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Boddley's Bath Journal


Printer / Publisher:  John Keane, Brother in law of Mr Thomas Boddley, deceased
Volume Number: XVIII or No 29    Issue Number: 933
No Pages: 4
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Boddley's Bath Journal
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Boddley's Bath Journal

Date of Article: 20/07/1761
Printer / Publisher:  John Keane, Brother in law of Mr Thomas Boddley, deceased
Address: Printing Office, in King's Mead Street, Bath
Volume Number: XVIII or No 29    Issue Number: 933
No Pages: 4
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B 0 D D E L T s JOURNAL Printed for J O H N KEENE, Brother- in- Law of M r . THOMAS BODDELY D e c e a f c t J , at the Printing- Office in Kings- Mead- Street : Where P R I N T I N G in General is done in the Neat eft Manner, and at Reafonable Prices. MONDAY, July 20, 1761. > JO r\ 1 1 1 fi" ce th' s Journal \ y D D ' S was firft publifh'd. ) m e t m e s t m p ' g and C f c u r s t r n g ' s p o s t s . From the L O N D O N G A Z E T T E . BERLIN, [ Germany] July i. a f W » ^ ^ " P RINCE Henry ftill occupies the Camp of Shlet- , a u> and Marlhal Daun remains ina& ive in that * DCs B/ V8 of Plauen near Drefden- The Arn>>' ° J the p r f j ^ Empire arc encamped at Reichenbacli. Every fe^ r^ Thing is quiet in Silefia, on the Side of the Aufi^ W trians. General Laudohn continues at Haupt- C ^ ^ S H f t W manfdorfF, and the King of Pruffia at Kuntzen- 3 S - r stt A dorff. A t Landfhut the Auftrians lately furprifed, with fuperior Force, a Detachment of four hundred Horfe, of which they made eighty- five Prifoncrs; but the Pruffians immediately re- occupied that Poll. The King of Pruffia has detached Lieutenant- General Ziethen, with a considerable Body of Men, to reinforce the Army againft the Ruffians, of which he will take the Command, as General Goltz died at Glogau on the 30th of June. The Grand Ruffian Army, which was affembled at Pofcn the 13th, decamped from thence on the 26th of June, and feem to be marching towards Silefia. General Ziethen, in order to watch their Motions, is advanced into Poland ; fo that we are in daily Expectation of fomc important Event. General Tottleben with his Corps follows the great Ruffian Army. General RomanzOw, who is encamped at Koflin in Pomerania, with a Corps of 25,000 Men, waits only for the Arrival of the Ruffian Fleet to begin the Siege of Colberg, under the Cannon of which Place the Prince of Wurtemberg is entrenched, with a confiderable Body of Men. The Swedes have not yet begun to move: Col. Belling watches them with a few Squadrons of Huffars, and fome Battalions of Militia. General Ehrenfchwurdt, who is to command the Swedifh Army, is not yet let out from Stockholm; however, the Governmentof Sweden haveordered fix Men of War to be equipped at Carlfcroon, which are to join the Ruffian Fleet before Colberg. HAGUE, [ Holland] July 3. We have the following Account from the Allied - Army, dated at Lunderen near Unna, June 30, 1761. The Hereditary Prince, after having left Count Kiehnanfegge at Ham, marched to Kirckdenkern, and from thence, on the iStii Inft. to Sundcrn, where he encamped on the Right Wing of the Grand Arm)", Which had advanced towards Werle, the Caftle whereof, in which Major Raal, a Heffian, commanded, with a Garrifon of 200 Men in it, was attacked the Day before by the Enemy, whocould not takeittho' they cannonaded itfor fome Time. Yefterday our whole Army, in feven Columns, ( befides the two, which compofed the Body under the Command of tile Hereditary Prince) marcheddireftly on the Enemy. The Referve, commanded " Evince < Je Condc, rr. lived towards their Grand Ai my, and v, a5* harrafled, all the Time, of their Retreat, by the Head of our Columns. Part of the Right Wing was ordered to fall back; and the Grand Army took an advantageous Pofition between Unna and Roer. The Firing on the Van continued all Yefterday, and was not PETFRSBURGH, [ Ruffia] June 9. On Saturday laft, about Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon, a Fire broke out here, and burned with great Violence ' till between Seven and Eight in the Evening; when it was happily extinguifhed, after having confumed a Church and about forty Houfcs, nmongft which were leveral handfome Brick Buildings. The Emprefs went Yetterday to Czarikezelo, but is to return to Town 011 Friday. LONDON, July 13, TLI. By Virtue of an Order from the Eari- Marlhal, in Purfuance of his Majefty's Order of Council, this Day the Heralds made Proclamation of his Majefty's Coronation, and the Firft Meeting of the Court of Claims, at the ufual Time and Places, and with the ufual Solemnity. [ Thus far the G A Z E T T E . ] *#* Arriv'd the Mails from HOLLAND and FLANDERS. BR AN DEN BURGH, July 4. We ( hortiy expect fomc important News from Silefia, divers Bodies of Laudohn's Army being put in Motion, in order to join fome AuftrianTroops in the Upper Silefia, and then go to meet on the Frontiers of Poland the Diviiion of Ruffian Troops led by Gen. Fennor.— The King is on the Point of marching his Army more forward into the Lower Silefia. BRUSSELS, July 5. This Morning we received Advice, that the Army commanded by Marthaf Broglio, having palled the Dymel the 29th of laft Month, General Sporken, who was encamped on the Eminences on the Left Side of that River, came to a Refolution to quit that advantageous Polt; but though he made hisRetreat with all poffible Celerity, theFrenchcame upwith his Rear- Guard, and prefled upon it fo vigorouily, that they made about 800 Prifoners, and alfo carried off 19 Pieces of Cannon, 400 Horfes, and above 170 Carts and Waggons. The fame Advices add, that after this Affair, the Marihal's Troops took the Town of Warbourg: That on the 30th, the Count de Chabot, who commands the Van- Guard of the Corps under Prince Xavierus of Saxony, took Poffeffion of the Caftle of Dringelbrock, in which were found three Pieces of Cannon; and thelame Day the main Body of the Army marched to Dahlem and Lichtenau, where it was to be joined by a detached Corps under the Command of the Marquis de Poyanne. FRANCFORT, [ Germany] July 6. Letters from Bohemia advife, that a Body of 25,000 Ruffians have joined the Body of Auftrians commanded by the Count de Bethlem in Upper Silefia. HAGUE, [ Holland] July 9. The laft Letters from the Allied Army which are dated the 5th, advife, that Prince Ferdinand of Brunfwick, after effecting a Junction with the Corps under the Hereditary Prince, made the neceffary Diipofitions for receiving the Marfhal de Soubife's Army, which, he fuppofed, was to come to attack him, and waited for them eight and forty Hours in order of Battle, at the Head of his Camp ; >""..% L" 1 ' ' | . ' " ' ' hy the Motions of Marlhal Broglio's Army, to repalstne Lippe in the Night between the firft and l'econd Inltant. overthis Morning. Our Right Wing liesbefore the Village, in which , fir ^ Orationsyor the Prizes gt. vef, ft the Rev. Br. Tho. Wilfo our Head- Quarters are, and our Left reaches behind the Vdlage of J fir ^ U t m O r a t i o n S a l u s ft; fu Lex. " Kefeburen, which the French burnt Yefterday, as far as to a Fall ot - — - - - .... Trees, which covers the Enemy's Right. We are very near them: Nothing but a Ravin feparates our Right from their Left. They have ftrengthened the Front of their Left by fome Redoubts. Kielmanfegge's Corps is pofted at ICamen. July 7. Wc have juftreceived an Account of theEle& rcfs Palatine's having been brought to Bed of a Son, but that he lived only Time enough to be baptized. From Paderborn we hear, that General Sporken had been oblig'd to abandon Warbourg upon the Approach of Marlhal Broglio's Army, and had loft, in his Retreat, fome Pieces of Cannon, and a very ( mail Number of Men. The Maflhal had thereupon fent a Detachment by Brakel to Steinheim, on the Road to Hamelen; and hnd likewife pofted Troops at Hoxter and Corvey on the Wefer; but the Light Troops of the Allies were in Pofleffion of Hpltzminden. General Sporken was retiring from Paderborn to Bielefeldt. July 10. The Allied Army was got on the 8th to Hulbeck. Prince Ferdinand having made a further Attempt to bring the Enemy to A£ tion on the 7th, but the Prince of Soubize again declined it, marching towards Soeft; at which Place Marfhal Broglio, after having taken PofTeffion of Warbourg and Paderborn, was faid to be arrived on the 5th. The fame Accounts fay, that General Sporken, after having retired from Warbourg, had marched round by Blomberg, Detmold, Bielefeldt, and Ritberg, where he was fuppofed to be on the 3d, on the Way to join Prince Ferdinand. Camp at HEMMERDEN, July 6. On the firft Inftant, at Eleven at Night, our Army decamped from Lunderen, and turned the Enemy's Left Flank with a Defign to attack them in the Rear; but it being exceffively rainy, and the Country full of Moraffes, it was C o u n t r g s J 1 3 c t o S . OXFORD, July 11. The Subjects appointed for the current Year, ' " ~ ' ' " D r . Tho. ""' J For the Engfijh, The Advantages of a fafe, honourable, and lafting Peace. EXETER, July 13. Laft Wednesday Samuel Wijh was executed at Magdalen Gallows, purfuant to the Sentence paff'ed on him for the wilful Murder of his Wife. SALISBURY, July 13. At our Affixes lajl Week, Mary Jefferies, for murdering her Baftard Child, and Rericee VOifeau, for robbing I Thomas Dymock, received Sentence of Death. And on Wednefday ' Mary Jefferies ivas executed, and her Body delivered to the Surgeons ' for Diff'eilion. She confeffed her Crime, but laid great Blame upon others, who, Jhe declared, orver- perfuaded her to commit it. George King, on Sufpicion of murdering his Wife at Start near Devizes, ivas not tried, but ordered to remain till next Affixes. WINCHESTER, July 11. Of the MatefaStors condemned at our Affixes, George Chitty, Wm. Banks, Wm. Light, Tho. Gorman, and I James Welch, are reprieved for Tranfportation. JoJ'eph GUlaume, | James Daniel, George Mafers, and Patrick Carney, are ordered to : be executed on Saturday next. L o n t i o n , 3! ulj> 1 4. Letters from Rochelle of the 6th paft, advife, that on the 3d an Englifh Fleet of fix Ships, three Frigates, and four other Ships anchored within Cannon- Shot of the Ille of Aix; that they were employed in founding in the Neighbourhood of Rochelle, and the Ifles of Rheeand Oleron; that on the 5th a Dutch Ship left Rochelle, the Pilot of whom was examined by the Englilh: At his Return he informed the Rochellers of their Strength, and that belides the Ships abovementioned, three more were ftationed beyond the Ille of Rhee; ' it ar. d they conclude wit h telling us, that they have in that Ifland fix found Tmpoffible to bring up the Cannon, and we were forced to lay 1 Battalions under the Chevalier d'Aulan, on whofe Bravery and that Attempt afide; upon which we continued our March along P r ^ . e n " t h t , f c a n deI , e r K l\ the Enemy's Rear, and without any Interruption, or Lofs, took Poft on thcirother Flank; Prince Ferdinand placing his Head- Quarters at Dortmund. On the 2d the Enemy began to attack our Piquets, under Lieut. Gen. Watgenau, with a Corps of 10,000 Men; but feeing that four Battalions of the Corps under Lord Granby advanced to fupport them, they retired, but loft upon that Occafion M. de Pedeinont, Brigadier, who commanded the Attack, befides a Colonel and Major killed, and a Lieutenant- Colonel wounded and taken. On our Side we loft two Heffian Officers, and three private Men. On the 3d our whole Army advanced again upon the Enemy, who retired immediately behind Werle, placing the Caftle of that Place, which ftill continues in our Potfeffion, before their Right Flanks; and occupied the very lame Camp where we had been a few Days before; and our Army then encamped at this Place, in the Face of the Enemy. Yeilerdiy Prince Ferdinand reconnoitred the Enemy's Army, with an Intention of attacking them, but found them lituated too l'trohgly for fuch an Attempt. We hear that the chief Objeftion to a Sufpenfion of Arms is the French Court's Refufal to evacuate Nieuport, and Oftend, of which the Britifli Court, from a Regard to Treaty, will not allow them to keep Poffeffion without the Confent of the Dutch ; and it was on this Occafion that Sir Jofeph Yorke was fent over to Holland. By a private Letter from Belleifle we are informed that the whole Number of French Troops in the Citadel when it was inverted was 2600 ; whereof 922 were killed, wounded, or made Prifoners during the Siege; the Remainder, being 1678, have been lince embarked for France. Extraft of Orders given at Belleifle, July 1, 1761. Major- General Hodgfon has the greatejl Pleasure to acquaint the Officers and Soldiers under his Command, with his Majejfy's entire Satisj'aSion, in the Spirit, Patience, and Chearfulnefs, with ' which they ha- ve fufiained the Fatigues of this Siege. The Charming Nancy, Harris, which is arrived at Belleifle from London, is the firft trading Ship that has gone thither fince the Reduction of that Illand ; her Loading conlilted of Provifions of all Kinds, befides Cioathing, which were foon purchafed by the Inhabitants ; and it is faid that the Profits to the Freighters amounted to 30 per Cent. A Squadron of Men of War, Frigates, and Sloops, are to affemble in the Downs, and Parts adjacent, to watch the Motions of the French at Dunkirk. Two grand Councils were fummoned to meet this Day on Affairs of Importance. Sir Jofeph Yorke arrived Yefterday from the Hague. We hear he will return back to Holland in a few Days, ind proceed immediately from thence to Augfburg. We hear an Ambafl'ador extraordinary is expefted here from his Portuguezc Majefty upon a Commiffion of Importance. A Dye is preparing by Mr. Yeo, his Majefty's Engraver, for ftrilcing the Medals, that are to be diftributed at the Coronation. Since our Conqueft of Canada large Commiffions are fent here from Flanders for Beaver and various other Skins, to fupply France and other Parts, and we even export this Produce of North America to Ruffia, as that Country confumes more of fome Kind of Skins, and Skins of better Quality, thin itfelf affords, A Vefi'el which arrived at Marfeilles 011 the 16th paft from the Levant, brought a Letter from a Capuchin Miffionary, dated at Salonica, April 9, 1761, of which the following is an Extraft. For two Years paft the Almighty feerns to have ftretched out his avenging Arm over thej'e unhappy Countries. Firft, a Plague carried off above 200,000 Souls. Seven fucceffive Earthquakes afterwards overthrew almoft all the Cities of the Province : The Capital where I am is a Heap of Rubbijh. The fertile Plains in the Neighbourhood, which rendered it the moft delicious SpJt in the Univerfe, are converted into a barren Defart. To add to our Calamities, at a Time when our Hearts were dying within us by thefe / hocking Sights, a fr'ghtful Phenomenon on the 8 th Inft. mcreafed our Terror not r little : At Sun- Jet the whole Heavens appeared on fire; innumerable Flajbes of Lightning, Trains of Fire, and a fuffotating Smell of Brimftone and Bitumen Jeemed to be the Prelude of the general Conflagration. About the Middle of the Night this frightful Appearance ceaj'ed at once with tvjenty Claps of Thunder, of which the burftino oj thouj'ands of Bombs over our Heads would be but a faint Image. Tranflation of the Speech which M. deBoreel, the Dutch Ambaffador, made on the 20th ult. to the King, when he had a private Audience to deliver his Credentials. S I R E , " Their High Mightinefies my Lords and Matters have fomany Motives to intereft thcmfelves in the Fate of thefe Kingdoms, that your Majefty's Acceffion to theCrowngavethem thehigheft Pleafurc; of which I am commanded to inform your Majeltv, and at the fame Time t< 3 allure you of their rffpcfl^ il and inviolable- Attachment ti your Rcyal Perton, and of the Sioceri « . y of their Wifhes for the Duration and Profperity of aReign which you have fo happilybegun. The gracious Aflurances which your Majefty hath already given of your Friendfhip to the Republic excited the warmeft Gratitude. Nothing could have given greater Confolation under the Lofs of the King your Msjefty's Grandfather. The Republic will always regret in him not only a faithful Ally, but a true Friend, who( e A f - fection never varied, and who added to the Qualities of a greatPrince that Integrity which would have done Honour to a private Man. What a high Satisfaction is it for their High Mightineffes to find in your Majelty's Perfon all thofe Qualities, which whilft they fo glorioufly diftinguiihed ycur illuftrious Anceftors, made their People happy, and ftrongly attached the Republic to them. Whatgreat Reafon have their High Mightineffes to promife themfelves the moft intimate Union between two Nations who are bound by fo many commoin Interefts to concur mutually in each other's Advantage, and to difpife the Suggeftions of a miftaken Jealoul'y ? As their High Mightinelfes are fully fenfible of the Value of this Union, they moft ardently defire to maintain and ftrengthen it. Being charged by them to give your Majefty Affurances of this, and filled with the fame Sentiments myfelf, I ( hall do my utmoft to anfwer the Choice they have condefcended to make of me, and to merit the Continuance of that Favour with which your Majelly honoured me before you aicended the Throne. I flatter myfelf that the Gratitude with which it infpired me will appear from the whole of my Conduit to be equal to my profound Reipcft for your Majefty's Perfon and your eminent Qualities." We hear from Kefwii k, in Cumberland, that lately an old Maid of that Place, went to the Poor- houfe on a Vifit to a Bachelor, who was an old Acquaintance, and reduced to the Parifh Maintenance. After talking over fome former Matters, lhe told him, her AfTeftion to him was fuch, that if he would marry her, lie might partake of what fhe had laved, which would keep them independent, and make their latter Days happy. He immediately confented, and they were married a few Days fince.— On looking over the Regifter, their Ages amounted to 151. " An JE N I G~ M ~ A. ON rural Plains I liv'd in humble State; But what ef'capes the murdering Hand of Fate! Of Life depriv'd, I wanton'd many a Round, Thence gain'd a Name, and foon Employment found. Now lee me hufy'd; bathing, drinking, lweating; But feldom ' tis you'll fee me fond of eating. My Liquor too, voracious Beaft you'll think, I difembogue, and then again I drink. What Wonder then, if, when the Battle rage, Sometimes you fee me furioufly engage: For, taking head, I ftrive to end the Strife, And quell the Flames that haunt domeftic Life. Elate on Steed exalted, fee me ride, My brazen hoftile Foe hard by my Side; Hear loud Huzzas my merry March proclaim, T o end what Force effefled, not by Shame. But all thefe Services avail me not, For unrewarded I mull go to pot; Yet what I've dranlc— but hold, I ( peak too plain--- Is fweetly welcom'd to the rural Swain. TWERTON, July 15, 1761, [ P R I C E Two- Pence Half- Penny. J ADVERTISEMENTS for this extenfive JOURNAL, are taken in By M r . Newbury in London; Mr. Cadell and Mr. Palmer in Briftol; Mr. Wknpey at Newbury; Mr. Paradife at Came; Mr. Burreugh 3t Devizes; Mrs. Warue at Chippenham; Mr. Cafs at Wells; Mr. Slade at Wincanton; Mr. Barton at Shepton- Mallet; Mr. Goadby at Sherborne; Mr. Collins at Salifbury; Mr. Raikes at Glpsefteri and by the Men who vend it. —- At the Printing- Office in King's- Mead- Strect may be had all Sorts of Patent Medicines, BlanJt Warrants, & c. *„* No Letters received unlefs POST- PAIB. C o fcc l e t t, And entered upon immediately, or at Michaelmas next, THE H O U S E late Mr. T H O M A S A L L E N ' S, fuuate near the Bridge, Bath, confiding of four Rooms on a Floor, a | jrge Garden and Green- hotife, with an Aviary and Fountain before it ; alfo a Summer. houfe of two Rooms, and another fmall G. een- honfe, comminding a very pleafant Profpeft, the Houfe andGarden well watered with both Sorts of Water, feveral Out- huufes, Stables, and other Conveniences.— For Particulars, enquire at thefaid Houfe. [ I J 4 ] GENERAL POST- OFFICE, June 1761, H IS Majefiy's Pofimafter General, for the further Improvement of Correfpondeiice, having been pleafeil to order, that Letter, and Packets { halt for the Future be carried fix Days in every Week, inHead cf three as at prefent, between London and the feveral following low . is, viz. Caxton, Hundington, Stilton, Stamford, Coltefworth, Grantham, Newark, Tuxford, Workfop, Bawtry, Doncafter, Howden, RawclifF, Thorne, Hull, Ferrybridge, Wakefield, Leeds, Bradford, Halifax, Tadcaiter, York, Eaungwold, Thirfk, Northallerton, Darlington, Durham, Newcaftle, Barnards- Caftle, Brough, Penrith, Kefivick, Cockeriuouth, Whitehaven, Carlule, Daventry, Coventry, Mansfield, Cheflerfield, Sheffield, Rotherham, Barn. ley, Huthcoheid, Wiggan, Chorley, Piefton, Garftang, Lancalter, Burton, Kendal, and Appleby. Aid likewij'e for the further Improvement of the National Correspondence, to e< cd and eftablijh the following New & rofs Road • Pofis, namely, bet wixt Newcaftle upon Tyne, Whitehaven and Carliile, through Durham, Darlington, Barnards- Caftle, Brough, Appleby, Penrith, Kefwick, Cockermouth, and Workington, . by IU bicb the Corr. fpondtnce of thofe Towns with each other, as w* ll as with the Great North Road, and with Cambridge', Nevvu n r k e t . B iry, Thetford, Lynn, and Norwich, may be carried on fix 1 ••• ties a Week. Alfo a new Crofs Road Branch betwixt York and Manchefter, through Tadcaiter, Wakefield, Leeds, Bradford, Halifax, and Rochdale, by which the Correspondence of that Part cf the great North Road, lying North o/" Ferrybridge, with all Parts of Lancashire, may like- wife be carried an. fix Times a Week. And their Correfponde. ice with Cheihirc, StaiFardfhire, Birmingham,, and Coventry in Wurwickihire, cenfiderably quickened and improved. AlJo a new Crofs Road Branch betwixt Sheffield and Doncaf- £ er, through Rotherham, by which the Correjpondence of Sheffield with Hull, and all Parts of the Great North Road, a: well as with Cambridge, Newrrurket, Bury, Thetford, Lynn, and Norwich,, may be carried on fix ' Times a Week. 4' fo a new'Crojs Road Branch from Sheffield to Rochdale, ' through Barnffey, Huthersfield, Elland, and Halifax, byw'ncb Means the Cqrrefpondcuce of Sheffield, Chellerfield, Mansfield, and Nottingham, with Manchefter, Warrington, Liverpool, and . ill Parts of. Lancafnire, may be carried on fix Times a Week, • and their Correfpende.- ice with Chefhite, Stafford ( hire, and Birtnins/ h i. n in Warwickshire, confiderably quickened and impro ved. Alfo a new Croft Road and Branch from Derby, through the ' PeaCock- Iim to Chelterli^ ld, by which the Correfpondence of Derby wi'j Chefterfiel. d, Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncafter, and ali th'-^ reat North Road (- North of Doncafter) as well as with Barntley, Huthersfield, Halifax, Rochdale, Mancheller, Warrington, Liverpool, and all Parts of Lancashire, will be confi• a. i Uuly quickened and improved. ' A jo ueiu C> vfs Road Stagen fram Ferrybridge to Wakefield, from Wakefw'. d to Leeds, and from Ferrybridge to Leeds, by which the Correfpondiiict betwixt all Parts of the North Road, '• Svutb is/" Ferry bridge, as well as Cambridge, Newmarket, Bu ry, Thetford', Lynn, and tloiwich, with Wak « field, Leeds, Ev. tdford, Halifax, Rochdale, Manchefter, Warrington, Liverpool, aud all Parts of Lancafhire, may be carried on fix . ' Times a Week. And the Correfpondence of all Parts of the North Real, North of Newark, with Chelhire, Staffordfhire, Birmingham, and Coventry in Warwickfhire, will be confiderably q. ickened and improved. Alfi a new Crofs Road Stage betwixt Cambridge and Caxton, by w-.' h Means the Correfpondence of the great North Road, as well as all Parts c/" L; mea( hire, with Cambridge, Newmarket Bury, Thetford, Lynn, and Norwich, may alfo be carried on fix Tunes a Week. Alfo a new Crofs Road Stage betwixt Nottingham and Newark, by which the Correfpondence of Nottingham, Mansfield, Chelieriield, Loughborough, Leiceller, Hatborongh, and Northampton, with the great North Road, and with Cam bridge,. Newmarket, Bury, Thetford, Lynn, and Norwich, may likevuife be carried on fix Times a Week. Alfo a new Crofs Road Stage betwixt Appleby and Kendal, by which the CorYefpondence of Whitehaven,.( Jockermuuth, Carlifle, Penrith, Appleby, and all Parts of Cumberland and Weflmoreland, with all Parts of Lanc ifHire, may be carried on fix Times a Week ; and their Corrrfpondence w th Chefhire, Staf tordlhire, and W arwicklhire, confiderably quickened and improved. Alfo a new Crofs Road Stage betwixt Birmingham and Co ventry, by which the Correfpondence of Coventry and Daventry, with Birmingham, Wolverhampton, ShefFnal, Sh » ewfbury, Stone, Namptwich, Chefter, Warrington, Liverpool, Mancheiter, and all Parts Lancashire, Weftmoreland, and Cumberland, may be carried on fix Times a Week ; and their Corref fondence with Northampton, Harborough, Leicefter, Loughbo 1 j u g h , Derby and Nottingham, confiderably quickened and improved And alfo a new Crofs RoadBrancb betwixt Salifbury, Portf- H'. Outh, and Gofport, through Scockbridge and Winchefter, by • which the Correfpondence of Portfmouth, Gofport, Winchefter, Southampton, and the Ifle of Wight, with Plymouth, Exeter, and all Parts of Cornwall, Devonfliire, aud Dorfetfhire, as well as with Briftol, Bath, Devizes, Melkfham, Bradford, Trowbridge, and Salifbury, will be confiderably quickened and improi ed. Aud having alfo been pleafed to order, that the Mail betwixt Chelterfield and Manchefter, Jball far the Future pafs from Tidfwell thro' Buxtoft, to Stockport, iufiead of pajfing through Chappie in Frith, as it does at prefent. Public Notice is hereby given, That thefe feveral additional Conveyances, Improvements, and Regulations, will commence on Monday the 6th of " July next. And whereas great Numbers of Letters have hitherto been pri- • 4lately collected and delivered, as well in thefe as in other Parts of the Kingdom, contrary to Law, to the great Prejudice of the Revenue of the Pofi- Officei Notice is liiewife hereby given, that all Carriers, Cott- haien, Watermen, Wberrymen, Dijperfers of Country News- Papers, and all other Perfons whatjoever, hereafter deHSed in the illegal collecting, conveying, or delivering of Letters, will be profecuted - with the uttnofi Severity. N. B. The Penalty is F I V E FOUNDS for every Letter colleftcd or delivered contrary to Law, and O N E HUNDRED POUNDS for every Week this Prague is continued. By Command of the Poftmafiet- General, HENR¥ POTTS, SEC. 1 1 4 % tf) C autljotitp, Granted at ST. JAMES'I, the Third Day of July, 1761. Next Week will be Publijhed, In One large Volume Oftavo. Price 6 s. neatly bound in Calf. T h e ROYAL E N G L I S H D I C T I O N A R Y : O R, A T R E A S U R Y of the E N G L I S H L A N G U A G E. C O N T A I N I N G I. A full Explanation of all the Terms made ufe of in Algebra, | Geography, Law, Perfpeftive, Anatomy, Geometry, Logic, Pbilofophy, Architedlure, Grammar, Mathematics, Pneumatics, Arithmetic, Gunnery, Mechanics, Poetry, Allronomy, Heraldry, Military Art, Printing, Botany, Hieroglyphics, Mulic, Rhetoric, Chemiftry, Hiftory, Natu; al Hiftory, Sculpture, Dialling, Hutbindry, Navigation, Surgery, Divinity, Hydraulics, Optics, Surveying, & c. Gardening, Hydroflatics, Painting, II. Tracing the Words from their original Fountains. III. Explaining the various Senfes in which they are ufed, fupported by Authorities from the beft Englifh Writers. IV. The Words are properly accented, to facilitate the true Pronunciation. V. E ich Word is followed by an initial Letter, to denote the Part of Speech to which it belongs, VI. A Geographical QifcrijJtion of the principal Kingdoms, Cities, & c. of the World. VII. A Defcription of the Cities and Counties of England and Wales. VIII. The Lives of the mod eminent Poets and other ingenious and Uluftrious Men, who have flourifhed in thefe Kingdoms. The whole on fo Exrenfive a Plan, as to unite the different Excellencies ef all other Englith DitSionaries. To which is prefixed, A Comprehenfive G r a m m a r of the E n o l i i h Language : By D. F E N N I N G . A U T H O R of the Univerfai Spelling Book; a Treatife on Arithmetic ; the Young Algebraill's Companion ; the Ufe of the Globes, & c. London : Printed for S. Crowder, and Co. at the LooUing- glafs, in Pater- nofter- Row; and fold by all Bookfellers in Great Britain, Ireland, America, & c. \ To the P U B L I C . As neither Time, Curiofity, nor Wealth have put it in the Power of every one to be Matter ef the various Diftionaries which have been pubhlhed in the different Branches of Science j to unite thefe fcattered Rays as it were in one Focus, has been the Intention of the Author of this Work ; and if the Reader attends to the Articles which are contained in it, he will doubtkfs congratulate himfelf on having met with a Dictionary 011 a more extenfive Plan tlun any that have hitherto been publilhed. Every Word made ufe of in the common Occurrences of Life, or in the feveral Arts and Sciences, are explained, fo as to convey a concife and determinate Idea of their Meaning. The various Fountains from which they are derived, are pointed out in fuch a Manner, as to render them intelligible to the meaneft Capacity : The d ffcrcnt Senfcs affixed to the fame Word, are iopported with Authorities from the moll celebrated Writers. The Accents are placed over the proper Syllables, to prevent a vicious Pronunciation ; and, in order to infoim thofe who are unacquainted with Grammar, of the Part of Speech to which each Word belongs, the initial Letter is placed after each Word, to lliew whether it be a Verb, Suhltantive, Adjefiive, Sec. The principal Kingdoms and Cities of the World are defcribed with a coinptehenfive Brevity, which conveys an Idea of their Importance, as well as their Situation. A Defcription is alfo added of all the Counties and remarkable Curiofities that are contained in this Kland, To make this Work . ftill more ufeful and entertaining, the Lives of the moft eminr. it Poets, and other illuftrious Men, who have ilourdhed m'^ RiriefSw^' jo.' Tis, aie given j and a new Grammar of the Englifh Language. » By the K I N G ' s Authority. On Wednefday the \ fi of July was publijhed, Price 6d. ( Embellifhed with a Perfpeiftive View of St. Paul's Cathedral : The fpotted and green Tit- inoufe, colojred from Nature ; and a fine View of the Earl of Pembroke's Seat at Wilton, near Salifbury, in Wiltthire.) No. XXVI. being the laft Number of Vol. IV. of T h e R O Y A L M A G A Z I N E : Or, Gentleman's Monthly Companion. For J U N F:, 1761. C ONTAINING, among many other interefting Pieces, Account of the . College of Heralds. Hiltory of St. Paul's Cathedral. Defcription of the old Chjich. The new Structure cefcribed. A remarkable Circumftanc'e at the building St. Paul's. The lnfide of the Church defcribed. Defcription of the Dome, and its Paintings. Account of its Curiofnies. A curious Bird defcribed. Narrative of the Shipwreck of the Litchfield Man of War. Sufferings of the Crew. The City of Morocco defcribed. Hardfhips of the Crew in Barbary. Ail eafy Method for preventing the Fit of an Epilepfy. Cautions agaioft Incontinence. Method of regulating Heat in Hot- houfes, Rules for the Conduit of Life, by Sir Henry Sidney. An ufeful Medicine for the Worms.' Defcription of the Northern Parts of America, neareftto Kamtchatka. A ftrange People defcribcd. Origin of the Americans explained. Defcription of Wdton- Houfe. On the religious Education of Daughters. Direftiona for carrying Fowling- Pieces. P O E T R Y . Ode for his Majefty's Bi: th- Day. To Mr. Cooper. M. A. on his poetical Pieces. Prologue and Epilogue to the nnw Comedy, entitled, All in the Wrong. Song. Mr. Gariick's Veifes on taking his Leave of thePublick. An y ® nigma. Affairs in the Eaft Indies. Particulars relating to the taking of Belleifle. Capitulation for the Citadel of Belleifle. Addrcfs of the Lord Mayor, & c. to his Majefty, Principal News of the Month. Lifts of Births, Marriages, Deaths, & c. With an Alphabetical I.^ dex to the Fourth Volume. Printed for J. C O O T S , at the King's Arms in Pater- nofter Row ; and fold by all Bookfellers and News- Carriers in Gieat Britain and Ireland ; where may be had any of the former Numbers, or the Three preceding Volumes. N. B. Number XXVII, being the firft Number of Vol. V. will be publiflied the firft of Auguft. Saturday, July 25, 1761, will be pubhjhed, Price SIXPENCE, to be continued Weekly, T h e Whole to be coinprifed in Sixty Numbers only, N U M B E R I. Of T h e C O M P L E T E F A M I L Y B I B L E. Containing the SACRED TEXT of The O L D and N E W T E S T A M E N T at large. With Notes Theological, Moral, Critical, and Explanatory. Whereby the obfeure Texts are elucidated; the fublime Paffasrespointed out; the Errors of the prefent Tranflation correfted ; and the Whole accommodated to the Ufe of the Learned and Ingenious, as well as the Underftanding of every Chriftian, and the Benefit of all' Families. By F R A N C I S F A W K E S, M. A. Vicar of Orpington and St, Mary Cray, Kent. C O N D I T I O N S . I. This Work will be printed on a new Letter, and a fine Paper,, and comprifed in Sixty weekly Numbers, Price S- ixpencg each Number,. containing twenty large Pages in Quarto, and will confequently be th « cheapeft Family Bible ever offered to the Public. II. That it will make two Volumes in Quarto. III. In the Courfe of this Work will be given upwards of fixty? Copper- plates, enrioufly engraved. IV. The firft Number is intended as a Specimen, and may be returned, if difapproved. LONDON : Printed for the Author, and ( by his Appointment) fold BY J. Coote, in t'ater- nofter- R. ow, London; Mr Fletcher, at Oxiordj Mr Merril, at Cambridge ; Mr Etherington and Hinxman, at York Mr Fleming, at Edinburgh ; Mr Wilfon, in Dublin : It may alfo t c had of J. Leake, and W. Frederick, in Bath; J. Palmer, and T. Cadell, in Briftol; B. Collins, in Salifbury ; T. Burrough, in Devices j R Raikes, in Gloucefter ; R. Goadby, in Sherborne ; G. Cafs, in Wells; M. Codrington, in Bridgewater; and by all othei Bookfelkrs,. the News- Carriers, Sec. in Great- Britain and Ireland. To the P U B L I C. T H E Bible is in reality the only Book abfolutely neceflary for Man to know, as it abounds with Precepts to conduit him happily thro* this World, and to eternal Felicity in the next; and therefore, the Study of the Holy Scriptures is a Matter of effential Duty, and ought to be the Care and Concern of every Chriflian. The Holy Scriptures teach us the true Method of appioaching God, namely, with, pure Heaits, and chafte Defires : They recommend that admirable Virtue of Humility, which fweetens the Tempers of Men, and renders them, courteous and obliging : They lay down the beft Rules for the Peace and Quiet of Mankind ; for overlooking one another's Faults ; for patient Suffering of Offences; for loving our Enemies, and imitating God ill all Manner of Goodnefs. Such is that amiable Religion which Chiift has revealed to Mankind; fo noble aie thofe Precepts ; fo benevolent thofe Principles ; fo interefting thofe Truths which are contained in the Bible ; the Study, therefore, of that facred Volume is a Duty that fhould engage the Attention of every Perfon that is willing to pleafe his Creator, and fave his own Soul. We muft lay up the Words of ibis Book in our Heart, and in our Soul; nve mufi leach thtm to our Children, Jf caking of them - when we fit in our Hcufes, and - when vie walk by the Way, ivbin toe lie doivn, and luben nut rife up. A Solicitude t ® remove every Difficulty ; to afcertain the true Meaning of feveral obfeure Paffages ; to corrtdt the Errors of the prefent Tranflation ; to open this Fountain of living Water, and direift its Currents for the general Cood, has furnifhed me with abundant Reafon for offering the following Work to the Public, which contains the Quinteffence of all the beft Note.? of the beft Commentators on the Bible. Eefides availing myfelf of their learned Labours, I ffiall add fuch Obfervation6 of my own as have occurred to me in the Couife of my Miniftry. The Expence to the Purchafer will not be corfiderable ; for it will be contained in fixty weekly Numbers at the moft, and thereby fooner brought to a happy Ctmclufion, If thefe my Labours ( hould befo fortunate as to turn one Sinner from the Error of J ' to fave one Soul from Death eternal, I ( hall think.. all my _ I ecompenl'ed ; I Jhall be glad and rtjoici, and give Honour unto God, ana praife bis Name for ever and ever. FRANCIS FAWKES. This Bay is publijhed, Price 6d. N U M B E R X X X V I I. Of a new Work, mofi humbly injeribed to bis Majefiy, entitled, L O N D O N and its E N V I R O N S Defcribed. Containing an Account of whatever is moft; remarkable for Grandeur, Elegance, Curiofity, or life, in the CITY and COUNTRY twenty Miles round it. Comprehending alfo whatever is moft material in the Hiftory and Antiquities of this great Metropolis. Decorated and illuftrated with a great Number of Views in Perfpective, engraved from original Drawings, taken on Purpofe for thisWork. Together with A PLAN of LONDON, a MAP of the ENVIRONS, and feveral other ufeful CUTS. The Woik being entirely printed off in Six Volumes OSavo, may be had neatly bound, Price JL. IOS. LONDON! Printed for R. and J. Dodfley, at TullyVHead, Pall- mall; and fold by M. Cooper, in Pater- noAer- Row ; and J. Leake, in Bath. « , « Tiiic Number contains an authentic and particular D* lcriptiott of Sion- Houfe, with two beiutiful Viewt of i t ; and zifc a Vi « w of Somcrfet- Koofe} the two fait finely engraved by Mr, R » « k* f. Dedicated, by Permiffion, to his Royal Highnefs Prince FREDERICK, youngelf Brother to his M A J E S T Y . On Saturday July 18, 1761, was publijhed, Adorned with a COPPER- PLATE, elegantly engraved, N U M B E R I. [ To be continued Weekly] of T h e R O Y A L B I B L E : O R, A compleat Body of Chriftian Divinity. Containing the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Teftament at l. irge, and a full and clear Explanation of all the difficult Texts, from the various Readings of Authors ancient and modtrn ; together with, critical Notes and Obfervations on the whole. Illuftrated with a Hundred Beautiful Copper- Plates. A Work highly ufeful and neceffary for all Families and private Chriftians, By L. H O W A R D , D. D. Reftor of St. George's, Southwark, and Chaplain to her Royal Highnefi the Princefs Dowager of Wales. In order that this very valuable Work may become ftill more extenfively ufeful. This Day is published, ( Price only Three- Pence) NUMBER I I . of t he R O Y A L B I B L E ; Containing half the Quantity of the Sixperr. y Numbers— fo that any Perfon may have which Sort they pleafe, and have one or more Numbers, weekly, as they chufe. Thiity- five Numbers of the Sixpenny Sort are already pub'. ifhed and in Order to accommodate fucii Perfons a£ have purchafed other Bibles, either without Cuts or with very bad ones, two of the beautiful Copper- Plates, belonging to this Work, will be fold, feperately, at the - Price of Three- pence, tho' really worth more than a Shilling ; and No. I. of the Copper- Plites, containing the Prints of yjlrnbam offering up Ifaac, and Mofes caji into the River, beautifully engraved by PRAHKKK, will be publifhed on Saturday, the eighteenth Inftant; and No. II, of the Copper- Plates, will be publiflied on Saturday the twer. ty- fifth, antl fo, regularly, ' till the whole is compleated ; and as map. y of the Copper- Plates, owing to the very large Number which have been printed, are Worn out, this is to affure the Public, that new Engravingi are novr in Hand, and will be publilhed with all convenient Speed. A Head of the Author is alfo now engraving by Coldar, by a Drawing made by an eminent Hand, which will be given gratis to fucb of the Subfcribers as chufe to fend for it. And the Author takes this Opjvortunity of returning Thanks to his numerous Subfcribere, for the uncommon Succefs which has attended his Work ; and he tiopes th « new Engravings will, when finifljed, be a Proof that no Expence is fparcd* to render this the corapleateft Book of the Kind. LONDON : Printed for I. POTTIKCER, at the Royal Bible, in Pattrmjltr Row, and Sold by all the BcokJclUrs and Stationers in end Lctastry 5 and by the Pcrjbr. s ' icbo carry the News- Papers, of ivbom J^ rofcjtsls 9r. iy be bad. _____ be lett, AHOUSE very pleafantly fkuated at Belvrdere, lately belonging to Mrs. STKVEMSOB.— For Particular* enquire of Mr. john Houfe, or Mr. ffasc Axford, intfct Matket- jrfaoc, Bath.- Alfo to he LETT, a now- tuilt Houfe, near the Chora*, jn the London R o a d , a n d in i h e Parirti of Watoot, fiavir. ig a fctrje C a v c im in t h e F r o n t , w i t h I r o n G a t e s a n d P a i i f j d e s , a n d a * s x $ e C n r d e » t < - h i i r t , l e a d i o g t o t h e - River, w i t h w i v i ! t » : j t t i s i t t t t i m r s ? S a g t u M of the f i l d l U i c A * f o t i , in Ac, M » f! ket f t e e< « V.. N < HW tDag tsjere Pub'. ifljcu, PROPOSALS for Printing weekly by Subfcription, A New Edition, being the Fifth, in Five Vols. Folio, of An E X P O S I T I O N on the OLD and NEW TESTAMENT. Wherein each Chapter is fummed up in ils Contents ; the facred Text infertcd at Urge in di'hnfl Paragraphs ; each Paragraph reduced to its proper Heads ; the Strife given and largely illutlrated ; with practical RenniUs and Obfervations. By M A T T H E W HENRY, late Mimfter o f t h e G o f p e l . C O N D I T I O N S . I. That this Work, which Will make about nine hundred and fifty Sheets, ( hall be Printed 011 a good Paper and Letter. II. That for the Accommodation of the Generality of Readers, tout Sheets ( lull BE publillied every S UM day without Interruption, Hitched in blue Paper, Price Sixpence. III. Such Peifon. as chufe ratlier to have eight Sheets a Week, may have them for ore Shilling. IV. Tint the firil Number fhall be publithed on Saturday the firft Day of Aunutt, 1761. Subfcriptions are taken in by J, Knapton, J, Buckland, W. Strahan, J . Rivingtoii, W. John ft on., T. Longman, Full*', fen. G. Keith, T. Field, C. RiVi. gton, E. Diily, J Fuller, jun. C. Hendeifon, R. Griffiths, and C. and R. Ware. A: fo by R. Horsfield, in Ludgate flrcct, where Propofals may be had. T By His MAJESTY' S Royal Licence. This Day is publijhed, Price Sixpence, Embellilhed with elegant Copper- plates, adapted to the Work, ( To bt continued the lirfl of every Month) NUMBER XV. of THE CHRISTIAN' S MAGAZINE , or, A Treafury of Divine Knowledge. For JUNE, 1761. Containing, as ufiul, great- Variety of interefting Articles. Printed for |. Newbery in St. Paul's Church- yard ; J. Coote in Pater- noftec- Ro v, London ; and fold by all the Bookfelkrs, Stationers, & c. in Grtat Li itain and Ireland. We t link ourfvivss very happy in tbe Continuance of our many and ingenious Correfpondent's Favours, and we owe particular Obli gations to the Rev. Mr. Dodd, the Rev. Dr. Watkinfon, Mr. Woty, the Rev. Mr. Thoiupfon, the Rev. Mr. Darwell, the Rev. Mi Brown, & c. with whole ingenious Labours this Work has from Time to Time been confiderably enriched. Wt alfo brg Leave to return our Thanks for the many Favours we have received from the ingenious and Rev, Mr. Fawkea, Vicar of Orpington and St. Mary Cray ; and it is with Pleafure we inform the Public, that be is about pubhfhing a very ufetu 1 Work, entitled, " The Complete Family Bible, containing the Sacred Text of t ie Old and " New Teftament, at large, with Notes theological, moral, critical, and explanatory." We fhall continue to preferve rn the'ChritlUn's Magazine, the Utility, the Spirit, and the Candour of our " Work ; and we have no Doubt of the continued Eileem of the Public. To do will, and to deferve, with Britons, is tofucceed. *„ » The Supplem tit to Vol. II. will be publifhed the Utter End of this Month. — No XVII. which is the firft Number of Vol. III. will he published the firrt of Auge. fl. Any 1' erfon may beg 11 with No, I. or have the whole of the two Volumes already publithed of tins Work at ore:. [ " 5 ] JFuDag'jt and © aturiras's P O S T S . [ N o Foreign Mail arriv'd] HAMBURG, [ Germany] June 29. HE News is revived of the Danifh Troops encamping in the Dutchy of Hoiftein under the Command or the Q ' Countde St. Germain. The Diligence with which the Danifli Officers and others in the Service of that Court are railing Recruits in this City and at Altena, and the adjacent Places, puzzles us much: The Syftem of fhe Dnnifb Court is a Myftery which Time alone can unravel. Mean while it is confidently faid by thofe who pretend to be well informed, that inftead of the Danifh Troops entering into the Service of France, the King their Matter hath caufed it to be declared to the King of Pruflia, that in Cafe the Succefs of his Arms fhould not anfwer his Expectations, he might take into his Pay 50,000 Danes well difciplined tohelp to turn the Scale. It is adeled, that M. de Che- mmelmann, aPrivy Counsellor of the King of Pruffia, who hath made an immenfe Fortune this War, and hath purchafed a large Eftate in Hoiftein, as well as a fine Houfe in this City, is juft gone to Copenhagen to fettle the Subfidy that is to be paid to Denmark . HACUE, [ Holland] July 10. They write from Berlin, of the i d Inftant, that they are fortifying that City, and all the Pafies leading thereto, with great Speed; and that all the Male- Inhabitants, from 18 to 60 Years of Age, are armed, being in fear of another Vifit from the Ruffian or Auftrian Troops, or both. P l a n t a t i o n* CHARLES- TOWN, [ South- Carolina] May 6. General Amlierjl has given Orders to Col. Bird to compleat his { the Virginia) Regiment ' with all pojible Difpatch, and to march immediately againft the Cherokees. His Excellency has likewife given Orders to fupply the J, aid Regiment ivitb Provif. ons, & c. at his Majejlfs Expence. PHILADELPHIA, June 4. Capt. Banning, late of the Schooner Friertffhip, of Maryland, writes from Martinico, April 23, that he •• was taken on his Vaffage to Barbadoes, and fent in there, the iGth of that Month : That a Privateer Brig < was then fitting out, deftgned fir this Coafl: That two of our Men of War had appeared off St. lierre's, one as a Flag of Truce, and fent in her Boats with the Prifeners, which were detained, on Pretence that fhe was crujing with the other Man of War, who had taken a Ship going in there: And that they expefled the Englifh Fleet daily, and were making what Preparations they could againjl an Attack. Lencon, 3! ulp 16, T E T E U R Y R A C E S , 1761. ON T H U R S D A Y the 13th of A U G U S T will be run for on Tetbury CoiiiJe, a Purfe of FIFTY POUNDS, by any five and fix Year old and aged Hoifes, Mares, orGeldings, that never won more than fifty Pounds at any one Time ( Matches excepted) and that have not won filty Pounds between ths fiift Day of March laft, and the Day of Starting ; five Years old to carry nine Stone, fix Years o'. d nine Stone ten Pounds, and aged Hoifes ten Stone three Pounds, Bridle and Saddle • fc. ided ; the btfi of three foui Mile Heats, and free for any other florfe that never won a Royal Plate, carrying feven Pounds extraordinary Weight. Certificates of the five and fix Years old Holies, fcc. Llo be produced at the Time of Entrance, under the Hands of the Breeders, or to he deemed aged Horfes. On F R I D A Y the 14th, F I F T Y POUNDS, by any four Years old Horfes, Mares, or Geldings, that never won fifty Pounds at any ora Time, carrying eight Store ten Pounds, Bridle and Saddle iqcluded; the befl of three Heats, two Miles oacb Heat, and f ee for any other four Years old Horfe, Sec. carrying nine Stone. Certificates of their Ages to be produced under the Hands of the Breedeis at the Time of Entrance. A Subfcriber to pay one Guinea Entrance for either of the above Pnrfas, or two at the Pott; a Non- Subfcriber three Guineas, or five at the Poft. No left than three reputed Running Horfes, & c. to flart for either of the above Purfes, and run according to Articles. The Owner of the winning Horfe eac h Day to pay two Guineas, for Flags, Weights, & c. No Horfe, & c. winninjithe two firft Heats, fliall be obliged to ffart again, but the others ( not diftanced) to run a third Heat for the Stakes. If but one Horfe enters for either of tbe above Puifes, the Owner fhall have ten Guineas, and ilie Entrance Money relumed ; and if but two, (" even Guineas each, and the Entrance Money returned. The Horfes, & c. that ron for each of tlicfe Purfes, to be fhewn and entered at the Market- Hill in Tetbury, the Day fe'enr. ight before the Day of Running, and to ( land at filch Pub'Lk Houfes in Tetbury as have fubferibed one Guinea towards the Purfes. Every Horfe, & c. that Harts, to be plated by a fubferibing Smith. There will be Ordinalies each Day as ufu. il, and a Grrll each Night for the Ladies, at the Alfeinbly Room at the White Hart. If any Difputes arife, to be determined by a Majority of the Subferibers then prefent. The R ght Hon. the Earl of Suffolk and Berkftiire, Steward. There will be a fepnate Ordinary each Day for the Ladies at the White Hart as ufufil. C o tic % olti i3g a u f t i o n, At /& ExchangeCofFee- houfe in Corn- ftreet, Briftol, on Wednefday the 29th Day of July next, between the Hours of Twelve and Two o'Clock in the Afternoon, SEVERAL Freehold Eftates, fituate in the Parithes of Bitton, Scifton, Week, and Abfon, in the County of Glou- / eft : r, abiftit fix Miles from Bwftol, and about the fame Diftance from Bath, all of them well tenanted, and capable of great Improvements, 5? or the Conveniency of Purchafers, the above- mentioned Eftates are - divided into Several Lots, the Particulars of which may be had by applying to Mr. Symons, Attorney at Law, in Corn ftreet, Briflol. E N G L I S H B A R - I R O M ; Inferior to none in Goodnefs or Quality, and made and drawn out with WOOD COAL only, C o be © olD, In any Quantity from one Hundred to a T o n and upwards, At Mr. THO. JENKlNS's WAREHOUSE, In Baldwin- Street, Briftol, and no when elfe in that City. Such Sale to begin on or before the i j t l f Day of Ju'y. 1761, and to be thence conttnaed at ths- faid Warthoufe, where dee Attendance will be given. fl^ As the Pr iprietorsWoi its Tie in OT near the Foreil of I> ean, pro per Afloi trnents will be feat into til.-; faid Warelicrufe one pr twice every Spring Tide, and what may- be wanted for particular Ufe< will be alfo drawn and fsnt thither as O: c. i£ on may require.; but no Foreign or Pit Coal Iron will be fold there. * « * Part cf the jjrefent Stock is m uked with - ths Proptietors own ai ttiu R; jl will BE for the future, to j. rtvcat any IUIPUTILIOTI, Letters from Berlin, of the 4th Inft. mention, that great News was expefled there very foon from Silefia ; and that General. Ziet'. ien ( who commands the Army of the late General Goltze, de- ( ceafed) will certainly give the Ruffians a Blow upon the Frontiers of Poland, before they get into Silefia. A Letter from Paris, dated July 3, concludes thus: " Mr. Stanley has flill frequent Conferences with the King's Minifters ; but it is feared they will prove fruitlefs; from the enormous Pretenfions of the Englifn." The Count d'Affry, in- a new Memorial to the States on the Subjeit of the Felicite Frigate, complains of theiriiaving permitted all the EtFefls to be fold, in fpite of his Opposition; and he demands, at leaft, that the Produce of the Sale be fequeftered till fuch Time as his Britannick Majefty fliall have confcnted to do Juttice to Francefor the Pillage andDeftruition unduelycommitted on that Ship. They write from Warfaw, t h j t the , firft Article of the Inftruttions- of the King of PolaniS'sStViinifters' at the Congrefs, will be, to infift on an Indemnification for. all the Damages Saxony has fuftained from the King of Pruffia. From the fame Quarter we are told, that the Emprcfs of Ruffia will never change her Refolution of procuring for herfelf and her Allies, an Indemnification for the immenfe Expences incurred by the prefeht War. Letters from Naples of the 13th ult. fayvthat the grand Spanifh Fleet would certainly put to Sea the Beginning of July, precilely at the Time fixed for Opening the Congrefs of Augfburgh.-— But what they would infmulte from thence, we know not. Declaration of the Moft ChriftianKing, delivered to the Diet of the Empire by his Minifter, the Baron de Mackau. " THE King, my Matter, having been required, at the Beginning of this War, by feveral Princes of the Empire, to taKe UDon himl'elf, in Conjun& ion with the King of Sweden, the Execution of the Guaranty of the Treaties of Weftphalia, noticed to the States affembled at Ratifbon, in the Month of April 1757, what weri his Motives, and what Conduft he propofed to hold wdien he took that Charge upon him, of the Weight of which he was very fenfihie. " The Prefervationof the three Religionseftablifhed in Germany, the Support of the Germanic Laws and Conftitution, and thereftoring Peace on a folid and equitable Footing, were the Objects to obtain which his Majefty was willing to make the greateft Efforts and very conilderable Sacrifices. " His Majefty, in concert with his Swedifh Majefty, hathfince employed every Method to attain to " this falutary End; But he Icplorcd the Calamities under which Germany groaned; and if he was under a Neceffity of takingup Arms for its Defence, he thinks it no lefs proper to lay them down when he has performed all that could be required in Juttice from a Zeal fo difinterefted. If it was with this falutary View that his Majefty, jointly with the Kingof Sweden and the other Powers his Allies, propofed to the Courts of London and Berlin to pave the Way, by common Confent, to a Peace, by opening a Congrefs, for . whichthe City of Augfburg was thought moft convenient: And as their Britannic ani Pruffian Majefties agree to a Propofal fo comformable to Humanity and his Majcfty's pacific Views, he thinks himl'elf obliged to notify it to the States of the German Empire, agreeably to what was done when he found himfelf under a Necellity of executing the Guaranty. 1 He at the fame Time declares, that during the Cottrfe of the Negotiation he will not lofe Sight of the Motives which determined him to take Part in the War. The Princes and States of the Empire may depend on the formal Affurances which his Majefty hath already given, and which he now repeats; and he defires that the. Emperor and Empire would concur with him in reftoring the public Tranquillity." RATISBON, June 12, 1761. Since tiiis Declaration was delivered, the Germanic Body con. fider thenifelSes as invited to the Congrefs ; which they afcribe to the Couitof Verfailles. The fame Day, a Declaration of the very fame Import was delivered to the Diet by the Swedifh Minifter. The late Queen's Apartments at St. James's are fitting up for the Reception of the intended new Queen. We hear that three new Regiments of Dragoons are to be faifc J forthwith. Alfo that Orders are iffued out to raife forty new Independent Companies. Great are the Preparations triaking in Lord Egremont's Family for his Lordftiip's intended Expedition to Augsburgh. . A Meffen- . ger was-' difpatched for that ' Place laft Week, in- order to, hire a Houfe for his Lordfhip's Refidence for three Months, the Rent of . which, it is reported, will be at the Rate of Four Hundred Pounds per Annum. From ajl the Cirqumftances that tranfpire concern* ing this Embaffy, it is probable, that Lord Egremont will make the moft brilliant Figure of any publick Minifter that fliall appear there. The Caroline and Fubbs Yatches are ready for failing, on board one of which, it is faid, his Excellency Major General Yorke will embark the latter End of next Week for Holland, on his Way fcl' the Congrefs at Aufburgh: On board the other, it is expected', the Noblemen and Ladies going over to Mecklenbourg, will embark at the fame Time at Harwich. By an Article of the Capitulation of Fort Palais at Belleifle, it is plain they had fome Regard to the Fifhery; and by fome Perfons arrived from thence, we are aflured, that they have as great a Fifhery for Pilchards," as tliey have at the Land's End of England ; which they ufed to fend up the Straits, and to other places. The Bone Gold and Silver Lace Manufactory, which has been out of Faftiion a great Number of Years, is now reviving again, a great Number of the moft brilliant Patterns being'already betpoke. Yefterday the Subfcribers to the 6oo, oool. to be raifed by Lottery, made good the fourth and laft Payment of 30 per Cent, on the faid Capital. Yefterday the V/ orkmen began planking the T o p of the Jerufalem Chamber, Weftminfter- Abbey, in order to ereft a Scaffold for the Coronation ; and Yefterday the Sconces, & c. were takeii down in the Chapel Royal, St. James's, in order to make Preparation for his Majefty's Wedding. Yefterday at Two o'Clock, the Right Hon. the Lord- Mayor, fix Aldermen, and twelve Commoners, waited 011 his Royal Htghnefs the Duke of York, and prefented him with the Freedom of this City , in a Gold Box of curious W: orkmanfhip. At the fame Time the Company of Grocers waited upon his Royal Highnefs, and prefented him with the Freedom of their Company in a Gold Box of 100 Guineas Value. Sir William Boothby, Bart, is appointed Matter of the Ilorfe to his Royal Highnefs the Duke of' York, and very fhortly will accompany his Royal Highnefs on a T o u r to, fevcral Parts of tbe Kingdom. Part of a Letter from Portfmouth, dated July 14. From thfe Regions I can acquaint you of- nothing new or extraordinary ; Lord Howe is come down, but . not, as the Papers fay, to command a fecond Expedition ; for et- ery Thing here goes on fair and eafy ; indeed, it is true, this Harbour is crowded with Trofports, which may be wanted. if the Negotiation Jbo'M not faceted, and farther we know not or can conjecture. On our various Succefles, during Mr. P ' s Adminiflrafiov. I* V E heard it oft faid, and believe it, my Friend, That ' when Things are worft they'll fpeedily mend; * For when Britain was lunk to fuch utter Contempt, That no one of Viftories and Conquefts e'er, dreamt; Since the Government fell to a PITT, we have found, That all our Attempts with Succefs have been crown'd. J U L Y 18, 1 - 6 1. F Mrs, A N N BOND, Widow of Lieutenant RICHARD BOND, will fend a Line to WILLIAM NORMS, of Taunton, Somerfet, where' he may direft to her, it will be duly acknowledged. M A R L B O R O U G H , W I L T S. C o be t c t t, And entered upon immediately, THE BEAR and C A S T L E INN in Marl* borough. The Stock of Beer, with other Liquors, and the Houfhold Goods, & c. to be fold. For Particulars, enquire of Mr. Thomas Bafkerville, or at the faid Inn. C o be % oiD, A F R E E H O L D E S T A T E at Mofhall, in 1 1 the Panfh of Kington Saint Michael, in the County of Wilts, now rented by Fanner GALE, confifting of a good Farm- Houfe, and all other convenient Outhoufes, with about forty- five Acres of Meadow and Pafture Ground, and three Acres of Coppice Wood. Alio Two CLOSES of Meadow, fituate at Stockley in the Parifli of Calne, in the faid County of Wilts, now rented by Farmer ASHLEY, at 12I. 15s. per Annum. For Particulars enquire of Mr. PIN NIGER at Chippenham. C o be iLett, And entered upon at Michaelmas next, at Maiden Bradley in the County of Wiits, ALarge Handfome Commodious INN, called, or known by the Name of the NEW- INN, containing three large Parlours, a good Kitchen ihd Hall, with good Lodging Rooms and Garrets in Proportion, good' Cellars and Brewhouf* very handy and convenient, with good Stables and a Coach- houle, a large Yard and Garden walled in. Alfo a very good Piece of Meadow Ground, containing fix Acres, adjoining " to the faid Iloufe. For further Particulars enquire of RICHARD C A R G O, at Maiden Bradley aforefaid. Wanted, A GARDINER that can Mow well, and underftands the Management of Fruit Trees ; fuch a one bringing a good Charafter of his Abilities and Sobriety, may hear of a Pi;. ce by apply, i n g t o R I C H A R D C L A R G O ' a f o r e f a i d. * t * A fmgle Man will be . moft agreeable. Exprefles have been iffued from the Admiralty to all, our Seaports, the Downs, Portfinouth and Plymouth in particular ; b\ it upon what Occafion is not known. Yeilei day there was a great Dejection at Jonathan's, occafioned by a Fall of about three per Cent. Various were the Conjefturcs on the Caul'e of this Calamity; but the general Opinion was, that the Dodlor in Politicks, lately come over from France, is either fo igiionant, or fo over- cunning in his Profelion, that he cannot write ! any effefhial Prefcription for the Rage of War, and therefore mutt I refer the Difteroper to the appointed Confutation of State- Phyficiaus at Auglburgb. J U N E 2 4 , 1 7 6 1, Notice is fieccby g m n , THAT the Market- Houfe at Calne, in the County of Wilts, is now finffhed, and como'eatly fitted up fa the Reception of Goods, and will be opened on Tuefda, the uihDaV of July next, for Wool, Cheefe, Bacon, and other Marketable Goods There are two - lefts . of fixty Feet four Jnchce. long, and twenty- four Feet wide in the clear, with proper Cranes, Scales, and Weights . provided for Wool, and another under Floor of near the fame Dimemi. * s - for other Goods. Horh'd Cattle, both great and fmall, as likewife Hogs, will be brought to the faid Market; and all Perfons who'i. mK Corn, are defired from henceforth to pitch it in the Market as is ufufl in other Towns, and not to fell by Sample. And for Encouragement for 1 erfons to refort to tbe faid Market to buy iVool, ,10 t o l l or ether Perquifite will be required for one lear of, the Buyer. AU DeaJw* may apply te Mr. John StaatiaJ, and Mr. J o h n Savo'ro, tf* Keepers. ' ' " SHEPTON- MAtLET TORNTIKE. Cfcisl i s to giue Notice1, THAT a S U R V E Y O R is wanted to take Care of the Roads belonging to this Turnpike; and if any proper Perfon will undertake the fame, he is delired to deliver his Profofals to the Truftees,. at their next ( General Quarterly Meeting, fyhich will'be held the firft Monday in Auguft next, at the Bell 1 nre in Shepton- Mallet. By Order tff the Truftees, at a Meeting fold the 13th of July, I76.> } GOLDFINCH, Clerk. C o tie Lett, Ahdentered upOR immediately, AVer/ compleat MOUSE, well finiltied,, confifting of four Rooms on a Floor, with a very handfome Front, a very good G arden, and good Stable, fituate at Hatchpin, in the Parish of Pitcorrib, in tlie Road from Caftle- Cary to Bruton, in the County of Somerfet.— For Particulars enquire of Mr. WILL I A M B A K E R , of the fame Pariffi, Mafon. JFor ^ a l e bp auction, AT the Exchange Coffee- houfe in Briftol, on Monday the 27th Inft. at One o'Clock punftually, viz. 23105 FPiunnec hMioanhso goaf nfyin eP lJaanmkasi, c ai nR uXm. ost, s . one in a, Lot, Catalogues of which will be timely difperfed by VV. R I C H A R D S , Broker. N. B. The Mahogany and Rums to be lieu by applying to the above Broker. C o be ¥ 010, At Mr. George Whaitly's, at the Bear Inn, in Devizes, YOUNG DIMPLE; a very beautiful Bay Horfe, near 15 Hands high, fa Years old, perfectly frefli and found, got by Dimple, full Brother to Mr. Swimmer's famous Horfe Mirzah, both being got by the Godolphin Arabian, which got Lath, Babraham, Cade, Regulus, and Bajazct, all which won feveral King's Plates. Young Dimple's Dam, Merry Kate, was out of a very high- bred Yorkshire Mare, by a full Brother to Mr. Vigg's famous Horfe, Merry Pintle. N. I?. The above Horfe is but juft bought of the Breeder, who " i l l teftify the Truth of the abOvt Pedigree. 10 to acquaint tfje public, '"" TTIAT Mr. W Y A T T C A T E R , of Stapleton, A in the County of Gtoucefter, has opened a good Quarry of Stones, near the Fifh- Ponds, in the Parilh aforefaid, late in the l'oflelhon of Mr. Andrew Cater, Gent, deceafed, who fupplied the Exchange in Briftol, 2nd ths Parade at Bath, at the Time of building the fame. Thofe Merchants, Tradsfmen, & c. who may have Occafion for any of ths faid Stones, by applying to Mr. Wyatt Cater, at Stapleton aforefaid, may depend on being ferved with them 011 real'onablc Terms. r n 6 t T h e B A T H and E X E T E R M A C H I N E, In T W O D A Y S, SETS out from the Lamb in Stall- ftreet every Monday and Friday ; to carry Paflengers at one Guinea each ; outfide Pafl'engers, and Children in Lap, half Price ; to be allowed 14. Pounds Weight of Luggage : for all above to pay one Penny per Pound. By THO. KING, of Bath, JOHN WHITMASH, of Taunton. N. B. No Plate, Money, or Jewels, will be anfwered for, unlefs entered and paid for as fuch. Cf) ts is to gitic JSotice, TH A T there will be a C A R N A T I O N FLORIST FEAST h e l d at W I L L I A M HEART'S, at t h e U n i c o rn in Cliewton- Mendip, on Wednefday the 12th of Auguft next: Whofoever fhews the beft BURSTER will be entitled to a SILVER PUNCH LADLE ; the S e c o n d - b e f t , a W H O L E BLOWER, to a Silver Punch Ladle. All to be adjudged by the Majority ot Gentlemen prefent, No Perfoa to ( hew unlefs he dines at the Ordinary. Mr. SANGSTER, Mr. NEWMAN, • STEWARDS. LL Perfons who are inclined to furnifh the Trustees for. Rebuilding BRISTOL BRIDCE with Portland, Bath, Dundry, Felton, and Forreft of Dean STONES, any or either of them of fuch different Sizes as lhall be required, worked into Afhler, from Half a Ton to two Tons and an Half ( allowing 20 cubical Feet to the Ton) and to deliver the fame at Eriitol Bridge: And alfo any Pcrfoii or Perfons, who are inclined to lett for a certain Number of Years to the faid Truftees, any Quarry or Quarries Containing either of the above- mentioned Sorts ot Stone, are delired to- IVTKI their Proposals for fttrnifhing fuch different Sorts of Stone, and alfb for letting fuch Quarries, lealed up, and Poft- paid, to Mr. SYMONS, Attorney at Law, at the Bridge Office in Cornftreet, Briftol, on or before the 7th Day of September next, when fhe faiftTruftees will meet at the Guildhall in Broad- ftreet, Briftol," at Ten o'Clock in the Morning, to confider the fame. N. B. Perfons furnifhing the faid Truftees with the above- mentioned Sorts of Stone by Land Carriage, will be expected to bring the fame upon a Carriage to be approved of by the faid Truftees, of fuch a ConftruCtiofl as may do the leaft Injury to the Briftol Turnpike Roads. By Order of the Trultees, THOMAS SYMONS, Clerk. W'HOEVER are inclined to become Adventurers in the prefent S T A T E L O T T E R Y , may be fupp l i e d w i t h T I C K E T s , b y W I L L I A M a n d R O B E R T C L E M E N T , Linen- drapers, in Wade's- Paflage, BATH. In this Lottery ( notwithftanding there are T W O PRIZES of T E N THOUSAND POUNDS each, befides thirty- eight other Capita! ones) there are but very little more than FOUR Blanks to a Prize ! ( and no Prize of lefs Value than Twenty Pounds) each Blank valued at Six Pounds, which we buy, as alfo the Prizes, ( and likewife Blanks, or Prizes, of former Lotteries ; or we give in Exchange for them, Tickets, Shares, or Chances in the prelent Lottery) and give the moft Money for either of them as foon as they are drawn. And in order to accommodate all thofe of this City, and its Neighbourhood, or others who refort hither, ( that pleafe to favour us with their Commands) who don't like to rifk all they intend to venture, on one Number, but rather chufe a Part, in feveral; we have therefore divided a Variety of Tickets into Shares and Chances, fuch as Halves, Quarters, Eighths, and Sixteenths, a fingle one of either Share, or Chance, any one Perfon may be furnifhed with ; the Money arifing from them will be paid by us, as foon as they are drawn ; which we propole felling here every Day, at the fame Price, and on the very fame Terms and Conditions, as they are fold by the principal Brokers of Credit in London. The Price of Chances, Shares, and Tickets, this Day, are as follow: I. 625 J2JO J 500 JOOO IOOOO 625 1250 2500 5000 IOOOO By which may be gain'd' By which may be gain'd A Sixteenth Chance An Eighth Chance A Quarter Chance A Half Chance - A Whole Chance A Sixteenth Share An Eighth Share - A Quarter Share - A Half Share - A Whole Ticket The Purchafers of Shares are entitled to Part of the Prizes, and Blanks; tFfe Purchafers of Chances, to the Prizes only. We regifter Tickets, Shares, and Chances ( whether bought of ourfelves, or of others) at Sixpence each Number, and the earlieft Notice of their Succefs will be l'cnt by the firft Poft ( from London) to any Part of Great- Britain or Ireland. All Letters, Poft- paid, or Orders fent us by the Newfmen or others, will be punctually anfwered, and Schemes of the Lottery given gratis. The Drawing of the Lottery will begin on Monday the 16th of November next^ at Nine o'Clock in the Morning. The Prizes and Blanks in this Lottery, like all other Stocks, ( on account of the very great Profiled of Peace) will fell for much more Money than they otherwife would have done, had the War been like to continue ; and it is not unlikely but that Tickets will very foon be much higher, ( fo llow is the Time to purchafe them, or never) efpecially as a general Opinion prevails ( in cafe Peace fuddenly fucceeds the meeting of the appointed Congrefs) that there will be no more Lotteries for many Year?. WH E R E A S , by an AFT of Parliament made in the ninth and tenth Years of the Reign of King Wil liam the Third, it is ena& ed among other Things, " That if any " Perf'on fhall caft or fire, or be aiding in calling or firing, any " Squibs, Rockets, or other Fire- Works, into a public Street, " Honfe, Shop, River,—&^ 4iigliway, he fhall forfeit Twenty " Shillings, one Half to the Poor of the Parifh, and Half to the " Profecutor ; and if lie ( liall not immediately, 011 ConviCtion, " pay to the Juftice the faid Forfeiture, for the Ufes aforefaid, he " fhall commit him to the Houfe of CorreCtion to be kept to hard " Labour for a Month."—- This is to give Notice, That the Juftices of the City of Bath are determined to put the faid A f t in Execution againft all Perfons that fhall for the future offend againft the faidAft. BATH, July 20, ijrSi. J A M E S W A L L , L I N E N - D R A P E R, In the C H U R C H - Y A R D, Pegs Leave to acquaint bis FRIENDS in particular, and the PUBLIC in general, THAT he is juft returned from Ireland, and brought over a large Quantity of - Linen Cloth of ail Widths and Prices, Sheetings, Diapers, Huccabacks and Cambricks. And as he has not fparcd neither Pains or Coft to collcft thefe Goods of the very belLMake and Quality, lie hopes to be able to do juftice and give entile SatisfaSion'to thofe who will favour him with their Cuftom. He fells both Wbclefale and Retale, as cheap as they can be had in any Part of England ; and every other Article in the Linen- Drapery Way, on the very lowclt Terms. T h i s is to ACQUAINT A l l G E N T L E M E N , G A R D I N E R S and F L O R I S T S, THAT on Monday the 10th of Auguft next enfuing, will be held at the White Horfe Inn in Calne, a FLORIST FEAST : The Perfon that produceth the two beft Blolfoms of whole blowing CARNATIONS, one of a Sort, of his own Blowing and Propagating from the Layer, ( hall be entitled to a Silver PUNCH LADLE. ' Secondly, the* Perfon that produceth the beft Bloffom of his own Blowing and Propagating, fhall be entitled to a Gold RING. No Pei'fon to win but one Prize. Dinner to be ready at One o'Clock. W I L L I A M W A I L I N G , ") P , c ' Stewards, j Mouis' S T R E T C H , J © u n D a y ' 0 a n d s ^ o n u a g ' 0 P O S T S. From the L O N D O N G A Z E T T E. ADMIRALTY- OFFICE, July 15. « M A P T A I N L o b b ' of" h i s Mal e f t y ' s Sloop the Swan. W gives an Account, that on the n t h Inftant, being on « C 5 the Coaft of Holland, he took La Fluer Privateer of M Dunkirk, of two Guns, and Twenty- ni manded by Simond L'Hermitte, whicl They write from Chatham, that in that Yard oi> lv, from the T . nc the War broke out with France, which was in January 175-- 10 this prefent Time, there have been between 30 and 40 Sail of the Line fitted out in the Space of about fix Months, and fince, ten new Ships launched, viz. four of 90 Guns, three of 74., one of 70, and two Frigates, befides four new Men of War now on the Stocks : It is further remarked, that the French were not able to build fo many Ships of War in all their Ports, as have been finiflied in this one Yard only; which evidently fhews what a ufeful Body the Shipwrights are to this Nation. A Gentleman who came over from France laft Week, and has travelled through that Kingdom from Italy to the Netherlands, fays, that the Scenes of Poverty he met with, particularly in the Villages and Country Towns, lruch exceeded his Expectations : Their Commerce is ruined, their Manufactories languifn, and Money is fo fcarce, that the Produce of the Land is fold at the firft Hand much below a living Price. Good Burgundy he could have bought on the Spot for five or fix Livres a Cafk, containing about 36 Gallons. There was aProfpeft of a plentiful Harveft and Vintage, but there feemed a Want of Hands to get it in. In fhort, their German War has exhaufted the Nation; becaufe they have no Trade fufficient to fupport the large Remittances they make to Ruflia, Sweden, & c. Thurfday Evening his Royal Highnefs the Duke of York, accompanied by feveral of the Nobility, fet out for Scarborough. There is fuch great Expedition uled in fitting up the Royal Carolina Yatcht in Deptford- Yard, that the Artificers employed abcut her, being upwards of 300 in Number, work double Tides every Day, Sundays not excepted, to get her compleatly finifiied againft the 26th Inftant, to fetch over her Highnefs the princcl's Charlotte of Mecklenburg Strelitz to England. Sir Francis Drake, Bart, of the Board of Grcqn Cloth, goes to Mecklenburg, to attend the princefs, as Purveyor, till her Arrival at St. James's. MARRIAGE. The Earl of Buckinghamjhire to Mifs Drury, Daughter of the lale Sir Ihomas Drury, Bart, a 50,000!. Fortune. DEATH. The Hon. George Clinton, Admiral of the White, and Uncle to the prefent Earl of Lincoln. BANKRUPTS. John Coles, of Prefcot- Jlreet, Whitechapel, Merchant. Daniel Macneale, of Liverpool, Merchant. William Eluin, of FranipUm, Lincoln/ hire, Woolbuyer. William Rcict, of Liverpool, Merchant. John Baddeliy, late of Shclton, Stafford/ hire, Potter. John Martin, of Birmingham, Lineruiraper. STOCKS. Bank Stock, 114.. India ditto, 140. South- Sea ditto, { hut. 3 per Cent. Bank Red. 84. a i- 4th. Ditto Confol. ( hut. 3 per Cent. 1.726, ( hut. 3 i- half Bank Ann. 1756, ( hut. 3 l- half per Cent, ditto, 1758., fhut. 4 per Cent. 1760. Ihut. 3 per Cent. S. S. Old Ann. 84 7- 8ths. Ditto New Ann. ( hut. 3 per Cent, ditto 1751, 83 i- 4th. Ditto India Ann. 82 i- hali. Long Ann. fhut. India Bonds, i l . 18s. a 19s. Excheq. Bills, i l . 3s. a is. difc. New Navy Bills, 7 3- 4ths. difc. Lottery-. Tickets, n l . 12s. Script. 1761. 84 a 84 1- 8th. two Days, and had not taken any Thing ; and that finding the Veffel leaky, and it blowing fre( h, he was obliged to fink her, after taking the Men out. [ Thusfar GAZETTE.] lontjcn, 3iulp 18, A Letter from Hamburg of the 10th fays, ' We are informed that the Englifli Miniftry often difpatch Couriers for feveral German Courts; and that fome of them are charged with important Difpatclies for the Court of Denmark. A Negotiation hath been fome Time on Foot for taking into Briiifn Pay fifteen or fixteen thoufand Danes, to be employed in aflifting the King of Pruffia : And the Propofals made to Denmark, for whom the Englilh have a great Regard, are fo advantageous, that it is believed the Affair will foon be concluded.' A Letter from Vienna, dated July 1, fays. ' Our Court is greatly embarrafled. On one Hand folicited by the Court of Verlailles to confent to a Sufpenfion of Arms ; and on the Other, affured by the Czarina that her Troops ( hall act with more Vigour than ever, they know not what Step to take. Baron Laudohn hath informed the Miniftry, that he had received a Letter from the General in Chief of the Ruffian Troops informing him, that he had received Orders to regulate all his Motions by thofe of Gen. Laudohn, and to endeavour to join him. This Letter being read in Council, we are informed that it was refolved to liften to noCeflation of Arms, but to fupport the Plan of Operations concerted with the Court of Peterfburgh.' Letters from Portfmouth fay, that three more Men of War, of 60 Guns each, are ordered to be got ready directly to join the Expedition Fleet. The Lords of the Admiralty have ordered 25 Captains and jo Lieutenants to raife Men immediately, to man our l. i* ge Ships. The Stockholm, Capt. Slott Gelli'fman, a Swedifh Eaft- Indiaman, is arrived at Dover from China : It is reported ( he hath brought Advice that Pondicherry is taken by the Englifh. We hear that M. Buffy will have an Audience of his Majefty fome Time next Week, when he will affume a Character from the French Court. Among other Improvements in the Apartments at St. James's, the State Rooms have all new Doors in the Centre, fo as to form a Vifta to the Throne, for public Occafions. The Dean and Chapter of Weftminfter, have ordered Evening Prayers in the Abbey to be omitted after To- morrow, on account of the Preparations that are to be made there for the Coronation. Orders are given for erefting a new Throne in the Houfe of Peers againft the Sitting of the Parliament, there not having been one fince the Time of Queen Anne. The Whale Fifliery this Year different. Laft Night died at his Palace at Fulham, the Right Rev. Dr. Tho. Shcrlock, Lord Biftiop of London. Ycfterday a Fire broke out at a Ditliller's in Covent- Garden, but one of Mr. Godfrey's Mailiines bein; thrown in, it was inltantly extingiiifhed. ' car by all Accounts has been but in- TBtiftol, 3! uig 18. Arrived at the Hot- Wells. Dtitchefs of Hamilton, Lord Lindofe, Gen. Welch, Col. Browne, Major Singleton, Capt. Thrallfall, Capt. Abercromby, Rev. Mr Hood, Rev. MrFarhill, Mr and Mrs Mead, Mr and Mrs Hofkins, Mr Knapp, Mr Chetwynd, Mr Winter, Mr Winde, Mr Pomeroy, Mr Pennant, Mr Barnes, Mr Piggott, Mr Batehin, Mr Champneys, Mrs Davis, Mrs Belcher, Mrs Lynch, Mifs Fodderick, Mifs Chudleigh, Mifs Taylor, Mifs Trotter, Mifs Lynch, Mifs Haye, Mifs Forfter. Came in fince our laft, The True Patriot, Randolph, and the Edward and Sufannah, Griffiths, from Virginia-, the Juliana, Ruther, from Hamburgh; the King George, Quarle, the Prince William, Wyllye, and the Betfey, Watfon, all from Dublin-, the Indian Kixg, Cavuley, from London; the Willian . oroiwn, from Falmouth ; the Boync, Smith, from Cork. Arrived, At Newfoundland, the Sally, Stokes, the Content, Fur f t , both from this Port; the Henry and Mary, Fielding, from Waterford. Entered Out, The New Bleffmg, Dauncey, and the Prince William, Davis, for Dublin; the True Blue, Chard, for Kinfale; the Betfey, Caufey, for Bofion and Virginia-, the Heflor, Thomas, for Cork and Jamaica ; the Neptune, Thompfon, for Bojlon. Sailed, The Korn Blum, Solhnan, for Hamburgh; the Jenny, Davis, for Londonderry j the Margaret and Mary, Grayder, Jor Dublin. The Britannia, Wilfon, tvas left in the Hurricane at Carolina. Extraft of a Letter from the Polt- Mafter of Exeter to the Pofi:- Mafter of this City, dated July 15. " Mr. Bell, Agent at Falmouth, jujl novo advifes m: by a Spanijh Mail paffing through here for Lonion, that the King George Privateer of Brijlol, had taken an outward- bound Eajl- Indiaman, after a very Jharp Engagement. The French tojl 70, aud the Privateer 25 Men. She is fuppofed to be very rich. This Intelligence is brought by the Packet from Corunna." Saturday laft 14.4 Six Gallon Kegs of Rum, Brandy, and Gin, and 42 Bags of Coffee, with nib. of Tea, feized at Cardigan in Wales, were landed at the Back, in order to be depojited in the Cujlom- Houfe. Tuefday was married at St. Auguftine" s- Church, Mr. Partridge Smith, Son of Mr. Francis Smith, an eminent Linen- Draper in Wine- Street, to Mifs Partridge, Daughter of the late Mr. Freeman Partridge, of this City: A young Lady endowed with many valuable Qualifications, and a Fortune of 16,000/. On Monday laft was committed to Newgate, Eleanor Venables, charged with ftealing one Half- a- Crown Piece, one Shilling in Silver, a Stiver Four- penny- Piece, one Gold Ring, Value IJ s. and dimers other Things, the Property of Mr. Abraham Newton. Alfo Mary Pritchard, charged with ftealing two Aprons, the Property of Mr. Richard Dicks. TBatft, 3! ulg 20. Arriv'd here, Col. Flight and Lady, Rev. Mr. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Walker, Mr. Richards, Mr. Dean, Mr. Grofs, & c. See. We are this Inftant informed, that one Edmund Roach c- f Marlhfield, Chandler, was Yefterday Morning found dead nc r Weftwood, on the Turnpike- Road leading from this City to Cclerne Gate ; and from all Circumftances that yet appear was nnu - dered and robbed, Marks of Violence appearing about his Hcac, his Pockets pulled out and his Silver Watch and Money gon; -. He is fuppofed to have had in his Pockets four 36 Shilling Piece; and fome Guineas; all the Marks of the Watch ihat ci- n yet be recollefted, are, the Dial Plate pretty much foiled, the Black Enrmel of the Figures on it much worn off, and had lately a new Spring put into it, a pale Red narrow old Silk String or Ribbon, a Brafs Key, and a common Brafs Seal fet with Glafs, and a Head engraved on it. As a Means of difcovering and bringing the Villains tp Juftice, if any fuch Watch fliould be offered to fale or pawn, it is defired to be ftopt and the Perfon fecured, and Notice given to Mrs. Eleanor Roach in Marflifield, who will make handfome Satisfaction to the Perfon fo doing. Thurfday laft the Eaftern Battalion of the Somerfet Militia, who were quartered at Wells, marched from thence for Guildfoid in Surrv. Laft Week died'Mrs. Elizabeth Edgel, Rdiel of Harry Edgel, of Standerwick, Efq; fhe was univerlally efteemed when living, and as greatly lamented now dead. At Devizes Market laft Week, Wheat fold from 22s. to 32". per Quarter. Barley 155. to 16s. Oats 13s. to 14s. Beans 22s. to 24s. *..,* Advertisements are dcfired to be fent as early as pcff. Uc. -- Thafe omitted this Week will be inferted in our next.
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