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Berrow's Worcester Journal


Printer / Publisher: Berrow 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 2480
No Pages: 4
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Berrow's Worcester Journal
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Berrow's Worcester Journal

Date of Article: 10/02/1757
Printer / Publisher: Berrow 
Address: Office in Goose-Lane, near the Cross
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 2480
No Pages: 4
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ERROW s Worcester Journal. [ Printed at his O F F I C E, in Goose- Lane, near the Cross. ] Price Two- Pence. THURSDAY, February 10,1757. N° 248o WEEKS this Journal > has been publifh'd. £ FRIDAY'S and SATURDAY'S POSTS. Arriv'd the MAILS from Holland and Flanders. HANOVER, January 21. ORDERS are come from London to recruit the Hanoverian Troops that return from Enghnd ; besides which, the Regency is order'd to accelerate the new Augmentation of fourteen Men per Company. We are likewise remount- ing the Cavalry as fast as possible; to which End the sending of Horses out of the Country is prohibited. The Purveyors are forming Magazines for an Army of Fifty Thousand Men. But, notwithstanding these Dispositions, we are inform'd from London, that the restoring of Peace, rather than warlike Measures, is the principal Object of the British Court's Deliberations; that it is very intent upon appeasing the Troubles in the Empire; and that some other Courts, inclined to Peace, are seeking Expedients to deliver Saxony by some separate Negotiation ; being persuaded that, if Austria and her Allies pretend to drive the Prussians by Force out of that Electorate, the Country will be absolutely undone, whe ther they succeed or miscarry in the Attempt. Berlin, Jan 18. As the March of the Russians thro' Poland renders it needless for the King to keep an Army assembled in Prussia, or on the Frontiers of Courland, his Majesty has order'd a few more Regiments to file off to- wards Lusatia and Silesia, where the Army commanded by Field Marshal Count Schwerin will soon be augmented to the Number of Forty five Thousand Men. The Grand Army is to be Sixty Thousand strong, divided into two Bodies; and there will be about Thirty- five Thousand left in the King's hereditary Dominions, to garrison the For- tresses. Leipsick, Jan. 22. We hear from Dresden, that Three Thousand Crowns are demanded of the Jews settled there, who have no other Choice than either to pay the Money or quit the City. The Town of Eislebin is laid under Military Execution for not furnishing its Contingent of Recruits in due Time. To console us, urgent Necessities, we are told, are the only Causes of our unhappy Situation. A great Number of the Men who were employ'd in our Mines are pressed into the Prussian Service, and are to be incorporated with the Body of Miners. Brest, Jan. 14. The Charming Brigantine arrived here the 12th Instant from Cape Breton; the Dispatches she has brought were immediately sent up to Court ; how- ever, we hear from the Ship's Company, that the English lately attempted to make two Descents on Cape Breton, riz. one at Toulouze Port, and the other at Fronsac, were repulsed, and lost all the Men they had landed. Paris, Jan. 24. As the King's good Nature and Le- nity are fo universally known, the Assassin, Damien, before he was removed from Versailles, begged to speak with the King and the Dauphin, in Hopes that, notwithstand- ing the Heiniousness of his Crime, he might obtain Mercy but he was much surprized when they put him into the Cover'd Waggon, in order to drive to the Conciergerie. He then said that he had many Things to reveal, but was answered that he must tell them to his Judges. Though • great Part of his Declarations are looked upon as Fic- tions, purposely made to prolong his Life, yet we reckon already above sixty Persons detain'd in the Bastile on his Account, who probably will not be released till he has undergone the Punishment due to his abominable Crime. As soon as he was fix'd to his Bed in the Conciergerie, Supper was offer'd him ; he said he was not hungry, but he drank plentifully. Hague, Jan. 28. By Letters from Paris we are inform'd that the Officers who guarded the Assassin from Versailles were not permitted to see him ; and not one of them can enter the Prison without a Billet from the First President. The Night was chosen to remove him in, and all Persons were forbid to appear in the Road, or even at their Doors and Windows, as he passed, under Pain of being shot at by the Guards. LONDON. [ Thursday, Feb. 3. It is reported that a fine Ostrage is going to be sent over to the French King, whose beautiful Appearance it is sup- posed will greatly contribute to alleviate the Thoughts of the late Attempt made upon his Life. r If it be true, that the late M y had timely Notice of France's Design upon Minorca ; if it be fact, as one of their Advocates hath asserted, that one of them knew so early as by a Letter of Intelligence dated Decem- ber 14, 1755, { which might come to Hand before the Middle of Jaauary) that the French were fitting out twelve Men of War at Toulon, for an Expedition against that Island ; and if it be likewise true, that we had at that Time above One Hundred Men of War in Commiffion, it is plain, that Minorca might eafily have been faved, even without making any Shew or Parade.— The Scheme of the French might have been defeated by Secrecy and Difpatcb only, without fo much as exchanging a Broadfide with the Toulon Fleet ; Minorca had Hill been outs, and the Nation would have faved the Expence of a Court Martial. As foon as the Intelligence above mentioned was received, our Managers might very eafily have fent a Man of War to the Mediterranean, and fo continued difpatching a Ship to Minorca every Week fuc- ceffively, with a few Land Forces in each ; by which Means the Garrifon of that lfland might have been fuffici- ently reinforced before the End of March ; and the great Preparations made at Toulon would of Courfe have been laid afide ; for the French { unlefs by Treachery in Office here) could have had no Knowledge of the Dellination of the Ships thus fent out, till after their paffing through the Strait of Gibraltar; whereas a Squadron of Ten or a Dozen Ships cannot be fitted out without Noife, nor hardly without the Enemy's being able to guefs at the particular Service they are defigned for This is but a fimple Method of doing Bufinefs; but even the greatcfl Politicians will allow, that, upon extraordinary Emergen- cies, plain fimple Methods fometimes fucceed better than the ellablilh'd Forms of Proceeding; for, notwithftanding the affcCted Grimace and Self fufficiency of Statcfmen, Policy is nothing elfe but Fjrefight and Common Senfei The Officers belonging to the Regiments on the Irifh Eftablifhment are ordered to join their refpeClive Corps as foon as poftible, and at all Events, on or before the 15th Inftant. When the Navy Bill of the 22d of his Majefty's Reign was depending in the H e of C—— ns, there was great Difference of Opinion upon many of theClaufes; but the Twelfth Article was pafs'd unanimoufly in its prefent Form. Every Body agreed, that fuch grofs and capital Offences in a Sea Officer, as keeping out of the ACtion, or not doing his utmoft to deftroy the Enemy's Ships, or to relieve thofe of his M'jefty, fhould be punifh'd in the fevered Manner; and that it would be highly imprudent to leave the Penalty, which fuch Crimes delerve, to the Difcretion, and too frequently jnifplaced Lenity ot Courts Martial. The criminal Negligence defer ibed and intend ed by the Twelfth Article, and a mere Error of Judg- ment, are as different and dillinft Offences, as the killing a Man in Self Defence, or the doing it through Malice prepenfe. The Reports concerning the Fate of Admiral Byng are as various as ever ; it is now faid, that on Tuelday laft he was taken from his Lodgment in Portfmouth Yard, under a proper Guard, and fent in a Boat to his Majefty's Ship Monarch, being drefs'd in a new white Suit of Cloaths. Great Intereft has been made to the Throne, in favour of Admiral Byng; but we are affured without Succefs. There are Whifperings, but upon what Ground is not faid, that the Iron Bars are not to be taken off from Ad- miral Byng's Apartment at Greenwich, and that it is not likely to be long vacant. We are affured, that laft Sunday at a Place of Divine Worlhip near Grofvenor Square, a Bill was deliver'd to the Clergyman in the following Words: " The Prayers « ' of this Congregation are defir'd for a Gentleman under " Condemnation of Death." Vice- Admiral Smith, we hear, will fhortly hoift the Blue Flag at the Main top mail on board the Newark,, which is preparing for the Sea ; and that a Fleet under his Command will fail fpeedily for the Mediterranean. Several Ships are getting ready for Sea with uncommon Expedition ; but for what particular Station or Service is not known. It is reported, that a ftrong Fleet of fixteen Sail of the Line, and 12,000 Land Forces, will be equipp'd for a Diverfion in Canada early this Spring, and that Vice Ad- miral Knowles will have the Command. On Tuefday Morning Lord Harry Powlett hoifled his Flag on board the Buckingham in the Downs. Sir Edward Hawke continues dangeroufly ill at his Houfe in Great George- Street. We hear from Chatham, that the Lords of the Admi- ralty have ordered feveral Gentlemen of London, and others of Chatham Dock, to take an exaCt Survey of Dover Harbour, in order to make it commodious for the Reception of fmall Ships of War to clean in, and refit for cruifing in the narrow Seas between France and Eng land. They are likewife ordered to confider and make Report to their Lordfhips, what Mould or Harbour can be made for large Shipping at Deal. Copy of a Letter fent by SignorS. Domingo, in a Flag of Truce, from the Governor of Meredith, bearing Date September 14, 1756, directed to the Com- mander, or principal Officer, of the Bay of Honduras. " That he the faid Governor had been informed, that the Englifh had erefled Fortifications, & c. on the Terri- tories of his Moft Catholiclc Majefty, conttary to Treaties between the Court of Spain and that of Great Britain: And he further understands, that the English were arming, themselves in a hostile Manner, to make the Possessions they indulged them with, their own: Therefore, unless you can shew any Right or Authority you have from the Court of Great Britain, we order you to depart out of our Territories, and to destroy the Fortifications erected thereon, which if not complied with we shall fend Force to drive you out; and all Vessels, Logwood loaded, taken on our Coasts, shall be condemned as lawful Prizes. Given under my Hand, and Seal of Meredith, Rec'd Oct. 3, 1756] this 14th of Sept. 1750. We hear that there were distill'd last Year from Malt and Grain Four Millions Four Hundred and Thirty five Thousand Three Hundred and Thirty- nine Gallons of Spirits, the Duty on which was Three Hundred and Forty four Thousand Nine Hundred and Seventy Pounds, Sixteen Shil- lings, and Eight Pence. The following Remark is made by a Gentleman of Warwickshire, in a Letter to his Friend in London :—" I hear the Affair of Corn is now before a Committee of the House ; but amongft all the Remarks yet made, I see none to regulate Grinding. As Corn is double the usual Price, the Millers who take Toll have of Course double Pay. I think it would be well if it was so settled, that whenever Corn is above four Shillings per Bushel, it should be at the Option of the Person who sends it to the Mill, either to pay Toll, or Fourpence per Bushel— the Poor being in no Part pinched more than by what the Millers and Mealmen squeeze out of them." We have the Pleasure of acquainting our Readers that Bread is fallen a Penny in a Peck ; and it is believed, if a total Stop was put to the distilling of Corn, if would soon be cheaper. N. B. It is supposed the Rising of the Price of Gin has occasioned this Fall in the Price of Bread. It is judged by all that Part of the human Race who are blest with the Gift of serious Reflexion, that if the Ladies instead of hunting Operas and running after Con- certs and Oratorio's this inclement Season, kept their Chambers, and bestowed the Money they thus fool away, upon their poor Neighbours; it would contribute to their bodily Welfare, as also their Souls Health. A few Days ago died at his Father's in Cornwall, the Hon. Mr. Arundel, the only Son and Heir of Lord Arun- del, of Wardour, in that County. Yesterday 170 I. was sent to the Poultry Compter, to clear the Persons confined there for Debts under Ten Pounds. On Tuesday se'nnight a dreadful Fire happened atMor. ton Hampstead, in Devonshire, which spread so fast, ( most of the Houses being thatched) that the Inhabitants were terribly alarmed with the Apprehensions of the whole Town being destroyed : But by the brisk Endeavours of the People in covering their Houses with Hides and other Things, to prevent the Flames catching the Thatch, the Fire was providentially extinguished, without more than six Houses being entirely consumed. On Sunday the 23d past, between Three and Four o'Clock in the Morning, a sudden Fire happened at Bot- ley Mills, near Southampton, in the Occupation of Mr. Robert Arnold, which in a few Hours entirely consumed the Mills, together with the whole Stock of Wheat, Meal, Flour, Barley, Oats, & c. to the Amount of about 300 1. Damage to the Tenant only, who, with his Wife and Family ( so fierce and sudden were the Flames) narrowly escaped being burnt to Death. We hear that last Week a Press- Gang had the Insolence to take the Servant of Mr. Vere, a Stationer, in Bishops- gate Street, out of his Master's Shop, and hurried him, with a Peruke maker's Servant seized near the same Place, on board a Tender at Tower Wharf; with which some Gentlemen in the Neighbourhood acquainting the Right Hon. the Lord Mayor, he immediately gave an Order for his Discharge, which the heroic Captain was so far from obeying, that he look'd on the Order as an Affront to his Power, [ which he thought equal to the high Dignity of the First Magistrate ot this City], sending back a Mes- sage little short of a Challenge: But on- his Lordship's Application to the Admiralty Board, who were inform'd that, though Liberty was given by him to press in the City, the Persons of Citizens were still to be inviolable ; the noble Hero was order'd this Alternative, either to make such Submission as his Lordship should approve, or be cashier'd the Service: The former of which he pru- dently accepted. Saturday Night the Quarterly Messenger, which brings the King's Packet from Hanover, was stopp'd and de- tain'd some Time at Somerset Houfe, he beng taken up as a Smuggler; but on his sending to the German tary's Office, he was presently released. On Tuesday as a Footman of Mr. Irish, an Surgeon at Greenwich, was giving his Master's afc airing upon Blackheath, he was knock'd off the a Footpad, who got upon it and rode off; but was taken the. next Day at Deptford in Kent, and the Horse TO in his Possession; on which he was carried before a Ma- gistrate. Who committed him to Gaol. Ships taken by the French — The Orrell, Winter, for Li- verpool, carried into Marseilles ; the Winterbottom, Dar- by, from Jamaica for London, carried into Calais; the Dispatch, Bowman, from Seville, carried into Calais ; the St. Anna, Puerto, from Oporto to Bilboa, carried into Bayonne ; an English Ship, with 200 Hogsheads of Blub- ber, carried into Spain ; and an English Privateer, car- ried into the Isle of Daix. Gosport, Feb 1. On Sunday in the Afternoon, pur- suant to Orders that came Express that Day, sailed from Spithead Admiral West in the Magnanime, with the fol- lowing Ships under his Command, viz. Namur, Cambridge, Torbay, Swiftsure, Chichester, Prince Frederick, York, Bedford, Essex, Medway, Eagle, Mermaid, and Hind. The Invincible was to have gone with them, but having some Fault in her Rudder she staid behind to have it over- hawl'd. The Fleet sail'd with a fine Breeze of Wind at N. F.. and as it has continued fair ever since, it is hoped they have clear'd the Channel, SUNDAY'S and MONDAY'S POSTS. The following are the two LETTERS, mentioned in a former Paper,- which were forwarded by Express to Portsmouth, the first from the celebrated Voltaire to Admiral Byng, the other from the Duke de Richelieu, which Mr. Vol- taire enclosed. SIR ThOUGH'I am almost unknown to you, I think it my Duty to send you the Copy of the Letter which I have just received from the Marshal Duke dc Richelieu: Honour, Humanity, and Equity order me to convey it into your Hands. This noble and unexpected Testimony from one of the most candid as well as the most generous of my Countrymen, makes me presume your Judges will do you the same Justice. I am, with Respect, Sir, . To the Hon. J. BYNG, esq VOLTAIRE. SIR, IAm very sensibly concerned for Admiral Byng ; I do assure you whatever I have seen or heard of him does him Honour. After having done all that Man could reasonably expert from him, he ought not to be censured for Offering a Defeat. When two Commanders contend for Victory, though both are equally Men of Honour, yet one must necessarily be worsted, and there is nothing against Mr. Byng but his being worsted, for his whole Conduct was that of an able Sea- man, and is justly worthy of Admiration. The Strength of the two Fleets was at least equal; the English had Thirteen Ships, and We Twelve much better equipped and much cleaner, Fortune, that presides over all Battles, and especially those that are fought at Sea, was more favourable to us than our Adversaires, by sending our Balls into their Ships with greater Execution. I am persuaded, and it is the generally received Opinion, that if the English had obstinately con- tinued the Engagement, their whole Fleet would have been destroy'd. In ihort, there can be no higher Att of Injustice than what is now attempted against Admiral Byng, and all Men of Honour, and all Gentlemen of the Army are particularly interested in the Event. RICHELIEU. Trrrerved this Original Letter from Marshal Duke de Richelieu, the first of January, 1757, in witness of which I have signed my Name, VOLTAIRE. These Letters, the first of which was originally written in English, have occasioned various Conjectures: Whilst some are led to consider Marshal Richelieu's Character of the Admiral as a noble Instance of Humanity in a generous Enemy , others think the Whole an Artifice, and obtained from Voltaire by a Weighty Consideration And there are those who go still fur- ther, and insist, that, supposing Marshal Richelieu's Letter to be genuine, from his Situation he could be no Judge of what he writes; and that the Character given by a Frrneh General aught to have no Weight with a British Court of Justice. A MOST EARNEST ADDRESS, by a Lady of Fifteen. To the Lords of the A***** y. MY LORDS, TIS the humble Opinion of us the Court Martial, ( A Court of all Courts most surely impartial!) That A L B— G his utmost did not To engage;— and adjudge him for that to be shot. But, to palliate his Crime, with Deference, we shew, In our Sentence, Distinctions quite subtile and new ;—. That ' twas prov'd he ne'er shew'd any Tokens of Fear, ( And how the Plague cou'd he— so far in the Rear !) That clearly to us he appears in this Light, Not a Coward— but— only damn'd backward to Fight : Or, more clear to refine it, we've shewn, in EffeCt, To be backward in Fighting is but a Neglect : And, tho' we've Condemn'd him, for Mercy we pray, Lest his Case be our Case, as LONDON, [ Saturday, Feb. 5. When the Right Hon. Arthur Herbert, Earl of Tor- rington, was acquitted by the Court Martial on a Charge of Negligence, Cowardice, and Abandoning the Ships of his Majesty's Allies, King William expressed the highest Resentment on the Partiality, & c. of that Measure, and told the Earl of Nottingham, Principal Secretary of State, he would have the Court Martial tried for their criminal Indulgence to the Admiral ; but being assured by the Se- cretary that it was contrary to the Constitution, the King, with just Indignation, replied, But it is my Pleasure that they be stigmatized as partial and disaffected to my Govern- ment, and I ORDER THEM ALL TO BE BROKE. It is confidently said, in regard to the Memory of the late Lord Viscount Torrington ( Admiral Byng's Father) the Sentence passed on him will be changed, and that in- stead of being shot he is to be beheaded. Ev. Adv. Two remarkable Circumstances are related to have happened at the Time Admiral Byng received his Sen- tence ; the Court Martial wept, and the Sailors on board We are informed that the Sentence which the Court- Martial passed on Admiral Byng is referred to the twelve Judges, for their Opinion as to the Legality, & c. A Letter from Portsmouth of last Thursday says, that Mr. Byng continued decently chearful on board the Mo- narque in the Harbour, quite easy about, and resign'd to his Fate, whatever it may be. It's said the Word Negligence, inserted in the 12th Ar- ticle of War, at the Time of making, was inserted by a Person who is now very likely to suffer for it Ev. Ad. We hear that a certain Admiral is recall'd home, and that a certain Officer will be broke for Adultery, It is said that the Right Hon. Lord Blakeney is going out upon an Expedition of Importance. SHERIFFS appointed by his Majesty in Council for the Year 1757. Bedfordshire, John Capon, of Leighton Buzzard, Esq; Buckinghamshire, Richard Lane, of Mill- End, Esq; Cheshire, William Robinson, of Whatcroft, Esq; Gloucestershire, Reginald Pindar Lygon, of Kempley, Esq; [ This worthy Gentleman constantly resides in Worcester- shire, and is one of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace for that County, but having likewise a considerable Estate in Gloucestershire, occasions his being appointed High Sheriff for that County. Herefordshire, Robert Mynors Gouge, Esq; Leicestershire, Joshua Grundy, of New- Hall Park, Esq; Monmouthshire, John Lewis, of Llandilo, Esq; Northamptonshitre, John Creed, of Oundle, Esq; Oxfordshire, Sir Francis Knollys, of Thame, Bart. Shropshire. Saint John Charlton, of Appley, Esq; Staffordshire, Walter Acton Moseley, Esq; Warwickshire, Edward Jordan, of Birmingham, Esq; Worcestershire, Tho Burch Savage, of Elmley Castle, Esq; Brecon, Lewis Pryse of Llangorse, Esq; Denbigh, John Lloyd, of Havod Ynnos, Esq Flint, Robert Parry, of Pwllalog, Esq; Radnor, John Evans, of Llanellan, Esq; Circuits appointed for the Lent- Assizes. OXFORD CIRCUIT. Mr. Justice Bathurst, Mr. Justice Wilmot. Staffordshire, Wednesday, March 1, at Stafford. Shropshire, Saturday 5, at Shrewsbury. Worcestershire, Saturday 12, at Worcester. City of Worcester, the same Day, at the said City. Herefordshire, Wednesday 16, at Hereford. Monmouth, Monday 21, at Monmouth. Gloucestershire, Wednesday 23, at Gloucester. City of Gloucester, the same Day, at the said City. Oxford, Monday 28, at Oxford. Berks, Wednesday 30, at Reading. MIDLAND CIRCUIT. Mr. Justice Dennison, Mr. Justice Birch; Rutlandshire, Friday, March 4, at Oakham. Lincolnshire, Monday 7, at the Castle. City of Lincoln, the same Day at the said City. Nottinghamshire, Friday 11, at Nottingham. Town of Nottingham, Saturday 12, at the said Town. Derbyshire, Tuesday 15, at Derby. Leicestershire, Friday 18, at Leicester. Borough of Leicester, Saturday 19, at the said Borongh. Northampton, Tuesday 22, at Northampton. City of Coventry, Friday 25, at the said City. Warwickshire, Saturday 26, at Warwick. * • The other Circuits will be inserted in our next Paper. of an English Maa of War into a great many Pieces which was to have sailed for England the 20th of January with what Ships were ready. Thursday the Right Hon. the Lord Viscount Gage was married at Erith, to Miss Gideon, second Daughter of Sampson Gideon, of Belvidere, in Kent, Esq; Yesterday Morning, about One o'Clock, a Fire began at Mrs. Binfield's, Milliner, near Racquet Court, in Fleet , Street, and burnt about an Hour and an Half with great Violence. Mrs. Binfield's House was entirely consumed, and she and her Family with great Difficulty escaped the Flames ( with scarcely Cloaths to cover them) by getting in at the Top of the next House, an Oilman's; which, with Mr. Adams's, a Mathematical Instrument- maker, and Mr. Rutter's House backwards, were much damaged, and with great Difficulty preserv'd A Porter belonging to the Union Fire Office brought down 30 lb. of Gun- powder, out of the Garret belonging to the Oil Shop, while the said Room was on Fire. We hear that one Mr. C p, a Person who has made it his Business to contract with young People for procuring them Employments in our Plantations abroad, has lately brought himself into a sad Scrape, by being too free; or as some express it, rude, with a pretty Girl, who he had kidnapp'd into his Clutches, and Matters have been carried so far, that having been brought before the Chief Magistrate, Mr. Kidnapper stands a Chance of being him- self forwarded to America, unless Things turn out in his Favour much better than it is expected they will. Yesterday Morning, between Two and Three o'Clock, the Post- boy, bringing the North Mail to Town, was at- tack'd near the New Bridge, ten Miles on this Side Roy- ston, by a fingle Footpad, who took from him the Hull, Lincoln, Stilton, Huntingdon, and Wisbich Bags. Yesterday William Hardridge and one Woods were brought before John Fielding, Esq; the former for felo- niously taking away from Mr. Cecil's Chambers in th « Temple three Bank Bills, one of 3001, and two of 25.1, each, the Property of Capt. Warren ; and the latter for receiving twenty Guineas of the same, knowing it to be stolen. They changed the Note of 3001, at a Leather- seller' s at Windsor, where they laid out £ 81. in Leather: Hardridge said that a Gentleman in the Neighbourhood had lent him 401, to set up with, and Woods appeared as a Servant to the Gentleman who was to lend it. Capt. Warren got 2401. back again, as likewise the 381. which the Leatherseller was willing to give back again, and take his Goods: Part of the Money was laid out in a Watch, Silver Shoe Buckles, Cloaths, Sec. and the Re- mainder, not accounted for, he said was spent. They were both order'd to New Prison. Worcester, Feb. 10, 1757. THE Assembly at the Guild- Hall, whicn was to have been held this Evening, is ( on Account of the General Fast) deferr'd ' till Thursday next, the 17th Instant. To be SOLD, Digley BOWLING- GREEN; gave three Cheers Ev. Advert. By the Salt Duty the Burden at present lies upon those that are lead able to pay it; the poor Manufacturer, that keeps four Apprentices or Servants, pays four Times si much as the Gentleman, that lives in Town and keeps a Dozen Servants: And yet this Duty does not answer the great Ends for which it was laid on ; therefore a Rate of Two Shillings per Annum on the Consumer, will release the Poor from a Tax of Three Shillings and Fourpence a Bushel, and at the same Time enable the State to protect us from the Insults of our Enemies, and to carry our Manufactures cheaper to Market. We are assured that, in the Course of next Week, or the Week after, an Affair will come before the House of Commons, of as high Importance to this Nation as ever came before a British Parliament. On Thursday last his Majesty was pleased to promote the Eight following Colonels to the Rank of Major Ge- neral, viz. Alexander Druty, Francis Leighton, Hed- worth Lambton, Lord Robert Manners, John Mostyn, Edward Pole, John Waldegrave, and Peregrine- Thomas Hopson. General Hopson is to have the Command of theTroops destined to North America. We hear the Right Hon. Henry Legge, Esq; intends to subscribe 1000 Guineas towards filling the Million Lot- tery, for which a Bill is now depending in Parliament; and that the Right Hon. Sir Edward Walpole will sub- scribe 500 for the same Purpose ; and also that the Right Hon. William Pitt designs to subscribe a large Sum. Some private Letters from Virginia say, that the Right Hon. the Earl of Loudon, General and Commander in Chief of his Majefty's Forces there, had concerted such proper Measures, in Conjunction with Sir William John- son, and the rest of the commanding Officers in North America, as to have an Army in the Spring of 30,000 Men, besides the Parties of Indians in Amity with Great Britain. Letters arrived Yesterday from Lisbon advise, that they had lately had violent Storms of Thunder and Lightning, attended with some few Shocks of an Earthquake; one of the Storms of Thunder. and Lightning split ihe Mainmast And other Freehold and Leafehold LANDS and TENEMENTS, Also, In the Parish of St. Peter.- Several Freehold TENEMENTS, In the Parish of St. Andrew, in the City of Worcester. For Particulars enquire of Dr. John Wall, or of Mr. William Davis. Apothecary, in Worcester. To be LETT, Several Small ESTATES, Within Six Miles of Worcester, and the most Part Turn- pike Road. Also, WANTED, Several Sums of M O N E Y, From Four Hundred to Two Thousand Pounds, on very good Land Security, with Interest at Five per Cent, if not duly paid. Enquire of Mr. Taylor, Attorney at Law, in Worcester. DEserted from His Majesty's 15th Regi- ment of Foot, commanded by the Hon. Colonel Jeff. Amherst, RICHARD BARNES, Born in the Parish of Welland, in the County of Worcester, about 19 Years of Age, about 5 Feet 9 Inches high, by Occupation a Husband- man, of a fair Complexion, dark- brown Hair, grey Eyes, straight and well- made, inlisted at Worcester the loth of January, 1757, and de. serted from Serjeant Mills's Recruiting Party at Worcester the same Day ; had on a white Fustian Coat, and blue Waistcoat, with white flat- metal Buttons. If the said Deserter will return to his Party at Leek, in Staffordshire, on or before the 15th of this Inst. February, he shall be forgiven ; otherwise he may depend that if he is apprehended ( as he certainly will, if he does not return before the Expiration of tl; e above Time,) that he will surely suffer the utmost Severity of the Law. as a Defrauder of his King, his Country, and his Officers-. And if his Parents, or any of his Relations, or pretended Friends, ( for in fact they will be found to be both his and their own Enemies,) shall, or have connived at, or perswaded the said Deserter not to return to his Duty, or shall harbour or entertain him, ( knowing him to be such), will be proceeded against as the Law directs. The above Deserter may pass unmolested to Leek, in Staffordshire, according to the abovemention'd Time, provided he keeps the straight Road, and makes no Delay; Otherwise whoever shall secure him in any of his Majesty's Gaols in Great Britain, and give Notice thereof to the Commanding Officer of the Regiment, at Yeovil, in Somersetshire, or to Serjeant Mills, of the said Regiment, at Leek aforesaid, shall receive Twenty Shilling, Reward, over and above what is allow'd by Aof Parliament for apprehending Deserters. For the Benefit of Mr. Jones, At the GUILD- HALL, in Worcester On TUESDAY the 15th of March, ( Being in the ASSIZE- WEEK ) Will be Perform'd A CONCERT O F Vocal and Instrumental MUSICK. To begin at SIX o'Clock. After which there will a BALL, Gratis. TICKETS ( at 2s 6d each) to be had of Mr. Bradley, Goldsmith, and at both the Coffee- Houses. As the CONCERT intended for my Benefit, last Assizes, was, by the Advice of my Friends, postpon'd, I humbly presume those Gentlemen and Ladies who intended honouring me with their Company then, will oblige me with it now ; which Favour will be most gratefully acknowledg'd by their most humble Servant, Tho. Jones. To be LETT, And Enter'd upon Immediately, At Great Hampton, in the County of Worcester, within one Mile of Evesham, AConvenient FARM; consisting of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture, of the yearly Value of Sixty Pounds, now in the Tenure or Occupation of William Phillips as Tenant thereof. For further Particulars enquire of Dr. Baylies, of Eve- sham, or of the aforesaid William Phillips. N. B. The Land is all in exceeding good Condition, and the Buildings quite convenient, and in good Repair. To be SOLD, A Freehold ESTATE, Of the yearly Value of Eighteen Pounds; COnsisting of Pasture and Arable Land, well stock'd with Timber, a good Run for a large Flock of Sheep, with a Dwelling Houle, Barns, Pigeon House, and a good Orchard, situate at Ratford, in the Parish of Rous- Lench; commodious for Worcester, Alcester, and Evesham Mar- kets. For further Particulars enquire of Mrs. Ann Young, in Pershore; Mr. Job Cox, in Alcester; or of Mr. Jacob Baylis, in Kidderminster. Just Publish'd, ( Price is. 6d.) Printed on a Sheet of ATLAS- PAPER, A New MAP of Worcestershire By EMANUEL BOWEN, GEOGRAPHER to HIS MAJESTY. Moll of the Neighbouring Counties, that are finish'd, may be had at the same Price, in Sheets, or made up in Cases, for the Pocket, pasted on Canvass, of S. MOUNTFORT, junior, Bookseller, in Worcester. B. His Sale of BOOKS will continue till all are sold.— Three very good second- hand Quarto Bibles, Two Octavo Bibles, with Marginal Notes, to be sold. All Sorts of Maps, according to the latest Observations, may likewise be had of him. This Day is Publish'd, [ By Order of the Right Honourable the Lords Commissioners if the Admiralty, at the Desire of the Court- Martial,) The TRIAL of Admiral BYNG, As taken by Mr. CHARLES FEARNE, JUDGE ADVOCATE of his Majesty's Fleet. London : Printed for W. Sandby at the Ship over- against St. Dunstan's Church, in Fleet- Street; and j. Newbery, at the Bible and Sun in St. Paul's Church- Yard ; and sold by Mr. Blunt, in Ross; Mr. Hodges and Mr. Wilde, in Hereford ; Mr. Simmons, in Monmouth; Mr. Haslewood, in Bridgnorth; Mr. Aris, in Birmingham, and Mr. Jop- son, in Coventry ; — and, on Notice given to the Priuter of this Paper, he will send for it. All other Copies said to be taken of the above TRIAL are spurious AND WITHOUT AUTHORITY. COVENTRY, Feb. 5, 1757 AN Advertisement, for the Cure of the BRONCHOCELE, or Swell'd Neck, having LAtely ap. pear'd in the Worcester Journal, Mr. Thomas Vernon, Apo- thecary, at Coventry, hereby acquaints the Publick, That he is the only Person who is in Possession of the genuine original Medicine, which was first discover'd and made Use of by a Regular Physician of this Place, upon his only Child, and which has ever since, in the Course of many Years, prov'd universally successful to all Persons who have not render'd their Cure impossible by Means of im- proper Applications. And, as he can give such Evi- dences both of the Safety and Success of his Medicine, and of his just Pretentions to it, as no other Person can, he doubts not that Persons who have Occasion to make Use of it, will apply to him, in Preference to other Per- sons who may attempt, by unfair Arts, to obtain Credit of a Counterfeit Medicine. To be LETT, And Enter'd upon at LADY- DAY next, AN inclos'd FARM, situate near Strat- ford upon Avon, consisting of Meadows, Pasture, and Arable Land, with a good House, Dove- House, Out- Houses, Orchards, and commodious Barns, Yards, and Stable, very convenient. There is likewise a pretty deal of Land in Stratford Field, very good sure Corn Land, a great Part of which lies very convenient to the said In- closure.— The Yearly Rent Eight Score and Ten Pounds. For further Particulars enquire of Richard Smith, To- bacconist, in Stratford upon Avon. Wednesday's and ThursdaysPOSTS. Arriv'd the MAIL from Flanders. MADRID, January 18. THE Court being informed by the Board of Admi- ralty, that the English have begun to interrupt our Navigation, and to visit Spanish Ships in the Ocean, have given Orders for our Men of War to be in Readiness to put to Sea at the shortest Warning. The same Orders are sent to Carthagena, and the ultimate Resolutions of the Court are impatiently expected. Toulon, Jan. 14. The Hippopotame and Indiscret will put to Sea To morrow. M. de la Clue, Chef d'Escadre, who commands the Ocean, will sail in two or three Days, with the Hector, Achilles, Vaillant, and Oriflamme, which are in the Road. ' Tis said this Squadron has Or- ders to go in Search of a Convoy of the Enemy's Mer- chant Ships, which are disposed in different Ports of Italy, and are to assemble at Leghorn, to sail from thence under the Escort of three Frigates, which are now in that Port. Among those Ships, we are assured, there are Five very richly laden from the Levant. Paris, Jan. 27. At Five in the Morning, some Officers of the City Watch, pursuant to the Orders they had re ceived in the Night, repaired to the Houses of sixteen Members of the Parliament of Paris that had resigned their Places, and served them with Letters De- cachet, exiling them to various Towns, with an Injunction to set out in 14 Hours; in which Interval they were not allowed to stir out of Doors, nor to see any Body but the Persons of their Houshold; The Officers were charged to stay with them till the Moment of their Departure, and to accom. pany them sixty Miles on the Road from Paris; after which they were to let them proceed to the respective Places of their Exile. The whole Town is alarmed at this Affair, and all the Lawyers, as well as the People, are so discontented, that the Grand Chamber of the Par- liament can get no Attorneys nor Advocates to bring any Causes before it. The Parliament have order'd the Attorneys to attend, that, in Obedience to the King's Commands, they might proceed as a Court of judicature ; but the Suitors of the Court have unanimously agreed not to go on with their Causes, till the judges, who have been violently expell'd, are restored. Brussels, Feb. 3. Private Letters from Paris advise that Damien, the Assassin, having endeavour'd to bite off his Tongue, had all his Teeth pull'd out. ' Tis added, that his Brother is dead in the Bastile. We learn from Glatz, that the Magazine of Forage, which the King of Prussia had amassed there, has been entirely reduced to Ashes.' It is said it contain'd 306,000 Rations; but it's not known how the Fire begun. LONDON. Tuesday, Feb. 8. Gibraltar will soon be put in such a Posture of Defence, and the Garrison augmented, as to put it almost out of the Power of our Enemies to do more than keep a longing Eye upon it, which, with a Fleet shortly to be assembled there, may do some important Service in the Mediterra- nean the ensuing Summer. Expresses very frequently are dispatched to, and re- ceived from, the Protestant Hero the King of Prussia ; and in general it is belisved, that Terms of Accommoda- tion between his Majesty of Prussia and the Empress- Queen, are upon the Carpet, and likely to succeed. We hear his Majefty has left to the King of Prussia the Choice of a General to command the Army of Observa- tion which is to assemble in Westphalia. The new Dey of Tunis has caused 70,000 Persons, who were Adherents of the former Dey, to be put to Death. Three Fleets, or Squadrons, will sail between this and the Middle of the ensuing Month. Admiral Boscawen is gone to Portsmouth to expedite the fitting out of a large Fleet, which will speedily sail on an important Expedition. Admiral Coates will set out in a few Days for Portf- mouth, to take on him the Command of the Fleet which is to be stationed at Jamaica. The House of Commons have come to a Resolution to prevent all Sorts of Grain being used by the Distillers for a certain limited Time. We hear that the Brewers are very desirous that the Bill to prevent the Distillers making Use of any Sort of Grain tor a limited Time may pass into a Law, of which no Doubt can be made. Last Wednesday Morning, between Five and Six, a Hessian Soldier was shot at Winchester, for killing his Comrade. On Saturday died at his House at Whitehall, aged near 80, the Right Hon. Horatio Walpole, lately created Baron Walpole, of Woolerton, in Norfolk ; one of the Tellers of the Exchequer, and Clerk of the Crown for the Plantations in America ; and Brother to the late Sir Robert Walpole, Earl of Orford. He is succeeded in Title and Estate by the Hon. Horatio Walpole, Esq; Member in the presest Parliament for Lynn. Last Saturday Night one John Gardgreen was commit- ted to Newgate for robbing the North Mail on Friday Morning last, which he has Confess'd. He came into the Half Moon Tavern, Cheapside, and called for Half a Pint of Wine, and order'd a Pork Griskin, and whilst it was dressing he sent a Boy, belonging to Mr. Martindale, with a Bill drawn upon Mr. Bland, Banker, in Lombard- Street, for Acceptance; and to receive the Money for another Bill, which was due, drawn upon Mr. Royds in Buckersbury. The same Bill had been brought to Mr. Royds about two Hours before, by a Porter belonging to Mr. Fletcher, at the Devil Tavern, Temple- Bar; and Mr. Royds's Clerk would have paid the Money for the Bill, but as the Porter could not write, he could not wit- ness it, which was the Reason of its being sent back : Soon after Mr. Royds came in, and his Clerk told him that such a Bill had been brought for Payment, whereupon he desired that the Bill might not be paid without his Know- ledge ; and when Mr. Martindale's Boy brought it, he was stopt, and Mr. Royds took a Constable, and went with the Boy to the Half Moon Tavern and secured the Man, and took him before Justice Fielding, who com- mitted him. On searching his Lodgings, at the White Bear, in Piccadilly, the Officer found in his Bed, Bills and Draughts, supposed to be taken out of the Mail, to the Amount of upwards of 4000 1 He denied the Fact for several Hours, but the Moment his Pistols, his Coat, and the Draughts were produced by the Constable, he melted into Tears. It appears that he keeps three Hor- ses and two Servants in Livery, and that he was bred at Cambridge, but is of Honiton, in Devonshire. BANKRUPTS Isaac Whitelock, of Cable- Street, Middlesex, Salesman. Joseph Joyce, of Denmark- Street, in the Parish of St. Giles in the Fields, Middle- sex, Gold- Chain- Maker. William Lake, of New- castle upon Tyne, Attorney at Law, Dealer and Chapman. Richard Wagg, of St. George Hanover Square, Locksmith. William Hepworth, of Brentwood, in Es- sex, Innholder. James Watson, of Watling Street, London, Merchant. Robert Scott, of Twickenham, in Middlesex, Surgeon and Apothecary. STOCKS. Bank, 117 i- qr India, 1 35. South Se » shut. Old Annuities, 1 Sub. 89 1 half, a 3 8ths. Ditto 2d Sub. . Ditto New Annuities, ift Sub 88 1 half, a s 8ths. Ditto zd Sub. . Three per Cent. Bank Annuities, 88 l- qr. India Bonds, 2I. is. Prem. Letter from Fowey, in Cornwall, Feb. 3. " On the 15th of last Month, at Lostwithiel, the Top of the Steeple was struck to the Ground, the Church Win- dows shatter'd to Pieces, the Pews greatly damaged, and the Organ entirely spoil'd. Various are the Opinions as to the Cause, some attributing it to the Shock of an Earth- quake, and others, to Lightning, as very large Flashes succeeded each other instantaneously the Night this Mis- fortune happen'd. No Part of the Town was damaged." Gosport, Feb. 6. Admiral Byng remains on board the Monarque, closely confined. Fame crys aloud, that all the Gentlemen of the Court Marshal being sent for to London, are set out for that Purpose. WORCESTER, February 10. This Morning the Right Worshipful the Mayor of this City received a Letter from Henry Crabb Boulton, Esq; ( our worthy Representative in Parliament) who, being greatly affected at the distress'd Condition of the Poor, inclosed a Bank Bill value FIFTY P O U N D S, and desired the same might be distributed among the most proper Objects. The Collection made in the several Parishes of this City and Suburbs, for the Relief of poor decay'd Families, amounted in the Whole to near Two Hundred Pounds, and great Part of it has already been distributed in Bread, Coals, & c. ' Tis confidently reported, that the Person who robb'd the Worcester Mail, in December last, is the noted Moll H— mph s, of London; and that she is now in Hol- land, publickly negotiating the Bank Bills. " Tis like- wise said that she robb'd the North Mail some Time ago, for which another Person was hang'd. Last Saturday Night, as Mr. Hemmings, a Farmer, near Bromsgrove, was returning home from our Market, his Horfe fell with him off a Bridge into a Brook, whereby he was drowned, and the Water being pretty high and rapid his Body was not found ' till Yesterday, but his Horse was found unhurt in the Morning, near home. Worcester, Feb. 9, 1757. Think it incumbent on me hereby to return my sincere _ and hearty Thanks to those Gentlemen, and ( in particu- lar) to the Ladies, who were pleased to honour my Concert with their Company or Interest for my Liberty; and also do assure them, that their Favours shall for ever be re- member'd, by their most humble and obedient Servant, JOSEPH NOTT. P. S. There are some who pretend, that the giving me this Concert was no act of Charity ; but whether I have wherewith in Possession to pay my Creditors without it, my long Confinement will apparently shew ; and also do de- clare, that it was never my Desire in the least to defraud my Creditors. PRICES of CORN. At Worcester. Wheat from 7s od. to 8s 8d. per Bushel. Barley from 4s Od. to 4s. 3d. Oats from xs. 02d. to zs. 6d. Beans from 3s. 6d to 4s. 4d. At Gloucester.— Wheat 7s. 6d. to 9s od. Barley 4s ood to 4 « . 8d. Oats 2s. od. to 2s. 3d. Beans 3s. 6d. to 4s. 2d. per Bushel. At Birmingham — Wheat 8s od. to 9s. od. Barley 4s. 6d. to 4s. 1 id. Oats^ s. to zs. 6d. Cheese 24s. to 26s. per Hundred Weight. At London.— Wheat 43s. to 485. od. per Quarter ( Eight Bushels.) Barley 26s. to 32s. 6d. per Quarter. I Wanted to Purchase, The Advowson or Presentation T O A LIVING from 70/. to 150/. a Year, With an Old Incumbent on it, I N - Gloucestershire, Worcestershire Staffordshire, Shropshire, Radnorshire, Herefordshire, Brecknockshire, or Monmouthshire. Direct ( free of Postage) to Mr. B. SCOTT, at Mr. Bicknell's, against St. Michael's Church, in Cornhill, London. To be SOLD, SIDBURY GATE- HOUSE, With the Tenements adjoining, Situate in the Parish of St. Peter, in Worcester, being a Leasehold for 41 Years under the Corporation, renew- able every 14 Years. For Particulars enquire of Mr. Dandridge, Attorney, in Worcester. To be SOLD,- ( For the Remainder ot a Term of Years,) And Enter'd upon Immediately, THE Lease of Llandrindod- Hall and Farm, in the County of Radnor ; consisting of up- wards of 300 Acres of Land, ( Tythe- free) with Right of Common, at the yearly Rent of 60 1. Likewise all the Stock upon the Farm, with the Houshold Goods, Furni- ture, and Liquors, & c. the late Effects of William Gros- venor, deceased. This being the chief Place of Enter- tainment for Persons resorting to Llandrindod- Wells, occa- sioned the late Mr. Grosvenor to lay out several Hundred Pounds on the Buildings, which are very compleat, and in good Repair, and capable of accommodating upwards of One Hundred Persons. For further Particulars enquire of Thomas Jones, Esq; of Penkarig, near Llandrindod ; Mr. Samuel Harrops, or of Mr. Thomas Sandford, both of Shrewsbury, N. B. All Persons who have any Demand upon the Estate or Effects of the late Mr. Grosvenor, are desired to send in their respeCtive Demands to the said Mr. Harrops or Mr. Sandford ; and all Persons indebted are required to pay their respective Debts without further Application. To be SOLD, to the Best Bidder, At the CROW N, in Bromsgrove, On Tuesday next, tbe 15th Day of February, between tbe , Hours of Three and Five in the Afternoon, AGenteel New- built HOUSE, neatly fitted up within, with a Wall'd Garden, and other Conveniencies for a small Family, situate near the Church, in Bromsgrove, in the County of Worcester, late in the Possession of Mrs. Wilmot, Widow. There will be SOLD, at the same Time, A considerable Quantity of very good CHINA. Enquire of Mr. Blashfield, Attorney, in Bromsgrove aforesaid. To be LETT,\ And Enter d upon at Lady- Day next, AWell- accustom'd INN, known by the Name of the SUN, situate in Upton upon Severn, in the County of Worcester, now in the Posses- sion of Richard Pearce ; consisting of Five Rooms on a Floor, with good Cellaring, Stall- Stabling, and all Neces- saries thereto belonging. For Particulars enquire of Mr. William Baylis, Plum- ber and Glazier, at the next Door. To be LETTt and Enter'd upon Immediately, ( Fit for a Gentleman with a small Family ) A Convenient Dwelling House, with a good Garden and Orchard adjoining, pleasantly situated in the Parish of Chaddesly Corbet, in the County • f Worcester, and about a Quarter of a Mile from the Church. For further Particulars enquire of Mr. John Blakeway, of Chaddesly aforesaid ; or of Mr. Gilbert Brook, Malster, in the Town- Ditch, Worcester. N. B. There will be lett with the said House a Quan- tity of Land, sufficient to keep a Couple of Horses and a Cow, if required. This is to give Notice to all Gentlemen Sportsmen, That JOSEPH TISLLEY, Barber and Peruke- Maker, IS Remov'd from Alcester to Evesham, and makes and mends all Sorts of NETTS, after the best Manner: Those Gentlemen that will be pleas'd to make Use of him in that Way of Business, may depend upon the most civil Usage, from Their humble Servant, Joseph Tislley. This Day was Published, Price 1s. An ALARM to the PEOPLE ENGLAND; Shewing their Rights, Liberties, and Properties to be in the utmost Danger from the present destructive and un- constitutional Association for the Prefervation of the Game all over England, which is proved to be illegal. With a List of the Associators. Highly necessary for the Perusal of very true- born Englishmen before the Establishing a Militia. I warn d thee, 1 admonish'd thee, foretold The Danger, and the lurking Enemy That lay in wait. MILTON. London: Printed for J. Scott; at the Black Swan, in Pater Noster Row. Where may be had, Price 6 d. Two very singular Addresses to the People of England, Printed from the Originals; after performing a Qua- rantine of more than forty Days." This Day was Published, Number XI. [ Price Three- pence.] [ The Whole to be comprised in Two Volumes, Octavo. with Historical and Critical Notes throughout, the Bishop's Life, a beautiful Representation of his Person before the Fiery Tribunal, and Two additional Heads, finely engraven, of Him and his Fellow Sufferer Bishop Ridley] For the Benefit of tbe GOOD PEOPLE of ENGLAND, ALL THE DISCOURSES Of that valiant and faithful Soldier of JESUS CHRIST, The Right Rev. Master Hugh Latimer, The First Protestant Bishop of WORCESTER, PREACHED before the King, the Privy_ Council, the Convoca- tion, and Noble Personages of the Kingdom ; reprehending and exhorting with the Dignity and Boldness of the Great Apostle of the Gentiles, Amendment of Life, and a thorough Reformation in Man- ners in all Ranks and Degrees of People, from the King to the Beg- g. v; by which Superstition and Tyranny were overthrown, Bribery and Corruption put out of Countenance, Immorality and Prophaneness checked, Fraud and Hypocrisy exposed to Shame, and the Perseve- rance in Integrity and Virtue strongly recommended and encouraged. Very proper to be read at this present Time. London: Printed for J. Scott, at the Black Swan, in Pater- Noster- Row ; and fold by the Booksellers of Gloucester, Hereford, and Worcester. N. B. It must be remember'd, to the lasting Honour of Bishop LATIMER, that he was always resident, and preached in every Town and Village in the Diocese of Worcester; being therein a shining Example for the Imitation of future Ages. This Day is Publish'd, ( Price 1 s. to be continued Monthly ) Printed on an entire new and beautiful Letter, The CRITICAL REVIEW: Or, Annals of Literature. For JANUARY, 1757. Being the First Number of the Third Volume. CONTAINING, I. OBSERVATIONS in Husbandry. BY Edward Lisle, Esq; 2. Euclid's Data restored. By Mr. Jack. 3. Select Cases and Consultations in Physick. By the late eminent John Woodward, M. D.-- 4. The Apparition ; or, Female Cavalier, 3 Vol. i: mo, . j. The Italian Library, containing an Account of the Lives and Works of the most valuable Authors of Italy. By Giuseppi Baretti, 1 Vol. Svo. 6. Mr. Bower's Answer to a scurrilous Pamphlet, en- titled, Six Letters from A » » » # B**** to Father Sheldon 7. Bower and Tillemont compared, Sec 8. Bower's Answer 9. A New History of the East Indies, 2 Vol. 8vo. 10. Prologue, Interludes, and Epilogue to the Heautontimoroumenos of Terence, acted by the young Gentlemen of Beverly School at Christmas, 1756. 11. Dr. Stebbing on Providence. 12. Foreign Articles. 13. Monthly Catalogue, with Remarks. London: Printed for R. Baldwin, in Pater- Noster- Row. Of whom may be had, The First Volume compleat, in six Numbers. Price 7 s. bound, or any odd Numbers. • f * Gentlemen inclined to begin the New Year with this REVIEW, may be served Monthly at their own Houses, at I s-. by ordering it of their Booksellers or the News Carriersi *„* The great Success this Work has already met with, is ac- knowledged; and the utmost Care will be taken to continue it with a becoming and impartial Spirit, THE several Creditors of John Vernon, late of Doddenham, in the County of Worcester. Yeoman, are desired to deliver in an Account of their respective Claims to Mr. Dandridge, Attorney, in Wor- cester, on or before the 15th Day of March next, other- wise they will be excluded from the Benefit of the Trust- Estate which was rais'd in order to pay such Debts. On Tuesday, FEBRUARY 1, was Publish'd, ( Price 6d.) Illustrated with a new and accurate Map of the County of Caernarvon, and beautiful Heads of tbe Right Hon. WILLIAM PITT, and of MATTHIW PRIOR, Esq the celebrated Poet, elegantly engraved on Copper ; also a Martial Song set to Musick, and a New Minuet, The LONDON MAGAZINE: Or, Gentleman's Monthly Intelligencer. For JANUARY, 1757. Containing a most curious Variety of useful, necessary, and entertaining Pieces, and amongst them the following; viz. JOURNALS of the Siege of Fort St. Philip and of Fort Oswego. Account of the Sentence and Execution of Ravaillac, for the Murder of Henry IV. of France. Character of the Right Hon. William Pitt. Directions, Receipts, and Estimates for providing cheap Food for the Poor, at this hard and scarce Season. Descrip tion of Caernarvonshire.—— Debates in the Political Club, ( 7B no o.' I- t Monthly Collection. J Curious Particulars in relation to the pressing of Seamen. Disputes at New York, with'an Account of the Soil and Climate of that Province. A genuine Relation of the Govern- ment, State, and Power of the Pope. Account of the famous Hospital La Casa Santa, at Naples, with noble Endowments and Bank- ruptcy. The last WORLD, with a Narrative of the Misfortune of Mr. Fitz- Adam.—— Excellent Remarks on Macbeth. Character of Eumolpus Advice to Parents Antient Satire on the Fair Sex. New Explanation of the Word Cherubim. Observations on the digestive Organs in the Cuckoo. The Revenues and Forces of the Princes of Germany, with very interesting Reflections thereon. -— Life of Matthew Prior, Esq; King of Prussia's Account of his Campaign in I7<; 6.- Select and original poetical Essays, viz. The Lovers Conflict; Hor. Ode XV. Book I. translated ; Epitaph for William Coyfe ; to Mr. T. B. B. ; Lord Westmoreland's Hermitage ; to the smart Author of A Word to an Author; to a Lady who adopted a stolen Poem; Answer to the Turn- coat and to Riddles; Epigrams, New- Year's Ode, t£ tc. & e. A Detail of the foreign and domestick Affairs of the Month, particularly a Relation of the dabbing of the French King, and Trial and Sentence of Admiral Byng Remarks on Forestalling and Regrating List of Game Associators. Compleat Lifts of Marriages, Births, Promotions, ecclesiastical, civil; and military, and Bankrupts. Alterations in the List of Parliament. Course of Exchange, Prices of Stocks, Wind, Weather, and the Monthly Bill of Mortality. MULTUM IN PARVO. London-. Printed for R. Baldwin, at the Rose, in Pater Noster Row, ( where Letters to the Author, ( Post paid. J are taken in); and sold by all other Booksellers and News- Carriers in Great Britain and Ireland. *„* The London Magazine for December, 1756, was illustrated with an elegant Head of the Hon. Sir Edward Hawke, Knight of sH Bath, and a beautiful Map of the Province of Pensilvania, finely en- graved on Copper ; also a New Song set to Musick, and a Country Dance. In tbe APPENDIX for theYear 1756, besides an elegant and em- blematical frontispiece, a General Title, and compleat Indexes, wars, given a fine View of the Town and Dock- Yard at Woolwich, beauti- fully engraved on Copper. This Day is Publish'd, ( Price 6d.) Dedicated to His Royal Highness GEORGE Prince of WALES, ( In Three Sheets of Letter Press and Copper Plates,) THE NEW Universal Magazine: O R, Gentleman and Lady's Polite Instructor. For JANUARY, 1757. Containing, amongst many other Particulars equally curious and useful, TH E Election of a Pope continued Phalaris the Tyrant's Letter and Present to his Physician, with the Answer. Advantages and Method of studying His- tory. Account of Maryland. Act for the Defence of the British Colonies in North America —— Remarks on the Militia Bill. Letter from a Statesman retired from Court. Defence of Liberty against Tyranny. Speech concerning War with France. Praise of a Country Life. Advice to a young unmarried Lady. Observations for Conduct, by the Marquis of Halifax. Extract from the OEconomy of Human Life. Of the Production of Snow, Hail, Rain, Frost, Ice, and Thawing The In- vention of the Mariners' Compass. Discoveries made by that Invention. A Poem on Slander. A Rebus.. The Taming of a Shrew, & c. News foreign and do- mestick.— Ships lost and taken — Sentence of Adm. Byng. — Bills of Mortality — Prices of Stocks, & c. To which is added, A Compendious DICTIONARY of ARTS and SCIENCES. Printed on a new Elzevir Letter, and containing as many Articles, and those much better adapted, explained, and illustrated with De- vices and Copper Plates, than any of the SiX- penny Numbers of other Dictionaries. London: Printed for J. Scott, at the Black Swan, in Pater Noster Row; where any former Number maybe had, Price 6d. and Letters ( Post paid) will be received for tbe Proprietors of this Magazine. ADVERTISEMENTS ( of a moderate Length) are taken in at 2s. 6d. each; and Articles of Intelligence ( Post paid) will be receiv'd, and carefully inserted. ADVERTISEMENTS, & C. are likewise taken in by Mr. Haslewood, Bookseller, in Bridgnorth ; Mr. Cotton, Bookfellcr, in Shrewsbury ; Mr. Hopkinson, Bookseller, in Warwick ; Mr. Wilde, Bookseller, in Stowerbridge ; Mr. Feepound, in Stafford ; Mr . Andrews, Bookseller, in Evefham ; Mr. Hunt, and Mr. Hodges, Booksellers, in Hereford ; Mrs. Moseley, Bookseller, in Kidderminster ; Mr. Ashmead, Bookseller, in Tewkesbury ; Mr. Raikes, Printer, in Gloucefter ; Mr. Aris, Printer, in Birmingham ; at the George and Green Dragon Inns, at Campden ; by Mr. Thomas, Postmaster, in Leommfter ; Mr. Barrow, Bookseller, in that Town; at the principal Inns in Broadway and Morton in Marsh; and ty the Agents employ'd in other Towns in- the Distribution of this Journal.--??- Likewise by Mr, Dod, Bookfelltr, in Ave- Mary- Lane, London. ' A- *
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