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Berrow's Worcester Journal


Printer / Publisher: H. Berrow 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 4032
No Pages: 4
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Berrow's Worcester Journal
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Berrow's Worcester Journal

Date of Article: 19/09/1771
Printer / Publisher: H. Berrow 
Address: Near the Cross, Worcester
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 4032
No Pages: 4
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Price Two- pence Halfpenny. THURSDAY, September 19, I771 Numb. 403 SATURDAY'S POST. FOREIGN NEWS. Hague, September 8. PRINCE Gallitzin, the Russian Envoy at this Place, has received a Letter from Leghorn, dated August 23, advising, that after the Junction of the Armies of cheik Daher to those of Ali Bey in Egypt, the Army con- sisted of 60,000 Men ; and that a vast Number of Arabs having joined him, he was actually marching at the Head of 100,0oo Men, in order to conquer all Syria. Petershourgh, August 9. Some violent Storms have lately fallen here. The Lightning struck a Galley in the Port where they lay, and the Fire communicating itself to others, 26 Gallies and Half Gallies were consumed, with a great Quan- tity of Stores and Ammunition. The Loss is computed at Half a Million of Rubles. COUNTRY NEWS. Canterbury, Sept. 6. One Day last Week an Officer of the Customs at Rochester, searched a young Ladies high Head on an Information, and found concealed in her Roll a large Quantity of foreign Lace, which he seized ; it is thought this new Mode of Smuggling has been practised with great Success, but by the above Discovery the Ladies Heads will be often subject to an Exami- nation, which will discommode he CEconomy of their Hair. If this Fact should induce the Fair Sex to lower their Heads to a moderate Standard, it will be a full Proof that Custom- House Officers are a useful Body of Men. LONDON, Thursday, Sept. 12. Lord Holland, it has been discovered, has bought upwards of 1oo. oo01. in the Three per Cents, within this Fortnight. This Manoeuvre, as it was carried on in the Names of his Lordship's two Brokers, kept up the Price of these Funds; the Wiseacres at Jonathan's concluding that all mull ba Peace, by his Lordship's buying so deeply. But the plain Truth of the Matter is, that Lord Hol- land is soon to pay more than 200,000l. to Go- vernment, and he will pay them in Government- Stock ; and by this arch Stroke of Finance he will save at least Thirteen per Cent, without cheating or defrauding Government; for if Government puts the Value of One Hundred upon every Hun- dred Pounds Three per Cents, and his Lordship pays in Kind, there can be no legal nor just Exception against such Payment. A certain Noble Defaulter has lately borrowed Fifty Thousand Pounds from a rich Commoner, in order to make up his first Payment. Notwithstanding the many Articles which have appeared in the Papers, that it was in Agitation to appoint a new Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, we are assured that it never was intended to remove the present. It is said, that the Office of Secretary of State for Scotland, which has lain dormant for near 30 Years, will speedily be revived, in order to pro- vide for one of the Favourite's Friends, for whom it is not, at present, convenient to make a Vacancy. A great Man in Administration having dis- posed of a Place in the T y to a young Gen- tleman for a considerable Sum ; on the Purchaser's entering on his Office, he was sound extremely ignorant, and very incapable of the Place ; on which Account he was turned out; and we are assured a Suit is actually depending in Westmin- ster- Hall to recover the Purchase- Money the en- suing Term. It is very confidently asserted, that a Bill will be brought in next Session of Parliament, to lay a heavy Duty on the Exportation of Horses ; and another Bill, laying a Tax upon all Saddle- Horses kept for Pleasure, equal to what is now paid for keeping a Chaise ; which it is presumed will en- able the Government to lessen the Duties on the Necessaries of Life. Orders are sent to Chatham for equipping a Fleet of five Ships immediately, three of which are to be of the Line. Their Destination is yet a profound Secret. It is said that, in order to encourage our Ar- tists, as well as our Manufacturers, a Duty will be laid on the Importation upon every Article in the Jewellery, Watch- making, & c. Professions, it having been proved that most of our Nobility have Things of those Kind done at Paris, to the great Prejudice of this Country. The Collector and Supervisors of Excise, in the Canterbury Collection, have given fresh Orders to the established Officers on the Coast, to have the strictest Eye on all Vessels loosing from the Ports in their Division, to the Intent that the Practice of carrying over Sheep and Swine to France may be prevented. A Correspondent says, Prosecutions both from the Crown and East India Company are ordered against an eminent Tradesman in Fleet- Street, who freighted the Argyle with military Stores, Iron, Steel, Copper, Lead, and other contraband Articles, to the Canaries, to be put on board the Duke of Portland Indiaman, designed for Heyder Ally, who has his Agents at every Port of India, where our Ships are stationed ; the Captains of which, through the above Tradesman's Assistance, have for several Years furnished Heyder, and other Nabobs, Enemies of the Company, with Arms. it is honed the concerned in this iniquitous man of a very genteel Fortune in the West of England, and, we are told, has received a very liberal Education. Yesterday a Person, who goes by the Name of Capt. S —, ( whether in the Militia or Marines is uncertain) was taken into the Custody of the proper Officer, charged, on the Information of Dudley, with being concerned in the late Fire at Portsmouth. The Dispute between the Heirs of the late Bi- shop of Ely and the present Diocesan, concerning Dilapidations, are likely to be determined by the Lawyers; though his Lordship, we hear, is wil- ling to refer the Affair to Arbitrators. The Scite of Ely House will be occupied by the Stamp, the Hackney Coach, and the Hawkers and Pedlars Offices. The Rent of these new Buildings will prove an additional five or six hundred Pounds a Year to the Income of the See. The present Bishop to be allowed 1o, oo0l. for building a House in Lieu of the old one, for himself and Successors. The Removal of Fleet- Market will certainly take Place. The present Scheme is to lay open the Ground quite into Shoe- Lane, from Stonecut- ter- Street, very nearly as far as Fleet- Bridge. By this great Demolition the Neighbourhood will get rid of a dangerous Set of Inhabitants, and their ruinated Habitations, without having their Mar- ket removed to a distant Spot. The Earl of Litchfield, Chancellor of the Uni- versity of Oxford, has presented the Rev. Mr. Wharton, Fellow of Trinity College in that Uni- versity, to the Restory of Kiddington in Oxford- shire, vacant by the Death of the Rev. Doctor Nicholson. Mr. Worrall, Bookseller, late of Bell- Yard, Temple- Bar, who died last Sunday, among other Legacies, has bequeathed IOO0l. to a Nephew abroad, 5001. each to several of his Relations, 100l. to the Poor of St. Dunstan's in the West, 60l. to the Poor in the Liberties of the Rolls, and a handsome Bequest, with Mourning, to a Servant who had lived with him many Years. He has also left 20l. for Mr. Romaine to preach his Fu- neral Sermon at St. Dunstan's, and a Legacy to that Gentleman. Yesterday Afternoon one Evett, a West Coun- tryman, was taken into Custody at the House of Mr. Parker, Corn Chandler, in St. John's Street, West Smithsield, where he had worked for six Months past, charged with the Murder of an old Gentleman and his Spouse, some Time since, near Hungersord, in Berkshire. The Keeper of the County Jail swore to the Identity of his Per- son, and he was last Night committed to Newgate. The following Article may be depended on as authentic. A Widow ( with five young Children) residing at Dover, had a Legacy left her about two Months ago of the Value of one hundred Pounds, in which an Attorney of that Place was employed, and for which, though it was indis- putable, he conscientiously brought her in a Bill of 861. 14s. On the 30th ult. were lodged in his Majesty's Stores, by Capt. Arthur Luskie, Commander of the Revenge Cutter, 30001. worth of Teas and Brandy, which were seized at Portrane, near Rush, by a Party consisting of 30 Revenue Officers be- longing to Dublin ; they secured and protected their Seizure, for 24 Hours, in some Barns in that Neighbourhood, where they were besieged by up- wards of 500 Smugglers completely armed, with white Cockades in their Hats, and carrying a white Flag. Upon the Smugglers closing them in, and apprehending that they intended setting the Storehouse, & c. on Fire, the Officers sallied out, upon which a smart Engagement ensued, which lasted three Hours, and the Revenue Offi- cers were in Danger of being overpowered by Numbers, when Capt. Luskie ( whose Vessel was off the Harbour) getting Intelligence thereof, im- mediately landed a considerable Part of his Crew, completely armed, and marched at their Head with the utmost Expedition, came up with, de- feated, and entirely dispersed the Smugglers, many of whom were killed or wounded; after which effectual Service, he and his Party assisted in ship- ping the Seizure, and conducting it safe to the Stores. Extract of a Letter from Chester, Sept. 17. " The following is an Account of John Chap- man, who was executed here for picking the Pocket of Martha Hewitt, of this County— At the Hour appointed he was conducted to the Place of Exe- cution by the usual Attendants on such Occasions, and a greater Number of Constables than usually attend Executions here, as there was some Suspi- cion of a Rescue by the vast Concourse of Sailors ( he being one of that Profession) that accom- panied him.— On his setting out a Book was put in his Hand for Decency's Sake by the Hangman, which he no sooner received than he threw among his Brother Ship Mates, at he termed them, and they immediately tore it in Pieces ; a Clergyman then got into the Cart, and exhorted him to be- have with more Decency, and to think of his sud- den Change ; but instead of attending to his Admonition he got up in the Cart, and ( being pinioned) drove his Head in the Clergyman's Belly, and tumbled him out of the Cart, after this he flung himself out and attempted to run into the Midst of the Sailors, but was prevented by the Irons with which he was loaded : He was then seized and tied by Ropes in the Cart, and in that Manner was carried to the fatal Tree ; at his Ar- rival there he refused either to hear Prayers, or his Mouth, which he almost separated from the Hand before he would lose his Hold ; he was at last tied up, but with great Difficulty ; and it was remarked that he died very hard. He was a handsome young Man, and seemed to be about 23 Years of Age, but refused telling any Thing of his past Life and Villanies. There was one George Mercartney concerned with him in this Robbery, who got off for Transportation." Extract of a Letter from Edinburgh, Sept. 10. " Letters from Charles- Town, by the Ship Minerva arrived at Leith Yesterday, mention that twelve of the Regulators who were tried at Wil- mington by the Court of Oyer and Terminer, had been convicted, and received Sentence of Death; six of whom were executed, and six pardoned.— These Letters also mention, that the Inundation which happened in Virginia the End of May was the greatest ever known ; the Rivers, it is said, continued rising for 60 Hours, at the Rate of 16 Inches an Hour." Last Week one Mackenzie, a Sailor at Green- wich, was bit by a mad Dog in such a Manner, that the Teeth of the Creature met in the Wound; he was immediately sent down to Gravesend and dipt, which unfortunately had no Effect, for he died Yesterday raving mad. The Northington East- Indiaman, lately ar- rived hath brought over an Arabian Poney, ex- tremely fierce and ravenous, valued at 3000 Gui- neas, and the Whelp of a wild Tyger. In her Passage she met with a Storm, when both got loose. The Horse kicked one Man and devoured him, and tore out the Bowels of another, before they could secure him again. The Whelp got upon the Gib- Boon, where it sat a considerable Time, to the no small Terror of the Ship's Com- pany ; at last a Sailor swore, if the Captain would give him a Cann, he would fetch it down if it was the Devil. The Promise given, up went the Tar, and brought him down as gentle as a Lamb. The Whelp, it is supposed, had a strong Sensation of its Danger, and expresses its Gratitude to its kind Preserver, by permitting him to play with him with great Familiarity, whilst to every other Person, who approaches him, he shews the Fero- city of his Nature. Last Night three young Fellows were taken into Custody, in Whitechapel, charged with commit- ting a Rape on a Girl of eleven Years of Age, and using her very barbarously. They were com- mitted to Gaol. Yesterday the Sessions began at the Old Bailey, when two Prisoners were capitally convicted, viz. James Allen, for stealing two Gold Watches and a Metal Watch, the Property of William Web- ster, in his Dwelling House. James Godbolt, for robbing Henry Hunt, in a Field near the Yorkshire Stingo, by Marybone Gardens, of one Shilling and Six- pence. Six were call for Transportation. This Day 19 Prisoners were tried at the Old Bailey, one of whom was capitally convicted, viz. Mary Jones, for stealing twelve Yards of Thread Lace, Value 30s. privately, in the Shop of Mr. Foot, Linendraper, in Ludgate- Street. Eight were cast for Transportation, and Ten acquitted. Married.] At Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, Lieut. Jenkins, to Miss Vernor, Daughter to Henry Vernor, Esq; of Warwick. — At Brent- wood, in Essex, Lieut. James Manwaring, of the Royal Welch Fuzileers, to Miss Stanhope. Died.] The Rev. Dr. Sumner, Master of Harrow School, and Nephew to the Provost of King's College, Cambridge. — At her Seat near Harwich, Mrs. Elizabeth Gordon, a Maiden Lady, said to be possessed of 50,0001. great Part of which she has left to charitable Uses, among the rest loo01. for erecting an Hospital for the Relief of indigent old Maids.— At Donell, in Ireland, by swallowing a Pin, Mr. Richard Gilshenan, aged 120. Sept. 4th, 1771. NOTICE is hereby given, That a Meeting of the Trustees of the Worcester Turnpikes will be held at Hooper's Coffee- House, in High- Street, Worcester, on Wednesday the second Day of October next, at Ten o'Clock in the Fore- noon, for borrowing ONE HUNDRED POUNDS on the Credit of the London Gate. By Order of the Trustees, W. GILES, Clerk. MAHOGANY, just imported, of a very good Quality; about One Hundred Logs to be sold on very reasonable Terms, by Wil- liam Hill, Timber Merchant, in Worcester. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By R. MEREDITH, To- morrow, and on Saturday next, the 21st Instant, THE entire Houshold Furniture, Plate, Linnen, China, Brewing Utensils, & c. at the Dwelling- House of Mr. William Bowker, at the Bear Inn, at Broadwaters, near Kidderminster, in the County of Worcester; as also a handsome Post Chaise, with Harness for four Horses. The sale to begin each Day at Ten o'Clock.— The Whole may be viewed the Day preceding the Sale. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By R. MEREDITH, on Wednesday and Thursday next, the 2 5th and 26th Inst. THE entire, elegant Houshold Fur- niture, Plate, Linnen, China, Brewing Uten- sils, & c. at the late Dwelling- House of Mr. Moore, at Kempsey, near Worcester. The Sale to begin To be LETT, and entered upon at Michaelmas next sooner if required, AVery good roomy Malt - Ho situate in Merry- Vale, in the Parish of Saints, in the City of Worcester, lately occupied Mr. John Partridge, Maltster, and since by Bissel. Also to be Lett, A very good Dwelling- House, with a large Kit and pleasant Garden, and about two Acres of ture Land adjoining, pleasantly situated at the End of the Town of Droitwich, facing the Can For further Particulars apply to the Printer of Paper DROITWICH CANAL NAVIGATION Sept. 6, 17 AT a General Meeting of the prietors, held this Day, it was agreed, in order to encourage the Trade and Navigation this Canal, Owners of Vessels be allowed to up the said Canal any Quantity of Iron, or Goods ( Coals only excepted) not exceeding Ton, exempt from Tonnage, on this Cond only, that they carry down in the same Vessel two Ton of Salt, and so in Proportion; if the Owners shall carry up any Quantity of Goods a the said ten Ton, they shall then be obliged to down with a double Quantity of Salt above the twenty Ton, for which Salt they mult pay the Tonnage. N. B. All Persons that have any Claim upon Company for Damages done to their Lands adjo- ing to the Canal, are requested to send in their counts to the Committee, at the George Droitwich, on the 25th, 0r to the General Mee on the 26th Instant, when the same will be into Consideration. By the KING'S PATENT. CAKES for making of SHIN LIQUID BLACKING for SHOES, BOOTS These Cakes make, with the utmost Ease, by Addition of Water only, a most excellent she Liquid Blacking, much superior to any hitl known: It gives the finest Black, and most be ful Gloss to the Leather, yet never rendes it st hard, but, on the contrary, prevents its crack and preserves it soft, pliable, and mellow to very last, whereby it is rendered more agreeable the Wearer, as well as much more durable ; perfectly free from Smell, and the Shoes than blacked with it will, neither soil the Fingers in ting on, nor the Stockings in wearing. Sold Wholesale and Retale only, by W. Bay Perfumer, in Cockspur- Street, near the Bottom the Hay- Market, London; sold also by the Pr, and Distributors of this Journal ; and by R. Ra in Gloucester, Price Six- pence each Cake, w, will make a full Pint of Liquid Blacking. This Day is published, embellished with a Frontis Price Two Shillings, neatly bound in Red, ( a infinitely superior to any Thing of the Kind) THE Lady's Polite Secretary; New Female LETTER WRITER : Contain an elegant Variety of interesting and instru Letters, intended as Models to form the Still every Point essential to the Happiness of the In which are comprised many admired epist Narratives, an Article hitherto unattempted, every Book of the Kind: Likewise several ori, Letters of Wit and Sentiment, by Ladies 0 first Rank in the literary World. To which are added, Instances to serve as Beacons to the inexperie Writer of that flimsy, affected Stile and Sentir, so prevalent in modern Correspondence, the light of our Novelists, and the Bane of our Yo With Variety of poetical Letters, humourous thetic, sentimental, and descriptive : And Call Compliment and Condolance, of Friendship, Compliment. In this Collection are contained Rules to be served in writing Letters, and the different F of Address. To which is prefixed, A short but comprehensive Grammar of the lish Language: The Whole so calculated that Lady may, in a very short Time, be enable write her Thoughts with becoming Propriety Ease. By the Right Honourable Lady DOROTHEA DU BOIS Do you, my Fair, endeavour to possess An Elegance of Mind as well as Dress; Be that your Ornament, and know to please By graceful Nature's unaffected Ease. LITTLETo. London, printed for J. Coote, at No. 16, T. Evans, at No. 54, Pater- noster- Row; and be had of all other Booksellers in Town and C try. Where may be had, in two Volumes, i, Price 6s. sewed, THEODORA, a Novel, by same Author. WARREN's improved MILK of ROSE RICHARD WARREN, per mer, in Mary bone. Street, Golden- Square, Lo begs Leave to recommend to the Public the above, has found it much superior not only in Elegance and fantness, but also in Efficacy, to any Thing yet mad of, such as cleansing, clearing, smoothing, and softening Skin, even to Admiration, though prepared from that cent, pleasant Flower, whence it takes its Name. as some of the first Personages in this Kingdom have pleased to approve of it, he would also inform the p that the salutary and Angular Effect it his on Childre young Persons is beyond Conception from an Article tirely Vegetables. As it is not only of the utmost Benefit to Ladies Children, it is also of infinite Use to Gentlemen after ving, especially those whose Faces are apt to be rough sore after that Operation. Prepared and sold only by the above Richard Wa and by his Appointment sold also by the Printer of Paper, and may be had of the Men who deliver 3s. 6d. a Bottle, By whom are also fold from Mr. Warren, as above, His only true British Powder, for cleansing and present the Teeth and Gums, to the latest Date of Life, is. MONDAY's POST. Arrived the Mails from Holland, France, and Flanders. Bastia, August 19. TWENTY- TWO Corsicans, headed by one Marso Aquavia, all of whom escaped from the French, by wading over the River of Provenca, near Nice, landed lately near Cape Corse, the Plain of Sisco, and began to assassinate all e French they met with. As soon as this was shown at Bastia, a Detachment was sent against but they retired into the Mountains. AMERICA. New York, July 18 A Letter received from etroit of the 25th of May, says, " By Indians ho are just now arrived Express from William ucker, an Indian Trader, we have the disagree- le News, that the Sloop Beaver, which failed pm hence the 5 th Inst. for Niagara, is call away hong the Rocks about ten Leagues below San- sky and that Capt. Jacobson, his Crew; and n Passengers, in all fifteen Passengers, were owned. The Barge was found ashore smashed to Pieces, and a small Trunk with our Letters iven upon the Beach, many of them lost, and eral others damaged and illegible. There was board about 3000l. in Peltry, and a large uantity of Flour for Niagara. Boston, New- England, July 29. We learn from uebec, that several Attempts have lately been ade by some evil- minded Persons, to set Fire to at City, particularly in the Night between the h and 7th of June last, in the Lower Town, d on the Night following, in the Upper Town, hich had well nigh succeeded. COUNTRY NEWS. Bristol, Sept. 12. Sunday Morning last a Com- any of young Men of this City, going down the ive, on a Party of Pleasure, were overset off osse, and every Soul perished. There were 13 Nimber; and what is remarkable, one missed ping by two or three Minutes, and another left e Boat at Pill, through his Heart failing him, ich we are sorry to say excited not a few Oaths m his unhappy Companions. We hope this elancholy Accident, with many recent and ilar ones, will be a Warning against Pleasure- g on the Lord's Day. Gloucester; Sept. 16. A few Days ago the Son Farmer Benger, of Barton Farm, near Ciren- ster, having found a Litter of Mice in a Field, rried them home and threw them to a Cat that Kittens, as a Repast; but, to the Astonish- nt of the Farmer and his Family, the Cat suf- ed the Mice to fuck her in Company with the ttens for the Space of a Fortnight, till unluckily soar Cat they had in the House seized upon d devoured them. On Thursday Morning last, as Farmer Mills, Cubberley, was going to Cheltenham Fair, was attacked by a Footpad upon the Hill be- nd Charlton- Kings, who presented a large Horse- Pistol to his Bread, and robbed him of teen Shillings. The same Fellow afterwards pped a Horse- dealer, of Miserdine, but he re- utely struck the Pistol aside, and bid him shoot d be d — d ; however the Villain did not fire, the Man galloped off, and saved his Mo- y. He had near forty Guineas in his Pocket. ne Fellow had a Handerchief tied over his Face. LONDON, Saturday, Sept. 14. Lord North has declared he will not quit the elm till he has conveyed the political Vessel to a quiet Harbour. " I took the Command id he lately to a Naval Friend) in the Midst of Hurricane, and have almost reached a Port of curity; when I cast an Anchor to my Satisfac- n there, the Admiral may give the Rudder to om he pleases, and my bell Wishes for a pros- rous Voyage shall certainly attend the new ptain." Suppression of what is termed the rotten Bo- ghs, and an Allowance of Representation to aces of real Consequence, will, we are assured, moved for by Lord North early in the ensuing ssions, that the People may really discover the e Friends of the Constitution. At the Meeting of the Livery, held on Wed- nesday Night ( Mr. Archer in the Chair) the Re- rt from the Committee who had been desired to quire into the Privileges of their Fellow Citi- s, was considered, and several Resolutions pecting that Matter, and the future Elections Representatives to Parliament, was read and reed upon, and directed to be laid before the common Hall for their Approbation; after which following Resolutions were carried almost animously: Resolved, That it be recommended by this eeting, to the Livery in Common Hall assem- d, to return Mr. Alderman Bridgen, together th the present Lord Mayor, to the Court of rd Mayor and Aldermen, for their Choice of e of them to be Lord Mayor of this City for Year ensuing. Resolved, That it be recommended from this eeting of the Livery to the several Magistrates, t to give any French Wines at the public En- tainments of this City. Resolved, That an humble Requisition be de to the Lord Mayor, to issue his Precepts a Common Hall on the 19th of this Month, the Election of a Bridge Mailer, and other siness The Lord Mayor has received a Letter from Mayor of Bristol, informing his Lordship, at the Man who pretends to be an acting Person setting Portsmouth Dock on Fire, was at Bris- and transacted some Business for a Gentle- in that Place, at the Time he pretends to have been at Portsmouth. The pretended Discoveries of Dudley and Bri- n, relative to letting Fire to Portsmouth Dock- rd, gain not the least Credit at the West End the Town ; but they are impatient to know His Royal Highness the Bishop of Osnabourg, it is said, will shortly be created Duke of York. We are credibly informed that Lord Viscount Townshend has received a Commission from his Majesty, appointing him to meet the Irish Parlia- ment, and to continue in Ireland one Year longer. Matthew Derenzey, Esq; is appointed Major in the 6th Regiment of Foot, in the Room of Ham- let Wade, Esq. William Hurst, Esq; is appointed Captain of a Company in the above Regiment, in the Room of Matthew Derenzey, Esq. The Cause of the Prohibition of the Publica- tion of the Utrecht Gazette, which is mentioned by the last Holland Mail, is best explained by the following Article, inserted in the said Paper of the 30th of August : ' We have been led into a Mistake, in giving ' in our Gazette, No. 65, under the Paris Article ' of August the 5th, the Contents of certain Let- ' ters from Compeigne; wherefore we retract fully ' and wholly every Thing inserted in the said Ar- ' ticle, as contrary to the due Respect to the Au- ' gust Persons therein named, it never having been ' our Intention to give them the least Offence.' The following is the offensive Article alluded to, and which the Court of France so highly re- sented, as to infill upon a Complaint being made against the Printer to the States General, by the Dutch Ambassador. Paris, August 5. ' According to Letters from ' Compeigne, the Dauphiness having suffered ' herself to be prevailed on, by a Petition pre- ' sented to her on Behalf of the Asses last Year, ' has not only forgiven the Disgust they had given ' her, but that in order to shew that she granted ' them a full Pardon, she ordered on the 2d In- ' stant about eighty of them to be assembled in ' the Forest, and having joined them with the ' Royal Family, and a numerous Retinue, they ' were once more adopted for the Saddle. After the Formation of such a Cavalcade, she pro- ' ceeded from the Forest to the Castle of Com- ' peigne, with Flutes playing, escorted by an in- ' finite Number of Spectators. The Count ' d'Artois had the Pleasure of letting himself ' fall; several Ladies were obliged to do the same; ' the Countess de Noailles got a Tumble also, ' which however did not degrade her Dignity. ' The Dauphiness proposes to renew again this ' kind of Diversion, which affords Talk and ' Amusement for the whole Court.' A Noble Lord was lately exclaiming against his Wife's Incontinence, and insisted that a Divorce was too light a Punishment for such an Injury; a Woman ought, continues he, with great Vehe- mence and Rage, to be hanged, whenever she is detected. True, my Lord, says the Countess D— nh— f, who was present, I think with your Lordship, as it is a capital Offence, there should be a capital Punishment. A Separation between Mr. and Mrs. B. is actually in Agitation, but whether from political or moral Principles, is only known ( we presume) to themselves and the young ' Squire. Lady G — r is at present at a small House near Barnes in Surry, but it is said that her Lady- ship has declared her Intentions of going abroad of residing there for Life, and of secluding herself entirely from the World. On Wednesday last a fine Sturgeon, measuring five Feet in Length, caught in the River Thames, was brought to the Mansion- House alive ; and it being the second caught in this Mayorality, the Right Hon. the Lord Mayor immediately pre- sented it to the Queen, the first having been sent to his Majesty. This is, perhaps, the only In- stance of a live Sturgeon being ever seen at the Mansion- House. The Venders of Pork are preparing their Cus- tomers for paying very high for that Article, the ensuing Winter, and the Reason they give for it is, that the Metropolis is so over- stocked with Inhabitants, that the Consumption of Provisions is more than the bell supplied Markets can fur- nish, without extra Methods of Conveyance, and consequently extra Expences. A few Days since, three Tradesmen in Holborn bought a Bullock in Smithfield, and gave a Butcher the Head, Hide, and Offal for killing it; after which the Meat stood them in no more than Two- pence Half- penny per Pound. We hear from Oxford that there is a Scheme for building a spacious Hotel, or Inn, by Sub- scription, on the same Plan as the London Ta- vern. in Faith, when the Steeple was struck, and he himself partly knocked down, and the whole As- sembly thrown into such a terrible Consternation as is better imagined than described. The two Gentlemen who were killed have left mournful Widows and Families of small Children, and their Death is a heavy Loss to the Society, as well as to their particular Families and Friends. As they were removed in such a sudden and sur- prising Manner, and had extensive Connections and respected and beloved in general; their Fu- nerals were attended by many Magistrates and Ministers of the neighbouring Towns and Soci- eties, and the greatest Concourse of People ever known in this Place." Yesterday one D e was brought before the Sitting Alderman at Guildhall, charged with aid- ing and abetting a Person not yet taken, in force- ing his own Wife; it appeared by the Evidence which the Wife gave, that the Husband held his Hand on his Wife's Mouth to prevent her crying out, and was in other Respects behaving shame- fully, whilst the Fellow accomplished his bad Design.— He is said to be the only Son of an Innkeeper, a Man of great Property in this City. — It is remarkable the Fellow was an Oilier at an Inn, and would never tell his real Name, but said his Name was John Wilkes; and a Warrant is actually out against him under that Name. Wednesday Night the Parsonage House at Woodford was broke open by fix or eight Persons; the Mailer was not at Home. The Servants were alarmed and fired at the Thieves ; notwithstand- ing which they broke in, bound the Servants, and striped the House of every Valuable that was portable. There was an Iron Chest, which was supposed to contain very valuable Effects; they used their utmost Efforts to force the Locks, but without Effect ; they afterwards in rumaging a Scrutore found the Key, but they had so damaged the Lock that the Key would not open it. Thursday Night the House of Mr. Keys Draper, in Compton Street, Soho, was broke open by some Villains, who took away Notes which were to have been paid next Week to a Country Clo- thier, to the Amount of 250l. with which they got clear off. On Saturday Night last the House of Mr. Wes- ton, Comedian, at Lambeth Butts, was broke open and robbed of Plate and other Effects to the Amount of 70l. Yesterday 13 Prisoners were tried at the Old- Bailey, one of whom was capitally convicted, Viz Samuel Shaw, a Sorter at the General Port Office, for stealing a 20I. Bank Note out of a Letter ; Eight were call for Transportation, and Four ac- quitted. Married.] Mrs. Susannah Hope, at Wapping, aged 74, to Mr. Althorpe, a Breeches- maker, aged 25.— At Usk, in Monmouthshire, Mr. At- wood, Sheriff of that County, to Miss Herbert, Niece to Lady Williams, an amiable young Lady, with a Fortune of 4000I. — At Newnham, in Gloucestershire, Mr. Millington, of Cirencester, to Miss Braben, of Newnham.— At Worsield, Mr. Isaac Dixon, Master of the Academy at Snail's- Green, to Mrs. Smitheman, of Roughton near Bridgnorth. — At Sandwich, Mr. Richard Lee, Attorney at Law, in Staple's Inn, to Miss Para- mour, of Sandwich. — At Mary le Bon Church, Mr. Lock, Coach- maker, of Long- Acre, to Miss Gilbert, of Mary le Bon. — Mr. Gough, Wine Merchant, on Tower Hill, to Miss Paul, Daugh- ter of William Paul, Esq; of Hampstead. — Cap- tain Paisley, of the Royal Navy, to Miss Molly Haywood, of the Isle of Man. — At Paddington, William Bale, Esq; to Miss Tottie, a young Lady with a Fortune of 20,000l. Died.] At Erme, in Cornwall, the Rev. Wil- liam Stackhouse, D. D. Rector of that Parish. — Mr. Gilbert Hearne, a great Antiquarian of the City of Hereford. — At Bristol, where he went for the Recovery of his Health, Mr. Clement Patterson, late an Apothecary in Houndsditch.— Mr. Norris, Diamond Merchant, in Soho- Square. — In Coleman- Street, Mr. Hearne; he was near 90 Years of Age, by Trade a Taylor, and within fix Months before his Death could sew as fine a Seam as any Man of the Trade. — At Islington. Mrs. Coe, Widow of the late Rev. Mr. Coe, of Nor- folk.— At Isleworth, the Rev. Mr. W. Huckle.— — Robert Houlton, of Gritton, in Wilts, Esq;— In Cavendish- Square, Mrs. Gambier, Relict of the late Admiral Gambier. — At Cheshunt, in Hertfordshire, Adrian Stockdale, Esq; There is now living near Brampton, in Cum- berland, a Woman, named Margaret Forster, aged 139 Years, who has a Daughter aged 107. A Letter from New- York, August 5. " From Stratsield, in Connecticut, we have the following melancholy Account:— Sunday last, the 28th of July, about the Time the People were gathering together for Public Worship in that Place, it rained very moderately, with but little Thunder, for about the Space of an Hour; but about a Quarter of an Hour before Twelve o'Clock, the Lightning, in a most terrible Man- ner, struck the new Steeple. It appears to have struck about the Ball, which it tore to Pieces, and shattered to a considerable Distance : It then de- scended in various Directions down sundry of the Rafters, shivering them to Pieces, and then seized some of the Polls of the Steeple, which it like- wife greatly shivered, together with the Braces, Laths, and Shingles that were in its Way down to the Bottom. It then turned into the House, and tore up Part of the Floor, and shivered some of the Seats. As the House was pretty full of People, much the greater Part of them, especially in the lower Part of it, perceived a great and sensible Shock ; sundry were knocked down, but it is supposed they are all likely to recover, ex- cept John Burr, Esq; and Mr. David Sherman, who were struck dead on the Spot as they were Handing in their Pews adjoining to the Windows near by the Posts of the House. The Report was like heavy Cannon, only sharper, and there was no hard Thunder neither before nor after in this or the adjacent Places. The Rev. Mr. Ross was preaching from these Words: " These all died in WANTED immediately, a strong, healthy Man, that has been accustomed to the Business of Distilling, and is capable of work- ing two small Stills ; any one this may suit, if well recommended for his Honesty and Sobriety, may meet with very great Encouragement, by applying to Mr. Henry Wood and Son, Distillers, in Wol- verhampton, Staffordshire. N. B. He may board and lodge in the House : Good Wages will be given for the first Year, and more in future, if he merits it. Worcester, 19th Sept. 1771. TO BE SOLD, At the CROWN in Broad - Street, A Pretty Grey GELDING, warranted sound, nearly fourteen Hands, exceedingly temperate and steady; fit for carrying a Lady or young Gentleman. Cures performed by Bateman's Pectoral Drops. I was taken with- a Rheumatic Pain in my Hip, that confined me to my Bed ; I applied to a Physician and an Apothecary, who gave me Medicines that sweat me; I was blistered on the Part; I was cupped on the Blister; I still took Medicines, but found no Relief from either; I was electrified, and something better every Day, but I again relapsed nearly as bad as at first, though I used Electricity at lead twice a Day, but to no Purpose; for I could not go without Crutches. In this Condition I continued a Week, when a Friend advised me to take the only True Dr. Bateman's Pectoral Drops, and I sent to Messrs. Dicey and Okell's Warehouse, in Bow Church- Yard, London, for a Bottle, and I took a Dose of it that Night, which gave me Ease in less than an Hour; I rose in the Morn- ing free from Pain. I took three Doses more, ( missing one Night between each Dose) and my Pain has never returned since. I desire to return Thanks unto God, who, by his Providence, put this Medicine into my Hands: Also, that this be made as public as possible, for the Benefit of the Afflicted, and any Person defiling further Particulars, may be informed, by enquiring at my House, in Old- Street Road, four Doors from Pitfield- Street. J. WARD. Sworn at the Mansion House, London, before Sir Robert Kite, then Lord Mayor. James Cunningham, of Ulverstone, was three Years violently afflicted with the Ague and Fe- ver, and applied to Apothecaries, but to no Pur- pose ; when happily he was recommended to take A Worcester, Sept. 19, 1771. To be LETT ( or SOLD) and entered upon immediately, THAT large and old- accustomed Inn known by the Name of the TALBOT, in Sidbury, now in the Occupation of Mr. Humphry Moore, with commodious Stall Stabling, a large Yard, Garden, and other Conveniences. Part of the Stock, Furniture, and Brewing Utensils, max be purchased. For further Particulars enquire of Mr. Lovett Apothecary, at the Cross; or of Mrs. Sargent, Chandler, opposite the said Inn. N. B. The above Inn is without the Liberties of the City, and not liable to have Soldiers quartered on it, unless by a particular Order from the War- Office; To be LETT, and entered upon immediately, Dwelling House, fit for a genteel private Family ; confiding of a very good Parlour, fashed and wainscotted ; a Kitchen, Brew- house, and Drink House; three good Lodging Rooms and two large Closets ; with the Use of an airy Garden to dry Clothes, and Cock and Pump Water. For further Particulars enquire of Mr. Maris, Master, in Friar Street; or of Mr. George Wil- liams, the Corner of Silver Street, Worcester, who will shew the Premisses. To be SOLD, to the BEST BIDDER, On Friday the 11th of October next, between the Hours of Three and Five in the Afternoon, at the Crown Inn, in Blockley, Worcestershire, ALeasehold Estate, called Mansell's situate at Paxford, in the Manor of Block- ley, held under the Lord Bishop of Worcester, for three Lives. The Purchasor will be permitted to put in such Lives as he may choose. Enquire farther of Joseph Browne, Bailiff of Blockley. To be SOLD to the BEST BIDDER, On Saturday the 5th of October next, at the Pig and Castle, in Bridgnorth, at Three in the Afternoon, subject to the Terms then to be produced, AFreehold Estate of Inheritance, in Romsley, in Alveley Parish, in Shropshire, now held by John Bennett, under a Lease determi- nable at Lady- Day, 1773; consisting of a Messuage and convenient Out- Buildings, with about seventy- five Acres of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, lying nearly together on each Side the Turnpike Road leading from Bridgnorth to Kidderminster. The Tenant will shew the Premisses; and for fur- ther Particulars enquire of Messrs. Clarke and Pair- doe, in Bewdley. Worcester, Sept. 19, 1771. WHEREAS my Son, THOMAS HUNDY, jun. hath lately absented himself from me, I therefore hereby forewarn all Persons trusting him, as I will not pay any Debts he shall contract: As Witness my Hand this 19th Day of September, 1771. The Mark of THOMAS HUNDY. ALL Persons who have any Demands on the Estate and Effects of Mr. James Hunt, late of the Parish of Martin Hussingtree, in the County of Worcester, deceased, are desired to send an Account of their respective Demands to Mr. William Woodhouse, of Salwarp, near Droitwich, in the County aforesaid, in order to their being satis- fied the same : And all Persons indebted to the laid Mr. James Hunt, are required forthwith to pay their said Debts to the aforesaid William Woodhouse, who will give a proper Discharge for the same. LACY, Mathematician and Theologer, Acquaints the PUBLIC, THAT he has invented a new Theory of the PLANETARY or SOLAR SYSTEM; shewing the Magnitudes, Motions, Distances, and periodical Circuits of the several Planets belonging thereto: A Work entirely new, and in a Method hitherto unattempted, wherein any Lady or Gen- tleman, that is curious in Astronomy, will be able to see before- hand all the different Positions of the Planets, made by their variable Revolutions for thirty Years to come. Likewise, for the Satisfaction of the Curious, he will explain their natural Powers and Influences, by which all Earthly Substances, both animate and inanimate, are brought forth in Perfection; and in what Manner our Earthly Bodies receive the Coelestial Influences at the Time of Birth, and are subjected to the variable Changes of the Ambient at certain Times afterwards; also what Planet each Person was born under, and what Spi- rits are Gubernators, which every Person ought to know, for by that Foreknowledge we are able to avoid the Malignity of Fate, in those Things that would endanger Life and Reputation, arid improve Nature by Foreknowledge of each Gubernator. There is a Time for every Purpose under Heaven. ECCLES. iii. ver. II N. B. Any Lady or Gentleman that is curious to see the Positions of the Planets, and know when their Influences operate most powerfully upon each Constitution, by bringing or sending the true Time of each Birth, will meet with Satisfaction. He will wait upon any Number of Ladies or Gentlemen, on timely Notice. To be spoke wish at Mr. Bowness's, in Cooken- Street, Worcester. AFTER many repeated Applications from Numbers of the Nobility and Gentry, who have experienced the Efficacy of the Medicine for the CURE of the BITE of a MAD DOG, pre- pared by William Hill, Esq; of Ormskirk, in Lan- cashire, he has now consented, for the Good of the Public, to entrust the same, to his Nephews, M William Hill, and Mr. James Berry, Apothecary, in Mount- Street, Berkeley- Square, London ; where it may be had at Five Shillings and Threepence per To be SOLD Cheap, SEVERAL Wine Pipes, Brandy and Rum Puncheons, ami other Vessels, all very sweet and in good Condition. Enquire of the Printer of this Paper. To be SOLD to the BEST BIDDER, At the Angel Inn, in Bewdley, in the County of Wor- cester, on Saturday the Fifth Day of October next, between the Hours of Two and Four in the Afternoon ( unless disposed of in the mean lime by private Con- trad) subject to such Conditions of Sale as shall be then produced, ALL those Freehold Messuages, now divided into nine Tenements, situate by the Side of the River Severn, at a Place called Antwerp, about a Mile above Bewdley Bridge; and also a Parcel of Meadow Ground there, adjoining to the River, and containing about an Acre and a Half. N. B. These Premises are well situated for carry- ing on any Manufactory in the Iron Trade. Mr. Richard Green, Toyman, in Wribbenhall, will shew the Premises; and further Particulars may be had of Mr. Brasier, Attorney, in Bewdley. State Lottery, 1771. H. BERROW, Printer of the WORCESTER JOURNAL, Being appointed Agent to Messrs. BARNES and GOLIGHTLY, Stock- Brokers, in London, SELLS their Shares of Tickets in the present Lottery, and has already by him a great Variety of Numbers.— Those who chuse to purchase Whole Tickets, by applying to him, may have them procured on the shortest Notice, and on the most reasonable Terms. The strictest Secresy will be observed, and all Letters ( if Post paid) duly answered; but no Or- ders can be regarded, unless the full Money be paid at the same Time. The Price of SHARES of TICKETS this Day ( September 19) including Commission, Registering, Examining, Letters of Advice as soon as the Num- bers are drawn. & c. is as follows, viz. Worcester, Sept. 19, 1771. WHEREAS I have falsely and unjustly accused Mr. Robert Bird, of Silver Street, Carpenter and Joiner, with making an ex- travagant Charge of about Thirty Pounds to Mr. John Clements, in the Building of his House in the Tything of Whistones, which I untruly said was the Reason Mr. Clements would not employ him to do any more Work : And forasmuch as I had no Reason whatever for such Accusation, Mr. Bird, in Vidi- cation of himself, very justly brought his Action against me for the same, which on my earnest Request he has agreed to discontinue, on my publickly asking him Pardon, and which I hereby do, declaring I had no Foundation for what I so advanced ; as witness my Hand, this 19th Day of September, 1771. The Mark of JOHN MEYSEY Witness, THOMAS BIRD. THURSDAY'S POST. ( By EXPRESS from LONDON.) Arrived the Mails from Holland and Flanders. Venice, August 24. Y an Express arrived at Corfou we Iearn, that the Ottoman Fleet of 56 Sail strong, having ven- tured to pass the Dar- danelles, the Russians, under Admiral d' Arff, had attacked and pur- sued it into the Port of Modron, where they were all burnt, excepting four Caravelles, which fell into the Hands of the Muscovites. Cologn, Sept. 6. The Court of Vienna, far from discontinuing their warlike Preparations, seems to be augmenting them, as they are now raising 3000 Recruits, and have lately given Or- ders for 40,000 Sword- blades, & c. from Solingen. LONDON, Tuesday, Sept. 17. Copy of a Letter from BRITAIN, new in Confine- ment in Reading Gaol, to a second Noble Lord. To LORD . " Mr LORD, " AS the late Fire at Portsmouth Dock- Yard engrosses Part of the public Attention, I hope your Lordship will absolve me from my Promise of Secrecy made to the Under Secretaries when down at Reading, and give me Leave to lay the whole State of the above Fire before the Public ; which I intend to do, in a Series of Letters to my Friend in London, and to be published in the public Papers. I hope your Lordship will not deny me this Request, as it is but reasonable that I should have a Hearing to clear myself from the false Reports that have been propagated by the Ministry. They have declared, " that I want a Sum of Money and my Liberty out of Prison, which induced me to declare myself concerned in the above Fire." This you know, my Lord, is false. When I solicited a Pardon, I was then at Liberty in London ; and in my Letter to the Lord Mayor, I informed him, " that I wanted no Fee or Reward whatever, but his Majesty's Pardon." In the said Letter I owned being con- cerned in setting Fire to Portsmouth Dock Yard, the Writer of a treasonable Letter sent to the Lord Mayor, dated June 13, wherein, " his is expresly called a Blockhead, his and Dignity threatened to be in Danger, and plainly told that the Government of the Empire will be given to one more worthy it, be- fore July the 10th, 1772." I owned myself a Party concerned in attempting his ' s Life, and the were the Crimes 1 wanted a Pardon for. his Majesty's Pardon to me is only conditional; in the Gazette for July 31st it says, " His Majesty is hereby pleased to promise his Parties concerned may be apprehended and brought to Justice." " Now, my Lord, as I said before, this Pardon is only conditional ; therefore, if my Information is not sufficient to bring the Parties concerned to justice, why do you forgive me the other Of- fences ? If a poor Printer only prints the Truth, you are ready to devour him. Pray what will you do now? Nothing, my Lord You dare not! I do not crave your Favour, but once more DARE you to bring me to a Trial. You know you had Information sufficient, provided you had exerted yourself as a of State ought to have done. It is not the Poll you are in that is to be despised for the Neglect, but the Man who fills that Post. There is a Clerk in one of your Offices ( as I told the Under- Secretaries) who gave the French In- telligence of your secret Councils; his Name it — . Will you deny now that you have not Information enough to secure that Clerk? I do not doubt but you will. You know, my Lord, I desired you to confront me with Count Guignes long before he left England ; if I was in the wrong, why did not you do it ? You have been called upon to publish my Deposition ; why don't you ? Your Secretaries were so careful to keep it from the Public, that the would not let the Mayor of Reading fee the least Tittle of it. Nay, moreover, you have debarred me the Use of Pen, Ink, and Paper ; and I do not doubt but as soon as you read this Letter, my Keeper will have Orders from you to shut me up in a Dungeon ; but if you do order it, the Public will soon be apprised of it; and then they may judge of your Conduct as they think proper. " Before I take my Leave of your Lordship, permit me to return you my most humble Thanks for the Pains you have taken in propagating a Re- port that I am insane; and as a Proof of my Gra- titude, I assure your Lordship that I will prove some of your dear Friends Traytors to their King and Country ; and the Publick may be allured, that Tower- Hill will be found a more necessary Place than Bedlam. I am, my Lord, Your Lordship's most obt. hble. Servt. Reading Goal, JONATHAN BRITAIN." Sept. 14, 1771. It is thought, from the cool Enquiry into the Portsmouth Business, the guilty Persons are not likely to undergo a fiery Trial; and some great Persons are rather backward in meddling with this Affair, left they should burn their Fingers; and every Method is devising to prevent Mr. Wilkes, whom the ministerial Tools call the In- cendiary, from stirring the Coals, as they are ap- prehensive it may set the whole Nation in a Flame. There is not a Man conversant with Naval Affairs but is certain Portsmouth Dock Yard was burnt by Design. No material Discoveries have yet been made by Dudley or Britain relative to the Fire at Ports- mouth Dock, and large Bets are now depending at the West End of the Town that no true Dis- covery will be made for the Space of twelve Months to come. Letter from Portsmouth, Sept. 16. " It is really true that Dudley has been ex- amined by the Commissioner and Mayor, con- cerning the Fire which happened in the Dock- Yard, the Result thereof is kept secret." Last Saturday Advice was received by Express from Paris, to a Merchant of this City, that an Account was brought there of the sailing of two Fleets, one from Brest, and the other from Tou- lon ; that they had taken or. board Provisions for six Months, but to what Part they were bound was yet a profound Secret. It further says that Councils are daily held, and that Count de Guignes is present at all of them. A Letter from a Gentleman at Dunkirk, to his Friend in Town mentions, that an Embarkation of Troops was carrying on with great Expedition at that Place, and at the different Seaports in France. Orders are sent to Chatham for fitting out four third Rate Men of War with all Expedition, for foreign Service. We hear that the Parliament will meet for the Dispatch of Business some Time in November. It is now asserted for certain, that no Change whatever will take Place in A n, at least till next Spring, a Truth which the Generality of the Public are very unwilling to imbibe after all their late high- raised Expectations. Lord Chatham, speaking of the Struggle likely to be in the City for the Office of Lord Mayor, declared, that Mr. Wilkes acted very imprudently to make his Design so public : " He is so eager ( said this great Man) to engross all the Employ- ments to his own Circle, that his true Motives cannot remain long concealed ; and the Moment the Livery discover that he is only labouring to make himself their Mailer, they will see their In- dependency as much in Danger from him, as it is from an abandoned Administration." Sir Rob. Bernard and Col. Barre are arrived in Town from their Travels abroad. We are confidently assured that a Struggle will be made by several spirited Members in the Irish House of Commons, for the Abolition of all Pensions, previous to the Grant of Supplies, and that the Ministry are likely to find more Difficul- ties in the Accomplishment of their Point than at present occur to their Imagination. We are told the System of Corruption is so re- gularly established in a neighbouring Nation, that every Man with a Thousand a Year, either in Pension or Place, is obliged at his own Ex- pence to procure a parliamentary Seat, and to support the Measures of Government, without giving the Secretary the Trouble even of closet- ing him. An anonymous Correspondent assures the Pub- lick, that the most effectual Measures are resolved upon to retrieve the very ruinous Situation of the East India Company's Affairs. The 400,000l. to Government is to be, for the present, struck off by Consent; and the Dividend to the Proprietors is to be reduced to Six per Cent. Parliament is to meet in November to enquire into the Right of the Authority to regulate The Affairs Of the East; and coersive Laws' are to be made to restrain the Ava- rice, and punish the Crimes of Individuals both in the Government's and the Company's Service in the East Indies. These are Fails on which the Publick may depend. This Day a Court of Lord Mayor and Alder- men was held at Guildhall, when the Assize of Bread was continued as before ; six Persons were punished for taking Fish under Size; several Non- Freemen licensed, and other ordinary Business done. Mr. Bolland was rejected from being a Purchaser of the Upper City Marshal's Place, and his Deposit Money ordered to be refunded. His Majesty has been pleased to grant unto Lewis Bagot, M. A. the Canonry or Prebend in the Cathedral Church of Christ- Church in the University of Oxford, void by the Resignation of Dr. John Moore, late one of the Canons thereof. Mr. Arthur Younge, the celebrated Writer on Agriculture, insists, that within the last seventy Years the Exportation of Corn has brought no less than 140,000,000l. to this Kingdom; and therefore concludes, notwithstanding the general Clamour for keeping our Grain to ourselves, it is highly for the public Good to fend it into other Countries. The Government Cutters now lying up at Chatham, Sheerness and Woolwich, are shortly to be put into Commission in order to cruize against the Smugglers off the English and Scotch Coasts, Advice having been received that several Cargoes are now shipping at Dunkirk and Ostend, to be smuggled into this Kingdom. The Plague increases Day by Day in Smyrna and its Environs : In one Village in the Neigh- bourhood, where there were 800 Inhabitants, more than three hundred died in the Space of four Days. The Plague was never known to make such Havock as now, Hundreds are buried every Day, every one shuts himself up at Home. There are no Persons to be seen in the Streets but the People belonging to the Church, and the Grave- Diggers; and Provisions are so scarce that it is difficult to get even Bread or Corn. Extract of a Letter from Pisa, dated Aug. 20. ' Prince Charles Stuart, otherwise called here ' Baron de Douglass, is at present in this Place, ' where he has resided near these three Months, ' using the Baths and drinking the Waters for his ' Health ; he looks well and seems full of Spirits; ' he converses with some Ruffian Officers which ' we have here. I imagine Rome is not the most ' agreeable Place in the World to him, for he is ' not acknowledged there by the Titles his Father ' used to be, the Pope having absolutely forbid it, ' so that only dry Compliments pass between his ' Holiness and him. A poor Scotch Priest was ' banished Rome in the late Pope's Time for call- ' ing him King; but the People in Rome when ' he appears in public Places will not be restrained ' from calling him Prince de Galle. I had almost ' forgot to tell you that Dr. Smollet has taken up ' his Residence here.' A few Days ago a Butcher in Newcastle being in Company with a Tanner, that bought all his Skins, agreed to self his Wife to him, after the Rate of Five- pence Halfpenny a Pound ; the Agreement was drawn up by an Attorney, and Part of the Money deposited, but the Woman will not abide by the Bargain, nor the Butcher return the Deposit Money ; this Affair is expected to be determined at Westminster- Hall. Baron Van Haeck has discovered an Ointment for the Bottom of Ships, which will preserve them from Worms, and answers all the End of pitching. The Son of a Scots Nobleman was so diligent the Beginning of lad Summer, that in the Course of one Month ( May) which he spent at his Fa- ther's Estate in Scotland, he got no fewer than fifteen Bastards. This hopeful Youth a Minor. The D— of C d and Mrs. B y were seen, on Saturday Evening, to walk Arm in Arm down the Mall. Saturday Night two Men were detected in committing an unnatural Crime in St. James's Park, by some of the Women of the Town who walk there: One got away, but the other they took to the Canal, forced him into the Water, and threw Stones and Dirt at him till they almost killed him. One Evening during last Bartholomew- Fair, a Bailiff, or Follower, persuaded a young Woman to go to the Fair with him : She drank something he prepared for her, and when he saw it had taken Effect, he took the Opportunity and ravished her, which threw her into Convulsion Fits ; and they continued strong upon her till Saturday last, when she died in the greatest Agonies, to the great Loss of a doating Father and tender Mother. On Saturday last a Sharper defrauded one Far- mer Burton of Barnet, of Cattle to the Amount of 60l. which were intended for Smithfield Mar- ket Yesterday Morning, by paying for them with a counterfeit Bank Note. On Saturday one Prisoner was capitally con- victed at the Old- Bailey, viz. Mary Murphy, for Healing in the Dwelling- House of Hannah Carr, and dripping the fame of a Quantity of Goods. It appeared on the Trial, that this young Woman was an Acquaintance of the Prosecutrix, who, being committed on Suspicion of harbouring and concealing Jackson, Suttle, and others, know- ing them to be Felons, gave her the Key of her House, in order to take Care of the same. Four Price of CORN Wheat 40s. to 49s. Oats 17s. to 2is. Barley 22s, to 26s. Pale Malt 31s. to 35s. BANKRUPTS Pease 30s. to 32s. Beans 24s. to 28s. Finest Flour 39s. per Sack. required to surrender. Hilary Wild, of St. Martin in the Fields, Mid dlesex, Biscuit- Baker, Sept. 20, 2S, Oil. 26, Guildhall.— John Boulton, of London, Mercha and Factor, Sept. 21, 24, Oct. 26, at Guildhal.-- William Chapman, of Spring- Gardens, Middlesex- Dealer, Sept. 21, Oct. 1, 26, at Guildhall.— Pet Naskell, late of London, Merchant, Sept. 24, Oc 1, 26, at Guildhall.— Uriah Judah, late of Bishop gate- Street, Merchant, Sept. 21, 24, Oct. 26, Guildhall. Joseph Taylor, of Hog- Lane, S Giles's in the Fields, Middlesex, Brewer, Sept. Oct. 1, 26, at Guildhall.— Timothy Nicholson, Whitehaven, in Cumberland, Merchant, Sept. 2p 24, Oct. 26, at the Golden Lion in Whitehaven.- William Smith, of Serle- Street, St. Clement Dane Middlesex, Sadler, Sept. 21, 28, Oct. 26, at Guildhall — Charles Shergold, of Savernacle Park, Wiltshire Dealer and Chapman, Sept. 28, Oct. 1, 29, at Guild hall.—- Henry Fielden, of Manchester, Check Many facturer, Oct. 8, 9, 29, at the Old Coffee- House Manchester.—- John Gourlay, of Stow in the Wol Gloucestershire, Dealer and Chapman, Oct. 2, 3, 2 at the Three Tuns Tavern, Corn- Street, Bristol. DIVIDENDS to be made to Creditors. Oct. 16. Richard Walker, of Wandsworth, Surry, Callico- printer and Cutter.—- Oct. 8. Jon than Wilson, of Warwick, Dealer and Chapman, the White Lion, in Warwick. Early Intelligence from our Correspondent in London, ( dated Wednesday, Sept. 18,) whi cannot appear in any other Country Paper soon than Saturday, nor even in any of the London before those brought by the Mail on Friday. LORD Harcourt is positively arrived Town from Paris, and is to attend Council this Day. Lord North and the French Char des Affaires attended Yesterday at t Admiralty ; and after the Board broke up th had a Conference with the Earl of Sandwich. The Spanish Ambassador has lately paid sev ral Visits to the Lord S k, in a very private Manner, which occasions much Speculative amongst the Politicians at the West End the Town. All the Regiments, both Foot and Caval on the English and Irish Establishments are dered forthwith to be compleated to their : Complement. Expresses were last Night sent to several of Privy Council in the Country, their Presence ing required at a Council, to be held next Friday relating to some extraordinary Intelligence ceived from Abroad. We hear that an Express arrived last Nig from France at the Ambassador's House in Geon Street, with an Account that his Excellen Count de Guignes would return to England in few Days. It is said his Return is by Desire of great Personage, who ordered an Express to sent to the Count for that Purpose. It is suppos this is done to make the Public believe that French had no Hand in setting the Dock Yd on Fire, and that the Count's sudden Departure was not on that Account. Party Disputes run very high in the City lating to the Election of a Lord Mayor for Year ensuing, on next Saturday se'nnight The Shelburne Party are making all their Inter to get the Aldermen Townsend and Sawbrid returned to the Court of Aldermen for th Choice of one of them : The Court Party likewise endeavouring to get Sir Henry Ban Knt. ( who has been set aside by the Livery) turned with Sir James Esdaile : But the Liv have had several Meetings, and are determi to support the present worthy Lord Mayor, a to return him with William Bridgen, Esq; has served the Office before; a Gentleman ev Way qualified for so important a Trust. were convicted to be transported, and seven were acquitted Yesterday eighteen Prisoners were tried at the Old- Bailey, one of whom was capitally convicted, viz. Thomas Altop for breaking and entering the Dvvelling- House of Mr. Bradshaw, in Little Queen Ann- Street, and Healing some Plate. Fifteen were call for Transportation for seven Years, and Two acquitted. Bank Stock, . Three per cent, reduced, . Three per cent, consol. 87 3~ 8ths. Three percent. 1726,—. Three 1- half per cent. 1758, . Four per cent, consol. . Long An- nuities, . South Sea Stock, 86 3- 8ths 1- half. Old Ann. 86 3- 8ths a i- half. New An- nuities,—. Three per cent. 1751,—. India Stock. --- . Ditto Annuities. - . Ditto Bonds. WORCESTER, Thursday, Sept. 19. At our Market, last Saturday, 207 Pockets Hops were sold ; the general Prices were as low, viz. New, from 81. to 10I. per Hundred Old, from 81. to 9I. On Thursday last was married at the Pal Church of St. Nicholas, Mr. John Bingham,) Birmingham, Merchant, to Miss Cornw Daughter of Thomas Cornwell, Esq; of this C On Sunday last was married, at St. Swith Church, Mr. John Mogridge, to Miss South Daughter of Mr. John Southan, of this City. On Tuesday last was married, at Claines, Vyse, Esq; of the Close in Lichfield, to Anna- Susanna Spearman, of the same Place On Thursday last was married Mr. Dunn, eminent Mercer in Evesham, to Miss Woodc of Bromsgrove. Yesterday the Patients of our Infirmary w removed from the Old Infirmary to the New on SHREWSBURY RACES concluded. On Wednesday three Horses started for the which was won by Mr. Woolley's Why- not, b ing Sir Watkin Williams's Flimnap, and Jukes's Chesnut Mare, Atalanta. The Con for the first Heat lay between Flimnap and lanta, which was won by the former. The was then drawn, and Flimnap having been pu hard the first Heat, the second was won easy Why- not; who walked round the Course the Heat. Thursday the 50l. for Four and Five Y old, was won easy in two Heats by Lord G venor's Chesnut Colt, beating four others. The Sweepstakes, for 300 Guineas, was won Mr. Vernon's Bay Colt, beating Mr. Pig Bay Filley, Lord Grosvenor's Bay Filley, Sir W kin's Black Colt, and Mr. Foley's Bay Colt. The Assize of Bread continues as follows, viz Penny Loaf to weigh Two- penny Loaf Six- penny Loaf Twelve- penny Loaf Eighteen- penny Loaf Wheaten lb 0z. 0 7 14 0 15 2 2 15 4 5 14 8 8 13 12 Housh lb. oz 0 10 1 4 3 14 7 12 11 1 The Halfpenny Batch Cake not to weigh 1. s. d. 1. s. d. Half - - - 7 5 6 Sixteenth - - 1 1 0 Fourth - - 3 15 o Thirty- second 0 11 6 Eighth - - I 18 6 Sixty- fourth - 0 6 6 To the PRINTER. SIR, VERY little Scribbler declaims against the De- generacy and Corruption of the present Times. I do not see with what Propriety they can thus aign the present Age, when History informs us t it is infinitely more upright than that of he Third, when it may be justly supposed that Spirit of Liberty and Patriotism was at its Height. those Days nothing was heard of but a general of Bribery and Corruption. Nor is is this fur- ling. The East India Company was convicted of bing the Lord President, the Speaker of the House Commons, and the King. Had this been all, re would have been less Damage ; but, O dis- ceful! the Corporation of London was convicted corrupting the Members of the Lower House, as l as some Peers. So general was the Contagion t even the Officers of the Army practised low and avish Tricks in order to defraud the Army. Colo- n Hastings was cashiered for his Roguery. What n must have been the Condition of Agents and tractors? So iniquitous were their Proceedings t, when called upon, they refused to produce their oks. Has any Thing of this Nature happened in s Reign? Has Alderman Hurley or Alderman wnshend been convicted of any Malversation in ir Office ? I do not hear that the Cloaths of the ner, or the Provisions of the latter have been de- ent in any Shape. The same Observation may extended to our Commissaries, Men of a still her Region. Has Taylor or Sir Laurence Dun- s been even accused of Misbehaviour? The for- r supplied the British Troops, and the latter the reign Troops, with Provisions during the last ar ; and yet all their Accounts have been passed, ugh they made Fortunes fit for Nabobs ; Taylor ng worth an hundred thousand Pounds, and Sir urence five Times that Quantity. What idus- ous Men they must have been to accumulate such rmous Sums in a few Years! What honest Men st those have been, who parted their Accounts hout any Deductions ! I have heard that the Earl Bute once threatened to fleece Sir Laurence. Ac- dingly lie threw himself into the Arms of Bed- d, who, in Consideration of his ten Members of lament, undertook to save him harmless. Is it nderful to those who know this Anecdote, that h an honest Man, as Sir Laurence, was protected such a virtuous Body as the Majority? In vain the Adelphi, the Lords of Durham- Yard, attempt expose this overgrown Baronet. The Manner in ich he killed and brought to life Horses, and rged and recharged them to the Government, all forgiven for the Sake of his Borough Interest. is now Lord High Admiral of the Shetland Isles. ANECDOTE. A Compleat Freehold Estates, delight- fully situated in a pleasant and fertile Part of the County of Worcester, within a few Miles of the City of Worcester, now lett at the yearly Rent of Forty- five Pounds. For Particulars apply to Mr. Sockett, Attorney, in Worcester. LYING- IN. ANY Lady, desirous of being gen- teely accommodated during her Lying- in, may be informed of a very convenient Situation, about fifteen Miles from Worcester, in the House of a repu- table Surgeon and Man- midwife, whose Terms will be made agreeable to the Person Circumstances. The strictest Honour and Secrecy may be depended on ; and, as a private Place for such Kind of Accommo- dations may fall within the Censure of some parti- cular Persons, the Advertiser will take every necessary Precaution to remove every reasonable Objection which can be made. Particulars may be more fully known by directing a Line to Z. Z. to be left with the Printer hereof. N. B. Letters directed as above ( Post paid) will be duly answered. REMARK. the Reign of Edward the Third the Nation was governed by a Regency of the King's Mother, her infamous Paramour, but as soon as that e young Prince came to Years of Discretion, he ok off his own Fetters, and relieved his People m a grievous Yoke, under which they had long aned ; nothing shews the Wisdom of that Prince re strongly than this first Instance of his superior understanding; for our own History, nay, our own servation from what partes in other Countries nishes Proof how hard it is to escape from the lib, and break through the Intanglements of Na- e and filial Affection; and that a King, tho' not nd to the wicked Designs of his Mother, may, not- withstanding the Remonstrances of his People, suf- his loving Subjects to be scourged by the Iron d of an usurped Regency for the whole Course of Life. following ANECDOTE of the Earl of CHES- TERFIELD may be depended upon, and is very expressive of the Noble Lord's great good Sense and Humour in the most affecting Situations and periods of Life. MY Lord, besides his Deafness and usual In- firmities, was, some Time since, attacked h a violent Disorder in his Eyes. For the Cure this, Dr. Monsey, Physician to Chelsea Hospital ho attended on his Lordship) advised the calling of Mr. Taylor, Oculist, of Hatton Garden. That ntleman, besides prescribing some proper topical medies, such as Colyriums, Fomentations, & c. ommended a flight Scarification. The noble Pa- t enquired of Mr. Taylor, if it would be at- ded with Pain. " Some little, my Lord, will unavoidable." " Why then, Sir," replied Lordship, smiling, " that Part had as well be itted; it is not worth my while to suffer any Pain the Relief of a single Member, when it is rcely possible for the whole Frame to exist above Year or two longer." STATE LOTTERY, 1771. White, Hill, and Tracy, Stock- brokers, At their Lottery Office, No. 16, ( the Front of Lloyd's Coffee- House) Lombard- Street, SELL Tickets and Shares of Tickets, in the greatest Variety of Numbers, and at the lowed Prices, in Halves, Quarters, Eighths, Sixteenths, Thirty- seconds, and Sixty- fourths. Several capital Prizes were sold and registered in the last Lottery at this Office, particularly No. 43,649, One Thousand Pounds, sold in eight Shares, and No. 39,203, sold twelve Shares.-— Correct Numerical and Register Books of the Drawing of the Lottery kept. Tickets and Shares registered at 6d. per Number, and the most speedy Account of their Success sent to any Part of Europe. Shares of Prizes bought at this Office will be paid without any Deduction, agreeable to Act of Parliament. SCHEME of the LOTTERY. Specimen of King JAMES the First, in the Art of Writing. TAKING Tobacco was much ridiculed by Men of Fashion, in the Reign of James; and the urtiers affected to reject it with Horror. The ng said, " that Tobacco was the lively Image Pattern of Hell; for that it had, by Allusion, t all the Parts and Vices of this World, whereby may be gained; to wit, First, it was a Smoak; are all the Vanities of the World. Secondly, it ighteth them who take it; so do all the Pleasures the World delight the Men of the World. irdly, it maketh Men drunken and light in the ad ; so do all the Vanities of the World, Men drunken therewith. Fourthly, he that taketh bacco, faith he cannot leave it, it doth bewitch ; so even the Pleasures of the World make Men to leave them, they are for the most Part so hanted with them. And further besides all this, s like Hell in the very Substance of it; for it is a king loathsome Thing; and so is Hell." And fur- his Majesty professed, " that were he to invite Devil to Dinner, he should have three Dishes: st a Pig; second, a Poll of Ling and Mustard; third, a Pipe of Tobacco, for Digesture." Witty Apothegems delivered by James I. 12mo. 1671. TO BE SOLD, Compleat Freehold Farm, consisting of a good Dwelling- House, and all conve- nt Out- Buildings, in perfect Repair, five Acres Orchard Ground, twenty- two Acres of Meadow, nty nine Acres of Pasture, and thirty Acres of able Land; situate within about four Miles of slow, and something more than the same Distance m Tenbury. urther Particulars may be had by applying to Sockett, Attorney, in Worcester. No. of Prizes Value of each Total Value 2 of 20,000 is 40,000 3 — 10,000 — 30,000 5 — 5,000 — 25,000 10 — 2,000 — 20,000 15 — I, 000 — 15,000 30 — 500 — 15,000 100 — 100 — 10,000 250 — 50 — 12,500 16,275 — 20 —— 325,500 16,690 Prizes 493,000 First Drawn for the first six Days will be 6,000 intitled to 1 000l. Last Drawn — 1000 Dedicated, by Permission, to the Right Honourable the Countess of HUNTINGDON, EIGHTEEN SERMONS, PREACHED by the late Rev. GEO. WHITEFIELD, A. M. On the following Subjects: I. A Faithful Minister's parting Blessing. II. Christ, the Believer's Refuge. III. Soul Prosperity. IV. The Gospel, a dying Saint's Triumph. V. Re- pentance and Conversion. VI. Glorifying God in the Fire, or the right Improvement of Affliction. VII. The Beloved of God. VIII. The Furnace of Affliction. IX. The Lord our Light. X. Self- Enquiry concerning the Work of God. XI. The burning Bush. XII. Soul Dejection. XIII. Spi- ritual Baptism. XIV. Neglect of Christ the kil- ling Sin. XV. All Mens Place. XVI. God, a Believer's Glory. XVII. Jacob's Ladder. XVIII. The Good Shepherd. Taken verbatim in Short- Hand, and faithfully tran- scribed by JOSEPH GURNEY. Revised by ANDREW GIFFORD, D. D. London, printed for and sold by Joseph Gurney, Bookseller, No. 54, in Holborn, opposite Hatton- Street; , also sold by all Booksellers in Town and Country. Note, These Sermons will not be included in the Collection of Mr. Whitefield's Works now publish- ing in Numbers. There is also just published, the seventh Edition, of BRACHYGRAPHY; or, SHORT- WRITING made easy to the meanest Capacity. By J. Gurney. Price bound 8 s. Note, This Book is a sufficient Instructor of itself. 33,3 : 0 Blanks. 50,000 Tickets £. 500,000 Not Two Blanks to a Prize. The Lottery will begin drawing on Monday the 18th of November. At this Office Tickets are divided into Shares in the most advantageous Manner to the Purchasers, by which may be gained the following large Prizes; viz. by a Half, 1o, oool. a Quarter, 5000l. an Eighth, 2500l. a Sixteenth, 1250l. Thirty- second, 625l. a Sixty- fourth, 312l. 10s. Schemes gratis. Letters ( Post paid) duly answer'd. Correspondents in the Country may have Tickets and Shares sent them, by remitting good Bills at Sight, or short Date, on London; and if they re- mit any Thing over, may depend it shall be punc- tually paid to their Order. Bank, India, and South Sea Stocks, with their several Annuities, India Bonds, Navy and Victual- ling Bills, and all Kinds of Government Securities bought and sold by Commission. GARDENING.— A NEW WORK. This Day is published, Price 5s. bound, THE MODERN GARDENER; or, UNIVERSAL KALENDAR: Containing monthly Directions for all the Operations of Gar- dening to be done either in the Kitchen, Fruit, Flower, and Pleasure Gardens, as likewise in the Green- House and Stove, with the Method of per- forming the different Works, according to the best Practice of the most eminent Gardeners : Also an Appendix, giving full and ample Instructions for forcing Grape Vines, Peach, Nectarine Trees, & c. in a new Manner, never before published. Illustrated with many Plates, neatly engraved, of entire new Plans for Stoves, Green- Houses, Forcing Frames, and Designs for laying out Kitchen, Flower, and Pleasure Gardens, agreeable to the modern Taste. To the Whole is added a Catalogue of Kitchen Garden Plants and Herbs, with the Parts made Use of in Cookery, Fruit Trees of the bell Sorts, bul- bous rooted Flowers, annual, biennial, and peren- nial herbaceous Flower Plants ; Herbs for Distilling and Medicine; Forest Trees, Flowering Shrubs, and Ever- Greens; with great Variety of curious Green- House and Stove Plants, being a much more compleat List than any hitherto published in Works of this Kind. Selected from the Diary Manuscripts of the late Mr. HITT, Formerly Gardener to Lord Robert Manners, at Bloxholm in Lincolnshire, and to Lord Robert Bertie, at Chislehurst in Kent. Revised, corrected, and very much improved, with many new Additions, by JAMES MEADER, late Gardener to the Earl of Chesterfield. This is the only Book of the Kind which contains Plans for Hot- Houses, Stoves, & c. & c. and Designs for laying out Grounds both for Pleasure and Profit. London, printed for Hawes, Clarke and Collins, S. Crowder, T. Longman, B. Law, Robinson and Roberts, in Pater- noster- Row ; I. Taylor, near Chancery- Lane, Holborn ; and sold by Miss An- drews, in Worcester. Where maybe had, In one large Volume, Octavo, illustrated with Cop per Plates, Price 6s. bound, the third Edition of Mr. HITT'S Treatise on FRUIT TREES, cor- rected, and very much improved. At the same Place may be had, by the same Author Price 2S. 6d. sewed, A Treatise of HUSBANDRY on the Improvement of dry and barren Lands. A NEW WORK, Calculated to promote the Knowledge of our Holy Religion, a firm Faith in the Merits of our Blessed Redeemer, and the Practice of every Christian Virtue. On Saturday the 28 th of September Instant will be pub- lished, Price only Six- pence, Adorned with a beautiful Frontispiece, the Whole to be compleated in twenty- five Numbers only ( or the Overplus given gratis) every Number to be adorned with a beautiful Copper- plate, more ele- gantly engraved than any ever given in a Work of this Kind, NUMBER I. ( to be continued weekly) of THE Life of our Blessed LORD and SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST: Containing the Genealogy of our Glorious Redeemer, his Na- tivity, Preservation, Circumcision, Baptism, Fasting, Temptation, Ministry, Doctrine, Calling the Apos- tles, Miracles, Parables, Travels, Transfiguration, Passion, Institution of the Sacrament, Crucifixion, Burial, Resurrection, Appearance, and Ascension. Together with the Lives and Sufferings of his Holy Apostles, Evangelists, and other Primitive Martyrs, who have laid down their Lives in the glorious Cause of Christianity, the Foundation on which all our Hopes of eternal Happiness are fixed. To which will be added, A full Defence of Christianity against all the Ob- jections of the Atheists, Deists, and Infidels of the present Age, who have endeavoured to place Man- kind on a Level with the Beasts that perish. By the Rev. JOHN FLEETWOOD, D. D. Author of The History of the Holy Bible. Published by the KING'S AUTHORITY. A Lift of the beautiful Copper Plates which will be given in the Course of this Work. The Annunciation. The Nativity of our blessed Saviour. The Wife Mens' Offering. The Flight into Egypt. The Presentation in the Temple. John baptizing Christ. Jesus found amongst the Doctors. Christ walking on the Sea. Christ re- storing the Blind to Sight. Christ appearing to Mary. Little Children brought to Christ. Christ at Emmaus. The Passover. Christ's Agonies. Christ going to be crucified. Pilate shewing Christ to the People. The Crucifixion. Christ laid in the Se- pulchre. Christ's Resurrection. Christ's Ascension. Descent of the Holy Ghost. Death of Saphira. Paul and Barnabas at Lystra. Paul at Athens. The Lame Man healed by Peter and John. London, printed for J. Cooke, at Shakespear's Head, in Pater- noster- Row; and sold by all other Booksellers and News- Carriers in Great Britain and Ireland. In the first Number will be given a promissary Note to deliver the Overplus gratis, if it shall ex- ceed twenty- five Number; and in the last Number a List of such Subscribers as chuse to have their Names inserted, shall be printed and delivered gratis. MAREDANT's DROPS. To Mr. Norton, Surgeon, Golden- Square. SIR, IN Gratitude to you, and for th Good of others, I send you the following Case to publish. 1 was afflicted for above six Tears with a most violent Inflamation in my Face and Arms, attended with white Blisters and extreme Pain, which caused them to swell to an immoderate Size ; this Disorder brought me so low, that I was believed to be in a Consumption. I applied to many without Success, till Providence directed me to take your Drops; by which Means I am restored to perfect Health, the above mentioned Complaints having long since left me. Any Person, by applying to Mr. Le Febvre's, in Cogdell- Court, Sil. ver Street, Golden Square, may be convinced of the Truth of this. I am your bumble Servant, August 5, 1771 ANN BOWIE. Any Person still doubtful of the Efficacy of this Medicine, may ( by applying to Mr. NORTON, Surgeon, the West Side of Golden square, near Piccadilly, London, the only Author and Proprietor, where these Drops are sold in Bottles of Six Shillings each) be fully convinced of their good Effect, by being referred to many People of Credit, who have been cured of the Leprosy, Scurvy, Ulcers, the Evil, Fistulas, Piles, long continued Inflammations of the Eyes, and every other Disorder arising from a Foulness in the Blood. They may betaken in any Season, without the least Inconvenience or Hindrance of Business. They also perfect Digestion, and amazingly create an Appetite. N. B. None are genuine but what are signed by JOHN NORTON, in his own Hand- writing ; who hath appointed them to be sold by H. BERROW, at his PrintingOffice, near the Cross, Worcester. Beware of Counterfeits. Maredant's Drops, so univer- sally known and esteemed, were never sold for less than SIX SHILLINGS the Bottle. Also to be bad, at Berrow's Printing- Office, Story's Worm - destroying CAKES, Of the Genuine Sort, These Cakes not only destroying all Sorts of Worms, but even root out the Semina or Seed. They may be depended upon for curing all Sorts of Agues, Hooping or Chin Coughs, Bloody Flux, young Persons going into Consumptions; also cure the Calenture, which is a Fever well known to Sailors, as it is fatal among them. They are a great Preparative for the Small- Pox, and such as take them have seldom a second Fever ( so fatal) attend them, nor any ill Symptoms, nora Mark or Scar in the Face after Recovery. Where Purging is required, no finer Physic can be taken. Price One Shilling a Paper, with printed Directions how to take them. VELNOS' Vegetable SYRUP. The following recent Cure will be regarded by the Candid and Judicious, as a most signal Proof of the Virtues of the SYRUP, the re- duced State of the Patient considered, and the dangerous Situation he was in. EDWARD MARTIN, Esq; of Fenstanton, late High- Sheriff for the Counties of Cambridge and Huntingdon, had for some Yeats been afflicted with a most violent Scurvy, with Eruptions of a putrid Nature all over his Body, a Dimness of Sight, arid a constant Swimming or Dizziness in the Head, so that he has frequently fallen senseless to the Ground. Notwithstanding he had the Ad- vice of the most eminent Physicians, and took a great Va- riety of Medicines prescribed by them, his Disorder daily encreased, and was attended with total Loss of Appetite, and a Lowness of Spirits, insomuch that Life berate bur- thensome to him. In this reduced State, hopeless of any Relief from Medicine, he accidentally met with Dr. Bur- rows's Dissertation, and, as the last Effort of Despair, deter- mined to make Tryal of the Vegetable Syrup. After taking only seven Bottles, he found his Disorder entirely cured, his Constitution amasingly restored, and he now enjoys a perfect State of Health, to the great Astonishment of his Acquaintance. For the Good of Mankind Mr. Martin is desirous that the above Case should be made public, and will chearfully satisfy any candid Enquirer of the Truth of it. The Vegetable Syrup, confirmed by daily Experience to be a Specific in all impurities of the Blood and Juices ( whether Scorbutic or Venereal) is sold in Bottles, Ten Shil- lings and Sixpence each, at Dr. BURROWS'S House, opposite the Prince of Orange Coffee House, in the Hay Market, Lon- don ; sold also by Fletcher and Hodson, in Cambridge ( who are appointed sole Agents for vending this Medicine in the Coun- try); Mr. Raikes, Gloucester, ; Mr. Pugh, Hereford-, Messrs. Pearson and Aris, Birmingham; Mr. Taylor, Kidderminster ; Mr. Jackson, Oxford; Mr. Eddowes, Shrewsbury ; Mr. Tay- lor, Stafford Mrs. Thurstans, Wolverhampton; and by the Printer and Distributors of this Journal. Where also may be had, A Dissertation on its nature and Effects, with an Ac- count of its Examination by the Royal College of Physicians, and a Variety of extraordinary Cures, properly attested. Price 6d To Dr. F L U G G E R, In Prescot- Street, Goodman's- Fields, London. SIR, IShould think myself wanting in Gratitude to you, and Humanity to my Fellow- Creatures, if I longer omitted acquainting the Public of the most surprising Cure I have obtained by the Use of your Lignorum Antiscorbutic Drops. It it a great many Years since I was first taken ill of the Scurvy, and with a very sharp Humour all over my Body; and at last it fell into my Legs, and broke out in Scabs, with a great Swelling, out of which issued a sharp watery Matter: I could find it run a Pint in a Day. In this Situation I was for two Yean, so that I was not able to work or stand. I have had the Advice of many eminent Physicians and Surgeons without receiving the least Benefit. I was in the most afflicting Situation, without Hope of Re- covery ; when happily reading the News- paper, I read the surprising Cure of Mr. Cock's Wife at Horsham. I sent to Mr. Shoubridge, the Agent for the Sale of your Drops in Horsham, for a Dottle: In taking of which I found great Benefit, particularly in my Constitution and Appetite; and by continuing them for a few Months, lam now perfectly cured, and free from every Disorder whatsoever. Witness my Hand, EDWARD WOOD. Sheply, in the County of Sussex, mar Horsham, 15th June, 1771. These Drops will perfectly cure the most inveterate Scurvy, Leprosy, pimpled Face, of ever so long standing ; likewise the Evil, Fistulas, Piles, old obstinate Sores or Ulcers, and is a sovereign Remedy in all Disorders arising from the Foulness of Blood incident to the Fair Sex ; and may be taken by Per- sons of the most delicate Constitutions in any Season or Cli- mate, without the least Inconvenience or Hindrance of Bu- siness ; and hath this particular Quality different from most other Medicines, that they strengthen the Patient surprizingly. Any Person doubtful may be referred to many Persons of Credit, who have been cured by these Drops of the abovemen- tioned Disorders, and be fully convinced that this it no Impo- sition, by applying to Dr. Flugger, at No. 15, Prescot- street, Goadman's fields, London the only Author and Proprietor of these Drops, inhere they are sold at 5s. the Bottle, with Directions. Also by Mr. Aris, in Birmingham; Mrs. Thurston, in Wolverhampton Mr. Whately, in Lichfield ; Mr. Davis, in Leominster ; Mr. Pugh, in Hereford; 11 Borrow, in Wor- cester ; Mr. Taylor, in Stafford; Messrs. Jopsons, in Coventry; Mr. Lingard, in Atherstone, and Nuneaton; and Mrs. Stock, in Gloucester ; Mr. Martin, at Ashby de la Zouch ; Mr Hig- man, at St. Austell; Mr. Bloxbam, in Banbury ; Mr. Cband- ler, in Froome; Mr. Shoubridge, in Horsham ; Mr. Hull, at St. Alban's; Mr. C! ay and Mr. Sharp, Warwick; and Mr. R. Eades, in High Wycombe. Those not in Bottles, marked with the Name of the Drops, also sealed with the Author's Name, are Counterfeits. By the Authority of his Majesty's Royal Letters Patent. DR. Norris's Antimonial Drops, most wonderfully efficacious in the Cure of all Kinds of Fevers, Nervous and Rheumatic Complaints, & c. & c. Price Five Shillings and Threepence a Bottle. Sold, by the Doctor's Appointment, in Bottles at 5s. 3d, each, by Mr. Grimes, in Bromyard-, Mrs. Walson, in Bromsgrove ; Mr. Clare, in Bewdley ; Mr. Haslewood, in Bridgnorth; Mr. Andrews, in Evesham; Mr. Taylor, in Kidderminster ; Mrs. Hankins, in Ledbury, Mr. Harward, in Tewkesbury; and H. Berrow, in Worcester. Letter from the Reverend Mr. LANTHOINE, to Dr. NORRIS, of Duke- Street, Westminster. SIR, MAN, in all Probability, is not liable to more Diseases than there are Means of Cure ; as with a weakly Constitutions subjects to Disorders of the Head, Stomach, and Lungs, toge- ther with Cholics, Palpitations of the Heart, the Rheumatism, & c. an old Age may be attained: This is a Truth of which I myself am a Testimony. It is true, indeed, that Medicine, and proper Dies have always been of Service to me-, and as often as I have I been told, Qui medice vivit, misere vivit? my Answer has been, Vivit tamen. I have had Death often before my Eyes ; and believe it has been owing to my own Care and Precaution that I am now to be numbered amongst the Living. It is most natural, and highly consistent with Reason and good Sense, that when we are afflicted with a bad State of Health, we should have Recourse to Medicine and every neces- sary Means of Cure. In a Word, on the 12th of October, 1770 ( for this is the Circumstance at present chiefly to be con- sidered) a Cold in my Head, being a Disease to which I am frequently subject, threatened me with a total Suffocation; insomuch, that my own Knowledge and Experience in usual Remedies failing me, I concluded that my latter End was at Hand; notwithstanding which I was so happy as to meet with a perfect Cure from the sole Use of your Antimonial Drops. In a few Hours after taking them, my Head was fret and easy ; and I felt myself, in all Respects, wonderfully restored-, so that, notwithstanding my experiencing many excellent Medicines, by which I have hitherto prolonged my Life, I do affirm, that these Drops are, in my Opinion, the most salutary and effica- cious Medicine in the World. I am, Sir, Tour humble Servant, No. 14, Watling- Street. P. LANTHOINE. See a Pamphlet delivered gratis by th Venders of this Medicine, intitled, A port Essay on the singular Vir- tues of an highly exalted Preparation of Antimony, or Dr. Norris's Antimonial Drops; to which is added, a atalogue of Cures, incontestibly proving the sovereign Efficacy this great Medicine in the many Disorders for which it is recommended.
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