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Berrow's Worcester Journal


Printer / Publisher: Berrow 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 2442
No Pages: 4
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Berrow's Worcester Journal
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Berrow's Worcester Journal

Date of Article: 02/06/1757
Printer / Publisher: Berrow 
Address: Office in Goose-Lane, near the Cross
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 2442
No Pages: 4
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BERROW's Worcester Journal. [ Printed at his O F F I C E, in Goose- Lane, near the Cross. ] Price Two- Pence. THURSDAY, June 2, 1757. FRIDAY'S and SATURDAY'S POSTS. BERLIN, May 14. ( Otwithstanding the considerable Advan- tages which the King has just gain'd in Bohemia, his Majesty does not in the least intend to deviate from what he lately declared to the Dyet of the Em- pire, viz " That he does not aim at new Acquisitions ; that his own Safety, and the Necessity of averting the Dangers he was threa tened with, having been the sole Motives to his Proceed- ings, the Moment he gets sufficient Security against those Dangers, he will lay down the Arms which he took up only in his own Defence; that, as on this Principle, he does not pretend to retain any Thing of Saxony, nor any Part of the Territories incorporated with that Electorate, he will restore them wholly, and without any Delay, as soon as he receives those Securities, both for the antient Territories of his House and his Acquisitions of late Years." Cleves, Ma7 15. The Siege of Gueldres is tUrn'd Into a Blockade, it being judg'd not worth while to sacrifice a Number of Men before a Place, which, properly blocked up, must soon surrender of Course. Only some Regiments are employ'd in this Blockade. The rest of the French and Austrian Troops are encamped, and will soon march towards Munster and along the Lippe, in order to advance towards the Weser and the Confines of the Electorate of Hanover. Some Detachments of the Corps that went 10 the Bishoprick of Munster, push'd forward on the Right of the Eems, in order to cross the lower Part of that Bishoprick, and penetrate into the Principality of East Friesland. COUNTRY NEWS. Bath, May 23. On Tuesday a Waggon coming to Bath with seventeen Sacks of Wheat, for Mr. Flower, Baker, was stopt on this Side Atford, by a Mob disguis'd in Women's Apparel, about One Hundred in Number, who took away the whole Loading. LONDON. [ Thursday, May 26. Yesterday a Messenger arrived at Kensington from his royal Highness the Duke of Cumberland. the Express that arriv'd last Tuesday from the King of Prussia, is Major Grant, Aid de Camp to Marshal Keith, who, as we hear, left the Army the 7th Instant, being the Day after the Battle, when Part of the Prussian Troops were still in Pursuit of the Austrians. According to the Account brought by this Officer, above Twenty Thousand Austrian troops threw themselves into Prague, after their Army was routed ; and many Thousands of the Peasants in the adjacent Villages, being dubious of the Success of the Day, when they saw all Things ready for a general Engagement, loaded their Horses, Mules, and Asses with their best Effects. and fled into Prague. We also hear that Duke Charles of Lorrain, Count Brown, the Duke of Arenberg, two Sons of the King of Poland, and other Officers of Note, are cooped up in Prague, which, ' tis thought, must soon surrender, as there has been no extraordinary Provision made there for such an unexpected additional Number of Mouths. Tne King of Prussia, after the late ViCtory, encamped on the rising Grounds near Ziska, in the Port which the Austruns occupied before the Battle, and Marshal Keith . is on this Side Prague upon the Weissenburgh; by which Situation that City is between the Armies of the King and the Marshal, so that it is impossible for any Succours to enter that Place. The late Field Marshal Schwerin, kill'd in the Prussian Service, was upwards of Eighty Years of Age, and was School Master to the King of Prussia { as to the Art ofWar) from his Infancy. Letters from Vienna, of the 7th Instant, take Notice, that, at the Issue of a grand Conference held at the Palace in Presence of their Imperial Majesties, at which the principal Members of the Privy Council and of the Coun- cil of War assisted, the High Chancellor Count Caunitz set out Post for the Army with some important Orders, which they suppoee were calculated to remove certain Differences and Jealousies between the Austrian Generals; for it seems, those of high Birth, such as bare the Title of Princes, disdain'd to obey Count Brown's Orders im- plicitly, and frequently opposed him in the Council of War. However it be, Count Caunitz set out too late, the Army being defeated a few Hours before he left Vienna. By a Letter from his Prussian Majesty's Head- Quarters near Prague, two Days before the Battle, we are inform'd that Lieutenant General Winterfeld having fallen in with the Rear- Guard of the Corps of the Austrian Army which the Duke of Bevern beat near Reichenberg, had made a great Number of Prisoners, and taken the Bag- gage of the Generals Pretlack and Lascy, besides the Ammunition - Waggons and Tents belonging to three Regiments. The same Letter adds, that the King's Army had found very large Magazines at Aussig, Budin, and Welwarn, which the Enemies, in their precipitate Flight, had not Time to destroy. Advices from Dresden of the 18th Inst. inform us, that the Purveyors of the Prussian Army had received Orders to suspend, till farther Notice, the Departure of a vast Quantity of Provisions and Forage that was ready to be sent away to Bohemia, the Prussians having found enough in the Magazines they have ttaken from the Austrians to subsist them some Months. A Letter from Prague, dated three Days before the Battle says, that all the heavy Baggage of the Austrians was sent into that City. Letters from Wesel advise that a large body of Troops from the Army under the Command of the Duke of Cumberland had marched to Wersmel, a Village belong- ing to the Count de Ravensberg, from whence Detach- ments had advanced as far as Rheda, with Design to cut off thofe which the Prince de Beauveau had sent towards the Frontier of East- Friezland. They write from Paris, that in a Council of War held at Versailles the 6th of this Month, a Resolution was taken to march a considerable Body of Troops towards the Coasts of the Ocean; and that the Generals nomi nated to command them were, Marshal Thomond in Guyenne, Marshal de Senecterre in the County of Aunis, the Duke d'Harcourt in Upper and Lower Normandy, the Prince de Croy in Picardy, and the Marquis du Barail in Flanders. Marshal Belleisle, they say, is charged with the Command in Chief of this Body of Troops, whose Divisions are to be disposed in such a Manner that they mav unite in eight Days. The Officers of several Regiments have received Orders to hold themselves ready for Encampment; as have also some Officers of the Train. There are 19 Ships of the Line of Battle now build- ing in his Majesty's several Dock- Yards, most of which are in such ForWardness that they will be launch'd this Summer. We learn from Leyden, that a contemplative Person in that Neighbourhood has, after many Years Study and Application, compleated an Engine, by which the Mud, or Soil, at the Bottom of Ditches, Lakes, Canals, or Rivers, may be taken up with great Facility, and being spread upon certain Materials that are disposed for that Purpose, in a Wharf by the Water Side, and left in the Air for Six Months, becomes one of the richest Manures that can possibly be, and may be afforded at a very small Expence. One Gentleman Farmer in Hertfordshire has more than 20,000 Quarters of Wheat by him, and though sollicited to sell at the present high Price, refused the same, upon a Declaration that it will carry a higher Price. We likewise hear that a rich Farmer near Kingston in Surry, is possessed of a large Stock of Wheat, which he refuses to bring to Market upon the same iniquitous Scheme. Surely a Law might be formed to oblige such Miscreants to sell at a Market Price. Advices from different Parts of the Country speak of the Joy possessing the People, on the Appearance which Pro vidence has given them of having a plentiful Crop of Corn. By the same Means we learn, that the Spirit of Discontent is strongly fixed in the Countenances ot those who were in Hopes of carrying the Distresses of the Poor abundantly farther, such as, till this Age, was neVer known to have any Footing in England. Last Saturday about Pancras and Kentish- Town several Acres of Grass were mow'd, and promising Crops of Grass are still on the Ground. They write from Stirling, in Scotland, that upon the 17th Instant, at a very numerous Meeting of the Guild Brethren of that Burgh, it was resolved, That the Right Hon. William Pitt, late one of his Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State, and the Right Hon. Henry Bilson Legge, late Chancellor and Under- Treasurer of his Ma- jesty's Court of Exchequer, should have the Thanks of the Guildry for their laudable Behaviour when in the Ad- ministration. Last Tuesday Sir Thomas Harrison, Knt. Chamberlain of this City, waited upon the Right Hon. Mr. Pitt and the Right Hon. Mr. Legge, and presented the Freedom of this City to each of them in a Gold Box of curious Work- manfhip, pursuant to an Order of a late Court of Com- mon Council. Some Days ego a French Flag of Trace arrived at Guernsey, to treat about an Exchange of Prisoners; but as that was not a proper Place to eome to upon such an Errand, the Governor of the Island detained the Vessel, and dispatched the Fly Stoop of War to Southampton, to acquaint the Government with the Matter, and to know what be must do, as he suspeCts that the said Vessel's real Errand was to observe whether the island is in a good or bad Posture of Defence. We hear from Southampton, that an elderly Man ard Woman took Lodgings there, and gave out that they could dye and clean Silks, Ribbons, Cloaks, and all S0rts of Apparel, to the greatest Perfection, which induced many Persons to try them. They took their Lodgings on Saturday, took in Goods on Tuesday, went off with them on Wednesday, and have not been heard of since. On Saturday last a Person from Plymouth was commit- ted to the New Gaol, Clerkenwell, by Sir Samuel Gower, in order to take his Trial at the next Assizes for the County of Devon, for having assisted three French Pri- soners of War to escape from one of the Prisons there, and coming with them to TOWn, where they were secur'd. It is reported that a Cartel is settled with the French for an Exchange of Prisoners. From the London Chronicle Extract from a Dedication to King WILLIAM III. WHEN our Prince's Palace is on Fire, and his sacred Person in the Midst of the Flames, the meanest of his Subjects hath the Privilege to give him Warning of his Danger : And this, I am afraid, Sir, is too near our Case, or I would not have assumed the Bold- ness to disturb your People, or have placed myself so dis- advantageously before your Majesty as I must expect to ap- pear under the CharaCter of a publick Censor of your Ministers. I know the common Answer to these Kinds of Complaints, is, that it is more easy to find Faults than Remedies If you please, Sir, we will consider of Re- medies : First, be pleased to remove from your Person, Councils, and Offices of Trust, Men bred up and con- firmed in Principles destructive to our English Government, and hateful to your People. Throw out, Sir, these, to be stoned by the People, who will otherwise, I fear, prevent God's Favour to you ; who blast your Success Abroad, and rob you of the Affections of your Subjects at Home. An English King is the greatest Monarch upon Earth, when he reigns in the Hearts of his SubjeCts; and all other Methods to Power and Greatness have been found ineffec- tual in England. Purgatives will not alone perfeCt the Cure of your Government, and restore it to perfeCt Health : You must make Use of Alteratives too; there must be a Change of Measures, as well as a Discharge of Men ; and the Method which I humbly offer is this, First, to make the Interest of England your chief Aim, and, since you are an English King, to become entirely an English Man. In the next Place, Sir, let me desire you to avoid concerning yourself in Elections of Members in Parlia- ment, or influencing them when chosen ; The Parliament is a sacred Part of the English Constitution, and, like the Israelites Ark of old, is not 10 be touched profanely : there- fore, Sir, it would be your true interest to leave the People free to their Choice, and the Members free to their Opi- nion when chosen. It still is fresh in our Memories, how much the Practices of the late Reigns in corrupting Elec- tions, and closeting Members of Parliament, enraged the Nation: And they had Reason to resent it. All these Things, therefore, are to be most carefully avoided by your Majesty. You must by no Means, Sir, give this Oc- casion of Clamour and Recrimination to your Enemies; but be pleased to follow this general Rule, always to be- ware of the Ministers, and avoid the Schemes and Coun- cils of K. Charles and K James's Government; and then you can scarce err; for whatever is opposite to their Prin- ciples and Practices, is the direCt Road to your Security and Success. SUNDAY'S and MONDAY'S POSTS. Arrivd the MAILS fom Flanders. From the LONDON GAZETTE. WARSAw, May 4. H E last Letters from Lithuania say, that the Rus- sian Cavalry, which has been some Time past at Orza and Dulranow, and in that Neighbourhood, is now certainly marching towards Minsk and Wilna; but as they have a long March before they can join the great Army, which has not yet begon to move, it is impossible that the Russians should begin their Operations before the Month of June. Vienna, May 11. The Account of our Defeat, on the 6th Instant, is confirmed but no Particulars are yet ar- rived. The Weight of the Battle fell upon our Right Wing, who, after a very vigorous Resistance, were at last driven off the Field of Battle ; and the Remains of them, which are said to amount to 10 or 12,000 Men, are now assembling at Beneschau, under M. Pretlack, General of Horse. The Left Wing, where Prince Charles was in Person, are now with his Royal Highness in Prague. Marshal Daun with his Army is, at Boemischbrod , but the Prussians are so spread over the Country, that there is no direct Communication between Prague and Boemischbrod to which last Place an Officer was dispatched from hence last Night, T Camp before Prague, May 11. The City of Prague is now compleatly invested by the Prussian Troops on both Sides of the River, the King commanding on one Side, and Marshal Keith on the other. Prince Charles of Lor- rain, Marshal Brown, the two Princes of Saxony, Prince Louis of Wirtemberg, the Prince of Modena, the Duke of Aremberg. & c & c.' are said to be in Prague. Advices being received, that Count Leopold Daun is advancing with a Corps of 15,000 Men from Konigsgratz, the King of Prussia has detached the Prince of Bevern with 12 or 15 Battalions and 50 Squadrons to offer him Battle. It is said that the Austrian Army is assembling at Beneschau, about two Miles beyond the Zasewa. Vienna, May 16 By Letters from Prague there is an Account, that the Number of Troops in that City is be- tween 30 and 40.000 Men, and that the King of Prussia keeps the Place closely blocked, having thrown up In- trenchments upon all the Avenues leading to the Town, and having Parties patrolling about on all Sides : It is likewise said that his Prussian Majesty has detached a Body of above 30,000 Men, who have directed their March towards Boemischbrod, from which Place Count Daun decamped some Days ago, and was, by the last Account, encamped near Kuttenberg, having been join'd by the Troops from Beneschau, to the Number of 1 5,000 Men. They are very busy here in providing Tents, Saddles, & c. to supply those lost in the late Action ; and Orders are said to have been sent to Hungary and Italy, to the Troops quartered there, to march forthwith towards this Country. Hague, May 17. Since his Royal Highness the Duke of Cumberland's Arrival at Bieleseldt, the French begin to be uneasy about their advanced Posts, and they have determined to support them if possible; and accordingly they have encamped about 30,000 Men at Wesel, and began to move forwards towards Munster, where they talk of establishing the Head Quartets. Hague, May 20. The French continue to give out that they will march forward immediately, but a great Part of their Cavalry is still dispersed along the Rhine, for the Convenience of Subsistence, for Forage is very scarce, end the States General have just renewed their Placart, prohi- biting the Exportation of Bread, Corn, and Oats for six Weeks longer. The French who Were in the Dutchy of Cleves, are all marched towards Wesel; they are not nearer Embden than they were, having only a Post at Meppen, in the Lower Bishoprick of Munster. The King of Prussia has sent Orders to defend Embden, where they work very hard, to put themselves in as good a Posture of Defence as possible. The Hessians who arri- ved from England were to be as this Day encamped be- tween the Aller and the Weser, and consequently at hand to join his Royal Highness the Duke of Cumberland. [ Thus far the London Gazette ] Brussels, May 23. According to some Accounts of the Battle in Bohemia the 6th of this Month, which come by the Way of Cologn, the Fire of the Cannon and Small Arms still continued on the 7th, 8th, and 9th. We expect soon to hear the News of a second Battle, as the Imperial Army actually consists of above seventy- five thousand Men, several Corps having join'd it since the 6th. They add, that when the Courier came away, they reckon'd near nine thousand Prussian Deserters at Teutschbrod, who took the Opportunity of the Battle to get away. Francfort, May 19. We are assured that three thou- sand Prussian Hussars invested Egra the tith of this Month; but before their Arrival the Commandant had brought into the Place all the Provisions that could be found in the adjacent Villages, and burnt the Magazines of Hay and Straw that were destined for the Army under the Duke of Aremberg. ' Tis added, that a Body of those Hussars have marched into the Upper Palatinate, and are levying Contributions in the Country belonging to the Elector Palatine. R. B. SHAPPEE, Practitioner in Physick, Surgery, and Man Midwifry, Who was Pupil under his Uncle, Dr. Shappee, in his Ma- jesty's Service Fourteen Years, NOW travels by an Act of Parliament, and after Thirty Years constant and large Practice in a private as well as publick Capacity, has acquired the Art of curing most Medicable Distempers incident to human Nature : He is allow'd, by all that know him, to be a very ingenious Man in his profession, and has had very great Success in his Undertakings, and takes upon him to acquaint the Publick, that he is the Wonder of the Age for curing of ruptures or Broken bellies, from Eight Days old to Eighty Years old, in both Sexes, (' tho' of ever so long Continuance) in Half an Hour, if the grief can be put up. Likewise the Falling of the Womb in Women before they quit the Room, if they have labour'd under that Misfortune for Thirty Years From December 1754. ti March 25, 1756, I have cured in Derbyshire, Staffordshire, York - / hire. Nottingbamfhire, and Lincolnshire, upwards of Sixteen Hundred Persons of Ruptures and Broken Bellies, and the Falling of the Womb in Women. r Note, He is now at the King's Arms, at Stow- in the- Wold, ' Gloucestershire, where he will continue a Fort- night, and no longer; and he has hired a House at Broadway, ( about six Miles from Evesham) Worcestershire, and will be there on Sunday the 19th of June, and con- tinue one Month. A Man, Fifty three Years of Age, who came from St Ives, was cured this Morning, April 9th, of a Bowel Rupture, Nineteen Inches in the Girth, and Eleven Inches in Length, at the Doctor's Lodgings in Leicester. » • The Doctor is greatly afflicted - with the Gout, and the Reason of his Travelling is on Account of the Benefit he receives from Exercise. SCOTLAND. Edinburgh, May 21. We hear from Peterhead that two French Privateers are on that Coast the largest mounts 16 Guns besides Swivels, and is called l'Active of Dunkirk, the other mounts eight Guns and a few Swivels. The Active has been a considerable Time on our Coast By the Ship Good Agreement, of Peterhead, Capt Fra- zer, who was taken by her, and ransomed for 250 1. we learn, that she has taken a very rich Ship from South Carolina, for which he refused 2000 1. Ransom ; that she has also taken William Bachop's Ship from Leith to In- verness, and a Vessel from Portfoy, all which three were sent into Norway; besides the Ship with Meal, from Portsoy to Leith, taken Yesterday se'nnight, and ran- som'd. We have just received Advice that the Dolphin Man of War has taken, on the North Coast, a French Privateer of 16 Guns, and 130 Men, supposed to be the Active of Dunkirk. Ceres, near Coupar in Fife, May 19. Monday last, about Noon, we had two violent Claps of Thunder, by the last of which a poor Shepherd was struck dead in the Fields. When he was taken up his Cloaths were rent in Pieces, and the Ground torn up about him in three dif- ferent Places, but there appeared no other Wound or Bruise in any Part of his Body than a small Hole in the Sole of one of his Feet. LONDON. [ Saturday, May 28. The following Lines were found stuck up in the Long- Room at Bath. On JAMES's POWDER. AS B n lay by Foreigners opprest, With Party Fever raging in her Breast, A trusty Patriot stepp'd to her Relief, And thus prescrib'd, to mitigate her Grief, " Take James s Powder, it will surely do; " JAMES cures the Fever, and the EVIL too." Yesterday both Houses of Parliament adjourned till Monday se'nnight.. Peter Burrell, Esq; ' is elected Member of Parliament for West- Looe, in Cornwall, in the room of Walter Cary, Efq; deceased. The King has been pleased to order a Conge d'Elire to the Dean and Chapter of Salisbury, recommending to them the Right Rev. Father in God Dr. John Thomas, now Bishop of Peterborough, to be by them elected Bishop of that See. We hear that tlie Right Hon. Mr. Fox has kiss'd his Majesty's Hand on being appointed Pay master- General of the Forces. It is said that Advice has been received from the Duke of Cumberland, that 18,000 Prussians have joined him from Magdeburg, being Part of the Corps de Reserve of 30,000 Men. We hear that a Triple Alliance is negotiating between our Court and those of Denmark and Prussia, and that the States General will be invited to accede to it; which may be a Means of securing the Independence and Li- berty of that Republick from the imminent Danger to which it is now exposed from the exorbitant Power ol France. Last Thursday was paid to the Marine Society Two Pounds Five Shillings, being two Months wages of a Youth on board his Majesty's Ship Windsor, which he requested of his Father to be done, when the Ship sailed for Ireland, in her Way to America. The Leghorn Fleet with their Convoy were well off Valentia the 2d of this Month. Admiral Saunders having received Information of some Men of War being feen ou the Coaft of Spain, went from Gibraltar in quest of them, but, to his great Disappoint- ment, they proved to be Dutch. A French Privateer of 16 Guns i. brought into Yar- mouth Roads. We hear the King George Packet, for Lisbon, nar- rowly escaped having her Main Mast carried away by a Shot from the Resolution Privateer of Bristol, who, thro' Mistake, gave Chace to her, and fired before she came to. The Marquis D'Aumont Privateer, from Bourdeaux, of 16 Six Pounders, and 160 Men, was taken by the St. George Privateer of London, after an Engagement of two Hours, in which Capt. Devonshire was killed the first Fire : The St. George has also retaken the Dinwiddie, from Virginia for Bristol, with 240 Hogsheads of Tobac- co, and brought them both into Falmouth. A French Privateer of 16 Guns is taken off Cromer, by the Weazle Sloop of War. Several French Privateers of Force have been seen cruizing in the Bay, waiting, ss it is imagined, for the Leghorn Trade to pass there in their Way to England. An Embargo was laid on all Ships in North America about the 18th of March last', which it was expected would continue ' till Admiral Holbourne's Arrival there, and ' till Lord Loudon executes a Design he has formed, in which the Forces in Mr. Holbourne's Squadron must be employed. It is remarkable that the Ship by which this- Account comes, was taken and ransomed, and after her Ransom was boarded by four different Privateers. We hear the Lords of Admiralty will order nine Arm'd Ships to be fitted out directly, which are intended to join in Concert, to clear the Channel of the French Privateers. And that several French Prizes bought by the Government, will be fitted out at Deptford and Woolwich. ' Tis said that several Ships are building on the new Plan, to be entire Fir Wood, and to carry twenty Guns each, and destined for the West Indies, to preserve our Trade there. Some Transports are taking in Stores of all Kinds for the West India Settlements, which sail thither as soon as possibly they can, under the Convoy of a Squadron. They write from York, that the Price of Wheat ( c Very much last Week at all the Markets in that County i in some 5 s. 6 d. others from 5 s. to 6 s. 9 d. per Quarter We hear that Lord Lyttelton has sent a great Quantity of Rice to his Seat near Stourbridge, Worcestershire, to be distributed among the Industrious Poor of that Place, Bewdley, and the neighbouring Parishes; and that many Others of the Nobility and Gentry have done the same.. A noble Spirit of Humanity, that feel the Necessities of their poor Neighbours ! ' Tis much to be wished that the Legislature would suspend the Duty of that useful and wholesome Commodity during this Time of great Scar- city, which we are told is more than a fourth Part of its present Value, by which Means the Poor might supply themselves with it much cheaper than Bread. They write from Dublin, that twelve Women in a Village near tint City, being brought to Bed in one Week, four of the Children were christen'd by the Name of Blakeney, four by the Name of Pitt, and four by the Name of Legge. ^ Thursday died, after a long Illness, at his House in Great Brook Street, Baron Shutz, of a good Family at Hanover, Master of the Robes and Privy Purse to hia Majesty. Last Monday a Woman went to an Officer of a Press Gang, and gave Information of a Man that she had quar- relled with, that lived in Spread- Eagle Court, Gray's Inn- Lane, on which the Gang came, in order to impress him ; but, on their coming into the Room, they observed a dismal Object with three Children crying round him for Bread, and on the Officer's Enquiry, he found that the Man had never been at Sea; which so exasperated the Gang, that they got hold of the Woman, and tore off all her Cloaths, and left her quite naked in the Street. Thursday the Sessions began at the Old Bailey, when 16 Prisoners were tried, twelve of whom were cast for Transportation, and four acquitted. Yesterday the Sessions ended at the Old Bailey, when 14 Prisoners were tried, three of whom were capitally convicted, viz. Mary Mullen, for the wilful Murder of her Female Bastard Child ; she received Sentence of Death immediately after, to be executed on Monday next; Ed- ward Stublefield, for stealing one Sheep, the Property of John Giblett ; and John Furgerson, for returning from Transportation. Three were cast for Transportation, and eight acquitted. At this Sessions three received Sen* tence of Death, eleven to be transported for seven Years, two to be branded, and three to be whipp'd. The English, Scotch, and Irish Sailors, lately taken on board two French Privateers on our Coast, are to take their Trials for the same next Sessions. Extract of a Letter from Whitby, May 22. , " Yesterday about Six o'Clock in the Afternoon forty Sail of light Ships came into our Harbour, being chased by three Privateers, two of which were Snows, the other a Lug sail Boat with a dropping Topsail; the two former mounting from 14 to to Guns, most of them Six with some Nine Pounders. John Stevenson just escaped being taken, exchanged several Shot with one of them, and go% safe in here." To be Sold to any Gentleman of Fortune and Spirit, At Bell Brougbton, in the County of Worcester, A PACK of as high- bred Fox- Hounds as any in Great Britain, exactly siz'd, and per- fectly beautiful; consisting of Twenty six Couple. The Whole bred out of a Couple and Half of Bitches from Lord Craven and Lord Chedworth, cross'd from the choicest Stallions in the North. For Particulars erquire of Richard Philpotts, at the Sign of the Bell, in the said Parish of Bell- Broughton. COCK- MATCH, A k0 be Fought at the Royal Oak, in Leominster, between the Gentlemen of Herefordshire and tbe Gentlemen of Radnorshire To shew Thirty- one Cocks on eacH Side in the Main, for Five Guineas each Battle, and One Hundred Guineas the Odd Battle and Twenty- one Cocks for Bye- Battles, at Four Guineas each Battle.—— To weigh on Monday the 20th of this Instant June, and fight the Three following Days. This is to give NOTICE, " THAT there will be a Main of COCKS - « - Fought, betwixt the Gentlemen of Staffordshire and Shropshire, at the House of Georgr Tomlinson, at the SWAN in Envil, ( near Stowerbridge), Staffordshire, for Two Guineas a Battle, and Fifty the Main : To weigh 011 Saturday ftext, the 4th of June, and fight the Monday and Tuesday following. STolen, or Stray'd, on Monday Night, the 23d of May, out of a Ground near Droitwich, A Bay MARE, six Years old, about fifteen Hands high, with a black Mane and Tail, her Tail cut, a black Spot on one Side of her Head, ( if not mistaken, on the Right Side), her Ears a little wide, her Near Leg behind a little bigger at the Fetterlock than the other, and White about her. Whoever will give Intelligence of the said Mare ( so that she may be had again) to Mr. Burrish, at Droit- wich ; Mr. Randall, at Clarken- Leap, near Worcester; or to Thomas Lane, at Badgworth, Glocestershire, shall receive One Guinea Reward, and all reasonable Charges of me, Thomas Lane. At Ten o'Clock every Wednesday, [ During the SEASON] WILL BE A Publick Breakfast, ( At " EIGHT- PENCE each Person,) AT Dugard's AssEMBLY- ROOM, In Great Malvern. Musick will be in waiting, in order to perform, if the Company should be dispos'd for a DANCE. Thursday being judg'd an inconvenient Day, occa- sion'd the Alteration as above. N. B. 63- W A N T E D, A Sober, Ingenious YOUTH, As an Articled Clerk to an Attorney In WoRCESTER. For further Particulars enquire of the Printer of this' Paper. Stratford, May 26, 1757. ALL Persons indebted to Mr. Robert Carruthers, late of Stratford upon Avon, and now Surgeon on board the Burford Man of War, are required immediately to pay their respective Debts to Mr. Hunt, Attorney, in Stratford, who is properly authoriz'd to receive and sue for the same: And all Persons that have any Demands upon Mr. Carruthers, may apply to Mr. Hunt, and they will be satisfied. Bewdley, June 1, 1757. WHEREAS a scandalous Report has been wickedly rais'd by some ill designing Per- sons, that I am an Agent for the Badgers and Millers, and employ'd by them to buy up the Corn in Bewdley, and other Markets; I do hereby declare I never bought nor contracted for one single Bushel, ( unless for my own Use), but as I am oblig'd to buy weekly to serve my Customers that use my Shop for Bread, 1 often buy Half Strikes and Strikes for poor People that use my Bake House ; and if any Person or Persons will prove ( upon Oath) I ever bought one single Bag of Corn for either Badger or Mil- ler, shall receive Five Pounds i and if any Person will give Evidence ( on Oath) who was the Person or Persons that rais'd such Report, shall receive Five Pounds, of me, Thomas Blunt. N B. I never got a single Penny out of the Half- Bushel or Bushel bought for the Poor. Wednesday s and Thursdays POSTS. Arrivd the MAILS from Flanders. From the LONDON GAZETTE. AL L Persons who have any legal Demands on the Estate and EffeCts of the late John Bodledge, Deputy Register of the Diocese of Wor- cester, deceas'd, are desired forthwith to send an Account thereof to Mr. William Calcott, Mercer, at his House in the Town of Evesham, in the County of Worcester; or to Mr. Richard Clarke, at the Register- Office, in Wor- cester. WORCESTER, June 2, 1757. To the HOP- PLANTERS, & C. MR. Henry Smith, Keeper of the Warehouse at the Hop Market, being dead, Notice is hereby given, That the said Warehouse will be kept, from Midsummer next, by Thomas Hammond, ( to whom the late Mr. Smith was Tenant at Will) who hopes those Perfons who have hitherto made Use of the said Warehouse, will continue the same, as they may be assured due Care will be taken of such Hops as shall be left in his Custody, and their Favours will be gratefully acknowledg'd by Their humble Servant) Thomas Hammond. K. B. Such Persons who have any Hops already in the said Warehoufe, are desired to meet at Midsummer next, and pay off the Housage, to the Widow of the late Mr. Smith. Hague, May 24. ' BY the last Advices from Bohemia we hear, that on the 10th Instant the heavy Artillery were came up, and that they were working at their Batteries. In the mean while, they have taken Possession of the Czisca Berg, which commands the Town, and where the Austrians had a strong Redoubt, from whence they were drove. They have since made a Sally from the Town, in order to re- take that Post, and were drove back again. As Count Daun with his Corps had stopt at Boemischbrod after the Battle, the King of Prussia detach'd the Prince of Be vern with 20 Battalions and 30 Squadrons to attack him, which the Austrian General chose to avoid, and retired immediately to Kollin. What has happened since we do not know. Our Advices from the Frontiers agree, that the Want of Subsistance and Forage stops the Progress which the French Army might otherwise have attempted to make. Marshal d'Estrees is out of Order at Wesel. Hague, May 27. The last letters from the Prussian Camp are of the 16th, at which Time the Prince of Se- vern was encamped at Kollin. Letters just received from Westphalia, of the 23d, mention General Zastrow's be- ing in Possession of Paderborn and the adjacent Places. The Letters from Dresden say, that the Prussian Batteries would be ready to fire upon Prague as on the 20th Instant. Cologn, May 26 Marshal d'Estrees went the 21st from Wesel, to observe his Royal Highness the Duke of Cum- berland's Motions. The Duke of Orleans had the Com- mand of the Army at Wesel, consisting of 16 Battalions and 10 Squadrons. Orders have been since sent for that Corps to advance towards Munster, it being the Marshal's Intention to establish his Head Quarters there. Brussels, May 27. Letters f » « m Vienna say, that Prague was so closely invested, that, in order to favour the Passage of a Messenger from his Royal Highness Prince Charles of Lorrain to the Empress, they had been obliged to mike a Sally under the Command of Major Central Lacy, in which great Numbers had been killed on both Sides. They add, that it was expected that, be- fore the End of this Month, Count Daun's Army would be strong enough to go to the Relief of Prague. Thus far the London Gazette ] Extract of a Letter from Portsmouth, May 19. ' Thursday Evening One hundred German Soldiers in the French Service, lately taken in the Superb by the Somerset, were, at their own Request, admitted into our Marine Service. " There are twelve Sail of the Line at Spithead with Admiral Broderick." Extract of a Letter from Capt. Macaffee, on board the King of Prussia Privateer, dated Gibraltar, May 22. " The Day after our Arrival here there was an En- gagement between five English and four French Men of War. Our Ships were superior by one Gun. On . hearing their Fire we slipp'd and made for the Gut, where we fell in with the outward bound Fleet and engaged them : Five Sail struck to us ; but the four French Men of War, their Convoy, bearing down upon usj I was obliged to quit, but soon joined the French Fleet, and it being dark, they could not discover us ; I Came along side the French Commodore, and boarded one of the Fleet, without the Loss of a Man : When the Prisoners came on board, we gave Chace and fell in with a French Privateer and one Merchant Ship, we drove them both into Cadiz, and then returned to Gibraltar. I have lost three Men ; our Ship's. Company are in great Spirits. The Prize having the French King's Commission on board, was easily con- demned. She is outward- bound for Martinico " We have Advice from Froome, in Somersetshire, that on Wednesday the 25th Instant there was an Insurrection of the Colliers in that Neighbourhood, who came in a riotous Manner to a Flour- Mill belonging to Mr. Naish at Mutcry, which they foon demolished ; they then pro- ceeded to Mr. Richards's Mill with an Intent to destroy it, but Mr. Richards having previous Intelligence of their Design, and having been attacked in the like Manner about six Weeks ago, had provided himself with Fire- Arms, with which he defended his Houfe and Mill j two of the Colliers were killed on the Spot, and seVeral wound- ed, of which two at least ' tis apprehended will die. BANKRUPTS. Lawrence Filley, of Chard, in Somersetshire, Pedlar. Robert Rogers, of Church- Court, Clement's Lane, London, Merchant. James Bestbridge, late of Reading, Sacking Weaver. John Story, late of Newcastle upon Tyne, Merchant Moses Hooper and David Hooper, of Poole, in Dorsetshire, Merchants and Partners. STOCKS. Bank, 119 3 4ths. India, South Sea, . Old Annuities, 1 Sub. 90. Dittoed Sub —. Ditto New Annuities, id Sub. 90 1 - half. Ditto 2d Sub. . Three per Cent Bank Annuities, 90, India Bonds, 2I. 141, a 15s. Prem. New Subscription, 87 i- half, a 5 8ths. Deal, May 26. We have just now received Advice by a Cutter, that Mr. Barkley, one of Admiral Smith's Mid. shipmen, being sent out with two Cutters under his Com- mand, the one being the Prince George of eight Two* Pounders and six Swivel Guns and 16 Men, and the other carrying 16 Swivels and 16 Men, on the 13th Instant, at Seven in the Evening, came up with, and engaged a French Dogger Privateer belonging to Dunkirk, mount- ing 10 Four- Pounders, eight Swivel Guns, and carrying 75 Men, and after an Engagement of two Hours, obliged the Privateer to run on Shore about z Miles from Ostend, where she was the next Day dashed t0 Pieces in a hard Gale of Wind. To be LETT\ And Entered upon at LADY- DAY next, A Farm, call'd the HEATH- FARM, In the Parish of Badger, in the County of Salop, COnsisting of a well built House, Out Buildings, and other Conveniencies, and of about Two Hundred Acres of Land thereto belonging, lying together, and the House in or near the Center thereof; all in exceeding good Repair and Condition, and situated about three Miles from Shiffnall, four from Bridgnorth, and seven from Wolverhampton, late in the Possession of Richard Taylor, Gent, deceas'd, the Owner thereof, who, and his Ancestors, have respectively occupied the same Time out of Mind. • Proposals for taking the Estate are to be made to Mr Fletcher, of Akleton, Mr. Stokes, of Seisdon, and Mr. Adney, Surgeon, in Bridgnorth, ( Trustees of the said Estate) at Mr. Southall's New Inn, situated between Bridgnorth and Wolverhampton, on Monday the 27th Day of June Instant, about Ten in the Morning. To be Sold ( together or separate,) Avery improveableFreehold FARM, SITUATE at Wilmcoate, in the Parish of Old Strat- ford, in the County of Warwick, ( being two Miles from Stratford, four from Alcester, and six from Henley,) Consisting of a Meadow and Six Closes, containing, in the Whole, upwards of 72 Acres, and now sett at the yearly Rent of 35 I. Also a Yard Land, in the Common- Field of Shottery, in the said Parish of Old Stratford A Messuage, Malthouse, and Orchard, at Moor's Town End, in Stratford, late in the Possession of Mr. Anthony Bezely, deceased. Also seven Tenements and Gardens, in Windsor Street, in Stratford aforesaid, with a Close adjoining. For further Particulars enquire of the Executrix of the said Mr. Anthony Bezely, at hia late Dwelling- House, in Stratford upon Avon, LONDON. [ Tuesday, May 31. There are Letters from Bremen which mention the City of Prague's being taken Sword in Hand, and that Prince Charles and the General Officers therein were made Prisoners of War. Also that the Duke of Cum- berland has taken two advantageous Passes which the French were endeavouring to occupy. Gen. Evening Letters from Paris by the Flanders Mail acknowledge that the Small Pox rages greatly in the French Army in Westphalia. We hear that a Packet is established to go regularly between England and Stade, in order to have speedy and safe Intelligence of what passes in the Army under the Command of his Royal Highness the Duke. On Sunday there was a great Council at Kensington, said to have been occasion'd By some Expresses lately received from his Royal Highness the Duke of Cumber- land. We hear that the Prussian Officer who brought the News of the Defeat of the Austrians by the King his Master, received a Present here of 1000 1. and a Sword and SnufF Box of curious Workmanship It is expected that Two Thousand Five Hundred Pounds will be granted by the Government to the Victuallers and Innholders upon whom the Hessian Troops were billeted, to compensate for the Expences they were put to upon that Account. Sunday last the Right Hon. Lord Tyrawlcy arrived in Town from Gibraltar. We hear there is a Scheme on Foot, which is like to take Place, that will soon reduce the exorbitant Price of Wheat ten or fifteen Shillings per Quarter. The St. George Privateer, Capt. Fortunatus Wright, ( who was supposed to be lost) has taken a French Brig and Carried her into Messina. On the 3d Instant a French Bark sailed from Toulon for Gibraltar with 180 English Prisoners to be exchang'd. The Lyon, Capt. Ham, a very valuable Ship from Carolina, is taken by a French Privateer, and carried into Barfleur ; which makes 20 Ships taken out of 22 from that Part this Season. Last Saturday the Wolf Sloop of War sailed from the Downs to the Northward. WORCESTER, JUNE 2. On Saturday last died here Mr John Bodledge, Deputy Register of this Diocese, which Office he for many Years executed with the greatest Integrity. His Tenderness as a Husband and Parent, his Merit as a Friend and Companion, and his general Affability, have made the Loss of so deserving a Man truly to be lamented by oil who were related to him in Point of Family, Friendship, or Acquaintance. Mr. Richard Clarke, Notary Pub- lick, who for some Years had been Clerk to Mr. Bod- ledge, succeeds him in the Office of Deputy Regslter. On Thursday last there was a very numerous Appear- ance of Gentlemen and Ladies of Distinction at the Con- cert, Ordinary, and Ball, at Dugard's Assembly Room, in Great Malvern, who were pleased to express the highest Satisfaction at the Entertainment they met with and Mr. Dugard takes this earliest Opportunity Of returning Thanks for their Favours. Last Monday Morning a Tumult arose at our Key, on Account ot between 20 and 30 Bags of Meal being put on board a Vessel, in order to be sent to Bridgnorth ; but, by the Interposition of the Peace Officers, some Mischief was prevented ; and, to appease the Clamours of the poor People, the Meal was re- landed for Home Consumption. On Saturday the Market at Bewdley was put in great Confusion by the Assembling of a Number of Women who cut open some Bags of Wheat, and insisted on their being sold at 7 s. per Strike, the Price Wheat sold at tho Thursday before at Kidderminster. Last Saturday Evening a numerous Mob of Men and Women beset the House of Mr. Parry, a Maltster, near the Bridge, at Hereford, and attempted breaking open the Doors, on Pretence of searching for Grain; and not- withstanding his House had several Times before been search'd by them, and none found in his Custody, yet they persisted in having another Search, saying. That if he had no Grain he had some Money ; upon which Declara- tion there was a Necessity for Firing upon them, in which four Women and two Men were terribly wounded, which occasion'd the rest to disperse. On Monday last the Match was run on Burford Downs . between Mr. Bowles's Milo, and Mr. Pytts's Liberty, which was won by the former by only about Half a Neck. * « * J WHITFIELD'S Stay at the Talbot, in Sidbury, will be no longer than Tuesday next. To the Printer of the Worcester JournAl. S I R, May 25, 1757. IN affording the following Lines a Place in your Paper, you will oblige me, and, I trust, some more of your Readers. THE Prussians have the Austrians beat: O let us all rejoice ! And magnify this great Defeat, With more than Heart and Voice, With Cymbal let us praise our God, With Lute and Harp likewise: A Nation trembles at his Nod, Before the PRUSSIAN flies. Resound, Resound, ye Christians all JEHOVAH's mighty Name; That ANTICHRIST begins to fall, Aloud, aloud, proclaim ! To be SOLD, by AUCTION, At Haymes- Place, Gloucestershire, on Monday the 13th Day of this Instant June, and the following Days, by Order of tbe Assignees, THE genuine Houshold- Furniture, China, Linnen, Plate, Pictures, Drawings, Prints, Books, and other Effects of Sir William Strachan, Bart. a Bankrupt. To be view'd till the Time of Sale, which will begin each Day at Eleven o'Clock. Printed Catalogues will be ready in a few Days, and may be had, gratis, of Mr. Alderman Crump, in Glou- cetler; Mr. Osbaldestone, Mercer, in Tewkesbury; Mr. Hetheway, Mercer, in Cheltenham; and at Haymes- Place aforesaid. To be SOLD by AUCTION, On Wednesday the fifteenth of June, at the Green Dragon, in Chipping - Campden, Gloucestershire, One of the best- built and most convenient MESSUAGES in that Town, SITUATE in the Market- Place, and occupied by Mr. John Allen, a Grocer, being the House wherein Mr. Edmund Pembruge, deceased, lately dwelt.' For further Particulars enquire of Mr. Cotterel Corbet Honeyborne; Mr. Richard Darby, at Campden} and Mr. Welch, of Evesham. To be peremptorily SOLD, Pursuant to a Decree of the High Court of Chancery, together or in Parcels, before Thomas Bennet, Esq-, one of the Masters of the said Court, at his House in Cursitors- Street, London, on Monday tbe z- jth Day of June, between the Hours of Ten and Twelve of the Clock in the forenoon, THE ESTATES of Richard Steward, late of Cladswell, in the Parish of Inkborough, in the County of Worcester, Yeoman, consisting of a Farm House, and several Closes and Fields, call'd Cladfall Farm, lett at 50 1. a Year, and of other inclosed Grounds, in Inkborough aforesaid, lett at 20 1. a Year. Particulars whereof may be had at the said Master's House. To be L E T T, And Enter'd upon at Michaelmas Day next, in Upton- upon Severn, AMALT- HOUSE, in good Repair, now in the Possession of Thomas Farmer, at the yearly Rent of Six Pounds. Also, if requir'd, A Messuage or Tenement, ad. joining to the said Malt- house, very convenient for a small Family, will be lett with it. For Particulars enquire of Mr. John Rowden, or of Mr William Hudson, in Upton. EVESHAM, June 2, 1757. NOTICE is hereby given THAT Mr. William Kettle, Grocer, in Evesham, intends to leave off Trade, and Dif- pofe of his Stock ; consisting of all Sorts of GROCERY- WARES, with the Counters, Boaes, and Shelves; Like- wife Tobacco, a Tobacco- Engine, a Flatting Mill, and s Wax Press, to be sold, some at Prime Cost, and some under. N. B. The Sale will be on Thursday the 9th of this Instant June. Charles Richards, and Company, CLASP and LETTER CASE Makers, Removed to the Bible and Letter- Case, in Stationers- Court, Ludgate- Street, LONDON, MAKE and Sell all Sorts of Letter Cases, Folio Cases, Sermon Cases, Travelling Cases j all Sorts of Pocket Books, in Morocco, Shagreen, and other Leathers, neatly mounted with Locks and Clasps, in Gold, Silver, Brass, or Steel ; Ladies' Writing Desks; and Travelling Desks for Gentlemen, with Conveniencies for the Shaving Equipage ; — where Merchants and Shopkeepers may be supply'd with great Variety, and at very reasonable Rates. to be LETT, And Enter d upon at Michaelma9 next, AConvenient HOUSE and SHOP, ( situated in Goose Lane, Worcester and which for several Years were occupied in the Linnen- Drapery and Millinary Business, and the Shop very well- accustomed, and the Persons who occupied the same are but just re- mov'd. Likewise to be LETT, and may It Enter'd upon immediately, A commodious DWELLING- HOUSE, with all Con- veniences, situated at the Back of the House and Shop above mentioned. For further Particulars of both Houses enquire of Mr. Rowland Morris, Grocer, in Broad- Street, Worcester. This Day waS Publish'd, ( Price 6d) By PERMISSION, Address'd to his Royal Highness George Prince of Wales, Illustrated with Three Copper Plates, viz:, 1. The different Lengths of Days and Nights. 2. The Winter Season. 3. PiSciS BicorNIS ( vulgo) THe Cuckold FiSH. No XXXI for May, 1757, of The GENERAL MAGAZINE ARTS and SCIENCES, Philosophical, Philological, Mathematical, and Mechanical, By BENJAMIN MARTIN. Author of the Philosophical Grammar, & c. bV. This Number contains, The Young Gentleman and Lady's Philoso- phy. Dialogue XI I. Of Winter. Dialogue XIII. The Theory of Day and Night explain'd by the Orrory. Natural History.- London, its Extent, Division, and most remark- able Curiosities. Of the Christian Religion. Of the Evidence of the Truth of the Christian Religion, from the Prophesies of the Messiah and Gospel Dispensation. Institutes of Algebra.-— Chap. XXI. Table IV. Of the Nature, Genesis, and Roots of Cubic Equations,' and those of higher Di- mensions. Biographica Philosophica.— The Life of Virgil concluded.— The Life of Ovid. Miscellaneous Correspondence.—— The History of Mr. Archibald Bower concluded. A Description of the Piscis Bicornis, vul- garly call'd the Cuckold Fish, illustrated by a curious Copper- plate Print. Mathematical Questions answer'd. New ones proposed. Poetry —— Strephon. A Cantata. An Acrostic.— A Song, set to Music by Mr. Moze. An Ode to May. An Ode to Hope. — Miss Cotterill's Minuet. A Chronological Memoir of Occurences.— News foreign aad do- mestic. Births, Marriages, Deaths, Preferments, Bankrupts, Books published, Bill of Mortality, Observations on Weather, Courfe of Exchange, Prices of Stocks, & c. London : Printed for W. Owen, at Homer's Head, in Fleet- Street; and sold by all the Booksellers, Printers, and News Carriers, in Great Britain and Ireland. N. B In the General Magazine for the Months of Octo- ber, November, December, 1756, and January, 1757, are given large and correct Maps of all tbe GERMAN EMIpiRe, with a General History, necessary for all who would be ac- quainted with the present Seat of War. J. WHITFIELD, Has lately received, from his Warchouse in London, a fresh Assortment of Linnen- Drapery Goods of all Sorts, in particular Printed Linnens and Cottons of the newest Patterns, which must be sold off with Speed, by Whole- sale or Retail, at his Warehouse in a large Front Parlour, at the Talbot, in Sidbury, Worcester, coNsisTiNg of uLix Holland, Irish Cloth, Long Lawns, Muslins of all sorts, ~ Mens' long Neckcloths, Clear I. awns, strip'd, plain, and chequer'd, from is. to 12s. per Yard ; flower'd minionetted Gauze, and spotted Lawns, with Variety of Aprons and Ruffles minionetted and border'd round, of the newest Fashions, for Gentlemen and Ladies; Variety of strip'd and flower'd border'd Handkerchiefs, of the newest Fashions, from Sd. per Piece to us.; Silk and Gauze Handkerchiefs, with choice of Silk and Muslin ditto; printed Lin- nens and Cottons, of the newest Patterns, with Variety of dark and light- ground Chints Patterns of the newest Fashions, and at the lowest Prices; with choice of printed Cottons for Furniture; printed Hol- lands and Long Lawns; Damask and Diaper Table Linnen in the Piece, and Variety of Damask and Diaper Table- cloths, with Setts of ditto ; Dimities j flower'd, plain and spotted Capuchins, French Cloaks, Cardinals, Shades, and Polanees; Velvet and Silk in the Piece, spotted, flower'd, and plain, for Capuchins; Pelong Sattin ; Boys' Velvet and Silk Caps, and Tippets for Children; Womens'' Velvet and Silk Hoods ; scarlet and cloth- colour'd Cloaks and Do- minoes ; great choice of Camblets and Callimancoes ; Cotton, Thread and Worsted Gloves and Stockings ; Cotton Caps ; Paduasoy Ribbons at 4d. per Yard ; new fashion'd figur'd Ribbons at 2d. per Yard; and Silk Figures of the newest Patterns, at jd. per Yard; Silk Purses ; Brussels, Mechlin, and Buckinghamshire Lace ; Frame Lace Caps; Mens wove Cotton and Worsted Waistcoats; printed Linnen and Scotch Handkerchiefs; Womens' Shag, Leghorn, Chip, Horse- hair, and Paper Hats; choice of cover'd and bound ditto ; Silk, Cotton, Thread, Worded, and Leather Mits ; black Silk Fringe and Gimps; dark and light ground Cotton at 8s. per Gown, Also great choice of small Silver Plate, vix. Salts, Cream- Jugs, large Spoons, Tea Spoons and Tongs, Corals; great choice of Silver Shoe- Buckles, 3nd plated ditto, of the newest Patterns; Clafps and Stock- Buckles j short Rimi and Buttons, Bristol- stone Buttons, Stay- Hooks, Gold, Plain and Stone Rings, Wires and Bobs, Silver Thimbles and Seals, with choice of Silver Watches, *„* Ready Money for Old Gold or Silver, and Gold or Silver Lace, or Exchange for any of the above- mention'd Goods. N. B. The Prices are fix'd, without Abatement, To ihe PRecepTors and GOVERNESSES throughout Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. This Day was Publish'd, Price bound One Shilling and Six pence, Neatly printed in a Pocket Volume, YOUTH'S HISTORICAL INSTRUCTOR; OR, THE British Chronologist: Containing An Impartial CoMPENDium of the most MEMORABLE OCCURRENCES In our English History ; from the Primitive BRITONS tf our present happy Establishment in Church and Statc^ > The Whole Carefully compiled By D. BELLAMY, Formerly of St. John s College in Oxford. Embellished with near Forty Pictures of all the MONArcHS of ENG- land, from WILLIAM the Conqueror, to his present Majesty, inclusive ; with their respective Characters in memorial Verses. Let Foreign HISTORIES alone. Till you've some Notion of your OWN. LONDON Printed for W. Owen, at Temple- Bar; and sold by all other Booksellers in Town and Country. This Day is Publish'd, Price, in Boards, 5 s. The Fifth Volume; ( Illustrated with Eight Copper Plates, containing the Heads and Monuments of Edward IV. and V. Richard III. Henry VII. and the stately Monument of Henry VII. and his Queen, in his Chapel in Westminster Abbey. Mr. Tindal's Translation and Continuation of M. Rapins HISTORY of ENGLAND LONDON : Printed, by Assignment from Mr. Knapton, for T. Osborne and J. Shipton, J. Hodges, J. Robinson, H Woodfall, W. Strahan, J. Rivington, J. Ward, R. Baldwin, W. Owen, W. Johnston, J. Richardson, P. Davy and B. Law, T. Longman, G. Keith, S. Crowder and H. Woodgate, T. Caslon, M. Cooper, and C. Ware ; By whom Proposals are deliver'd, and Subscriptions are taken in. The Whole will be compris'd in Twenty Volumes, one of which will be publish'd the First Day of every Month, without Interruption, till the Work is completed. N. B. In this Volume there are six Dissertations in the Appendix, publilhed from original MSS. viz. On Iccius Portus, where Caesar landed. z. On the Birth- Place of Constantine the Great, and Helena his Empress. 3. Oa King Arthur. 4. On Athelstan, Fair Rosamond. and Edward I. wounded in the Holy Land. 5. On the Death ot William Rufus. 6. On King John's Reign and Death. S. R's Letter of May 16, is received, and noticed by Mr. Tindal, who would be glad of any farther Remarks from the same Hand. G Just Arrived, from the Company's Wholesale and Retail Perfumery and Medicinal Warehouse, At the Golden Fleece, near York- Buildings, in the Strand LONDON, And sold by H. Berrow, Printer, in Worcester, and may be had of the Men who carry this Journal, Warrens IMPERIAL POWDER For the C U R E of White or Bloody Fluxes, Loosness of the Bowels, & c, AS immoderate Fluxes, Loosness of the Bowels, & c. are most dangerous, and bring many other perni- cious Diseases, as, Weakness of the whole Body, Cold- ness of the Bowels, and especially of the Liver, an Atro- phy or Want of Nourishment, an evil Habit, and Dropsy, by the Loss of natural Heat, and by wasting too much Blood, which is the Treasure of Life and the Cherisher of the whole Body, has been frequently found to end in Death, this Powder is found to be an effectual Cure for the above Diseases, and, through God's Blessng, was never known to fail. To prevent Counterfeits, Two Papers of the Powder are seal'd up in Marble Paper, with the Proprietor's Arms, and his Name, Richard Warren, round, with Directions, Price Two Shilling*, and Six pence. N B. This Powder gives present Relief after all other Endeavours have failed.
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