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Berrow's Worcester Journal


Printer / Publisher: Berrow 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 2454
No Pages: 4
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Berrow's Worcester Journal
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Berrow's Worcester Journal

Date of Article: 12/08/1756
Printer / Publisher: Berrow 
Address: Office in Goose-Lane, near the Cross
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 2454
No Pages: 4
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BERROW's Worcester JOURNAL. [ Printed at his OFFICE /// Goose- Lane, near the Cross.] Price Two- Pence. THURSDAY, August 12, 1756. No 2454 FRIDAY'S and SATURDAY'S POSTS. Arrived a, MAIL from HOLLAND. PRUSSIA ] BERLIN. July ThE King has conferred the Post of Sur- geon General of his army upon the Sieur de Schmucker, a Surgeon in the Guards, as a Recompence for his in- venting a Kind of Nourishing Powder, like that which was lately discover'd in France, an Ounce of which will sup- port a Man a Week without any further Nourishment, let his Labour be ever so hard. He made the Experiment of this Ponder lately upon three Grenadiers, whom he march'd four Leagues every Day, with their Anns and Accoutrements, and who. notwithstanding this Exercise, did not find their Strength the least exhausted. PORTUGAL] Elvas, June 20. Within, these feW Days this City and Places adjacent have been visited by such prodigious Swarms ot Locusts, that they darken'd the Air to such a Degree as to make the common People imagine it was an Ecliple cf the Sun, or that Some terri- ble Storm was at Hand ; but, soon after, the Cloud broke, and the Insects dispers'd themselves over the Fields, and destroy'd every green Thing: In some Places they lay six or eight Inches deep, on the Ground. The Peasants endeavour'd in vain to destroy them. At last, Part of them dropp'd in their Flight into the Guadiana and other Rivers, and the rest went to devour other Parts of the Country. MINORCA ] Port Mahon, July 7. The Ships, with the English Garrifon on board, sailed three Days ago for Gibraltar From the Time of their Surrender till they went away, the English and French Officers and Soldiers lived together like People of the same Nation, and enter, tain'd one another with the greatest Politeness, and the English Officers came in a Body to take their Leave of the Marshal de Richelieu, who gave them a splendid Enter- tainment, at which there were five hundred Covers. ITALY J Leghorn, July 10. We hear from Tunis, that since the 5th of Last Month, an Army of twelve thou- sand Algerines have been besieging a Fort which covers that Place ; but it is doubted whether they can take it, as the Garrison is very numeious, and well provided with Ammunition and Provisions FRANCE ] Bourdeaux, July 16. According to the last Advices from St. Domingo, M. Perrier's Squadron was gone to cruize towards Jamaica, in order to intercept an English Fleet of Merchantmen. FRANCE.] Paris, July 23. Marshal Belleisle has been recall'd from his Tour along the Coasts, to assist with the other Marshals of France, at a grand Council to be held in the King's Presence. The Operations of the Campaign will not be confin'd to the Conquest of Minorca. It is still reported that an Army of forty thousand Men will be as- sembled on the Meuse, under the Prince of Conti. AMERICA Albany, May 25, 1756. Last Week a General Court Martial was held in the Citadel on seventeen Deserters, 15 of which were condemned to be hanged ; the other two to receive 1000 Lashes each. Yesterday seven of the condemned were carried to the Gallows, where six were executed, the other reprieved. The other eight to swing this Day at Schenectady, unless the General, out of his Clemency, will reprieve them. Letter from New York, June 28. " By several Letters received from Albany, we have the following Intelligence from Oswego, viz. That on the 16th lnstant, about Four o'Clock in the Morning, a Party of 3 or 400 French and Indians attacked the Forts Os-. wego and Ontario, and kill'd and scalped five of the Bat toe Guard, sent from Fort Ontario, on that Side of the River. That they took one Prisoner, mortally wounded another, and slightly wounded a third, but were repulsed, and not without considerable Loss, as the Cannon play'd upon them for an Hour and an Half; and that they went quite off about Eleven o'Clock, but that another and more formidable Attack was hourly expected." COUNTRY NEWS. Extract of a Letter from Derby, July 27. " Some Labourers, who were employed a few Days since by the Parishioners of Kegworth, in Leicestershire, to get some Gravel in a Close near the high Road, in order to mend the same, were agreeably surprized with the Sight of a large Earthen Vessel, about two Feet be- low the Surface, which might contain about two Gallons. This Pot all assisted in removing to the Bank Side, big with the Expectation of finding a Treasure supposed to be hid in the Civil Wars; but the Pot, as soon as landed, dropt immediately to Pieces, and instead of exhibiting Pieces of Gold and Silver, nothing was to be seen but small human Bones, intermix'd with a black Kind of Earth. This Affair soon brought together a Number of Persons, most of whom were ready to think hardly of, and refleCt upon, the Parent of this Infant, as guilty of a double Crime, and even to name the Author and Perpe- trator. But the Attention of the Publick were soon di- verted by the Discovery of another Pot, and presently after a third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth of these Earthen Vessels, of different Dimensions and Forms, all containing the Bones of Children : All these Earthen Vessels were found placed in a streight Line within an Inch of one another; upon being removed out of their Places drop'd into a thousand Pieces, and presented the Beholder with Sculls, & c. Many and Va- rious were the ConjeCtures of the Persons attending this Discovery, which were mostly both absurd and unchari- table ; the most probable Opinion is, that this Spot was the Burying Place of some of the antient Romans, who had a Legion station'd in these Parts; and it was a com- mon Practice among the Romans to bury their little Ones entire in such Earthern Vessels, call'd Urns, so that the Bones of these Children may have lain there upwards of fifteen hundred Years." TRANSLATION of the FRENCH KING's Impudent LETTER TO THE ARCHBISHOP of PARIS, On Occasion of the Reduction of ST. PHILIP'S FORT. A' C O U Z I N, AFTER having too long waited in vain for the Sa- tisfaction I had promised myself from the King of England's Equity, as a Reparation tor the Outrages com- muted by his Navy on my Ships and those of my SubjeCts, to the great Scandal of all Europe, I found myself forced to have Recourse to Arms, in order to avenge the Honour of my Crown, and proteCt the Commerce of my Domi- nions It was from such just Motives that in the Month of April last I sent over a Body of Troops to the Island of Minorca, under the Command of my Couzin the Mar- shal Duke de Richelieu, with a Squadron commanded by the Marquis de la Galissoniere, Lieutenant General of my Naval Armies, to drive the English from a Port which they had seized upon through that Spirit of general Do- minion which they want to extend over the two Worlds. After the painful and dangerous Tolls of a long Siege, during which the English Squadron, that came up to re- lieve Minorca, was repulsed by mine, Marshal Richelieu, in Consequence of a Disposition as boldly contrived as it was to be rapid in the Execution, at last gave French Va- lour its full Swing, and whilst the Enemy trusted to the Strength of their Ramputs, my Troops carried by As- sault, in the Night between the 27th and 28th of last Month, the Outworks of the Forts of Mahon: Terror did the rest: J the Garrifon was forced to capitulate, and to retire to Gibraltar, abandoning above two hundred Pieces of Cannon and eighty Mortars. The Success of so important an Enterprise, wherein my Troops were to surmount all the Obstacles which Art, assisted by Nature, can contrive for the Defence of a Place, must be attributed to nothing but the Favour which the Lord of Hosts is pleased to grant to the Justice of my Cause : And there- fore, to render him a publick Homage of my Thankful- ness, and to beseech him to continue me his Divine Pro- tection, I write you this Letter, to acquaint you it is my Intention that you caufe Te Deum to be sung in the Metro- politan Church of my good City of Paris, & c. Done at Compeigne the 15th of July. 1756. Signed LOUIS. LONDON. T hursday, August 5. The following Speech Was made by Sir Edward Haivke to the Officers of his Squadron at Gibraltar, on taking the Command from Mr. Byng, and hoisting his Flag. [ It was transmitted from an Officer there to his Friend at Bath, dated July 8, 1756. Gentlemen, I Shall trouble you with few Signals. The French A we must fight.—— I shall give the Signal for close En- gagement. and expeCt every one will go as close as I shall. There are only Two Choices, FIGHT, or be HANG'D, Letters from Toulon and Marseilles say, that they are making Preparations for another Embarkation of Troops, which is designed against Gibraltar : But this, we ap- prehend, must depend on the Views and Temper of the Court of Spain, as Gibraltar cannot possibly be taken without her Concurrence. Commissions are appointed for the Sale of the French Prizes. According to some Letters by Yesterday's Holland Mail, the Court of France has given out Orders for sus. ' pending the Sale of the Prizes they have taken from the English, till further Notice This Morning 18,000 Ounces of Silver Coin were shipp'd for Holland. We hear a Court Martial will fit on a General Officer at the Great Room at the Horse Guards on Tuesday next, on some Transactions that happen'd lately Abroad. Two Persons, supposed to be Romith Priests, are in the Custody of a Messenger, for speaking Unfavourably of the Government, & c. Letter from Newcastle, July 31. " On Monday last an admirable Admiral was Carried through this Town in Effigy, riding on an Ass, preceded by a White Standard, on which was the following Inscrip- tion: Oh! back your Sails, for G—— d's Sake, a Shot may hit the Ship. On each Side of his Hat was Bung ; and round his Waist was. This is the Villain that would not fight. The Procession ended in the Flesh Market, { to which Place it was with the greatest Difficulty they got him, the Populace pulling him several Times from the Ass) where a Gallows was ereCted, and a large Fire kindled; and after hanging some Time in the most disgraceful Manner imaginable, amongst a numberless Crowd of Spectators, he was set down and burnt to Ashes, and even those very Ashes strew'd about the Streets." Capt. Belsey, of the Peace and Plenty, arrived in the River from Petersburgh, says, that eight Swedish Men of War came through the Sound with him, and gave out that they were going to join the Danish Squadron at Flackery, in Norway. Last Friday arrived at Pool, the Rosa Maria, n French Brig, laden with Salt, taken near the Isle of Rhee, by the Fox Privateer of that Port. And Sunday arrived the Fox Privateer from a Cruize, and brought in with her another French Brig called the St. John Baptist, laden with Rosin, which tha took off Bourdeaux. The Boscawen Privateer, of Exeter is returned home, a little shattered, after an Engagement in the Bay of Bis- cay with a French Privateer. The Master and one Man were killed, and several wounded on board the Boscawen. The French Privateer was a Bermudas Sloop, mounting twelve six Pounders, and is said to have been sent out on Purpose to take the Boscawen. A Letter from Kilmere, in Ireland, dated the 24th of last Month says, that the Drake, Thresher, was just arri- ved there from the West Indies, and reports, that in Lat. 30 D. 43 M. a Fleet of Merchantmen, under Convoy of the Rye Man of War, bound from Jamaica to the Nor- thern Colonies and elsewhere, fell in with two French Men of War, who took nine or ten of them, and the Rye narrowly escaped with the rest. The Sloop taken by the Anson Privateer of Liverpool, and carried into Kinsale, is the St John Alexander Peter Rocrique, from Bourdeaux for Canada, laden with Wine* Brandy, Oil, and Naval Stores. As soon as the was chased by the Anson, the Captain threw some Papers overboard, which being taken up by the Anson's Boat, were found to contain several Orders, & c. of Consequense, directed to the commanding Officers of Louisbourg and other Parts. By a Letter from a Gentleman in the Lichfield, to his Brother in Durham, we hear, that on board the French Man of War, mentioned in the Gazette to be taken by Capt. Spry, they have found eight Puncheons of Silver and two of Gold. ( A Puncheon contains eighty- four Gallons, Wine Measure.] Saturday Evening a Man very much in Liquor rode full Speed on the Peckham Road, where a poor Woman and her Child were crossing; the Horse ran against them, by which the Child was killed on the Spot, and the Rider thrown off, who had bis Collar Bone broke and was other- wise much bruised, and his Life is despaired of. On Sunday Evening two young Ladies walking In the Fields near Stepney, were overtaken by two smart Fel- lows, who pretended to be Gentlemen; one vowed he had been in Company with one of the Ladies at Vauxhall, and had advertised several Times for another Interview, but to uo Purpose j but they both behaved too free, and before they parted, they < ound Means to take a Gold Watch from one three Guineas, and a Five Guinea Piece from the other Lady, which they did not miss till they came home. One of the Villains was dressed in light btown, the other in a narrow Gold laced Hat, and black. On Tuesday the Assizes ended at Hertford, where were only six Prisoners to try, when Thomas Berry was arraign'd for having two Wives, but the Minister had sent a Certi- ficate ( instead of a Copy of the Register) of his first Mar- riage, which not being Evidence could not be admitted ; and no body being in Court to prove the first Marriage, he was acquitted. This is a common Mistake in the Clergy, who almoft always certify, when a Copy of the Register only is necessary. SUNDAY'S and MONDAY'S POSTS. Stand the Deck till the Clouds break, and let your Ho- nour and Courage stick together like Pitch, and so may- hap these sweet scented Jelsamy Folks may run their leaky Vessels a ground, and founder on dry Land. Tack about and leave them to be exposed to the Cli- mate, that they may be condemn'd unfit tor future Service. If you find the Storm so great as to disable you from carrying Sail any longer, and obliged to quit the Helm, why, fasten down your Hatches, say a short Prayer, and die like a Man. I am for the Committee, Your Slave, T. BOATSWAIN. Arriv'd the MAIL from Flanders. L PARIS, July 26. FREQUENT and long are the ministerial Con- ferences held at Court : His Majetly being fully determined to push the Success of his Arms, two grand Schemcs are the present Objects ot Attention, one to be put into Execution in America, and the other in Germany. In the mean Time the Preparations made on the Coast of Normandy, as if an Invasion of England was intended, serVe only to amuse and cover the principal Designs. In regard to one of these Schemes, it is certain that Count de Bernis has received particular Instructions to treat with the Court of Madrid, on a new Plan found- ed on the Reduction of Fort St. Philip. It is said, indeed, that no less than a Project for putting the Spaniards in Possession of all their antient Forts and Colonies, both in Europe and America, is on Foot. Of these the principal are Gibraltar and Jamaica, the Conquest of both which, it is pretended, will be easily effected by the Junction of the Fleets of France and Spain. Paris, July 31. We are at present ignorant on which Side his Majesty's Arms will be next employ'd ; some Po- liticians pretend that it will be against Jersey and Guern- sey. The English have thought proper to abandon the Island of Chausey, after destroying the Castle and nailing up the Cannon there. A Dunkirk Privateer has sent into Ostend an English Ship, which she took coming out of the Thames : The Cargo is valued at 300,000 Livres. Hague. July 24 Colonel Yorke, when he inform'd the Lords of the Regency, that the King of Great Britain, his Master, had been graciously pleased to release all the Dutch Vessels carried into the Ports of England, took Occasion to acquaint them, that his Majesty still counted upon their furnishing the stipulated Succours of six thou- sand Men and twelve Ships of War, in case France should actually invade his Kingdoms. PLANTATION NEWS. Letter from Albany, June 17. " There has been a smart Skirmish at Fort Ontario ; a Body of about 1000 French and Indians attacked the Fort, but were beat off by Col. Schuyler, and those that were in Garrison there, after an Engagement of two Hours. Col. Schuyler lost 26 Men, and the Regulars 6." Letter from New Jersey, June 9. " Sir William Johnson has made a Treaty with the Indians, in Consequence of which all Scalping has ceas'd, and there is not an unfriendly Indian now to be seen : How long this happy Peace will last I know not, but ima gine that every thing will depend upon what passes at Onondago Oswego is yet safe, and 1 hope will now con- tinue so ! tho' 1 am surpriz'd the French did not attempt it early in the Spring, when the Garrison was so small and sickly ; ' tis probable their own Indians would not join in such a Scheme, for they stand in great Awe of the Six Nations, especially the Tribe of the Mohawks, who are extremely jealous of thtir Rights and Privileges, and in whose Country that important Fort is built . We laugh here at the Thoughts of an Invasion in England, and are fully satisfied no such Thing was ever intended : It is America only that is the darling Object of the French Let them once gain Possession of that, and they know all the rest will fall of Course." A LETTER from the Committee of SAILORS to Admiral B , at Spithead. Lyon and Anchor in Wapping, July 1756. Please your Honour, TH E Report of your Arrivil gives us much Cheer; but to hear th'at you are jamm'd in the Bilboes, seems as if a Storm was coming; if your Honour had but grappled with Galissoniere, we think you might weather this Hurricane. Don't be run aground by Landmen, sooner stave your Cargo, lighten your Vessel ( Heart) pump out the Bulge, weigh Anchor, Hand to Sea, and let fly your Ensign ( Or- ders) that we may descry them ; and if so be that we find you have obey'd them, why we will stand by you as long as a Plank is left to swim on — Zoons, let those founder who have rotten Bottoms. If the Fair Weather Sparks of Whitehall have anchor'd in foul Ground, haul the Wind and sheer off with Saint George's Colours, and leave them to be brought to the Jeers that deserve it. Take out the Tompkin of your Mouth, and fire away loud as Thunder, that by the Report all Folks may hear that you have done your Duty, executed your Orders bravely, and behaved gallantly. LONDON, [ Saturday, August 7. We are affured, that in Cafe the French actually make a Descent upon this Kingdom, his Majesty is determined to expose himself at the Head ot his Troops in defending it. - If speedy Justice be not executed upon the Authorof our present alarming Circumstances, the most serious Persons will soon be filled with very dismal Forebodings: For the Enemy finding the Strength of Mahon of no Proof against them, will believe no remaining Difficulties insupportable, and are now thought to be preparing in earnest for an Invasion. Some private Advices from Genoa say, that the Male- contents have offered to furnith ten Battalions of good Troops to a certain Power, in Case she can make herself Master of one of the Ports in their Island and will keep a Squadron there constantly sufficient to protect the Navi- gation. We hear that the French King hath purchased of the Genoese their Right to the Island of Corsica fOr twelve Millions of Livres to be paid in ten Years, at the Rate of 54,000 1. Sterling per Annum At this Purchase, made immediately after the Conquest of Minorca, the King of Sardinia, it is said, hath taken great Umbrage, and that, being afraid of the Consequences of to much French Power in his Neighbourhood, hath offered us the free Use 0f his two Harbours, Cagliari in Sardinia, and Villafranca on the Continent, for the Reception of our Men of War and Merchantmen, and also the Assistance of as many Troops as shall be thought necessary to prevent Corsica falling into the Hands of the French, or for recovering Minorca. And we also hear that the Government has just now taken up 4000 Ton of Shipping for Transports. Advices hath been received, that within these few Days two Dutch Men of War entered Brest Harbour, sup posed to be laden with NaVal Stores. We are credibly assured that the Ports of Hull, Scar- borough, Whitby, Sunderland, and Newcastle, can fur nish to the Government, on a few Days Notice, an hun dred Sail of stout Ships capable of carrying from twenty to forty Guns, manned with Sailors sufficient to work them, on being paid so much a Ton per Month It is rumoured that several Changes wiil take Place in a few Days. It is said that the Militia throughout the Kingdom of Ireland will be immediately arrayed. It is given out that his Royal Highness the Duke of Cumberland will be made Lord High Admiral of England and Ireland, ( as Prince George of Denmark was in the Reign of Queen Anne) and that proper Persons will be ap pointed to be of his Council. Fear Ships of the Line, besides those formerly men- tioned, will sail as foon as possible to reinforce the Fleet under Sir Edward Hawke in the Mediterranean. By a Letter from New York we have Advice, that Col Washington has made himself Master of Fort du Quesne. The taking of this Fort was principally owing to a Stra- tagem of the Cherokee Indians in our Alliance: About six or seven of the Principal of them went to the Fort and offered their Services to the French in their usual Manner, and told them about one hundred of their Companions were waiting for an Answer at some Distance on which the French gladly embraced their Alliance, and admitted them into the Fort j but in the ensuing Night the Indians surprized and killed almost the whole Garrison, and made their escape to Col. Washington about fifty Miles distant, who immediately marchtd against the Fort, and took it The Report of the Surprize of Fort du Quesne gains Credit with many, tho' we believe the Government have received no certain Advice of it, nor do we think the Cir- cumstances very probable, French Officers seldom Mis behave, or are caught off their Guard Speedy punishment ought to tread upon the Heels of the Guilty, and all At tempts to screen a Traitor to his Country should be un pardonable by a fundamental Law in every State; Where this is the Case few Forts will be taken by Surprize, or Admirals be hanged- and burned in Effigy. Charges against Sea Officers for Misbehaviour in Com- mand are always to be tried afloat: And if Byng be con- victed of Cowardice, his Execution wiil be by being shot in the Back, as Kirkby and Wade were. It is said that, as soon as the Two Captains in Byng's Division, who saved the Intrepid, came on board the Ad- miral, he observed to them that they had disobeyed Or- ders: Upon which one of them immediately insisted on having a Court Martial upon the Occasion. This Byng would gladly have put off, by observing that he did not mention the Thing by Way of Reprimand : But, being Persons properly jealous of their Honour, they persisted in their Demand. A Court- Martial was called ; and, no Accuser appearing, ( Byng not chusing to be one) they were very soon, and very honourably, acquitted. We hear that a Court of Common Council will soon be held, in order to propose on Address to his Majesty on the late Losses, and the Miscarriages in the Conduct of the War. The Mandrin and Revenge Privateers, of Liverpool, have taken a Prize, and sent her into Beerhaven, in Ire- land. On Tuesday Morning last an old Man, a Watchman at the Corner of Seymour Court, Chandois- Street, near Co- vent- Garden, was found murdered, two of his Ribs being broke, and many other Bruises and Marks of Violence on him. The Jury brought in a Verdict of Wilful Mur- der, and adjourn'd to that Day Fortnight; then to adver- tise a Reward to discover the Perpetratois of so horrid an Action. We have the following surprizing Affair of a Sow, be- longing to one Mr. Falsfoot, of Uxbridge ; who, on the 5th of last Month, brought forth six Pigs ; and also, on the 5th of this Instant pigg'd seven more, to the Amaze- ment of all the Neighbours. Mr. Falsfoot is ready, and willing, to take his Oath of the Ttuth of it. Portsmouth, August 6. Yesterday Morning, about Half an Hour after Three, Admiral Byng set out, with the Troop of Horse, for London ; but was met, about five Miles from hence, by a Messenger, who had an Order tor him to return hither, which he accordingly did, and went on board the Royal Anne without any Molestation. Above a thousand Perions, prepared with Pitchforks, Club-, Sec. were assembled in one Place upon the Ports- mouth Road, in Hopes of paying their Respects to Admi- ral Byng. It is thought five Times the Number of Horse, which were only sixty of the Blues, would not have been sufficient to have seen him safe in the Tower. To be LETT, And Enter'd upon at Michaelmas next. The EARL's POST, Avery commodious INN, ( Very convenient for the Sessions and Assizes, ) " » SITUATED near the Town- Hall, in the High- Street, Worcester, with very good Stabling for fifty Horses, and Vaults and a great deal of good Cellaring. For Particulars enquire of Mrs. Frasier, in the High- Street, opposite the Town- Hall. By Letters from Philadelphia of the 7th of June we are informed, that Commodore Spry having applied to Go- vernor Hunter Morris for some Seamen, he had recom- mended it to the Assemby to grant Money to enable him to comply with that Request, who referring the Matter to Mr. Hamilton and the other Commissioners, they agreed to give 5 1. a- head, and pay the Passage to Halifax of a certain Number; the Governor also recommended this Service to the Commissioners for the Lower Counties, who agreed to give the same Encouragement. We hear that the Spaniards have proposed the deliver- ing up of Gibralter to them; upon which Condition they promife to be neuter in the War between England and France ; but we don't hear, nor can we believe, that this Proposal will be acceptcd. It is said that a certain Gentleman, formely in great Esteem as an Admiral, was lately sent for by a Person in a high Station, but, instead of complying with the Invita- tion, he immediately waited upon his Majesty, with a Tender of any Services that he was thought capable of doing his Country. LUDLOW RACES. ON Wednesday the 25th Day of this Inttant August, will be Run for, on the Old Field. near Ludlow, in Shropshire, A Purse of FIFTY GUINEAS, by any Horse, Mare, or Gelding, that never won a King's Plate, nor Fifty Pounds in Money, or Plate advertised to that Value, since the first Day ot January last ; carrying twelve Stone, Bridle and Saddle included; or by any Horse, Mare, or Gelding, six Years old, that never won a Royal Plate since the first of January last; carrying Eleven Stone and a Half, Bridle and Saddle included, the best of three Heats. To be enter'd ( with proper Certifi- cates of being duty qualified) at the Market House in Ludlow, on Wednesday the 18th Day of August, between the Hours of Twelve and Nine. To pay Three Guineas for Entrance, if a Non- Subscriber ; but, if a Subscriber, One Guinea only ; which Entrance- Money is for the Be- nefit of the second best Horse, & c. No Horse, & c. to enter in a Subscriber's Name that is not actually his own. Certificates of the Ages of such Horses, & c. as are six Years old, mull be produced at the Time of Entrance for the above, Plate, under the Hands of the Breeders. On Thursday the 26th of August will be run for, on the said Course, A Purse of FIFTY GUINEAS, by any Horse, Mare, or Gelding; five Years old, carry- ing Ten Stone Weight, Bridle and Saddle included; the best of three Heats, each Heat being two Miles. To be enter'd ( with proper Certificates of the Age of each of them) at the Hour and Place above mentioned, on Thurs- day the 19th Day of August. Every Horse, Mare, or Gelding, that starts for either of the aforesaid Plates, 111 ult be kept at the Town of Ludlow from the Time of Entering to the Time of Run- ning, and at such Houses only as subscribe ten Shillings to either of the said Plates. Any Horse, & c. not entered on the Days of Entrance, as above, may run, after paying double Entrance at the Starting- Post. These RACES were advertised for the Fourth of August, but, on Account of interfering with other Races, are postponed as above. t THE ANNIVERSARY MEETING OF THE SUBSCRIBERS TO THE Worcester Infirmary, Will be at WORCESTER, On TUESDAY next, the 10th Day of this Instant August. THE PRESIDENTS, with the rest of the NOBILITY, GENTRY, and CLERGY, will proceed from the INFIRMARY to the CATHEDRAL, where a SERMON • will be preach'd by the Reverend Dr LYTTELTON, Dean of Exeter. Mr. Purcel's Grand TE DEUM and JUBILATE, and an ANTHEM, suitable to the Occa- sion, will be perform'd by the Gentlemen of the Choir | The Company are desired to Dine at Mr Richard Prossers, at the Fleece, in the Broad- Street •, where the Accounts and Proceedings of the INFIRMARY will be deliver'd to them. THO. STAPLES, Secretary. NOTICE is hereby given, That SARAH WORKALL, Millener, from LONDON, Hath now opened a Shop, near the Market Place, at Evesham, in Worceslershire, where are sold all Sorts of Millenary Goods, at the lowest Prices. N. B. She likewise sells Dr. James's Fever Powder. To be LETT, IMMEDIATELY, A genteel HOUSE, Brewhouse, and Out- Buildings, With a neat flower and Kitchen Garden, and three Acres (. of Pasture Ground, At about the Yearly Rent of Six Pounds Ten Shillings Situate at Burcut, one Mile from Bromsgrove, and on the London Road. Aey Person may be further satisfied by applying to Mt. Parsons, at the Moors ; Mr. Smith, at Ashborough ; or to Mr. William Phillip , Woollen- Draper, in Broms- grove, Wednesday's and Thursday's POSTS. Part of a Letter from Leghorn, dated July 16. THE French lost in the general Assault given to Fort St. Philip 1200 Men and 25 Officers ( of whom none were of great Note), and had a great many wounded, Their Grenadiers suffer'd exceedingly, and are reduced to a Third of their Number. L O N D O N. [ Tuesday, August 3. Letter from Portsmouth, August 2. " On Saturday'Morning came up to Spithead a Swedish Ship ; the Master declares, that he fell in with nine Sail of French Men of War, besides Frigates, under the Com- mand of an Admiral, cruizing off Beachy- Head ; that they boarded him, and enquired where he was bound to, and whether he had seen any thing of the English Fleet. " Admiral Osborne examined the said Master on Shore, when he declared upon Oath that the above was the real Truth. An Express was immediately sent to the Lords of the Admiralty. All the Ships at Spithead were order'd to be in a Readiness, in case any thing should happen. Or- ders were likewise given to the Gunners of all the Forts to load the Cannon and get every Thing in Readiness. Ye- sterday went out the Gibraltar, to see if she could get any Intelligence of the French Fleet, as aforemention'd. " On Saturday Night there was a very hot Press; all the Men they could light on were taken out of every Ship, as well as those they could meet with on Shore ; also out of the several Tenders and Lisbon Packet." We have Advice from Gibraltar, that Admiral Hawke sailed from that Place the 10th of July, which was two days after M. de la Galissoniere's Squadron left its Sta | tion off Mahon : ' Tis said he is to cruize off Antibes, to prevent the transporting of the French Troops to the Island of Corsica. It is said that Baron Nieuhoff, formerly Theodore, King of Corsica, made his Appearance last Sunday at Kensington ; from whence are formed various Conjectures Relating to his future Fortunes. It is reported that the British Court has agreed with the King of Sardinia about letting the English Fleet in the Mediterranean have the use of Villa- franca upon Occasion. The Number of Men employ'd on the Fortifications of Dunkirk is augmented to near Twenty Thousand. One of our Cutters, who lately peep'd into Brest Water, counted 20 Sail of the Line of Battle in the Road of that Harbour. We hear a General Officer, lately come to Town, is now under Arrest for some Transactions abroad. We hear that a Court Martial is order'd tO try a Land Officer lately arrived from Gibraltar. It is said that the Governor of Gibraltar always has it in his general Instructions not to endanger the Security af the Place by an implicit Obedience to any Orders un- less authenticated by his Majesty's Sign Manual, and counter- signed by a Secretary ot State: As the late Orders to General Fowke for furnishing Byng with Part of his Garrison, were not thus authenticated, that Reason will turn out a real Defence. Notwithstanding ttie Accounts inserted in the Papers of Admiral Byng's being brought to Town, We are assured, he is to remain on board till his Trial. By the Death of Edward Byng, Esq; a handfome For- tune devolves to Lord Torrington, how a Minor at Eton School, Son of the late Colonel Byng, and Grand- son to the first Lord Torrington. It is also faid that the late Mr. Byng has left his Brother, the Brave Admiral, an handsome Legacy, as a Mark of that tender Affection he had for him. When Admiral West attended the Lords of the Admi- ralty last Tuesday Night, it is reported, that he acquaint- ed their Lordships, that after the Skirmish they had with Galissoniere, when he retreated from them, if Mr. Byng would have permitted him and a few others to have chased him, they could easily have taken six of his Ships. Admiral West's Son had most Part of his Thigh shot off in the Action. It is confidently reported, that Admiral Vernon will be again employed, and soon put to Sea with a large Fleet. Tis said an Express arrived at St. James's early on Sunday Morning, with an Account that Admiral Bosca- wen has had an Engagement with the Brest Fleet, and taken and burnt 18 Ships, Merchantmen and Men of War. We hear that General Blakeney, and the Forces under his Command, embarked on the 4th of July at Minorca for Gibraltar. We hear the five Regiments to be rais'd, are to be put on the Irish Establishment. And that twenty Companies of Marines Will speedily be rais'd here. BANkRUpTS. Rutgerus Plenius, of St. George Hanover Square, Harpsichord- maker. Mary Arnald, of St. Mar- tin's in the Fields, Upholder Charles Martin, of Par- ker's Lane, Middlesex, Painter. John Hopley, of the Great Minories, Haberdasher. Wm Hayes, of York, Taylor. Richard Smith, of Oundle. Northamptonshire, Mercer. John Tebay, jun of Soulby in Westmorland, Dealer. Peter Davis, of Mere in Wiltshire, lnnholder. STOCKS. Bank,—. India, . South Sea, shut. Old Annuities, 1 Sub. 89 t- half, a j Sths. Ditto 2 Sub. 88 1 - half, a 5- Sths. Three per Cent. Bank Annuities, 88 j- 8ths, a j- qrs. India Bonds, 11. 17s. Prem. Lottery Tickets t il. 14s. 6d. WORCESTER, August 5. Yesterday the Purse of Fifty Pounds, given by the Members of this County and City, was to have been run for, but as no Horse would enter at the Post against the Hon. William Howe, Esqr's, Babraham, there was no Race. This Day the Hunter's Purse of Fifty Pounds, given by the Right Hon. Lord Foley, will be run for.-— Sir John Pakington's Bay Gelding, Forrester, has already enter'd , and Richard Gorges, Esqr's Gelding, Spot; Mr. Whitcomb's Gelding, and others, will enter at the Post.— To- morrow the Give- and- Take Purse of Fifty Pounds will be run for; and the four following have already enter'd, viz. Mr. Smith's Bay Horse, Aaron-, Edmund Pytts, Esqr's Bay Horse, Liberty ; Mr. Saunderson's Bay Mare, Miss Lucy Paine ; and Mr. Cross's Bay Horse, Stran- ger. — Velters Cornewall, Esqr's Grey Horle, Crabstock, and a Horse call'd Forrester ( who won at Stratford Races) and some others, will enter at the Post 1 So that there will be most excellent Sport both Days. The Company at the Ball at the Town- Hall last Night was exceeding grand and numerous. — There will be a Ball again there To- night and To- morrow Night; and a Publick Breakfast To morrow Morning, at Digley Bowling- Green, where was a very grand Appearance this Morning. Yesterday the Effigy of an Uncertain Sea Officer was hung up at the End of one of the Booths on the Course, which drew together a vast Number of People, who paid their due Respects to it with Sticks, Stones, & c. A Represen- tation of a Mediterranean Farce was intended to have been exhibited on the River Severn, ( which runs aside the Course) but lest some real Mischief might ensue, one of the Proxy Admirals refus'd to engage. At our Assizes ( which ended at the Crown Baron Tues- day Night) the four following Persons were capitally con- victed, and received Sentence of Death, but were after- wards reprieved, viz Joseph Berrow, for stealing a Horse, the Property of Mr White, of Great Whitley ; Joseph Allwright, for stealing a Gelding, the Property of Mrs. Allen, of Temple Guiting, in Gloucestershire; Thomas Attwood, for robbing Mr. Henry Broom on the High- way ; and Thomas Dee, for stealing a Horse, the Pro- perty of Mr. Barnes, of Bromyard, Herefordshire, The five following were order'd to be transported, the three first for 14 Years, and the other two for seven Years, viz. Thomas Glover and Caleb Moreton, condemned at last Assizes'; Joseph Tayler, for stealing Cloth out of the Whitening Yard of Mr Bowater, of Bromsgrove; Wm. Ellis, for breaking into the House of Mr. Jackson, a Cooper, in the Parish of Hartlebury ; and Samuel Cra- dock, for robbing the House of Mr. Blick, of the Parish of Stoke Prior. The four following were discharged, viz. Samuel Price, charged with Perjury ; Robert Yeate, charged with Sheep stealing ; Susannah Davis, charged with robbing Mary Cork of divers Sorts of Wearing Ap- parel; and John Sugar, otherwise Sukar, charged with Forgery. William Thomas, for stabbing one Henry Bissell, of the Parish of Dudley, is order'd to remain in Gaol six Months, and then to find Security for his good Behaviour for two Years, and Ann Freestone, charged with threatning to burn the Dwelling House of Mr. John Ac- ton, of Mitton, in the Parish of Kidderminster, is order'd to remain according to her Commitment. 13* The Governors of our Infirmary return their Thanks for a Benefaction of SIX GUINEAS, re- ceiv'd from the Special Jury at this Assizes, An AccounT of the PROFITs arising to the CHARITY of the MeETing of the Three CHOIRS at Worcester, 1755. COLLECTION at the Church, first Day Second Day, with three Guineas sent in after Church Received since Profits arising from the Sale of Dr. Eden's Sermon, given by him to the Charity GLOUCESTER. HEREFORD WORCESTER 192 59 d. f. o z 6 1718 6 271 10 0 X 90 10 0 90 10 0 90 10 0 2 471 10 02 Dividend, 1755. WIDOWS' Pensions of 61. each to iht Corporation of the Sons of the Clergy. No. 1. To Mrs. Rastall, Widow of the late Curate of Abberley [ N. B. After the Division made, and the Money paid, the Stewards were inform'd that Abberley is in the Diocese of Hereford. J No. 2. To Mrs. Southall, Widow of the late Curate of Claines ____ j" 4 No. 3. To Mrs. Rock, Widow of the late 4 4 4 4 late | S S Vicar of Hallow and Grimley No. 4. To Mrs. Hart, Widow of the late Vicar of Mathon ——. No. 5. To Mrs. Walker, Widow of the late Reftor of Leigh c4 WIDOWS Unpension'd. No. 6. Mrs. Warren, Widow of the Curate of Alvechurch —. No. 7. Mrs. Chellingworth, Widow of the ? late Rector of Churchill S No. 8. Mrs. Willim, Widow of the late Vicar of Eldersfield ( no Certificate J } 5 5 CHILDREN of Clergymen, left in Distress, or reduced to great Poverty. No. 9. To Mrs. Hastings, Daughter of the late Mr. Penyston Hastings, Rector^ j 5 of Dailesford • ,' .,— ) No. to. Mrs. Gibbons, Widow, Daughter of 1 the late Mr. Baptist Hicks, late Rec- tor of Stretton on the Foss, in the Diocese of Worcester • ) No. it. Mrs. Green, Daughter of Mr. Green, late Curate of Stratford upon Avon ^ No. 12. Mrs. Anne Ley, Daughter of Mr. Ley, late Rector of Knightwick and Doddenham -— ^ No. 13. Mr. Jones, Son of the late Rev Mr. Jones, Vicar of All Saints in Wor- cester — y No. 14. Mr. Medding, Son of the late Mr. J Medding, Rector of Knightwick and Doddingham, and School Master of Worcester — J No. 15. Mrs. Esther Mitchel, Daughter of the . late Mr. John Mitchell, Rector of > 4 4 All Saints in Evesham — > No. 16. The Rev. Mr. Whiteford, late Curate " I p r of St. Michael's, Worccller J No. 17. To the Four Orphan Children of the | No. No. late Rev. Mr. Owen — 10 10 18. To Mrs. Anna- Maria Jenks, Daugh- ter of the late Vicar of Inkberrow 19. To Mr. Charles Cook, Son of the late Mr. Cook, Minister of St. Nicholas t in Worcester « — ^ f x Worcester Share of the CHARITY — 90 10 t ED. SANDYS 1 J. WAUGH Stewards MEeTiNG of the THREE CHOIRS at Worcester, 1755. STEWARDS' ACCOUNT. CHARGE. t. s. d. REc eIVID the two Concert Nights for Tickets 344 1 o 4 From absent Subscribers, Forfeits - 6 30 Given by the Stewards, Twenty Guineas each —— 4* o o thofe whofe-) borne by the s. DISCHARGE. Paid to Performers Expences of Gratis Performers, and of those whose Enpences were, by Agreement, Stewards --—. Musick for the Balls, Two Nights Stewards' Dinner — • . • Advertisements in the London Papers in the Gloucester, Birmingham', and Worcester Mr. Wass, and Others, writing Musick in London • Mr. Lewis, printing Tickets, Sec. Musick- Paper, Sealing- Wax Paper, & c. Davis, for Candles, Brooms, & c. and other Particulars Mr. Griffin, for Wax Candles • Carpenter and Smith, Benches, Stages, Wire, Sec. Mr. Richardson, for Candle- Rims ——— Mr. Morgan, a Bill for Wine, . for the Performers Gaskell, Carrier — Taylor, Upholder — • . Mr. Isaac, a Bill Richard Clarke, Gratuity for Business done by him 391 4 o 4 O » SS 57 « 16 9 6 8 20 4 5 o 3 3 o 3 9 o d o 19 6 6 o lj o 13 o 10 6 9 8 17 o 3 • » Total of the Stewards' Charge —- 39a 4 o Discharge 391 15 6 39' ' 5 * 8 6 NATHANIEL FOY, Operator for the TEETH, from LONDON and OXFOrD, is now at Mr, Lingham's, Taylor, in High- street, Worcester. HE cleans the blackest and foulest Teeth in a few Minutes as white aS Ivory, and restores the Mouth sweet, without Pain. Sets in • Artificial Teeth not to be distinguish'd from Real by the best Judges, and of equal Use ; and those Teeth which have not been drawn in a proper Time, and afterwards become deformed, are set regular. He displaces Teeth and Stumps, difficult to others, with great Ease and Safety, in a Method never before practis'd in this Kingdom. He per- fectly cures the Scurvy in the Gums, changing them from that livid disgreeable Colour to a fine pale Red, and causes them to grow firm and close to the Teeth. The Operation of drawing Teeth is too frequently undertaken by injudicious Persons, who either leave some Part broke in the Head, fracture the bony Socket, or lacerate the Gums and nervous Fibrills of the adjoining Teeth : But the above Nathaniel Foy performs his Operations with the greatest Skill and Safety, and if not moft satisfactorily to every Body who may be pleas'd to employ him, he will desire nothing for his Attendance. He fells the Scurvy Tincture for the Gums, Tooth- Ach Tincture, and Tooth Powder, with proper Directions. The Poor are relieved Gratis every Friday, %* His Stay in Town will be only a Week longer. This Day are Publish'd, In THREE VOLUMES, Octavo, Price bound Fifteen Shillings, A NEW EDITION of Several Discourses Preached at the Temple CHURCH By THO. SHERLOCK, D. D. Late Master of the TEMpLE, Now Lord Bishop of LONDON. London: Printed for J. Whiston and B. White, at Boyle's Head, and W. Owen, at Homer's Head, both in Fleet- E. Baker, at Tunbridge ; and by Street ; Booksellers in the Country. all other To be SOLD, to the Best Bidder, On Thursday next, tbe I 2/ 16 of August, between the Honrs of Ten and Twelve in the Forenoon, at Mr. George Woodcock's, at the Hop- Pole, in Foregate- Street, in the City of Worcester, A Freehold ESTATE, In the Parish of St. Clement, in the County of Worcester, COnsisting of a very commodious DISTIL. HOUSE, the Water continually running into the Worm- Tubs; w. th all Conveniences for feeding of Hogs. The Pre- misses are fit for any other Branch of Business that re- quires a good Deal of Room and Water. They are held by Lease, by Mr. Willoughby and Mr. Pember for the Term of Twenty One Years, ( six whereof are unexpired) at the annual Rent of Ten Pounds, free from all Taxes and Repairs whatever, and at the Expiration of the Lease the Tenants are obliged to leave the Premisies in good and sufficient Repair. For further Particulars enquire of James Turner, Esq; of Worcester, or of Mr. Joseph Sheward, of Bewdley. The Rev. Mr. Charles Wilmott, Of Bromsgrove, in the County of WORCESTER, HAVING convey'd and assign'd his Estates, real and personal, to Francis Highway, of Drayton, in the said County, Esq; Mr. Richard Walker, and Mr. Thomas Harrison, of Bromsgrove aforesaid, in Trust for the Payment of his Debts; the said Trustees think proper to give this publick Information to the Cre- ditors, That there is a considerable Quantity of PLATE, CHINA, LINNEN, and other valuable EFFECTS, the Property of the said Mr. Wilmott, which ' tis appre- hended may not be sold for the full Value: It is there fore recommended to the said Creditors, to attend the SALE on Wednesday the 18th Day of this Instant August, when they may take any Part of the said Goods, Lieu of their Share of the Dividend. There will be SOLD, at the same Time, A genteel HOUSE, and other little TENEMENTS, in Bromsgrove, and a MESSUAGE and LANDS in the Parish of Alvechurch, in the said County of Worcester. Particulars may be had of the said Trustees, or of Mr. Blashfield, Attorney at Law, in Bromsgrove aforesaid. ON the Death of Mr. John Thurstan, Surgeon and Apothecary, in Bilson, ' tis thought proper to inform the Publick, That the Business will be carried on, in all its Branches, and due Care taken of LUNATICKS, by JOHN VERNON, who was his Appren- tice, and has since served him as a Journeyman, has had the whole Care and Management of LUNATICKS for two Years past, and has taken the House wherein Mr. Thur- stan lately dwelt, is Brother to Dr. Vernon, a Physician, in Birmingham, and Nephew to Dr. Wilkes, of Willenhall, whose Assistance may be had at any Time, when required. To be LETT, And Enter d upon Immediately. At Winchcombe, in Gloucestershire, A very large and convenient SHOP, Well - Accustomed, WITH a good Dwelling House, containing a very good Work- House, and all other Conveniencies fit for the Use of a Tallow Chandler and Soap- boiler. All the Utensils are to be sold at a reasonable Rate, and the Furniture of the Shop at prime Cost. And. for the Convenience of keeping a Horse, there is a Meadow which will be lett with the above Shop, & c 1 here is the fairest Prospect of Success that any young Man could wish for, as there is no Soap boiler to interrupt him, and Ashes are to be bought at 6 d. per Bushel. For further Particular enquire of William Roberts, at Buckland Mill, Gloucestershire. To be peremptorily Sold to the Best Bidder, On TUESDAY next, the 10th Day of August, Before the Commissioners acting under a Commission of Bank- rupt awarded against John Sanders, of Bromsgrove, in the County of Worcester, Vintner, at the Golden Cross, in Bromsgrove aforesaid, THE SAID GOLDEN CROSS INN, Lately Re - built, AGenteel, commodious, well- accustom'd House, con- taining Three good Parlours, a handsome Dining- Room, several neat Bed Chambers, and other Convenien- cies; with very good Vaults, Stables, Gardens, and a Yard for Carriages; situate near the Market- Place, in the best Part of the said Town, which is the Mid- way between Birmingham snd Worcester, and on the Great North Road to Bath, Bristol, b. fe. Q, The EXCISE and POST- OFFICES are kept at this HOUSE, which will remain open— till Sold— with proper Accommodations. • J* The above Premisses are Freehold of Inheritance. ALSO, The FURNITURE and STOCK of the said Bankrupt, Consisting of Some WINES, SPIRITUOUS and other LIQUORS, may be purchased with the House. Particulars may be had of Mr. Weston, in Worcester, Mr. Wolley, and Mr. Maynard, in Bromsgrove, Assignees or of Mr. Blashfield, Attorney, in the same Town. N. B. All Persons having any Demands on the Estate of the said Bankrupt, are desired to bring in their Accounts at the Time and Place above mentioned. LUDLOW RACES. ON Wednesday the 25 th Day of this Instant August, will be Run for, on the Old Field, near Ludlow, in Shropshire, A Purse of FIFTY GUINEAS, by any Horse, Mare, or Gelding, that never won a King's Plate, nor Fifty Pounds in Money, or Plate advertised to that Value, since the first Day of January last; carrying twelve Stone, Bridle and Saddle included; or by any Horse, Mare, or Gelding, six Years old, that never won a Royal Plate since the first of January last ; carrying Eleven Stone and a Half, Bridle and Saddle included, the best of three Heats. To be enter'd ( with proper Certifi cates of being duly qualified) at the Market House in Ludlow, on Wednesday the 18th Day of August, between the Hours of Twelve and Nine. To pay Three Guineas for Entrance, if a Non- Subscriber ; but, if a Subscriber, One Guinea only ; which Entrance- Money is for the Be- nefit of the second best Horse, & c. No Horse, Sec. to enter in a Subscriber's Name that is not attually his own. Certificates of the Ages of such Horses, & c. as are six Years old, must be produced at the Time of Entrance for the above Plate, under the Hands of the Breeders. On Thursday the 26th of August will be run for, on the said Course, A Purse of FIFTY GUINEAS, by any Horse, Mare, or Gelding; five Years old, carry- ing Ten Stone Weight, Bridle and Saddle included; the best of three Heats, each Heat being two Miles. To be enter'd ( with proper Certificates of the Age of each of them) at the Hour and Place above mentioned, on Thurs- day the 19th Day of August. Every Horse, Mare, or Gelding, that starts for either of the aforesaid Plates, must be kept at the Town of Ludlow from the Time of Entering to the Time of Run- ning, and at such Houses only as subscribe ten Shillings to either of the said Plates. Any Horse, & c. not entered on the Days of Entrance, as above, may tun, after paying double Entrance at the Starting- Post. cgdsi N. B. These RACES were advertised for the Fourth of August, but, on Account of interfering with other Races, arc postponed as above. THE MEETING OF THE THREE CHOIRS O F Worcester, Gloucester, and Hereford, For the Benefit of the Widows and Or- phans of the Poor Clergy of the Three Dioceses, will be held at Hereford, on Wednesday and Thursday, tho 15 th and 16th of September. ( Sir John Morgan, Bart. STEWARDS, The Rev. Dr. Webber, Dean of Hereford. { Q, An Account of the Performance will be inserted | in some future Journal. WILLIAM BARTLAM, Sadler and Collar- Maker, Begs Leave to acquaint the PUBLICK, THAT he hath taken the SHOP late Mr. Godley's, Sadler, deceas'd, opposite the Swan. in Bewdley; and that, as he had great Experience by working in London and several other Parts of this King- dom, he does not doubt but he shall give great Satisfac- tion to those Gentlemen, Farmers, & c. who will favour him with their Custom ; which Favours will be gratefully acknowledg'd by Their most humble Servant, William Bartlam. To be SOLD. A Large, Handsome, and Compleat APOTHECARY'S SHOP, WITH the Utensils appertaining to the Business of an Apothecary, lately belonging to Mr. Richard- son, of the City of Worcester, deceas'd ; together with ; considerable Quantity of Drugs, or without. Enquire of Mr. Cooke, Apothecary, or kMr. Jewkes Attorney, in Worcester. WANTED, As an Apprentice to a genteel Business, A Sober, Steady LAD, Who may hear of a Miller, by applying to the Printer of this Paper. To be LETT, And may be Enter'd upon Immediately, > , Situated near the Church, at Powick, a very heathful pleasant Village, within about two Miles of the City of Worcester, A good DWELLING- HOUSE COnsisting of a good Parlour, Kitchen, Pantry, and Brewhouse, with five good Lodging- Rooms; together] with a Garden, Orchard, Stable, Wood- House, and House to make Cyder in, with a Mill already fix'd. For further Particulars enquire of Mr. Pool, School- Master, in Powick, or of Mr. Richard Smith, Chandler, in Bromyard. To be SOLD, The MANOR of OCKRIDGE, Situate about three Miles from Ledbury, a good Markei Town in the County of Hereford, adjoining to th< Turnpike Road leading from Ledbury to Worcester and the Turnpike Road leading from Ledbury to the River Severn, distant from Worcester about ten Miles and from the River Severn about five Miles, Consisting of THREE FARMS, well Tenanted, and very large and fine COPPICE WOODS, all of the Yearly Value of between Three and Four Hundred Pounds, together with a confiderable Quantity of Waste Ground, the Whole containing together about Twelve Hundred Acres. AND ALSO A FARM, lying within one Mile of Upton upoi Severn, in the County of Worcester, of the Yearly Value of Sixty three Pounds. The about Premisses are all well Tenanted, thi Buildings in good Repair, and Rents well paid ; anc the Herefordshire Estate is liable to more Improve ments than any other Estate in the Country*. The Rents have not been advanced within the Memory of Man, notwithstanding a fine Turnpike Road ha been made within a few Years from the said Estate to several good Market Towns and the River Severn For Particulars enquire of Mr. Bright, Attorney a Law, near Ledbury, Herefordshire.
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