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Berrow's Worcester Journal


Printer / Publisher: Berrow 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 2505
No Pages: 4
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Berrow's Worcester Journal
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Berrow's Worcester Journal

Date of Article: 04/08/1757
Printer / Publisher: Berrow 
Address: Office in Goose-Lane, near the Cross
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 2505
No Pages: 4
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B E R R O W's Worcester Journal. - . • [ Printed at his O F F I C E, in Goose- Lane, near the Cross. ] Price Two- pence Halfpenny. THURSDAY, August 4, 1757. N° 2505 FRIDAY'S and SATURDAY'S POSTS. Arriv'd the MAiLs from Flanders and Holland. GENOA, July 3. Tis certain that his Catholick Majesty. before the Close of this Month, will have a Fleet at Sea of twenty- four Ships of the Line and Frigates; and we are made to believe here that this is de- sign'd to take Satisfaction for the As- sistance given by a certain Nation to the Moors before Ceuta ; but, from the blocking up the Port of Toulon, and the Orders issued by the Court of Lisbon for recruiting all their Regiments, we apprehend a very different Design to be upon the Carpet. Stockholm, July 7 The Scene begins to open now, and there is nothing clearer than that, under certain Pretences, and with certain Views, we are to take a Share in this War. In order to this, Transports are assembling, and the conjoin'd Fleets are to escort Fourteen Thousand Men that are to be transported into Pomerania. The Russians have consented to furnish our Magazines with Corn, and the Army is to be commanded by Field Marshal Ungern de Sternberg. The King is much indisposed. Dresden, July 6. The 4th Instant near five thousand Prussians, wounded in the late Battle, arrived here. The Princess Royal causes Meat and Broth to be distributed among them every Day. They are lodged in the Play- House and Opera House, and Huts are erecting for ' em. Konigsberg, July 7. The Town of Memel having been very briskly bombarded ever since the 30th past, and the Place being ill fortified, with a weak Garrison, was oblig'd to capitulate the 5th Instant; but the Garrison were per- mitted to retire with their Arms. Gottinguen, July 11. We have been greatly alarmed here since the French passed the Weser and entered the Hanoverian Territories. Yesterday they took Minden, and demanded a thousand Loads of Hay, two thousand Sacks of Oats, and three thousand Loaves, but Deputies are sent to them to endeavour to get this Demand modera- ted. There is to be a Garrison of five thousand Men at Minden. Dusseldorp, July 19. Our last Letters from Westphalia r bring a Confirmation that the whole Allied Army ( that is, French and Austrians) passed the Weser the 16th with- out Opposition, and without Loss. It assembled the same Day at Holzminden ; but as Marshal d'Etrees gives the Order for marching only for one Day, they did not yet know the 16th what Rout they should take the next Day. Some say they shall advance towards Hamelen, where there is a Body of Hanoverians well intrenched) and they add, that the Duke of Cumberland was advancing with his Army to cover that Town, and at the same Time the City of Magdeburgh. Hanover, July 19. The French continue to raise pro- digious Contributions in this Electorate, and are Masters of Hesse Cassel. We likewise learn, with some Concern, that the Austrians have taken Possession of Hirschberg, and have laid a Part of the Dutchy of Silesia under Con tribution. His Prussian Majesty is, however, still Master en both Sides the Elbe, and from the Nature of his Dis- positions we speedily expect the News of another Action The like must happen here in a very few Days, the Army of Observation, under the Command of the Duke of Cumberland, consists of upwards of Forty- five Thousand Men, all in excellent Order, under veteran Officers, and disposed to do their utmost to deliver this Country from their natural and implacable Enemy. Worms, July 16. The Magistrates of this City have had it notified to them this Day, that a French Army, in eight Divisions, will speedily arrive in our Neighbour- hood. This Army will be commanded by the Marshal Duke de Richelieu, and it is thought will march directly into Bohemia ; from whence the last Advices assure us that the Prussian Army has begun its March towards the Frontiers of Saxony. Brussels, July 20. Letters just received from Ostend import, that several Battalions of French Troops enter'd that Town Yesterday, and that some other Troops of the same Nation are to enter Newport this Day, and keep those two Places, till otherwise order'd, under the Com- mand of Lieutenant General de la Motte ; and the Im- perial Garrisons are to march out, and be employ'd else- where. The same Letters advise, that the Empress Queen reserves to herself in those two Towns, and likewise on the Coast, the free and full Exercise of all the Rights of Sovereignty, the Levy and Use of the Duties on Imports and Exports, and all other Revenues whatsoever ; as also the Property and Disposal of the Artillery, Warlike Stores, Provisions, and all other Military Effects actually therein. To which End Lieutenant General de la Motte is to be sworn in Deputy Governor General of the Austrian Ne- therlands before her Majesty's Minister. • We presume Ostend and Newport are mortgaged for a Sum of Money, which the Court of Vienna never will be able to pay, unless she can take it out of the Coffers of Prussia. Utrecht, July 21. We learn from Westphalia, that the Palatine Troops have join'd those of France. Toulon, July 13. The English Squadron is gone to- wards the Levant, to convoy the Vessels which they have been forced to send to the Eastern Coasts of Africa for Corn. Paris, July 18. The Talk of a Descent on England is revived. M. de Conslans it going to Brest, to take the Command of a Squadron of 18 Ships and Frigates, of which those at Rochefort will make a Part. PLANTATION NEWS. New York, June 13. Yesterday Morning arrived here the Pliny Privateer Brig, Benjam. Stoddard, Commander, from a Cruize of eight Months, in which she has proved very successful; for, besides the rich Ship she carried into South Carolina on the 25th of May last, 40 Leagues to the Eastward of Bermuda, in Company with the Wasp Privateer of Halifax, Capt. M'Namara, of 12 Guns, and the King of Prussia Privateer, of Rhode Island, of 10 Guns, Capt. Roof, they fell in with a large French Ship of 350 Guns, called La Amiable Jane, M. Amaud, Com- mander, and a Snow of about 150 Tons, called St. Reine, both of which they took, after a short Dispute. The Ship mounted 16 Four- pounders, and had 50 Men; the Snow mounted 10 Guns and 30 Men; both richly laden with Indigo, Coffee, Sugar, Cotton, & c. bound from Cape Francois to Bourdeaux, and had been out fifty Days. The Prisoners in the Prizes say, that the Brig Dolphin, of Rhode Island, bound to Jamaica; as also a Packet Boat, from London. jo Jamaica ; and a Guineyman, with 350 Slaves, were all taken by M. Palanqui, in a Privateer of 16 Carriage Guns, the latter End of March last, off Hi- spaniola, and carried into Cape Francois. COUNTRY NEWS., Bath, July 25. By a Person arrived here from the Camp at Dorchester we are informed that, on Wednesday last, two Soldiers and a Woman were kill'd there by Light- ning. •' Salisbury, July 25. On Wednesday Morning a Ball of Fire fell from the Element among the Horses in Camp, and bounded along the Ground, which so affrighted many of them that they broke from the Piquet, and ran from the Down into the neighbouring Villages. LONDON. [ Thursday, July 28. By the last Advices from the Duke of Cumberland's Army it appears, that his Royal Highness was determined to risk a Battle with the French, and that the Affair must have been over on or before the 21st Instant. We are informed that his Royal Highness the Duke of Cumberland has armed 30,000 Peasants for the Defence of the Electorate. It is said Advice has been received, that the Garrison and Inhabitants of Minorca are in the utmost Distress for Provisions, owing to four Ships laden with Corn for that Island being taken by the Defiance, Capt. Hervey, one of his Majesty's Ships; and that when the Ship which brought this Intelligence sailed from thence, the Garrison was ready to revolt. Some of the Troops left encamp'd on Blackheath, when the three Regiments marched for Wimbledon, in their Way to Portsmouth, are marched to fill up the Camp at Chatham. The Train of Artillery, which arrived at the Tower on Saturday last from High Wickham, in Bucks, is shortly to be embarked for the River Medway. Part of the Camp at Dorchester is broke up, the Troops being order'd to embark. This Day large Quantities of Wrought Iron, Brass, Copper, See. were shipped for Guernsey. The two Highland Battalions are ordered each to be augmented with three Companies; each Battalion will then consist of 1 300 Men. Tuesday 3818 Ounces of Silver Coin were shipped for Hamburgh. It is assured the Fleet from the Leeward- Islands, when it came from thence, consisted of 175 Sail, including those bound for different Ports in America ; and not a single Ship of them is missing. Several Ships which were near loaded when the said Fleet sailed, will take the Be- nefit of the Convoy from Jamaica. By the Leeward Island Fleet just arrived there is Ad- vice, that the Inhabitants of our Settlements there , are now entirely relieved from their Apprehensions of Danger from the French, the English being much superior to any Force that they can bring against them. Letters from the Leeward Islands, dated the 13th of June, inform us, that a French Squadron was arrived at Martinico, from the Coast of Africa and elsewhere, con- sisting of one Ship of 74 Guns, four of 64, one of 40, three of 36, one of and oat of 12 Guns. Extract of a Letter from Portsmouth, July 27. " Tuesday the 26th Instant, General Steuart's and Colonel Cornwallis's Regiments, came and encamped on South Sea Common near this Town, and this Morning the latter was shipped off on board several Vessels, to go over to the Isle of Wight and encamp there ; the other Regiment is to go on board of Men of War, to serve in the room of Marines " Three more Regiments are expected in this Day to encamp at the said Place." Brumpton, July 27. Yesterday two Battalions of Lord Charles Hay's and General Steuart's came from Wick- ham and encamp'd here; the former two Battalions marched again this Morning for Barham Downs, and the latter is to remain here. Three Companies from Lord Effingham's were draughted off Yesterday Afternoon, and embarked at Chatham Dock Yard to go to the Ships at the Nore; and it is said all that Battalion will be embarked to serve on board the Fleet. A Letter from on board the Peggy Sloop of War in Yarmouth Roads, July 14. " I was sent by the Order of our Captain to take the Command of a large Dutch Hoy which we took off Holy- Goland, in Company with two other Hoys also taken, who were laden with Timber, Butter, and Oats, bound from Hamburgh to France. We have also taken a large Dutch Ship which came from St. Domingo, and was go- ing to Dunkirk with Indigo and Sugar, and is valued at 30, cool. We are now going with the Prizes into Yar- mouth Haven to wait for further Orders." A Letter from Amsterdam informs us, that the French are marching Troops to be posted along the Coast, to prevent any Surprize from the English, which they seem to dread from our present Naval Preparations. Admiral Boscawen, with Part of his Fleet, is arrived it Plymouth, but is soon to return again. The Royal George Privateer, commanded by Capt. Thomas Reid, is fitting out in the River with great Ex- pedition: She mounts 21 Nine- pounders, besides Quarter- deck Guns and swivels, and carries 200 Men. A large French Cutter Privateer is taken and sent into Guernsey by the Rochester Man of War, who, with the Scarborough Man of War, was in Chace of two French Privateers, one of 40 and the other of 50 Guns. The Fortune, Thompson, from Jamaica to Bristol, is retaken by the Unicorn Man of War, and sent into Kinsale. The Medway arm'd Buss has taken ' a French Snow Privateer, and brought her into the Downs. A Dogger Privateer from St. Maloes, of 14 Guns and 94 Men, is sent into Cork by one of our Men of War. The Hibernia Privateer of London was well off Co- runna the 27th of June: She has in her Passage from Ply- mouth, drove a French Privateer on Shore, and destroyed her When the Letter came away, she was left in Chace of two St. Domingo Men. The Patterson, Cole, from Liverpool to New- York, is taken and carried into Bayonne. The Kingfisher, Mariner, from Jersey for Newfound- land, is carried into Bayonne. The Neptune, Burton, from Milford for Lisbon, is carried into Bayonne. The Duke of Bedford Privateer founder'd to the East- ward of the Groyne, and many of her Men are lost; On Thursday was married at the Collegiate Church of" Wolverhampton, in Staffordshire, Mr. Richard Price, an eminent Ironmonger of that Place, to Miss Molly Tom- keys, one of the Daughters of the late Thomas Tomkeys, Esq; of Neehells in the Parish of Wolverhampton afore- said. Yesterday Morning died at his House in White Fryars, Mr. Anthony Scale, Master of the Glass House there. At Tetbury Races, last Week, the Purse of Fifty Pounds was won by Mr. Brookes's Chesnut Horse, Rain- bow, got by Mr. Cornwall's Arabian, beating the Hon. Mr. How's bay Horse, got by Janus. And Thursday a Plate, of Fifty Pounds, was won by Mr. Wynn's bay Horse, Bobtail, against Mr. Cornwall's black Gelding, Melampus, and Mr. How's bay Horse. Last Monday Night a Quarrel ensued on Tower Hill, between an English Sailor and two foreign Sailors, who getting the Advantage of the British Tar, threw him into Tower Ditch ; but some Persons coming happily in the Interim, he was got out; on which, another Battle en- sued, and a Mob arising, committed great Outrages on several Houses on Little Tower Hill, which, it was said, the foreign Sailors took Refuge in ; but they being ap. peased for that Night, after having greatly damaged near 14 Houses, they assembled again the next Morning and committed great Violence. The Peace Officers endea- vour'd to quell them, but with no Effect for sometime; but on a further Reinforcement, five of them were taken into Custody, Yesterday Morning some Sailors, under Pretence of a Press Gang, stopped a Turk in the Minories, and insisted impress him, on which a Fray ensued, and the Turk his Defence cut one of them over his Hands in so des- erate a Manner, that it is thought he will lose the Use f them, and the Sailors also much wounded the Turk ; not not being satisfied with using him so, they secured him and brought him before the Lord Mayor, who soon dis- harged him, and reprimanded the Sailors for their Beha- iour. Yesterday Morning about Six o'Clock, as some Night men were emptying a Vault, on Ludgate- Hill, they found a Brass Box, which contained several Pieces of Gold coin, of King James the First, which amounted to near oo I. The Cart was emptied of the Soil in a Field be- ween Brick Lane in Old Street, and Islington ; and Yes- terday there were near 500 Persons, Men, Women, and Children, raking among the Soil up to their Knees, ex- pecting to find some Money. SUNDAY'S and MONDAY'S POSTS. From the LONDON GAZETTE. Warsaw, July 6. - THERE are Letters from Prussia of the 2d Instant, which say, that the Russians have actually invested Memel. Hague, July 22. By Letters of the 15th and 18th In- stant, from Afferden on the Weser, Major General Har- dingberg was marched towards Gottingen on the 15th, with the Grenadiers, and the second Line of the Army was marched to support him, and to attack, as it was imagined, a Body of French Troops which encamped between Golmbach and Wurbsen in the Bailiage of Forst. It was not imagined that all Marshal d'Etrees's Army would be over the Weser before the 20th Instant. We have no News of Consequence from Bohemia. AMERICA. Philadelphia, June 16. By a Letter from Williams- burgh, in Virginia, dated the 4th Instant, there is Ad- vice that, the Day before, the Assembly of that Province passed a Bill for giving Eighty Thousand Pounds to the King's Use. A French Privateer, taken by the Blandford Man of War, is condemn'd at St. Christopher's. She carried 32 Carriage and Swivel Guns, and was well fitted out wiih Swivel Blunderbusses, Pistols, Cutlasses, Lances, Pole- Axes, and all other Warlike Stores, carried 109 Men, and had taken no less than Twenty one English Ships. COUNTRY NEWS. Salisbury, July 23. Yesterday was found dead near this City, ( supposed to have been murder'd) a strange Gen tleman, who, by Letters found about him, appear'd to be a Doctor, call'd Stephens, who lately lived in Helstone, Cornwall. Extract of a Letter from Penryn, July 25. " On. Friday se'nnight was felt throughout Cornwall a violent Convulsion of the Earth : Its Continuance, I be- lieve. exceeded two Minutes, greatly alarming the Inha- bitants, who were every Moment in Expectation of a Chasm, but providentially no ill Consequences, except the following, attended it. Stephen Thomas Esq; formerly an eminent Counsellor of this Place, but retired to his Seat in the Country, sitting with his Lady in one of his Chamber Windows, became so confused at the unusual shivering of the Sashes together, with a low rumbling Noise, that he cried out in a Tremour, An Earthquake ! and being, as it were, momentarily deprived of Sense, he fell backwards, and ( as the Sash unfortunately happen'd to be up) tumbled into the Court, where he was taken up fcv his Servants in such a Condition as banishes all Hopes of Recovery. He was a Gentleman of very extensive , Knowledge and uncommon Capacity, tho' unhappy in a Constitution, which was of the tenderest Kind. A con- siderable Estate devolving to him lately by the Death of an elder Brother, he preferred the calm Simplicity of a rural Life to the Hurry and Fatigue of the Bar." Cambridge, July 30. Last Monday Night the Booth on Bedford Course, for the Conveniency of the Ladies du- ring the Races, was set on Fire, and entirely consumed, but by what Means the Proprietors cannot as yet find out, but have great Reason to think it was done by some evil- disposed People. On Tuesday last Lord Chedworth's Chesnut Colt won the Subscription Purse of 350 Guineas at Huntingdon. On Wednesday the Purse of 501. was won by Mr. Swin- burn's bay Horse, Nabob. On Thursday the Ladies Purse of 901. was won by the Duke of Devonshire's bay Horse, Spectator. LONDON. . [ Saturday, July 30. July 30. His Majesty's Ship the Southampton, commanded by Capt. Gilchrist, is put into Weymouth, and he gives an Account, that in his Way from St. Helen's for Plymouth, on the 25th Instant, about Eleven o'Clock at Night, off the High Land of St. Al- ban's, he fell in with five Sail of French Ships, two of which appear'd to him to be of equal Force with himself, one of them he engaged upwards of an Hour and half: She attempted to board him several Times, but meeting with a warm Reception, and receiving so much Damage from him, she made Signals for the other to bear down to her Assistance, which she immediately did, and he was Bow. the other upon the Quarter, and continued engaging him up- wards of an Hour longer; but Capt. Gilchrist luckily got his whole Broadside to bear on the first Ship, and by breeching his aftermost Guns aft, and his foremost Guns forward, he gare her a whole Broadside, which silenced her entirely. The other Ship then came up, and began a very smart Engagement for about a Quarter of an Hour, after which she dropp'd astern, By that Time the South- hampton was left a perfect Wreck, and in no Condition to follow either of them, having received eight very dan- gerous Shot between Wind and Water, had ten Men killed, and fourteen reported by the Surgeon to be mor- tally wounded, and as many more slightly wounded ; he was obliged to put into Weymouth to repair her Damages. The said five Ships are reported to be two Frigates, with three small Privateers; and the Frigates Weight of Me- tal is the same with the Southampton's. His Majesty's Ship the Isis, Capt. Wheeler, is arrived at Spithead, and has brought in with him three Privateers, viz. the Precieux, 26 Guns, 240 Men, commanded by M. Dubois; belonging to St. Maloe; the Conte Herville, 16 Guns, 180 Men, Dehoan, of Bourdeaux; and tbe Prince of Turin, 10 Guns, 84 Men, Debras, of Havre de Grace. Thus far the London Gazette.] We hear from Portsmouth, that the Southampton Man of War mounts 36 Guns, and that she had 50,000 1. on board, and was going round from Portfmouth to Ply- mouth, We are informed, by the Master of a Ship arrived at Guernsey from Halifax, that Admiral Holbourne, with all his Fleet, except the Windsor, a Sloop, and three Transports, arriv'd safe off that Port the Morning he sailed from thence; and that in the Evening of the same Day be fell in with the said Ship Windsor, Stc. and ac- quainted the Captain with the Admiral's Arrival. Much having been said about the Destination of Lord Loudon's Armament, and of the Junction of Admiral Holbourne's Forees with that General's, it is worth re- marking, that on the 25th of June the Men of War and Transports, with Lord Loudon's Troops, were left by the Wall Packet off Nantucket, about 36 Hours Sail from Halifax in Nova Scotia ; that Admiral Holbourne's Squa- dron, consisting of 14 Ships of the Line, four Sloops, one Bomb Ketch, one Fireship, with 55 Transports under Convoy, sailed from Cork the 8th of May, and on the 9th of June was seen off the Banks of Newfoundland, about 14 Days Sail from Halifax, by which it should seem, that these two Squadrons were designed to meet at one and the same Place of Rendezvous, about one and the same Time. It is further to be observed, that M. du Bois de la Mothe sailed from Brest on the 3d of May, with nine Ships of the Line, five Frigates, and 4 or 5000 Land Forces; that M. du Revest passed through the Straits of Gibraltar the Beginning of April, with four Ships of the Line and a Frigate, where he had a slight Engage- ment with the same Number of Ad. Saunders's Squadron. M. de Beaufremont's Squadron sailed to the Northward from the Island of Hispaniola in the West Indies, on or before the 26th of April. So that as all these Squadrons were undoubtedly intended to unite at Cape Breton, there i> the highest Probability that a decisive Engagement at Sea will be the Consequence. M. de la Mothe's Instec- tions seem to have been to land his Troops in the River St. Lawrence, from whence it may be inferred, that the French were in Fear for Quebeck. Notwithstanding the many Reports which have been spread, concerning his Royal Highness the Duke's being ill, & c. we can, from good Authority, assure our Readers, that they are without the least Foundation, his Royal Highness being in perfect Health. A Colonel in the Prussian Service is arriv'd here with some Dispatches of great Importance, and an Express was return'd on Thursday with an Answer thereto. By an exact Account of what passed in the Army of Marshal Keith on his raising the Siege of Prague, at which Time the Austrian Accounts magnified their Advantages even to a Victory, thete does not appear, that more than zoo Prussians were slain, and the same Number wounded, chiefly by the Austrian Artillery, their Troops from the Garrison not daring to make Head against the Prussians, who made their Retreat in Order of Battle. A Body of Austrian Troops has entered Silesia, and advanced as far as Landeshut and Schmeideberg, and their commanding Officer has sent a Message to the Magistrates of Hirschfeld to demand Contributions. Private Letters by the Holland Mail Yesterday say, the French Minister has demanded Delffyle, a Place belong- ing to the Dutch near Embden, as a Security for their observing of a strict Neutrality. Some Letters from Sweden say, that a general Embargo is laid on all the Ships in that Kingdom- We hear that the Officers of the three Regiments of Foot- Guards have received Notice, that they need not hold themselves in Readiness for Embarkation, agreeable to former Orders. We hear a Lieutenant and 40 Men are order'd imme- diately to be draughted from all the Regiments now in Scotland. By the Leeward' Island Fleet came the greatest Num- ber of private Letters to the Post Office that has been known: They have been estimated at 16,000; and seve- ral Merchants have paid from 20 to 30 1. Postage. We are told that one Merchant paid 50I. • It is said that Admiral Knowles is to act as Chief En- gineer, in and upon the intended Expedition, and is to be attended by 300 Matrosses, besides Officers, & c. A large Snow, from St. Domingo, is brought into Bri- stol by the Antient Briton Privateer, Capt. Murray, who has also taken and sent into Wales two French outward- bound Ships. « • The Defiance, of and for Southampton from Virginia, is retaken by the Eagle Gaily Privateer of Bristol, and brought into Falmouth. The Blakeney and Cavendish Privateers, of Corke, have taken three Dutch Vessels laden with Salt, bound from Sellers in France for Havre ; one of the Prizes is sent into Youghall, and the other two to Cove : They have also retaken a Vessel of and for Leith from Lisbon, laden with Wine, Salt, and Fruit. Extract of a Letter from Portsmouth, July 29. " Last Night Admiral Boscawen's Flag, was struck, and he is set out for London. " This Morning General Steuart's Regiment embark'd on board several Men of War at this Place, to do Duty " as Marines." . We are assured from a certain Parish in the Southam Hams, near Barnstable, Devonshire, that the Minister of the said Parish, fearing that Corn will at last fall, has begun to thresh out four hundred Bushels, which he with- held for a long while in hopes of a larger Price. It is confidently reported, that a certain Cornfactor in London has upwards of 10,000 Quarters of Corn, purchased by him and his Agents in this Country, which upon this sudden Fall they have not had Time to dis- pose of. We hear from Thame, in Oxfordshire, that Wheat was offered to Sale last Week at Six Shillings the Bushel; but the Country People would give no more than Four Shil- lings. On Wednesday last there were io, ooo Sacks of Flour at Queenhithe. We hear that within these six Weeks wheat has fell at the London Market 1 1. 2 s. a Quarter. This Morning the Judge of the Sheriff's Court gave his Opinion in Relation to the Dispute about the Dissenters serving the Office of Sheriff, & c. whereby it appears they are no way excused by any Law whatsoever. On Wednesday as the Rowland, Capt. Wilson, from St. Kitt's, was coming up Lee- Roads, she was fired at by a Man of War to bring her to, by which, unhappily, the Mate and a Foremast Man were killed on the Spot. On Thursday an imprudent Man, who went as a Sol- dier in the Orange Regiment, observing a Lad getting over one of the Gates, fired his Firelock at the Boy, and blow'd out one of his Eyes; the Fellow afterwards ran away, leaving his Firelock and Accoutrements behind him. Last Thursday Evening a melancholy Accident hap- pen'd in the Artillery Ground, during the Time the Of- ficers of the Orange Regiment of the Trained Bands were drinking their loyal Healths, when one Lee, a Journeyman Taylor, went so near the Mouth of their Cannon when they were firing, that the Wadding of one of them was shot into his Body, and killed him on the Spot. This Day is published, Price 2s. stitch'd,- The CYDER- MAKER'S Instructor,' SWEET- MAKER'S ASSISTANT, and VICTUALLER'S and HOUSEKEEPER'S Director. In THREE PARtS. Part !. DireCts the Grower to make his Cyder in the Manner Fo- reign Wines are made ; to preserve its Body and Flavour; to lay on * Colour ; and to cure all its Disorders, whether bad flavour'd, pricked, oily, or ropy. Part II. Instructs the Trader or Housekeeper to make Raisin- Wines, at a small Expence, little ( if any Thing) inferior to Foreign Wines in Strength or Flavour ; to cure their Disorders; to lay on them new Bodies, Colour, & c. Part III. Directs the Brewer to fine his Beer and Ale in a short Time, and to cure them if pricked or ropy. To which is added, A Method to make Yest to ferment Beer as well as common Yest, when that is not to be had. All actually deduced from the Author's Experence. By THOMAS CHAPMAN, Wine- Cooper. CIRENCESTER: Printed and sold for the Author by S. Rudder » Sold also by R. Raikes, in Gloucester; J. Wylde, in Hereford ; and jnay be had of the Printer and Distributors of this Journal. Where likewise may be had, just publish'd, ( For the Use of Schools and private Families, the 2d Edition, with great Additions and Improvements', being the compleatest book of the Kind extant) A New Spelling- Book and Grammar, ENTITLED, ORTHOGRAPHIA; Or, The New English Instructor. In TWO PARTS. Part I. containing, i. Large Tables of Monosyllables from three ta six or seven Letters.— 2. Approved Rules for dividing Words into Syllables, - 3. Tables of the most useful Words from two to several Syllables, all carefully accented, to prevent a bad Pronunciation; interspersed with moral and entertaining Lessons, in easy and familiar Language, suited to the Tables. 4. Large Tables ot proper Names used in History, as well sacred as prophane, all mark'd with the AC- cent. 5. Directions for Reading, and Observations on teaching t » read, from a learned Author. Part II. A compendious English Grammar, by the Help of which alone any person of a common Capacity may be enabled to write true English, by syntactical Rules suited to the Genius and Idiom of the English Language, and not to be found in any other Grammar. To which is added, Directions for Behaviour, under the Head ot POLITENESS; several original and selected Fables, Poems, & c. By J. JACKSON, Gent. *„ » Many Artifices have been repeatedly practised to prevent this New BOOK from getting into Schools, by Persons that are interested in the Sale of the Old School Books ; and indeed no Wonder, since wherever this Book has been impartially compared and examined with others of the same Kind, it has seldom failed of supplanting them. Therefore, in whose Hands soever this Book may fall, the Proprietor only craves a fair and candid Examination with such others as may be put in Competition with it ( more espccially in the Grammatical Part) and he is desirous of resting its Merit on their Decision. Just arriv'd, From the grand WAreHOuse in LONDOn, Jacksons TINCTURE, Publish'd by Virtue of His Majesty's Royal Letters Patent, and by special Appointment sold by Mr. SAMUEL GAMIDGE, Book, Map, and Print- Seller, At his CIRCULATING LIBRARY, At the College Grates, Worcester. At the same Place are Sold, Mr. John Boden's ISSUE PLAISTURES, which have been so often advertised in the publick News Papers for many- Years past, and sold with good Success up- wards of Fifty Years. British Powder for Teeth and Gums, w. Stoughton's Drops, Is. British Oil, is. Hungary Water, 6( 1. Lady ' s Sticking Plaster, U Anderson's Scotch Pills, ir, Dr. Daffy's Elixir, is.^ d. GodfreyVCordial, ttJ. t !; Bostock's Cordial, is. Bateman's Drops, is. The famous Ointment for the Itch, it. bd. '* At the above place may also be had, - The Transcendent Restrictive Electuary, Being the only short and most infallible Cure in the Uni- verse for the Venereal Disease. Price 5s. a Pot, seal'd up with a Book of Directions. WANTED, A Journeyman Plumber andGlasier, Who may hear of a good Place, by applying to Mr. James Eysam, Plumber and Glasier, in Evesham, Worcestershire. Any Person or Persons, who are willing to undertake to rebuild STANFORD BRIDGE, Over the River TEAM, in the County of Worcester, ARE desired to view the Place, and to bring in their Proposals to the Justices, at their Meeting at the Hundred- House in the said County, on Friday the 12th of this Instant August. AUGUST 2, 1757 NOTICE is hereby given, THAT a Subscription is this Day opened for raising the Sum of Three Hundred Pounds, for repairing the Turnpike Road leading from the Sign of the Fish at the Top of Broadway Hill, in tbe County cf Worcester, to the Top of Bourton Hill, in the County of Gloucester, upon the Credit or Security of the Tolls to be taken at the Turnpike Gate, Stop, or Stops erected, or to be erccted upon any Part of the said Turnpike Road, et the Rate of Four Pounds by the Hundred by the Year: And that any Person or Persons who shall advance or pay the Whole, or any Part of the said Sum, into the Hands of the Treasurer, John Timbrill, of Bretforton, Esq; shall receive Interest for the same, from the Day of such Pay ment, according to the Rate aforesaid ; and the said Trea surer is hereby authorized to give his Note or Receipt for any Sum or Sums he may receive, which Note or Receipts shall be a good and sufficient Security to any Creditor, ' till a farther Security can be given at the next Meeting of the Trustees for the said Turnpike Road, which will be held at the House of Richard Scrogg, known by the Sign of the White Hart in Broadway, in the County of Worcester aforesaid, upon Tuesday the 30th Day of this Instant August, by Twelve of the Clock in the Forenoon of the same Day. By Order of the Trustees, Will. Rhodes, Clerk. Worcester, Aug 4, 1754. This Day were Publish'd, Price 1 s. EXPERIMENTS and OBSERVATIONS MALVERN WATERS. The Second Edition, With an APPENDIX, Containing some farther Particulars relating to their Nature and Uses, Illustrated with several Histories of their Effects. J}. B. The Profits arising from the Sale of this Pamphlet will be appropriated to the Augmentation of a Sum raised by Subscription for making the Springs commodious. Sold by W. Sandby, at the Ship, without Temple Bar ; J. Rivington, at the Bible and Crown, St. Paul's Church Yard ; R. Dodsley, in Pall Mall, London : And by S. Mountfort, and R. Lewis, in Worcester. For the Benefit of Mr. Charles Clarke, At the Guild- Hall in Worcester. On Wednesday the 17th of August, ( Being in the Assize- Week ) Will be perform'd a CONCERT of Vocal and Instrumental MUSICK3 With the Favourite SONGS in ELIZA. To begin at Seven o'Clock. After the CONCERT will be a BALL, gratis. '. TICKETS, at 2s. 6d. each, to be had at Mr. Bradley's,. Goldsmith at Hooper's Coffee Houfe ; at Mr. Wood- Cock's, at the Hop- Pole; and at Mr. Clarke's, in Cooken Street. To be LETT, And Entered upon Immediately, or at Michaelmas next. Several Tillage FARMS, Within about Five Miles from Worcester, From Twenty to near Forty Pounds per Annum, And the Handing Crops of CORN and GRAIN to be Sold separate, on Credit, with Security, and housed on the Premifcs. ALSO TO BE SOLD, A Compact Inclos'd Freehold ESTATE, Being well Wooded and Water'd, with extraordinary Pri- vileges, and contains near One Hundred Acres of Til- lage and Grasing Land. For further Information enquire of the Printer of this > Paper. The RED- HOUSE, near Worcester, SITUATED on an Eminence which commands a beau- tiful and extensive Prospect of the City and Country adjacent, is open for the Reception of BOArdERS or LODGERS;—— any Gentlemen or Ladies, who would chuse to board or lodge there, may depend upon being well accommodated on reasonable Terms, by Their humble Servants, ; Francis and Susannah Hassall. Wednesday and Thursday POSTS. Arrivd the MAILS from Flanders and Holland. From the Head Quarters of the Austrian Army at Munc- kengratz, July 7. ASpy who is just arrived here from Randnitz, reports, that on the 3d of this Month there was upon the Road from Lobositz to Welmina, a very sharp Skirmish between a Party of our Troops and a Body of the Enemy; that 300 of the latter were killed, and 350 wounded, these last were sent to Leitzmeritz; that, a Contribution of 300,000 Florins is exactled of that City and the Circle, of which it is the Capital, and that they were obliged to furnish the Enemy with 265 Pioneers. Dantzick, July 16.. Yesterday there enter'd into the Road of this City, a Russian Fleet, consisting of 25 Men of War; but we know not with what Intent. Kloster, July 12. We have this Moment received the agreeable News, that General Maguire and Duke d'Arem- berg have taken the important Post of Gabel, where they took four Battalions Prisoners of War, as also General Hacke, the Prince of Holstein, 105 Hussars, besides four Pieces of Cannon, one Hundred, some say four Hundred Waggons, loaded with Provisions and Baggage. This News is the more advantageous to the Austrians, as by their being in Possession thereof, they can cut off all Com- munication between the King of Prussia and Lusace. Franckfort, July 22. We are assured that the Prussians" will be obliged to come to an Engagement, in order to preserve their Artillery, and that Part of the Army com- manded by Marshal Keith. From the LONDON GASBTTE. Cologne, July 25. They write from the French Camp at Warbsen, that the Hanoverians had routed and put to. Flight 150 of the Volontaires Royaux the 16th; and the 18th the Hanoverian Hunters had killed Brigadier Conne- tablie as he was making his Round with an Escort of Ca- rabiniers. the Cavalry, camped at Ruremonde, has re- ceived Orders to delay their March towards the Upper Rhine till the 29th. Hague, July 26. By our Letters from the Weser, his Royal Highness the Duke of Cumberland had marched with a Body of Troops towards Winkensen, with a De- sign to attack a Part of the French Army that was ad- vanced to that Place ; but the French had Intelligence of his Motions, and retired with Precipitation. Marshal d'Etrees complains of the Sickness of his Army, and the Want of Provisions, as well as of the great Difficulty he finds in advancing in a Country so woody and moun- Extract of a Letter from Portsmouth, July 31. " Yesterday embarked the three last Regiments from South Sea Common; as did three Regiments from South- ampton." Ships taken from the French since the Commencement of the War to the 12th of July, 1757 ; Merchantmen, 681 ; Privateers, 91. In all 772. Ships taken by the French in the aforesaid Time Met- - chantmen, & c. 637. It is computed that the English have profited by Cap- tures upwards of two Millions. Private Letters advise, that some Frcnch Men of War that lately sailed from Toulon went to Malta, where the_\ were furnished with 40O Pieces of Cannon out of the Ar- senal, and were upon their Return with them again to Toulon. Sunday last a very extraordinary Affair happened at St. Alban's : About twelve o'Clock at Noon a Swarm of Bees came into the Bull Inn Yard, and in a few Minutes, settled on one of the Ostlers face and hind Parts of his Breeches, and hung down between his Legs to the Size of a large Bullock's Heart, and there continued for the Space of an Hour, while a Beehive was prepared, which they were afterwards put into: What is still more re- markable, neither the Man on whom they fixed, or any other Person, was stung in the whole Time. ' Tis reported that a noble, generous, and worthy Gen- tleman had the Misfortune to be fleeced by some Sharpers at a House adjacent to St. James's of near Seven Thou- sand Pounds, at a Sitting, a few Nights since. Yesterday, at the Assizes at Chelmsford, Snatt, a Gin- ger- bread Baker, was capitally convicted for robbing the Norwich Mail on Epping Forest, in March last. On Wednesday last the Assizes ended at Lincoln, when William Atkinson, James Thompson, and Robert Hovr, ' were convicted for Sheep stealing, and condemned to die. Matthew Pullen was indicted for Sheep dealing ; and be- ing deaf and dumb from his Birth, a Jury was impannell'd to try, Whether he stood mute by the Act of Providence, or through Obstinacy ; and on the Evidence of. his Father in Law, and another Person. it being prov'd he was born so, the Jury brought in their Verdict, that he stood Mute by the Act of God -, therefore is left in Gaol till next As- sizes, that proper Care may be taken of him. The Sailors have made a second Attack upon the Bawdy Houses between the Minories and Iron Gate, having broke every Window in each House, took away and de- stroyed all the Furniture, cut the Feather Beds in Pieces, and threw the Feathers about Tower Hill, and behaved in such an outrageous Manner, that the Justices assembled read the Riot Act, and were obliged to send for a Party of Guards from the Tower to disperse them, and some of the Ringleaders are in Custody, tainous. To be LETT,\ And may be Enter d upon at Michaelmas or Lsdy- day next, A very good TAN- YARD, SITUATE at Clifton upon Team, in the County of Worcester, with a commodious Dwelling House, and all Conveniencies requisite for the Business, and with or without the Stock in Trade. For further Particulars enquire of Richard Corbett, the present Occupier. LONDON. [ Tuesday, August 2. There is Advice that the French are marching down 26,000 Men to their Coasts, to guard against our Em- barkation. Private Letters from France advise, that 16 Ships of the Line are fitted out at Rochefort, to sail the Middle of this Month on a secret Expedition. Some of the Boats destined for the Ships going from Spithead on a secret Expedition, are already embarked on board Transport Vessels going thither. ' Tis reported that the Kings of Spain and Sardinia have entered into Alliance with England. We are well informed that a great Sea Officer has re. signed his Flag. BANKRUPTS- Richard Lodge, late of Size- Lane, London, Packer, Dealer and Chapman. — Benjamin Baldrey, of Fressingfield, in the County of Suffolk, Grocer and Draper. STOCKS. Bank, 189 3 4ths. India, . South Sea, fhut. Old Annuities, 1 Sub. 90 1 8th. Ditto - d Sub. 89 1 4th. Ditto New Annuities, ill Sub. . Ditto 2d Sub. . Three per Cent. Bank Annuities, 88 7 Sths. India Bonds, 2I. 133. Prem. New Subscription, 87 7 Sths. a 88. WORCESTER, August 4. Yesterday our Races began, when three Horses started for the Purse of Fifty Pounds, given by the Members of the County and City of Worcester, and came in as follow, viz. Rd. Gorges, Esqr's Bay Horse, Juniper. | t J 1 Mr. Tho. Brooke's Chef. H. Rainbow. 1312 James Lenox Dutton, Esqr's Black H. ? J j Nicodemus. 5 | 2 | 3 There was very good Sport, and a great deal of Company. The seven following are enter d for this Day's Purse, Mr. Hurst's Chesnut Horse, Young Batchelor. Richard Gorges, Esqr's Chesnut Gelding, Talio. Mr Philley's Brown Mare, Miss Lucy Mr. Groves's Orange- bay Horse, Silver Locke. Mr. Wolley's Grey Gelding, Trim. Mr. Bray's Brown Mare, Brown Peg. Mr. Portman's Grey Horse, Shadrack't Amazement. And the following four are enter'd to run To morrow, Sir Peter Leicester's Bay Horse, Hector. Mr. Allen's Bay Gelding, Prince Spotty. Mr. Bigland's Grey Horse, Blood. Velters Cornewall, Esqr's Grey Horse, Crabstock. Others are expefted to enter at the Post. The Company at the Ball at the Town Hall last Night was very grand and numerous. There will be a ball again there To night and To morrow Night; and a Pub- lick Breakfast To- morrow Morning at; Digley Bowling- Green. The Assizes at Gloucester ended Yesterday se'nnight, at which James Dark for horse stealing, Thomas Stevens for Burglary and Felony, Daniel Wichel for stealing a Steer, and James Church for Sheep stealing, received Sen- tence of Death, but were reprieved. Dinah Cottle, for receiving Stolen Goods, was order'd to- be transported for 14 Years, and Thomas Cottle, Sam Godsell, and R. Starbuck, for divers Thefts, to be transported for 7 Years. Ann Burton, for a Riot, was fined and imprisoned, and seven acquitted. Wm. Meek, the Corn Rioter, condemn'd last Lent Assizes, is to be transported for Life, and Walter. Gardner, and White, condemn'd at the same Assizes. are , to be transported for 14 Years A Woman who assisted Jones, a Horse stealer, to escape out of Gaol is to be transported for 7 Years. Jones is retaken. \*; To be Seen, at the George in Evesham, ( Prices; for Gentlemen or Ladies, ONE SHILLING each, Servants S I x- PeNcE, & c.] Mr. Motet's fine Paintings, done by the celebrated Raphael, and are as follow, i. Our Saviour bound to a Pillar, and scourged by the Jews. a. The Jews fixing a Crown of Thorns on his Head, one putting a Reed in his Hand, and mocking him. j Our Saviour appearing to St Gregory. 4. St. Francis, the Sera- phical Father. 5 St. John the Evangelist, the beloved Disciple of our Saviour. 6 A Madona on a Gold Plate, tepresenting our Saviour, the Virgin Mary, and St. John the Baptist. " J. Brought from Italy, and now added to the above, an inimitable Figure in German Agate, repre- senting the Agenies of a Dying Saviour. Also Mr MOTET'S Six curious Pieces of MARBLE SCULPTURE which represent the Sufferings of Our Saviour from his Last Supper to his Resurrection, in up- Wards of Four Hundred fine Figures in Relievo : They were design'd as a Present for tbe French King, but taken during the last War.# Books publish'd, giving a beautiful and just Description of these excellent Sculptures may be had of the Man who delivers the Bills, and at the Place above mention'd — These curiam Paintings and Sculpture will be remov'd from Evesham to Cheltenham. The following very remarkable Case of the Right Hon. the Marquis of Lindsey, Son to his Grace the Duke of Ancaster, is publish'd by his Grace's Permission: On Friday the last Day of December, 1756, the Mar- qnis of Lindsey, a Child of twenty Months old, on Sus- picion of the Measles, was bled to five Ounces, and no Signs of Inflammation appeared. On Saturday, the first of Januiry. 1757, about Five o'Clock in the Afternoon, the Measles appeared. On Sunday, the second, they appeared full 0n his Face and Body. On Monday, the third, they began to decline, and a Hoarseness, Cough, and a Fever came on. On Tuesday, the 4th, in the Morning, they had quite disappeared, without leaving the least redness, and the bad Symptoms increased. He was then bled to five Ounces, the Blood shewing no Signs of Inflammation and about Three in the Afternoon, the Apothecary, who attended him, found more violent Symptoms, such as in- creased Heat, wheezing Cough, universal Languor, and fluttering Pulse; on which he immediately applied Blisters to the Back and Arms, and Dr. Baktr, Physician at Stam- ford, was sent for, who arrived about Eight o'Clock 011 Tuesday Night, and found the Fever very high, and the Cough violent. On Wednesday Morning, the 5th, the Symptoms ra- ther abated, a Clyster was given him, and at Three the Afternoon ( at which Time the Fever was very lent) three Ounces of Blood were taken from him, which shew'd no Marks of Inflammation. He bore this Bleeding so very ill, that it was with great difficulty he was brought to himself: However, on his Recovery from the faintings, he appeared relieved, and had a tolerable Night. All Thursday Morning, the 6th, he continued easy, hot, at three o'Clock in the Afternoon he was seized with great Difficulty of Breathing, and seemed in the utmost Danger. Two Blisters were then applied to the Legs, and as the Case became doubtful ( nutwithstanding Dr. Baker had with great Judgment prescribed every Thing that seemed proper in his Case) the Duke desired that Dr. James's Powder might be given, and at the same Time requested Dr Baker's Attendance during the Operation, to which he readily consented, and gave the greatest Sa tisfaction, by his particular Cure and Attention, Accord ingly, at Five in the Afternoon, four Grains of Dr James's Powders were given, which, in thirty- nine Mi nutes, vomited him briskly for an Hour, and give him two Stools : At Nine o'Clock three Grains more were given, in twenty Minutes he had one gentle Puke, and went to sleep. The Pulse growing quicker in four Hours afterwards, which was One in the Morning, he took four Grains more, which immediately came up ; he then vo mited twice in an easy Manner, had two Stools, went to sleep, but continued vomiting and purging gently at dis- tant Intervals, till Seven o'Clock Friday Morning. On Friday Morning, the 7th, about Three o'Clock, the Fever left him, and he continued free from it till Nine at Night, when his Pulse rose a little ; between Ten end Eleven he took four Grains more of the Powder, which in forty Minutes made him extremely sick ; he had several Strains for two Hours, but never vomited. N. B. Though his Cough had been extremely trouble some before, ' twas remarkable he never coughed once daring the two Hours of his Sickness; he then fell into a sound pleasant Sleep, and the Fever left him. On Saturday Morning, the 8th, about Three o'Clock, ' twas observed his Breast had sweated through his Shirt and Gown, after which he seem'd greatly relieved in his Breath and Cough. About Three in the Afternoon, as he seemed free from the Fever, a Dose of Rhubarb was given him, and he remained free from Disorder, except a gentle Cough. V The Powders are sold at Mr. Newbery's, the Bible and Sun, in St. Paul's Church- Yard, London ; and, by Appointment, may be had of H. Berrow, Printer, in Worcester ; E. Andrews, in Evesham, J. Blunt, in Ross; R. Raikes, in Gloucester ; M. Simmons, in Monmouth ; J. Wilde, and P. Hodges, in Hereford ; B. Haslewood, in Bridgnorth ; T. Aris, in Birmingham ; and J. Jopson, E. Ratten, and C. Parker, in Coventry,— at Two Shillings and Sixpence a Paper, containing Four Doses. To be SOLD, ( Together or Separate, ) Pursuant to a Decree of tbe High Court of Chancery, A Freehold ESTATE Part Tythe- free, in good Tenantable Repair, lying very contiguous; Consisting of A Capital Messuage orTenement, Build- ings, Lands, and Premises, known by the Name of Gilberts : Another Messuage or Tenement, and Premises, known by the Name ot tne White House, or Dog: One other little Messuage or Tenement, Garden, and Premises, knows by the Name of Hem's Pleck All which Messuages or Tenements, and Premises, are situate at Bransford, in the Parish of Leigh, in the County of Worcester, and are in the several Occupa- tions of James Reynolds, Joseph Williams, Anthony Giles, and Others, and are now lett at the Yearly Rent of Ninety Seven Pounds and Three Shillings. Particulars may be had, and a Plan of the Premises seen, at Mr. Skynner Philley's, in Worcester. If any Person or Persons have any Demands upon the said Mr. Philley, in his own Right, ( or as Devisee and Exe cutor of his Aunt Mrs. Martha Phiiley, deceas'd) upon any of his Estates, either Freehold, Copyhold, or Leasehold, situate in tho Counties of Salop, Hereford, Gloucester, Worcester, or in the City of Worcester, let them, if there be such, send in an Account thereof to the Printer of this Paper, or to the said Mr. Philley, at his House in Worcester aforesaid, and the same will be immediate- ly discharg'd by the said Mr. Philley. To be Sold to the Best Bidder, On Monday the 15th Day of this Instant August, between the Hours of Two and Five in tbe Afternoon, at the Sign of the Green Dragon in Bridgnorth, A Messuage, Farm, and Lands, in Nord- ley, in the Parish of Astley Abbots, in the County of Salop, within two Miles of Bridgnorth, in the Posses- sion of Thomas Tedstill, at the yearly Rent of 40 I. — And also a- DWELLING- HOUSE, Garden, Or chard, and a Piece of Land, thereto adjoining, in Nord- ley aforesaid, in the Possession of Francis Ward, at the yearly Rent of 7 1. And also another HOUSE and Garden, in Nordley aforesaid, late in the Possession of the Widow Dovey, at the yearly Rent of 1 1. 10 s. To which Estates there is Right of Common on Shetlett, Nordley - Wood, Dannally Common, and Colemere- Green. For further Particulars enquire of Mr. Haslewood, At- torney, in Bridgnorth. PROPOSALS For PRINTING, by SUBSCrIPTION, For the Benefit of the WIDOW of the Author, First, A New Edition of TITUS ANDRONICUS ( The First PLAY Shakespear wrote,) collated and correted, with Notes. To which is prefix'd, THE History, Plot, and Chronology of the Play ; with the Al- lusions to, and Imitations of tha Antients, as they severally occur. And the various Readings of all the Editions now extant subjoined. 2d. A Criticism on Titus Andronicus 1 Being Introductory to the genetal Reading of Shakespear's Plays. 3d. The celebrated Speeches in the Tempest, with Notes and Obser- rations on them, and a Connexion of the several Passages and Speeches: with the History, Plot, and Disposition of that Play. 4th. Remark on the Playing the Character of Polonious In HAM. LET. By the late THOMAS HOLT, of Gray's Inn. CONDITIONS. I. This Work will contain about 30 Sheets, and will be printed in Quarto, on a good Letter and Paper. II. The Price to Subscribers to be Seven Shillings and Sixpence Five Shillings to be paid down, and Two Shillings and Sixpence un the Delivery of the Book in Sheets. III. The Work to be put to the Press as soon as One Hundred arc subscribed for, and to be delivered next Winter. Proposals are deliver'd, and Subscriptions taken in, by Mr. Millar in the Strand, Mr. Manby near Ludgate- Hill, Messrs. Whiston and White in Fleet- Street, and Mess. Dodsley in Pall Mall. To be LETT, or SOLD, A Large, commodious, and new- erected r\ BUILDING, with Two very good Stall- Stabl adjoining, and a large Area before the same, wall'd situated near Digley Bowling Green, in the Parish of Peter, in the City 0f Worcester, upon the Banks of t' River Severn, proper either for a Warehouse or any oth Purpose. The Whole in compleat Order. For further Particulars enquire of Mr. Jewkes, Attor- ney, io Worcester. WHERE AS Elizabeth the Wife of George Benton, of Feckenham, in the County of Worcester, has eloped from her Husband ; This is' 1 forbid all Persons trusting her, as her said Husband wi not pay any Debts she has already contracted or, may hereafter contract. Witness my Hmd the 24th Day July, 1757 GEORGE BENTON. N. B Whoever takes any Thing of her by Way of Pawn, will be proceeded against as the Law directs. B O O K S. This Day was Publish'd, In two neat Pocket Volumes, printed on a Writing Pot- Paper, an a new Elzevir Letter, Price bound, The WORKS of HORACE Translated literally into English Prose, for the Use of those who ai desirous of acquiring or recovering a competent Knowledge of th Latin, from one of the most elegant, entertaining, and useful Wri- ters in that Language. The Original Text is printed in the oppsite Page, and revised, cor rected, and improved from the best Editions. By C. SMART, A. M. Of Pembroke College, Cambridge, London : Printed for J. Newbery, at the Bible and Sun, in St Paul's Church- Yard; and sold by E. Andrews, in Evesham; J. Blunt in Ross ; R. Raikes, in Gloucester M. Simmons, in Monmouth; J Wilde and P. Hedges, in Hereford -, B. Haslewood, in Brignorth ; T Aris, in Birmingham ; J. Jopson, E. Ratten, and C. Parker, in Co- ventry ; and of the Printer of this Journal. Of whom may be had, all written by the same Author, I. Poems on several Occasions in English aad Latin, Price ics. 1. The Hilliad: A Mock Heroic Poem, Price 21. 3. On the Eternity of the Supreme Being, 3d Edit. Price On the Immensity, 2d Edit. Price 5. On the Omniscience, 2d iuit. Price 6. On the Power, Price 7. On the Goodness, 2d Edit. price 8. An Hymn, Price 9. Translation of Mr. Pope's Ode on St. Cecilia's") Day With an English Ode on the same Price 21. Subject. J 10. Solemn Dirge on the Death oF the Prince of Wales, 3d Edit. ? rs, c* Likewise may be had, in Two Vols. Octavo, Price bound Sr. The General Practice of PHYSIC; Extracted chiefly from the Writings of the most celebrated practical Physicians, and the Medical Essays, Transactions Journals, and Literary Correspondence of the learned Societies in Europe. To which is prefix'd, X An INTRODUCTION, containing the Distinction of similar Dis- cases, the Use of tbe Non- Naturals, an Account of the Pulse, the Consent of the Nervous Parts, and a Sketch of the Animal 0 Economy. Also of the above Booksellers may be had, Publish'd this Day, ( Price bound Six Shillings,) INTRODUCTION to Physic and Surgery; CONTAINING, 1. Medical Institutions, or Physiology, Hygienee, Pathology, Se- miotice, and Theraputice. 2. A compendious System of Anatomy. 3. A general Account of Wounds, Ulcers, Tumours, Operations, and Dressings, as also, the Medicines used in Surgery. 4. Botany, and the Materia Medica. j. Pharmacy, as well Chemical as Galenical. 6. A Dispensatory, containing a great Variety of the most effica- cious officinal Compositions, and extemporaneous Prescriptions. 7. A Syllabus of the Symptoms of all the Diseases incident t » the Human Body. 8. An Index of Diseases, and their Remedies. 9. A posulogical Table, containing the Doses of all the Simples and Compounds. 10. An Explanation of the Terms of Art, accented as they are pronounced. By R. BROOKES. M D. Author of the General Practice of PhYsIC. Of tht above said Booksellers may be had. Neatly bound and gilt, Price Six- pence, The Little Pretty POCKET- BOOK; Intended for the Instruction and Amusement of Little Master Tommy and Pretty Miss Polly, with two Letters from a worthy Gentleman,, concerning a Ball and Pincushion, the Use of which will infallibly make Tommy a good Boy and Polly a good Girl. To which is added a Song Book j being a new Attempt to teach Children to read. Likewise may be had. Price 6d. bound and gilt, The INFANT TUTOR; Or, An Easy Spelling Book for little Masters and Misses, containing a great Variety of Useful and Entertaining Subjects, and embellished with Cuts. Also, Price Six- pence, bound and gilt, Be MERRY and WISE; Or, The Cream of the Jest and Marrow of Maxims, for the Conduct of Life ; published for the Use of all little good Boys and Girls. By T. Trapwitt, Esq,; Adorned with Cuts. Would you be agreeable in Company, and useful to Society, carry some merry Jests in your Mind, and honest Maxims in your Heart. groNovius.
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