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Berrow's Worcester Journal


Printer / Publisher: Berrow 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 2481
No Pages: 4
Berrow's Worcester Journal page 1
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Berrow's Worcester Journal
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Berrow's Worcester Journal

Date of Article: 17/02/1757
Printer / Publisher: Berrow 
Address: Office in Goose-Lane, near the Cross
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 2481
No Pages: 4
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BERROW's Worcester Journal. Price Two- Pence, THURSDAY, February 17, 1757. FRIDAY'S and SATURDAY'S POSTS. FOREIGN AFFAIRS. Naples, January 12. THE Labourers have begun again to dig among the Ruins of Herculaneum, only two Persons having been killed by the late Accident, which, it seems, was owing to the Workmen having neg- lected the Bounds prescribed them by the Engineers. They have since found two Chests, containing Greek Manuscripts, in very good Condition since which the Princes Corsini, with an Eng. lish Lady of Quality, have visited these Ruins. Harlem, Feb. 4. The Society of Gentlemen and Ma- nufacturers who proposed to give certain Premiums for the Discovery of any useful Art or Improvement in the Ma- nufactures of this Country, met last Week, and adjudged a Prize of Fifty Ducats to the Inventor of Pressing and Calendering Woollen Stuffs equal, if not superior, to that of the English. PLANTATION NEWS. Letter from Port Royal in Jamaica, dated Nov 27. " You hinted to me in your last, that a Descent of the French upon this Island was noised about England : This Report has also prevailed here so strongly, that we have been continually employed in reviewing our Militia. Our Governor and People in general are so far from dread- ing this intended Invasion, that they wish for nothing more than an Opportunity of testifying their sincere At- tachment to their Country. A few Days ago a French Privateer, called the Dauphin, from Marseilles, was brought in here by the Sphinx Man of War." IRELAND. Dublin, Feb. I. The Inhabitants of North America are so incensed against the French, for their perfidious Dealings, and the Cruelties of the Indians, that the most avaritious Merchant will not, on any Terms, send Grain, Flour, or any Kind of Provisions, to the French Islands; by which Means all Flour, and Wheat in particular, abound in our Colonies, and Flour in Piladelphia is sold for 7 s. Currency of that Country per Hundred ( about 4 s. 6d. Sterling) and they intend to load the Transports, which sailed last October from Corke, with Wheat and Flour. Last Week Patrick Sullivan was apprehended at Clane, and is brought to Newgate, for being the Principal in melting down stolen Plate and coining it into Half- Crowns. It is very happy this dangerous Gang is discovered. Limerick. Jan 28. Yesterday Informations were re- ceived by the Mayor against one Scanlan, for a Rape by him committed in the Gaol, on the Body of Ann Simp- son. This Villian was committed to Gaol some Time ago for a Rape on an old Woman near Ballingarry, and afterwards murdering her. SCOTLAND. Edinburgh, Feb 3. By a Letter from Sanquhar we are advised, that on the 18th ult. they had there a terrible Storm of Hail, accompanied with Thunder and Light- ning. The Lightning broke upon a large Barn, a little Way from the Town, which it destroyed in an extraor- dinary Manner, the Walls being rent from Top to Bot- tom, the Foundation Stones of one of them tore out of the Ground, and the whole Contents reduced to Ashes. COUNTRY NEWS. Salisbury, Feb 7. Richard Mason, who was con demned at Winchester Assizes in July last, for the Murder of his Brother at Crondall, and had his Sentence respited on Account of some favourable Circumstances appearing afterwards in his Favour, we hear is now ordered to be executed at Winchester on Wednesday next. LONDON. [ Thursday, Feb. 10. We hear that some Affairs relating to certain Contracts will be laid before the House of Commons. There is a total Change in the French Ministry. We hear that a Commission has been sent over from f the Queen of Hungary, to borrow a Sum of Money of the Money'd People of this Kingdom, on the Revenues of Flanders, but that it has been absolutely refused ; which Money, it is said, is to pay the Subsidies to the Russians. It is reported, that his Royal Highness the Duke will go abroad to command the Army of Observation now forming in Germany ; and that 2000 English Troops will go with his Royal Highness as a Guard. His Majesty has been pleased to raise Col. Cornwallis to the Rank of Major General. A Squadron of Men of War are preparing to sail to the Bay, to intercept any Ships coming out of the French Ports. Admiral Smith, who arrived at his House in Cavendish- Square on Tuesday, sat out this Day for Portsmouth, to take on him the Command of a Fleet ready to sail. Admiral Hawkc is so well recover d to be able to go abroad again. The Fire- Drake Sloop of War has brought into Ply- mouth the Post Boy, a Snow Privateer of Morlaix, mount- ing 10 Guns ; the first Cruize, and had met with nothing. The Tartar Man of War, Capt. Lockhart, has taken and brought into Dartmouth, the Prince de Soubize, laden with Sugar and Coffee, for Martinico. The Harlequin Privateer has taken a Martinico Ship, and carried her into Antigua. The Anne and Elizabeth, Turner, from Weymouth for London, is carried into Havre. The Tryton, and Henese, with Corn, are carried into Havre. The Friendship, with Butter and Hides, is carried ir. to Havre. The Little John Honeyburne, from Denia, is taken and carried into Rochelle. The Hougwart, Martin, from North Yarmouth for Liverpool, is taken and carried into Boulogne. The Elizabeth and the Demontaur, with Corn, into Dieppe. The John and Jane, with Flour, and John and Anne, with Salmon, into Calais. On Wednesday last the Diamond, of and for Topsham, from London, a Brig of 150 Tons, Richard Stone, Ma- ster, loaden with Grocery, was taken by a French Priva- teer of 16 Guns, within a League of Christchurch- Head. The Privateer first chased the Brig off the Wight under English Colours, till he came within Pistol Shot, then struck his English Jack, hoisted French Colours, and fired two Vollies of small Arms at the Brig; which she not regarding, and being now near Shore, the Privateer brought to, and fired a Cannon Shot, which obliged the Captain to strike, and give up his Vessel; but he and his Men made their Escape in the Boat; but tho' the Priva- tear fired eight or ten Swivels at them as they were getting away, not a Man was killed or wounded. Last Saturday one David Salmon, a Baker in Chichef- ter's Rents, was convicted before John Fielding, Esq; for selling seven Quartern Loaves, wanting in Weight 43 Ounces, for which he forfeited 101. 14 s. viz. for the Quartern Loaf wanting 8 Ounces, sold to Sir Anthony Abdey ; three Quartern Loaves, fold to another Person, wanting 16 Ounces ; and three sold to a third Person, wanting 19 Ounces in Weight. As several Bakers have been lately detected in selling Bread wanting in Weight, it may not be amiss to acquaint the Publick, that whenever any fuch Fraud is difcovered, Information must be given within twenty- four Hours after the Bread is delivered, otherwise the Penalty cannot be levied. On Tuesday was married at Devonshire- House Meet ing, among the People call'd Quakers, Mr. Henry Stout, of Hertford, to Miss Susannah Cooper, Daughter of Mr. Joseph Cooper, of Tottenham High- Cross. We hear from Tenbury, in Worcestershire, that Hum- phry Bowles, of Burford, in the County of Salop, Esq; purchased a large Quantity of Wheat, which he has, for some Time, sold in small Quantities to the neighbouring Poor, greatly under the Market Price ; and that last Week he gave a fat Cow, and a proportionable Quantity of Bread, which were distributed among the Poor. Bread is also, by his Orders, distributed every Sunday at Bur- ford amongst the poor Labourers; which, we arc in- formed, will be continued till the Season will permit them to get Work. At Imber, in Wiltshire, has lately happened the great- est Flood ever known there, occasioned by the sudden melting of the Snow ; it entirely threw down two Cot- tage Houses, and, had it happpened in the Night, it would certainly have destroyed a great Number of People. At Lambome, in Berks, on Monday the 24th ult. they had a prodigious Flood, occasioned by the sudden Thaw and Melting of the Snow on the neighbouring Hills, which came down in such a Torrent, that the In- habitants of several Houses ( that stood most exposed, and which were afterwards washed down) with Difficulty saved their Lives; a Malt- House was borne down, and three Floors of Malt entirely washed away ; a Carpenter had seven Loads of Timber, among which was one Piece 55 Feet long, carried by the Current some Hundred Yards from the Place where it lay ; Mr. Hippesley's Park Pales were laid level with the Ground, and other considerable Damage done in the Town and Neighbourhood. The Hum for the Day past was, That all the Captains who Fought, or seem'd inclinable to Fight, on the me- morable Twentieth of May, 1736, will be tried and broke; and that henceforth none but Men easy and cool, no Thirsters after Blood ! will be employ'd in the Navy: But this is a manifest Hum. Another Piece of News, equal at least to the above, has had Existence for more than one Day; and is, That if the Twelfth Article of War is not mended, all our puny Milksops, all our pretty dear tender Creatures, who suck the Blood of our Country without Remorse, or without the least Intention of hazarding a single Drop of theirs, threaten to throw up, that is, will hold their Commissions no longer. Alas ! alas ! what will Great Britain da now ? Why, be obliged to pay Wages to her True and Genuine Offspring only; Men, who fear nothing less than to be call'd to an Account for not attacking their Country's Enemies with Vigour. — Captain Death, the tame and cool Captains and Admirals tell us, was a cruel, savage, and inhuman Monster. A Specimen of which evidently appears by what follows, viz. A particular and true Account of the unfortunate Captain William Death, of the Terrible, which had 26 Car- riage Guns, and 200 Men. ON the 23d of December she engaged the Grand Alex- ander, from St. Domingo, bound to Nantz, a Ship of 400 Tons, 21 Guns, and 100 Men, and after a smart Fight of two Hours and a Half, in which Capt. Death's Brother and 16 of his Men were killed, he took her, and put 40 Hands on board. On Dec. 28, in conveying his Prize ( which was very valuable) to England, the Ven- geance Privateer, of St. Maloes, 36 Guns, and 360 Men, bore down upon and retook the Prize ; then the Ven- geance and the Prize both attacked the Terrible, she being between them, and shot away her Main Mast the first Broadside ; and, after the most desperate and bloody En- gagement ever known for one Hour and Half, in which Monsieur Bourdas the French Captain, his Second, and two Thirds of his Crew, Capt. Death, almost all his Of- ficers, and the major Part of his Crew, were all killed, to the Amount of near 400 on both Sides, the Terrible was taken and carried to St Maloes in a shattered, fright- ful, and bloody Condition, having no more than 26 of the Crew left alive on aboard, and 16 of them had lost Legs or Arms, and the other 10 were mostly wounded. It is hoped the Publick will contribute something to- wards the Support of the Widow of so brave and gallant an Englishman as the said Capt. Death, who fought so. courageously for his Ship and Prize, and the poor Survi- vors of his Crew, now Prisoners in France. Circuits appointed for the Lent- Assizes.' HOME CIRCUIT. Lord Chief Justice Willes, Mr. Baron Smythe. Surrey, Saturday, Match 19, at Kingston upon Thames. Sussex, Thursday 24, at East Grimstead. Kent, Tuesday 29, at Rochester. Essex, Monday, April 4, at Chelmsford. Hertfordshire, Monday n, at Hertford. NORTHERN CIRCUIT. Lord Chief Justice Mansfield, Mr. Justice Clive. Lancashire, Saturday, March 12, at Lancaster Castle. City of York, Monday 21, at the Guild- Hall, Yorkshire, The same Day, at the Castle of York. NORFOLK CIRCUIT. Lord Chief Baron Parker, Mr. Justice Foster. Bucks, Monday, Feb. 28, at Aylesbury. Bedfordshire, Thursday, March 3, at Bedford. Huntingdonshire, Saturday 5, at Huntingdon. Cambridgeshire, Tuesday 8, at Cambridge. Norfolk, Friday II, at Thetford. Suffolk, Tuesday 15, at Bury St. Edmunds. WESTERN CIRCUIT. Mr. Baron Legge, Mr. Baron Adams. Southampton, Tuesday, March I, at Winchester. Wilts, Saturday 5, at New Sarum. Dorset, Thursday 10, at Dorchester. Cornwall, Wednesday 16, at Launceston, Exeter, Monday 21, at the Guildhall. Devon, the same Day- at the Castle of Exeter. Somerset, Monday 28, at Taunton. SUNDAY'S and MONDAY'S POSTS. I PLANTATION NEWS. ST. KIT'S, December 5. CAPTAIN Grig, in the Privateer Brig, Johnson, of New York, has, in Company with Capt. Higgins of Antigua, taken and brought into this Port a large Ship from Marseilles, loaded with Wine, Soap, Oil, BrandyJ and other Goods, supposed to be worth Ten Thousand Pounds. The Ship mounts twenty- four Guns, had sixty Men, and was bound to Martinico. She was nish Colours, and had a Spanish Captain j by examining the Captain and Officers, ' takcn off, and no Doubt is made the Ship and Cargo will be condemned. The French Fleet is momently ex- pected, and Admiral Frankland is gone out with all the Men of War to look for them, and has declared, That, if the Privateers will go up With him, he will attack the Men of War, and leave the Merchantmen to the Priva- teers ; and that whatever they take shall be their own, though the English Men of War be in Sight. Boston, Dec. 13. Capt. Bryant, from the Bay of Hon- duras, informs us, that the Spaniards had demolished the Fort we had built at the Mouth of the River, and thrown the Cannon ( eighteen in Number) into the Sea. That they had fitted out a Guarda Costa of twelve Guns, to take all Vessels that had Logwood on board, and that she had actually taken two Vessels belonging to New York. New York, Dec. 17. Letters from the Bay of Hondu- ras inform, that on the 13th of October, a Craft arriv'd there from the Musketo Shore, the Skipper of which gave an Account, that one Capt. Garrison, in a Brig, and Capt. Creamer, in a Sloop, were both taken, a few Days before, and carried into Port Maho. The same Skipper also gave out, that a Body of the Spaniards having landed at Blufields, on the Musketo Shore, were about erecting a Fortification, when the Musketo Indians came upon ' em, and the Spaniards, apprehensive of being overpower'd, beat a Parley, which the Indians consented to i but while they were parelying, the Spaniards treacherously endea- vour'd to surround them, and cut them off. The Indians, arm'd with their Lances, and seeing Death before them, resolutely fell upon the Spaniards, cut two Thirds of them to Pieces, and took three of their Principals Priso- rers, putting the others to Flight. The Indians after- wards towed across Blufield River the three Prisoners at the Sterns of their Canoes, and then tied them to the Trees, and shot at them with their blunt Arrows gradu- ally to put them to Death. I R E L A N D. Wexford, Feb 2. There were two dangerous Riots in this Town last Week, contrived to deprive the City of Dublin of the usual Relief it has had in Corn, Cheese, and other Provisions for these many Years past from this Country. The Rioters forcibly enter'd three Ships that had Barley, Oats, and Potatoes on board, ready to sail for Dublin, which they took out, distributed amongst themselves, and paid the Owners a trifling Price, as they thought fit themselves. They took the Sails on Shore, and abused the Rigging of the Ships, and declare they will sufFer no corn to go to Dublin, which has often got seventy thousand Barrels of Barley in one Year, besides Wheat, from this Sea Port. They will not lett a poor Man, who lives any where out of Town, buy a Bushel of Corn for his own Use, but will cut his Sack, and scatter his Corn about the Street. The Populace of Ross follow the same iniquitous Course, and stop all Boats laden with Corn down the River Barrow, and take the Corn from them. Dublin, Feb. 3. On Wednesday Joseph Preston, Rib- bon Weaver, in New Street, being importuned by his Children for Bread, and not being able to procure it for them, sent his Wife out of the Way on a feign'd Mes- sage, and, during her Absence, cut his Throat. This unhappy Man has left behind him a helpless Family. ' Lately died, at Knockall, in the County of Roscommon, William Sharply, aged 138 Years. He work'd at Lath- making until about six Weeks before his Death, and was remarkable, till then, for carrying a Log of an uncommon Bulk to his Place of Work. COUNTRY NEWS. Whitby, Jan. 30. The Quakers of this Town, by a particular Subscription made amongst themselves, col- lected upwards of Seventy Pounds, which they prudently distributed amongst the Poor of this Place, within these few Weeks, in Corn, Beef, and Coals. It seems to be worth remarking, that the Poor of their own Society had no Share in the said Bounty ; but it was given to the In- digent of every other Sect, without Distinction as to their Religion, their Necessity and honest Industry only being consider'd. York, Feb. 8. The Quakers of Leeds have subscribed upwards of One Hundred Pounds, to be distributed mongst the Poor of that Parish in Six penny Loaves, re serving only Forty Pounds of the said Subscription for the Poor of their own Society. Last Week Robert Sharpe, of Leeds, Whitesmith, was committed to the Castle, on Suspicion of breaking the Dwelling- House of Francis Iles, of the said Town, and stealing from thence Nine Pounds in Money ; and on Fri- day last Mary Ellah, of Broomfleet, in the East Riding, was committed to the said Gaol, upon the Coroner's War rant, for the Murder of Thomas Ellah, her Husband, by giving him a Blow on his Temples with an Axe. LONDON, [ Saturday, Feb. 12. A Petition sign'd by near twenty Persons of Rank, was on Tuesday last prefentcd to a grand Board in Favour of Mr. Byng, which produced no Answer. Five Hundred Copies of the Trial of Admiral Byng have . been delivered to the Members of the House of Commons. A Number of Men from Minorca, where they were wounded and render'd unserviceable at the Siege of St. Philip's Castle, pass'd through the City of Rochester Yes- terday in a Waggon for Chelsea Hospital. We hear that a former Contract for a Supply of the Forces in North- America, will be thoroughly examined into. We hear his Majesty will go to the House of Peers on Tuesday to sign several Bills ready for the Royal Assent. We hear that a very eminent and wealthy Merchant has offer'd to contract with the Government for Cloath- ing, Victualling, Remittances, & c. twenty- five per Cent, cheaper than has been formerly paid. They work Night and Day in the Tower in preparing Military Stores for Embarkation, which makes it appre- hended that some important Expedition will soon be un- dertaken. There are Letters in Town from Philadelphia, which bring Advice of the Assembly having voted 75,0001. Sterling for his Majesty's Service, and passed a Bill for an useful Militia. Some of the Philadelphia Accounts are full of Scalping of the Inhabitants on the Frontiers j others of the burn- ing of Houses, and destroying Plantations ; and some go so far as to mention the Destruction of whole Counties — Such dreadful Devastations are the Consequence of losing our Indian Allies, and of such Advantage are they to the French. We hear that the Distillers will be allowed to work Up all the light Wheat and Barley in the Kingdom before they are obliged to leave off ; as also the damaged Wheat, Barley, and Malt, not fit for making Bread and Beer, provided it be purchased for little more than Half the Price of sound Wheat: And likewise all the Malt al- ready prepared for their Use only, and which cannot ii terwards be used in Brewing. And we are inform'd that after the above Grain is all used up a final Stop will be put to Distilling till after the next Harvest. The Reason given for putting Allum in Bread is, that the poorest People will not buy it unless it be more white than they can make it without. But the true Reason is, that it whitens Bread made of bad Flour with bad Water. As Allum is a very great Astringent and Styptick, an ha- bitual Use of it, in ever so small Quantities, must neces- farily contract the Lacteal Vessels, which convey the Chyle from the Intestines into the Blood, and when it gets into the Blood must cause Obstructions in the Vital Organs, which must be productive of all Sorts of Chronical Dis- tempers, and immature Death. Adult People will sooner or later feel the Effects of it, but Children much more, as it will curdle the Milk on their Stomachs, besides the Dis- advantages mentioned above. While Wines are generally fined with Sugar of Lead ; and Beer with Vitriol, to make the Head cabbage, as they call it. The Concourse of People which attended the Metho- dist Preachers Yesterday, on Account of the Fast, was almost innumerable, and indeed the Churches and Meet- ings were greatly thronged, to the no small Pleasure of every good Christian and Englishman. On Tuesday one of the People called Quakers, living in Lombard Street, waited upon the Lord Mayor with a Letter he said he had received, wherein he was threaten'd to have his House pulled down, in cafe he open'd his Shop on the Fast Day, and desired his Lordship to come 011 Friday and read the Proclamation; but his Lordship told him, that was only to be done in the last Extremity, when all other Methods to disperse Tumults were ineffectual, and advised him not to open his Shop at all. And Yesterday Morning the Lord Mayor sent the City Marshal and several other Officers to different Parts of this City to shut up such Shops as they found open, which accordingly they did to the Number of 70 ; but in Bishops gate Street one of these scrupulous People would not per- mit the Officer to shut it up ; but notwithstanding his Obstinacy to the Chief Magistrate's Servant, he was obli ged soon after, by the gathering of the Populace about his Door, to go out and hire a Man to shut it up for him. Last Tuesday Night as some Officers were impressing, they met with some Men at the White Horse at Hyde Park Corner, who they attempted to impress; a Quarrel ensued, and in the Fight one of the Men was kill'd on the Spot. It is reported that one of the Constables is in Custody for the Murder Yesterday one Lewis, a Constable belonging to St. George's Hanover Square, attempting to press a Man, the Fellow drew his Knife, and stabbed him so that his Life is despair'd of. We are informed from Petersfield, that as the last two hundred impressed Men, which went from the Savoy, were marching for Portsmouth, an Officer of the Guards, who escorted them, killed one of them , upon which the rest mutinied, and a great many of them got clear, and are since returned to London. Last Thursday the Person charged with robbing the Northern Mail, was re examined before John Fielding, Esq; and positive Evidence appearing against him, the Parties were bound over to prosecute ; his real Name is John Gateward, Son to the Post Mistress at Royston ; he was for some Time a Cornchandler at Cambridge, where he became a Bankrupt; he then went to Honiton, in De- vonshire, took upon himself the Character of a Gentle- man, and received Money of several Tradesmen there, and gave Draughts to be paid in London, some of which being returned into his Hands, obliged him to quit that Country likewise. At Honiton he went by the Name of John Gard Green. Many threatening Letters have been dropped both at Paris and Versailles, importing that, tho' Damien has fail'd in his Attempt, there are not wanting others, of equal Resolution, who are not discouraged, nor will be prevented in their Design, by his ill Success. Affairs there are in great Confusion. When Damien was brought to the Guard- Room, he was observed to be chewing something: This gave Cause to suspect that he had taken Poison ; for which Reason strong Purges were administred to him, which operated with great Violence. When he was first urged to confess . the Motives of his Crime, he answered he would do it at a proper Time, and desired a Delay of a Day or two This they refused, and began to torture him : He then said to the Persons who directed the Torture, " Gentle men, since you take this Method to extort the Truth from me, be assured, that from this Moment I will never open my Lips to confess any Thing, tho' you should pull me Limb from Limb, or tho' I should live till the last Piece of Flesh is torn from my Bones." And it appears that he has adhered firmly to this Resolution ever since. His Brother is supposed to have died by Torture in the Bastile. A few Days since arrived in the River Thames a West India Ship,. of about 250 Tons, mounting a few One- Pounders ; who, in her Passage homewards, was overtaken at about Ten o'Clock at Night, by a French Privateer of 100 Tons, four Guns, and about 150 Men, who directly fired a Volley of small Arms into the English Ship ; and it being the Captain's Watch, he thereupon immediately ordered the Colours to be struck which was accordingly done, when they were ordered by the Privateer to lay by her all Night ( the Sea running fo high they could not board their Prize). The Noise of the Volley brought the Chief Mate, a young Fellow of about 26, upon Deck, who had not yet been consulted ; and upon hearing the Colours were struck, he raved like a mad Man, and ask'd his Commander, if they were to be carried to France by that sooty Thing ? Upon which he called in all the People, and asked them if they would fight the Ship, which they promised to do ; the Mate, hereupon, asked the Captain if he would fight her ; to which he said, No; and per- suaded his Mate by no Means to attempt such a Thing, for they should be all massacred; but the Mate insisted that he would rather die by a Shot than in a French Pri- son ; and having, in all but thirteen Hands, five only of which had ever seen a Gun fired, he began the Engage- ment with hoisting his Colours at about Seven in the Morning, when unluckily a Shot came in at the Cabbin Window, and blew up a Powder Barrel, whereby the Cabbin was blown up, and the Mate coming in, enquired of his Commander for Powder ; to which he said, they were now in a fine Condition indeed, the Cabbin blown up, and no more Powder, desiring for God's - Sake to strike the Colours, and cry out for Quarter, and that they would take Notice he had no Hand- in fighting the Ship ; but upon the Mate's searching the- State Room he found a Barrel of Powder untouch'd, and renewed his Engagement with three Huzza's ( the Passenger, a'worthy Clergyman, loading the Small Arms as they were dis- charged ;) and after receiving an innumerable Number of Shot, both in the Hull and on Deck of the Ship, and the Mate receiving two Shot, behind and before, that tore his Coat and Waistcoat, but did him no Harm, at length, after three Hours Engagement, he made the Pri- vateer sheer off, and the Ship and Cargo, valued at Twenty Thousand Pounds Sterling and upwards, are safe arrived, having only one Man wounded, who is since dead. To be SOLD, Twelve Couple of Strong, Well- bred HARRIERS. For further Particulars enquire of Mr. Wellings,, at the Bell, in Broad Street, Worcester. To be SOLD, under Prime Cost The Entire STOCK of Millinary and Linnen- drapery GOODS, With the Counters and Shelves, of ( ANN SAYSE, Milliner, Opposite the Post- Office, in High Street, Worcester, Who is leaving off Trade. N. B. The House is to be Lett, and may be enter'd upon at Lady Day next. To be LETT, And Enter'd upon at LADYDAY next, AN inclos'd FARM, situate near Strat- ford upon Avon, consisting of Meadows, Pasture, and Arable Land, with a good House, Dove- House, Out- Houfes, Orchards, and commodious Barns, Yards, and Stable, very convenient. There is likewise a pretty deal of Land in Stratford Field, very good sure Corn Land, a great Part of which lies very convenient to the said In- closure.— The Yearly Rent Eight Score and Ten Pounds. For further Particulars enquire of Richard Smith, To- bacconist, in Stratford upon Avon. To be LETT, And may be Entered upon Immediately, A very convenient DWELLING HOUSE, S1tuate near the Crown Inn, in Broad Street, Worcester, ( Fit either for a private Family, or a Person in Trade,) COnsisting of a very good Fore Parlour, Back Parlour, Kitchen, and Cellar ; a very genteel wainscotted Dining Room, ( in which there is a handsome Beauset) ; and several commodious Lodging Roomf, some of them hung; together with a Garden, two Stables, and a Ware- house, all adjoining. For further Particulars enquire of Mr. Samuel Wins more, at Hooper's Coffee House in Worcester. N. B. There is a very neat Marble Chimney Piece to be sold. To be LETT:; and may be Enter'd upon Immediately, or at Lady- day next, A very good Dwelling- House, WITH all Conveniencies, situate in the Com Market, Worcester, now in the Occupa- ion of Mr. John Dugard, Apothecary, who has a Lease f the Premisses; and any Person inclin'd to become a Tenant, mny be admitted on very easy Terms. N. B. All Persons who have any Demands on the said John Dugard, ( who has now left off Business, and is going to reside in tbe Country) are desired to bring in their Accounts, in order to their being adjusted and paid ; and be humbly hopes all Persons indebted to him, will likewise settle their Accounts forthwith. Worcester Feb. 17, 1757. TEe STOCK in TRADE Of Mrs. Sarah Poynting ( Late SHOP- KEEPER in Sidbury, ) Being to be Dispos'd of, any Person who is willing to pursue the Business, and purchase the Stock, by en- quiring at the Shop, may be inform'd on what Condi- tions the same may be Enter'd on. U. B. This Shop has, for Forty Years past, been constantly occupied in the Mercery and Linnet Drapery Way. Wednesdays and Thursday's POSTS. LONDON. [ Tuesday, Feb. I5. Westminster. HIS Majesty came this Day to the House Feb. 15- of Peers, and was pleased to give ; he Royal Assent to, An Act for granting to his Majesty a Sum not exceed- ing One Million, Fifty Thousand, and Five Pounds, and five Shillings, to be raised by Way of Lottery. An Act to prohibit, for a limited Time, the Exporta- tion of Corn, Grain, Meal, Malt, Flour, Bread, Biscuit, Starch, Beef, Pork, Bacon, & c. from his Majesty's Colo- nies in America, unless to Great Britain or Ireland, or to some of the said Colonies ; and to permit the Importa- tion of Corn and Flour into Great Britain and Ireland in Neutral Ships; and to allow the Importation of Wheat, Sic. from Great Britain to the Isle of Man, for the Use of the Inhabitants there. An Act for amending, widening, and keeping in Re- pair, several Roads in and near to the Town of Tenbury, in the Counties of Salop, Worcester, and Hereford. And to Four other Publick, and Three Private ' Tis said the Distillers will have Liberty to work till the 15th of March, when they are to stop for two Months. We hear that it is proposed to raise Three Millions for the Service of the current Year by Annuities on Lives, to descend, as they drop, to the Survivors. Letter from Portsmoutb, Feb. 14. « • Admiral Byng still remains on board the Monarque ; " every Thing here being very quiet about him." Last Night the Judges met at Lord Mansfield's Cham- bers in Serjeants- Inn, to consider of the Court Martial's Sentence on Admiral Byng : Their Lordships broke up at Eight o'Clock. and are to make their Report to the King'and'Council this Night. We hear that a Gentleman, very eminent in the Law, said, on the present Affair of Admiral Byng, That if the C - t M l thought the Sentence they were obliged to pass on him, by the Twelfth Article, was heavy on their Conscienes, it should come before the Bench of BISHOPS, and not the J*** ES. The Clerks in the Offices of the Secretaries of State, and of the Admiralty, are, by his Majesty's Command, making Copies or Extracts of all Intelligence received, from January I, 1755, to Augult 1, 1756, concerning the Equipment of a Fleet at Toulon, or any other Port, and of the March of Troops to the Sea Coasts of France, and of the Designs of the French on Minorca. The Clerks of the Admiralty have also been ordered to prepare Lists of all the Ships of War that were ready for Sea, with Copies of the Sailing Orders sent to their Commanders, from August 1, 1755, to April 30, 1756 ; and likewise a State and Condition of all the King's Ships in the several Ports of Great Britain, when Admiral Byng sailed, and the Number of Men muster'd on board them j Copies of all Instructions given to Admiral Byng, and of the Letters received from him ; an Account of the Dis- position of his Majesty's Ships from October 1, 1755, to April 6, 1756; an Account of the Number of Men dis- charged from Admiral Byng's Squadron, after he was ap- pointed to the Command ; and an Account of the Num- ber of Men that were taken from other Ships to make up the Complement of Admiral Byng's Ships. Orders have likewise been sent to the War Office and the Board of Ordnance, to prepare Copies of all the Or- given from August 30, 1755, to April 30, 1756,10 any Officers belonging to the Regiments at Minorca, to repair that Island ; and an Account of the Number of Effective Men, and of the Quantity of Provisions and Military Stores in Fort St. Philip, on the 8th of April, 1756. We are assured from undoubted Authority, that there are two, if not three, grand Expeditions upon the Car- pet, and which will speedily be carried into Execution. It is said a few Days will produce an Enquiry of a very singular Nature, which has been much talk'd of, and but little understood. We hear that some Land Officers will shortly be brought to Trial before a Court- Martial, for not being with, or joining their Corps in proper Time, according to Orders given for that Purpose. They write from Madrid, that the Overtures made by their Court, in order to bring about an Accommodation betwixt Great Britain and France, have not had any Ef- fect from which Success can be expected ; and they like- wise give a broad Hint, that, notwithstanding the Endea- vours of one of their Principal Ministers to make Spain remain neuter in this. War, ' tis to be fear'd his good In- tentions will be frustrated. The New Assembly of Pensilvania, in which there sits Fourteen Quakers, and Four- fifths of the tell their known avow'd Creatures, are as much against any Militia Law as their former Assembly ; as they insist that all the Militia Officers should still be elected by the People they are to command. The said Assembly have chosen Isaac Norris, Esq; their old Speaker, into the same high Office again. The Provincials in America have all joined the King's Forces, so that the whole armed Force in that Country is now sa one Body. The Officers of the Provincial Troops in America are, ' tis said, for the future to rank with the English. It is said that his Royal Highness the Duke will go Abroad very soon to command an Army of Observation of Eighty Thousand Men, and that the Hessians, and the first Regiment of Foot- Guards, are to go over at the same Time. Last Saturday Morning Vice Admiral Smith hoisted his Flag on board the Buckingham Man of War in the Downs. A Loan, instead of Men, is to be granted to the King of Prussia. Letters from Rochefort say, that two Persons have been arrested who have attempted to burn the Magazine there. This is the second Attempt that has been made for that Purpose. Extract of a Letter from Paris, Feb 4. " Last Tuesday the Count de St. Florentin went to M. de Machault, and in the King's Name took the Seals from him, and then shewed him a Letter de Cachet, whereby he is exiled to his Estate of Arnouville, in Nor- mandy' At the same Time the Count d'Argenson, Mi- nister and Secretary at War, received a Letter de Cachet, which exiles him to his Estate des Ormes, in Anjou. " His Majesty has disposed of the Post of Minister of the Marine in favour of M. Rouille ; the Abbe Count de Bernis is made Minister for foreign Affairs; and the Post of Minister for the War Department is given to the Mar- quis de Paulmy, who had the Reversion of it, but Mar- shal Belleisle is to be the acting Man in this Department, ' till M. de Paulmy is qualified for it." From Petersbourg we have Advice that the Empress of Russia has formally acceded to the Treaty of Versailles, and that the Exchange of the Acts, sign'd in Consequence, was made at Court the 11th of January. The last Letters from Rome advise that the Pope has had a third Relapse, which they apprehend he will not be get over. At Brussels they have been inform'd from Bohemia that Prince Piccolomini died at Koningsgratz, of an Apoplexy, on the 14th of last Month. Lond. Gaz. We hear, that in a French Privateer taken by one of our English Privateers, among the Prisoners was Nichols, who was one pf the Villains that was concern'd in ravish- ing and murdering of Sarah Green, at Newington, with Jones and Welch, that were executed at Kennington- Common ( for which Mr. Coleman innocently suffer'd.) It is said, he was challenged by one of the Privateer's Men, who knew him, and that the Villain did not deny himself, and was immediately secured in Irons ; so that in all Likelihood he will now be tried for High Treason, in fighting against his own Country. ' The Curate of a certain Parish in the West Part of the City of London, having for a long Time constantly omit- ted the Prayer for the High Court of Parliament, the Parishioners are become uneasy, as they think it is highly proper, at this critical Juncture, to implore the Divine Blessing on the Consultations and Resolutions of the Se- nate of this Nation. On Friday last a melancholy Accident happen'd at Hampton, in Middlesex, which was in the following Man- ner, viz. As Mills, Esq; and his Lady, of Chan- nel- Row, Westminster, were coming in their Chariot and a Pair of Horses, from the above Town, in endeavouring to pass the Bridge, before they got on, by the Rapidity of the Waters from the Land, they were drove into the River, and also by the Strength of the Stream were car- ried fome Way down it, and nothing else, by all who were Spectators of so shocking a Scene, was expected, but that they must perish: However, by the Assistance of a Gentleman who was passing in a Boat and the Footman that was behind, who swam some Time, saved Mr. and Mrs. Mills, as also the Coachman was taken up by them, but is since dead, and one of the Horses was drowned, and the other with Difficulty Was saved, the Chariot and Car- riage sinking near the Shore, or else could not have been. Last Friday Morning, about Two o'Clock, some Vil- lains attempted to break open the House of George Shel- vocke, Esq; ( Secretary to the Post Masters General) in the Town of Greenwich, by bringing a Ladder, and put- ting it against a Chamber Window, in order to get in and rifle the House, there being only a young Man and a Woman Servant in the Care of it: One of the Rogues went up to the Window, and the young Man, hearing a Noise, got up, and, with a Gun he had in the Room, shot the Villain ; soon after, a second came up, who was knocked down, and afterwards a third, who shared the same Fate ; and as no immediate Assistance could be got, it is supposed the Wounded carried off the Kill'd, to pre- vent a Discovery. Extract of a Letter from an Officer in the Garrifon a Gibraltar, Jan. 15. " The Spaniards are daily picking some fresh Quarrel in these Seas, and I believe they only want an Opportu- nity of declaring themselves our open Enemies. A few Days ago a Ship of War belonging to Admiral Saunders's Fleet, brought in here a French East Indiaman of 30 Guns, with a valuable Cargo on board." On Saturday, being the last Day of Term, a Lady of Quality exhibited Articles of Peace in the Court of King's Bench in Westminster- Hall against her Husband for ill Usage, & c. It is reported, that not only the Proprietors of both Play houses have generously agreed, for the Relief of the Widow of the late gallant Capt. Death, and the Remain- der of his Crew, to join Forces in performing, at which- soever Theatre shall be thought most convenient, the Tragedy of CATO, on which Occasion Mr. Cibber, sen. and Mr. Quin, have kindly offer'd once more to tread the British Stage. , BANKRUPTS. James Callenon, late of Birming- ham, Chapman. - John Battison, of St. Bride's, Lon- don, Hatter, Hosier, Dealer and Chapman. — Joseph Boyden, of Fetter Lane, Stationer. Richardson Gale, of Fenchurch Street, London, Victualler. Thomas Bingley, late of Chester, Grocer. STOCKS. Bank, 1163- qrs. India, . South Sea shut. Old Annuities, 1 Sub. 89 1 half, a 3 8ths. Ditto 2d Sub. . Ditto New Annuities, ift Sub. 88 1 half, a 5 8ths. Ditto 2d Sub. . Three per Cent. Bank Annuities, 88 l qr. India Bonds, 2I. is. Prem. Mr. Justice Birch being ill, the following Altera- tion has been made in the Circuits, as inferred in the Lon- don Gazette, viz. Oxford Circuit, Mr. Baron Adams and Mr. Justice Wilmot Midland Circuit, Mr. Justice Den- nison and Mr. Juftice Bathurst And Mr. Serjeant Hay- ward is to go the Western Circuit with Mr. Baron Legge. WORCESTER, February 17. Last Sunday Night a Fire broke out in a Malt- House at the Back of Mr. Dugard's, Apothecary, in the Corn- Market, but, by timely Assistance, was happily extin- guished before it did any considerable Damage, though, had it reach'd Mr. Dugard's Store Room, ( which was just by) his Dwelling House, with the adjoining ones, in all Likelihood, would have been entirely consumed. • The Right Worshipful the Mayor, with several of the Aldermen, See. attended ; and Mr. Dugard takes this Opportunity of returning them his Thanks for their ready and useful Assistance on the Occasion. Last Monday Night some Rogues cut a Hole through the Shutters of Mr. Mann's Shop, at the Corner of Angel Lane, thereby getting within Reach of the Money- Drawer, took out all the Cash. Jwhich was Value- 1— of upwards of Three Pounds) and got clear off. There is come to this City, the celebrated Mr. CHURCH, ( the original and most surprising Performer on the Com- mon JEWS HARP) from the Hay- Market, London — He has had the Honour of playing before his Majesty, the rest of the Royal Family, and most of the Nobility, who express'd the highest Satisfaction and Astonishment at his Performance on that seemingly trifling Instrument, but which, by an Art peculiar to himself, is made capa- - ble of producing the most compleat Harmony in the various Strains of Musick. . He plays, to Admira- tion, several of Mr. Handel's Concerto's, and divers other grand and difficult Pieces; and perform'd last Week with great Applause, at the Concert at the Hop- Pole, in this City. His Stay here will not be above ten Days longer ; in the mean Time he will wait on Gentlemen and Ladies at their own Houses, upon Notice being sent to his Lodgings, at the Angel, in Sidbury. We hear that, on the General Fast- Day, a certain Jus- tice of the Peace, within less than Twenty Miles of this City, either by mistaking the Time, or in Contempt of Decency and a Royal Ordinance, obliged his Servants to work with his Team the whole Day. The Fast- Day was strictly observed at Oxford : Between Morning and Evening Service, the Vice Chancellor and Heads of Houses divided among the several Parishes of that City the charitable Contributions ( which had been collected in their respective Colleges) for the Relief of the Poor, which amounted to Three Hundred Pounds. We are inform'd from Tanworth, that the Right Hon. the Lord Archer, out of a tender Compassion to the Poor of that Neighbourhood, for the Hardships that they suf- tain through the Dearness of Provisions at this Time, has ordered the Sum of Five Pounds to be distributed weekly among them. The Right Hon. the Earl of Dartmouth, by whom the Poor of Sandal and that Neighbourhood have been constantly relieved, and their Children not only cloathed, but put to School and found in Books, has been pleased to augment his Charity, and gives away very large Quan- tities of Beef, Bread, & C. every Week. We are assured from Gloucestershire, that a distress'd Family, after several fruitless Applications to the Parish for Relief, have been obliged to boil the Carcases of two dead Dogs for their Sustenance, one of which was actually taken out of the Pot in the Presence of one of the Parish Officers, who, excited by Curiosity, was resolved to satisfy himself whether they had the Cause for Complaint they pretended to have, or not. Last Thursday Morning, between Two and Three, a most dreadful Fire happen'd at Howberry, in Oxford- shire, the Seat of Robert Nedham, Esq; which, notwith- standing the greatest Assistance, almoll entirely destroy'd the said Houfe, and all the Furniture of Value. SCHEME for raising 1,050,005/. 5s. by Way of Lot- tery, for the Servicc of the Government, to confift of a Million and Five Tickcts, at One Guinea a Ticket ; one Half of which to be distributed in Prizes as fol- low, viz. Number of Prises. Value of each, total Value, Prizes of L > s 10000 > s 5000 » s 3000 1000 30 500 100 1500 • 50 3000 -- • 20 6600 ——• 10 50000 75000 45000 15000 15000 15000 75000 60000 66000 4500 4502 12 I 5 First drawn, 300/. . each—— 15 Last drawn, 300/. 3;. 6d. each, Total Money in Prizes 525002 12 6 Profit to the Government 525002 12 6 1,050,005 J o Only 66,667 Numbers to be drawn, which is One Fifteenth Part of the Million and Five Tickets; so that there will be Fifteen Tickets of each Number, the Draw- ing of every one Ticket to decide the Fate of the other Fourteen. About Eighty- seven Blanks to one Prize. All Persons may purchase as many Tickets as they pleafe, when publick Notice shall be given that they are ready to be deliver'd at the Bank. And all Persons, before the Tickets are to be deliver'd, may subscribe at the Bank for any Number of Tickets above 20, paying down the full Price if under 100, and half the Price if above too. The Day of the second Payment to be before or on the first of June, on which Subscriptions, Receipts are to be given. The Prizes to be paid at any Time after the 20th of January 1758. This is to give Notice to all Gentlemen Sportsmen, That JOSEPH TISLLEY, Barber and Peruke- Maker, IS Remov'd from Alcester to Evesham, and makes and mends all Sorts of NETTS, after the best Manner : Those Gentlemen that will be pleas'd to make Use of him in that Way of Business, may depend upon the most civil Usage, from Their humble Servant, Tislley. Joseph To be SOLD, Digley BOWLING- GREEN, And other Freehold and Leasehold LANDS and TENEMENTS, In the Parish of St. Peter. Also, Several Freehold TENEMENTS, In the Parish of St. Andrew, in the City of Worcester. For Particulars enquire of Dr. John Wall, or of Mr William Davis. Apothecary, in Worcester. To be LETT, And Enter'd upon Immediately, At Great Hampton, in the County of Worcester, within one Mile of Evesham, AConvenient FARM; consisting of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture, of the yearly Value of Sixty Pounds, now in the Tenure or Occupation of William Phillips as Tenant thereof. For further Particulars enquire of Dr. Baylies, of Eve- sham, or of the aforesaid William Phillips. N. B. The Land is all in exceeding good Condition, and the Buildings quite convenient, and in good Repair. COVENTRY, Feb. 5, 1757. AN Advertisement, for the Cure of the BRONCHOCELE, or Swell'd Neck, having lately ap- pear'd in the Worcester Journal, Mr. Thomas Vernon, Apo- thecary, at Coventry, hereby acquaints the Publick, That he is the only Perfon who is in Possession of the genuine original Medicine, which was first discover'd and made Use of by a Regular Physician of this Place, upon his only Child, and which has ever since, in the Course of many Years, prov'd universally successful to all Persons who have not render'd their Cure impossible by Means of im- proper Applications. And, as he can give such Evi- dences both of the Safety and Success of his Medicine, and of his just Pretensions to it, as no other Person can, he doubts not that Persons who have Occasion to make Use of it, will apply to him, in Preference to other Per- sons who may attempt, by unfair Arts, to obtain Credit of a Counterfeit Medicine. On the 24th Instant will be Publish'd, In Four Volumes, Duodecimo, Price TWELVE SHILLINGS, bound, MODERN TRAVELS, Collected from the MOST AUTHENTICK WRITERS. VOL. I. Mr. MAUNDREL'S to " Jerusalem. Dr. SHAW'S to the Levant. Mr. DAWKiNs's to Palmyra, VOL. II. Bp. Pococke's to Egypt. Mr. DRUMMOND'S to Aleppo. Dr. RUSSELL'S to Aleppo. VOL. III. Mr. HANWAy'S to Russia, Per- sia, & c. Bp. PoNToppiDAN's through Norway. VOL. IV. Capt. FRED. NORDIN'S celebra- ted Travels to Upper Egypt and Nubia. Illustrated with Many COPPER PLATES, engraven by the BEST ARTISTS, particularly, A Grand View of the City of Aleppo. Two Views of the Ruins of PALMYRA. A View of a Persian Camp.- A Turkish Dinner. Several Views, from Capt. NOrDIN, with a Map of the whole Course of the River Nile, in one Plate. LONDON: Printed for J. Rivington and J. Fletcher, at the Oxford Theatre, in Pater- Noster- Row j and sold by S. Mountfort, junior, Bookseller, in Worcester. Of whom Gentlemen, & c. may have ( Gratis) A PLAN of a COMPLETE HISTORY of ENGLAND, Deduced to the Peace of Aix la Chapelle This Work has one Advantage over all other Histories of England ; namely, that of being brought home to our own Times and Observation, from the earliest Age of our Historical Credit to the last Treaty of Aix la Chapelle It will be neatly printed, and contained in Three Volumes, in Quarto ; with Three Frontis- pieces, and a Map proper for the History. The Publick may depend on its Appearance in about a Month's Time. In a few Days will be Published, [ By Order of the Kight Honourable the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, at the Desire of the Court- Martial,) The TRIAL of admiral BYNG, As taken by Mr. CHARLES FEARNE, JUDGE ADVOCATE of his Majesty's Fleet. London : Printed for W. Sandby at the Ship over against St. Dunstan's Church, in Fleet- Street; and J. Newbery, at the Bible and Sun in St. Paul's Church- Yard ; and sold by Mr. Blunt, in Ross ; Mr. Hodge, and Mr. Wilde, in Hereford ; Mr. Simmons, in Monmouth ; Mr. Haslewood, in Bridgnorth ; Mr. Aris, in Birmingham, and Mr. Jop- son, in Coventry ; — and, on Notice given to the Printer of this Paper, he will send for it. %* All other Copies said to be taken of the above TRIAL are spurious AND WITHOUT AUTHORITY. To be LETT and Enter'd upon Immediately, ( Fit for a Gentleman with a small Family ) AConvenient Dwelling House, with a good Garden and Orchard adjoining, pleasantly situated in the Parish of Chaddesly Corbet, in the County of Worcester, and about a Quarter of a Mile from the Church. For further Particulars enquire of Mr. John Blakeway, of Chaddesly aforesaid ; or of Mr. Gilbert Brook, Malster, in the Town- Ditch, Worcester. N. B. There will be lett with the said House a Quan- tity of Land, sufficient to keep a Couple of Horses aud a Cow, if required. To be SOLD, ( For the Remainder of a Term of Years,) And Enter d upon Immediately, THE Lease of Llandrindod- Hall and Farm, in the County of Radnor ; consisting of up. wards of 300 Acres of Land, ( Tythe- free) with Right of Common, at the yearly Rent of 601. Likewise all the Stock upon the Farm, with the Houshold Goods, Furni- ture, and Liquors, & c. the late Effects of William Gros- venor, deceased.—- This being the chief Place of Enter- tainment for Persons resorting to Llandrindod- Wells, occa- sioned the late Mr. Grosvenor to lay out several Hundred Pounds on the Buildings, which are very compleat, and in good Repair, and capable of accommodating upwards of One Hundred Persons. For further Particulars enquire of Thomas Jones, Esq; of Penkarig, near Llandrindod; Mr. Samuel Harrops, or of Mr. Thomas Sandford, both of Shrewsbury, N. B. All Persons who have any Demand upon the Estate or Effects of the late Mr. Grosvenor, are desired to send in their respective Demands to the said Mr. Harrops or Mr. Sandford ; and all Persons indebted are required to pay their respective Debts without further Application. This Day is Published, ( For the Use of the Merchants and Tradesmen of Great Britain, as well as of Private Gentlemen) Number I. Price Six- pence,] of A New DICTIONARY O F Trade and Commerce, Compiled from the Information of the mod eminent Merchants, and from the Works of the best Writer] on Commercial Subjects, in all Languages. Containing, among other Things, - I. An Account of all the Natural Productions which are conducive to Trade, throughout the World. I II. The different Manufactures established in each particula| Country. III. Explanations of all the Terms used in Commerce. IV. Explanations of the principal Teims of Geography, Astrol nomy, and Navigation, so far as they are connected with Trade. L V. An exact Account of the Coins, Weights, and Measures in Use throughout the World, reduced to the English Standard. L VI. A Destription of the establish'd Banks, Trading Companies. l and Staple Commodities of different Countries" | VII. The State of the British Trade, National Debt, Funds| Customs, Excise, and other Taxes. VIII. The Laws relative to Trade and Commerce. By Mr. ROLT, With the Assistance of several eminent Merchants. CONDITIONS. I. This Work will consist of One Volume, Folio, and no mote 3 and will be compleated in Fifty Numbers, on a Fine Paper, and New Letter. . II. Each Number will contain Four Sheets ef Letter- press, and will be deliver'd Weekly at the Price of Six- pence. I LOndON : Printed for J. Hodges, J. Newbery, G. Keith, B. Col- lins, R. Baldwin, P. Davey and B. Law, S. Crowder and H. Wood- gate, at the Golden Ball, in Pater Noster- Row- ; and sold by Mr. Gamidge, in Leech Street, and Mr. Lewis, Booksellers, in Worerster Mr. Price, in Gloucester ; Mr. Andrews, in Evesham j Mr. Osmond in Stowe; Mrs. Moseley, in Kidderminster; Mr. Wilde, ia Stower- bridge ; and Mr. Hodges, in Hereford. For the Benefit of Mr. JONES, At the GUILD- HALL, in Worcester On T U E S D A Y the 15th of March, ( Being in the ASSIZE WEEK ) Will be Perform'd 0 A CONCERT O F Vocal and Instrumental M U S I C K. To begin at SIX o'Clock. After which there will a BALL, Gratis. . TICKETS ( at 2s. 6d. each) to be had of Mr. Bradley, I Goldsmith, and at both the Coffee- Houfes. As the CONCERT intended for my Benefit, laft Assizes, was, by the Advice of my Friends, postpon'd, I humbly presume those Gentlemen and Ladies who intended honouring me with their Company then, will oblige me with it now ; which Favour will be most gratefully acknowledg'd by their most humble Servant, Tho. Jones. This Day was Published, In TWO VOLUMES, OCTAVO, MEDITATIONS UPON Various and Important Subjects, WITH Short PRAYERS annexed. By BENJAMIN JENKS. WITH A PReFAcE by the Rev. Mr. Hervey. An Extract from the Preface. " The several MEDITATIONS may be regarded as so many " striking SIIMONS, on tile moft interesting Subjects of our " Holy Religion ; or rather, as a judicious Abridgment of vari- " ous excellent Sermons, on almost every Branch of Christianity. " In each of which, we have the Spirit and Energy of a topi- " ous Discourse, contractcd within the small Compass of Two " or Three Pages; for which Reason I cannot but apprehend " they may be particularly serviceable in ihe Family, as well « « as in the Closet. That one of those short Essays, distinctly " or repeatedly read amongst our Domesticks, may be more " advantageous than the hasty Perusal of a much larger Com- " position. " Let me only add, that I know one Person to whom these " Books have been highly delightful, and eminently beneficial, " have very much contributed to exalt his Apprehensions of " Divine Grace, and to establish his Faith in the Blessed Jesus. " That they may be equally or rather more abundantly beneficial " and delightful to the Publick, is the Wish, the Hope, the " Prayer, of JAMES HeRVEY.* LONDON: Printed for J. Rivington and J. Fletcher, at the Oxford Theatre, in Pater. Noster- Row ; and sold by S. Mountfort, junior, Bookseller, in Worcester.
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