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The Kentish Post, or Canterbury News-Letter


Printer / Publisher: J. Abree 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 4050
No Pages: 4
The Kentish Post, or Canterbury News-Letter page 1
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The Kentish Post, or Canterbury News-Letter
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The Kentish Post, or Canterbury News-Letter

Date of Article: 11/09/1756
Printer / Publisher: J. Abree 
Address: St.Margaret's, Canterbury
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 4050
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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i£ KmUjf Poll, ews - u t t fc - A. From W E D N E S D A Y SEPTEMBER 8, to S A T U R D A Y SEPTEMBER I I. 1756. [ N°. 405 o ] L O N D O N , Sept. 9. W E hear his Pruflian Majefty has fent a Meflage to the States General of the United Provinces, in order to know how their High Mightinelles intend to behave, in cafe he fhould be obliged to come to an open Rupture with the Houfe of Auftria, and Ihould be attacked at the fame Time by the French, in Confequence of the Treaty of Verfailles ; and it is faid the Pruflian Monarch required an Anfwer from the States in eight Days. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * # * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * » * * * » * * * » * * * * * * * City of CANTERBURY and County of the fame City — T • H I S is to give Notice, That a General Seffion of the Peace and Goal Delivery for the faid City and County, will be holden in the Guildhall of the faid City , o n Thurfday the 16th Day of this inftant September. J E K E N , Town Clerk. T o be SOLD, and Entered upon immediately, AF R E E H O L D E S T A T E , of the Value of feventy Pounds per Annum, at Eaft Guldeford, near Rye in Sufiex, confifting of a very good Brick- built Mefluage or Farm Houfe, with a convenient Barn, Stable, Lodges and Clofes, a Garden, Orchard, and fifty- five Acres of Marfh- Land, well tenanted, and let on Leafe, of which . there is about ( even Years to come. For further Particulars inquire of Mr. Wardroper at Rye. T o be L E T T at Old Michaelmas Day next, TH E S U N - I N N , near the Butter- Market in Canterbury; being an old- accuftomed Houfe, and ftands well fituated for Bufinefs, in particular for the Country Trade on Market Days. Inquire of William Rigderi, Brewer. T O BE L E T T, AHoufe ( pleafantly fituated over- againft St" Dunftan's Crofs) confiding of a Hall, Parlour, Kitchen, Wafh- houfe ana Brew- houfe, two Cellars, three good Bed Chambers, two Garrets, a good Garden, and a Stable for three or four Horfes. Alfo a good Cockle Oaft, with good Stowages.— Inquire of Mrs. Child, or of Mr. Roberts in St. Margaret's, Canterbury. T o be S O L D at Canterbury in the County of Kent, SEVERAL Leafehold Houfes, called the Archbilhop's Palace, fuuate in. the fatd City of Canterbury. Alfo a Freehold Eftate, confiding of a fmall Farm, called Bigberry, and fifteen Acres of Land thereto belonging, in the Parilh of Harbledown, near Canterbury, now in the Occupation of William Kingsford, Efq;' And alfo about forty Acres of Wood- Land adjoining to the faid Farm. For further Particulars inquire of Mr. Parkar in Bofwell- Court, London, or of Mr. Allen and Mr. Buckwell at Canterbury. Aloe Americana muncjita Flcrefcens. The large prickly AMERICAN ALOE in Bloom, Being defervedly deem'd a great Curiofity, as feldom to be met with in this Climate, and fcarce ever obfetveable till, the Plant is full fifty Years o l d ; Mr. Saddleton thinks it will be agreeable t o the Curious to be informed, that upon repairing to his Garden at V A U X HALL, they may have the Plealure of enjoying this uncommon Sight ; lie having one of the Kind there now, in great Beauty and growing Perfection, and which, according to Accounts tranfmitted to him,, appears to be about one Hundred Years old. N. B. This Aloe may be feen at any T i m e of the Day at the low Price of Six- pence per Head, T o be Lett together, and not feparate, and enter'd upon at Michaelmas next, THE feveral Farms belonging to the Right Honourable the Lord. Vifcount Wenman and his Sifter, in the Parifh of Eaftchurch, in the lile of Sheppey, which are now in the Occupation of Mr. William Jones, at the yearly Rent of two hundred and forty- eight Pounds and ten Shillings. Particulars may be had of John Lucas, Attorney, at Milton. T T o be L E T T , and Enter'd upon immediately, HE WHITE- HART in Milton, a very good accuftomed Publick Houfe, newly genteely rebuilt ; with a good Wafh houfe, Stables, and a Yard, large Garden, and an Orchard, fituate immediately behind the faid Houfe. Any Perfon taking the faid Houfe, is expedted to buy the Goods therein ( which are neat and good) at a reafonable Appraifement. Inquire of Mr. T o n g e , Brewer, at Sittingborne, or of Mr. Lucas at Milton. To be L E T T , and Enter'd upon at Michaelmas next, TH E CROWN Alehoufe in Milton, a very old licenced Houfe, with a Brewboufe, very good Stables, snd a Yard and Garden thereto belonging. This Houfe is not in a Brewers Hands: There's no Goods or Stock to go with i t ; but the Tenant may and muft brew his own Beer. Inquire of Mr. Seager at Borden, or of Mr. Lucas at Milton. T o be L E T T at Michaelmas next, O. S. In the Parifh of Elmftead, within eight Miles of the City of Canterbury, the fame Diftance from the T o w n ofAfhford, and four Miles from the T o w n of Wye, in the County of Kent, HE L C H I N Houfe ; containing four Rooms of a Floor, with Cellars, Garrets, Clofets, & c. with a Brew- houfe, Bake- houfe, Well- houfe, Stable and Coach- houfe, a Pidgeon- houfe, a Hay- loft over the Stable, a Green Court before the Hall Door, a Kitchen Garden, a large Orchard, with twenty or thirty Acres of Arable, Meadow and Pafture Land if requir'd ; now in the Occupation of Richard Lufhington. For farther Particulars inquire at the faid Houfe, or of John Lufhington of Elmftead- Court. T o be S O L D to the higheft Bidder, At the Lyon Coffee- Houfe in Dovor, on Friday the 17th Inftant, At Six o'Clock in the Afternoon, TW O Houfesat the Pier in Dovor, in the Occupations of Mrs. Pickham and William Lamper.— All Perfons indebted to the Edate of Mr. William Packham, late of Dovor, Timber- Merchant, deceafed, are defired to pay their refpedlive Debts to his W i d o w and Adminiltratrix between this and Chnftmas next, without further Notice : And all Perfons having any Demands on his Eftate, are defired to give her an Account thereof forthwith. T e n Pieces of fine Brafs Cannon, from fifty to fixty hundred Weight, with their Carriages, were on Tuefday brought to the Tdvver W h a r f , and are in a Day or two to be flvipt for the Mediterranean, with many others of a larger Size. T h r e e Privateers are failed lately from Dunkitk, and three others are ready to go out, whofe Detonation 11 for the North Sea. T o be L E T T , and Enter'd upon at Michaelmas next, T p H E Dwelling Houfe and Wharf, with a large Warehoufe, and 4 two Hop- Kilns; with or without two large Brick- Kilns, unci Lodges for making of Bricks ; T w o Acres of Hops, and about nine Acres of Pafture Land. At Otterham in the Parifh of Upchurch, now in the Occupation of Thomas Ady, Hoyman. For further Particulars inquire at the faid Place. Alfo two Hoys to be fold, ' one about fixty Tons, and the other about 28 Tons. T o inquire of Mr, * E* d*. * M* u* d* d* e* l ,* * S* h* i* p* w* r* ig# h* t*,* * at* * G* i* l* l i* n* g* h* y* m**. *#**-************-*****) ( , It is reported, that the Exprefs forwarded to T o w n by Capt. Scrope, who is arrived at Falmouth, contains no Account of any fee Engagement; but confirms the taking of feveral Tranfports. The Exprefs is faid to contain an Account of the Fleet's being healthy, and that General Blakeney was recovered from his Fatigue and Indifpofitiorti. It is further faid, that in this Exprefs a Letter is addrefs'd to his Majefty, and a large Packet to the Lords of the Admiralty. It is' faid that Capt. Scrope is a/ Hided with the Bloody Flux, bud is daily expedied in T o w n. T w o Advice VelTels, and the Tranfport Veilels which lately failed from England, have joined Admiral Hawke. This Week feveral Victuallers in Middlefex and Surry have been convi& ed in the Penalty of Five Pounds, for felling fineAles, & c. in their Houfes in Decanters and other Velfels not marked according to Law ; and Yefterday three Fellows, whoh- ve/ made it their Bufinefs for fome T i m e to inform againft Perfons offending againft this Adl, were detedled in Whitechapel, and a Mob rofe upon thefiJ, who treated them fo feverely with Horfe- Pond Difcipline, that they were glad to get off with whole Bones. Bank Stosk, 117 1 qr. a 1 half. India Ditto, 174. South. Sfi Stoei- 98 3 qrs, a 99. Ditto Old Annuities, 1 Sub. 56 1 half. Ditto z Sub. 1 halt.. ; D « to Hew Annuities, 1 Sub. Sp 1 half. Ditto 1 Sub. SS 4 Jths. -'. Three 1 half Bank Annuities 1 Sub 90. Dittos Sub tfp t qr Three per Cent. Bank Annuities 89. Di. ro 1716, — . Ditto Somi' Sei Annuities 1751, 89. Ditte Indii Annuities, SS 3 8ths. Bsr. k C i r c u l a t i 0 n 4 l . r u « d. Prem Indu Bonds 2, I t o t , Pr.' tn, N » vyand Viftmlling Bilh, Lottery Tickets n l . i S s . f i d. Three 1' hdi ptr Cent. Bar. k Annuities 1756, 95 3 g-. hs. D « cre » f « d in the Bwuls this Week j t, From — jV « . rr/£# Lin- don Gazette, Sept. J. L-' short, July 29. Laft Thurfday their Majefties and the Royal Family left their Tents, and went to refide in the new Palace built of Wood near Belem •, upon which Occafion they received Che Compliments of the Nobility and Foreign Minifters. Copenhagen, Aug at. The King hascaufed an Ordonnance to be pubhfbed, forbidding the Exportation of Corn out of this Kingdom till the End of December next. Count Afchberg having obtained Leave to quit the Service, his Regiment is given to Major Genera! Hauch, firft Aid de Camp to his Majefty. Vienna, Aug. 1 1 . Yefterday Morning three Battalions and two Companies of Grenadiers of the Regiment of Marfhal Leopold Daun inarched from hence for the Gamp of Ollifchau in Moravia ; and T o - morrow or next Day the Regiment of Molck will pafs by this City for the Camp near Colin in Bohemia. Vienna, Aug. 23. It is faid the four Regiments of Horfe, which have encamped for lome T i m e paft at Kitfee, have received Orders to march into Bohemia and Moravia. Drefden, Aug. 29. Within thefe few Days paft 300 Pieces of Ordnance have been fent from hence in Boats to Koenigftein. The Regiment of Cannoniers is marched into the Camp that is pitched between Pima and Koenigftein. The other Saxon Regiments, at well as thofe that are in Garrifon here, will march into the Camp on the 1 ; th of September. T w o Bridges of Boats are already laid over the Elbe, near the Camp, for the better Conveniencyof the Army. L O N D O N> Sept. 7. In the Amfterdam Gazette we find the following Paragraph, dated London Auguft 24. " Lieutenant- General Hop, Envoy Extraordinary from the States General, has demanded of the Miniftry the Releafe of the Dutch Man of War and Merchantmen that were brought into the Downs the 17th Inftant by fome of the King's Ships : His Excellency reprefented, that the Mails and other Materials on board the Ships in Queftion, not being included, by Treaties, in the Clafs of contraband Goods, they could not in Juftice flop nor detain thofe Ships; and he was anfwered, that the Cafe fhould be examined without Delay, and decided according to the Tenor of the Treaties." T h e fourth and laft W i n g to St. Bartholomew's Hofpital was ordered t o be etefted by a grand Meeting of the Governors held laft Thurfday ; on which Account the Tenants are to have legal Notice next Michaelmas to quit their Tenements within the T i m e limited by their feveral Leafes. When this Edifice is finilhed the reft of the Houfes in the Center will be pulled down, and the Statue of the late Dr. Ratcliff, in Brafs, will be ere& ed, he having left 20,000!. towards the faid Building, befides a confiderable Sum for the better Support of the faid Hofpital. Saturday Night a Courier arrived from Madrid, and we hear he has brought frefh Overtures from the Spanifh Court towards an Accommodation between England and France t tho' fome People here imagine that he brings an Account of an Engagement between the Englifh and French Fleets in the Mediterranean; but we are not inclined to believe the latter, becaufe we hear that the Departure of the Toulon Squadron is fufpended or countermanded. A great Number of Horfes were bought at Newbury Fair for the ufe cf the Government. There has not been fo great a Fair, for a demand of Horfes, ever known in the Memory of Man, as this laft was. Sunday Night three Gentlemen were robbed by two Highwaymen upon Hounflow Heath, in the Road from Stains, of their Watches and about fix Pounds in Money. An Exprefs arrived on Sunday at the Pruffian Minifter's is thought to have brought very important Particulars. Meffengers were immediately difpatched to fuch of the Miniftry as were in the Country, and alipircumftances feem to indicate fome Evept of the utmoft Confequence^ We fome T i m e ago mentioned the Motions of the Pruffian Troops, which the Accounts in other Papers hare fince appeared to contradidl; but the Truth is, this wife Monarch without feeming; willing to underftand the Deftination of the Auftrian Armies in Bohemia, fent M. Klingraff to Vienna, with a Letter written by his own Hand, to Demand a preclfe and categorical Declaration, What he might depend upon, as he had not fent a fingle Regiment into Si'lefia more than ufual, nor could his Faith in Treaties permit him, to fufpedt the Intentions of the Imperial Court, before he fhould have received the moft convincing Reafons for fo doing. However he kept his Troops canton'd in fuch a Manner, and always 5n fuch readinefs for a March, that he could at any T i m e enter Bohemia with at leaft 70,000 Men in five Days time. His Ambaffador at Vienna received only a quibbling and erafive Anfwer ; in confer e n c e of which, it is believed, that two Pruffian Armies, one of 60,000 and the other of 4- 0,000 are marched; and if they are fo, there is no doubt but we ( hall foort hear of their Operations. It is fuppofed that the msjl Cbrijlian King, according to his ufual gwd Fait)}, nas procured the Alliance of the Emprefs Queen by a private Article for the Recovery o f S i l e f i a : thus Frerxh Perfidy is likely to continue as fuccefsful in the Effufion of Chriftian Blood as ufual. It is confidently allerted, that the Embarkation which is fpeedily to be made, is d^ figncd fat Cotfica : That Hfond would be » better Place of" ReTTd£ zvous for ourjviediterfsrreaTTr ieets aft Minorca, and with this ftill greater Advantage, that it will eithef maintain itfelf, or by the free and exclufive Ufe of its Ports arifwef all our Occafions without Expence. T h e Rochefter Man of War has carried into Portfmouih fix Du'ch Veflels laden with Naval Stores, bound for one of the Ports of France. We hear, that an American Gentleman, of the higheft Military Charafler amongft his Countrymen, at prefent in T o w n , has offered the Government to raife, at his own Expence, a Regiment of two Thoufand Americans, upon Condition of his having the Command of it. Laft Week was interr'd at Summerton in the County of Suffoll- j the antient Burying'Place of tbe Family, the Remains of tbe Right Hon. Montague, Vifcount Blundell, . Baron of Edenderre in the Kingdom of Ireland, and Baroner. He officiated as Lord Almoner at the Coronation of his late Majefty King George the Firft, to which Office his Family claim'd alternate Right with that of the Earl of Exeter's. He died poffeffed of a large Eftate in Ireland and England, which defcends to his three Daughters as Coheirefles : T h e Hon. Anna Maria Blundell, the Hon. Mrs. Ttumbail, and the Right Hon. Lady Raymond. We hear that Sir George Saville, Bart, of Rufford in the County of Nottingham, fent for thofe of his Tenants who he knew had Quantities of Corn, and requefted them, upon Pain of his Difpleafure, to carry it to the Market at 4 s. aBulhel, which was done accordingly, to the great Satisfaction and Relief of the poorer Sort of People. On Tuefday laft the Bury Stage- Waggoner was kill'd by the Shafts of the Waggon, coming out of the Star- Yard: This is the third Perfon killed by the fame Waggon and Horfes. On Sunday Night laft the Parifb Church of St. Laurence in Reading, in the County of Berks, was broke open, as was likewife a Cheft in the faid Church, from whence the Villains took a Crimfon Velvet Covering for the Communion Table with a Gold Lace round the Bottom, and a Gold T w i f t round that Part which comes againft the Edge of the Table, and a Crimfon Velvet Vallon with Gold Fringe T o p and Bottom. Laft Saturday John Hughes, Servant to Mr. Peter Snee, of Queen- Street, was fent to Wood- ftreet Compter, on fufpicion of Forgery, and Yefterday he was carried before Alderman Rawlinfon at Guildhall, who committed him to Newgate. He brought a Bill drawn upon Mr. Snee for 25 1. to which Mr. Stffee's Acceptance and Orders to be paid when due, by Meff. Vere and Co. Bankers, in Lombard- Street, were forged : Upon fearching him, another 25 1. Bill, with the fame counterfeit Acceptance, was found in his Waiftcoat Pocket. On Sunday Morning was married, at St. Paul's, Covent- Garden, the Rev. Mr. Mence of Bigglefwade, a Gentleman about 78 Years of Age, to Mifs K i t t y Glaffe, of Taviftock- Street, an agreeable young Lady about 22. Margate, Sept. 6. This Morning arrived his Majefty's Sloop W o l f , with the Convoy from Oftend ; alfo the Hazard Sloop, with the French Privateer, which fhe took off Yarmouth. Derby, Sept. 4. We have the Wirkfworth and Cromford Mob in T o w n this Evening, deftroying the French Stones ufed at oar Corn- Mills. They called at Durley, ( about a Mile o f f ) but the Mayor, whofe Conduft cannot be too much commended, got there with a Party of Dragoons juft before, and kept them off, till Mr. Gisbourne and Mr. Rivett came up, who, by mild Terms, prevented any Mifchief at thofe Mills. However they marched on to this Place, and pulled down three Pair of French Stones; when the Soldiers returned and took fome of the Rioters into Cuftody at the Holms M i l l s ; and in bringing them to the Town- Hall the Mob attacked the Dragoons with Stones, upon which they were obliged to fire, and wounded two Men. The T o w n is in the gteattft Confufion, and God knows how it will end. Briftol, Sept. 4. On Tuefday came on at the Guildhall a T r i a l between Mr. James Thomas, of this C i t y , Plaintiff, and Mr. Gregory, in Behalf of a Minor, his Wife's Son, Defendant, for the Eftate of the late Capt. John Thomas of Queen- ftreet. It appeared upon the T r i a l , that Capt. Thomas, in the Year 1743 made his Will in Favour of the Plaintiff, which Will was produced in Court, with the Captain's Name cut out, and was faid to have been cancelled by the Captain himfelf, another Will being produced of a later Date in Favour of the Defendant. The Trial lafted from Eight in the Morn', Ing till Five the Morning following. The Subftance of the Evidences being very judicioufly fumm'd up, and the Charge given, the Jury withdrew, and in about Half an Hour returned with a Verdift for the Plaintiff, the Defendant being obliged to refund the Arrears, and pay Coft of Suit.— Laft Sunday failed theTyger Privateer, Capr. Griffin, of 32 Guns, from Kingroad; Thurfday fail'd the Anfon, Capt. W a f t p u t t , of 14 Guns; and this Day fails the St. Andrew Privateer of 24 Guns.— His Majefty's Ship the Prince Edward will fail this D a y , with f e m a l Letters of Marque, and other Ships under • her Convoy, W ~ HER^ TSPeWMrpcrlohclift'crttU. Rsnkrend I^ ofefiTorts IiavS1 taken the Liberty to*( hoot,' hunt, fett, courfe and deftroy the Garni> and F i f l i'Vithin my Mannor of Minder in the Me of Thaiiet, * without my Leave ; I therefore take this Liberty to inform the Pub-, lick, that 1 have feveral Grants from the Crown, of a Free Forreft, a Free Warren, and Free fifhing, w ithin my faid Mannor of Minfter and the llle of Thanet, and that I am determined for the future to profecute all fuch Perfons as fhall keep any Greyhounds, Lurchers, Pointers, Setting Dogs, Spaniels, Guns, or Nets, or fhall hunt, kill, or » deftroy the Game, or Eggs of Game, or Fifh within my faid Mannor, Free Forreft, Free Warren, and Free Filhing, in the faid Me of Thanet, without my Leave. And I do hereby promife a Reward of five Guineas, clear or all Charges, befides the Allowance by Att of Parliament, to every Perfon that fhall legally convidl another of killing or dcftroying the Game, or the Eggs, or Young of Game, or Fifh, within my faid Free Forreft, FrceWarren, FreeFilhing, and Mannor, within the I fie of Thanet, without my Leave j to be paid by Mr. John Haywiird, at Sandwich; John Sewell, my Game- keeper, at Ramlgate; or by me in Great George- Street, Hanover- Square, London. 9th Auguft, CONYNGHAM. r ExtraSt of » Letter film Ctbhurn in Surry, Seft. i. " This Day at Noon, as a Corporal and five private Men of Sir Charles Howard's Troop, were employed in making Cartridges in a back Parlour at the Swan- Inn here, a young Soldier, who was juft come from Exercife, went to them, and unthinkingly fnapping his Pifcol, the Fire catched the Powder that lay about the Room ; which, with the Granary over it, was immediately blowh up. One of the Men was killed on the Spot, and all the reft fo terribly fcorched, that I think they are the moft mifcrable Obje& s my Eyes ever beheld." Extralf of a Letter from PtrlfmUtb, Seft. 6 _ " Friday arrived the Rochefter, Capt. Duff, and Ambufcade, Capt. Gwynn, wich a Convoy from the Downs, and among them five Dutch Ships with contraband Goods, which are ordered into our Harbour to unlade and be paid their Freight. The Ambufcade is ordered to the Mediterranean, to carry the Captains appointed to the Men of War there. The Rochefter is failed into Harbour to clean.--• Moft of the French Ships in this Harbour are ordered to the Thames, and a great Number of Greenland Men are arrived to navigate them — Friday failed the Somerfet, Capt. Geary, with the Eaft and Weft Jndiamen under Convoy for the Downs — Yefterday failed out of Harbour the Bedford, Capt. Douglafs; and To- day or To- morrow the Yarmouth, Admiral Norris, and Terrible, Capt. Colby, will follow her, and proceed to the Bay with the Torbay, Medway, and Newcaftle.—" The Neptune, of 90 Guns, will be launched in about a Month; and great Expedition is ufed in repairing the Royal William of 100 Guns, and in building the Dorfetfhire of 70 Guns.— The Hind, Capt. Webber, lately arrived from the Weft Indies, is ordered into Harbour to be paid off — Remain the Admirals Osborn and Norris, in the Royal Anne and Yarmouth, with the St. George, Barfleur, Torbay, Bedford, Monarque, Terrible, Berwick, Medway, Newcaftle, Rocheftcr, Ambufcade, Hind, Lively, Scarborough, and Ferret." Edinburgh, Aug. 31. Laft Week a Man eroding the River Tweed near Kelfo, with a Cart and two Horfes, all unfortunately perifh'd.— We hear from Eaft- Lothian, that the Harveft is already begun in feveral Places in that Country; and we have the fame agreeable N e w s from Teviotdale, and other Parts. By all Accounts there is the Profpeft of a very fine Crop on the Ground ; and as we have had for fome Days paft the moft favourable Weather, it is to be hoped our Apprehenfions of a very late Harveft will be foon over, and the prefent exorbitant Price of Meal and Grain fpeedily reduced.— Saturday laft a Taylor's Wife in Multrees- Hili was brought to- bedof three Children, all likely to do well. Dublin, Auguft 31. Friday Night Capt. Gaskin fell from the Plank of his Ship on St. George's Quay, and was drowned — Laft Sunday an accidental Fire broke out in the Stables belonging to the Rev. Dr. Jackfon, at Tullamore in the King's County, by which they were entirely confumed, together With twenty- fix Front and the fame Number of back Houfes — Laft Week fome Villains made two different Attempts t o break into the Houfe of Mr. Heatly, St Newtown near Cooluck, but were repulfed by ths uncommon Bravery of a young Woman in the Houfe. When the Rogues firft attacked the Houfe fhe difcharged a Piftol at them, which they returned by many Shots, which providentially lodged in the Ceiling, after which one of them climbed up to the Window in order to break in, on whofe Head Ihe difcharged a Veffel of boiling Water : This fo difconcerted the Gang that they thought proper t o flieer off without their Booty. Fetersburgh, Auguft 1 j . On tha 10th Inft. an extraordinary AfTembly of the Privy- Council was held on fome Affairs of great Importance. Her Imperial Majefty and all the Members of the Council were prefent. Hamburgh, Auguft 57. We learn from Hanover that the Troops of that Electorate are in Motion, in order toa£ i conformably to the Orders they receive from tha King of Pruflla. Thefe Advices add, that General Count de Zaftrow is attually at Potzdam, concerting with his Pruffian Majefty the Meafures proper to be taken in the prefent Con. junfiure. Naples, Auguft i j i Tha Princefs Maria Jofephina, their Majefty's fecond' Daughter, died the Day before Yefterday : Site was born on ths i 6 t h o f July, 1744, and was but juft entered into her thirteenth Year. Toulon, Aug. 14, A Courier brought three Exprcfles laft Wednefday, one of which is for the Marquis de la Galiffoniere, Lieut. General and Commander of the Squadron in this Harbour, which is fpeedily to fe* fail; by which the Marquis is informed, that the Englifli Squa. dron cruizing about Mahon, has probably been reinforced with three Ships of the Line. Since the Arrival of this Courier, a Tartan has 1 Governor ® f Minorca, and to M. Je la Serre; Commander of dis Wtf t i n e at Mahon, Hie Mailer of this VedeS has Orders to throw ths Packets into the Sea, in cafe he fhould be chafed by any Entjiift Veflel. , Breil, Auguft 17. In C o n f o r m i t y t o the O r d e q , J r om Coi'rr, we arc arming here with all pcffib'e Diligehce^ eieven > jji'p%. cf the Line. J Paris, Auguft 50. The Ships t h a t J i a v e carried the Garrilbn ; of Fdrqj St. Philip to Gibraltar are returned to Marfsiiles, a n d an Englifli S'llip is alfo arrived for the Hoflagesof that Nation. On the 5th loft. the T o w n of Tulle ia the Limofin was hear being entirely deftroyed by a Torrent, which oveiflowed the ltivVer Town, carried away the Bridges, threw down many Houfes, and a confiderable Number of People loft their Lives. Marfeilles, Auguft 10. The Veffels deftined to tranfport our Troops to Corfica are ready to fail from Antibes, under the Lfcorte of two Galleys and two Chebeques. We fuppofe if the Toulon Fleet purs to Sea, it will be principally to proteft this Country; for there can be no Neceffity for hazarding a Battle merely to oblige the Englifh Squadron t o leave the Mediterranean. Before two Months/ and without ouffiring a Gun, the Seafon will oblige the Enemy to retire. Adrfi Hawke'j Squadron confifts of 18 Ships of the Line and lix Frigates ; M- Galiffoniere's only of 16 of the Line and five Frigates; but ours is better equipped than the other. In t w o Months the Ocean of 80 Guns, ani the Hercules of 74, will be compleatly armed ; and the next Year they Will launch two Ships of 74 Guns and two new Frigates.— One of the Privateers belonging to the Sieur Roux has taken an Englifli Ship of 32 Guns and about i s o Men, which was going to Genoa — ThsEnglifh are fitting out two Privateers at Gibraltar, one of 30 Guns, a ni the other of 34. Extraft of a private Letter from jimflerdam, dated Sept. 3. " Letters from Leipzig of this Day, give us an Account that tfiiS Pruflian Troops are arrived in that City from Magdeburg, that they have taken Poffefiion of the Gates, have planted four Pieces of Cannon againft the Town- Houfe, and are biliited from 14, to i 5 a n d 10, in simoft every Houfe in the City. At the fame Time we hear, that the fevereft Injun& ions have been laid on the People, thro' all the Towns they have paffed, forbidding themi on Pain of Death, to communicarfe by Letters the Deftination of thefe Troops. The Terror into which' this Circumftance has thrown the Traders at Leipzig is unfpeakable, their Com'miffions for Goods being countermanded, and the Stoppage of their Merchandize being earneftly defired till farther Notice. Letters from Berlin at the fame time communicate, as a Secret, that the Court has difcovered, by a Secretary lately efcaped from Vienna, that the Court of Saxony has embraced the Scheme of the Court of France and Vienna. It is conceived here that his Pruffian Majefty, whofe Piirpofes are not always known till executed, being well apprifed of the Defigns of his no- good Friends, has mads ufe of his ufual Method of taking Occafion by the Fofeloek, and will be ready in Silefia and Bohemia before he is call'd on." T O T H E N O B I L I T Y , G E N T R Y , A N D P U B L I C K I N G E N E R A L . There is now appointed to be Sold at the P R I L N T I N G - O F F I C E in Canterbury, and may be had by fpeaking to the Newfmen, The only Excellent and Infallible C 6 R N S A L ^ E/ AS the Pubhck have long been irapofed upon by a counterfeit CORN SALVE,<( in imitation of the True and real Sort, which his only been adminifter'd in private pra& ice for thirty Yeari paft, and was never made publick till bearing date at St James's, Weftminlter, April 14, 1 7 ^ ,/ the True Sort if now fix'd to be Sold only at the Warehoufe, the BEAK and NAKED BOY, near Soiuhatnpton- ftreet, Covent Garden, at one fhilling and fix pence each, being a lufiicient Cure for one Peflon At fome of eminent Rank in this Kingdom have experienced its fingular Virtues arid' as it is approved of by feveral Phyficians, the Publick may be iffur'd to prevent Counterfeits for the future, it will be fold only at above, and no Where elfe in London. Its attetted Virtuet, in performing a Cure, are at follow, viz. 1. Tf yoit are in the greateft pain poflible to be felt by Corns, it gives perfifi Eife 10' left Time than one Hour. a. If you have been arlil& ed with Cornt forty fifty or fixty Years, in a or 3 Weeks you Will find rhens cocie up by tha Roots, without the leall pain, and never to return, j. Either hard or foft Corns make no difference in their Cure 4, If, thro' pain, your Feet have been fo fore that you could fearcely ( fFer any Shoes on, in left Time than one Month you can wear any Shoes you can put on your Peer, without the leaft pain whatever, « many have experienced, havfng in a Fortnight's Tim< f wore clofer Shoes than they could for twenty Years before. N. B. There is a Bill of Direftions feal'd up in each with preen Wa# with thefe Wordion the T p, JOHN LORD'j CORN SALVE, M. L. Price One fhilling and fix- pence. •• — Alfo at the above Places may be had The T r u e Volatile Effence, called, EAU DE LUCE, the beft and moft durable Smelling Bottle yet known, at Three fhilli- gj a Rottle. Alfo WARREH's ROYAL LIQUID for the Hair, Snuil. pcx, Sun burn,- Scurf, Sic, at Two fhiliings » Bottle, v> ith Direfi'ion* to each. N. B. Sold at ' he Pvinurg Office in Canterbury. Sixteen Sermons upon Seled* Subject. By the Rev. ffaac T
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