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The Edinburgh Advertiser


Printer / Publisher:  Alexander Donaldson
Volume Number: IV    Issue Number: 169
No Pages: 8
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The Edinburgh Advertiser
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The Edinburgh Advertiser

Katherine Nairn and Patrick Ogilvie - Murder of Thomas Ogilvie
Date of Article: 15/08/1765
Printer / Publisher:  Alexander Donaldson
Address: sold at the Printing-house in the Castlehill, Edinburgh
Volume Number: IV    Issue Number: 169
No Pages: 8
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^ ' for W ( J ' B A 1.1 & VojL. IV. EDINBURGH ADVERTISER. From FRIDAY AUGUST 9. to TUESDAY ' AUGUST 13. 1765. N° 169. In the month of June laft, Katharine Nairn re- iki of fhomas Ogilvie of'Eaftmiln, and Pa- trick Ogilvie Lieutenant io the-^ th regi- ment of foot, were irnprifoned in the , tol- booth of Edinburgh, on fufpicion of the horrid crimcs of INCEST and MURBSR. As this affair has m ide a great deal of noife, we fhall give our readers an abilract of the indi& tnent agaiiiit them, at the inltauce of his Majefty's Advoc. te, together with an exaft copy of the printed defences offered for the psnnels, which it is hoped will gra- tify the public curiofity, until the iffue of the caufe is known. ABSTRACT ofi the I N D I C T'M Z S T. JY the law of God, as contained in the xviiith chapter. of Leviticus, and like- wife by an aif of the parliament of Scotland, pa fled in the year 1 < j 67, INCEST committed betwixt a man ana the wife of his broiher- german, is declared to be a capital' crime. MURDER, efpecially when commit- ted un ler trull, or upon a perfon to whom fidelity and affection are due by the null facred ties, is alfo a crime of nemoft atroci- ous hiture, and feverely punilhable. Not- \ yithftinding the hain mfnefs of both thefe crimes, aggravated as above mentioned, KA- THARINE NAIRN, widow of the deceafed Thomas Ogilvie of Eaftmiln, and LLutenant PATRICK OGILVIE his brother, are accufed of being guilty, aftors, art and p ut, of both or one or other af them ; which they 3re faid to have perpetrated in the following manner. Katharine Nairn was married to Thomas Ogilvie of Eaftmiln in the month of January' laff; and about the fttne time Lieutenant Patrick Ogilvie returned f. oro abroad, and took up his residence at his brother's houfe at Eaftmiln. Soon after the marriage, the de- ceafed Thomas Ogilvie and otaer friends of the family, obferving fome indecent fa- miliarities betwixt his wife and brother, re- peatedly cautioned and admonifhed them againft fuch improper beiiavioJr. Bu; inftead of profiting by thefe » admonitions, they ob- ft. inately perfifted in the fame familiarities, frequently retired together, and continued in private a for cot, fiderable time, as well in the fields as within the houfe of taftmiln, and in other houfes and piaces of that neighbour- hood ; till at laft, yielding to their inordinate defires, thev lay together at different, times and in different places, and thereby commit- ted the abominable crime of INCEST. Upon the difcovery of this by the hufband and o J- $ hers of the neighbourhood. Lieutenant OgiK vie was difmiffed from his brother's houfe in the month of May laft ; on which oceafion Katharine Nairn expreffed her refcntuient againft her hulband by the moft outrageous behaviour: Bui belore Lieutenant Ogilvie left his brother's houfe, or fooa after, be and. Katharine Nairn wickedly confpired to mur. der Tiionris Ogilvie by poifon. This hor. rid intention, Katharine Nairn, on different occafions, communicated to Anne Clark, who then lived in toe family with her; and like- wife informed her, ti. at the Lieutenant hacj undertaken to pr- ivide poifon for tha: purpofe. Anne Clark, not believing either of them capable of fuch intentions, endeavoured to divert her from all thoughts of that nature. They perfifted, however, in their intended confpiiacy, carricd on a fecret correfpondence by letters, and had » private meetings together for concerting the perpetration of their wicked defign. Accordingly, for accomplifh- ing the murder, Lieutenant Ogifvie went, about -. he end of May laft, to the burgh of Brechin, and there bought of James Carne- gie'furgepn a fmall phial glafs of laudanum, under pretence it was for his health, and about haif an ounce of arfenick pulverized, put up in three or ft ur fepaiate paper covers, faying. He had occafion for that poifoa to kill fome dogs which deftroyed the game in that part of the country. Upon the third of June, the Lieu. enant came to the houfe of Andrew Stewart his brother- in- law at Alyth, within a feiV niiIes" of Eiilliniln, where he received . a letter from, a. iJ immediately wrote an anfwer to the faid Katharine Nairn : and next day Andrew Stewart having occafion to go to E. itt- hiiln, tie fent by him two fmall phial glaffes, one of wnich he faid contained laudanum, and a paper of directions about the manner ei ufiog it, and alfo a packet which he faid con- tained falts, and a letter clofed with a wafer, a- d iikewil'e lealed with wax, addreffed to Katharine Nairn of Eatfmiln; and he inform- ed Mr Stewart that thele medicines were for the ufe of the faid Katharine Nairn herfelf, and defired him to deliver them and the let- ter privately into her own hands. When Mr Stewart arrived at the houfe of Eaftmiln, Ka- tharine Nairn conducted him into a private room, and received the above particulars troin him, which ihe. immediately locked up in a drawer, along with the letter, without reading it. And Mr Stewart having told to fome of the family his having brought ttiefe medicines from Lieutenant Ogiivie to Katharine Nairn ltaflbided apprehenlions of danger to the iue ot Thomas Ogilvie; and caution was given to Thomas Ogilvie to take no meat or drink from his wife except what he faw atfurs ta kin^ : and that fame night Katharine Nairn faid to Mr Stewart, that Jhc wijhtd her hujband was dead. Next day, the 6th ot June, bieak- faft was fet in the parlour earlier than ufual, and Thomas Ogilvie not having got out of bed, Katharine Nairn filled out a b ; wt of tea, which fhe faiu fie was going to carry up to the Laird,, meaning het hufband, and ac- cordingly left the parlour witn '. e bow i' 111 her hand j, but, initead af . carry ing it Hi aight, to her hnfband, fhe went into a clofet adjoin- ing ta his bed- room, and there mixed the ar fenick, or other poifon which fhe had received as aforefaid, into the faid bowl of tea, which fhe afterwards carried to her hulband, and prefled him to drink the fame, which he accordingly aid. And foen after he rofe from bed, went a- braid converted with fome of his tenants and fervaftts, and then appeared to be in his ordina- try ftate of health; but before he got back to ' the houfe, and within the fpace of an hour after he had drunk the faid bowl of tea, he was feized with a violent reaching and vomiting, and having got into the kitchen, he continued there for fome time in great diftrefs; upon which he was helped up to his owu room, anil laid in bed, where he remained reach- ing, vomiting, and purging with fuch vi- olence, that he fometimes appeared convul- ft d ; and, in the intervals of his diflrefs, he did fay to his friends and others about him,, that he had been poifoned by the faid bowl of, tea which he had got from hisjwife; ' and he having called for water to drink, which was brought up to the room by Anne Samp- fon his fervant- maid, in the fame bowl, or one like to that out, cf which he had drunk tba tea, he faid, " Damn that bowl, for 1 I. Jia've gqt my death out of it already ;" and or- ' dered hex to briag up the water in the tea- ket- tle, for he would drink out of nothing elfe; and having continued in the fituation above defcribed for feveral hours, his tongue fwell- ed, and his mouth became fo parched and dry, that he could fcarcelv fpeak; and, during his illnefs, though, from the beginning very alarming, Katharine Kairn his wife- not only endeavoured to hinder his friends and neigh- bours to have accefs to him ; but when fhe was prefled by Andrew Stewart, to fend for a furgeon, fhe obftinatcly refitted that propofal till near funfet, when Thomas Ogilvie. her hufbatid, appearing to be then very. low and near his end, the fent a fervant on horfe- back to bri g Peter Meik fuig . on at Alyth, who accordingly came with all dilpatch ; but, aefore his arrival, Mr Ogilvie her hufband was dead, having died in the i; ight bet . ixt the fixth and fevsnth days of June laft : and froni tlie fymptoins of his disorder, ana the whole. circumilances ot the cafe above recited, it evijently appears, that he died of the pow fo,., whicn was mixed and given hrm by Ka- tharine Nairn, in the bow i of tea as above mentioned. And fome days thereafter, whgn it was propjfed to infpect the dead body, fhe appeared like one diltraited, and cried out,- vVhat will 1 do! And Lieutenant Patrick Ogiivie being auvned f the de t- i of. Thomas Ogiivie his brother, o whom he lshu, i » cate Katharine Nairn be not with child, he immediately came to Ealtimln, took up his reltdence there,. and give the necefLry rder » tor the inceiuwu;.^— The indictment conaudts%. _ • t— — The E R U in the ufualform, That if ho lb or either of I** G H ADVERTISER for Aug. 13. fort faid crimes art found proven by the verdiZi - cf an ajjtme, the panutls ought to it punified *- j.' itb tbe pains of liw, to tbe fervour tf others . from committing tit liie in- time coxing. DEFENCES for KATHARINE N ITSK, wi- dow of the deceafed THOM AS OCU. VIB of Eaftmijn, now prifouer in the tolbooth of Edinburgh : IN THE Criminal indictment purfued againft her at the inftance of his MAJESTY'S ADVO- CATE. IN 1764, the now deceafed Thomas Ogil- vie of Eaftmiln, a gentleman rather ad- vanced in years, of a tender constitution, and • jpofTcffed of a very fmall fortune, made his ad- dreffes to Katharine Nairn the unfortunate pannel, ( then fcarce nineteen years of age), in propofals of marriage. ' Tiiis propofal, con- trary to the opinion of her friends, by reafon cf the fmallnefs of his fortune, Ihe accepted © i' from principles of pure love and affeftion : and the marriage being accordingly celebra- ted in the beginning of January fail, 176;, was diflbived, by MrOgilvie's death, upon the 6th of June laft ; when the affections ihe had conceived for her hulband can fcarce be " fuppofed to have had time to cool or fubfide. Nothwithftaiiding of which, it is her now very Angular misfortune to be indicted and » : cufed, at the inftance of his Mnjelty's Ad- vocate, upon the information of Alexander Ogilvic, her hulband's youngeft brother, as guilty of two of the moft enormous crimes known in tbe law : 1ft. The crime of iocelt, which ( he is charged to have committed with Lieutenant Patrick Ogilvie, her hufband's immediate younger brother; zjly, The1 crime of murder, committed upon the perfon of her . faid hulband, by poifon administered to him. Her paren- age, education, age/( ex, cha- racter, and behaviour, in that itajje of life previous to her marriage, when female paf- fions are molt powerful and predominant, which fhe flatters herfeif will Le attefted by perfons of the greate. lt honour and probity, rende." it highly incredible, that any perfon, not hardened and inured to every fpeciei of wickednefs, loft and abandoned to every prin- ciple of virtue, fhould at once plunge into crimes of fo deep a dye. CoDfcious of her innocence, ( he v/ ifhes for nothing more ardently than a fair and impar- tial trial, as the only means of reparation that can be made to her injured ehara& er, fo iiuch - traduced; and which, in the event, fhe is fcopefel, will appear to be the reftilt of the moil inveterate rancour, hatr-.- d, and der. dly malice, conceived agairilt her, by one of her ' own ( ex, a perfon of r. ioft flagitious life, and abandoned ch^ ra& er ; and who, fhe is now told, is the principal evidence meant ta be u- fed againft her. Since her imprifoiment, no endeavours 1iave. been fpared to imprefs the public witli lentiments of her guilt, by publication of many falfe, malicious, and wicked reports, indullrioufly propagated to the prejudice cf her general character. But ( he rejoices in the appeal ( he will foon be able to make to the world, to her judges and jurj- j to vindicate her front the charge of Wsie horrid crimes with which fhe ftands now arraigned. At the fame time, as ( he cannot know what falfe evidence may be produced againft her, felf- prefervation requires, that fhe ihould not pafs over any material objec- tion to the form of this indictment. And, in that view, ( he objeCts to that arti- cle of the indictment which charges the crime ofinceft, ( aid to have been committed in one or other of the room- of tbe houfe of Eaflmiln, and out- houfes adjacent thereto, at different times, in January, February, March, April, May, and June, alt lafl paft, and before tbe I zih day of that laft month ; that is, in Other words, from the day of her marriage till the fixth day after her hufband's death. She takes no exception to the generality of the places charged where this crime fhould have been committed, viz. " in one or o- ther of the rooms of the houfe of Ealtmiln, and out- houfes adjacent thereto;" thcugh fhe is advifed, that after fo full a precogni- tion as fhe is told has been taken, by exami nation upon oath of every perfon that could be fuppofed to have the leaft knowledge in thefe matters, at which none were allowed to be prefect upon her part, the places where thisjfuppofed crime is faid to have been fo frequently repeated fhould have been fpeci- ally condefcended upon, and defcribed. But fhe is advifed, and humbly fubmits it to the conlideration of her Honourable judges, and the impartial world, that a moil unbecoming and improper latitude has been taken, in charging the time of the commiffion of this foppefed offence, comprehending the whole ( pace, every hour, day, week, and month, from the period'of her marriage, to her huf- hand's death, and even while he was lying a corpfe, before his interment on the 12th of June. The difadvantages to which fhe muft ne- ceflarily be expofed, in making her defences againft fo general a charge, are too obvious to need illaitration ; anu therefore ( he does humbly infill, that this branch of the indict- ment cannot be fultained, or admitted to proof. But if, contrary to expectation, the fame ( hall be fuftained, ( he propufes, by undeniable evi- dence, to traverfe and redargue : very material circumftance charged in the indictment, as well with regard to thi$- as the other crime with which ( he is accufed ; and, without departing from any other defences which may occur to her counfel, the great lines of thofe fifts which ( he propofes to prove will be thefe fol- lowing. 1ft, That ffie accepted of Mr Ogilvie for her huftiand, contrary to the opinion of her friends, out of pure love and afteCtion : Phat Mr Ogilvie, before his marriage, was, and continued thereafter, fo long as he lived, to be of a render confiuution : fhat he had re- peated and violent attacks of internal difor- ders, colic- pains, corvvulfions in his bovels, tie. in fo much that he was not only looked upon to be in a dangerous way, but having bad fome violent attacks recently before his aClual death, gave himfelf up for loft ; and both the day and the night before he actually died, had fuch violent returns of thefe difor- den, dia: he thought hirnfdf dying, and re- i765- ] folved to have fent for a phyflcian at many miles diflance. 2d, That the pannel herfeif, foon after her marriage, did likewife fall into a bad ( late of health, coftive in her body, and reltlefs in the night, which obliged her frequently to take fmall dofei of falts and laudanum. 3d, That Lieutenant Patrick OgiIvier her hufband's younger brother, die fuppofed af- fociate in the crimes charged, having return- ed from the Eaft Indies, broken and ( bar- tered in his coni'. itution, much about tha time of the pannel's marriage, came to pay his firft vilit to his brother, and for fome time had his principal refidence in his brother's houfe ; whereby, and by means of his near relation, he diltingu. fhed a becoming friend- ihip and intimacy with the pannel, his filter- in- law. Atb, That the pannel having inadvertently allowed herfeif to run lhort of the falts and laudanum fhe ufed to take, and having occa- fiotialiy mentioned this in the hearing of Lieutenant Ogilvie, he told her, that as thefe were medicines which he himfelf had been ad- vifed to ufe, he had brought home in his chelt, a fmall . quantity of laudanum, and a parcel of falts, of the very beft quality; and that, if fhe pleafed, he would fenf her a fmall phial of the laudanum, and a fev/ doles of the falts, how foon his chelt, in which they Were, Ihould arrive from Dundee. She accepted of the offer ; and did accordingly, fome time afier, receive from him, by the hands of Andrew Stewart, brother- in law to Eaflmiln, who came to Eaitmiin on an occa- Ifonal vilit, a fmall phial of laudanum, ajxl tttfo doles of falts; and which are fuppofed to be the particulars alluded to in this indict- ment, as the dofes of poifon faid to be fecret- ly conveyed to the pannel. 5th, That Alexander Ogilvie, the young- er brother of her huibuid, had, about the beginning of this year 1765, intermarried with a woman of the lo, vell rank, the daugh- ter of a common porter in Edinburgh, which gave great offence to his two brothers ; and the pannel do_ s not doubt, but fhe might, upon occaficn thereof, have expreffed iier feofe and feeling of the reproach thereby brought upon their family. Of which the laid Alexander Ogilvie having got intel- ligence, this, joined with the dif. ppointment in the expectation he had conceived of the fuccellion to his brother's eflate, he from thenceforward entertained a mo( t gronndlefi relentment againlt the Pannel, the innocent caufe of that difappointment; and took every occafion to pubiifh the moll lcitndalous falfe hoods, calculated to create a mifunderfland- ing between her and her hufband. kth, That for fome time before the faid Alex- ander Ogilvie's marriage, he had cohabited, in 3 molt unbecoming manner, with Anne Clark, a coufin german of the family : a woman of the molt infamous character; arrd who, for a courfe of years, had lived as a common | fervant- maid, in one of the molt notorious flews or lewd houfes in Edinburgh, and other houfes of bad fame, till at length ihe took up her refidence with the faid Alexander Ogilvie. 7th, Anne Clark's relation to Mr Ogilvie's familyfurnifhsd Alexander Ogilvie with a pre-- Aug. i The EDINBURGH ADVERT* • berland wilt not • rafter. S H0TR. tence of fending- her over to Eaftmiln, to pafs • fome weeks there, and to endeavour, by every pofiible means, to bring about a reconcilement between Mr Ogilvie and his brother Alexan- der. in this view, ( he attached herfelf at firft to the pannel, thinking by her means to have fome influence with Mr Ogilvie himfelf; till at length, finding they were both equally a- verfe tohaveany further torrefpondence either with Alexander or his wife, ( lie fell to work in another way ; quarrelled with the pannel ; made her court to Mr Ogilvie ; and, firft by dark infinuations, thereafter more explicitly, endeavoured to inflillinto Mr Ogilvie's mind, fufpicions of the pannel's virtue, and of a cri- minal intimacy between his brother the Lieu- tenant and her ; and that they had even gone the length to form a fcheme to deprive him of his life, by poifon, or otherwife; and thefe her pretended fufpicions lhe communicated to the good old lady Mr Ogilvie's mother: the tendency of all which was, to operate a mif- underftanding and feparation betwixt Mr Ogilvir and the pannel. 8/ 6, This diabolical contrivance happened unluckily, in point of time, to coincide with fome differences that had arifen between Mr Ogilvie, and his brother the Lieutenant, in fettling accounts about money- matters; which having at length produced high words, and put both brothers in a paffion, Lieutenant Ogilvie declared he would ftay no longer in a houfe where he had been fo ufed ; and was preparing to leave it direftly, when Mr Ogil- vie, giving way to his paffion, gave the part- ing blow, by acquainting the Lieutenant of the information he had received of his fami- liarity with the pannel, his fifter- in- law; by which Lieut. Ogilvie, juftly enraged, having peremptorily infified to know his author, Anne Clark came at laft to be fufpeited as the author and propagator of this wicked and malicious ftory ; and what afterwards hap- pened, too fully juftified the fufpicion, yth, Lieutenant Ogilvie immediately left the houfe. Mr Ogilvie foon cooled, and be- came fenfible of the folly of his proceedings, and of the injury he had done, both to his wife and brother; as fo abrupt a feparation could not fail to put them in the mouth of the world. He therefore wrote to his brother the Lieutenant, preffing him moft anxioufly to re- turn to the family.: the pannel, as far as de- cency would permit, joined in the fame re- queft. ictb, At this unlucky period, was Mr O- gilvre feized with a return of one of thofe vi- olent diforders in his bowels and ftomach. He had been almoft dead the day before; he re- lapfed at night, complained much, thought himfelfa- dying, continuedill all night; finding himfelf eafier, arofe in the morning as ufual; again turning bad, returned to bed, where he took a bowl of warm tea and bifcuit; after which he made another effort, got up, put on his cloaths, went abroad to take the air, re- lapfed, fell a- vomiting, threw up a deal of bile, and expired about twelve that night. .11 th, The pannelY behaviour upon that melancholy occafion was decent ? nd beco- ming, expreffive of tbe real ( arrow and grief fbe felt. The tale that is told of her having adminiftered the poifon iu a bowl ef tea that morning, will be difproved in the ftrongeft manner. She had none to adminiller ; and every circumffance, as it is expefted to come out on proof, will fhew, that fhe had it not in her power fo to have done, had fhe intend- ed it; and that fa( io none, was admini- ftered. 12th, Mr Ogilvie's corpfe remained unin- terred until the nth. It was viewed by phy- ficians and furgeons of charaftcr and ikill : the appearances were nothing but what is u- fual in natural diftempers proceeding from va- rious internal caufes. A diffeftion of the bo- dy would eafily have Ihown whether there had i been poifon in the cafe ot not; and it was the I duty of Alexander Ogilvie the informer, who had come to the houfe, and flopped interment t for one day upon this very fufpicion, to have j and after his marriage caufed the body to be laid open. This was not ! done ; whereby the infallible means were loft \ of detefti ng the crime, if anv was commuted, ! and this unhappy pannel was deprived of the j only" infallible means of proving her inao- ! cence.. Thefe are the great lines of principal fafts which the pnnnel propofes to prove : many others to the fame tendency, will, it is ex- pected, come out in leading the proof; and lhe flatters herfelf, that thefe, with an intel- bgentjury, will beeffeftual to deteft thefalfe- hood of'this accufation, and to vindicate the character and innocence of an unfortunate young woman, whole prefent ftate, feveral months gone with child, renders her a very im - proper objeft to undergo a trial of this nature; which, from the accumulation of two capital crimes in oneindiftaient, and the great number of witneffes given out in the lift, befides thofe to be adduced for her exculpation, inuft draw out to an immoderate length. for ff ferior in rank to himfelf; and lis relations, and immediate conneftions, highly difap- proved of the match, and alienated themfelves from him on tbat account. This marriage happened near about the time tbat the de- ceafed Thomas Ogilvie wa3 married to the pannel Katharine Nairn. There was one Anne Clark, who was ON Jated to the family ofEaftmile by the mother's fide. This woman had for feveral years re- fided as a fervant in a houfe of ai. Tolute re- putation in Edinburgh, and. which, as. a fio-. ife of bad fame, had regularly been vi ft ted by the conllables. Some months, at leaft' weeks, however, before the marriage" of Alexander Ogilvie, tile had cohabited, with him in the fame room, and the fame houfe ; fhe had lived jn hi » father in law's houfe. In conftquence of all which it may be prefumed a very particu- lar intimacy had arifen between her and the faid Alexander Ogilvie. The friends of the family of Eaftmila had taken umbrage at the marriage of Alexander Ogilvie with the daughter of a common por- ter ; he thought it neceffary, therefore, to fend fome perfon to iruerpofe as a mediator witH that family ; and the perfon he made choice of was Anne Clark. Anne Clark was accordingly difpatcfted to the houfe of Eaffrtrilm She was received without fufpicion, as a relation of the family; « * IRIIFHRTOI. • N. .. » " DEFENCES for Lieutenant PAT R'IC it OGILVIE, of Colonel Morris's regiment of foot, now prifoner in the to! booth of Edinburgh, To THIS Ofiminal libel, or indictment, purfued a- gainft him at the inltance of his MAJE- STJ/ S ADVOCATE. /_ lf ~ HE panne!, ( denying the libel as laid), J. in obedience to the aft of parliament 20th George II. chap. 43, fets forth, v That having obtained a commmiffi|> n in the regiment, he behaved in the execution thereof in a proper and inoffenfive manner; and being ordered along with his regiment to the Eaft Indies, he remained there till his health obliged him to return home ; when he came to the houfe of Eaftmdn, where his brother refided, who was then about to be married to Katharine Nairn, the other pan- nel, and where he continued for fome time with an ineffenfive charafter, fuitable to that which he had maintained in the regiment in which he had ferved, of which there are many officers ready to atteft the charafter he held. About the time that the pannel Pa- rick Ogilvie returned home, and about the fame' time that the defunft Tifomas Ogilvie of Eaftmilii was married to Katharine Nairn, Alexai,-. O'giivie,- the third and youngeit brother. . . ' lie family, mairied. the daughter of one Rattray a porter, a perioo greatly in- lon, and, in that^ charafter, without inquiry into her former life and converfation, fhe was treat- ed as an equal, and a gentlewoman. Such was the pretext of fending Ahne Clark to the houfg of Eaftmiin : fometfiiog deeper, however, feenis to have been intended. The deceafed- Thomas Ogilvie of Eaftmilfc had for tnan j^ ears been fubjeft to cpnfvnnptive fyroptomf ; he had been afflicted with ulcere in his bovVels, which had been difcovered at the diftance of about five years before his death ; ever after he had been in a valetudi- nary ftate ; and there was reafon to apprehend be would not be long- lived. The relations of Mrs Ogilvie, in particular, had fhowre force apprehenfrons, that by his premature death tfi^ e provifions in her favour might be' rendered^ ineffeftual. The pannel Patrick, Qgilvie was alfo io a bad ftate of health .* he had been obliged to return from ihe- Eaft Indies, where he had been in feryjee with his regiment, on account of his valetudinary habit: « nd from the fituation which' ' the two elder brothers were then in, there is the gre| te!( J reafon to believe, that Alexander O- gilflfc ' had en'ertained the moft fanguine hopes of fucccffion to the eftate; which by the irihrtiage of Thomas, and the return of Pat rk fit for the recovery ef Iris health, feemed likely t^ tbe difappointed; Tnat ifiue ffiould not be procreated be- tween Thomas Ogilvie and Katharine Nairn his wife, ahd that Patrick Ogilvie fhould be obliged to betake himfelf to thofe inhofpi- tabie climates which he had left, and whofa- inclemenciai had well nigh already put an end to his, life, feemed defireable objefts in. the eyes of Alexander Ogilvie. To promote diffenfion, therefore, between Thomas Ogil- vie and his Wife, and to alienate the mind of Patrick OgUvje, the paanel, from this I02 The E D I N B U R G H A D V E R T I S E R for 1765. Aug. 13. try, feemed to have been the purpofe for which Anne Clark was dijpatched from E- dinburgh. As a relation of the family, ( he was received with implicit confidence at Ealt- iniln, particularly by . the pannels, yvho were little' aware what a fnare was prepared for their unguarded confidence. Mifs Clark had but a fhort time refided at the houfe of Ealtmifn, when fhe made it her bufinefs to fow diffention and animofuy a- mong all the members of the family. She endeavoured to infpire Mr Ogilvie with jea- loufy towards his wife and diitruft towards n's brother : and lhe was but too fuccefsfol in her endeavours; Mr Ogilvie, a fickly man, aad too lufceptible of tucb irnpreffions, was foon milled by the artful Mil's Clark into a belief of what, if he had trufted his own judgment, he could never have fuppofed. The period which was chcfen to insinuate thefe jealoufies was remarkable. The pannel Lieutenant Patrick Ogilvie had fome differ- ences with his elder brother, concerning his patrimony; for a difpute had occurred about the balance of a bond of provifion refting owing to Patrick Ogilvie. Mifs Clark laid hold of that opportunity to propagate her malicious alledgeances; and in the heat of a converfation which arofe concerning the ba- lance of this bond of provifion, and what Thomas had done with it after he took it up from the cuflodier, firft inftnuated his appre- henfion of an improper injercourfe between the two pannels. To minds already heated by a difpute con- cerning money- matters, this incident iervcd to add greater warmth. The two brothers part- ed with fome animofity, the j » annel, Patrick declaring his intention never to return to the houfe of Eaitmiln. The intention of the pannel was, after vi- ' fiting his friends in the country, as he had now tolerably recovered his health, to return to his military iervice in the Eaft Indies; ho- ping, by means of this, to avoid both the jealoufy of his brother, and the envy of hi? o- ther relations. Though often fohcited, there- fore, to return to his brother's houfe, he kept always at a diftance, from that day when he difcovered the firff fymptom of jealoufy. Mrs Ogilvie, the other pannel, had for fome lime before this complained of bad health; and particularly fhe complained of want of fleep ; on account of her complaints fee had been in ufe to take falts and lauda- num as medicii es. In the hearing of the pannel fbe had expr. fTed her defire to have fome of thefe medicines; and as he, while at fea, had been in ufe to take both on account of his bad ftate of health, and in a lhort time expected one of his fea- chefts would ar- rive, in which he had a quantity ot both, he proffered to her to fend her fome laudanum and falts ^ s fbon as the trunk or cheft they were in fhould be brought to the country : and fhe told him fhe would be obliged to him for them, as they were fo ill to be had of a proper kind in that remote part of the country. After the pannel had left the houfe of Eaft- niiln in the manner ahove mentioned, his trunk or cheft came to hand : it was brought from Dundee by Andrew Stewart merchant in Alyth to his houfe; and was, in his pre- fence, in the public ft. op, opened by the' pannel; who has reafon to believe, that the laid Andrew Stewart obferved both the falts and laudanum that were therein. But the quantity of laudanum proving very fmall, as a great part of it had been ufed during the voyage, the pannel. found hinifelf under the neceliity of purchafing a fmall quandty of laudanum, in order to. fend as much as was requifite to Mrs Ogilvie. He did according ly buy a ftnall quantity of laudanum tor tbir purpote; which, together . tli what he ai ready had, he put into a phial, and . with two dofes of falts, which, in the prefence of An- drew Stewart, be took out of the cheft or tt utik a fore faid; put up, and fent by the faid An- drew Stewart, who was going 011 an occafional vilit to fee Esftmiln and Mrs Ogilvie. What fymptoms attended the deceafed Mr Ogilvie's laft ilinefs, the pannel, not hav. r. g been at the houfe of Eaftmiln, cannot, from his perfonal knowledge, pretend to fay. As far as he has been able to inform himteif, however, he cannot difcover that there is the leaft evidence that he died by poilon. Nor did the pannel, on any occafion, pretend to hinder a diffeftion of tiie body, or any other mean of difcovery, whether the defundl had died of poil'on or not. On the contrary, he urged and infilled, that fuch trial fhould be irutde. And he having fent for a furgeon to infpeSt and open the body, the perlon whom he had difpatched exprefs for that purpofe, was privately ltopped by Alexander Ogiivie, the younger brother, who is the penon on whofe figned information he was originally committed to prifon. Such are the material fafts which the pan- ' nel apprehends he is called on to explain, in 1 vindication of his good fame : and to thele fads he fubjoins tiie following defence, in terms of the lfaiute. \ Jt, That the libel contains a cumulatio ac- tionum in eriminalibus ; which is reprooated in law. 2dly, That fo far as relates to the inceft, the libel rs utterly vague and inconclulive, being deftitute of all circumftances of time or place, or other requifites that can enable the pannel to make a pointed defence; and therefore ought not to pafs to the knowledge of an afiize. idly, The libel, as far as reipects the crirncof poifoning, is utterly irrelevant juoad this pannel. We are well informed, that Mrs or Mifs Anne Clark, mentioned in the above defences, is a woman of good character; and that it was JuppoJed that another perjon of the fame name was the witnefs to be examined- 1 he publijh- er is very glad of this opportunity of eioing ju- Jlice to one whoje character has been jit tnijafyr* hended. For the J'equel of this ajjair, Jee the Edinburgh paragraph of this day s paper. SATURDAY, Aug. 10. . A mail from Flanders. From the London Gazette, Augujl 6. Genoa, July 20. ON the 17th rnftant, in the afternoon, the Spanifh fquadron arrived in this port, in twenty. three days, from Carthagena, con- fifting of one fhip of eighty guns, tight fhips of twenty guns each, two fambechines of twenty- eight and thirty, two guns, two tar- tans, and two tranfport polacas, commanded in chief by M. Vihoria Don John Joieph del Navarro, who carried the Ruyal Spanilh ftandard at the maintop- gallant malt head ; the fecond Commander in Chief is Rear Ad- miral Don Bias de la Barredd. Upon the Spanifh fquadron's approach near the port, it was faluted by his Majefty's fhips Centu- rion and. Guadaioup, with twfenty- one guns each ; the Centurion having been dreffed, let fly all her colours; and as foon as the S> pa- nhh Admiral came into port, the Princefs - Louifa Mary was faluted from the city with 101 guns. The next morning the Princefs came alhore in Admiral Navarro's barge, faluted by all the fhips of the Spanifh fqua- dron three times with twenty- one guns from each fhip. The Princeis went immediately to the palace where the Prineefs of Parma was lodged ; arfd, after the mutual compli- ments, both Princeffes went ? o the place that had been prepared by the republic, followed by all the gentlemen and ladies of the courts of Vienna, Madrid, and Parma, and the Ambaffadours and Ministers of the courts of Spain, France, and Naples. The notorial aCts being read and exchanged, the Infanta of Spain was delivered into the cuftody of the ladies lent by the court of Vienna to recei- 3 and accompany that Princeis to Inipruck ; and the Infanta of Paima was, by the ladies of that court, delivered into the care of thofe appointed by the court ot Spain to receive and condudl that Princefs to Madrid. The fame afternoon the Infanta Archduchefs re- ceived the compliments ot the republic's de- deputaion of gentlemen and ladies ; and in the evening both the Princtffes went to the theatre, where they ftaid to fee only the firft act of the. opera. Yefterday morning all the nobility paid their compliments to the Infanta fr , m Spain. A lew hours before, a courier came from A- lexandria, and brought the news, that the Duke of Paima died in that city the 18th in- ftant, at lever; o'clock at night, after a fhort illne. s of five days; it has plunged the young Princefs his daughter into the ueepeft forrow, and all the la.. ies<'& c. attached to her perfon, are going into mourning ; the public diver- fions, intended for the amufement of the two Princelies during their flay here, are flopped, and it is believed will be entirely laid, afi'de. 1 he Archduchefs is to begin the journey for Infpruck the 23d inltant. Berlin, July 27. His Royal Highnefs the Duke 01 York, having expreffed a defire of feeing fome of the- Piuflian rrcops exercife, the King of . Prufiia was pleafed 1.0 order feven battalions of infantry, part of the troops which compofe the garriion, to be exercifed in Thier'garden before his Roy^ l Highnefs, who expiefled the gieatelt fathfadlion at the different evolutions they performed, and the fine appearance they made. Whitehall, Aug. 6. Ihe King has been pleafecl to appoint the Right Hon. Charlt s Earl Cornwailis to be one of his Majelty's Aids du Camp, and to take rt. nk as a Colo- nel of toot. From the London papers, Aug. 6. War/ aw, July 9. order ot the com- miffion of I reafury of tbe Crown, feveral cominiffaries are fet cut icr feme waywodies Aug. 13, The EDINBURGH ADVERTISER'for Royal Pruilia, in order to receive the tax im- pofed upon horfes fold at common fairs. This impoftis eight Polifh florins on every horfe, of which the feller pays one half, and^ he buyer the other. The receivers of thefe du- ties have already been exppfed ia diverfe pla- ces to difagreeable affronts, at the inftigati- jn of the nobleffe. In the waywodies of Rawa,' Lenzye, and Mazovia, perfons are employed in taking the number of the inhabitants. The curates have < gs orders to fend a note of it to their diocefans, *< and the latter are to forward it to Prince Po- niatowfki, Abbe of Czerwien. Leghorn, July 10. According to advices frpm Corfica, the French continue to live on good terms with the troops of General Pa- li ; the Count ofPour-. du Pint, who had fome difputes with the inhabitants, hath been re- called by the court of Verfailles ; whither, it is faid, he carries difpatches, containing what paffed in the conferences between the Count de Marbceuf and the chief of the malecontents. The Envoy from Tripoli, who is conduc- ing feveral fine horfes as a pr'efent to their Imperial Majeilies, and to the republic of Ve- nice, finished his quarantine the 3d of this month. He is fet out for Vienna, but, it is imagined, he will pafs through Infpruck, to fpeak to the Emperor on the fubjeft of a re- conciliation between Tufcany, and the other regencies of Barbary. LONDON. Letters from Minorca advife that fhipbuild- ing is greatly encouraged there by Governor Townfhend : artificers from England having been engaged for that purpofe ; and they be- gin to carry on a cor, iidei able trade with Ma- jorca, Corfic.> f Yvica,/ and the other ifles of the Mediterranean. They write from Breft, that the Sceptre, Union, and Solitaire men of war are ordered to lea with all expedition : the latter is to take on board engineers for the f uthern coafts of Africa. They write from Hanover, of the 26th ult. that his Royal Highnefs the Duke of York was expefted there the latter end of lad month from Berlin, and that orders had been given to fit up the opera- houfe, and to make all other preparations for the reception and en- tertainment of his Royal Highnefs'. The difcovery of Mr Harrifbn's time- piece will not be till to- morrow fe'ennight'. We hear an aft of indemnity, under pro- per reftridlions, will be pa fled next feffions in favour of fuch perfons who have been obliged to leave their country, for the laft feven years, on account pf fmuggling. A great quantity of guineas are now coin- ing in the Tciver. Monday evening a quarrel lappened in Covent- G- arden M- arket, between a bricklay er and a frjuittnan; when the former, being in liquor, received a violent blow on the fto- mach v, hich killed him on the fpot. The other has abfeonded. Yefterday a fellow dreffed like a Turk with a turban and fafh was %- t by foir. e revenue officer- at RatclifLcrofs; when as much init- iates were taken out of his head- drefs as amounted to ninety pounds. Charles Brett, lii'u; Secretary to his Royal Highnefs the Duke of York, and not Timothy Brett, Efq; as mentioned in the papers by miftake, is appointed Paymafter to the Trea- furer of the navy. They write from Portfmouth, that the ma- fter of one of' his Majefty's fhips, living at Gofport, has lately invented a curious inftru- ment or fea- gauge to meafure the hkherto un- fathomable depths of the ocean, upon a new principle from that of the late Dr Stephen Hales; which he is preparing to lay before the Royal Society. MONDAY, Aug. 12. A mail from Holland. From ths London papers, Aug. 3. A M E R I C A. Philadelphia, June 20. BY a gentleman from Bedford we learn, that all was very quiet on the comm. mication betwixt that and Pittfburg; that a large quan- tity of goods had lately got up there ; and that a white man, one M'Clure, was killed at that place by an Indian, occafioned by fome difference betwixt them, when the Indian took an opportunity of difpatching him with his knife. He afterwards efcaped, but fome other Indians had gone oat to endeavour to catch him, and bring him in. LONDON. All the letters received from Montreal by the laft packets, are filled with the moft me lanchply accounts of the miferies of the poor fufferers by the late dreadful fire there; many cf whom had embarked their all in articles ot commerce, In hopes of profitable returns ; but are now- reduced to the want of the com- mon neceifaries of life, and in danger of perilling,. The houfes being covered with wood, according to the cuflom of the coun- try, the tops communicated the fire to each other, and burnt with fuch fury downwards that it was impoffible to venture into a houfe under fuch a torrent of fire. They write from RatifDQn, that the Emprefs of Ruflia's plan for peopling her colonies, meets, with great fuccefs; and that feveral waggons'with fettlers paffed there on the 24th palt for Magdeburg, from thence to Lubeck, there to embark for Peterlburg. They write from Peterlburg, that a fociety of merchants is forming there, under the pa- tronage of her Imperial Majeity, by the name of the Calpian fea company, in order to carry on a trade from the city of Aftracan on the river Wolga, to Perfia and the Dagheftan. Letters from Holland mention, that a fynod Of that national church was opened on the 30th ult. at Haerlere, for North Holland. They write from Genoa, that the Infanta Archduchefs of Parma had prefented Com- modore Harrifon \ vith her Highnefs's picture in miniature, richly adorned with jewels, to the value of 10, coo Roman crowns. The reigning Duke of Mecklenburg Strelitz, now it Hanover, is expefted to ac- company his Royal Highnefs the Duke of York in his return to England. it is / kid that the new miniftry will fhort iy dine with the Lojd- Mayor at the manficn houfe, It is now po^- ivc'. v aflerted, that Lord 1765. roi not go abroad in a Northumberland will public charafler. We are informed the marine appointments are foon to be regulated on a new ' plan, and fuch as will render the future ftate of the navy- funds much lefs in arrears than has been experienced for fome years. By the Edgar, Commodore Graves, there is advice, that the new Governor of Goree appears heartily difpofed to maintain a lading good underftanding with the Engiifh, on the coaft of Africa. The late reports, that the French were eftablifhing a faftory and fettle- ment on the main Continent at Cape VerJ, is cor. tradifted ; the above being Engiifh ad- venturers, under Capt-. Glafs. Yefterday a chapter of the order of Thiftle was held at St James's, at which his Majefty, as. Sovereign of the order, prefided, when the vacancy in the faid order, by the death of the late Duke of Athol, was' conferred on • his Grace the Duke of Argyle, and he was inverted accordingly. Yefterday Lord Vifcount Weymouth was at court, and refigned his commiflion as Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. W* are allured, that hef Royal Highnefs the Princefs of Brunfwick defigns vifiting her native country in a very fhort time; intend- ing to fet out for England the zcth inftant. It is faid Sir Edward Derng will foon be created a Baron ot Great Britain. We are informed that the Right Hon. the Lord Mayor did not land when he came from Staines, till after one o'clock Jaft Friday- morning. His Lordfhip, with the court of Aldermen and their Ladies, went info the city- barge at Staines, about ten o'clock on Thurfday . morning, and dined under a tree in Hampton- court park; from thence they went and drank tea at Sir Charles Afgill's fine feat near Richmond, and landed at the above time at Queenhithe. Yefterday Governor Vanfitiart attended the court of direftors at the India houfe, for the firft time fince his return from India. Yeitcrday the Eaft India company received advice by the Irlfh mail, that the Lord Hol- land, Capt. Nairn, from the Eafl Indies, was fafely arrived at Kihfalc in Ireland. Yefterday thepurferof the Worcefter, Capt. Hall, came to the India- houfe with the news of the above fhip being arrived fafe at Portf- mouth from China. His Royal Hjghnefs the Prince of Waies, and his brother the Bilhop of Gfnaburg, will refi. de for the future at Richmond, during the continuance of their Majefiies at the Queen's palace. Yefterday his Grace the Duke of Richmond kiffctlhis Majefty's hand,, on- being appointed Ambaffador Extraordinary to the court vf France. ; As did alfo the Right Hon. ilord Digby, on being created a Ptt r of England. his faid, th at feme affairs of the utmoft importance, between this kingdom, and. a neighbouring republic, will be laid before an auguft affembly, at their next meeting. The large quantity of diamonds lately brought into ' England has reduced the price of that valuable commodity neat fifteen per cent. I02 The E D I N B U R G H A D V E R T I S E R for 1765. Aug. 13. Since Friday laft, 5946 quarters of wheat have been imported into the port of London from foreign parts. • • - ExtraB of a letter from Matdjlctte, Augujl 7. " We are at prefent in a very great fright liere. The prifoners have . broke loofe, and ttabbed the g-. ol- keeper. Mr Dene, the chaplain, being there at prayers, they con- fined him and his fervant. They are at this time mafters of the gaoi, and have wounded two militiamen, and every one that goes near them they fire at. Mr Prentes ventured to break through the wall cf the room where Mr j Dene was. He is this moment got out, but they Ihot afier him. They have alfo ju( t now fhot a man dead ; and what will be the end of their riling, God only knows. A party of foldiers have been fent for from Chatham, in orccr to quell them." We hear the Right Hon. Lord Vifcount Spencer, will fhortly be created an Earl of this kingdom. On Friday laft, Richard Rigby, Efq; gave a grand entertainment at his feat at Mifday- ball, near Mar. ningtrce, in ElTex, to the .. Earls of Sandwich, and Halifax, and other perfons of diftir. dtion, of the late roiniftry. It is rumoured, that the Right Hon. the Marquis of Granby will foon be c. eated Ge- neral of Horfe, and a Field Marflial of his Majefty's forces. A removal in the courts of Judiciary, in Scotland, is talked of as ( oon to take place. ft is reported, that a bill will be brought into parliament, next fiffior., for regulating and afceitaining the fees of follicitors and attornies, in the courts of chancery, King's- bench, and common pleas. Laft Saturday an inquifition was taken at St Olave's workhoufe on the body of a young boy run over by a brewer's caravan j when it appeared to be an uriforefeen accident. The driver had a very good charadler, and behaved it) a moft commendable manner. Norwich, Aug. 3. Od Saturday the 20th rf July the following melancholy accident hap- pened at Weymondham: One Stephen Moor, a lad abcut 14 years old, ( fon of Charles Moor, a poor induftrious carrier there), climbing up the gable end of Mr Wig's barn, to getfparrows. neiis, when almoft at the trp, ' Jte loll his hold, and fell upon a plough, the iron ( hare of which lying reverted cut him open acrofs tin ough the left ribs in a moft fr. pckirg manner, from the lower part of his body'to the heart, which, with his bowels, was lard to open view, from the length of the wound. He died tiie Wednefday night fol- lowing in great toraunt. To the P R I N T E R. FOR the information of your brother news writers, and ( let me add) of yourfeif too, ! fend you, from fob foil's DiStionarj, ti e following definition - of the word. Premature; ripe too foon, formed before the time, tco early, too foon faid, believed, or done;, too bafty]." What particularly in rluccd me t » this, v as an article 1 read in an evening paper of laft Saturday, affirming, that the account of half the ifland of Domi- nica, with its inhabitants, being fwJIcv. ed lj> by an earthquake vtat premature i by tyiiijj we are to underftand, that fuch an event is yet to happen ; the writer of that paper ( as do many others) fuppofes premature and falfe to be fynonymous terms. Your'S, & c. CRITO. TUESDAY, Aug. 13. A Mail from France. From the London papers, Aug. 9. Turin, July 24. YrEfterday, abont four o'clock in the af- ternoon, the Infanta Archduchefs ar- !. rived at Tortona, where ( he patTed the night. Her Royal Flighnefs intended to proceed this day to Pav. ia, and from thence to continue her joarney to lnfpruck. Warfaiu, July 4. Count Csembeck, Pa- latine of Livonia, died oil the 25th of laft month. His office of cup bearer to the King is given to Count Dzledufzychi. Paris, Aug. 2. According to an account ntide out by authority, it appears, that 864 houfes were confumed by the late ( ire at Bolbcc. Stockholm, July 12. M. Martin Railing, governour of the ifland of Gothland, who came hither to afiift at the diet, died a few days ( ince. LONDON. A correfp ondent Informs us, that a whifper juft begins to be circulated, that the meetihg of the parliament will be procraliinated to a much longer period than was generally ex- pedted, by thofe who imagine that new brooms muft naturally fweep clean, and re- move a number of our national grievancef. The Arabian Prince having finifhed his af- fairs here, will fet out, in a few days, on his return to Holland. It is ( till talked, that very confiderable re- moves in North America, are adlually now under confideration, and will fpeedily take place. An appeal from the aflembly of New Jer- fey, has lately been received, to be laid be- fore the com mi ( Turners of trade. It is rumoured that a very unfatisfadlory anfwer has this week been received from France, in relation to fome inquiries with re- fpedt to the prefent ftate of Dunkirk. Private letters from Paris advife, that the arrival of Mr Wilkes there, was in order to wait more conveniently the fuccefs of very powerful interceflions in his favour, making by that gentleman's friends on this fide the water. The Bricole roan of war is arrived at Bay- onne, from Monte Chrifti, having feveral of the principal malecontents of the French fet- tiement of St Domingo on beard, in irons. Tuefday at noon Lord Edgecumbe hoifted his flag ( for the firft time fince his being an admiral) on board the Burford, at Plymouth, and was faluted by all the ( hips in the har- bour. We are credibly informed, that the late news from India, by the way of Holland, contain nothing alarming with regard to the fituation of the company's affairs.. By a private letter from Paris we hear, that his Moft Chriftian Majefty having reached the fiftieth year of his reign, intend* to un- dergo the ceremony of a recoronation; a formality which it fecms the French kings have fometimes praclifed, when they have governed half a century, to renew the poli- tick contrail between them and their pec pie, We hear from feveral parts of Kent and Surry, thac the late rains have been prodi- gioufly feiviceable, and are likely to prevent che rife of hay, and other country commo- dities, indifpenfably necefi'ary for the uie of the metropolis. Extradi of a letter from Virginia, dated June I 8. " We have had an unaccountable long, drought, every thing is pretty nigh buret up, tobacco plants def. roycd, fo that it is not to be expedied that one- fourth of a ciop can poflibly be made this year ; this may oe de- pended upon in a great nieaiuie, for 1 have lately been up the country, and moft are of this opit ion." The heir of a confiderable title and a plen- tiful fortunr, we hear, has lately eloped, to am ufe himfelf as an adtor on fome of the oc- cafional ( lages toward the northward cf this kingdom. On . Wednefday fixteen prifoners made their efcape out of Maidftone goal, after killing the keeper, and wounding ibme of his affilt- ants. Five guineas itward is offered by Sir John ! iclding fcr each of them. Yeilerday the Donegal fociety, held at the crown and anchor tavern in the Strand, con- fiding of the principal nobility and gentry, natives of Ireland, gave a moit grand and ele- gant entertainment to his Excellency the Earl of Hertford, Viceroy of that kii guom, and his brother Mr Secretary Conway. Yefterday the Right Hon. t'; C Lord Gran- tham, one of" the joint poll- mafters general, gave an elegant entertainment at the King's arms tavern in Cornhill, to the principal gentlemen of that office. ' It is faid Lord Viicount Torrington will be appointed a Lord of the bedchamber, in the room of Lord Boimgbroke, rcligned. Tuefday a dorr. etiic belonging to a man of faihion near Richmond, had the infolence to rjsake- an attempt upon the honour of his ma- llet's wife, while the principal part of the ( am. ly were at church, and even proceeded fo far as to threaten the lady's life in cafe fhe refufed complying with his folicitations; but a pen- knife luckily lying on a dreffing- table 111 the room, fne had tiie courage to ( natch it up, and gave the lellow fo dangerous a ftab, as is likely to ptevi nt his ever committing fuch another ait o( audacity. He is now un- der the care of an eminent furgeon, but there is very littie expectation of his recovery. Letters from itveral parts of Ireland men- tion the great profpedt of plentiful corps, as they had very leafocable rains in the courfeof this fealon. A report is circulated, that an Englifh per- fonage of confiderable rank was lately in dan- ger of being aftkffinated near Pifa, in It » ly, on account c- f lome galLntries with a young lady of a noble I ily. h is. faid he was in iuch an exigence <> s 10 be und r a neceffity of making his efcape over the top of a houie a* midnight, and to efcape out of town in nu » th ug but his breeches and ( hirt. Au? 6* The EDINBURGH ADVERTISER for t765. This morning twenty- foar very fine high bred Englilh hunters went over Weftminfter- bridge, to be embarked at Dover for Calais ; they are the property of a nobleman lately fet out for France. This day the Right Hon William Dowdef- well, Chancellor of the Exchequer, removed to the houfe fitted up for him, late Mr Gren- ville's, in Downing- ftreet, Weftminfter. INTELLIGENCE EXTRAORDINARY. We hear, that a bull in marble of Oliver Cromwell is making in this city for the King •\ uf Pruffia, by his command. What infcrip- \ ^ ion that great monarch will caufe to be placed upon it, is unknown to us. On this occafion, many of our readers will recoiled the following lines of the witty and INCOR- RUPTIBLE Andrew Marvel!: I freely declare it I am for old Noll ; Tbo' his government did a tyrant refemble, He made England great, and his enemies tremble. EDINBURGH. The trial of Mrs Ogilvie and Lieut. Ogil- vie began yefterday morning at feven o'clock before the high court of jufticiary. The proof againft them was concluded about two o'clock this afternoon. The court is now examining the exculpatory evidence for the panhels. It is thought the jury will irielofe fome time this evening. It would be impro- per for us to fay any more upon the fubje'ft. The verdift of the jury and fentence c- f the jjdges mav be expedited in our next. Wednefday laft the town- council of this city, made choice of Henry Dur. das, Efq; Advocate, brother to the Lord Prefident, to be one of the affeffors of this city. On Saturday came down his Majefty's pre- fer> tation for the Rev. Mr Gibfon to be mi- nifter of the Weft Kirk parifh. Sunday arrived in the road of Leith the Royal Bounty and Campbelton Greenland fhips, with one large fiih each, and feventy- fwo butts of bl abber betwixt them. Laft week died at York, in his way to London, Sir Henry Erfkine, Bart. Lieutenant, j General of his Majefty's forces, Colonel of the firft regiment of foot, Secretary to the | Moft Noble order of the Fhiftle, and member of parliament for the boroughs of Pitten- weetn, Sec. Mrs Sinclair of Frefwick died on the tft inft. at Dunbeath. P emium on London bills at ( liort days, from - J. to r per cent. ; at 30 days date, from 4 to- J percenr. ; tjnd about 7; days par. Dutch bills from 21- 5 to 22 per guilder, at the ufua! ufance. We are obliged tc pi[ 1 pone fe veral advertife- rn ents for vjant- of room, which will be injerted in our next. Greenock, Aug. 12. Arrived in Clyde, the Ar. ne, Brown, and the Janet, IVlacfie, both from Drogheda, with oat- meal ; the Britan- nia, VVylie, from Belfaft, with flour; the Nan- ^ cy, Macgowr., from Kirkcudbright, with corn; • the Hatvke, Macraken, and the Polly, Arm- W ftrong, both from. Barbadoes, with rum; the Elliot, Ferry, from Virginia, with tobtcco; the Juno, Montfod, from Dublin, with merchant- goods.—.— The Elliot, about fix weeks a^ o, law the Nancy, Anderfon, from Anugu?., off the capts of Virginia, aJl well. Sailed the Rapahannock, Robertfon, the Mally, Bennet, and the Diamond, Boyd, all for Virginia; the Dolphin, Turner, and the Dublin, Campbell, for the Ifles fiftiing. The Sufie, Kelburn, from Gottenburg, is arrived at St Kitts; the William, Fultcn, from Virginia, with tobacco, at Ayr; thte Mary and Elifabeth, Sparks, from London, at Philadelphia; the Friendfhip, Speirs, at Cork, and the General Melviii, Taylor, at Antigua, both from Clyde. Leith, Aug. 13. Wind E. Arrived the John and Magaret of Dundee, Kennedy, from Chriflianfound, v> ith tar and deals; the Three brothers of Leith, Hunter, from Caith- nefs, with kelp ; the Molly of and from Dun dee, Knight, with goods; the William and Mary, of and from North Berwick, Inglis, with malt. Sailed the Alloa Packet of Leith, Paton, from Newcaftl'e, and the Free Mafon of ditto, Buchan, for Zetland, both with goods. PRJCESOFGRAIN at HADDISGTOS, Aug. 9. Wheat Bear Oats Peafe HIGH WATER High Water. Firft. Second. Third. s. d. s. d. s. d. 22 0 20 6 19 0 19 0 18 0 17 6 0 ' 4 0 0 ' 3 6 12 6 12 0 M.' s A-. e. Days. Wedne'. 28 Th - fd. 29 Friday 30 h. m. h. m. o 53 ' 47 at LEITH. M. Riles. I S. rif. S. fet. h. m. 1 h. m. h. m. 4 31 7 37 4 33 7 33 4 35 7 35 iz 26' | M. 1 26 1 20 I 2 43 2 14 | Sets. umber of Value of Total prizes. each. value. 2 of L. 10000 2ocoo 2 — 5000 looco 4 — 2000 8000 10 — 1000 10000 20 — 500 10000 100 — 100 1 ooco 201 50 10050 11606 Z< 3 232120 ' ' 945 — — — 310170 Firft drawn 500 Laft drawn 1000 " 48055 Blanks- ati. 6,288,330 6occ oTickets at L. 1 o, 6oo, oco The blanks and prizes to bear 3 per cent, iatereft per annum, commencing the 5th A- pri' il 1765, and the annuities transferable at the bank of Engkncj. The drawing begfcs in November. a: d vertisements. LOTTERY, 1765. TICKETS in the prefent Stare- Lottery are fold by James Thomfon junior, at ; his infurance office, the head of Borthwick's clofe, Edinburgh. I Tickets and shares of I TICKETS in the prefent STATE- [' LOTTERY, are fold by ALEXANDER SIMP- SiN, at the Royal Sank ofiice, who will alfo buy banks and prizes as foon as drawn. Scheme of the Lottery. 3°' S TO be SOLD, by audlion, at the Secre- tary's office in the Royal Bank, on Thurfday the 1 5th of Auguft. 1765, betwixt the hours of four and five afternoon, THREE THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED and FIFTEEN POUNDS STERLING Capital Stock of the R . Y \ L BANK of SCOTLAND, either in whole or in feparate funis, as purchsfers fhall incline. THE Sale of the lands and ba- rony of CLERKING PON, in the parifti and fhireof Haddington, is adjourned to Monday the 18th day of November next, at the defire offundry perforis intending to be purchafers; betwixt and which timeapiivate bargain may be concluded, by applying to Thomas Alves Writer in Edinburgh, who has power ; o conclude the fame. Stolen ot frayed out of Edinburgh, N Friday laft, a POINTER of a pretty large fize, uncommonly fpotted black and white, much like the dogs which gen'tle- mens fervants fometimes have o- n coach box- es ; both the dog's ears are black, and a very fmali tip of white on the point of each ear, his tail long, uncut, and fpotted like his bodv. The collar having the owner's name upon it, was taken from the dog's neck the day before he was carried off. Any perfou who will reftore the dog, or give notice of him to AndrewPofreft, the inafter of Porreft's" coffee- houfe in Edinburgh, fo as he may be reco- vered, fhall be handfotnely rewarded, and no queftions afked. The uncommon colour makes the dog very remarkable, and fcarctiy poflible to be concealed. If he be not reftored upon this advereife- ment, r. ci fhall beat any time difcovered, the perfon with whom he fhall be found, will be profecuted with the utmo'ft rigour. It can- nct be fuppofed diatanj: rran of honour wii- 1 be concerned or countenance a fervant or any o- th - r in taking or detaining a gentleman's dog. For AT LONDON, One of the ContraS- Ships, LEITH, BO RROIVSTOU N- NESS, and A L LO A, f" HE KING GEORGE, WILL. MARSHALL Mafler, lying at Havvley's wharf, aboV « the Hermi- tage- b. idge, taking in goods for Edinburgh, Glafgow, Irvine, Kilmarnock, Paiftey, Hamilton, Stirling. Alloa, F kiik, Linlith- gow, Bathgate. Dunfermline, Oiliofs. Q^ ieenf- fer- ry, and all places adj- cent, clears tf. c 291b, and fails the Jtft in.' K The ( hip has good accommodation for- paf- fengers. The Mafler to bt fpoke with on the Scotch walk on the Royal Exchange, ar. d at the Edin- burgh coffbehoufe ; moruings and evenings tifl board Greenock, Aii, I02 The E D I N B U R G H A D V E R T I S E R for 1765. Aug. 13. 104 TO be SOLD, by public voluntary roup, within the Exchange coffeehoufe in Edinburgh, . upon Wednefday the 16th day of Oftofcer next, betwixt the hours of four and five in the afternoon, jointly or feparately, ' Tiie lands of WESTER DERRY and DYKEHEAD of CRAIG, lying in the Jj.' irifh'of Gienyla, and fheriffdom of Forfar; the yearly rent, after all deduflions, is about 47 1. Sterling. The Jands hold of John Kinloch of Kjlry, Efq; and pay of feu- duty 33 1. 6 s. 8 d. Scots. They are all but of tack, and the rents have not been raifed for a very confider- able time. The lental, progrefs of writs, and condi- tions of roup, and plan of the ground, to be feen in the hands " of Vv'ilijam Wiifon Writer to the Signet, at his houfe in the Royal Bank clofe, Edinburgh, to whom any peifon incli- ning to make, a private bargain mjy apply. Upon Tuefdity the 20th of Augult, there will be expofed to fale, by roup, at Reftalrig, the crop of growing corns up- on the farm of Craigintinnie, confuting of wheat, barley, oats, and peafe; to be expo- fed in different lots, as purchafers fhall in- cline ; alfo the ftocking of horfvs, cows, and L- ibouring- uleniils upon faid farm, and a good four- wheeled poft chaife with whole giafTes,- The roup to begin at ten o'clock before noon. The premifes will be'fhc. vn by Adam Smith at Reitaliig, any cay before the ; hle. mmpWm^ L O N D O » - C, yHE PEGGY, ARCHIBALD PIT- CAIRN Mafter, is cow lying at Hoar's wharf, taking in goods for Leith and all pla- ces adjacent in the frith of Forth, will fail upon Monday tf. s 26th inft. The mafter to be fpoke witn at ' change- hours on the Scotch wa'k, or at the Edinburgh coffeehoufe ; mornings and evenings on board the ( hip. As the time of failing will be precifely ob- ferved, it is hoped merchants will limeoufly give orders for ( hipping their goods. N. B. The ( hip has good accommodation for paffengers. T ' HF. Co6d Sloop the SALLY of Perth, ( a Bermudas built cutter, and prime failer), betwixt forty and fifty tons burthen, prefently lying at the fhore to be fold, by public roup, upon 20th day of Auguft, within the ioufe of Robert Stewart vintner in Peitb. Any perfon inclining a private purchafe, may write to Patrick Keir merchant in Perth. of Perth, IS Tuefday the TO be SOLD, by public roup, upon Wednefday the z8th day of Auguft i inft. within John's coffeehoufe in Edinburgh, betwixt the hours of four and five after- noon, That tenement of LAND confift- ing of three fiories, garrets, cellars, vaults, and a fmall fhop, lying in South Leith, in the venncl called the Paunch- market, being m all 33 1. 10 s. Sterling of yearly rent, as prefently pcffeffed by Mr Henry, Mr New- ton painter, Capt. . Aird, Mr Macfarlane, and Mrs Thomfon. The conditioas of roup, and progrefs of writs, to be feen in the hands cf James Home Wricej- in Edinburgh. TO- morrow, being the 14th of Auguft, betwixt tbe b urs of four and five af- ternoon, there is to be SET, by roup, within Menzies's coffeehoufe in Leith, The OYSTER SCALPS of NEW- HAVEN, for a term of years. The arti- cles of roup to be feen in the hands of Robert Menzies Writer to the Signet. TO be SOLD, by public voluntary roup, withinFc- rreft'scoffeehoufe, Edinburgh, tomorrow, being the. 14th Auguft. curt, be- twixt the liocrs of four and fix o'clock in tbe afternoon, Thefe part's of the town and lands I of Reftahig called CRAIGINTINNIE, w'hio I the parifh of S. Leirh and county of Edinburgh, ; with the rnar. fion-' hmife, gardens, pigeon- houfe, i j and other hoefes proper for one of the farms, confiding of 93 Engliih acres at prefer. t out of ieafe. The lands are of L. 300 Sterling year- ly rent, holding cf the crown, and intide the proprietor to a freehold qualification in this county. They are very fertile and improve- ablet and commodioufly fituated in the neigh- i bourhooad of this city. I The title deeds, rental, and conditions of fale, with a plan of tbe grounds, may be fen in the hands of Thomas Tod Writer to the 1 Signet, Edinburgh, any day before the | roup. This day were pubhjhed, by DRUMMOND bcokfeller at OSSJAN'S Head, near the Ex change, Edinburgh, In Two Laige Pocket Volumes, Price Eight Shillings in calf, lettered, THE PR1NCIP1. ES of the ENGLISH LANGUAGE DIGEST- ED ; or, Engliih Grammar reduced to Ana- TSy JAMES ELPHINSTON. London : Printed and fold by P. V A ILL A NT ; HAWES, CLARK, and COLLINS; and J. - DODESLEY. Where may be had, by the fame author, 1. EDUCATION, in four books, two. 3 s.- 6 d. Tewed. 2. A COLLECTION of POEMS, froift the beft authors : adapted to every age, but pecularly defigned to form the taile of youth. 12mo. 3 s. 6 d. At D < u M MOND'S Jhop are likewife to be had, Jo Union's Engiift dictio- nary, 2 vols fol. abridged, 2 vols 8vo. Bibliogr. initru& ive, 8vc. Bailey's Eogiift diet. Bayer's royal diction. 4: 0. — abridged, 8,0. Barretti's Ital. diftion. 4to. collection from Ita- lian authors, 3vo. Baker's reflections on learning, 8vo. Br, oivn's lertuOns on edu- cation, Sec. Svo. Batteux principes de lite- rature, 4 vols l2mo. Mifs Carter's Epittetus, 40 Di&. de Trevoux, 7 vs r. — 1' Acad. Francoife, 7. v. f. — de ia langue Breton ne, folio. — - •• htftor. de Moreri, 10 vols folio. — grammatical Francois, 8vo. Encyclopedic, id v. folio. Epithtf. s Frangoifes, 8vo. Inquiry into tne lublixnc and beautiful, 8/ 0. EiTtys on education from Milton, Locke, and Ad- difon, 8vo. RouflWs Eloifa, 4 V. 120 Em litis, 4 v. Fibri thefaurus, 2 vols, fol. Farter on accent and quan- tity, 8vo. Gefnen index, ctymologi- cu 3 Latinitatis, & y >. Grammaire facree, iimo, Giravd principes de la langue Franjoile, 2 v. 120 —~— fynonimes Francois, nmo. Hederici Lexicon, Gr. et Lat. 4to. Harris's Hermes, and trea- ties, 2 vols Svo. Julii Pollucrs onomafticon, Gr. e: Lit. 2 vols folio. Yart idee de la p;; cf: e An- glo: fe, 8 vols, iimo. Lmacer de lbu£ tura La- tini fermonis, nmo. . Moeurs et goutumpi des RomainS, 2 vols nmo. Roliin manniered" etu ii> r les beiies icttres, 4 v. i2< 3 Melanges de literature, 4 vols 2 2mo, P .. ney's Fr. and Engl, dictionary. 2 vols Svo. Preceptor, 2 vols 8vo. Poetique Franjoife par M irmontel, 2 vols 8vo. Principles or tranflation, 8vo, ftitchcd. Pocket d.< flionary of the Engliflvlanguage, j2mo. Poctical dictionary, nmo. Junker principes de 1a langue Allemande. Poli. oniana, 12° broche. Qaintiliamis Rollini, 2 vs izmo ct 8vo. • Capperonnerii, fol. Gibfon , Svo. Rdllin s uitthod, 4 vs iz<> RemarqueS fur le6 Angli- cifmes, 2 vols 121110, Elemens primrtifs de langues, limo. Sptlman's Dion. Halicar- hafTjnlis, 4vi> L4to. Sciireveiii Lexicon," Gr. et Lat. Svo. NugeM-' a Greek primitive bvo. « Louth's Engliih grammar, 8vo Sc 12pao. Smith's Longinus, 8vo 8z i2mo. Blackwall's facred claffics, 2 vols 1292.). Mar. ais traite des tropes, 8 vo. vVallis gram. Anglicana, 8vo. Geridei education de ! a no- ble: fe, 3 vols i2mo » The fame book in Englifh, Watts's improvement of the mind, Svo. Langhurnes letters 021 the eloquence of the p fipir, 8vo, Hitched. — enlargement of the mind, 410, ftitched. Phikgoreiis on eloquence. Reliquv- S of an. ient poetry, 3 vols 8vo. . Companion to the play- house, 2 vols i2mo. Newton's Mat on, 4 vols* Vigeras deadiotifmis Gras- cis, 8vo. Ri vital of Shakefpear's text, 8 vo. Kurd's Horace, 2 vs 8vo. L'Advocat gra- umair « Hebrai^ ue, 8vo. Conjectures fur la Genife, nmo. Oeuvres de Voltaire, 22 v$ izaio, Paris. Le meme livre, Arnflj, 29 vols. . Oeu/ res de Corneille com- me? ite par Volt.* tep avee'de tres belles fig. 12 vols 8vo. Art de juger en matiere de gout, nmo. L. K. aims's elements of criticilm, 2 . vols 8vo. third edirion. Cooper's letters on tafte. Letters to a young noble- man, 8vo. Lettere la niliere c criti— che di Martinelli, Svo. Ma ( ley on letters, 8vo. Waiton's e/ l'ay on the writings ot Pope, 8vo. Dixit, of arts and fciences^ 4 vols Svo. Anecdote! of polite lite- rature, 5 vols nmo. Lettres de Bielficld, 2 vs i2> mo. Opere d- e Metaftafio, 9 v « mm.;, di Bembo, 4 vs foli*. j Olivier poeme, nmo, i EDINBURGH: Printed for ALEXANDER DONALDSON ? a « d fold at the Printing- houle ' in the Cafllehil!, where, and at Donaldfon's Shops in London and Edinburgh, Subfcriptions and ADvertifements rsrre taken in. This paper is regularly publiihed every Tuefday and Friday, on which days no other newfpaper is printed in Sco land. The price of a fingle paper ; 1 j. per annum, when called for^ i 1. % if feet to wf houfe in this city or ^ and I L when tranimittcd by poft £ 0 any town in Great Britain,
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