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Berrow's Worcester Journal


Printer / Publisher: Berrow 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 2457
No Pages: 4
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Berrow's Worcester Journal
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Berrow's Worcester Journal

Date of Article: 02/09/1756
Printer / Publisher: Berrow 
Address: Office in Goose-Lane, near the Cross
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 2457
No Pages: 4
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BERROW's Worcester JOURNAL. [ Pnnted at his OFFICE in Goose- Lane, near the Cross. l Price Two- Pence. THURSDAY, September 2, 1756. N° 2457 FrIDAY'S and SATURDAY'S POSTS. The Humble PETITION of GEORGE GIBRALTAR TO THE p L T of GR. BR- T-- N. Sheweth, THAT your Petitioner was lawfully married, with the Consent of Parents, Friends, and Others, to his beloved Wife Philipina Minorca-, and that after a happy and fruitful Union of Forty- Eight Years, having had Issue, Three, the fairest of Children, Glory, Liberty, and Trade, ( who are now left exposed to Insult and Dan- ger) was cruelly separated in the Month of June last, con- trary to every Maxim of sound Policy, and the evident Interest of an injured Family. That not contented with a bare Dissolution of this most solemn League, some Person or Persons have wantonly and wickedly given her up to the Seduction of France, to the eternal Reproach of Decency, and in Defiance of all Authority or Precedent whatsoever. Therefore, as your Petitioner apprehends this to be the Prelude of other such arbitrary Divorces, if not timely remedied, he beseeches the lnterposition of your authori- tative Power against such Acts of Violence and Dispensers of Oppression, as have appeared in the Instance now com- plained of ; and, that you will be pleased, from your Love of speedy Justice, to bring the Perpetrators of this most flagrant and unjustifiable Act to exemplary Punish- ment with an Expedition as rapid as the Evils they brought upon our Family are numerous and afflicting. " That your Petitioner, bereft of such Happiness and Assistance as his loving Consort constantly afforded, finds it impossible to enjoy Satisfaction, or to provide in a be- coming Manner for his aforesaid necessitous Children. That the important Trust committed to the Charge of Philipina and this Petitioner, had been, through their assiduous Endeavours, well improved, but now must to- tally fall, unless timely assisted, as One alone is unable to sustain the Weight of Care and constant Attendance that is thereto annexed. That moreover, rather than despair without Endea- vours to alleviate Misfortunes, your Petitioner had bent his Thoughts towards a Second Marriage, but finds it im- possible to reconcile such a Step to his Honour or his Con science ; nor indeed, were it possible for every obligatory Tye of Gratitude and of Justice to be extinguished in his own Breast, could so lovely and suitable a Partner be found within the Mediterranean Realms. That your Petitioner apprehends Philipina's Affections may, in Process of Time, become alienated, and having much in her own Disposal the Fortunes of her first- born Children, viz Glory, Liberty, and Trade, may be impair'd, forgot, or transferr'd to the Children of France, to the establishing of perpetual Feuds and endless Litigation, and, at last, to the utter Extinction of your Petitioner's Property. Therefore your Petitioner most humbly supplicates that you would pity his solitary and dangerous Condition, and that, violated as Philipina is, she may be restored to her true and disconsolate Husband, rather than remain the captive Concubine of an inveterate Enemy. G. GIBRALTAR. Dated at the Pass of the Ocean, on the Fiftieth Day of Trouble, in the Year of Calamity'. FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE. Paris, August 14. To Reward the Valour of the Of- ficers employed in the Minorca Expedition, the King has given a Pension of 12,000 Livres to the Marquis de La- val, half of which is revertible to the Marchioness his Spouse; another Pension of 6000 Livres to the Marquis de Monty ; to Mess Puisigneux and Sade each a Pension of 2000 Livres; a Gratification of 1200 Livres to every Lieutenant Colonel, 5oo to cach Captain of Grenadiers, and 600 to every Officer of higher Rank. There are be sides many other Pensions and a good Number of Crosses of St. Lewis granted to Subaltern Officers. His Majesty has also promised a blue Garter to the Prince of Beauveau, the grand red Garter to the Marquis de Monteynard, and the first vacant grand Government- to the Marquis du Mesnil, Lieutenant General. Minorca is erected into a Government of the first Class. ITALY] Leghorn, August 4. The Master of a Ship that arrived here on Wednesday, in two Days from Mar- seilles, reports, that a Quarrel arising among the Crew of a thirty gun Privateer, a few Day; after her Departure from Marseilles, they came to Blows, notwithstanding the Interposition of the Captain ; that upwards of thirty were killed, and above double that Number wounded ; and that the Captain had been thereby forced to return to Port. HOLLAND.] Hague, August 17. Two important Ex- peditions have been projected and resolved on in the King's Cabinet Council, say the last Letters from Paris. Marshal Belleisle with the Troops under his Command on the Coast of Flanders will be charged with the Execution of one, and the Prince of Conti is to atchieve the other with an Army on the Moselle. The Meaning of this is, that the Marshal Belleisle will attempt to land in England, and the Prince of Conti to invade Hanover. COUNTRY NEWS. Canterbury, August 21. Thursday Evening, about Se- ven o'Clock, the Mistress of the Unicorn Alehouse in this City, carried her Child to Bed, which was about sixteen Months old; and about Nine, the Maidservant hearing the Child cry very much, went to see what was the Mat- ter ; when, to her great Surprize, she found it very bloody; and, on searching of it, difcover'd that it had been bit in several Places, which, all that have seen the Child, con- clude to be done by Rats; a Quantity of Blood was found in the Bed. Salisbury, August 23. On Tuesday last James Arundel, a Carpenter at Sutton- Benjar in this County, was executed at Fisherton Gallows, pursuant to his Sentence at our last Assizes, for Coining of Money. He declared, to the last, that he never in his Life made any Piece of Money what- ver, or knowingly put off any that was base or counter- feit, but confess'd his having a Mould and Metal for coining of Guineas put into his Possession, and which were found upon him when he was apprehended. Many Things that were swore against him at his Trial, he said were entirely false, which he freely forgave, and died a Penitent, very composed, and in perfect Charity with all his Enemies. LONDON. { Thursday, August 26. By Accounts from Gibraltar, we conclude that General Blakeney is by this Time set out on his Return home. A Descent on the Coast of Brittany is talked of in com- mon ; but from good Authority we are inform'd that a much more important Expedition will shortly be earned into Execution. Some Officers have received Orders to hold themselves and Subalterns, with Equipage, & c. ready to march or embark at an Hour's Warning. Some Regiments of Foot which were lately ordered to march for Byfleet Common, and be there encamped, are countermanded, and they have received Orders to hold themselves in Readiness to embark on the shortest Notice, for which Purpose the several Officers have al- ready joined their respective Corps. By Letters from North- America we are informed of a Skirmish between a Party of English, commanded by Capt. Broadstreet, and a Party of the French, near Os- wego, which turned out much in favour of the English, who routed the Enemy, took about a hundred Prisoners, and scalped sixty ; and afterwards marched on to the Place they were destined for. The French laid in Am- buscade, with Design to cut them off. Letters are arrived by the last Ships from Pensylvania, which bring an Account that the Government of that Province have made a Treaty with the Indians that have done them so much Mischief in their back Settlements; by which an End is put to those innumerable Mischiefs the poor Inhabitants have so long laboured under. We hear that any capital Offence, lately committed, against the Articles for the better Government of the Navy, established by the Act of the 13th of Car. II. cap. 9. will be tried in the King's Bench, according to the Power given, by the Act of the 5th and 6th of W. and M. cap. 25. and not by a Court- Martial. We hear that Capt. Young of the Intrepid, at present in the Mediterranean, is, for his gallant Behaviour in the late Engagement there, honour'd with a Commodore's Broad Pendant. By the Boston, Cartwright, arrived at Dover from Boston in New England, there is Advice that our Forces began their March the 12th of last Month from Albany, to begin the Operations of the Campaign against the French ; but it does not appear that Lord Loudon was yet arrived amongst them. Extract of a Letter from Plymouth, August 22. " Admiral Mostyn took a Martinico Man two or three Days ago, and sent her towards Portsmouth. " The Astrea, from Martinico, was taken by the Claude Galley, a Letter of Marque, in Sight of some Ships of our Squadron, who are entitled to a Share of the Prize." The Lords of the Admiralty have ordered several stout armed Vessels to cruize in the North Seas, to protect our Trade in those Parts, as several small French Privateers are constantly cruizing about there, and when pursued by our Men of War run into shallow Water, whither these armed Vessels will be able to go after them, The regular, decent, and genteel Behaviour of the Hanoverian Forces is confirm'd on all Hands; but one Particular, which more especially demands Notice, is, that while they were at Canterbury it was remark'd that there were about 2000 of the common Men at the Sacra- ment one Sunday. They write from Hull, that the Citadel, Garrison, and Sluices are forthwith to be put into proper Repair, for the better Defence of that important Place, in Case of Need ; and to this good End a very skilful Engineer . is appointed to inspect the same; which the loyal Subjects of that flourishing and great trading Town are, at this critical Juncture, much rejoiced at. Yesterday an Express arrived at the India House, with Advice, that the Warren, Glover, and the Anson, de Bake, Indiamen, were safe arrived at Kinsale, in Ireland. These Ships parted at Sea from the Hardwick, Sampson, nine or ten Days before their Arrival at the above Port. They left at St. Helena, the Bombay- Castle, the Est- , court, and the London, all well; and the Oxford, Ste- vens, was arrived there bound for Bencoolen. We hear that his Majesty's Sloop, the Peregrine, has taken, and carried into Lisbon, two French Prizes, said to be very rich. On the 22d came to an Anchor, in Cowes Road, the Adventure Privateer of Guernsey, Philip Dupree, from the Coast of France, with a French Prize laden with Cyder. The Mandrin Privateer of Liverpool, about 20 Tons, mounting two Guns, on the 12th inst. brought into Crook- haven two Dutch Ships laden with Stores and Lead for Brest. Private Letters by the last Holland Mail advise, that a Ship from Hull, laden with Coals and Lead on board, and two Scotch Ships, are taken by two Privateers on the Coast of Norway. The Scotstarvet, Chiene, who is arrived at Plymouth from Ferrol, on the 21st of July, in her Passage from the Streights for Ferrol, was taken by a French Frigate, but her Loading, being Spanish Property, was ransomed for 300 I. The Elizabeth, Brocklebank, from Hull for Konen- burgh, is taken by a French Privateer of four Guns. On Tuesday Morning Vice- Admiral Smith hoisted his Flag on board his Majesty's Ship Tilbury, in the Downs. We hear that one of the French Prizes carried into Ireland has a very considerable Sum of Money on board, besides a Cargo reckoned worth thirty or forty Thousand Pounds Sterling. Among the other Sufferers by the dreadful Fire at Berghen, in Norway, where 1660 Families are burnt out, are Mess. Alexander Wallace and William Alexander, British Merchants, who have lost their Dwelling Houses, but saved their Warehouses . and every Thing in them, with their Books, Papers and furniture. The Loss is sup- posed to be one half of the Town. On Monday Night a Fire broke out at Mr. Fuller's Corn- Mills, near Abingdon, which entirely consumed the same, with a great Quantity of Corn, See. ^ Last Friday Night a Fire broke out in the City of York, in Mrs. Maw's new House in St. Saviour's Gate, and entirely destroyed Mrs. Adams's, Miss Moyser's, Miss Headlam's, Mrs. Smithson's, and damaged some others before it was extinguished. We hear from Cambridge, that on Tuesday last, the 24th, being a grand Common Day, the Hon. Edwin Sandys, Esq; Son of the Right Hon. Lord Sandys, was sworn in Freeman of that Corporation ; after which the P. ight Hon. Lord Montford their High Steward, the Right Hon. Lord Sandys, and Mr. Sandys, dined at the Rose Tavern with the Corporation, And the same Day Mr. Marshall was chosen a Common- Council- Man. A few Days ago the Rev. Mr. Plumptree was married to a Daughter of the Rev. Dr Newcomb, of Hackney; a beautiful young Lady, with a handsome Fortune. - A few Days since died, at Berkley, near Frome, Mr William Humphreys, Gent, whose Death was occasioned , * l by his cutting a Corn, which turned to a Mortification; There is a Parcel of idle Fellows go out a Shooting already; which is very scandalous, very little Wheat be- ing cut, and no Barley, Clover, & c. It is hoped the Legislature will take Notice of this, and prohibit the Going out a Shooting, Hunting, or Coursing till'Michael- mas- Day, N. S. which will be the greatest Preservation of the Game that can be thought on; for now the Birds are shot before they can fly, and the Leverets killed be- fore they can run ; and the honest Farmer receives vast Damage in his Crops. The great Cause which has been long depending be- tween the Butchers and Jobbers-, by the late Forestalling the Markets by buying Cattle on the Road, which was to have been tried at the Surrey Assizes, is at an End ; the Jobber who was prosecuted, thinking it more adviseable to - pay the Plaintiff's Costs, which came to 27I. tos. exclusive of his own, than to stand Trial, promising at the same Time never to practise this unfair Trade any more. On Saturday the Grand Jury for the County of Surrey at Kingston, found a Bill against Martha Gray, Gate- keeper of East Sheen Gate, for obstructing several Foot- ways leading through Richmond Park. SUNDAY'S and MONDAY'S POSTS. T Arrived a M A I L from HOLLAND. LISBON, July 20. H E 18th in the Morning we had another Shock of Earthquake, though a very slight one : But these Shocks, whether slight or violent, keep us in continual Alarms, and God only knows when they will end. It seems as if we were destined for a Spectacle and a Warn- ing to other Nations, by all the various Evils that are come upon us; for Earthquakes are not the only Calamity we feel. Licentiousness, Robberies, and Murders abound in this wretched City, in spight of all the Care taken by the Prime Minister to maintain Order and Tranquility. Last Week five more Perfons were found murder'd ; and as for Robberies, not a Day passes without some being committed. The Robbers are become so daring as to send Letters to rich Persons, taxing them in large Sums, and threatening to burn their Houses if they don't fully comply with their Demands. Two of those Villains having cross'd the Tagus in a Wherry, in order to set Fire to some Booths in the Lower Town, the Officers of Justice happily apprehended them before they executed their infernal Design : Being put to the Torture, they con- fess'd their Gang confuted of about Twenty, and that they had unanimously refolved to fire the Town in diffe- rent Places at once, that they might plunder at Leisure all the Booths and Huts they should find abandoned ; and certainly there would have been a great Number forsaken in the first Fright which such a Conflagration must have caused among the Inhabitants. PLANTATION NEWS. Extract of a Letter from Boston, July 17. " The Army march this Week from the Half- Moon, about twelve Miles above Albany, for Crown Point, with 600 Waggons, commanded by General Winslow, a brave Officer: Col. Grinley commands the Train of Artillery, and is reckoned a very good Engineer. " In all Probability, three Weeks will determine the Fate of this Army. God only knows what the Event will be! A bloody Scene is expected will open at Tycon- dorago, a Pass they are to go through before they get to Crown Point. " It is very agreeable to find there is a good Harmony between the English Forces and ours: The Regulars will garrison the Forts and Passes while ours march forward. " The Albany Carrier came in this Day from the Army: He brings Letters which advise of a smart En- gagement between Colonel Bradstreet, with 300 Ameri- cans, and 700 French and Indians. There was a con- siderable Loss on both Sides ; but our Men beat them off with double the Loss that happen'd to us. The French have taken a small Schooner of ours on the Lake, in a Calm, with a Number of Canoes." IRELAND. Dublin, August 21. Last Tuesday, at Trim, an unhappy Wretch was convicted of stealing two Cows, but judged an Object of Mercy. On Wednesday, going to receive Sentence of Death, there was a Whisper in Court, that he had been tried in Trim for a Felony about five Years before, that he had been found guilty, and that he had actually been hanged there. Upon an Enquiry it was found to be true, and the Magistrate who com- mitted him for his former Felony was in Court, and knew him. He was also formerly transported, and was after- wards a Soldier in the French Service. He was indicted by the Name of Macanna, but his real Name is Daly, and he is to be hanged again upon the same Gallows, some Time longer than when he was last a Criminal here. my convoy'd those Transports with all their Strength, which the English, not being apprised off, fought them with Part of their Ships, leaving the otherS to block up Port Mahon ] Admiral Hawke has near 3000 Land Forces on board his Fleet, with a Draught of Matrosses and Engineers. We hear that a General Officer has offer'd, with 8000 Men, to re take Minorca. It is reported at St. James's End Of the Town, that Sir John Ligonier, General Huske, and some other Of- ficers, will shortly go upon an important Expedition. A great Number of Vessels are contracted for by the Government, to be employed as Tenders. The Men employed to get ready a Train of Battering Cannon work extraordinary Hours. We are credibly inform'd, that a true Patriot Admiral has communicated a Scheme by which not only Minorca would be soon delivered up to England again, but Cape- Breton taken, without the Loss of a Drop of Blood on either Side. It is assured that some Ships are actually appointed to carry a Reinforcement of our Troops, from Plymouth, to our Garrison at Gibraltar. The London Gazette has the following remarkable Paragraph, dated Whitehall, Aug. 28. " A Letter signed E. F. and dated the 21st Instant, was put into the Earl of Holdernesse's Hands by the Noble Lord to whom it was directed. The Contents of it have met with the most serious Attention ; and the Continuance of that Gen- tleman's Correspondence is earnestly desired by the Earl of Holdernesse, to whom he will please for the future to direct his Letters." It is confidently said, that a French Nobleman of great Quality is here incog. negotiating a Peace. He is so cautious of being seen, that he never goes out of his Lodgings ' till late at Night, when he goes in a Chair to wait on a certain Great Lord. It is reported, that the King of Spain has demanded a categorical Answer to his Terms. Tuesday last was introduced to his Royal Highness the Duke of Cumberland, by Sir John Ligonier, Mr. Chris- topher Myers, of Whitehaven ; who presented to his Highness a Model of his new- invented Scaling Machine ; which was approved of, and ordered by his Royal High- ness to be put in Execution under the Direction of Mr. Myers. v By Ships frequently coming in from Admiral Bosca- wen's Fleet in the Bay of Biscay, it is too true that the Men are sickly, and Numbers die; which proceeds from the Length of the Cruize, aud the Want of fresh Provi- sions and Garden- Stuff. We are assured that sharp Remonstrances have been made at the Hague against the ' present Conduct of the Dutch Merchants, & c. and it is said they were informed, that all Stores taken on board Dutch Ships, and bound for any Port of France would be deemed as lawful Prizes. Orders have been given to add fourteen Men to each Company of his Majesty's Electoral Troops. It was reported at Ratisbon, on the 15th Instant. that there had been a smart Skirmish on the Frontiers of Bo- hemia, between a Party of Prussians and a Detachment of Austrians; and that several Cover'd Waggons were arri- ved at Prague with the wounded Men. According to- Letters from Paris of the 16th Instant, the News of the King of Sardinia's acceding to the Trea- ty of Alliance between the Courts of Vienna and Ver- sailies, wants Confirmation. We hear that some Spanish Ships in the Ports of this Kingdom, have received Advice from their Owners, or Directions from Court, to return home immediately, whether their Cargoes be compleated or not. We hear that there will be several important Changes in the Ministry. Capt. Harland of the Essex has sent into Portfmouth a Snow taken from the French, laden with Soldiers Cloaths. Thursday, at a Court of Admiralty held at Doctors- Commons, twelve French Prizes, taken before the De- claration of War, were condemned. The Hampshire, Brown, and the Essex, Budden, from Falmouth for Cowes, and four other Vessels Names un- known, are all taken by a French Privateer off Dart mouth. ' The Mary Anne, Deus, from Oran, for Malaga, and the Exmouth, Wethall, from Majorca for London, are taken by a French Merchantman, bound from Marseilles to Martinico, and sent into Malaga. The , Scurven, a Coaster, was taken last Tuesday off Brighthelmstone by a French Snow Privateer and a Cutter in Company. On Thursday was married at St. George's Church, Hanover Square, John Scudamore, Esq; a Gentleman of a considerable Estate in Herefordshire, to Miss Wescomb, of Enfield; a young Lady of great Merit, and ample Fortune. ' The Price of Bread has rose no less than six Times WANTED IMMEDIATELY, FURNISH'D LODGINGS, With Four Beds, a Sitting Room, and Conveniencies for Dressing Meat ; Or, A small Convenient FURNISH'D HOUSE, well situated, either with a few Acres of Land, or without, within a Mile or two of the HOLY WELL on Malvern- Hill. Whoever has any such to lett, are desired to send their Proposals to the Printer of this Paper. LONDON, [ Saturday, August 28. Letters from Paris, dated the 2oth, say it is reported there that the two Squadrons in the Mediterranean having met, a very obstinate and bloody Engagement ensued, in which ' tis pretended the English sunk three of their Ships, but, on the other Hand, they say that Galissoniere took four of our Ships, and so damaged most of the rest that they can no longer keep the Sea. [ This Report gains but little Credit. Some suspect that some Part of Sir Edward Hawke's Squadron may have fallen in with the French Tranfports for Corsica ; others, that the Ene- Alfrick To be LETT, And Enter d upon at New Michaelmas next, A GOOD Dwelling- House and Work- Shop, Next Door to the CROWN INN, in Broad - Street, WORCESTER. g3 » The Premisses are well situated, and very convenient for a CUTLER, and have been occupied for that Busi- ness near Thirty Years. * • For further Particulars enquire at the said House, or of Mrs. Ruth Oldham, in the Butts. Likewise to be LETT, And may be Enter d upon at the same Time, A Small FARM, at In the County of Worcester. Enquire of Mr. Thomas Finch, at Alfrick, or of Mrs. Ruth Oldham aforesaid. Sept. 1, 1756. WHEREAS Thomas Parker, Appren- tice, to Richard Parker, of Alvechurch, in the County of Worcester, Turner and Chair- Maker, absented himself from his Master's Service on Tuesday the 16th of August last ; whoever employs, harbours, or entertains the said Apprentice will be proceeded against as the Law directs. N. B. The said Thothas Parker is a tall thin Lad, about twenty Years of Age, his Fore Teeth rotten, and his Hair lately cut off; — had on when he went away a brown Ticken Frock, and a blue and white Waistcoat. MEETING OF THE Three Choirs O F Worcester, Gloucester, and Hereford, For the BENEFIT of the WIDOWS and ORPHANS OF THE Poor Clergy of the Three Dioceses, Will be held at HEREFORD on Wednesday and Thursday* the 15th and 16th of September. The SERMON to be preach'd by the Rev. Mr. COTES, Rector of Door, and Chaplain to the Right Reverend the Lord Bishop of Bangor. ON Wednesday will be perform'd, at the Cathedral, in the Morning, Mr. Purcell's TE DEUM and JUBILATE with Dr. Boyce's Additions; an ANTHEM of Dr. Boyce's, and Mr. Handel's celebrated CORONA- TION ANTHEM . And, at the College Hall, in the Evening, the ORATORIO of SAMSON, in which will be introduced, The Dead March in SAUL. On Thursday will be perform'd, at the Cathedral, in the Morning, Mr. Handel's NEW TE DEUM and JUBI- LATE, a NEW ANTHEM of Dr. Boyce's, and the same CORONATION ANTHEM. And, at the College Hall, in the Evening, Dr. Boyce's SOLOMON, with several lnstrumental PIECES of MUSICK. AND,. On Friday Evening, at the College Hall, will be per- form'd L'ALLEGRO, IL PENSOROSO, and Dryden's ODE, set to Musick by Mr. Handel. The VOCAL PARTS by O The Gentlemen of the Three Choirs, Signora Frasi, Master Reinhold, Mr Wass,— and. Others. since the Beginning of May, viz. a Penny per Peck each Time ; a very heavy Burden upon the poor laborious People of this Kingdom ! But seeing we now have a Pros- pect of fine Weather, it is generally believed the Price will come down weekly, as the Damage to the Grain is nothing near so great as fome People have given out, whose interest it may be to spread such Reports. We hear from Doncaster, that the Price of Wheat, the last Market Day, fell Three Shillings per Load, to the great Joy of the poor People. We hear that the Waters were so much out near Derby, that a Waggon and six Horses were lost within these few Days, and the Passengers all perish'd. We bear that Ventilators are to be put on the Barracks at the Tower and Somerset- House. The INSTRUMENTAL PARTS by Signor Arrigoni, Mr. Adcock, Mr. Thompson, Mr. Messinge. Mr. Millar, . ts'c. & c. fc. O* There will be a BALL each Night in the College- Hall, Gratis, for the GENTLEMEN and LADIES who favour the CONCERT'S with their Company; to which no Person will be admitted without a Concert Ticket. TICKETS to be had at Mr. Wilde's, Bookseller ; the Swan and Falcon ; and the Green Dragon, Price Five Shillings. Sir John Morgan, Bart. STEWARDS, ) The Rev. Dr. Webber, Dean of Hereford. The Performers are desired to meet together on Monday the 13th, in the Morning, in order to REHEARSL, and to Dine with the Stewards the Day following. There will be an ORDINARY for the Subscribers and Others, on Wednesday, at the Greta Dragcn , and on Thursday at the Swan and Falcon. * » * To be SOLD by AUCTION, At the King's Head, near the Bridge, Worcester, on Mon- day next, the 6th of this Instant September, between the Hours of Five and Six in the evening, THE ROYAL OAK TROW, ( Late Cartwright's ) With the TACKLE and FURNITURE. For Particulars enquire of Harry Jennings, in Newport- Street, Worcester, who will shew the Vessel to any Persons inclined to bid for the same. All Persons indebted to the said Cartwright's Estate, are required to pay what is severally owing, into the Hands of the said Harry Jennings, within one Month, otherwise they will be sued without further Notice. * To be SOLD, to the BEST BIDDER, ON Monday next, the Sixth of this Instant September, be- tween the Hours of Four and Seven in the Afternoon, at Mr. Bartlet's, at the Angel, in St. John's, near Wor- cester, A Freehold ESTATE, In the Parish ot St. Clement, in the County of Worcester, COnsisting of a very commodious Dwelling House and Distil House, the Water continually running into the Worm- Tubs; with all Conveniencies for feeding of Hogs. The Premisses are fit for any other Branch ot Business that requires a good Deal of Room and Water. They are held by Lease, by Mr. Willoughby and Mr. Pember, for the Term of Twenty One Years, ( six whereof are un- expired) at the annual Rent of Ten Pounds, free from all Taxes and Repairs whatever, and at the Expiration of the Lease the Tenants are obliged to leave the Premisses in good and sufficint Repair. for further Particulars enquire of James Turner, Esq; or of Messrs. Bickerton and Brown, Tobacconists, in Worcester.. STOLEN, or STRAY'D. In the Night of tbe 3oth of August, 1756, out of the Ground of William Nott, in the Parish of Ombersley, in the County of Worcester, A dark- brown Cart- Gelding, FIVE Years old, about Fourteen Hands and an Inch high, with a sprig Tail, and has a few grey Hairs near one of his Nostrils. Whoever will give Intelligence of the said Gelding ( so that he may be had again) to the said William Nott, shall have Half a Guinea Reward. This is to give NOTICE, THAT there will be a Meeting of the Trustees appointed tor putting in Execution an Act pass'd in the 28th Year of his present Majesty, for Re- pairing the Roads leading from Droitwich in the County of Worcester, through Hampton Lane and Hide Lane to a Place call'd Low- Hill, and other Roads therein men- tion'd, on Thursday the 16th of this Instant September, at the Sign of the GEORGE, in Droitwich, at Eleven o'Clock in the Morning, in order to consider of proper Methods for putting the said Act in Execution. H. BRAY, Clerk to the Truces. Wednesdays andThursday's POSTS. LONDON. [ Tuesday, August 31. WE hear that the Toulon Fleet is certainly sailed, with a great many Troops on board ; and that they have mounted several Pieces of Cannon ( 48- pounders) on fome of their Decks. A Method to take MINORCA without the Loss of a Drop of Blood. As there are at this Time greater Swarms of French Subjects about this Metropolis than were ever known in Time of Peace, Seven or Eight Thousand of them might be well spared to be landed in Minorca: These, by hasten- ing the Consumption of Provisions, whilst Admiral Hawke continued to cut off all Supplies, would soon oblige the Garrison to surrender on any Terms insisted on — Cape Breton might be reduced in the same Manner, ' A Report prevailed last Night, that the Admiralty had a French Letter, with the Intelligence of an Action in the Mediterranean, in which the Enemy acknowledge them- selves to have been mal traits, which in English may well enough be rendered play'd the Devil with. Sir Edward Hawke, it's said, has taken sixteen Trans- ports, laden with Stores, Sec. bound for Mabon. The Transports which are victualling with all Expedi. tion for six Months are supposed intended to carry Troops to Minorca. The experienced Governor of Gibraltar is said to have undertaken to recover that important Island with a very moderate Strength. Small Islands, whose Productions are inefficient for the Support of their own Inhabitants, must always fall before the good Management of a superior Naval Power. Minorca must now be en- tirely exhausted of all Kinds of its Provisions, and if Sup plies can but be cut off for a little while, it will bccome an easy Conquest. The Number of the Garrison of St. Philip's being three Times what we had there, will soon consume the Provision they found there, especially as the half starved Frenchmen would be very ravenous at the first Opportunity of having their Bellies full of English Beef This Morning an Account came that a French Priva- teer of eight Carriage and eight Swivel Guns, and 86 Men, is taken by the Hazard Sloop of War in Yarmouth Road, after a very smart Engagement. One of our small Privateers is taken by a large French Privateer, which has also taken three other Prizes. Lord Loudon arrived at New York the 20th of July. Governor Knowles is arrived from Jamaica. ' Tis strongly reported that A B. has attempted to make his Escape in his Sister's Cloaths, and had pass'd the first Guard, but was discover'd at the second. Great Quantities of Wine have lately been brought, by Night, to Admiral Byng s House in Town. — Whether this be a French Present or not, it looks like providing for many Years. Perhaps the Contents of the Casks may be more valuable than Wine Last Thursday, about Five in the Afternoon, a certain famous Admiral was, after having been privately shewn to many Ladies and Gentlemen, brought in an open Sedan, guarded by a Number of young Gentlemen under Arms, with Drums beating, Colours flying, to Tower- Hill, where a Gallows was erected for him at Six the same Morning. He was carried round the Hill for the Pleasure of the Merchants Families, and the Gentlemen of the Navy Office, & c. the Populace loudly huzzaing, and the Gentry joining in the Acclamations. He was richly dress'd in a Blue and Gold Coat, Buff Waistcoat, trim- med, & c. in full Uniform. When brought under the Gallows, he staid a small Space, ' till his Clergyman ( a Chimney sweeper) had given him some Admonitions; when done, he was drawn, by Pullies, up to the Top of it, which was twenty Foot high ; every Person expressing as much Satisfaction as if it had been the real Person. He remained guarded by the above Voluntiers, without any Molestation, two Hours; when, upon a Supposition of being obstructed by the Governor of the Tower, some Sailors appear'd, determining to have him hang'd ; but some of them having a Mind to dispatch him, fell to pelting him with Stones, Brickbats, & c. which occasion'd, in so great a Crowd, many Accidents, but none mortal; though, at one Time, it was thought the Houses would be damaged : For observing the Sailors so inveterate against him, who wanted to pull him down to drag him along the Streets, the Fire being kindled, which consisted of Tar Barrels, Faggots, Tables, Tubs, & c. he was con- sumed in about Half an Hour; but his Head, being a Block, fell whole, which the enraged Mob kick'd about the Hill, and also threw Pieces of flaming Sticks', catch'd out of the Fire, at one another; which much intimidated the Inhabitants for fear of their Dwelling , and clear'd the Hill in a few Minutes. His Majesty has been pleased to promise his most gra cious Pardon to any one who shall discover his Accom plices in writing the following Letter to John Townsend, Meatman, in Newbury, viz. ' John Townsend, and Millett, If you dont stop carrin the Flower to Bristoll ' we will knock you both in the Head and you shant have ' one Horse left, nor you shint have a Mill to stand: fo ' war Heads August the 7th, 1756.' Mr. Townsend offers a Reward of Fifty Pounds to the Person making such Discovery. Within these few Days several Bakers of this City and Suburbs have been convicted of selling Bread underweight. Several Parties of Dragoons are ordered to different Places to quell the Riots on account of the Price of Bread. A LETTER from Sheffield, August 28. " On Tuesday last, the Farmers having ask'd a most extravagant Price for Corn, the Mob rose, and went in a large Body up the Church Lane, to one Nettleship's, who is a great Corn Factor, ( and is said to send large Quan- tities out of Town) broke into one of his Storehouses, and gave large Quantities of it to the Populace : After which, they assembled in the Old Church Yard, and threaten'd much more Mischief of the fame Kind. While they were thus menacing forth Vengeance, came up a Party of Men arm'd, with a Constable at the Head of them, and fir'd amonglt the Mob, from which a great deal of Mischief enfued, for many were wounded, some, ' tis said, dangerously. This enraged the Rioters so much, that they vow'd Death to every one that had fired ; which occasion'd the Party to conceal themselves in a private Corner of the Church. The Mob broke in after them, but could no where find them, though they stay'd all the Night. But some of their Friends getting together, put out all the Lights, and then gave the Watch- word, for them to make their Escape in the Dark. If this had not been done, ' tis thought none of them had got off with their Lives. " Wednesday and Thursday they made much Distur- bance, pulling off the Top of one of the Mills; and if the Man had not given them Money and fair Promises, they had done further Mischief. You may imagine our Sheffield Gentlemen ( as they call themselves) were much affrighted ; for they sent to the Marquis of Rockingham, to request his Presence amongft them : He came Yesterday and expostulated with the Mob in the Market Place ; gave them Money, and promis'd them Ten Guineas more at the Cutlers' Feast, if, in the mean Time, they behav'd peaceably. In the Afternoon the Gentlemen went to most of the Cutlers in Town who kept Journeymen ; and they promis'd each to head their own Men, in the Evening, if there should be Occasion, to fight against the Mob. In the Evening the Market Place was full of Mob ; the Bells were rung backwards, which was the Signal for the Cutlers and their Men to begin the Encounter. Quickly the Streets were crowded with stout Men, all arm'd with Bludgeons, each Party with a Gentleman for their Cop- tain. The Town Party wore White Cockades, to distin- guish themselves from the Mob ; such a dismal Sight I never saw before! The Mob threaten'd to pull down However, it pleased God they were soon put to flight, and many of the Ringleaders of them secur'd. They are gone this Morning, with Thirty- five of them Prisoners, to the Marquis's, to know how they are to proceed. I hope their Punishment will deter others from daring to make Parties and Dissentions in the Town." BANKRUPTS. Robert Crawford, late of Liver- pool, in the County of Lancaster, Woollen Draper. - James Kerr, late of Wantage, in the County of Berks, Petty- Chapman. Mary Thew, of Pattrington, in the County of York, Widow, Grocer and Chapwoman. • Samuel Todd, of Colchester, in the County of Essex, Grocer and Distiller. John Chaffey, of Whitelacking- ton, in the County of Somerset, Dealer in Cyder and Coal. Bank Stock I 17 I half. India and South Sea Ditto India Bonds zl. 8j. Premium. Lottery Tickets 11 /. 18/. WORCESTER, September 2. Extract of a LET T E R receiv'd here this Morning. London, Aug. 31, Ten at Night. THIS Afternoon came, by Express, to the Spanish Ambassador, an Account of a Victory gain'd over the French by Sir Ed. Hawke, off Mahon, on the 19th of this Instant, after a most bloody Engagement, which lasted from Five in the Morning till Four in the Afternoon, wherein the English lost three Ships, viz. the Lancaster. Capt. Edgcombe, ( which was blown up, and every Soul perished) and the Captain, Capt. Catford, and the Cullo- den, Capt. Pratten, were both sunk. — One of the French Men of War was blown up, and the seven following were taken, 1. 2. 4- 5- 6. VIZ. La CorOnne, Le Sage, La Content, La Orphan, La Lemer, - Le Tryton, La Fierre, • of 74 64 6+ 64 64 6+ 60 Guns. On Monday last William Haden, Esq; was elected Mayor of this City for the Year ensuing ; John Corne. Gent. Sheriff; and Mr. Samuel West and Mr. Richard Poole, Chamberlains. A few Nights ago four Butchers being in Company ac a Publick House, in this City, with a noted Barber Sur- geon, after drinking pretty freely together, one of these Sons of Slaughter made a Proposal that all of them should be blooded, which was soon agreed to ; accordingly Six- pence a piece was collected of the Butchers, and given to the Operator, who took from each of them a good Quan- tity of Blood. After which, the same Person who pro- pos'd the Bleeding made a Motion that each should have a Tooth drawn, but that was unanimously objected to by the other three, whose Courage was already drawn off. Last Week a young Fellow, Servant to Mr. Howman, at the Horse and Groom in the Tything, was drowned in Barbourne Brook.— This Misfortune was occasion'd by his endeavouring to cross the Brook to fetch over two Boys who were waiting for him on the opposite Side, and for which Purpose he stripp'd himself, and had jump'd in to swim acrofs. An Order has been received at the Post Office in this City, ( which is said to be general throughout England) that the Price of Corn at our several Markets may be sent to the Secretary of the General Post- Office, that the same may be transmitted to the Principal Secretaries of State for his Majesty's Information. The Price of Wheat at our Market, last Saturday, was from 6 s. to 7 s. per Bushel. Beans from 3 s. to 3 s. 4 d. No Barley was brought to Market. Yesterday se'nnight were executed at Warwick, accord- ing to their Sentence received the Week before, John Collins and Edward Cross, two of the Persons concerned in the Riot at Nuneaton. It was expected that a Rescue would have been attempted, but there was not the least. Appearance of a Mob, and they both died penitently. We are informed from the several Places where the Mobs rose, that there have not been any Outrages com- mitted since the first, and that they are supposed to be quite over. The Lord Chief Justice Willes has been pleased to ad- journ Warwick Assizes till the usual Time of holding them. Od Tuesday se'nnight the Assizes ended at Stafford ; at which Abraham Barker, who lay in Goal to receive the Judgment of the Court on a Special Verdict ; and Thomas Lee, for Horse- stealing, were capitally convicted, but were both reprieved. Elizabeth Jackson, Joseph Under- hill, and Mary Haycock, for privately stealing, are or- dered to be transported for seven Years, and William Un- derhill and John Lees, condemned last, Assizes, are to be transported for fourteen Years. Letter from Birmingham, August 30. <• The Waters have been so much out at Wichnor Bridges, that several Waggons and Carriages were detain'd there for four Days last. Week ; and on Thursday, as the Coach of Sir Henry Humblock, with his Lady and two others in it, were attempting to go over the Horse Bridge, one of the Horses fell into the Water, which must have been followed by all the rest and Coach, had not tbe Horse been disengaged by a Person who cut his Harness; but the Ladies were, notwithstanding, so much terrified that they jump'd into the Water, where they received no other Damage than being made very wet, as'they were directly taken out by the Waggoners and Drivers that were detained there by the Weather. On the 28th of July last the Earl of Oxford had like to have shared the same Fate; which shews how useful a Waggon Bridge would be in A. and C. CORBET T, BOOKSELLERS, Give Notice to those who don't chuse to risque much, yet are de- sirous of being Adventurers in the present State Lottery, that for the following small Sums they may now be supplied with a very great Variety of different Numbers of Chances of Tickets, by which they may gain the following large Prizes, viz. For s. d. 9 6 A Sixteenth 19 o An Eighth - 17 o A Fourth - 13 6 A Half 5 o A Whole — 1. - 625 • 1250 2500 ' 5000 IOCOO d. o o o w And " the Money paid as soon as drawn, At their Correct State Lottery- Office, which has been kept many Years past in their own Shop, directly opposite St. Dunstans Church, Fleet- Street, HERE Tickets and Shares of Tic- » . kets, are now selling at the very lowest Prices. REGISTERS Tickets at Sixpence c- eh, for which an early cer- tain Account will be sent to any Part of Great Britain or Ireland, which, as Experience has convinced, may be surely depended on. And they will examine their own Shares and Chances by their Correct Book, gratis, and pay the Adventures in their Office Money for their Prizes as soon as drawn. Blanks and Prizes bought and sold. Letters ( Post paid) duly an- swered. Schemes given gratis, and every Business relative to the Lottery is with Fidelity and Punctuality transacted at this Office, which has been very remarkable for SELLING, SHARING, and RE- GISTERING of the largest Prizes for some Years past:. N. B. It is expected that the Price of the above Chances will be considerably higher before the Drawing as there is but half the Num- ber of Tickets there uaed to be in former Lotteries, and not seven Blanks to a Prize. In the STATE- LOTTERY, 1756, THE Tickets, Shares of Tickets, and Chances, Are Sold by J. HAZARD, Sworn Stock - Broker, WHO has been remarkable for selling and sharing the Ten Thousand Pound Prizes and most of the other capital Prizes in all the Lotteries for several Years past, at his STATE LOT- TERY OFFICE under the Piazza of the Royal Exchange, and at his other Offices in Ludgate Street and at Charing Cross. , LONDON, August 26, 1756. FOR the Conveniency of Persons re- siding in the Country, I have appointed Mr. BERROW, Printer, in Worcester, an Agent, to procure from my Office, for such Persons ( upon their paying him Ready Money, and giving him due Notice) Tickets, Shares, or Chances, at the current Market Price ; and the greatest fidelity and Secrecy will be observ'd. Tickets, Shares of Tickets, & c. will be carefully re- gister'd, at Sixpence per Number, and the earliest Account of their Success sent to any Part of Great Britain and Ireland. And Shares, & c. sold at either of my Offices, will be paid off as soon as drawn, according to the then current Value of them. J. HAZARD, Sworn Stock- Broker. The present Market Price of a Whole Ticket is 11l. 18s. To be LETT And Enter d upon at Michaelmas next, A FARM, Now in the Holding of JOHN COX, Jun. COnsisting of One Hundred and Ten Acres of Meadow and Tillable Land, at Temple Grafton, in the County of Warwick, Part Tythe- free, six Miles from Evesham, four from Stratford, and two from Alcester. For further Particulars enquire of the said John Cox, or of Mr. Beauchamp, at the College, at Stratford upon Avon.— N. B. The growing Crop will be sold, if desired. To be SOLD, The MANOR of OCKRIDGE, Situate about three Miles from Ledbury, a good Market Town in the County of Hereford, adjoining to the Turnpike Road leading from Ledbury to Worceller, and the Turnpike Road leading from Ledbury to the River Severn, distant from Worcester about ten Miles, and from the River Severn about five Miles, Consisting of THREE FARMS, well Tenanted, and very large and fine COPPICE WOODS, all of the Yearly Value of between Three and Four Hundred Pounds, together with a considerable Quantity of Waste Ground, the Whole containing together about Twelve Hundred Acres. AND ALSO A FARM, lying within one Mile of Upton upon Severn, in the County of Worcester, of the Yearly Value of Sixty three Pounds. *„* The above Premisses are all well Tenanted, the Buildings in good Repair, and Rents well paid ; and the Herefordshire Estate is liable to more Improve- ments than any other Estate in the Country. The Rents have not been advanced within the Memory of Man, notwithstanding a fine Turnpike Road has been made within a few Years from the said Estate to several good Market Towns and the River Severn. For Particulars enquire of Mr. Bright, Attorney at Law, near Ledbury, Herefordshire. The prefent Price of Shares and Chances: 1. Half a Ticket A Quarter — An Eighth A Sixteenth A Whole Chance Half a Chance A Quarter An Eighth A Sixteenth 7 5 3 ' 3 l 17 o 19 9 The Purchasers of Shares are entitled to Part of the Blanks and Prizes, the Purchasers of Chances to the Prizes only. Note, As there are but half the Number of Tickets in this Lottery that were in the last, and but between six and seven Blanks to a Prize, it is expected the Tickets and the Shares and Chances will bear a great Price before the Lottery begins Drawing, which will be the 22d of November next. * • The Scheme of the Lottery: Total Value* — 200001. 15000 12000 17000 14500 14200 31300 - 113500 237500 500 1000 261000 No. of Prizes. Value of each. 2 of . 10000 1. 3 5000 —— 2000 17 —— 1000 — 29 500 142 —— 100 626 50 5675 ——. 20 6500 Prizes Firft drawn Laft drawn 43500 Blanks at 61. each Borough of Kidderminster, in the County of Worcester, WANTED,— A proper Person to be Governor of the Workhouse. The Qualifications requisite are these, viz. 1st. THAT he be a Man of good moral Character. 2dly, That he be a married Man, with little or no Family. 3dly, That he be upwards of Thirty, and not more than Forty- five Years of Age. 4thly, That he be one who hath had good Experience in the Manufactoring of Worsted, Woollen, or Cotton. • » 5thly. That he be industrious; and one who, by his Au- thority and Example, may be expessed to oblige Those to be so whom he shall have under his Charge. - And 6thly, That he be capable of keeping a good Book of Accompts. Any Person thus qualified will meet with suitable En- couragement, by applying to the Churchwardens or Over- seers of the Poor of the said Borough. THE Creditors of Matthew Wadding- ton, late of Cleobury Mortimer, in the County of Salop, Shoemaker, are hereby desired to send an Account of their several Demands to his Brother William Wad- dington, of Bewdley, or to Mr. Clarke, Attorney, in Bewdley aforesaid, in order that a true State of the Af- fairs of the said Matthew Waddington may be come at. And all Persons who are indebted to the said Matthew Waddington, are hereby required to forthwith pay their said Debts to the said William Waddington, ( who is em- powered to receive the same) or to the said Mr. Clarke, or they will be sued without any further Notice. 500000 50000 Tickets at 101, each The Ticket, No. 43537, drawn a Prize of Ten Thoufand Founds, tvas fold by J. Hazard, in the following Shares, viz. One Fourth to a Gentlewoman, which entitled her to 2500 1. One Fourth to a Gentleman's Servant 2500 1. One Fourth to a Lady in the Country. 25001. One Eighth to a Gentlewoman in Norfolk 1250I. One Eighth to a Gentleman's Clerk in Bond Street 1250I. SCHEMES of the Lottery may be had, ( Gratis) of H. BERROW, Printer, in Goose - Lane, Worceder; And all Letters ( Post paid) will be duly answer'd. SOLD, at Mr. REA's, Leather- Dyer, in Broad- Street, Worcester, THE FAMOUS Fryar's BALSAM, WHICH is so universally known and approved that it needs no pompous Recommendation, and there- fore the following only specifies in what Cases it is more peculiarly beneficial, and how it should be applied: Inwardly taken, Pour Ten or Twenty Drops at Time into White Wine, Tea, Broth, Rum, Brandy, or on a Lump of Sugar, and take it every Morning and Even- ing, or either of them only, as long as you find conveni- ent. It is a general Restorative to all weak and impair'd Conditutions, most excellent in Nervous Cases, and for the Gout, Cholick, Stone, Gravel, Stitches in the Side and all Windy Complaints, Asthmas, and Coughs. It cleanses and fortifies the Stomach, cures all Pains therein, and creates an Appetite. It is so innocent, Infants may take it ( even in the Month) from one Drop, & c. accord- ing to the Strength and Age of the Child ; and is no other- wise perceptible in its Operation, than from the Recovery of the Complaint. - Outwardly applied. Dip a Feather into it, and anoint the Part afflicted. It cures all Bruises and Sprains, pre- vents the settling of the Blood, is of great Service in the Gout and Rheumatism, bathing the Part therewith before a gentle Fire. It speedily cures, by Injection, all Gun- shot and other Wounds, particularly such as are made with sharp Instruments. It cures the Tooth- Ach, by Cot- ton soaked therein, and applied thereto ; and the Piles, if rubb'd therewith going to Bed. It most undoubtedly is, for the extensive Usefulness of it, the best Family and Travelling Medicine that ever was invented. Price One Shilling and Threepence the Bottle. At the same Place may be had Alice Brace's PALSEY- DROPS, Which are excellent in all Manner of Swoonings, in Weakness and Oppressions of the Heart, and Decaying of the Spirits; are of great Virtue in all Apoplexies and Palsies. They comfort the Vitals, clear and enliven the Senses, strengthen the Memory, restore Appetite, and fortify the Stomach. They take away Giddiness in the Head, by anointing the Temples therewith ; and help decay'd Hearing and Speech, cold Dispositions of the Liver, and Beginning of a Dropsy. They produce a sweet Breath, and, drank in a Dish of Tea, fortify the Nerves against the pernicious Consequences arising from too frequent drinking that Liquor ; and as they are ex- treamly well flavour'd, she hopes they will be esteemed an agreeable Addition to the Tea- Table Equipage. Price One Shilling and Sixpence a Bottle, with printed Directions. This Day are Publish'd, and given gratis, PROPOSALS For Printing in WEEKLY NUMBERS, An Entire NEW WORK, entitled, A Compleat Body of GARDENING.' By the Authors of the Compleat Body of HUSBANDRY. Publish'd by the KING'S AUTHORITY. And on Saturday the 28th Instant will be publish'd N0 I. CONSISTING OF THREE Sheets of LETTER- PRESS, elegantly printed, and illustrated with Two Folio Copper- Plates, the first, a curious Frontispiece, design'd by Mr. Wale, and engraved by Mr. Grignion, representing the Genius of Botany instructing the Gardener in the Charac- ters of Flowers, and Flora and Pomona rewarding his Labour with their several Treasures; the other containing the Figures of seven beautiful and curious Plants, the Culture of which is delivered in this Number, with many other Articles. v The PUBLICK are desired to take Notice, THAT this is New and ORIGINAL WORK, not collected from other Books, but founded on Practice and Experience ; and the Bota- nical Part is adapted to the System of LYNaeUS, which is the only Method now followed, and in which all other Books of GAR. DENInG are altogether defective. NUMB. I. The Scarlet Canna. The Great Larkspur. The Fig leav'd Hibiscus. The African Geranium. will contain the Descriptions and Figures cf 5. The Double Olander. 6. The Codogo Pala. And 7. The Great Flowered Jesmine. With the Culture and Management of each throughout the Year, according to the Practice of the most suc- ccesful Gardeners. ALSO, Accounts of the Products of the Fruit and Kitchen Garden now in Season, with their Descriptions, and new and practical Directions for the Care and Management of the Flower Garden, Semenary or Nursery, Fruit Garden and Orchard, and of the Kitchen Ground ; together with the Method of treating Stove and Green- House Plants. London: Printed for T. Osborne and J. Shipton, in Gray's Inn; J. Hodges, on London- Bridge ; T. Trye, next Gray's Inn Gate, Holborn ; S. Crowder and H. Wood- gate, at the Golden Ball, in Pater- noster Row, ( by whom the Numbers will be deliver'd Weekly); alo by S. Ga- midge. in Leech Street, Worcester, and by all other Book- sellersand News Carriers in Great Britain and Ireland. To be Sold, to the Best Bidder, At the Raven Inn, in Shrewsbury, on Saturday the 25th of this Instant September, between the Hours of Three and Six of the Clock in the Afternoon, the following LOTS to wit, LOT 1 SEVERAL Messuages, Tenements, Farms, and Lands, situate in Trederwen and Rhetes- kin, in the Parish of Llandrinio, in the County of Mont- gomery, of the yearly Value of 160I. and upwards. LOT j. A Messuage, Tenement, or Farm, call'd Pant, in the Parish of Guildsfield, in the said County of Montgomery, now in the Possession of Thomas Jones, at the yearly Rent of 201. LOT 3. A Messuage, Tenement, or Farm, situate in Poynton, in the Parish of High Ercal, in the County of Salop, now in the Possession of Thomas Williamson, at the yearly Rent of 56 1. For further Particulars enquire of Mr. Windsor, in Shrewsbury, and the Tenants of the several Estates will shew the same.
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