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The Glocester Journal


Printer / Publisher: R. Raikes 
Volume Number: XLIV    Issue Number: 2280
No Pages: 4
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The Glocester Journal
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The Glocester Journal

Death and Funeral of James Francis Edward Stuart the Old Pretender
Date of Article: 03/02/1766
Printer / Publisher: R. Raikes 
Address: Printing-Office, Gloucester
Volume Number: XLIV    Issue Number: 2280
No Pages: 4
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Additional information:
Death and Funeral of James Francis Edward Stuart the Old Pretender
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Stamp Tax St.Christopher's (Page 1 Col 2)

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MONDAY, February 3, 1766 VOL. XLIV. the commons sent a message in writing to them by the Sheriffs and commons, desiring the pe- tition to be sent back to them. Upon the receipt of which message, the Lord- mayor and Board of Aldermen, having read the said petition, and taken the same into consideration, did unanimously agree to reject it, and did return to the message of the Sheriffs and commons an answer in writing, in the following words : " Although the Lord- mayor and Board of Aldermen are una- nimously of opinion, that a law for limiting the duration of parliaments, with proper and necessary provisions, would be useful, yet the terms in which the petition for that purpose, in the name of certain of the commons, lodged in the Tholsel office, are conceived, appear to them so exceptionable, and the present time for their making such an application seeming to them from many circumstances fo improper, they have thought fit, unanimously, to reject the said petition." It is remarkable, that those who have made A practice of smoaking and snuffing these herbs* are never troubled with head- achs, paralytics, defluxions of rheum, nor any superfluous hu- midities, nor need the assistance of glasses for the sight, even in extreme old age." BRECONSHIRE SOCIETY. The Rev. Mr. CHARLES LLOYD, President. The General MEETING of this Society Will be held at the Golden- Lion in Brecon on Wed. nesday the 12th Instant. THOMAS LONGFELLOW, Sec. HENRY MADDOCKS, late Servant to Richard Cope Hopton, Esq; and now Tenant to. Velters Cornewall, Esq; begs Leave to acquaint Gentle- men, Tradesmen, and others, travelling between London and South Wales, That he has taken the NEW RED » LION INN at Bredwardine, in the County of Hereford, ( the Mid- way between the City of Hereford and the Town of Hay in Breconshire) which, he has furnished en- tirely new, and laid in a Stock of prime Liquors; and his Stables are provided with the belt Hay and Corn the Country produces : All therefore who will honour hint with their Company, may be assured, that, to render their Reception agreeable, the moil: diligent Attention to their Commands vvili never fail to be exerted by Their most bedient Servant, H. MADDOCKS. N. B. The Roads are now made exceedingly good, and he intends fiiortly fetting up a Poft- Chaife to accommo- date thofe Gentlemen who may think the 21 Miles be- tween Hereford and the Hay too long a Stage for one Pair of Horfes. tremely dull here, but now we have an ap- J pearance of better times, there being a prof- I pedt of a good crop, and the Spaniards be- I ginning to drop in with their dollars. St. Christopher's, November 4. On Thursday 9 night, the 31ft of October last, a vast number j of people gathered at the tavern of Mr. I Nolans, and about eight o'clock proceeded to | the houfe of Mr. John Hopkins, who was I deputized by Mr. Tuckett, Distributor of the I stamp- papers, whose house contained the stamps. | At their arrival they gave three huzzas, and I demanded the papers, which were delivered I by a woman, and were committed to the I flames, a fire being made before the deputy's I door; and, upon the conclusion of the burn- | ing, Mr. Hopkins was made to swear never I tokbe concerned with stamp papers any more, j nor ever to suffer them to be kept in his j house. Yet the mob were not satisfied with j that, but searched his house through, ' till j they were well convinced they were all deli- | vered up and burnt. Mr. Hopkins was also I made to conduct the mob about three quarters I of a mile in the country, where Mr. Tuckett I was concealed, who surrendered himself to | them, and was brought to the public market I with drums beating, and was there made to I swear never to have any further connections I with stamp papers, and that he had no com- I mission, ( for that was most wanted to be burnt) I and he was forced to submit to do any thing I that they chused. They then went to the Secretary's office, I whereabout four or five quire were ; and, the I keys of the door not being ready, the mob I broke it open, and the stamp paper was burnt I before the office. Mr. Smith, the Secretary, was then conducted home with great accla- mations. They then marched to the Marshal's office, where one quire of the stamps was, which being demanded was delivered up by the Marshal, and burnt before his door. They afterwards marched to the Custom- house, but, upon the Collector's declaring over and over, upon his word of honour, that not one stamp was in his office, they there desisted, but went their tour through the town for the whole night. To- morrow night will be burnt the effigies of the Distributor of the stamps and his deputy, on a gallows. The deputy I received no other damage than having his door pulled down, and a few shingles ripped off his house. After the above affair, many of the inha- bitants of St. Christopher's went to the island of Nevis, where they in the evening of the I ill inst. being joined by the people of Nevis, I went to the Stamp- office, and demanded the I paper, which was given to them, and burnt; I but, the fire not being, as they thought, I large enough, they hauled up one of the —— I barges, and consumed it. LONDON, January 28. Yesterday a packet was received at the Se- I cretary of State's office, with dispatches from I Sir Henry Moor, Governor of New- York, I which, it is said, brought advice that all was I quiet in the colonies at the time when they I were sent off. I We are told that a certain celebrated speech J on a late act is now printing in great numbers, I in order to be transmitted to the westward. And We hear that an eminent lawyer has deli- I vered it as his opinion, that a great patriot, I who spoke against the American stamp duty, I ought to have been sent to the Tower. We are informed that a plan is now settled I between our court and that of Versailles rela- I tive to the future regulation of the Newfound- I land fishery, on such a footing as, it is hoped, I will prevent future disturbances. I Lord Mount Stuart, eldest son of the Earl J of Bute, is elected Member of Boffinney, in BRISTOL, Jan. 25. For GLASGOW, THE new Brig BELL, a constant Trader, Burthen 100 Tons, John Gemmil Master, lying at Crane No. 1, now taking in Goods, and will be ready to fail in fifteen Days by Agreement, having the chief Part of her Lading engaged. For Freight apply to" Mr. John Herbert, in Orchard- street; or to said Master on Board. THE Creditors of Joseph Crofts, late of Abingdon, Berks, Woolstapler, deceased, are de- fired to meet the Administratrix and her Attornies, on some special Matters relative to the Benefit of all the Cre- ditors, and in which their joint Concurrence is required, on Wednesday the 19th of February Inst. in the Fore- noon, at the Crown and Thistle in Abingdon; and in the mean Time all Persons indebted to the Estate of the said Joseph Crofts are desired to pay their respective Debts to Mr. William Tomkins and Mr. Robarts, of Abingdon, who are authorized to receive the same; and all Persons having any Claims on the same are desired to fen! an Ac- count thereof to the said Mr. Tomkins and Mr. Robarts. THURSDAY ' s POST. IRELAND. Dublin, January 21. sfCfe.^ A/' ltlT a General Assembly held at L J the Tholfel of the city of Dub- ® A f lin, on Friday the 17th of Ja- Jf, nuary inst. a petition of certain V commons, praying, for SLe^ v the reasons therein mentioned, that an annual stipend of 365I. fhould be | granted to Dr. Charles Lucas, having been I presented to the Assembly, and unanimously | rejected by the said Lord- mayor and Board of I Aldermen, a message in writing was sent by I the Sheriffs and commons, in the following I words : " Resolved, That a message be sent to the I Lord- mayor and Board of Aldermen, re- I questing them to concur with and pass a pe- I tition of certain of the commons presented by this Assembly for rewarding the merit and services of Dr. Lucas, one of the Represen tatives of this city in Parliament, with a pub- lic testimony of the city's approbation or his conduct, by granting him an annual stipend." To Which message the Lord- mayor and Board of Aldermen returned an answer in writing in the following words-; " The Lord- mayor and Board of Aldermen, having taken into consideration a petition from certain of the commons, praying an annual stipend of. 365I. to be paid during the city's pleasure to Dr. Charles Lucas, one of their Representa- tives in Parliament, have judged it inexpe- dient to give any countenance to the said pe- tition, as the circumstances which form the present conjuncture are of too much notoriety to leave room to doubt of the motive of such an application made at this time. And there- fore the Lord- mayor and Board of Aldermen, however ready upon all proper occasions, as far as their weight and power may extend, to give every constitutional opposition to any measure really injurious to this country, yet, as the Magistrates of this city are desirous of preserving the peace, harmony, and good or- per thereof, do think themselves bound to dis- Countenance alarms which may disturb the minds of well- intending citizens, and there- fore have rejected the said petition." A petition of certain of the commons having also been presented to the Assembly, praying that instructions should be given by them to their Representatives in Parliament to use their utmost endeavours to have the heads of a bill, brought into the Hon. House of Com- mons, to limit the duration of Parliaments, passed into a law, and several matters having been therein set forth as reasons for agreeing thereto ; before the said Lord- mayor and Board of Aldermen had, in the course of their business, either considered or read the same, To be AFREEHOLD ESTATE, situate upon the River Lug, near the Town of Presteign, in the County of Radnor, let by Lease for 21 Years to . Simpson, of which there are ten Years unexpired, at the Rent of 27I. 4s. The Taxes are low, and the Lands very improveable.— For other Particulars apply to Mr. Stead, near Leominster. N. B. The Tenant will shew the Premises. On the Death of the celebrated Mr. J. QUIN REJOICE, John Dory /— he is dead, Who upon thee so stoutly fed : Had he been buried in the sea", O, what a feaft he'd made for thee! Ye pow'rs ! when we forfake these forms, If Epicures are chang'd to worms, O, what a banquet they will have, Who lodge within his wcll- stor'd grave 1 On what a banquet they will dine, John Dory dress'd in Bourdeaux wine ! O, let me wish, if ' tis no sin, To be a worm, and fcast on Quin ! This grace before and after said, •> " Fat Jack was good alive and dead." T0 be sold to the best Bidder, On Thursday the 13th of February Inst. at the King's- Head in the City of Glocester, between the Hours of eleven and two, THE under- mentioned ESTATES late of Richard Driver, of the same City, Gentleman, de- ceased. Lot 1. The Remainder of a Term of one thousand Years, eight hundred of which are yet to come, of all the Leasehold Part of an Estate at Hagloe, in the Parish of Awre, lying near the River Severn, with Right of Common in the Forest of Dean, and is now rented by Henry James; with other Lands, at the yearly Rent of about 35I. fubjeft to a chief Rent of ll. 15s. 8d. con- sisting of a good Dwelling- House, Barn, Stable, Mill- Houfe, and other Buildings, all in good Repair, with a Cyder Mill and Press, and also about forty- eight Acres of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Lands well stocked with growing Timber, feven or eight of which Acres are Or- charding, together with about four Acres of Coppice Wood. Lot 2. The Remainder of a Lease of twenty- one Years, of which about twenty are yet to come, of a Piece of Pafture Land situate at Kingshohm, near the City of Glocester, held of the Bishop of that Diocese un- der the chief Rent. of 4s. per Ann. containing four ACIEB of Land, Tithe- free, and now rented by Jolrn Wood at fix Guineas a Year, clear of all Taxes and other Out- goings, except the faid chief Rent. Lot 3. The Remainder of a Term of twenty- one Years, of which about fixteen are yet to come, of a good Brick House, with a little Garden and Brew- house or Celfar adjoining situate in the Bolt- Lane, in the City of Glo- cester, together with Part of a Houfe adjoining in the Te- nure of Mr. John Ashmead as Under- tenant to * Irf Driver: the Whole held under the Corporation of thij faid City at the chief Rent of one Guinea a Year, half of which Mr Ashmead is to pay, with a proportionable Part of the Expence on Renewing. The Houfe only, without Mr. Ashmead's Part, is of about the yearly Va- lue of 61. Lot 4. A Moiety of Half an Acre of Land for the Remainder of a Term of 500 Years, lying at Upton St. Leonard's, in the County of Glocester, of about the, yearly Value of 5s. The Tenants of the several Estates will shew the Pre- mises. N. B. All Persons having Demands on the Estate- of Mr. Richard Driver, or that had Writings in his Custody, may then have an Opportunity of meeting,! the Admini-. strators ; and all Persons indebted to the estate are then and there desired to pay their respective Debt, or they will be sued without further Notice, . „ . HERE lieth neither Whig nor Tory, But one who lov'd good wit, good dory, A mummy he, embalm'd with sack, Shall outlive time.— Alas I plump Jack ! The genuine British Herb Tobacco and Snuff, prepared by the original proprietor, and fold only by James Rowley, at St. Paul's Coffee- houfe, London, for thefe three years laft past, may now, by his appointment, be had also of Thomas Stock, Grocer, in Glocester, and of the men who carry this Journal. The tobacco is 5s. per pound, 3s. per half pound, is. 6d. per quarter pound, and the fnuff is. 6d. per canifter. The following is an abstract from the fuc- cinct account of it, which is published by the author, and given gratis to every purchaser of the tobacco or snuff: " It is composed of betony, coltsfoot, eye- bright, lavender, thyme, rosemary buds, and many more of the choicest nervous simples in the whole system of botany. Dr. Spon, a very eminent Physician at Geneva, was the first who prescribed the smoaking of this compo- fition, and had the satisfaction of feeing the good effects of it among his patients; and Dr. Beaufort, about thirty years since, had the like success with it in London. The Polish nobility and gentry constantly mix this to- bacco with their common tobacco, by pre- scription of the famous Dr. Broakenschwerdt, for strengthening the nerves and stomach, and for preserving the fight, to mitigate the heat and strength of the common tobacco, and to render the smell of it fragrant and agreeable, To the PRINTER. SIR, I accounts in your paper and I others of the vast import of oats into the port of London, and the very great exp° rt of wheat from the same port < T> Ck within the same time, it would seem that more care j was taken for the preservation of beasts than I for the human race. I Surely, five shillings the bushel for hard I corn, which will bring the cost: to near double I to make it into bread, is a long price for the I poor manufacturer and husbandman to pay, I who cannot work without eating, nay, whose I family perhaps cannot work, but must eat. I think it is generally allowed that the far- I mer may very well afford to deliver wheat in I London at all times so as to be sold under I five shillings the bushel ; and, if so, why I should a bounty be paid for exporting, to the | encouragement of the growth of wheat, which I is not wanted by the farmer above that price, I and is only of use to the engrossing jobbers, I factors, and exporters of that commodity, to I the enriching a few such dealers, but to the I distrefs of many thousands of industrious peo- j ple, and to the detriment and scandal of the i whole nation. _ I But, as this affair will be more fully dif- I cussed in its proper place, when the several | petitions and remonstrances sent up by the I chief towns in England are examined in an I august assembly, there can be no doubt but I there will be immediate relief given to the I distressed, most probably by a suspension of I exports for a proper time ; and that the price I for stopping the bounty will be fixed at a I lower rate than it is at present. With such I hope I conclude, Sir, Your very humble servant, T. H. Cornwall, in the room of the late John Rich- mond Webb, Esq; and yesterday he took the oaths and his seat in the House of Commons. A treaty of marriage is on foot, and will fpeedily be consummated, between the Right Hon. Lord Mount Stuart and Miss Bowes, of Durham, reckoned the greatest fortune in Europe. We hear that, among other legacies left by the late Earl of Godolphin, he has bequeathed 14,0001. to the Duchess of Newcastle, and half the amount of the rent of St. James's market, of which his Lordship was sole pro- prietor. The other half of the said market his Lordship has left to the Marquis of Car- marthen, eldest fon of the Duke of Leeds. According to the last letters from Bath, Dr. Smollett lay dangerously ill at that place. And The celebrated Mrs. Cibber lies so dan- gerously ill, at her houfe in Scotland- yard, that her life is despaired of. It is somewhat extraordinary that, although wheat is now sold at 4s. 6d. or 5s. per bushel, yet a quartern loaf now sells for 7d. which is at the rate of 9s. 4d. per bushel. Friday laft 47oC. wt of butter was imported from Dublin; and IJOO quarters of wheat, 250 ditto wheat- meai, were exported for Por- tugal, and 300 quarters of wheat, and 500 quarters of wheat- meal, for Madeira. Yesterday there was but a small shew of horned cattle at Smithfield market, but they were chiefly of the prime sort, and sold upon an average seven per cent, dearer than lad week. Sheep were plenty, and sold two- pence in the stone cheaper than last market- day ; but calves and lambs were kept up at an exhorbitant price, and there were but few buyers. This day the long- contested election for a I rector of St. Ann's, Black- friars, was deter- I mined at Westminster hall, by the Right Hon. I the Lord Chancellor, in favour of the Rev. J Mr. Romaine. St. James's, Jan. 28. The King has been I pleased to grant unto Francis Seymour, ( com- I monly called Lord Francis Seymour) Clerk, the place and dignity of the deanery of Wells, I void by the death of Dr. Samuel Creswicke, late Dean thereof. And I To grant unto Thomas Hurdis, Master of Arts, the place and dignity of a Prebendary of the Free Chapel of St. George in the I castle of Windsor, void by the resignation of I Lord Francis Seymour, Clerk.— Lond. Gaz. WILLIAM COX, from Cirencester, takes this Method to inform the Public, That tie is removed a LITTLE lower in the BOLT- LANE, GLO- cESTER ; where he makts and sells, Wholefale and. Re- tail, all Sorts of EDGE- TOOLS, alfo TANNERS, COR- mtin. and SKINNERS KNIVES, & c. & c. on the moll reasonable Terms. THE Gentlemen who have subscribed to the COWBRIDGE RACES, and they who in- tend it, are desired to meet on Tuesday the 1 ith of Fe- bruary next, at the Bear- Inn in the Town of Cowbridge, o settle the Time and Articles for Running. * « * Dinner at two o'clock. W A N T E D, AMAN to make and burn BRICKS : One who thoroughly understands it may find Employ- ment the whole Summer, by applying to William Earle, Esq; of Malmesbury, who desires to know previously by Letter ( he Terms upon which the making and burning wil!| be undertaken. All Materials will ^ provided, and an Answer sent to whatever Proposals may be made. pr,.- CIRENCESTER, Jan. 30. SIGNOR CONSTANTINI, Dancing- Master, from Venice, having been requested by the Friends of '. he late Signor Brabanti to settle in this County, in order to teach the several Varieties of the noble Art of Dancing as they are now taught in London, Paris, and Vienna, takes this Opportunity of Soliciting the Favour of the Nobility and Gentry of the said County, as he has now opened a School at Cirencester and the adjacent Towns, and teaches on the same Terms as the late Signor Brabanti. Gentlemen or Ladies, who are desirous of ' learning in private, by sending a Letter directed for Signor Constantini, Dancing- Master, Cirencester, will be im- mediately waited on. N. B. Every Thursday he is engaged at the Swan Great Room in Stroud to teach Dancing. t0 Be let immediately The BELL- INN in Brecon. For further Particulars enquire of Richard Davies, Esq; of Court- y- Gollen. to be let, At Candlemas, or Lady- Day next, HOMHOUSE FARM situate in the Pa- rishi of Much- Martle, in the County of Hereford, consisting of' three hundred Acres of Arable Land, one hundred and ninety of Meadow, one hundred and forty- four of Pafture, and ninety- eight of Orcharding, com- puted Measure, all lying together within a Ring- Hedge. Enquire further of Mr. Mynd, in Ross. A From the East- Indies by private Property. Rich, excellent, and valuable LIQUID, called the Oriental Essence of the Sun, which is allowed by all who have seen it to be the most pleasant and agreeable Compound yet known in the Western World, on the 1' rgof of which a worthy Prelate wrote the following Lines, viz. Now from the Eaft to Albion's fruitful Isle Come richest Sweets which make Britannia smile, And in her Lap in sweet Profusion pours An Essence drawn from Asia's richest Flowers: The Rose, the Tea, the Violet here do shew The richest Sweets that in the East do grow ; The Honeysuckle, and the Jessamin while, Here join their Sweets which promise more Delight From that fam'd Shore where holy Acts were done, And rich Perfumes offer'd to David's Son. The above Essence is sold only by Richard Warren, Per- fumer, at the Golden Fleece in Marybone street, near Golden- square, at 10s. 6d. and 4s. a Bottle. Where alfo is imported, made and sold, all Sorts of the most va- luable and • curious Perfumery Goods in all its Branches, Wholefale and Retail. f. lf His Imperial Milk of Roses as ufual; alfo by Mr. Cooke, Bookfeller, in Pater- noster Row, London. Mr. Warren has likewife appointed Mr. Smith, Ha- berdasher, in the High- Town, Hereford, to supply Wales, & c. and his Perfume Shop on the North Parade, Bath, to fupply the West of England, with a) l Kinds of his va- luable Collection of Perfumery Goods, as cheap as at his Shop in London. To be Let, or THE HOUSE wherein Mr. John Cox, Cloth worker and Dyer, now lives, situate in Eign- Street, in the City of Hereford, being a large roomy House, fit for that or any other Business that requires Room, with a Yard, Garden, and Stables adjoining. The Clothworkers' Trade has been carried on at the faid House upwards of 30 Years, and is at this Time well accustomed. Any Perfon willing to rent or purchase the said House, may have the Preil'es, Furnaces, and all other Utenlils belonging to the faid Trade, with the Stock of Colours, & c. at a moderate Price. For further Particulars enquire at the said House. N, B. All Persons who have any Demands on the said Mr. Cox are desired to bring in an Account thereof, and they will be paid ; and all Perfons who are indebted to him are defired to pay in their respective debts, other- wise they will be sued for the same. BRISTOL, December 23. TO BE LET, the 25th of March next, Furnished or unfurnished, with the Gardens, ALarge commodious well- built Freestone- fronted DWELLING- HOUSE, ( late in the Pos- session of Mr. Richard Goeing, decesfed) . with a Court inclosed with Iron Pallisadoes, Kitchins, Out- houses, and Plenty of both Sorts of Water, and all Manner of Con- veniences, alfo a six Stall Stable, Coach- house, & c. which will be made more convenient if required, situated in a very healthy Air, on the Summit of St. Michael's Hill, in the City of Bristol, and fronting the Road leading from the faid City to Durdham Down, Aust Passage, and not far from the Hot Wells, with a pleasant Garden be- hind, having a large Pavement or Terrass at the upper End, and a fine Green- house, with a Stove and Turret in' the Middle thereof, built at the lower End of the faid Garden, commanding a moft delightful Prospect of Bristol and the Country adjacent ; and from the Top of the faid Dwelling- house, which is covered with Lead, anil de- fended with a Parapet of Ballisters, and ornamented, with ten Vases, is a far distant Prospect of the Counties of Glocester and Somerset. The other Garden extends to a Road called Upper Magdalen Lane, with a good Sum- mer- houie thereon, by which you go the shortest Way into the City. The laid Dwelling- houfe, together with the Wainfcot, Floors, Staircafes, Marble and. Stone Chimney- pieces, and infide Work is compleat ; and the Gardens are skilfully laid out, and well stocked and planted with the best Sort of Fruit- trees, both against the Walls and Espaliers, all healthy and in their Prime of Bearing. Enquire of Valentine Watkins, Cheesemonger, on the Quay, Bristol; or of Mr. Roberts, Attorney at Law, Bath providentially hearing of Mrs. Plunkett, it the Hot- Wells, Bristol, and of the many extraordinary cures fhe ( had performed, I applied to her in June last, and imme- diately put myself under her care. In less than seven weeks she entirely extracted the cancer from my breast, without drawing the least drop of blood, by only the ap- plication of philters. The cancer was of a very large size, and I now keep it in a bottle of spirits to satisfy thofe who are fo unhappy as to labour under the like af- fliction. My breast is now reduced to the usual size, and perfectly healed up; and I now enjoy, by the blessing of God, a found Hate of health, though I was before quite emaciated, RACHAEL REW, of Flax- Bourton, in the County of Somerset. Since the first publication of the above cafe, Mrs. Winscombe, wife of Mr. Winscombe, of Blackwell, in the county of Somerset, who had likewise a cancer ex- tracted from her breast, applied to the printer to desire that her cafe might alfo be published for the good of the public. Her cancer was occasioned by a hurt she received above 30 years ago; but increased So. much within these three years past, that her life was in imminent danger. In this deplorable situation ( he applied to feveral of the fa- culty, who informed her, that they would endeavour to cure her by cutting her ; but that her case was really dan- gerous, as the cancer was spreading with great rapidity towards her neck. In this exigency, she providentially heard of a cure performed by Mrs. Plunkett, on Mrs. Redmond, at Windford, anjl accordingly applied to her ; and by the blessing of God, the cancer was entirely ex- tracted in aboot two months, and she is now restored to a sound state of health. The truth of the aboye may be known by applying at the printing- office in Small- street, Bristol, where Mrs. Plunkett may be heard of; or to the following persons, who have likewife been cured, viz. Mr. Richard Darby, of Carapden, Glocestershire; Mr. Tho. Hyat, of Per- shore, Worcestershire; Mr. John Needham, of Reading, Berks; and Mr. Pearman, of Bray, Berks. Letters di- rected for her ( post- paid) and left at the above office, will be punctually attended to. Whereas it has been falsely reported, that Mrs. Plun- kett would cure none but those who would pay her large sums of money, and through that means several have lost their lives: This is to acquaint the public in general, that she never requires more than people's circumstances will admit, and the poor she cares gratis. SATURDAY'S POST. Arrived the Mails from Holland and Flanders. Copenhagen, January 14. King died this morning about * ... J* WHEREAS a notorious Practice has of late prevailed in his Majesty's Forest of Dean, for Persons unknown to cut down great Numbers of Oak Timber. Trees, and take and carry away the best or cleft Parts thereof; and as tlie cutting down every such Tim- her Tree is subject to the Penalty of twenty Pounds, if discovered and the taking or carrying away is deemed a Felony 1 Now, in order to put a Stop to such iniquitous Practice, and to bring Offenders to Justice, this public Notice is given, That whoever will discover any Person or Perfons fo offending, in Manner aforefaid, fo that jie or they'may be convicted thereof, shall receive a Reward nt" five Guineas, to be paid upon every fuch ConviCtion, by me, JO. MABBETT. COLFORD, Jan. 1. . mi.-—— M WHEREAS I Griffith Baker, of Sanctu- ary, in the Parish of Peurice, and County of Glamorgan, Yeoman, did falsely and maliciously, on Wednesday the 23d of October last, asperse the Charac- ter of Samuel Hancorn, of Pitt, in the same Parish and County, Cent.; and whereas the said Samuel Hancorn had commenced ail ACtion against me, but, in great Cle- mency, hath pardoned me, on Payment of Costs of Law, and my publishing this in the Glocester Journal ; This is therefore to certify that I am sorrv for what I have said, and heartily ask his Pardon, as Witness my Hand, this loth Day of January, 1766, A1 To be SolD The Beginning of March next, at the White- Lion- Inn in Stratford upon Avon, in the County of Warwick timely Notice of which will be given, LL that MANOR or LORDSHIP of Welcomb, confiding of a Farm- Houfe, Burns, btabies, Dove- Csat, and other Out- offices, two Orchards a fmall Cottage, 75 Acres of inclofed Meadow and Paf- ture Land, 166 Acres of Arable Land lying in the com mon Field of Stratford aforefaid ; 14 Acres of other Meadow Ground, Common of Pafture in the common Field for 14C0WS, 14 Horfes, and 168 Sheep; andabove JOOO good Timber Trees and a great Quantity of young ones thereon; fituate within one Mile 01 Stratford afore- faid, near the River Avon, in a fine fporting Country, and now let to Tenant at Will at the yearly Rent of 17Zl. The Premifes may be viewed by applying to Mr. Richard Smith, at Stratford aforefaid 3 and any Perfon defirous of treating for the fame, in the mean Time, may apply to I Mr. Richard Lawrence Bowles, at Birchington, in ' l'ha- net, in the County of Kent ; or to Mr. Robert Jackson, an Attorney, in Bread- street, Cheapside, London. Signed in the Prefence of us, DAVID DAVIES, Clerk, FRANCIS BATWEK. GRIFFITH BAKER. BRISTOL, Jan. 4. To the P U B L I C. NOTlCE is hereby given, That JOHN OXLEY, Son of the late Timothy Oxley, de- ceased, Nurseryman, Seedsman, aud Gardener, at the upper End of Stoke's Croft, hath, for the more advan- tageous and expeditious Serving his Dealers, contracted a Partnership with JOHN MILLS, late an Apprentice of the above Timothy Oxley. Those Gentlemen who please to favour us with their Commands may be allured of their being faithfully and fpeedily executed by, Their most ob « dknt humble Servants, JOHN OXLEY, JOHN MILLS. N. B. Those who are indebted to the EfFeCts of the above Timoth'y or John Oxley, before the Date hereof, are desired to pay the fame to John Oxley or his Order on or before the lit Dav of March next. r MONMOUTH. JOHN TIBBS, at the Beaufort Arms in j this Town j be « ; s - Leave to" inform the Public, Th'at jj Jie has for thei'e three'Years past made it his Business to | collect a large Quantity \ oi Stire, Golden Pippin, and j other bed: Cyder. Fruits, in Herefordlhire, Monmouth- j ihire, and Glocestershire and having now a large Stock © f fine old Cyders fit for Bottling, he shall be greatly 1 obliged to thofe Gentlemen who will pleafe to favour him with their Orders, which shall be punctually obeyed. At the Bell- Inn in Broadway, in the County of Wor- recter, on Friday the 7th of February Inst. between the Hours of one and four in the Afternoon, AN ESTATE, at Laverton, in the County of Glocester, held by Lt afe for three Lives under Lord Weymouth, two of which are now in being, and is of the yearlv Value of 30I. or thereabout. Particulars may be . had of Mr. Phillips, in Evesham, in the County of Worcester, T0 be sold. THE Freehold and Leasehold ESTATES of Viner Small, formerly of Burthrop, and since ol Fairford, in the County of Glocester, Esq; ( now a Prisoner in the King's Bench Prison) situate and being in the Counties of Norfolk and Glocester, lately con- veyed by the faid Viner Small to Edmund Clutterbuck, ot Hyde, in the said County of Glocester, Gentleman, and William Wilkins, of Cirencester, in the faid county of Glocester, ironmonger, in Trust, to be sold for the Payment of such of his Creditors . who fhall come and sign an Instrument or Deed prepared for that Purpose.—• The Estate in Norfolk consists of a Freehold Manor called Fordham, and of divers Farms, containing 1750 Acres Statute Measure, lately let to several Tenants at several yearly Rents amounting'to 9311. 16s. The said Farms ? r- ' 1 ythe- free, one Moiety, or which belongs to the Pro- prietor, and the other Moiety he holds by Leal? under the Dean and Chapter of Norwich; and the Estate in Glocestershire confifts of a Manor called Eastleach Mar- tin, otherwise Burthrop, and of several Farms, and feve- ral Copyholds held of the said Manor for Lives, and two Leasehoids, which are held under a Leafe from the Dean and Chapter of Glocester. Particulars whereof may be had of the faid Mr. Clut- terbuck and Mr. Wilkins; of Alexander Colston, Esq; at Filkins near Leachlade, Glocestershire ; or of Mr. Christopher Hull, at his Chambers, in Hare- Court, in the Inner- Temple, London. And fuch of the faid Mr. Small's Creditors who have not as yet figned their Confent to the faid Deed of Truft, or fhali not do the fame on or before the 13th Day of July next, will be excluded all Benefit arifing from the Sale of the faid Efiates ; and tile faid Instrument is in the Hands of the faid Mr. Wilkins, in Cirencefter, for the Purpofe of the faid Creditors figning the l-.: ne. two ' clock ; whereupon the four Privy COunsellors, who form the Council of State, went about ele- ven in the forenoon to the balcony of the Royal castle, where the Baron de Bern- storf, the senior Counsellor, pronounced thrice with a loud voice, " King Frederick the Vth is dead : Long live Christian the VIIth."— His Majesty was aged 42 years, nine months, and 13 days. He was crowned the 14th of September, 1747. He was married the nth of December, 1743, to the Princess Louisa of England, who died the 19th of December, 1751; and the 3d of July, 1752, his Majesty married the Princess Julia- Maria, daughter of Duke Ferdinand Albert of Brunswick- Wol- ffenbuttel. His successor is about 17. Rome, Jan. 2. On the 30th ult. died, aged 77, the Chevalier de St. George, after confinement to his house for three years thro: great weakness and infirmity, two years of which he hardly stirred out of his bed- cham- ber. It is not said whether he left any will, but the Cardinal of York has long been in possession of his jewels and other valuable ef- fects, and had the direction of his domestic affairs for fome time. What share his eldest son is likely to have in his late father's family jewels will be hard to say, for we know no- thing of him, nor indeed is he ever spoken of, there having no harmony for a long time subsisted between the brothers ; and moreover it has long been whispered that the elder is an heretick. Farewell then to all support from this Court, which will hardly acknowledge him. Rome, Jan. 8. The remains of the Che- valier de St. George, after lying in state for five days, were carried on the sixth to the church of the Holy Apostles, and yesterday the funeral ceremony was performed in the prefence of the sacred college. Cardinal Al- bani officiated in his pontificalia at the requiem, which was performed by the musicians from the Aposlolic palace. The Pope intended to have assisted, but was prevented by the cold- ness of the weather. In the afternoon the remains were carried to St. Peter's, attended • by most of the religious communities, and this morning the obsequies were again per- formed, and the body deposited in a vault, where it is to continue ' till the intended place try with corn, during the late dearths, that the Pope is obliged to suspend the fitting out of his gallies for this year. Yesterday dispatches were received from his Excellency James Melville, Esq; Governor of the Grenadoes. It is said there have lately been some disturbances there, but 011 what account we have not yet learnt. We hear, that the settlement which Denys Rolle, Esq; hath established in East Florida, is situated on a healthy elevated spot on the ri- ver of St. John, about thirty miles fouth weft from St. Augustine ; and is in a very flourish- ing condition, having in this last season pro- duced plentiful crops of rice, corn, pulse, and cotton ; besides a variety of melons, cucum- bers, and things of that kind, and all sorts of garden stuff'. By a strict amity, which he hath cemented with, the neighbouring Indians, his settlers are fixed in perfect security, and have already a considerable stock of cattle, milch- cows, hogs, and all sorts of poultry. The river abounds with fish ; and the woods with deer, turkies, an. d many sorts of wild fowl. Large groves of oranges, grapes, and honev in good plenty, are the natural productions of that part of the country. It is said a scheme is now under considera- tion, which has actually received the appro- bation of the most able judges, for raising a fund towards discharging annually a confi- derable part of the national debt without im- posing any additional burthen upon our ma- nufactures or commerce. Both Houses of Parliament sat ' till after ele- ven on Tuesday night; and late late again last: night. ' Tis faid a certain great man in the law has told a great personage that Mr. speech has done his country more harm than any thing that has happened for ages past. His Grace the Duke of Beaufort, who lately came of Age, hath taken the oaths and. his seat in the House of Peers, John Darker, Esq; Treasurer of St. Bar- tholomew's hospital, is elected Member of Parliament for the borough of Leicester, in the room of George Wright, Esq; deceased, and not Bakewell, Esq, as mentioned in some of the morning papers. It is remark- able, that out of four Members which the county and town of Leicester send to Parlia- ment, three of them have died since the last prorogation thereof. Petitions have been presented from the glove- sellers-, and manufacturers of that commodity, residing in this metropolis, and from the lea- ther- dressers and sellers, to prevent the clan- destine importation of foreign gloves and mitts. And Similar petitions have been presented from the glove- makers of Worcester and Hereford. The quantity of corn exported from Ports- mouth within these last four months amounts to upwards of zo; ooo quarters. It is said, that the prohibition of the expor- tation of grain will commence on Monday next, and continue ' till Michaelmas- day. Tuesday bread sell a'a whole assize, or 2d, in a peck loaf.. It is said, that the corn distilleries will not be stopped this season ; as it is Imagined, pre- venting the exportation will be sufficient to cause plenty at home; and it is thought mo- utr" cannot hold its present high price, as the of interment is ready. fifty years in this capital. Hehasrefided near TO THE PRINTER of the GLOCESTER JOURNAL. SIR, 1 T inserting the following in your paper, <- which I think myself in duty bound to pub- lish for the good of the public, especially as fcine ' will not allow that cancers can be infallibly cured without incision, you will very much oblige, ' Yours, & c. " I was afflicted with a most inveterate cancer in my breast for 14 years, in which time it grew to fuch a fize that I could easily rest my chin thereon. I tried all the mans which could be procured, without any effect, ' till LONDON, January 30. It is reported that the intended marriage of his present Danish Majesty with her Royal Highness Princess Caroline- Matilda of Eng- land will certainly take place at the expiration of the mourning for the late King. They write from L'Orient, that large quan tiltes of military and ordnance stores are now shipping there for Pondicherry, and other French factories in the East- Indie's. And Letters from Barbadoes, of the 27th of October last, mention that the French had cleared great part of the high lands of St. Lucia, and erected several batteries on the sea- coast. They write from Lisbon, that the Court of Portugal hath been several millions' of dollars losers by the late establishment of their India company ; and if credit may be given to some advices from the said quarter, ' proposals were Li3 to have been made by a certain maritime power, for the purchase of all the Portuguese Settlements in the East. They write from Civita Vecchia, that the ecclesiactical treasury is fo exhausted by the sums lately drawn from it, to supply the coun- laifes late advance on that article was owing to th « expectation of the malt distilleries being stop- ped. A private gentleman in the county of Car- marthen has presented a petition to an august assembly for making a navigable canal, at his own expence, from Gwendraeth river, near the town of Kidwelly, to the great forest and • Pwl Llygood in the said county, for; the more speedy conveying of coals from the said place to the counties and places adjoining. And it is said that a plan is being concerted by fome public- spirited gentlemen to make the river Teme, in the county of Worcester, na- vigable, which, if carried into execution, will be of great advantage to the interior part of that county. _ It is remarked as a pretty extraordinary circumstance, . and perhaps without example, that, a greater number of persons of high birth have died within thefe eight or nine months past than has been known within the same space of time ever before. Those more par- ticularly mentioned on this occasion are, the Princess Mary- Louisa of Hesse- Cassel, the Duke of Parma, the Emperor, the Margra- vine of Brandenbourg- Schwedt, the Duke of Cumberland, the Dauphin, Prince Frederick- Wiiliam, the King of Denmark, and the Che- valier de St. George. Yesterday Mr. Serjeant Whitaker kissed the King's hand, on being appointed one of the ' Welch Judges, in the room of the late John Richmond Webb, Esq; Political Anecdote.— A celebrated patriot, re- markable for the excellent structure of the in- side of his head, took it into his mind lately that the outside wanted a new covering. Being at his seat at H , in Kent, when the im- portant thought struck him, a substantial hatter of the place was sent for, and orders given him to prepare, without delay, a hat of a most extraordinary size, both in crown and brim, the dimensions of which were laid down with great punctuality. The hatter, on his return home, Concluding from the uncommon cir- cumference of the hat bespoke that the great C r must either be out of his wits, or at least that he could not mean to encumber his head with such an enormous covering, after a short consultation with his men, re- solved to deviate a little from his directions, and to make the patriot's hat one inch less in the crown, and one in the brim, than had been prescribed to him. The beaver when finished was carried home, but being pro- duced, instead of that approbation it was hoped it would meet with, was returned with a reprimand to the tradesman for not knowing better than to disobey orders. The directions given before were again repeated, and the strictest injunctions added not to deviate one single point from them. Experience had now opened honest Mr. Felt's eyes, A hat, or rather an umbrella, was- prepared of the very exact dimensions prescribed Being carried home, the patriot seized it with rapture, clapped it on his head, strutted with it about the room, and, flapping the brim all round, commended the hatters punctuality in fol- lowing orders. The latter, too strongly moved at the scene, burst out into a violent laugh in the C - r's face. " Sirrah, what do ye laugh at?"—" At you, Sir."—" At me, Sir! What do ye see in me to laugh at ?—" Only your hat, Sir. My hat, Sir ! Well, and what of that ?"- » I believe never such a one was made before, excepting once."—" And who was that for ?'-< » -" Oliver Cromwell, please your honour.' V-" Bravo ! ( cried the C r) now I see thou art a clever fellow; sit down and drink a glass with me." Here the anecdote ends. We have only to say in confirmation of it, that we believe there is not a Scotchman in town who will not Vouch for the truth of the story. ACOCK- MATCH to be fought, at the Dwelling- Houfe of John Chadd, in Bosbury, be- tween the Gentlemen of Worceftershire and the Gentle- men of Herefordshire ; to shew eighteen Cocks on each Side for two Guineas a Battle and twenty Guineas the Main; and to fight on Thursday the 13th Inst. KING and ELSMORE, Feeders. o GLOCESTER, February 3. THE Mayor, having received Letters from the Persons concerned in the proposed Navigation between the Severn and the Trent desiring the Concur- rence of the Gentlemen, Merchants, and Tradesmen of this City in promoting that Undertaking, request that all those, whom Interest or publick Spirit may incline to support this great Design, will meet this Evening at four o'Clock in the Council Chamber at the Tholsey, that he may collect the general Sense of this City, and return an Answer accordingly. WANTED IMMEDIATELY, AMaster and Mistress who are qualified to govern a Workhouse for the Borough of Leomin- ster. Any Persons who are desirous of such an Under- taking may, by applying to the Bailiffs and Justices of the said Borough, meet with proper Encouragement. N. B. No Letters received unless Post- paid. WANTED, AMAN SERVANT, about 25 Years of Age, who ride. not more than twelve Stone, and has had the Small- Pox. His chief Business will be to take Care of Saddle Horses, and wait at Table. He must have a good Character from his last Place. For further Particulars apply to the Printer, er to Mr. Pugh, Bookseller, in Hereford. be Let, And entered upon immediately, at an easy Rent, THAT noted and well- accustomed Inn called the WHITE LION, situated near the Mar- ket- place in Upton upon Severn, in the County of Wor- tester, together with a large Quantity of new- built Stall Stabling, and other convenient Stabling, new built, for Coach and Chaise Horses ; also a compleat Bowling- green, and large Garden inclusive, about four Acres of rich Pasture Ground adjoining to the said Inn, and more Pasture Ground to be let therewith, if required..— The Chaises, Furniture, & c. to be sold to the Tenant.- For further Particulars enquire of Mr. William Hurst, at the said Inn, who is going to retire from public Business. To be sold, ATENEMENT, or DWELLING- HOUSE, situate in the Greyhound- Lane, in Chel- tenham, in the Possession of Richard Robins, Carpenter. Enquire of Messrs. De la Bere and Hughes, in Chel- tenham. TIMBER to be SOLD, ONE hundred and four MAIDEN OAK TREES, growing in two Groves near Glashampton House, in the Parish of Astley, and County of Wor- cester, marked and numbered for falling, and are very contiguous to the River Severn Likewise 380 Maiden Oaks and 20 Elms growing on an Estate called the Marsh, and 206 Maiden Oaks and seven Elms grow- ing en an Estate called the Knap, in the Parish of Bridge Sellers, and County of Hereford, marked and numbered for falling, large and fit for Ship- building, within 20 Yards of the River Wye, and near 400 of them in one Grove—— Particulars may be had of Mr. John Broome, of Stanford, Worcestershire. Joseph Lane, near Astley Church will shew the first Parcel; and Mr. William Makeam, of the Marsh, will shew the two last Parcels. N Wednesday the - 12th Instant will be published, and given gratis, at the Crown and Thistle, in Barton- street, Glocester, a CATALOGUE of BOOKS, being the Library of the late Rev. Mr. Godrry Elly, of Glocester, which will be sold very cheap, the lowest Prices being fixed in the Catalogue. The Sale begins on Friday the 14th, and continues Saturday and Monday. There are some valuable Manuscript Sermons; also some fine Prints, by Martolozzi and others, from his Majesty's Collection of Drawings; Sandby's Etchings, & c. and a curious Bible, reckoned one of the finest in Europe. STOLEN, on Wednesday Night the 22d past, out of the Stable of Thomas John, of Talgarth, Breconshire, a bright- bay MARE, full aged, fourteen Hands high, with a black Mane and Tail, a little white above the Hoof of the off Foot behind, worth about 4I. and remarkable for not bearing the Spur ; also, at the same Time, stolen out of a Barn adjoining to the Stable, a five- bushel Bag with about two Bushels of Wheat there- Whoever will secure the said Mare, and the Person offering her to Sale, and give Notice thereof to the said Thomas John, shall be thankfully rewarded by him. WHEREAS Robert Neate, of the Pa- rish of Brokenbrow, Wilts, Miller, did, on Wednesday the 15th past, leave his Family chargeable to the said Parish : Whoever will secure him, and give No- tice thereof to the Churchwardens or Overseers of Bro- kenbrow aforesaid, so that he may be brought to Justice, shall receive one Guinea Reward. N. B. The said Robert Neate is about 50 Years of Age, middle sized, lame in the right Foot, and had on, when he went away, a light Drab- coloured Coat, white Waistcoat with black Buttons, Leather Breeches and a dark- grey Wig. w* To Be Sold, On Wednesday the 19th of February Inftant, between five and six in the Afternoon, before Samuel Pechell, Esq; one of the Masters of the High Court of Chancery, at his Chambers in Symond's Inn, London, AN ESTATE late of John Ellington, Esq; deceased, situate in the County of Glocester, In five L O TS, v1z. Lot 1. consists of the Scite of a Mansion- houfe, called Gossington- Hall, and of the Offices thereto belonging, with about an Acre, of Ground intended for a Yard and • arden, a good Brick Farm House, and about 100 Acres of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, situate in the Pa- rish of Slimbridge, and let at 117I. 6s. a Year ( without the Scite of the Mansion Houfe and Offices). About an Acre and Half of the Land comprized in this Lot is held of Mrs. Davis, at the yearly Rent of 1l. jcs. Lot 2. consists of the Materials of the above Mansion House and Out- houses, Lot 3. consists of a good Farm House and about 60 Acres of Meadow and Pasture Land, situate in the said Pa- rish of Slimbridge, and let at 65I. a Year. Let 4. consists of a good Farm House and about 58 Acres of Meadow and Pasture Land in the Parish of Berkley, let at 54I. 10s. per Ann. Lot 5. consists of a good Stone Farm House and about 96 Acres of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, in the Parish of Cowley, let at 881, per Ann. and a Mill unte- nanted. The said Premises are subject to several Quit Rents and Chief Rents amounting together to 1l. 13s. 4d. a Year. The Timber on the said Premifes is valued at 600I. exclusive of much growing Timber thereon. The Tenants of the Farms will shew the Premises, and further Particulars may be had at the said Master's Cham- bers. ' The above Premises are all situate within about ten Miles of Tetbury, wHEREAS a Commission of Bankrupt is awarded and issued against John Welch, late • of Huntley, in the County of Glocester, Innholder, and be being declared a Bankrupt, is hereby required to sur- render himself to the Commssioners in the faid Commis- sion named, or the major Part of them, on the 19th, » oth, and 21st Days of March next ensuing, at ten o'Clock in the Morning of each of the said Days, at the Dwelling- house of Benjamin Roberts, Innholder, com- monly called or known by the Name or Sign of the Lower George, situate in the Westgate- street, in Glo- cester, and make a full Discovery and Disclosure of his Estate and Effects; when and where the Creditors are to come prepared to prove their Debts, and at the second Sitting to chuse Assignees, and at the last Sitting the said Bankrupt is required to finish his Examination, and the Creditors are to assent to, or dissent from, the Allowance of his Certificate. All Persons indebted to the said Bankrapt, or that have any of his Effects, are not to pay or deliver the same, but to whom the Commiflioners shall appoint, but give No- tice thereof to Robert Pyrke, Attorney at Law, at Newn- ham, in the said County of Glocester. SUM SOLUS. GLOCESTER, Feb. 3. This is to acquaint the Ladies and Gentlemen, rHAT Mr. POWEL, the celebrated FIRE- EATER, is come to this City, and hopes the Gentlemen, & c. will favour him with their Compa- ny this and the following Evenings this Week, at the White Hart in the Southgate- street; where he will exhi- bit his extraordinary and astonishing Performances, which much surpass any Thing he ever performed here before. He will exhibit the following Articles, 1st, He eats red- hot Coals out of the Fire as natural as Bread, 2dly, He licks with his naked Tongue red- hot Tobacco Pipes flaming with Brimstone. 3dly, He takes a large Bunch of Deal Matches, lights them all together, and holds them in hii Mouth ' till the Flame is extinguished. 4thly, He takes a red- hot Heater out of the Fire, licks it with his naked Tongue several Times, and carries it round the Room between his Teeth. 5thly, He fills his Mouth with red- hot Charcoal, and broils a Slice of Beef or Mut- ton on his Tongue ; and any Person may blow the Fire with a Pair of Bellows at the same Time. And lastly, He takes a Quantity of Rosin, Pitch, Bees- wax, Sealing- wax, Brimstone, Allum, and Lead, melts them together over a Chaffing- Dish of Coals, and eats the said Combus- tibles with a Spoon, as natural as a Porringer of Broth, ( which he calls his Dish of Soup) to the great and agree- able Surprize of all the Spectators. Every Article above mentioned is jufsly performed without Fallacy. To begin every Evening at Seven o'Clock. Before he begins his Supper, he entertains the Ladies and Gentlemen with Half an Hour's Diversion on Dexte- rit ef Hand, much superior to any Jew, or other Pre- tender. He displaces Teeth or Stumps of Teeth so easy as scarce to be felt.— This Advertisement does not mention half that he performs. His Stay here will be no longer than this Week, and in other Towns he stops at, only two or three Days, as he is upon his Journey to visit the Gentry in South- Wales. T0 Be Let, And entered upon at Lady- Day next, AConvenient DWELLING- HOUSE for a Clothier, with an Orchard, and two small Pieces of Pasture, adjoining to Hazel Mill, in the Parish of Panswick, Glocestershire, about a Mile from Stroud.— Enquire of T. Baylis, near Stroud ; or of Mr. Jones, the present Tenant, who will shew the said Premiies. T0 be Sold ALarge Quantity of CYDER made of the best Fruits in the Year 1762, which proves re- markably rich and high flavoured. Any Person taking a Quantity may have it in handsome mould Bottles at js, per Dozen, and small Quantities in Proportion. Enquire of Thomas Eckly, at the Barton, Hereford. per head per ann. on every individual person, including men, women, and children; whereas the taxes to pay the interest only of the money spent in Great- Britain to defend America amount to twelve shillings per ann. on every individual in Great- Britain. One of the great questions relative to Ame- rica, viz. Whether the British Parliament have a right to lay taxes on the colonies, it is said, will be determined the beginning of next week. But The other great question, viz. Whether the Stamp act shall be repealed, it is whispered, will not be determined for some time, at least not for some weeks. The Gentleman of the Law who moved for sending Mr. P. to the Tower, was Sir F. N. From Dublin we hear the animosities be- tween the Common Council of that city and the Board of Aldermen run so very high, on account of a refusal which the latter gave to a motion for settling a pension of 3651, a year on Dr. Lucas, one of the city Representatives, that justice has been frequently interrupted, and the Magistrates publicly insulted in the streets by the fury of the ignorant populace. By a private letter from Copenhagen, we hear, that about an hour before his Majesty's decease, he called the Prince Royal, his suc- cessor, close to his bed- side, and taking him by the hand, addressed him to the following purport: " My dear son, you will soon be the King of a flourishing people ; but remem- ber, that to be a great Monarch, ' tis absolute- ly necessary to be a good man. Have justice and mercy, therefore, constantly before your eyes, and above all things reflect, that you were born for the welfare of your country, and not your country created for your mere emolument. In short, keep to the golden rule of doing as you would be done by ; and whenever you issue an order as a Sovereign, examine how far you would be willing to obey such an order, had you been but a subject yourself." Yesterday the Judges met in Lord Chief Justice Mansfield's Chamber, Westminster- Hall, and chose their respestive circuits for the ensuing Lent assizes. Northern. Lord Mansfield, Justice Bathurst. Norfolk. Lord Camden, Baron Adams. Midland. Lord Parker, Justice Yates. Home. Justice Clive, Baron Smythe. Oxford. Justice Wilmot, Baron Perrot. Western. Justice Gould, Justice Aston. An able Lawyer, it is said, has it now un- der consideration, whether the intention, and even virtual meaning, of that Article in the Treaty of Union, which prohibits the eldest sons of Scotch Peers from being elected in that country to represent any Part of the Com- mons- in Parliament, is not evaded in the first point, and defeated in the second, by so many of them being elected to represent the. Com- mons of England; because if found other- wise, some means will become needful to se- cure to South Britain its due Legislative weight, which begins to be not a little en- dangered from the frequent elections here of Scotchmen to that very high trust. We hear that the gentlemen of the law are forming a society for the benefit of their widows ; which establishment is to be made under the direction of some of the most emi- nent personages of that profession. A proprietor in the East- India stock having, at the last election for Directors, made a trans- fer of 500I. to qualify him for a vote, he some time after called upon his friend, and demand- ed a re- transfer of his property. Upon which the other, with a world of composure, repli- ed, " Sir, if you were fool enough to ima- gine that I should be guilty of perjury, merely to pay you a compliment, you were damna- bly mistaken. I count it no brcach of honesty to punish a man who wanted me to be a vil- lain ; and if I ever hear a single syllable from you again on this subject, I shall publish an account of the transaction in every paper in England, and leave the world to judge which of us two is the greatest scoundrel." By a gentleman who lately had much con- versation with Mr. Wilkes we are informed, that he continues in good health, and in pos- session of his usual vivacity. He speaks very indifferently of , that they have un- MONDAY's POST. LONDON, February I. © W the rePort fuc' 1 ^' ps from Q w North- America as have not been k tfsVlft W cleared out stamp papers are ordered to be seized on their arri- val ; they are only to have an extraordinary number of revenue officers stationed on board ' till their respective cargoes are properly landed, and entered at the Custom- House. By a calculation made by an eminent Ame- rican merchant it appears, that the whole taxes in all the American provinces do not amount, upon an average, to more than eight- pence 165 1- half. Ditto New, Ditto cor. f. Ditto India gratefully neglected him;— a treatment which he says he did not expect, and which, from them at least, he thinks he did not deserve. He has nearly finished a piece under this title, " A Letter to his Grace the Duke of Grafton, " one of his Majesty's Principal Secretaries " of State, containing the just expectations of " the nation from the present Ministry, and " some strictures on the case of Mr. Wilkes. " Vacare culpa magnum est solatium ; prae- " sertim cum habeam duas res, quibus me susten- tem, optimarum artium scientiam, & maxima-' " rum rerum gloriam, quarum altera mihi vivo " nunquam eripietur, altera ne mortuo quidem." Married.]— Mr. James Duberly, of Deny- stowe, Monmouthshire, to Miss Langford, daughter of Mr. Langford, of the Great Piazza, Mr. John Waring, of George- yard, Lombard- street, to Miss Fanny Hunt, of Barnes.— In Caernarvonshire, Col. Glynn Wynn, second son of Sir John Wynn, Bart, to Miss Pugh, eldest daughter of Edward Philip Pugh, Esq; of Penrhyn, in that county, and a near relation to the Right Hon. the Earl of Abingdon At Stafford, John William- son, Esq; to Miss Sally Hickin Henry Portman, Esq; of Bryanston, Dorsetshire, to Miss Anne Wyndham, daughter of the late William Wyndham, Esq; of Dinton, Wilts. Andrew Hacket, jun. Esq; of Moxhul- hall, to the Hon. Miss Leigh, sister to the Right Hon. Lord Leigh.-— At Oxford, Joseph Smith, Esq; a Captain in the Buckinghamshire militia, to Miss Phipps, only daughter of the late Mr. Phipps, of that city. Died.]— At his house in Hampshire, Richard Madan, Esq;. In Ireland, the Rev. Dr. John Leland.— At his house in Berwick- street, Thomas Jones, Esq; Robert Wilson, Esq; Merchant, in St. Mary Axe. Mr. John Wall, Surgeon, at Kidderminster, in Wor- cestershire. At Barking, in Essex, Mr. Jo- seph Hartshorn, Surgeon and Apothecary. - At Worcester, the Reverend Mr. Jauncey, many years Rector of Great Comberton, in that county.— In London, of the small- pox, Mr. Highmore, Scholar of New- college, Ox- ford.— At his house in the Green Park, John Jefferies, Esq; of the Priory, in Breconshire, Member of Parliament for Dartmouth.— The Lady of John Coose, Efq; of the Lodge, Herefordshire. — Mrs. Cibber, on whole great Theatrical Talents it would be unnecessary to enlarge, as they have so long been universally felt and acknowledged. Preferred.]— Samuel Seddon, Esq; to be Secretary of Queen Ann's bounty, in the room of Henry Montague, Esq; who has re- signed. Bank Stock, 135 i- half. India Stock, S. S. Stock, ( hut. S. S. Old Ann. 88 7- 8ths. fhut. Three per cent. Bank red: 89 5- 8ths. 89 3- 8ths. Di. tto 1726, —. Ditto 1751, — Ann. 87 7- Sth. Three i- half Bank Annu. 1756, 103. Ditto 1758, —. Four per cent. 176a, , Ditto Navy 1763,—. Ditto 1763, —. India Bonds, il. 2s. prem. Navy and Vi£ t. Bills,—. Exch. Bills, 2s. difc. Long Ann. 27 3" 4ths. Survivorfhip, —. BANKRUPTS,— James Bentley, of Kate- street, Mid- dlesex, Silk- throwster Richard Tredwell, of Fleet- lane, Coach- spring- maker.— Alexander Greeg, of Wool- wich, Taylor. — Robert Watson, of Nottingham, Pedlar. — Andrew Wright, of Newcastle upon Tyne, Linen- draper.— Benjamin Bayrom, of Barley, Hertfordshire, Linen- draper.— John Hamilton, of Lower East- Smith- field, Victualler.— John Bangley, of Cow- Lane, Cooper. — Samuel Turner, of Woodbridge, Suffolk, Ship- builder. Dividends to be made to Creditors. Feb. 25. John Uptcn, of Manchester, Dealer. 26. James Cox and Edward Grace, of London, Merchants. 28. Timothy Haycock, of Coventry, Clothier. March 8. Matthew Arnold, of Hackney, Middlesex; Dealer. April 29. Archibald Campbell Fraser and George Whar- ton, of London, Merchants. Certificates to be granted. Feb. 22. John Rose, of Great Queen- street, Lincoln's Inn Fields, Winemerchant; Thomas Trollope, of Fr - day- street, Merchant; Samuel Free, of London, Mer- chant. GLOCESTER, February 3, The article in our last relative to the repeal of the Cyder tax is corroborated in the fol- lowing paragraph taken from the Sherborne Mercury :—- " We have the pleasure to assure our readers, that Sir George Yonge, Bart, has sent a letter to the Right Worshipful the Mayor of Exeter, signifying that all the Mem- bers of the cyder counties had waited on the Chancellor of the Exchequer concerning the repeal of the Cyder acts, and that it' was certain those unpopular acts would be totally repealed, whereby the growers and makers of cyder, and those who buy cyder for their own consumption, will be freed from the payment of any duty ; but that a new act would be made, subjecting those who buy cyder to sell again, in any manner whatever, to the excise laws, with an additional duty. Letters to the same purport have been received from the Knights of the Shire for the county of Devon, and from John Walter, Esq; one of the Mem- bers for Exeter." We hear from Newport, in Monmouthshire, that last Thursday evening arrived there the sloop Friends, belonging to Mess. Kemeys and Co. from Gravesend, in seven days, which is reckoned a remarkable passage for this or any other season of the year. She is now. un- loading, and will load again for London im- mediately. Ships arrived at Bristol, King George, Burch, from Jamaica and Cork ; Success, Hawkin, from Lisbon; Kitty, Browning, from Bilboa ; Merry, Sinclair, from Glasgow j Prince William, Wyllie, and New Blessing, Leard, from Dublin ; Britannia, Evans, from, Cork. %* The Freehold Estate situate upon the River Lug, ( inserted in the firft Page of this Journal) will be sold by Auction, at the Castle- Inn in Presteign, on Monday the 10th Inst. between the Hours of ten and twelve in the Forenoon. *\* The Printer of this paper wants an Ap- prentice.— A sober, well- dispofed Lad, who has had a little Grammar- school education, will be taken on easy terms. Prices of C O R N per Bushel at the last Week's Markets. At GLOCESTER, The bufhel 9 gallons, 21 bufhels to the fcore. Wheat js. led. to 6s. iod. I Beans 4s. lod. to 5s. oil Barley 3s. cqi. to 4s. oid. f Oats 3s. odd. to 4s. oosL At CIRENCESTER, The bufhel 9 gallons, 20 bufhels to the fcore, Wheat 5s. C4d. to 6s. o4d Barky 3s, o6d. to 4s. ood. At EVE Beans 4s. o6; l. to 4S.' c5< 5. Oats 2S, c> 4d. to 2s. 1 id. SHAM. The bufhel 8 gallons, 21 bufhels to the fcore. Wheat 5s. oSd. to 6s. o2d. I Beans 5s. 00J. to os. ood. Barley 3s. ojd. to 3s. c6d. [ Oats 2s. ogd. to os. ood. At TEWKESBURY, The bu/ hel 3 gall, i- half, 21 bufliel to tile fcore. Wheat 6s. oSd. to 6s. lod. I Beans os. ood. to 4s. o6d. Barley 3s. o6d. to 35. lod. | Oats 2s. ood. to 3s. ood. At HEREFORD. The bufhel 9 gallons i- half. Wheat 5s. ood. to 5s. iod. i Oats as. ogd. to 39. oo4. Barley 4a.. ood. to 4s. o4d. I Beans os. ood. to os. ood. Peafe 5s. o6d, to 6s. ood. | At ROSS, The bufhel 10 gallons, 21 bufhels to the fcore. Wheat 6s. o6d. to 6s. tod Barley 4s. ood. to 4s. 2od. Peafe 6s. o8d. to os. 00 Oats o . cod. to 0'-. ooi At M O N M O U T H. The buftel 10 gallon?, 21 btilhels to the fcore. Wheat 6s. 03d. to 6s. 08J, I Beans 5s. o6d. to 5$. iod. Barley 4s. cod. jo 4s. o6d. j Oats 2s. c6d. to 2s. ocjd At the Corn- Exchange, London, per Quarter, Wheat Barley 36 s, 23- to 42s, to 25s, Beans Oats 24s. to 28s. 15s. to 191. aaaiaaagM GLOCESTER, printed by R. R A I K E S. * ADVERTISEMENTS are taken ir at the PRINTING- OFFICE, in Glocejier-, by HAWES, CLARKE, and COLLINS, in Pater- nojler Row, London; C. PUGH, Bookfeller, in * Hereford-, A. BROWN, Bookfeller, in Chriflmas- Jlreet, BriJhJD- MORGAN, in King- Jlrcet, Carmarthen-, J. SPARKS, in Havsrfordwejt y M, Ik VAN, in SwanfeaPHU » » DAVIS. Bookfeller, in Ltominfter; A. WOOD, in Brecon; and by JOHN PRICE, in the Hay. V ' ' tf. £.- No LETTERS will be received unlefs Poft Paid, The following BOOKS are sold by C. Pugh, in Hereford ; Tho. Blunt, in Ross ; Mess. Pal- nter and Cadel, in Bristol; J. Bence, in Wot- ton- Underedge ; M. Bevan, in Swansea ; P. Davis, in Leominster; D. Hog, in Stroud; W. Williams, in Monmouth ; and R. Bond, in Glocester. PROPOSALS for printing, by Subscrip- tion, a MEZZOTINTO PRINT of the Right Hon. Lord CAMDEN, Lord Chief- Justice of his Ma- jesty's Court of COMMON- PLEAS, from a Whole- Length Picture of his LORDSHIP, painted by Mr* HOARE, for the CORPORATION of BATH, and placed in their Town- Hall. By JONATHAN SPILSBURY, Who has engaged in this Undertaking by Permission of his LORDSHIP, and the CORPORATION of BATH. CONDITIONS. T. THAT the Size of the Print shall be twenty Inches by fourteen. II. That the Price to Subscribers shall be Seven Shil- lings and Six- pence; Five Shillings whereof to be paid; at the Time of Subscribing, and the Remainder on the Delivery of the Print. III. That the Prints shall be finished, and ready for. the Subscribers, on or soon after Lady- Day, 1766. SUBSCRIPTIONS are taken in, and Proposals deli- vered, by John Spilsbury, Engraver, Map and Print Sel- ler, in Russel- Court, Covent- Garden, and T. Spilsbury,; Printer, in Newcastle- Court, Butcher- Row, Temple-, Bar, London ; Mr. Stephens, at the Parade Coffee- House, in Bath; Mr. Rowand, Linen- Draper, in Small- Street, Bristol; and R. Raikes, in Glocester. NUMBER I. in Octavo, Price 6d. ( Containing four Sheets of Letter- Press, two Cuts, and a Map of Britannia Romana) To be continued weekly, of ANew and complete Edition of Mr. RA- PIN'S HISTORY of ENGLAND, translated and continued by the Rev. Mr. TINDAL; revised, corrected, and illustrated with 90 Monuments, and Heads of the Kings and Queens and of several illustrious Persons, to- gether with 73 Whole Sheet Maps, Plans, and Charts, elegantly and accurately engraved. Printed for the Proprietors, and sold by S. Bladon, in Pater- noster Row. Of whom may be had, _ 1. Rapin's History, with Mr. Tindall's Continuation, complete in 21 Volumes, bound, for six Guineas. 2. Mr. Tindall's Continuation of Mr. Rapin's History of England, 9 Volumes, being the 13th to the 21st Vo- lume inclusive, bound, zl. 14s. Any odd Volume may be had separately, or any single Number. DR. DODDRIDGE'S FAMILY EXPO- SITOR being a Work in such high Esteem that leveral Editions of it have been sold, the Proprietors therefore, in order to render such an ExpLANATION of the NEW TESTAMENT easy to those who chuse to be- come Purchasers, propose to publish it on the following CONDITIONS : I. That this Work is elegantly printed in Quarto, on a new Letter and good Paper. II. That it will be comprised in 155 Numbers. III. That a Number of this Work, containing 24 Pages of the Expositor, shall be delivered weekly, at the Price of Six- pence. IV. That all the Copper- Plates, the engraving of which cost above One thousand Pounds, shall be given gratis in the Course of the Publication. V. Number I. was published on Saturday the nth of January, and a Number will be continued weekly with- out Interruption, ' till the Whole is completed. Printed for the Proprietors; and sold by S. Bladon, in Pater- noster Row- N. B. The Whole may be had together, neatly bound in six Vols, for 4I. 10s. or a fingle Volume at a Time sewed in Boards. Where may be had all his other Works, viz. 1. A Course of Lectures on the principal Subjects in Pneumatology, Ethics, and Divinity, with References to the most considerable Authors on each Subject; 4to. Price 16s. 2. Sermons and religious Trails, now first collected, in 3 Vols. ) 2mo. the 2d Edit. Price 9s. 3. The Rise and Progress of Religion in the Soul; jzmo. 3s. The same Book in 8vo. 5s. 4. Practical Discourses on Regeneration, in ten Ser- mons; izmo. Price 2s. 6d. 5. Ten Sermons on the Power and Grace of Christ; 12mo. the 4th Edition, 2s. 6. Sermons to young Persons, on several Subjects ; 12mo. Price is. 6d. 7. Hymns founded on various Texts in the Holy Scrip- tures, published from the Authors MSS. by Job Orton; jd Edit. is. 6i. 8. Sermons'on the Religious Education of Children; nmo. is. 9. The Principles of the Christian Religion, expressed in plain and easy Verse for the Use of Children ; 4d. 10. A plain and serious Address to the Master of a Fa- mily, on the important Subject of Family Religion ; the 4th Edition, 4d. 11. Some remarkable Passages in the Life of Colonel Gardiner, who was slain in the Battle of Preston- Pans, Sept. 21, 1745; i^ tno. the 4th Edit. 3s. NUMBER I. Price One Shilling, ( A NEW EDITION corrected, being the Third) of MUSEUM RUSTICUM ET COM- MERCIALE; or, Select Papers on Agriculture. Commerce, Arts, and Manufactures drawn from Expe- rience, and communicated by Gentlemen engaged in these Pursuits. Revised and digested by several Members of the Society of Arts, Ac. ( Ef3 As the great. Encouragement this Work has met - with has obliged the Proprietors to reprint it, they again propose, for the Conveniency of the Purchasers, to re- public it in Monthly Numbers; the first of which was published the 1st, of February Inst. and will be continued regularly with the Magazines. And on the 1st Insant was also published, Number XXVI11 ( which begins the sixth Volume) of MUSEUM RUSTICUM. N. B. This Work, which is entirely supported by the Communication of original Pieces, is open to every Thing th:< has had the Sanction of a favourable Reception from the Society, and is occasionally illustrated with Copper- plates. A General Title, Index, and Table of Contents, are also given at the End of each Volume. Those Gentlemen • who are inclined to countenance the Re- publication of so useful a Work, may be served with one or more Num- bers Monthly. London, printed for R. Davis, in Piccadilly; J. New- terry, in St. Paul's Church- yard; and L. Davis and C. Reymcrs, in Holborn ; and sold by W. Nicoll, in St Paul's Church- yard. By the King's Authority granted at St. Jameses the 6th Day of December last, Dedicated to his Grace the D. of Chandos, Price only One Shilling, Each Number to be embellished with two Folio Copper- plates, and the whole to be adorned with Engravings of the Arms of all the Nobility, the Premiers in their Parliamentary Robes, and genealogical Tables exhi- biting the Defcents and collateral Connexions of each Family, NUMBER I. of ACOMPLETE ENGLISH PEERAGE : Containing 4 Genealogical, Biographical, and Hif-; torical Accbunt of the Peers of this Realm. By . the Rev. ALEXANDER JACOB, 1 Chaplain in Ordinary to his Majesty, and Chaplain to his Grace the Duke of Chandos, London, printed for jhg Author, and sold by T. Wil- fon and J. Fell, in Pater- noster Row ; J. Robson, in New Bond- street; and Mess. Richardson and Urquhart, at the Royal Exchange. CONDITIONS. 1. This Work will be printed in Folio, on an exceed- ing fine Paper, and will be comprised in two large Vo- lumes. II. It will be executed on a very extensive Plan, and will be completed in eighty Numbers as near as can be calculated; but, if it should exceed one hundred Num- bers, the Overplus will be delivered gratis. CfjijEf © ap fcia£ Price 4s. fewed, or 5s. bound. The SECOND EDITION, with great ADDITIONS and IMPROVEMENTS, of ANEW TREATISE on the LAWS con- cerning TITHES : containing all the Statutes, adjudged Cases, Resolutions and Judgments relative there- to, under the following Heads : Chap. 1. Definition of Tithes, Parsonage, Vicarage, Impropriation, and Appropriation; and of the Origin, Nature, and several Kinds of Tithes. 2. Out of what Things Tithes fhall be paid ; what Lands are subject to Tithes, and the fevcral Statutes for dissfolving Abbies, Monasteries, and other religious Houfes, and vesting their Lands in the King; what Lands are discharged from Titles - by thefe Acts respectively, with a Catalogue of the Monasteries1 dissolved by Stat. 31 Hen- ry VIII. of the yearly Value of 200I. and upwards; what. Order they vyere of, and the Times of their refpeCtive Foundations. 3. Of Exemptions from Payment of Tithes; and of Modus, Custom, and Prescription. 4. An alphabetical Table or Index of Things tithe- able, and not titheable. 5. Of settingo ut, and taking and carrying away- Tithes. 6. Of the Remedies for recovering Tithes, and the several Acts of Parliament made for that Purpose. 7. Of Suits in the Court of Exchequer concerning Tithes, and the Proceedings in fuch Suits, S. Of Prohibitions in Suits for Tithes. 9. Of Leases of Tithes, for Lives or Years, by eccle- siastical Perfons. 10. Of the Manner of paying Tithes, and the Sums payable by the respective Parishes in London. 11. Cafes concerning Tithes, determined in the Court of King's Bench, by the Earl of Hardwicke, and Lord Mansfield. By a Gentleman of the Middle Temple. London, printed, by his Majesty's Law- Printers, for W. Griffin, in Catherine- street. © ap teag fteSiifpfiJ, Price in Boards 5s. VOLUME I. of A New and Complete DICTIONARY of / I ARTS and SCIENCES; comprehending all the Branches of ufeful Knowledge, with accurate Defcrip- tions as well of the various Machines, Instruments, Tools,* Figures, and Schemes necessary for illustrating them, as of the Classes, Kinds, Preparations, and Ufes of natural Productions, whether Animals, Vegetables, Minerals, Foffils, or Fluids; together with the Kingdoms, Pro- vinces, Cities, Towns, and other remarkable Places throughout the World. The Whole extracted from the beft Authors in all Languages. By a SOCIETY of GENTLEMEN. The SECOND EDITION, with Additions, Corrections, and Improvements, f J- f This most useful and entertaining Work is il- luftrated with upwards of two thousand Copper- Plate Fi- gures, elegantly engraved, explaining a great Variety of useful Subjects. London, printed for W. Owen, near Temple- Bar. Of whom may be had, Complete Sets in Eight" Volumes, Price in Boards 2I. or elegantly bound 2I. Ss. A Work, of which the Merit and Defects are before the Public, can receive little Advantage from elaborate Commendations. Thofe to whom this is hitherto un- known, may learn its Value from fuch as have already bought it, of whom there are few who will not allow it equal to their Hopes. On the 1st of March will be published, Vol. II. and to be continued regularly every Month ' till the Whole is completed. ( To be continued on the first Day of every Month) NUMBER I. of THE GOSPEL MAGAZINE, or SPI- RITUAL LIBRARY, designed to promote Reli- gion, Devotion, and Piety from Evangelical Principles. This Publication will be executed according to the fol- lowing Plan, viz. i. The first Part begins with shewing the Deficiencies of the Light of Nature, and the Neces- sity and Advantages of Divine Revelation, as an Intro- duction to a System of Divinity agreeable to the Scrip- tures and the Protestant Churches at the Time of the. Reformation, a. The second Part will consist of religi- ous Biography, or the Lives of eminently useful Men. In this Number will be given the Life of Dr. John Wick- liff, the Morning Star of our Reformation from Popery, with an engraved Print of that eminent Reformer. 3. An instructing Dialogue on a religious Subject will com- prize the third Part of our Plan. This Number begins with a spiritual Illustration of Scripture- Metaphors, in a Dialogue betwixt Christian and Truth, 4. The . fourth Division is for Casuistical Divinity j or Cases of Confer- ence, for resolving religious Questions, or Points of Ex- perience that may exercise serious Christians. 5. The fifth Part is to contain miscelianeous Essays, Letters, & c., on religious Subjects. 6. The sixth Part is proposed to contain spiritual Hymns, or Poetry j and a Catalogue of religious Books published within the Month will be given, with a short Account of such as aim to . promote sound and vital Religon 5 and occasional Observations on those that tend to undermine the Truths of the Gospel. London, printed for J. Cooke, in Pater- noster Row 5 where Letters for the Authors will be received. ioaj? $ ufeIiCfceti, Price Six- pence, ( Embellished with the Portraits of Churchill Duke of Marlborough, Harley Earl of Oxford, Sir Isaac New- ton, and Dr. Mead, likewise a View of an Entrance into a wonderful Cavern in America, and an exact Representation of some curious. Fish hitherto misre- prefented by the Naturalists) The UNIVERSAL MUSEUM COMPLETE MAGAZINE KNOWLEDGE and PLEASURE, For JANUARY, 1766. London, printed for J. Payne, in Pater- noster Row ; and sold at the Printing- Office in Glocester ; and by the Distributors of this Journal. Among the many curious and interesting Particulars, which will be given this Month, are,— The Lives ft' Churchill Duke of Marlborough, Harley Earl of Oxford, Sir Isaac Newton, and Dr. Mead ; a particular Descrip- tion of the natural Curiosities difcovered in a Cavern near the City of Philadelphia in America ; some curious Fish described ; Objections to Sir Isaac Newton's Principia; Probable Cure for the Gout, by the Bark ; the Oracle, or moral and literary Intelligence Office ; Debates in the Areopagus of Athens resumed, on an important Question ; the Distresses of an English Officer in America ; the Question, how far the Arts are beneficial to Society, dif- cuil'ed ; the Vestal, extracted from a Latin Manuscript: found in the Vatican at Rome; some Account of Egypt, by Mr. Hasselquist, & c. & c. & c. The great Increase in the Sale of the Universal Mu- seum enables the Proprietor to add to its future Expence. As a Proof of which there will be given in the Number for February, an elegant Whole- sheet Map of the Coun- try twenty Miles round London, drawn from actual and accurate Surveys, which alone would be thought cheap at a Shilling. Such as have not yet taken in this Magazine may be provided with it from their Booksellers, beginning; with the present Year. Cljiief Day was published, Price is. 6d. Dedicated to Mr. POTT, senior Surgeon of St. Bartho- | lomew's Hospital, - , I ANew ESSAY on the VENEREAL DIS-! EASE, and Method of CURE. By J. BECKET, M. D. and Man- Midwife. In this Work the Necessity of deviating from the pre- sent Mode of Practice is candidly considered, and reason- ably accounted for. The Reader is also informed of a new discovered Medicine, and its comparative Excellence with all other Remedies is fairly examined and explained. This Medicine is an Essence, a few Drops of which, ta- ken in a Glass of Water, is a Dose; and, in slight Cases, in eight or ten Days the Cure is effected, without the least Inconveniency to the Patient, The above Discourse is delivered in a plain, easy, and familiar Manner, being principally intended for the Pe- rusal of such Persons as may be now afflicted, or, what is worse, have been ill cured of the Disorder therein treat- ed of; and further, that they may ascertain, with some Certainty, whether any Remains of the Poison are still lurk- ing in the Blood, or whether left labouring under the bane- . ful Effects of strong Mercurial Medicines.— Lit fuch Per- fons well obferve the Opinion of the ingenious Dr. Peter Shaw, Physician to his late Majesty, via. " That fre- quent flying Pains, Head- Achs, and other Symptoms, occasioned either by the Mercury, or the Relicts of the Distemper, often continued after a supposed Cure of the Infection." The Medicine is sold at the Printing- Office in Glo- cester, and by the Distributors of this Journal, in Bottles of 3s. and 5s. Price. A Label is fixed on the Bottles, signed by the Doctor in his own Hand- writing, as also full Directions, with Rules for Diet and Exercise, that the Patient might conduct himself thro' the Cure with Ease, Safety, and Secrecy: However, if required, the Doctor will give his Advice either in Perfon, or by Letter. ALSO, At ths Printing- Office in Glocester, of C. Pugh, in Hereford, and of the Distributors of this Journal, may be had, For Disorders incident to the STOMACH. SOME Time ago a Physician of diltin- guished Merit at Paris communicated to Dr. Becket tne Preparation of a bitter Tincture, which he had long proved to be a most extraordinary Remedy in curing the many grievous Disorders that afflict the. tomach, The Doctor has since made repeated Trials or its Virtues, and has not only found it to be a perfeCl innocent, but a moil efficacious Medicine, it having not failed in one single Instance of giving great Relief to the Patient, and in numberless Cases, it hath performed a perfect Cure. On these Recommendations it is now first published, and may be had at the Printing- Office in Glocester, and of the Distributors of this Journal, in Bottles at zs, each, with proper Directions. * *** To expatiate on the many Disorders that afflict the Stomach would answer no. Purpose to the Patient, therefore let it suffice to say, that as they mostly arise from a Relaxation or Weakness, so these bitter Drops by their grateful and strengthening Qualities, recover all the lost Powers, at the Return of which the grievous Ene- mies are expelled, such as sharp sour Humours, Wind, & c. & c. Weaknesses occasioned by too free Living, and all those disagreeable Sensations'of Sickness, Reachings, Fullness, and Pain.— They have also been found remark- ably useful after a Debauch of Drinking, & c. being taken in a Glass of Wine and Water, or Brandy and Water, and repeated every four or five Hours, Restorative CORDIAL DROPS, Discovered by Dr. J. BECKET, A NEW MEDICINE. IT is a Cordial, and that of the highest Na- ture. It circulates the Juices, enlivens the Spirits, recreates the faculties both of Body and Mind, effica- cioully nourishes the whole vital System, dissipates all Sorts of Weaknesses and Imbecility, and restores Strength and Vigour to a decayed Constitution In its Operation it co- operates with Nature, without forcing the Vessels;, and what greatly adds to the Praise of this singular Me- dicine is, that it with great Certainty removes the Causes of Impotency in one Sex, and Sterility or Barrenne'fs in the other. The Truth of its having this remarkable Ef- fect is confirmed by the recent Informations the. Author daily receives. The Doctor may be consulted, either personally or by Letter directed to him, at his House in Red- lion- square. For a further Account of this valuable Medicine see the Author's Essay on the Venereal Disease, & c Thefe Cordial Drops are sold by Mr. Raikes, Printer, in Glo- cefter, in Bottles at One Guinea each. The Doctor's Name is fixed on the Bottle in his own Hand- writing ; with proper Directions. BAUME De VIE. AMost excellent and efficacious Medicine invented by Mr. LE LIEVRE, ihe King's Apo- thecary at Paris, and authorised there by the faculty," is now first made public in this Kingdom. This noble Medicine has effected more astonishing Cures all over Europe than any other Remedy whatever. It is superior to any other Remedy in all Kinds of Ob- structions, proceeding from a depraved Digestion, and ill secreted Chyle. It is moft friendly to the Stomach, and by its cordial and digestive Powers qualifies the Juices for a just and temperate Circulation ; and animates and re- stores the whole System. It readily subdues all scorbutic and rheumatic Habits, moft happily relieves in the Gout, is peculiarly adapted to Female Complaints, and was ne- ver found to fail jn Agues, even where the Bark proved unsuccessful. Constitutions impaired bv the Use of Mer- cury, it infallibly restores. In nervous'and consumptive Cases it has done Wonders, producing a due balsamic State of the Blood and Juices. Externally applied to old Ulcers, Gangrenes, Bruises, Burns, Scalds, & c. it has not its equal. Given as a Glyster, it most effectually re- lieves in all Obstructione of the Intestines, the Convol- vulus, or Twisting of the Guts, & c. & c. This most excellent. Medicine, which has done infinite Service to Thousands, and never was found hurtful to the most delicate Constitution, is sold in Bottles at - JS. eaciij by W. Nicoll, Bookseller, in St. Paul's Church- Yard, London; where, good Allowance will be made for cha- ritable Uses and to sell again ; it is also sold at the Print- mg- Office in Glocester, and by the Distributors of this Journal; of whom may be had, Price is. a Pamphlet of the very remarkable Cures performed, by this Medi cine, attested by Persons of the highest Rank and Credit. A particular Account of the Nature and Effects of this Medicine is given gratis. BY THE KING'S PATENT. TH E following Extraordinary Cure of JOSEPH FEYRAC, Esq; Efficiently proves the Efficacy of MAREDANT's DROPS, ( prepared only by JOHN NORTON, Surgeon,) superior to any Medicins hitherto known. / To Mr. Norton, Surgeon, in Golden- Square. - ^ I LONDON, Sept. 10, 1765. T Have at laft the very great Pleasure of acquainting y « u that I am perfectly recovered from my late Illness by taking your Drops, and persisting in them since the id of February last; as this Remedy must be of great Benefit to the Public, in Justice to them and to you, I here send you the Particulars of my Distemper, for the Perusal of all fuch who chuse to be informed of the Certainty of their Effects. In the Years 175S and 1759, 1 was attacked by a vio- lent Scurvy, having no Part free from large Pimples, Scurf, or Ulcers, but the Palms of my Hands, my Face and Breast, attended by a total Want of Appetite, Sleep, and Spirits, to such a Degree I was afflicted, that I wish- ed myself dead, having followed many different Prescrip- tions to no Manner of Purpose •• From this Situation I was relieved by an old Woman, who undertook to cure me, and accordingly this was carried off by the Juice of Herbs, preceded by violent Bleedings, followed by Diet Drinks and outward Applications, when I was to all outward Appearance well for about a Year, but ever since I have been ailing without any visible Signs, being greatly dis- tressed by Want of Sleep, great Lowness of Spirits, ami Loss of Appetite ; when, about sixteen Months since, I was suddenly taken Ill, with the most sharp and acute Pains in my Back and Side; this was followed by violent Inflammations in my Eyes, swelling of Limbs, & c. I kept my Room three Months before I could stir, was sent to Bath, found a bad Effect from the Waters, a Hu- mour fell into my Heel, I was ordered to pump, but all to no Purpose, at last I could neither walk nor ride, when I was advised to blister it Half a Pint of the most corrosive Matter came out, but - was thirty Days a healing on Account of a violent Scorbutic Habit the Surgeon then saw I was in; as soon as healed I went out, but re- turned Home with my Leg greatly inflamed, net able to Hand upon it or kneel, I was then kept in Poultices for a Month from my Knee to my Heel before i could walk, I then to all Appearance was outwardly well, but still violently low in Spirits, Want of Appetite', & c. It happened then that I read your Advertisement in the Bath. Papers, and making the strictest Enquiry c- i the Sport of ATWOOD'S Cure, I found it attested by every one there; I came to'London the latter End of January last, have taken your Drops ever since the ill of Februa- ry ; a Week after I began it drove out the Humour in the Small of my Leg, and in different Parts from the Heel to somewhat beneath the Calf, and upon the Back of both my Hands; the Matter that came out of my Leg was so corrosive that the Cloth that was on when washed became full of Holes, the Matter or Spots could not be washed out, but burnt the Piece out; this Humour has gradually come out, crusted, and then peeled off, and has slowly decreased in Violence until it came to meer Water, and is now perfectly healed ; my Hands were shocking to the Sight, but dried by Degrees, then peeled off," more came: out and went off in like Manner successivtly, but have been well long since, and I am now well recovered, my Strength is returned, my Spirits good, my Stomach the same, and sleep well; in fhort, I thought myself so bad af obliged to leave the Service, despairing entirely of a perfect Recovery. I have nothing further to add, than that I am most sincerely obliged to you not only for the Recovery of my Health, for your very genteel and disinterested Behaviour, but also for your plain Dealing and Truth. My Distem- . per having taken the Course you . have from Time to Time told me it would, and if it is in my Power ever to be of any Service to you, I shall be happy in any Oppor- tunity of convincing you how much I am, Sir, Your very obliged humble Servant, JOSEPH FEYRAC. Lately Lieutenant- Colonel to his Majesty's 18th or Royal Regiment of Foot in Ireland. Any Person still doubtful of the Efficacy of this Me- dicine may ( by applying to Mr. Norton, Surgeon, the West Side of Golden- Square, near Piccadilly, where these Drops are fold in Bottles of 6s. each) be fully con- vinced of their good Effect, by being referred to above 100 People of Credit, who have been cured of the Leprosy, Scurvy, Ulcers, the Evil, Fistulas, Piles, long- continued Inflammations of the Eyes, and every other Disorder an- ting from a Foulness in the Blood. They perfect Digestion amazingly, create an Appetite} and may be taken in any Season without the leaft Incon- venience or Hindrance of Business. N. B. None are genuine, but what are signed by John Norton, in his own hand- writing They are fold all ® by the Printer of this Paper, LIKEWISE, At the Printing Office in Glocester, and of the Distri- butors of this Journal, may be had, BATEMAN's PECTORAL DROPS, OPODELDOC. AND Fine BLACKING BALLS for SHOES.
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