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Berrow's Worcester Journal


Printer / Publisher: Berrow 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 2523
No Pages: 4
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Berrow's Worcester Journal
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Berrow's Worcester Journal

Date of Article: 08/12/1757
Printer / Publisher: Berrow 
Address: Office in Goose-Lane, near the Cross
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 2523
No Pages: 4
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BERROW's Worcester Journal. 1 [ Printed at his O F F I C E, in Goose- Lane* near the Cross. ] l Price Two- pence Halfpenny. THURSDAY, December 8,1757. N° 2523 ; WEEKS this Journal \ [ has been publish'd. J FRIDAY'S and SATURDAY'S POSTS. Arriv'd A MAIL from FLANDERS. CONSTANTINOPLE, October 29. THIS Morning at Four o'Clock we were informed that Sultan Osman died in the Night ; that immediately after all the Grandees were summoned to attend at the Seraglio ; that his High ness would soon be inhumed, but that the new Grand Signor should first be proclaimed. At Break of Day the Cannon of the Port was fired ; therefore the News is certainly true. The new Emperor is Sultan Mustapha ; and hitherto every Thing has passed in great Tranquility. Sultan Osman was born in 1700, and succeeded his Brother, Sultan Mahomet, in Decem- ber 1754. Dunkirk, Nov. 20. It is given out here that Count Dubois de la Motte is arrived at Brest with his Squadron, and that this Admiral having left the Harbour of Louis- bourg the 8th of last Month, five Days after the Storm which the English Fleet under Admiral Holbourne suf- fered by, had taken in his Way six English Men of War, two of 74 Guns, and four of 64. The same Letters add, the French Squadron met with no Resistance in ta- king the above Ships, they having been obliged to throw most of their Guns overboard in the Storm.— Bruss. Gaz. Hague, Nov 25. His Prussian Majesty, immediately before the late Battle, made a short Speech to his Troops nearly in these Words: MY dear Friends, the Hour is now come in which all that is, and all that ought to be, dear to us, depends upon the Swords which are now drawn for the Battle: Time permits me to say but little, nor is there Occasion to say much. You know that there is no Labour, no Hunger or Cold, no Watching, and no Danger, that I have not shared with you hitherto, and you see me ready to lay down my Life with you, and for you. All 1 ask is the same Pledge of Fidelity and Affection that I give ; and let me add, not as an Incitement to your Cou- rage, but as a Testimony of my own Gratitude, that from s Hour till we go into Quarters, your Pay shall be double. Acquit yourselves like Men, and put your Con- fidence in God."-— The Effect of this Speech was such as can neither be described nor conceived ; the general Emotion burst in an universal Shout, and the Looks and Demeanors of the Men were animated to a Degree little short of Phrensy. This signal Victory, so compleat, even by the Relation of his Majesty's Enemies, is the more to be ascribed to a particular Providence, as the Generals who commanded the Combined Armies against him had written to their respective Courts, that they should finish the Campaign by obliging the Prussians to abandon Saxony, and forcing them to seek Refuge in the Marches of Brandeburgh. IRELAND. Cork, Nov. 17. Last Tuesday Mr. Thomat Punch, of Balliamount, brought home his new- married Wife, ac- companied by upwards of 150 Horsemen, who rode thro' the City. The following Entertainment was provided for them, and the Bride and Bridegroom ( at at the Head of the Table: 24 Legs of Mutton Si Surloins of Beef JJ Rumps of Beef 8 Rounds of Beef 24 Large Turkeys 24 Ducks 50 Nine penny Loaves 2 Keshes* ot Potatoes 100 Pounds of Butter 1 Kesh* of Turnips * A Kesh contains upwards of Four Bushels. 50 Cabbages 28 Gallons of Rum made into Punch 20 Gallons of Brandy 12 Dozen of Wine 10 Barrels of Beer 2 Hogsheads of Cyder 18 Gallons of Wheat made into Bareen Bread. LONDON. [ Thursday, Dec. I. ' Tis said the Chiefs of the present Combination of Brewers have offer'd to raise One Hundred Thousand Pounds, if the Government will content to bring in a Bill to six the Price of Beer which was refused. We hear that a Bill will be brought into Parliament for the better Regulating of Fees exacted by the Keepers of, Gaols in this Kingdom. We hear that another Motion will shortly be made in Common- Council, for presenting an Address to his Ma- jesty upon the present Situation of Affairs. Some Promotions in the Army will be made in a few Days. We hear that the Ships that have been built for his Ma- jelly's Service of Fir, are so much approved of on Ac- count of their swift Sailing, that it is proposed for the fu- ture to have all the Packets built of that Timber. A Cartel is now settling for the Exchange of French and Hanoverian and Hessian Prisoners during the last Sum- mer. We hear that his Prussian Majefty has given Orders for raising 80,000 Men in the Electorate of Brandenbourg. Some Letters from Hanover say; that the Hanoverians are on their March, as well as the other Troops which composed the Army of Observation, making in all 40,000 Men: that Prince Ferdinand of Brunswick was to com- mand them, and to endeavour to join the King of Prussia, or to give Battle to the French, who first had broke the Convention. The Elector of Cologne has lately converted another Protestant of high Rank, who is speedily to abjure his Religion publickly, to his own Discredit, and for the Ho- nour of his Serene Highness, who is the Great Apostle of the Catholick Church. On Sunday Evening last six young Surgeons who Walk'd one of the Hospitals for Experience, being in Company together drinking, their Discourse turned chiefly upon Surgery, and not agreeing in their Sentiments, a Quar- rel ensued, and a Challenge from three of them to fight the other three with Swords on the Morrow. Some of them met accordingly and fought, when two of them were desperately wounded, and another left dead on the Spot, the Sword of his Antagonist breaking in his Body. On Monday Night, just as the Play was beginning at Covent Garden Theatre, several Gentlemen stood up and insisted that the Players should not go on till Mr. Rich appeared and gave satisfactory reasons for something to that Purport) why he did not employ Mr. Barry. Mr. Ryan endeavoured to speak, but they would not hear him : Mr. Smith then seeming very desirous to speak, the House insisted upon his being heard, and the Noise abating, he told them a Message had been sent to Mr. Rich's Dwelling House, and that he was not at Home ; Mr. Smith, however, intreated them to suspend their present Intentions of interrupting the Play, for that to his Know- ledge there was a Treaty on Foot between Mr. Rich and Mr. Barry, but the Particulars of which he was not ac- quainted with. The major Part of the Audience seemed satisfied with this Apology, but a few in the Pit, who first began the Disturbance, continuing Very clamorous and noisy, Words arofe, several Blows were struck, and some Blood was shed : At length those who were for the Play gaining the Victory, they delivered the Conquer'd over to the civil and military Power, who carried the De- linquents before Mr. Justice Fielding ; and the Players were then suffer'd to proceed. The celebrated Mr. Sheridan, Manager of the Theatre Royal at Dublin, hath sent over a Gold Medal, of the Value of Ten Guineas at least, as a Present to the Rev. Mr. Hume, Author of Douglas, with an Inscription, ac- knowledging his great Merit in having enriched the Eng lish Stage with such an excellent Tragedy. Last Week the Wife of Mr. Camfield, of Acton, was delivered of Three Sons, who were christened by the Names of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and are all likely to live. Tuesday Morning about One o'Clock, as a Gentleman was going up Miles's- Lane to Cannon- Street, four Fellows rushed upon him out of a Court and demanded his Money upon which he drew his Swotd, run one of them through the Arm, and kept the other three off, till some People came to his Assistance, upon which the Fellows run away and got clear off. Monday being the last Day of Term, two Bailiffs were brought from Newgate to the Court of King's Bench, Westminster, and sentenced to be imprisoned in Newgate one Year, and to stand once on the Pillory, for arresting several Persons in sham Actions, with Intent to extort Money from them. Biggs and Farrell being convicted of Perjury, as com- mon Bail, in swearing themselves worth several hundred Pounds, when, in Fact, they were not worth One Shilling, are order'd to be transported to America for seven Years. On Monday last two Italian Gentlemen were commit- ted to the Gatehouse, by George Wright, Esq; on the Oath of Mary Armstrong; one for assaulting Mary Wil- liams, an Infant, and committing a Rape on her Body in so cruel a Manner that her Life is in Danger; and the other for aiding and assisting him in committing the said Rape. Yesterday as a Carpenter was going to work in Tufton Street, Westminster, a Bull- Dog belonging to a Butcher seized him, and tore him in such a Manner, that he was carried to the Westminster Infirmary, where he died soon after of his Wounds) the Dog was afterwards going to attack a Soldier, but he having his Musket, shot him dead on the Spot. SUNDAY'S and MONDAY'S POSTS. Arrived a M A IL from HOLLAND, S T E T I N, November 20. THE Swedes have set about filling up the Port of Swinnemund: They have already thrown into it not only large Stones and Chests fill'd with Sand, but, in order to render the En- trance impracticable, they have just sunk in it fifteen or sixteen Pomeranian Vessels, which they had found Means to seize. They have also resolved to con- fiscate all the Goods which Dutch Ships, or others belong- ing to Neutral Powers, had brought into that Port for the Account of our Merchants, and to let none be car- ried out but such as are not contraband and belong to the Subjects of the Republick of the United Provinces. Berlin, Nov. 22. All the Officers of Prince Ferdinand of Brunswick's Regiment have been created Knights of the Order of Merit, as a Reward for their extraordinary Bravery in the late Battle. Hambourg, Nov. 22. It is certain that the Hanoverian Regiments which encamped near Winsen, have drawn nearer to Harbourg, to join the Body of their Army. They have even already seized on fome Waggons laden with Wood for the Use of the Garrison of Harbourg, which is look'd upon as a Commencement of Hostilities. In the mean Time the Army which Marshal Richelieu is assembling near Cell is increased to 30,000 Men. The Prussians, on their Side, have a Body of Black Hussars within a small Distance of Donnenbourg, to secure the Posts between this City, Harbourg, and Berlin. Brunswick, Nov. 21. Marshal Richelieu, who had removed his Head Quarters hither since the 7th Instant, left this Place Yesterday, in order to put himself at the Head of the Body of Troops which he directed to be assembled between Zell and Gishorn ; and this Day his Son, the Duke de Fronfac, took the same Route. Just as the Post is going out we have a Rumour, that a considerable Body of Prussian Troops is actually march- ing to join the Army of Observation, which, we are assured, is to be put under the Command of Prince Fer- dinand. Harbourg, Nov. 24. The Chevalier de Perreuse, Com- mander ot the French Troops in Garrison here, intend-, ing to guard against any Surprize from the Hanoverians, who are said to have already committed some fresh Hosti- lities, has just charged all the Inhabitants not to stir out of Doors after Six o'Clock in the Evening; besides which Precaution, he has placed Barriers and Cheveaux de Frize at the Ends of the Streets, and ordered half ths Garrison to be on the Guard every Night. From the LONDON EVENING POST. To the AUTHOR, & c. Bristol, Nov. 26. A Lieutenant of the Tartar's Prize Privateer is committed to Newgate, for having on the High Seas felonioufly and piratically taken from on board a Vessel belonging to the Subjects of the King of Spain 35 DOllars and one Piece of Gold, their Property. SIR. THO' your Paper has frequented complain'd of the pernicious Custom of selling Corn by Sample, I must beg Leave, at this Season, to add a Word more on that Subject. The great Use of Markets is so universally known, that no Arguments are wanting to prove it; yet is this Use destroyed, in regard to the most necessary Commodity of Life, by the Practice of selling Corn by Sample in Markets. What the Farmer may, or should do, at Home in his own Neighbourhood, I do not pretend to determine. That is a difficult Point. What I speak to is plain and evident. When a Commodity is brought into open Market, the Quantity is known, and the Quality is judged of, and from hence the true Value will be ascertained. When Corn comes by Sample, the Quantity is concealed, and the Quality is disguised*. The Sellers by this Method have it in their Power to enter into Combinations, either to advance the Price, or to withhold their Corn ; and the unfair Purchasers can in a more clandestine Manner en- gross what Quantities they think proper. The selling Com by Sample on a Market- Day, where a Market is held, is a Species of Forestalling, which is in some Places, from the Neglect of the Magistrates, of of the Owners of Markets, openly practised; and is in other Places secretly carried on at a Tavern or Alehouse, The ill Consequences are in the mean Time every- where complained of; yet notwithstanding the Exigence of the Times, the Evil still remains; tho' it might, with the greatest Ease, and that without Prejudice to the honest Farmer, be redressed. Yours, & c. K. • Tho' the Farmer be supposed to deal ever so fairly in putting' up the Sample, it is well known thar the Appearance of a Parcel of Wheat brought some Miles In a Bag, in a Man's Pocket, is very dif- ferent from the same Wheat, when viewed and handled at the Barn, or in a Sack, LONDON. [ Saturday . Dec, 3] From the LONDON GAZETTE. Westminster, Dec. 1. THIS Day his Majesty came to the House of Peers, | and being in his Royal Robes seated on the Throne with the usual Solemnity, the Hon. Sir Henry Bellenden, Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod, was sent with a Message to the House of Commons commanding their Attendance in the House of Peers. The Commons being come thither accordingly, his Ma- jesty was pleased to make the following most gracious Speech. My Lords and Gentlemen, IT would have given Me the greatest Pleasure to have acquainted you, at the Opening of this Session, that our Success in carrying on the War had been equal to the Justice of our Cauce, and the Extent and Vigour of the Measures formed for that Purpose. I haVe the firmest Confidence, that the Spirit and Bra- Very of this Nation, so renowned in all Times, and which have formerly surmounted so many Difficulties, are not to be abated by some Disappointments. These, I trust, by the Blessing of God, and your Zeal and Ardour for My Honour, and the Welfare of your Country, may be re trieved. It is My fixt Resolution to apply My utmost Efforts for the Security of My Kingdoms, and for the Recovery and Protection of the Possessions and Rights of My Crown and Subjects in America, and elsewhere; as well by the strongest Exertion of our Naval Force, as by all other Methods. Another great Object, which I have at Heart, is the Preservation of the Protestant Religion, and the Liberties of Europe , and, in that View, to adhere to, and encourage My Allies. For this Cause, I shall decline no Inconveniencies and, in this Cause, I earnestly desire your hearty Concurrence, and vigorous Assistance. The late signal Success in Ger- many has giveu a happy Turn to Affairs, which it is in- . cumbent upon Us to improve ; and in this Critical Con- juncture, the Eyes of all Europe are upon You. In par- ticular, I must recommend it to you, that My Good Bro- ther and Ally, the King of Prussia, may be supported in such a Manner, as His Magnanimity and active Zeal for the Common Cause deserve. Gentlemen of the House of Commons, It gives Me the utmost Concern, that the large Sup plies, which you have already granted for carrying on the War, have not produced all the good Effects We had Reason to hope for. But I have so great Reliance on your Wisdom, as not to doubt of your Perseverance. 1 only desire such Supplies as shall be necessary for the Publick Service ; and, to that End, have order'd the proper Esti- Mates to be laid before you. You may depend upon it, that the best and most faithful OEconomy shall be used My Lords, and Gentlemen, I have had such ample Experience of the Loyalty and good Affections of My faithful Subject towards Me, My Family, and Government, in all Circumstances, that I am Confident they are not to be shaken. But I cannot avoid taking Notice of that Spirit of Disorder, which has shewn itself amongst the common People in some Parts of the Kingdom. Let me recommend to you to do your Part in discouraging and suppressing such Abuses, and for main- taining the Laws, and lawful Authority. If any Thing shall be found wanting to explain or enfore what may have been misunderstood, or misrepresented, I am per- suaded it will not escape your Attention. Nothing can be so conducive to the Defence of all that is dear to Us, as well at for reducing Our Enemies to Reason, as Union and Harmony amongst Ourselves. The Address of the Right Honourable the Lords Spi ritual and Temporal has been presented to his Majesty, in which they promise their hearty Concurrence and most vigorous Assistance in accomplishing his wise and gracious Intentions for our Defence and Safety at Home, and for recovering and securing of the Rights and Possessions of his Majesty's Crown and Subjects in America, and else- where, by the utmost Exertion of our Naval Strength ; to defend his Majesty against all his Enemies; to exert themselves in the Support of the King of Prussia; and to enforce and add Strength to the Laws and lawful Autho- rity for the Suppression of Riot and Disorder. To which his Majesty was pleased to return the follow- ing most gracious Answer: • My Lords, ' Nothing could possibly give Me greater Satisfaction, ' than this very dutiful and affectionate Address. I hear- ' tily thank you for it: and make no Doubt, but the Zeal and Vigour which you so seasonably express in this critical conjuncture, will have the best Effects both at Home and Abroad.' Whitehall, Dec. 3, The King has been pleased to ap- point the Right Hon. Sir John Ligonier to be Colonel of the First Regiment of Foot Guards. And also to create Sir John Ligonier, Sir Robert Rich, and Lord Viscount Molesworth, to be Field- Marshals of all and singular his Majefty's Forces. The Lords Commissioners of his Majesty's Treasury having received Information, that a Loan of Money is at this Time negotiating in this Kingdom, for the Use of his Majesty's Enemies, their Lordships promise a Reward of 200 1. to any Person, by whose Discovery any Subject of his Majesty, or any Person residing within this Realm, shall be convicted of lending or advancing Money for that Purpose. ADMIRALTY- Office, Dec, 1, 1757. Extract 0f a Letter fnm Capt. Elliot, Commander of his Majesty's Ship Hussar, of 28 Guns, to Mr. Clevland. dated in Plymouth sound, Nov. 28, 1757. " Upon the 19th I joined Company with his Majesty's Ship Unicorn of 28 Guns, and on the 21 st we chased two French Ships of War ; about Ten at Night, being the Headmost Ship, I passed the Sternmost of the enemy, ( which the Unicorn has taken) but I lost Sight of the Ship I followed about Midnight. " Upon the 23d, in Company with his Majesty's Ship the Dolphin, of 24 Guns, we chased a large French Ship, which I got alongside of about eight ot the Clock at Night. We had not exchanged above two or three Broad - sides, when the Dolphin came up; about Ten, or a little after, the Enemy lost all his Masts, and sunk with her Colours flying. I judged him to be a Two deck Ship, with one Tier of Guns mounted,. I could not possibly get a Boat out to save one of his Men } my Lifts, Braces, and Tackles, being all shot away: The Dolphin sent her Boat, but could find nobody. Having 21 Men killed and wounded, our Mali and standing Rigging a good deal da- maged, with the Loss of the Mizen- Topmast and Part of the Top, I judged it proper to return to Port." Extract of a Letter from Capt. Moore, Commander of bis Majesty's Ship the Unicorn, to Mr. Clevland, dated at Falmouth, Nov. 28, 1757. " In the Latitude of 45, 23, on the 22d of this Month, I chased a French Frigate, came up with her, engaged her five Hours, and after dismasting her took her. She sailed the 2d of this Month with the French Fleet from Louisbourg, in Number 22 Ships. She is as fine a Fri- gate as any in the French Service, mounts 26 Thirteen- Pounders, and two Nine- Pounders." ——- [ Thus far the London Gazette. Other Accounts mention, that there were on board the said Frigate several of the Men belonging to the Til bury Man of War, whom they had taken off the Rocks after the Tilbury was beat to Pieces, and that she sailed from Cape Breton the 2d of November, in Company with 13 Ships of the Line, and five Frigates, from which she had parted fome Days before in a hard Gale of Wind. We hear that the Ship sunk in the Engagement with the Hussar proves to be a 46 Gun Ship. Yesterday Sir John Ligonier kissed his Majesty's Hand on his being created a Peer of Great Britain, by the Title of Lord Salvage. We hear his Grace the Duke of Marlborough will suc- ceed Sir John Ligonier, as Colonel of the Royal Regi- ment of Horse Guards Blue. When his Majesty went to the House of Peers, some of the principal Officers, and upwards of an Hundred of the Crew belonging to tbe Antigallican Privateer, attended with French Horns, and with the Antigallican Colours displayed, waited in St. James's Park, to receive his Ma- jesly as he went from the Royal Palace to the Parliament House, and gave him three hearty Cheers: After which they attended his Majesty to the Parliament House ; and, on his Return, lined the Street, and gave him three more Cheers, in which they were joined by Thousands of the Populace. His Majesty was graciously pleased to receive the Case of the Antigallicans, even from the Hands of a common Seaman; and seemed well satisfied with the Be- haviour of the brave and most injured Crew. Some Matters relative to the Antigallican and her Prize, the Duke de Penthievre, are under Re- Consideration at the Court of Madrid. Many of the Crew of the Antigallican Privateer, who have escaped from Spain, have engaged themselves for a Cruize in the Nelly's Resolution Privateer. On Wednesday being the Birth- Day of her Royal High- ness the Princess of Wales, who then enter'd into the 39th Year of her Age, a vast Concourse of Gentlemen and Ladies of the first Rank waited on her Royal High- ness to congratulate her on rhe Occasion, most magnifi- cently dressed, particularly John Spencer, Esq; and his Lady: He, besides the sumptuous Suits they wore, had the largest Knee and Shoe Buckles set with Diamonds ; and his Lady's Head was adorn'd with Diamonds, and her Neck and Stomacher decorated in the like Manner, that it might be said, she appear'd so brilliant, that the Spectators Eyes were so dazzled, they could not indulge them with so glorious a Sight but for an Instant. As for Equipage, the Lady 0f the Hon. Col. Townshend, vir. the Baroness Ferrers, appear'd in a Chair ornamented with Silver, chased in the finest Manner, and plated on the Top, the Corners, Sides, and Back of it, and four large Silver Tassels, the Poles carv'd and silver'd over. The Ball at Court was opened by his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales and Lady Augusta ; Prince Edward danced with Princess Elizabeth, the Dutchesses of Ha. milton and Grafton, and Lady Coventry ; The King left the Ball Room at Eleven o'Clock, and the Ball broke up soon after Twelve. By Order of the Government the most proper Mea- sures are concerting for making Satisfaction to the Pro- prietors of Dutch and Danish Ships, taken by the Bri- tish pretended Privateers, Sic. We are assured, that a Bill is preparing for better regu- lated the Assize of Bread for the Relief of the Poor, and also for enlarging the Time for prohibiting the Exporta- tion of Corn. It is said, that many Gentlemen of Rank and Fortune are not only become Owners of Corn- Mills, but have also bought up Corn to grind and sell out again, to prevent the Engrossing of it. It is said that a Matter of great Importance is laid be- fore the Right Hon. the Lord Keeper and his Majesty Attorney- General, for their Opinion. We hear that a Court Martial is order'd to be held in a few Days for the Trial of an Officer of Rank. Complaints is made from Grantham, in Lincolnshire, that the rich Farmers greatly distress the Poor, by keep- ing up the exorbitant Price of Corn. If some Remedy is not found out, nothing but Misery and Scarcity will be felt in that plentiful Part of the World. Two Expresses were forwarded the Beginning of the Week for our Minister at the Hague, and for the King of Prussia, with Dispatches of great Importance, Extract of a Letter from Nordhausen, Nov. 13. " It was on the 9th Inst. that the Princes Soubize and Saxe Hildburghausen and the Duke de Broglio arrived here with the first Relicks of their Army, which amounted to only 6000 Men ; two thousand of them being wounded, were put into our Hospitals. The Soldiers arrived in Par- ties of 20 or 30 Men, most of them without Arms and Hats, with Handkerchiefs tied round their Heads, The Officers had lost almost all their Equipages, and even the Prince of Soubize had but two Mules left." According to a new List made at Magdeburgh, more correct than the first, it appears that the Number of Of- ficers of the combined Armies made Prisoners by the Prussians, amounts in all to 337 ; and the Prussians had but 18 Officers wounded in this great Exploit. Immediately after the King of Prussia's Victory, a Re- ward was offer'd for bringing in French Prisoners, and within two Days, the Boors ( among whom were a Num- ber of Women) arm'd themselves, and brought in near 300 of the scatter'd Army. According to Adviees received at Utrecht the 28th of November, the King of Prussia was with his' Army at Torgau, settling the Operations in which his Troops are to be employ'd during the Winter. It is said that the Hanoverians began their March on the 18th ult. the first Column consisting of 3000 Infantry, with 18 light Field Pieces of Nine Pounders. They were to be joined on the 19th by eight Squadrons of Hessian Cavalry, and five Squadrons of Wolfenbuttel, all which form their first Line. We hear they were to be followed by the Remainder of the Army on the 23d. By a private Letter from Lipstadt we have an Account, that the Marshal Duke de Richlieu is set out in great Haste for the Army, having certain Intelligence, that not only the Hanoverians and the Confederate Army are in Motion, but that a Person of great Rank was arrived amongst them from Magdebuorg, with Advice, that 11,000 Prussians were in full March to join them; upon > which he has sent the Marquis de Villemur, with a con- siderable Corps, to observe them, while, with the rest of the Army, he endeavours to prevent their JunCtion with the Prussians hat all Thoughts of going into Winter Quarters seem to be over on both Sides for the present. They write from Stetin, that the Swedes carry on the War in Pomerania in a Manner that must embitter Things extremely between the two Nations, and which hath not been usually practised : But that it is believed, on the Arrival of Count Lehwald, Things will quickly change their Appearance ; and the Swedes, instead of making War with humane Society, by destroying Roads and fil- ling up Ports, will find full Employment in defending their own Possessions. Wednesday Morning died the Right Hon. Edward Lord Digby, one of the Lords of the Bedchamber to his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, and Member in the present Parliament for the City of Wells. His Lord- ship dying a Bachelor, is succeeded in Honour and Estate by his Brother Henry, now Lord Digby, Member in the present Parliament for Luggershall, in Wilts. Randall and Hinchley two more of that notorious Gang of Conspirators, who were formerly convicted for wilfully and corruptly bringing several false and feign'd Actions against an infirm Widow Gentlewoman and her Bail, in order to extort a large Sum of Money from her, received Judgment the last Day of this Term, in the Court of King's Bench. Randall's Sentence was, to stand twice on the Pillory, once at Charing- Cross, and. once at the Royal Exchange ; to pay a Fine of 6 s. 8 d. to be imprison'd in the Gaol of Newgate for one Year, and to give Security for his good Bohaviour for three Years after: And Hinchley to stand on the Pillory at Charing Cross, to pay the like Fine, and to be impri- son'd in the same Gaol for iix Months, and to give the like Security. On the late Victory gain'd by tbe King OF PRUSSIA. O! how the Antichristians fled, With Numbers great, before a Few ! Surely their Wooden Gods are dead:— But FREd'rick's GOD it Great and True: Letter from Lisbon, Oct. 27. " This Week Fires broke out twice in this City, and though there was speedy Help the Damage sustained by seem is very considerable: The Convent of the Nuns of St. Clara is almoft entirely destroy'd, and several Houses contiguous to it are reduced to Ashes. We are still alarmed with gentle Tremblings of the Earth; which we fear may be Fore- runners to some vio- lent Shock. " The 15th of this Month Sentence passed at Oporto on 266 Persons concerned in the late Insurrection in that unfortunate City ; thirteen Men and four Women have been hang'd. Of the rest, some have been whipp'd, some banish'd, and others sent to the Gallies. Those who had bought Wine by Virtue of the Concession made by the Chancellor on the Day that the Tumult happen'd, are condemn'd to six Months Imprisonment " IRELAND Dublin. Nov. 16. Lately died in the 75th Year of his Age, Richard Bourke, of Dromsally, Efq; possessed of a Fortune of One Hundred and Ten Thousand Pounds. Letter from Edinburgh, Nov. 26 ** In the Storm of Lightning last Week, a very re- markable Accident happened about a Mile from Falkirk. — While a Gentleman was sitting by the Fire with a Child in his Arms, and a Spaniel Dog lying at his Feet, the Lightning came down the Chimney, and struck the Dog dead, without injuring the Gentleman of the Child, further than two of the Gentleman's Fingers were re- markably affected by it." NOTICE is hereby given to the Simple- Contract Creditors of the late Mr. JOHN WINWOOD, of Kidderminster, deceas'd, THAT, at the House of Mrs. BALDWIN, known by the Name or Sign of the Angel Inn; in Bewdley, on Friday the 23d of this Instant December, there will be a Meeting, in order to make a Dividend of the said WINWOOD'S Effects ; at which Time and Place the said Creditors are desired to attend to receive some Satisfaction for their respeCtive Debts due and owing to them from the said WINWOOD. WANTED, A Person as an Assistant in a BOARDING- SCHOOL, Who is capable of teaching L A T I N, W R I T I N G, and ACCOMPTS. For Particulars direCt a Line ( Post paid) to JOHN SHARP, in High Street, Warwick. No Person need apply unless he can produce an unexceptionable Cha- racter. To be SOLD, An ASS, ( with a FOAL a Month old) Enquire of the Printer of this Paper. To be Sold to- the Best Bidder, On Wednesday the Fourth Day of January next, between the Hours of Two and Six in the Afternoon, at the HOP- POLE Inn, in the City of WORCESTER, A Freehold Messuage and Farm, Of the Yearly Value of One Hundred Pounds, or thereabouts, CONSISTING OF ARable, Meadow, Pasture, Orcharding, and Hop- Ground, in very good Order, and all con- venient Out Buildings in exceeding good Repair, having Coal npon the Estate- in great Plenty, and an extensive Right of Common belonging thereto, situate in the Parish of Abberley, in the County of Worcester, being Five Miles from Bewdley, Six from Kidderminster, and Ten from Worcester, and within about Half a Mile of a Turnpike Road. For further Particulars enquire of Mr. John Brasier, at Abberley, the Owner of the said Estate ; or of Mr. Far- mer, Attorney at Law, in Worcester. DESERTED, From a Recruiting Party of the King's own Regiment of Foot, commanded by Colonel Alexander Duroure, on their Way to Exeter, WILLIAM WATKlNS, Labourer, aged Twenty- seven Years, five Feet eight Inches and a Half high, born in the Parish of Marsley, four Miles from Worcester, shortish brown Hair, he looks older than he is, and his Legs are rather small for his Make ; he was inlisted on Sunday Novemuer the 10th, at a Publick- House in the Corn- Market, where he was in the Hands of some Bailiffs for a Debt of Three Pounds Eight Shillings. — Whoever will secure the said Watkins, and give No- tice thereof to the Recruiting Party at Worcester, or to Hhe Commanding Officer of the Regiment at Exeter, shall receive One Guinea Reward, over and above what is allow'd by Act of Parliament for taking Deserters. N. B. If the above Deferter wiilTeturn to the Party at Worceller, he ( hall be pardon'd. Wednesdays and Thursday's POSTS. From the LONDON GAZETTE. HAGUE, November 29: HIS Prussian Majesty was at Bautzen in Lusatia on the 20th Instant, with a Corps of Troops Ano- ther Corps is assembled towards Magdeburgh, which is said to be commanded byhis Royal Highness Prince Henry of Prussia . We know nothing new about the Swedes in Pomerania ; Progress of late and the Army under Marshal Lehwald was to begin its Operations against them as this day. LoNDoN, Tuesday, 6. Admiralty Office, Dec. 6. Capt. Moore, Cammander of his Majesty's Ship Unicorn, has transmitted to the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, the under- men- tion'd Account of Persons that were saved when his Ma- jesty's Ship the Tilbury was cast away ; which Account was given to him by Robert Groat, late Master's Mate on board her, who was a Prisoner on board the Hermione French Ship lately taken by the Unicorn. Officers saved. Lieutenants Thane, Townsend, and Manwaring; Mr. Dudgal, Lieutenant of Grenadiers ; Robert Groat and William Membrey, Master's Mates ; and Nine Midshipmen. Officers lost. Capt. Barnsley ; Mr. Dennis, Captain of Marines; Mr. Crockson, Captain of Grenadiers; Mr. Plunkit, Master; Mr. Jones, Surgeon ; Mr. Walker, Pur ser ; Mr. Smith, Chaplain ; Mr. Mackintosh, Gunner; and Mr. Trusscott, Midshipman. London Gazette. In this Day's London Gazette is a Proclamation ordering that a Publick Fast and Humiliation be observed through- out that Part of Great Britain call'd England, the Domi- nion of Wales, and Town of Berwick upon Tweed, upon Friday the Seventeenth Day of February next, in order to obtain Pardon of our Sins, and in the most devout and solemn Manner send up our Prayers and Supplications to the Divine Majesty for averting those heavy Judgments which our manifold Sins and Provocations have most justly deserved, and imploring his Blessing and Assistance on our Arms, and for restoring and perpetuating Peace, Safety, and Prosperity to his Majesty and his Kingdoms. Proclamations are likewise issued for observing a Fast in Ireland on the said 17th of February, and in Scotland on Thursday the 16th of February. The Court- Martial, for the Trial of an Officer of high Rank, will begin on Friday next. It will consist of 21, 18 of whom are General Officers. ' Tis said Lord Ca- dogan will sit as Prefident. An Officer of high Rank has been taken into Custody. It is confidently said, the Government have inlarged the Time for Importation of Corn, ' till next Crop; the Price of Wheat keeping up in some Counties, to 7 s. 6d. per Bushel. We hear five Millions will be raised for the Service of the Year 1758, by Annuities and a Lottery at three per Cent, and it is said the Subscription will be filled imme- diately. Such is the Differences between the national Credit in England, and France, that while Money is raised here at Three and a Half per Cent, the French are offering from Seven and a Half to Ten per Cent, here and] in Holland. We hear his Majesty will go to the House before Christ- mas, to give the Royal Assent to several Bills expeCted to- be ready by that Time. We hear a Motion is designed foon to be made to pre- vent Insurances on foreign Goods. It is positively asserted, that the Hanoverian and Hes- sian Troops have marched it join tbe Prussians, who are also advancing to meet them : This JunCtion will certain- ly put an End to the French Schemes in Germany. Some Letters give an Account that the Squadrons un- der the Command of the Admirals Hawke and Boscawen, were cruizing on each Side the Bay of Biscay, expeCting daily to fall in with a Fleet from America, & c. It is reported that the Louisbourg Fleet is safe arrived in the Ports of France. Friday Morning the Captain and three Sailors belong- ing to a Privateer of Dover, were brought to Town by order of the Admiralty, and committed ( after Examina- tion) to Newgate, for plundering a Dutch Ship on the High Seas. We hear that an honourable Merchant, in the Vaca- tion last Summer, made a Tour into Germany, with an lntent to have visited the King of Prussia's Army, but was prevented by Shortness of time, and went no further than Hamburg ; where he was solicited to subscribe to a Loan, raising for the King of France, at Seven and a Half per Cent, but - with Indignation refused his Assis tance ; and declared he would bring all those who did, if he could discover them, to Punishment. This FaCt, it is said, produced the Advertisement from the Treasury in the Gazette of Saturday last, offering a Reward of 200 1. to discover any Person concerned. Yesterday a Trial came on in the Court of King's Bench, between an Officer of the Land Forces and an Invalid, who recover'd 200 1. Damages and Costs On the 11th of September last Mons. Rene Brisson, Second Captain of the Prince de Soubise Privateer, who had his Liberty at Waltham, in Hampshire, on his Parole of Honour, and a Bond of Eighty Pounds given by a Gentleman of Portsmouth, that he should duly observe it, ran away and went to Dunkirk ; but upon a Remon- strance made to the Minister of the Marine in France, an Order was immediately given ( sign'd by tbe King's own Hand) to send him back to England ; which was accord- ingly done, and on Monday last he was committed to the Castle at Porchester. BANKRUPTS.—— David Smith, late of Coventry, Dealer and Chapman —— Michael Inman, of Kingston upon Hull, Merchant William Archard, late of Net- tleton, in Wiltshire, Mercer Roger Parry, of Putney- Common, in Surrey, Innholder.—— John Tasker, late of Ludlow, Maltster— Robert Knowles, George Ridgate, and Peter Gerrard, of Liverpool, Beer- Brewers-!— Tho. Liddall, of Axminster, Devonshire, Grocer, Mercer, Cut- ler, and Chapman. Matthew Atkinson, late of Brad- ford, Yorkshire, Mercer, Woollen- Draper, Dealer, and Chapman.' "- Thomas Shewell and Henry Masterman, of Shoe- Lane, London, Brewers and Partners.-; Simson Levy, of St. Michael's Alley, Cornhill, London, Mer- chant, Dealer, and Chapman. StOCkS. Bank, india; ft40 J" 4tks, South Se 104 1 half. Old Annuities, t Sub. go. Ditto 2d bu 89 5 8ths. Ditto New Annuities, ill Sub. 961 8jh. Ditt 2d Sub. 89 5 8ths. ' Three per Cent Annuities, 91. I dia Bonds, 2 1. 13 s. Prem. Exeter, Dec. 3. Last Thursday Evening a Man wa committed to our Gaol for the Murder of a Publican a Drustenton, about 12 Miles from Exeter, which is said t have happened as follows: The Man had been drinking at an Alehouse in Drustenton, last Monday Evening some Time, and calling for another Pint of Ale, it beln late, the Landlord, an elderly Man, refused to draw an more, telling him he had not paid for what he had al ready, and that he kept him from going to Bed ; the Man told the Landlord that he had overcharged him, and swearing he would never pay him, went direCtly up to him with a Knife, and ripp'd his Belly up. The Land- lord died last Wednesday. Cambridge, Dec. 3. The Rev. Mr. Balguy, of St. John's College, is predented to a Prebend in the Cathe- dral Church of Winchester. Letter from Oxford, Dec. 3. * Our Advices from different Parts of the County ob- serve in general, that there has more Wheat been sown this Autumn thah in the two former Years: By the Mild- ness of the Season the Crops are very promising. And from Ardington- Wick, near Wantage, in Berkshire, we are told that there are at this Time young fledged Rooks in the Nests upon the Trees at that Place." WORCESTER, December 8. On Tuesday last the Rev. Mr. Hughes was instituted to the Vicarage of St. Peter, by the Right Rev. the Lord- Bishop of this Diocese. This Morning Joseph Hill, of Bromsgrove, Weaver, and Thomas Weaver, of the same Place, Nailer, were committed to our County Gaol, being charged with assaulting, wounding, and robbing, Richard Court, of the Parish of Tardebig, Carpenter, whose Death, it seems, is hourly expected. We are assur'd that great Numbers of Gentlemen and Ladies daily resort to the Golden Lyon, in this City, to see the Live CROCODILE, and magnificent GIOTTO, and that they express the highest Satisfaction and Asto- nishment on the Occasion —— That extraordinary Creature, as also the Grotto, we hear, will be shewn but a few Days longer in this City, the Proprietor intending to re- move them to Birmingham. We hear from Shrewsbury, that there was safely caught, near that Town, in the River Severn, a Salmon that exceeds in Length any ever known to be taken in that Town, it weighing 37 Pounds. ' Tis surprising to think how greatly the Fish are increased in that River since proper Steps have been taken with some Persons de- tected in using unlawful Nets, which Regulations must redound much to the Honour of those concern'd in put- ting the Laws in Force ; and how commendable must it be in every one of Ability to contribute to so laudable an Undertaking, the Poor having all last Summer been fur- nish'd with Salmon much cheaper than Butchers Town.' We are also inform'd from the same Place, that at 3 General Board of the Subscribers, Dr. Owen was chose a Physician to the Salop Infirmary, in the room of Dr. Berington, who, it is said, purposes leaving that Town. We hear from Wolverhampton, that on Monday se'n- night last Samuel Hellier, Esq; a Gentleman near that Place, came to Age, who order'd to be distributed on the same Day among the Poor of that Town, and the neigh bouring Parishes, the Sum of Thirty Guineas -- An Example worthy of Notice among Gentlemen of For- tune in these Times of Scarcity. A few Days ago, when the Hounds of Ashton Curzon, Esq; of Hagley Hall, near Rudgley, Staffordshire, were pursuing a Hare near the Trent, the Hare taking to the River, ( he was followed by the Hounds; which Mr. Fitz- herbert, a Gentleman of that Neighbourhood, crossing, Mr. Curzon's Groom ( John Wright) attempted to do the same, when by some Accident he fell from his Horse; and, as he could not swim, tho' Mr. Fitzherbert imme- diately jumped into the River to save him, and got him twice on his Back, at the Hazard of his own Life, he was drown'd. To the Charitable and Humane.' THAT we, the many poor Prixoners for Debt in the County Gaol of Worcester, are real ObjeCts of Charity, every One would allow, were we to enter Into the Particulars of our Misfortunes and present Distress i but as a Relation of them might cast an untimely Gloom on the Minds of many well- disposed Persons in the ap- proaching joyful Season, we think it our Duty to decline it, not doubting, however, but they will be sufficiently touch'd by a general View, and contribute to our Relief, that so OUR Comfort and Joy, as well as THEIRS [ in Re- speCt to the Birth of Our Blessed Saviour] may be heigh- ten'd by the Enjoyment of the Good Things of this Life, to which we have a long Time been utter Strangers, What may be sent us, either in Money or Provisions, will be equally distributed amongst, and most thankfully re- ceived, by Your greatly distress'd humble Servants, The Debtors in the County Gaol. N. B. The poor Prisoners confin'd for Debt in the CITY Gaol of Worcester, being likewise real ObjeCts of Charity, most humbly implore some Relief at the ap- proaching Season of Joy and Festivity, which will be ni » . t thankfully receiv'd, and To be SOLD, By Owner THOMAS BROWN, of Bndgnorth, in the County of SALOP, ( He havingicft off that Business ) Two TROWS, In very good Condition, With a BOAT and Two ANCHORS, For further Particulars enquire of the said Tho. Brown. Stolen or Stray'd About a Month ago, out of the Woller Ham, in the Parish of Powick, in the County of Worcester, A BLACK MARE, ABOUT Seven Years old, with a bald Face, a wnite Ring of Hair round each Ear, the Off Leg behind white about half- way up to the Hock, some little White on both her Fore Feet, and, when lost, had no Shoes on. Whoever will give intelligence of the said Mare ( so that ( he may be had again) to Thomas Brookes, of Powick aforesaid, shall receive Half a Guinea Reward. This is to give Notice to the PUBLICK, THAT, In the College- Church- Yard, Worcester, THERE is now open'd a SHOP, in which the fol- lowing GOODS are sold, Wholesale and Retail, viz. Printed Linnens, from 18^. per Yard, and Cottons at 19d. to 5/. Long Lawns, from iSd. to 6s. per Yard. . Clear Lawns, from 18^. per Yard to izs. - Quar- ter Lawns, to 16s. per Yard. -— Irish Linnens of all Prices, Scotch and Gulix Hollands, Yard- wide Cotton Check at lod. per Yard, Yard. and. Half- wide ditto at i5
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