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Berrow's Worcester Journal


Printer / Publisher: H. Berrow 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 3173
No Pages: 4
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Berrow's Worcester Journal
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Berrow's Worcester Journal

Date of Article: 24/05/1770
Printer / Publisher: H. Berrow 
Address: Near the Cross, Worcester
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 3173
No Pages: 4
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Berrow's Worcester Journal. THURSDAY, May' 24, 1770. No. 3173. This Journal is published early in the Morning, and circulated in a very expeditions Manner; and will always contain, besides the most material News published in the London Papers on Tuesday Night, many interesting Articles of Intelligence, not to be found in other Country Papers till the Saturday or Monday following. SATURDAY'S POST. Arrived the Holland, Flanders, and French Mails. Trieste, April 30. We are assured that the Places of most considerable Strength in the Morea, still continue to make an obstinate Defence; and that the City of Patras is the only Place of Consequence of which the Russians have made themselves Masters, and even there the Castle is still in the Hands of the Turks. Toulon, April 30. His Majesty's Frigate the Tamponne, is arrived from Rochford, having on board 150 Pieces of Canon, from 6 to 12 Pounders, six Mortars, and 1, 500, 000 Piasters, which she took on board at Cadiz, for Marseilles and Genoa. LONDON, Thursday, May 17. Monday Night Lord C m and his Party effected a political Manoeuvre which had like to have been attended with great Success to their Cause ; for when Lord N h least expected it, a Motion was made respecting the Middle- sex Election; which so highly alarmed the Premier, that the ablest Speakers of the Court Side were forced to exert their utmost Abilities to evade the putting of the Question for near two Hours; while in the mean Time Messages were dispatched to every Quarter to summon the absent Members, whose Arrival at last car- ried it by a Majority. Yesterday the Sheriffs went up again to St. James's, to know his Majesty's Pleasure when he would chuse to permit the Lord Mayor, Al- dermen, and Common- Council to wait on him with the second Address, Petition, and Remon- strance of the Corporation of London; and his Majesty was pleased to appoint next Wednesday at Two o'Clock, We hear that the Sheriffs left a Copy of the Remonstrance with his Majesty We are informed that all the great Officers of State will come to Town on Wednesday Morn- ing, to attend his Majesty at St. James's at the I " Time of receiving the City Remonstrance. Some expect a patriotic Gentleman will address a great Personage in a few very respect- ful and loyal Words, after the above Business is over. It is said that Mr. Alderman Wilkes has re- ceived an Invitation from the Lord Mayor, to accompany him to St. James's on Wednesday next, in the State Coach. Yet it is asserted, that on Wednesday next Admittance at Court will be denied a certain Person in the Lord Mayor's Train; and that a Great Personage's Orders will be given as the Reason for it. We hear a Meeting of the principal Inhabi- tants of Westminster will soon be held in their Guildhall, to consider of a second Rem — ce to the Throne, and that the County of Middle sex will follow the Example. It is asserted that the real Obstacle of a Coali- tion among the Great, is their Difference of Sentiments on the Colony Affairs: Administra- tion are persuaded nothing but coercive Mea- sures ought to be pursued. On the other Hand, the Opposition are for lenient Proceedings, and a Reversal of all the violent Steps lately taken. It is reported that a Great Personage is for reconciling the two Parties at all Events, but he is over- ruled by a secret Adviser. It is said that an Address of Thanks to a Great Personage will soon be moved for, from a certain Quarter, for his glorious Partiality to the Scotch Nation. Hans Stanley, Esq; is appointed Governor of the lsle of Wight. Sir George Osborne, Bart, is appointed a Groom of the Bedchamber to his Majesty, in the Room of George Pitt, Esq; Sir Francis Bernard, Bart, has obtained Leave not to return any more to his Government of Massachusett's Bay. He is to have a Pension for Life of 8001. per Annum. The present Question before the Upper House is concerning the now Earl of Anglesey's Right to the Title and Estate of Anglesey. It is laid that the late Earl had three Wives at one Time; by the first he had no Children; by the second he had several Daughters; by the third he had one Son and several Daughters. This Son is laid to be the Plaintiff in the present Cafe. Yesterday a great Number of Witnesses were examined in the Anglesey Cause, which it is thought cannot be finally determined this Session of Parliament, on Account of its Length, Im- portance, and the vast Number of Witnesses to be examined. On Tuesday last a Cause was tried before Lord Chief Justice Wilmot, at Guildhall, London, wherein John Norton, Surgeon, of Golden- square, was Plaintiff, and James Kirk, of St. Paul's Church- yard, Toyman, Defen- dant, for having fold a spurious Medicine, which he calls Mardon's Drops, for Norton's Maredant's Drops. A Verdict was found for the Plaintiff, with Damages and Costs of Suit. We hear that Mr. Wilkes's polite Behaviour has gained him the Esteem of the whole Court of Aldermen, though some of them differ widely from him in Politicks. The Terms now offered to a certain unhappy Lady are as follow: Her Ladyship is to have Thousand per Annum for Life, if she will retire to France or Italy; to have her Jewels and other valuable Effects; and once a Year to be permitted to make a Visit of one Month to her Mother, in whose Presence she is to fee her Children. Doctor Alcock, of Lichfield, who is publish- ing a large Collection of Anthems, has lately been presented, by the Society of Noblemen and Gentlemen of the Catch Club in London, with a Gold Prize Medal, for composing the best Serious Glee. Yesterday Morning, between Three and Four o'Clock, a Fire broke out at the House of Mr Poole, in Palsgrave- Head Court, without Tem- ple Bar, which consumed the fame with all the Furniture. The Family were obliged to jump out of the Windows to save their Lives; three of whom were much hurt. The Houses of Mr. Williams, Surgeon; Mr. Wishaw, Taylor; great Part of Mr. Twining's Warehouse; and a Watchmaker's House, were likewise consumed. Not one House in the Court escaped the Fury of the Flames, but most of them were greatly damaged. Early Yesterday Morning a Silk Mercer's Shop in Piccadilly was broke open by two Men, when a Lad, about 16 Years of Age, who lay under the Counter, saw them enter with a lighted Candle, but he did not move, nor make any Noise till they had packed up several Pieces of Silk, and were carrying them off; he then started up, fired a Piece at them, loaded with Swan- shot, when they dropped the Goods, and made off: By the Blood found in the Shop, and on the Goods, one or both of them must have been wounded. It is said that, in consequence of a Petition, signed by several Persons of Reputation, in Fa- vour of the Widow of Mungo Campbell, and recommending her as a Woman of blameless Life, and a most deserving Object of Compas- sion, that the present Earl of Eglington has, with a Dignity becoming a noble Mind, grant- ed the unhappy Woman a comfortable Pension for Life. Yesterday the thirteen Malefactors, ordered for Execution, were carried from Newgate in five Carts, and executed at Tyburn. Most of them died like hardened Wretches: One of them, a very young Lad, as he approached the Gal- lows, toiled his Hat and Prayer- Book among the Mob; and another Prayer- Book being given him under the Gallows, just as he was going to be turned off, he flung that also among Croud, and was executed. Of the above thirteen Malefactors the eldest was not 23 Years of Age; and we are informed that one of them declared under the Gallows, that he had been guilty of five Murders, one of which was perpetrated on an old Chelsea Pen- sioner about two Years ago. A Combination had been entered into by some of the unhappy Men, executed Yesterday, to murder two of the Persons, called Lockers- up, at Newgate; for which Purpose Pistols were provided, but John Wood; who suffered for Burglary, being let into the Secret, divulged it, and frustrated the Scheme. Promoted ] The Rev. Thomas Trevor, Vi- car of Oswestry, Shropshire, to the Vicarage of Ruabon, in Denbighshire, vacant by the Death of the Rev. Ley/ is Jones. The Rev. Edward Owen, of the Diocese of Bangor, to the Rectory of Monthy, in the Diocese of Landaff, and County of Merioneth, vacant by the Death of the Rev. Lewis Jones. Married. ] James Lucas, Esq; of Chesterfield- Greet, May- fair, to Miss Hannah Tyson, of North Audley- street. Died. ] At Brentford, James Tomlins, Esq; formerly an Exchange Broker. — In New Bond- street, Mr. Holtham, Attorney. — At Richmond, Trevor Barrett, Esq; — Marshal Braithwaite, of Jermyn- street, Piccadilly. — At Holloway, Mat- thew Howard, Esq; of Hatton- garden. — Mr. Jones, Wine Merchant, of St. Martin's le Grand. - At Otterden, the Rev. G. Wheeler, youngest Son of the late Sir Geo. Wheeler. COUNTRY NEWS. Leeds, May 15. On Monday the 5 th Inst. the Lightning and Thunder were extremely terrible and awful in Barnsley and its Neigh- bourhood, and the more so, as there was not much Rain. At a Village called Pilley, about four Miles South of Barnsley, a Three- years- old Colt, a Two- years- old Filly, and a young Cow, belonging to one Benjamin Hammond of that Place, were all struck dead by the Light- ning, when standing all together, not far from the House, though when the Hides were taken off the Cattle, there did not appear to be the least Marks of Violence upon any one of them. A Hole was observed to be made in the Ground thereby; but providentially no further Mil- chief was done, though the Clap of Thunder ( hook the House in a very alarming Manner. — A Tree, at or near Hightone, about a Mile from Barnsley, and another in Lord Stafford's Estate at Stainsborough, were shivered in a fur- prizing Manner. And on Saturday last in the Afternoon, the Lightning and Thunder were again very awful and tremendous there, ac- companied with a most violent Rain, which raised a Rivulet to a great Height, but did no further Damage. On Saturday last, betwixt Three and Four o'Clock in the Afternoon, we had in this Neighbourhood a most violent Storm of Rain and Hail, attended with an almost continual Blaze of Lightning, and very heavy Claps of Thunder. The Lightning was so prodigiously violent and alarming, as to break many Win- dows; and it shook, or apparently shook, seve- ral Houses; it also killed two or three Sheep, at Killinghall, and a Mare belonging to Fran- cis Trapps, Esq; and beat down a House at Addle, in which were an old Woman and three of her Daughters, some of whom were much bruised. ANN BRIDGES, MILLENER, BEGS Leave to return her most sincere Thanks to her Friends, for the many Favours she has already received, and acquaints them and the Public in general, that she is now removed from the College Grates to the Cross, where it will be her constant Study to merit the Continuance of their Favours: And having just laid in a compleat Assortment of the most fashion- able GOODS, from London, she assures those Ladies who are pleased to favour her with their Commands, that they may depend upon being supplied in the genteelest Manner, and on the most reasonable Terms, by Their much obliged, And most obedient humble Servant, ANN BRIDGES. N. B. Adjoining to the House is a very good Wine Vault to be lett. MALVERN WELLS. THE Great Lodging House for Boarders, is now opened, on the usual Terms, for the Reception of Company. Gentle- men and Ladies who intend spending any Part of the Season here, either for the Enjoyment of so delightful a Situation, ( as this is allowed to be by all who have seen it) or for the Benefit of the Water) may have Apartments secured for them by directing their Orders to Their most obedient and most humble Servant, R. CAREY, At Malvern Wells, near Worcester. P. S. After this Season the House and Furniture will be disposed of. The House, at a moderate Expense, may be converted into a Gentleman's Seat, or would answer to any Purchaser who would extend the Plan by making it a House of general Entertainment as well as a Lodging House; as such it has hitherto met with great Encouragement. A On Wednesday and Thursday next, the 30th and 31st of this Instant May, Will be SOLD by AUCTION, ( By JOSEPH PRATT, of Evesham) THE entireHouseholdFurniture of Mr. VINCENT, Cabinet- Maker and Joiner, late of Alcester, in the County of Warwick, de- ceased; —- with Variety of Articles in the Cabinet- making Branch, and a great Number of Ironmon- gery Goods. The Sale to be at the House of the late Mr. Vincent, and begin each Day at Nine in the Morn- ing, and at Two in the Afternoon. Catalogues to be had at the said House; and at the Angel, in Alcester; also of Mr. Pratt, Cabi- net- Maker, in Evesham, who fells, by Auction, Household Goods, Furniture, and real Estates. To be SOLD by AUCTION, At the Dwelling- House of Mr. Dovey, called the Lion Inn, in Kidderminster, on Thursday next, the 31st of May Instant, between the Hours of Two and Three of the Clock in the Afternoon of the fame Day, subject to the Conditions of Sale as will then be produced, LL that well- accustomed Mes- suage or Tenement, situate at the Hoo- Brook, near to Kidderminster, and adjoining to the Turnpike Road leading from the City of Wor- cester to Kidderminster aforesaid, and known by the Sign of the Cock, together with the Garden Ground belonging to the fame, containing about Half an Acre. And one other Messuage or Te- nement adjoining to the fame, now in the Occu- pation of John Taylor, at the yearly Rent of 7I. For Particulars apply to Mr. Jones, Attorney, in Droitwich. A To be SOLD, in Fee Simple, AVery compact and improveable new inclosed FARM, the House and necessary Out buildings all newly built with Brick, with about E5 Statute Acres of Arable Land, all adjoining together, in the Parish of Snitterfield, in the county of Werwick close to the Turnpike Road leading between the Towns of Stratford- upon Avon and Warwick, at the Distance only of three measured Miles from the former, five from the latter, and fix from Henley- in- Arden, and now in the Occupation of William Brandis, as Tenant, under the yearly Rent of 591. The Tenant will show the premisses: N B. The Estate now is under Mortgage, and the Mortgage Money may lie, if agreeable to the Purchaser. Also to be SOLD, A Moiety of a pretty little Freehold estate at Little Inkborough, in the County of Worcester, now and for 40 Years past lent at the yearly Rent of iol. 5s. though worth 161. a Year, Also, A Freehold House, Garden, and Pleck of Iand adjoining, in the Parish of Tanworth, in the said County of Warwick, of the yearly Value of 2I. 10s. For further Particulars apply to Mr. Walter Jones, Attorney at Law, Alcester aforesaid. TO BE SOLD, At BENNEL WOOD, near CHELTENHAM, in the County of Gloucester, ALarge Quantity of remarkable over- grown large BARK POLES, now cutting, fit for the Coal Works. Enquire of William Barrett, of Cheltenham. N. B. Bennel Wood is six Miles from Gloucester, and one from the Turnpike Road. Great Encouragement will be given to good Hands for rending Lath, and hewing Spoaks. To be SOLD to the Best Buyer; Before the major Part of the commissioners nominated and appointed in and by a Commission of Bankrupt awarded and issued against Richard Savadge, late of Penn, in the County of Stafford, Maltster and Dealer, between the Hours of Twelve and Four, on Wednesday next, the 30 th of May Inst. at the Dwelling- House of James Walker, Innholder, in Wolverhampton, in the said County of Stafford, sub- ject to such Conditions as shall be then and there produced, Very desirable Freehold Estate ( late Part of the Estate of the said bank- rupt) known by the Name of the LLOYD, in the Parish of Penn aforesaid, late in the Possession of the said Bankrupt; consisting of a genteel new Brick House, fit for a Gentleman's Family, well vaulted, and containing on the first Floor, a Hall laid with the best Oak Boards, a handsome Stair- Cafe, a best Parlour hung with Paper, with a Marble Chimney- Piece, Beausets elegantly finished, a back Parlour, a spacious best Kitchen, a back Kitchen, two Pantries, and a back Stair- Cafe; on the second Floor, five good Lodging- Rooms, and over them fix good Garrets; with a Brew- House, Malt- House, and Pump adjoining; a Dove- House, Barns, Stables, and other Out- Houses; a walled Garden well planted with Fruit- Trees, a Kitchen Garden, about ninety Acres of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Ground, well conditioned, and Part now in Tillage. — Marl within the Pre- misses, and near the Lime- Kilns. The Estate is pleasantly situated in a fine sport- ing Country, three Miles from Wolverhampton, seven from Stourbridge, and four from Dudley, all large Market and Manufacturing Towns. N. B. The Cattle and Fodder upon the premisses will be fold at the fame Time to the Purchaser of the Estate, if required. At the fame Place, immediately after the above Sale is over, the under Premisses, being late the other Part of the said Bankrupt's Estate, will be also SOLD in the following Lots, and in Manner and subject to such Conditions as aforesaid, 1ST LOT, — A Close of Land ( more than three Acres) called ARRAS LEASOW, situate between the Work- House and the Wiergs, in the Parish of Tettenball, in the laid County of Stafford, and now in the Holding of the Josiah Newey. 2d LOT, — Two Closes of Land ( near rive Acres) in the Holding of the laid Josiah Newey, and situate near Tettenhall upper Green. 3d LOT, -- A Messuage, Out- Buildings, Fold- Yard, and Garden, with two Closes adjoining ( about eight Acres) now also in the Holding of the said Josiah Newey, and situate at Tettenhall upper Green aforesaid. 4th LOT, — A Close of Land, called OLDFIELD, ( about four Acres) near to Cronkall, in the said Parish of Tettenhall, in the Holding of Mr. Jo- siah Blakeman. 4th LOT, — One other Close of Land ( about eight Acres) called the INNIGES, in Tettenhall aforesaid, and now also in the Holding of the said Mr. Blakeman. 6th LOT, — Three little Meadows, and one Close of Land called CHURCH FIELD ( in the Whole about eight Acres) near the Wiergs aforesaid, in the Holding of Mr. John Fleming. 7th LOT, -- One other Close of Land, near the Wiergs aforesaid, called the ROUNDABOUT ( about four Acres) and now also in the Holding of the said Mr. Fleming. 8th LOT, -- A Close of Land, near Cronkall aforesaid, in the said Parish of Tettenhall ( about four Acres) and now in the Holding of Mr. William Matthews. 9th LOT, — Three Closes of Land, at Newbridge, in the Parish of Wolverhampton aforesaid, but near to Tettenhall aforesaid, called NEWBRIDGE LANDS, being Copyhold of Inheritance, contain- ing in the Whole about twelve Acres, and now in the Holding of Mr. William Savadge. In the mean Time further Particulars may he had by enquiring of Messrs. Joseph Lane and John Manfell, Assignees of the Bankrupt's Estate and Effects; or of Mr. Stevens, Attorney, all of Wol- verhampton aforesaid. By ORDER of the TRUSTEES of KIDDERMINSTER TURNPIKE. Notice is hereby given, THAT at the next Meeting of the said Trustees , which will be held upon Wednesday the 30th Day of this Instant, at the Dwelling- House of Mr. Hyatt Walker, known by the Sign of the Angel, in Kidderminster, by Eleven of the Clock in the Forenoon, the TOLLS arising from all the several Gates, erected upon the said Turnpike Roads, will be lett to the belt Bidder or Bidders for the fame. From the LONDON GAZETTE. WESTMINSTER, May 19. THIS Day his Majesty came to the House of Peers, and gave the Royal Assent to An Act for establishing a Lottery, and for other Purposes. An Act for granting to his Majesty a Sum out of the Sinking Fund, and applying certain Monies therein mentioned for the Service of the present Year. An Act for repealing the Duty upon Bast, or Straw, Chip, Cane, and Horse Hair Hats and Bonnets, and upon certain Materials for making the same, imported into this Kingdom. An Act for continuing the Bounties on British and Irish Linnens exported ; for further discon- tinuing the Duties on the Importation of Fo- reign Raw Linnen Yarns made of Flax, and for granting a Bounty on the Exportation of Britsh Chequed and Striped Linnens, and upon British and Irish Diapers, Huckabacks, Sheeting, and other Linnen of above a certain. Breadth. An Act for granting to his Majesty additional Duties on certain Foreign Linnens imported into this Kingdom; and for establishing a Fund for the encouraging of the raising and dressing of Hemp and Flax. An Act for encouraging the making of Indico in the British Plantations in America. An Act to enable the Governor, Council, and Assembly of His Majesty's Colony of New York, to pass an Act of Assembly for creating and issuing upon Loan, Paper Bills of Credit to a certain Amount; and to make the same a legal Tender in Payments into the Loan Of- fices and Treasury of the said Colony. An Act for the further preventing Delays of Justice by reason of Privilege of Parliament. An Act to prevent the further spreading of the contagious Disorder among the Horned Cattle in Great Britain. An Act for registering the Prices at which Corn is sold in the several Counties of Great Britain, and the Quantity exported and imported. An Act for more effectually preventing Traders in Exciseable Commodities from using false Weights and Scales. An Act for making the receiving of stolen Jewels, and Gold and Silver Plate, in Cases of Burglary and Highway Robbery, more penal An Act for amending several Acts for pre- venting Abuses in making Bricks and Tiles. And to some other public and private Bills. After which His Majesty was pleased to make the following most gracious Speech : " My Lords, and Gentlemen, " The Season of the Year, and the Dispatch you have given to the Public Business, make it proper for me to put an End to this Session of Parliament. " The Temper with which you have con- ducted all your Proceedings, has given Me great Satisfaction ; and I promise Myself the happiest Effects from the Firmness, as well as the Moderation, which you have manifested in the very critical Circumstances, which have attended your late Deliberations. " With respect to Foreign Affairs, I have nothing material to communicate to you. I will continue My Endeavours to appease, if possible, the Troubles which still prevail in some Parts of Europe; or, at least, to prevent them from spreading farther. In all Events, it shall be My first and constant Care to watch over the lnterests, and to preserve, undimi- nished, the Rights of My People. " Gentlemen of the House of Commons, " I return you My Thanks for the Supplies you have so chearfully granted for the Service of the current Year, as well as for your At- tention to make use of every Opportunity of reducing the National Debt. The Provision you have been able to make in this Session for discharging so considerable a Sum, without lay- ing any further Burthen on My Subjects, cannot but be highly advantageous to Public Credit, " My Lords, and Gentlemen, " I mast earnestly recommend to you to exert, in your respective Counties, the same Zeal and Prudence that you have shewn in Parliament, for promoting the Peace, and the Welfare of the Kingdom. Nothing can be so favourable to the Wishes of those, who look with Jea lousy or. the Strength and Prosperity of this Country, as the Prevalence of Animosities and Dissentions amongst Ourselves. Let it there fore be your Care, to discountenance every Attempt to infuse groundless Suspicions and Discontent into the Minds of your Fellow subjects. Make them sensible of My constat Attention to promote Their Happiness; and convince Them, that nothing can so effectually secure their Liberties, as the Maintenance of every Part of Our excellent Constitution in its due Force and Authority " The Parliament was afterwards prorogued to Thursday the 19th of July next. [ Tus far Gazette. LONDON, Saturday, May 19. On Tuesday last his Grace the Duke of Bol- ton was turned out of his Office of Governor of the Isle of Wight, for voting and protesting against the Measures of the present profligate Junto His Grace is the only placed Peer since the Removals of Lord Camden from being Chancellor Great Britain, and of the Duke of Manchester and the Earl of Coventry, from being Lords of the Bedchamber, who has no- bly dared, in Defiance of ministerial Threats, Dignity of a British Peer. On Wednesday last, when the Sheriffs' of London attended at St. James's, they demanded of the Lord in Waiting, if the Refusal to the City Remembrancer ( on presenting the late Remonstrance) was by Accident or Design ? They were answered by Design. On which the patriotic Sheriffs replied, If he was not to accompany them at presenting the intended Remonstrance next Wednesday, they could not authenticate his M y's Answer, as he was in that Office, before his M y's Accession to the Throne, always admitted, and was the only Person from which the Lord Mayor was to re- port the Answer to the Aldermen and Court of Common Council. — This spirited Behavour of the Sheriffs has gained them immortal Honour and the universal Approbation of the indepen- dent Citizens of London. On Wednesday last the Lord in Waiting at St. James's would not have permitted the City Remembrancer to have entered the Closet, had not his Majesty sent Mr. Vernon, Groom of the Chamber, with Orders to admit him. Yesterday the principal Merchants concerned in the Colony Trade sent down counter Orders to the manufacturing Counties, to postpone the Completion of very large Commissions for Ame- rican Exportation, on Account of the Parliament proroguing without full Redress having been obtained for the Grievances of that Continent. The Ministry have augmented General Pao- li's Pension from 800I. to 1000I. a Year. Yesterday General Paoli had a long Confe- rence with the Russian Ambassador, at the lat- ter's House in Soho- square ; and it is said that the General will shortly embark for Peters- burgh, to take on him an important Command in her Czarish Majesty's Armies. A private Letter from Dublin intimates, that there is an Intention in that Capital to follow the Example of the capital of the whole British Empire, by beginning with a Petition to his Majesty for Redress of Grievances under which that Nation now groans, on Account of the sudden unreasonable, and arbritrary Prorogation of its Parliament; which Petition, if not favou- rably answered, will be followed by an Address, Remonstrance, and Petition, & c. Yesterday the long contested Cause of Jactita tion brought by Thomas Harvey, Esq; against the Hon. Mrs. Ann Loghlan, his Wife, after 18 Years Cohabitation together, came on to be heard before the Worshipsul Dr. J. Bettesworth, Chancellor of the Diocese of London, at Doc tors Commons; when after a Hearing of eight Hours, the Judge was pleased to pronounce against the Marriage, and declared Mr. Harvey free from all matrimonial Contracts. A Gentleman, in a Highland Dress, with Bagpipes, came up to Mr. Wilkes, at Mrs. Cor- nely's Masquerade, and played two or three Tunes to him. Mr. Wilkes told him, " If he played to all Eternity, he would never dance to the Bagpipes." The Highlander asked, " To what Tune would he dance ?" Mr. Wilkes answered, " To any but the Bagpipe and the German Flute." Yesterday a Fish Woman was brought before Mr. Alderman Wilkes for abusing one of her Neighbours; on which she was ordered to be committed to Bridewell: As she was going out she turned round and told him, that she wished she had known how he would have served her at the Time she put out 45 Candles, and burnt all her Baskets to make a Bonfire on the Day he was released. WANTED, An articled Clerk to an Attorney in Bromsgrove. Any pro- mising Youth out of a good Family will be taken with the less Premium.— Apply to the Printer of this Paper, or to Mr. Pumfrey, Chandler, in Bromsgrove. To be SOLD to the BEST BIDDER, At Mr. Thomas Peyton's, at the Talbot Inn, in Bewd- ley, on Friday the 8th Day of June next, between the Hours of Three and Five in the Afternoon, AMessuage or Tenement, situate in Bewdley aforesaid, and known by the Name of the Welch Gate- House, and late in the Possession of Thomas Wanklin. For further Particulars enquire of Mr. Thomas Peyton, in Bewdley aforesaid. To be LETT, and- entered upon- immediately, ( the present Tenant going to decline Business) THE UNICORN INN, situated in Broad- Street, Worcester, ( being a good- accustomed House, and the Business well known to have been greatly increasing for these last three Years) with the whole Furniture, Stock of Liquors, & c. which are fully sufficient and suitable for the Accommodation of all Classes of Customers. Besides a great deal of good Stall Stabling, and all other Conveniences, there are two very neat Post- Chaises, and good Horses, already provided. For further Particulars enquire of Mr. Davis, next Door to the Premisses. In order to engage the future Kindness of those Persons who already use the said Inn, as well as to induce others to become Customers, Mr. Davis, the Landlord, will be particularly careful to introduce, in the room of Mr. Williams, ano- ther Person, whose Accommodations, Civility, & c. it is presumed, will likewise merit due Encourage- ment from the Public. N. B. Such Persons as have any Demands on the said Mr. Williams, are desired forthwith to deliver in their Accounts to Mr. William Davis, or to Mr. Charles Steward, in Broad- Street, Worcester, ( Trus- tees of the said Mr. Williams's Effects) ; and all Persons who stand indebted to the said Mr. Williams, are required to pay in their respective Debts immedi- ately to his Trustees aforementioned. Notice is hereby given, TH AT there will be a Meeting held of the Commissioners for putting in Execution an Act of Parliament lately made, for better supplying this City with Water, and for other Purposes, on Tuesday the 12th of June next, at the Guildhall, at Ten O'Clock in the Morning, in order to borrow the Sum of Cue Thousand Pounds upon the Credit of the said Act. Worcester, 14th May, 1770. THE New BRISTOL FIRE OFFICE. having appointed me their Agent here, all Persons who shall insure their Property with the said Society may depend on the most gene- rous Treatment; and those who remove from any other Office, shall have their Policies gratis. BENJ. PEARKES, jun. N. B. This Office engages to pay their Losses without the usual Deduction of Three Pounds per Cent. Wanted Immediately, As an Apprentice to a Surgeon and Apothecary, of extensive Practice, in a large Market Town, in Worcestershire, AYOUTH of good Morals, and properly educated for the Profession.— For Particulars apply to Mr. Hill, Mercer, in Broad- Street, Worcester. ALL Persons having any Demands on the Estate and Effects of RALPH LEWYS, late of the City of Worcester, Glover, deceased, are desired forthwith to send in their Accounts thereof to Mr. Bird, Attorney, of the same City, in order to their being discharged : And all those who are any Ways indebted to the Estate and Effects of the said Deceased, are desired to pay the same to the said Mr. Bird, without further Notice. ALL Persons who have any Demands upon the Estate and Effects of Mrs. MARTHA HAYCOCK, late of Kidderminster, in the County of Worcester, Widow, deceased, are hereby re- quire immediately to send a particular Account of such Demands to Mr. Joseph Willmott, of Bewd- ley, in the aforesaid County, Comb- maker, or to Mr. William Hickman, of Kidderminster afore- said, Maltster, Executors of the said Mrs. MARTHA HAYCOCK: And all Persons who stand indebted to the Estate of the said Mrs. MARTHA HAYCOCK, deceased, are hereby required immediately to pay the same to the said Executors, otherwise they will be sued for the same without further Notice. Kidderminster, May 19, 1770. AT RICHARD DOVEY'S Bowling- Green, at the Golden Lion, on Friday in the Whitsun Week, will be An ANNUAL PUBLIC BREAKFAST, At Nine o'Clock, as usual. An agreeable Band of Music will be procured on the Occasion. N. B. An ORDINARY, as usual, at Two o'Clock; and a BALL at Night. —- Tickets to be had at the Golden Lion aforesaid, at 2s. 6d. each. Worcester, April 30th, 1770. To be SOLD at Prime Cost, or under, THE entire STOCK in TRADE of the late Mrs. SEVERN ; consisting of all Sorts of Millinery, Mercery, Linnen Drapery, and Haberdasbery Goods. The Sale to continue untill all are sold. TO BE SOLD, FOUR Freehold Brick Dwelling- Houses, two of them situated in the Front of the Newport- Street, Worcester, and the other two at the Back of the said Street; all of them well- tenanted, and in compleat Repair. —- One of the Front Houses is in the Occupation of Mr. Glover, Peruke- Maker, and the other of Mrs. Pilkington. For further Particulars enquire of Mr. Pem- berton, Cheesemonger, in High- Street. TO BE SOLD, And entered upon at Lammas or Candlemas next, AN Estate, called the Old Country, in the Parishes of Coddington, Hereford- shire, and Mathern, Worcestershire, in the Posses- sion of Thomas Smith; That Part in Coddington is Freehold, 011 which there is a large Quantity of fine growing Timber ; that in Mathern is Copy- hold for Lives, held under the Dean and Chapter of Westminster, in which there is only one Life in being. For Particulars enquire of Mr. Dandridge, in Worcester; Mr. Church or Mr. Woodhouse, in Hereford, to either of whom the Creditors of Timothy Shepherd, late of the Old Country, are desired to send an Account of their Demand on his Estate. And may be entered upon at Michaelmas next, ALarge Dwelling- House, in New- street; near the Corn- Market, Worcester, with good Stabling, and all Conveniencies, late in the Possession of Mr. Weston, Carrier. --- The Premisses are fit for a Carrier, or an Inn. Enquire of Mr. Thomas Griffiths, High- Street, near the Town- Hall, Worcester. To be SOLD by AUCTION, At the Sign of the Talbot, in Stourbridge, on Tuesday the 5th of June next, bet- ween the Hours of Two and Five in the Afternoon, ( if not before sold by private Contract, in ' which Cafe timely Notice -- will be given in this Paper) AFreehold Estate, at Shenstone, in the County of Worcester, consisting of a House, Barn, & c. and about fifty- three Acres of Land thereunto belonging, Part Tithe- free, which is well planted with exceeding good Fruit Trees, and betwixt, two and three hundred Timber Trees, great Part now fit to fall; situate about two Miles from Kidderminster, and four from Stourbridge, adjacent to the Turnpike Road leading from Kid- derminster to Bromsgrove, now lett to Mr. Alex- ander Robothem at the yearly Rent of 50l. who would willingly lease it at that Rent. The Tenant on the Premisses will shew this Estate, and for further Particulars apply to Mr. Barnett Guest, Druggist, in Birmingham. If agreeable to the Purchaser, the principal Part of the Purchase- Money may remain on the Estate. N. B. To be sold with this Estate, About twenty- one Acres of Wheat and Rye, now growing on the Premisses. Wanted, as an Apprentice to the DRUG TRADE, A Youth of a reputable Family. To be SOLD to the Best Bidder or Bidders, On Wednesday the 27 th Day of June next, at the House of Mr. Pruen, the Bell Inn, in the City of Glou- cester, the FREEHOLD ESTATES following, ' in five Lots, subject to such Conditions" as sball be then produced-, the Sale to begin- at Ten o'Clock, in the Morning; LOT- 1. THE Capital Mansion House and Park of PRINCKNASH, in the County of Gloucester, situate within four Miles of the City of Gloucester aforesaid, to which there is a good Road; the Park contains 16 A 2 R. 14 P. of Meadow, 173 A. 1 R. 26 P.. of Pasture, and 37 A. 2R. 16 P. of Arable Land, or thereabouts, is Tithe- free, and Extraparochial, and a consider- able Part thereof fenced by a strong Stone Wall. The Mansion is agreeably situated on an Eminence commanding many extensive Views of the City of Gloucester and the neighbouring Counties, and, as J well as the Offices thereof, in good Repair, fit for the Reception of a large Family, well supplied with Water, and may be entered upon at Mid.- summer— The Park- Lands are in Possession of William Hinton. ' A Messuage and Farm, called the Pincotts, situ- ate in the Parish of Upton St. Leonard's, in the said County of Gloucester, also in the Possession of the said William Hinton, adjoining on the North Side to, and for some Time past occupied with, Princknash Park aforesaid, containing 10 A. iR. | 39 P. of Meadow, 52. A. 2R. 37P. of Pasture, and 21 A. 1 R. 28P. of Arable Land, or thereabouts, to which there is a Right of Common without Stirrt in Upton Woods. POPEWOOD, in the Parishes of Matson and Up- ton St. Leonard's, in the laid County of Glou- cester, which adjoins to Princknash Park aforesaid, on the South Side thereof, is well wooded, and con - tains 76 A. 2 R.. 39 P. or thereabouts. This Lot will he sold subject to an Annuity of 52l. 10s. charged upon Princknash Park aforesaid, andpay- able for the Life of a Person who is sixty Years of Age. LOT 2. Two Messuagesand Farms, in the Parish of Upton St. Leonard's aforesaid, in the Possession of Thomas Rodway ; one of which is called Upton Farm, and consists of 36 A. o R. 38 P. of Meadow, 19 A. 3 R. 38 P. of Pasture, and 38 A. 1 R. 20P. of Arable Land, or thereabouts; and the Tithes of the same ( except of about seven Acres of the Arable Lands dispersed in some of the Common Fields in Upton aforesaid): And the other is called Bond End Farm, and contains. 3 A. 3 R. 21 P. of Meadow, 26 A. 2R 29 P. of Pasture, and 4A. 2 R.. 28 P. of Arable Land, or thereabouts LOT 3. Six Closes of Land, in the Parish of Up- ton St. Leonard's aforesaid, containing 28 Acres of Pasture, or thereabouts, in the Possession of Wil- liam Abel. LOT 4. SALDRIDGE WOOD, in the Parish of Cranham, in the said County of Gloucester, con- taining 83 A. 2R. 15P. or thereabouts, and well wooded. , LOT 5. A Messuage and Farm,, in the Parish " of Cranham aforesaid, in the Possession of John Crooke, containing 8 A. oR. 36 P. of Meadow, 12 A. oR. 29P. of Pasture, 2 A. iR. 10P. of Wood, and 26 A;. 1 R. 8 P. of Arable Land, or thereabouts. The several Tenants will shew the Premisses. A Survey of the Whole, and Particulars of the Taxes, and Chief Rents affecting the same, may be had of Mr. Thomas White, Attorney, in Kidder- , minster, Worcestershire; Mr. Turner, of Park- Hall, near Kidderminster; or of Mr. Robert Par- doe, in Lincoln's Inn, London. ACOCK MATCH WILL BE FOUGHT at the House of ' Mr. Pemberton, at Vauxhall, near Birmingham, between the Gentlemen of the City of Worcester and the Gentlemen of Birming ham. To shew thirty- one Cocks on each Side, in the Main, for five Guineas a Battle, and one hundred the Main ; and twenty Cocks on each Side for Byes for two Guinea a Battle. To weigh on Saturday the 2d. Day of June, and to fight the 4. th, 5th, and 6th, being Whitsun- Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. PROBIN and BIRD, Feeders. TO COVER this Season, at Great Malvern, at Half a Guinea each Mare, and a Shilling the Servant, the Money to. be paid at the Stable Door, or before the. Mares are taken away A Beautiful High- bred- HORSE, called MARCELLUS, Perfectly free from all natural Blemishes. He was got by Shock, Son of Old Jigg; his Dam by Old Cade his Grandam by Mr. Hutton's Black Legs- his great Grandam- by Bay Bolton; his great great Grandam by Concysuns; his great great great Grandam by the Grey Barb, Sire of the famous Bowes Mare; and his great great great great Gran- dam by the Byerly Turk, out- of a Bustler Mare. I SIMON ENGLISH, Baker, in ST. John's, Worcester, hired my Horse to Mr JOHN WALKER, Farmer and Horse Dealer, having at Forton, near Newport, in Shropshire; he hired him October 9th, 1769; he hired him to go to Gloucester, to meet his Brother with a Parcel of Horses ; he promised to return In. three Days. He has defrauded me of my Horse ever since; he is a bay Horse, about 14. Hands high, a small Star in his Forehead, a little white on the Right hinder Foot, a full Eye, his Mane and Tail darker than his Body. He is a middle- sized Man, he had his own Hair, dark- brown ; when he hired my Horse he had on a new Hat, with a Piece of black Silk round the Crown, a Neckcloth round his Neck, a red Waistcoat, and a darkish Shagg Market great Coat, blue - grey, rib Stockings, a new Pair of Boots; his own new Saddle, worth a Guinea or more. Any Person that can give any Intelligence of the said JOHN WALKER, so that he may be brought to Justice, shall have One Guinea Reward. SIMON ENGLISH. debred to the Estate of Thomas Wain- WRIGHT, late of the Parish of. Little Witley, in the County of Worcester, deceased, are hereby required to pay the same to his Widow and Ad- ministratrix, at Witley aforesaid, or they will be sued without further Notice: And all Persons ha- ving Demands on the Estate of the said Tho- MAS WAINWRIGHT, are desired to send Particu- lars thereof to his Widow, that the same may be forthwith discharged. Worcester, May 23, 1770. STOLEN, on Saturday Night- last, out of the House of Mr. Roderick Morgan, in the Bull Entry, High- Street, A DUFFIL COUNTERPANE. Whoever gives Intelligence of the same, so that it may be had again, or will discover the Person who stole it; so that he or the may he convicted thereof, shall receive One Guinea Reward- of me R. Morgan. WHEREAS between the 16th and 17th of this Instant the Gardens of Jona- than Stokes, in Sansome - Fields, and of Mr. Benjamin Karver, in the Tything, were robbed; out of the former were taken a- Bed- Quilt, and seven Pair of Stockings ; out of the latter a Pair of new Hempen unwhitened Sheets.— Whoever will discover the Offender or Offenders, so that he or they may be brought to Justice shall receive a Gui- nea Reward of either of the above Persons. To be LETT, and entered upon immediately, AGood Farm- House, situate at Kin- nersley Green," in the Parish of Severn Stoke, in the County of Worcester, with a Garden, and with or without an Orchard, and some Acres of Pasture Land, adjoining ;— The House consists of six Rooms on a Floor, with good Cellaring, and all other Conveniencies. For further Particular? enquire of Mr. Horni- blow. of Severn Stoke aforesaid. To be LETT, and Entered upon Immediately, A Capital Mansion House, with a Pigeon- House, Grainary, Stable, and Coach- House, and about six Acres of Orchard and Pas- ture Land adjoining thereto, situate on an agree- able Eminence, near to a Market Town, and about seven Miles from the City of Worcester. The House is very well vaulted, consists of two Parlours, a Hall, Servants Hall, Kitchen, and other Conveniences on the First Floor, with good Rooms and Garrets over the fame, and there is a good Back Kitchen and Brew- House, separate. from, but near to the House, with two Bed- Cham- bers over. For further Particulars enquire of Mr. Holbeche, Attorney, in Droitwich. TO BE SOLD, AMessuage, with convenient Out- buildings, and an Orchard thereto adjoin- ing, and also about six Acres of Arable Land, and one Acre of Meadow Ground, situate at Ec- kington, in the County of Worcester. Particulars may be had by applying to Mr. Young, Attorney, in Pershore. To be SOLD by AUCTION, At the Bell Inn, in Broad- Street, Worcester, on Saturday the 26th Instant, between the Hours of Two and Five in the Afternoon, THREE or Four very good Waggon Horses, One Waggon, Two Carts, with all the Geering, as also several Imple- ments of Husbandry. A To be SOLD by Auction, in Lots, On Tuesday the 19 th Day of June next, at the Dwelling- House of Mr. Thomas Hodges, being the Crown Inn, in Evesham, Worcestershire, THE following Parts of the Estate late of Joseph Biddle, Esq; deceased, situate in the Counties of Worcester, Warwick, Salop, and Derby. Lot 1st. — Three of fifteen equal Shares of the Tonnage of Goods navigated on the River Avon, upwards or downwards, between Evesham afore- said, and Stratford upon Avon in Warwickshire ; and the beneficial Interest of a Lease of seven other of the said Shares. 2d. — An uninclosed Freehold Farm, situate in the Parish of Bengworth, in the Borough of Evesham, near the same River, rented by Mr. Jenkes at 45I. per Ann. and which may be greatly improved by an Inclosure of Bengworth Fields. 3d. — A very good Stack of Corn- Mills in the said Borough, on the said River, occupied by Joseph Smith at 481. 6s. a Year ; and a free Fithery in the same River, from Evesham Bridge to Offenham Ford, being an Extent of two Miles, usually lett at 4I. a Year. 4th. — A Messuage in the Pig- Market, in the same Borough, formerly an Inn, called the Royal Oak, and now set in two separate Tenements at 91. a Year. 5th, 6th, 7th. -- Three small Messages, and three Gardens belonging to the same, in Pershore, in the said County of Worcester, called the Ship Houses, now or lately lett to James Twining, John Edwards, and John Checketts, whose Rents amount in the Whole to 7l. a Year. 8th, 9th, 10th, nth, 12th. — Four Brick- fronted Messuages, and four Gardens to the same belong- ing, in the Broad- Street, in Pershore aforesaid, and a Piece of Garden Ground adjoining, now or lately lett to John Waine, Susannah Goodal, Jonathan Millington, John Ryland, and Benjamin Gibbons, at 161. 12s. a Year. 13th. — One Thirteenth and a Twenty- sixth Share of Coal and Iron Works, called New Bedlam, in Madeley Wood, in the County of Salop. 14th— And a Thirty- second Share of a Lead Mine, in the Liberty of Winster, called Mossey Mear, in the County of Derby. Complete Particulars may be had of Mr. Welch, in Evesham; or of Messrs. Beausoy and Biddle, Merchants, in London. N. B. The Rest of the late Mr. Biddle's Estates, particularly his valuable and very improveable Manor of Charlton, in the County of Worcester, comprehending several good Farms, will be sold next Winter, and due Notice will be given of the Time and Place of Sale in the public Papers. STON - HALL FARM, situate at Aston, in the Parish of Clareley, other- wise Claverley, in the County of Salop, lying in. the Centre between five large " Market Towns, viz. Bridgnorth, Wolverhampton, Dudley, Stourbridge, and Kidderminster; and like wise in the Centre be- tween three much larger Places, to wit, Birming- ham, Worcester, and Shrewsbury. It is set at an old Rent, and capable of great Improvements. For which Purpose a Survey will be held at the Sign of the New Inns, near the said Farm, on Thursday the 7th Day of June next, by Eleven of the Clock in the Forenoon; when and where all Parties inclined to purchase may attend. To be SOLD to the BEST BIDDER. On Friday the 15th Day of June next, at the Talbot, in Stourbridge, in the County of Worcester, between the Hours of Three and Six in the Afternoon ( subject to such) Conditions as shall be then produced) unless disposed of by private Contract in the mean Time, of which timely Notice will be given, FOUR handsome and well- built Freehold Messuages or Dwelling- Houses ( the one sit for a Gentleman's Family, and the other three convenient for Trade), very pleasantly situ- ated opposite to the New Church, in the Rye- Market, in Stourbridge aforesaid. Also, A good Steel Furnace, two large Ware- houses, and three large Shops, used in the Frying- pan Trade, a Stable for eight Horses, and two Tenements lying backwards, and adjoining to the above- mentioned Dwelling- Houses, the Whole let to several Tenants at the yearly Rent of 691. 10s. Also to be Sold by Auction, at the same Place, imme- diately after the above Sale, A large Assortment of Tools used in the Fry- ing- pan Trade, such as Hammers, Anvils, Tongs, Bellows, & c. Also to be Sold to the best Bidder, at the Place above- mentioned, between the Hours of Six and Eight in the Afternoon of the same Day, A very beneficial Lease, for a Term of Years ( of which about 55 are now unexpired) of fourteen Acres and upwards of very rich Land, situate and being at a Place called Hunger Hill, near Stour- bridge aforesaid, under which are very good Mines of Coal, Glass- house and Pot Clay, which the Te- nant has a Right to get, paying the small Royalty of One- eighth only for Coal, and 5s. 2d. per Ton for the Clay, each Ton to contain 27 Hundred, long Weight. Also the Right of getting Coal and Clay for the same Time, and upon the same Terms, in, upon, and under about 40 Acres of Land, now in the Occupation of Thomas Thomason, situate at Hunger- Hill aforesaid. Also the Right of making Brick and Tile, for the same Term, on any of the above Lands, on paying to the Landlord 6d. per Thousand only. On the above Leasehold Lands are now erected a good Stable, Counting- House, Brick- Kiln, and a large Horse Mill for grinding Stourbridge Clay : And the Lessee has a Right to erect a Fire Engine, and other Buildings, on any Part of the Premisses, for draining the Water, and getting the Coal and Clay. N. B. There are three Benches of Five Feet clear Coal under the Premises, and the Mine of Clay is about a Yard thick. There are four Pits already sunk down to the Top Coal, and there are also five Horse Gins, with Water- barrels, Skips, and other Utensils, on the Premisses. — This Work, upon a moderate Calculation ( if a Fire Engine was to be erected, and which would not cost above 1200l.) would clear more than 500/. per Annum. The Clay alone is advanced in the Mar- kets 1os. per Ton, since the Lease was granted, which will make that Mine alone of great Value. For further Particulars, in the mean Time, apply to Mr . Hallen, at Broadwaters, near Kid- derminster ; or to Mr. Wheeler, Attorney at Law, at Winterfold, near Kidderminster aforesaid. THURSDAY's POST. ( By EXPRESS from LONDON.) LONDON, Tuesday, May 22. Queen's Palace, St. James's Park, May 22. HIS Morning between Eight and Nine o'Clock, the Queen was hap- pily delivered of a Princess. Her Royal Highness the Princess Dowa ger of Wales, his Grace the Arch- bishop of Canterbury, several Lords of His Majesty's most Honorable Privy Council, and the Ladies of Her Majesty's Bed- Chamber, were present. - Her Majesty is, God be praised, as well as can be expected; and the young Prin- cess is in perfect Health. — London Gazette. Summonses are issued to the Aldermen and Common Council to attend the Lord Mayor and Sheriffs with the Address To- morrow. We are assured that Mr. Alderman Wilkes will not go to St. James's To- morrow. — Mr. Wilkes is too polite to go into any Man's House to whom he knows his Presence would be dis agreeable. It is said that, a Remonstrance will be pre- sented To- morrow from the Gentlemen, Clergy, and Freeholders of the County of Cambridge. Last Night his Majesty paid a Visit to his Mother at Carlton- House ; and afterwards there was a Council held at the same Place. The Prorogation ( instead of Dissolution) of Parliament, has, for some Days past, thrown L— d C m into such an horizontal Posi- tion, that he seems to have no other Motion than what rises from— Insanity. It would seem, said a Gentleman, in a certain Place, on a late Occasion, by the Plan of Mea- sures adopted and pursued, as if the M y were determined, seeing their own Danger while Things remain in a State of Peace, and Atten- tion is given to what passes of a domestic Na- ture, to involve this Country in ruinous Cavils and Contentions, that they may seek Safety in the general Confusion. Else why the present unnatural Disputes with, and despotic Conduct towards our Colonies! Why the commencing, unprovoked, Quarrels of a most dangerous Na- ture with a neighbouring Island. mouth, by the Colony Agents, t0 be forwarded in the first Packet to their American Constitu- ents, informing them that the British Parlia- ment had been prorogued without their having been able to procure the lead Redress for the Grievances of his Majesty's petitioning Sub- jects on that Continent. On Saturday a Messenger arrived at his Ex- cellency the French Ambassador's, from Ver- sailles, with the News that the Marriage of the Dauphin and Dauphiness of France was solem- nized there on Wednesday. A few Days ago the following most extraor- dinary Scene was acted in the Privy Council Chamber at Dublin : The Privy Counsellors being all summoned, as many as were in Ire- land attended ; and, while the Lords and Gen- tlemen were standing behind the Chairs, just ready to take their Seats, they were desired, in that Posture, to hear the King's Letter read, containing a Lift of the Privy Council. In this List the Names of the Earls of Shannon, Lanes- borough, and Louth; Sir William Fownes, Bt. Sir William Mayne, Bt. and the Right Hon. HerculesLangford Rowley, were omitted. These Names were then struck out of the Council- Book, it being his Majesty's Pleasure that they should no longer be Members of his Privy Coun- cil. This extraordinary Sentence having been read and executed, ( for indeed this Business had much the Appearance of a Court of Inquisition, calling up the condemned Criminals to hear the Sentence read) another Letter from his Ma- jesty was produced and read containing a second List of his Privy- Conncil in Ireland; in which the Names of Lord Miltown, Sir William Of- borne, & c. & c. ( which have appeared in the Papers) were added; and they were accord- ingly inserted in the Council Book. As soon as this Business was finished, the Duke of Lein- ster wrote immediately to the Ministry, ac- quainting them, that as they had thought pro- per to strike his Friend Sir William Mayne, Bart, off the List of Privy Counsellors, he de- sired to be struck off that Lift also. It may be a Question hereafter, whether the above Lords and Gentlemen could be legally struck off the List of Privy Counsellors, as the Privy Council of Ireland are supposed to be a Branch of the Legislature of that Kingdom. The obvious, as well as true Reason for striking the above Persons off the List of Privy Counsellors, was their independent Conduct in Parliament, last Session. From various Accounts, the State of Affairs in Ireland move towards a critical Situation. They write from Venice, that 30,000 Turks were making a hasty March towards the Strait of Corinth, in order to enter the Morea and oppose the Russians. Yesterday Morning, at Half past Three, a Fire broke out in the Hay- Loft of a Stable, at the Bottom of Wych- street, behind St. Cle- ment's, and adjoining to the Lamb Inn, but by the timely Arrival of Engines was soon got under, and the Danger thought to be over, when suddenly the House of one Gray, a Pawn- broker, was discovered to be on Fire, which there is the greatest Reason to believe was wil- fully done, some Combustibles being found burning in different Parts of the House ; upon which the Pawnbroker was taken before Justice Fielding, who committed him to Newgate for further Examination. Twenty- three Hundred Pounds had lately been insured at the Sun Fire Office on this Pawnbroker's Stock. The following is a Copy of the Address, Re- monstrance, and Petition, which is to be pre- sented to his Majesty To- morrow. To the KING's Most Excellent Majesty, The humble Address, Remonstrance, and Petition of the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and Commons, of the City of London, in Common Council assembled. " May it please your Majesty, " WHEN your Majesty's most faithful Subject, the Citizens of London, whose Loyalty and Affection have been so often and so effectually proved and experienced by the illustrious House of Brunswick, are labouring under the Weight of that Displeasure which your Majesty has been advised to lay upon them, in the Answer given from the Throne to their late humble Application, we feel our- selves constrained, with all Humility, to approach the Royal Father of his People. " Conscious, Sire, of the purest Sentiments of Vene- ration which they entertain for your Majesty's Person, we are deeply concerned, that what the Law allows, and the Constitution reaches, hath been misconstrued by Mi- nisters, Instruments of that Influence which shakes the Realm, into Disrespect to your Majesty. " Perplexed and astonished as we arc, by the awful Sentence of Censure lately passed upon this City in your Majesty Answer from the Throne ; we cannot, without surrendering all that is dear to Englishmen, forbear most humbly to supplicate, that your Majesty would deign to grant a more favourable interpretation to this dutiful though persevering Claim of our invaded Birth- Rights; nothing doubting that the Benignity of your Majesty's Nature will, to our unspeakable Comfort, at length break through all the secret and visible Machination to which the City of London owes its late severe Repulse ; and that your Kingly Justice, and Fatherly Tenderness, will disclaim the malignant and pernicious Advice which the cleared Rights of the Subject, namely, to petition tlTe King for Redress of Grievances, to complain of the Violation of the Freedom of Election, and to pray for a Dissolution Parliament, to point out Mal- practice in Administration, and to urge the Removal of evil Mini- sters, hath, under the Generality of one compendious Word, been indiscriminately checked with Reprimand; and your majesty's afflicted Citizens of London nave heard, from the Throne it self, that the Content¡ oí their humble Address, Remonstrance, and Petition, laying their Complaints and Injuries at the Feet of their Sovereign, as Father of his People, able and willing to redress their Grievances, cannot but be considered by your Majesty, as disrespectful to yourself, injurious to your Parliament, aid irreconcilable to the Principles of the Constitution. " Your Majesty cannot disapprove, that we here as- sert the clearest Principles of the Constitution, against the insidious Attempt of evil Counsellors to perplex, con- sound, and shake them: We are determined to abide by those Rights and Liberties, which our Fore fathers bravely vindicated, at the ever- memorable Revolution, and which their Son will ever resolutely defend. We therefore now renew, at the Foot of the Throne, our Claim to the indispensible Right of the Subject, --- a full, free. and unmutilated Parliament, legally chosen in all its Members;-- a Right which THIS House 0f Commons have manifestly violated, depriving, at their Will and Pleasure, the County of Middlesex of one of its legal representatives, and arbitrarily nominating, as a Knight of the Shire, a Person not elected by the Majority of the Freeholders. As the only Constitutional Means of Reparation now lest for the injured Electors of Great Britain, we implore, with most urgent Supplications, the Dissolution of this present Parliament, the Removal of evil Ministers, and the total Extinction of that fatal Influence, which has caused such national Discontent. 11 In the mean Time, Sire, we offer our constant Prayers to Heaven, that your Majesty may reign, as Kings can only reign, in and by the Hearts of a loyal, dutiful, and free People " , WORCESTER, Thursday, May 24. The Assize of Bread continues the same as in our last _ On Saturday last was held, at Hooper's Cof- fee House, the first Meeting of the Lord Lieu- tenant and Deputy Lieutenants for the County of Worcester, and for this City, when his Lordship and the Gentlemen unanimously de- termined to raise the Militia both for the County and City, and Precepts were made out ac- cordingly, which will soon be delivered to the proper Officer : In the mean Time, we think it a Duty incumbent on us, in order to prevent Persons incurring certain Pains and Penalties, through Ignorance of the Laws relating to the Militia, to publish the Substance of some par- ticular Clauses in the Militia Act of the 2d of his present Majesty; whereby it is enacted, That if any Constable, or other Officer, shall refuse to return, upon Oath, at the Time and Place appointed, a true and perfect List of all Persons liable to serve as Militia- men, or shall not conform to such Orders as he shall from Time to Time receive from the Lord Lieute- nant or Deputy Lieutenants, & c. or shall be guilty of any Fraud or Partiality in making out his List; such Constable, & c. will subject himself to one Month's Imprisonment, or a Fine of 5I. That whoever shall, by any Gratuity, Gift, or Reward, or Promise thereof, or by any Threat, endeavour to prevail on any Constable, or other Officer, to make a false Return, or to erase or omit the Name of any Person who ought to be inserted in his said Lift; such Offender is to forfeit the Sum of 50I. That if any Person shall refuse to tell his Christian and Sirname, or the Name of any Man residing in his House, to any Constable, or other Officer authorised by the Act to de- mand the same ; he shall forfeit 10I. That if Information be given, that any Person, in- serted in the Lists to be returned, shall be de- seribed as an Apprentice, but hath been frau- dulently bound, in order to avoid serving, the Deputy Lieutenants may examine into the Mat- ter, upon Oath; and, if it shall appear to be a Fraud, may appoint such collusive Appren- tice to serve. And the Person to whom such Apprentice was so fraudulently bound, shall forfeit 10I. And, to prevent Mistakes in forming the Lifts of Persons liable to serve in the said Mi- litia, we think it equally necessary to give a Specification of those Persons who are exempt from serving ; viz. All Persons under eighteen and above forty- five Years of Age; all Peers of this Realm, all Persons who shall serve as Com- mission Officers in any Regiment, Troop, or Company in his Majesty's other Forces, or in any one of his Majesty's Castles or Forts ; all Non- commission Officers or private Men serv- ing in any of his Majesty's other Forces, all Commission Officers serving, or who have served four Years in the Militia ; and all Persons being Members of either of the Uni- versities ; all Clergymen and licensed Teachers of all separate Congregations; all Constables and such other Peace Officers; all articled Clerks, Apprentices, Seamen or Seafaring Men ; all Persons mustered, trained, and doing Duty in any of his Majesty's Docks, for the Service thereof; all Persons being free of the Com- pany of Watermen of the River Thames; and all poor Men who have three Children born in Wedlock. On Monday last Major General Monckton reviewed, in Powick's Ham, near this City, Lieutenant General Waldegrave's Regiment of Dragoon Guards, who made a most noble Ap- pearance, and gave great Satisfaction in the Performance of their Exercise and Evolutions. Since our last the two following Persons have been committed to our County Gaol, viz. John Abbotts, charged on the Oath of John Abbotts, with stealing a Gown, a Pair of Sheets, a Gold Ring, and other Things; and John Bevan. of Martley, charged with stopping and assaulting on the Highway, William Jones, of Lower Areley, With Intent to rob him. Bank Stock, I5I 1- half a 3.4ths. India ditto, 226. South Sea ditto, . Ditto Old Annuities, 83 3- 4ths a 1- half. Ditto New, 84 1- 4th. 3 per cent. Bank reduced, 85 5- 8ths a 3- 8ths. Ditto 3 per cent, consol. 86 3- 4ths a7- 8ths. 3 percent, ditto 1726, —. Ditto 1751 —. Ditto India Annuities, 82 3- 4ths a 5- 8ths. 3 1/ 4 Bank Annuities 1756, . 31/ 4 percent, ditto, 1758, 89 1- 4th a 3- 8ths. 4 per cent. cons. 1762, 96 1 - 8th a 95 a 7- 8ths. BANKRUPTS required to surrender. Rowland Maddox, of Pickaxe street, Charter house. square, Middlesex, Apothecary ; May 22, June I, 30, at Guildhall. Thomas Botam, of Gateshead in Durbam, Druggist, May 29, 30, June 30, at Harty's Coffee- House in Kingston upon Hull. YESTERDAY his Grace the Duke of Richmond made a Motion in the House of Lords, for taking the Affairs of America into Consideration. He observed, that tho' his Majesty at the Opening of the Session had recommended the State of Government in America, to their serious Attention, yet not one Word hid since been said upon the Sub- ject in that House. — Administration had never so much as appointed a Day for so important a Consideration.— Even when the frivolous and trifling Revenue Acts were repealed, they would not utter a Syllable. He should there- fore offer to the Consideration of their Lord- ships a Number of propositions, in the room of Resolutions; the FIRST of which his Grace read as follows : First, Resolved, That in several of his Ma- jelly's Colonies in North America, Disorders have of late prevailed, prejudicial to the Trade and Commerce of this Kingdom, and destruc- tive to the Peace arid Prosperity of the said Colonies. Upon which Lord Hillsborough stood up, and confessed himself to be the Culprit [ his own Word; yet without offering any Sort of Justification, or making any Kind of Defence, and without going into the Merits of the Ques- tion, only saying, that the Affairs of America ought to be left to the Consideration of the Ministry, who might form some Plan during the Recess of Parliament ( though for these two Years past every Measure respecting Ame- rica has been originated in Parliament — How contradictory of themselves!) he moved to adjourn. However, before the Question to adjourn was put, the following Resolutions were read ; 2. Resolved, That the Letter of the Earl of Hillsborough, of the 22d of April, 1768, to Francis Bernard, Esq; Governor of the Mas- sachusets Bay, was a common Office Letter, without any particular Mark, or special Di- rection, for keeping the same, or any Part of the fame, secret. 3. Resolved, That it does not appear that any Direction of Secrecy had been given in any separate Letter* or Paper, transmitted with the said Letter. 4. Resolved, That the said Letter did con- tain an Order for dissolving the Assembly of the Province of Massachusets Bay, upon their Refusal to comply with certain Propositions. 5. Resolved, That Governor Bernard did lay the said Propositions before the Assembly, and did threaten the said Assembly with a Dis- solution, and its Consequences; and did, in Vindication and Support of such Proceedings, - lay before the Assembly the said Letter of the Earl of Hillsborough. - 6. Resolved, That the directing the Dissolu tion of the Assemblies of North America, upon their Refusal to comply with certain Propositions, operated as a Menace injurious to the deliberate Capacity of the Assemblies, excited Discontent, and contributed to pro- duce unjustifiable Combinations. 7. Resolved, Thar the Assemblies of North America having been dissolved, for rot disa- avowing or discountenancing certain Combi nations, the suffering new Assemblies to sit, without disavowing or discountenancing the said Combinations, was a Proceeding full of Inconsistency, and tending to lower, in the Minds of his Majesty's Subjects in America, all Opinion of the Wisdom and Firmness of his Majesty's Councils. 8 Resolved, That Lord Botetourt, his Ma- jesty's Governor of the Colony of Virginia, was instructed, by a Letter from the Earl of Hillsborough, in the following Words: " His Majesty relies on your Prudence and Fidelity for such an Explanation of his Measures, as may tend to remove the Prejudices which have been excited by the Misrepresentations of those who are Enemies to the Peace and Prosperity of Great Britain and her Colonies, and to re- establish that mutual Confidence and Affection upon which the Glory and Safety of the British Empire depends. 9. Resolved, That these his Majesty's Mea- sures appear, by the said Letter, to be Mea- sures concerning the Distinction of certain Prin- ciples of Taxation, and the Repeal of certain Taxes imposed by Authority of Parliament. 10. Resolved, That in Consequence of the said Instructions, Lord Botetourt was authorised ( as far as the Letter of a Secretary of State was Authority) to state these Measures as his Ma- jesty's Measures, and to explain the same according to his Notions of Prudence. 11. Resolved, That Lord Botetourt did ac- cordingly assure the Assembly, that his Ma- jelly would rather lose his Crown, than preserve it by Deceit. 1 2. Resolved, That this Declaration is highly improper, inasmuch as it is personally involv- ing his Majesty in the Measures of his Ministers. 13. Resolved, That the said Assurance related to the Repeal of certain Taxes, and the Dis- tinction of certain Duties. 14. Resolved, That it is unwarrantable, of dangerous Consequence, and an high Breach of the Privilege of Parliament, to promise to the assemblies in North- America, the Interposition or Influence of his Majesty, or of his confiden- tial Servants with Parliament, in any Manner which may tend to create an Opinion in those Assemblies, that such Interposition or Influence must necessarily bring on a Repeal of any Du- of Parliament. 15. Resolved, That it is highly derogatory from his Majesty's Honour, and from the Free- dom of parliamentary Deliberation, to pledge the Faith of the Crown to the said Assemblies, for the repealing or laying on, or continuing, or not laying of any Taxes or Duties what- soever. 16. Resolved, That to give Assurances in his Majesty's Name distinguishing certain Prin- ciples of Taxation, and disclaiming an Inten- tion to propose any Taxes within the said De- scription, in order to establish and justify un- warrantable Distinctions, has a Tendency fur- ther to disturb the Minds of his Majesty's Sub- jects in America, and to weaken the Authority of lawful Government. 17. Resolved, That to lay before this House Suggestions of Treason, or Misprision of Trea- son, subsisting in America, in order to bring this House into a Plan for the repressing and punishing such supposed Treason and Mispri- sions of Treason, when in Reality no such Treasons or Misprisions of Treason did subsist, or if they did subsist, no Measures whatsoever have been taken or appear to have been in- tended for apprehending and punishing the Persons concerned in the same, is an audacious Insult on the Dignity of Parliament, and in its Consequences tends, either to bring a Reflexion on the Wisdom and Justice of Parliament, or to encourage Treason or treasonable Practices by neglecting to carry into Execution Measures recommended by Parliament. 13. Resolved, That these many ill- judged and inconsistent Proceedings have been a prin- cipal Cause of the aforesaid Disorders. Lord Shelburne observed, " That such Re- solutions against the Culprit, being moved to be put off by himself, was such a manifest Vio- lation of Justice, and such a Prostitution of Parliament, that he hoped IMPEACHMENT would soon follow. He reproached Admini- stration for having put into the King's Mouth, at the Beginning of the Session, a Recom- mendation of the Affairs of America, as one of the principal Objects for the Consideration of Parliament; and then suffering every Dav to elapse, without so much as noticing that great Object ; and now that it was come to the last Day, and the Matter moved by the noble Duke, they with a moll shameful and scandalous Effrontery, avoided all Enquiry, by moving and putting the Question to adjourn. The Ministry refused to take any Notice of the proposed Resolutions ; they only called out for the Question to adjourn, which being put, was carried. Does not this Circumstance, and does not every Day's Experience, prove the Necessity, the absolute Necessity, there is, for all the King- dom to petition for the Dissolution of the present corrupt, venal, AND SLAVISH PARLIAMENT? WHEREAS several Men have deserted from a Party of the 62d Regi- ment of Foot, recruiting at Kidderminster and Wolverhampton; Notice is hereby given to all or any of the above Deserters, that if they sur- render themselves to Lieutenant William Giles, or any of the Party at Kidderminster, or at the Old Bell Inn in Wolverhampton, shall have a free Pardon. N. B. Any young Man, from five Feet six Inches high to five Feet seven and upwards, willing and able to serve his Majesty in the 62d Regiment of Foot, now lying at Kinsale in Ireland, by applying to either of the above Places, shall meet with the grea est Encouragement, as many as belong to the Gun Business will be well received. the 8th Day of on the Road from WHEREAS on this Instant May, Ludlow to Worcester, near the House of Thomas Bury, Esq; I was stopped by a single Footpad, and robbed of the Sum of Twelve Pounds Seven Shil-. lings and Six- pence ; and whereas RICHARD JONES, of Droitwich, and JOSEPH COLLINS the Younger, of Abberley, have been falsely and scandalously accused of the said Robbery, I do hereby, in Vindication of them both, and to clear them from such vile Aspersions, solemnly and pub-, licly declare them to be innocent of the said Charge against them, as I never saw either of them, to my Knowledge, till the 13th of this Instant May; and as the said JONES and COLLINS are, in every Re- spect, very much unlike the Man who committed the said Robbery.— Witness my Hand, this 14th Day of May, 1770. The Mark of ESTHER X CLOVES. Witness to the said Esther Cloves's Mark, J. HOMER, ROBERT PENRICE, BENJ. HUGHES. To COVER this Season, at Kyre near Tenbury and Bromyard, at One Gui- nea, and Half a Crown the Man, the Money to be paid at the Time of Covering, or before the Mares are taken away, The Bay Horse LIBERTY. He was bred by James Lenox Dutton, Esq; out of a full Sister to Blank; which Mare was got by the Godolphin Aarbian, out of the Little Hartley Mare, that was got by the Bartlet Childers, out of Mr. Ovington's famous Flying Whig. Liberty was got by the late Duke of Bridgewater's Hazard, which was got by Old Leeds-, his Dam by the Bay Barb; and his Grandam by the Bierly Turk. This is a true Pedigree, JAMES LENOX DUTTON. His Performances are well known. He did not start till five Years old, and has won Twelve 50l. Plates, beating Horses in very high Form.— He is free from all Blemishes. Good Grass for Mares. near Campden, in Gloucestershire, at One Guinea a Mare, and Half a Crown the Servant, ( the Money to be paid before the Mares are taken away) The strong Chesnut Horse, VANDAL, Six Year old this Grass, and upwards of fifteen Hands high. He was bred by the Duke of Ancaster, got by Spectator cut of a Mare got by Old Blank, and full Sister to Chrysolite. Chrysolite was esteemed the best Running- Horse of his Year in the Kingdom, and covers this Season at Twenty Guineas a Mare, at Grimsthorpe in Lincoln- shire. VANDAL is perfectly sound and healthy, and free from all natural Blemishes To be SOLD to the BEST BIDDER, On Monday next, the 28th of May Instant, between the Hours of Three and Five in the Afternoon, at the Hop Pole Inn, in the City of Worcester, TWO Freehold FARMS, situate A at Kington, in the County of Worcester, the one consisting of a very large and convenient Farm House and Garden, two Barns, one Stable, a Cow- house, a Perry Mill, and a Cart- house, all in good Repair; about 59 Acres of Arable Land in the Common Fields of Kington, three Acres of Meadow in a Common Meadow there, and fourteen Acres of Pasture inclosed; now in the Occupation of Thomas Payton. The other con- sists of a comfortable Dwelling- House and Garden, two Barns, one Stable, and a Cow- house, all in good Repair; three Orchards, containing about three Acres, fifty- two Acres of Arable Land, or thereabouts, in the Common Fields of Kington, and fix Acres of inclosed Pasture; now in the Occupation of Robert Payton. The above Farms have a Right of Common,- without Stint, upon an excellent Common called the Husk, and in the Common Fields of Kington, and are held together by Thomas Payton, under a Lease for the Remainder of a Term of 20 Years, ( of which 15 are yet to come) at the yearly Rent of forty- eight Pounds. The Tenants will shew the Premisses; and fur- ther Particulars may be had of Mr. Sockett, At- torney, in Worcester. N. B. Notwithstanding an Advertisement, caused to be inserted in this Paper of the 10th Instant, by Mr. HOLYOAKE, calculated to answer disingenuous Pur poses, those who are inclined to become the Purchasors of these Estates, may be assured that the Objection made to the Title in such Advertisement dees not exist, the Entail mentioned therein, having been barred by a Re- covery suffered by Samuel Oakley so long ago as in the Tear 1723 : That a clear and perfect Title will be made to each of the Estates in question, and that such Titles will be submitted to the Opinion of Counsel of the Purchasors Nomination. To be SOLD to the BEST BIDDER, ( In Several LOTS ) On Monday the 4th Day of June next, between the Hours of Twelve and Two, at the Raven in Kid- derminster, in the County of Worcester, unless disposed of in the mean Time by private Contract, of which public Notice shall be given, THE following Copyhold Estates, held under the Bishop of Worcester for four Lives, situate and being in the Parish of Hartle- bury, one of the most pleasant and fertile Parts of the County of Worcester, viz. A very good Messuage or Dwelling House, with a Dove House, and all necessary Outbuildings, a Fold Yard, a Garden, an Orchard, and several Pieces or Parcels of Arable Land, Meadow, Pasture, and Hop Ground, containing together about 51 computed Acres; now in the Possession of Samuel Croft, under a Lease for a Term of Years which expires at Michaelmas 1771. — N. B. A Part of the above Messuage and Garden is reserved for the Use of the Lessor. One other Messuage or Tenement, and all ne- cessary Outbuildings, with a Garden, Fold Yard, Orchard, and several Pieces or Parcels of Arable Land, Meadow, Pasture and Hop Ground, con- taining together about 90 computed Acres; now in the Possession of the Widow Birt, under a Lease for a Term of Years which expires at Candlemas 1772. Also a Messuage or Tenement which hath for- merly been used as a Farm House, with a Garden and Appurtenances; in the Occupation of Thomas Ricketts and the Widow Crutchenden, yearly Te- nants thereof, at the Rent of 31. Also two Orchards, containing about one Acre and an Half; and about two Acres of Coppice Wood; in the Proprietor's own Possession. The above Estates are well fruited, have a Right of Common on a very found and good Common, and are greatly improveable. Further Particulars may be had of Mr. Sockett, Attorney, in Worcester. And entered upon immediately, A Dwelling- House, consisting of a good Kitchen, two Parlours, five Lodging Rooms, a good Brewhouse, with a new Oven therein, a Yard, with a new Pump in it, and a small Garden; now put in very good Order and Repair; situate near Ombersley Turnpike, about Half a Mile from the City of Worcester. For further Particulars enquire of Mr. Redding, Brazier, in Broad Street; or of Mr. Redding, Attorney, in the Corn- Market, Worcester. To be SOLD to the BEST BIDDER, On Wednesday the 13th Day of June next, between the Hours of Twelve and Two, at the George Inn, in Bewdley, in the County of Worcester, AFreehold Messuage or Farm, at Oreton, in the Parish of Stottersdon, in the County of Salop, now held by John Garbett, under a Lease for twenty- one Years, determinable upon Notice at the Expiration of the first fourteen Years, of which eight are already expited, at the yearly Rent of Fifty Pounds. The Farm consists of a convenient Farm- House, with all necessary Barns, Stables, and Out- buildings, in compleat Repair, with about eighty Acres of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Ground, with an extensive Right of Com- mon 0n the Clee Hill. N. B. There is a Very valuable Lime Work on the Premisses, and a Turnpike Road leading from Bewdley, within a Quarter of a Mile of the same. The Estate is well watered, and there is a Quantity of young Timber growing thereon. The Tenant will shew the Premisses, and further Particulars may be had of Mr. Sockett, Attorney, at Worcester; or of Mr. White, Attorney, in Bridgnorth. D R OPS. Golden- Square. To be SOLD to the BEST BIDDER, On Monday the 11th Day of June next, between the Hours of Two and Four in the Afternoon, at the Cross Inn, in the Town of Bromsgrove, A Very compleat and improveable Farm, being Copyhold of Inheritance, held under the Dean and Chapter of Worcester, situate and being in the Parish of Stoke, near Bromsgrove, in the County of Worcester.— This Farm consists of a large well- built Messuage, with two good Sta- bles, a Barn consisting of five Bay of Building, and all other necessary Outbuildings, in compleat Re- pair, a Garden and large Fold- Yard, an Orchard containing three Statute Acres, five Statute Acres of Meadow, eleven Acres of Pasture, and thirty- four Acres of Arable Land, all in excellent Condition, with a Right of Common on Stoke Heath. Also a Copyhold Cottage and Garden, contigu- ous to the above- mentioned Farm. The Whole of the above Premisses are now in the Possession of Mr. Read ( who is a Lessee thereof for a Term of Years which will expire at Lady- Day next) and his Under- Tenant. N. B. The Parish of Stoke is in a very pleasant Part of the County of Worcester, the Soil fertile, dry, and healthy, and the Farm above mentioned capable of great Improvement, is subject only to a Chief Rent of Six Shillings and Eightpence a Year, and a small Fine upon Alienation, and the Tenure in every Respect is but very little inferior to a Freehold. For further Particulars apply to Mr. Sockett, Attorney, in Worcester; or to Mr. Walker, At- torney, in Bromsgrove. The fallowing approved Medicines are sold at Berrow's Printing- Office in Worcester. By His Majesty's Letters Patent, ( Granted to WALTER. LEAKE, of the City of London, P. P.) is recommended the Justly Famous PILL, Called in the Patent, PILULA SALUTARIA; And there pronounced to be a Cure for the VENEREAL DISEASE, SCURVY, and RHEUMATISM. IN fifteen or eighteen Days it generally cures those cruel Disorders, and where it fails of perfectly restoring Health ill that Time, the Patient has the happy Assurance that he or she is at the Eve of being restored , let the Degree of Malignancy be ever so great. It is an Excel- lency peculiar to these Pills, to make directly to the com- plaining Parts, and enter into Contest with the offending Matter, which they soon dislodge and expell. They are declared by Experience to be a Preserver of Health, as well as a Restorer, by taking only eight single Pills ( as instructed by the Direction Bills) once or twice a Year In short, the Patentee has this extraordinary Obligation to them, that whatever be promised himself from them they were sure to fulfil and exceed, as though impatient of immortal and universal Fame. These Pills are most worth a Place in the Cabinet of Masters and Captains of ships, and the mores so, for that they require no Confine- ment, nor Restraint of Diet, will keep good in all Cli- mates any Length of Time, and effect a Cure even when | Salivation fails. Sold by the Patentee ( in Boxes of 2s. 6d. each) at his House no 16, Bride Lane, Fleet Street; who effectu- ally curve Gleets and Seminal Weaknesses: Also sold by Appointment by Mr. Hart, Druggist, in Wolverhampton ; Aris and Co. Birmingham ; Smart, Ludlow; Hartlebury, Tewkesbury ; Raikes. Gloucester; Jackson, Oxford ; and at Berrow's Printing Office in Worcester. MAREDANT's To Mr Norton, Surgeon, SIR, I should be wanting in Justice to you, was I to omit informing you, that I am effectually cured of a most in- veterate Scurvy, by Virtue of your excellent [ Maredant'sJ Drops, after trying various Kinds of Medicines, and bath- | ing in the Sea, prescribed by my Physicians, to no Por- pose. I am not only recovered from a Scorbutic Disor- der, which was in Blotches on every Part of my Body, but from a Dimness and Weakness which long continued in my Eyes. For the Benefit of Mankind, I give you Leave to make what Use you please of this Letter. I am, Sir, your most humble Servant, Portsmouth, March 6, 1770. WILLIAM HERON. Any Person still doubtful of the Efficacy of this Medi- cine, may ( by applying to Mr. NORTON, Surgeon, the West Side of Golden square, near Piccadilly, London, the only Author and Proprietor, where these Drops are sold in Bottles of Six Shillings each) be fully convinced of their good Effect, by being referred to many People of Credit, who have been cured of the Leprosy, Scurvy, Ulcers, the Evil, Fistulas, Piles, long continued In- flammations of the Eyes, and every other Disorder arising from a Foulness in the Blood, They may be taken in any Season, without the least Inconvenience or Hindrance of Business. They also perfect Digestion, and amazingly create an Appetite. N. B. none are genuine but what are signed by JOHN NORTON, in his own Hand writing ; who hath appointed them to be sold by H. BERROW, at bis Printing Office, near the Cross, Worcester, and may be had of the Distri- butors of this Paper. A CAUTION to the PUBLIC. By the KING's PATENTS Dr. Walker's Patent Jesuits Drops, For which his Majesty was pleased to honour him - with his Royal Letters Patent for England, Scotland, Ire- land, and the Plantations. The great Success and Demand that is daily made for our never- failing genuine JESUITS DROPS, which are the most certain, cheap, pleasant, safe, effectual, and immediate Cure ever discovered, for Gleets and Seminal Weaknesses, both Sexes are subject to, though ever so obstinate, or ever so long standing, and by whatever Means occasioned; and also for the Venereal Disease, from its slightest to its most malignant Symptoms. Like- wife for the Gravel, Stone in the Bladder, and all Scor- butic Cafes ever so long standing ; several Patients being deemed incurable have found Relief after trying all other Medicines. Likewise all Nervous Disorders, the Gout, Rheumatism, and all Disorders in the Stomach To be had at our Warehouse, the King' s Arms ( No. 4.5) op- posite the Sessions- House Gate, Old Baily, London ; and likewise at H. Berrow's Printing Office, near the Cross, In Worcester, and of the Distributors of this Paper, in Bottles of Two Shillings and Six- pence each. Where likewise is to be bad, WALKER'S Specific Purging Remedy, at 2S, 6d. per Pot. WORCESTER: Printed by H. BERROW, near the Cross ; Who sells all Kinds of Blank Warrants, Certificate, Summons's, Orders of Removal, and every Form used by Justices of Peace, Parish Officers, & c, and by whom the PRINTING Business is executed in a neat and expeditious Manner on very reasonable Terms;
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