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Berrow's Worcester Journal


Printer / Publisher: Berrow 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 2489
No Pages: 4
Berrow's Worcester Journal page 1
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Berrow's Worcester Journal
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Berrow's Worcester Journal

Date of Article: 14/04/1757
Printer / Publisher: Berrow 
Address: Office in Goose-Lane, near the Cross
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 2489
No Pages: 4
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BERROW's Worcester Journal. FRIDAY'S and SATURDAY'S POSTS. [ From the London Evening Post.] To the PEOPLE of ENGLAND, AS it is the Duty of every Individual, in a Commonwealth, to do is utmost for, and in Support of, the Whole; I cannot but offer my Thoughts to you on the present important Crisis of your Affairs. The shameful Loss of Mi- norca ; the total NegleCt of your Colo nies ; the unconstitutional Introduction of a foreign Army into the Kingdom ; the great Want of a proper Militia ; together with the intolerable Profusion of your Money in Subsidies to foreign Princes; in fruitless Parades at Home, and in many corrupt Measures subversive of your Consti- tution, having lately prevailed upon you to address his Sacred Majesty for an Enquiry into the Conduct of the late Administration; into the real Cause of the Loss of Minorca, and the distressed Situation of your Affairs; and his Majesty having been graciously pleased to promise you, that such Enquiry should be made, and Justice done on All, who should be found wanting in their Duty to Him and their Country ; and having also, in Consequence thereof, displaced those Persons you so justly complain'd of, and put the Management of your Affairs into the Hands of Gentlemen of the greatest Abilities, and strictest Integrity ; you were, no doubt, in great Expectation of seeing the Guilty Persons soon brought to Justice, and your distressed Circumstances relieved. And it is not to be denied, but that, in the short Space of Time the pre- sent Gentlemen have had the Management of your Af- fair , they have, considering the constant Opposition they have met with from the Creatures of the late Admi- nistration, done all that was possible for Men to do, and and greatly mended the Face of your Affairs. They have, according to your Desires, begun an Enquiry into the real Cause of the Loss of Minorca: They have taken the most proper and most vigorous Measures to support your Colonies, and to bring the War in America to a short and happy Issue: They sent away the foreign Army : They have procured a Bill to pass the Houfe of Commons for the Regulation of the Militia: They have begun a Saving in the Expences of Government, by vacating useless Of- fices: Nay, indeed, They have given a most glorious Proof of their Integrity and Zeal for your Service, by de- claring publickly, They were ready to serve you without any Pay or Salary at all. Your Navy never was so well paid, nor so properly employ'd, as now; and none but Men of Courage, and true Merit, have been, by Them, promoted to the Command of his Majesty's Ships. But, alas ! just as the Sun of Prosperity begins to dawn upon you and your Affairs; just as the Day of Enquiry is ap proaching in order to do Justice on Those, who have so grosly injured you, it is confidently reported, That your faithful, and Uncorrupt, Administrators are to be re moved The Reason for such Removal is said to be, Be- cause They are averse to Expeditions on the Continent yet, I apprehend, it is not the only one : May not the Dread of that Enquiry, which you have desired, be ano- ther? May not the Saving, which is begun by taking away useless Offices, and curtailing extravagant Salaries, have given an Alarm to the Creatures of the late corrupt Administration, and be also another Reason for such Re moval But though the Removal of the present most ex- cellent Administration is most confidently asserted ; yet 1 confess to you, I know not how to give it full Credit; not only because They have acted so greatly for your Interests ; but because I am at a Loss how to reconcile it with the Royal Promise. However, should such a fatal Change take Place, let me conjure you, not to suffer your Resentments to rise too high, nor exceed the Bounds of Obedience: But let humble Petitions, and Addresses, to the Throne, at once declare your Duty, your Grievances, and your Desires. 1 am your faithful Servant, BRITANNICUS. LONDON. [ Thursday, April 7 There are great Disquietudes and Murmurings in seve- ral Parts of the Town upon the Talk of a Change in the Ministry, which, some say, will be effected before his Royal Highness the Duke of Cumberland is to set out - for Germany. In the Course of Sir William Temple's Negotiations at the Hague, in the Reign of Charles II. the Pensionary De Witt often complain'd to him, that the Counsels of England were so fluctuating, that it was impossible to act in Concert with our Crown, or to place any Dependance on it. But this is not to be wonder'd at; both the King and his Ministers had sold themselves to France. Lond. Ev. Post. We hear that the Court of Madrid have positively disowned, or disapproved, the Conduct of the Commander of their Bay, with regard to the Antigallican's Prize. . Whatever outside Shew the French and Spaniads may put on towards each other on particular Occasions, it is in ge nerally well known to such as have been both in France and Spain, that they bear to each other an inveterate and mor- tal Hatred. . This being Maundy Thursday, his Majesty's Bounty was distributed in Whitehall Chapel to a Number of poor Men and Women, in the following Manner : To each three Ells of Holland, a Piece of Woollen Cloth, a Pair of Shoes and Stockings, Twenty Shillings in a Purse, 74 Silver Pence, Two pences and Threepences, a Loaf, and a Platter of Fish. We hear a 20 Gun Ship is ordered to cruise between Helvoet and Harwich, to protect the Packet at this very critical Juncture. On Monday Night so great a Number of Men were im- pressed in the Liberty of Westminster, that upwards of forty were confined in Covent Garden Roundhouse. One of our Men of War has taken a French Ship bound to St. Domingo, and carried her into Barbadoes. A Privateer of New- York has taken a small French Privateer, and carried her into the said Island.* Last Night was interr'd in Covent Garden Church- Yard, Mrs. Stuckwell, ( commonly call'd Industrious Jenny) who for many Years kept a House for necessitous young Gentlemen in Bridges Street, and afterwards a spunging House in Drury Lane. Six eminent Bailiffs and Turnkeys held up the Pall, and as many of their Followers and Runners were Bearers, John Ketch, Esq; and the young Lady at the Green Cannister being chief Mourners. The Company were complimented with Mourning Rings in Lieu of Civility Money: Tho' many obnoxious Persons passed by during the Procession, not one of them uncloak'd even to fasten upon their Prey, which is justly esteem'd one of the most remarkable Incidents that has happened in our Times. On Monday were committed to Chelmsford Gaol, from Rumford, four Soldiers, for divers Robberies on the Hig- hway, upon the Oath and Confession of one of them, particularly the Robbery of the Farmer on the 16th of March last, near Rumford, of 115I. Part of which Money being given to some of their Wives, was the Means of their being discovered. An ACCOUNT of the Execution of Robert- Francis Damien, for stabbing the French King. ON Tuesday, the 29th of March, at a Quarter after Five, the Princes and Peers repaired to the Grand Chamber with the Magistrates, and each having taken his Seat according to his Rank, the Greffier was desired by the First Prefident to read the Proceedings on the Trial. At half an Hour after Six a Detachment of the French Guards were ordered to be posted in the Galleries of the Palace, the Avenues of the Chamber, & c. and about a Quarter of an Hour afterwards the Criminal was brought into the Grand Chamber with his Face covered ; and being, in the Midst of the Tribunal, fixed upon a Kind of Bed with Iron Rings, which prevented his moving of his Arms or Legs, he answer'd the Questions put to him by the First Prefident. At Half an Hour after Nine the Father and two Brothers of Damien were brought in, and also a Person suspected from having known and lived with him in the Jesuit's College; and afterwards his Wife and Daughter, an Aunt, and three others, were successively presented to him. He seemed not to be in the least af- fected when his Father and Brothers were brought to him, but was greatly disturbed at the Approach of his Wife and Daughter. They were all remanded back to their Chamber, and then the First President, having taken the Advice of the august Assembly, pronounced the Sentence of Death; which Sentence was executed the next Day. He was first brought in a Scavenger's Cart to the Gate of the Cathedral, where he perform'd the Amende honorable in his Shirt, holding a lighted Torch of 20 lb. Weight, and on his Knees confessed his horrid Crime, begging Par- don ot God, and the King, and the Law. From thence he was carried in the same Cart to the Greve, where he arrived at Three in the Afternoon. They took him up to the Town- House, and kept him there an Hour; after which he was laid upon the Scaffold, where his Parricide Hand was first pierced, then cut off, and burnt with Sul- phur. Then they tortured him with red hot Irons in his Breasts, Thighs, and Calves of his Leg', and poured into the Wounds melted Lead, boiling Oil, flaming Rosin and Wax and Brimstone melted together. These Ope being over, his Limbs were tied to four Horses, in order to be torn asunder ; but, though the Beasts were stout and vigorous, they could not do it in five or six Pulls , Per mission to dismember him was afterwards demanded and with Difficulty obtain'd. There were Signs of Life in him to that very Moment. In fine, his Quarters and Trunk were thrown into a blazing Pile, and continued burning ' till Seven o'Clock the next Morning. His Ashes are to be scatter'd to the Winds. It is likewise ordered in the Sentence, that the House where this Wretch was born shall be demolished, previously indemnifying the F prietor of it, and that no Building shall hereafter be erec - ted on that Spot where it stands. From th LONDON GAZETTE. Admiralty- Office, April 5. The King having ~ pleased to appoint the Officers in the Thirty additional Companies of Marines to be forthwith raised, and to fill up the Vacancies in the present one hundred ( panies; the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty _ ordered the said Officers to repair with the utmost Expe dition to their respeCtive Head Quarters at Portsmouth Plymouth, and Chatham, unless they are command elsewhere by their superior Officer. To the Gentlemen, Clergy, and Free holders of the County of Worcester THE unhappy Accident which ha pened at the Guildhall of the City of Worces- on Tuesday last, having occasioned a Vacancy in thel fice of Coroner, by the Death of Mr. Edm und Chambers of Kidderminster, one of the Coroners for the said County of Worcester, and being encouraged by many of Friends to offer myself a Candidate to succeed him in. said Office, but being unable to make a Personal Appl tion to all, I take this Method of humbly intreating Favour of your Votes and Interest to succeed to the Office of Coroner, which will be gratefully acknowledged by Gentlemen, Your most obedient, and most humble Servant, 1 GREGORY WATKIN Birmingham and Worcester STAGE - COACH WILL set out from the Dolphin Inn, in Birmingham on Wednesday the 20th of April Instant, at Eight o? l in the Morning, ( by Way of Northfield and Bromsgrove a the C| in Broad- street, Worcester, and return back on Thursday Mornin the same Hour, for the Dolphin Inn, in Birmingham, and | Passengcrs at SeVeN SHILLINGS each, the Money to be pa taking the Place ; and Goods will be carried at reasonable Rates Perform'd by THOMAS SHAKELL | K S. Of the said Thomas Shakell may be had, Black Cart at reasonable Rates, and A handsome Four- Wheel Chaise. Travelling Coach. To be SOLD, A Freehold Estate in the Parish of Suck Known by the Name of COLD- grOVE. For further Particulars enquire of Mr. Dundridge, Atton in Worcester. To be LETT, And Enter'd upon IMMEDIATELY, . ALarge, Commodious, and Well- accustom'd BRICK KILN, with or without all Sorts of Utensils necessary making Bricks and Tiles, & c. with a large Quantity of CLAy al dug; and alfo one large Kiln, with two large Hovels, both! situate in the Parish of Stoke- Prior, within Half a Mile of Broms grove, and late in the Possession of Edward Wood, deceased. For further Particulars enquire of Mr. William Sanders, and Peruke- maker, in High- street, Worcester; or of Mr. C. Parsonage, of Stowerbridge ; or of George Bell, of Bromsgrove To be LETT, and Enter'd upon Immediate At Chipping- CAMpdeN, in the County of Gloucester, A Very good and commodious Dwelling House, with al Free- stone Front, Sash'd, situate opposite the Market- with a Chandler's Shop, with Counters ready fix'd, a very good ' side, with a Work- house, Soap Furnace, Tallow Furnace, and G Mould, two Vats with Receivers, and all Utensils belonging to boiling, together with an Ash- house, Garden, Stable, & c. any Inmate. _ Enquire of Mr, Walter Allen, at the Three Tuns, in C. a aforesaid. 1 To be Sold to the Best Bidder, AGood Dwelling- House, Bake- house, Malt house Wood- house, capable of housing above Two Thousand F in the Dry; the Whole entire, and stands well for Trade, situated in the High street, Worcester, between the College and Hall. For further Particulars enquire of Mr. William Davis, Attorney Bromyard-, or of Mr. Whitbrook, Cabinet- maker, in High- Worcester, who will shew and sell the premisses. ' I To be LETT, Within a Mile of Campden. in Gloucestershire, for Term of Years not exceeding seven, with all the Fur- niture therein, belonging to the Right Hon. the Earl * ' ' " 11 • * . [ Printed at his O F F I C E, in Goofe- Lane, near the Crofs. ] Price Two- Pence. THURSDAY, April 14,1757. N0. 2489 H. Berrow, Printer, in Worcester, May now be had, ( for ready Money ONLY,) Tickets and Shares of Tickets in the present L O T TERY, ( from Hazard's State tery Office, in London,) in a great Variety of Number, sells Whole Tickets at the following Prices, viz. I. t. i. « , Two, or Three Tickets only, at - i i S each Four up to Sixteen, at I I 6 each Sixteen up to Fifty, at I I 4 each Fifty or any greater Number — 113 each to such Persons who choose to extend their Chance to several dis- Numbers may be supply'd by the said H. berrow, with Shares Tickets, at the same Prices they are sold at in London, viz. /. s. d. ' Half a Ticket on o A Quarter 060 An Eighth 030 ckets and Shares of Tickets register'd at Sixpence each Number, he greatest Fidelity and Secresy will be observ'd The Lot-. begins Drawing the 5th of September next, and all the Prizes will id off at any Time after the 20th of January next. In the present LOTTERY there are ceen prizes of 1o, oool. each | One hundred and Fifty of tool, een of 50C0I. I And several Thousand other teen of 3000 1. I Prizes of jo I. 20I. and fteen of 1ooo I. 1 101. each. ity of 5061. I The First Drawn Tickets —— 300 I. each. Last Drawn - r— 3001. 3s. 6d. each. re, Blank Tickets in the last Lottery will be taken in Exchange Tickets in the present. NDAY'S and MONDAY'S POSTS. AMERICA. Extract of a Letter from Barbadoes, February 5. ABOUT ten Days since the Surprize, Capt. Knight, brought in here a fine new French Ship, of 14 Car- Guns, bound from Rochelle to St. Domingo, with rgo of Flour, Claret, and Dry Goods ; the first Cost hich, in France, is near 13,000 1. Sterling Money of t Britain. The Saltash Sloop of War, Capt. Cummins, has lately Very gallant Engagement with a French Ship of 36 s and 300 Men ; he fell in with her early in the ing, and calling his small Crew of 78 Men toge . it was unanimously agreed to attack the Enemy ; which they bore down immediately, threw a Grap- n board the French Ship, and gave her a very smart The first Time the Saltash was cut off, but this animated the brave Crew to board the Enemy a se- and a third Time; however, the Superiority in ber of Men proved too considerable, and, after ( even s Engagement, the Saltash was obliged to quit, with and Rigging cut to Pieces, 12 Men kill'd, every r but two wounded or kill'd, and only two Rounds Powder left. LONDON. [ Saturday, April 9. From the LONDON GAZETTE. " James's, April 9. This Morning, about 6 o'Clnck, Royal Highness the Duke of Cumberland set out for 11 ir, to embark there, in his Way to Hanover. Whitehall. April 9. On Wednesday last the Right Mr Pitt, by ms Majesty's Command, resign'd the of Secretary of State for the Southern Department, e King has been pleased to grant unto tbe Right William Lord Mansfield, Chief Justice of the Court ing's Bench, the Office of Chancellor ot his Majesty's quer, in the room of the Right Hon. Henry Legge, plied, that as he received his Commission directly from his , he could not resign without a formal Order Commission has passed the Great Seal appointing the of Winchelsea, Lord Carysfort, Sir William Row- he Hon. Edward Boscawen, Savage Mostyn, Esq; on. Edwin Sandys, Esq, and Gilbert Elliot, Esq; to Commissioners for executing the Office of Lord High ral. Thus far the London Gazette. Wednesday new Writs were issued out, for Hun- nshire in the room of Lord Carysfort, for Weobly room of Admiral Mostyn, and for Bossiney in the of the Hon Edwin Sandys, Esq: appointed Lords Admiralty ; who, we hear, will will be rechosen. new Writ is ordered for St. Maw's, in Cornwall, to Member for that Borough, in the room of General ay, appointed a Groom of the Bedchamber to his 7 in the room of General Herbert, deceased. bert Elliott, Esq; having declined taking upon him ce of a Lord of the Admiralty, William Gerard lton, Esq; is appointed to fill up that Commission. sterday the Hon. Sir Richard Lyttelton, Knight of the d Major General of his Majesty's Forces, resigned office of Master of the Jewel Office, did the Hon James Greenville that of one of the of the Treasury ; and Thomas Potter, Esq; the of Joint Pay- Master of his Majesty's Forces. : Right Hon. Henry Fox is appointed Pay Master al, in the room of Lord Viscount Duplin and Tho otter, Esq; hear the Right Hon. Henry Fox, Esq; has just ' d a reversionary Grant for himself and his two of the beneficial Post of Clerk of the Pells in Ire- now enjoyed by George Bub Dodington, Esq; and at 20001. per Annum. t e Right Hon. Earl of Egremont is appointed Secre- f State, in the room ot the Right Hon. William Esq) Right. Hon the Earl of Shelburn and Lord Digby shortly be created Peers of Great- Britain, e hear that a certain great Personage sent a Mes- 011 Wednesday afternoon tea great Commoner, informing him that he had no further Occasion for his ccs; upon which, the worthy Conmoner nobly re- from the same Hand. We are further informed, that on the above Answer being received, considerable Appointments were offered TO Several of the Nobility and Gentry, in Connection with the present Ministry, and that they all begged to be excused from accepting of any such Posts, while a certain Person ( very latley appointed to a new Place) continued in any publick employment that had any Connexion with theirs We are assured that the City of London will speedily present the Right Hon. William Pitt, and the Right Hon Henry Legge, Esqrs. with the Freedom of the City in a Gold Box, as a Mark of the entire Satisfaction they have given that respectible Body, by their Prudence and Inte- grity in the Conduct of publick Affairs. We hear that the Right Hon. the Lord Tyrawley, Go vernor of Gibraltar, is coming home, and that the Earl of Home is to succecd him Thursday last there were near 400 Coaches attending at the Prince of Wales's Levee. The Right Hon. the House of Peers are adjourn'd to Tuesday the 19th Instant. And the Hon. House of Commons are adjourn'd to Monday the 18th Instant. ' Tis said that three Battalions of the Foot Guards will speedily go abroad. Thursday Morning Admiral Smith hoisted his Flag again on board the Union in the Downs. We are now told, that the French find themselves so much embarrassed for Want of Seamen, of which we have such great Numbers Prisoners in England, that they have proposed Terms for a Cartel, or general Exchange; of Prisoners. We hear that some Conferences have been had with the Spanish Minister residing here, upon Advice received of the Detainer of the Antigallican's Prize; and also, that a categorical Answer is demanded to a grand Question. The Liverpool, Walker, from Jamaica for London, who was taken by a Bayonne Privateer, of 269 Pounders, and 340 Men, 140 Leagues to the Westward of Scilly, is retaken by the Mercury Privateer, and sent into Liver- pool. She had been in Possession of the French five Days. There is a List of 36 Privateers said to be now out from Bayonne and St. John de Luce, most of which mount from 20 to 30 Guns The Sally, Sullivan, from Cork for the Leeward- Islands, is taken by a French Privateer, and carried into Nazaire, with six Feet Water in her Hold. There is a Report that another Duch Packet Boat has been taken with two Mails on board. The Subscription to the Ladies Resolution Privateers ( three in Number, to be commanded by the brave Capt. Walker) upon the Books at Sir Charles Asgill's, and Mr. Drummond's, already amounts to 80001. at the Head of which stands the respectable Name of the Right Hon. the Countess of Northumberland By Letters from Antigu, of February last they write, that the French Privateers cruise so thick round that Island, that it is next to a Miracle for an English Vessel to get in there if she does not come with Convoy; and further say, that the French Privateers have taken near 70 Englith Vessels from last August to that Date, chiefly owing to the small Number of 20 Gun Ships and Sloops of War stationed there. The Humbug of the late Admiral Byng's being yet alive, is again revived, and Reasons are given why he is so ; but as it was never known that a Man lived after having five Musket Balls through his Body, we can't but think him dead. A Seaman lies under Sentence of Death at Spithead for threatning to kill the Captain. They write from divers Counties that the Ground this Spring has turned up very rich, and there is a Prospect of a plentiful Harvest. By a Letter from the North, we have an Account of the Death of one Harry Vas, Principal Servant to Ma- jor Grant of Moy in Scotland, and his Brother Col. Grant, whom he had served above forty Years, and saved about 600 1. Sterling, most of which he has left to charitable Ufes; particularly tool, to educate poor Boys at the School of Dyce, and 100 I. to each of the Infirmaries of Edinburgh and Aberdeen. We hear that the Bakers of the City and Liberty of Westminster have left off baking Rolls, on Account of the high Price of Bread. On Monday last a Match was run upon Knavesmire for 300 Guineas, betwixt a Grey Horse belonging to Leonard Thompson, Esq; and a Black Horse belonging to Mr. Preston, one four Mile Heat, catch Weight, and was won by the latter. A few Days ago was married at Cadesham, near Bath, Sir Edmund Alleyn, of Lees, in the County of Essex, Birt. to the Hon. Miss Tracy, youngest Daughter to the late Lord Viscount Tracy, a beautiful young Lady, with a large Fortune. Thursday Morning about Five o'Clock, a melancholy Accident happen'd at Mr. Golden's, a Carpenter's House in Red- Lion- Street, Holbourn, who had two Maiden Sisters lodged up two Pair of Stairs, one of them flung herself out of Window, by which Accident her Thigh was broke; she was immediately taken up and proper Assistance sent for, but by the Anguish of her Limb and being very much bruised, she expired between Nine and Ten o'Clock the same Morning. She was thought by many Persons to have been disordered in her Senses a con- siderable Time past. At the Assizes at Rochester one Person received Sentence of Death, viz Thomas Hill, for committing a Rape on the Body of Mary Bridges. Plymouth, April 7, Every Thing here wears a m tary Appearance; a vast Number of Hands are nually employed in improving and extending the Works of the Citadel. \ To Cover this Season, At Half a Guinea each Mare, and One Shilling the the Money to be paid at the first Time of Leaping. NOw in the Hands of Thomas Williams, at tbe Griffin, near Sidbury Gate, Worcester, a thorough- bred Chesnut Horfe, call'd STATESMAN. He is Severn Years old. Fifteen Hands and a Half high, well mark'd, free from Blemish, and able to carry eighteen Stone a Sporting. He was got by Old Bahram; his Dam was got by Monkey, that won Six Hundred Guineas at Newmarket. As to other Particulars, ' tis not material to mention them, except, that he is allow'd by the best Judges to be a very beautiful Horse. Grass for Mares, and proper care taken of them. APRIL II, 1757. WHEREAS, on Friday the 8th Instant, some Time in the Morning, the Houfe and Shop of THOMAS PERKINS, of Evesham, in the County of Worcester, Watch- maker, was broke open, and the following Watches, & c. taken out of the Shop, viz. A middle siz'd Watch, ( named Hunt, London J almost new, tho' pretty much out of Repair, having a Silver Dial- plate, Catgut String, a Key, and a Glass Seal set in Silver A middle siz'd ditto, ( named Thomas Perkins, Evesham) having a Yellow and Black Ribbon, a Key, a solid Silver Seal with the Impression of a Buck in a Park, and a Steel swivel Seal, set in Silver A large ditto, ( named Orme, Preston) having a long whitish satin String, and a Key A smallish ditto, ( named Stone, London ) having a Yellow Ribbon, and Key An old ditto, ( named Spencer, London) the outer Case much crack'd, and the Pendant fix'd on one lids of the common Place of the Box A middle siz'd Gilt Metal Case and Box, without a Bezil for the Glass An old large Silver ditto, the lower Pevet of the Verne broke A middle siz'd Silver ditto, having an Enamel Dial- Plate, a new Verge lately made to it, and on the inner Case mark'd I. S. An old ditto, ( named Simcock, Daventry) with its Verge very much worn Art . old ditto, ( named Thomas Perkins, Evesham) having a Silver Chain, and Brass Seal A middle siz'd ditto, almost new, with an arch'd Silver Dial- plate and Half- Hours, a Black Leather String, with a Key and a Saddle- Bag Key, ( named Thomas Perkins, Evesham) Part of the Joint of the Bezil broke Two smallsfiz'd new ditto, ( named Thomas Perkins, Evesham) with Enamel Dial- plates, Catgut String.:, and one Key A smallest ditto, having a Bit on the Dial- plate, which is Enamel, broke between the Figures 50 and 55, Name for- got A large old Watch, the Maker's Name erased both on the Midlle- piece and Frame- plate, having a very long Black Ribbon and Key A middle siz'd ditto, ( named Faujoux, London) having a Green wove Silk String, and a new Key And an old ditto, ( named Greenhill, London) having a long old Black String and Key. Whoever will apprehend, or cause to be apprehended, the Person who committed the said Burglary and Felony, so as he or she may be convicted thereof, shall, upon such Conviction, receive a Reward of TEN GUINEAS, ( over and above and besides what is allowed by Act of Parliament) j and, if more than one Person be concern'd, who- ever will discover, or cause to be discover'd, his or her Accomplice or Accomplices, so as he, she, or they may be apprehended and con- verted, shall, upon such Conviftinn, receive the like Reward, and a Free Pardon procured for them. And if any of the Watches, an- swering the above Descriptions, may be offer'd to be pawn'd or sold, pray stop the Person or Persons so offering it, and detain the Goods, and give Information thereof to the said Thomas Perkins, and for so doing such Person or Persons shall be well satisfied for their Trouble, by the said Thomas Perkins. EDMUND AMISS; Taylor and Stay- Maker, At the COLLEGE- GRATES' WORCESTER, WHO has hitherto conceal'd his Knowledge of the Art of Tayloring, except to some Gentlemen whom he has lately had the Honour of serving, is, by their Advice, induced to acquaint the Publick, That he intends carrying on that Business. As he his settled a regular Correspondence with some of the most noted . Hands in London, from whom he will receive the earliest Intelligence of every New Fashion, and the necessary Directions in regard to it, such Gentlemen, Ladies, f. c therefore, who shall be pleased to employ him, may de- pend on being neatly and most genteely fitted, and their Favours most gratefully acknowledg'd. * » * He likewise takes this Opportunity of acquainting the Publick, That he will continue the Business of making Stays and Coats, in the same Manner as usual: He also makes Riding Habits and Josephs after the genteelist Method. The great Encouragement I have for many Years met with I most thankfully acknowledge ; and it shall be my con- stant Study how to merit a Continuance of it; and flatter myself 1 shall be so happy as to succeed, as I have been favour'd with the general Approbation of those Persons who have already honour'd me with their Commands. EDMUND AMISS. By the KING's Royal Letters Patent, ( Which passed the Great Seal June 5, 1755, ) Dr. LOWTHER ' s Anti- Epileptic NERVOUS POWDERS, Experienced to be an effectual and speedy Remedv for Persons ever so violently afflicted with Tremblings in the Hands, so as to render them capable of holding them entirely steady in a short Time. These POWDERS are the most salutary Specific ever discover'd for Convulsion, Epileptic, or a any Species of Fits; Nervous and Pari- lytic Complaints, Pains in the Head and Stomach, Worms, an Ill-. scented Breath, sick Qualms, violent Reachings, Tremblings, Faint, ings, Swoonings, Swimmings, Dizziness, Drowsiness, Melancholy, a Lost Appetite, Bad Digestion, Impurities in the Blood, and a Weak Habit of Body. They are a sure Presevative against Apoplexies, pleasant to the Taste, grateful to the Stomach, and operate insen- siblv. * » * They are sold in Six Shilling and Three Shilling Parcels, only at Brookes's Warehouse, facing Water lane, Fleet street, London, where the Doctor attends, from Ten to One. Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, to give his Advice gratis : These Powders may likewise be had of H . Berrow, at his Printing Office, in Worcester. Wanted to Purchase The Advowson or Presentation TO LIVING from 70/. to 150/. a Year, With an Old Incumbent on it, I N 1 GlouCesteshire Radnorshire, 1 Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Staffordshire, Brecknockshire, or j. Shropshire, Monmouthshire. rect ( free, of Postage) to Mr. B. SCOTT, at Mr. Bicknell's, against St. Michael's Church, in Cornhill, London, This is to give NOTICE, THAT CharLES Tearne, Peruke- Maker, In Foregate - Street, WORCESTER, WHO lately opened a Warehouse for Wigs, as advertised in this Paper, is now com- menced Haberdasher of HATS, which Trade he intends to ry on jointly with his other Business, having furnished himself from Londona, with an Assortment of Hats for n and Boys, of various Prices, as also Black Hats for Women ; by which Means he will be enabled to furnish Persons on the lowest Terms; and he is willing to hope those Gentlemen and others to whom he has been obliged in the former Branch of his Trade will not with- hold their Favours in the latter. A SERVANT, of a Middle Age,- WHO can be well recommended for bis Honesty, Dili- GENce, and Sobriety, and understands BOOK- KEEP- , may hear of a good Place, by applying to the Printer of Paper. To the Gentlemen, Clergy, and Free- [ holders of the County of Worcester. THERE being a Vacancy in the Office of Coroner, by the Death of Mr Edmund Cham- bers of Kidderminster, one of the Coroners for the nty of Worcester, and being encouraged by many of Friends to offer myfelf a Candidate to succeed him in said Office, I take this Method of humbly intreating Favour of your Votes and Interest to succeed to the office of Coroner, which will be gratefully acknow- I'd, by Gentlemen, Your most obedient, and most humble Servant, BROMSGROVE, THOMAS VERNON. 2+. 1757- was bred by Thomas Duncombe, Esq; and got by ilus. his Dam by a Son of Childers ; her Dam was the I of Squirt, and got by Snake T. DUNCOMBE. e beat Lord Eglingtown's Bay Colt, got by Spinner, a ch over the Beacon Course at Newmarket in April ing, 1755. for Forty Pounds, play or pay, and Fifty eas bye, which was the only Time he ever started.— Master of high Weights, and perfectly fresh and gulus was got by Lord Godolphin's Arabian, his Dam The noted Mare call'd Grey Robinson, and got by the Galloway. He only run one Yaar, in which he won Royal Plates of One Hundred Guineas each, one of Fifty Pounds, which were all the Times he To be S0LD, A Beautiful, Thorough - bred, Brown - Bay MARE, either for Riding, or to be kept for Breeding. She is Four Years old, finely colour'd and whited, rably well shaped, and extraordinarily perfect and able in all her Actions and Temper. She is now e Hands of Mr. John White, of Knightwick- House, Knightford Bridge, in the County of Worcester j she may be view'd at any Time. • And there is now in the Hands of the said Mr. White, to Cover this Season, at Seven Shillings and nee a Leap, and a Shilling the Man, A Fine, Strong, Brown- Bay STALLION, Rowberry, bred near Skipton in Craven, Yorkshire, allow'd to be the best Horse in England to get a man's Horse. He is 11 Years old, 16 Hands high, p Blaze, and three white Feet, is clear of all Ble- , and was got Kirby's Horse, which was got by clowhead out of a Stretcher's Mare. Clowhead was of a Mare got by Old Samson, whofe Dam was got Cripple, the Performances of which Horse are well known to most Gentlemen. The said Clowhead, several Years, beat all the Horses in Lancashire and Yorkshire, in Hunting, and challenged any Horse in England to hunt for a Thousand Guineas. No Mare will be Cover'd without Ready Money the first Leap. . The above Horse is reckon'd very lucky in Colts, many of which have been sold at very Prices. To Cover this Season, AT the Myth, near Tewkesbury, in Gloucestershire, at One Guinea a Mare, and a Shilling the Servant, YOUNG REGULUS, To be SOLD, On Saturday next, the 16th of this Instant April, By the Widow of WILLIAM WAINWRIGHT, late oF Bromsgrove, in the County of Worcester, ( who lost his Life by the unhappy Accident at the Guild Hall in the Cityof Worcester) at her Standing in the faid Hall, A very considerable QUANTITY of LINNEN CLOTH, J Part of the STOCK of the said Mr. Wainwright, CONSISTING OF ELL and YARD- WIDE FLAXENS. To be SOLD, TWO substantial Messuages, a Malt- house, Barn, Stable, and other back- buildings, in Stowerbridge, in the County of Worcester, near the Market- Place well Tenanted, and capable'of advantageous Improvements. Particulars whereof'may be had of Mr,. Thomas Brettell, Attorney, in Stowerbridge. , . Wednesdays and Thursdays POSTS. Arri v d the MAILS from Holland and Flanders. TOULON, March 18. YEsterday Evening the Squadron under the Command of M. du Revest sailed from hence with a fair Wind. As this Commander is not to open his Instructions till he arrives in a certain Latitude, the Destination of his Squa- dron is not yet known. Dresden, March 23. The Armies are in Motion from all Parts; the King will fix his Head Quarters at Loche- witz, about a Mile from hence, and ' tis said the Prince of Brunswick Wolffenbuttel will stay with his Majesty. Prince Maurice of Anhalt Cessau will have the Command of the Corps that his assembling in Voigtlande. Dusseldorp, April 1. The French Army had no sooner set Foot upon the Territories of Juliers and Cologn, than it was in Possession of the Dutchies of Cleves and Mark, where every Place was opened to it. The Prince de Sou bise, whose Head Quarters are at Mazeyck, has ordered the Magistrates of Cleves to send their Deputies to Ma zeyck and some to this City ; the former to settle the Cou- tributions in Money, and the others the Quota of Forage. The Prussians that quitted WeseL march'd towards the Lippe, where thty are to join some Regiments from Mag- debourgh. A large Body of French is already arrived at Grimlinkhausen, from whence they are to march to Neuss, where it is assured the Head Quarters are to be.—— The Partisan Fischer, we hear, is already at Cleves, where he will make his Exploits be talked of. What mighty Ex- ploits can he perform in a Country where there are no Troops to oppose him ? Paris, April 1. His Majesty has ordered four Mem- bers of the Parliament of Besancon to be committed to Prison, and sent four more in Exile to Places remote from that City. In short, Matters are embroiled more than ever between the King and the Parliament., L O N D O N. [ Tuesday, April As soon as the Affair of the late unhappy Admiral was finish'd, the Publick naturally turn'd their Eyes towards other Delinquents, and were filled with Expectations of a thorough Enquiry into the Loss of MINORCA, and of our Miscarriages and Misconduct in America: but, alas the Events which last Week has produced, and the other Changes that are yet expected, leave them little or n0 Hopes of any further Enquiry into those Matters; nay, they think that such Charges are purposely made to pre- vent it, and seem to despair of ever seeing Justice com- pleatly done. We hear that a Scheme is drawn up and presented to the Lords of the Treasury for their Approbation, to raise a considerable Sum of Money by a Poll Tax, for defray- ing the extraordinary Expences of the War against France, & c. A Court of Common Council is expected to be call'd in a few Days upon Business of Importance. The Bounties for Seamen ate ordered to be continued till the 12th Day of May. We hear that his Royal Highness the Duke of Cum berland goes by Sea to Hamburgh. We hear that Part of France's Plan of Operations against Hanover, is to conquer Bremen and Verden, and, then make a Present of them to Sweden, in order to pur- chasse the Concurrence, or at least the Neutrality, of that Crown in the present War. From Hanover of the 25th ult. we learn that they are busy in Preparations for forming the Army of Observa- tion and posting Troops in the Passages through which a foreign Army might attempt to enter that Electorate. Part of the Army of Observation will assemble near Ha- melen ; another Part will encamp on the Weser near Nyenbourg. The Troops which are to compose this Army consist of 28,00^ Hanoverians, 12,000 Hessian Foot with a Regiment of Horse and 1oo Hussars, 6000 Troops of the Duke of Brunswick Wolfenbuttel, 6000 Prussians,— no Dutch !— and 800 Foot and 100 Hussars of the Count de Nieuwied. It is reported that several English Ships have been seized at Ostend, by an Order from the Empress Queen. We are assured, that there is no Account of the Pondi- cherry French Indiaman, a Prize to the Dover Man of War, since she was in Yarmouth Roads. Upwards of 30,000 I. have been insur'd upon her. She had 280 Men on board. On Saturday died, in an advanced Age, at his House in Henrietta- Street, Covent Garden, Lieutenant General Skelton, Colonel of a Regiment of Foot. Lately died at Gibraltar, John Arabin, Esq; Colonel of his Majesty's Fifty- seventh Regiment of Foot. The Parliament of Paris has issued an Arret against Damien's Family, whereby his Wife and Daughter, and his Father, are ordered to leave the Kingdom within a Fortnight, and never to return, upon Pain of being hang'd; and his Brothers, and their Wives, together with all his other Relations of the Name of Damien, are enjoined to change their Names, under the same Penalties Damien declared before his Execution, that there was no Plot formed, neither had he any Accomplices. On Monday Morning the Post- Boy coming to Town with the Worcester Mail, was attacked by a footpad, who presented a Pistol to him, and unbuckled only one End of the Mail, and got it upon his Shoulder; but the Post Boy perceiving that it was fast at the other End, clapped Spurs to his Horse, and by that Means pulled the fellow flat upon his Back, and got clear off with the Mail. There is now a Plan at the General Post- Office which will render it impossible to have any more Mails robbed for the future, if put in Practice. We have an Account from Cumberland, that Corn is so scarce there that People actually die for want of Bread : And that a poor Widow and two Children, after living sometime on Grains and Bran, were found dead one Morn- ing ; the Children had Straw in their Mouths. We hear that several Thousand Tinners have risen in Cornwall, on Account of the excessive Dearness of Bread. It's reported that nine Sail have been taken in the North Seas, supposed to be all English Coasters. On Sunday Sir Edward Hawke set out from his House in Great George- Street for Portsmouth. BANKRUPTS. William Bunduck, of Bishops- gate- Street, London, Hairseller - Matthew Hutchin- son, of St. Martin in the Field-, Middlesex, Victualler. Sir William Strachan, of Haymes Place, Gloucester- shire, Bart. Banker, Broker, Merchant, Dealer and Chap. Extract of a letter from Portsmouth, April 11. " Vice Admiral Holbourne's Squadron with the Trans- ports, are Hill Wind- bound at St. Helen's. " The Ships for the Coast of Guiney are also detain'd. " No Admiral is come hither yet to equip the Fleet for the Mediterranean, nor is it yet certain who will com- mand in Chief there. Extract of a Letter from St. Kitt's, Jan 12. " The Dutch and Spaniards do us great Damage in this Part of the World: The former have a small Island About four Leagues to the Leeward of this, called Sulta- na, which harbours all the French Privateers that are cruizing about this Island: Besides this, the Dutch sup- ply the French with large Quantities of Beef and Butter from our Islands, which we can no way prevent, unless We have no Trade or Commerce with them at all. " The Spaniards assist the French, by putting Spanish Merchants on board their Ships with false Consignments to some Part of Spain, when in reality they are the Pro- perty of the French, and bound to some Part of the French Dominions." Extract of a Letter from Curacoa, dated Feb 5. " Just now we have a Vessel from Martinico She brings an Account, that their outward bound Fleet is ta- ken, with two Men of War of 60 Guns, and one of 80." Charles Town. South Carolina, Dec 30. On Saturday last the Privateer Brig Pliny, Capt. Stoddard, brought in here a rich St. Domingo Ship, bound for Bourdeaux; of 200 Tons, laden with Indigo, Coffee, Sugars, & c which she took on the 23d ult off Bermuda ; the is called La Complaisance, Francis le Bran, Commander, had a Let- ter of Mart, and came out from Cape Francois in Com- pany with 35 other rich Ships, under Convoy of four Men of War, who were going home, with them. Jan. 6. We have certain Advice, that a large Brigan- tine is sailed from Campeachy, with Orders to take every English Vessel she can catch in the Bay of Honduras ; and that two stout Xebecks are fitting out for the same Pur- pose A large Sloop belonging to New York, William Smith, Master, another Sloop, whereof one Davis, Master, and another English Sloop, are taken by the Spaniards and car- ried into Campeachy. Feb 10. We learn from Georgia, that the Chickesaw Indians lately attacked foer French Boats on the Halbama River, took two of them, killed four Men, and brought | off 60 Horse Loads of Plunder,—^ From the Motions of the French in those Parts, ' tis not improbable that they have in view some Attempts upon there Southern Pro- vinces, and this ensuing Spring may perhaps be the Time. Philadelphia, Jan. 17. Last Night Capt Sage came to Town from Barbadoes, which Place he left the 31st of December, and advises, that a Brigantine, richly laden, belonging to Liverpool, was taken, after a smart Engage- ment, by a Privateer Schooner ; that the Trial Man of War had had an Engagement with a large French Letter of Marque Ship, bound to Martinico from Havre dc Grace, in which the Frenchman blew up, and all his Hands, consisting of about fifty were destroyed, except fifteen ; that a great many Virginia and Maryland Vessels had also. been taken, and that the French Privateers, swarm among the Islands. WORCESTER, April 14. On Saturday last at the Assizes at Coventry, Job Over- ton, for Horse- stealing, was capitally convicted. Tho- mas Lightowler, Thomas Dumbleton, John Calland, and Thomas Jones, who were in Custody on Suspicion of being concern'd in the making and uttering counterfeit Money, are, for want of Evidence, admitted to Bail till next Assizes. L.. 5 Fnday se'nnight, Samuel Knight, of Dudley, beat his Daughter in so cruel a Manner, that it is said she died of the Blows she received. The Coroner's Jury have sat on the Body, and brought in their Verdid Manslaughter. To be Sold to the Best Bidder, On Thursday the 21st Instant, at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon, at the Hop Pole Inn, in the City of Wor- cester, A Copyhold Estate, held for four Lives, and a Widow's Estate, under the Right Rev. Lord Bishop of WorCester, situate at Shoulton, in the Manor and Parish of Hallow, within three measur'd Miles of the City of Worcester, lett, upon Lease, to a substantial Tenant, at the yearly Rent of 74 I. 10 s.; the Buildings . commodious, and in excluding good Repair.— For further Particulars enquire of Mr. Thorneloe, Attorney, in Wor- cesfter. Note, This Estate will be sold so as to pay Five per Cent for the Purchase Money. To be LETT, on Easy Terms, And Inter'd upon Immediately, A Very commodious Double - House, situated in Fryar Street, Worcester, with a Brew- House, Out Lett, and all other Conveniences. For further Particulars enquire of Mr. Edward Griffin, near the College Steps, Worcester. N. B. Any reasonable Alterations will be made for a good Tenant To be SOLD in Fee, Or LETT, and Entered upon immediately, ACommodious FARM, consisting chiefly in Tillage, situate at Peopleton, in the County of Worcester, distant about five Miles from the City, and about three Miles from the Market Town of Petshore. For Particulars enquire of Mr. Dandridge, in Worcester, or Mr. Lyttleton, Attorney, at Solyhull. To be LETT, And may be Enter'd upon at Midsummer next, A Dwelling- HoUse, Tan- Yard, Drying- House, with all other Conveniencies proper for a Tanner, and lying upon the River Severn, now in the Occupation of Mr. Edwin Crane, of Bewdley, in the County of Worcester. For further Particulars enquire of the aforesaid Mr. Edwin Crane. N. B. The Tan- Yard, if requir'd, may be enter'd upon immediately. A Quantity of BARK to be sold. THE Sober and Industrious Journeymen Taylors, and Stay Makers, that are inclined to come up to London, and will work the usual Honrs, from Six o'Clock in the Morning till Eight in the Evening, may depend on having Half a Crown a Day the Year round, with good Encouragement, as well as an Oppor- tunity of improving themselves, at the best of Shops, and protected from being impressed, by applying to the House of Call at John Perry's, the Sign of the Taylor's Arms and Crown, in Stanhope- Street, Clare- Market, London. WOLVERHAMPTON, March 12, 1757. Mrs. Ann Eykin and Mrs. Mary Stedman., WHO, for several Years, has kept a reputable BOARDINO SCHOOL in Bridgnorth, in the County of Salop, have jointly taken the commodious Dwelling- House and Offices, of the late celebrated Mrs. Brett, de. ceas'd, situate in Cock Street, Wolverhampton, in the County of Stafford, where they propose to keep A BOARDING- SCHOOL, ( To open School the 18th of April next) Upon the same Terms as in the late Mrs Brett's Time and those Parents who please to honour them with the Tuition of their Children, may depend on the utmost Care and Diligence being used to cultivate their Minds and Manners, by Their most humble Servants, ANN EYKIN and MARY STEDMAN. N, B. Those Ladies who have paid Entrance to the late Mrs. Brett, or to Mrs. Stedman at Bridgnorth, will be excused any further Entrance at the said School. • Writing taught as usual; Dancing and French by proper Masters. To Cover, this Season, Now in the Hands of Thomas Lea, at Underdale, near Shrewsbury, A Brown- Bay HORSE, Fifteen Hands hign, late the Property of Brooke Fo- rester, Esq; which he bought at Sir Watkin Williams Wynn's Sale He was bred by the Duke of Beaufort, got by his Standard, and out of a Daughter of Jigg's: He beat Lord Sandwich's Gelding at high Weights, and gave him half a Stone, over Newmarket for two Hun- dred Guineas. His Character as a good Horse we shall leave to the Publick, and his Beauty to the Spectators. He Covers at Two Guineas and a Crown, to be paid at the Stable Door. • * Good Grass for Mares at a reasonable Rate. This Day are Publish'd, and given Gratis, And No I. illustrated with an elegant Frontispiece, engrav'd by an eminent Hard, from an Original Drawing, with two other Copper Plates, and a General Title- Page, will be published on the 30th of April instant, ' PROPOSALS For Printing, in Weekly Numbers, A SYSTEM 0F BOTANY, With the latest IMPROVEMENTS; IN WHICH The GENERA and SPECIES PLANTARUM of Linnaeus are connected into one Work, explained from his other Writings, and translated into familiar English, with the Addition of Descriptions of the several Plants, their Climate, Soil, Season, and Virtues, By Dr. JOHN HILL. ILLUSTRATED with FIGURES To this will be added, Occasional NOTES, explaining the Terms, and centaining particular Observations made on the growing PLANTS, tending to a further Division of the Genera, a shortening and familiarising of the spe- cifick Names, and an Improvement of the System. CONDITIONS. 1. The Book will be comprised in One Volume, Folio; and will be published in Forty Numbers: Each Number to consist of Four Sheets and One Folio Copper Plate, at One Shilling.- 2. It will be printed on a fine Paper and new Letter, and the Cuts engraved under the immediate Inspection of the Author. j. The first Number will be delivered on Saturday the 30th of April, and the Publication continued without Interruption till the Whole is compleated. London: Printed for T. Osborne and J. Shipton, in Gray's Inn ; J. hodges, near London Bridge j L. Davis and C. Reymers, in Holborn ; T. Trye, Gray's Inn Gate; and 5. Crowder and H. Woodgate, in Pater- noster Row ; and may be had of S. Gamidge, next the Col- lege Grates, Worcester, and R. Lewis, in High- street, This Day is Publish'd, ( Price only One Shilling ) Adorned with a very beautiful FRONTISPICE, by TO eminent Hand, Jack Smart's Merry JESTER; J OR, The WIT'S Compteat Treasury. - Being a most Excellent Collection of Comical Stories, Keen Waggaries, Modern Humbugs, Agreeable' Adventures, And excellent Bulls. Entertaining Jests, Curious Quibbles, Tart Repartees, Pleasant Tales, Smart Jokes, To which are added, A beautiful Collection of entire new Rebusses and Rid- dies, comical Conundrums, stinging Epigrams, Acros- ticks, queer Epitaphs, jovial Songs, merry Tales, choice Fables, Pastorals, tie The Whole of this Performance being nothing but Cream, and is entirely freed from that old insipid Stuff which abounds in most other Jesters; and is certainly the compleatest, merriest, and best Thing of the Kind ever yet published. If Mirth and Fun, and Wit combin'd. Can raise the Heart and please the Mind, If Satire keen, and Stories bright. Can yield the Reader true Delight 1 Then keen, ingenious, witty Smart Can elevate the Reader's Heart. London: Printed for J Fuller, in Ave Maria Lane, and sold by all other Booksellers in England. Q, The Publick may be assured that there is in this Collection none of those contain'd in Tom Brown's Com pleat Jester ; that ingenious Performance being very pro- per to bind with this. This Day was Published, In Two New POCKET VOLUMES, ( Price sew'd, or 6s. bound ) The HISTORY of CLEANTHES, An Englishman of the highest Quality, And CELEMENE, The illustrious Amazonian Princess. INTERSPERSED With a Variety of most entertaining Incidents, and sur- prising Turns of Fortune ; and a particular Account of that famous Island, so much talk'd of, but hitherto so little known. Written by a Person well acquainted with all the PRINCIPAL CHARACTERS from their Original. LONDON: Printed for J. Scott, at the Black Swan in Pater- Noster- Row j and sold by S. Gamidge, at his Circulating Library, next the College - Grates, in Worcester. To be LETT, or SOLD, AMessuage or Tenement, situate Droitwich, and late in the Possession of William Yarranton, and then known by the Sign of the Pewters Arms. For further Particulars enquire of Mr. Be croft, Attorney at Law, in Droitwich. To Cover this Season, At One Guinea and a Shilling a Mare, the Money to paid at the Time of Covering, or at taking the M away. At Middle Hill, near Broad- way, Worcestershire, The beautiful strong Chesnut Horse, GAY Late the Earl of Portmore's, GOT by Cartouch, Sire of Spider and Captain-, Dam was got by Sir Marmaduke Wyvill's, Scar rough Colt; fhe was bred by Mr. Scroope, and Full Si to Parker's Cumberland, who won many Plates. Dam of Sir Harry Gray's Horse, Fox, was a Full- Sist He won the Four Years old Plate at Huntingdon w six started, and was second with Sir Harry Gray's Ho Fox, for the King's Plate at Ipswich. Note, The above Horse, GAY is six Years old Grass, near Fifteen Hands high, and clear of all nat Blemishes. t^ Good Grass for Mares. To Cover this Season, At the White Lion Inn, at Upton upon Severn, in County of Worcester, and in the Hands of Mr. j HURST, The Famous Thorough- bred Chesnut STALLION, YOUNG TORTOISE FIVE Years old this Grass, Fifteen Hands and Half an Inch with a Star and Snip. He was got by Lord Gower's To ( whose Performances were well known to all Sportsmen) and his was got by Lord Cullen's Arabian, Sire of Mr, Warren's Camillus out of a Childers' Mare.— His Actions are very fine, and he ' low'd by all that have seen him to be as just a Horse, in a Parts, as any in the Kingdom. He will Cover at One Gui Mare, to be paid at the Stable- Door the first Leap, and Two lings the Man, with the Benefit of the Season till the 14th of ~ In the same Hands, and at the same Place, is a Famous Thorough bred Bright- Bay Horse, call' d BLACK LEGS, Fifteen Hands and an Inch high, with a Star, and one White behind, Master of sixteen Stone a Fox- hunting, and Five Year this Grass. He was got by the Earl of Derby's Whitefoot, ' lord Strange't Sportsman ; his Dam by Blaze, and out of a Da of Mr. Lister's Squirrel. He will Cover at Half a Guinea a the Money to be paid at the Stable- Door, and One Shilling the With the Benefit of the Season till the 1st of August. Also in the same Hands, and at the same Plan, is a Thorough. Brown- Bay STALLION, call'd PEACOCK, Eight Years old this Grass, with a Star in the Forehead, full Hands high, and Master of any Weight. He was ' and out of a Hunting Mare. He will Cover at Half a Gui Mare, to be paid at the Stable- Door the first Leap, and One Sh the Groom, with the Benefit of the Season till the 1ft of August N. B. The above STALLIONS are all sound fresh Horses, from Blemish. *„* Good Grass for Mares, at reasonable Rates, and proper taken of then. To all Gentlemen SPORTSMEN The Famous High- bred HORSE, YOUNG TRAVELLER, Is now in the Hands of Richard Tattersall, at Bew in Worcestershire, and will Cover Mares at One nea and an Half each Mare, and a Shilling the YOUNG TRAVELLER was got by Old Traveller: his by Bartlet Childers, Full- Brother to Flying Childers, was sold for Five Hundred Guineas ; Hii Grand- Dam was Durham's Grey Mare, which won the Royal Plate at Hambi when Twenty started. She was got by a Son of the Ball Gall his Great Grand- Dam by a Foreign Horse of Sir Thomas coign's! She was the Dam of Daffodil. YOUNG TRAVELLER won the Fifty Pounds Plate, for Four Year olds, at Stockton Fifteen started, two of which were since Royal Mares. I Year 17 51 he won the Gold Cup at Chester, beating Mr. 1 Horse Jig of Jigs; the Fifty Pounds Plate at Durham, beating Smith's Horse Samson, and William Osbaldiston, Esq's Horse per ; the Royal Plate at Leith, near Edinburgh, beating two ot the Fifty Pounds Plate at Morpeth, beating Mr. Tilley's Mare Maid, Mr. Storie's Horse Little David, and John Hutton, Horse Stripping ; in April 1752, he run four Heats, and wo Subscription Plate of One Hundred and Twenty Guineas at Ne ket, beating Mr. Meredith's Horse Midas, Earl Gower's Moorlander, Earl of Portmore's Horse, Skim, and Mr. Perc Horse Chub; he won the King's Plates at Lewes, Canterbury- Newmarket, beating Mr. Martindale's famous Horse Archer the Duke of Ancaster's Horse Tempest : In 1753, being seven Old, Mr. Coatsworth, of Wetherby, in Yorkshire, turned h: Stallion : He is a certain Foal- getter, which are very fine and and many of them will be train'd when they come to proper Age YOUNG TRAVELLER is Fifteen Hands high, a Chesnut, w Blaze, and his Near- Hind Leg white j he was the best Ho the Kingdom in his Year, and much valued by all Sportsmen saw him run, for his Honesty ; for fine Make, Strength, and A he may vie with any Horse in the Kingdom. The last Time: ' Mr. Coatsworth refused Six Hundred Guineas for him to go int land N. B. There will be good Grass for Mares, and Care taken of them ; the Money to be paid at the Stable Do- when taken from Grass. * » * This Horse will be constant at Bewdley.
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