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The Edinburgh Advertiser


Printer / Publisher:  Alexander Donaldson
Volume Number: IV    Issue Number: 193
No Pages: 8
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The Edinburgh Advertiser
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The Edinburgh Advertiser

Death of Duke of Cumberland
Date of Article: 05/11/1765
Printer / Publisher:  Alexander Donaldson
Address: sold at the Printing-house in the Castlehill, Edinburgh
Volume Number: IV    Issue Number: 193
No Pages: 8
Sourced from Dealer? No
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" THE VOL. IV. EDINBURGH ADVERTISER. From FRIDAY NOVEMBER I. to TUESDAY NOVEMBER 5. 1765. ^ 193. To tht PRINTER. S I R, " if TTAving upon inquiry found that to be real 1 1 which was mentioned in a lare paper of JL yours, concerning the unparallelledge- nerofity of a diftinguifhed yotfng nobieman to tbe regiment he lately ferved in, as he was under no obligation on account of his prefent rank to re- fign that Re held in the 12th regiment, and IjeGdes has no pjy from that he now holds; on this occafion, I fay, mv admiration rather than furprife was excited , bscaufe I well know his conduit to be at all times directed by the moft difinterefted benevolence and greatnefs ot mind, and that, free from pompous oftentstion or empty felf- appiaufe, he has bath in the field and at hotne, with a mildnefs and humanity of difpofition, and a moJefty and elevation of foul pecul'ur to bim, approved himfelf to his king, his country, and his friends, the genuine hero, the truly great and fincerely good man ; always expoting himfelf to the difficulties, fa- tigues, and dangers, thofe under his command had to encounter, and aflifting every one, as he faw occafion, with a moft obliging liberali- ty- Believe me, Mr Printer, that no flattery is intended by ibis rmperftCt ( ketch of a chara< 5t « r, greatly fuperiour to any defcriptive powerj the writer « f this is poilefled of. His only motive is to prompt fome ibler hand to an undertaking more worthy of fo amiable a fubjeCt; as, in his opinion, cfuraCters eminent above the herd of mankind, ought to be held up to public view, that the community may with precilion know who are the perfons likely to promote the general good, and prove the ornaments of fociety.-— You will more readily be convinced that what is here faid does not proceed from any interefted motives, when I affore you that I never had any dependence on, nor ever re- ceived or expeCt any favours from his Lord- fhip, or any of his connexions, farther than commao civilities ; and that neither he nor any other perfon, ( hall ever know tvho is the author of the above or the following thought ; both of which you are at full liberty to treat as you may think they merit. I am, Sir, Your very bumble fervant, P H I L A X 1 O S, OT famous old twelfth, now renO'. vfl < i more than ever. The noble Cornwallis you've loft ! but what's clever, tfou'vc wreath'd him a garland fo well fuits his biow, That the Graces, io tranfport, proclaim with a vow, The brighteft of vitjues muft all hare combin'd To teach thofe greatjierbes an art fo reiki'd. For the Edinburgh Advertiier. Friday IJl November 1765. SIR, IDefire the favour you will infert in your next Tuefday's paper, the inclofed letter. There is nothing aftVted there but matters of fa< ft; but as thefe things may be unknown to you, I have defired the bearer ta inform ycu what authority you have for giving this letter a place, atid where to apply in cafe any of the parties concerned fhould difpute the faCts here fet forth. I am, Your humble fervant, See. Copy of a letter from EaJljr Arijirutber. Eajler. Ariftrutber, 26th O^ ber 1765. S I R, IHave been yefterday attending my friend Mr Alexander on this firft vifit to this « ii- ItriCt, and muft declare I never parted a day with more fatisfa& ion itj my life. His brother Mr William, you know, has been here for two months conftantly ; and it was not eafy for a houfe of fuch confiderable bufinefs to admit of the abfence of both part- ners at once, which, I believe, - vns the reafon of Mr Alexander's not being here foor. er. However this eirciimftanee ferved only to ren- der his firft appearance the more confpicUous. The weather happened to prove particularly delightful, and eur company made a very fine appearance, there being fifteen or fixtven car- nages befidej feveral rider:; among which were Mr Alexander himfelf, and young Mr Ofwald of IJurtikier, the father being plevented by indilpofition from coming, which t am adored he would otherwife have done ; the reft Were people of the firft character and property in trade, fuch as, Mr Troiter of Mortonhall, formerly in bufinefs, MrGrant, brother to the Baron, Mr George. Chalmers, and feveril o- ther gentlemen of character, from Edinburgh ; Mr Glafsford, Mr Ritchie, and feveral other eminent merchants, from Glafgow; Dr Roe- buck of the Carron company, Mr Doig of An- tigua, and other gentlemen of note. Mr Alex- ander was met by his brother a little way from Pittenweem, with Bailie Mart in, chief nugiftrate of that place, andleveral other gentlemen; and we were conducted by them to the town- hall, where the councils of the three united bo- roughs of Pittenweem, Wefter Anftruther, and Kilrenny, were affembled to welcome Mr Alex- ander; and as the largenefs of the company would not admit of their dining together, the town- council of Pittenweem very politely left their brethren of the turo other councils, to dine in their lull with their new guefts ; but having all j > ined when dinner was over, after drink- ing to his Majefty, and other tayal toafts, Mr William Alexander itood up, and addrefling Irimfelf to. tbegentlefnea of the three boroughs, he returned them his thanks for the very kind reception they had given him during his refi- deoce among them, and very genteelly recom- mended to them his brother as his fenior, and as one ( he faid) better qualified to feive them in parliament than himfelf, and that it was, in effeCt, otherwife indifferent Which of them had that honour, fince actuated by tbe fame fpirit, th « y were to be conlidered as one foul in two bodies, aad the boroughs might thus depend on having at London and Edinburgh, at the fame time, a friend equally difpofed to ferve them. After this Ms Alexander rofe, and, in a very moving and affeCt onate manner, returned the' boroughs his thanks for the Angular honour they had done his brother and him, and touch- ing genteelly on the character of their late worthy member, acknowledging the fervices he had received from fome of his neareft connec- tions, and exprefling his purpofe to attend to the interefts of the family and tender orphans he had left behind him ; he declared his wil- lingnefs to accept of the honour that was in- tended to be done him, and his intention to difebarge properly this important fruft. On which the whole gentlemen of the three bo- rougbi expreffed their fatisfi& ioft with the' laudtX acclamation}, and drank to Mr Alex- ander's health. After which, a gentleman # ho happened to have been a member of the town- council of Edinburgh when Mr Alexander's- father was elected member of parliament for that city, begged leave to propofe, " We' fhould drink to the memory of that eminent merchant ami worthy magiftrate ;" which was accordingly done with frelh acclamations. I obferved that Mr Alexander's fpeech had a happy effeCt upon all prefent, as, ftom his cha- racter, it was known to come from the heart; nor would it have been eafy for a more expe- riertced fpeaket to have impofed on them that heard him, had he not really ft. lt what he fpcrke. Every body was moved, and many of the company ( hed tears on the o. cafion. Ira- fhort, the whole was conducted with a decen- cy ard gravity that exceeded any conception I could have; nor their fobnety lefs remark- s able, fince, after beftowing on Mr Alexander and his company the freedom of the town, e- very body departed to their feveral habitations about fire in the afternoon ; and what is per- haps fcarce credible, 1 am affined by them that have been all along here, that finee the beginning they have fcarce feen a lingle inftance of drunkennels in any or. e of Mr Alexander's f iends. Every thing appears perfectly quiet, and the agents of Mr Alexinde ' s opponent* feem now to have given over the riotous me- thods they had fallen into, being fenfibte that Mr Alexander or his friends are none of them to be intimidated by fuch me^ ns, any more than they are to be wrought ^ n by other ill*-' 2$ 0 The gal practices. I ou^' it tiot likewife to omitj that Mr Alexander and his compahy'were fcarce an hour arrived at " Kingh'oin; ' rn their way to Pittcnweem, when they were informed by the chief magiltrate of the town, that he had juft received the news of the fuddeti death of one of Mr Alexatider's greateft oppofers and " with circumftances that appear very extraordinary. This gentleman who was the leading perfon in one of the boroughs of the dilLiCt, had, it is faid, encouraged Mr Alexander to offer his fervices, though I underftand, that for fome time paft he has aCfed a very different part. He was drinking on Wednelday night in the chief inn with the other candidate and his friends, when fome riotous and drunken per- fon, having, betwixt ten and eleven at night, • committed an outrage on one of Mr Alexander's iirmeft friends, attempting, it is faid, to drag him to the fea ; which being luckily prevented, the offender was brought before the deceafed, who was chief magiftrate of the place, io order to be comaiitted to prifon ; but inftead of performing that a St of juftice, and without tbe fm all ell provocation, the deceafed fell into a moft violent fit of paffun, refufitig, though the witneffes were prefent, to take any pre- cognition, but faid, " He would do Mr Alex ander juliice to- morrow and all of a fudden, in the prefence of ihe great croud thai were afTembled, he fell down fpeechlcfs, ar. d expired in a few minutes. You may judge of the a- ftonifhment that fo unexpected an event occa- fioned, and the laft words he fpoke could not t, ut ftrike a very deep imprefEon ; in fhort, I who ufed t » laugh at the credulity of other people in cc- nfidering the cuanTiftaric^ s of this affair, know not what to ; h,(( k of k, and furely there is no ftber perfcn that heats < hem but muft feel ferious. ftfkClions an it. . Be that. as. it will, J can venture, without the fpirit of prophecy, to foretell, that this affair will terminate very fortunately for this diftriCt . of boroughs, as they will have in Mr Alexan- der a very able and. worthy lepiefentative, an advantage which it is. th/ ught they have not always enjoyed fince die revolution; and 1- on- ly wifh that the example of this geuerous and fpirited family may encourage others of. cha- , sadter and fortune in trade, to afpire to the honour of / landing for out other buroughs, . which, as tbey are their moft natural reprelen- tatives, muft contribute greatly to the a( tv< in » age of this country. ^ OBSERVATIONS on the wonderful corjftruclion of the EYE From the Hanover Magazine. * THE eve is ufutjlly compared to a Camera Obfcuru, and the comparifon is, in ge- neral, very juft : yet there is an infinite differ- ence between them. In a dark chamber the rays from the objects are rec: ived by a copcave glafs, and " afterwards falling on paper, or a white wall, reprefent the refpciftive objeCts, but inverted. The chriftalline Jens in our eye is the glafs, the cavity of the eye the chamber ; the retina behind it, where the optic nerves are, is the white wall. This, indeed, is the plain, general idea, which, in fome meafure, explains she nature of vifiun; but. much greater wonders RGH ADVERTISER for 1765T Nov. 5 offer themfelves in the conftraCtian of the eye. Let os fuppofe the eye abfolutely and in ill re- fptCts lilce a Camera Obfcura, and nothinjmore thad a convex glafs, with both fides fpherical, fuch a machine would be very defective. Firft, as a pencil of light con lifts of feveral rays, and thefe, in their paffage through the glafs, not being refraCted alike, the pencil pro- ceeding from one point of the cbjeCt would not unite in one point of the retina : this produces, from every point of the object, an image vari- egated like the rainbow, and the reprefentation is confufed, the rays from different points of the objijft coinciding in one point of the retina ; hence, variety of fenfations croud on th" foul at once, and this is ever the caufe of confufed and obfeure ideas. Secondly, the objeCts lying in the axis of the eye, or very near it, would alone be reprefent- ed with any clearoefs, and the farther an objeCt was from it, the image would be the more dark and impe. feCE as opiics prove the fpace which the eye could have a diftin'Ct furvey of, would fcarce exceed ten degrees. Thirdly, iuch an eye would admit only of a final! pupil, and this, by reafon of the litcle light which would then enter it, muft render the image at the bottom of the eye very obfeure; thofe rays, though from an objeCt lying in the axis of a glafs, which do not fall on the glafs near its axis, never re- uniting in a point. But our eye is free from all tbefe defeCts. The diffe tent refraction of the rays occalions no confufion nor obfeurity. The clear range of the eye extends to above ninety degrees, without atry fenfibie disfigu- ement, even in objects re- mot; fiom the axis of the eye, and the pupil is much larger than a ftnilar Cryftal lens could ever admit of. Such excellent properties necellarily : e< juire various jrar. fparent fubftances, and hence it is, th* i our eye is fumifhed with three humours : in the fore part is a vitreous, in the bind part an aqueous, and between the two the cryftal- line humour, like a lens, which, though folid as the white af an egg boiled hard, is no lefs riuph » nous than the two other. Now the choice of thofe fubftances, and tbe confirmation of them, requires the Eolation of the following ' problem : To chufe different tranfparent fubflances, and fo to dtfpofe them, that the different re- fraCti. n of ihe rays fbali not prevent tbe diftinCt and clear < eprefemation of all ybjejfls, whether near or far from the axis ; and that a large a- perture produces no confufion. In order ro this, ihe true figure and curva- ture of each traufparent medium muft be deter- miiied. Now, they who are acquainted with the theory, of dioptrics, well know the great difficulty of determ ning what figu e a fingle glafs muft have to admit'of a larger fight than a fphi. ricil glafs. This problem, in its very theory, puts genius to a fevere trial; and could genius hit on the juft conformation of the glaf- fes, no artilt on earth, with all his ( kill, would be able to realize it in praCtice, and produce a glafs of the conformation requir: d. And even could fucli a glafs be made, yet would it only afford a plain repr- fentation of objeCts in the direction of its axis, and this again, only with- in a certain diftance ; objects more remote, or in a different direction, woul 1 be fcarcely dif- inguifhable. This is the caufe why two refract- ing planes are not feffi- ient to give a diftinCt reprefentation of objeCts, which are witboutths axis, or at dift. int diftances. The different frangibilny of the . lays alone requires more glaffCs; and from all the* e circumftances it may be fat'ely affirmed, that to determine the true conformation of more refraCtiwg planes, that all objeCls, in every difpofition and diftan<; e, fhall be clearly represented, and no. confufion arife either from the largenefs of the fight, or jf from the difference of the rays, is beyond all human fkill. Such curs e lines will unqueftion- able be tranft'ehdvntal in the higheft degiee, or fuch as all th- powers of georii- nry, or above geometrical delineations, cannot define, much lefs will they be reducible to practice. • Yet ' that which neither the capacity of human ge- nius, nor th » penetration of ait can attain to, • is in the higheft degree of perfection, exhibited not only in the eyes of men and the larger ani- ' mals, but likewife in the finalleft infects. Here, in what . ijylies of geometry and mechanifm is the labouring imagination loft ? Is it pofiible that man can be fo fottifli and pr'efumptuous , s to fay our eye is the woikt f a blind chance ? If other proofs of a Deity make no impref- I fion oh an Athetft, ( hould not the bateconlkie- I ration of the conftru- Ction of our eyes, convince : him of the exiftence of an omnipotent all- wife Being, in coaiparifon of whom, all human svif- ' dom, fkill, capacities, and acqiijrements,' are a mere nothing ? And car. he, who aclcnoiv- ! ledges the Author of the eye, queftion a Single inftiB', whether he who made the eye fees ! ' And were we fo particularly acquainted with ! the conftruffion of our ear, w8 fhnuld be equal- ly convinced, that he who made ic, muft like- | wile heat every thing. The fyftem of chance, ; that wretched ground of Atheifm, cannot be better confuted, than by ( hewing, that in an infinite number of cafeS, of which each was li- able to infinite variations, one conftant rule is obferved, and that the moft confonant with the hrghelt wifdom. Now this we meet within the eye, the number, the quality, and different Conf irmation of the humours, of which the eye confilts, prefuppofe not only one, but feveral deftinations, and each requiring the folution of a problem, which fcrpafils all geometrical powers. Granting that chance might happily alight on tbe number and quality of the differ- ent humouis proper to the formation of an eye, and that all that remained Was to deter- mine their conformation and difpofition ; what an extravagance would it be to maintain, IhAt among all the poffible figures of which each . hu- mour was fufceptible, and the number, ofcourfe, niuft be infinite, chance c^ nftantly hits on ihofe which'ate beft adapted to the purpofe of an eye ! ar. d yet this is more than geometry has fceen able to'do. After all the declamations on the laws of na- 9 ture in general, and their conftant uniformity, the imprellions made on the generality of men by fuch eloquence, are very flight; but when thele laws are exhibited to them in the con- ftruCtion of the eye, and it is ( hewn how cer- tain dilpofi ioas , which f:' r. p„ fs all human uo<- Nov. 5. The EDINBURGH ADVERTI derftanding, are invariably obferved in them. This finely muft carry a conviCtive force with it, and no reflective Atheift, I ftiould think, can hold out againft fuch demonftration". And irrefragable as this proof is, it ftill re- ceives no ( mall addition of ftrength from the great diversity of eyes, eve< y animal requiring fuch a ftruCture and difpofirion of them, as is perfectly adapted to its neceflities. Fof inftance, the rays of light being emifed into the eyes of fifties from the water, the difference of the re- fraClion of the rays muft occafion anal: eration in the humours and their difpufition ; and no d ubt this theoretical alteration is completely realized n the eye of every filh. Our eye exhibits farther wonders. Its fa- cility to turn itfelf on all fides, the contraction or dilatation of the pupil, according to the de- gree of ligh', ind its manifold fecunties . rgainft accidenrs ; with other exquifite difplays of the molt perfeCt intelligence, fh- uld kindle, in in- genuous minds, a mighty reverence, and love of the omnipotent and bountiful . Creator, < wto hath mads all his works in n. uifdow. 5. D. SATURDAY, Nov. 2. Aro foreign mails this poji. From the London Gazette, Oft. 29. Lift on, O/ l. 9. THeir Moil Faithful Majefties, and the Royal family, attended by Don Louis da Cunha, fecre'ary of ( tare, fet out for the Royal P. dace of Vlafra on I'uefday the iff inftant. They a.- e expeCted to return to the palace of N. S. de Ajuda on Friday next From the Londos: papers, GH. 29. Cadiz, Sept. 24. Letters from Gibraltar, of the 20th inftant, advife, that the corfrirs of Morocco, and efpeciaily tho'fe of Sal lee, have repteiented ro th- jr Sovereign, that the water at the entrance of their livers is fo ( hallow, that they cannot get out of their ports ; but the late high tides havingdeprived them of thatexcufe, the King of Mor - cco has ordered them to be put to fca, within the courfe of this month, on pairt of death. Notwithftanding the rigour o. r this order, it is_ thought they cannot comply with it, becaufe the French frigates keep the harbours of Sallee, Lairache, and Marmora blocked up. Luccn, OB. j. All our letters from Corfica reprefent that iftand to be in a very fl . uriihitvg condition. Seveial fhips from differenr countries come there to trade, the manufactures increafe, and they are particularly arrived at g eat per- fection in making gunpowder. Their oil and their Corn are likewife excellent. The ffuden's at the new univerfity of Corte are incre* fed to that degree, that the building is obliged to be enlarged. Paris, OB. 18. The Chevalier deContades, uncle to the Marihal of that name, Brigadier • of the K; ng's army, and a knight of the order of St Louis, died the 13th, in the 84- 11 year of his age. AMERICA. Boflon in New England, Sept. 16. It is faid, that a merchant- fhip from Old France, la- den with all kinds of goods fuitable for the In- dian trade, was at Pigto the laft fpring, where the French bartered with the Indians for furs, & c. iflfomuch that feveral New.' England trading veffels could purchafe none but of the French. And it is likewife faid the Indians- were promi- fed that a prieft ihould be fent them from France, and a number of troops to proteCt them ; which was the caufe of their late infolent behaviour. We hear the above fhip had above 4000 lb. weight of furs on board. We hear that the Goyernoar, with tbe advice of the council, has given orders for difcontinu- ing the levies for reinforcing the j. anifon of the caftle, ar. d for difcharging the men already enlifted for that purpofe. Bojlon, Sept. 18. In Capt. Daverfon, from London, came paffengers Dr Lincoln and George Meffervey, Efq; The laft mentioned gentleman was appointed diftributor of the Itamps for the province of New Haniplhite ; but previous to his coming on Ihore he fent a letter to a friend, to be communicated to the public, fignifying, that as fuch an office would be difagretable to the people in general, he fhould retign it. The intelligence ot. this in* duced a great number of his friends and other gentlemen to repair to the Long Wharf, ir. d wait his landing. As foon as Mr Mcffervey came on rtiote, he confirmed what he' before had wrote, and declared, as he was the unhappy man, who had perfonally accepted of an office odious to his counuymen, he freely refigned it,, and determined never to aCt in that capacity : i. upon this three cheers w'ciegiven bva vaft con- courfe of people, which were repeated at the head of tbe wharf, and aga n on tbe exchange.' Philadelphia, Sept-. 12. - Our affembly, wlncii is now fitting, have agreed to appoint a com mittee of tiieir me. nbers to attend at Newi York, on the firft of next month, to join with,'; and ailift at the general congrets, then to be: held there, for remonftran. ig to the crown againft the ftamp- du'ies,' and' other burdens, laid upon the colonies by the late aCt of parlia- ment. LONDON. Extra!} of a letter from Vienna, 0( 1. 12. " The Emperor hath enjoined all the per- fons of his cour , and the'members of the dif- ferent colleges, to give in a notice of their names, their eifate, condition, or rank,' ap- pointments and penfions. As foon as this ar- rangement is executed in the civil departments, . it will take place in the military. Advices tram Cjnftanttnopie import, that his Sublime Highnefs, after having, for fome time paft, rendeied the exile of the Kiaya Bey, or Se- ; c. etary of State-, and of Bujuc Tcfkeredgi, or Firft Secretary of R^ quelts, as eafy as poliible, recalled them on the 16th of laft month to! court ; and it is believed they will each be in- ' vefted with » new employ. Letters from Omllahtinople, dated the 15th ult. advife, that the plague con inued to reign theie; and that a few days before the above date, one of the domeltics of the Swedifh en- voy was feized with it ; wheh had obliged his mafter to quit his houfe, and provide for f^ fe- ty" Advice has been received ai Lifbon from Fer- nambucca, that the Jtfnits of Paraguay had ac- tually opened fome very rich diamond mines in SB R for 1765. 291 their country, which, it was apprehended, woo''-* foon ovet( lock the Enropean markets, and ourfe prejudice the King of Portugal's reve" nues fiom the diamond mines of B> azi!. Letters from Lifbon advife, that an ordi- nance is dailyexpe& ed to be ifiued, prohibiting fhipmafters, fuhjeCts of Portugal, carrying over ecclefiaftics of whatever order, to his Moft Faithful Majefty's dominions in America, on pain ot death. Frivae letters from Genoa mention, that the malecontents of Coifica had - abfolutely refufed ltftening to any terms of accommodation with the republic, unlefs they will previoufly agree to the preliminaries propoftd in the general af- fembly held at Corte, in the year 176I. Letters from Halifax, NoVa Scotia, exprefs fome alarming doubts as to the intentions of the French j in exporting fuch quantities of North American lumber and bricks to St Peter's Ifle, and other par s in Newfoundland ; it being well known, that feveral veflels have actually been loaded at different parts of the continent vith fuch cargoes ; but with what deGgn, un- lefs to build houfes for Ihelter in winter, which is contiary to the treaty, time only caiif difco- ver. . A letter from Dublin fays, that foon after the meeting of the parliament of Leland, an una- nimous offer will be made Lord Her'ford of the fame additional increafe of appointments, for- merly prppofed to. the Right Hon. the Earl of Halifax, while Lord Lieutenant of that king- dom. Letters fom Utrecht advife, that the ftafes of that province pubhfhvd an ordinance on the 12th inftant,- letting forth, that as the epiderpi- . Cal dittemper among the horned cattle bad cea- fed t'heie fome time, the driving of fuch cattle in or out of the faid province, and a free trade of tb'ni, was permitted as ufual. A letter frorrt Philadelphia, dated Sept. 1,2, has the foilowingpaffage : " Capt. Dobel, front Newfoundland, advife!, that our men of war Ivad taken live or fix French veflels out of tfie bounds ffipulated by treaty. The Englifh fefit a cuttet into St Peter's, which the French fti- zed in lieu of their veflels ; thereupon the Eng- lifh commandant immediately difpatched a man of war exprefs to England." A let er fiom Lofton in. New England, dated Sept. 16. fays, We are informed by fdnie gtntlemenof veracity and candour lately airived from Canada, whete they made fome ftay, that notwithftanding the many reports at this time, fpread to the contrary,- by ill minded perfons, the moft entire confidence and cordial harmony continue to iubfilt between his Majefty's Go- vernour, and new fubjeCts there, who having al- ready tud repealed proofs of tha' Honourable gentleman's good conduCt in times of difficulty and danger, are now happy in obferving his at- tention ; c- his royal maftei's fervice, and their provincial intcrefts, not abated, ia thefe happier days ot univerfal tranquillity. We hear that the fon of Gen. Elliot, who lately arrived with his father at Hanover, and afterwards proceeded from thence foi the court of Brunfwick, is going a volunteer in the King of Piufiia's feivice. \ / 292 The , EDINBURGH ADVERTISER for Alexander Middletcn, Efq; roftniafler- Ge- reral of the conquered iflands, has appointed three additional packets in the Weft Indies, one at Barbadoes bay in Tobago, one at Prince Ru- pert's, and one at Roffeau bay in Dominica, for the quicker difpatch of bufinefs. Sunday evening his Royal Highnefs ( lie Duke of Cumberland arrived at his hottie in Gtofve- nor fquare ft cm N:\ vinaiket, and yefterday fet out for Windfor. Yeftcrday the Right Hon. the Lord Chancel Jor arrived at his houfe in Lincoln's inn- fields, from the Grange, Hampfhire ; and this day his Lord! hip held the firft C-. V. eral Seal, at Lincoln's . ion hall, before Michaelmas terra. It is faid the forccs intended to embark for the coaft of Africa, will be augmented very ceo liderably, in coafeqnence of fome laie advices received from Senegal. Tbe proprietors of Canada bills, we bear, have again had frefh affurances, that tbe moft vigorous meafures ( hall bepurfued on the Duke of Richmond's airival at Paris, for obtaining ample fatisfaition from the Fiench court on this head. It is now faid, that only 500,000 I. of the navy 4 per cent, will be paid off. This day the Earl of Pembroke's regiment 6f dragoons, now quartered here, are to be reviewed on our race- plain, by Major-' Genersl Parflow. . The Cruizer man of war, and Endeavour, and Duke William Cutters, are arrived at Dover, His Majefty has been pleafcd to appoint Da- niel Griffiths, Gent, to be Adjutant to the 4th regiment of dragoons. - y-. f Within thefe few days upwards of feventy fail of colliers have arrived in the river. His Excellency Francis Seymour, Earl of Hertford, Lord Lieutenant General, and Ge- neral Governour of Ireland, his fpeecb to both houfes of Parliament, at Dublin, on Tuefday, ihe 22d day of Oitober, 1765. My Lord! r, and Gentlemen, ' " I am honoured with his Majefly's com- mands to meet you in parliament, and embrace with firgular fatisfaition this opportunity of concurring with you in promoting his Majefty's mp'ft gracious and cordial intentions for the profperiiv of this his kingdom of Ireland. " Long 2nd perfonal experience have raiTed in my mind the mod honourable ( entiments of your zeal and affeifion for his Majefty's fer- vice, and of your ferious attention to the wel- fare of your country ; and confcious that thefe will be the fole objefts of my conduit,. I rttfi affured that this feffion of parliament will be eminently diftinguifhed by our laudable emu lation, bow beft to be informed, of the means, and moft effedtuaily to carry ^ b'em into execu tion. This will proye the moft effectual Jer- vice to his Majefty, and unanimity in your pro- ceedings beft exprefs your fenfe of the happi- nefs enjoyed under the government you are fupporting, and your gratitude lor his Maje fly's paternal care and proteition of his piople. " In this light his Majtfty has moft gra- fcioufly accepted and highly approved of your part conduit, and by your peifevei ance in thefe principles the future felicity of this kingdom will be eftablifhsd. " Interefted as we are in the domeftic hap- pinefs of our moft amiable Sovereign, and the liability of his moft illuftrious houfe, you will receive with pleafure information of the increafe of his royal family by the aufpicious birth of another Prince defcended from him. Gentlemen of the houfe of Commons, " I have ordered the proper officers to pre- pare the feveral accounts and eftiraates to be laid before you, and doubt not but you will find that your fupplies have been properly ap- plied to the public fervices. His Majelly is well pleafed, that thofe fervices have bean an- fwered without making ufe of the confidential c.- edit, which his Majefty conlidered as your wife precaution again ft cafes of neceflity. " As I have nothing in command to afk, bat the ufual fuppiies, I am confident you wrl. bffeem it your duty and intereft, that his Ma- jefty's eftablifhments be fupported with honour. My Lords, and Gentlemen, " Times of peace ate the feafons to delibe- rate on the means to render the natural advan- tages of this country moft beneficial to the inha- bitants, and to increafe national wealth, by the employment of the people. Policy direits, where the country admits of it, the choice of fome principal objeit of induflry, as the ftaple of commerce. The linen manufaiture in its feve- ral branches, is evidently that objeit in Ireland. The produce ( hews its confequence : your care will be to affift the progrefs, and by prudent laws to guard agai private frauds, which prevent the confumptioo, and will deftroy the credit of this commodity at foreign markets. It would be highly* pleafing to me, were myad- miniftration marked by any ufeful fervices to this moft valuable trade. " When our thoughts are turned to promote induftiy in the people, we ( hould remember how neceffary religious principles and virtuous edu- cation are, to obtain that end. The charter- fchools were firft inftituted for thofe purpofes. You have repeatedly given ihem parliamentary aflifta.'. ce, your experience therefore of their utility will induce you to continue them under your proteiiion; other particulars muft be left to your wifdorn, with this afliirance, that duty and the warmeft zeal will ever engage my vigi- lant attention, to prevent what may tend to the prejudice, and to forward every meafure for the peace, fafety, and profperity of Ireland. MOND AY, Nov. 5. A mail from Flanders. From the London papers, Oil. 31. Stockholm, Oil. 4. THE college hath augmented the fums which the crown ufed to allow for the expences of minifters fent to refide at foreign courts; which they are to enjoy as well while they are travelling to the places of their defti- nation, as when returning from thence. Wurtzburg, Oft. 10.' In the night of the 4th intt. fo violent a ( lormarofe in this country, that the tower of St Michael in the fortrefs of Ma- rienberg, was thereby throtvn down. About nioe o'clock ia the morning we learned that many of the perfants houfes and barns were on fire, and that the wind carried the inflammable 1765. Nov, matter half a league from thence. The damage caufed by this ftorm in the flat country is very confiderable. Paris, Oil. 21. A letter from Avranches of the 12th of this month gives the following in- formation : A woman had been long ill of va- pours and convulfions, which turning to a pal- fy, fhe was bled by order of the phyfician, and in his preftnee. The blood after running a lit- tle white flopt on a ludden, aud a white matter appeared at the orifice, which being d awn out by the he„ d with a pin, was foun 1 to be a living worm, with bright eyes, and a muzzle covered with fmall baits, like that of a cat. It is pie. ferved in fpuits of wine. We learn that there is great fiope of the re- eftablifhment of the Dauphin's health, the affes milk having done him rnuc i good. L O N D O N. Yefterdayddpatches were received from Com- modo. e Paliifer, Commander in chief at New- foundland, which were brought over expiefs in hii Majefty's ( hip Zephyr, Capt. Hamilton ; they are faid to contain very flagrant inftances of a breich of treaty by the French on that coaft. An embargo on the father exporttion of corn is hourly expeited, in confluence of fome advices from the continent. Private letters ftom Madrid mention, that orders have been difpatchedto the Governor of Campeachy, to eftabhlh a garrifon end place of arms, on the ifland of Rattan, feven league* foutb- eaft of the bay ; the government having been informed that the ifle was much frequent- ed by foreign merchants to trade clandetlinejy with the Spaniards. By a gentleman juft arrived fjrom Dunkirk, we are informed, that g, eat part of the mite- tials belonging to the bafon and harbour have been ( hipped for Chcrburg, where they are to be Employed in repairing that port. They write from St Chn. pber's, that their crops of fagars have been very little affeited by the late rainy fealon, which had done fo much damage in other iflands in t'-> e Weft Indies. Letters from Maryland are filled with com- plaints of the burdens laid on the inhabitants there by the mother- country, and add that it is harder for them now to remit one hundred pounds to England, than it was one thoufand fome time ago; for that even Jtheir lumber, which is a burden upon their ufelefs lands, till cleared by cultivation, they are deprived of the liberty of fending to European markets. » By advices joft received from Batavia, we learn, that C » pt. Godfrey, of the Richmond India fhip, which was there in April lall, is dead; and that Capt. Legeit, who fucceeded to the command, likewife died there on tbe 29th of April, fince which the command of the faid fhip is devolved on Mr Hindtnan, who went out as fecond mate. The Duke of Glo « cefter, Capt. Burdett ; the Earl of Elgin, Capt. Cook ; and the Earl of Mtddlefex, Capt. Fletcher, were all there at the fame time. The two firft, together with the Richmond, were botind for China, but had loft their paffage. The laft had troops on board from Manilla for Madrafs. Letters from Sweden of the nth infl. ad- vife, that tbe King, in order to make tbe inba The EDINBURGH ADVERTISER for Nov. 5. bitants of theifland of Aland eafy, had ordered, that for the future, all their taxes, duties, & c. ( hould be received in com inftead of money. It is reported, that AttakullakuIIa and the other Cherokees with him, have, in their re- turn to their own country from Williamlbarg, in Virginia, been afiaffinated by fome of the in- habitants of the back counties in that colony ; which we hope is not true, as it muft be of dreadful confequ nc; to all the fouthern pro- vinces. We are told the Chetokees had an efcorte from Williamfbtrg. appointed by Lieu tenant- Governor Fauquier. His Serene Highnefs the Hereditary Piince of Brunfwick, on his arrival at Chatham, on Monday the 21ft, was received at the Hill- Houfe by a guard of grenadier marines. Next morning, having reviewed the ( hipping in the river, and the dock- yud, be reviewed the Chatham divifioh of marines before the lines, and exprefted the greateft fatisfaftion wi'h their performance and military appear- ance. Extra!! of a letter from Capt. George Nelfon, of tbe brig St George, with his Journal * from the 3d to- the 23d ef Aug. 176$, to his friend in Totnes, Devon. \_ Dated in the common gaol, Canaria, Aug. 23d, " My dear friend, *• You will find by my inclofed Journal of particulars, my miferable fituation ; to which I refer you and all my friends. It muft fuffice that I tell you my heart is broken, and I have no hopes of getting out of thofe hands, un- lefs by an or dec from our King. Hdw lhall I apply ? My diftraftion is fo great, that I know not bow to diftate properly. The whole ifUnd knows my innocence ; but fear, the inquifition to declare it in public. If ever I get my li- berty, it muft be by money and friends. I beg you'll make it known in the public papers in England ; and endeavour, fronj the well- difpofed, to tefcue your friend. Till foch time comes, I muft rem in in the moft abjeft manner.— My foul is fo dejefted, that I fcarce can write ; confufed is the manner but ex » cufe thefe failings at this grefenr. If I live to retyru, I fhall thank you and all friends ; , if not, your reward muft come from above,— My pen is fuitable to place and condition.— Give a fight of this to all my friends, for I cannot fi^ nd a copy to any ; it is well if thjs goes fafe, I muft have good luck to get it conveyed out of gaol on board.— Fat- eweD, and j I fear for ever. Yours, fincerely, GEORGE NELSON." * This Journal i" s too long to be inferted here ; but the fubftance is, that the Captain, on the 3d of Aoguft, lying at anchor in Port La Luz if] and, Crano Canaiia, was taken from his ( hip and carried to the prifon, where he was very ill to the 19th; when four men came and compelled him to anfwer fundry queflions which they afked ; and which they put into writing in the Spaniih language ; and whieh, by threatening to put him to tor- ture, they forced him to figi?. And that he now continues ia prifon, where his body and If face are ulcerated in a wretched manner : and he is continually infulted, by being told, that he is » dog, and no Chriltian ; and that he is damned without redemption.—- He imagines his fhip is loft. T U ESDAY, Nov. 5. No foreign mails this pofl. Front the London papers, Nov. J. Aft night, about eight o'clock, died his Royal Highnefs William Auguftus, Duke of Cumberland, Marquis of Berklumftead, in. Hertfordfhire, Earl of Kmnington ia Surry, Vifcount of Tremanton in Cornwall,, Baron of the Iffe of Alderney, firft and principal compa- nion of the moft noble order of the Btth,. K- nt of the Garter, Fellow of the Royal Society, Ranger and Keeper of Windfot Great Park, and Chancellor of the. Univerfities of Dublin , and'St Andrew's, in the 4jth year of his age, I being born April 1 j. 1721. His death is in- expreffibly regretted by- every friend of the pre- fent happy eflablifhmeht. It is faid, that his Royal Highnefs died with only a fingle groan, and no other notice. Some fay his tailor was- going to try on a coat, and that he expired in his arms. Others, that, he was paring a pear. About nine o'clock Lord 1 Albemarle waited on his Majefty, at the Queen's Palace, with the melancholy news, which very much furprised his Majefly, who bad but a few hours before feen his Royal- Highnefs in good health. By the death of his Royal Highnefs, the Princefs Amelia becomes fole proprietor of a very confiderable fum in bank ftock, formeily lodged there, for tbe ufe of the longeft liver of his Royal ; Highnefs, and their Royal Highneffes the Rrineefs Caroline and Princefs Amelia. It is thought that the fum of 40,000 1. per annum, which Was fettled on his Royal Higli- nefs the Duke. of Cumberland,, will now be con- verted into a handfome provifion for the young- er branches of the royal family. " Laft night an- exprefs was fent off to h's Royal Highnefs tha Duke of York, with an account of the demife of his royal uncle : and this day at noon his Royal Highnefs returned to town ; his journey to Bath being put off on this melancholy occafion. The Duke of York is expefted to fucceed the Duke of Cumberland in the rangerfhip- of / manner, to wit, Thutfday, Friday, and Satur- I765. 293 will caufe fo genera! a mourning, - that we hear this morning one mafter taylorat the weft end of the town, engaged 4$ journeymen, at ' hree half crowns per d< ty, for ten weeks certain. His Excellency the Lord Lieutenant of Ire- land has been pleafed to appoint the following gentlemen to be. his Aids de Camp: Lieut.- Co- lonel James Cunninghame, Capt. Weft Hyde, Capt. William Burton, Capt. William Fleming, Capt. John Francis E- fkine, and Capt. George Hi » th « m.. Iii confeqnence of a t- eaty negotiating with the Tripoline AmbafTddor, we hear the duty on Er. glifh flopping and merchandize, will foon be reduced to- four per cent, in all the ports of Morocco. It is faid-.- infiderable infurances are making here on Portuguefe property, on account of the fiege of Mazagan fettlement, on the coaft of Africa, by the Moors. They write from Halifax in Nova Scotia, tbat the St Piferre, a French fchooner, taken by one of his Majefty's floaps in the bay of Fundy, and brought in there, had if. 000 \ vt of fine beaver, a quantity, qf deer, and other valuable fkins on board. A M E R I C A. Granada, Aug.- 79. His Excellency RcJbert Melvill, our Captain General, an 1 Governor in chief of the fouthern Carribbee iflands of Gre- nada, the G'enadines, Dominica, St Vincents, and Tobago, in America, has publifhed the following P R O C L A M A T I O N. W' Herets it hath been reprefented to Me, that great part of the CAPfTATION- TA3£ remains unpaid, and as not only the ho- nour ao& dignity of " the government demar. d that a due obedience he paid ta its laws ; but the reputatiqn and welfare of the colony already < under the ftriftefl engagements to the crown on that head, require this tax being immediately paid up 1 and that it is. alfo absolutely necef- fary for the public ferviee. Now know all whom it may coneern, That on the twenty- firft day of this inftant Auguft, Mr fames Riddle, or fome other perfons ira powered by Frederick Corfar and William Con or, Efqis; Attornies of the Hon. Richard Burke, Efq; his Majefty's Receiver- general, and duly authorized for this purpofe, will be- gin his tour round the ifland Un the following . r- r- rt T> - I • - Windfor foreft. A whifper is circulated at the weft end of the town, that the death of his Royal Highnefs will now prevent certain important, changes in the firft departments ot the ftate, which were expefted to take place before the meeting of an. augtift affembly. It is faid that penfions will be ordered to all the Dnke of Cumberland's domeftics, in cafe his Royal Highnefs omitted to make fuch provifion for them himfelf.:. There was no levee this day at St James's but a number of the nobility and foreign mini fters waited upon their VI ajefties at the Queen's Palace, with compliments of condolence on the j much lamenteddeath of his Royal Highnefs the Duke of Cumberland. Tbe uaiveifal regard for his Royal Highnefs j day, the 22d, 23d, and 24th of this inftaor, through the town and patifh of St George. Monday, Tuefday, and Wednefday,. the 26th 27th, and 28th, through the paiifh of St D4- vid;' Thurlday, Friday, and Saturday, the. 29 th, 30th, and 31ft,- through ihe parifh of St- Andrew, Monday, Tuefday, and Wed- nefday, the- 2d, 3d, and- 4th, September, - through the parifh of St Patrick. And Thurf- day, Friday, and Saturday, the 5th, 6th, and i 7th of the fame month,- through rhe parifh of St Mark and St John, and will call at the houfe of each refpeflive inhabitant who is liable eo.- pay the faid tax, in order to receive the fame, uniefs by previous payment at the Receiver- General's office, they fhall prevent this trou- ble. All fuch perfons are therefore repaired to 294 The EDINBURGH ADVERTISER for day the faid tax, whenever the faid James Riddle, or fuch other perfon as fliall call at their houfes for that purpofe, or at furthefl, within eight days after luch call at'the office of the faid Receiver- General, in Si George's Town. And if jiny perfon ( hall refufe or negleft to pay the faid tax, at the time and in m- mner as above mentioned, I ( hall be indifpenfably ob- liged to give all poffible aid and affiflance to the attornies of the faid Receiver General, for enforcing obedience to his M- jelly's letters pa- tent. de> hiring the continuance of the faid tax on the inhabitants of thi3 ifland, and mu'i un avoidably give my orders to the attorney ge- neral, to proceed agair. fl all delinquents in the court of exchequer. And I do hereby farther declare, and all perfons are required to take notice thereof, that the attendance of the above named Mr Riddle, or afty other perfon as Receiver- Ce- reral's clerk, on the prefent occafion, at the houfes of the inhabitants, in order to colled ihe faid tax, is by no means to be conftrued or pleaded as a precedent for the like pra& ice, in future, haiing figcitied my intention to the attorriej of; the f » id Receiver General, ( upon their propofog to prove by the evidence of fe- veral cup'i ins of quarters,' and other fenfible and reputable ptrions, that a different mode cf cc'liedipn fublided under the government of his moft Chriltian Majeity), that a full in- quiry fliall be made into the matter, an f what- ever ( hall appear on fuch entp. iiiy, to have been the laft mode under the French government, fhall be obferved for the fuiure, in coliefling the faid rax, agreeably to his iVhiJefty's gracicms and royal intcmions expieffct; in the faid let- ters patent- And all perfons corcerncd, are required to rake notice of this proclamation, and yield due obedience thereto. St George's, icth oj ROB. MF. LVILL. • dugujl 1765. B A N K R U P T S. John Mather, of Manclnfter, Lancaft. ire, deal- er. ' William Hale, of Porchefter, Hants, brewer and maltfler. Ediniwgb, 16th Oft. 1765. f'OR the entertainment of your dram, tic readers, lovers of ihe old Scots language, 1 have met with, and fent you a cuiiofny.— It is a prologue fpoke before the Ger. tle Shep- herd, which -, vas lately afled by a young com- pany in this place, with applaufe. Hoping it will be agreeable, t beg you may give it a place in your next, and oblige. DRAMATICUS. PROLOGUE to the GENTLE SHEPHERD, Spcke by Sir William Worthy. [ AcidrefTing Hmfelf to Patie, Roger, and Peggy ; and feeing the numerous auriier. ee. ] Fh fic a fight o' lads and Lffes braw ! Haich ! dear be heie, Sirs, whare frae came ye a ? " We're but blythe fhepherds g? an to dance and ling, And as we us'd, to nytk our fprrtfu' ting; Gin't pleafe ye, gentles, ye may flay and fee How fhepherds play themfels and merry be : This place is bonny ; and the burn runs clear ; On gowany bonks fit down, and fee, and hear, Sae fweet the mavis and the lav'rock's flrife, Their rival notes put a' thing into life ; The gowdfpir. lt and the lintie chirr- and chant, And warble through their throats theirpleafing rant : The lambkins loop and dancc wi'a'their might, ; The kids play cap'ring pranks, our flocks in I fight. Ccme, Roger, Patie, Peg, and a' the reft, That * thi1 braw fouks may ken how we be . blefl: O mat ' hey like the fport, am unco fain, Wha kens but they may come and fee't again. Fa too then, Pate, and ling that caunty ( ang Ye made to Peg, finfyne nae very lang, And fee gin't pleafe this braw and gentle thrang. * Turning to the pit and boxes. ! EDINBURGH. A private letter from London, dated laft i Friday, fays, that the Duke of Cumberland died laft Thurfday e- ehing at feven o'clock. He complained of a pain i-. Ms bread, and in a . few minutes f. ll backwards and expired. The Duke had been dining that day with his fifter the Piincefs Amelia, and was feeminglv in go- id health, but was fuddenly feized on entering ; hts own hall, and before he got to his bed- i nx> m, or afliftance could be had — Lord Albe- marle was with him at the time of his death — ; It is fuppofed by fome that the Duke's death will put an end to the prefeni minifl- y. j The mourning will be for three months, j from Sunday the 10 h curt. From the NeivcaJJle paper, Nov. 2. " At our fair on Tuefday, contrary to the expedtadors of every body, as hay and draw are faid to b- very fcarce this year, black cat- tle in general fold remarkably- high, or higher than ever was icr. owo. Horfes and fwine alfo fold well; cme hunter fetched forty guineas, a thing uncommon. Yefterday notice was given, by order of the magiflraies here, for all pe'fons who keep j dogs of any kind, to muzzle them for a cer 1 tain time, in order to pre* ent mifchief from a 1 number of mad dogs now faid to be in town ; all dogs feen in the fitters unmuzzled being to be defboyed. " On Thurfday night, and yefterday all dav, we had a very high wind at South and fouth- weft, by which above forty fail of ( hips ba\ e been driven pad the harbour of Shields ; but we hope no great dam « ge is done, as the wind was off the land pietty much." Laft Saturday morning, a King's meffenger artived with a further reprieve for Lieutenant Patrick Ogilvie for feven days longer, that is, tilt, WeCnefday the 13th current, after which it is rumoured there will be no nether reprieve granted. The meffenger, after delivering a letter to the Right Hon. the Lord Proved, fet out for Minto, with a packet for the Right Hon. the Lord Juftice Clerk. Laft Thurfday, after an excellent fermon preached by the Rev. Mr Plenderleath, the Rev. Mr John Gibfon, ( formerly mioifty of 175. Nov. 5. St Ninians), was ordained One of the minifteM of St Cu. hbert's, commonly called the weft kirk, and welcomed at the difmiflii g of the church, by all the heritors, elders, and hear- ers prefent. Laft night arrived here, the Hon. James Stewart- Mackenzie, Efq; Yeflerday it blowing hard all day here, we wifh there may be no bad accounts of the ( hip- ping on the coaft. Thurfday laft, the Earl of Bradealbane's commifiion, as Lord Privy Seal for Scotland, pafftd the Great Seal here, Yeflerday afternoon, betwixt three and four, a gentleman from Aberdeen, travelling from Leith eaftward, was attacked among the Fri- ga e whins, about two miles eaft of this city, by two men, one of Jthem with a piflol in his hand, both in failors habit ; one with a final! rbund hat and blue cloaths. the other in brown, wiib a bonnet; who lard bold of him, knocked him down, and robbed him of a pocket- book, containing 32 I. Sterling in notes, befides bills, and cither papers of value. Saturday Majefty's royal proclamation for rhe meeting of parliament on the 17th next month, was read at the crofs here, with the ufual folemoities. They write from Kirkaldy, that Mr James Balvaird; ftipervifor of excite there, feized on the 30th of Oftober ar Kinghorn, no lefs than a thoufand pound weight of gieen and bobea tea, which he immediately fecured in the ex- cife wareh< ufe in Kirkaldy. On Wednefday laft, the Courtefs of Balcar ras was fafcly delivered of a fjfi atBalcarras. ' We hear from Wefel, that on the 13-. I1 inft. the Baron Weftphalen military fecreury to Prince Ferdinand of Brunfwic!:, during the late war, was married < 0 Mifs Jeany Wifhajr, a very amiable voorg iaciy, youngeft daughter to the Rev. Dt Wilhart, one of the minillefs of Edinburgh, and filler in- law to Major- G^- neral Beckwitb, in the fervice of his Pruflian Majefly. A few days after their marriage the new married couple fet out for Rrunfwick. P einium on London bills at fight, from to i-| ; at 30 days, from - J- to I percent.; and from 80 to 90 days par. Dutch hills at the ufual ufance, the medium price ahout 22 d. per guilder. Leith, Nov. J. VVi. id N. E. Arrived the Generous Betty of Crail, Chtyne, from Dani- zic, wiih wood, etc. ; the Williams of Dun- dee, Bell, from Inverntfs, with goods ; the Charles of Kerfey, Millar, from Alloa, with wood : the Glafgow and Paifley Packet, Beat- fon, from Londcn, with goods ; the William and Anne of Portfeaton, Scot), from North- berwick, with malt ; the Peggy of Leith, Scougal, from Rotterdam, with oats. Sailed the Minerva of Leith, Paton, for Hrmburg, with goods. The Propofal for a Widows Fund, for the inhabitant' of Edinburgh, is received, ar. d will be inferted in our next. HIGH WATER at LEITH. M.' s Aec, Days. Wednef. 23 Thurfd. 24 Friday 25 High Water, h. m. h. m. 8 6 S 32 8 58 9 24 5 jo 10 19 M. Riles. | S. rif. S. fet, h. m. I h m. h. m. E. II 50 | 7 21 4 7 7 23 4 j 1 IS 7 ' 5 U M. Nov. 5. The E D I N B ADVERTISEMENTS. TO be Sold, bv publiii roup, on Thurfday the 2 1 ft of November curt, in Forreft's cofFeehoufe, betwixt the hours of four and five in the afternoon, NINETEEN SHARES of the CAPITAL STOCK of ihe BANK of SCOT- LAND.- For particulars, apply to Andrew Stewart junior, Writer to the Signet, General Pojl- ojftne.•„ Edinb. Nov. 7. l"/ 6t. I npHE Horie Paft Road between " '-*- Edinburgh and I> umfries, by Peebles, lately eflablilhed, will, after the 8rh inftant, be altered to the road by Li n rev at which place a pofl- officeac. d ftage will then be fixed, inftead of Peebles. And tbe difpatches from this office for Dumfries, will, ftom that time, be altered to ( even at night, in place of four in the afternoon, as at prefenr, By order of the Poftmafter- General, Wm JACKSON, Secretary, TO be SOLD, by public roup, on Wed- nefday the 13th of November 1765, at the BrcOmilaw, Glafgow, Twenty- eight thoufand feet of MAHOGANY in fundry lots, the ( hip Lvon's rargo from Jamaica. The mahogany of good fizes, three feet broad and under. Which car- go, with the articles of toup, may be feen any time before the fie, by calling at John War- drop junior, wright, in the Stock well, Glaf- gow, who will ( hew the fame. Sale to begin at eleven o'clock before noon. 1~ Hat JOHN SHARP, Stabler in Pleafance, Poftniaffer of Canongate, continues the STAGE to HADDINGTON, every lawful diy, as formerly, and HIRES * POST- CHAISES, at ninepence per mile, f ir any ftage from Edinburgh, fet down.— All above, at 1 s. the meafured, or 1 s. 3 d. each competed mile. F » eights and tolls to be paid by the employer. ' That for WINTER RUNNING, 176 j, the eight inclofures near Somerville- hcafe, on the Dnlkeith road ; and fundry parks at Innerleith, ali well fenced and watered, with ( hades and warmnefs, are to be opened on the nth in- llant, and to continue to the 1 ft of March next, where horfes will be well taken care of, and fed with hay every night, at eight pence per night.— Such as incline to allow their horfes corn, may give orders accordingly. No ftoned or colded horfes are to be taken in. The in parte s to run all hazards.. OLD or NEW HAY and thatch for litter, to be f Id in great or fmall quantities by the faid John Sharp, from whofe houfe horfes will be fent to any of the above places, or other inclofures, as proprietors inc'< e. He ufes no hay in his own flables but old hay to the firft of May next. To be fet or fold, by the faid John Sharp, and entered tcrimmediately, a LARGE HOUSF. of three ( lories, with nineteen fire- rooms, at " the head of the Pieafarce, with two cellars, and a coal houfe, with or without a park at tbe - b: ck, of above two acres of ground, f\ j| ficient- 1 watered. J URGH ADVERTI TO be SOLD, by public voluntary roup, within the Exchange cofreehoufe in Edinburgh, npon Thurfday the 19th day of December next, betwixt the hours of four and five o'clock in the afternoon, jointly or fepa- rarelv, The lands of WESTER DERRY and DYKEHEAD of CRAIG, lying in the parifh of Gletiyla, and fheriffdom of Forfar ; the yearly rent, after all deductions, is about 47 I. Sterling. The lands hoM of John Kinloch of Kilry, Efq; and pay of feu- duty 33 I. 6 s. ' 8 d. Scots. They are all out of tack, and the rents have. not been raifed for a very confider- able time. The rental, progrefs of writs, and condi- tions of roup, and plan of the ground, to be feen in the hands of William Wilfoir Writer to the Signet, at Kis houfe in the Royal Bank clofe, Edinburgh, to whom any perfon incli- ning to make a private bargain- may apply. TO be fold, by judicial roup, by autho- rity of the Lords of Council and Sef- f; on, within the Parliament or New Seflion- houfe of Edinburgh, upon Wednefday the 27th of November next, betwixt the hour's of three and five o'clock afternoon, The fequeffrated ESTATE of James Lord Cranfton, viz. Lot 1. The lands and barony of Ci'ailling, with the teinds thereof, and office of Crown- erv for the fhire of Roxburgh, holding; blench of the crown ; the yearly proven rent whereof^ after' deduction of alt public har- dens, is, bv the judicial rental, L. 725, 16 s. Z- JV d. Sterling. Lot 2. The lands of Wauchopeand Long- haugh, holding feu of a fubjeCt; the yearly proven rent whereof, by faid rental, af. er de- duction of the feu- duty, and all other public burdens, amounts to L. 150 : 6 r 2. J. J Ster- ling ; ail lying in the parifhes of Crailling, Jedburgh, and Hopekirk, and county of Roxburgh. The lands of Crailling are within two miles of the town of Jedburgh. There is a good houfe, offices, and other conveniencies on the eftate of Crailling. Thefe lands are of a re- markable rich foil, and will admit of a very confiderable rife in the rent ou the entry of the pu- rchafer, as moft of the le* fes are out. Tbe judicial rental of the barony of Crailling, on which the fale proceeds, was taken in the year 175 4; but the prefent free rent, as appears from the faClor's accounts, is L. 785 : z : 9 Sterling: fo that there has been a rile fince the eftate was fequellrated, of L. 61 : 6 : 6. The lands of Waochope, and Longhaugh, ' are poifeffed by one tenant, and paid at the laft fet, for 19 years, 200 I. Sterling of graf- fum, and the leafe is now expired ; fo that fhe rent will life confiderably on a new leafe. The title- deeds and articles of roup, with the rental, are to be feen in the hands of Ro- bert I. eith, one of the Depute- clerks of Sef- fion, and of Alexander Cunnynghame Clerk to the Signet. From- the laft, more parti- cular information will be got of the value and prefent fituauon of the eftats. 5 E R for 1765. 295 This day is publijhtd, A new edition, being the Third. Price I s. 6. d. Elegantly printed on a fine paper, calculated in fo plain and eafy a manner as to render it ufeful to every capacity. ( The reader will find this work fo contrived, as to contain many thoufand calculations mote than in any other book of the like kind : alfo feveral inftruCtive and ufeful tables, netefTary for persons in every branch of life and bufinefs). THE READY RECKONER ; or, Tra- der's moft ufeful AfTiftant, in buying and fel'ing all forts of commodities, either wholefaleor retail-. Shewing at one view the amount or value of any. number or quantity of goods cr merchandife, from one farthing progreflively up to twenty fhiilings, either by the lc- ng or ft. ort hundred, half hundred, or quarter, pound, or ounce, ell, or yard, & c. 6 c. In fb plain and eafy a manner, that perfons j quite unacquainted with arithmetic may here- I by afeertain the value of any number of hun- I drr. ds, pounds, ounces, ells, or yards, & c. | at any price whatever: and to the molt rea- | dy in figures, it wT be equally ufeful by fa- ying much time in calling up what is herfe correftly done to their hand. To which is added, a double table of Por- tugal money, from 1 to loco. Alfo a ta- ble of expenfes or wages by the day, week, month, or year. With a table of annuities and commiffion of brokerage, from 1 topper cent. And feveral Other necefl'ary and in- itruftive particulars, viz. Hoard and timber meafure, brick work, & c. very neceffary for artificers, & c. See. By D. F E N N 1 N G, Author of the Royal Englifh dictionary, Schoolmafter's molt " ufeful Companion and Scholar's beft LnftruCtor, Yonng Man's took of Knowledge, the ufe of the Globes and Univerfal Spelling book. Printed for S. CROWDER in Pater- nofler- row, and fold by A. DONALBSON. The proprietors being determined to have this book exceed all others of the like kind, engaged feveral other perfons befides the author to furvey every ftieet from the prefs. tfj- This book is calculated for the ufe of fhopkeepers in general as well as for private perfons, and of fo portable a fize, that ladiis as well as gentlemen may carry it in their pockets, by which means, a multiplicity of miltakes may be prevented, by having it in the counting- houfe, ( hop, or pocket. It is alfo a proper prefent for youth on their being put out apprentice, as the frequent perufal of it will enable them to go through their bufi- nefs, with pleafure and profit to themfelves as well as their mailers. Where may be had by the fame author. Price bound z i. 6 d. ( The fecond edition, with improvements, A new and eafy Guide to the Ufe cf the Globes; and the Rudiments of Geography. Wherein the knowledge of the heavens and the earth are made eafy to the meaneft capa- city, with fome obfervations on Mr Neale's patent globes. 296 The EDINBURGH ADVERTISER for 1765. Nov. 5. AUCTION of BOOKS. ON Monday the fecond December next, wiH begin to be fold by auiSion, A COLLECTION of VALUABLE BOOKS, at the au& ion- houfe below Balfour's coffeehoufe. The firft weeks auflion will confift entirely of MEDICAL BOOKS, amoun ing to above twi ive hundred volumes of the bed authors, ancient and modern; in PHYSIC, SURGERY, ANATOMY, BOTANY, MIDWIFERY,& c. including many of the principal Englifh authors or thefe fubjefts, fome of which are now fcarce in this country. Catalogues will be delivered gratis, at the fhop of ALEX. DONALDSON, ten days before the auilion begins, and » lift of fome of the principal books will be afterwards advertifed. At faid fnop of A. Donald fon may be bad, jujl piiblijhcd, * I. JOHNSON'S EDiTIONof SHAKESPEAR, 8 large volumes 8vo. 2. A new edition of JOHNSON'S DICTION- ARY. 2 voU fol. 3. MILLAR'S FIGURES of PLANTS, exhi- bited on 300 copper- plates, finely coloured, 2 vols folio. Price 14 guineas. 4. GORDON'S UNIVERSAL ACCOUNT- ANT, and complete merchant, a new edit. 2 vols 8co. Price 12 s. bound. 5. The CHINESE SPY, 6 vols i2mo. 18 s. 6. WINSLOW's ANATOMY, 2 vols Seo. Price 10 s. 7. Dr MEAD's whole MEDICAL WORKS, 3 vols. Price only 7 s. 6 d. bound. 8. Mr POPE's WHOLE WORKS, com- plete in 4 large volumes, with ill his notes. Price 12 S. bonnd. 9. POPE's TRANSLATION of HOMER's ILIAD and ODYSSEY, complete in 2 vols ( fame fize with Pope's woiks). - Price only 7 s. 6 d. bound. 10. PLUTARCH'S LIVES of ilhiftrious men, Grecians and Romans. 6 very large vo- lumes. Price 1 8 s. bound. 11. LIVY's ROMAN HISTORY, from the building of the city, 8 vols. Price 1 I. 4 s. bound- 12. THOMSON'S POETICAL WORKS, containing his feafons and all' his poems. 2 vols. Price J S. bound. 13. The ADVENTURES of GIL BLAS. 4 vols. Price 8 s. bourtd. 14. The ADVENTURES of ROBINSON CRUSOE ; a new editton, large print, with cuts. Price 2?. 6 d. bound. 1$. The DEVIL on TWO STICKS; with cuts. Price 3 s. bound 16. The GUARDIAN ; a new edition. 2 vols. Price 4 s. bound. 17. The fame book on fine paper. 2 vols. Price j s. bound. 18. BUCHANAN'S HISTORY of SCOT- LAND, from the earlielt accounts of that kingdom to the reign of CJueen Mary, ( where Dr Robertfon's hiflory begins). 2 large vols 8vo. . Price 8 s, bound. TO be SOLD, by judicial roup, within the Parliament or New SefTion houfe of, E- dinburgh, upon Wednefday the 4th of De- cember next, betwixt two and four afternoon, The Lands and Eftate belonging to THO- MAS MOIR of Otterburn, lying in the ( hire of Roxburgh, \'* k. The Lands of OTTER BURN, with the manfion houfe, mill, mill- lands, and pertinents, in the paiilh of Marbottle, where- of the free rent, after deduction of feu- du'y, ffipend, and fchoolmafler's falary, is y6 I. 3 s. 10 d. Sterling — The lands of CORBIT. HOUSE, with the garden and pertinents, in the fame parilh, free rent 33 1. 9 s. to d. Sterling The lands in Marbottle called TEMPLELANDS, with the houfes and per- tinents, free rent 22 I. 12 s. I d. Sterling.— And the lands of RANNIESTON, with the pertinents, lying in the parifh of Jedburgh, whereof the free rent is 63 1. 14 s. n^. d. Sterling. Otterburn, and the other lands in the parifh of Marbottle, hold blench of the Marquis of Lothian, and Ranniefton holds feu of the Duke of Roxburgh. The Lands lie near the towns of Jedburgh and Kelfo, and are capable of great improvement. The title deeds, judicial rental, and articles of roup, may be feen in the hands of Alexan- der Rofs, one of the depute- clerks of Seflion; and for further particulars, perfons intending to purcbafe, may apply to Thomas Cockburn, Clerk to the Signet. By his MAJESTY'S Royal Letters Patent, for GREAT BRITAIN, and the Planta- tions, & c. PfKE's grand antidote for the ITCH, and all SCORBUTIC HUMOURS, in tin- boxes, 1 s. 6 d. retail. This ointment ( fealed as in the margin) is a ibvereign,. ef- ficacious, and fate remedy ( ne- ver known to fail) for all erup- tions and cutaneous diforders, of ever fo long Handing, with- out. confinement, daubing, or the lead: offenfive fjnell. It tn tirely extermir. ates, root and branch, all the redundant and peccant humours, by infenfible perfpiration ; ar. d is the moft infallible remedy ever yet cffe: ed to the pu- blic. The virtues are many ; the application is eafy, gentle, and uncommon; . as particularifeJ in the direc- iont therewith. It would be endlefs here to expatiate on the many virtues of this incomparable ointment: thofe who have tried it will giv'- e ft the belt of chat afters, not only for its eafy and fafe operation, but for its tertainty of cure. There was never any perfon that has ufed this temody for the itch, ( if they follow the above direction), could come a month after and fay, it had not taken the de- fired effeA.' It throws out all foul blotches from the flcin, aud cures at the fame time. Arid one qualification it has to boaft of, that no medicine for the above diforder can, and that is, the manner of applying j which gives the patient an opportunity of doing his daily bu- ( intfs as ufiial, being always clean, and never nalyi- whereas, moftly, in the cure of this diforder, an oint- ment for the whole body is applied; . vhich jultiy may be faid, is making the remedy worfe than the dit'ejfe. The proprietor has appointed CLUER DICEY and eemp. at Dr Bateman's warehoufe in Bow- church- yard, London, the- only " wholefale- venders of this oint- ment ; to whom all perfons are defired to apply for it. Merchants, Captains of { hips, and country- dealers^ Will have good allowance to fell again, NOTI, The great fimilitude between the ITCH and the SCURVY, occafions our mentioning Dr RADCLIFFE's elixir, as the bed: remedy for the SCURVY. Out of the many certificates of cures that are ditty fent to us, for leant of roan, tut can only infert the following. This is to certify whom it may concern, That, & bout four years ago, our fon Thomas, a youth, wag afflicted with a violent fcorbutic diforder, bad a fcurf all over his body, and fpotted like one in the meafles, which had reduced bim very weak, and affected hij* fpeech. When he v.; as in this condition, we applied ta feveral furgcons; See. in this town, and got him re- commended to the infirmary as an out- patient; rnd finding he got little or no relief from the medicines he had from thence, or elfewhere, we were, about . r8 months ago, adviled to try a medicine, called Dr Rad- eliffe's famous purging elixir; and that, after taking the firft dole, he threw off his ftomach a great quanti- ty of red, tough, frothilh matter, which he continued to do after every tlofe, during the firft bottle; he had a fecond. bcttle, which purged, and created him ail ap petite. He continued to take a few bottles more of the faid elixir, which, with one bottle of Dr Bate • man's pectoral drops, ( taken alternately), through the blefling of the Almighty, foon lettered him to a per- fect Hate of health, and he has had no return of the diforder fince ; which we voluntarily ptiblilh for the benefit of others under the like affii- ftion. As witnefs our hands, July 13.1762.-~ Pahiel Crifp Smith and Fer- rier at Weft Gate, NcwcaSle on Tyre. Elifabeth Cril'p. Witnefs T. She!;, and Stephen Mandley, Aifo, a gentlewoman and her daughter , n Leicefter, who had for a long time lain under the misfortune o( a dreadful fcorbutic humour, and could find no relief, though it cod her many pounds to dodlors, were at laft perfectly cured by this elixir only. N. B. We advife, and defire, all fuch perfons whole diftempfers have been of a long Continuance, not to meddle with this mr- dicine, unlefs they are refolved to go through with it ; and then they need not fear at happy a cure as a gentleman of Briftol, who writes word, that he had been long afflicted with an invete- rate fcurvy, which had broup' - him into a confump- tion, fo that ht was looked upon as incurable. He declares, that by taking two bottles of Dr RAD-' CLIFFE's elixir, and two of Dr BATEMAN's pec- toral drops, he was capacitated to walk to a friend's houfe, eleven miles from the plate of bis relidence, er. d that in- five hours, though for months before he had not been able to ft. ind ; his pains had all left him, his ulcers were dried up, and he remained as well as ever he was his in life. *„* DICEY and Comp. appoint the above to be fold by the following merchants, viz. P. Hulband, and R. Watfon, in Edinburgh ; Clark and Newallin Dum, fries and Ayr; A. Burton in Wigton ; Bailie J. Mac* Fie in Irtrine ; Bailie J. Wilfon in Kilmarnock ; Bai- lie W. Wallace, and M; Et& ine in. Paifley j C. Reid and company, and J. Scott in Greenock ; W. Stalker and A, MacBrair in Glasgow : A. Bathgate in Falkirk; W. Shaw in Stirling; P. Lawi'on'in Borrowftounnefsj ' T. Hart in Hamilton ; D. Campbell in Dunfermline ; J. Culbert in Cupar, Fife; R. Mcrhbn polfm after in Perth; Cargill, and Macduff in Dunkeld ; G. Gordon the you'ngeft, ( by v. hom tradtrs in the Highlands may be iuri. nhcii in vvholefale, See.) alfo, A-. Thompfon bookfeller, in Aberdeen; J. Smith and fon in Bre- chin; f. Low in Montrofe; R Guthrie and J. Thorns in Dundee; J. Gordo 1 in Leith; Provoft Th'smfon in Haddington ; G. Wilfon junior in Dun- bar; H. ArchboUld, and G. Laurie in Berwick; T. Gray junior in Donfe; J. Di. l/ 11 in Keif.) j T. Ca- verhill in Jedbu gh ; arret W. Currer in Selkirk, and ail'o by reputable traders in cities and thief towns in Great Britain and Ireland, and America, and moft part of Europe. EDINBURGH : Printed for ALEXANDER DONALDSON ; and fold at the Printing- houfe in the CafllehiH, where, and at A. Donaldfon's Shops in London and Edinburgh, Subfcriptions and Advertifements are taken in.—- This paperjs regularly publifhed every Tuefday and Friday, on which days no other newfpaper is printed in Scotland. The price of a finale paper d.; i 1. per annum, when called fpr; 1 1, 2 s. if fent to liny houle in this city or fuburbs j and 1 1. 6 s. when traafmitted • ij^ v^-^ ft to any town in Great Britain, ' t i • • 1 • A
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