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The Daily Advertiser


Printer / Publisher: Matthew Jenour 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 8533
No Pages: 4
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The Daily Advertiser
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The Daily Advertiser

Sinking of the Prince George
Date of Article: 17/05/1758
Printer / Publisher: Matthew Jenour 
Address: opposite St.Dunstan's Church, in Fleet-Street
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 8533
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
Additional information:
Extract from the sinking of the HMS Prince George 1772 (Page 1 Col 1)

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The Daily Acivertifer. N U N I B . S ^ J . W g D N E S i ) A Y , M A Y . 7 , 1 7 5 8. Dial, May 15. EMAJ. N' in 1 he Downs his Majeamboieugh, only hie outward- Atriv d Difpatch. S ^ W ^ ' f U ^ l f t i i Ay's Ships Norfolk, F- amb Savage Sloop, with » 1 ' f c : ' • ' " • i- X-.'^ fe^?; il Trannffppoorrttss , and the c bftund Ships as per K i W - O his Majefty's Sloop l ^ W ^ W - l Wind Norih- Eaft. l ^ i o ^ V f c l FUrer. r'e, JpHl 29. A few Days ago the Eme.- pize Privateer brought into Lrghcin two French Prizes; and on the 18th inftant another was fent in by the Deal Callle. On the 24th failed from Leghorn hib B: itannic!: Majefty's Ship the Rainbow, attetjiaving carecned v. ith great Expedition iri that Mole. On ihe 28 h 600 Recruits arrived nere from feveral Difiri& s of Tufcar. y, to complete a Battalion, confuting of fix Companies, that is to be added to the Third Tufcin Regiment, « nd which are to be in Gjrriion at Florence. A T o o p of Dragoons, confifting of 500 Men, is ordered; to be forthwith raiftd. Bareitb, April 27. The Prince of Deus*? onts arrived hire this Day. Thirteen Battalions and nineteen Squadrons have enter'd the Camp mark'd out in our Neighbourhood fyr the Army of the Empire. Wfe are this Momir. t infnrm'd that the Pruliians are drawing very near us. Cologne, May ?• Thi Battalions of Rhioms and Boiffiere left us on Saturday. Yelterday the firll Part of die French Recruits, which ciras by Water from Metz, pafs'd by this City ; they smount to 8030. Clew, Afc; At Two this Morning a Fire broke out in that Part of the Caille where they have jail eftabliih'd a French Hofpital; but happily there were not above four or five Chambers burnt before the Flames were extinguifh'd. Paris, Miy 4. Letters from Carthagena ' nforin us of a fatal Accident which happened in that Port on Holy- Saturday. M. de la Clue h i v n g ordered all the Ships of hfc Squadron to make a general Difcharge of their Artillery as foon as the Sound of tha Bells announced the Performance of the G'oria in Excels of the Mafs, they forgot to take the Balls out of the Cannon of the Redoubtable ; whereby the Souverain and Centaur, which lay on each Side of her, received a very unexpected BroaiftJe, which greatly damaged them, and 15 Men were killed by the Accident. A great Sicknefs prevails in this City The P r i x ? of C- on'i had a vio.' ent Fever of the putrid Kind, but he is now hoped to b ' out of Dinger. Martha! Bel'eiUe is il! of a Fever. His Siller, the Marchionefs de Soyecourt, is ju: l dead of a malignant Fever, which caried her off in live Days. The Archbilhop of Touloufa, and Malame la Marechale d'Ifenghien, died faddenly this Week ; and fiveral more Ptrfons of Rank are in a dangerous Way. L O N D O N . On Monday an Expfefs arriv'd from Commodore Howe, off Bafque Road, witn an Account that live French Men of Wai, and two Frigates, were with Icverai Transports in the Roads, and ready to fa'l ; the Commodore has two Men of War of the Lin-, and ore Frigaie. We hear that on Sunday Night Sir Piercy Bre* t ( truck his Bi* ad Pendant on board the Norfolk in the Doams, being appointed f irit Captain of the Royal George under Lord Anfon. And that Capt. Bentley is appointed to the Command of the Norfodc, of 74 Guns, and is order'd round to join tha Grand Fleet. The Happy Return, Bride, from London to Hull for Peteriburgh, is taken and ranfomed for 550 Guineas. The Dragon, Gib: 0: 1, from Liverpool for Peterfburgh, is alfo taken and ranfomed. The Stanley, Grace, from North Carolina for London, is taken and carried into Louilbourg. On Monday died, after a lingering IUnefs, Mr. Eneas Mackpherfon, many Years an eminent Ship's 1- Iufbini in the Italian Trade, and Partner with Mr. Arnold, in Great Tower- Street, Lall Wesk died, at the Hot We'lS, Brifbl, the R; v. Mr. Goddard, Fellow of New College, Oxford. On Monday died at his Houfe in Rotherhi. h, Mr. Wade, Elder of the Drug Warehoufe belonging to the Eait- India Company. Lalt Week was fought at M- incheiler a great Main of Cocks, between the Right Hon. Lord S'. range and Radcliffe, F. fq; which was won by his Lordfnip 12 a- head out of 26 in the Main, and feven a- head out of 19 in the Byes. Extract of a Letter from Mr. Parry, an Off.< er of the Prime George, dute. i off the Rock of Lijlon, on hoard the Glfgo< w, the 2 \ ft of April, 1758. ' You will undoubtejiy have heard of the melancholy ' Fa'. e cf the unhappy Sufferers with the Prince George, • on Thurfday the 13th of April. The following is ss ex- ' aft an Account as ihe Confufion we were then ia will • permit me to fend you. ' About Half pall One at Noon, being in the Office ai- • joining to the Cabin, I faw the Admiral run out, with • two or three Officers; on enquiring the Caufe, I was • alauned with the Ship's being on Fire forwards, and, it « was believed, in the Boatswain's Fore St / rvsRoom : ' Every Method was taken to cxtinguilh it, but the Smoke • was fo very violent, no Perfon could get nrar enough to ' find where the Fi- e was. About Halt pafl Two we. made ' the Signal of Diflrefs; but to render our Situation more ' wretched, the Fog came on very thick, and fej Wind • frefiicn'd, and it was near Four before the Glafgow and 4 Alderney got Intelligence of oftr Condi. ion ; when ' they repeated the S gnat, hcilled out tlu- ir Boats, and Hood towards us; but they not kno^ in'. we hai taken- ' Care to float our Powder, were under fad Apprchen • lions we nr- ghr blow up. an I therefore cou- d rot ( con- • fiitcnt with their- own Safety) give us the- Affitlance our « depkrahle Condition rendered us fo much in Need ' cf. We attempted to fctutle ihe Decks tu Jet the Wa- ' ter on the Fire, but the People csald not Hand a Mi- • s ' r ' break out: The Adjnir. il then Ordered the Boats to 1 be hoiiled out, got the Sirge oiit, and went off, pro- ' mlfing to bring a Shio along- fide of us. I oflferved 1 her fo full her Gunwale > Vas alnio't wi: h the Ware-, • and i. i a few Minutes a£ er faw her fink at fome Di- : lit nee a- ft; rn, and not above three or f> ur fav.' d our ' of upwards of forty, amontj whom it plea'ed God to 1 prefervc the Admira', The Weath. r was now be- ' com: very clear, but none of the Merchantmen would ! come neir us. Our Officers b.- haved extremely well, ' air. 1 endeavoured to keep the People to the Pumps ' and dra. yfng Water, bu: they wer: no^ hecom - qaite ungovernable. About a Quarter before F. ve, Cap ain ' P. iyton lef; the Ship, and promifed as the Admiral; ' bu-. was not able to accompiiih it. About Five ' the Lor. g- Boat was endeavoured to be go: out, in which ' were near ido Peopte ; but as they were ho ftir. g ' her out, one of the Tackles gave Way, by which fhe ' overfet, and almoli every Perfon petifhei : We were ' now reduced to the greatelt Diftrefs. You may have * fome Idea of our miierabie Coiditioii, when I tell ' you the Ship began to b; in F. am s fore and aft, ' tpreajirig like Flat; People diftraited, not knowing ' what they did, and jumping ov'erbodrd from all Parts. ' I was now reduced to the nlslaiiciioly Choice of either ' burning with the S tip, or going overboard. Very fe, v ' that could fvim were taken up, a id I that couid not ' fvim, mull have little Hopes indeed. About a Quarter ' pall Five I found it high Time to endoavour at fonis ' Method for my Prefervation, if polii'ole; I went into the ' Admiral's Stern- Gallery, where were two young G; n- ' tlemen lafhing two Tables toge her for a R a f t ; I aS. led ' them, and one of them propjfe- l to make fail the Ladling ' to the Gallery, and lower ourlclves down to the Table , ' then cut the Lafiiing, and commit ourfelves to the Mercy ' of Providence; wchoifod over the Tables, but, beingbaJly ' lafh'd, one of them we loft ; as foon as the other was ' down, I prop- ifed to venture fir'!, which they realily ' confented to ; there w.: re now three Boats ailern ; this ' was the Tim: or ne/ er ; dovn I went by the Rope; ' but ai there was a great Swell of Sea, it was impoUt'ole ' for any one to follo v me, and I was tu: n'd adrift in my ' crazy Bark; by the Cries of the People from the Ship ' to the Boats, in abou: five Minutes I was taken up, ve. y ' near drown'd. ' I mutt cut fhort my melancholy Narrative ; our B 53t is now hoilling out to go 011 board a Liibon Vdfel, by whom this is to be convcy'd. I: is imp fiible .0 exprefs ( he Satisfaction that all Karks of People dsciaie at . feeing the cutious Grr- up cf Figures exhibited at the Bottom of the Hay- Market, repr: l'etu. ing the Hero of the Times, his Confort, & c. No Curioiity evef fhewn in this Metropolis ever met wi: o fuch Applaud, ali pronouncing they are bevontl Imagination. Putney B wlfng Green Iloui'- heing newly repaired) and completely fumiihrd, is opened by George M ihamj from the St. Alban's Tavern, with good Scabl ng, ihe Wa'ks ani Bowling- Green in fine Order. The Turiei- Houfe to be lett, facing ihe River Thames, H i n c i t r - fmith, genteelly fgrnifht- o. At the London Peruke Warehoufe at the jEsgle a- d Child, St. Martin's le Grand, near Ne\ Vgare-- ir et, are fold good Wigs at the following Prices, viz. ' i'; ei 1 1. 15 Si Maiors 11. 5 s. full drefs'd Bobs 18 s, Bags 12 s; Grizztl Cuts 11s. Brown cut, curl'd or fcra ch'd 10s. made in the prefent Taile, and wi, h '' lie bell Materials. I wiil warrant my Wigs to wear twelve M > n'. hs, make any Alteration, or prefs them any Time, gratis.- Edward Htrt. To all Gentlemen, and others, that ( liave themfelves. At the Blue Peruke ( over the Don) in Pall- Mall, near St. Alban's Street, and no where where elfe, is fold a fi . t Strop, futfieieflt to keep Razors in peifcct Order for Shaving, without ufing any Hone Largeft S ze a- s. 6d. lelfer 2 s. Alfo all Sorts of Razors, proved by Shaving, and all other Materials belonging thereto, and the beft of Shaving Powder, B A N K R~ V P T S. ' Thomas Swallow, of Rrdenhall, Norfolk, Mercer. William Morgan, of Whitctro 5- S reet, Eiga- Tool- Makcr. Robert Houlton, of Briilo!, Grocer, Tho. Drake, of Thorpe Sa'. chvile, Leicefterfirre, Chapman. Jam's Aficey, of Reading in Berks, Innboldcr MR „ P _ I N C H B E C K b e- eP - s Li . ee aa vv e tt< o? i n f o r m _ __ the Nobility, Ocntry, & c. that i i a few Ov.- s w. il be fi- iifhM, and reaqly to deliver, a curio'. is Medal ot the Her,> icii ' KIIIK ol' PRUSSI. a, eograv'd bv one of our ln- ft Artilli, after an original NSodel, very lately brought from Berlin, afii'ted by a Figure now in the PoileiUon at' a p- ett Pertonage, elleem'd to- be a mn! t ftriking Rcieinbl'nee of t! ut^ ori;- u3 Mjaarch. For the Device and Maltos on the Rcveifc, which a? e t icu-: hc t > be extremely Ggnificant, Mr. Tincubeok gratefully owns Mmfelt" obliged to a I'erf'n of Qj^ ahty. Tile Pri^ e of thou; in Si. ver, which will weigh about Sic Shillings, will be only Half a Guinea, in Capotr 5s. nud no more will be ftiuclc in G'M than what'aie order'd, which will be one Guinea more than the Weight. T to e who Hull favor Mr. Pinchbeck with their iinmejiace Orders, will have the firll Imprellions. 715 Complement. 30 Pdflengers to Gibraltar. 260 faved. 485 loft. >..-. ,1,1. i l l v , UJl 1 L^ tliu ,1- JC 1U. IU rt su'. e without being near fuffocated- Abcut Half pall Fo. r the Smoke increufc ], 2al tic flames I w w t « 745 . i 745 Raielagh- Houfe will be open'd every Evening. P. rtjmnftb, May 15. Saturday arrived the Guards, and encauip'd near th s Place; this Mo- ning th. y embark'd for the Ids of Wight. Tnis Afternoon we e< p' 6t the Dragajns to encamp, and Tomorrow they ieave us. There is a Spirit in the'Troops and in the Seamen that nothing can eiiceei. YeiterJay faii'd ou: of Harbour the iiiLx, Capt. Campbell. Next Friday Evening a Sermon will be preached at St. Alphage's Church ai I, indoo- Wall n~ ar C ippiegate, for tiis Benefit of the Charity Children frequenting the fame, and towards fapporting the w ekly Evening Lefture carried on therein, by the Kiev. Mr. V. nn, Curate of Ciapham in Surry, and Afii tan'.- Le£ turer at S:. Alban's in WooJSt.- eet. Prayers to begin at Six o'Clock. Sadler's Wells. 1 his Evening the ufual Entertainments of this Place will be exhibited, and conclude with a new Entertainment ot Mufick and Dancing never, performed before, called, The Rejoicing Night, or, Britifh G. atitude. The Paintings, Mufick, and Habits, all intiieiy new. Places for the Boxes to be taken at the Wells. - Their renowned Lofiineffes, ihe Dromedary and Camel, ftili continue at the Talbot in the Strand. The Fear and Dilquietuds of the Dutch from the near Neighbourhood of the Frcnch A- my, has difcovered i: f lf late; • on many Occafions, not only in Remonitraace* and Motiohs for Increafe of their Troops, but the few Friends of antient Liberty have caufed to be ftruck a grand M: dal of moll excellent Talle and Workmanlhip, on account of the figrial Vi£ tory gained by the King of Pruflia over the combined Armies of Franc: and ihe limpire, on the 5: 11 of November, 1757, of which the following is a Description : On the Front is reprefented the Life and Soul of Military Virtue, in a lively and fp'ritei Re. e n'blance of the K- ng of Pruflia, with his ufual Titles : On the Reverfe is Jupo and Jupiter fit: ing in the Clouds, from whence the Imperial Eagle, armed with Thunder and L'ghtning, i- fe. it to deftroy Hercules, who repels the Bolt ani fcatters the Lighti n g on the Ground : The Infcription round it, Neju; ' fovh Fulmina t. rrent : The Scene of Adt; on ai U n, on which is w itten SaJj, the River Saal, and th; 1' iace b further defcribed by thefe Words at the Bo. torn, Prrs'Jwn frote Rnjba: h, Nav. the yb, 1757, Who gain'd the Victory app- ars by the Trophies, on which are hung the Enjigns of the Conquered, viz. the Spread- Eagje, wkich is the Imperial Arms, and Flower de Luces, which a e the Arms of France. It is plainly to be feen with one Glance t> f the Eye, that by Jjp'uer ani Juno are meant the Emperor and Em prefs Queen, who fetk to deftrav HerCul- s, or the heroick King of 1' ruffia : The Eigie arir.' d with Thunder and I/ ghtriing, rrp: efeiits the combine! Armies of France and the Empire, who are ever ready, at the Command of Juno, 10 dellroy Hercules. II. r tr. eic'lefaand unrelenting Hitrfcd is a well known Story, and may juftly be compared with th; prefent War, where the Eiuperor in the Service of the limprefs ufes ail his Power todeftroy the King t f Prullia. As Lightning amonglt the anticot Ro xins was the Emblem of VVar, it hers denotes the French, who are a perpetual ani deflroying Pert to Germany » thirefore the L ghtning is interni'x'd with Flower de Luces, as appears on the MeJal. This large Silver Hdlorical Medal is to be hai only at Mr. liar- ache's, Jeweller, in Pail- Ma!! ; and at Mr. CourtaU's, SiivertaUh, FVIR- g thsR.^ al Extiiange, at la J, AT W a n l a f s - H a l l near R i c h m o n d , Y o r k f l i i f e, Youth a're completely and readily qualified for Trade, tfce ce- P. iblick OSices, and t. hir Univerfity, hv'Mr. H E A D and AHiflanii' they are neatly an i decently cloathed, boused, and luuphed with Book'' Paper, and every Thinx, necell'iiy for a liberal Education, at ioi. a Veor each. Particular Caie is always taken to form their Minds upon Prin- . C'plos of Religion and Vir- ue," and to fix in them Habiu of Decency I Regularity, Diligence, and Trull:, " French is likewife taught without additional Expe i. nic n, iwc. vc i- i me i. tuin. ue, aiin I I O'. ii'S -- laugn'cr S ( Jc in St. Martin's Lane, from Three till F ve in 1 Anernoon. In c few Da; 5 will be fublijked. In on$ V o u. T.*, Octavo, l" rlcc bound Ki^ e Shili 11^ 5, K H E L. iie of" W I L L I A M < 1 W I C K H A M, Biflioi of Winchefler CJle'led from Uecfndl, Rfg fters, Manofcnpis, and other » uth:'. titkEvi, icRj « « . ItvROBdR r 1 OWl'H. D. D., Piebenoary of Durham, and Cb . p'ain in Uidinuyrohi- M- pItv. Pi in ed for A. Millar, in the S. raud ; and R. and J in P: ll Mil'. ^ T ^ i i i i P. ropr e t o i s ot M r b l ' A C K i - i O U S . ' s JL Hiftory o' the I'. IRLE, in Two Vcilumei in Folic, a.' or- ed witu 104 C^ pp- r- Plates, in ordtr 1.0 iud ce all Peifon^-. nd Kan, ili^ « < o be. om: Pu ch. fer, of this euel'e'nt W. i k, piojrafe y - lilh ng Knmoer I. on Saiurday n.' xc, lb- aoti' inftan-., a d o n ii'. u - the famr Vv e.- Uly, each Hauitjc- r co'. t, n' g Four Sh-.- eTs aoJ Copp t flare. Trice 6 d. P.-. n ed for J. Hin;(> ii, at ti. e Ki e's Arms in Ne. vta'e Street. VVhe. emiy be had, tnc Tws Vo'u n s cnm, i! ote, i n lv bound and lettered,. Hrice 3 }. 3F. A !. o '. Ir. S. ackhaufe'b Cody 0" Ditound and e:'( rea, c > i i e i l . 10s. PL nity, r. ear'y Given gratis, by J. Fuller, Book'U'er, in BLw^ fadekr- Stree', Cbeapfide, with at Atftwit of the Aul or and IFtri, P R O P O S A L S f . r r e p r i n t i n g b y S . . ' o f . i i p u o n , 1 in Weekly Numbers, in one Vfjlime, > o! io, ' Ihe' Old and Near Te^ ament, v. ith Not « * s aid Annjrations. Containing s. Ani t- rpre^ nonof a; I the diffifcu t Phrjfes and Wo ParaJJel Scriptt res, bo li as to Ma'fer and Words. W tit nn An » l\ fis of evcrv Hook > ni Chapter, thereby fhew. ng ihe and Con « . x;. ure of the VVhoJe. B/ SAVUJ7. L C . MW, M A. L. ajt Saturday was p u b l f f i d, No. T. Price 6d. adorn'd w th a curiou< Front- fpiece j and next day will be pubiifh'd Np. II. (? nr » beli. fb'd with a beautiful Copper- , r prcienting t'le Creation, of ihc World) of A t i U N I V E R S A L B I B ' ^ E : o r , E v e ry Chritli^ n Family's be/ l Trtafjie, Containing r^ e *' ae- ed Te* t o' the O d and Ne* Tefta^ ent at 1 trge, iitvf rated with N i'e « » ni Commenis; eiy the djiBcclt P. fi'.^ ei a- r explained; the M, l!- a laMons corre£ led j and the fe* m ne Cun ra^ ct ons .' uund in the Or^ c e « of Itu h, r, conc led. B S. NtLSONf, f . D. Tcis Work w ll be e eg ii'ly p'- Inred it. la g" Fo'io, : nJ coniprize. l in Eighty Number?. A new Srt or Q.< ip* r- Pljtc8, elegantly engr- ved from original Deligm, ( lull be gufisi jra is Printed lur J. Con e, ov; jofi: e Devereux- C. owt, Strand; J. Staples, oppoli c Siat'Oirrs HA' j an ! fold by a i Bookfe Ir. n in Eii i and. Wiiere t'ropefah may be had, giving a furt'- er A<- ount of ' h s of. ul Wo I:. D R . J A M E S ' s P o w d e r , w h i c h is a Ct r aTn Cure far Fevers, and other ir. fi imrnarory Diftemperi, is fold ( by Viiioj of his Majeity's Royal Letteis Parent) only at J Newbery's tWhea reNhoonuhfe Dtohoer Boifb lteh ea nCdh uSorcnh i. n SPrr icPea u » l ' 1s. C6hdu. rch V ' ard, oircr- againft the two Dofea. A T a T i m e w h e n fo m a n y p o o r I n n o c e n t s an? F X dying with tlie HOOPINO- COUCH, I think it mv Doty to de), elate, thit my fix Child'eo were defperately alll fl.- d vyith that Difo- dtj, and by a- nnlying to Mr. Norris, at the All- he- d'ng M xiure Warehoufe anii Golden Head, the South S'. Jc St. Paul's Clmrch- Yjrd, they were, bj tlie; Bleiring of G id, and his Powders, cured in a few Days. THOMAS JACKSON', P, nm„ kct, in Marigoid- Coyrt, Maudlin's Church, Southwark Sold in Parcels at 3 s. and 6%, ^ r O W T H E k C I W e r s tor T i c s and n'. fcr. le", (, vhi h. h* ve in'or. tgilibl. prov'd their amaiii!'. " o. ver n hnfeCafesj an3 the Conor's D ops for Pa- fin. Contrafton « , Rheu. fiat. fnK, Ch » li « k « . a^ d ail windy D < e de s. > ie fold ( sich Med cine Price 61. or ; s ) by the K ns't ! et ers Piifiir, at Broo'ie's ' i'j- ehouf-, fl- et- S ieet, where t' e D^ ftor . fends cv : y Tuef- 1 » v, Ti> ur dav ^. n^- Sa'. of *:'- y, f o n 1 en to > Jn- e, fo gi- eAdvtce g'tiisj « ni a: Daw:'< jp. v> VJim nils - B. idj-, evtrr Tutfdajr ficuj « '>•, 9 to Four. Dr. Linden's Ethereal Oil, or Qjlnteiitnce of Mallard, well known for the admirable Cures it has peiform'd in ths Gout, Rhematifm, Pally, Sciatica, and Scurvy, it is of the greateft Service in Indigeftion, is prepared and fold by ihe Proprietor, John Holdltock, at the Durham Muiford Warehoufe, in Bow- Street, Covent- Garden; a'fo by Mr. Bowen, at the Royal Exchange. Price 3 s. or 1 s. 6d. per Bottle. The infallible Corn Salve, which performs the Cure in four Weeks, is fold at Mi*. Gale's, G-. ldfmith, near EHex- Screet in the Strand, and at Mr. Bowen's, the South Gate, Royal Exchange, Price is. 6 d, At Mr. Bowen's is alfo fold a Remedy againit fpitting of Blood, vomiting, & c. Price 3 s Balfamick Drops for particular Diforders in Women, Price z s. Afk for Mrs. Bowen. High Water at London- Bridge this Day at 49 Vlinutcs after 8 in the Morning, and 20 after 9 in the Evening. Yelteraay Kann Stock, 121^. lnuta Stock, 148 j a South- Sea Stock, 106 | a f . Ditto Old Annuities 94 § . Ditto New Annuities 95 f a § -. Three per Cent. Bank reduced, 94 § a j. Ditto confol. 95 • § •. Ditto 1726, 9 4 5 . Ditto 1751, 95 f . Ditto India Annuities, 93 f a 94. Three 1 half Bank Annuities 1756, 101 Three per Cent, ditto 1757, 94 Bank Circulation, 4I. 103. Prem. India Bonds, 2I. 19s. Prem. Navy and Viftualling Bills, 1 | a { Difc. Life- Annuities, 16 J Years Purchafe. Lottery Tickets, 12]. 3s. 6d. a 4s. Script. 1758, 1 o 1 i a f . J. HAZARD, Stock- Sroker, at his Lottery- Office under the Change V l C T U A L L l N G - O F F i C i i , May 12, 1758. THE Cvmmif/ ionirs for YiBualling his Majsfiy s Navy hereby give Notice, that on Friday the 26th infant, ths following of his Mipfiy s Ships ' will bs recalled at the fay- OfUs in Broad- Stre- t, and the Short- Allowance Money due to their Companies paid, for the ' Firms under mention 1 Ships Nam's Jafm, Kent, King's Fijher Sloop, Bridge- water, Salifiury, y anguat- d, Augufia, Captain, Tyger, Beginning. March 14, 1754, June Ending. 28, 28, 28, 3'. 1, 21, 11, 11, 12, 11, 18, Portmahon, Jafan, Somerfet, Anfon, Defiance, Dunkirk, Otter Sloop, - HampJLire, Guarland, - Sep'ember Ditto — Ditto — Ditto — July — Ditto. Ditto — 17 D.- cember 2 3 Augufi 1 I March July Ditto - Ditto - Sept. - Novetn. 754- 26, 9. 10, 29, 27/ » 12, 16, 31 • 1755- > 755- ' 757- 1 754- Ditto Ditto Ditto Ditto May Ditto, Ditto 8, , Scptem. I, , — Dt'. o 8, . — Jan. 25, 1755, Jane 3, — Ditto 6, , Ditto 9, . — Ditto 12, — Septem. zz, 1755, — March 16, 1756, Jan. — — July 16, 1754, Sep-' etnic Whitehall, April 12, 1758. WH E R E A S it hath been humbly reptefented to his Majefty, that on Tuefday the nthinltanf, at Eleven o'Clock at Night, the Temporary Bridge ere£ ted For a Paflage during the Alteration of London- Bridge was fet on Fire, and in the Space of a few Hours burnt dorv n jind crrtirely con fumed, whereby the PaftV. ge over the faid Bridge is totally deflroyed ; and whereas theie are the fttcngcll Grounds to believe, that the faid Temporary Bridge v. as wilfully and maliciuufly fet on Fire by the Contrivance or Confpiracy of evil- difpofed and wicked Perfons, his Majefty for the better difcovering and bringing to jnfiice the Perpetrator or Perpetrators of a Crime fo very infamous end deteflable, is hereby p'. eafrd to protr. ife his 1.1 oft gracious Pardon to ar. v one of the Perfons concerned in contriving the fame, ( except the Perfon or Peifons who actually fet the faid Temporary Bridge on Fire.) who fhall difcover the Pcrfon or Per'ons who let the faid Bridge on Fire, fo that he, fee or they, be. apprehended and convided thereof. W. P I T T . And, as a further Encouragement, the Mayor, Aldermen, and Commons of the City of London, in Common Council afltmbled, do heteby pronrfe a Pewa< d of 200I. to any Perfon making fuch Difcovery as aforefaid, ( except the Perfon or Perfons who a£ tually fet the faid Bridge on Fire) to be paid by the C'namb rain of London, on Conviclion of fuch Offender or Offenders. Guidhal!, April, 12, 17 8'. - HoDGES. Eafter Term, 31ft King Gets. II. WHEREAS the Right Hon. the Lord Chief Ju'ftice, an t the reft of the Judges of his Majefty's Court of Common Pleas at Weftrainfter, have thought fit this Term ( for the letter Regulation of the Attorneys) to make a Rule of Court, ordering tvery Attorney who has been admitted of the faid Court, to pay and difcharge his Arrears of Termage to the Clerk of the Warrants, or his Deputy for the Time being', on or before ' he firft Day of Michaelmas Term next, and afterwa ds to pay his faid Tannage lo the faid Cletk of the Warrants, or his Deputy, before the firft Day of Michaclmas Term n every fubfequent. Year : The Clerk of trie Warrants thinks it neceffrrv Jp give this pubiick Notice to the fa d Attorneys, left, for want of Information, they omit ro comply with ihe fa d Order, and thereby fubieCi theGiSdves to the Inconvcniencies that may attend the Orsiflion thereof. Warrant of Attorney Office, NATHANIEL ROWE, Clifford's Inn. St. CMlaerrkti n of itnh et hWe arFraienltdss. . ACommittee of Veftry will meet in the Veftry- Room of the faid Parifh on Friday next, at Four o'Clock in the Afternoon, to receive Propofals, and. confider of thgfe already made, for raking a Leal'e of the Houfe facing St. Jastes's Hay- Market, near the E aft End of Pall- Mali, adjoining Eallwards to Mr. Oliphant, ! latter. The Houfe may be view'd in- the mean time, by enquiring of Mr, Williams, at the faid Houfe. T the KING's Theatre in the Hay- Market, on Saturday next, v. i; le peiform'd an Opera, called, S O L I M A N O. With D A N C E S . Fit and Boxes to be put together, and no i" er. bns to be admitted without Tickets, which will be deliveied that Day, at the faid Office, at Haif a Guinea each. Gallery Five Shillings." By h- s MAJESTY'S Command,' no Pcrforis whatfoever to be admitted: behind the Scenes. The Gallery, Pit. and Boxer, will- be open'd at Five o'clock. To b- s'n at Half an Hour after Six o'Clock pi » ci'e'v. Pre/;) iu:/: s given hy the Society for the Encouragement . of Arts, Matrfn. l « rei, and CobiTmris', conti. uvd. PR E M I U M S to encourage and improve Manufactures, Machines, & c. To the Perfon who fhail ntake the bieft Carpet of one Breadth, after the Mamer of Turky Carpet's, in Price, Colour, Pattern, and Workmanlhip, to he at Icaft i ; Fett.- by 12 Feet, and'to be produced on or before the hft Weilncfday in March, 17( jg, 301. For the fecond bet!: of the faor. e Dioierdions, by fome other Perfon, : o l . Note, No Period who has gain d any Premium for making Carpets will be now admitted as a Claimant, except for the firft Premium, for which rremjum fuch Claimant or'Claimants fhall produce fix Carpets of the Dimcnfions above, fuperior to any others produced. To the Manufacturer who ( hall make the largeft Quantity of the Crapes commonly ufed for Mourning Hatbands, Scarves, & c. nearly equal in Gooduefs to the heft foreign Crapes, not lefs than 100 Yards; to be produced on or before the firft Wednefday in March, 1759, 301. For the heft Drugget, to be made neareft and molt agreeable to the Quality of a Drugget of foreign Macufafture, a Pattern of which will be deliver'd by the Rcgifter of, the Society; to be produced on or before the firft Wednefday in February, 1759, zol. For the fecond belt, 101. A P. emium of sol. will be given to anvParilh wherein the greateft Quantity of Wheat ( lull be gr. mri^ inro Meal by Hand- Mills work'd by the Poor, ( in any Workhonfe within the Bills of Mortality) in Proportion to the Number of the Poor in the faid . Workhoufe; which Meal Ihall be cpnfumed theiein, of fold out to other Perfons, fatisfaiftory Proof to be made thereof on or before the third Wednefday in F'ebruary, 1759. For the fecond greateft Quantity, in like Manner, 15I. For the third ditto, 101. To the Perfon who { hall make for the Society, on or before the firft Wednefday in November, 1758, a Hand- Mill, which will raoft efteftually and expeditioufly grind Wheat and other Grain into Meal, in a cheap Manner, for making Bread for theUfe of the Poor, col. For making and producing on or before the firft Wednefday in April, 1759, the beft and cheapeft Pair of Mill- Stones, not lefs than 25lnches Diamete-, of Englifh Stones or Burrs, that fhall come neareft inGoodnefs to ihe Mill- Stones made of French Burrs, for the grinding Wheat and Olher Grain, 15]. For tj. e fecond beft, 101, For the third ditto, 5I. For making the g'eateft Quantity of Paper, and beft in Quality, from Silk Rags alone, not lets than one Ream ; to be produced on or before the laft Mfed. nefday in January, 1759, 20I. For the fecond greateft Quantity, and beft in Quality, not lefs than a Ream, jol. For the third ditto, not lefs than a Ream, 5I. For making one Ream- of Paper which upon Trial ( hall be judged equal in all its Qualities to the French Paper proper for receiving the beft Impref- ' fions of Copper- Plates; to be produced on or before the fecond Wednefday in April, 1759, 20 1. Specimens of French Paper will be delivered at the Society's Office to any Paper- Maker. For the fiaeft- fuun Yarn from Flax of Englifti Growth, not lefs than 61b. Weight; to be produced on or before the fecond Wednefday in February, 17^ 9, rol. To the Mafters or MiftrelTes, or thofe who under any other Denomination fuperintending the Labour of the Poor in Workhoufcs, the following Premiums will be given, viz. For fpinning the belt Worfted Yarn in any Workhoufe wherein the Poor are not lett to farm, not lefs than 500 lb. Weight ( fit for the Ufe of Weavers) which ftiall on or before the third Wednefday in February, 1759, be proved to have been fpun therein between the prefent Date and that Day, by fuch poor Perftlns only as til ill have been there relieved, 15I. For fpinning not lefs than icoo lb. Weight of any Linnen Yarn from Hemp or Flax ( fit for any handicraft Trade in the lower Branches qf Weaving) in any V/ orkhoufe, and by fuch poor Perfons as above, within the Time aforcfaid, i'utScient Samples to be produced, 10 1. to the belt deferving. For fpinning not lefs than soolb. Weight of the fined Linnen Yarn fit for the principal Branches of Weavinv, for making Stockings, or to be ufed as Sewing- Thread, within the Time and on the Conditions abovementioned, 15 1, For fpinning not lefs than 500 lb. Weight of Cotton Yarn, neareft to the Sort cali'd Surat or Turky Cotton Yarn, in any Workhcufe as above, within the fame Time, and on the fame Cond'tion*, tol. For cabling to be knit within the Time above- meation'd, by Women and. Children relieved in the Workhoufe of sny Pariih whofe Poor are not farmed out ( and provided twenty Women and Children, or upwards, have ; been employ d) the largeft Quantity in Proportion to the Number fo cmpiov'd, of . white low- priced flight Worded Hofe for Women, from Yarn fpiin in the faid Workhoutc, fuch Hofe to weigh about 3 ll>.- per Dozen, and each Stocking to meafuie fuil 13 Inches in the Leg, and. ni ne Inches in the Foot, and o i. e. knitfrom two Threads of foftWorftel fpun oathe thortWheel, calie. Lthe Canteibury or Leicefler Wheel ; for the greateft Number of fuch Hofe as corr. e Reared to a Pattern to be given by the Society, in the Proportion of one Dozen Pair at leaft for each Woman and Child, 15I. For the fecond Parcel in Quantity and Quality of the like Hofe, on the fame Conditions, 10 1. For caufing to be knit on the above Conditions, the largeft and beft Quantity of the like WcrOed Hofe f ir Wuri'en, of the fame Size and about the fame Weight, but knit from three Threads of the Long Wheel Spinning, 15 1. For the fecond Parcel ditto in Quantity nnd Go'odnefs, 101. The Hofe muft be produced to the Society, or to fticij. as tljey fhall appoint to P. xamine the fame, and nvaft. be made as near as may be ' 0 Samples of each Sort, which will be delirer'd by tile Regiller to any Perfoa* who fliall apply by a Subfcriber. Note, Certificates will be required from th'eMafters, Miftrefiis, or Superintendar. ts of fuch Workhoufes, as are Candidates for Spinning or Knitting, fpecifying the Number, Sex and Ages of the Pojr employed therein', how many Days they were fo employed, and the Jutlnefs of the Samples delivered in ; and alfo a Certificate or Certificates from the ReAotr, Vicar, or Curate, and from the Overfeers of the Poor of the Parifil where each Workhoufe is fituated, that they have refpettivcly examined into the Fa£ ts certified by fuch M. ifter or other Perfon, believe the fame to be true, and that the Poor have been treated in the mean Tune with Humanity and Companion. No Perfon will he intitled to more than one. or the above Premiums. The other Premiums of this Ye r will he advertifed as foon as podible. By Order of tGhe ESOoc. i etyB, O X , Secretary. B L E N H Z~ rWl> ri va7e~~ Ship ' oflVar, J A M E S M E R R Y F I E L D , Commander. is hereby given to the Seamen and others belonging to the above Ship, that fhe caft off from her Moori- cs at Deptford on Sunday laft, - and is now at the Hope ; where they are" defired to. repair 011 boaid, as their Advancc- Money will be paid Tomorrow and Friday next. - jN Monday next, the 2 2( 1 of May, Mr. _ MACKENZIF. will begin a Courfe of Lectures on the Theory and Praaice of M1DW1FRY, a: his Houfe in St, Thomas's Street, Southwark. , R. MARTIN begs Leave to acquaint the Pubiick, that as the Time is now paft in which it was pofiible for the Earth to beinvolvedin the Tail of the Comet, Gentlemen and Ladies may now with Pleafuve expert its Return', and be eafily afiifttd in making Obfervations upon it, during the Tune of its Appearance of the Orbit of the faid Comet properly elevated,' and is placed for every five Days represented therein, alfo its Diftance from the Earth at any Time of the Year that it may be feen, Priceis. 6d. Alfo a ne-. v Quadrant for taking the Altitude and Azimuth of the faid Comet, in older to place it on the Surface of a Ceieftial Globe, Price 11. 11 s. 6d. Fir the Ben. fi; of Signer KOERB1TZ, Mufieiau to his Maj. fiy the King of Prufjia, jriji. come over, T. the Great Room in Dean- Stre: t, Soho, Tomorrow, " will be' a Concert of Vocal and Inftrumenial It, I'sICK. The- Vocal Parts by'Si'gnor'Koerbiti and Signor. Ca'. ori : The Ir. flrumental by the bifft Perfonrt'ers. ' AH the Mufick compofed by his Matedy the King of I'luffia." Tickets to be had of Mr. Moore, in Blue- Crofs- Court, near Leiceftcr Fields, and at. the Place of Performance. - Pit ros. 6_ d. G - To be- begin a^ HaJfan Hoar after Six precUe'jr, Gallerv LOST out of the Waggon of Mr. Jof. Welch, between Birmingham and London, a fquare Cafe, three Quarters ot a Yard long, containing fifteen Yards of Straw Colour grounded Silk, and direfted for Mr. Jof. Wimpey, in Newgate- Street, London. Whoever brings the above Cafe, with the Silk, to Michael Bovett, at thrBe. I Inn, Weft- Smirhfield, fhail receive One Guinea Reward. | OST laft Saturday Noon, ~ in~ or near Grace- L.. J church- Street, a Draught for 30I. No. 54, drawn by Peter Colombino. and Son, upon Mr. Timothy Be, an, dated Aoril S, laft paft payable to John Pnefs, Efq; or Order, t-. vo Months after Date Whoever brings it to the Sa( h and Cocoa Tree, in Whiteorofa-- Alley, Moorfields, fhall have Five Shillings Reward. No greater Rev.-, id' wiil be offered, Payment being llopt, and the Draught not yet accented. LOST laft Friday Afternoon, by a Gentleman's Servant, between James- Street, Bedford- Row, and the Bull and Mouth in Bull- and- Mouth- Street, Alderfgate, a Draught for 30I. drawn by Jonn Hood upon Mr. Manning, dated the 19th of April laft paft and payable to Thomas or Francis Cobb, or Order, one Month after Date Whoever brings it to Jonathan's Coffee- Houfe, in James- Street Bedford- Row, fhall receive Five Shillings Reward. No greater Reward will be offered, Payment being ftopt, and the Bill not due. LO S T between Weftminfter- Bridge and Hampton Town, eleven falfe Stone Rings, Tn a black Shagreen Cafe, viz. five Clufter Rings, fet with Mcchas and Garnets, and Gx threeftone ditto. Whoever brings them to Robert Allim Cox, Goidfraith, in Little Britain, fhall be very handfomely rewarded. OST, a Silver Table- Spoon, Weight about 2 oz. 3 dwts. engraved with a Creft, viz. an Arm ereift holding 3. Dagger, Whoever will bring it to E. Godfrev, in Norris- Street, fhall hr^ H a l F . r „ C 13„,.,„ J If oft- er. d be pawn- d or foIdj A LI. Perfons indebted to the . Eftate of Mr. JL~\ Edmund Comyns, late of the Royal Exchange, Bookfelier, i t - ceas'd; are required to pay- their refreftive Debts to Mr. John Hawkins, Attorney,, in Auftin- Fryars, London. F William Bedwin, ' art I ' and - will Jpply to. Meff, Ojuck'enet • : he wiH hear of ( omething to his Adva r T" '- HE Letter a you Relation,' dated on the wai reccivedton Friilay. It'ha* ••}• was well, . but nothii g can. rn. ii « certain cf their lereiving. hei • V happinefs'for Iter V- eiiare : fon where fee kn'ov. s. l.-- : thather- Feiends. aie > » t; . , . holfterer, is living, Co. in Threadneedle- Street, have Three Half- Crowns Reward. flop it, and give Notice as above. PICK'D up in Brentford a Purfe of Gold, with fome other Things of Value. Whoever can defc- ibe the Thine?, and prove it their Property, may have it again, by applying to Mr. John Walker, at the Spread- Eagle in Piccadilly^ FOR Chefter, Liverpool, Warrington, Manchefter, & c. Choice of good retum'd four - wheel ' Pdft- Chaifes, witn two and four able Horfes, and two- wheel Poft- Chaifes, will fet out', from John Shenton's, the Horfhoe Inn',. iGofwell- Street, near Alderfgate-• Bars, London, this Day, Tomorrow, Friday,- Saturday; Sunday, or* Monday next, wh'ere PerfoES may be accommo'dated to Newport, Whit-' church, Litchfield, Stone, Namptwricu, and^ hces adjacent, by W. Holland, of Chefter; G. Sutton, W. Coventry, J. Conway,' J. Dowdall, J. Shaw, and J. Leatham, of Parkgate. Always Choice of good ret'. rn'd Horfes for any of the above Places, ' with a Guide, if recuired. Wanted, a Partner in a four- wheel Chaife to Chefter, INDSOR and ETON New Machine, to carry four Paffengers, at 5 s. each, fets cut from the Mermaid Inn in Windfor, evjry Morning at Seven o'Ciock, and atThree in the Afternoon, and goes through Fleet- Street, to the Swan at Hoihorh- Bridge, and returns from the Swan Ian every Day at the fame'ttour ; ftops" at the White Bear Inn, Piccadilly, where Places and Paffengers may be taken up. Performed by William White of Windfor ; where Glafs Coaches, Poft- Chaifes, and Saddle Horfes are lett, to any Part of England. H p H E TAUNTON " Stage- Coach, to and A from London in three Days, fets out from the Saracen's Head in Friday- Street, London, every Tue day atThree o'Clock in the Morninz, and from Taunton every Thurfday at Three o'Clock in the Morning; each Pai » iiiger to pay from London to Shafton 23 s. to Sberbourn 28 s. to Yeovil 30s. to Taunton 3J. S, Half to be paid at the Entrance of the Place, and the other Half at the Entrance of the Coach; allowed 14th. Luggage, all over and above to pay 2 d. per Pound. Peiform'd with fevera! Sets of Horfes by } ohn Wbitmafh, of Taunton. He keeps a He. nfe and good Mourning Coach, ar. d Bye Coaches, witH able Horfes, to any Part of England, EW four- wheel Poft- Chaifes to be lett, and able Horfei, to any Part of England, at the Lamb Inn behind St. Clement's Church in the Strand, by MOSES WINGROW. Horfes ftand at - I. ivery. TOHN- GIBSON begs Leave to return his fincere Thanks for all Favours received at the Hercules; and to acquaint the J> ublick, and his Friends in particular ( humbly intreating their future Cuftom) that he has opened the White Lion Inn and Tavern at Lambeth with the beft of Claret, Burgundy, Old Hock, Frontiniac, & c. with Steaks, & c. in Perfeiftion, and upon as. reafonable Terms as at Dolly'- s, Hories, & c. bought and fold by Commiffion, and taken in at Livery. To be fold," as neat an Italian Chaife as any in England, not Five Shillings the worfe for Wear. i- JE original Cold Bath at St. Agnes le Clare, near Hoxton, a Spring of exquifite Virtue to Human Nature, being one of the coldeft and fineft in England, and Water runnine to - vafte ; is in fine Order, and good Attendance to both Sexes. The back Way to the Bath is through the Angel and Cr.-^ n Gardens, which are now completely fitted up in the Chinefe Tafte, for the Reception of pubiick Company ; there are alfo two new Dutch Pins Grounds. The heft of all Sorts of Liquors, and good Attendance. Citizens, on the Comfincfre Thanks to our unknown Benefaflors for Half a Guinea the. 28th of Aprii in the Box, one Guinea the l; th inftant, Half a Guinea and two Guineas the 12th, and one Guinea the 13th, broufht to the Prifon, mark'd A. I. all which were equafly divided by our Steward, to the great Comfort and Relief of a Number of unhappy Debtors, who ftill implore the kind Aftiftance of all good Chriftians, we not having the Allowance as other Prifons have, and molt of us, by our long Confinement, are reduced to great Neeeflity. ;\ V( 3m. an wrote her hurfday. Twelve o'Clock, •• I & r Friertasto hear ihe '.: t. fsarlieti; Ihfr Way ' be* ., : in, th. e uiir. ohl U5.' : jy inpl^. tij tiijei^ c- y j will torivincc Tier, WE the poor diftrels'd C mon Side of Ludgate, return fi w ANTED* in Pall- Mall, Hay- Market, St. where there- is a good Shop, and Cellar, and other Conveniencies. Any Pcrfons that have fuch to lett on a Leafe of feven Years, or longer, may hear of a good Tenant by applying to A. B. at the City of London, the Corner of Eerwick- Street, ot. James's. A N T E D , a Journeyman Apothecary, one who writes a good Hand, and can bear Confinement. Enquire at Will's Coffee- Houfe, Lincoln's Inn back Gate. ANTS a Place, a young Man juft come out of the Country, of an honeft, fober, and chaffeDifpofitior.,. of a fair Character, he writes a fine Hand in ali the Hands now made Ufe of in Great Britain, and is well acquainted with the modern Rules of Arithmetick, and wou; d be glad to ferve as an Affiftant in any Gentleman's Counting- Houfe, or Warehoufe, or any other Place that he may be thought capable of. Pleafe to dirert for T . Y . at Mr. Thornton's, Hofier and Habeidalher, near James- Street, Long- Acre. A N T E D immediately lor London, a Perfon uled to mercantile Bufinefs, Mafter of Book- Keeping after theltalian Manner, and of the CoAcfpondence in Spanifh and Engli/ h, ( if in French fo much the better); hejnuft be of a docile Temper, fober arid diligent, ani be well recommended- Such a one may hear of a very gO'- d Place, by direfting to P. T . to be left at the New York Co. fee- Houfe in Sweeting's Alley, inclofing a Letter inSpanifh, and one inEnglifh, fetting forth his Qualifications, &- c". in a modeft difcreet Manner, and howhe may be ( jirefiea to. Secrefy will be kept. Wanted alfo another for the Country of the. above Capacity, wh. ete a very good Salary will be given. If can cor.- efpoad in Italian, it will be the moie agreeable. Pray let none t what Ire thoroughly capable. tAN'TS a Place, a profefi'd Gardener, who likewise undetftands Farming if required. He is a fingle Man, 47; and can be well recommended as a fobcr hor. eft fteady Man, by a very worthy Gentleman whom he has ferv'd. He has a fm'all Income, and can give good Security ; writes a plain Hand, hot h Englilh and French ; would gladly be a Porter to any Nobleman or Gentleman, and keep his ( mail Garden in Order in London, i f required ; or Tetve him as a chief Gardener in the Country; or as- a Girdencr to any Tradcfman that has a f. v. alt Garden, and take Care of the Houfc aid every Thing e'ie during the .' hhe. .... of the Family,, as . he has been . ufed to do at Board Wages. He. wiV •*••: on any Gentleman in London on receiving a Penny- P. oft Letter, c. r . •; Poft paid, dircfted to J! M. Y.* GardehcV, to lie left at Old St. Ciniftoplier." at Kenfinpton,' Middlcies, till cali'd for. ( • o • A Young Lady of C h a r t e r , with great Ini Sl te. eft, would be jJaJ t > ergarc in P. ifirciihip with a iVtfon of ertablilh'd. Bufinefs in t'. ie M- ilenery or WiteUoufe Way, ami would be willing to advance any Sum e q u a l to the Advantages thereof. P! ea! 2 to enquire or l e a v e a Line for \ V . R. at the Jamaica Coffee- Koufe. W h e r e is to be let?, a Room at the Exchange, very convenient tor an 1 ifuvaace- Office or Merchant's Counting- Houfe, with other Apartment? furnifli'd, for fingle Gentlemen. A" Single Woman, of an undeniable Chara& er, near U n i t y , is will. ng to fcrvcas Houf? Jcecp- r to an eldeily Gentleman, w h i t e there are Servants under her, and undcrllands managing a I'amiiv with good Oeconoir. y. She has lucd twelve Yeais m her Ir. ft 1' lace, and can bear the ftf. aeft Enquiry. Pleafc to diredl to M, V . at M r . Dannatt's, Grocer, at the Golden Cannifter, the North Side of the New Church in. the Strand. W ANTS a Houfe- Maid's Place, or a Place of all Work in a fmall Family, a young Woman, who can have an undeniable Chat- after from her laft Place, where ( he liv'd almoft a Year • i- J a half. Pleafe to cited!: for A. D. at Langbourh- Ward Coftee- Houfe, fenchuNichY- S treeeltd. erly Gentleman and his Wife that live retired, or k e e p a Shop, or are in anypublick Way ofBufinefs in Town or Country, and want a tingle good- tempered Woman to do the Houlhold Affairs and be- fometimes in the Shop, may hea. of. one that is willing to c o m e for little more than her Board. Pleafe to leave a Line lor W. Z. Y . at the King's Head in Cannon- Alley, St. Paul's Church- Y a r d / WANTS • Employment, an honeft - fober Perfon, juft out of her Time, who makes Cardinals, Cloaks, and Roman Mantles, alfo Bonnets and Hats, in the neweft Faihion, at a moderate Price. Thofe who are pleafed to encourage the Indultrious, may enquire at Mr. Edmonds's, Hofier, in Fleet- Market; or at No. 3, in Dorington- Row, Cold- Bath - Fields. A N T E D , a fober fenfible Man, of good Addrefs, to difpofe of Goods in and about London, whofe Wages will be from to s. to 30s. per Week, according to his Merit and Ability. Pleafe to fend a Line, defcribing Perfon and where Enquiry may be made as to Charafter, & c. diredted to A . 15. at Clifford's Inn Ooft'ee- Houie, fleet- Street, and. if approved of, will be employ'd diredlly. 1 ' A N T E D , upon undeniable Security, from 1000I. to 5000I. at 5 per'Cent. D redt for A. B . C . at St. Paul's Coffee- Houfe in St. Paul's Church- Yard. None but Principals Will be treated with. " ' A N T E D : 401. or 50 1. for one ' Year or more, at - 5 per Cent, upon undeniable Security. Any Perfon whom this may or may not fait, may be accommodated with a Firft or Second Floor, furnifli'd or unfurnifh'd, in the Fields near Sir John Oldcafile's, with Boardine, if it- quired. Pleafe to enquire for A. A . at the Union Coffee- Htufe, Cornhill ; or at St. Paul's Coftee- Houfe in St. Paul's Church- Yard. . ANTED, a one- horfe Chaife with four Steel Springs, it muft be neat and not the worfe for wear'; alfo an Annuity ftom 30I. to tool, a Year upon the Seller's Life, who mull Ik under Forty- five. ' Diredt to J. H. to be left at the Sulfcx Coffee Houfe, Fleet- Street. AGerman Harpfichord with two Rows of Ivory Keys, and in very good Condition, is to be fold cheap this Day. It may be examined into by enquiring at the Rainbow Coffee- Houfe in King- Street, . t'ovent- Gatden. S~ TEPHENS's Cyder Warehoufe at the Brewhoufe in Primrofe- Street, is now open'd, and conftant Attendance given; where Gentlemen may be fupphed, as ufual, with the belt He. elbrdftiiie Cyder in Cafks and Bottles. Alfo old Crab Verjuice. < A /-> Mr L A N G K ) R \) On Satuidr. v next, the icth inft. at ti e Swan Inn at Hammerfmith, by OKDER of th- r EXU'. UTOR, % L L the E S T A T E in L A N D S and 1 HOUSES, of Mrs. A N N R O B I N S O N , lately deceafec?, Situated at Bri- k- Gr- en, a ' d other Pa- ts of Hammerfrtiith, in the County ei'cx, bejng C O P Y H O i . D of I N H E R I T A N C E , and now iett to fundry Tenants at 179* 1. 15s. per Annum. The fame may be'viewed till the Tur. e^ cf Sale, which will begin at welve o'Clock. t , Printed I'articu- lars of which r- ay be liad gratis at the Pl ace of- Sale, and at Mr. LANGFORD's, in the Great Piazza, Covent- Garden. To be Sold by AtiSiisn by Mr. L.' YNG'- GRD, On Monday the 19th inflant, at his Houfe in the Great Piazza, Covent- Garden, at One o'Clock precifcly, THE commodious Dwelling Houfe. with the Outhoufes, Gardens, and Land thereunto belonging ar, d adjoining of J O H N P H I L L I P S O N, Efq; dectas'cj. Situated at Aflited, near Epfom, in the County of Surry, The Premifes may be viewed Tomorrow, and eveiy Day after; and printed Particulars may be had gratis on the D a y or Vie. ving a the Dwelling Houfe at Aflited, and at" Mr. LANGFORD's, intiieGre. it Piazza aforelaid. Mr. 1 R E S T A G E , next Conduit- Street, Hanover- A( TO be fold, at Par. Moore's, in Marfh- Street, at Walthamftow in Efiex, grey Stock; Bricks at a Guinea per Thoufand at the Clahfp, and deliy- erd by the Maker at any of the adjacent Places at. Prices in Proportion to the Diftance thereof. Alfo a high- bred ftrong Bay Gelding, got by Bumper, Mafter of 16 or iS Stone on tha Road or Field, gallops exceedingly well, very five,- tooted. To be Sold by AuSlon by Mr. BEVER, At h's Repofitory in St. Martin's Lane, this Day, * A Bay Stonc- Horfe, five Years old, got by i K Old Cade, h's Darn by S t a l l ' s Chi'der?, his Grand Dam by Swallow, and is now the Property of the Breeder. To be." Teen at the Repofitory. To be Sold by AuBlon by Mr. B E V E R, At his Pepofitory in St. Martin's I. are; this Day, at Twelve, TWO remarkable fine ftrong Stone- Horfes and a Grey Gelding, each Mafter of twenty Stone, two of. them / are fcafon'd Hunters, the other a Stallion, fifteen Hands and an Inch high, fix Years old, a Blnod Bay ; a Baj Mare, five Years old, pot by Babraham, her Dam by Bay Bolton ; a large ftrong Brown Maie, fifteen Hands and a Half high ; fotne frefh young Geldings, and feveral pretty Road Horfes; a Pair of moulded- Bay elock'd Coach- Geldings, fit for a Hackney Poft- Chaife ; and forre blemilh'd ones. Two four- wheel Poft- Chaifes, a very good Italian Chaife, two Curricles, and Phaeton, with other Cani ges. To be viewed, and any reasonable Trial had; A SS I D D A L L begs Leave to inform the • Publick, that a Shop is opened in Great Windmill- Street, next Door to a Hatter's, near Piccadilly, St, James's, and now fells all Sorts of Snufts, Tobacco, & c. whoiefale and ietail, with Variety of Perfumery ^ Goods, and Stationery Wares, and hopes the Favour of their Cuftom. A curious fpecifick Eye- Water to be fold at the fame Place, being an infallible Remedy for all Diforders incident to the Eyes. T the Academy in Little Ttfwer- Street, young Gentlemen are boarded, and taught Writing, Accc" its: Mafhemafjtks, ^ nd Languages, to qualify them for Trades, the Merchant's Counting- Hoi fe,, the Sea, the Army, the Publick OfficvS, and the UniveHity. Pupik may attend only the Hours of publick Inftruilion, and large printed Propofal1, with the Prices, < ire to be had at the Academy. T Enfield Highway School, ten Miles from L London, Youth are boarded and taught for Ten Guineas and 32I. per Annum, One Guinea Entrance, and Perfons at Age qualified for Bufinefe at a certain eafy Rates. Printed Bills of Particulars to be had at the Rainbow Coffee- Houfe, Temple- Bar; Cox's Punch Houfe, London- Bridge ; Irongate Coffee Houfe, Tower- Hfli 5 and at the School. Coaches at the Green Dragon, Bifliopfgate, to and from Enfield every Mo'ning and Afiernoon. R. H U E T ' s late BoardiiTg- Schoof~ it Bromley nesr Bow, is taken and carried on, as in his L fe- time, by his old Affiftant Mr. J O H N S H A R P E , who was chief Manager to him for above eight Years, with whom young Gentleman are completely fitted for- Bufinefs or the Univerfity. The Houfhold Affairs a'e conduced by the Perfon who had the Management of them for the laft fifteen Years of Mr. Huet's Life time, and who is now a joint Principal. No frefti Entrance Money \ vlil be expe& ed from any young Gentleman formerly under Mr. Sharpens Inftruftion, either in this School or ellewhere. [ RS. ADDtSON, Dancer at the Theatre- Royal in Drury- Lane, takes this Method to acquaint the Publick, that ( he teaches young Ladies Dancing, at home and abroad. As few receive that Benefit or Advantage intended by learning to dance, for Want of a . proper Opportunity, and as many of the Fair Sex become awkward, and even deform'd, thro'bad Cuftom, both which might be prevented or remedied, if taken i: i Time ; flie will undertake to amend any Defeat in their Carriage occafion'd by bad Habits, in a Manner peculiar to herfelf, and that without the Help of Steel Stays, or any other Machine wnatfoever. M s. Addifon is to be fpoke with Mondays, Tuefdays, and Wednefdays, from Ten in the Morning till Two, at her Lodgings, at No. 4, in Mar'let- Court, Bow- Street, Covent- Garden. MR. Taylor, Ocuiift, who has practised ever fincethe Year 1743, and forthelaft feven canmakeit appear he has had above 300 Patients cach Y « . ir under his Care, gives bis Advice gratis in all D. foidcrs in the K\ es and Eyelids, and a Pamphlet of his Cures, every Day from Ten to Two, at his Houfe in Hatton- Gaiden ; and on Mondays, Wednefdays, and Fridays, from Three to Six, at his Large Room near the Dog and Duck, St. George's Fields. Littl- Particles of Stone, Meta'-, & c. that f equently fly into the Eye;, are' ext. a£ led at once hv Mr. Taylor, and the Pain removed a'rroft inftanra, eou( ly. RS. PHILLIPS, at the Green CanmlkF in Half- Moon- Street in the Strand, hopes to have the Favours of ail her good Cuftomers, as ufual. To be fold, at the fame Houfe, all Kinds of Perfumery at reafonable Rates. All Sorts of Snuff. Attendance from Six in the Morning till Eleven at Night. VG be fold, a Vis- a- Vis, which opens like. - a Landau, and is exceeding eafy. Enquire at the Whi e Horfe in the Haymarket. TO be fold, a neat Phaeton, lined, with green: Clo'h; and a very good Italian Chaife, lined' with the fajr. e •; both belorigKngt. tr a Gentleman. To be feen at Willim Trigg's, Coach'* looker, Wardour- Strcst, Soho. T " aO be fold, a fine Brown- Bay Coach- Horfe, ti Yeats old, fifteen Hands and a Half high, with a B'a-. e, The Reafoo, oi' his being-. to be fold, is, the Partner of him is dead, and the Gentleman has no farther Occafion for him. E: quire at Mr. Grainger's the Hoife and Gj'ootn in Ballfover- Street, Cavendifn- Square. - T p O be fold cheap, a Pair of fine Bay Coach JL or Chaife- Gcldings, with their Manes 011, one fix, tl-. e etbet f e v e n « I d , - f i f t e e n - Hands and s Half high,' ufe3 to a Cc. ich and a Poil- Cha it",- . ' , p e t t c c i l y found, fit lor a long Journey immedia'eK1. A reafonable'Trial will l- e a'llow'd. The low- eft Price is left wi. ii Mr, Barber, at the Gfccrge'Inp, Long- Acre, where they are lo be feca, ' To be Sold ly AuElion by Mr. H E N S O N , At his Repofitory, the Angel Livery Stables, near Holborn- Bridge, on Friday next, at Twelve o'Clcck precifelv, UP W A R D S of twenty Horfes of different Soits, Size, Age, and Colours, - amongft wh~ ch are a pretty Bay Stone- Horfe, a genteel Brown- Bay , Mare. a Chefnut Gelding, and two Bay Geldings, all Matters of twelve Stone ; a'Black ChaKe- Gelding, hog'd and dock'd. goes <[ uite handy in Harnefs ; fome fit for Poft- Chaifes, and fome blerni/ h'd ones. Two Phaetons, two four- wheel Poit- Chaifes, a. nd two Tingle- horfe Chaifes, with Harnefs to all xomplet6, Publick Sales every Friday at Twelve. Fovir- whecl Poft- Chaifes to be- lett on the leaft Notice. A good Servant, that can drive well, wants a Place. Tir Jafe by The C A N D L , E, At the Cortv Exchaflge CofFee- TI^ nfe- in Mark - Lane, an Monday next; at Twelve o'clock at Noon, INETEEN Pipes fifty- one Punclieons of fine old Brandy, Duty paid, Part of which are 1- mded now on. the Cuftom- Houfe- Key, and the Remainder on board the Nansy, Robert Anderfpn, from Campvere, 1 , Samples of the above Brandies - may be tafted at the. faid Coffee- Houfe from Tomorrow to the Time of § ale, where Catalogues may be had, and of . Tho. Pi etyman, Sworn Broler, in Miles Lar. e} Thames- Street. To ~ be ~ Sold ~ by A U C T I O N, Of wh'ch Notice will be given in the publick Papers, THE Manors or Lordlhips of Hardwick and Chertfey Beamond, in and near Chertfey- in Surry, held under the Crown for a Term which expires in the Year 1S00, at the yearly Rent of 61. 13s; ^ d. confifting of divers Farms and Lands lett to feveral Tenants at the annual Rent of 10381. or thereabouts, exclufive of Lords Rents and Quit- Reots, amounting- to the annual Sum of. 601. or thereaboutf, befides confiderable Fines and Profits arifing from the Courts. The above Eftate is capable of great Improvement on the Expiration of the piefent Leafes, many of which are expired, and others near expiring. Enquire of Mr. Tregagle of New Inn, or Mr. Boult of Lyon's Inn. rT'~ bT~ Sold by A U C T I O N ; On Thurfday the 25th inftant, Large Freehold Houfe and Offices- in the Old Jewry, lett on Leafe to Cotton, Efq; whereof 17 Years of the Leafe are unexpired : Alfo Mr. Millward's Houfe n front of the large Hou'e, ktt on a Leafe whereof four Years a e unexpired ; and Mr. Pierce's Houfe adjoining to Mr. Milward's, Itftt on a* Leafe which will expire in 17G9. The Whole is Freehold, and well tenanted, and, will be fold in three different Lots, is n exceeding good Repair, and will ftand for many Years, now lett cn Leafe tQ three different Tenants at 1831. per Annum. At the fame Time will be fold, a Ground- Rent of eight Houfes at St. Agnes le Clare at rloxton, which brings in neat clear of all Taxes 19I. 5s. per Annum. The Houfes fall in to the Eftate at Lady- Day 1775. This Ground- Rentes held of Mr. Webfter for a Term of 826 Years to come, and fubject to a Chief Rent to Mr. Webfter of 30 s, per Annum. The Place of Sale and Particulars wT'l bs to be had of Mr! Cole, in Golden- Square j and timely Notice will be given in the" Papers. T0 be Sold to the beji Bidder, On Thurfday the Sth of June next, at Elevea in the Forenoon, at the Crown and Cuth- on Inn in Uxbridge, Middlefex, n p I I E Teal Eftates of C H A R L E S S A R J A N T, JL a Bankrupt, viz. pe r Ann. 1. s. TJ: e Crown and Cufliion Inn at Uxbndgc, in Leafe for I r Ye.: rs at 60 o A Cottage thereto belonging, at A Me. Tri-^ e in Cowley- Street, near Uxbridge, at Half an Acre of Land, Copyhold, held of Cowley Peachy Manor at The above Premifc are ERaf. es c- f Inheritance. A Farm Houfe, with the Apuitenae. ee;, with about 3 Acres of? Meadow, and i 6 Acres of Land in Hillingdon, at £ 3* 10 One otl. er Meflfuajc at ditto, at u 0 Three Cott. if. es at Field Heath," at , g ,0 Four Cottages at Hillingdon End naar Uxbridge, at 16 IO An utidiv de'd Moiety of two Cotta- aes at Beaconsfu- id, Bucks, at % 10 An undivided Moiety ' of an undivided M. iiety 01 a Mefi'uase at ? Cclnbropk, Bucks, at S 2 5 An undivided Moiety of a Meuua^ e an- J Starch- Yard at Eton, 7 Bocks, at — S 5 ° The la ft mjntlon'd Prctni es ate F- p- ihoid for the Life of th& fyd Charles Sar', ,- • only. One Copyhold M Tuife and halt Vjj- J Land iij Eotley near-. Oxford, held of toe Hand e. l of H- mirr, with the Manor of V 10 o Comi: cr,-' foV the Lite of thfe'faia Cfearie", Saijaut only, at J The Rcverfi.- jn and Inheritance, after one Li e, of a Copyhold Mcfiuage, with 10 Acres of, Land, at- Leig'n in Surry, he. d i. of the Manor of Shpiuood, at M . - 5 The feveral Tenants haveliireAtons to fhe'w the Premifes.' For fnriliei P.- iticuli.- s e s ^ i t c of' Jul » » Goioar, oi L'. tfcild£ e, Clerk, to the Comrr. iuidn, To be Sold ly AuHion by Mr. PRESTAGE, On Friday next, the 19th iaflant, punKually at Tv/ eive o'Clcck, TI I E improvements of the Leafe of the Dwelling Koufe and Shop, e'ega tiy fitted up and ornamented, of Mr. JOHN" F O Y , deceafed, fituated the Corner of Pall- Mall in St. James's St: eet. Like'wile cn that Day will be fold, all his genuine Houfii Id Furniture. The fed Premifes and Furniture may be view'd to the Titr. e of Sale, which wi'l begin each Day pnndlually ut Twelve o'clock. Catalogues are deliver'd gratis at the Place of Sale, and at Mr. Preftage's, the End or Savile- Row, To be Sold ty Jutlion ly At his great Room ti. e End of Savile- Rcv Square, on Wedncfday and Ti. urfday, the 24th and 25th inftant; Colleftion of Italian, Dutch, Flemifh, and French P. ftores. The faid Colleftion may be view'd on Monday next, and to the Time of Sa'e, which will begin each Day at Twelve o'clock. Catalogues will then be deliver'd gratis at the Place of Sale aforefcid. To be Sold by AuSlion h Mr. PRESTAGE, On Thurfday the Sth of June next, at the Sun Tavern in Parliaments Street, Wt- ilminftcr, THE following Premifes in twenty feparate Lots: Ten Houfes in ManchCfter Buildings, and two in Channe', Row, near Parliament- Street, Weftminfter. They are all feparate Lea--;, and held for a Term of 99 \' ears, 97 or'which we. e to come at Lady- Day laft, all finifliad in a modern and genteel Tafte," fitted up with Mai He Chimr, ey- Pieces, & c. Likewile a Houfe in Walnut- Tree- V/ aik, in the PariJi of St. Mary Lambeth, the fccond Houfe from the Sign of the Ship, four Rooms on a Floor, well wainfeotted, and fitted up with Marble Chimney- Pieces, Stucco Cornilhes, exceeding good Oiiiccs, and a Garden 200 Feet long, held by Leafe for Go Veais, 57 of which are unexpired, fubject t o a Giound- Rint of 2I. ros. per Annum. Alio 30I. per Ann. Ground- Rent of twelve Houfcs, and other p-. emifes, clear tioni all Dcd. r£ tions whatever. A Piece of Ground- fronting Walnut- Tree W a jt aforefaid, of aluut an Acn;,. fot theuncxpi ed Term of < 7 \ rears, fubj< ft to a Ground- Rent of 3I. per Anntim. It is the befl Pie^ e of Ground in the Pariih, to build on. L'kewife a f. nall new Houfe for the Term of 57 Vcais, noA'- lert at xol. per Annum, fubjeel to 30s. a Year Grcund- Rent. And two three- hsrfe Stab es and two Coach- Houfcs, with the Ground before there, one letr, tiie other not quite finifii'd, for the'Term of 57 Ye, us; and one Houfe in New Charles- Street, Weftminfter, for the unexpired Term of Years at Lady- Day laft, now lett. at 44J. pee Annum, fubj. ft to 4I. Ground- Rent; and two Pieces of Ground in Wa'nat- Tree W . l k , in fcparate Lots, now iett at 3I. per Annum each," and fubjedt to 20s. Ground- Rent cach. All wh'ch faid Hjtrfes and Ground may be view'd the 29th inftant to the Day of Sale, which will be^ in punftaally at Twelve 0 Cli ck. Printed Particulars, with the D - fcription of cach Lot, will be given gratis the 28th initant, at the Place of Sale aforefaid, and at Mr. Pieftage's, the End of Savile- Row. To be Sold by Aublion by Mr. BROWNING, By Order of the Executors, at his great Room over the Royal Ex- ' " change,•• on Thurfday and Friday, the 25th and 26th inftant, TH E genuine Colle& ion of Pictures of GEORGE QUEEN BOROUGH, Eftis deccafed, brought from hViasn dSeeravt eilnd , Yorkfhire, among which are' the Works of John Breughall, Old Grieffier, Seamor, John Stean, Lucca Joroano, Bolt, Le Main, Tillemans John Van « oan, Old Franks, Baptieft, Vandermearing, Den . effe, Oftade, De Fltager, Yerandall, Salvator Rofa, And other eminent Mafters. Chambers 2 1 ® 10 o 9 ° The Co'leftion may be view'd on Monday next, the 2zd inft. and to the Time of Sale, which begins precifely at Twelve o'Clock, Catalogues deliver'd at the Place of Sale, and at Mr. Browning's, in Threadneedie- Street. ' lo be fold to the I? eft Bidder,' On Monday next, the 22d inft. between the Hours of Three and Five in the Afternoon, at the Houfe upon the Premifes ( and not at the George i nn at Cro;- don in Surry, as before advei! iifed) iold Eftate, confifting of a new- built Houfe, and between feventeeh and eighteen Acres of exceeding good Meadow Land lying contiguous thereto, fituate on the North , | Side or Croydon Common, near Norwood, together with a Right of ! Common. At the fame Time will al'o be fold, the Fixtures, a two-' • wheel Poft.- Chaife, three Cows, three Carts, and feveral other Things in j" the Faiming Way, with a ( malt Parcel of Houftiold ooods. The Pre- 1 mifes may be view'd at any Time before the- Day of Sale, j . For farther Particulars enquire of Mr. John Blake, at his in New Inn. To be Sold by Auction by Mr. COCK, Or: the Premifes, on Wedncfday next, the 24th inftant, TH E neat new- built commodious Houfe, Gardens, Outhoufes, and genuine Furniture, of the late Dr. BENJAMIN H 0 A D L Y , which commands a moft extenfive and pltafant 1' rofpeit up and down the River Thames, in the Parifh of Chelfea. The Whole' to be view'd on Monday next, and ti. l the Time of Sale, which will begin punctually at Twelve o'clock. Printed Particulars of which, with Catalogues of the Furniture, may be had on the Days of Viewing at the Place of Sale, and of Mr. Cock, in Great Pjjlteney- Street, Golden- Square, or at his grand Audtion Rooms in Spring- Ga dens. ¥ 0 Te Jdd ~ by A U C T I O N, On Friday the 26th inftant, at Twelve o'clock precifely, at the Newcaftie Coffee- Houfe on St. Mary Hill, London, FOUR Brick Copyhold Mefluages, with the Gardens, and other Appurtenances, the Property of Mr. THOMSON, of Gravefend, Filherman fituated at Wandfworth in Surry, a-; d adjoining to the River Thar ^ now lett at the yearly Rent of 2 c l. The Premifes are in very good repair, Mr, Thomfon having lately laid out a very confiderable Sum on repairing and improving the fam^. Enquire of Mr. Blackburn, Filherman, on the Premifes; of Mr. Bollock, at the Watcrmans Arms at Wandfworth Water- fide ; of Mr.- Godfrey, at the George at Billingsgate ; at the Nevvcaftle Colfee- Houfe on St. Mary Hill; or of William Pomroy, jun. in Eaft- Lane, Greenwich, Kent. ~ To be fold by Auffion by Mr. BURNSALL, On Wednefday next, . and the following Days, without Referve, at his great Auction Room in New Charles- Street, Berkeley- Square, b^ irg lately cqnfigi^' d to him from Abroad, • SOME curious fine Mechlin, BrufTels, and Flanders Laces, fine Gulix Hollands, curious thick Luvns, fine Pcuflia Carpets, fome curious Drefden Wt> rk j like wife fome China and other India Ware, fome Pictures, and neat Houfhold Furn'.^ ure, and other valuable Curiolities To be view'd on Monday next, and to the Time of Sale, which will begin punctually at Twelve o'Clcck. Catalogues to be had at- Clifford's Inn Coffee- Hoi'. fe, Fleet- Street, and at Mr. BurnraH's as above. To be Sold by Autticn by Edward Hufle This Day, the 17th inftant, / ~ | A H E Effects of M B . P E T E R R A P LEY, X retiring from Houfekeeping, at his Houfe, No. 6, in Bunhillr Row; confifting of neat Iiou. ho'd Furniture, Picluies, amongft- which is a capital one of Shipping by P. Moriamy, Plate, China, Hou. hold Linnen, Wearing Apparel, a Spinnet, a Clock, a Copper, & c. To be view'd to the Time of Sale, which will begin exactly at Eleven o'Clock, all bcii'gtd be f id this Day. Catalogue5 to be had at Mr. Macqu. ftin's, XJpho'. fterer, in Watling- Strcet; and at the Place of Sale. To he Sold by Aitticn on Friday next, THE rich genuine Houfhold Furniture of the Hon. Sir JOHN ROUS, Bart, at his late Dwelling Hcufe in Upper Crofvenor- Streec; confiding of rich Crimfon Silk and Worded Dam. dk Furnitures, large Pier- Glaffes, exceeding good Cabinet Work, Stove- Grates, and good Kdreiien Furniture. To be view'd to the Time of Sale, which will begin at Twel ve o'Clock p- ecifely. Catalogues to be had at the irace of Sale, and of Stephen Gcare ar. d John Stump, Brokers, in Pater- nofter- Row, Cheat- fide." Note, Not one Article but was the property of Sir J^ hn. j ' To be S-' ld to th> h; fi Bidder, On Tinir, lav the" s$ th ii. lW, be: iv e< i the Hours ot' Tear L ihe Atternnon, a! the Gulldo. dl C•;>" « • ifnife near C- iUAhj. il, A Freehold Farm, conMing cf 5 i Acres, I V mil c or lefs, of A-;|,) e a- id IVMf- e ' Inilnrl, in the Parifh of Bwitntey St. Leona. d, in MiJdiefcx Sett on Lea'c tor 21 Yeats amr an h> lt from I. ady- Day - o, at 90!. ( ier Annum, For farther Pmirnbrs encj lire of Melt ComnktUne and Atbawee, at Cordwainers Hail in Diltad'-' l. ane, London. To be S<' liby- Aufthrt by J O H N i l E A l e i, By- Order of the Executiix, on Friday n- xt. THE remaining Part ot the, HoufhoM Goods, S ock in Trade, tec. of Mr. JOSEPH SHELTOM, Cabinet'- Miker ami Undertaker, deceafed. at , his late Houfe in Villars- Street, Yo'k- Buiiihnw} confidim; of Maho- onv and other Chairs, Tables, Hefks, a large Maltogony Delk and Bock- Cafe, & c. alfo h; s Stock of Mahogonv, WaltVut- Tree, and other Woods in 1' 1- nks, Boards, and Vaneer?, his Work Bencher, Tools,' and Utenfils in Trade ; Iikewife his Stock in the Funeral ( fadetaking Way, as Pal's, Cloaks, Branches, .1cc. To be view d to the Time of Sale, - ahic'. i will begin at Eleven pre>: i: Hy. Caialncues to be lud- gratis at the Place of Sale, and atChapman's CotTee- Heufe in Sarkville- Strcet Piccadilly. To be Sold by Auclion ^ TJOHN HEATH, By Order cf the Execut r, on M. nday next, and the two following Days, ' genuine Houihokl Furniture, Plate, Jl Kb'na, K. vimo'd Lnnen, fnndry Utenfils i/ i Hiilbandry, tec, of the Rev. Dr. JOHN S f EVEN'S,' deceafed, at his late Haute at Fawley, near Ifenle-/ u'o'on Tha nes in Oxfordfhire. To be view'd on Friday, and to the Time of Sa'e. Citaldgties to be had'gratis at'the Place of Sale, the Red Lion at Hemey, the Crown at Reading, a d tlie Ante'ope at W- ckbaw. • lo h i ( o i l the T h : h l P a r t : o f t h e M a p o r cr JL kord/ hip ol with two-' Freehold Meffuag's, three Cot- 464 Acr^ s of i m l ; Arable, Meadow and i-' aflure, tne ; T\ t'. e* or Mar'fieM,. and thfe third Prclenta'ion to t;-? e Living, of ' i'i! c « n ' n thePaii- fli uf Tilton, m Leicefl- erfhifc, lest ar the yearly Rent ot 2741. r^ s. E.' 1'. j'iiie of MdF.. Fermignac and Wharton, Attorneys, in Warnrord- • Coutt, Throgmorton- Street, London, and of Mr. Pares, junior, At'crr. gv, at T- ccefter. I^ O be lett, ready fumiflvd, at Rickim- ri-- wor. h in Heir ford ^ ire, a final 1 Brick Hufe, falYd, conful- ng of two ljafltui" s, a Kitcnen, a Pantry, two Bcd- C. h. unber*; a f- ujl Ore lin- c- Room, and { two GarreVs, with a Yar!, Wood. ioufe, a vd Garden. Enquire at the Swan in. Rickmerfwor « h, or cf Mr. Greenwood, Upholder, in Rood- Lane, Femhurch- Stm't. bfeictt or fold at Fulham in Middieiex, tfcfiv new Building wherein the Tapeftry Manufacture was lately Carried on, ctM. fifting of one iarge Room 6Q Feet leng, 2,4 wideband z< x Feet High-, add . four Sed- Ohajibcrs t. ver it, with by 72 Feet of Orourx! b e l o n g ! t y the fa. He, very proper for any Bullae's requ Fin.; Room, or eafily convertible into one or more private Dwelling Houfoi, Enauiie of Mr. Croft, Mercer, in Henrietta- Street, Coventr . i * k or iokl, a iubftantial Brick , D^ llifi-' Hqufe, with Coach- Houfe and Stables for feven Hur ts, on th^ Soutp^ fee. of Qdeen Square, Ormoiid- Street, late in the Ot- cu - pvtk> n of Wu'gH^ a^& beH, Efq; deceal'ed, vv th or wiOiont lev era! vdt. i- Fixtures tlM « oyfe contains two large Rooms and a Di effing- Room on a Floor, to'the back. Stairs from Top to Bottom, with many, other Corvcniencte. c. Enquire of Mrs.' CampWli in E. ift- Street, near Red Lion- Sqnare. " I ^ H E Great Hoiite on"' Mufvvel 1- H ill," near JL Horn fey, Middlefer, being lately repaired, asd divided into two, one Part is to be lett, fwrniiTi.' d or otherwife, confining of a iar^ e Hall, Kitchen, two Parlours, one other Room, four or five IJ^ d- Chambers, and C > nveniencies for Servants, fa'^ e Gardens vvell flock'd, Wiidcr. nefs lately planted with flowering Shrubs,' Co^ ch- Houfe?.- and Stabll'. g. Perfons talc: ng the Houfe tor a Term, tnay have the Goods at a fair Apprii'ement. Knqu're on the Pretttifes; P Q be lett ax Aflitead, two Miles from Epfom, and two from Leatheihead in Surrv, ready furniHied, a very convenient Hoofe, four Rooms- on a K^- or, with good Garrets, Widh- lloule, and^ rewhotife, good Stabling for eight Hortes, a Coath- Hou'e, and new Brick Barn, a Garden well planted, but not very bt ge, with or without five Acres of Meadow I. aod adjoini- g to the Premifes. Enquire of Mts. Elliott, at the Coun'efs of Su'iolk. and Kerkiliire's in Pail- Ma 11, or of Mr. White at Afhread aferefaid. • i be Said by A U C T I O N , On Monday ' next, the zid inflant, ' ~ r v H F . genuine H o u f l i o l d Goods of a G e n - ' A t'em tn i'e. ivintr nrV Hou'ekeeping, at his Ho ife neat the Church at Chifwick : Midd'ef- x, confiding of neatMorhe and other Furnitures. To be view'd oo Saturday, and till the Time of Sale, which will begin precifrly at Twelve o'clock, thi Whole being to be fold that Day. Catalogues to be had at the Place of Saje, at'the Pack ho fe at Turnham- Oteen, the T- hiee I'i. eons at Bicntford, and of William Cheflon, Opbo'der, in Fenchu ch- Street. To be Sold by A'dion by Mr. B E A N', At his Houfe. oppofite Southampton- Street in the Strand, this and tjie two following Days, by Order of the Executors, L L the r i c h g e n u i n e H o u f h o l d F u r n i t u re • of JAMES FORDESS, Efcjj deceafed, confi^ i- g of fine Damafk whims Furniture, 6cc. a Chamhei Organ and Month Ciock, with all '' he Pi. lures, Linnrn, China, Plate, Watches, Jewels, & c. To be view'd t* i the Time of Sa%, which wiil begin at Eleven o'Clock. Catalogues may he had at the Place of Sale. " TrbTSoldby AtiStion by W. D A R R E S , At his Houfe in Coventry- S'iec, ne. ir tbe Haymarket, Tonioirow, and the five 10 » ! ow: ng Everings, A Capital Collection of Prints, Books of Prints X \ and Drawings, collefteS in Iral-< and France by t, v0 Gentlemen; confiding of Delia Bella, Callo', Rubens, tec. and Etchings of Italian Painters. To be vie-. v'd to the ' 1 ime of Sale, which will begin exactly at Six o'Ch- ck. Catalogues may be had of Mr, Whi ridge, at the Royal Exc'naqg?; Mr. Batlioe" in thc'Strat^ d ; and a' i lie Place of Sale. ~~ To~ be Sold by Hand ihn Day, j A L L « t h e g e n u i n e H o u f h o l d F u r n i t u r e o f M r . r u i c -. a. [ OHM HIUL, Oilman, deteife-*, of St. John's Street, adjolniiig ' ' O be l e t t , r e a d y f u m i f l lS tg the Golden Lion Inn near Hicks. HaU, which inull fold and clear'J JL in Kertfo dfhire, in Uie high Road fr awav this Da -, the H. u'e bi! iiig lett, and the Bafie. efi continued. All Perfons indebted to the faid John Hill aredelired to pay forthwith to Mr. De. t -. or Mr. Watfoti, of die fame Street, who are auihori.' ed to receive the fame. ' i T * 0 be lett, the C e n t r e d f the C i t y of X, - ... v/ j London, an old and wcH- accoflomed Tavern, . now in Ail'Fride nj g. ied Njighboii. iio-' d, the owtnl V. htner kavln,; oil" for fcs HeabH Xi'te only. Enquire of Mr. M, . hall, at the Golden Anchor i. i Uiead- ^ tie: t, near Coeapiide. ' T X ) lett, a g o o u - a c c u h o m e d L: n in Burner, A HI Hi.- ttoidil. il SI eleven Mi es f era London, with good Subline a t- areen, and a > ifhpond. and a large cemmo " ious Yard, with c wuvenienoes to be entered on i tiS-. edia'eiy. Re. it eifr. 50! Coudiv, il is rtquired. Enqd. te % the Sw- n Inn iR Barnet. ' It '. ve ' ftru. iti- 1 tor the « aces. ' O be k t t , a g c o l - a c c u i t o m e d P u b l i ck Ho i! e within t". nr Miles of bond - n, ea'y Rer. t. Enquire it- tlie Sii- tex Clfe'-. N, o ife ' Flee-- Street. r p o be lett, turnifli'd or unfurnilh'd, Part of ] i . a very gor- J f- foufe, fronting tbe River Thame", at Chifwick, < Mlddlefex, ' eut Rooms ou the Firfl Floor, two on the fecond, an_ J two ! fiarretp, a very good ICItclien and Cellar, with other Convcniencies, fit. for a fmail Family, with or without a Garden, and Stable for twoHorfes. ' Enquire of Mr. Pulleiii, Grocer, in Bedford- Street, Covent- Garden ; or . of Mr. Pullein, Grocer, as above. It may he enter'd tin immediately. j A Stage- Coach anv Hour of the Day, or VVatcr- Carriaae to the Door. | X ) be lett, an <* d ar. d g o o d - a c c u l t o m ed Ch-' adts.- s and Earthenware S-; on, tut of the Freedom in a g<> A: Neighbourhood whese there M a gr- n Call for Cosh and Wood, toe Rent is ealy, the Ledgers payin-. near the Whole. The Stock to t ^ l - i ' h/ F- xtires at a tair Apora^ f^ eht-, picic. it U T e t U going into Pubbck BuRnefs. E-. quIre at Thomas Bi - kern, the bl- nve-.- Pn m Aniilerv- La. e. J^ ilioirtgate- Street. C A M IJ E L G R A Y " , B r i c k l a y e r , i n ~ s T j o h^ O 1 Lane near St. John's Ga- e, Cltrkenvvell", takes this publ ck Methed .0 inloim all Brewers, Diltdieis, Dye. s, Suear Bakers/ Gentlemen oilier g » eat Confomeis of Coa s, that h; has within tliefe ten Yea-/" found out a Method to fet Coppers to lave at lead one Third of the firing Ufaady confumed, doing Bufmefs with moie Expediri-. n and tlw greatelf Safety to the Coppers, & c. at a reafonable Exoence. Fur a f ioot ot this refers his Employers to many eminent Perfons in each cf he above Branchy; and engages fully to am'v. er the above Bofi^ fs fit Manner propofed, or to have no Payment for any Work of that tin • ture^ rne_ b;.- i; im. Smoaking Chimneys cured, no" Cure no Morev. To'be Sold by Auction by J. P O T T I N G E R At his Houfe in Great TurnftUe, Lincoln's Inn Fields, this and'tiie follow. ug Evening, THE genuine Library of a Nobleman's V a . Chaplain, deceaVd ; confiftirig of a valuable Colleftion of the btft Italian and Englifh Authors. Ca'alogues to be had gratis of Mr. Tovev, in Weftmin^ er- Hall • at George » Coftee- Houfe inChanc ,- y- Lane ; at Seymour's Circulating' Li. brary, in Ball- Alloy, Lombard- Stieet- j and at the Place of Sale. rHE Libraries of the Kev. SAMUEL _ , ,, HAVS3L, A. M. lare AITiftant Preacher at Kenfin. ton RICHARD HOLLAND, M. D. and F. R. S. Mr J A ' T S HlCK. Es' ^ af? a , t t , ° Jn-?\< kn' . S u rSe o n . the haraed and very e; n"- nent I'tHK W A L U j , D. U. forme.- 1 y Prof It,, of Geomery at the Unive. fuv of 0. » ard,- r, d < ther, decea'M, will begin felling {. he lowed Prices being pr- nted in the ( at. logue) Tomorrow, the i8tn inflant. by L. DAVIS and L. RHYMER j , at their Great Room, ayaoft Gray's Inn Gate. Halnorn ; where Ca- a'ogues may be had Price 6 d. to be of. ed in the rurchs e ot any one Article; alfo of M- ff. Dodfleys, in Pall- i'a 1- Cbapeirle, in Grofvenor- S r. et » Wo- dfall, at Ch r'ng Crofs; Owcn| a. te.- r. ple- oar; and Brackflone, a t t ' e Ro al Etchsngr-. O be lett, in Great Ormond- Street, an ex- j JL ceeding good Home on the bed Side of the Way, of two large . Rooms and large Clofets on a Flcor, wi h two Stair- Cafes, and a handfo re Library on the Ground Floor, with a large Garden, and pleafant Pjofpeit of the Country, with a) l ither Convenieacies fuitable for a large Family, to be entered on at Midfummer next, with four Coach- . « , w j 1 „ . w g n m Liic .-. l r , r0 Houfes, and Stables for eight Horfes, with three Rooms and Haylofts ! C. tab gues to he had gratis at Mr. Docfl'- y's in Pali- Mall • Mov « the fame. Enquire of Mr. Norris, m Ca, lie- Yard, Holborn, or of , O w n s , at Temple Bar; Child's t odee- Hoaft; Mr Tamcs's ' at tee Mr. Rohm Ion in Little Ormond- Street, where the Key is left. | R,„ al Exchange; Mr. Prince's, Bnokfeller, at Oxford; iVlr. Merril's • PjinKrirtrti" • n 1- 1/ 4 It DK r- m nf C . ' 1, . ... U . -_.. . 1 . 1 > 1 I- 1! TO be ibid under piime Coil:, for ready Money, the Stock in Trade of Metf. JAMES PALETHORP and Co. at the Bilhop Blaie in Bread- Stteet, Cheapfide, all Sorts of Hoiiery* Goods, being - y ^ e fol df. efte xancde geooddi, nagnd acil henetairep , n ewa bStoouckt. thre| e w , V " 1 - » Dozea of Mens bed turn'd Pumns, made ot London Leather, and about two Dozen of fine four- thread Bieechrs and Wailtco. it Pieces. To ie view'd next 1 « > r to the Golden Lion and Three Pigeons oppofite Ne. rfnlk Steet in the St'and. H R E E Houies in Sion College, near Cripplegate, to be lett on a Repairing L- afe. Enquire of th; Porter at the Co'lfge- Gate. T ' " j p O be lett, a Houfe on Ham- Common, wiih ^ all Conveniences for a good Family, as Coach- Henfe, Stables, & c. a Garden wali'd in, and three Acres of Meadow, w til Privilege or' the Common. Enquire at the Wh te Hatt near the Houfe. ~ i~ 0"" be— 1 ett, a Hotife late Mills's Coffee^ 1. Hou'e near the new PsfTage into Leadenhall- Market, fit for a Bacon- Hon e, o r a y ether Bulinefs. Enquire within. be lett in the Freedom, a Bakehoufe with a good Trade, and in a good Ne'ghbourbood. Enquire'of Mr. Paiker Aliiot, Baker, in Cow- Crof « . r p o be lett, a welt fi. uated and good- accuf- .1 tonv- d Lint en- Draper's Shop, the Sign of the Golden Key near Hicks- Hail, ( the pre!- nt Tenant leaving oil' Trade) w th very geod Ci. ftvenienc. es. T.. e Fixvu es ar. d U enfils to fold by Appraifemen'. Enquire at the faid Koule. ' I f X ) be lett in K e n f m g t ' . . - S q u a r e , ( at a low Rent). a good and very convenient Houfe for a finall Family, late in tbe Occupation of Mis, Temped, deecafed. Enquire of Mr. Dennis, Plu. Tiher, at Kenfingtonr or of Mr. Penny, at the Royal Widow, near Dur, hairs- Yaid in die . Strand. be lett, neatly fwrniilied, the Corner of Para life- Row, Chel'ea, next tbe College, or in Part, a large Ho'ifc, the late Dutchefs of O snood's, confifling of eight large Rooma on J F'oor, with la ge Clofets, a large Garden eiegantly laid out, Coach* Honfe*, Siablue, B.- ewhoufc, Wath- Houic, and Outhoufes. Enquire ' T ^ O be lett, a neat B r i c k Houie, h i n d, H. p'eafintly fituarecl, completely furniih'd, with a Barn, a Stable for dire: Horiejs,'. a Cliaifc- Houie, an Orchard and Garden, about twelve Miles from London in Midd eiex. A Stage Coach g » e? near the Houfe thice Dan a Week to Lond- ji, - Enquire « f Mr. Wife, Confectioner, in P ccadi'lv. r - p o be lett, unfurnilliecl, in Kew- Lane, Richnond, a gested Hon e, with all Conveniencies for a Family, with Coach . Honfe, Stables, and Landrv, & c. a Pleatore and Kirehen Gat . Ten, ard a Field before the Houfe. Enquire of Mr. Rice, Carpenter, at Richmond, or of Mr. Burnet, Upholder, i: i tbe Strand. ^ r p O be lett, furniiheel or unfurniihed, aimall J neat pretty Houfe, two Rooms on a Floor, two Parlours, four Chambers, a'very good Kitchen, Wafli- Houfe, and Cellar, pleafantly fitn. ited in a veiy geod Air, in Penny Fields, Poplav, and in a ten Feet wall'd Gatden round it, -. veil tlock'd with Fruit. Enqoiie of r.' r. T'oo. lii'on, oppofite the Houfe, or of Jofeph Carteret, againft Shadwell Church. j • r- f- O be lett, a Houie ready furnilh'd, piea- ^ " fantly filiated on Turnbam- Oreen, feven Rooms 011 a Floor, with all'convenieiu- O. tice ® , Outhoufes, three Coach- Houfes, Stabling for eleven Horl'e=, Dovebo ife, Pinery, Green'- ioofe tec. large Gardens welt tai! ait, ... id planted witn tile bed of. Fruit- Trees, with two Fields of McaJpw Land containing about ten Acres. Enuuirc at the Packhorfe 011 Turnham- Gieen, or at the Houfe, d, at Redbourne rom St. Alban's to Dunftable, and within 1 ; Miles of Lo. ndcm and four Miles from St. Alban's, 1 good modern well built Brick Houfe, with Coach- Houfes and Stab ing for ten Hurfts, and convenient Oyihou'es, and a Garden well planted with the bed of Wall Fruit. Enquire at the Cock Inn in Redbtfurne ; or of A-.-. ibrofe Reddall, Efq; at Eveifho'r, near Wooborn, in Be librdfhiie ; or of Mr. Baiktrfieid, Oilman, tbe Corner of Hatton- G. vden, Holbom, I- nndon. T Margate in Kent. A Hou'e to be lett _ ready furiiifhed, p'eafantly fituated, a fine Vie-. v of the Sea and Country, wfth a Coacb- Houfe, and Stabling for four Hoi fc. Likewife to be fold, a complete Sailing Yacht or Pieafure Boat, 36 Feet long and 12 Feet wide, three Years old this Summer, remarkably flrcng, built of Scantlings equal to a Vefl'el tivicd her Burthen, ail two Inch and one and an half Englifh Oak Plank in her Bottom, with or without the Lead and Iron Bil'aft, Furniture, fiibing Gear, Traul, Drud- tes, Sec. Enquire cf Michael Wiikins Cooway, iE: q; in George- Stteet, York- Buildings. o be lett, turniih'd, at Twickenham, in j X the County of Mid ' lefex, next tbe Countefs of Ferre s's, a neat Brick Houfe late in the PoiTtfiion of Meff. Ward and Readfhaw, having frve Safh Windov.' S in Front, and contains three Parlours, a Dining- Rdom, Drelling- Room, and Bed- Chamber ; on the Second Floor four other Bed- Chambers, a very pieafant and gnod Kitchen, Cellars, and other Offices ; a Stable for two Horfes, and Chaife- Houfe ; a good Garden well c. opt, and planted with the choice!! of Fruits; a fmali Piece of Gio- and lor a Horfe, with a Stable to i t ; a large Pew in the Church. E- xMVte of Mr. Lambe, A-. uSio. ieer, in Pall- Mall. There is a Perfon 011 the Spot to fhew the Freir. ifcs. O be fold, at the Bottom of Water- Lane, Fleet Street, in the Precinft of White Fryars, as complete an Oil- Mill as any in that Tnde, confiding, of two large more Runners fix Feet Diametgr, and Bed- Stone, fixty- tyvo Peke ditto four Feet and a haif, Pair of Iron Rolls complete, two Elm Predes, with Iron Furnac s, t. vo large Leaden Ctllerns, one ditto fmaller, fee- ling Troughs, &- c. one fi. ave Horfe Wheel, fpare Shafts, and other fpaie Geais and Tools; Roam for great Improvement in Oil, Mallard, Drug", Snuff, or any other Bufinefs that requires Room ; a good Wharf for landing of Coods, large Granaries, Lofts, Stables for twelve Horfes, and large Dwelling Hoafts, wi. h good Ceilaring. Enquire on the Premifes, cr of Mr. John Wilfon, M Uwtight, near the King's Arms Stairs, Lambeth. The whole Mill has been erefted but twelve Months, If a Letter be duelled as above, will be waited on. r r ^ O be lett, and entered on immediately, the X Wa'er- Houfe about a Mile from Chelmsfotd in Effcx, fituatnl on a drv pleafant Soil, about aS Miles from London, confifting of a handfome Hall, three Parlours, Kitchen, Servants Hall, Biewhoufe, and other Conveniencies in the Ground Floor; three pleafant Bed- Chambers, with a Dretfing- Room, and a large Dining Room on the next Floor ; and four good Ladging • rns, and a la- ge Landty in the upper Story ; with two Gardens well tfoek'd with Fruit- Trfi;, the mod excellent of their Kinds; Stabling for 17 Hotfes, Coach- Hoofes, and other Conveniences ; a Dovehenfe, fevcrai FilTiponds, and a River running at tbe Buttom of the (> 2- den, together with 4;; Acres of" Meadow and failure Lands adjoining. For farther Particulars pray apply to Mr. Fraint, in Serjeants- Inn, Fleet- Street, cr to Mr. ICiiby, at the Blaik Boy Inn In Chelmsford, who will fhew the Premifes. ALarge and valuable Colli dtiun t f BOORS, including feveril Libraries lately purchafed, confining opwarca of i.-. coo Volumes in varioas Languages, a-. i in ail Parts of poire Li trature, will begin to be fold very cheap, ( the P ice prntet r, he (' ataligue) T. monow, the iSth injlanr, by CHARLES MAR'H, EookfeiCie. r.,. 1a t C . er^' s Head, in P. .. o* an. d -, C, c urt„ in nt he . ' trird. o Royal , 1 miiv64, unvr. tci. ct, < 11 \ jf. iora ; ivir. Merril at Cambridge; and at the Place of S / e ; wheie may be had, the full Value fo' any Library Pirrelof Rorks. TO begin fetling this Day, by Mrs. Cooper, Bookfelle , ne r Little Moorgate, Moorfields, a large Co| leai0 ! t of Sermons, at 1 s. a Doten. and a grea" man* modern Books 10 be fold cheap; Watti's Work, 6 vols. ji. - .. This Bay is pub'tftid, Ptice is. 6d. H E L U f R I N : An Heroi Comical Poem. JL In Six Can'. o'. By M. BOILEAU. To which is p efix'd, fome Account of the Author's Writings, and this Tranl'aton. By N' ROWS, E,' q; The Th. rd Edition, adnrn'd with Cut'. Sold at tbe Phi; obibl. an Libraiy in Piceabllv; by Mr, Richards, in Bernard's Inn; Rofs, in Middle- Row, Holborn; J. Cooke, at ihe Royal Kichan te; a~- d Mr. Wilk'. e. in c't. Paul's Church> Y a r ' . This Day is publijh'd, ( Price 2 s.) ATreatife on the better Employment and m- te co r. foriable Snrpcrt cf he Poor in Wo'rkhoufes. A! f » . fomt Confide- a- ions on the Growth and Cu'ture of Flax, with divers or ginal Inventions engra ved on Copper, for 1- r. provement of the Li;: n- n Manaf. flare, which is of great Importance to this rfat'on. B/ WILLIAM BAILEY, Member of th: Socie. y for pr inoting Ar s and Commene. P.- in ed for and fold by the Author, at the Corner of Cart'e C.- Jft in the Strind ; by R. and J. Dodfley, in Pail- Mall ; ami M. Conner., in Pat- r- noifer- Row. This Day is pub'ijtid, ( Pi ice 2 s.) fit iff rated with Figures, the Third Elition of PR A C T I C A L Obfervacions O I I N I G H T S H A D E , and other S- abjefds: On t i e utts Ufe of S- rapit j'la, the Dargcr of Corrofive Sublima'e as now given by - 1-. Ik l " ul Pec c, as; and the EfiVcls < f Mercury, crude and prepar'd ; with Hin s ro t'ne Facu'ty on the Cute of the Venereal Diteafe without Salivation, by the '-" tc- erien of Uiine By WILLIAM BRQMFE1LO, Surg- oa to her Royal Hiybneh t: e Princeis Dowager of Wales, and tu St. Ge rge's and the Lo. k Ho pitals. Pr. n ed tor R. Baldwin, in Patrr nofcer- Row ; and G. Woodfall, at Cliaring Crofs. To be had alfo of the Bookfelie s in raoft cor. fidtra h e T o w s . Price rolour'd s i. TO be lett at Lady- Day next, on a Repairing or Building Leafe, the capital Me linage ot Manfion Houfe of Chediam Bds in Bucks, formerly the Seat oi" Lord Cheypfe pleafantly iituared near Amrrtham Common, a6 Mile-, from London, and within one M le of the Market Towns of Ametfham and Cheflunt, to the firft of which there is a Turnpike Road from Lond- jn. There is a fine- Bjv.' ling- Green and good Ki'chcn Garden wall'd in, and weB phmed with the bell Fruit Trees now in Perfection of Bearing. Alfo the Whole or any Pait of 10 Acres of Meadow aid Palture Land, and ten Acres. of Land which has hitiierto been plowed, but may be 1 lid down with Grafs Seed to good Advantage. The Soil is dry and health;-', and the Houfe, which d. irtdi neir the Chinch of Chetham Bo's, is defended from the North and EaftWii.% 7 very fine ple ifant Beeci Woo l -. The Materials,- fe ' the old Houfe are verv good ; bur. if a Tenant rtioqhl propofe to build a Houfe, and Bricks ih . old be wanted, there is vdry good Earth to make Sr'. ki, and Chalk to burn Lime, adpiiniu; to the Piemifcs. Enquire of M.. fohn Davis, at Chenies near Amcriliam, who will ' attend to ftiew the Premifcs. N E W M U S I C K. - - ibis Day are pub ft ( if d„ HANDEL's fchfted Songs ir, m all his Ora'orlos, in four Vohin. es. The Favourite Scn^ s in Ctefo, Iffipi'e, Solinnno, Zer> ob: a, and Dcmetrio j being a l the Operas performed this Ye* r. T; i « Enjjlifh Op= ras of Eliza, Alfred, Temped, and Fa- re*. Pfin'. ed for J \ Val( h, in Kitherine S. reet In the Strand. Of whom may be had, f r the Harpfi- hord, ^ grsli's L'lTons. J Arn'e's LeiTtin ® . Smir. h* s Left'on?, four !? ooks. } Gah » p? i* s LefTons. This Day is f ubhjh'd, ( Price 6 d.) TH E O r d i n a r y ot N e w g a t e ' s A c c o u n t of tbe; Bchav; our, Con • " i ? n, nnd Dying Word*, of thr Four M^ lefactor*, vbo we. e exe> uted at I > bort> on Monday the inf- ant. v'u, William S- evens, for robbing his Maftet; Richard Wil'iam Vaughai>, for forging a ivank Note ; W » ; l am Boeder, for forgirg an Inland f> i! l ; and James Cot? s. f ^ or a Ro"' yb* rv on the Highway. VV'i li A counts of ot^ aer notorious Crir. a <> 1 Wi! iidT » Sievens, a?. d the Intrigues < md ur » - haopy Ma? rtogei of \ V liiam Bo^ ge'-. Pr n'ed for ihe Au'hor. and ' 1 . Parker, in Jewin- Street, the o.-. ty authorif d Printer of the Ordinary's Account, ar. d fold by M. Cooper, in ^' atrr- no^ c- Row. " 1bis Day is publ'ifl? d, ( Price i s.) the 2 d Ediion, With two Copper- Pla es. prin'cd for M. Cco( er in P » ' er- no: ttr Row. T^ HE Life of W I L L I AM PAGE, who was ex.- ciifed on P^ nnenden- Meath, neat MaWflane in Kjent, on ThurOay th.' 6rh infia " for ohoi^* Caoi. Farrmgcon ne . r ^ lackheath With an ^ tcmn" o » ' h » s fe-^ ral Roh," » r'fc. l? v his A'complice. T ? O R t h e I c c h > 11 c e r t a i n C u r e , p r e p a r e d by a X/ Gen. tleman t o n 0> ford, wheje i'. s Virtues a e well known, re- Commen ' ed by fevra! emin- nt Pn^ fieiars and Surgeons to the an infallible and f^ fe Remedy, having r © rr. e e > ria\ or fu! phurm » s Qjali'y in t, and m< v be. ufed on \ C* » ild ; n the Month. So! d at the Tcyll) Op a^ a nil St. Dunflan's C'hur h, Fleet- Stree', ar 3*. a Pot. LO A' DO Ar . Printed by Matthew Jexour, oppofite St. D « nflan% sChurch in Feet- Street ( J E N O U R over the Door), where Advertisements of a moderate Length are taken i* at Three Shillings each ; a) Jp at S. tfvaingi, on the Pavement in S:. tylartin* Lane; at the Poll Office CoiFceHoufe i A Lmbard^ tna ; and no wherf eife.
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