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Boddley's Bath Journal


Printer / Publisher:  John Keane, Brother in law of Mr Thomas Boddley, deceased
Volume Number: XXIII or No 27    Issue Number: 1191
No Pages: 4
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Boddley's Bath Journal
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Boddley's Bath Journal

News of Repeal of the Stamp Act reaches Boston
Date of Article: 07/07/1766
Printer / Publisher:  John Keane, Brother in law of Mr Thomas Boddley, deceased
Address: Printing Office, in King's Mead Street, Bath
Volume Number: XXIII or No 27    Issue Number: 1191
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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Printed b y JOHN K E E N E , Brother- in- Law of Mr. THOMAS BODDELY j D e c e a f e Q , at the Printing- Office in Kings- r Mead S t r e e t : Where P R I N T I N G in General is done in the Neat& fi M a n n e r , and at Reafonable Prices. N ° . 2 7 j O f V o l X X I I L ] MO N D A Y , July 7 , 1 7 6 6. VT O t v r\ - i 1 W e e k s fince this Journal s i S • 1 ' y 1 - . ] was firft publifh'd. } { D 2 i e o n c C . a n d ® : { ) u r 0 D a g ' 0 P o f i s ( . Arrival the Mails from Holland and Flanderi. From the LONDON GAZETTE. L I S B O N , June 7. £ > N Thurfday the 29th paft, his M o d Faithful Majefty attended at the Public Proceffion of the Corpus Chrifti at m # the Patriarchal See ; and on Sunday another Pnceflion of the fame was made at the King's Palace of N . S. d ' A j u d a : Upon this Occafion his Moil Faiti. fui Majefty has created the Marflial Count Baron a M a r q u i s by the T i t l e of Marquis of Alvito, with a G i a n t of feveral Lands to l'e annexed to his Eftate. T h e Chief Admiral Senhor Dom John has likewife obtained a Grant of a confiderable Ct mmanderie. Wednefday laft, being his Britannick Majefty's Birth- Day, the Portuguefe and Foreign Minifters, and feveral of the Nobility of this Country, dined with the Hon. Mr. Hay, his Britannick Majefty's Envoy Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to this C o u r t : And Yfterday, being his M o d Faithful Majefty's Birth- Day, the Foreign Minifters paid their Compliments to their Majefties and the Royal Family ; after which there was a Publick Kiffing of Hands, in the ufual M a n n e r ; and in the Evening an Opera in the King's Private Theatre. WHITEHALL, July 1. T h e King has been pleafed to appoint the Right Honourable ^ V i l l i am •• Henry Earl of Rochford, Ambaftador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the Moft Chriftian King. T h e King has been pleafcd to appoint the Honourable George- Henry Lennox, commonly called Lord George- Henry Lennox, Minifter Plenipotentiary to the Moft Chriftian King. [ Tbu! far the G A Z E T T L . ] ROME, June 7. Several Bakers of this City have been condemned, in great Penalties, for being deficient in furnifhihg the City with Bread, as they were under Obligation to do. The Rains are ftill fo very great that public Prayers are put up in a i r o u r Churches for the Return of fine W e a t h e r , which is become neceffary to the Fruits of the Earth. A private Congregation was held a few Days ago toconfult on the beft Means for rendering the uncultivated Plains about Corneto and Tofcantlla, fertile in Corn. The Pope's Health mends daily. PARMA, June 9. Publick Prayers are put up all over Italy to obtain from Heaven a Ceflation of the Rains with which their Grounds there have been overflowed for fonie Time paft. ' I he miraculous Crucifixes of the Nuns of the Church of St. James of Florence, we learn, have juil: been uncovered for the fame Purpofe; and the People, who, as ufual, have great Confidence in them, invoke him from Morning to Evening. T h e other Cities of Italy refume alike their ancient Obje& s of Veneration. BRESLAU, June 12. Inoculation for the Small Pox, after having been performed with Succefs upon a great Number of Perfons in our Hofpitals, is juft now generally approved in this City, and the Magiftrates have caufed Publication to be made, that fuch Parents as are unable, on Account of Poverty, to adminifter it to their Children, have only to addrefs themfelves to one of the principal Phyficians to get it performed gratis. UTRECHT, June 26. Yefterday Afternoon, a Fire broke out at Hilverfum, a Village two Leagues and a Half from hence, in the Houfe of a J e w , who employed himfelf in melting T a l l ow ; and in very few Hours the Flames d<. ftroyed three hundred Houfes or Buildings, among others the great Church. It is not faid, that any Body has perifhed. The Damage is fuppofed to be upwards of 6 0 0 , 0 00 Florins. PARIS, June 20. The Hereditary Prince of Brunfwick took his Leave Ye' terday of their Mnjcfttes and rlie Ro Family; his Highnefs will fet out immediately upon a Vifit to the principal Cities of Italy. a m m c a t v B e t o s . NF. W- YORK, May 8. A Play being advertifed to be a£ ted on Monday Evening laif, gave great Offence to many of the Inhabitants of this City, who thought it highly improper that fuch Entertainments fhould be exhibited at this T i m e of public Diftrefs, when Number* of poor People can fcarcely find Means of Subfiftence; whereupon a Multitude of Perfons rufhed into the Houfe with Noife and T u m u l t, juft as the Play began, when the Audience efcaped, and; the Populace immediately demolifhed the Theatre, and carried its Ruins, together with the Scents, to the Common, and there burnt them. i l o n t > c t v 3 i u l g 1. Sunday the Rev. Dr. Henry Stebbing, Preacher at G r a v ' s - l n n , preached before their Majefties, feveral of the Royal Family and Nobility, at the Chapel Royal. T h e Right Honourable the Earl of Hertford carried ' the Sword of State to and from Chapel. ' v~ Letters from Bengal, dated the 7th of November laft, brought by a Dutch Indiam. tn, gn'e. aji Account that Lord Clive was, perfectly v . d l , and that every Thing was quiet and prolperous there. They likewife mention the Arrival of the Grenville and Speke Indiamen. By the Hannah, Captain Jarvis, who is arrived at Dover from Bofton, after a Paflage of twenty- fix Days, there is an Account from Harford in Connecticut, that on their receiving the News of the Repeal of the Stamp A£ t, they provided a large Quantity of Gunpowder, in order t o make Fire - Works for Rejoicing, and while they were preparing for it, the Powder by fome Accident took Fire, and blew up the whole Place. Twenty- feven People were killed, and feveral others had their Legs and Arms broke, which threw a great Damp 011 the Rejoicing. T h e y write from Herefordfhire, that there is fuch a Profpeft of a prodigious Quantity of Applas there this Summer, that it is thought above Half of them muft be thrown away. An Information, we hear, for wearing Cambrick, was this Day laid before Sir John Fielding, againft the Lord Chancellor, the Lord Chief Jutlice of the Common Pleas, Judge Clive, and Judge Alton, who appeared by their refpeiStive Council. Yefterday their Majefties, the Duke of Gloucefter, and the Princefsof Brunfwick, dined with Prince Henry Frederick, at Beaumont Lodge, near Windfor. W e are affured, that fome Emiflaries of France have been extremely aiflive amongft fome of the Sailors who went roucd the Word with Commodore Byron, in order to obtain Accounts of our new Difcoveries in the South Seas ; which, it is faid, are likely to prove of infinitely more Importance to the Nation than has yet been made known to the Public. i like a Globe of Fire, which di • n .. two Parts, and took different a - ns Ex., ail of a Letter from LIMOGES, ( in France) June 9. " Laft Monday ( the Octave of the feft ! of the Holy Sacrament) we had a vio: 1 Thunder Storm, when the Lightnir , a! on the Church of St. Michel- des Lit which was greatly damaged ; but the . ople had juft happily quitted t'he Chi. , ii, to follow the Proceflion. It appeal \>. JN , ^ . , . . . , „ Dr.-;.' •"• r. s Holes of a Foot Diameter were piade through the Brick- work of the Church, and large Iron Bars inapt afunoer. A great Dog was killed by the Side of a Beggar ; a Countryman's Cloaths were burnt on his Back, and a Hat on a little Boy's Head, without their receiving any Damage : T h e Hat of another Boy was alfo burnt in his Hand whilft he was ufing the Holy- Water. The other Part fell on a Houfe in the Faxbourg des Arenes, fix hundred Yards from the Church ' of St. Michael, and broke a Beam that was fixteen ' Inches Square, overthrew a Bed, fnapt an Iron Spit, and fhivered three Girders to Pieces; after which entering a T u j y b f Coals, they were all pulverized and fcattered about the Floor. The Shock which this Houfe received was fo great, that the Stair- Cafe is put three Inches' out of its Level, and all the Parts are disjointed." The Hon. Sir Charles Coote, Knight of the Bath, and Admiral Cornift), have petitioned his Majefty for a Share to themfclves, Officers and Men, of the E f - fects taken at Pondicherry, on the Coaft of Coromandel, and at Karakal on' the Coaft of Olixa, by thofe two greSt Commanders in 1761, equally with the Eaft- " India Company's Officers and Soldiers, which was refufed in India., and has- not as j e t 0 obtained in England. Adv.' c. is faid to be received,, that the S p a i n . are preparing to fetid out a Fleet of Obfeivation to the South- Seas. The gigantic Inhabitants of the Ifland difcovc: : by Commodore Byron, had not, it s f a i j , a ftngle offenfive Weapon amongft them, but, though drefled in Skins, had generally Bracelets of Gold upon their Arms, and were attended each with a Dog of uncommonly large Size. On Friday there was a Hearing before his Honour the Mafter of the Rolls, concerning a Legacy of about i o , o o o l . left by the late Sir Williarh Pynfent to the Right Hon. William Pitt^ Efq. which was contefted by for/ ie of the Relations of the deceafed Baronet; and after many learned Arguments of the moft eminent Counfel, it was determined in Favour of Mr. Pitt. A few Days fince Henry Wakelyn, Efq. of Epfom in Sur; y, threw himfelf out of his Chamber Window at that Place, and was fo much bruifeJ, that he died foon after : r h e C a u f e o f this unhappy Affair is not known as he is reputed to have died worth Ten Thoufand Pounds. Yefterday a Caufe came on before Lord Camden, at Guildhall, on an A£ tion brought by an inferior Officer againft a fuperior one, for trying him by a Court- Martial in the Eaft Indies, confining him in Irons, & c. when a Verdidt was given for the Plaintiff, with 400!. Damages, and Cofts of Suit. It is faid a certain Embaffador ftrongly difavows any Knowledge of his Court in the late Infiilts committed on the Englifh Flag in the Weft- Indies, and has promifed Indemnification. We heat the Statue of the good and patriotick Mr. Pitt, will be erected in every Province in America. T h i s Day the additional Duty of Sixpence per Gallon on all foreign Brandies imported, took Place. As the lateft Advices from the Eaft Indies, which are dated Nov. 7, take not the leaft Notice of A Revolution in fndoftan, or the Empire of the Great Mogul ; the . Account publifhed in the Paris G a z e f ' e of the 20th Inftanf, was probably infsrtcd tor fome private P u i p o f e; t^ e Empire. of Indoftan is faid to eomsiiT forty Millions of Souls, thirty of whom are Gentoos or Pagans, and ten Millions of Mahometans, all moft zealoufly devoted to the DefcenJants qf Tamerlane. It is now faiu that Mr. Pitt will not accept of any Departs, nt in the Adminiftration, hut that a new Mi i ; fotming, who will have the Santtio.. . f his Approbation, fome of whom are f r om remote Parts of the Country, and have never breathed the contaminated Air of the Court, who, notwithftanding, have Virtue and Abilities which will aftonifh and cover with Shame all the Sons and Minifters of Corruption. It is faid that a great Perfon's Refignation of a high Employment, was not owing to fuch a virtuous honourable Motive, as the being unfuccefsfu! in endeavouring to procure the Reconciliation of an unfortunate Ex; i e to his offended sovereign ( as was aflerted fome T i m e ago in the public Pap-.' rs) Th s is well known by thofe that are in the Secret of Affairs, and the Public will not remain long in Ignorance of the real Caufe of this anil other late Refignations. T h i s Morning Difp- atches were received from their Excellencies the Lords Juftices of Ireland. - Yefterday, between Six and St ; n the Evening, there was a molt v. Storm of Thunder and Lightening, attended with fuch inceiii'i. r Rain, as to render many of the Roads about London for fome T i m e impaflable. Highgate- Hill, quite down to Hollowa appeared as if it had never been an high Road, there not being the leaft Mark of the Wheel of a Carriage, or Track of an Horfe's Foot, owing to the Ditches running over into the Coach- way, occafioned by the Velocity of the Current. T h e y write from Copenhagen, that there has lately been dug up in one of the Mines in N o r w a y , a Piece of Silver O r e, which weighed 5& 0 Pounds,- being five Feet fix Inches long, aud four Feet in Circumference, which ; valued at five thoufand Crowns, and is depofited in ihe King of Denmark's Museum at Copenhagen. VVe hear from Caen in Normandy, that one Peter Le Grand dfed there, aged 115 : He worked in his Garden, for his own Amufement, ' till a W e e k before his Death. Private Letters from Leghorn advife, that Prince Heraclius of Georgia had gained a compleat Viftory over the Bafhaw of Erztrum, who had marched againft him with a Body of Fifty Thoufand Men. Saturday the Rev. Mr. Romaine went to the Marfhalfea, in the Borough, and paid the Debts for 26 poor Debtors, and rileafed them from Confinement. 1 he Royal Academy of Sciences at Stockholm have given a Premium to the Sieur de Stullenfiekf, for pointing out a Method of making Bricks without Fire. T h e y write from Cadiz, that fome Workmen, in repairing the Caftleof Verona, within three Miles of that City, dug up a beautiful Copper Statue of the Emperor Adrian, 17 Feet high. [ P R I C E Two- Pence Halfpenny.) ADVERTISEMENTS for this extenfive JOURNAL are taken in by Mr. Newbery in London; Mr. Cadel! and Mr. Palmer in Briftol; Mr. Wimpey at Newbery; Mr. Stretch at Caine : Mr. Raikes at Gloucefter; Mrs. Warne, at Chippenham; Mr. Cafs at Wei'. ; Mr Slade at Wincanton; Mr. ' iartun at 9heptu, i- MaJleti Mr. Goadby at Sherborne; Mr. Collins at Salifbury; Mr. Bnrrot^ h, i t Devizes; and by the Men who vend it. At the Printing- office in Kmg's- Mead- Street may be had all Sorts of Patent Mecicines, Blank Warrants, & c. No Letters received unlefsPpvr- p AID * io6 S& antctJ, A C A R E F U L SOBER M A N ' a nd WOMAN, it' Hufband and Wife the better, not lefs than Forty Years old, who have fome Knowledge jn the Woollen Manufacture, can Write and Read, Brew and Bake, and are willing to undertake the Care of a Parifh Work Houfe, as Mafter and Matron. JE^" If any fuch, well recommended for Sobriety and Diligence, will apply to Mr. RICHARD TAYLER, © verfeer of the Poor of the Parifh of LACOCK, Wilts, they may be informed of further Particulars, and treated with. B O D D E LY's C& ig D a p PuWift'O, P r i c e O N E S H I L L I N G, AL E T T E R to the Rev. , of J U S T I F I C A T I O N : Or the Vulgar Notion of IMPUTED RIGHTEOUSNESS ( hBewyn toJ bOe gSroEunPdleHfs . J ANE , B. D. ReHor of ACTON, Glocefterfhire. BRISTOL; Printed and Sold by WILLIAM PINE, in Wine- ftreet. B A T H J O U R N A L . CO BE S O L D , VOL. xxi n By the KING'S AUTHORITY, On TUESDAY, July I, WAS Publijhed, Price Six PENCE, ( llluft rated ' with a Whole- Sheet Copper Plate, being No. IV. of the Roads of England, in which is delineated the Road from Brijiol to Huntfpil/, ' with a Branch to Bath and Brif tol; alfo the Road from London, to the 145 th Mile Stove in the Way to Berwick ;— the Arms elegantly engraved, of the mojl Noble Beauclerk, Duke of St. Albans ;— and a new Song fet to Mufic) The UNIVERSAL Magazine O F K N O W L E D G E and P L E A S U R E : For J U N E , 1766. N o . C C L X V I . VO L . X X X V I I I . Containing ( in Eight Pages ex'raordmary, and feveral Copper Plates) IEXPLANATION of Plate IV, of the Roads of England. Hiftory of Sir George Eliilon. New Crowning, or Head for Chimnies, to cure them of fmoaking. Occafional Letter on Female Virtue, with domeltic and elegant Accomplifliments. Memoirs of the Maichionef's de Pompadour, finilhed. Fit it Difcovery ef the Medicinal Water at Tunbridge Weils. Hiftory of England, continued. Genealogy of the mod Nobis Beauclerk, Duke of St. Albans. Life ot Thomas Wentwo> th, Earl of Strafford, fiiiiftied. His affe£ ling Letter to his Son, from the Tower. Narrative of the dilhef- ful Voyage, and miraculous Deliverance of C'apt, David Harrifon. Grants, by Parliament, for the Year 1766. Ways and Means for f i l i n g the Supply granted. Proceedings in thelalt Seflioiv of Parliament. Favourite Scotch Song. - Ode for his Majefty's Birth- Day, liy the Poet- Laureat. — Performed at the Cattle of Dublin, on the fame Occalion — Prologue and Epilogue at the opening briftol Theatre. — Seeing Life, a Song. — A Paftoral. Abilraa of an A a for regulating the Hupping Coals at Newcaitle and Sunderland. Of an A f t to prohibit the Importation of Foreign Wrought Silks and Velvets, and for preventing Combination's' of Workmen in the Silk Manufacture. Of an A f t , & c. for paving the Town and Borough of Southwark. Of an Aft for repealing the Duties on Houfes and Windows, and for granting other Duties thereon. Famous Receipt for the Rheuiriatifm. News Foreign and Domedir. Births, Marriages Deaths, Preferments, Promotions, Bankrupts, new Books, Prices of Stocks and Corn, Bills of Mortality, & c. & c. Printed for J. H I N T O N , removed from Sewgate- JIreet, to the King's- Arms in Pater- nefter- Row, near Warwick- Lane, London, and fold by all the Bookfellers in Great- Britain and Ireland. Where alfo may be had, The 37Volumes neatly bound and lettered, Price 81. 7!. half- bound 7I. 8s. fid. or any fitigle Number from the beginning at 6d. each. N. B. Be careful to ajk for the UNIVERSAL M A G A Z 1 N F.. About the Middle of July will be Pullijhed the SUPPLEMENT to the 3% ih Volume of the U N I V E R S A L MAGAZINE. Thurfday, June 12, was publijhed, Elegantly printed in two Volumes, Quarto, with the Author's lajl Correction, and Copious In dexes to the whifle Wori in that Size. THE Continuation of the Complete HISTORY of E N G L A N D ; from the Treaty of Aix- la Chape'le, to the End of the Year 1764, including, A Complete Hiftory of the late War. By T. S M O L L E T T , M. D. Gentlemen who purchafed the former Volumes in Quarto, down to the Year 1748, to which a full and accurate Index is given with the above Two, are defired to tomplete their Sets as fron as pofiible. The Hidory of England and Continuation from the Defcent of Julius 1 tefar to the End of the Year 1764, complete in 16 Vols. 8vo. with 217 Copper- Plates by Strange, Grignion, & c. may be had, Price 4!. 10;. bound. Alfo juft publijhed, Dr. S M O L L E T T ' s TRAVELS through France and Italy : Containing Obfervations on Character, Cufloms, Religion, Governments, Police, Commerce, Arts, and Antiquities: With a particular Defcrfption of the Town, Territory, and Climate of Nice : T o which is added, a Regiller of - the Weather kept during a Refidence of Eighteen Months in that City. In 2 Vols. 8vo. Price 8s. in Boards, and 10s. bound. Printed for R. Baldwin, in Pater- nofter- Row, and fold by W. Taylor, Bookfeller, in Bath; and by all other Bookfellers in Town » nd Cojintry. JUNE 30, 1766. Co be Lett, And Entered on A? M I C H A E L M A S next, A Large D W E L L I N G HOUSE, 1 \ . fituate at MELKSHAM, in the Ceunty of Wilts ; confiding of three Parlours, a Hall, a Kitchen, Scullery, Brew- Houfe, Wafh- Heufe, a good Garden, fpacious Court Yard, " and a Paddock of about an Acre adjoining to the Premifes ; with Stabling fufficient to lodge 15 Horfes, and every other Convenience for a large Family, either in Trade or'out. This Houfe will on Enquiry be foundto fuit any Woollen Manufaaurer, as there ai Sofiices fufficient for carrying on a very extenfive Trade in that Branch, quite detach'd from that Part of the Houfe which is inhabited. Any Perfon applying within a Month from the Date hereof, will have an Opportunity of purchafing Part of the Houfhold Goods, which are to be difpos'd of on reafoiiable Terms, to fave the Trouble of moving. N. B. The P rem if.' s are to be Lett either with or without 20 Ames of Land. For Particulars enquire of JOHNAWDRY 011 the Premifes. - • A Large, Handfome, Subftantial, J T \ . W e l l - b u i l t MESSUAGE or T E N E M E NT fituate in Stall- Street, B A T H ; now in the Pofleflion of Mr. HAMILTON, Apothecary.— For further Particulars enquire of Mr. HAR FORD, Attorney in Bath. BATH, July 5, 1766. HE Firft Public MEETING _ of the COMMISSIONERS for better Paving, Cleanfing, Lighting, Watching, and Regulating the Streets, Lanes, Ways, and Paffages of this City, and for other Purpefes ; is hereby order'd and appointed to be held on TUESDAY next, the Eighth Indant, at Four o'Clock in the Afternoon, at the Guildhall of the faid City. Edward Bujhell Collibee, Mayor. M A R C H H O T - W E L 1 , S , ' 1 7 6 6 . B R I S T O L , T C& ig Day tg Publico, U Price Six- Pence, ^ / j ( With a new and accurate Map of the Road from London to York; being - the Eighth Map of the Series. Meafured from the Royal Exchange J The Gentleman's Magazine For J U N E , 1766. Containing, more in Quantity and greater Variety, than any other Book of the Kind and Pri'.' e "" THE Lords Proteft concerning Privilege, in the Cafe of Mr. Wilkes. Curious Anecdote concerning Duelling, Some Account of Dean Swift's Letters. Serious Thoughts on the Profligacy of the Poor. The Immortality of the Soul, the Doarine of original Sin, and the NecefTity of Regeneration examinjd^. Antiquities rel. tive to RobinHood. Dr. Smoljet's Travels into Sicily continued. A'ls/ arTauve of the Didredes and Deliverance of Capt. Harrifon and his Crew. Defcrjption of an^ ntient Portrait, with a View of . difcoveringjlj^ Painter. Life and Aftions of Lord Ciive. ^ CuifT for an inveterate Scuivy. A Renrark concern-^ • ing the E r r o 4 and Defefts fof large - an^ h^ oiluminous Works. Atteliation of the dying Declaration of the Famous George Buchanan. Inftruaions to the newCommiflioners df Sewers and theirlnfpeaors. A curious Paper- deliver'd to the Chiefs of the Tory Oppolition by a great Prince. Peat and Coal Allies excellent Manures. An Addiefs to the French Aftronorners. Mr. CoMiftfon's Account of the Introduaion of Rice and Tar into our American Colonies. Abdraft of the late Window Aft. American Recipe for the Rheumatil'iru.. Grants for the Year 1766. Ways and Means to raife th; Money. A curious Account of the Nidus of fome unknown Infeas. Method ofdedroying Pifmires. Defcription of the true Sarfaparella. Poetry, Lilt of Books, with Remarks. Hiltorical Chronicle. Mifcellaneous Articles. Lills, as ufual. Prices of Corn, See. & c. By S V L V A N U S U K B A N , Gent. LONDON : Printed by D. HENRY at St. John's Gate; and fold by all Bookfellers and News Carriers. By A U T H O R I T Y . C& is D a g is IPubliOTD, For the Ufe of Churches and Private Families, a N EW EDITION, elegantly printed in Folio, Price 1 2s. bound, CE R T A I N S E R M O N S or HOMILIES, appointed to be Read in Churches in the Time of Queen ELIZABETH of Famous Memory. Together with the 39 Articles of Religion. Printed for J. Rivington, W. Strahan, R. Baldwin, J. Fuller, L. Hawes and Comp. G. Keith, S. Crowder, B. Law, E. and C. Dilly, and B. Collins ; and fold by W . Taylor, Bookfeller, in Bath. Of whom may he had, Mr. Franklin's Sermons on the Relative Duties, preached at Queen's- dreet Chapel, and St. Paul's Covent- Garden. Price 4s. bound. Mr. Barnes's Twenty- three Sermons on Moral, Theological, and Praftical Subjefts, Two Vols. 10s. bound. A Syftem of Divinity and Morality : In a Series of Difcourles on the Effential Parts of Natural and Revealed Religion : Compiled from the Works of the molt eminent Divines of the Church of England. To which are added, fome Occalional Difcourfes. The Whole Revifed and Correaed by Ferdinands Warner, LL. D. A new Edition in 8vo. 4 Vols. Price 20s. bound. A Sermon preached at the Funeral of John Earl of Rochefter, who died at Woodftock Park July 26, 1680. By Thomas Parfons, M. A. The'Fourteenth Edition, Price ^. d. or 30s. per Hundred. In St. James's- Street, BATH, Young G E N T L E M E N are Boarded, And E D U C A T E D, By J O H N WIGNALL, A n d P R O P E R M A S T E R S. Co be Lett, And enter'd upon at MICHAELMAS next, r - p w o Very Compleat FARMS X adjoining to each other, confiding of rich Meadow and exceeding good Pafture and Arable Land, with a very good Farm Houfe, Barns, Stables, and all other sonvenient Buildings and Offices for each Farm, fituate at and near Iford and Farleigh Caftle, in the County .. of Somerfet, and now rented by Mis', Joyce ! Stevens. * N. B. One of thefe Farms is Tythe- free, and both the Farn » s arc in exceeding good Condition. Alfo to be Lett immediately, the Manfion- Houfe at IFORD aforefaid. Further Particulars mayfbe had of Mr. • SMITH, Attorney at Law, at Bradford, Wilts. Co be ilett, At St. THOMAS DAY next,' or former, if required, AConvenient HOUSE oppofite the Saracen's Head in Broad- Street, Bath, now in Poffeffion of Mr. Edward Marchant. Alfo to be L E T T immediately, 5" Modern Well- finifhed HOUSE in ihe King's Circus. A Journeyman Apothecary wanting. For Particulars enquiie of WILLIAM STREET, Apothecary and Chemift, at the Phosrix in Ndfufgate- llrijet, BAT. H. LO G G O N ' S ROOMS, I N N a nd TAVERN, are Open'd for the SEASON : Where the " bed Accommodations may be depended on.-— Dinner dred on the fhorted Notice.— JBieakfafts a n ( j Afternoon Teas as ufual. Neat WINES, and a good Larder. LODGINGS, either by the Week or Night.— The Beds well aired. Cfus Dap toaalpublifijeD, Neatly printed in four Volumes Twelves, a New Edition, being the Fifth, Price x is. bound, TH E A D V E N T U R E R . By J O H N H A W K E S W O R T H , L . L . D . J O - SEPH W A R T O N , A . A . a n d O t h e r s. Printed for A . Millar, W. Strahan, J. Rivington, R. Baldwin, J. Dodfley, X. Hawes, W. Clarke and R. Cellins, T . Lowndes, J. Coote, and M. Richardf » n ; and fold by W . Taylor, Bookfeller, in Bath. Of whom may be had, The Connoiffeur, by Mr. Town, 4. Vols. iimo. 4th Edit. Price uis. — The Rambler, 4 Vols, by Mr. S. Johnfon, i2ino. 6th Edit. Price 12s.— The World, 4. Vols, by Mi. Moore, and Others, Price 12s.— The Adventures of Gill Blafs of Santlllane ; a new Translation : By the Author of Roderick Random, 4 Vols. Price 8s,— Don Quixote, in 4 Vols, iim'o.-. with 28 new Copper- Plates, defigned by Hayman, Price 12s. bound.— The Adventures of Roderick Random, in 2 Vols. i2mo. Price 6s.— The Adventures © f Peregrine Pickle, in which are included Memoirs of a Lady of Quality, in 4 Vols. 3d Edit. ' Price 12s. — The Hiftory of Ophelia, by the Author of David Simple, 2 Vols. Price 6s.— The Life and Adventures of Mr. Cleveland, Natural Sen of 01 iver Cromwell, 4 Vols. Price 12s. lb. oz. dr. 0 7 9 0 10 2 0 9 0 2 1 4 4 I 11 2 I 14 6 2 8 11 3 12 12 E 1 6 7 9 8 10 2 12 11 6 4 ' S 4 2 The ASSIZE of BREAD, Set the 5th Day of JULY, 1766, For the C I T Y of B A T H : To take place 011 the 8th Day of JULY, and to be in Force for the faid City of BATH for the fpace of feven Days. Price of Wheat 5s. per bufhel. Allowance to theBaker for baking i s . per bufhel. T h e Penny Loaf W h i t e is t o w e i g h — D i t t o W h e a t e n ; s to wei^ h —— D i t t o Houlhold is t o weigh The Two Penny Loaf White is to weigh Ditto Wheaten is to weigh Ditto Floufhold is « o weigh -—- The Three Penny Loaf Wheaten is to w e i g h ••• Ditto Houfliold is to weigh — The Six- penny Loaf Wheattn is to weigh Ditto Houfliold is to weigh The Twelve- penny Loaf Wheaten is t o weigh - Ditto Houfhold is to weigh The Eiijhteen- penny Loaf Wheaten is to weigh - Ditto Houfhold is to weigh And it is order'd by the Mayor and Judices, that the bakers do take Care to mark the feveral forts of bread in fuch Manner as is required by the ltatute in that behalf lately made, ( that is to fay) Upon every Loaf expofed to fale as Wheaten bread a large Roman W, and upon every Loaf expofed to fale as Howdiold bread, or brown bread, a large Roman H. N. B. If any bread fuall be found deficient inWeight according to the Aflize above fet, the baker or other Perfon making fuch bread for fale, or felling, fending out, or expofing the fame to or for fale, forfeits to the Informer a Sum not exceeding Five Shillings, nor lefs than One Shilling, for every Ounce fo deficient, and for all under an Ounce a Sum not exceeding Two Shillings and Six- pence, nor lefs than Six- pence. And every Baker and other Perfon aferefaid, who ( hall negleft to mark the feveral Sorts of Bread as abovtmention'd, forfeits to the Informer a Sum not exceeding Twenty Shillings, nor lefs than Five Shillings ; fo that the faid bread be brought before a Magiftiate, and weighed by him within twentyfaur Hours'after bought. And if any Bread ( on Search made by a Magillrate) ( hall in any Houfe, Shop, Stall, Bake Houfe, Ware Houfe or Out Houfe of any Baker or Seller of Bread, be found to be wanting either in the Goodnefs ef the Stuff whereof the fame ( hall be made, or to be deficient in the due baking or working thereof, fuch Magiflrate may feize the fame, and difpofe thereof at his Difcretion. No Baker to fell any White Bread, except Penny or Two- penny Loaves, under the Penalty of Forty Shillings. E D W A R D BUSHELL C O L L I B E E , Mayor. DR. JAMES's POWDER, for Fevers, the Small- pox, Meafles, Pleurifies, Qninfies, acute Rbeumatifms, Coldo, and all Inflammatory Difordcrs; as well as for thofe which are called Nervous, Hypochondriac, and Hyfteric. P. rice 2s. 6d. the paper, with good Allowance to tnofe who buy it for charitable Ufes, or to fell again. ( Cj" Experience having tiught, that this Medicine, which U a fafe and certain Cuie for the above Diforders, is better prepared for Sea Service ( and more convenient) in Bottles, than made up as ufual in Marble Paper, the CommifUoners, who have the Direftion of the Medicines employed in the Navy, have ord* rcd this Powder to be fo preferved for the Ufe of all his Majefly's Ships of War, and a large Quantity is alfo made up in the fame Manner for Merchants and Captains of Trading Ships, ae well as for thofe who are any Way concerned in Voyages or the Sea Service. This Medicine is fold enly by J. NEWBERY, at the Bible and Sun in St. Paul's Church- Yard, London, and by thofe who are empowered by him to fell it in the feveral Towns of Great- Britain, Ireland, and the Colonies. Of whom maybe had, Dr. JAMES'S MILD POWDER for the Diforders abovementioned, which is prepared from the fame Materials as the other Powder, but fo contrived as to have little or no fenfibleOperation, and on that Account is the more proper for Women under certain Circumftances, and thofe whofe Conftitiitions are extremely delicate: And it is more than probable, that this Powder, by taking off the Acrimony will prevent Pitting in the Small- Pox. — Price 2s. 6d. fCf3 The above Powders are fold by J. Keene, S. Leake, W. Frederick, W. Taylor, W. Street, and L. Lambe, in BATH; J. Palmer, T. Cadell, and A. B r o w n , in BKISTOL. j - 1 « / / j , D for whic JOHN HORTON, THOMAS ATWOOD, Juftices. Sold by J . KEENE, at the Printing- Office in King's- Mead- Street, BATH, and the Men who carry this Journal. | R . R O B E R T W A L K E R ' s r Genuine and True Original Jefuits Drops, or which his Majefty was pleafed to honour him with his Royal Letters Patents forEngland, Ireland, Scotland, and the Plantation* in America, are fold in Bottlfs at 5s. and 2s, 6d. each; which faidPatent Jefuits Drops are a certain Cure to Perfons of both Sexes afflidied with the V E N E R E A L D I S E A S E , or an obftinate and inveterate Gleet, 01 draining Weaknefles of the Reins or Kidnies, whether occafioncd by Venereal Complaints or otherCaufes. They arc the motf certain, pleafant, cheap, effeflual, and immediate Cure in the World for the feveral Diforders above- mentioned ; is alfo a great Strengthner and Purifierin the Blood, and in all Scorbutic Humours, has no Mercurials in its Compofition, ar. d neither purges nor vomits, but carries the Diforder clean off by Urine ( the Dofe only 15 Drops in a little White Wine or Water, or on a Lump of Sugar, and is an excellent Remedy for Travellers and others going to Sea, as to be taken fofeciet, that even aBedfellow cannot rnakeDifcovery, and at and Time, in anySeafon or Climate, withoutAlteration of Diet, or Hindrance of Bufmefs ; and eradicated Rwot ani Brar. cb, all the poifonous Symptons of thofe loathfomeDiftempers, without the leaflDiflafte to the Palate, Diforder of the Body, or Confinement whatever) and abfolntely anfwer all the Ends that can be expe& ed by Salivation, without going thro' that dangerous Operation. The Succefs of the Pa. tent JESUITS DROPS having induced feveral cer, t a i n QHacks t 0 imitate and Wal! versr-. Y,;" 3 fpur' 0ub Medicine f - J ^ Wlonder the fame Name and J B l l l l t i S jjyj] I ' tie, t ® the great Detri- VT) YY~> T> C*/> ijy m e n t '' 1e Patient, this ( r / \ L ' J \ s ^ y Caution i thought nccef- ' fary te be given, that none are the Genuine and True Original Jefims Drops, but thofe that are fcaled witVh inthceit PVateernittaese. ' s Name, J . a s WinE tSheS EMLaSrg iann. d Co VOL. XXIII. C o fie i L e t t i m m c B t a t e i p, F i P v V O New- B u i l t C o n v e n i e nt J_ HOUSES, i » Walcot- ttreet, near St. Michael s Church, RATH. — Enquire of Mr. PHILLOT, at the Three- Tuns. B O D D E L Y ' s B A T H J O U R N A L. For ihe Benefit of Mr. P O W E L L . Or F R I D A Y , July iS, at the New Theatre In B R I S T O L , will be reviv'd a Comedy cf Shak.; gear's, call'd Much ado about Nothing. Benedic, Mr. P O W E L L . Beatrice, Mrs. P O W E L L . rBeing the ficond Time of her appearing on any Stage.) i F r i n a p and ^ a t u c D a p ' s P o f t g. f j - flrrivd a Mailfrom Holland. C O P E N H A G E N . June 13. fFHtft ESTE LI D A Y the King went k . v si w u h h i s B l o I l K ' r P r i n c e F r e" jar * detick to the Dock Yard, to fee the new Men of War launched, viz. the Caroline- Matilda of 70 G u n s ; the Chriftianfoe of 30 G u n s; and the Farroe of 20 Guns. His Maj e f ty afterwards went on board the Denmark Man of W a r in the Road, and dined there with feveral of the Nobility. It is generally believed that the King's Marriage will take Place in October next; and it is worthy of Obfervation, that when his Majefty ismarried, there will be three Queens refiding at this Court. V E R S A I L L E S , June 18. The grand Deputation of the Parliament of Befancon, who had been fent for by the King, were introduced into his Majefty's Chamber the 14th Inft. at Eight o'Clock at Night. The Deputies, fevenin Number, were received by the King fitting in his Chair of State, in the Prefence of the Minifters of his Council and his grand Officers, when he gave them the following Anfwer : " I am gfeatly diffatisfied with the Conduft of my Parliament. They ought not to have made Remonftrances to me on what hath paffed at Pau and Brittanny, after I had made known to them that they were not permitted to occupy themfelves thereon; much lefs ought they to have undertaken to alter the Principles configned in my anfwer of the 3d of March laft. I order you to inferibe it in your Regifters without delay ; and I will not fuffer it to be erafed. Go and hear the Arret by which I have annulled your Arrets." T h e Duke de ChoifevJ then read the K i n g ' s Arret, of which his Majefty gave a Copy to the Deputies, and they retired. PARIS, June 19. Thefigningof the Arret for the Execution of the young Men of Abbeville, who prophaned the Crucifix there, has been hitherto fufpended, in order to give their Friends an Opportunity toobtain, at leaft, fome Mitigation of their Sentence ; which iamuch the more to be wifhed, becaufe three out of the five Perfons concerned have made their Eicape, and the remaining two are but 15 or 16 Years of Age. However, n o Intereft, that has been made in their Favour, has yet prevailed. HonDon, 3iulg 3. Ext rati of a Letter from an Officer at Antigua, to bis Friend in London. " A General Court Martial was held at the Barracks in Antigua, the 24th of March, for the Trial of two Soldiers of the 68th Regimeut, viz. Thomas Nicholls for Defertion, and John Cane for Mutiny : T h e former was adjudged Death, the latter one thoufand Lathes ; but fuch is the Humanity of the prefent Governor, that he laid afide the Sentence pafled by the Court Marflial of Death on Nicholls, and ordered him to receive two hundred Laflies, to be inflicted at two different Times : Cane's Sentence he likewife mitigated to two hundred Lathes. Nicholls is the Fifth that has been condemned to todiefor Defertion, without one Sentence being put in Execution." T h e y write from Paris, that the Chevalier Charles Edward had been feized in Italy with a dangerous Diftemper, of the Epileptic Kind, and was not relieved when the laft Letters came away. We are credibly informed, that Mr. P—, during his glorious Adminiftration, never received to his own Ufe any of the Profits or Emoluments belonging to his Office, except the bare Sallary that every Body knows to be annex'd to it, he having always caufed to be depofited in the Treafury, for public Ufe, all the Money allowed him for fecret Service; together with all the Perquifites of his Office, ttiahy Thoufands of which have ever fince, and ftill remain in the Treafury, which the Lords thereof know not what to do w i t h; nor would any of the Miniftry, fince his Refignation, take upon themfelves to difpofe° of, or meddle with it, left this generous inflexible Patriot fhould again become Prime Minifter, and call them to account for it, as none but him has a Right to difpole of it. The Annals of this Country csnnot produce fuch another Inftance of minifterial Difintereftednefs and public Spirit, tho' France can boaft her Duke of Sully, who, perhaps, was the only Minifter that has ever difplayed the patriotic Virtues of Mr. P—. We hear feveral new Grants of Land, to the Amount of 34,000 Acres, in the Province of Eaft Florida, now lie ready to be figned by his Majefty. Friday two Men, who were employed in pulling down the Stone Bridge at Salop, found a Purfe with feveral Roman Coins in it, and other valuable Things. T h e late Rev. Mr. Sykes, of Prefton, in K e n t , has left, by his W i l l , i o o o l . to the Dean and Chapter of Canterbury, in T r u f t for fix poor Widows of Clergymen, within that Diocefe, the Intereft to. be applied to their Ufe forever. We are credibly informed, that when Commodore Byron touched at Falkland Ifle he found the Place deferted, nor were there any Traces of former Inhabitants to be found. The Report of the Dolphin having k i t an Englifh Colony on Shore there, is entirely without Foundation. T w o other Men of War, wiih fix Tranfports, will fail with the Dolphin Man of W a r to the new difcovered Ifland in the a; reat South Sea We are informed that Tome Ships of War will be immediately ordered to cruife on the French Coaft, to watch the Motions of the Fleets now fitting out at Breft and Toulon. We hear that the Right Hon. the Earl of Rochford will be furnifhed with afpirited Memorial to the Court of France, with reg » rd to the Payment of the Canada Bills, before his Departure for his Ambafly to that Kingdom. I t is faid, that the Right Hon. George Lenox will be continued as Secretary to the Earl of Rochford, during his Ambaffy to the Court of France. T h e Duke of York will make a very f h o r t S t a y at Briftol, we are informed his Royal Highnefs's Intention being to take the T o u r of Wales. T h e Public may be allured, that Prince William Henry is entirely recovered from the Hurt he received from his Fall at Af- , cot Races, his Royal Highnefs having ac- " companied the Princefs of Brunfwick, and the Duke of Gloucefter, to Richmond T h e a t r e , on Saturday Evening laft. T h e African Company of Merchants are now contracting for feveral hundred Tons of Shipping, to carry Goods and Stores to their Settlements on the Gold Coaft in Africa, where European Goods are rnuch wanted. „> A great Number of Hufbandmen and Gardeners were engaged iaft W e e k to go to New York, upon extraordinary Encouragement given them. T h e Quantity of Salmon in the River Thames at this T i m e is fuppofed to be i amazingly great, no lefs than one hundred and thirty being fent to Billingfgate for Yefterday's M a r k e t ; all which had been caught between Thurfday and Sunday. Friday Night, between Eleven and Twelve, Mr. Hudfon, Mercer, in Hoibom, was knocked down by two Fellows at the upper Eud of Chancery Lane, who took from him his W a t c h , two Guineas , and fome Silver, with which they made koff. d own Chancery Lane, fMonday came on at Guildhall, before Lord Camden and a Special J u r y , a Caufe An elderly Gentlewoman, at a Place between Mr. Salnier, Plaintiff, and ll « L Qt^ r- h- MoiT R i J i l n called Stock near Baddovmv itnn VE( fTfPeVx , hhaass On n t a i n o f Ma r i n f . n p f p n H a n inocu attd feveral hundred Perfons'with furpriftng Succefs at Six pence per Head. We hear from Kinfale, that laft Week was killed and fold in the Market there, by one Mr. Creed, a five- year old Bullock, fed by Mr. Barret of the County of Clare, which weighed between 13 and 1400 Weight, and had upwards ot 150 Pounds of Fat in him. Sunday, between Five and Six o'Clock in the Afternoon, the Sally, Capt. Goodwin, from Dunkirk, lying- at Horfleyduwn- Stairs, laden with Brandy, & c. by fome Accident caught Fire, and notwithftanding all poffible Means were ufed to extinguifh it for near two Hours, they were obliged at laft to fcuttle and fink her, to prevent the Ship and C^ rgo from being wholly deftroyed. A Report prevails in Scotland, that the Pythagoras, Syme, bound for Rotterdam, having » good, many Pai'iengers aboard, was loft near Yarmouth Roads, about the Middle of May laft, and that all on board perifhed. As no Accounts of that Veffel have as yet come to Hand, or can be obtained, this, joined to fome other Circumftances relating to a Wreck on the Englith Coafts afford too ftrong Preemption that the Ship, Cargo and Paffengers, are all loft. On Saturday laft an elderly Man, driving a Lime- Cart along Barnaby- Street, Southwark, trod upon fome Pea fhei's, and flipped down, when the Wheel went over his Body and killed him on the Spot. On Thurfday the Miftrefs of a Public- Houfe at Stains being delirious, got out of her Room in the Abfence of the Nurfe, went into a back Yard, threw herfelf into a Piece of Water, and was drowned. Private Letters from Madrid mention, that in the Conclufion of the T r e a t y of Peace with the Morocco Embaflador, the Ifland of Fedal was to be delivered up to his Catholic Majefty by W a y of Hoftage. A few Days ago were f d z e d , by the Officers of the Cuftoms at Leitb, 2200 Weight of Birmingham Halfpence, which had been imported f r om London. Captain of a Man of W a r , Defendant; ^' the ACtion was laid for i o , o o o l . for prefixing the Plaintiff, a Captain in the India Company's Service, and putting him on board the Falmouth Man of W a r for fifteen Months. After a Hearing of fix Hours, and examing fifty Witneffes, the Jury found a Verdi£ t for the Plaisttiff with 400I. Damages and Cofts of Suit. T h e y write from Amfterdam, that a Dutch Man of W a r , of 74 Guns, ready to be launched, was to be named in Honour of the Princefs Louifa of England, intended Confort to the Hereditary Prince Stad ( holder. A Salletine Corfair, of 14 G u n s , is frranded near Gibraltar ; Governor Irwin took the Crew under his Protection, in order to be fent Home. Private Letters from Paiis mention, that mild Meafures, in Regard to the Corficans, had been ftrongly recommended by the Ambaffadors of two foreign Powers. A Letter j u f t received from Newfoundland mentions, that, by the Difpofition of his M a j e f t y ' s Ships of W a r , the French, at St. Peter's and Miquelon, are effectually tied up, for this Seafon, from carrying on any illegal Intercourfe with either the Englifh or Indians. On Monday laft M r . Edward Francis, of Ramfbury in - Wilts, returning Home from Amefbury Fair, where he had been to fell Cattle, was robbed of upwards of 95]. in Money, on the Road leading from Knowle Farm to Ramfbury, by 2 Footpads ; on of whom, viz. Stephen Wilkins, of Wantage, Berks, Weaver, was apprehended and carried to Salifbury Gaol on Saturday. The other, we hsar, is taken, and committed to the Bridewell at Marlborough. Tuefday a Packet was received at St. James's, from his Serene Highnefs the Hereditary Prince of Brunfwick. It is faid his Highnefs propofes to make a Vifit to the Court of Savoy. They write From Leghorn, that fome Scots Officers, in the Service of General Paoli, had introduced the Ufe of High- ' land Targets among the Corficans. I O 7 On Monday Evening, about Seven o'Clock, a Brickmaker and his W i f e having fome Words in a Field near Dobney's Bowling Green Houfe, the Man draggt d the Woman into a Ditch, where he continued beating her with a large Stick until { he was quite dead. A f iw Days fince a Woman j; enteely dreffid was found murdered, with her T h r o a t cut from Ear to Ear, in a Wood near Sutton Coldfield, Warwickthire. She was canied to the Irifh Harp near that Place, where the J u r y fat on her Body, and brought in their Verdi£ t Wilful M u r - der againft fome Perfon or Perfons unknown. I t is fa, id her Highnefs the Hereditary Prfncefs of Brunfwick is pregnant. PHILADELPHIA, April 17. T h e Snow Nancy, Walter K e r r , Matter, left Briftol the 17 th of January, bound for this P o r t ; about the Beginning of March they fell in with the Sloop Ann, John Jones^ M a f t e r , of and from Rhode Ifland, bound for Jamaica, but being in great Diftrefs, Capt. Kerr took the faid Jones and his People on, board the Snow, and proceeded on his Voyage until the 5th Inftant, when at 4 o'Clock in th- Morning flic ftruck on Hereford Bar, about 17 Miles to the Northward of Ciipe May, being carried thither, as is fuppofed, by a ftrong Current. Hutchinfon the Carpenter, Magnus Sinclair, John Gowens, and John Stanfbury, were all that were faved out of 28 Perfons, who continued on her Deck until 4 o'Clock in the Afternoon, hanging by the Quarter Deck Rails, and upper Gunnel, & c. as fhe lay on her Beam E n d s; but at low W a t e r they made a R a f t , and, as is fuppofed, all got on it, expecting the T i d e of Flood to drive them on Shore. The Raft Came there well fecured ; and a Hen - coop lafhed to the upper Part, with their Cloaths fluffed in it, coming alhore underneath the R a f t , fliewed it had overfet, and the People all perifhed 5 twelve of their Bodies have fince been found, and decently buried. [ The Lift of the Perfons drowned, was inferted in our Paper of Monday laji.] BOSTON, ( New England,) May 26. On Friday fe'nnight were received, by Capt. Coffin, the important News of the Repeal of the Stamp A £ t ; upon which the Bells in the T o w n were f e t a ringing, the Ships in the Harbour dif^ Layed their Colours, Guns were difcharged in different Parts of the T o w n , and in the Evening were feveral Bonfires. According to a previous Vote of the T o w n , the Selectmen met in the Afternoon at Faneuilhall, and appointed Monday laft for a Day of general Rejoicings on that happy Occafion. The Morning was ufhered in with Mufick, ringing of Bells, and the difcharge of Cannon, the Ships in the Harbour and many of the Houfes in T o w n , being adorned with Colours. By the Generofityof fome Gentlemei » remarkable for their Humanity and Patri « otifm, our Gaol was freed of Debtors. Births and Burials this Week in London. Males zio Females 243 In all 453 ( Males 161 „ Chnft- \ pe m a | e s I Z 2 Bue n e d 1 In all 283 ned_ Increafed in the Burials this Week 65. Prices of CORN per Bujhel at the following Places, at lafi Week's Market. G L O C E S T E R . The . Bufhel 9 Gallons, zi Bulhels to the Score. Wheat 5!. 9d. to 6s. 4d. j Beans 4s. od, to 4s, 41}. Barley 3s. 3d. to 3s. 6d. | Oats 3s. od. to 3s, 3d. C I R E N C E S T E R . The Bulhel 9 Gallons, 20 Buthels to the Score, Wheat 4S. iod. t ® 6s. 2d. j Beans 4s. 4d. to 4s. gd'. Barley js. od. to 3s. 6d. | Oats 2s. jd, to 2s. u d , E V E S H A M . The Bufhel 8 Gallons, 21 Bufhels to the Score. Wheat js. 8d. to 6s. 2d, j Beans js. od. to osr. od. Barley 3s. 5d, to 3s. 6d. | Oats 2s. 9d. to os. od. T E W K E S B U RY. The Bufhe) 8 Gall, i- half, 21 Bath, to the Score. Wheat 5s. od. to 5s. 3d. 1 Beans 4s. 4d, to 45. 9d. B » rley 2S. iod. t ® 3s, o « l. | Oats 2s, 5d. to 2s. u d. H E R E F O R D . The Bufhel 9 Gallons 1- half. Wheat 53,6( 1, to 5S. iod. Oats 2s. 8d. to 3s. od. Barley 4s. 6d. to os. od. Peafe 5s. 6d. to 6s. od. Beans os. od. to os. od. Vetches os. od. to os. od. R O S S . The . Bufhel 10 Gallons, 21 Sufhels to the Score. Wheat 5s. 9d. to 6s. 3d. I Pesfe os. od. tt> os. od. Barley os. od. to os. od. | Oats 2s. lod. to 3s. od. M O N M O U T H . The Bufhel 10 Gallons, 21 Bufhels to the Score, Wheat 51, 6d. to 6s. oci* I Beans oss od. to os. od. Barley 3s. od, to 31, 2d. | Oats 3s. 3d. to 3s. 6d, W O R C E S T E R , per Quarter. Wheal 38s. od. t04is. 0d. I Malt 28 » . otl. to 31s. od. Barleya2S. od. to24S. od, 1 Oats i6f, od, to 18s, od. Rye 24s, sd, ( 0253, od, J s o8 AL L Perfons indebted to the Eftate of Mrs. A N N P A R K ER W Y N T E R , fate of the City of BATH, Spinfter, deceafed, are defired to pay the fame t o her E x e c u t o r , M r . R O B E R T PARSONS of the Parifh of Lyncomb and Widcomb, Carver. Andthofe, who have Demands upon the f. iid Eftate, are defired to apply to him for Payment. ' To be Lett at Michaelmas next, THE late LODGING- HOUSE of Mrs. VICKERS, in Cheap- Street, BATH, ( oppofite Mrs. Hen( haw's) cither with or without one Shop fronting the Church- Yard occupied by Mr. Thornton, Draper, and another Shop in Cheap- Street occupied by Mr. Whittick, Peruke- Maker. KJ* Enquire of Mrs. BABER, at her Houfe N Beaufort- Square, or M r . BIGGS, Attorney, n B A T H . To be Difpofed of in Fee, THE Advowfon and Manor of UPTON- SKIDMORE, about i Miles from WARMINSTER, in the County of Wilts, worth upwards of 200!. a Year, with a Parfonage Houfe, Barn, Stables, & c. thereon, in an exceeding healthy and pleafant Situation, near Two Turnpike Roads. The preilnt Rector is about 40 Years of Age. ( E ^ E n q u i r e of M r . W I L L I A M W E S L E Y, in Chancery- Lane, London ; Mr. J o s . SMITH, Attorney at Law, in Bradford ; t Mr. RICHARD PARKER, Attorney at Law, ir. Biiftol. OST on W E D N E S D A Y laft, the i d Inftant, between Midford and Bach, tTslLVER WATCH, Maker's Name Lewis-, London, Number 457. Whoever has found the faid Watch, and will bring it to Mr. Daniel Smith, or Mr. Hugh Fenny at the Half- Moon, in Holloway, or to the Printer of this Journal, ( hall receive H ALF- A- GUINEA Reward. If offer'd to be pawn'd or ibid, on flopping it the fame Reward will be given. BATH, July 7, 1766. N o t i c e i s b c r e b p g i f c e n, THAT a Meeting of the Trustees of the Turnpike Ruads about this Citv, ( by Adjournment) will b- held at the Guildhall thereof on SATURDAY next, the n t h Inft. at Twelve o'clock at Noon, on feveral Affairs relating to the faid Turnpike Roads. ROBERTS, Clerk to the Ccmmiflioners. B O D D E L Y ' s B A T H J O U R N AL I BATH, July 7, 1766. BY an ACT paffed in the laft Seflions of Parliament, foi Regulating the STREETS of this City, and the Liberties thereof, no Narrow- Wheel WAGGON is to pafs or travel along the fame with more than Four Horfes, or Narrow- Wheel CART with more than Three Horfes, under the Penalty of T W E N T Y CSlHuIttLeLrIbNuGckS,. Town- Clerk. S P R I N G - G A R D E N S . BY D E S I R E of many Ladies and Gentlemen, the Proprietor propofes to have, every Monday and Thurfday during the Summer, Public Breakfafting and Mufic. I'lie Mufic will continue playing ' tiil Two o'Clock, for fiich of the Ladies ar. d Gentlemen who chufe to dance. Tickets to be had at Mifs PURDIK's Perfume- Shop, nsxt Door to Mr. Wiltfhire's Rooms, at is. 6d. each. JOHN TOTTERDELL, Woollen- Draper and Taylor, In St. James's- Street, BATH, HAVING laid in an Affortment of the Following Goods, viz. The bell Superfine Refine and Livery Cloths, fine Ratteens, Bath Bevers, Duffles and fix- quarter Kerzy's, Naps, White and Scarlet Coatings, Serges & Shalloons, Silk and Worfted Breeches Pieces, Gold and Silver Laces, Buttons and Bindings, Genoa, Manchefter and Collar Velvets, the bell London Gilt and Birmingham Buttons, Thickfets andFuftians, Ginghams and Damafcus's for Waiftcoats, wi h every Sort of the bed Trimmings. His Terms are ( Grain Colours excepted) I, s.. d. A Drefs Suit, Middle- fize, of the very bed Cloth and Trimmings - - 5 00 A Frock Suit of Ditto - - 4 14 o A fine Bath Bever Surtout Coat, untin'd, bound, without a Velvet Cape 1 11 6 A fine fix- quarter Kerzy ditto, to keep the Wet out - - - 2 10 o A Pair of Genoa Velvet Breeches - 1 i l o A Pair of Manchester ditto - - 1 11 6 A Pair of the bed Silk ditto - - 1 16 o A Pair of ditto, the common Wear - 1 11 6 A Pair of the very bell fuperfine Four Thread Stocking Breeches - o 17 o A Pair of Four Thread ditto, the commen Wear - - - 0 1 50 Hunting Caps of the befl Velvet - 1 10 Ditto for Servants from 14s. to - o IS o t^ f Having open'd a feperate Work- lhop for Liveries, Gentlemen may be ferv'd with that Branch very Reafonable. N. B. An Apprentice is Wanted. T o be L E T T , a Convenient New- built Small Tenement, which will be completely finifhed by the 16th Inftant, well fituatcd, juft below the King David at the Briftol Wells. Pleafe tojenquire as above. ® untmg and ^ OtlDap'S P o f l a. Arrived / EMAILS from Holland and Flanders. FromUhe LONDON G A Z E T T E . DRESDEN, June 25. Emperor arrived here Yeller- 1 ? T ^ ^ t' l e Afternoon, a n c ' w e n t j ; A T| S in the Evening, accompanied by V Msi'itV Electoral Family, to J U ^ B " * M t h e I t a ! l a n C o m i c 0 p e r 3 i At Night there was a moft fplendid Supper in the great Apartments of the Palace, to which the Ladies of the Firft Rank at this Court, and the Foreign Minifteis, were invited. A little before Supper all the Foreign Minifters and Strangers of- Diftinflion that happened to be here, were prefented to him. The Emperor's Retinue is a very fmall one : The principal Perfons that attended hits are, Field Marfhal Lacy, Count Wied, and Count Dietrichflein. His Imperial Majefty travels on Horfeback, efcorted only by a fmall Party of his own Dragoons. The Emperor leaves this Place on Friday, and goes dire& ly to Torgao,. to view the Field of Battle there; and wflt then, it is faid, return into Bohemia through Lufatia. WHITEHALL, July 5. The King has been plealtd to grant unto the Right Honourable Frederick Augullus Earl of Berkeley, the Offices of Conftable of the L'allle of St. Briavells in the Foreft of Dean in the County of Gloucefter, and of Keeper of the Deer and Woods in the faid Foreft. ST. JAMES'S, Juiy z. His Majefty having been pleated to appoint the Right Honourable Frederick Auguftus Earl of Berkeley to be Lord Lieutenant of the County of Gloucefler, City of Briftol and County of the fame, and the Cny of Gloucefler and County of the fame; his Lord- ^ ( hip took the Oaths appointed to be taken thereupon, inilead of the Oaths of Allegiance and Supremacy. His Majefty in Council was this Day pleafed to appoint William Wooiallon, of Great Finborough, Efq. to be Sheriff of the County of Suffolk, in t h e R c dm of Gabriel Truffon, Efq. deceafed, [_ Thus far the G A Z E T T E . ] H o t i D o n , 5. We hear the Frame- work and Materials of two new Sloops, about 25 Tons each, are to be feat out in the Dolphin Man of War, to be put together by the Ship- Carpenters 011 their Arrival at the new- difcovered Ifland, which are intended to be fent for theDifcovery of the Continent fuppofed not to be f:- r off. The new- invented Machines of Mr. Bowden, Marflial cf the Admiralty, are ordered to be fited up on board the Men of War and Tranfports going out on the new Difcoveries, for their greater Prefervation, in Cafe of any Leakage at Sea. By the late heavy Rains great Damage has been fuftained, both in the Hay and Handing Grafs. In the Meadows upon the Ifis, Weft ward of Oxford, there is a great Inundation ; infomuch that Fifli of various Sorts have been found among the Grafs in the Flams communicating with the River; particularly above En( ham in Oxfordfhire, fome Bargemen obferving fomething flouncing among the Hooded Grafs, had the Curiofity to go t j the Place, where they found two Brace of large Carp, and caught three of them ; ene of which weighed nine Pounds, and the other two about three Pounds a Piece. We hear from Cadiz, that the Spaniards are making great Progrefs in the Cotillruflion of Ships of War, at the Caraccoes in the Weft Indies. They write from the Hague, that a new Treaty of Commerce was on the Carpet between the States- General and the Emperor of Morocco. They write from Genoa, that, by an Edift of General Paoli, the Corficans of his Party are prohibited from holding Markets with the French. They alfo had been forbidden the further Currency of French Money. Private Letters from Paris mention, that his Holiuefs the Pope had fuffe. red aRelapfe, from which the Phyiicians drew fatal Omens. ExtrAif? of a Letter from Rheims, in France, dated the 3d of June, from the Prejident de Levy, to M. de Malefherbes, Firft Prejident of the Court of Aides. " M. Coleau, Prefident of the Chamhre Ardentt of Rheims, was fcruck by Lightning on Wednefday laft, the 28th of May, in his Chamber; happily the Flafh fell only on his Legs. He told me, he felt the fame Senfation as that from Eledlricity, and without arty other Pain. He was not able to move during the three firft Days, but is now better, and in a few Weeks it is thought, with the Afliflance of Remedies, will be well. He was 110 way burnt in any Part; only there was a raifing of Skin on the Thighs, and Part of his Snuff Box was melted in his Pocket." The Nobility, Gentry, Land- owners, Farmers, & c. throughout England, are devoutly requefted, by their Influence and Example, to promote and encourage, to the utmoft of their Power, the Breeding and Rearing of Oxen, Cows, Sheep, Swine, & c. which will be the Means of rendering happy, and of diffufing the Comforts, Ntceffaries, and Bieffings of Life to Thoufands, and Ten Thoufands of our diftrefled ftarving Brethren, and totally defeat the artful Schemes of fdfifh, oppreffive, inhuman, and cruel Monopolizers, Foreftallers, and Regrators. \ VVhoever could make two Ears of Corn, or two Blades of Grafs to grow upon a Spot of Ground where only one grew before, would deferve better of Mankind, and do more efjential Service to his Country, than the whole Race of Politicians put together ] A few Days ago as fome Boys were playing at Hull, in Yoiklht le, and throwing up a Fanhing upon t h e T i i e s of a Shop, it happened to flick near the Effing of the Roof, and by climbing up for it they found four compkar Moulds, ficreted upon the Wall- Head, for coining Money ; two for Guineas, viz. of George 1. and of George II. w i ll a full Coat, oae for a Half Guinea, and one for Half a Crown ; they were c . ft in Lesd, and all fcemed to have been uf' d. Laft Monday Morning, about Eleven o'Clock, the Gardener belonging to Lady D. at Bury, in the County of Suffolk, going into a Green- houfe in the Garden, found the Rev. Mr. D. Redlor of R. fitting upright, but quite dead. There was one loaded Piftol lying by him, and another which had been difcharged in at his Mouth, fo that the Balls came out at the back Part of his Head. The Jury fat on the Body the next Day, and brought in their Verdift Lunacy, it appearing" by the Servants that he had been under a Di(- conient of Mind for fome Time, though he had done Duty at his own Church the Day before this unfortunate Accident. He was a * young Gentleman much efteemed both by his Parifhioners and Neighbours, and bore an univerfal good Character. Monday laft, during the Storm, a Ball of Fire fell down the Chimney of a Public- houfe at Homerton, near Hackney, which melted the Pewter on th « Shelf in the Kitchen, threw the Door off the Hinges, and fplit the Chimney in its Pafiage. Yefterday a Man was committed to the Compter by Alderman Crofby, for a criminal Affault on a Child of four Years of Age. The exaA State of ' he Spanifh Marine, according to Letters lately received from Madrid, is faid to be as follows, viz. 14 Ships of the Line at Ferrol, nine of them rigged and in Commiflion ; 11 at Carthagena, only five in Commiffion; 23 at C iz, feventeen in good Order. No mention ii made of Frigates or Men of War upon the Stocks. Out of the Crew of the Earl of Middlefex Eiaft- Indiaman, the^ e are no more than 18 returned to England, befides the Captain. Tuelday was married the Widow of a Ship builder at Rotherhithe, aged 72, to a Journeyman Carpenter, aged 24, with a Fortune of 6000I. This Week died Mr. Baker, by Trade a Baker, at Worcefter, fuppofed to be a larger Man than the late Mr. Edward Bright: His Coffin meafured feven Feet over the broadeft Part, was bigger than an ordinary Hearfe, and was fo large that Part of the Wall of the Houfe was obliged to be pulled down in order to get it o u t ; it is fuppofed to be able to contain twenty Bufhels Meafure, and was carried to the Grave by twenty ftout Men. A few Days ago the Rev. Mr. Leveritz, embarked at Guernfey, with 93 French Pro telfants for Florida. Yellerday a Bailiff took the following Method tor execute a Writ for Debt againft one Dillanoy, a F'rench Dancing Mafter in Weft minfter: T h e Prifoner had kept his Room for fome Days, and would trail nobody to come to him but an old Woman his Shoe Black; accordingly the Officer took the Hint, and drefling himfelf exadlly in the fame Manner obtained cafy Admittance, and fecured the Frenchman without farther Refiftance. At St. James's Market, on Thurfday laft, Hay fold from 3I. to 3I. 6s. per Load. Straw from 11. is. to ll. 14s. 6d. ditto. BANKRUPTS. John Mantell, of PI allow, in the County of Effex, Merchant. Sarah Weftall and James Weftall, of Gracechurch- Street, London, Ironmongers, Braziers, and P a r t n e r s . — C h a r l e s Gregoty, late of Lambeth Marfh in the County of Surry, but now of Hackney in Middlefex, Timber- Merchant. STOCKS. Bank Stock, 136 i- half. India ditto, ( hut. South- Sea ditto, —. 3 per Cent. Bank Reduced, 89. Ditto confol. ( hut. 3 per Cent, ditto, 1716,---. 3 1- half per Cent, ditto 1758, ( hut. 4 perCent. Bank Ann. ioz 5- 8ths. 4 per Cent. Navy, i e i . 4 per Cent. 1763, 101 s- 8ths. 3 perCent. South- fea Old Ann i- 8th. Ditto New Ann. ( hut. 3 per Cent. 1731, —. Ditto India Ann. 87 3- 4ths. Bank Long Ann. ( hut. 4 per Cent. Exchequer Bills, —. difc. New Navy Bills, difc. India Bonds, 24s. prem. Omnium, —. Script, 91. Lottery Tickets, u l . 13s, Vol. XXIII. 1 6 c i f t o l , 3 u i j > 5, Jrri'v'd at the Hot Wells. General RnJfane, Col. and Lady Mrrv Well, Mi jor Ogle, Dr. Ncfbirt, Dr. Sutherland, C a r t. Allen, Mr. and Mis. Laurence, Mr. Alien, two Mr. Blands, Mr. Burke, Mr. Durbridgp, Mr. Jfphrr, Mr. Linch, Mr. Mayham, Mi, Marwoad, Mrs. and Mifs Bowdling, Mrs. and Mifs Turin, Mrs. Dolby, Mifs Eames, Mifs Fuller, Mifs Bouveree, & c. Came in fince our lajl, The Thomas, Stinton, from Cape F'ear; the Prince George, Hathorr,, from New Y o r k ; the Favourite Yacht, Bailable, from Cork ; the Hopewell, Page, from Majorca; the Duke of York, Chubb, from Ancona ; the Flying Mercury, Glogaw, from Dunkirk ; the Eleanor, Wicklow, from Barbadoes; the Britannia, late Daniel, and the Juno, Doyle, from Jamaica; the Duke of York, Bifliop, from South Carolina ; and the Hibernia, — , from Philadelphia. Arrived, At New York, the Kitty, Browning, the Ganimede, WormelS, and the Corr. eel, Brooks; at North Carolina, the T wo Brot: ers, Bolton, all from thi- P o r t ; ard at Coues, the Berkley, Hofkins, from South Carolina. Entered Out, ! I be Venus, Green, for Dublin ; v. e Elizabeth, Brown, for Cork, Dominico, and Carolina; the Palliftr, Can, for Wa'erford and Newfoundland; the Betfey, Emms, foi Virginia; the Good Intent, Blair, for Guernfey; the Juno, Freeman, for Bofton ; the Nancy, Young, for Carolina; and the Favourite, Baftable, for Cork By the Eleanor, Wicklow, arrived Yefterday from Barbadoes we hear that a moft dreadful Fire lately broke out there, which confwiicd upwards of 400 Dwelling Houfes, befides Warehoufes, & c. DEATHS. Mrs. Horwood, in Montague Street.— Mr. Williams, in the Grove.— Mrs. Perry, Mother to Mr. Perry, Attorney at Law, at Winterbourn. Laft Thurfday was committed to Newgate^ Dennis M'Carty, charged with dealing 23 Guineas and a Half, and a Quarter of a Guinea, from William Joyce, Mariner, at Anfhill, in the County of Southampton. At the Adjournment of Sefiions on Wednefday laft, held at the Guildhall in this City, John Stewart for felonioufly Healing three Silver Spoons, the Property of Catharine Jones, Widow, was ordered to be tranfported for feven Years— Margaret Williams, for Healing a Piece of Ribbon, the Property of of Jacob Harvey and Peter Goodwin, was ordered to be tranfpor'. ed for feven Years.— Elizabeth Dodge, for dealing fnndry Things, the Property of Roger Lawrence, to be committed to the Houfs of Correflion in this City, to hard Labour for I Calendar Monrh. — Samuel Hart, acquitted.— Thomas Howell, Hallier, for an Affault on William Hutchins, a Poft - Chaife Driver, to be committed to Newgate for two Calendar Months; to pay a Fine of 40s. and then enter intoRecogr. izance for his good Behaviour for twelve Months. T B a t b , 3 i u i p 7 . Arriv'd here, His ROYAL HIGHNESS the D U K E of GLOUCESTER, the Hon. and Rev. Mr. Craven, Capt. Fofter, Mr. Hammond, Mr. Pero, Mr. Brown, Mrs. Horten, Mrs. Sturt, & c & c. We are affur'd that the Bifhop's Vifitatiotv will be held in the Abbey Church, on Thurfday next, the 10th I n t i a n t ; that the Rev. Mr. Chapman, Vicar of Bathford and Hampton, is appointed to preach the Vifitation Sermon ; and that the Bifhop of Gloucefter will, at the fame Time, Confirm for the Bifhop of Bath and Wells. Friday was married, by the Rev. Mr. Minifie, of Fair- Water, John Webb, of Bifhop's Hull, in Somerfetfhire, Efq. to Mifs Jenny Spencer, of the fame Place. On Wednefday, June 25,, at Marlborough Races, five Horfes ftarted for a Purle of 50I. which was won by Mr. Popham's Colt. Lafl Monday Night Five Small Tenements at Marlborough were corfumed by Fire. We are informed from feveral Places in Gloucefterlhire and Wiltlhire, of great Damage done laft Week by the heavy Rains; particularly at Malmefbury, the River was fwelled fo much, that feveral Meadows were overflowed with Water, and large Quantities of Hay carried away by i t ; and at Callle- Comb feveral Houfes were filled with Water. Many Sheep have likewife been drowned. At Devizes Market laft Week, Wheat fold from 34s. to 46s. per Quarter. Barley from 18s. to 23s. Oats from 19s. to 22s. Beans from 34s. to 38s. Peal'e from 40s. to 483. Vetches from 68s. to 72s. At Warminfter, Wheat 19s. to 24s. 6d. per Sack. Barley 20s. to 25s. 6d. per Quarter. Oats 17s. to 20s. ditto. Beans 17s. to 19s. per Sack. At Salifbury, Wheat 20s. to 22s. per Sack. Barley 25?. to 27s. per Quarter. Oats I 8s. to 21s. ditto. Beans 19s. 6d. to 20s. a Sac^ c Wheat is fold at Plymouth at izs. 6d. the double Bufhel, and Bat ley 7s. per ditto.
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