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Berrow's Worcester Journal


Printer / Publisher: Berrow 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 2441
No Pages: 4
Berrow's Worcester Journal page 1
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Berrow's Worcester Journal
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Berrow's Worcester Journal

Date of Article: 13/05/1756
Printer / Publisher: Berrow 
Address: Office in Goose-Lane, near the Cross
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 2441
No Pages: 4
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- 1 BERROW' s 1 ~ Worcester JOURNAL. [ Printed at his OFFICE in Goose- Lane, near the Cross."] Price Two- Pence. THURSDAY, May 13, 1756. N° 2441 \ Weeks this 7' vmarr has been publifti'd. J FRIDAY'S and SATURDAY'S POSTS. IRELAND. DUBLIN. April 27. , ESTERDAY a Message was delivered to the Honourable House of Commons by Major General Conway, Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant, acquainting them, that the Chair was vacant by their late Speaker's being call'd up to the House of Peers, { the said late Speaker is the Right Hon. Henry Boyle, now Earl of Shannon ;] and that it was his Grace's Pleasure, that they should pro- ceed to the EleCtion of a new Speaker ; whereupon the Right Hon. John Ponsonby, Esq; was proposed, and elected Speaker ; and this Day the Lord Lieutenant went to the House of Peers, and being seated on the Throne, with the usual Ceremony, his Grace sent for the Com- mons, and approved of their Choice of a Speaker. A Man, confined in Newgate as an Evidence against one of the Persons concerned in the Robbery of Mr. Cuff, was poison'd in the said Prison, as is supposed by the said Robber, he having given him a Pint of Ale that Morning, of which, after drinking, he was taken ill and expired. The Coroner's Inquest sat on the Deceased, and gave their VerdiCt, Wilful Murder. Saturday the Subscription Stakes of One Hundred and Thirty Guineas, the Horses rode by the Gentlemen sub- scribing, Owners, or by other Gentlemen, at twelve Stone, the best of three Four- Mile Heats, was run for, at the Curragh Course, and the Hundred Guineas was won by Mr. Archdall's Hobgoblin, rode by himself ; the Thirty Guineas were won by Mr. Frank Melows's Bay Gelding. AMERICA. Part of a Letter from a Sea Officer at Halifax, in Nova Scotia, dated Nov. 22. " The French use the Indians who inhabit the Country adjacent to St. John's River exceeding ill: They cheat them of the Presents which are annually sent from France, and what is worse, the French Officers and Soldiers com- mit a most horrid Crime with them, a Sin for which two Cities in Sacred History were burnt to the Ground, and they frequently give the Indians the foul Disease in Ano. These unhappy People did not know at first what to make of it, but at last they found out Herbs in the Woods to cure themselves ; and are now addicted to this wicked PraCtice with one another, for which they may thank the French." COUNTRY NEWS. Southampton, May 1. The Hessian Forces are daily expeCted. Some of their Agents from London are come hither, and to Winchester, and have hired Ovens at both Places, and are baking Bread for them after their own Country Method, using Leaven instead of Yeast. Gloucester, May 1. Mary Douglas, who was committed to our Castle for Murder, was found guilty, upon two several Inquisitions before the Coroner, of the Wilful Murder of Edward Roberts and Elizabeth Knight, her Master and Mistress, by poisoning them, in mixing Arse- nick with Treacle, Ale, and other Liquids. LONDON, Thursday, May 6. Since the Advice of the Toulon Fleet being gone out upon an Expedition against the Island of Minorca, most People may conclude that the ProjeCt to invade Great Britain or Ireland is laid aside, or perhaps was never in- tended to be carried into Execution ; but they may, with as much Reason, conclude, that an Attempt upon Mi- norca, if it succeeds, is a preparatory Step towards in- vading these Kingdoms; for, as it is observed in a TraCt publish'd a few Years ago, call'd The Political Testament of Cardinal Alberoni, ' while the Navy of the Two * Crowns [ meaning those of France and Spain] is not « superior to that of the English and Dutch put together ; * while Minorca and Gibraltar are not in Possession of their * proper Masters ; while Dunkirk is not raised from the State to which it was reduced by the Treaty of Utrecht, a Descent on the Coast of England or Ireland will be * always ineffectual, & c.'— So that, for aught we know, France is beginning the Work according to Alberoni's Hint; and if she makes a Conquest of Minorca, and the War be prosecuted afterwards in Earnest, she may secure to herself the Friendship and Assistance of Spain, by ce- ding that Island to his Catholick Majesty. If not, the Frcnch will have something in Hand to treat with Eng- land upon Terms advantageous to themselves; and so we may soon see an End of this odd Kind of War. On the 29th of April, at Night ( says the Paris Gazette of the 1 st Instant) arrived at Versailles an Express from the Duke de Richelieu, with Advice that the French Fleet commanded by the Marquis de la Galissioniere arrived at the Island of Minorca on the 18th, and the fame Day landed the Troops, without Opposition, before Ciutadella, which the English had evaluated in the Morning.. Ciutadella is situate at the West End of the Island, about thirty Miles from Port Mahon. Its Fortifications have been slighted ever since Minorca has been in our Hands, and the Garrison had Orders, upon an Alarm, to make the best of its Way to St. Philip's Castle, driving before it all the Cattle that are to be easily found, and spoiling the Roads, the better to obstruCt an Enemy on his March ] According to fome private Letters by the French Mail, the Troops in the Toulon Fleet were all landed the 18th of last Month on the Island of Minorca, and they rec- koned to begin the Attack of St. Philip's Fort the 22d. There were then three Ships of the Line and two Frigates in the Harbour of Port Mahon, the Crews of which have retired into the Fort, after taking out the Masts, Rigging and Guns of the Ships The Governor of the Place, see- ing the Inhabitants would not take up Arms against the French, has fined them in the Sum of Twenty two Thou- sand Dollars, and so excused them from the Service. According to Advices received at Dunkirk from other Ports of France, Privateers are ready to put to Sea, and in greater Numbers than was at first believed, particularly from Nantz and St. Malo. They add, that some of their Traders have received Letters from their Correspondents in Provence, importing, that 400,000 Cannon Balls and 100,000 Bombs have been shipped in the Toulon Fleet, with a prodigious Quantity of Fascines and Gabions. We hear that an Express is arrived from New- England with Advice, that the French have laid Siege to Oswego with a Body of 5000 Men ; which Express is come by the Way of Lisbon, General Shirley having not thought it safe to dispatch it directly to England, lest it should be intercepted by some of the Enemy's Ships. We also hear, that there are 6 or 7000 Men assembled at Connecticut, but it is feared they may not be able to raise the Siege, because the Generals differ in their Opinions about the Operations. From the Provisions and warlike Stores getting ready, it is expeCted a great Number of Transport Vessels will be laden in a few Days, and a Squadron is appointed to be got ready for the Sea on the shortest Notice. Within these few Days several hundred thousand Pounds of Indigo have been entered at the Customhouse, being the Produce of the Province of South Carolina. Orders have been issued for the Grenadier Companies in the Marching Regiments to learn the Prussian Exercise, which is already established in the Guards. Several of the Hessian Officers are arrived in Town from Holland. The new Intrenchments at Chatham are in great For- wardness, several of the Bastions, & c. being finished ; and it is said that 10,000 Men are to be encamped within the Lines. Strict Search is making after two Persons, accused of enlisting Men for the French Service : And, as they are well known in several Sea Ports, it's hoped they will not be able to escape. The Collection on Tuesday at St. Paul's for the Sons of the Clergy was 336I. OS 9D. The many Bankruptcies that have happen'd of late, is a Matter that muli give the utmost Concern to all Well- wishers to Trade. Various are the Reflections on those Calamities, and many are the Reasons assigned for them, it is hard to tell how many are almost involved in Ruin, when a Bankruptcy happens; but this one may observe, that Nine out of Ten proceed from the Credit that is given to the idle Part of Mankind ; we mean those Per- sons out of Trade, who have no other Means to live than by the Appearance they make, and the Necessaries they can get furnish'd with, till such Time as their Fortunes are made, or quite undone, and for whom the Industrious are brought to nothing, or to lie in a Gaol, tor Credit given which they cannot receive back to repay their Creditors. The Report of one of the Officers being dead who kill'd the Post boy is without Foundation. An old Gentleman, upwards of seventy Years of Age, very well respected at M—— e, in Kent, being in a Coffee House with some young Officers, and hearing of the Murder of the Post- boy by two Officers of the Regi ment that they belonged to, who were drunk when they committed the Murder, he admonished them in a friendly Manner against that Vice, as it had brought their Brother Officers into that unhappy Affair; which they took so ill as to abuse him, and threatened to kick him out of the House. This has so enraged the inhabitants, that they / design to represent this Affair to his Royal Highness the Duke. On Monday died at her House in New Burlington- Street, after an Illness of several Months, the Right Hon. the Dowager Lady Viscountess Middleton, Sister to the late Earl of Essex, and Mother to the present Lord Vis- count Middleton, to whom her Jointure and a large For- tune descends. Tuesday Morning about One o'Clock a Fire broke ou| at Mr. Gostier's Ropewalk at Limehouse, and tho' there were several Engines and Firemen and Plenty of Water, it entirely consumed the same, with great Quantities of Cordage, Twine, Tar, Sec. to a considerable Value. A few Nights since Mrs. Saunders, and some other Ladies, coming from Ranelagh, they were robb'd by a single Highwayman, who order'd the Servants to put out the Flambeaux, then rode up to the Coach, and took from the Ladies their Watches, Rings, Money, & c. Saturday Evening Stephen Mac Donald, John Berry, two of the Thieftakers, and Mary Jones ( an Accomplice with them) were put to the Bar at the Old Bailey, and arraigned on two Indictments found by the Grand Jury at Hick's Hall on Thursday last, one for the wilful Mur- der of Joshua Kiddon, whom they wrongfully prosecuted for a pretended Robbery on the Highway committed by him in the Parish of Tottenham on the said Mary Jones, and the other for conspiring the Death of the said Joshua Kiddon. Also at the same Time John Berry and Mary Jones were arraigned on a third Indictment, found by the Grand Jury of London the Day before, charging them with wilful and corrupt Perjury pn the Trial of the said Kiddon at the Old Bailey. To all which Indictments they pleaded Not Guilty, and their Trials were put off to next Sessions. A Motion was put to discharge Mary Jones, on the Habeas Corpus ACt, as she had laid in Gaol two Ses- sions, after having put in her Prayer the first Day of each Sessions, to be tried, bailed, or discharged ; when the Court were of Opinion that she should be discharged from her Imprisonment as to the Indictment for the Murder, that being the Crime she was first committed upon; and that she should give very good Bail for her Appearance next Sessions to take her Trial on the other two Indict- ments: However, the Council for the Crown said, that they should retake her immediately after her being bailed, with Warrants on the said Indictment for the said Murder s so that the Publick may be assured she will be tried with two others for the Murder of the unfortunate Kiddon. Last Monday Charles Frederick Wysenthall, the Dres- den Worker, was tried at the Sessions at the Old- Bailey, for Subornation of Perjury, in suborning two young Girls who were his Apprentices, and whom he himself de- bauch'd, falsly to accuse and prosecute John Baynham, for ravishing them, and Sarah Clifton, who was their Governess, for assisting him to commit those Rapes ( and for which they were tried for their Lives in last December Sessions, and acquitted) and, after a Trial of 13 Hours, was convicted, to the entire Satisfaction of the Court.— This is the first ConviCtion for that Offence which has happen'd at that Place within 20 Years, and is of great Consequence to the Publick: He was sentenced to one Year's Imprisonment in Newgate, and to be transported for seven Years. Although his Punishment is by no Means adequate to his Offence, yet we hope it will be sufficient to deter others from committing the like for the future. The Apprehensions of the Court that he would be pelted to Death was the only Reason why he was not put in the Pillory.—— This laudable Prosecution was carried on by the City Solicitor, by Order of the Court of Aldermen, and the Council for the Crown were Mr. Serjeant Davy, Mr. Nugent, Mr. Gascoyne, and Mr. Dickenson. On Tuesday two Prisoners were tried, and both' ac- quitted, when the Sessions ended. At this Sessions six receiv'd Sentence of Death,' two to be transported for 14. Years, twenty one for 7 Years, and one branded. SUNDAY'S and MONDAY'S POSTS. Arriv'd the MAILS from France and Holland. VENICE, April 21. THE Earthquake that happene'd here the 13th In- stant, was also felt at Padua, Verona, and Treviso In the last mentioned Place the Shocks were very violent. All the Houses were rock'd, many Chimnies tumbled down. Part of the Roof of St. Margaret's Old Church fell in, and an Angle of the College of the Bishoprick wu demolish'd. All the Inhabitants ran out into the Squares and Fields. Hanover, April 17. The E'lectoral Troops destined for England will be all assembled at Staden by the 4th of May, and ' tis reckon'd the Embarkation may be finish'd the 10th. Amsterdam, April 29. It is said, for certain, that a Resolution is taken in the Assembly of the States General to enter into a Treaty of Neutrality with the French ; and to break at once those Engagements with the English, which it is actually in our Power no longer to perform. And, happy for this Republick, if this Step be all that the French require of it ? Amsterdam, April 30. Admiral Hawke is not cruizing on the Coast of Briitanny : At least, according to our Advices, he is in the Bay of Biscay ; but we do not know what he is doing there : He has not hindered five or six French East Indiamen from sailing to the Coast of Coro- mandel. Several Vessels from Domingo and Martinico have also escaped him, and got safe to Bourdeaux, Ro- chelle, and Nantz. SCOTLAND. Edinburgh, May 1. For some Weeks part the Weather has been so remarkably severe, that the like at this Seafon of the Year is scarcely remembered. The Hills through the whole Country are covered with Snow ; and the plow- ing and sowing, especially of the Barley, is in many Places like to be very late.- Our Accounts from most Parts of the Country are no less unfavourable, especially from Tweedale, Selkirk, and the Neighbouring Countries, where the Snow is very deep, and Numbers of Sheep and Lambs daily perishing. From the LONDON GAZETTE. Paris, May 1. We have received Advice by an Officer dispatched from Marshal Richelieu, that on the 18th part, M. de la Galissionere's Squadron cast Anchor before Ciu dadella in the Island of Minorca ; that on that and the lol- lowing Days the Troops disembarked, without Opposition; and the English being retired to the Fort of St Philip's, our Troops were proceeding to the Attack of it. LONDON. Saturday, MAY 8. Admiralty Office, May 8 By a Letter from the Honour able Augustus Hervey, Captain of his Majesty's Ship the Phoenix, dated from Villa Franca, April the 18th, there is Advice, That he was sent from Mahon by Com modore Edgcumbe to Leghorn, to take in Stores, and had proceeded to Villa Franca, in order to receive any Letters he should find there from England for the Commodore ; that finding the French Fleet had sailed from Toulon 011 the 13th tor the Island of Minorca, he intended sailing that Evening, and endeavour to get into the Harbour ot Mahon ; or if it should be so blocked up by the French as to make it impossible for his Ship to get in, he should try in some other Manner to convey to Mr. Edgcumbe the News of a Fleet being actually sailed from England for their Assistance and Relief, and endeavour to get the Com- modore's Orders for his farther Proceedings : That if he should not be able to receive those Orders, he would then go away for Gibraltar, and cruize in the Gutt, in Hopes of meeting with the English Fleet. He sends also the following List of the French Fleet, viz. Line of Battle Ships. Guns Le Foudroyant 80 La Couronne , 74 Le Redoubtable 74 L'Hercule 64 Frigates. G> ins L'Achillee Guns Le Triton 64 1 La Pomone 36 Le Lyon 64 | Le Zephir 30 Le Contant 64 , La Role 30 Le Sage 64 [ La Gracieuse 24 L'Alcion 50 | La Nymphe 20 About 180 Transports, 90 of which are Tartans and Settees: They have a Majorca Xebeque, which is said to serve as a Pilot for the Craft. He adds, That the whole Number of Troops, La- bourers, kc & c. & c. shut up in the Caltle of St Philip's, amounted to 5000 Men ; that the French Anny does not exceed 11,000; so that he thinks the Attack upon the Castle of St. Philip's, will scarce be effectual, belore the Fleet, under Admiral Byng, will probably arrive; and that all necessary Precautions were taking, when he left Mahon, for the Defeccc of Fort St. Philip's, and the belt Disposition made for that of the Harbour. Captain Cole, in a Bilander from Seville, on the 19th of April, being then in the Lit. of 43 39 Long, by Ac count 18 M. to the West of the Rock ot Lisbon, saw ten Sail of the English Ships of War, with two Admirals, one having a Blue Flag at the Main- Top Mast, the other a Red one at the Mizen Top Mast Head, the Wind blow ing fresh at S. W. and continued lo to do till the 22d, then for three Days from S. E to E. Thus far Gaz ' Tis said that the French Transports, from on board which the Troops were landed at Minorca in Thirty six Hours, were sent back to Toulon, and that the Men o War had ranged themselves to engage Admiral Byng, who was to be joined by three Ships of the Line at Gi braltar, whose Squadron then would be equal to that of the French. Also, that the Crews of the Men of War in Port Mahon Harbour, under Commodore Edgcumbe, had joined the Garrison, which was 6000 strong, and well stored with Provisions every Way prepared for a vigorous Defence, and able, at least, to hold out two Months. We this Moment hear an Express is arrived with Ad vice of Admiral Byng's Arrival at Minorca on the 24th of April. Letters from Brussels, by a Flanders Mail which arri red Yesterday, say, that the Marshal Duke de Richelieu has wrote to Court, since his Arrival at Minorca, for a Reinforcement of 4000 Troops; which, they say, are to be sent to him under Convoy of seven Ships of the Line and three Frigates, actually fitting out at Toulon. During Queen Anne's War we used to have fifty Men of War in the Mediterranean, and seldom less than forty there ; and in the last War we constantly kept about thirty Ships of the Line and Frigates to watch the Motions of the French and Spanish Fleets, and to protect our Medi- terranean and Levant Trade. Hence many FolkS are apt to cry out, Why has not the same been done in the pre- sent Conjuncture of Affairs ?' Have we not been told from Time to Time, these three or four Months past, that the French were equipping a strong Squadron at Toulon ? And have we not been likewise told, that its Destination was against Minorca ? Why then was not Provision made for the Safety of that important Island-, by sending in Time such a Squadron into the Mediterranean, as might have blocked up the Toulon Fleet, or destroyed it, it it ven- tured to come out? Thus do they rave and exclaim. for want of duly considering all Circumstances. Withs some rigid Politicians it is no Excuse for the Oversight of a General or Statesman, to say, I did not think of that ; but, with their Leave, we must admit it as an Excuse, unless they can prove it possible for Men to be infallible. Let us therefore be easy and content, even if Port- Mahon should be lost, since there is no Doubt but our Managers have done their best ; and what more can be expected from any Man ? A few Days ago the Ambuscade Man of War of forty Guns went to look into Havre- de- Grace, and two French Frigates, of thirty Guns each, shipp'd their Cables, came up with her, and poured a Broadside into her, which kill'd and wounded thirty Men ; and( would certainly have taken her had not the Isis, ot fixty Guns, who was then in Sight, bore down towards the Frenchmen, and made them re- treat into Port. We hear from Dunkirk, that several Transports have lately slipped out of that and other neighbouring French Ports, which are gone North about with Troops to Cape Breton, or up the Gulph of St. Lawrence. One of the three arm'd Boats which sailed lately from Dunkirk is, we hear, taken and brought into Dover. The Grand St. Ursin, Bresau, from Rochelle for Ca- nada. loaded with Provisions and 130 Soldiers onboard, is taken by the Sheerness Man of War, and sent into Plymouth. On Monday next the Officers belonging to the Ame- rican Regiments are to embark in the Downs for their respective Corps. It is said that the Foot Guards are for the future to be lodged in Barracks, which are to be built tor them at the Horse Guards, Somerset- House, & c. We are informed that ten Irish Regiments are to be raised immediately. They write from Dresden, April 20, that on the Wed- nesday before, a poor unhappy Woman, in the Village ot Kesseld0rff, her husband being obliged to abscond on Ac- count of Debt, and expecting soon to be turn'd out of Doors, took a Resolution to murder her three Children and herself, which she executed without the least Noise or Discovery. Some few Hours after they were all four found hanging to one Beam The Countess of Coningsby has appointed the Rev Mr. George Wakefield, M. A. to be her Chaplain. The Governors of the foundling Hospital have given Notice to the Churchwardens and Overseers of Parishes, that the Parliament having granted to his Majesty a Sum towards enabling the said Governors to receive all Children under a certain Age, which may be brought into the said Hospital, between the first Day oi June and the last Day af December next following, to deliver in, within ten Days, an Account ot the Number of exposed and de- serted young Children, under the Age ot two Months, who are nursed at the Expence of each Parish, distinguish- ing whether brought up at the Breast or by Hand, that proper Nurses may be procured for their Reception. The Affair of Richmond Park, concerning which there was soon to be another Trial, is accommodated, and Stiles will be put up in a few Days for the Convenience of Foot Passengers. On Thursday was held the Anniversary Feast of the Sons of the Clergy at Merchant Taylors Hall, after an excellent Sermon at St. Paul's by the Rev. Dr. Church. The Musick was perform'd under the Conduct of Dr. Boyce, to a very polite Congregation. There were pre sent at the Hall the Bishops of Durham, Ely, Rochester, Norwich, Peterborough, Litchfield and Coventry, St. David's, Chester, ano Gloucester ; Lord Chief justice Willes, the Right Hon. the Lord Mayor and several of the Aldermen, sir William Moreton, Recorder, Sir Tho mas Harrison, Chamberlain, & c. /. s. d: The Collection at the Rehearsal was 336 o 9 at St. Paul's on Thursday 183 10 5 at Merchant- Taylors Hall 431 ( 7 4 The same Night the Hon. Lady Steede was robbed of a Gold Locket and ten Guineas. \ On Wednesday Night, about Nine o'clock, a single Highwayman attempted to rob a Coach near the Dung- hill, at the Entrance into Hampton- Town from Sunbury; but a Footman on Horseback making some Resistance, the Highwayman clapt Spurs to his Horse, rode through Hampton- Town with his Pistol cock'd in his Hand, and the; Footman after him, who unluckily hitching his Bridle in passing through the Gate, the Highwayman got off. TWo outlawed Smugglers are taken on the Coast of Sussex• P O W E L L, Peruke- maker, Hair- cutter and Dresser, At the STAR, in Newport- Street, WORCESTER, f BEGS Leave to acquaint the Publick, That, having been for a considerable Time under the Instruction of the most skilful and approv'd Hair- Dressers in LONDON, he undertakes to dress Ladies' and Gentlemens' Hair, in the most elegant Manner, either in the English or French Taste, gjj- As he has practis'd much in London, and is fully acquaiiued, with all the vari- ous Methods of Hair dressing now in Use, he doubts not of giving the utmost Satisfaction to all who shall be pleas'd to favour him with Employment, and trusts to his Skill for the Continuance of their Favours. He also makes Bag- Wigs. Ties, Scratches, Tetes, Plaits, Locks, tfe. in the newest Fashions, and as compleat as they are made in London: He likewise makes French Fillets for Gentle- men and Ladies, and the finest Sort of POMATUM for the Hair. L O S T, A Fallow- colour'd Greyhound BITCH, BROKEN hair'd, with a cut Tail, white under the Throat and half- way round her Neck, a Blemish w uhin side one ol her Thighs, answers to the Name of FLORA, an'd is the Property of John Clopton, Esq; — Also, A little smooth White BEAGLE, With some small brown Spots about her, and a large one on her Back, one Eye considerably bigger than the other, answers to the Name of VENY, and is the Property of Mrs. Ingram, of Wolford. Whoever will send both or either of the above Bitches to Wolford aforesaid, or to Mr. Keating, Bookseller, in Stratford upon Avon, or to his Shops in Shipston and Al- cester, on Market Days, shall be well rewarded ; and whoever detains either of them, after this Advertisement, will be prosecuted. Total 951 8 6 On Wednesday died Mr. Pine, Bluemantle Poursuivant at Arms, Engraver to the King's Signet, and Engraver to the Stamp Office, and Dice- Marker there. There are no less than six Candidates for the Place of Supervisor of the Stampers at the above Office, in the room of Ambrose Harvey, deceased. On Thursday last as Lord Bolingbroke was riding in Hyde Park, the Horse on a sudden took Fright, and ran against the Gate upon the Bridge in the Walk to Kensing- ton with such Force, that in going over he took off the Tops of the Pallisidoes with his hind Legs. His Lordship was taken up for dead, but upon being let Blood there are some Hopes of his Recovery. A few Days ago a Person was committed to Clerken- well Bridewell, for assaulting a Gentleman in Long- Acre with an Intent to rob him : After the Gentleman had him seized, a Dagger was dropp'd, and a small screw barrel'd Pistol ; he had five Bullets in his Pocket of the same Size with that in the Pistol. On Thursday Night as the Hon. Mr. Coventry was returning from Ranelagh, he was stopt near the Lock- Hospital as was also the Hon. --- O'Brian, by Some Highwaymen, who robbed them of a considerable Sum. MR. Grayland, of Ribbesford, in Advertisements handed about, and likewise in the London Evening Post, en- deavours to raise the Character of his Horse, BLAZE, by degrading that of mine, called BLAZELLUS, and very artfully avoids my general Challenge of running any Travelling Stallion, carrying 16 Stone, he offering to run Weight for Inches, which I am not inclined to accept, wanting Opportunity to convince the World that my Horse is no Impostor, but able to carry Weight, and consequently impower'd - to do the greatest Justice in getting Cattle for the Road or Field: Al he says his Horse BLAZe is Master of 15 - Stone, I will be so indul- gent as to run blazellus againft his BLAzE, carrying that Weight ( if Mrs Grayland thinks proper) on Pitchcroft Ham, the first Day of Worcester Races, in the Year 1757, the best of three Four- Mile . Heats, for 501. aside, play or pay, the Challenge to be accepted or refused in 14 Days. The Reasons for fixing on this Course is, to give those Gentlemen that have favoured me with their Mares an Opportunity of seeing the Horses perform at an easy Expence Mr. Grayland likewise challenges to run any Foal of BLAZELLus's get- ting, with a Foal got by BLAZE. AS I cannot command other People's Property, and have only one Brood" Mare of my own, I will answer that Challenge in the following Mariner, viz. I have put the Brood Mare in my Possession to BLAZeLlus, and doubt- not, shall have a Colt from the same ( as he is a certain Foal- getter), which Foal shall run with one got this Year by Mr. Grayland's Horse BLAZE, out of any Mare now in his Possession, ( tho' he has many to run on Pitchcroft Ham, the first Day of Worcester Races, in the Year 1761, for 50 1. a Side, half Forfeit, the best of three Four- Mile Heats, the Mare and Weight to be fixed on by Mr. Grayland in 14 Days.- I shall be glad, for the future, that all Persons who are so kind to make Use of my Horse BLAzellUS, wou'd have him stript, examine his Shape and Make, likewise His Actions when mounted, and then, I doubt not but they will allow that he is no Relation to Mr. Grayland's Horse Blaze, but of a better' and more useful Li- neage. BLAZELLus wiil Cover no Mare for less than a Guinea, and a Shilling the Man. Laying larger sums does not suit my Ciicum- stances. BlAZellUs attends Walsall, Wolverhampton., Bir- mingham, Lichfield, and Stafford Markets, and lies at Cannock from Saturday Night till Tuesday Morning, where there will be good Grass, and proper Care taken of Mares. Bewdley, May 8, 1756.' RICHARD TATTERSALl,. Birmingham and Worcester J STAGE- COACH, SETS out from the Dolphin Inn, in Birmingham,' every Tuesday, at Eight o'clock in the Morning, by 1 ue Way of Norfield and Bromigiove, to the Hop Pole, in the Foregate Street, Worcester ; and sets out, on Return back, every Wcdnesday Morning, at the same Hour, for the Dolphin Inn, in Birmingham and carries Passengers at Six Shillings each., The Money to be paid at the Taking the Places.-.— Goods are carried at reasonable Rates. Perform'd by THOMAS SHAKELL. A'. B. Of the above Thomas Shakell may be had Black Carriages, at reasonable Rates; and a Four- Wheel Chaise, at Nine pence a Mile, to the undermentioned Places, viz. To Coleshill and Lichfield;; to Henley and Bromsgrove to Warwick and Stourbridge and to the Four Crosses on the Chester Road. THOMAS HIGGIN S AT THE Rose and Crown INN, ( Which was kept by the late Mr. John Lloyd, ) Near the Town- Hall, in Worcester, Begs Leave to acquaint the P U B L I C K, THAT he hath lately made several Improvements ( both in the House and Stables) for the better Accommodation of such Gentlemen, Travellers, and Others, who may be pleased to favour him with their Company;—- all possible Endeavours to oblige, and the best of Entertainment, may be depended on, from Their most obedient humble Servant, Thomas Higgins. r WANTED, As an Apprentice to a genteel Business, A sober steady LAD, Who may hear of a Master, by applying to the Printer of this Paper. This is to give NOTICE, THAT there will be a MAIN of COCKS Fought at the House of George Tom- linson, at the Swan, in Envil, ( Staffordshire) near Stower- bridge, between the Gentlemen ot Shropshire and Stafford shire, for FIVE GUINEAS a Battle, and ONE HUN- DRED GUINEAS the Main : To weigh on Saturday the 29th ot this Instant May, and fight the Monday and Tuesduy following. This is to give Notice, That The Golden Cross INN in Bromsgrove, Lately occupied by John Sanders, now a Bankrupt, IS, by Order of the Commissioners, and for the Benefit of his Creditors, kept open for the Reception of Travellers, and other Guest, as usual ; Those who are so kind as to make Use of the said Inn, may depend on meeting with good Attendance, and all suitable Ac- commodations. To be Sold to the Best Bidder, On Monday the Thirty first Day of Miy Instant, at the Dwelling House of William Mence, known by the Name of the Crown, at Great Malvern, in the County of Worcester, Two ESTATES, THE One called The Pale, situate in the Parish of Leigh, in the County of Worcester, now sett to Joseph Kemp, at Fifty Pounds per Annum; the Other called Tbe Brick Walls, situate in the Parish of Hanley- Castle, in the said County, now sett to Richard Pitt, at Thirty Pounds per Annum. Further Particulars may be had of Mr. Whitcombe, Attorney at Law, at Ledbury, Herefordshire; or the Premisses may be seen at any Time, by applying to the respective Tenants. To be S 0 L D, Before the major Part of the Commissioners in a Commission of Bankrupt, awarded againjl James Dancer, of the Parish of Old- Swinford, in the County of Worcester Scythsmith and Chapman, at the Talbot Inn, in Stower- bridge, on Friday the Ninth Day of July next, between the Hours of Three and Five in the Aftermon, A substantial MESSUAGE, Shops, and other and Lands Worcester, May 12, 1756. WH E R E A S a Man, whose Name is not known, came to the Rofe and Crown Inn, in this City, on Sunday last, and brought with him a Mare, but privately went away again without taking the said Mare with him, or paying for what he had ask'd for ; Notice is hereby given, That if the said Person does not come and fetch away the said Mare within the Time pre- scribed by Law, she will be sold, in order to defray the Expences of her Keep, advertising her, & c. To be Dispos'd of, At Over Areley, near Bewdley, in Worcestershire, On REASONABLE TERMS, A most curious ASSORTMENT of DUTCH TULIPS, viz. Baguet Primos, Baguet Rigaux, Bizarns, and By- Bloomen AS ALSO, RANUNCULA'S. selected from the best Collections in Brabant and Flanders, all full Flowers, and most curi- ously painted on the Inside of each Leaf, in, The superior Grandeur and Magnificence with which this Collection has blown, for force Years past, are a sufficient Proof of their great Beauty and Excellence. ft ft ft ft- ftftftft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft A ft ft ft ft ft ft ft Wednesdays and Thursdays POSTS. Arriv'd a MAIL from HOLLAND. Last Saturday the Right Hon. Sir George Littleton, Bart. was sworn in, and took his in the Court, as Chancellor of the Exchequer. We hear that a Bill will be brought into Parliament for registring of Deeds in England. His Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury is so far re- covered as to be able to ride out. At Burford the two Matches were run by Mr. Dutton's Nicodemus, got by Black Chance, against Mr. Cornwall's Redstreak, got by Regulus, and Mr. Dutton's Porus, got by Marksman, and Mr. Cornwall's Little Crabstock, got by Crab, which were both won very easy by Mr. Dutton. On Sunday Night a Journeyman Bricklayer, near St. Giles's Church, who had a handsome Wife, met with the following Adventure Coming home about Eleven o'Clock a little in Liquor, he found his Wife in Bed ; but on knocking hard at the Door some time she got up and let him in, when he immediately went to Bed : In a few Minutes his Wife complained most terribly of the Cholic, and he being very good natured, proposed getting up and fetching a Dram from the next Pubiick House, which she greatly approved of; but on Recollection, thought a Pint of Hot would do her more good. The Husband accord* ingly went for Hot, and on paying for it, told the Land- lady to examine the Threepence he had given her to see that the Halfpence were good ; she fmiled, and told him they were too good for her, being six Guineas. The Man stared, and 0n examining his Pocket, found four more, and two half Guineas, with a very handsome Gold Watch, and that his Breeches were changed into black Velvet.— He however carried the Liquor to his Wife, which she drank off, and said she was surprisingly relieved; of which he took no Notice, but went to sleep. The next Morning when he waked he pretended to have the Cholic, and desired his Wife to get up, which she very willingly did, but instead of sending her for some Liquor, he shewed her the Breeches and Money, and turned her down Stairs, with a particular Desire that she would come to him no more. — He then got up and dressed himself, and instead of going to Work, went to all his Acquaintance to shew how valuable an Exchange he had got for his Wife. Dimensions of the Royal George, taken in Hand the 8th of January 1754., and launched the 18th of February Buildings thereunto belonging, SITUATE in Hagley, in the County of Worceller, ( part Freehold and other part Copyhold), late in the Poffeffion of the Bankrupt, and now of Henry Siddons and Thomas Hubbold. T he Meffuage is fuitable for a genteel Family, and pleafantly fituated to Hagley Park. ALSO, The Bankrupt's ESTATE for Life, In and to certain Messuages and Lands, in Dudley, in the said County, of the clear yearly Value of Thirty Pounds, or thereabouts. Particulars whereof may be had of Messrs. Pidcock, Bradley, and Homfray, ( the said Assignees,) or of Mr Thomas Brettell, Attorney, at Stowerbridge aforesaid; at which Time and Place the Creditors of the said James Dancer, are desired to meet the Commissioners and As signees to consider of some Special Matters relating to the said Bankrupt's Estate. TOULON. April 21. WE are at work with the utmost Diligence in fitting out the Men of War which remained here after the Departure of ihe Squadron for Minorca These Men of War are destined to join the Marquis de la Galissioniere about the Time that it supposed the English Squadron, commanded by Admiral Byng, will arrive in the Mediterranean. Marseilles. April 7 3. The Master of a French Ship, which arrived here on Tuesday from Malaga, reports that on the 17th of this Month, bring about twenty Leagues from Minorca, he heard the Report of Cannon, which continued some Time: And Yesterday arrived a Swedish Vessel, whose Captain declares that the 17th, about six- teen Leagues from Minorca, he also heard a very loud and continued Firing ; whereof they have both made Deposition on Oath. Paris. May 1. Orders have been sent to draw together all the Seamen in the different Ports of the South of France, and to send them to Toulon, in order to embark them for reinforcing the Squadron which is now before Minorca. Some People give out, that the Scheme for reducing that Island is, properly speaking, a Scheme of Finance, and that it will be immediately put into the Hands of Spain, in Consequence of their paying down Twenty Millions of Livres ( ready Money.) The Prince de Soubise returned hither from Dunkirk, in Pursuance of an Order from Court. The Marshal Duke de Belleisle is still at Dieppe, with a dangerous Inflammation in his Leg. We continue to amuse ourselves here with a Report of various Treaties with the Powers in the North and in Germany. A Prussian Lieutenant Colonel arrived here a few Days ago. who delivered Dispatches to his Prussian Majesty's, Minister, which are said to be of the last Im- portance. Hague, May An Express is gone to London, with Advice that the Transports, on board of which the Hes- sian Troops embarked on the Elbe, sailed the Day before Yesterday for England. 1756. Length by the Keel for Tonnage Length on the Gun Deck ——— Breadth Extreme Depth in the Hold — — Draught of Water _ Feet. Inches. 144 6 half o o 6 Length from the Foreside of the Tassa rell, at the Height of the Tassarell, to the Foreside of the Figure of the Head, by a Line parallel to the Keel Length from the Gripe to the Aftpart > of the Rother 5 Burthen 2ooo Tons. Number of Guns on each Deck: 28 30 3° ,4 .78 5' 21 21 23 Lower Deck Middle Deck Upper Deck Quarter Deck 212 o 16 Guns 102 w HEREAS a Commission of Bank- rupt is awarded and issued forth against John Sanders, of Bromsgrove, in the County of Worcester, Vintner, and he being declared a Bankrupt, is hereby required to surrender himself to the Commissioners in the said Commission named, or the major Part of them, on the ill, 2d, and 22d of June next, at the House of the said John Sanders, situate in Bromsgrove, in the County of Worcester, and known by the Sign of the Golden Cross Inn, and make a full Discovery and Disclosure of his Estate and Effects ; when and where the Creditors are to come prepared to prove their Debts, and at the Second Sitting ts chuse Assignees and at the last Sitting the said Bank- rupt is require'd to finish his Examination, and the Credi- tors are to assent to or dissent from the ' Allowance of his Certificate. All Persons indebted to the said Bankrupt, or that have any of his Effefts, are not to pay or deliver the same, but to whom the Commissioners shall appoint, but give Notice to Mr. Thomas Brettell, Attorney, in Stowerbridge, Worcestershire. LONDON, Tuesday, May 11. We hear that War will be declared on Thursday next against France, the neceflary Orders to the Heralds, Pur- suivants, & c. being, ' tis generally said, given for that Pur- pose ; ard its said a Bill will be immediately brought into the Houle for selling off all the French Prizes; and some People pretend, that War was to be proclaimed in France as Yesterday, or some Day this Week. This Day a Report prevail'd upon Change, that six French Men of War, under English Colours, have pass'd the Streights, going up the Mediterranean. According to some Advices by Yesterday's French Mail, the French have reimbarked the Artillery which they had landed at Cittadella in Minorca, in Order to bring it round to Port Mahon, because they found the Roads too bad to drag it quite the Length of the Island to St Phi- lip's Fort; and moreover, the Weather was so hot that the Cattle fainted under the Labour ; so that our Enemy will thereby be retarded four or five Days at least in their Operations. We hear the People of the Island of Jersey, have seve ral stout Privateers ready to put to Sea. The King has been pleased to appoint Richard What- ley, Esq; to be Consul General at TetUan, in the Domi nions of the Emperor of Morocco, in the room ef Wil- liam Petticrew, Esq; deceafed. Part of a Letter to the Author of the Lond. Ev. Post. —- ' Sir, It being now a general Doubt with the Publick, and perhaps an even Bett at Arthur's, Whether Minorca is or is not at this Time in the Hands of the French, every Briton has, 1 think, a Right to enquire, Why and for what Reasons it was suffer'd to be in such Danger ? Let us, however, still hope for the best, and that this King- dom will not receive so heavy, so fatal a Blow, as the Loss of Minorca : But if, contrary to our Hopes, it should be gone, I think it would be no bad Policy ; I think, it would be for the Interest of the Nation, to ship off the Hessians and Hanoverians as fast as possible, and endeavour to retake it. I am, & c. BRITANNICUS. BANKRUPTS. Christopher Dent, of Saint Giles the Fields, Middlesex, Linnen Draper and Manchester Warehouseman. Edward Dickins, of St. George, Hanover Square, Middlesex, Dealer and Chapman. Henry Alldwin the Younger, and James Ouvry the Youn- ger, of the Liberty of the Tower of London, Weavers and Partners. George Robinson, of London, Insurance Broker. John Wilks, of Ludgate Hill, Linnen Draper. —— John Sanders, of Bromsgrove, in the County of Wor- cester, Vintner.—— Jasper Lucas, of Nag's Head Court, Grace Church Street, London, Merchant. Owen Lar- ton and Humphry Pugh, both of Crispin Street, in Spittle Fields, Middiefex, Dyers and Copartners. Isaac Gre- gory, of the Parish of St. Mary Lebone, Middlesex, Mer- chant. Joseph Hemmings, now or late of Garlick Hill, London, Paper Stainer. STOCKS. Bank, 117 t- qr. India, 140. South Sea ditto . Old Annuities, go 5 8ths. a 3- qrs, Ditto New Ann. . Three per Cent. Bank Annuities, 98 1 half. India Bonds, 11.4s. Prem. Lottery Tickets ill. 8s. 6d. Portsmouth, May 10. Saturday Morning arrived Sir Edward Hawke in the St. George, with the Edinburgh, Medway, Dunkirk, and Torbay. The Vanguard, Nor- thumberland, and Rochester, are gone into Plymouth. The Remainder of his Fleet he left to cruize with Ad- miral Boscawen, whose Fleet now consists of eighteen Sail of the Line besides Frigates. Dublin, May 1. Tuesday the Rev. Mr Reily, Titular Primate of Ireland, two Priests belonging to the Town of Carlingford, with sixteen other Priests, were assembled at a Place called Killcurley, within three Miles of Dundalk, whete they were surprised by fifty armed Men, who se- cured them all, and lodged them in Dundalk Gaol. To be SO L Dx _ „, A large commodious HOUSE, Situate in the High- Street, Worcester, With Four other thereto adjoining, in the Dish Market { all Freehold. For Particulars enquire of Mr. Karver, in Foregate Street, Worcester. To be Dispos'd of, At Mr. BALLARD'S, in the BUTTS, Worcester, A Large QUANTITY of TULIPS, 7 r ANEMONIES, AURICULA'S, and HYACINTHS, RANUNCULUS'S ; Likewise, A few MYRTLES, BALM of Gilead, & c. ' N. B. At the same Place all Sorts of WOOLLEN and WORSTED Goods are taken in to Dye and Press. y s To be Lett, or Sold by Auction, On TUESDAY the Twenty fifth Day of May Instant, At the Dwelling- House of Mr. Moses Haden, known by the Sign of the Severn Galley, situate in tbe Newport- Street, in the Parish of All Saints, in the City of Worcester, A very good DWELLING- HOUSE, With a commodious SHOP, and all other Conveniencies, Situate in the Newport Street aforesaid, And late in the Occupation of Mr. Henry Forrest, Mercer, For further Particulars enquire of Mr. Richard Squire and Mr. William Hundley, Churchwardens of the said Parish. N. B. Any Person willing to undertake the Maintenance and Employment of the Poor of the said Parish, in a Workhouse to be provided for that Purpose, at a certain Price to be agreed on, is desired to give in Proposals to the Churchwardens aforesaid, on or before the Time abovementioned, when and where such Proposals will be considered on, and an Agreement fix'd with such Person as shall appear properly qualified for the said Undertaking To be SOLD, By the Assignees under a Commission of Bankruptcy awarded against UNETT HODGES the Younger, of the Parish of Whitburn, in the County of Hereford, Yeoman and Chap man, on Tuesday next, the 18th Day of May Instant, at the Dwelling House of the said Bankrupt in Whitburn aforesaid, The said BANKRUPT'S Houshold- Furniture, Implements of Hus- bandry, Horses, Cattle, and Effects. Also to be SoLD to the Best Bidder, On Thursday the Twenty seventh Day of May Instant, by tbe Assignees under the said Commission before the acting Commissioners in the said Commission,' between the Hours of Two and Four of the Clock in the Afternoon of the same Day, at the Dwelling- House of Thomas Taylor, known by the Sign of the King's Arms, situate in Bromyard, in the County of Hereford, All the BANKRUPT'S Right and Interest in and to several Messuages, Lands, and Premises, Situate, lying, and being in the several Parishes of Whit burn, and Tedstone- Delamere, in the said County of Hereford; Particulars whereof may be had of Mr John Freeman, jun. Attorney, at Gaines, near Brom- yard, Herefordshiie. HARPSICHORDS and SPINNETS Are Sold or Hired out, as cheap as in London, At the TRINITY- HALL, in WORCESTER, By JOHN WIND, from Bristol, WHO likewise Makes, Mends, and Tunes CHURCH or CHAMBER ORGANS, on the most reasonable Terms. Ar. B. As a Specimen of his Work, Gentlemen and Ladies may see and prove a Chamber Organ he has just made, with Five Stops in it, which is now at the Trinity- Hall aforesaid. LOST Two BAGS of HOPS, BOught at Worcester Market the 25th of October, 1755, by Mr. Herbert Hancox, of Dudley; one Bag of Charles Harling, of Whitburn, weighing lC. 1 Quar. and 16 Pounds, the Planter's Mark C. H.; the other was bought of John Nash, of Grimley, weigh'd 1 C. 1 Quar. and 7 Pounds, the Planter's Mark I. N. It is not remember'd whether they were mark'd or^ however, it is certain they were mark'd in D D, Raddle, and the said Hops have not been heard of since. Whoever will give Intelligence of them, ( so that they may be had again) to the said Mr. Herbert Hancox, in Dudley, or to Mr. Thomas Cartwright, in Bewdley, shall receive Half a Guinea Reward. This Day are Publish'd, [ Price bound One Shilling, ] LETTERS On the molt common, as well as important OCCASIONS in LIFE, by CICERO, LOCKE, POPE, PLINY, LD. LANSDOWNE, GAY, VOITUJI, TEMPLE, SWIFT, BALZAC, DRYDEN, ROWE, ST. EVREMONT, GARTH, And other WRITERS of distinguished Merit; With many Original LETTERS and CARDS, By the EDITOR. Who has also prefixed, A Dissertation on the Epistolary Stile ; with proper Directions for addressing Persons of Rank and Eminence. For the Use of young GENTLEMEN and LADIES. LONDON : Printed for J. Newbery, at the Bible and Sun in St. Paul's Church Yard-, and sold by the Booksellers in Worcester ; R. Raikes, in Gloucester; P. Hodges and J. Wylde, in Hertford; B. Haslewood, in Bridgnorth ; T. Aris, in Birmingham ; and by the Printer and Distributors of this Journal. This Day is Publish'd, [ Price Sixpence bound and gilt, ] A Collection of Pretty POEMS, For the Amusement of CHILDREN Three Foot high. By T. T A G G, Esq; Adorned with above Sixty CUTS. Printed for the Booksellers of Europe, Asia, Africa, and America, and sold at the Bible and Sun in St. Paul's Church Yard, London ; and may be had of the Printer and Distributors of this Journal. Speedily will be published by the Author, A Collection of PRETTY POEMS, for the Amusement of CHILDREN Six Foot high . Of the same Booksellers may be had, [ Price Sixpence bound and gilt, ] The SECOND EDITION, of Be MERRY and WISE; Or, The Cream of the Jests, and the Marrow of Maxims, for the Con- duct of Life. Published for the Use of all little good Boys and Girls. By T. TRAPWITT, Esq; Adorned with CUTS. Would you be agreeable in Company, and useful to Society, carry fc merry Jests in your Mind, and honest Maxims in your Heart. This Day are Publish'd, In two POCKET VOLUMES, printed on a Writing Pot Paper, and a new Elzevir Letter, [ Price Five Shillings bound, ] The WORKS of HORACE. Tranflated literally into ENGLISH Prose. For the Use of those who are desirous of acquiring or recovering a competent Knowledge of the LATIN, from one of themost elegant, entertaining, and useful Writers in that Language. The Original Text is printed in the opposite Page, and revised, corrected, and improved from the best Editions. By C. SMART, A. M. Of Pembroke College, Cambridge. LONDON: Printed for J. Newbery, at the Bible and Sun in St. Paul's Church Yard ; and sold by the Booksellers in Worcester-, R. Raikes, in Gloucester; P. Hodges and J. Wylde, in Hereford-, B. Hasleweod, in Bridgnorth; T. Aris, in Birmingham j and by the Printer and DistributorS of this Journal. %* Those Subscribers to Mr. Smart's POEMS on several Occasions, that have not yet received their Books, and have mislaid the Receipts for their first Payments, are desired to send written Receipts for the Book to their Booksellers, and it will be delivered. This Day are Publish'd, ( In Two Pocket Volumes, Price Six Shillings bound in Calf, with the Maps neatly coloured,) TRAVELS through Turky in Asia \ The Holy Land, Arabia, Egypt, And other Parts of the WOrLd: Giving a particular and faithful Account of what is most remarkable in the Manners, Religion, Polity, Antiquities, and Natural His- tory of those Countries: With a curious Description of Jerusalem, as it now appears, and other Places mentioned in the Holy Scrip- tures. By CHARLES THOMPSON, Esq; INTEKSPERS'D With the Remarks of several other modern Travellers: Illustrated with NOTES, Historical, Geographical, and Miscellaneous, by the EDITOR, and adorned with MAPS and PRINTS. LONDON : Printed for J. Newbery, at the Bible and Sun in St- pal's Church Yard ; and sold by the Bookfellers in Worcefter-, R. Raikes, in Glocester ; P. Hodges and J. Wylde, in Hereford; B. Haslewood, in Bridgnorth; T. Aris, in Birmingham : and by the printer and Distributors of this Journal. N. B. This Book ( which is not only an agreeable Companion for. Ladies and Gentlemen, but is likewise very necessary for every Family, as it will illustrate and explain various Passages in the Old and New Testament) is adorned with the following MAPS and PRINTS. VIZ. To all COUNTRY SHOPKEEPeRS,& C. WHEREAS at the Sittings at Guildhall, London, on Saturday the 13th of December, 1755, was tried, before the Lord Chief Juftice Ryder, a Cause, wherein William and Cluer Dicey and Co. of Bow Church Yard, London, Original Proprietors of Dr. BATEMAN'S PECTORAL DROPS, were Plaintiffs, and Joseph Russel, of Queen Street, London, Defendant, for the Defendants selling a Medicine as and for Dr. BATEMAN'S PeCtoral Drops pre- pared by the Plaintiffs, in Bottles sealed in Imitation of theirs, ani with printed Papers resembling those which are given by the said Diceys and Co. with their True and Original Dr. BATeMAN's Pec- toral Drops - t when, after a full Hearing, the Jury, without going out of Court, found a Verdict for the Plaintiffs, with Damages, be sides Costs of Suit: And whereas a former Verdict was likewise ob- tain'd by them some Time fince, againft one Thomas Randall, of Bread Street, London, for alike Complaint: It is hoped these Prosecutions will, for the future, prevent any more such Practices, and fully prove to all the World, that the True Medicine call'd Dr. BaTeMAN's Pectoral Drops is sold only at the said Diceys and Company's Warehouse, at the King's Arms and Boar's Head, directly facing the South Door of Bow Church, in Bow Church Yard, next Bow Lane, Cheapside, London. , But inasmuch as many Town and Country Shopkeepers may have bought for Sale Medicines under the Denomination of Dr. BATe- MAN's Pectoral Drops, prepared by the said William and Cluer Dicey and Company, which in Fact never were so, and may inadvertently attempt to sell the same by Retale or otherwise j THIS is therefore to give Notice to all such Shopkeepers, That if any of them shall so the future presume to sell any Medicine what- soever under the Name of Dr. BATEMAN'J Perioral Drops, pre- pared by the said William and Cluer Dicey and Co. which shall not have really been prepared by them, that they will be prosecuted for the same as the Law directs. And as an Encouragement to detect such Counterfeits, and the Venders of them, the Proprietors do hereby promise a Reward of TWENTY POUNDS on Conviction of any Person or Persons Counter- feiting these DROPS, their Seal and Diredtions, and Selling them for the Drops prepared by the said William and Cluer Dicey and Company. N. B. These DROPS have, for more than Forty Years, been universally known, for Curing and giv- ing immediate Ease in all Colds, Coughs, Agues, Fevers, Fluxes, Spitting of Blood, Pains in the Breast, Limbs, and Joints, in all Fits of the Gout, Rheu- matic Pains, Stone, Gravel, and Cholick, & c And, by Appointment, are now sold by the Printer of this Paper, at One Shilling each Bottle. Just Arrived, And Sold by H. BERROW, Printer, in Goose- Lane, Worcester, and may be had of the Men who carry this News Paper, The most celebrated volatile Essence, call'd EAU de LUCE, HELD in the highest Esteem by the Royal Family, Quality, and Gentry of France, as also by the Nobi- lity, Gentry, and Others of Great Britain, who constantly carry it in their Pockets, as a Smelling Bottle, it being infinitely stronger than any Kind of Salts, and far more fragrant and refreshing than either Lavender, Hungary, or any other odoriferous Waters. Smelling to the Bottle of Stopper, or a Handkerchief wetted with a few Drops, revives Lowness of Spirits, prevents Infection from the Small- Pox, Fever, or any other contagious Distemper ; it gives present Relief in Hysteric or other Fits, Hypochon- driacal or Nervous Disorders; gives Ease to Pain, Singing, or Noise in the Head ; instantly removes the Heartburn, and is an infallible Cure for the Cramp. The Bottles are | of an elegant Form, and the Essence very durable, lasting many Years, which render them very proper for a Case. I In short, no Person, of any Age, Sex, or Quality, know- ing the Efficacy of it, would ever be without it, as it is found to be the Master Piece of all Volatiles. *„* It is sold in London only at Underwood's Ware- | house, the Cabinet, Black Boy, and Comb, on Ludgate- Hill j and at Mr. Thierchen'e, Perfumer, opposite tbe ] End of Old Bond- Street, Piccadilly. Price of each Bottle ( with a Bill of its Virtues and Directions at large) Three Shillings. 1. A View of Smyrna. 2. St. John's Grotto, and the Chapel of the Hermitage, in the Island of Patmos. 3. A View of Balbeck and its Temple. 4. A Map of the Terrestrial Paradise, according to Mr. Huet and others. 5. A Map of the Holy Land. 6. A View of the City of Je- rusalem as it now appears. 7. A Plan of the City and Country about Jerusalem. 8. The Church of the Holy Sepulchre. 9. A Map of Egypt. 10. A View of the Pyramids, the Sphinx, and some Egyptian Mummies. 11. Views of Mount Sinai, Tabor, Carmel, Horeb ; the Rock of Meribah- Kadash, and the Hill of Moses. Sold by the Printer and Distribuiors of this Journal, Dr. Hooper's FEMALE PILLS, WHICH, by long Experience in private Practice, have been found the most useful REMEDY against those general Complaints the Female Sex are subject to; they cleame, purify, and cause a free Circulation of the Blood, when in a manner stagnated; open those Obstruc- tions which Virgins are so liable to, and bring Nature into its proper Channel, whereby Health is recover'd, and the Patient that look'd like Death restor'd to a lively Com. plexion. They are the best Medicine ever discover'd for young Women, when afflicted with what is vulgarly call'd the green Sickness, which two or three Boxes will certainly' cure ; and are also excellent for the Palpitation of thai Heart, Giddiness, Loathing of Food, bad Digestion, Pains of the Stomach. sinking of tbe Spirits, & c. and likewise for the Scurvy For all which Distempers they are a never- failing Cure. They are equally proper for Married Wo- men, unless when with Child, and ought always to be taken one Month after Delivery; and by all Women at the Age of Forty- five or Fifty, to prevent those Disorders that usually attend them at that Time These PILLS have likewise been found a soVereign Remedy either for MEn or WOMEN, in all Hypochondriac, Hysteric, or Vapour ish Disorders, for they exceedingly strengthen the Nerves throw off all gross Humours tending to Melancholy. Price One Shilling the Box. ADVERTISEMENTS ( of a moderate Length) are taken in at 2s. 6d. each; and Articles of Intelligence ( Postpaid) will be receiv'd, carefully inserted. • ADVERTISEMENTS, & C. are likewife taken in by Mr. Haslewood, Booksellcr, in Bridgnorth ; Mr. Cotton, Bookseller, in Shrewsbury ; Mr. Hopkinson. Bookseller, in Warwickl Mr. Wylde, Bookseller, in Stowerbridge ; Mr. Feepound, in Stafford ; Mr. Andrews, Bookseller, in Evefham ; Mr. Hunt, and Mr. Hodges, Booksellers, in Hereford ; Mrs. Moseley Bookfeller, in Kiddenninfter ; Mr. Ashmead, Bookfeller, in Tewkesbury ; Mr. Raikes, Printer, in Glouceller ; Mr. Aris, Printer, in Biimingham ; at the George and Green Dragon Inns, at Campden ; by Mr . Thomas, Postmaster, in Leominster; Mr. Barrow, Bookfeller, in that Town ; at the principal Inns in Broadway and Morton in Marsh ; sn| by the Agents employ'd in other Towns in the Diftribution of thie Journal.-^—— Likewise by Mr. Dod, Bookseller, in Ave- Mary- Lane, London. • > ^ ^ Mh ^ ui i
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