berrow's Worcester Journal


Printer / Publisher: H. Berrow 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 4133
No Pages: 4
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Berrow's Worcester Journal
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Berrow's Worcester Journal

Date of Article: 26/08/1773
Printer / Publisher: H. Berrow 
Address: Near the Cross, Worcester
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 4133
No Pages: 4
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Price Two- pence Halfpenny. Saturday's and Sunday's Posts FOREIGN AFFAIRS. from Brome, in the County of Zell, July 8. OUR Fields lately promised us a most abundant Harvest ; but we have unhappily experienced a most terrible Reverse. A Storm has destroyed all the Fruits of the Earth. No Persons here were ever before Witnesses to such Hail, both as to its Quantity and Duration. Many of the Hail- Stones were of the Size of a common Coffee - Cup, with many Points, and were prodigiously hard. The Destruction occa- sioned by this Storm is immense. Whole Vil- lages, besides the Loss of their Harvest, have had all their Fowls killed or dangerously wounded, and the Cattle of all Sorts have greatly suffered. The Linnen, which was spread in order to be whitened, was torn in Pieces, and several Per- sons, who were not able to reach Shelter, were killed, or mortally wounded. Stockholm, July 30. We have most melancholy Accounts from the Province of Dalia, of a Dy- sentery which prevails there, and carries off great Numbers. It is computed that the Number of Persons who have died in that Province last Year and this is much greater than in the Year 1709, when the Plague made such Havock in this King- dom. As the Inhabitants who remain alive there want Strength to get in their Harvest, they offer Half the Produce to those who will get it in for them. The King being informed of their Dis- tress, has ordered the Senate, during his Absence, to take the necessary Measures to stop the Pro- gress of this Distemper, and to send Physicians and Medicines to Dalia, at the Expence of the Government, in Consequence of which three Physicians have been sent to different Places in that Province. COUNTRY NEWS. Bath, Aug. 17. Saturday several Batchers in Marlborough Market had good Beef, Mutton, and Lamb, cried at 2d 1/ 2. per Pound. Lately died at East Town, in the Parish of Steeple- Aston, Wilts, Assena Newman, a Woman who in the Space of two Years had been tapped forty Times for the Dropsy, and full six Gallons of Water taken from her each Time ; but what is is most extraordinary, this Disorder did not oc- casion her Death ( as she was remarkably stout during the Course of these Operations) but her imprudently taking large Quantities of Rhubarb. Leeds, August 17. A Report prevailing amongst the Stocking Weavers, at Nottingham, that a Frame on a new Construction was making by Mr. William Taylor, Framesmith, in Chapel Bar, the Plan of which was framed by Brown, of Arnold, and would, if compleated, greatly injure the poor Manufacturers ; a small Party of them assembled, on Tuesday Afternoon, at Mr. Taylor's Shop, and were admitted by the Workmen, on paying one Penny each, to view the Frame ; their Numbers being designedly encreased, they grew riotous, and insisted the Machine should be given up ; Resistance to a superior Strength was in vain ; they carried off the Frame in Triumph, and after- wards broke it in Pieces, amidst the Acclamations of a deluded Multitude. We are credibly in- formed, that this new Frame was capable only of making coarse Yarn Stockings, of the same Kind and Value as the knitted ones made by the poor Shepherds, & c. in Yorkshire, Cumberland, the West of England, & e. and if the Machine could have been perfected, would have introduced a new Branch of Business into that Town, and employed a Number of Hands, not capable of undertaking the finer Parts of a valuable Manufactory. Oxford, Aug. 21. Last Wednesday Night, in this City and its Neighbourhood, the Weather was so tempestuous, and the Rains at the same Time so heavy, that scarce any Buildings were found to afford a sufficient Shelter ; and many People were much distressed. LONDON, Friday, Aug. 20. Wednesday a Chapter of the most antient Order of the Thistle was held at St. James's, when the Right Hon. the Earl of Northington was elected and invested with the Ensigns of the Order, in the room of the Earl of Warwick deceased. It is positively asserted, that Sir George Saville will retire from Parliament after the present Ses- sion, and that a Blue Ribbon is designed for him. The Prince of W — is not suffered to read any of the News- Papers ; however, by Chance, happening one Day last Week to lay hold of one in which was some Account of Parson B fighting with the Captain, he took Occasion to jeer the Bishop of O gh about it, saying, " You are a Bishop and should learn Parsons not to sight." The young Bishop heard this very calmly, and then replied to the Prince, " You are a General, and Admiral, I take it; why then don't you learn the Captains to sight, and then Parsons would leave it off?" The East India Company will only take up about twelve Ships into their Service this Year, which is the least that has ever been known to be taken up by them. Is is now said to be seriously thought of, to pull down, and rebuild London Bridge, the Inconve- nience arising from the Projection of the Starlings, together with the Sand Banks they have occasioned above, being too detrimental to the Navigation of Advice is received from Dublin, that the Storm which was felt so severely here the 13th Instant, was not less terrible in its Effects there, and we hear eleven Vessels were lost in the Irish Channel the same Evening. A Letter from Uxbridge, dated Aug. 16, says, " The Thunder and Lightning last Night and Saturday Morning was so violent here, that it has done a considerable deal of Damage, by throw- ing down Tops of Chimnies, and unroofing Houses. A Man and a Boy, who were at an Alehouse in Bed together, were struck dead. Far- mer Jackson, within a Mile of this Town, had one Horse, two Cows, and several Sheep struck dead, and most of the Farmers about this Place have been great Sufferers by that Tempest." A Correspondent recommends it to the Farmers when they pay their Michaelmas Rents, to insist upon their Landlord's taking their light Guineas, as it is their Fault, that the present Act has taken Place, in the absurd Form we find it. It was in their Power to prevent it: If they permitted such an Act to take Place, let them take the light Gui- neas, and get them off as they can. The Minister of a Parish in Southwark has raised the Price of searching his Register Sixpence, publishing the Bans Sixpence, and Marriages Three Shillings and Sixpence, alledging as a Rea- son, the present Dearness of Provisions. Monday Evening four Villains with blacked Faces, entered the House of Mr. Theynman, Far- mer, near Braintree, in Essex, and after binding the Farmer, his Wife, a Man, and two Maid Ser- vants, left one of them to guard while the other three went up Stairs and broke open all the Locks, carried away a great Quantity of Plate, Linnen, and Wearing Apparel, together with two Horses, on the Back of one of which they carried off their Plunder. They were in the House four Hours. A Letter from Utrecht, to a Gentleman in Dublin, gives the following Account of a most shocking Attempt of a Robbery and Murder that happened near that Town on the 14th of July last. — One Mary- Ann de Rantzaw, a Widow, who kept a small Public House adjoining to the high Road, having received 2000 Guilders by the fortunate Event of a Lottery Ticket, and re- solving to live private the rest of her Life, took down her Sign, and discontinued furnishing Tra- vellers with Entertainment of Beds. On the Evening of the above- mentioned Day, a Dutch- man, who, in the late War served as a Hussar, and had been often quartered with the Widow, came to her House and demanded a Lodging ; which she refused on Account of quitting Public Business, and keeping no Liquors for Sale. The Hussar entreated her to let him sleep any where for that Night, as he was much fatigued ; to which, with some Reluctance, she consented. About Eleven somebody knockcd at the Door, and the Hussar, who lay in the upper chamber, looked out of the Window, and saw two Men mussled in Cloaks, who desired to speak with Mrs. Rantzaw, on Business of the last Moment. The Soldier went down, and after informing his Landlady of his Suspicions, locked her up in a Closet, and getting a Brace of Pistols and a Sa- bre, with which he always travelled, opened the Door, and ran into the Kitchen before them, where he, in a determined Manner, waited for the Event. The disguised Russians followed, and seeing an armed Man prepared to receive them, instantly fired together, but without Effect, the Balls going through the Hussars Cloak and Hat. He then thought himself authorised to fire in his Turn, and taking a cock'd Pistol in each Hand, fortunately shot the Villains dead on the Spot. After recharging his Arms, and locking the Door, the Hussar and his Hostess sat up till Day, and went into the City to relate this Transaction to a Magistrate, and procure proper Witnesses to in- spect and search the Bodies, in order to an Inquest. He was directed to an Officer called the Schout, who acts in every Town as a Sub- Sheriff, but was informed that neither he nor his Bailiff were at Home, being gone out on an Expedition. The Hussar went then to the Chief Justice, before whom he made Oath of the Affair, and prevailed on his Lordship to go to the Widow's House, and hold the proper Enquiry. But what was the Sur- prize of all present, when, after washing the Faces of the Dead, they proved to be no other than the Schout himself, and his Bailiff, who came thither to rob and murder the innocent Woman on Ac- count of her Acquisition in the Lottery, of which the Report had spread. The Soldier and Widow were tried for Form Sake ; and the Bodies of the Villains who had been killed, after being hung up in the Market Place for several Hours, were burnt, and their Ashes thrown into the Canal. On Wednesday a 50l. Plate, Give and Take, was run for by Sir R. Phillips's dun Horse, Macaroni 1 1 Mr. Rumney's Darling 2 dr. Mr. Ems's bay Mare, Liberality dist. Macaroni walked over the Course the 2d Heat. The same Day an Aged Plate was run for by E. Strode, Esqr's chesnut Horse, Pauper 1 1 J. Scudamore, Esqr's Colt, Blenkarthur 2 dis. Mr. Dilley's grey Horse 3 2 Mr. Jones's Mare, Miss Monnington dist. At Hereford Races, on Monday last, the Free- holders Plate was run for by Mr. Jones's sorrel Mare, Miss Monnington 1 1 R. Chambers, Esqr's bay Horse, Remus 2 2 Mr. Ems's bay Mare, Liberality 3 3 J. Delahay, Esqr's grey Mare, Shepherdess dist. The same Day a Sweepstakes of 80 Guineas, for Four Year Olds, a four Mile Heat, was won by Edward Strode, Esqr's Filly, Rantipole, beat- ing John Scudamore, Esqr's Blenkarthur. On Tuesday a 50l. Plate was Won in two Heats by Mr. Rumney's black Horse, Darling, beating John Hanbury, Esqr's bay Horse, Nameless. Nameless, before starting, was the Favourite; but after the first Heat Ten to One were offered Worcester, Aug. 11, 1773. LIGHT GOLD. JOSEPH FEATHERSTONE, Mercer and Linen- Diaper, in High- Street, acquaints the Public, That, for the Convenience of such as are possessed of Light Gold Coin, he will give them Three Pounds Sixteen Shillings per Ounce for single Pieces, and in the same Proportion for any Sum. N. B. The Sellers may have their Choice of being paid in Cash or good London Bills, and every Piece or Pieces will be cut in their Presence. CROWN INN, Bridge- Street, Evesham. JOHN HEADLEY begs Leave to acquaint Gentlemen, Tradesmen, And Others, That he has taken the said INN ( late in the Posses- session of Mr. Hodges); where he hopes for the Continuance of the Favours of those who have hitherto used the said Inn, as it will be his constant Study to merit their Approbation and Encourage- ment N. B. Neat Chaises, good Horses, and careful Drivers, with every Accommodation. 19 th August, 1773. ALL Persons that have any Demands on the Estate or Effects of Thomas Talbot, late of the Borough of Kidderminster, in the County of Worcester, Victualler, intestate, deceased, are desired to send in their respective Accompts to Mr. James Palmore, Proctor, at Hartlebury, in order to ascertain the Debts of the said Deceased, so that a Dividend may be made to pay his respective Credi- tors in Proportion so far as the Deceased's Effects will extend : And such Persons that stand indebted to the said Deceased, are required to pay in their respective Debts forthwith to the said James Pal- more, or they will be sued for the same without farther Notice. N. B . To be disposed of, The Remainder of the De- ceased's Houshold Goods and Brewing Utensils and Vessels, at the late Dwelling House of the said Deceased. WHERE AS the GAME in the Manor of Powick has, of late Years, been greatly destroyed ; This is to give Notice, If any un- qualified Persons presume to sport in the said Manor they will be prosecuted as the Law directs : And as Tunnels and other unlawful Nets have been very much used for the Destruction of the Game by Night, whoever will give Information of any Game in the said Manor being taken as aforesaid, or of any unqualified Person having in his Possession any such Tunnels, & c. shall, upon Conviction of each Offender, receive a Guinea Reward, above Half the Penalty which is allowed by Act of Parliament to the informer. August 19th, 1773. FOR the future Preservation of the GAME in the Manor of Moorhall- bell, in the Parish of Bellbroughton, in the County of Wor- cester, Notice is hereby given, That if any Person or Persons, not qualified, shall be found to kill or de- stroy the Game in the said Manor, they will be pro- secuted as the Law directs ; and any Person who shall give Information of such Offender or Offenders , so that he or they may be apprehended and con- victed thereof, shall, upon such Conviction, receive, over and above all Rewards allowed by Law, a Re- ward of One Guinea, by applying to Mr. Charles Harris, Attorney at Law, in Stourbridge. Goose- Lane, Worcester, Aug. 11 , 1773. WHEREAS my Son Thomas hath absented himself, without Provocation, ever since Monday the 2d Instant, and has received Mo- ney, without my Authority, of several of my Cus- tomers, and has likewise taken up Goods of several Persons, in my Name, without any Order from me; This is to forbid all Persons paying him any Money, or entrusting him with any Goods on my Account. COPYHOLDERS for Lives in the several MANORS of the Dean and Chapter Worcester, are required, if Vacancies happen in the Copies, to give Notice of the same on or before the 20th of next September, to the Dean, Receive Steward, or Chapter Clerk, in Worcester. No Re- newals will be granted of COPYHOLD EsTATe where this Rule is not duly observed. 19th August, 1773, THE Simple- Contract Creditors the Rev. Richard Walker, late of Broms- grove, deceased, are desired to apply to Mr. Socket Attorney, in Worcester, for the Payment of these Dividends arising from his Estate for their respec- tive Debts. Bewedley, Aug, 2d, 1773. THE Trustees appointed to put Execution the Act for repairing the several Roads leading, to this Town, have this Day may an Order for a General Meeting to be held at the Town Hall, upon Monday the 4th of October next by Ten o'Clock in the Forenoon, to consider upon a proper Application to Parliament for a Renewal of the said Act. BONHAM CALDWALL, clerk to the Trustee, BURFORD RACES. A Gentleman paid away at Burford, On Tuesday the 20th of July last, by Mistakes a Promissory Note of Messrs. Biddulph and Cock Charing- Cross, London, to Order of Mr. James Forbes, dated 17th of July, No. 189, for One Hun- dred Guineas, in Place of one of Fifty Guineas. is requested that whoever is possessed of the No will send it immediately for Payment, in order trace the Mistake, and facilitate the Recovery. Bromsgrove, Aug. 16, 1773. BY Order of the Assignees, will Sold to the Best Bidder, on the Premisses, Thursday the 2d Day of September next ( on the Conditions to be then and there produced) The entire Stock of MARY BENNETT, a Bankrupt consisting of Mercery, Haberdashery, and Millened Goods. The Stock to be viewed three Days before the Sale ; and with the Stock a Purchaser may accommodated with the House and Shop; which stands opposite the Market House, and has been good accustomed Shop in the Mercery Branch up- wards of 60 Years. And on the following Day will begin to be so by Auction, All the genuine Houshold Furniture of the said Mary Bennett, and the Sale will con- tinue daily till the Whole is sold. N. B. All Persons who stand Indebted to Estate of the said Mary Bennett, are desired form with to pay in their respective Debts to Mr. Ben min Humphrys, or Mr. John Reeve, of Broms- grove, Assignees to the said Bankruptcy, or this will be sued for the same without further Notice. TO BE LETT PART of the Old Coffee- House, situate, in High- Street, Worcester, consisting of a laid Shop, and Warehouses sufficient to carry on an ex- tensive Business, with other proper Conveniences for a large Family. For further Particulars enquire of Mr. Step Wilkins, Grocer, adjoining to the Premisses. To be LETT, and entered upon at Lady- Day next At Burford, near Tenbury, Worcestershire, A Neat Parsonage House, with a good Garden and small Orchard. Enquire of Mr. Wheeler, at Burford; TO BE SOLD, For the Remainder of a very long Term of Year AN ESTATE, consisting of Dwelling - House and convenient Out Buildings, and about one hundred and ten Acres of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, situate Aston upon Carrant, about three Miles from Tewkesbury Particulars may be had of Young, Attorney at Law, in Pershore. TH URSDAY, August 26, 1773. Numb. 4 1 3 3. WILLIAM GLOVER, at the Cross in Worcester, begs Leave to inform Gen- tlemen, Ladies, and Others, That he has a fresh Assortment of Goods of as good a Quality as any one of the Trade, and will sell on the lowest Terms. The Goods consist of all Sorts of Clocks, Watches, Gold, Silver, and Jewellery Work in general; Plated Goods ; Japann'd Ware; Castors, in Silver, Plated, or Wood Frames; Silver hasted Knives and Forks; Necklaces and Ear- Rings of various Sorts, Snuff- Boxes, Tweezer- Cases, Red Pocket- Books, Trinkets, and many other Articles too tedious to particularize. He likewise repairs all Sorts of Clocks, Watches, Plate, and Jewellery Work, in the neatest and cheapest Manner. He takes all Sorts of Gold or Silver in Exchange for Goods, or gives most Money for the same. Likewise gives as much for Short- weight Guineas, Half- Guineas, or Portugal Pieces, as any one else; or takes Short- weight Coin, in Trade, at 3l. 17s. rod. Halfpenny per Ounce. High Street, Worcester, Aug. 18, 1773. JOHNMOGRIDGE hereby acquaints his Customers and the Public, That he gives 3l. 18s. per Ounce for Light Guineas and Half- Guineas, and 3l. 17s. for Light Portugal Coin, if good Gold, and laid out at his Shop; where every Article in the Linnen and Woollen Drapery, and Hosiery Goods, is sold, as usual, on the very lowest Terms. N. B. Strong Hempen Cloth and Irish Linnens very, cheap. TO BE SOLD, FOUR Freehold Messuages, adjoining together, in Pershore, in the County of Worcester, in very good Repair and well the yearly Rent of 21l. Particulars may be had of Mr. Young, Attor- ney at Law, in Pershore aforesaid. THE Tithes of Middle Littleton North Littleton, South Littleton, Hampt Offenham, Wickhamford, Badsey, and Aldington situate near the Borough of Evesham, in the County of Worcester, now lett at 458l. per Annum, valued at 615l. per Annum, and held by Lease from the Dean and Chapter of Christ Church, Oxford. For further Particulars enquire of Mr. Hunt, Stratford upon Avon, in Warwickshire; or of Beriah Hills, in East Lane, Rotherhithe, in Surr This Day is published, Price is. 6d. A New Practical Essay on CANCER Containing, 1. An Account of their Natural Causes, and Species. 2. A Detail of the general Method of Practice, commonly called rational palliative. 3. A Description of the Remedies pro- posed by some as Specifies, but found to be either dangerous or ineffectual; with Remarks on same. 4. The most safe, efficacious, and on certain Method of Cure, for every Species Schirusses and Cancers, without Cutting, Cau or any painful Operation ; as may be seen by : Cases annexed. To which is added A DISSERTATION on the Disorders occasioned the MILK ; with necessary Cautions and Directions to Lying- in Women, pointing out their damage Consequences, and the Means of Prevention Cure. By J. BURROWS, M. D., EVESHAM. TO BE SOLD; Monday's and Wednesday's Posts. FOREIGN AFFAIRS. Warsaw, Aug. 4. THE Day on which the Commission established to judge the Regicides, was to put an End to its Sittings, the King went thither at Eleven o'Clock. There were present great Numbers of persons of both Sexes. The King made so affecting speech that all the Audience shed Tears. His majesty pleaded for the Regicides, and desired no od on the Occasion. He declared a Pardon for every one concerned, not only for those who had an taken up, but likewise for those who had eitherto escaped ; adding, that he had nothing much at Heart as that the Nation should for future have an Affection for their King. His majesty before he retired, recommended to the shops to take Care that his Desires were pro- bably attended to. People are impatient to see at Effect this Discourse will produce. The following is a Translation of the Conclu- sion of the King's Speech : ' It is true that a Re- icide ought never to be pardoned; for the Fate of a whole Nation depending upon the Prince, e that makes an Attempt upon the Prince, makes an Attempt upon the whole Nation : But s this Kingdom for these six Years past has been the utmost Confusion, the supreme Au- thority was a Matter of Dispute. A Confe- eracy was formed which blindly bore Arms against their King and Father, at the same Time declaring that they were opposing a Tyrant; he Vassals forced to follow their Lords cannot be looked upon but as Subjects and Soldiers, and are therefore pardonable; but the Chiefs themselves, actuated by interested Views, de- serve the severest Punishment: However, as I myself am the Person injured, and the Accuser, insist that not one of my Subjects shall suffer for my Sake. I freely forgive them all their black Designs against me. This Pardon I grant not as a King, to shew my Power; I pardon them as a Christian ; that when I bow my Knees before the Throne of Mercy, I may be able to pay with a clear and unspotted Conscience, Forgive my Trespasses as I forgive then that tres- pass against me ! ' COUNTRY NEWS. Shrewsbury, Aug. 21. At our Assizes, which ended on Wednesday last, three Persons were ca- sually convicted and received Sentence of Death, Edward Rogers, for robbing and wounding Nevett, on the Highway; John Nichols, for taking open the House of Edward Tank ; and ward Wick, for procuring a certain Receipt 30l. forged with the Name of John Windsor, sluttering the same, knowing it to be forged, Thomas Taylor, for stealing a Watch out of House of Thomas Preece, was ordered to be transported for seven Years .— James Wright and Thomas Pitchford, for stealing Linnen Cloth out the Whitening Yards of John Crane and Wm. Hawley, were branded, and are to suffer one ar's Imprisonment. — Benj. Morris, for Man- ghter, was also burnt in the Hand .— Jane e, for stealing sundry Articles out of the house of Samuel Bishop, to be whipped at Lud- Richard Phillips, for extorting the Sum of Shillings and Six- pence, under a Pretence compromising an Offence committed against Turnpike Laws, without the Leave of any his Majesty's Courts of Justice, to stand in the ory for two Hours on Monday the 23d Instant, the open Market- time, at Much Wenlock ; he be forever hereafter disabled to pursue or Plaintiff or Informer in any Suit or Informa- tion upon any Statute popular or penal; and that forfeit the Sum of Ten Pounds, pursuant to Statute, and to remain in Gaol till he, with and sufficient Sureties, enter into two Re- nizances before one or more of his Majesty's spices of the Peace for this County, himself to bound in each Recognizance in 40l. and his eties in 20l. each, on Condition that he do personally appear at the next Assizes and General persons of Oyer and Terminer to be holden for County, to answer to two Indictments found inst him at this Assizes for similar Crimes . abeth Higgs, charged with poisoning Edward ning, Esq; after a Trial which lasted near nine rs, was acquitted ; as were also Tho. Key, samuel Thomas, Wm. Bevan, Mary Noonan, Pearson, and Richard Williams. Hadge Nares was pleased to reprieve Nichols, despite Wick, and to order Rogers to be exe- cuted next Saturday. Hewent, Glocestershire, Aug. 21. Within a few days past we have had here some Speculators in bewdley, who have been round to most of the formers to engage them in Contract for the Whole their Crop. As they are enterprising Geniuses, may not be improper to give them a Caution there is an Act of Parliament ( 5 and 6 Edw. Ch. xiv 3.) which lays a Penalty of the due so contracted for, and two Months Impri- sonment ; and according to this Act Prosecution immeditating against them, if they proceed in their Business. The Farmers too it is hoped will give the Prosit of their Labour to these Gen- ral but wait for the Market Price themselves. LONDON. Monday. Aug. 23. The Conduct of the Bostonians in their Dispute Governor Hutchinson has given great Of- fence at St. James's, and has occasioned some very old Orders to be dispatched from thence. The Distress occasioned in Ireland by the Gold Act is inconceivable. The Linnen Manu- factures were before languishing through a Scar- of Money, and this Act seems to have given the last Blow. The People are so incensed, Government Security has no Credit among Some of the State Business was actually at stand for some Weeks for Want of Money, and L. L t was at length forced into the de- spirate Measure of rasing a few Thousands on his private Fortune. A Circumstance so dis- A Correspondent remarks, that the Minister has forced four sinecure Judges upon the East- India Company, whose Salaries amount hearly to One per Cent, upon their Capital, and at a Time when they have been forced to reduce their Dividend, and borrow a Million and a Half to supply their present Exigences. It is said that upwards of 30,000 Soldiers have been inlisted in this Kingdom for the East India Company's Service, since the Commencement of the last War ; which is an extraordinary Drain of laborious Hands, and a real Loss to the Nation, when it is considered that scarce one in four hun- dred ever returns Home. We are informed that the yearly Balance of Trade with the Kingdom of Portugal is com- puted to have lessened near 300,0001. within the last twelve Years. By a Gentleman arrived this Week from Copen- hagen we are credibly informed, that there are at present upwards of Five Hundred British Ma- facturers, of different Kinds, in the Kingdom of Denmark, where great Encouragement is also given to Workmen in the Linnen, Thread, and Stocking Manufactures, front Glasgow, and other trading Towns in Scotland. Queen Matilda's Health is said to be so very much on the Decline, that Nature refuses the Nourishment it requires ; and her Physicians have given their Opinions, that unless she changes the Climate before the Winter sets in, she cannot re- cover ; in Consequence of this, her Royal Brother has renewed his Invitation for her coming to Eng- land, which it is supposed, her Majesty has ac- cepted, and will be here by the Beginning of September. A Gentleman who arrived last Wednesday from Turin, gives an Account that the King of Sardi- nia has augmented his Army to 100,000 Men, all well trained to Arms, which he intends to keep as an Army of Observation to watch the Motions of the King of Prussia ; he further says, that ac- cording to all Appearance, and the Preparations that he saw making in Italy, and those Parts of Germany he passed through, it cannot be long before a War will break out amongst those Powers, as the King of Prussia is looked upon with a jea- lous Eye on Account of his seizing on Part of the Dominions of the King of Poland. The following Paragraph is inserted in the Edinburgh Advertiser, which arrived this Day : — " By a Gentleman who arrived here on Sunday from Spain, we have the following Intelligence : That an Order came down from Madrid to Cadiz on the 5th ult. for the Ships that are ready, to fail immediately for South America ; a Galleon that arrived at Cadiz on the 28th of June having brought Advice, that the Chilesians, after taking Baldivia, had been joined by great Numbers of Indians from Peru, and Tribes lying East of Cor- delerians des Andes, and had directed their March for the City Imperial, which they took after a stout Resistance made by the Spaniards, put all to the Sword, and after pillaging the City, set it on Fire They then directed their Course, for St. Jago in South Lat. 34. and West Long. 37. the Capital of the Spaniards in Chili, the Governor of which was preparing to meet them ; he has sent Advice with the above Galleon, that if he does not receive timely Succours from Old Spain, he will be unable to withstand the Attacks of these Barbarians." The Process against the Jesuits at Rome goes on at length without Intermission. The Cardinal Legate went, according to the last Letters, to the House of the Jesuits at Ferrara ; and having assembled all the Members, shewed to them the Pope's Brief, which commissioned him to deal with them very cavalierly. He first visited the College Library, which he sealed up; from thence he passed to each of the Rooms, sealed each ; finally, to the Church. Their Archives, Treasures, Effects, & c. were all sealed in the like Manner, and every Thing was transacted with the greatest Severity. During the whole Time the House was surrounded with Troops, so that every Thing was done under the Point of the Musquet. From this House they proceeded to the Society's Colleges at Bagnacavalla and Catignole. His Holiness has also ordered the Bishop of Tivoli to deprive the Jesuits of that Place of their Func- tions, particularly from receiving Confessions, on Pain of Ecclesiastic Chastisement. The King of Portugal has just issued an Edict, whereby all Widows, turned of fifty Years of Age, are restrained from marrying again, because ( says this Edict) Experience proves that Women of that Age commonly marry young Men of no Property, who dissipate the Fortunes which such Marriages put them in Possession of, to the Pre- judice of the Children or other near Relations of their Wives. An express Advice was sent here from Vienna, that the Court of France had disgraced and insul- ted that of England by her Intrigues against her at the Porte, and that the British Am — r there wanted Sense to require Redress. It is a Fact, however, that our Ministry have resolved —— to take no Notice of these Things. The Emperor of Morocco demanded of our Court the Assistance of several Engineers and War- like Stores for his intended new Works, which has been refused. Should a War take Place between us and Spain, it is very likely the Supply of Pro- visions to Gibraltar will be stopt, which will be of very fatal Consequence to us. We are assured, that a fine Horse belonging to a Nobleman, well known on the Turf, on whose Running considerable Betts lately depended, was poisoned a few Days since near Newmarket. The Circumstance was detected by a Suspicion arising of the Groom, who attended the poor Animal, which being opened after it's Death, a Quantity of Mercurius Sublimatus was found in it's Stomach. By a Gentleman arrived last Night from Cam- bridge, we have the most shocking Account of the Damages sustained by the late Rain At a Place called Barkway, about 16 Miles on this Side Cam- bridge, the Wavers were so much out that the Stage Coach floated, and was near six Hours be- bitants about that Place were obliged to have Re- course to their Chambers, as their Houses were seven Feet deep in Water. A considerable Quan- tity of Houshold Furniture was driven to a very great Distance from them. At Enfield Wash the Coach with great Difficulty, for upwards of a Mile, was saved from being driven away. The Damages to the Farmers thereabouts are said to be incredible. A few Days past a Publican in Wapping pro- cured a Silver Oar from the Water Bailiff to arrest a Sailor on board the Neptune. When the Pub- lican went on board at Gravesend to execute the Writ, the Sailor ran up into the Maintop, and re- mained there until the Ship got under weigh, and the Publican failed with them as far as the Hope, where they came to an Anchor till the next Tide, when a Fishing Smack coming past, the Landlord gave them a Guinea to drop alongside and take him in without his Prize. As the Barnet Stage was returning to London on Wednesday Night, the Weight of the Passen- gers within and on the Outside was so great, that it broke down at Holloway, and was dashed into a great Number of Pieces. Almost all the Pas- sengers are wounded, and one Man had his Ear struck off, and his Face shockingly torn. A few Days since died one Strongford, a Penny Barber in Old- Street, who had followed that Pro- fession upwards of 40 Years. On searching his Apartment, Money and Securities were found to the Amount of 1100l. Friday a Country Gentleman, who had paid 70l. at the Bank, and received seven 1ol. Bank Notes, as he was coming out had his Pocket picked of them all, by four Sharpers who have been observed lurking about for some Time. By a Gentleman just arrived from Dublin, we are informed that there is now living in that City one Patrick Meriton, a Shoemaker, who is 114 Years of Age: He has been married to eleven Wives, the last of which is now living, and is in the 78th Year of her Age. LOST, on Saturday the 3d of July last, out of the Weighing Room in the Hop- Market, Worcester, A POCKET of HOPS, in fine Cloth, marked A. B. in Ink,, and R. C. in Raddle, on the Top and Bottom of the Pocket; Weight about One Hundred and Twenty- two Pounds. Whoever will give Information of the said Pocket of Hops to Mr. Richard Southall, Ware- house- Keeper at the Hop- Market ( so that the Owner may have it again) shall receive One Guinea Reward. Shrewsbury, Aug. 23,1773. WHEREAS a Pocket of HOPS was brought in Owner Joseph Field's Ves- sel from Worcester, the Beginning of October last, to Shrewsbury, and is now in his Warehoufe; any one it belongs to, upon proving the Mark and Number on it, may have it, paying the Charges ; otherwise it will be sold by the said Joseph Field. Worcester, Aug. 26, 1773. EDWARD OSBORNE, Taylor, at the Golden Ball, in Cripplegate, returns his sincere Thanks for the great Encouragement he has, received from his Friends since his Return from London; and begs Leave to acquaint Noblemen, Gentlemen, and Others, who shall he pleased to favour him with their Commands, that they may depend on having all Orders punctually obeyed and executed in that masterly and genteel Taste as may recommend him to the future Favours of the Pub- lic, and silence the Voice of Envy and Detraction. To be LETT, and entered upon Immediately, Within a small Distance of a good Market Town in the County of Worcester, and in an agreeable Situation, Good Dwelling- House, Garden, and Orchard; which, for the Sake of a good Neighbour, will he lett on very reasonable Terms. For Particulars enquire of Mr. Bishop, in the Tything, Worcester. To be SOLD, together or in Lost, UPWARDS of Two Hundred Oak, Ash, and Elm Trees, cut down last Winter, and now lying near the River Avon, between Tewkesbury and Pershore. N. B. Several of the Elm Trees are very proper for Water Pipes or Pump Work. Particulars may be had of Mr. Dovey, in Per- shore; Mr. John Leonard, at Eckington; or Mr. Young, Attorney at Law, in Pershore aforesaid. To be SOLD immediately, Or LETT and entered upon at Michaelmas next, Being a Lease for a Term of Years, of which there are sixteen unexpired at Michaelmas next, AGood Malt- House, the Cistern wet- ting fifty- one Bushels, the Dwelling House adjoining, with a Stable and Pig- Sty to the same, situate in Wolverley, Worcestershire .— There is no other Malt- House in the Parish. For further Particulars enquire of Edw. Edwards, the Tenant, who will shew the premisses, and treat for the same. To be SOLD in divers LOTS, At the Sign of the Old White Lyon; in Upton upon Severn, on Wednesday the 8th Day of September next, between the Hours of Three and Eight o'Clock in the Evening, subject to such Conditions cf Sale as will be then produced, SEVERAL Messuages, Cottages, or Tenements, Closes, Pieces, and Parcels of Arable Land, Meadow, and Pasture Ground, situate, lying, and being in the Town and Parish of Upton upon Severn aforesaid, and Parishes of Welland and Great Malvern, in the County of Worcester. N. B. The Premisses will be particularized in next Thursday's Paper, and the Lots will We set forth at the Time of Sale. For other Information apply to Mr. John White, Attorney at Law, in Upton upon Severn. To be SOLD to the BEST BIDDER, On Monday the 6th Day of September next, between the Hours of Three and Five in the Afternoon, at the Talbot, in Sidbury, in Worcester, TWO Freehold Messuages or Dwel- ling Houses, with convenient Offices, in good Repair, and the Gardens thereunto belonging, situate in Sidbury, in the City of Worcester, one of which is in the Occupation of Mr. Charles Jones, a yearly Tenant, and the other in Posses- sion of Mr. John Hill, the Proprietor. Mr. Hill will shew the Premisses; and other Par- ticulars may be had of Mr. Sockett, Attorney, in Worcester. Very suitable for the Residence of a genteel Family. TO BE LETT, And may be entered upon immediately, ( Most agreeably situated near the Church, and by the Side of the New Canal; distant from Wor- cester six Miles, and one Mile and a Half from Droitwich) THE Parsonage House of Salwarpe, consisting of two good Parlours, a large Hall, Kitchen, three Pantries, very good and sufficient Cellaring ; eight commodious Lodging Rooms, with convenient Closets; together with a Brewhouse, Dairy, and Cheese- Room; two Stables, properly stalled, a Saddle- Room, Coach- House, and other necessary Out - Buildings ; likewise Pleasure and Kitchen Gardens, well stocked, and planted with the choicest Fruit Trees, now in Perfection; as also a Sufficiency of good Pasture Land for four Horses and three Cows. For further Particulars enquire of Mr. Richard Meredith, Upholder, in Worcester. N. B. Any Person inclined to occupy the above House, may be accommodated with the Whole or any Part of the Furniture, which is new, elegant, and well adapted to the respective Apartments. T0 BE LETT, And entered upon at Lady Day next, or sooner, AFarm, consisting of a good Dwelling House, with convenient Barns and other Out- Buildings, and upwards of two hundred Acres of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, in Alveley Parish, in Shropshire. For Particulars enquire of Messrs. Clarke and Pardoe, in Bewdley ; or of Mr. Thomas Bache, of the Green House, near Alveley. TO BE SOLD, One Mile from Hales Owen, in shropshire, A Freehold Estate, called the Leasowes, containing about 120 Acres of very rich Land, all lying together in a Ring Fence, without any other Person's Property interfering. The House is situated upon an Eminence in the very Centre and commands a most delightful Prospect. The whole Estate is remarkably well wooded and watered, has been always distinguished for its many Beauties and is now accounted to be the compleatest Spot in this Kingdom. Particulars may be had upon the Premisses, or by directing to Mr. Woolias, at the Post Office in For a Description see the 2d Vol. of To be SOLD by AUCTION, ( Unless in the mean Time disposed of by private Contract) At the Angel Inn, in Bewdley, on Saturday the 11th Day of September next, between the Hours of Four and Six o'Clock in the Evening, subject to Conditions to be then and there produced, ALL that Freehold Messuage, Dwel- ling House, or Tenement, with about ninety- Acres by Computation, be it more or less, of Land, Meadow, Pasture, and Orcharding thereto belong- ing, and lying within a Ring Hedge, called Kings- wood Farm, in the County of Salop, situate at about four measured Miles Distance from the several Towns of Bewdley and Cleobury Mortimer, with extensive Right of Common adjacent, subject to an Annuity of 16l. for a very old Life, and an in- considerable Chief Rent. This Farm is very improveable, there being for the most Part a good Turnpike Road to the Clee- Hill Lime- works, from whence Lime may be fetched to the said Farm by the same Team twice a Day, and there are in the Premisses several Quantities of Coal ungot. At the above Time, in the same Lot, will be sold the Benefit of the Lease of the small Farm adjoin- ing, called Sutton's Farm, now held for the Re- mainder of a Term of 21 Years, wherein there are about 20 to come ( if Edward Coles so long lives) under a reserved yearly Rent of Seven Guineas. For further Particulars enquire of Messrs. Price and Bailey, in Kidderminster; or of Mr. Hill, Attorney at Law, in Bewdley. To be LETT, Ready Furnished, On very reasonable Terms, and may be entered upon immediately, THE Mansion House of GLASS- HAMPTON, situate on an Eminence, in a clean, healthy, and pleasant Part of the County of Worcester, the Roads very good, nine Miles from the City of Worcester, six from Kidderminster, and five from Bewdley, all very good and cheap Mar- kets, and two only from Stour- port, being the Junction of the Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal with the River Severn, and near which Place a Bridge is soon to be built over the River Severn, by Virtue of an Act of Parliament lately passed for that Purpose. The House consists of all necessary and convenient Apartments for a Nobleman's or Gentleman's Family, and is well supplied with Wa- ter; there is Stabling for near thirty Horses, Coach- Houses, and all other Offices, convenient and in good Repair, together with a good Kitchen Gar- den, Fruit and Pleasure Gardens and Shrubbery, all in good Order .--- Any Quantity of Meadow Land may be rented contiguous to the House. Particulars may be had of Messrs. Gregg and Potts, at Skinners Hall, London ; or of Mr. John Broome, at Stanford, near the Hundred House, Worcester- shire, who will shew the Premisses. N. B. Any Gentleman taking the House will have the Liberty of sporting in the Manor, which is ex- tensive and remarkable for Plenty of Game, with a good Fishery in the River Severn and a Brook which runs through the Manor. TO BE SOLD, At the Cross Inn, in Bromsgrove, on Tuesday the 21st of September next, between the Hours of Two and Six in the Afternoon, if not disposed of by private Contract, A Very improveable Copyhold Estate of Inheritance, called Stoney Lane, in the Pa- rish of Tardebigg, and County of Warwick, now in the Possession of Mr. Samuel Harris; consisting of a convenient Farm House, Pigeon- house, and all necessary Out Buildings, with 127 Statute Acres of Meadow, Pasture, and Arable Land. For Particulars apply to Mr. Thomas Wheeler, or Mr. John Reeves, both of Bromsgrove; or of Mr. Thomas Rayment, Glover, in Worcester. N. B. The Lands all lie contiguous to the Farm House, which is situated about three Miles from Bromsgrove, six from Stourbridge, and ten from Birmingham. By the Custom of the Manor of tardebigg . on Kingsnorton Inclosure. THE Commissioners for inclosing the Common and Waste Lands in the Manor and Parish of Kingsnorton, in the County of Worcester, hereby give Notice, that all the public and private Waggon Roads by them intended to be appointed over the said Commons and Waste Lands, are now staked out; and all Persons that may be any Way injured thereby are desired to make their Complaint to the said Commissioners at their Meeting, to be held at the Bell in Kingsnorton on Friday the 17th Day of September next, by Ten o'Clock in the Forenoon, and such Proprietors whole Estates are under Lease are then desired to give an Account thereof, with their Tenants Names. To be SOLD to the BEST BIDDER, IN TWO - LOTS, On Saturday the 4tb Day of September next, between the Hours of Three and Five in the Afternoon, at the Hop Pole in the City of Worcester, SEVERAL Pieces or Parcels of Free- hold Land, lying in the Parish of Eastham, in the County of Worcester, now in the Tenure of the Rev. Mr. Whitcombe, a yearly Tenant thereof, consisting of 35 Acres of good Tillage, and nine Acres of good Pasture, with a small Tenement or Dwelling House erected thereon. Also a small Freehold Farm, lying in the Parish of Eastham aforesaid, now in the Tenure of Tho- mas Corbett, a yearly Tenant thereof, consisting of a Messuage or Dwelling House, Barn, and other Out- Buildings, about 20 Acres of Pasture, and 10 Acres of Tillage. Mr. John Phillips, of the Spout, in Eastham, will shew the Premisses; and for further Particulars ap- ply to Mr. Sockett, Attorney, in Worcester. TO BE SOLD THE Manor of HEN WICK, held by Lease under the Bishop of Worcester for three Lives, all existing and healthy, situate in the Parish of Hallow, in the County of Worcester, distant one measured Mile from the City of Wor- cester; consisting of a handsome, modern- built Brick Mansion House, with every convenient Office fit for a Gentleman's Family, a Kitchen and Plea- sure Garden, consisting of five Acres, planted with a. great Variety of excellent Fruit, four small Or- chards, well planted and in high Perfection, about 15o Statute Acres of rich Meadow and Pasture Ground upon the Banks of the River Severn, and about 70 Statute Acres of very good Tillage, now lett to five different Tenants ( the greatest Part of whom are Tenants at Will) at the yearly Rent of 416I. The Mansion House is situated at an agree- able Distance from the Turnpike Road, having an Avenue of Chesnut Trees leading thereto. The Gardens form a Part of that delightful Bank called Henwick's Hill, justly celebrated tor its healthy Soil, excellent Water, and beautiful Situation, and com- mands a distant View of the City of Worcester, the River Severn, and a rich and beautiful Country, variegated with every Essential to make it a most agreeable Prospect. For other Particulars apply to Mr. Sockett, At- terney, in Worcester. STOLEN or strayed, on the Evening of the 6th of August Instant, out of a Ground belonging to Mr. Dennis Hill, in the Parish of Witley, in the County of Worcester, A Dark- Bay M A R E, about 14 Hands high, with a swish Tail, has on her Back a small Knob, occasioned by the hinder Part of the Saddle, her Legs quite black and no White about her, except a very small Spot on1 her Off Side near the Saddle place. Whoever can give Intelligence of the said Mare ( so that she may be had again) to Mr. Dennis Hill aforesaid ; to Mr. John Green, at Wribbenhall, near Bewdley; or to Mr. John Bridges, at the Bear, in Worcester, shall receive Half a Guinea Reward ; or, if stolen, shall, on Conviction of the Persons, receive One Guinea and a Half Reward. WHEREAS Nancy, the Wife of John Collins, of Tewkesbury, eloped from her Husband on the 19th of August Instant, with- out any Provocation; this is to caution and fore- warn any Person trusting her on my Account, as I will not pay any Debts she contracts after this Pub- lication; as witness my Hand this 25th Day of August, 1773, JOHN COLLINS. 25tb August, 1773. NOTICE is hereby given, That the next Meeting of the Trustees appointed to put in Execution the Act of Parliament for building a Bridge across the River Severn, near Redstone, in the County of Worcester, and for making proper Avenues and Roads to and from the same, will be held upon Tuesday the 14th Day of September next, at the Dwelling- House of Mary Roden, at Stour- Port, by Eleven of the Clock in the Fore- noon ; and any Person or Persons willing to con- tract with the said Trustees, either for building a Stone Bridge across the said River, to consist of three Arches, the center Arch thereof to be 48 Feet wide at the Wall, and 17 Feet wide in the Clear for passing over, and 132 Feet clear for the Water to How through the said Arches, from and out of the Meadow of Mrs. Pougher, above and near to Stour- Port aforesaid, in the Parish of Kid- derminster, to the Meadow of Daniel Zachary, Esq; in the Parish of Lower Areley, in the said County of Worcester, on the opposite Side of the said River, together with Arches of Communication across the Meadows on each Side thereof, or for the immediate erecting a Temporary Bridge from the Meadow belonging to the said Mrs. Pougher, about 40 Yards below the said intended Stone Bridge, are desired to deliver in, the same Day, to the Trustees, Plans and Estimates thereof sealed up. The said Trustees will then also proceed to treat with the said Daniel Zachary, Esq; and Mrs. Pougher, John Folliott, Esq; Messrs. Wilson, Ayles- bury Roberts, Thomas Brettell, John Acton, Joseph Jones, and Daniel Johnson, and their Tenants re- spectively, as well for the Purchase of such of their Lands in the said Parishes of Kidderminster and Lower Areley as will be wanting for making proper Roads and Avenues to and from the said intended Stone Bridge, as also for the Trespass and Damage to be done in erecting the said Temporary Bridge, and executing the Purposes of the said Act: And the said Trustees intend at the same Meeting to borrow and take up, on Mortgage of the Tolls granted by the said Act, the Sum of Seven Thou- sand Pounds, at an Interest of Four Pounds One Half per Cent, to be advanced by Installments in such Manner as the Trustees shall direct, and as Occasion may require, not less than two Months Notice thereof being given, and of the Day appointed for every such Payment or Advance. By Order of the said Trustees, RICH. COLLEY, Clerk. THURSDAY'S POST. ( By EXPRESS from LONDON.) This Day arrived a Mail from HOLLAND. Venice, July 20. A frigate of 4oGuns, called the Dogado, WHEREAS I, Richard Dandy the Elder, of Stock and Bradley, in the County of Worcester, Labourer, have unjustly, and with- out any real Cause, aspersed and vilisied the Cha- racter of Mr. John Carpenter, of Park- Hall, in the Parish of Hanbury, in the said County of Wor- cester, in charging him with having stole from me an Oak Board, my Property ;" for which the said Mr. Carpenter hath very justly ordered an Action to be commenced against me, but on my promising never to offend again in like Manner, asking his Pardon in the Worcester Journal, and paying all Expences, hath, out of his great Lenity, stopped all Proceedings against me : Now do hereby ask the said Mr. Carpenter's Pardon, and acknowledge what I so said as aforesaid was false and untrue, and do hereby also promise never to offend again in like Manner, and desire this may be inserted in the Worcester journal; as Witness my Hand this 21st of August, 1773, The Mark of RICHARD DANDY the Elder. Witness, HENRY HANDY. The following valuable Articles are sold at BERROW's Priming Office in Worcester, and may also be had of the Worcester News Carriers. CRAKES for making Shining Liquid BLACKING for Shoes, Boots, & c. These Cakes make, with the utmost Ease, by the Addition of Water only, a most excellent shining Liquid Blacking, much superior to any hitherto Known : It gives the fined Black, and most beauti- ful Gloss to the Leather, yet never renders it stiff or hard, but, on the contrary, prevents its cracking, and preserves it soft, pliable, and mellow to the very last, whereby it is rendered more agreeable to the Wearer, at well as much more durable; it is perfectly free from Smell, and the Shoes that are Wicked with it, will neither soil the Fingers in put- ting on, nor the Stockings in wearing. Sold wholesale and Retale only, by W. Bayley, Perfumer, in Cockspur- Street, near the Bottom of the Hay- Market, London; sold also by the Printer and Distribution of this Journal; and by R. Raikes, in Gloucester, Price Six- pence each Cake, which I will make a full Pint of Liquid Blacking. II. After many repeated Applications from great Numbers of the Nobility and Gentry, who have experienced the Efficacy of the Medicine for the CURE of the BITE of a MAD DOG, pre- pared by William Hill, Esq; of Ormskirk, in Lan- cashire, he has now consented, for the Good of the Public, to entrust the same to his Nephews, Mr. William Hill, and Mr. James Kerry, Apothecary, and two Gallies of 20 Oars of a Side, all belonging to this Republic, have just arrived here with three Tunisian Chebeques, which were taken in the following Manner: The Dogado and the Gallies were some Time since dispatched from hence to Naples, with the Count de la Chioggia on board, who was appointed Ambassador from the Republic to his Neapolitan Majesty, to execute a new Treaty of Commerce and Alliance, which is now on the Tapis between the two Powers. They had landed the Count and his Train at Na- ples, and were on their Return Home through the Gulph of Medina, when a hard Gale of Wind came on, which much endangered all the Vessels, especially the Gallies; but at last they got safe through, the Frigate being much a head, having doubled Cape spartiveno above four Leagues; the Wind then much abated and moved about to the East. Soon after the Abatement of the Storm, the Frigate lay somewhat a - back for the Gallies, when the Noise of Guns was heard firing very briskly, and presently the Gallies came in Sight, being chased by the three Chebeques. The Gal- lies rowed very swiftly towards the Frigate, who taking the Advantage of a Wind, soon came up with them. The Chebeques, on the Sight of the Frigate attempted to escape, but in vain ; after an obstinate Resistance, in which most of their Crews were killed or wounded, they were all three taken ; the Frigates and Gallies having fine Weather af- terwards arrived here on the 10th Instant, with their Prizes, whose Cargoes are estimated at 13o, 000 Chequins, being composed of several Kinds of rich Merchandize, doubtless taken out of many Christian Vessels they had robbed. Hamburgh, Aug, 13. Letters from good Hands received here from the Danube assure, that the Russian Army was in so bad a Condition, after having repaired the Danube, that in all Probabi- lity it will not be able to continue its intended Operations for this Campaign. COUNTRY NEWS. Chester, Aug. 24. Last Tuesday George Fea- ther, and William and James Hollingsdrake ( from Yorkshire) were taken up for selling counterfeit Guineas to several Silversmiths in Liverpool, un- der the Denomination of Light Gold; and on Wednesday, after being examined before our Magistrates, they were committed to Lancaster Gaol. LONDON, Tuesday, Aug. 24. It is asserted, that the much- talked of Addition of 200,0001. to the Appointment of a great Per sonage, will be solicited early in the next Session of Parliament. One Thousand Pounds per Annum, are, it is said, to be added to the Appointment of the new Governor of Jamaica. The whole Revenue of the Civil Officers that are to go out to India, together with that of their several Dependents, have been calculated by an Though a Reconciliation has not taken Place between a great Personage and his two Brothers, on the Report of the Duke of Gloucester's going Abroad, the K. sent to him a very wholesome Message, desiring that, though he could not see him, he would not take a Step that might, in all Probability, prevent his ever having that Satis- faction. The King has done Wonders this Year: Re- viewed his Army, his Navy, and his Coin ! The Lord Mayor intends in a few Days to go the City Barge with some other Gentlemen down the River to Rochester, and the River Med- way, and as far as his Lordsliip's Jurisdiction extends, to take a Survey, and see what En- croachments have been made since a former Lord Mayor, Brass Crosby, Esq; paid a Visit to those Parts. It is reported that General Paoli has very re- cently refused the most flattering Offers from the Empress of Russia. By a Letter from Copenhagen to a Gentleman at Edinburgh, dated July 23, we are informed, that a Russian Fleet of eleven Ships is stationed off Bornholm, a few Miles above Copenhagen, with a Design, it is said, to watch the Motions of the Swedes, on account of their present warlike Preparations, and private Connivance with the French. The Letter adds, that the Danish Fleet is returned from the East Seas, where it has been for some Time on a Cruize, and now lies at that Port ready for Action on the shortest Notice. On Friday last a young Girl, Servant at a Public- House in Holborn, having taken some- thing to procure an Abortion, it took the con- trary Effect, and she died on Sunday raving mad. Saturday Night as two Gentlemen were walking in Fleet- Street, they could not help admiring the Dexterity of two young Pick- pockets who went on just before them, disencumbering the Pockets of several Macaronies of their shewy Handkerchiefs with a most surprising Adroitness; but searching for their own a little afterwards, they found these nimble Mercuries had played them the same Trick ; whereupon they pursued them, but the young Rogues proved, that Prac- tice had rendered their Heels as light as their Fingers, Friday Night as a Number of Persons, who had been making merry in the Country, were re- turning Home over Blackfriars Bridge, one of the Company, to evade the Toll, determined to walk on the Outside; he accordingly made the Attempt, but when he came to the Middle of the first Arch his Foot slipped, and the Water being low he sell upon the Bed of the River, whereby his Thigh was broke, his Skull fractured, and he was other- wise so much bruised that his Life is despaired of. On Saturday Morning early three Persons were overheard singing and talking together in an odd Strain as they passed through Fleet- Street, the Watchmen informed some of the Peace Officers belonging to the Lord Mayor, who were at Hand, and after a Struggle they apprehended the Men ; on searching them a Hanger, some Pistols, seve- ral Picklocks, and a Flint and Steel were found ; they were examined before the Lord Mayor on Saturday Noon, when they appeared to be fran- cis Talbot, one Peal, and a Fellow named Colby, all Gentlemen whose Faces are perfectly fami- liar in Bow- Street. The first mentioned is a very notorious Offender, he has been tried at the Old Bailey several Times on Charges of Burglary, and the last Time, or the last Time but one, would have been capitally convicted of a Burglary, in Moorfields, had not the principal Evidence ( a Constable who took him) been a Quaker, and therefore could not be sworn. There is now In- formation on Oath against him for being con- cerned in the Burglary committed at Mr. Ewer's, in Lincoln's- Inn- Fields. Bank Stock, —. India ditto, 152 1/ 2. South Sea ditto, —. Old Annuities, 85 1/ 4a3/ 8. New Annuities, —. Three per Cent. Bank reduced, 87 1/ 4 a 5/ 8. Ditto Consol. 87 1/ 8 a 1/ 4 Ditto 1726, —. Ditto1751, —. Ditto India Annuities 81 3/ 8 a 1/ 2. Three I- half per Cent. 1758, 88 3/ 8 a 1/ 2 Four per Cent. Consol. 92 1/ 4 a 3/ 8. India Bonds 8 a 9 prem. Navy and Victual. Bills, 1 3/ 8 Disc. Preferred.] The Rev. Mr. Sturges, a Prebendary of Winchester, to be one of his Majesty's Chaplains in Ordinary. The Rev. Mr. Archdeacon Carver to be a Prebendary in the Cathedral of Lichfield. Married. J At Wolverhampton, Thomas Lane, Esq; of Wednesfield- Hall, to Mil's Peggy Baker, of Wolverhampton. At Oswestry, Louis de Sau- maise, Esq; to Miss Anwyl, of Badalog, in Merio- nethshire. The Right Hon. John Trevor, second Son to Lord Trevor, to Miss Harriet Burton, only Daughter of Dr. Burton, Canon of Christ Church. Tho. Muldrup, his Danish Majesty's Consul, to Miss Hannah Palmer, a Staffordshire Lady. Geo. Emmerson, Esq; of Grosvenor- Street, to Miss Maria Broughton, of South Audley- Street. Lord Linton, Son of the Earl Of Tarquair, to Miss Ravenscroft, Coheiress of John Ravenscroft, Esq; of Lincolnshire. At Buxton, in Derbyshire, Dr. Bullock, an eminent Physician of that Place, to Miss Barrow. At the Quakers Meeting in Devonshire- Square, Mr. John Dinsdale, of Hitchin, Herts, Surgeon, to Miss Pitts, of Lamb's Conduct- Street. Died.] At his Seat in Glamorganshire, Philip ap Morris, Esq. His Death was occasioned by the Care- lessness of his Servant, who served up some Hem- lock instead of Parsley, which he eat in Sauce for Supper to a boiled Chicken. The Rev. Mr. Turner, of Bonnington, in Kent. At St. Ed- mund's Bury, the Hon. Felton Harvey, Esq; Uncle to the Earl of Bristol. BANKRUPT required to surrender. William Perkins and William Browne, of Lon- don, Merchants. DIVIDENDS to he made to Creditors. Sept. 7. John Grace, of Eastbourn, Sussex, Victualler. 16. Christopher Inman, of Skircoat, Yorkshire, Merchant, 21. John Wakeford, Sugar Baker. Henry Rawton, of Halifax, in Yorkshire, Woolstapler. Elkanah Hoyle, of Oven den, Yorkshire, Shaloon- maker. Jonas Ingham, of Halifax, Yorkshire, Shaloon- maker. WO RCESTER, Thursday, Aug. 26. At our Assizes ( which did not finish till Eight o'Clock last Night the five following Persons J ones, fo r stealing a Gelding the Property Mr. Nott, of Stockton ; John Jeenes, for entering the Dwelling House of Mr. Harris, of Evesham and stealing out of a Chest a Sum of Monty to the Amount of 1091. 12s.; Edward Butcher, for stealing Sheep and Lambs, the Property of Mr. Brewer, of Bishop's Froome; and Thomas Carey for stealing a Mare the Property of Mr. Haddock, of Ribbesford. The Trial of Kidson ( who is to be executed To- morrow, near the Spot where the Murder was committed, and afterwards hung in Chains) lasted near six Hours, in the Course of which above thirty Evidences appeared against him, and such a Multitude of strong, corrobo- rating Circumstances arose, that not the least Doubt could remain of his being guilty of the Murder; though he positively denied the Fact when called to make his Defence, and seemed not at all affected when Sentence of Death was passed upon him ; and even when he was measured Yesterday in the Afternoon for his Irons, he stood with the utmost Composure. llad this despe rate, inhuman Wretch escaped, many People in Stourbridge, and that Neighbourhood, would have been under the most terrible Apprehensions he having thrown out many severe Threats and Menaces against those who were instrumental in bringing him to Justice. The four following were ordered for Trans portation, the three first for seven Years, and the other for fourteen Years, viz. Edward Taylor for stealing some Shirts the Property of Mr. Gib- bins, of Powick ; Richard Hewson, for stealing, in the Night- time, a Kettle, from out of a Court of the Dwelling House of Mr. Brooke, of Strens- ham ; Sarah Gardner, for stealing from out of the House of Mrs. Roden, of Stourport, some Pewter and other Things; and John Broad, for receiving the Things stolen by the said Sarah Gardner, knowing them to have been stolen. John Boorn, for marrying Elizabeth Bawn, a the same Time his lawful Wife was living, was burnt in the Hand, and is to be imprisoned six one Month. — William Wild and Robert Hoare, for destroying the Fences of certain inclosed Lands, were likewise burnt in the Hand, and are to be imprisoned for three Months. — Two Persons were found guilty of Manslaughter, on of them in killing his Wife on a sudden Qua- rrel, and was burnt in the Hand, and is to be imprisoned twelve Months; the other for acci- dentally killing a Servant Lad, for which he was likewise burnt in the Hand, and is to be imprisoned for three Months. — The rest of th- e Prisoners were either acquitted or discharged by Proclamation. Mr. John Groves, who was removed from Warwick in order to take his Trial at this A- ssizes, on a Suspicion of Diminishing the Coin of this Realm, was honourably acquired, without being arraigned at the Bar, the Bill which was preferred against him not being a true one, n respectable Evidence appearing to support such Bill. Had the Bill been found a true one Numbers of very reputable Persons would have appeared to the general good Character of M Groves. The Governors of our Infirmary return the Thanks for a Benefaction of One Guinea, re ceived from Thomas Byrche Savage, Esq; of Elmley Castle ( being Money received by the Gentleman for serving on a special Jury at the Assizes, and which he has always used on the lie Occasion to give to the Use of this Charity.) That great Genius and worthy Nobleman Lord Lytekon, we are assured, lies dangerous ill at his Seat at Hagley, in this County. .\ On Tuesday the 17th Instant died, after very short Illness, at Mellington, in Montgomer shire, Mrs. Thomson, Wife to Dr. Thomson Physician in this City. Yesterday in the Afternoon, a Carpenter this City was found dead, near Tallow Hill having shot himself in the Throat with a Gul which was found lying between his Legs, and in his Hand was a Stick, with which it is su- pposed he touched the Trigger. On Saturday last James Duckworth, who was convicted at last Warwick Assizes, for seloniously Clipping and Diminishing the current Coin this Realm, was executed at Warwick, pursual to his Sentence. A prodigious Number of Pe- ople attended the Execution, which was not the Seven in the Evening, owing ( as it is said) to the flattering Expectation of a Reprieve, a Petition having been sent to the Throne for that Purpose His Behaviour was remarkably decent, and Fortitude, Penitence, and Resignation, were much becoming a Person in his unhappy Situation, will which the Populace were very much affected. He denied to the last the Charge that was brough against him for which he died. At the Assizes at Stafford, last Week, Thomas Hervey, for breaking and entering the House John Bucknall, and stealing Wearing Apparel Edward Taylor, for breaking and entering the Workshop of Samuel Parkes, and stealing two Vices ; John Challenor, for killing his Father and John Gough, removed from Shrewbu Gaol, for Forgery, were severally condemned. [ Challenor was hanged on Monday last.] - Joseph Lowe, for stealing Nails from Messrs. Turton and Richards; Lawrence Fisher, for stealing Clothes Wm. Ellesmore, for stealing Wearing Apparence and Daniel Fisher, sentenced last Assizes, are be transported for seven Years ; and two branded. Glocester, August 21. A Turn in the Marker we are now assured will quickly take Place Wheat sell considerably last Week at Bristol, mo Ships having come in with American Wheal which caused such a Glut there that much Herd- fordshire Grain was left unsold, The Rain the sell the Beginning of last Week has been of infirmary Service to the Country. The Barley turns of beyond Expectation fine through the greatest Pa of the Vale of Evesham. However we shall soon see whether it is sufficient to affect the Price, which at present is high. Good new Wheat was for on Saturday in our Market at 7s. 6d. per Bushed by the Load, the Measure nine Gallons and EXTRACTS from Essays in the London Papers. In the PUB L I C LEDGER, HUMPHRY MINIONET arraigns the Virtue of modern Females at follows : " COMPLAINTS every Quarter are daily made of " the Luxury the Ages" it is a melancholy Truth that our eets, our intriguing Houses, and our Stews do ample Testimony to the debauched Prosligacy the People ; but to what, and to whom are we esly indebted for this Train of national Evils ? Brown, I think, advances it as a Fact, " that Manners of the Men are not only influenced, formed upon those of the Women." If Ladies chaste, modest, virtuous, and polite, the Men be honourable, brave, and abound in noble ntiments. It is not my Inclination to censure my fair countrywomen; but as it is generally supposed at the Men are solely culpable when Women err hust beg Leave to enter a Protest against this Ac- tion. The real Fact is, that the Ladies have ned the Tables upon us, and because we formerly e the Seducers of those amiable Creatures, in ght of Mother Eve, they have usurped upon our athority, and in this Age it is not the Men but e Women who are most expert in the Art of Auction. " If any Person doubts the Truth of this Asser- , let him visit the different Milleners Shops broughout the Metropolis ; there he will see young dies of all Complexions, and of all Ages, arranged scording to the Delicacy of their Features ; the lost beautiful always nearest the Window. Why this Management ? What Sort of Custom is it signed to gain ? The pretty Oglers, I am afraid, would not choose to answer this Question without such : They ( pardon, my pretty Band- Box Wo- u, the Severity of the Thought) relish an agree- able Tete- a- Tete far better than the Tambour- frame. short, I look upon Milleners Shops as the Hot- uses of Gallantry, wherein the blooming Shrubs happily nourished until, arriving at Maturity, as proper to transplant them into Beds ready their Reception within the Precincts of the rden." In the MORNING CHRONICLE, R. Figg gives an humorous Account of his Wife's strangue on the Gold Coin Act......... " I was last ght ( says he) very carefully weighing some Gui- neas, the common Employment of all Mankind at present, and my Wife was knotting me a green k Purse to put them in, when she exclaimed all a sudden, Oh! Mr. Figg, I smell a Rat.- - I ell a Rat in this same Money Act. Lord bless , says she, I wonder you Men don't see the Act be a Snare-- a mere Tub to a Whale— or an Ar- ce to divert the public Attention from political atters..... Was there ever so supine a Summer so ar a General Election ? Here is no Bustle, no ife, no Canvassing, no Nothing at all. --- Why the Minister has found every body something to do, and is himself weighing up the Counties, ies, and Boroughs of this Kingdom. He will most certainly get another Parliament to his Mind, then the East and West Indies, and all the world, will be at his Nod ; he will bestride this nar- World, & c. like a Colossus. Oh that I could write as quick as I can talk, Mr. Figg, I would blish such alarming Alarms to the Nation, as should ght ' em from their Money Scales to Things of re Importance,..... Where is Wilkes? where is wbridge ? where is Sir Joseph ? & c. & c. & c. the priots.--- Alas! alas! all but the first ( who hath Need of Scales till he becomes Lord Mayor) are ghing of Money, I suppose; and so our Liber our excellent Constitution, and our Country, be lost or sold, for the mere Difference between good and bad Guinea.--- Oh, what a Scheme! the finished Gold called in at a low Price, that a sure Profit may accrue ! By next Spring a Glut glittering new Guineas will be in the Treasury, thence will be issued to tempt the poor Voters, lose money'd Persons, who have suffered by cut- up their Gold, will be gaping for all Sorts of Histerial Douceurs in the Election Trade, to take them Amends ; and so the Act to prevent the minution of the Coin, will prove an Act to hasten Diminution of our Liberties, which than Gold a thousand Times more valuable. Oh, Mr. Figg, by your Scales, and go to the Coffee- house; a Moment should be lost in exploring the Wiles the Minister, and counteracting him. Thus far at Mrs. Figg ( almost) without taking Breath, as, indeed, about my usual Time of going to detton's; so I took my Hat and Cane, and pro- posed to impart her Discovery to the Sages there. d so. But, methinks, in almost every body's som, except Mrs. Figg's, the political Fermen- is over, and the sedate Lord North may now even just what he pleases. R. FIGG." To be SOLD by AUCTION, the Boar's Head, in Severn Stoke, in the County of Worcester, on Friday the 3d Day of September next, subject to such Conditions as shall be then and there produced, AN eligible Leasehold Estate, consist- ing of a Dwelling House and convenient Out- Buildings. with about 45 Acres of good Arable Meadow, and Pasture Ground, situate in the sh of Severn Stoke, in the said County of Worcester and now lett to George Wargen, as Under- ant. The above Premisses are held by Lease originally d for three Lives ( of which two now are only consisting) under the Right Hon. the Earl of Co- untry, at the reserved annual Rent of 4I. For Further Particulars apply to Messrs. Thorne- and Lyttelton, in Worcester. To be LETT, together or separate, And entered upon at Candlemas next, TWO - Farms, one called Pembridge Castle Farm, Consisting of 260 Acres, Arable, Meadow, and Pasture; and the other called Mill Farm, of about 55 Acres of Arable, Meadow and Pasture, with a Snuff Mill, convertible a Water Grist Mill, thereon, in the Parishes Welch Newton and Garway, Herefordshire, within four Miles of Monmouth, seven of Ross, twelve of Hereford, and otherwise well situate. The Building in good Repair, and the Advance by proposed of the Rent above what the Premisses . be lett at in 1686, will be moderate, and n0 Advance thereof has been made or proposed since that e. Enquire of Mr. Halfpenny, Town Clerk, at Mon- moth who will receive Proposals; and of Mr. wneley, at Corney House, at Chiswick, near London, where Surveys of the above Farms may be seen. Worcester, July 19, 1773. WORCESTER Music MEETING will be held on Wednesday September the 8th, and the two following Days. At the Cathedral, on Wednesday Morning, will be performed a TE. DEUM and JUBILATE, adapted to Music of the most eminent Italian Composers;— a New ANTHEM. compoi'ed by Mr. Linley, iun.-- and two of Mr. Handel's, CORONATION ANTHEMS. At the College Hall, in the Evening, the Oratorio of JOSHUA ;-- a SOLO on the Violin, by Mr. Giardini; and an OBOE CONCERTO, by Mr. Fiseher. At the Cathedral, on Thursday Morning, Handle's Dettingen TE DEUM and JUBILATE, and two New ANTHEMS, one composed by Dr. Alcock, the other by Mr. Smith.— At the College Hall, in the Even- ing, the Oratorio of JEPHTHAH ;-- a Violin SOLO by Mr. Giardini; --- and an OBOE CONCERTO by Mr. Fiseher. At the Cathedral, on Friday Morning, MESSIAH. -- At the Hall, in the Evening, a Grand Miscell- aneous CONCERT, consisting of capital SONGS; — Pieces for the VIOLIN, by Mr. Giardini; for the OBOE, by Mr. Fiseher-, —- for the VIOLONCELLO, by Mr. Crosdil;--- and for the CLARIQNETT, by Mr. Mahoon. Principal Vocal Performers, —- Miss Linley, Miss Radcliffe-, the celebrated Female Chorus Singers from the North of England ; Messrs. Norris, Mathews, and Price, assisted by the Rev. Mr. Maxey, and several of the Clergy and Gentlemen of the Choirs. First Violin by Mr. Giardini; the other Parts of the Instrumental Band by the most approved Per- formers now in England. The Choruses are intended to be particularly full. The Whole to be conducted by Mr. lsaac. The Right Hon. Earl of COVENTRY, AND The Rev. Mr. EVANS, Preb' of worcester, Stewards Bromsgrove, Aug. 19, 1773. DIVERS Whiteners of Linnen Cloth, residing in this Place and Neighbourhood, having at several different Times of late lost and had seloniously stolen and taken away from out ot their Bleaching Yards and Grounds, various Quantities of Linnen Cloth, there lying to bleach : In order, as far as may be, to prevent such injurious and evil Practices for the future, We, whose Names are here- unto subcribed, have mutually agreed, by Bond, to assist, at all Times, at our joint Expence, each other, in apprehending and prosecuting, to the utmost Ri- gour of the Law, any Person or Persons who shall hereafter be concerned in robbing any Bleaching Yard or Ground belonging to either of Us re- spectively. As Witness our Hands, BENJAMIN HUMPHRYS, THOMAS ELLINS, WILLIAM KINGS, WILLIAM BROWN. TO BE SOLD, AVery improveable Copyhold Estate of Inheritance, called the Dial House Farm, situate at Tardebigg, within less than three Miles of Bromsgrove, in the County of Worcester, and consisting of two Messuages, a Barn, Stable, and other necessary Outbuildings, in good Repair, and upwards of fifty two Statute Acres of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, lying together, within a Ring Fence. N. B. Any Gentleman who shall become a Pur- chaser of the above Estate, may erect a House thereon in a very pleasant Situation, as several Parts of the Estate are so situated as to command delightful Prospects. For Particulars enquire of Mr. Anthony Crane, in Bromsgrove aforesaid ; or of Mr. Young, Attor- ney at Law in Pershore, in the said County of Worcester. To be SOLD to the BEST BIDDER, On Tuesday next, the 31st of this present Month of August, between the Hours of Three and Five in the Afternoon, at the Bell Inn in the City of Worcester, if not disposed of in the mean Time by private Contract, THE Rectorial Tithes of Grimley, in the County of Worcester ( never yet lett altogether) with a large and convenient Tythe Barn and about two Acres of Pasture Ground adjoining, of the yearly Value of 170I. and upwards, which said Premisses are held by Lease under the Bishop of Worcester for three Lives, all young and healthy. The said Tithes will be very advantageous to a Pur- chaser, as will be demonstrated by the Particulars and Valuation. For Particulars apply to Mr. Langford, at the Grove, St. John's, near Worcester. Mr. Davis, of Thorngrove, Grimley, will shew the Premisses. TO BE SOLD, A Very compleat Freehold Estate, called Yarran, lying in the Parish of Astley, in the County of Worcester, now in the Possession of Mr. John Pardoe, the Proprietor thereof; con- sisting of a commodious Farm House, Barn, Stable, and other Out- Buildings, in perfect Repair about thirty- eight Acres of Arable Land, ten Acres of Meadow and Pasture, and four Acres of Hop Ground, remarkably well fenced and fruited, and the Land( considering the Whole together) inferior in Quality to none in the County of Worcester. For other Particulars apply to Mr. Sockett, At- torney, in Worcester. HOL Y BIBLE. A large Print, in a portable convenient Size, with NOTES and COPPER PLATES, By much the best and cheapst Edition ever offered to the Public, To be comprized in THIRTY- SIX Numbers only, Pi ice Six- pence each, One Number to be published every Week till the Whole is finished; to be printed in Octavo, on fine Paper, and a Letter full as large as used in printing Editions of the Bible of double the Size. In the Course of the Work will be given, besides a very furious Frontispiece, near 80 beautiful En- gravings, the Subjects taken from the most striking Passges in Scripture, executed in a Manner en- tirely new, and with uncommon Taste and Ele- gance, by Mr. Walker, Mr. Taylor, and other eminent Artists. This Day is published, Price 6 d. Embellished with the FRONTISPIECE and Four fine ENGRAVINGS, NO. I. of THE HOLY BIBLE: Containing the Old and New Testament, with Notes, By the Rev. ANSELM BAYLY, LL. D. Sub- Dean of his Majesty's Chapels Royal. London, printed for W. Davis in Piccadilly, G. Kearsly in Fleet- Street, F. Newbery in St. Paul's Church- Yard, and W. Domville at the Royal Ex- change: And sold by J. Wheble in Pater- noster- Row, C. Piguenit in Berkley- Square; and by all other Booksellers in Town and Country; likewise by the Newsmen, who will serve the Numbers regu- larly at the Houses of the Subscribcrs. THE PUBLISHER TO THE PUBLIC. An Edition of the BIBLE, printed upon a large Let- ter, in a small or portable Size, has long been much wanted, and hitherto enquired after in vain. A Book so desirable, therefore, cannot but prove very acceptable to the Public, as having the principal Merits ( without the Inconvenience) of both the large and dmall Editions; the firdt being liable to Objection on Account of its Size, and as not coming : within the Purchase of many Headers, and thelastfor being printed on such an exceeding small Type, as not only to be hurtful to the Eyes of Youth, but impossible to be read by Persons advanced in Years. To obviale these Inconveniencies is one of the Motives for making an Offer of the Work in Question; and, to render it in all Respects valuable, the Notes will he ju- dicious and useful; contrary to the Generality of Anno- tations, which are either absurd and tedious upon Parts that require no Comment, or serve to establish Pre- con- ceptions, singular, Opinions, and human Doctrines, ra- ther than to elucidate the sacred Text. The Engravings will be executed in a masterly Manner: In fine, the Pub- lisher with Considence can effert, that an Edition of the Bible so handsome and so convenient, was never before thought of on such advantageous Terms to the Public. Indeed, the peculiar Excellence of the Print alone ( with- out the explanatory Notes and Copper- plates) is a suf- ficient Authority to justify the Remark; he therefore hopes that the same Approbation and Success will attend the Work, as seldom fails to accompany such laudable Under- takings. A WORK ENTIRELY NEW ON A PLAN NEVER BEFORE ATTEMPTED, This Day is published, Price only 6d. NUMBER I. to be continued weekly, ( Adorned with a beautiful Frontispiece, finely engraved from an original Drawning of the ingenious Mr. Wale, by a capital Artist, the Whole to be compleated in 30 Numbers only, or the Overplus to be given gratis, every Number to be enriched with an elegant Copper Plate, finely engraved from the original Drawings if Wale, by the most capital English Artists, particularly Grignion, Walker, Rennoldson, and Taylor) Of THE CHRISTIAN'S DICTIONARY ; or Sure Guide to Divine Knowledge. Containing a full and familiar Explanation of all the Words made Use of in the Holy Scriptures, and Body of Divinity, as set forth in the Writings of the most eminent and pious Divines, whether an- tient or modern. Wherein all the various Terms, Phrases, Titles, and Allusions, are traced from their Originals; the several Acceptations in which they are held are clearly pointed out in such a Manner as will enable the serious Christian to give an Account of the Faith that is in him, and render him wile unto Salvation. The Whole calculated to promote the Interests of Religion and Virtue, by conveying Knowledge even to the most Ignorant, rectifying the Errors that too many are apt to run into, and representing real Religion in its native Colours, as taught in the sacred Volume of Inspiration, and applied to the Faith and Duty of every sincere Believer. To which will be added a brief Explication of all the Proper Names found in Scripture, including the Senses where in they were used by the Jews, as every one of them are significant of some remark- able Transaction or providential Event. By the Rev. JOHN FLEETWOOD, D. D. Author of the Life of our blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, and of the complete History of the Holy Bible, published by the King's Authority. London, printed for J. Cooke, at Shakespear's Head, No. 17, in Pater- noster Row, and sold by all Booksellers and News- carriers in Great Britain and Ireland. In the first Number will be given a promissory Note from the Publisher to deliver the Overplus gratis, if the Work should exceed the 30 Numbers proposed. And in the last Number a List of such Subicribers as chuse to have their Names appear to this Work, shall be printed and delivered gratis. TO THE PUBLIC. AT a Time when there are so many Dictionaries of Languages, of Surgery, of Physic, of Garden- ing, of Husbandry, of Geography, of Law, of Mathematics, and of almost every other Art and Science, the Want of such a Publication as a Christian's Dictionary has been much lamented by many pious Christians; in older therefore to supply that Defect, the Author has undertaken this Work, unawed by the many Difficulties which have, per- haps, prevented others from an Attempt of the like Nature. TO BE SOLD, A Freehold Estate, situate at Naunton Bcauchnmp, in the County of Worcester, called Naunton Court Farm; consisting of a good Farm House, necessary Out- Buildings, and about 235 Acres of good Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, all inclosed, except about 11 Acres, situate in one of Naunton Common Meadows, called Piddleham Meadow, the Whole now lett to John Collett at 15ol. a Year. Also another Freehold Estate, adjoining to the former, situate at Colesdon, in the Parish of Upton Snodsbury, in the said County ; consisting of a Farm House, necessary Out- Buildings, and about 127 Acres of Arabic, Meadow, and Pasture Land, all inclosed, except about 61 Acres in Upton Common Fields, adjoining to the aforesaid inclosed Lands ; the Whole now lett to John Unton at 521. a Year. Also a House, Homestall, and about four Acres of Land, in Upton aforesaid, now out upon Lease for a Term of Years, about 10 whereof are unexpired, under a reserved annual Rent of 3I. N. B. All the inclosed Lands belonging to the two first- mentioned Estates are inclosed within a Ring Fence ( and the whole, except a Close called Pebble ton Close) are subject only to the Payment of 81. 7s. 3d. a Year tor Tithe, settled by Act of Parliament; are well planted with the choicest Fruit Trees; a great Quantity of Timber growing upon the said Estates, now in its Prime, and of very considerable Value, to be sold, besides several hundred young growing Oak, Ash, and Elm Trees. Both the above Estates are so commodicusly situated as to render the Whole one compleat Farm; are now, and for many Years past have been very much underlett; in their present Situation are capable of great Improve- ments, and much more so should an Inclosure of the Common Fields take Place, which hath been some Time in Agitation. The several Tenants will shew the Premisses; and for further Particulars apply to Mr. Hunt, or Mr. Eades, Attorneys at Law, in Feckenham, Worcestershire; or of Mr. Nash, at Bestord Court, near Pershore. GEORGE R. GEORGE the Third, by the Grace of God, of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, King, Desender of the Faith, and so forth; to all to whom these Presents shall come, greeting: Whereas BENJAMIN COLLINS, of the City of New Sarum, in our County of Wilts, has, by his Petition, humbly represented unto Us, that he hath found out and invented a new Composition of Snuff, called and known by the Name of CORDIAL CEPHALIC SNUFF, which he humbly conceives will be greatly conducive to the Health of our Subjects, and that this Invention is of his own Contrivance. The Petitioner therefore humbly besought Us to grant unto him, his Executors, Administra- tors, and Assigns, our Royal Letters Patent for the sole making and vending of the said Composition, for the Term of fourteen Years, according to the Statute in that Case made and provided. And to the End that be the said BENJAMIN COLLINS, his Executors, & c. may have and enjoy the full Benefit and the sole Use of the fail In- vention, We do, by these Presents, require and stricty command all Persons, Bodies politic and corporate, and all other our Subjects whatsoever, that neither they, nor any of them, during the Continuance of the said Term of fourteen Years hereby granted, either directly or indi- rectly, do make, use, or put in Practice the said Inven- tion, or any Part thereof , nor in any wife counterfeit, imitate, or resemble the same. Witness Ourself at Westminster, this 18th Day of January, in the 13th Year of Our Reign. By Writ of Privy Seal. COCKS. This CORDIAL CEPHALIC SNUFF has, by long Experience, been found an effectual Remedy for most Disorders of the Head, especially the common Head- Ach, to which it hardly ever fails giving im- mediate Ease, and by frequent Use prevents its Re- turn. It admirably opens and purges the Head, strengthens the Nerves, revives the Spirits, and has a most grateful aromatic Smell. It removes Drow- siness, Sleepiness, Giddiness, and Vapours ; relieves Dimness of the Eyes, is excellent in curing recent Deafness, and has been of great Service in hysteric and paralytic Complaints, and in restoring the Me- mory whom impaired by Disorders of the Head. It is also extremely proper for all Persons who visit the Sick, or go into unwholesome Rooms or unhealthy Places, and hot Climates, as it fortifies the Head against noxious Exhalations and infectious Air. It is sold by F. Newbery, jun. at No, 65, in St. Paul's Church- Yard, opposite to the North Door of the Church; and Messrs. Dicey and Co. at No. 10, in Bow Church- Yard, London; and by H. Berrow, in Worcester; also by reputable Shopkeepers in most Cities and Towns in Great Britain ( by Ap- pointment of B. Collins, the Patentee) at 6d. the Bottle, with a proper Allowance to those who take Quantities to export, or sell again. Sold likewise at Berrow's Printing Office, Skins of Parchment, unstamp'd, of all Prices. All Sorts of Writing Paper. Another extraoratnary CURE performed by that celebrated Preparation, Dr. SMITH'S RESTORATIVE MEDICINH. The Case of LEWIS HATFIELD, Esq. SIR. IThink I should be undeserving of the Benefit I have received, and greatly deficient in Gratitude to you, if I omitted informing you that I am recovered from a deplorable State of Body, by taking your Restoration Medicine. I laboured for manyYears under a universal Relaxation and Complication of Disorders, occasioned. I am well assured, by juvenile Imprudence, for which I took innumerable Medicine, but to no Manner of Effect. — Relating my unhappy Case to a Gentleman, be advised me to take your Medicine: He said a Friend of his had been cured by it; on which I begin to take it, and, by continuing some Time, am restored to perfect Health, I am, Sir, With the greatest Respect, your very obliged humble Servant, York, March 31, 1773. LEWIS HATFIELD. In the Course of many Years Practise, innumerable lnstances have indisputably proved the strengthening and cordial Effects ot this Medicine in all Weaknesses, Debili- ties & c. whether natural or acquired by that heinous Vice Self- pollution, too early or excessive Venety, Mercurial Courses, and Nervous Complaints in general; also those secret Infirmities that attack Persons advancing, in Yean are by it removed ; and the natural Powers of the whole vital System are nourished, comforted, and prolonged. The Causes of Impotency in one Sex, and Barrenness in the other, have been eradicated by this Medicine. The great BOERHAAVE says, From an ill- cured Pox, and imprudent Venery, arise Pains in the Head or Limbs, Eruptions, Gleett, Weakness of the whole Frame, Dimness of Sight, with a Tribe of Nervous Complaints, which generally terminate In a Consumption." For a full Account read the Doctor's New Treatise, just published, Price is. 6d. the 8th Edition. The RESTORATIVE is to be had in Bottles at 10s. 6d. with full Directions, of H. Berrow, Printer of this Paper, in Worcester ; and of the Doctor, o George- street, York- buildings, in the Strand, London, who may be consulted personally, or by Letter, Post paid. MA RE D A N T's DROPS. To Mr- Norton, Surgeon, Golden- square, London. SIR, IAm cured, by the Use of your Maredant's Drops, of a most assisting Disorder, of the scorbutic Kind, after trying every Medicine that could he thought of for my Relief, in vain. My Case was as follows: I first had small Pimples come out on my Head, Face, Hands, and Legs, in a little Time after, my Face and Handy were covered with large Blotches, which discharged a Kind of watery Humour, attended with excessive Itching : I was in this Situation till about January, 1766, when I was recommended by a Gentleman, who was cured, by the Use of your Drops, of an inveterate dry Scurvy all over his Body. I am. now in perfect Health, and am continually praying for the Welfare of the Author of so valuable a Medicine. In Justice to you, and for the Good of Mankind, I give you Leave to make what Use you please of this. I am, with great Esteem, Sir, Your most obedient humble Servant, CHARLES COOK. Cook- Street, Liverpool, May 14, 1773. Any Person still doubtful of the Efficacy of this Medicine, may ( by applying to Mr. NORTON , Surgeon, the West Side of Golden- square, near Piccadilly, London, the only Author and Proprietor, where these Drops are sold in Bottles of Six Shillings each) be fully convinced of their good Effect, by being referred to many People of Credit, who have been cured of the Leprosy, Scury, Ulcers, the Evil. FISTULAS, Piles, long continued Inflammations of the Eyes, and every other Disorder arising from a Foulness in the Blood, They may be taken in any Season, without the least Inconvenience or Hindrance of Business. They also perfect Digestion, and amazingly create an Appetite. N B None are genuine but what are signed by JOHN NORTON, in his own Hand- writing ; who hath APPOINTED him to be sold by H. BERROW , at his Printing Office, NEAR the Cross, Worcester ; and by Mr. ANDREWS, Bookseller, in Evesham.
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