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Berrow's Worcester Journal


Printer / Publisher: Berrow 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 2501
No Pages: 4
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Berrow's Worcester Journal
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Berrow's Worcester Journal

Date of Article: 07/07/1757
Printer / Publisher: Berrow 
Address: Office in Goose-Lane, near the Cross
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 2501
No Pages: 4
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B E R R O W's Worcester Journal. [ Printed at his O F F I C E, in Goose- Lane, near the Cross. ] Price Two- pence Halfpenny. THURSDAY, July 7, 1757. NO 2501 has been publish'd. From the WESTMINSTER JOURNAL. Death and Taxes excuse none; AND hence we shall take upon us to de- clare, as in War, so in Politicks, all must submit to the Strokes of State: And, as the Brave, the Intrepid, and the Bold, him who has slain his Thousands, and, by the dextrous wielding of his pointed Lance, has been the Safeguard of Mul- titude, is himself in daily Jeopardy, and may, for ought any one can tell to the contrary, be the next who feels the Pangs of Torture, and rushes into the Mansions of Death ; so we, who have often stood in the Gap betwixt the De- stroyer and our Country s Interest, and have pointed out Ways and Means to save her from impending Dangers ( not to mention what may carry a harsher Sound,) we ourselves must now submit to the Weight of cruel Opp n, and run head long into Annihilazation, unless that Country, in whose said Interest we have exerted the utmost of our Abilities, buoy us up, and pay us one Halfpenny extraor- dinary for our Weekly Labours ;— pay Us ! not for our own Necessities, not for Ourselves, but to supply the Wants, the Cravings of **; to increase the Number of P and P J, the adorable Tribe of Petit Maitres, and to promote the Welfare of » » * » * » *. Who's that whispers me over the Left Shoulder, and cries, Why don't you speak out ? What can I speak ! — I know nothing relative to this Affair but what I am asham'd of: A Halfpenny extra' for every News Paper! ! What Shall I Say of it t Some there are who would call it scand — ous, and would swear by Jupiter that it was so ! and I would do so too, if I had not arrived to the Knowledge of Those from whose great Wisdom it received Existence s and, but for this, should efteem it low and pitiful: But, as it is, even so it is. And will you, my kind and candid Readers, enable us to pay this Modicum ? Still I am delving about the Root when I ought to be at the Tip top of the Branches. MEAN Thoughts, avaunt then I Will You, my Country- Men, will you, [ without Repining?], with a free good Will, now pay Two pence Half- penny for what you used to pay but Two- pence ? REMEMBER It is your Country calls upon you for this ! Her R— ve Body have fix'd it thus; her Interest Cannot be supported without it ; the Protestant Cause exerts her Voice, beseechmg you to be pliant therein ; the best of Churches, the best of ——, demand it of you. And that you may HAve no Occasion to murmur at this extraordinary Expence, that you MAY Not think your Money ill bestow'd, we will try to find out what Distresses to- wards our Country s Enemies this additional Tax will be the Means of bringing about during War, and will SEarch for those Pockets it Shall go to the swelling of in Times of Peace. We will look into every Quarter of the World, and See what our Ships of War are doing, and what they neglect ; what Country's Ships they frighten, and whose they are that bring upon them all the Tokens of Terror. We will tell the People TALES, tho' it be ever So disagree- able to those in lofty Station, of what Governors in our Settlements abroad, & c grow timid at the Appearance of a Shadow, and are frighten'd out of their Senses at the Sound of the French approaching ; neither fhall a Bug- a bo appear upon the Coast of Normandy or Britanny, or any where THEREABOUTS, but we will give Sure and timely No- tice OF IT n. b Bear us out but for the approaching Season, and the next we will make a Motion that this Tax may be removed, and laid upon Card and Deal Matches, at a Farthing a Bunch. Simon Gentletouch. FRIDAY'S and SATURDAY'S POSTS. LONDON. Thursday, June 30. OUR Letters from a Great City in Germany are in a much milder Stile than formerly, and seem to men- tion Peace as a Blessing that would be exceedingly wel- come, and, of Consequence, the Minister well received who brings an Olive Branch in his Hand. Unexpected Misfortunes on one Hand, and as unlook'd- for Disap- pointments on the other, have so thoroughly open'd the Scene, that every Thing is almost now view'd in its true Light. We may therefore hope that some Expedient will be speedily found to bring about a Pacification, and put an End to Germans sheding the Blood of Germans, at the Instigation of France. The Queen of Hungary, being out of the Noise of the Cannon and the Smell of the Gunpowder, amuses herself with what great Things the French will do for her, when, alas! they have no other Intention but to do for themselves. But, Be Things as they will, we hear that Count Colloredo, Minister from the Queen of Hungary, is ( by his Court) ordered to quit this without taking Leave, and that he is to set out on Saturday next. [ Some People pretend that the House of Austria is on the Point of coming to an open Rupture with England. But we apprehend, as her breaking with England can do this Nation no real Damage, that the Design is rather to pick a Quarrel with the Electorate of Hanover, and put it under the Ban of the Empire, because it sides with Prussia; and as the Im- perial Court is not able, of itself, to enforce the Execu- tion of such a Decree, it is to be done by her Auxiliaries under the Command of Marshal d'Etrees; and so the Question is, Whether the Protestant or the Popish Interest is to sink in Germany, and of Course in the rest of Eu- rope ? The Minister from Modena is also recall'd home. By Letters from Stockholm we are informed, that on the 6th Instant an Ordinance was published there, and sent into all the Provinces of Sweden, importing, that from henceforth there shall be, in every Parish in the Kingdom, a Magazine of Corn considerable enough to subsist not only the poor in the Time of Dearth, but also to supply the Inhabitants with what Grain they may want to sow their Lands. If some such Method as this had been timely taken in England, it would have prevented all the Distress, Riots and Outrages, which we daily hear of from different Parts of the Kingdom. But, perhaps, the Expedient may be thought dangerous, as in a free, corrupt State the best Institutions are liable to be per- verted. They write from Colberg, in Pomerania, ^ that that Fortress is in a good Posture of Defence; and all along the Coast belonging to the King of Prussia, they have planted Artillery, which is alternately guarded by a Body of 10,000 Peasants armed with Scythes and Sycles, un- der the Command of the Foresters and Huntsmen. They observe in Letters from Bonn, that the News of the Duke of Cumberland's Army having quitted the Camp of Bielefeldt, and repassed the Weser, was not received therewith Indifference: The Elector of Cologn, especially, was so well pleased with this Event, that he made a Pre- sent of a very fine Gold Repeating Watch to the Officer who brought him the Account. It is said that Col. Fischer's Party has been dispersed by a Detachment from his Royal Highness the Duke of Cum- berland's Army, and 300 kill'd and taken Prisoners. This Day a Chapter of the Most Noble Order of the Garter was held at Kensington, when his Majesty gave the vacant Garter to the Right Hon. Earl Waldegrave. Thursday the Court of Directors of the East- India Company voted 6000 1. to the three Ships arrived at Leith, as a Reward for their Bravery, in clearing them- selves from the Enemy when attack'd by two French Men of War, agreeable to the Promise made by them to all their Ships in going out, in case they behaved well. Last Monday and Tuesday were enter'd'at the Custom House 2ooo Quarters of Wheat from Hamburgh, 2000 Quarters from the Sound, and 845 Quarters from Dant- zick, and 1000 Weight of Rice from Carolina. — Quere, Whether this Corn arrives to a fair Market ? or, Who are the Purchasers? or, if ' tis purchas'd by Agents, who they purchase for ? And this Day were enter'd at the Custom House 500 Quarters of Wheat from St. Andero, and 220 Quarters from Hamburgh. Baron Dieskau is arrived at Bath from New- England, recommended to the Use of those Waters for the Cure of his Lameness, occasion d by the Wounds he received in the Battle between the Forces of the French King, of which he was Commander, and those under Major- Gene- | ral Johnson, in America, Sept. 8, 1755; the French being then defeated, and the Baron taken Prisoner. On Saturday last the Inspector, a Paper published Week- ly, died of a terrible Fright, occasioned by the very ex- traordinary Duty laid upon News- Papers; and it is ex- pected many of his Brethren will soon follow him, several of them already shewing visible Signs of a Consumption. The Author of the Inspector received his Death Warrant in the following Letter. S I R, June 22. " You know the Times are very hard, and the addi- tional Duty upon News- Papers, it is said, will take Place next Month : I have indeed heard a good many handsome Things said of some of your Lucubrations, but that won't do ; the mere Breath of Applause, you know, won't make the Pot boil, and I must take Care of myself. Had Things gone on as they were, well and good ; but I am very cer- tain the Paper will not bear the other Halfpenny. For which Reason, and as the Quarter will then be up, I thought proper to acquaint you, that next Saturday must put a final Period to your Inspectorship's Existence ; so can only recommend it 10 you to provide, in the best Manner you can, for making a decent Exit." Days appointed for holding the following CIRCUITS. WESTERN CIRCUIT. Sir Richard Adams, and Sir John Eardly Wilmot. Southampton, Monday, July 18, at Winchester. Wilts, Friday. July zz, at New Sarum. Poole, Wednesday, July 17, at the Guildhall. Dorset, The same Day at Dorchester. Exeter, Monday, August 1, at the Guildhall. Devon, The same Day at the Cattle of Exeter. Cornwall, Tuesday, August 9, at Bodmin. Somerset, August 16, at Wells. Bristol,- August 20, at the Guildhall. NORFOLK CIRCUIT. Lord Chief Justice Willes, and Mr. Justice Foster. Bucks, Monday, August 15, at Buckingham. Bedford, Thursday 18, at Bedford. Huntingdon, Saturday 20, at Huntingdon. Cambridge, Tuesday 23, at Cambridge. Suffolk, Friday 26, at Bury St. Edmund's; Norfolk, Tuesday 30, at Norwich. Norwich, The same Day at the Guildhall. His Grnce the Duke of Devonshire, Lord Chamber lain, has appointed Dr. Boyce Master of his Majesty's Band of Musick, in the room of Dr. Maurice Greene deceased. The Hon. and Rev. William Harley, M. A. youngest Brother to the Earl of Oxford, is presented by the Duke of Portland to the Rectory of Everley in Wiltshire. One of the Prizes given to the Batchelors of Arts in tht] University of Cambridge, belongs to Mr. Blakeway, ( and not Blagney, as mentioned in fome Papers,) Son to Mr| Peter Blakeway, an eminent Surgeon in Salop. Amongst the many generous Actions done by Sir Edward Smyth, Bart, for the Relief of the Poor ( as well of Salop as Acton Burnell), his allowing the Labourers of Acton Burnell their Wages, whilst they are doing their Statute Labour upon the high Roads, deserves Imitation as well as Applause, particularly at this Time of general Distress. Yesterday was married at St. Olave's Southwark John Jones, of sixty Years of Age, to Margaret Williams, ol sixteen, being his third Wife. Yesterday the following Ships, lately taken into the East India Company's Service, were station'd, viz. the Capt. Vincent, for China; , Jackson, , Man- waring; Winchelsea, How; Shaftsbury, English ; and the Britannia, Blewitt, for Coast and China 1 the Prince Henry, Best, for St Helena and Limpo ; the Hardwick Samson, and London, Allwright, for Coast and Bay ; the Egmont, Venner, for St. Helena and Bencoolen; the Drake, Fisher, and the True Briton, Crichton, for Bombay The East Indiamen which sailed some Time since from hence, under the Convoy of Commodore Stevens, touch'd the 15th of April last at Madeira to take in Wine and Water, all well, and had lost only one Man. The St. Alban's Man of War from Cork is arrived at Gibraltar, with the Ships laden with Provisions. The Seahorse Man of War, Capt. Taylor, who arriv'd in the Downs last Friday, brought in with him a Smug- ling Vessel, valued at about 400 I. which he took the Sunday before on the Coast of France; he also took and brought in with him a Swedish Ship, laden with Iron and Steel, bound to Nantz. Yesterday se'nnight, about Four in the Morning, he fell in with two French Sloops of War, and run one of them on Shore near Sluys; the other made of 1 unluckily he had not Water enough on the Sands, or had taken them both. The Seahorse is failed in Quest of two Privateers she had before chased into Ostend ; and it is not doubted but she will soon give a good Account of them, as they appeared determin'd to come out again. A French Privateer of 16 Guns is taken and carried into Cork by the Hind Sloop of War, Capt. Richard Hughes. The Mars Privateer of 16 Guns from Bayonne is taken| by the York Man of War. The Marquis of Tournay from St. Domingo, Burthen 500 Tons, is taken and brought into Liverpool by the Liverpool Privateer, Capt Hutchinson. Her Cargo con sists of 400 Hogsheads of Sugar, 180 Casks of Coffee, | and a large Quantity of Indigo. The Antient Briton Privateer of Bristol, Capt. Murray,| has taken a French Privateer of 12 Guns and 100 Men, but parted with her at Sea. The Fig Tree, Hooper, from Smyrna for London, is | taken and carried into Barcelona. NewCastle, June 2;. This Week upwards of twenty Ships arrived in the River Tyne, laden with Corn, which mult of Course have the long wish'd for Effects in bring- ing down our Markets to moderate Prices. Gosport, June 29. On Monday, at a Court Martial, Henry Biggs, belonging to the Magnanime, was found guilty- of Sodomy, and sentenced t0 be whipp'd from FRIDAY'S and MONDAY'S POSTS. Arriv'd the MAILS from Holland and Flanders. From the LoNdoN GAZETTE. From the Camp before Prague, June 20. UPON Notice received that the Army of Count Daun was daily increasing, and that it was actually 45,000 strong ( the Austrians said 65,000) and ad- vancing towards Kuttenburgh and Czaslau, with an In- tention to get between the Prince of Bevern's Corps and the King's Army which lay before Prague, on the other side the Moldau, the King of Prussia set out last Monday, le 13th, in the Morning, to take the Command of that Corps. His Majesty was attended in this March by three Battalions of Infantry, and one Regiment of Cuirassiers, nd was joined on the Road by a Detachment which had seen employ'd to guard the Salawa, consisting of five Bat- talions and ten Squadrons The next Day Prince Maurice of Anhalt Dessau followed with six Battalions, and One regiment of Cuirassiers. These Reinforcements joined he Prince of Bevern last Thursday at Milkowitz near Laurzim, six Miles from Prague. After their Junction, is whole Force of the Prussian Army consisted of 32 battalions and 111 Squadrons, Horse, Dragoons, and Hussars, making, by the nearest Computation, 32.000 men. On Saturday the 18th, about Three in the After- noon, the Prussian Army attacked the Austrians near Laurzim. The Action was very bloody, and lasted till light; but the Superiority of Numbers at length pre- ailed, and the Prussians drew off. The King of Prussia immediately resolved to raise the Blockade Of Prague, which accordingly will' be done this Morning, and the Army will retire towards Leitmaritz The Particulars of this unsuccessful Action near Kaur- zim are, That the Prussian Infantry attacked with great Bravery and Intrepidity, drove the Austrians from two Hauteurs, which were defended with Cannon, and after- vards attacked the third Hauteur ; but not being support- ed by their Cavalry, they were flanked by the Austrian Cavalry, and put into Disorder, and suffered greatly by the Cartridge Shot of the Cannon. The Prussian Army that Night remained upon or near the Field of Battle, | and Yesterday retired towards Nimberg on the Elbe. The Austrian Army was most advantageously posted, and covered by a very numerous Artillery, placed upon the high Grounds before Gentitz and St. John Baptist. We have as yet no Account of the Loss they have sustained in this Action. The King of Prussia commanded the Army, and exposed his Person to the greatest Dangers. He re- turned last Night to the Camp beyond the Moldau, and will march this Morning with the Army that lay on that Side the River; and the Army on this Side is going to decamp. Hague, June 28. This Morning Baron Reischach, the Imperial Minister here, received Letters from Vienna, of the zcth Instant, with an Account of a Battle fought the 18th Instant near Kaurzim, in Bohemia. According to this Account, the Battle began at Two o'Clock in the Afternoon, and lasted till Eight at Night, when the Prus- sians retir'd, and left the Austrians Masters of the Field of Battle, of 21 Standards and Colours, and about 30 Pieces of Cannon of different Calibres: That the Battle was very obstinate, as the Troops were greatly animated against each other : That the Prussians had attacked them seven Times without Success, and even, after their Army had been routed, his Prussian Majesty had made an Effort with his Cavalry on one of their Wings, but had been repulsed ; after which they had retreated ; though fhe Austrians were even then uncertain whether the Prussians might not collect their Force, and attack them again. Count Daun had been slightly wounded in two Places, and had a Horse killed under him. Several other Generals had been wounded. Two Prussian Generals, Treskow and Pannewitz, taken Prisoners, and a Report of Prince Maurice of Dessau being killed. [' Thus far the London Gazette ] From the Brussels Gazette Extraordinary of June 27. " M. de Tonnois, Major and Honorary Chamberlain to their Imperial Majesties in the Service of his Royal Highness, came out of Prague the 21st Inst. and arrived here Yesterday at Noon, with the first News of a great and signal Victory gained the 18th, by the Empress's Ar- my, under the Command of Marshal Count Daun, over the Enemy's Army, commanded by the King in Person. To render this great Victory still more compleat, his Royal Highness attacked on the 20th a Body of 18 or 20,000 Prussians entrenched on the Weissenburg, under the Com- mand of Marshal Keith, forced in every Place the Lines and Intrenchments of the Enemy, routed them, and" obliged them to fly with the greated Precipitation, and with the Loss of 2000 Killed, Prisoners, or Deserters, be- sides several, Pieces of Cannon, and a great Number of . On these two Occasions her Majesty's Troops be- haved with amazing Valour. The Battle of the 1 8th was fought at Chotzemitz in the Circle of Kaurtzim. It began at Two o'Clock in the Afternoon, and lasted ' till Eight. The enemy returned no less than seven Times to the Charge, but was always repulsed with the greated Valour. Generals, Officers, and Soldiers, all fought with unparal- lelled Courage. Our Artillery performed Wonders. The , eV ' Stampach, Sinceri, Wied, and Nicholas Ester- hasi, particularly distinguished themselves. The Enemy 10. oo0 Men killed and wounded on the Field of Bat- \\ e have made a great Number of Prisoners, among i the Generils Dreskow and Ponnowitz. We have from the Enemy many Pieces of Cannon, Colours, Standards, and other Trophies. to wm >; n we owe the higheft Eulogies, under him. The Generals Serbelloni and Lobkowitz are also slightly wounded; and our Loss amounts to between 4 or 5000 Men. When M. de Vettes came away, we had twenty- three Colours or Standards, and many Pieces of Artillery of all Bores. Prince Maurice of Dessau is said to be among the Slain. One of the most memorable Circum- stances is, that the Enemy's Army was routed to such a Degree, that one Part of it must have fled towards Kollin, and the others towards Bohmischbrod, so that it has sepa- rated into two flying Bodies, running different Ways. The King of Prussia must have left all his Equipages and Bag- gage at Kauizim, and ' tis supposed that General Beck was already gone that Way to endeavour to seize them." LONDON. [ Saturday, July 2. It is said the King of Prussia, in a Letter to this Court, or his Minister here, acknowledges that Count Daun beat him on the 18th, and that it was his own Fault, in not taking more Troops along with him from the Camp be- fore Prague; his Army being but 45,000 strong, and Daun-' s 75,000, The late Motions of the Russian Troops are owing to a Remittance of Two Millions Seven hundred and ninety One thousand four hundred and sixty one Florins, either from Versailles or Vienna, made in Bills of Exchange to the Czarina's Treasurer. Extract of a Letter from Virginia, May 6. " Our Affairs with the Indians still continue in a per- plexed State, small Parties making Incusions on our Fron- tiers ; we have now near 400 Catawbas, Cherokees, Tus- cordras, and other small Tribes, going out with our Re- giment in Parties a Scalping, & c. We are apprehensive that the Enemy intends to invade South- Carolina, from Missisippi and Hispaniola." This Day were shipped for Virginia 55001b. of Gun- powder, joo Cwt, of Wrought Iron, to Cwt. of Cordage, and 64 Cwt. of Lead shot, besides divers Sorts of Mer- chandize to a great Value. Last Market Day at Bear- Key Wheat sold from 3 1. to s. to 2 I. 11s. per Quarter; above three Quarters of the Whole was bought under 3 I per Quarter. Yesterday and this Day were entered at the Custom- house 1400 Quarters of Wheat from Danizick, 131 Quar- ters from Bourdeaux, and looolb. of Indigo from Ca- rolina. The Troops of the five Camps to be form'd in different Parts of this Kingdom, are to exercise once a Week, ac- cording to the Prussian Method ; and every Night a large Detachment is to patrole in each Camp, and two Regi- ments will be posted at Dover, and some Distance from thence, to guard the French Prisoners; and necessary Cautions will be taken elsewhere, to prevent any Surprize from the Enemy. We hear that the several Lords Lieutenants of Coun- ties are issuing Commissions, appointing Deputy Lieute- nants, in order to meet the said Lords Liutenants on the 12th Instant, at the Place they shall respectively appoint in each County, pursuant to the Act for the better ordering of the Militia Forces in the several Counties in England ; the Neglect of which first Meeting would prevent any of the subsequent Ones for carrying the Law into Execution. At the Court of Common- Council held at Guildhall, on Thursday, for the Election of a Bailiff of the Borough of Southwark, the Lord- Mayor acquainted the Court, that there had been several exorbitant Fees taken of the Felons and Prisoners committed to that Gaol for Misde- meanors, which he recommended should be abolished, and a Recompence made by the City to the Person who should be chosen into the Office of Bailiff; whereupon a Motion was made, ' That the Bailiff of the Borough of Southwark for • the Time being, or his Deputy, or Keeper of the Pri- son of the said Boroogh, do not for the future take or ' demand any Fees whatsoever, for the Admission, De- ' tainer, or Discharge of any Prisoners committed to the ' said Prison upon a Charge of Felony, Misdemeanor, or ' Breach of the Peace.' And the Question being put, it was agreed to unani- mously, and ordered that Copies thereof should be hung up in several Parts of the said Gaol. The Governors of the Foundling Hospital have come to a Resolution to receive all Children brought to the said Hospital who do not appear to exceed the Age of Twelve Months. Letters from Gibraltar advise, that the Leghorn and Turky Fleets had put back, and sailed again the third of June, under Convoy of the Jersey and Chesterfield Men of War for England, with a favourable Wind; also that the Hawk, Wilson, from Smyrna, arrived there the fifth of June, and was to sail from thence to England in a few Days with the Deal Castle, a Letter of Marque Ship, from Leghorn. At Ascot on Tuesday last Mr. Gorges's Chesnut Horse, Juniper ( got by Babraham out of a Daughter of Mr. Stamford's Turk, which was the Earl of Portmore's Au- rora) won the Five Years Old Plate, against Mr. Hum- phrey's Bay Horse and several others. Last Tuesday Evening was tried at Guildhall, before Lord Mansfield, Chief Justice, a Cause between Mr. Mil- ler, at the White- Lion at Hatfield, Plaintiff, and one of the Cashiers of the Bank, Defendant; for refusing Pay- ment of a Bank Note, it being one of them taken out of the Worcester Mail in December last; and'after a Trial of two Hours, the Jury brought in the Verdict Special; so that ' tis left to the Decision of the Judges. \ On Wednesday was committed to the New Gaol for the County of Surry, by Sir Nicholas Hackett Carew, Bart and Samuel Atkinson, Esq; one Snatt, on a violent of March last ; and one Lawrence, charged on Suspicion of having being concerned with Snatt in robbing the said Mail, and cutting off Bank Notes taken thereout. > Yesterday a Fisherman of Chiswick was committed to Bridewell by the Lord Mayor for exposing to sale in the Streets of London 43 Dozen, and upwards, of unsizeable Flounders, all only between three and four, Inches long, whereas none ought to be exposed to sale less than seven Inches. We are inform'd from Presteign, in Radnorshire, that a few Days ago William Lewis, Gent, of that Town, ( Nephew to Thomas Lewis, Esq; Member of Parliament for the Borough of Radnor) was married at Worcester to Miss Wingfield, of the said City, an agreeable Lady/ with a Fortune of 6000 I. and every Accomplishment re- quisite to render the Marriage State happy. Extract of a Letter from Madrid, June 7. " Upon Advice that the hereditary Prince of Morocco is marching towards Ceuta with an Army of 40,000 Men, the Court has order'd two Battalions of the Regiment of Ireland, and two of that of Soria, to be transported to that Place ; by which Means the Garrison will consist of ten Battalions, a Force sufficient to beat the Moors.'* Yesterday new Writs were made out, for Cockermouth, to elect a Member in the room of the Earl of Thomond, appointed Treasurer of the Houshold, in the room of Lord Bateman. For Woodstock, Lord Bateman being appointed Master of the Stag- Hounds. For Winchelsea, Tho. Orby Hunter, Esq; being appointed a Lord of the Admiralty. For Orford, in the room of the Hon. Henry Bilson Legge, appointed Chancellor and Under- Treasurer of the Exchequer. For ditto, in the room of John Offley, Esq; appointed a Groom of the Bedchamber to his Majesty. Foe the Burghs of Anstruther, Sec. in Scotland, in the room of Sir Henry Erskine, Bart, appointed Surveyor of the King's Roads. For Oakhampton, in the room of the Right Hon. J William Pitt, Esq; appointed Secretary of State. For Windsor, in the room of the Right Hon. Henry Fox, appointed Paymaster of the Forces. For Bath, in the room of Sir Robert Henley, Keeper of the Great Seal. For Aylesbury, in the room of Thomas Potter, Esq appointed- Joint- Treasurer of Ireland. Yesterday the Right Hon. Sir Robert Henley, Lord Keeper of the Great Seal, took his Seat as Speaker of the House of Peers. The Right Hon. Sir Robert Henley has appointed Henry Wilmot, Esq; Principal Secretary to the Great Seal; Philip Carteret Webb, Esq; Secretary of the Com- missions of Bankruptcy ; and Edward Woodcock, Esq; Secretary of the Presentations. ' Tis said that Lord George Sackville had the Offer of being appointed Secretary at War, but that he chose to decline it. By the List of the Administration as now settled, the Poet's Observation appears very just : Thus the Court Wheel goes round like Fortune's Ball, One Statesman rising on another's Fall, From the LONDON GAZETTE. At the Court at Kensington, the 30th Day of June, 1757, Present the King's Most Excellent Majesty in Council. This Day the Most Rev. Father in God John Lord Archbishop of York was, by his Majesty's Command, sworn of his Majesty's Most Hon. Privy Council, and took his Place at the Board accordingly. His Majesty in Council was this Day pleased to deliver the Custody of the Great Seal to Sir Robert Henley, Knight, who was thereupon, by his Majesty's Command, sworn of his Majesty's Most Hon. Privy Council, and Lord Keeper of the Great Seal of Great Britain, and according- ly took his Place at the Board. His Majesty having been pleased to deliver the Custody of the Privy Seal to the Right Hon. Richard Earl Temple, the Oath of keeper of the Privy Seal was this Day admi- nistered to him, and his Lordship took his Place at the Board accordingly. Kensington, June 29. This Day the King was pleased to re deliver the Seals to the Right Hon. William Pitt, Efq; one of his Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State. Whitehall, July 2. The King has been pleased to con- stitute and appoint his Grace Thomas Holles, Duke of Newcastle, Knight of the Most Noble Order of the Gar- ter, Henry Bilson Legge, Robert Nugent, Esqrs. William Ponsonby, Esq; commonly called Lord Viscount Duncan- non, and James Grenville, Esq; to be Commissioners for executing the Office of Treasurer of his Majesty's Ex- chequer. The King has been pleased to grant unto the Right Hon. Henry Bilson Legge, Esq; the Office of Chancellor of his Majesty's Exchequer, in the room of the Right Hon. William Lord Mansfield, The King has been pleased to constitute and appoint the Right Hon. George Lord Anson, Edward Boscawen, and Temple Weft, Esqrs. George Hay, Doctor of Laws, Tho- mas Orby Hunter, Gilbert Elliot, and John Forbes, Esqrs. to be Commissioners for Executing the Office of High Ad- miral of the Kingdoms of Great Britain and Ireland, and of the Dominions, Islands, and Territories, thereunta re- spectively belonging. The King has been pleased to grant unto the Right Hen. Granville Leveson Earl Gower, the Office of Master of the Horse, in the room of his Grace Lionel Duke ol To be LETT, A FARM, In the Parish, of Bengworth, near Evesham, Worcestershire.. • • The Fallow Lands and Common of Pasture to be enter'd upon immediately, or the whole Farm at Michael- mas next. The Rent ii between 80 and 90/. a Year. For farther Particulars apply to Mr. Welch, an Attorney, at Evesham. To be Sold to the Best Bidder, On Monday the 25th Day of this Instant July, at the Crown, in Great Malvern, in Worcestershire, between tbe hours of Ten o'Clock in tbe Morning and Four o'Clock in tbe Afternoon of the same Day, THE several Estates and contingent - Interests of Robert Bright, late of Colwall, in Herefordshire, a Bankrupt, following, - viz. The Manor, Manor- House, and Estate of Brockbury, 84/. per Annum. And The Brook House FARM, 28/ per Ann. for the Bank- rupt's Life, and a contingent Remainder in each Estate. The Reversion in Fee, after the Death of the Bank- rupt's Mother, of an Estate call'd Cummin, in Possession of John Daffey, at the Yearly Rent of 55/. The Equity of Redemption of a Messuage and Lands call'd Joyes, of about the Yearly Value of 14/. all which Premises are in the Parishes of Colwall and Codington, in Herefordshire. The Reversion, for the Joint- Lives of the Bankrupt and his Wife, of two Houses in Worcester, one in Broad- Street, and the other in Powick's Lane. A Contingent Interest in an Estate at Hale's Owen, ot the Yearly Value of til. . A Third Part of a very small Parcel of Land in Evesham. A Contingent Interest in some Silver Plate. For further Particulars enquire of Messrs. Davis, in Wor- cester. and Drew, in Ledbury, Assignees of the said Bank- rupt's Estate or of Mr. Thorneloe, in Worcester. To be Sold to the Best Bidder, Jl tbt Sign of the White Hart, in Evesham, on Monday ' First Day of August next, between the Hours of The FRIENDLV ASSOCIATION OF THE Gentlemen in the County of Worceflery Held laft Year at the Crown Inn, in Bromfgrove, Will this Year be held at the Talbot Inn, in Stowerbridge, On Wednefday the 27th of this Inftant July, To DINE together as ufual. Wednesday's and Thursday s POSTS. No Foreign Mail arriv'd. L O N D O N. [ Tuesday, July j. From the LONDON GAZETTE. Whitehall, July 4 HIS Majesty came this Day to the House of Peers, and was pleased tbe Three and Five in tbe afternoon. A Freehold Messuage or Tenement, Barns ** and Malt- House, with about Forty- eight Acres o improveable Land, ( Tythe free), situate in the Parish of Bretforton, in tbe County of Worcester, near the River Avon, two Miles from Evesham, three Miles from Camp- den, and about seven Miles from Stratford upon Avon. For farther Particulars enquire of Mr. Thorneloe and Mr. Karver, Attornies, in Worcester; Mr. Calcott, Mer- cer, in Evesham; Or of Mr. Joseph Crump, in Fladbury N. B. All Persons who are indebted to the late Proprietor thereof, Mr. John Bodledge, deceased, are required forthwith to pay their respective Debts to Mrs Anne Bodledge, Widow, his Executrix, without further Notice. To be Sold to the Best Bidder, On Monday tbe First of August next, between the Hours of Two and Four in tbe Afternoon, at the Falcon, in Brom- yard, ALL that Freehold Messuage or Tene- ment, with the Barns, Stables, aud other Out- Buildings thereto adjoining > and also several Closes, Pieces, and Parcels of Arable Land, Meadow, Pasture, and Hop Ground, to the same belonging, well planted with Fruit- Trees, and containing about twelve Acres, of the Yearly Value of to/, or thereabouts, situate in Low Edwin, otherwise Edwin- Ralph, within a Mile of Brom- yard aforesaid, and in the County of Hereford, and now er late in the Tenure of John Crunn. For Particulars enquire of Mr. Rowland Hill, Attorney, in Bewdley, Worcestershire ; or of the said John Crunn, who will shew the Premises. R. B. SHAPPEE, Practitioner in Physick, Surgery, and Man- Midwifry, Who was Pupil under his Uncle, Dr. Shappee, in his Ma- jesty's Service Fourteen years, NOW travels by an Act of Parliament, and after Thirty Years constant and large Practice in a private as well as publick Capacity, has acquired the Art of curing most Medicable Distempers incident to human Nature : He is allow'd, by all that know him, to be a very ingenious Man in his Profession, and has had very great Success in his Undertakings, and takes upon him to acquaint the Publick, that he it the Wonder of the Age for curing of Ruptures or Broken Bellies, from Eight Days old to Eighty I. Years old, in both Seres, ( tho' of ever so long Continuance J jn Half an Hour, if the Grief can be put up. Likewise the Falling of the Womb in Women before they quit the Room, if they have labour'd under that Misfortune for Thirty Years. From December 1754 to March 15, 1756, 1 have cured in Derbyshire, Staffordshire, York shire, Nottinghamshire, and Lincolnshire, upwards of Sixteen Hundred Persons of Ruptures and Broken Bellies, and the Falling of the Womb in Women. Note, He is now at the Unicorn, in Broad- Street, Wor- cester, where he will continue five Weeks and no longer. A Man, Fifty three Years of Age, who came from St. Ives, was cured this Morning, April 9th, of a Bowel- Rupture, Nineteen Inches in the Girth, and Eleven Inches in Length, at the Doctor's Lodgings in Leicester. . The Doctor is greatly afflicted with the Gout, and the Reason of his Travelling is on Account of the Benefit he receives from exercise. to make the following most gracious Speech ; My Lords and Gentlemen, AFTER so long and diligent an Attendance upon the Public Business, it is Time that I should give you some Recess. But I cannot put an End. to the Session, without expressing My entire Satisfaction in the many Proofs I have received of your Zeal and Affection for my Person and Government, and for your unfeigned Concern for My Honour and real Support. The Succour and Preservation of My Dominions in America have been my constant Care. And, next to the Security of My Kingdoms, they shall continue to be My great and principal Object : And I have taken such Mea- sures, as, 1 trust, by the Blessing of Godt may effectually disappoint the Designs of My Enemies in those Parts. I have had no other View, but to vindicate the just Rights of My Crown and Subjects from the most inju- rious Encroachments to preserve Tranquility, as far as the Circumstances of Things might admit; and to pre- vent Our true Friends, and the Liberties of Europe, from being oppress'd or endanger'd by any unprovoked and un- natural Conjunction. Gentlemen of the House of Commont, I thank you for the large Supplies which you have so chearfully and unanimously given Me. It affords Me great Pleasure, that the frugal Use made of the Confidence re- posed in Me the last Year, has been an Inducement to you to renew the lame ; and you may be assured, that it shall be applied only to the Purposes for which it was intended. I shall be particularly attentive to reduce all unnecessary Expences, in order the better to provide for the great and requisite Services of the War. My Lords, and Gentlemen, I have nothing to desire of you, but what is equally essential to your own Interest, and to My Service. Let it be your constant Endeavour to promote Harmony and good Agreement amongst My faithful Subjects that, by Our Union at Home, We may be the better- able to repel and frustrate Abroad, the dangerous Designs of the Enemies of My Crown. Then the Lord Keeper, by his Majesty's Command, prorogued the Parliament to Thursday the 11th Day of August next. By the Act for the better ordering of the Militia Forces in Great Britain, the Qualification of the Deputy Lieute- nants is to be an Estate of 400 1. a Year, in Possession of Freehold, Copyhold, or customary Estate for Life, And the Lords Lieutenants of Counties are to present to his Majesty the Names of the Deputy- Lieutenants by them appointed, to be approved by his Majesty j and this be- fore the izth Instant. The Number of private Men to be raised in the County of Worcester, with the City and County of the City of Worcester, is 560. In Warwick- shire, with the City and County of the City of Coventry, 640. In Staffordshire, with the City of Litchfield, 560. In the County of Salop, 640. In Oxfordshire, 560. In Herefordshire, 480. In Gloucestershire, with the Cities of Bristol and Gloucester, 960. j In Northamptonshire, 640. In Monmouthshire, 240.— Not to be exercised on a Sunday Further Particulars relating to the Militia will be inserted in our next Paper. Last Sunday a Sermon was preached at a Chapel in St. George's Parish, by an eminent Divine, on Prov. xxv. 5. Take away the wicked from before the King, and his Throne shall be established in Righteousness, which was greatly ap- plauded by the Congregation. We hear there are great Disturbances at Windsor on Account of the Election, which come on this Day; and it is said some Persons have lost their Lives in those Con- fusions. Some private Letters from the Hague say, that the French Court intends to demand of the States General Four Towns, as a Security for their observing an exact Neutrality in this War; and if their High Mightinesses should not chuse to comply with this modest Request, ' tis expected they must prepare for War : — And then some British Forces must be transported to the Continent. Last Saturday Matthew Snatt, a Baker, who was appre- hended at Croydon, in Surry, on Suspicion of having robb'd the Norwich Mail, was examin'd before John Fielding, Esq, in Bow- Street, Covent- Garden ; touching the Evidence against him in Middlesex- He continued for many Hours obstinate, and hardened beyond all De gree of Comparison, but at length finding the Evidence against him grow stronger and stronger, and that his false and evasive Answers would bring his innocent Family into Distresses on his Account, he openly and ingenuously ac- knowled the Fact, and behaved with a Penitence becoming his unhappy Situation. He was committed to Newgate A Letter from Hamburgh of the 24th of June, that from the Journey of M. de Champeaux, the French Minister, to Schwerin, and his long Stay there, some pretend to conjecture that twelve thousand Russians are to be debarked at Rostoch ; and that the Court of France hath promised the Duke of Micklembourg to redeem all the Bailiwicks of his Family which are mortgaged to the House of Hanover, and also to put him in Possession of the Dutchy of Saxe Lauenbourg. The Liverpool Privateer, Capt. Hutchinson, of Liver- pool, has taken and brought into that Port a French Do- mingo Ship, bound for Bourdeaux, valued at upwards of Thirty Thousand Pounds, which Sum the French Captain would have ransom'd her for, but was refus'd. The N. S. de Maijor, bound from Seville for Bristol, with Corn, is lost on the Coast of Portugal. On Wednesday last died, in an advanced Age, at his Seat at Albury in Surry, the Right Hon. Heneage Finch, Earl of Aylesford. His Lordship is succeeded in Titles and Estate by Lord Guernsey, Member in the present Parliament for Maid- stone in Kent. , Sunday Morning died at his House in Grosvenor- Street, aged upwards of 80, Signior Pucci, Minister from Tus- cany. He has resided here, as Minister from that Court, upwards of 40 Years. BANKRUPTS. Benjamin Wilding, of St. Mary Abchurch, London, Vintner. Thomas Chapman, of Mansfield, in Nottinghamfhire, Hosier. John Blood, of Tamworth, in Warwickshire, Clothier. - 7— John Swainson, of Skipton, in Yorkshire, Draper and Mercer. Richard Brouncker, of Cary Street, Apothecary.— John Debonaire, of Stepney, Jeweller, James Richard- fon, of York, Grocer. STOCKS. Bank, 149 1 4th. India, . South Sea . Old Annuities, 1 Sub. 89 7 8ths. Ditto 2d Sub. ——- i Ditto New Annuities, lit Sub. Ditto 2d Sub. . Three perCent. Bank Annuities, —. India Bonds, zl. us. Prem. New Subscription, 87 3 4ths. The Author of the LONDON EVENINC POST has ( on Account of the additional Duty on News Papers) ad- dress'd the Publick thus: " THE Obligations we are " under to the Publick, for the favourable Reception they " have afforded to this Paper, are so great, and our Gra- titude, on that Account, so sincere, that we want " Words to express either. There could nothing there- " fore be further from our Thoughts, than attempting to " impose on the Generosity of our Readers, by raising " our Price: But, alas ! against NECESSITY there is no " Defence. The New and Additional DUTY that takes " Place To morrow, leaves us without Choice in this Re,- " spect; and must leave us without Existence, if the Pub- " lick will not, out of Kindness to us, and in Support of " the LIBERTY of the PRESS, continue their Coun- tenance, at the advanced Price ; which the LAW, not ; the Proprietor of this Paper, has fix'd upon the London ' Evening Post, which has no Friend, Patron, or Pro- ' tector, but the Publick." WORCESTER, July 7. A few Days since the Daughter of a reputable Farmer in this County, after disguising herself in Man's Cloaths, apply'd to a Recruiting Serjeant in this City, and inlisted herself; but it being customary to examine all Recruits, lest they should be ruptur'd, or otherwise unfit for Service, and finding she was to undergo a like Search, burst into Tears, and discover'd her Sex. Before she inlisted, she enquired whether a certain young Fellow ( who, it seems, was her Sweetheart) was inlisted in that Regiment, and being told that he was, she took this Method in order to renew her Acquaintance with him. *„* To be Seen, at the Old Crown, in Stratford upon Avon, [ Prices for Gentlemen or Ladies One Shilling each, Servants Six- pence] Mr. Motet's fine Paintings, done by the celebrated Raphael, and are as follow, 1. Our Saviour bound to a Pillar, and scourged by the Jews. 2. The Jews fixing a Crown of Thorns on his Head, one putting a Reed in his Hand, and mocking him 3. Our Saviour appearing to St. Gregory. 4. St. Francis, the Seraphical Father. 5. St. John the Evangelist, the beloved Disciple of our Saviour. 6. A Madona on a Gold Plate, repre- senting our Saviour, the Virgin Mary, and St John the Baptist. Also Mr. Motet's six curious Pieces of Mar- ble Sculpture, which represent the Sufferings of Our Saviour from his Last Supper to his Resurrection, in up- wards of Four Hundred fine figures in Relievo : They - Were design'd as a Present for the French King, but taken during the last War. Books publish'd, giving a beautiful and just Description of these excellent Sculptures may be had of the Man who delivers the Bills, and at the Placo above- mention'd. 13* As the Act of Parliament for laying an Additional Duty of One HALF- PENNY on every News- Paper, commenced on Tuesday last, the Price of this Journal is obliged to be advanced to Twopence halfpenny, and all Persons are desir'd to pay for it Weekly, as the great Loss and Inconvenience consequent from this Additional Duty will not admit of any Allowance being made if the taking it in by the Quarter could be at all dispens'd with, which it cannot, for the Reasons given in our last Week's Paper.—— And as the Duty on every Advertisement is now TWO SHILLINGS every Time it is inserted, the Terms now of inserting in this Journal any Advertise- ment, of a moderate Length, are as follow, - viz. Four Shillings for the first Time, and Three Shillings and Six- pence every Time it is continued. And all Advertise- ments of an extraordinary Length, or that require Pre- Af PI..,.*. i. 1. . K 1 1 — To be SOLD, TWO Freehold Messuages, with a Malt- . House adjoining thereto, situate in the High- street,' in Bromsgrove, in the County of Worcetler. The Malt- House is convenient to make Two Hundred and Fifty Bushels of Malt a Week. The Yearly Rent of the Whole is Nineteen Pounds and Ten Shillings — For further Par- liculars enquire of Mr Josiah Brittel, of Tewkesbury, or of Mr. John Bell, at Bromsgrove aforesaid. 10 s. To be SOLD, to the BEST BIDDER, On Tuesday the 16th Day of August, 1757, at the Dwelling House of Robert Baugh, at the Cross Keys, at Lanymynech, in tht County of Salop, the following ESTATES, LOT t. THE Capital Messuge, Malt- House, Pid- geon- House, with the Appurtenances, call'd Tredderwen, in the Parish of Landrinio, in the County of Montgomery, now in the Possession of Mr. William Jones, at the yearly Rent of 86 1. out of which a Field, called Cae Coed, now lett at 3 1. 10 s. is to be sold with Lot 2, which reduces Mr. Jones's Rent to 82 I. 10 s. And also to be sold together with the said Capital Messuage, the Stable, Grove, Fish Pools, and Gar- dens, now unlett. LOT 2. A Tenement, with the Appurtenances, situate in Tredderwen aforesaid, now in the Possession of Richard Williams, at the yearly Rent of 8 1. j and also the Field, call'd Cae Coed, lett at 3 1. 10s. making in the Whole the yearly Rent of 11 1. 10 s. LOT 3. Another Tenement, with the Apputenances in Tredderwen aforesaid, now lett to Ellis Davies, at the yearly Rent of 42 1. LOT 4. A Tenement, with the Appurtenances, in Tredderwen aforesaid, now lett to William Davies, at the yearly Rent of tj 1.; but a Field, which adjoins to Tho mas Roberts's, is to be taken from the said Tenement, and is valued at 11. 10 s. and reduces the said William Davies's Rent to 13 I. 10 s. per Ann. LOT 5. A Tenement, with the Apputenances, in Tred derwen aforesaid, now lett to Thomas Roberts, at the yearly Rent of nl. 10 s. and also the said Field, now held by the said William Davies, and valued at 11. making together 13 1. per Ann. LOT 6. Two Meadows, ( situate in Haughton, near Tredderwen, in the said Parish of Llandrinio,) consisting of 22 Acres of Land, now in the Possession of David Rogers, at the yearly Rent of 10I. 10 s. LOT 7, A Tenement, with the Appurtenances, situate in Rhetiskin, in tbe Parish of Guikfield, now in the Pos- session of John Henley, at the yearly Rent of 7 1. LOT 8 A Piece of Land, near to Llandrinio Church, now in the Possession of the Rev. Mr. John Lloyd, at the yearly Rent of 2 1. 5 s. LOT 9. A small Tenement near the Haym, in the Pa- rish of Llandrinio, now in the Possession of William Mere- dith, at the yearly Rent of 2 1. All which Estates have a Right of Common to Haym- Wood, Haughton, Gwern Velle, Burgeding, Tred- derwen, and several other Commons within the Hundreds of Dyther and Cause. The SALE to begin at Ten o'Clock in the Morning. In the mean Time, enquire, for Particular , of Mr. Windsor, in Shrewsbury, or of , Mr. Tudor, 0f Garth, near Poole, PROPOSALS For PRINTING, by SUBSCRIPTION, For the Benefit of the W I D O W of the Author, First, A New Edition of TITUS ANDRONICUS, ( The Firft PLAY Shakespear wrote,) collated and corrected, with Notes, To which it prefixed, THE History, Plot, and Chronology of the Play j with the Al- lusions to, and Imitations of the Antients, as they severally occur. And the various Readings of all the Editions now extant subjoined. 2d. A Criticism on Titus Andronicus; Being Introductory to the general Reading of Shakespear's Plays. 3d. The celebrated Speeches in the Tempest, with Notes and Obser- vations on them, and a Connection of the several Passages and Speeches, with the History, Plot, and Disposition of that Play. 4th. Remarks on the Playing the Character of Polonious in HAM- LET. By the late THOMAS HOLT, of Gray's Inn. I T I O N S. BOOKS. This Day are Publish'd ( In two Pocket Volumes, Price Six Shillings bound in Calf, with the Maps neatly colour'd,) TRAVELS through Turkey in Asia, The Holy Land, Arabia, Egypt, and other Parts of the World : Giving a particular and faithful Account of what is most remarkable in the Manners, Religion, Polity, Antiquities, and Natural His- tory of those Countries; With a curious Description of Jerusalem, as it now appears, and other Place, mention'd in the Holy Scrip- tures. By CHARLES THOMPSON, Esq, Interspers'd with the Remarks of several other modern Travellers i illustrated with Notes, Historical, Geographical, and Miscellaneous, by the EDITOR, and adorned with Maps and Prints. N. B. This Book ( which is not only an agreeable Companion to Ladies and Gentlemen, but is likewise very necessary for every Family, as it will illustrate and explain various Passages in the Old and New Testament) is adorned with the following Maps and Prints, & c. I. A View of Smyrna 7. A Plan of the City and Country about Jerusalem. X. The Church of the Holy Sepulchre. 9. A Map of Egypt. 10. A View of the Pyramids, the Sphinx, and some Egyptian Mummies. 11. Views of Mount Sinai, Tabor, Carmel, Horeb; the Rock of Meribah- Kadash, and the Hill of Moses. is. St. John's Grotto, and the Chapel ot the Hermitage in the Island of Patmos. 3. A View of Balbeck and its Temple. 4. A Map Of the Terrestrial Pa- radise, according to Mr. Huet and others. 5. A Map of the Holy Land. 6. A View of the City of Jeru- salem as it now appears. LONDON: Printed for J. Newbery, at the Bible and Sun, in St. Paul's Church. Yard and sold by E. Andrews, in Evesham; J. Blunt, in Ross ; R. Raikes, in Gloucester ; M. Simmons, in Monmouth- J, Wilde and P. Hodges, in Hereford-, B. Haslewood, in Brignorth j T. Aris, in Birmingham ; J. Jopson, E. Ratten, and C. Parker, in Co. ventry j and of the Printer of this Journal. Also of the above Booksellers may be had, ' Publish'd this Day, In Seven small POCKET VOLUMES, neatly bound in red, ( Price Seven Shillings, ) The CIRCLE OF SCIENCES, CONTAINING, Vol. I. Grammar made easy to young Gentlemen, Ladies, and Foreigners. II. Arithmetic made easy III. Rhetoric made easy, and illustrated with several beautiful Orations from Demosthenes, Cieero, Sallust, Homer, Shakespeare, Milton, Sec. Poetry made easy, and embellished with great Variety of Epigram;, Epitaphs, Songs, Odes, Pastorals, See. from the best Authors. Logic made easy: T. which is added, a Compendious System of Metaphysicks, or Ontology, Geography made easy To which is prefix'd, a Map of the World. VII. Chronology made easy : To which is added, a Table of the most memorable Events from tbe Beginning of the World to the Year 1747. N. B. Any' of the above Volumes may be had Separate, at One Shilling each, excr^ the Grammar, which is only Six- pence, and the Geography, which is One Shilling and Six- pence. Likewise of the above Booksellers may be had, Publish'd thii Day, ( Price 2 s. bound, J The Second Edition, of LETTERS On the most common, as well as important OCCASIONS in LIFE, by . To be SOLD, A Very convenient Freehold Tenement... situate in Cooken- Street, near the Quay, Wcr cester ; the Whole consisting of Three good Lodging. Rooms, Closet, Kitchen, Parlour, Brewhouse, Cellar with the River Water in, and a Garden. The Premises are quite entire, in goad Repair, and now lett at the Yearly Rent of Four Pounds Four Shillings. For further Particulars enquire of. Herbert Shaw, in Birdport, Worcester. NOTICE is hereby given THAT a WAREHOUSE is opened at the Old Heath End, between Shrewsbury Uffington, for the Reception of all Sorts of GOODS and MERCHANDIZES, where the utmost Diligence will be used to send the same to any Part of Shropshire, Cheshire, Lancashire, or Counties adjacent, or to any Place down the River Severn, betwixt there and Bristol: All Persons sending their Goods to the said Warehouse, may depend on having the greatest Care taken of the same, and may be well accommodated with all Sorts of Conveniences, by Their most humble Servant, Edward Haycock. N. B. This Warehouse is close to the River Severn, and more convenient for Carriage of Goods betwixt Bristol and any Part of Cheshire, & c. than Shrewsbury is, it be- ing nearer upwards of Two Miles by Water, and One Mile by Land, and lies near the Great Road between Shrewsbury and Chester. IV. V. VI. CICIRO, PLINY, VoITURE, BALZAC, St. EvREMONT, Locke, Ld. LANSDOWNE, \ Ld. OXFORD, Ld. PETERBOROUGH, Ld. BOLINGBROKE, Sir WM. TEMPLE, Sir WM. TRUMBULL, DRYdeN, ATTERBURY, GARTH, ADDISON, STEELE, popE, GAY, SWIFT, BeRkley, RoWe, And other WRITIRS of distinguish'd Merit) With many Original Letters and Cards, by the EDITOR. Who has also prefixed, A Differtation on the Epistolary Stile ; with proper Directions for addressing Persons ot Rank and Eminence. F » r the Use of Young Gentlemen and Ladies. . C O N D I. This Work will contain about 30 Sheets, and will be printed in Quarto, on a good Letter and Paper. II. The Price to Subscribers to be Seven Shillings and Sixpence; Five Shillings to be paid down, and Two. Shillings and Sixpence on the Delivery of the Book in Sheets. III. The Work to be put to the Press as soon as One Hundred are subscribed for, and to be delivered next Winter. Proposals are deliver'd, and Subscriptions taken in, by Mr. Millar in the Strand, Mr. Manby near Ludgate- Hill, Messrs. Whiston and White m Fleet- Strect, and Mess. Dodsley in Pall Mall. TH E Beginning of this Month was published a New Paper, called LLOYD'S EVENING POST and BRITISH CHRONICLE. ' I'lic general Plan of this Paper is the time with that of the London Chronicle, which is already sufficiently known; but the Days of Publication are different. It is pub- lished in the Evening of every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and circu- lated thro' great Part of the Kingdom by the Post which now sets out on what were called the Bye Nights to all the trading Cities, and all the Sea Ports of Note. The Reasons that induce the Proprietors to alter the Time of Publication from that of every other News Paper, arc, that all the foreign Mails, in their regular Course, arrive in the Forenoon of those Days, by translating of which the News they bring is known in London the ; same Night, and in other Parts the next Djy as early as it iv at prefent in London. Add to this, that the com mercial Intelligence bv private Letters, which before spread only to a small Circle round the Exchange, is regularly inserted in this Paper, and by an immediate Publication becomes generally known j an Advantage of no small moment to Persons at a Distance concerned in Trade, To Inns, Coffee- Houses, Taverns, and Publick Houses in the Country, the having a Paper regularly every Day, must be more agreeable to their Readers than having two or three at once, which usually are filled with the very same Intelligence. At a Time therefore that the Expence of News Papers is greatly enhanced by a DOUBLE DUTY, an Attempt to serve the Publick in general, and at the same Time ease the Pur- chasers, will, it is hoped, meet with due Encouragement. %• By sending Orders to the Clerks of the respective Roads, Gen- tlemen, and others in the Country, will be regularly served with Lloyd's Evening Post, as it is published. N. B. Advertsements and Letters to the Author ore taken in at Lloyd's Coffee- House, DALBy's CARMINATIVE MIXTURE, For Windy, Watery, or Dry Gripes, Bloody Stools, or other Disorders in the Stomach and Bowels of INFANTS, WHEREIN it gives such immediate Relief th there is no Instance of its Want of Success: Nor has any Medicine yet been discover'd that fo effec- tually relieves the most racking s^ jy- . Gripes of every Kind in grown Persons from whatever Cause they arise; as gouty Pains in the Sto- mach or Bowels, Flatulencies or Wind, Hysterick, Nervous, or other Cholicks, as this sovereign and incomparable Medicine, which is Sold Wholesale and Retail by Mr. Williams, in Monmouth - Mr. Cotton, and Mr. Betton, in Shrewsbury ; Mr. Cole. in Upton upon Severn; Mr. Hartlebury, in Tewkesbury H. Berrow, Printer, in Worcester, and may be had of most Shopkeepers in the circumadjacent Towns, and of the Distributors of this Journal. Its early Use prevents the Formation of Worms in Infants, and destroys Worms when form'd, either is Young or Old, as appears from daily Experience. It is very pleasant, the Dose small, being only a Tes- Spoonful. A Child of a Day old may take it with the greatest Safety. This is certain : Children who have been early accustomed to take it, have never been troubled with Ruptures, but thrive very fast, and are generally chearful: The Reason is obvious, They are healthy and free from Pain. This Medicine ( which stands in no Need of a Pa- tent to recommend it) is prepared only by the Author,! Joseph Dalby, Apothecary, in Malmsbury, Wilts ; and to prevent Counterfeits, each Bottle is sealed with, and each Paper of Directions hath the same Arms on it, as the Margin. Price ONE SHILLING. To the Printer of tbe WORCESTER JOURNAL S I R, Westport, April 6,1756. By giving the following a Place in ycur Paper, you will serve the Publick, and oblige, Your's, & c FROM the general Character Mr. Dalby's Carminative Mixture bears, I was induced to give it to an Infant of mine, about a Fortnight old excessively griped, fre- quently vomiting up her Food, and voiding green slimy Stools continually : The Medicine gave immediate Re- lief, and, by taking only two Bottles of it, she became quite healthy. As Witness my Hand, MARY GINGELL. Attested by me R. Brooke, Curate of Westport. Of the Printer and Distributors of this Journal may also be had. The never- failing Chymical Drops, for coughs, Dr. Bostock's Cordial. Dr. Daffy's Elixir. / Dr. Godfry's Cordial. Dr. Hooper's Female Pills. Fraunces's Female Strengthening Elixir. The best German Blacking Balls for Boots and Shoe Price One Shilling the large, and Sixpence the small. The Best Japan Ink. — The Best Ink Powder.
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