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Berrow's Worcester Journal


Printer / Publisher: Berrow 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 2520
No Pages: 4
Berrow's Worcester Journal page 1
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Berrow's Worcester Journal
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Berrow's Worcester Journal

Date of Article: 17/11/1757
Printer / Publisher: Berrow 
Address: Office in Goose-Lane, near the Cross
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 2520
No Pages: 4
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BERROW's Worcester Journal. Price Two- pence Halfpenny. THURSDAY, November 17, 1757. No 2520 FRIDAY'S and SATURDAY'S POSTS. * Foreign Intelligence. E M B D E N, October 22. THE French Generally which is in this Principality, has, in the Name of the Empress Queen, made out a List of the Contribution of 317,000 Crowns, to be raised upon the following Cities, viz. the City of Aurick 17,000, Nor- don 12,000, Ampt- Leer 37,000, Web- ner 18,000, Bunde 14,000, Ampt Embden 47,000, Wit- mund and Esens 8000, Ampt- Aurick n. ooo, Ampt- Stickhuse 16,000, Ampt Grethzyl 23,000, Ampt- Berum 20,000, Ampt- Frideburg 7000, Godens 6000, Older- suin 2000. The chief Merchants of this Principality have been summoned to Aurick, in order to satisfy the above Demand, in two Payments, to begin the First of November, under Pain of incurring Military Punishment on Failure thereof. Paris, Oct. 24. Since the Arrival of M. Ratte from Vienna, where he has managed the King's Affairs since the Departure of the Marshal d'Etrees, there is more Talk than ever of a speedy Negotiation to restore Peace to Europe. AMERICA. New York, Sept. 5. Last Wednesday Morning his Ex- cellencv Jonathan Belcher, Esq; Governor of New Jer- sey, departed this Life at Elizabeth Town. The Admi- nistration of that Government devolves upon the Hon. John Reading, Esq; Philadelphia, Sept. 8. Our Accounts in general from the Frontiers are most dismal, all agreeing that some of the Inhabitants are killed or carried off, Houses burnt, and Cattle destroy'd, daily, and that, at the same Time, they are afflicted with a severe Sickness, and die fast, so that in many Places they are neither able to defend them- selves when attack'd, nor to run away. * SCOTLAND. Edinburgh, Nov. 3. We hear from Aberdeen, that on Wednesday the 19th of last Month, about Eight o'Clock at Night, the People who were leading their Cows in the Fields were suddenly surprized with a large Meteor or Ball of Fire, which darted itself with great Velocity to- wards the East, and illuminated the whole Hemisphere. Its Blaze was but short; and the whole Horizon, which before was pretty clear, of a sudden was clouded and heavy ; some Flashes of Lightning and a Peal of Thun- der follow'd soon after. LONDON. [ Thursday, Nov. 10. AT the Court at St. James's, the 9th Day of Novem- ber, 1757, PRESENT, The KING's Most Excellent Majesty in Council. IT is this Day ordered by his Majesty in Council, that the Parliament which was to meet on Tuesday the Fif- teenth of this Instant November be prorogued to Thurs- day the First Day of December next ; and the Right Hon. the Lord Keeper of the Great Seal of Great Britain is to cause a Commission to be prepared in the usual Man- ner for proroguing the Parliament accordingly. ODE for His MAJESTY's Birth- Day, 1757. CHORUS. REJOICE, ye Britons, hail the Day ! And consecrate to CAESAR'S Birth the Lay. Duette, Mess. Baildon and Wass. CAESAR, with ev'ry Virtue crown'd, And for the mildest Reign renown'd, With Power paternal finds the Art Of winning to his Will the Heart. Air, by Mr. Beard. So mild, so sweet, is CAESAR'S Sway, A So void of all Annoy ; That when we best obey. Then, then we most enjoy. From this auspicious Harmony, Our gracious CAESAR'S Sway, Makes grateful Britain gay, And Life itself a Jubilee. Recitative, Mr. Beard. So when Apollo sings, Sweetly he sweeps the suasive Lyre ; While to his Voice attun'd, the Strings A joyous Harmony inspire. Recitative, Mr. Savage. Never was fure more Proof of Grace divine, Than long with Life to let such Virtue shine ; This Grace has CAESAR long enjoy'd, And long to mend the World employ'd. Air, Mr. Savage From hence to Ages, Fame shall tell, No Subjects e'er had Cause To guard his sacred Laws, Or love their Patriot King so well. Recitative, Mess. Wass and Baildon. Thus while we boast his Length of Days, We dignify his Praise ; Nor can we more of Heaven intreat Than what our annual Vows repeat. VERSE and CHORUS. Mess. Beard, Savage, Wass, and Baildon. Ah ! late and glorious may he go To heavenly Realms resign'd ; When long renown'd below. His Godlike Reign has bless'd Mankind. in 42 Days from America. They are Part of the unfor- tunate Squadron lately cruizing off Louisbourg, and were taken in Tow 120 Leagues by the Dunkirk and Achilles. They are both of them dismasted ; the Grafton likewise lost her Rudder, and the Devonshire was obliged to throw Part of her Guns overboard. They had near ten Feet Water in the Hold, though the Pumps were continually going. They saw a large Ship ashore upon Cape Breton, lying on her Side, supposed to be the Tilbury, of 60 Guns, Capt. Barnsley. Two or three Ships are still missing, but we hope are safe. The Devonshire has buried upwards of 50 of her Crew, and ) 50 more are ill of the Scurvy. A large Ship is now in Sight with her Masts gone. The following Paragraph has juft been imported from Flanders, viz. From the Brussels Gazette.—" London, Oct. 26. There is another Grand Expedition concerting by the Ministry, which is to be put in Execution early in the Spring. ' Tis also said that the Court has resolved to send, during the Winter, Twenty Thousand Regular Troops to America." Two Messengers have been dispatched since Saturday with Expresses for Germany. We hear that the Suspension of Arms between Prussia and France, has been brought about at the Instances of the latter, whose Troops in Germany might otherwise be all destroy'd this Winter, however the Prussians might in the mean Time be distressed ; and this is said to have been effeCted by the Intervention of the same Power that saved the Army of Observation at Stade. The Austrians, exclusive of the Contributions they raised at Berlin, which consisted of one hundred thousand Dollars in ready Money, and a hundred and thirty thou- and Crowns in Bills of Exchange upon Hamburgh, levied also Cloathing for thirty thousand Men, which was de- livered to them in such Goods as they thought fit to name. The Corsicans, at a General Assembly at the Convent of Ostria, have come to a unanimous Resolution never to submit to the Genoese Government, but to establish one of their own, of a mix'd Nature, between that of the United Provinces and the Cantons of Switzerland. Every Pieve, or Province, is to have a Consul elected an- nually, and a Council of State, consisting of a President and eight Senators, in whom the , supreme Authority is to reside. In Pursuance of this Resolution, the Go- vernment in three Pieves is already settled, so that the Corsican Republick is very likely to acquire a Degree of Consistency that may render them terrible to their Ene- mies, and respectable in themselves. We hear that a new Exercise is introduced in the second Troop of Horse Grenadier Guards, which, for Swiftness and Dexterity, far exceeds any Exercise yet found out, the Men are taught to make use of several Motions with one Hand only, which before required two ; and by this Means their Firelocks are become as handy to them as playing with a light Stick. The Hercules Privateer, Capt. Bishop, of Bristol, has retaken the Snow Gambia of Liverpool, which is since run on Shore near Bridgewater, and most of the Crew perished. The Duke of Cumberland, Ball, a Letter of Marque, of and from Bristol, last from the Canaries to Virginia, was lost in September, nine Leagues to the Southward of Cape Henry, the Captain, Surgeon, and 23 Men, perish'd and 11 were saved. At the same Time a Snow was lost, the Name un known, and every Soul perished ; and also a Brig, and only the Captain and one Man were saved. A Russian Vessel laden with 12,000 Bushels of Meal, and a great Quantity of Oats, for the Russian Troops, is lost near Rugenwalde. The following is an Account of the Ships that sustained Losses in the late Hurricane in North America: The Windsor lost 16 Guns; the Newark six Guns; the King- ston 16 Guns; the Nottingham 12 Guns and her Mizen Mast ; the Invincible three Men, and her Main and Mizen Malts; the Captain and Sunderland, their Main and Mi- zen Masts; the Nightingale, four Men, 20 Guns, and her Mizen Mast ; the Cruizer, three Men, 10 Guns, and Mizen Mast. It is positively said that the French lost some Trans- ports, with Troops on board, bound to Louisbourg, in the same Storm that separated Admiral Holbourne's Fleet. Portsmouth, Nov. 9. The Grafton, of 70 Guns, Com- modore Holmes, and the Devonshire, of 66 Guns, Capt. Gordon, are arrived this Morning in Portsmouth Harbour, A French Privateer of 24 Nine Pounders and 325 Men, called the Provost of Paris, is taken and brought into Fal- mouth by the Defiance Privateer, Capt John Dyer, of London: The Engagement lasted six Hours, wherein Capt. Dyer had n Men kill'd, and 21 wounded; the Loss of the French is not certainly known. This is the 22d Prize he has taken this War, four of which are Privateers. A French Snow from St. Domingo, is taken by the Garland Man of War, and brought into the Downs. The Legere, Tronchere, is taken and carried into St. Kitt's; and the Hieureux Retour, is carried to New- York. The Oriflame Privateer, of 20 Guns and 125 Men, is taken by the Victory Privateer of London, Capt. Cain, who has retaken the Buchanan, Steel, from Maryland to Glasgow. A Privateer of 14 Carriage Guns, belonging to Dun- kirk, was taken the 4th Instant by the Black Prince Priva- teer, Capt. Creighton, in Company with the Medway and Unicorn Men of War. The Figura Packet, Pulling, from Gibraltar for Lon- don, was taken by the Garland, a French Frigate, who took out the Cargo and burnt her Yesterday the Right Hon. Sir Charles Asgill, Knt. at- tended by the Aldermen, Sheriffs, and other Officers of this City, went in the new State Coach drawn by Six fine Roan Horses from Guildhall to the Three Cranes, and being attended by several of the Companies Barges, went from thence to Westminster, where he was sworn into the High Office of Lord Mayor of this City, before the Ba- rons of the Exchequer, and afterwards returned to Guild- hall, where a very grand Entertainment was provided, at which several of the Nobility, Great Officers of State, Lord Keeper of the Great Seal, Judges, and other Per- sons of DistinCtion, were present. On Monday Morning the Wife of a Person in Horsly- down Fair Street, Southwark, was found drowned at St. Saviour's Dock- Head, with several Marks of Violence 011 her Body She was taken up, and carried to the Bone- house of St. Mary Magdalen Bermondsey. The same Night her Husband was apprehended, and brought before Sir William Richardson, of Bermondsey, who committed him to the County Gaol, on Suspicion of being guilty of the Murder. Tuesday about Noon a young Woman, who was Ser- vant to Mr. Deputy Molineux in Cateaton Street, hang'd herself in her Bedchamber. It is supposed that Love was the Occasion. SUNDAY'S and MONDAY'S POSTS. American News. NEW YORK, September it. WEDNESDAY last the Privateer Sloop Harle. quin, CaPt. Doran, of this Port returned here ^ rom fourtl1 Cruize, being only 35 Days from Rhode Island. On the zoth of August Capt. Doran, in Company with the Privateer Brigantine King Hendrick, Capt. Tomkins, of Rhode Island, of ten Three pounders, took the following Vessels, viz. the Triumphant, of 8 Guns 35 Men, the St. Francis, of 10 Guns 40 Men, and the , of iz Men, all bound to Bourdeaux from Martinico, laden with Coffee, Cotton, and Sugar. Saturday last Capt. Clark arrived here in five Weeks from Newfoundland, by whom we learn that a French Privateer that lately annoy'd the Fishermen there, was, a few Days before he sailed from thence, taken by the Man of War stationed for the Protection of the Fishery. The Gosport Man of War has taken a Schooner Priva- teer of Cape Breton, and carried her into St. John's in Newfoundland ; she had taken several English Prizes a few Days before, some belonging to Philadelphia. We are informed that some Time last Week there were 46 Perfons carried off by the French and Indians from the German Flats: That Numbers of the ( pretended) Friend Indians were seen among the Enemy; And that the Inha- bitants were almosd all moving away. Extract of a letter from the Hague, dated Nov. 5. " Those Persons, who saw the King of Prussia when he passed lately through Leipsick, cannot express how much he is alter'd. They say he is so much worn away that they scarce kneW him. This indeed is not to be wondered at. He hath not a Body of Iron, like Charles XII. yet he endures as great Fatigues as he did ; he is as much on Horseback as Charles was, and often lies on the Ground. His inward Sufferings cannot be less than hins outward. Let us cast our Eyes on a Map of the Prussian Dominions, and measure what he hath left of the fair Possessions he had in the Month of April last, which a Space of Seven Months hath stripped him of. Whence can he have Men ? He is shut out from the Empire. And from whence can he draw Money ? The Dutchy of Guel- dres, the Dutchy of Cleves, the Principality of Moers, the County of Lingen, the County of Lipstadt, Berlin itself, almoat all his Dominions, in short, are either ta- ken from him, or laid under Contribution, and possessed by the Enemy, who colleCt the Publick Revenue, fatten on the Contributions, and with the Money which they draw from the Electorate of Hanover, and other Coun- tries, defray the Expences of the War. This Picture differs greatly from that which he might have sketch'd out when he took Arms to enter Saxony. Add to this, the Duke of Cumberland's Convention, which deprived him of his Allies, and left him without any Assistance what- ever, excepting 4 or 500,000 1. Sterling, which the Bri- tish Parliament may give him Add likewise some do mestick Uneasinesses. The Death of the Queen Mother gave him infinite Concern, and at present there is a Dif- ference between him and the Prince of Prussia, which cannot be agreeable, They did not see one another when the King was lately at Leipsick." COUNTRY NEWS. York, Nov. 4. Lad Wednesday the Gentlemen of th: s City, who have formed themselves into four Companies, ( one for each Ward) in order to learn the Military Exer- cise, drew up at the Back of the Minster ; where they went through several Evolutions and Firings with sur- prizing ExaCtness, before the Marquis of Rockingham, a Number of Country Gentlemen, and all the Officers of Sir Robert Rich's Dragoons quarter'd here, who expressed great Satisfaction at their Behaviour. They have been taught their Exercise by the Serjeants of Sir Robert Rich's Dragoons, to each of whom the Marquis of Rockingham gave a Guinea. LONDON. [ Saturday, Nov. 12 Last Thursday, being the Anniversary of his Majesty's Birth- Day, when he enter'd into the Seventy Fifth Year of his Age, the Morning was usher'd in with ringing of Bells, and at One o'Clock the Guns were fired at the Park and the Tower. At Noon his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, the Princess Dowager of Wales, Prince Ed- ward, and the rest of the Young Princesses, richly dress'd in ENGLISH Silks, went from Leicester- House to St. James's, where were present many of the Quality, Fo- reign Ministers, & c. to compliment his Majesty on the Occasion. The Ode by Colley Cibber, Esq; Poet Lau rent, set to Musick by Dr. Boyce, was perform'd in a Room adjoining to the Council Chamber. The Ball was open'd by the Prince of Wales and Princess Augusta, about Nine o'Clock; his Majesty withdrew soon after Eleven, and the Ball ended before Twelve. The Quality, especi ally the Ladies, made a most brilliant Appearance. A Lady lost from her Pocket last Thursday Night, in or near the Ball Room at St. James's, a Gold Etwee; and a Letter- Case, in which were two India Bonds and two un- set Brilliants, besides several other very valuable Things. On Thursday Night a Pick Pocket was detected at St. James's House with Thirty- five Handkerchiefs in his Poc- kets ; he underwent a severe Ducking in the Canal in St. James's Park, and afterwards in the Mews Horsepond. At the Breaking up of the Ball Yesterday Morning at Guildhall, two Gentlemen ( having drank too freely) quar- relled, and tore each other's Cloaths and Linnen in such a Manner, that they were almost naked before they were parted. We hear the King of Prussia, by Means of an inter- cepted - Letter, has discovered a secret Correspondence which was carried on between a certain Hanoverian Mini ster, and the Commander of the French Army , and that Information of this being received here, Orders have been dispatched to lay the said Minister under Arrest. Tis said Mr. Keith, his Majesty's late Envoy to Vi- enna, is preparing to go for the Court of Petersburgh in a publick CharaCter. Advices from Toulon ( in the Brussels Gazette) say that they have upwards of 3000 Hands employed in building new Men of War and Frigates; the smallest of the for- mer are to mount 60 Guns, and the smallest of the Fri- gates 34 Guns. They add that a Body of 26 or 30,000 Men is assembled in Provence. We hear an Express was dispatched this Morning to Portsmouth, to order some more Ships of the Line to sail to join Admiral Hawke, as it is probable he may fall in with the French Fleet on its Return from Louisbourgh. Admiral Smith has dispatched three Ships from the Downs after two Privateers who were seen hovering off the Isle of Wight. There are fresh Advices from North America, that the Tilbury Man of War was ashore on the Rocks of Louis- bourg, but it was hoped great Part of the Men had been saved. And we are further informed, that Adm. Hol- bourne purposed to winter at Halifax ; and that the Trans- ports were sailed from thence for England under Convoy of four Men of War. Many of the Officers of the Militia of London have entered into an Agreement to be instructed in the new Prussian Exercise of Arms, and. are to be attended by Ser- jeants of the Foot for that Purpose. In order to keep up the Price of Corn, we learn, that very few Farmers will thresh out any of this Year's Pro- duce, and only bring to Market small Quantities, when they hav much by them, selling chiefly by Sample, which enables them, and others concerned, to prey upon the Consumer, to keep up the Price as they think proper. Seventy or eighty Years ago there were not above ten Corn- Factors in London, and when the late Sir John Thompson serv'd his Apprenticeship, there were but six, though now many Hundreds: In short, the Millers, Meal- FaCtors, Lightermen, and all concerned in the Corn Trade use such Means to keep up the Price, that unless prevented by some salutary Law, and the Farmers oblig- ed to expose their Corn in open Market, the Poor, should the Winter be severe, must be in a very deplorable Con- dition. Saturday a Dealer in Flour at Louth went to Horncastle- Market to purchase Corn, in order to serve his Customers, but the Mob rose upon him, and pelted him out of the Market; nevertheless he found Means to purchase the Quantity he proposed to buy. The Mob hearing of this, when he was returning home, followed him into the Fields, overturned his Carriage, and took all his Grain from him. Thursday Night the Skittles, Shuffle Boards, Missisippi and Billiard Tables, that were presented by the Publicans to Justice Fielding, being constructed in the Form of a Pyramid, near Thirty Feet high, were burnt at the End of Bow Street. Covert Garden, in the Presence of, and to the Satisfaction of Thousands of People, and most sin- cerely is it to be wished that this Bonfire was to be the ge- neral Funeral of Gaming. On seeing the PYRAMID, composed of Implements of Gamingf burnt on Thursday Night last. HERE let the needy ' Prentice turn his Eye, And view the Means that drain'd his Pockets dry : Let Crispin gladly too attend the Call, And see the Thieves that robb'd him of his All. Nor let The Needle armed Man, of high Degree, Who plies his Iron with inverted Knee, Abscond his Wool capt Head Let him descend. And see his Thread of Folly at an End. Lo! here the various Instruments of Game Are lost at once in the devouring Flame. Here drops a Card, a smoaking Skittle there, And all the Structure trembles in the Air. Behold, as gradual sinks the Funeral Pile, Wife, Son, and Daughter wear one common Smile ; Well pleas'd, the burning Ruins they survey. And as in Triumph Home they bend their Way, Vow tributary Mirth to the returning Day. Well hast thou done, thus friendly to expose The Cause from whence our common Ills arose. Proceed, unmindful of the vulgar Joke, Malice must ' plaud thee, tho' she feels thy Stroke. With Justice arm'd, ' tis thine to lift the Rod, And bid each Villain tremble at thy Nod. Monday a Woman was found hanging in an empty House in Swan Alley, Goswell Street, and on Examina- tion she proved to be a poor Woman who used to black Shoes: Thirty Guineas were found sewed up in the Plaits of her Petticoat. The Person in Horslydown Fair Street, whose Wife was unfortunately drowned on Monday last is honourably clear'd on the Coroner's Inquest, there not appearing the least Suspicion against him ; the Marks that appeared on her were Only such as must happen on a Person's falling accidentally into the Water, and the Jury gave in their Verdict Accidental Death. Yesterday in the Afternoon a Duel was fought in Hyde Park by two Gentlemen of great DistinCtion, one of whom was dangerously wounded in the Arm. Thursday Evening as a young Gentleman was walking along Cheapside, a Man, dressed like a Butcher, put out his foot, and threw him with such Force against a Post, that he fractur'd his Skull; two Men who were just be- hind, immediately took the Gentleman up, and picked his Pocket of his Watch. Tis supposed the Butcher was an Accomplice. Monday last died at Bath, the Rev. Dr. Aubery, Arch- deacon of Wells, and Son- in- Law to the Bishop of Bath and Wells. Mr. Madders, an eminent Woollen Draper in Berke- ley Square, is appointed High Constable of the City and Liberty of Westminster, in the room of Mr. Barnes, who has resigned. The Earl of Loudon, Erskine, from Virginia for Glas- gow, and the Cassandra, Smith, from Glasgow for Vir- ginia, were taken off the Banks by two Privateers, and lent to Cape Breton ; as was also the William, Wilson, from Whitehaven, which they gave back to the three Crews. The Planter, Ruse, a Letter of Marque, from Bristol for Virginia, was left well the 30th ult. having had an Engagement in the Bay with a French Frigate. Extract of a Letter from Portsmouth, Nov. II. " Last Night arrived his Majesty's Schooner Gibraltar's Prize, Capt. Stott, in three Weeks from Hallifax, who left Admiral Holbourn and the Fleet under his. Command all well. She brings Advice that the Prince Frederick Man of War, which was missing, is got safe into St. John's in Newfoundland. Remain the Admirals Knowles, Bro- derick, and Hardy." Extract of a Letter from on board his Majestys Ship Hamp ton Court in the Mediterranean, dated Sept. 16, at sea. " Our active Captain, since he had the good Luck destroy a French Frigate, has, by his Vigilance, contrive to take six French Vessels, retaken two of our own, an detain'd a neutral Bottom, with French Effects, to a con siderable Amount. He is just now detach'd again with a small Squadron allotted to his Command, and we hope to fall in with some of their Cruizers if they dare stir; as yet they have not ventured, since our Captain destroy'd the Ship of Thirty Guns." By a Letter from Capt. Charles Fielding, of the Tartar Privateer of London, dated the 29th ult. to his Managers, it appears, that he, in Concert with the Antelope and De- fiance Privateers, had, on the 19th of the said Month, taken a French Privateer, called the Provost of Paris, and. sent her into Port, under the Care of the Defiance. , Copy of a Letter from Copt. Joseph Edmonds, Commander of the Defiance Privateer, to his Owners in London. Falmouth, Nov. 7, 1757. , r In Consequence of an Agreement, of which the in- closed is a Copy, I have been cruizing for some Time past in Consort with the Tartar and Antelope. " The strong Informations, from Time to Time, of the homeward Trade, both from the East and West Indies, was the Occasion of our joining, but had no Success till the 17th of October past, when two Sail appeared in Sight, which we all gave Chace to; but the Defiance having the Advantage of Sailing faster than the Antelope and Tartar, came up with the said Chace alone about Six o'Clock in the Evening ; on which an Engagement ensued, and con- tinued pretty smart near four Hours; then both Ships be- ing considerably damaged, were incapable of command for some Time: About Eleven o'Clock the same Night, we having the Advantage of the Wind, got along- aside of the Enemy again, and renewed the Engagement ; but he soon call'd for Quarter, and made a Signal of Submission. She is a Privateer belonging to Bourdeaux, called the Pro- Vost of Paris, mounting 24 Guns on one Deck, 26 Swi- vels, and 324 Men. Soon after she struck, the Tartar and Antelope joined Company, and were of Service in shifting the Prisoners. We had killed on board the Defiance the Captain of Marines and nine Men, and zt> wounded ; how many the Enemy lost I cannot justly learn ; though it appears very considerable. The Defiance suf fered greatly in Masts, Sails, Rigging, & c. The Prize lost her Foremast and Main Topmast, and is in a shat- ter'd Condition. I shall advise you more at large soon, and am, & c." The Bedford Man of War, from Halifax, is arrived at Portsmouth. We hear that Mr. DUNN, a Teacher of the Mathema- ticks in London, has discovered a Method whereby seve- ral MAPS of the EARTH and HEAVENS, of his con- structing, answers all the Uses of a large Pair of Globes; they are as portable as any Pocket Map, and will soon be printed and published, together with Directions at large how they are to be used ; the whole Purchase of which will not exceed Ten or Twelve Shillings. His Majesty's Royal License and Protection will be granted for the Sale of the same for the Benefit of the Inventor. These MAPS will be of great Use, and particularly to all SEAMEN, who cannot stow a cumbersome Pair of Globes, and yet want those valuable Instruments every Day in the most interesting Parts of their Art. They must also be very useful to Travellers, and conveniently adapted for all SCHOOLS, and Practitioners in Geography, and Astronomy, as well as Persons who do not chuse to be at five or six Gui- neas Expence for a Pair of Globes, when these will answer the same Purposes in every respect. POSTSCRIPT. Extract of a Letter from Paris, dated 03. 25. THE last Courier that was dispatched from M. de Richelieu's Army brought Advice, that on the Mar- shal's Approach to Halberstadt. Prince Ferdinand of Brunswick had retired under the Cannon of Magdebourg. The Army which the King of Prussia commands in Per- son does not amount to above 25,000 Men, and those of Prince Maurice of Anhalt Dessau, and the Prince of Brunswick, to 10,000 each, in all 45,000 Men. Yet this Monarch neither suffers himself to be conquer'd by Difficulties, nor depressed by Adversity, and is so far from being discouraged by the great Superiority of his Ene- mies, who every where surround him, that he still finds Means by his Marches and ' Counter- Marches to harrass and fatigue them extremely, and, by judiciously endea- vouring to avoid an ACtion, will, in all Probability, be able to hold out till the End of the Campaign, which, by Reason of the Season of the Year, cannot be far off. It is too late to undertake the Siege of Magdebourg, and all that M. de Richelieu can do now is to form the Blockade of that City, in which there is a Garrison of 6000 Men, and several large Magazines of Provisions; but consider- ing the Number of Mouths there are to be fed from ' em, they will soon be exhausted, and the Garrison may soon be be obliged to capitulate, like that of Gueldres. While Things are thus in Thuringia and the adjacent Country, Duke Charles and Narshal Daun are over run- ning Silesia and the County of Glatz, where the Prussians are not in a Condition to oppose their Progress. The Swedes, on the other Hand, are advancing further and further into Pomerania, and tbo' the Russians are retired, yet they are not so far distant from Prussia but what they may soon return, having taken this Step only fur Want of Subsistence. ANY Person desirous of purchasing an ANNUITY for Life of 401. or 50l per Ann. to be secured on a real Estate of double the yearly Value, lying within Pour Miles of Worcester, may hear of such a Purchase by applying to Mr. Dandridge, an Attorney, in Worcester. CHRISTOPHER FULLER, At the GUY of WARWICK, In DIGBETH, BIRMINGHAM. MAKES and Sells Waggon Iron Axle- Trees, and Axle- Tree Arms, finished in the compleatest Manner, and warranted for Six Months; where any Person by applying may be served with any Quantity at a short Notice. To be LE T T, to the Best Bidder, At Hooper's Coffee House, in Worcester, on Thursday the 24th Day of November Instant, between the Hours of Two and Three o'Clock in the Afternoon, A FARM called WOODALL, SITUATE in the Parish of Hollow, about three Miles from this City, being a commodious, roomy Farm, the Kent upwards of 1ool, per Annum, the En- trance at Candlemas, or sooner if the Tenant chooses it. For Particulars enquire of Mr. Dandridge, Attorney, or of John Patshall at Woodall, who will shew the Pre- mises to any Person desirous of taking the same. Stray'd away from Flyford- Flavel, Oo Thursday the 3d Day of this Instant November, A Sorrel MARE, SIX Years old, about 14 Hands high, with a bald Face, a cut Tail, the Letter C cut wiih Scissars on the Near Shoulder, and a blindish CB upon the Hank, and a Lock on the Near Foot before. Also stray'd away along with the said Mare, A Black MARE- COLT, Coming Two Years old, with a Star on the Forehead, and three white Feet. If any Person will give Intelligence of them ( so that the Owner may have them again)- shall receive Half a Guinea Reward from me, CHARLES BENNETT, Of Flyford Havel aforesaid, Baker. Wednesdays and Thursday s POSTS. From the London Gazette. WHITEHALL, November 15. Dutch Mails arrived this Afternoon have brought Letters from his Majesty's Minister T0 TNE King Prussia, dated at Leipzig the the 6th Instant, with an Account that, the Day before, his Prussian Majesty had attacked the Combined Army under Prince Soubile, near Weissenfels, and en- tirely defeated them, with the Loss of their Baggage and Artillery. The further Particulars of this Action are expected daily, by a Messenger. We are assured that some Members of Parliament haVe wrote up to their Friends in Town, that if the Decision of a certain Court does not appear to be evidently jull and satisfactory, they are determined to move the Honourable House of Commons, to have the whole Affair laid be fore them. There are very great Disturbances in different Parts of Gloucestershire. on Account of the Militia Act, the Men refusing to be sworn, and having demanded, and received' back, the Lists made out and returned by the Constables. A most scurrilous, not to say treasonable, Libel, was this Morning found stuck up nor a certain Statue in a most publick Edifice of this City, but which was soon torn from the Place to which it was affix'd. We hear that an alphabetical List of the Names of all such Persons as have paid the Duty fof their Plate this and the preceding Year, will be made out by the Com missioners of Excise. On Saturday arriv'd a Mail from Lisbon. . Letters from Virginia of Sept 18, say, that there had been continued Rains for five Weeks, which had destroy'd the Crop of Tobacco in the Field, and rotted what was in the Houses; so that a full third Part is ruined, and the other two Thirds mean in Quality. It is reported that the French Men of War at Brest are under failing Orders, and that they arc to endeavour to join the Fleet from Louisbourg, in order to look Admiral Hawke in the Face — All which we hope may prove true. The lnsurers of French Ships begin to be sick of their Bargains, for of all the French Fleet from St. Domingo only three have reached the Forts of France ; and- there are now scarce any willing to underwrite a French Policy. We hear the Transports from North America are all arrived except three, which are suppofed to be lost. ' Tis said there is an Account by the Sloop arrived from Halifax, that three French 74 Gun Ships were drove ashore at Louisbourg, and six more dismasted ; and that they were in Hopes the Tilbury Man of War would be got off again, and be in a Condition to come home. The Delawar, from Bengal, the Oxford, from Ben- coolen, and the Griffin, Harcourt, and Stormont, from China, arrived on Account of the East India Company, have brought, besides Bale Goods, & c. 700 lb of Cotton Yarn, 934,9101b. of Pepper, 45,000lb. of Redwood, 109 600lb. of Riw Silk, 63,8001b. of Saltpetre, i^. Soolb. of Shellack, 1,078,100 th. of Tea Bohea, 21,000 lb. of ditto Congou, 68,6oolb. of ditto Hyson, 495,800 lb ot ditto Singlo, 7400 lb. of ditto Souchong, 279 Chests of China Ware, and 3 Parcels of Gold. On Friday Morning an elderly Man, tolerably well- dress'd, went to the Sign of the Plough and Harrow in Pet- ticoat Lane, Whitcchapel, and called for a Pint of Ale ; and when the same was made warm, he was observed to put a kind of Powder into it, but before he drank, his Countenance was observed to be greatly altered ; upon which a Person, who sat next him, asked if he was well : but Answer was made in the Negative, which caused the other Person to take up the Ale, in order that the disordered Person might drink to raise his Spirits! IN about two Hours after be had drank he died. The Pow- der that was put into the Ale proved to be Arsenick ; and the Reason of his doing this rash Action proceeded, as ' tis thought, from his having some Words with his Brother ( who is a Man in good Circumstances in the City) a Day or two before. BANKRUPTS. George Rooke. of St, Bride's London, Timber Merchant Roger Basstone, of Hol- borne, Hosier. John Gibson, late of Sunderland, in the County ot Durham, Mercer and Linnen Draper David Thew, late of Pattrington, Yorkshire, Mercer John Webber, of Broad St Giles's, Middlesex, Grocer. STOCKS. Bank, 119. India, 140 1 half. South Sea, 104 Old Annuities, 1 Sub. qo. Ditto zd Sob. fhuc. Ditto New Annuities, ill Sub 90 7 8ths. Ditto 2d Sub. 90 3 4ths. Three per Cent. Annuities, 91 3 4ths. In- dia Bonds, 2 1. 12 s. Prem, Chatham, Nov 14. The greatest Part of Saturday Night it was uncommonly light, occasioned by the Nor- thern Light, or the Aurora Borealis, which much sur- prized many People, who ( as there was no Moon) believ'd it to be the Effects of the approaching Comet. Letter from Chichester, Nov. 12. " There has been a sharp Skirmish near Arundel, be- tween the Custom- house Officers and Dragoons on one Side, and a large Body of Smugglers on the other. One of the latter, we hear, was kill'd, and several wounded ; one Dragoon was kill'd, and one wounded ; and ' tis said some of the Custom House Officers are wounded. The Smugglers had three or four Tons of Tea, about 1 300 Weight of which was taken ,- the rest they carried off — This appears to be the first material Resistance that has been made since six or seven of them were hanged for killing an Officer and another Man of this City." Letter from Charles Town, in South Carolina, Aug. 25;. " M. Palanqui, in a Snow of 18 Six pounders, with 205 Men, we have certain Advice, sailed from Hispa- niola about a Month ago, to cruize upon this Continent. During last War he took 69 English Vessels." LONDON. [ Tuesday, Nov. 15. On Saturday the Board of Enquiry met, and the Jour- nals were produced ; there were also produced the Minutes of a Council of War, in which some florid Speeches of a Sea Commander were introduced ; but as these Minutes were not authenticated, they were disallowed. Then General M re id his Defence ; and the Board adjourn- ed to Yesterday, when it opened about Twelve o'clock, with General C ' s reading his Defence ; and Admiral B was examin'd in regard to a Letter he wrote Admi- ral H , which he shewed to the General before he sent it ; whereby it appeared to be his Opinion, that he might have landed the first Embaikation before Break of Day, and return to the Ship. Then the Duke of M , as President, listed several curious and necessary Questions of the General, which, with their Answers, were wrote, down. Then Colonel W—— was called in, by Request of the General, and examined as to his Opinion about landing, and what he had heard relating to the Attack of Fort Fouras, which was intended for a Place of Retreat, in Cafe they did not succeed ; which was that the Men might land near Chatelaillon, there being only a Battery of six Guns that he could discover; but then there were many Sandhills, that so small a Force as 1000 Foot mid 2 or 300 Horse might prevent their landing: And as 10 Fort Fouras, it might be carried by Storm, and that Capt. — had offered to batter it with his Ship; that the Fort, to the best of his Knowledge, was a weak one, hav ing only one Platform of 24 Embrafures next the Water- side, as he could discern by the Help of Glasses; and that as it was on a Peninsula, the Forces might have attacked it on both Sides at the same Time the Ships lay before it j and that he proposed a Feint towards Rochelle and the Isle oF Rhee during the Time if the Attack and Landing, He being dismissed, was desired to attend in the next Room; and the President proceeded in examining the general. On Saturday the Right Hon. Henry Lcgge, Esq; Chan cellor of the Exchequer, the Right Hon. Lord Sandys, the Right Hon. Lord Mansfield, Lord Chief Justice of the King's Bench, the Right Hon. William Finch, Esq; Vice Chamberlain, the Right Hon. Richard Edgecumbe, Esq; Comptroller of his Majtlty's Houfhold, Lord Chief Justice Willes, Lord Chief Baron Parker, See. met in the Exchequer Chamber, and nominated Three Gen- tlemen in each nf the following Counties in England, as proper Persons for his Majesty to prick One of them to serve the Office of Sheriff for the Year ensuing. Cheshire. John Egerton, of Broxton ; Davis DaVenport, of Capelton ; Samuel Harrison, of Carnage, Esqrs Gloucestershire. Timothy Gyde, of Uly ; William Whit- tington, of Humswell, Esqrs. j Sir Francis Fust, of Hill, Bart. Herefordshire. Thomas Gwillim, of Whitechurch ; John Elton, of Much Marcle; James Broome, of Wything- ton, Esqrs. Monmouthshire. Rowland Pytt ; William Phillips, of Whipston; Thomas - John Medlicott, of Newbolds, Esqrs. Northamptonshire. Charles Tryon. of Bulwick ; Robert Andrew, 0f Harleston ;, Rich. Kent, of Gayton, Esqrs. Oxfordshire. Robert Fettyplace. of Pudlicott ; Anthony Hodges, ot Harpsden, Esqrs.; Sir John Read, of Ship- ton, Bart. Shropshire John Amler, of Ford; Samuel Griffith, of Dinthill; John Smith, of Stoke, Esqrs. Staffordshire. George Port, of Ilam; John Floyer, of Longdon ; Walter Young, of Charnes, Esqrs. Warwickshire. William Dilk, of Maxtock- Castle ; Wm. Dixwell Grimes, of Coton ; David Lewis, of Malvern Hall, Esqrs. Worcestershire. Charles Trubshaw Withers and Benjamin Pearkes, of Worcester, and John Amphlett, of Om- bersley, Esqrs. Wiltshire. John Grove, of Ferne ; John Harden, of Mere; William Beach, of Fiddleton, Esqrs. The Town of Daventry in Northamptonshire narrowly escaped being burnt down last Thursday Night, by a Rocket falling upon a thatched building belonging to the Peacock Inn, which, with several other Houses, was en- tirely consumed. Two Engines, which had not been taken proper Care of, broke as soon as they began to play them and the Church Steeple being but just built, the Bells were not put up, so they could not call any Neigh- bours to their Assistance. But, nevertheless, by the un- common Activity of Mr. John Adams, the Fire was extinguished, when it had reached a Flax Warehouse, the said Mr. Adams standing on a burning Wall, and with his own Hands flinging great Quantities of Water upon the Flax while it was on Fire, by which Behaviour he saved the Swan Inn, and very probably the whole Town. Tuesday 2 Irishmen for a Shilling Wager, in Berkeley- Square, fought as severe a Battle as was ever seen ; they fought for 27 Minutes, and beat and bruised each other in such a terrible Manner, that parted and carried WORCESTER, November 17. The Governors of our Infirmary return their Thanks to Richard Salway, of l. udlow, Esq; for his continued Re- gard for this Charity, expressed by a farther Benefaction of FIFTY POUNDS, lately paid into the Hands of the Treasurer The Governors also return their Thanks for a Legacy of TEN GUINEAS left to this Charity, by Mrs. Marshall, late of Worcester, deceas'd N. B. The Infirmary being often in great Want of Linnen Rags, large Quantities of which are constantly used by the Sur- geons if any well- disposed Persons would be pleas'd to send their Old Linnen to the Hospital, the same will al- ways be an acceptable Present, and thankfully received. Last Sunday Morning died, aged Seventy Four, John Floyer, Esq; Senior Aiderman and Father of this Cor- poration, being elected a Member in October 1705. He had thrice serv'd the respectable Office of Mayor, v: z. in the Years 1721, 1723, and 1734; and for many Years had been one of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace for this City and County, and was likewise in Commission of the Peace, for the County of Stafford. On Monday last died Mr. Marston, an Anabaptist Teacher in this . City, whose Death, it's suppos'd, was hasten'd by the Hurt he receiv'd last Lent Assizes, when our Town Hall fell in Last Tuesday Night a Boat wass overset in our River, ( occasion'd by a Barge's running foul of it,) and three Men were drowned ; their Names — Meeks, Jackson, and Miles, all of this City. Four other Persons were in the Boat, whose Lives, with some Difficulty, were sav'd. The Malt- House belonging to Mr Bell and Company in Birmingham, having bten lately suspected to be robb'd, on Saturday Night last some Perfons were employ'd to watch the same, when a Servant belonging to the Malt- House, about Nine o't- lock, went into it, and took away two Bags of Malt one after the other, after which he went again to the Malt House, when he was secured, and taken to Bridewell. In order to rectify a Mistake in the Advertisement in our Paper of the 20th of October, relating to the As- sembly at Tewkesbury, Notice is given, That there will be a BALL and ASSEMBLY, at the Swan Great Room, in that Town, on Monday next, the 21st Instant, and to be continued Monthly. To the Printer of the WoRCESTER JOURNAL. SIR, By inserting the following, in Answer to the Poem in your last, you will greatly oblige Your constant Reader, ALEXIS. NO more, proud Wor'ster, boast thy verdant Shades, Where oft delighted rove thy fairest Maids; Nor vaunt thy Clements', Wylds' or Bowyers' Charms, Nor sing how Stillingfleet each Heart alarms. Thy Cookesey's Hill to our low Vales shall yield, And BEOLEY shew more Charms than Sandsome Field: AMINDA, singly, shall triumphant reign ABSTRACT of the VOTES of the House of Commons of Ireland. Martis, 1 Die Novembris, 1757. MR. John Bourke reported from the Committee ( appointed to inspect the publick Accounts of the Nation) the Resolutions which the Committee had directed him to report to the House ; which he read in his Place, and afterwards deliver'd in at the Table, where the same were read, and areas follow. Resolved, That it is the Opinion of this Committee, that the several Pensions and Salaries placed upon the Civil Establishment of this Kingdom, since the 23d of March 1755, amount to the annual Sum of 28,103 I. Resolved, That it is the Opinion of this Committee, that several of the said Penfions are granted to Persons who do not reside in this Kingdom. Resolved, That it is the Opinion of this Committee, that several of the said Pensions are granted for long and unusual Terms. Resolved, That it is the Opinion of this Committee, that the List of Penfions returned as a Charge upon this Establishment ( exclusive of the Military Pensions) for two Years, from the 25th of March 1755, to the 25th of March 1757, exceed the whole Charge of the rest of the Civil Lift 22,258). 4 s. 7 d. 3 Farthings. Resolved, that it is the Opinion of this Committee, that an improvident Disposition of the Revenues is an Injury to the Crown and the Publick. To which Resolutions, the Questions being severally put, the House did agree, nemine contradicents. Resolved, nem con. That the granting of Pensions Up- on the Civil Establishment of this Kingdom, to Persons who do not reside in it, is a Prejudice to it. Resolved, nem. con. That the Increase of Civil Pensions for many Years past, is a Grievance to the Nation, and demands Redress. Resolved, nem. con. That the granting of Pensions for a long Term of Years, is an Alienation for so much of the Publick Revenue, and an Injury to the Crown and to this Kingdom- Resolved, nem. con. That the granting of so much of the Publick Revenue in Pensions, is an improvident Dis- position of the Revenue, an Injury to the Crown, and detrimental to the Publick. Resolved, nem con. That the House, with its Speaker, do attend his Grace the Lord Lieutenant with the said Resolutions, and desire his Grace will be pleased to lay the same before his Majesty, as the Sense of this House The TRUTH forbid. TRACE not the Annals of our ***• » , How oft we fought, how many slain^ How we've been beat, and beat again 1 The Earl of St , a Tory rank, Had Impudence to beat the Frank ; For which indeed he had no Thank. The Whigs then bold beyond all Meadure, Lavidh'd our Blood, and eke our Treasure ; Font'noy and Val witness our Pressure. Then next what Feats our Fleets have done, Witness the losing of Mahon For which should suffer more than one. What's to be done is yet to do. But when and where, and also who, Shall this effeCt, ' s a Secret too. Nay, when ' tis done, we all shall know it, Or never more believe your Poet ; The Thanks of all the World will shew it. To the PRINTER, & c. S I R, AT a Time when the Nation is in the utmost Distress, and the State torn to Pieces by continual Feuds, and all in Anarchy and Uproar, be it known to all King- doms, that on Saturday last was perform'd, at the King's Theatre in the Market, an OPERA! to the Shame and Disgrace of Old England, and the Honour and Glory of France and Italy ! These are thy Triumphs !' thy Exploits! Vanneschi ! Bedford Coffee- House. PETER NETTLE. An EPIGRAM. WHAT Bustle and Talk, With M t and H e, Zounds ! Britons, ' tis all a Romance; The Secret's found out, What the Fleet went about, To fetch Fidlers and Eunuchs from France. Let P tt scold and brawl, Vow Vengeance and all, And promise to find the Rogues out; While we've Money to give, Dear Mingotti must live ! For Opera's we can't do without. From the GAZETTEER SOME Folks, who pretend to be in the Secrets of foreign Cabinets, are positive that the French are treating with the King of Prussia about an Accommodation ; the Conditions ot which are, that the French will guaranty Silesia to his Prussian Majesty, and let him keep Possession of Saxony, till a General Peace can be brought about ; with a Reserve however, that the Austrians shall be at Li- berty to drive them out of that Electorate, if they can. On the other Hand, Prussia is not to disturb the French, in any Shape, in the Territories of Hanover, which they in- tend to keep Possession of till a General Peace, and then not to evacuate them, but on Condition of having New York ceded to France ; and Prussia, in Return for the Guaranty of Silesia, is to guaranty the Austrian Nether- lands Co the French.. But we apprehend, that a bold, generous Stroke in Politicks, on Part ot Great Britain, may easily defeat this French Scheme, if Prussia has not already been obliged to acquiesce in it, from a Persuasion that there is Nothing grand or masterly to be expeCted from this Quarter. THE Creditors of the Rev. Mr. Charles Willmot, late of Bromsgrove, in the County of Worcester, deceas'd, are desired to meet at the Golden Cross, in Bromsgrove, on Monday next, the 21st Day of this Instant November, by Ten o'Clock in the Morning, to prove their Debts, and receive their Dividends. As there will be only one Dividend made, the Creditors are all desired to meet, or those that do not attend that Day will be excluded the Benefit of the said Dividend. TH E Commissioners in a Commission of Bankrupt awarded and issued forth against John Sanders, now or late of Bromsgrove, in the County of Worcester, Vintner, intend to meet on Monday next, the 21st Day of November Instant, by Two of the Clock in the Afternoon of the same Day, at the House of Richard Delves, the Sign of the Golden Cross, in Bromsgrove, in the County of Worcester aforesaid, in order to make a final Dividend of the faid Bankrupt's Estate and Effects, when and where the Creditors, who have . not already proved their Debts, are to come prepared to prove the same, or they will be excluded the Benefit of the said Dividend. With the ALMANACKS will be Publish'd, ( Price bound One Shilling and Six- pence, J To be continued Annually, THE NEW DAILY JOURNAL; OR, USEFUL Memorandum and Account- Book, For the Year 1758. Disposed in a Method entirely NEW, more adapted to, and convenient for, every Person's Business, than any other Book of the Kind. CONTAINING, I. List of Publick Offices. II. Dividend and Transfer Days at the Bank, South- Sea, and India Houses. III. Terms and Returns. IV. Account of Holidays. V. Tide- Table. VI. Length of Day and Night. VII. A Monitor for the Year 1758. VIII. The MEMORANDUM BOOK of Fifty- two Double Pages, for Receipts, Payments, Observations, Appoint- ments, and Notices for every Day through the Year. IX. An Alphabatical Lift of the House of Peers, Ti- tles of the eldest Sons of Dukes, Marquisses, and Earls, and their Town Residence. X. An Alphabetical List of the House of Commons, with their Places of Abode, Number of Members and Officers of the Houses. XI. The Privy Council, his Majesty's Houshold, and those of the Princess of Wales, the Princess Dowager and the Duke, Secretaries of State, Signet, Privy Seal, Courts of Chancery, King's Bench, and Common Pleas ; with many others of Persons and Places. XII. Abstracts of the Army and Navy. XIII. Lists of Admirals and Generals. XIV. An Account of all the Roads through England and Scotland. XV. The Method of managing a Horse on a Journey. And many other Particulars absolutely necessary to be known and observed throughout the whole Year. LONDON: Printed for J. Scott, at the Black Swan, in Pater Noster Row. § 3, Be careful to ask for the Daily Journal ; or, Useful Memorandum Book printed only for J. Scott, The following is one of the many remarkable Cures, lately perform'd by Dr. LOWTHER's Powders. WILLIAM MIDDLETON, Apprentice to Mr. Steele, No. 3, in Martlet's Court, Bow Street, Covent Garden, was a long Time violently troubled with Epileptic Fits, Dizziness and Pain in his Head, restless and uneasy Nights, Melancholy, Lowness of Spirits, & c. He had frequently three or four of his Fits a Week, at- tended always with a violent Contraction of his Nerves and Limbs; had the Advice of several ( justly deemed eminent)' of the Faculty, and was in St. Bartholomew's Hospital without receiving any Benefit, his Fits and other Maladies still encreasing; but by the sole Use of the above Powders he is now happily restored to perfect Health. Witness Robert Steele, WILLIAM MIDDLETON Of the Printer of this Paper may likewise be had, A speedy and ccrtain Cure for the ITCH, SCURVY, PIMPLES, and other Scorbutick Breakings- out on the Skin, tho' of many Years Handing : Being an agree able, clear, excellent Water, ( to be applied outwardly.) Price One Shilling a Bottle. Dr. Bostock's Cordial. Dr. Daffy's Elixir. Dr. Godfry's Cordial. Dr. Hooper's Female Pills. Fraunces's Female Strengthening Elixir. The Ladies Court or Sticking Plaister.
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