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The Ipswich Journal


Printer / Publisher: W. Craighton 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 899
No Pages: 4
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The Ipswich Journal
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The Ipswich Journal

Date of Article: 24/04/1756
Printer / Publisher: W. Craighton 
Address: Ipswich
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 899
No Pages: 4
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IPSWICH JOU Saturday, April 24, 1756, rNv& pp. ftim& ap'g poft, LOKDOS, Saturday, April 17. FRCM LdsbON GAZETTE.— We/ lminfter, April 15. | H IS Day, the Lords being met, a Meffage was lent to the Hon. Houfe of Commons, by the HoROurabls Sir Henry Bellenden, Gentleman Ufher of the Bkck Rod, acquaint- ing them, that, The Lords, autho- rized by Virtue of his Majefty's Com- miffion, for declaring his Royal AJfent to feveral ABs agreed upon by both Houfes, do deftre the immediate Atten- dance oj this Honourable Houfe in the Houfe of Peers, to hear the Cemmijfion read-, and the Commons being come thither, the faid ^ ommiffioB, impowering his Royal Highnefs the Duke of Cumberland, the Lord Arehbifiiop of Canterbury, the Lord High Chancellor, and feverai other Lords, to declare and notify the Royal Affent to feveral publick and private Bills, was read accordingly, and the Royal Affent given to. An Aft for granting to his Majefty feveral Rates and Duties payable by all Perfons and Bodies Politick or Corporate, having certain Quantities of Silver Plats. An Aft for granting to his Majefty a Duty upon Licences for retailing Beer, Ale, and other Excifeable Liquors, and for efta- blifhing a Method of granting fuch Licences in Scotland, and for showing fuch Licences to be granted at a Petty Seffion in Eng- land, in a certain Cafe therein mentioned. An Aft for granting to his Majefty an additional Duty on Cards and Dice. An Aft for granting a Bounty upon certain Species of Britifh and Irifh Linnens exported, and taking off the Duties on th ® Im- portation of Foreign Raw Linnen Yarns made of Flax. An Aft for the better Sapply of Marintrs and Seamen, to ferve in his Majefty's Ships of War, and on board the Merchant- Ships, and other Trading Ships andVeffels An Aft to prevent his Majefty's Subjefts from ferving as Offi- cers under the French King, and for the better enforcing an Aft, paffed in the Ninth Year of bis pref'ent Majefty's Reign, to pre- vent the infilling his Majefty's Subjefts to ferve as Soldiers, with- out his Majefty's Licence, and for obliging fuch of his Majefty's Subjefts, as fhall accept Commiffions in the Scotch Brigade, in the Service of the States General of the United Provinces, to take the Oaths of Allegiance and Abjuration. An Aft to impower his Majefty to prohibit the Exportation of SaltPetre, and to enforce the Law for impowering his Majefty to prohibit the Exportation of Gunpowder, or any Sort cf Arms and Ammunition ; and aifo to empower his Majefty to reflrain the carrying eoaftwile ef Salt Petre, Gunpowder, or any Sort of Arms or Ammunition. An Aft to empower Judges of Courts of Record in Cities and Towns Corporate, Liberties, and Franchifes, to fet Fines on Per- fons who fhall be fummoned to fei ve upon Juries in fuch Courts, acd fhall negleft to attend. An Aft te obviate a Doubt arifen on an Aft, made in the laft Seffion of Parliament, intituled, An Aft far Relief of Infolvent Debtors, and for Relief of Sheriffs and Keepers of Prifons, in refpeft ts Efeapes of fuch Perfons as were prevented by the faid Doubt from being difcharged under the faid Aft. An Aft for the better Supplying the City of Edinburgh with frefh and wfeolefome Water. An Aft for the better Relief and Employment of the Poor in the Hundreds ef Colneis and Carlford, in the County of Suffolk. An Aft for embanking and preferving certain Fen Lands, and Low Grounds, called the Wafiies, lying and being in the feveral Pari flies of Sutton, Mepal, Witcham, Ely, Witchford, Went- w& rth, Coveney and Dewnham, in the Ifle of Ely and County of Cambridge, and of Bluntifham with Earith, in the County of Huntingdon. An Aft for draining and preferving certain Fen Lands in the Ifle of Ely, and County of Norfolk, lying between the Hundred- Foot River and the © uze, and bounded on the South by the Hard Lands of Mepal, Witcham, Wentworth, Witchford, Ely, Down- ham, and Littleport; and for empowering the Governor, Bai- liffs, and Commonalty of the Company ef Confervators ef the Great Level of the Fens, commonly called Bedford Level, to fell certain Lands lying within theLiinits aforefaid, commonly called Invefted Lands. The Royal Affent was at the Jame Time declared to 28 other Ails relating to Rivers, Roads, & c. and to 30 Private Bills. à. From Ev. Adv. By the Aft for laying a Duty on Plate, which is five Shillings for euery hundred Ou » ces as far as 4000 ; all terfons within the Diftrift of the chief Office of Excife in London, are to enter their Plate at that Office, and all other Perfons at the next Office to where they live, and at the fime Time to pay the Duty ; and to pay every Year within 30 Days after the Com- fnencrment of the Year. The firft Entry t ® be made within 4.0 D^ ys after the 5th of July next, under Penalty of 20I. half to the Informer; to be determined in London before the Coinnniffionei s of Excife, or in any Court of Record, with Liberty of appeal from the Commiffioreers of Excif'e to thofe of appeal, and all othar Pla- ces in England by two Juftices ofthe Peace, with Appeal to the Quarter- geffions. Tke Forfeitures are to be levied by Diftrefs 011 Geods; but if no Goods are found, then the Perfon to be • ommitted to Gaol till the Money is paid. 3. This Morning at Four o'Clock fet out from his Houfe 111 Pall Mall, for Harwich, Andrew Mitchell, Efq; his Ma- jelly's Minifter to the King of Pruffia. Gen. Ev. Poft. 4. The Reports concerning Peace, we are informed, have very little Foundation; Terms of Accommodation being as little known now as they were fix Months fince. Wh. Ev. P. 5. Next Week a great Quantity of Chain and other Shot, together with ether warlike Stores and Bombs, Sec. will be embarked on the River. Their Dellination is a profound Secret. . Wh. Ev. Poft. á. War- Office, . April 15. « Whereas a Power is given to ' his Majelly in the Aft for the fpecdy and effeftual Recruit- ' ing of his Majefty's Lalid- Forces and Marines, that when * bis Majcfiy fhall be fatisfied by the Returns of the Com- • miflioners or othcrwife, that a fufficient Number of Re- « « uits in the Whole fliall be railed for his prefent Service, ' he may be gracicufly pleated to fufpent^ or flop the fur- ' ther Execution sf that Aft, by Proclamation, or Order in ' Council, or other publick Notice in the London Gazette : ' And whereas the great Zeal of the Nobility and Gentry ' for his Majefty's Service hath almoft compleated the Corps ' for which Impreffed Men were intended, 1 am commanded ' by the King to give this publick Notice in the London ' Gazette, that his Majefty is gracioufly pleafed to fufpend ' and flop the further Execution of the faid Aft for the ' fj> eedy and effeftual Resruiting his Majefty's Land Forces ' and Marines, from and after the firft Day of May next, ' ' till further Notice. BARRINCTON. 7. On Wednefslay and Thurfday Nights there was as hot a Prefs on the River below Bridge, and in Wapping, Rotherhithe, & c. as has been knawn for fome Time paft, whereby a great Number of ufeful Hands were procured for his Majefty's Ser- vice. Wh. Ev. Poft. 8. It is reported, that an Embargo will be laid on all foreign Ships loading at Shields or Newcaftle with Coals. Wh. Ev. Poft. 9. Yefterday thirteen preffed Men werebrsught from Hunting- donfliire, guarded by a Party of Lord Robert Manners's Regi- ment, te the Savoy ; two of whom cut off their Fore- Fingers, in cider to make themfelves incapable of Service. 10. Extras of a Letter from Portfmouth, April 16. ' Yefierday arrived an Exprefs with Orders for the getting ' eight Men of War of the Line, now at Spithead, ( the ' Names in my next) ready for Sea at an Hour's Warning, ' under the Command of Admiral Bofcawen, who is hourly ' expefted. The ninety gun Ships are not ordered. • The Swan Sloop fails To- day to join Sir Edw. Hawke. ' An Order arrived Yefterday to fink the Filh Prizes as ' foon as pofiible. ' Remains Admiral Ofborn, with fifteen Sail of Men of ' War at Spithead, and ten in the Harbour.' Gen. Ev. Poll. 11. From the id ot Oftober to the 12th of laft Month, 20 French Veffels have been carried into Gibraltar by his Ma- jefty's Ships of War. Their Tonnage amounts to 4845, Guns 162, and Men 565. 12. We learn from unqueftionable Intelligence, that the Dutch have furnilhed the French at Dunkirk with Dog- gers, Galiot- hoys, and other Veffels for their intended In- vafisn. Ev. Adv. 13. Paris, April j. « Several Chambers of Commerce ' having refolved to make Reprefentations againft the Pro- ' jeft for granting neutral Nations a Licence to trade to the ' French Iflands in America, we cannot yet tell what Refo- ' lutioa the Court will come to on this Head. 14. Lifbon, March 30. • The two Ships from Dublin, ' which have been fo long detained by contrary Winds, are ' arrived, and have brought the Remainder of the whole ' Quantity of Provilions for the Court of Portugal, which ' were expefted from Ireland. Yefterday Mr Hay, his ' Britannick Majeftv's Conful, received the 20.000 Cru- ' zados, allotted for the Poor of the Englifh Nation, oat ' of the Specie brought hither by the Hampton Court Man « of War.' Land. Gaz. 15. On Tuefday laft at Milton in Buckinghamfhire near New- port Pagnell, about Eleven in the Forenoon, a rumbling Ncife, like Thunder at aDiftance, was heard at the Bottom cf thatT* wn, near the Pond, where a Man and his Wife went out of Doors and perceived the Taps of the Willows to fhake, and heard an Hiffing in the Pond, as if a large Ball of red hot Iran had been thrown into it, from which there arofe a Smoke and the Water ieemed ts » boil, throwing up Waves feven or eight Feet high ; and at near the fame Time the like Agitation was perceived in the Ford lead- ing to Brsughton, by a Perfon who was at werk hard by. Our Correfpondent fays, he was not an Eye- witnefs of either of thefe Commotions, but that he heard an uncommon Noile about that Time, that he had made Enquiry, and had no Reafon to doubt the Truth of the Faft, though no Tremour of the Earth was then perceived. Land. Ev. Poft, & c. 16. Yefterday Ellis Cunliffe, Eftj; and Charles Pole, Efq; Members for Liverpool, had the Honour to prefent to his Majefty an Addrefs from that Corporation, declaring its Attachment to his Majefty in the prefect critical Conjunc- ture. The Honour of Knighthood was conferred on Ellis Cunliffe, Efq; in Confideration of the great Loyalty fhewn by the Inhabitants of Liverpool in the late Rebellion. They raifed, clothed, and maintained, a complete Regiment of Foot; to which the laft- named- Gentkman largely contri buted, atii likewife gave other Proofs of his Zeal for the Defence of his Majefty, and our happy Conftitution. N. B. This Addrefs, and thoje of Southwark, Coventry, and New Sarum, are in the Gazette of this Poft. I 7. Dr. Pearce, Bijhop of Bangor, willfucceed Dr. Wilcocks in the Bijhoprick of Rochefter and Deanry tf WeftminJ'. er. See Gazette. 18. On Monday laft, at a General Meeting of the College of Phyficians in Warwick- Lane, Dr. Donald Monro, of Jermyn- Street, and Dr. Henry Myddleton, near Guildhall, Phyfician and Man- Midwife, had the Honour to be admitted Licentiates of the faid College. 19. L r and B n we- e the Officers who killed the Poft- Chaife Boy. Wh. Ev. Poft. zo. That Cruelty and Cowardice are generally infeparable, has been verified in the Gircumftsnces of the Murder c. mmitved by twe Officers of the Army on the Driver of a Poft- Chaife, men- tioned in our laft: From the Particulars ••> « have fince collefted it appears, that one of them knocked him dow » , and, as he lay un- der the Horfe's Feet, the other ran him through the Body with fo much Violence, that his Sword ftuck in thsGrour. d ; and the two inhuman Monfters even beat and flafh'd him after he . had received his Death- Wound. In the mean while the Driver of another Poft- Chaife, which was a little a- head of them, alighted in order to fave his Comrade ( as they belong'd to the fame Mafter) and had doubtlefs been ferved in the fame Manner, had he not been a float lhtrdy Fellow, and kejst them at Bay with his Whip ; for it feems thefe Sons of Mars could not fight when they met with any Refiflance. A Man that was hedging at a little diflance, and faw the tragical Aff. tir, came up next, arni'd witii hi* Bin, and fst upon one of the Captains, { wearing he would cleive !> i'm down •; he did net inft. mtly deliver up his Sword," which ( he Officer icasHy complied with, and fy was fecur'd, while the other r: n a « ay S But a Butcher riding by at that Inftant, the gail> nt Hertger give his Prisoner in Cha- ge to him, and ran after the other Captain, wh m he overtook and difarmed in like Manner. And tic< v let us inform r- ur Readers of the Occaficn of this barbarous Peed Thofe Office s were recruiting at Gravrfend, and sfter { pend- ing Lcne Days there, long'd to fte a Play: Accordingly they torfc a Poft- Chaife for this important Bufinefs ; but fearing t'.- e', Ih ti'd not be at the Play- houfe time enough, at the Rate ihe Paft- Boy drove, in their R* ge and Fury for fo material a Difappeintment} they committed this fli ckingly birbnrous and cowardly Aft.-— The Coroner's Inqueft have let on the Body, and b ought in their Verdi SI Wilful Murder, whereupon ( lie Murdere; s are committed to Maidftsne Gaol. Lend. Ev. Poft. i 1. We are sfiured that the foil-. wing is an authentic Account of the unhappy Mulder of Mr. Martin. Yefterday fe'nnighr, about Eleven at Night. J Ogle, Efq; Captain of Dragoons on the Irifli EfLblifhm ' nt, ca^ j. into Mr. Martin's Houfe, aiul t< Id hini that he was locked out of his Lodgings, and rauft therefore fit ttj) there that Night: Mr. Martin faid that he wilhed he could have accommodated liim wiih a Bed, but as he ccald not, if he pleaieci he would fit up with him. They draak but three Pints o! Wine between that andFouv o'Clock, when thejr went to llcep, and were wakened about Seren by the Poker falling out of the Fire, when the Captain faid he would go home : On Mir. Martin's telling him there were three Pints ef Wine to pay for, he drew his Cuteau unperceived by Mr. Martin, who was behind hiin, and ftriking it under his left Arm, ftabbed him in his Bowels; and doing th3t fame twice over his Shoulder, wounded him in the Tertiple and Neck : Mr. Martin calling out Murder, the Captain was fettired;- and being carried before the Juftice, was afked by him how he could commit fo ( hocking an Atlion ; to which heanfweed, that there were two others in Company, one a tall felack Geetlemari who did it, on which lie was taken back to the H » ufe, and c-. n- dufted to Mr. Martin's Bed- fide, who being infoiftied f what the Captain told the Juftice, declared, en the Word of a dying Man, that there were only theCaptain and himfelf together all the Night, and th. it he had given him the W'und ; where n the juftice c< re- mitted him to Jail. The Coroner hr< ught in bis V. rdift Wilful Murder by a Lunatick ; and a Comm'ffion of Lunncv has fifcei been taken out againft him. His Fehavi ur to a noble Lord at the Opera, to a Gentleman of Diftiiaftion at the AflUiibly at Mount's Coffee- houfe, & c. See. within a Mr nth paft, prove he was Non compos, and reflefts on his Friends fot permitting him t9 go armed. Ev. Adv. 22. On Wednefday Night laft four yottng Biicks rut'ing- ni fi Houfe in the Puilieus of Covent- Gardea, two of them being muclt in Wine, and in Love with a Doe there, drew their Sw.- rds to de- cide who fhonld have her : After a few Thrufts they were parted by their Friends, who hroke one of the Combatant's Swords. They adjourned from thence to fup at the Shakefpear's- Head, where the Gentleman who had begun the Quarrel, inMed en its beiag te. minated there. His Opponent obfe. ving that he could not give him Satisfaction then for want of a Sword, one of the ethers lent him his. I'he CI of their Weapons alarmed the Malter ofthe Houfe, who, with his Servants, & c. run into the Room td prevent Bloodfhed, when one of them run the Cook thro' th< Body; who, if he dies, as it is apprehended lie will, will make the third Murder committed in lefs than a Week, arid two lino' Debauchery. Ev. Adv. BANKRUPTS. Nicholas Rooks, of the City of Norwich, Carpenter and Tim- ber- Merchant; to furrender on the 23di0ay of ^ pril inflant, and the 7th and 29th Days of May next, at the Maid's Head in Sti Simon's, Norwich. Thomas Williams, of Haverford- Weft, Watch- Maker. DEATHS. The Right Hon. the C juntefs of Diumlanrig. Sir William Lowther, Bart. Knight of the Shire fer Cumberland, and Lieu- tenant and Cuflos Rotulorum of the County of Weftmorlaiidi James Vernon, Efq; lately a Commiffianer ot the Excife. l eier Burrell, Efq; Member for Dover, and Sub Guverrtur o the Soiitli Sea Company. Mrs. Knevit, Wife of Co!. Knevit. OTE& NEFISAP'G TAO^ B ION DON, fjc. Tuef ay. April 20. i. Several of the King's Loyal Subjefts in Norfolk having teftified unto his Majelly their earneft Lefire, at this Timej when the French are making Preparations to invade and an-> noy his Dominions in an hoftile Manner by all Means in their Power, to enter into Affociations for taking up Arms in the common Dcfence, and having defired his Royal Ap-> probation and Authority for their fo doing : His Majufty, having a juft Senfe of fo commendable a Zeal, and being defirous to encourage this feafonable Ififtance of their Loyalty to him, and their Concern for the Religion and Liberty of their Country, hath thought fit to give to the Right Hon. the E^ rl of Bucks, Lord Lieutenant of the Cou ty, Power and Authority to fignify to his Maj.- fty's well aff. fted Subjefts his Royal Approbation of tho faid Defign, and to form into Regiments, Troops, or Companies, fuch Perfons as fhjll be willing to aff ciate themfclves for. ths Purpofcs above- mentioned in Norfolk, and to. grat t orr- » miffions in his Name to fuch of them as his Lordfhip fhuil think proper, to exercife and command the reft. " 1 Eis War- rant is dated at St. James's the 6th infl. 2. The following Particulars concerning the Plate Ail are added to A 2 by the Lond. Ev. Poft of this PoJI. No Notice or Entry is neceffa- y for any t, ew Acqu> fition of Plate within tie Year. Perlons receivingJPlate JVI Pawn, without ufing of it, are not liable to pay the. Lrcy. but the Owners thereof are. Church Plate not to pa^ r tha Duty ; nor the Stock in Trade of any Goldfrnjth or Manu- facturer of Plate, except for what fhall be ufy± by bias, or^. in his Family. t?~ f • • ? 3. A Batiaiicn of the Guards is ordered, we Jp^ tfijcf? up their Quarters at Sornsifet- Houfe; Barracks are to oftMiftf for there i.- the Long Gallery upon the great Stair Cal'j^ rd iij ike Portico in the Garden, which latter is to be braided HjTrE^. Jtj'f. 4. Hamburgh, April 9. ' The Magillraies of 1 his City, " not ' shufing to refufs in exprefs Terms a PalT. ge thro' the Bsiiiiwk ' of Ri; z; h; itu\ to a Part of the HeiTtsn Tr^ cps who sre going'" ' to England, lute not failed to elude the Demand { hat has been • made fii this Subject, and have fo elFeftually repp- feated t^ e In- 4 conveniences thole Troops would i'uffer from the.' Jadr. el's of the • Roads and Want cif Provificus, that they have refulved to march • another Way, lb that the Diviiion which was to have embarked 4 at Cuxhaven, will emhaik in the Neighbourhood pf Stnde, 4 which they will reach by the iSth of this Month at fai theft.' E. Al j. form t/ tr. Gazette. <;. We hear from good Authority, that it being conceived by euf Government that our Allies, the Dutch, are not acting agre*- sb'e to Treaties enter'd into with tis, hasrc& cafioned feme Remon- ftrances upon that Subject, ' i'i. Ev. Poft. <• 6. AJmiralty- Of. ce, April .'. 6. His Majefty's Sh: p the Or- ftird arrived at Plymouth the 16th Inftant, being feat jn by Sir Edward Ha-. vke with two French Ships taken off Ca'pe Ortegal by the NewCaftlc, one of them of 14 Guns ar. d 57 Men, and having 183 Soldiers on board, bound to Cape Breton ; the other a Schooner, bound to Quebcc, with Wine, Mufket Balls, and Flour. Gazette. N. B. Thefe tnuo Prizes arrived at Port] mouth on Sunday and Monday laft. See Gen. ED. Pop. 7. Extras of a Letter from Portfmouth, April 19. 4 The Ships ordered for Sea are, the Invincible, Admiral ' " ofcawen; Yarmouth, Capt. Norris; Elizabeth, Capt. « Montagu; Prince Frederick, Capt. Porter; Bedford, Capt. • Douglas; Cambridge, Sir Piercy Brett; St. Alban's, Capt. • Gordon j Colehefter, Capt. Obrien ; and Romncy, Capt. • Millbar. k. [ See A 10.] * Saturday arrived the Harwich, Capt. Rowley, and Ha- « sard Sloop, Capt. Hackman, with the Indiamen under ' their Convoy. 4 Remains Admiral Ofborn in the Prince George, with « the Royal Anne, Prince, Duke, Barfleur, Cambridge, In- « vincible, Yarmouth, Naflau, Elizabeth, Bedford, Prince ' Frederick, Hampton - 6ourt, Swiftfure, Stirling- Caftle, « Alcide, Augufta, Anfon, Colchefter, Briftol, Harwich, 4 Dover, Ludlow. Caftle, Romncy, Seahorfe, Nightingale, 4 and Hazard and Swan Sloops.' Gen. Ev. Poji. 8. It is rumoured that the French Fifh- Prizes are ordered to be funk at the Mouths of the following Harbours, viz. Boulogne, Brat, Rcchelle, and Cherburgh. Wh. Ev. Poft. 9. From Wh. Er. Poft. — Plymouth, April 15. « Sailed the « Terrible, Admiral Holbarne; Torbay, Grafton, Eagle, 4 Monmouth, Nottingham, and Effex, and the Tranfpotts, « with his Majefty's Troops for North- America, viz. Charl- • ton, Ladd; EfTex, Grainger; Sydebam, Gray; Foruefs, ' Mackenzie; Longdate, Staple; Britannia, Gilby ; and 4 the Wilmington, Penny, having a fine Gale of Wind at « Eaft. 10. From E< u. Adv. Our Correfpondent at Plymouth, of the 16th Inftant, writes that the Terrible, Monmouth, Eagle, Torbay, Effex, Nottingham, and Grafton, failed the Day before, with all the Tranfport Ships for North- America; the Nottingham and Grafton go the Voyage, the other £ vs only fee them to a certain Latitude. n. We hear from Bolton in New- England, that that City has voted 3000 Men, and the Province of New- York looo, to be raifed for the Expedition againft Crown- Point. And that Governor Morris has drawn a Line, Hpward! of 400 Miles in Length, on the Back of Philadelphia, and for- tified it in fuch a Manner as to fecure them from any At- tempts of the Enemy on that Side. Gen. Ev. Pofl. 12. The Black Prince, Cravey arrived Yefterday at Do- ver from Jamaica, fpoke with the Garland Man of War off of Henneage, who was fleering for Kingllon in Jamaica with two French Prizes : So that they now reckon thirty French Ships carried^ into that Ifland fince the Order for Reprifals rcached the ^ eft- Indies. Loud. Ev. Pofl. 73. A Letter from a Gentleman at Paris to his Corre- fpooder. t here, after obferving in what Perplexity that Go- vernment is, concludes, " Sad State of Matters, when we •' dare not aflc for Peace, nor offer War." Ev. Adv. 14. Paris, April 9. 4 According to the laft Letters from < Breft, a fmall Squadron was to fail in a few Days from • that Port on a fecret Expedition. The grand Squadron « under the Marquis de Conflans will be ready to put to « Sea before the 20th of this Month.' 15 .' Toulon, March it. 4 The Body of Troops to be em- • barked on board the Squadron at this Port, which will put • to Sea in a few Days, amcuKtsJo flear Twenty thoufand • Men.' 16. Marfeilles, Aprils. 4 The Toulon Squadron confifts 4 of one Ship of 80 Guns, five of 74, and fix of 64, with 4 five Frigates from 40 to 20 Guns, and one hundred and • ten Tr? nfports for the Troops.' 17. Paris A- la- main, April 12. 4 There is Advice from ' Toulon, that the DeiL- e de Richclisu put to Sea the 9th 4 Inftant. It is generally agreed that he is gone to J3y 4 Siege to Port - Mahon.' See D 17. 18. On Saturday the Prince of NafLu- Wsilbourg arriv'd at his Grace the Duke of Richmond's in Privy- Garden from Holland; and on Sunday he waited on his Majefty, by whom he was moft gracioufly received. 19. Jofeph Child, Efq; who was committed to the Ba- ftile at Pans, for not obeying the Order of Police lately put out there, for the Englifh to quit the Kingdom, is re- leafed Lond. Ev. Poft. 20. WiJIia. m Gerard Hamilton, Efq; Member for Peters- field in Hants, is appointed one of the Commiflioners for Trade and Plantations, and a new Writ is iffued cut to elect a Mfruber for that Borough. zt. FromGen. Ev. Poft, ( jfc. It is faid that Lord Francis Seymour, one of t>, e Canons of Windior, will be promoted to the Biihoprick of Bangor, in the room of Dr. Pearce, translated to the Bifhoprick of Rochefter. 2z. From Wh. Ev. Poft. It is faid for certain, that Dr. Egerton. Dean of Hereford, will fuceeed Dr. Pearce in the Ste cf Bangor. 23. We hear that Sir William Lowther has left Lord Charles Cavcndifh, Uncle to the Duke of Devonfhire, Exe- cutor ; Lord George Cavendifh, next Brother to the Duke of Wtyonfhi; e. 8001. a Year; Lords Frederick. and John Cavend. fh, z^ ol. a Year each.; Reynolds, Turner, and Geo gc BtudencI, E'fqrs. 500'!. each. W. E. P. à, We hear from the Me of Ely, that large Comm'ffions are tome there to buy up Oats and ether Grain, infomuch that one Man haa already fecured 5006 Quarters of Oats, befidss great Quantities of Rye. Whether this extraordinary Demand is interded for Exportation or home Confumption, is not at prefent made publick. Wh. Ev. Poft. 25. On Sunday laft a Wcmr- n who keeps a Lodging- Houfe, was taken into Cuftedy for ptil'uadirg one of her Lodgers, and fevrral there, to turn Papifts. 26. Laft Tuefday Night a Fire broke out it the Paper- Mills belonging to Mr. Jofeph Wells, at Bagnor, near Newbury, whereby the greatelt Pirt of the Mills, anil a confiderable Quan tity ot Paper, was c jnftimed. And on Friday John BawbUry, Apprentice to Mr. . Wells, was committed to Readieg Goal, on Sutpicioii of felting Fire to the faid Mills. BANKRUPTS. Mitford Flower, of Sunderland, Merchant. James Weekes, of Ottery St. Mary's, Devonihire, Serge- maker and Meicer. Ifaac Parker, of Drury- Lane, Middlefex, Hofier. DEATHS. The Right Hon. I. ady Exeter, Lady of Burleigh Earl of Exeter. The Right Hon. Lady Elizabeth Blaney, Wife to the RightHon. rndRev. Chailes Lord Blaney. The Sen ot the Earl of Hiliborough. 1 - " i in C. foreign News. 1. Amfterdam, April 13. Several of our Merchants being determined to accept of the OScr of the French in trading to the Weft- India lflandr, they have petitioned for a proper Convoy to their Ships, which it is faid will be granted them; fo that we expert fhortly to have a good Number of our Ships employed in this Branch of Commerce. 2. Hague, dpril 17. It is reported, that a very clear and definitive Anfwer has been given to the ftrong Memorial lately prefented by the Count d'Affry ; but as yet no Copies have ftolcn abroad. Wh. Ev. Poll. 3. Paris, April 9. At length the Parliament has thundered an Arret of Regulation, by which they forbid all Obedience to the Grand Council inconfiftent with the ordinary Courfe of Juftice, and this notwithftanding they have received no Anfwer from the King. There is all the Appearance in the World that this Arret will be implicitly received, the Lieu- tenant- General of the Police being the firft to obey it. The Marquis rfe Gifors, Son to the Marfhal Duke de Belle Ifle, is inoculated for the Small- Pox. Wh. En Pod. 4. Paris A la- main, April 12. Marfhal Noailles ha3 re- figned his Seat in Council on Accoent of his great Age. j. Vienna, April 5. As France is very careful to cultivate a good Underltanding with our Court, it is judged needlefs to fend any Troops from hence to the Netherlands. á. Stockholm, March 30. Many Psrfons are actually taken into Caftody by the Government, on occalian of the impor- tant Difcovery lately made. Several of our Sea Officers have obtained Permiffion to ferve in the French Navy. iFmap' 0 pom D. LONDON, Tburfiay, April 22. 1. This Day his Majefty removed to Kenfington for the Summer Scafon ; but we are affured that his Royal High- nefs the Prince of Wales does not go there, but to Kew, as ufual, when the Parliament breaks up. Ev. Adv. 2. His Royal Highnefs the Duke of Cumberland, having feveral Matches depending at Newmarket, fet out for that Place early on Monday Morning in a Chariot and Six, where he was received with the greateft Acclamations of Joy. IV. P. 3. It is with great Concern that we hear that his Grace the Archbifhop of Canterbury continues to expe& orate his Lungs. In Cafe of his Deceafe, it is faid that the Bifhop of Durham will be tranflated to that See, and the Bifhop of Oxford to that of Durham. Ev. Adv. 4. They write from Bath, that the Right Hon. the Earl of Cheftetfield receives no Benefit from the Waters thire, which gives no fmall Anxiety to all truet Lovers of their Country. Ev. Adv. 5. Extratt of a Letter from Leicefler, April 16. 4 On Thurfday Morning an Order arriv'd, by Command 4 of his Majefty, that the Count de Bonville and the reft of 4 the French Officers, Prifoners on their Parole at this Place, 4 have his Royal Privilege to indulge them in wearing their 4 Swords: Alfo, that their Parole is enlarged, to permit ' them to go wherever they think proper, fo that they return 4 the fame Night; and that they may write to whom they 4 pleafe.' Lond. Ev. Pojl. 6. The Officers on board the French Tranfport brought into Plymouth give an Account, that there were 24 of them to fail feparately from different Ports in France, with 3000 Land- Forces, for Cape Breton ; fo that'tis hoped we fhall have a further Accouat of them. Gen. Ev. Poft. — See B 6 and the Note. 7. ExtraS of a Letter from Portfmouth, Afril 2 r. ' Since my latt arrived two Martinico- Men, taken by the 4 Dunkirk and Medway, of Sir Edward Hawke's Squadron. 4 Admiral Bcfcawen is expeftcd on Saturday to hoill his 4 Flag on board the Invincible ; and Admiral Moftyn is ex- 4 petted here in the Monarch to go with him, Adtiiral Hol- 4 bourn being failed to relieve him in the Command of Part 4 of Sir Edward Hawke's Fleet. 4 Remains Adm. O& orn, with the Ship in my laft.' Gen. Ev. Poll.— See B 7. N. B. According to Wh Ev. Poft cne of the French Ships, mention d at the Beginning of this Letter < was bound from France to Martinico, the other from Martinico to France. 8. Yefterday's Letters from Plymouth advife, that the four following French Prizes have been brought in there, viz. the Dauphin, Raifor, Vfiftal, and the Bon Ami ; one which, it is faid, is a homeward- bound Ship from Martinico, richly laden, and the others are Tranfports. Z, E.. P. — But, Whether Par t of t beft have not been reckon- d lefore ? 9. Saturday laft Fifty- nne Waggons we re loaded With Stores at the Tov. er, in order to iet out lor Plymouth. ic. On the 14II1 inft. 9534 lb. of Tea, and 865 Gallons of Rum ar. d Brandy, were brought to ihe Cuitom- houfe at Plymouth out of the It. agle Man of War, being taken out oi a Sleep wliirh intended to run it « n. th, e Coajft ef CsMiivrsJt, it is faid, ; Uat the Windfor hsth takfii » Sloop with a much larger Quantity of Goods intended likewife for the ' Cormfli Cesalt. it. We hear that Admiral Hawke has at this Time Twenty one Ships of the Line under his Command before Breft, in which Harbour there ate at prefent nineteen French Men of War of tha Line. Gen. Ev. Pofl, t£ c. 1 2. Extras of a Letter from or. board the Midway Man of War, cf Vfbant, Aprils. ' We are now cruizing ^ ff this Place, at the Diftance of 4 about two Leagues. On the Inftant, by the Admiral's 4 Order, the Rochefter Man cf War and Swan Sloop, were ' ordered to look; into the Harbour of Breft to aifccver the ' Stte. g h of the Fleet there ; and upon their Return reported ' that there were eighteen Sail of fixty Gun;, and upwards, 4 befiaes Frigates: Wc have met with a great Numbei of ' Vcffels, three of which, Dutch- built and large, were this ' Day n: ade Prize cf, being bound for France, laden with 4 Cannon and other warlike Stores: The Swan :- Ioop, by 4 whic: this is conveyed to you, is faid to be fent to En^ isnd ' to requeft a Reinforcement The whole Fleet is very 4 hcatihy. in high Spirits, and fo difpofed along the C'oait ' as tc difcourage the Enemy from flirrmg out.' W. E. Pofl. 13. By private Letters from Paris we are inform'd, that fome of the free Speakers have been fent ts> amufe them- felves with their own Speculations in the Bafti! e. Thefa unlicens'd Politicians had the Affurance to iu^ geft, that the oaly Way to prevent a War, or to pet the Crown of Great Britain in the Wrong with all the Potentates of Europe, was to offer firnply'the Keilitulion of all Things in Amenca to the State in which they ftood a; t « r the Conclufion of tha Treaty ot Utrecht, fince they were otherwife fac- ifidng the efiehtial Interefts cf France to the chsir. ericai Views of a few eathufiailical Projeftors. Wh. Ev Pofl. 14. ExtraS of a Letter from Paris, April 17. 4 The Report that has prevaikd for fome Time paft of a 4 Treaty of Alliance, Offenfive and _ oefenfive, letwoen the 4 Courts of Vienna and France, has gain'd fo much Credit here, as to be look'd upon as a Thing concluded ' L. E. P. 15. We hear thit the Induftry, Capt Read, from Cork to Barbadoes, was on the 12 th paft, uken by Monf. Petri er'a Pquadron, and fent to Caaiz ; alfo that the Hull Merchant fell in with faid Squadron, and s been f-* nt ii to Morlaix. 16. Amflerdsm, April 16. 4 The Mafter of a Ship from 4 the Weft- Indies, affirms to have met fifteen Sail o, French 4 Ships in the Lat. z$, Long. Welt 54. siid t'nae having 4 fpoken with the Commander of oae of thefe Ships, a P" ri- 4 gate of 36 Gun3, he was informed of their Deftination to 4 the Caribces.' 17. Paris, April 17. 4 The Toulon Squadron having 4 been obliged by contrary Winds to put back to the Ifles of 4 Hieres, failed from thence the 12th at Break of Day, for 4 Port Mahon, and were prefently out of fight. We make 4 no doubt of the Succsfs of the Enterprize, from the Weak- 4 nefs of the Garrifon, ( in Companfon of our Forces) and 4 from the Impcffibility cf the Arrival of an Engafli Fleet 4 Time enough to relieve it.' See B 15, 16, 17. 18. The Earl of Loudoun is rot yet fet out to embark for America. Loud. Ev. Pcft, & c. 19. They write from Charles- Town in South- Carolina, that two Parties of th « French Neutrals had attempted to make their Efcape from that Town, by going towards the Northward ; but were retaken and brought back. 20. They write from Halifax, in Nova Scotia, that they are about three new Forts with Barracks, viz. one Barrack on the Citadel Hill, which is to be 365 Feet long and 35 wide, of two Stories, which Hill and Barrack is to be walled in the Circumference of the whole Hill, which is very large, and to be mounted with a great Number of Cannon, which will command not only the whole Town, but alfo as far as Cannon- Ball will reach back into the Woods, fo that 20,000 Men could not do it any Damage, as the Hill is very fteep, and ' tis looked upon impra& icable to raife a Bomb- Battery fo near as to reach it: Another Fort and Barrack is to be eretted on the Windmill Hill, about Half a Mile to the Sontiiward of it, but of fmaller Ditnenfions ; and a Third at a Place called Pleafant Point, at the North- fide of the North- Weft Arm. 21. On the 22d ult. a Shock of an Earthquake was felt at Malaga ; and on the 24th anotner at Seville, but neither did any great Damage. 22. The repeated Shocks that have been felt from Time to Time in the Neighbourhood of Lifbon, fome of them very fevere, and of a pretty long Continuance, would pro- bably have induced his Moft Faithful Majefty to have chan- ged his Refolution before this Time with regard to the Re- building oi the City, if the Proprietors of the Ground, who are for the moft Part Ecciefiaftics, had not Intereft enough to fet the Commodiaufnefs of the old Situation in fuch plaufible Lights, and to offer fuch Expedients for obviating every Difficulty that can be propofed, as have hitherto kept the Court firm to its firft Refolution. Wh. Ev. Poft. 23. On Monday Night died the Rev. Mr. Boys, Vicar of Meffing in Effex; and this Day the Hon. Harbottle Luckyn, Efq; prefented the Rev. Mr. Bowry, Redtor of Inworth, to the faid Vicarage. Lond. Ev. Poll. 24. The Right Hon. the Earl of Effex has been pleafed to prefent the Rev. Mr. John Powell to the Re& ory of Rayne, in the County of Effex and Diocefe of London, vacant by the Death of the laft Incumbent. Gen. Ev. Pofl. & c. 25. From Wh. Ev. P. This Morning, about One o'Clock; Mr. V j, a Cork- Cutter, near St. George's Church, Hsnovcr- Square, coming home, and finding his Wife in the Room with Cornet B y, of Lord Aibemarle's Regi- ment, who was their Lodger, immediately ripp'd him up with One of the Kiiivcs that he ufed in his Bufinefs, in fo terrible a Manner that his Bowels came out, and he died in- llantly. The Man ha3 abfeonded. 26. From Gen Ev. Poft. Laft Night a moft inhuznar. e Murder was committed at a Hcufe hi Tyburn Road, upon a young Gentleman who lately come out of Worcefterihire, ani had bought a Commiffion in the Army, and ' tis fappofed he had the Mosey with him to pay for the fame. The Woman of the Houfe where he lodged is taken intoCuftody, aid the Hufbind efcaped. The young Gentleman came ifioivn Stairs with his fioweis In liis Maflds, for thay ripped up his Belly i a Surgeon was fent for, but he died while they were fewing « p hi6 Wounds. 27. Our Correfpondent at Newmarket acquaints as, that on Tuefday laft fuch heavy Rains fell, as occafion'd a great Flood in t* at Place, by which a Gentleman's Servant was drowned, and the Hoife with great Difficulty faved. His Body has been found, fince the Waters abatcfi, drove thro' ihe Bridge, half a Mtie from the Town. Wh. Em. Poft. DEATHS. The Right Hon. the Counted ofEffex, at the Earl's Houfe in Grofvenor- Square. Mrs. Burchttt, Widow of the late Hon. Jo- fiah Bnrchett, Efq; Secretary of the Admiralty, and Daughter » f the late Sir John Kohinfon of Benfton Hall in Suffolk. Prices ./ STOCKS. Bank Stock, 118 i- qr. India Ditto, 151. South- Sea Ditto, JOI i- qr. Ditto Old nnuities, ift Sub. fhut. Ditto id Sub. fliut. Ditto New, ift Sub. 91 3- 8ths Ditto x Sub. 90 i- qr. Three 1- half per Cent. Bunk Annuities, .1 Sub. 91 j- ilths. for the Opening. Ditto 1 Sub fhut. Three per Cent. Bank Annuities, 90 5- 8ths. Ditto 1716, 90. Ditto South- Sea Annuities 1751, 50 1- halt, a j- Siths. Ditto India Annuities, 88 3- qrs. Bank Circulation, T 1. JOB. Prt- m. India Bonds, 11. 7 s. a 8 s. Prem. Navy and Viflualling Bill-, 2 3- 8ths, Di e. Lottery Tickets i 1. 8 s. 6 d. Prem. Three 1- half Bank Annuities 1756, 95. ® c^ o^ cj^ qJooSooJoo^ DC^ jC^ soJa To the PRINTER of the IPSWICH JOURNAL. SIR, Wivenhoe, April 19 1756. The following are Extra& s from a Letter I lately receiv'd from Holland ; my Correfpondent, who fends it, is a Pcr- fon of good Intelligence, and I have faithfully tranferibed thefe Remarks from him ; if you think proper to infert them in your next Paper they are at your Setvice, and it will oblige your humble Servant, AMICUS. — « At length the Men of War and Tranfports * have left us without their Errand= What blcffed Allies « you have in us ! how worthy to be courted 1 and how fit « to be depended upon ! As far as I can learn, from « the beft Hands, cur H— h and M *- y Mailers have a * higher and mightier Matter in the Kitag of France, who ' holds a Rod over thera, and threatens to whip them fe- • verely, if they do not behave like good Boys and do as he « would have them Count D'Affry is the formidable • Ufher in this political School, and prefides on tne part of « his Mailer ; he has hitherto had no great Pains to teach « them their LefTon ; for they fcem well inclin'd to learn it; * and, in Return for their Diligence, he rewards them with « Sugar Plumbs, a Box of which he always keeps in his ' Pockat; and, when he can't have frefh Supplies from « Verfailies fo readily as he could wifh, makes them himfe. f « ( for, they fay. he is an excellent State Confeftioncr, and • has a Firft- rats Hand at making Puffs, as well as Sugar- • Plumbs) tho' it is prefum'd, by good Judges, that moll; of « his Preparations, of this Kind, will bear fome Refemblance • to the Book in the Revelations, by being fweet in the * Mouth, but bitter in the Bjliy. « To ftrip the prefent Situation of Affairs of ail Meta- « phor, it is in fhort thas. The Republican Party, or the « Anti- Orangifls, wert too much indulg'd by tfee late Prince « on his Preferment to the Stadtholderfhip ; for he continued * many of them in Power, and carefftd them highiy, in hopes « of making them his Friends, which they were in Appear- ' ance, but never in their Hearts; and they put him, as much « as ever they could, upon every Meafure that might alienate « from him th « Affeftions of the Populace, and threw all the « Blame of their own Mifcondudt on him, by pretending it • was the Effeft of his Orders This Party has now the Prc- « dominaney, efpccially £ t Amilcrdam, where they have al- * ways had it. And, tho' the making the late Prince Stadt- « holder, and afterwards rendering that Dignity hereditary, « was tUe Ail of the Populace, driven to it by an intolerable * Abufe of Power on the Part of the Magiflracy at that Time, « yet this Party thinking it was the Work of England ( not- « withilanaing all that can be offered to the contrary) are « therefore determined to lhew their Refentment againft her, ' as much as poffible. « The States of Friefland have been fo forward in this « Matter, that I am told, by Perfons whofc Knowledge and « Veracity I have no Rcafon to doubt, that, not long fince « they gave Orders to their Deputies, in the States- General, • to promote a Coalition with France, as much as poffible.'— E. LONDON, Friday Morning, April 23. 1. Ihe old Chapel in the Warren at Woolwich is filled with Btmbs, Grape- Shot, Chain and Double headed Shot ready to be • embarked at a Minute's Warning. 2. On Wednefday laft Sir John Pennington, Bart. Knight of the Shire for the County of Cumberland, kifs'd his Majefty's Hand cn being appointed Lord Lieutenant and Cuflos Rotulorum for the County of Weflmoreland. 3. Sir William Flemming of Rydale, Bart, is Candidate to reprefent the County of IVeftmoreland, in tht Room of the late Sir William Lowtber. 4. Monday next thirty Days Sulfifiance will be iffuei out to his Majtfiys Guards, Garrifoas, and Land Forces, from tie zyh ef April to the 2\ th of May next. 5. Tefterday died Mr. Jofiah Margery, Taylor in Mincing Lane, who on Tuefday laft being in a Fever and delirious, got on the Top of his Houje, and failing from thence into his Yard, frac- tured both his Legs. IPSWICH, April 23. Mr. Wye flood in the Pillory on Monday. For about a Quarter of an Hour he was fo well guarded by the Sheriff's Officers, that but few Things were thrown at him : But the remaining Part of the Time he was palted very ffiiartly, with Eegs, Apples, Oranges, & c. CH R 1STENBD here this Week, 1 Male. BURIED 5 Males and 2 Females. NORWICH, April 22. Yefte » day the Pev. Mr. Rafh Bird was inftitutcd to Stan- field in Norfolk, on the Prefentation of Sir Henry L'Eftrange, B* On Saturday Morning early the Communion- Table Cloth ar. d Cufhion were ftolen out of tbe Cathedral by a Man who had been at work there fome time paft. He was committed to the Prifon in the Clofe, and on Tuefday laft confeffed that he Hole ihtm, and buried th « ra undej an Atch in the Wall rear St. Aflguftin's Gatfcs.^ Orte of this Fellow's NairiSS for he went by feveral) is John Bone. On Tuefday the Tranfports .\ Vere carried from the Cafllo to London, in order to be fent to America; among whor. o, was John Longden alias Brown, a notorious Horfe- ftealer, who was condemn'd the laft Summer Affizes, but got his Scntencs mitigated, by making a great Difcovery of Horfes he had ftolen, fo that the Owners got them again. N. B. The Pubiifber of this Paper did not receive thefe Arti cles of News ' till it was too late to leave out tbe Aduertifernent about the Velvet Pall, { 3V. SQj-'. M here » ! sis Week, 13 Males and 6 Female*, in all 19. BURIED 1+ Males and 10 Females, in all 14. Tetv/ een jb and 60 - - 01 Between 60 and 70 --- 01 Between 70 and 80 05 Between 80 and 93 ---- co between 90 a*; d 100 00 Burials this Week 10. Ureter id Years old - '' etween to and » o - Between 20 and jo - tweets and 4.0 - Between ^ o and 50 - Decreafed in V&^ Hereas a TRUSS, mark'd Wi 1 LI AM BARTHORP, " » IPSWICH, is miffing, and is fuppofed to be carried to YARMOUTH, and from thence to fome other Plac ® , fhipt at Lon- don the 7th of February hft,_ containing fundry Pieces ot Irifli Linnen, and^ as not fince been heard Of; whoever can give 11- formation of the faid Trufs, or any Part thereef, to ths above- named, / hall receive Half a Guinea Reward, and all reafonahle Charges allowed. This is to give Notue, THat the BLACK HORSB, an ancient and good accuftom'd Houfe, in St. Steven's Parifh, in Tankard- Street in IPS- WICH, is to be iett and enter'd upon at Michaelmas next, or direftly if they can agree with the prefent Tenant R' bert Fancett. Enquire ef Mr. Philip Smith, Common- Brewer in Ipfwicb. To be SOLD. ALL the HOUSEHOLD GOBDS, and all the Utenfils be- longing to the Malting- Office, and alfo all the Utetifils which are ufeful for a Farmer, now in the Pofltffion of Mr. JoHN JACKSON, fituate, lying and being in WALTON ; alfo a large Parcel ef CINDERS which are ufeful for a Maltfter. TheSale to begin on MONDAY theTwenty- fixth of this inilant April, about Nine of the Clock in the Forenoon. Jo be SOLD. AGood and commodious Dwelling- Hopfe at WALTON in Suffolk, with a Malting- Office adjaining, and a Stable and Garden, now ia the Occupation of Mr. John Jackfon, all Copyhold. Alfo a fmall Freehold Eftate at FALKENHAM, in the Occupa- tion of Mr. Hyham, jun. at the Rent of 6 1. 10 s. a Year; and a Copyhold Eftate in the fame Parifh, of 3 1, 10 s. a Year, in the Occupation of the Widow Muller. ger. Likewife two fmall Efhtes at KIRKTON ; one of them Free- hold, occupied by Samufl Laft, at 3 1. a Year; the other Copy- hold, occupied by Bartholomew Lawrence, at » 1. Fer further Particulars enquire of Mr. Goodchijd Cbrke, At- torney at Law, at Ipfwicli. '• IpHERR will be a Shew of AURICULAS at ths Houfe JL © f Doflor Sallis, at the BLACK HORSE in STRATFORD ia Suffolk, on WEDNESDAY the 28th Inftant. Any one producing fix Pots of Fioweis of his own blowing, and paying Half a Crown, fhall be entitled to one Guinea, i he fhevvs the beft old Flower, er the beit Seedling; and to two Gui- neas if he ( hews the beft of' both. N. B. Members of the Society to fhew gratis. ~ ~ WAN TED " within a Month. AYoung Man qualified to look after a Garden and mow Grafs Walks, to take the Care of a Harfe, and to do the necefTary Offices in a fmall Family. Such a ofie, well recommended for Sobriety and Honefty, msy be inform'd of a Place by applying to Mr. Ridley, BoekfcP. er, in Woodbridge. • - j Xt TU D B U R Y in Suffolk. To be LETT at Midfummer- Day next, or before, if requird. STONE HALL, in the Pariih of All Saints in Sudbury aforefaid, being a large ccmmodious Houfe, pleafantly fitu- ated on the River Stour, with Outhoufes, Garden, and Oi chard, fit either for a Gentleman or Tradefman, with the Privilege of a Pleafure- Beat and Fifliing. For further Particulars enquire at the above Prcmifet. To Cover this Seafon, at WM. WIOCEN'J at For HALL, ABay CART HORSE, at a Guinea the Leap and a Shilling the Servant; the Money to be paid before Covering. All the Mares that do not prove with foal fhall have the Guinea returned, by W. WIGGEN. IN the Hands of NATHANIEL WOLNO, near STONHAM Turnpike in Suffolk, to Cover this Seafon at Half a Guinea a Mare and one Shilling the Servant, A Bright- Bay COLT, Well mark'd, rifing three Years oU, full fifteen Hands high, and perfectly found. He was got by the famous Childers, lare Am- brofe Crowley's, Erq; out of a very good Hunter or Koad- Mare. The faid Colt is allowed by Judges to be beautiful, light and ftrorg. ^ HALESWORTH, April 19, 1756. THIS is to give Notice, that I fhali from this Time carry on the Branch of MADE- WINES, ( commonly called SWEETS) more particalarly Malaga, Raifin, and Smyrna Wine, ( as they are more immediately in my Way) of fjme of which I have r. svv a hrge Stack by. me, fine- flavotu'd and fit for Draught. I ( hall go on to make large Quantities. I aifo continue to fell neat Jamaica Rum and foreign Brandy, together with Britifh Brandies and C< mpourds, either to Gentle- men or Publicans, with a proper AllowaBce to the latter, ar. d have at this Time an exceeding good AfLrtment. JOHN CROMPTON, Grocer ar. d Draper. To be LETT and Enter'd upon immediately, At GREAT SHELFORD, within four Miles of Cambridge, very pleafatitly ftuated. THE late Dwelling- Houfe of JAMES CHURCH, Efq; de- ceafed; confifting of two very goeid Parlours, a Hall, a large Kitchen, with proper Offices to the fame, two very good Cellars, five Bed- Chambers, with feveral convecient Clofets, two Garrets, a Brewhoufe, a Stable and Coach- houfe, a very good Pleafure- Garde- n and Kitchen- Garden, well planted with Fruit- Trees, & c. ' and about 16 Acres ot Failure- Ground, eight of which are fenced in for a Paddock ; with feveral very good Fifh- Fonds, anil a v « y geod Court- Yurd before the Houfe. For further Particulars enquire of the Riev. Mr. Btundifh, at Northwold in Norfolk; or of Mr. John Lamborn, Watchmaker,, in Cambridge. N. B. There is alfo one and- twentv Head of DEER to be fold at the fame Place, very cht2p. Will te in full Bloom aleul tie z'blb ! n(! t » ii. AFine Shew of SEEDLING AURICULAS, all raiftd freia Seed by my felf, at my Houfe on St. JonN's GREEN, COL- CHESTER, ( oppofite the Wheelwright's Shop j) where Lowers of i1 lev/ ers may fee new Faces in great Beauty. They are to fee L.' ti a£ reafanahle Rates, by me JAMES JOHNSON. To be SOLD by AUCTIOSJ, ( in ziS fefarate Lots) In the Great Roem at the White Hart in Colchefter, oh Mon* day and Tutfday next, ths ifath / ztid Z'jtb D'ays of A prij. ALarge Quantity of LI N N E N- D R A P E R Y a eel GROCERY Goods. c. ilalagues will he ready ts. d- Iiver at the Place ref Sale ; nn4 will begin felling on each Day at Ten © ' Clock in the Morning. THE annual Shew of AURICULAS will be at SAMUEL WINKOCI'S, at the Sign ef the CASTLE in St. Peter's IV rifh, COLCHESTER, on THURSDAY the 29th of this inft. AprU * where all Gentlemen and ethers will meet with a kind Rtceptiun and a hearty Welcome, from their Friends and i- ervants, John Aldus, President. Sol. Plumb, f „ , John Bcwkr, K j: eWards' N. B. There will b? a Variety of Seedlings, and Dinner will be . 11 the Table precifely at One o'C Icck. This is to inftm all Gentlemen Thrifts, THAT there are in the Hands of JOHN GUARDINEH, a upsn WiVENHOE HEATH, near Colchefter, EfTex. to fei expofed t » > Sale, a curi - us Seed ing rtwo; the one Iluve named theCtcuJlant Seauty, by Reaf n it sever varied fi^ m i's Colou, fl . ce raifed; Guardiner's Duke William. At the afo- eiaid Place 3 Pi r. t er two may be hid very l eaionablv; nnd anv Gendemm th-, t will favour him with their Cud m, ( hall meet with a hearty Wthcme. from their humble Servant, JOHN GOaRBINER. To be LETT and Enter'd upon immediately. A Large and convenient SJUP- YARD and GRAVIKS- JTX Bb IDGE, and all other Conveniences for fhip- Building J together with a large and convenient Dwelling Honfe, and other Outhoufes thereto belonging, fituated in WIVENHOE, near Col- chefter in EfTex. For Particulars enquire of Mr. Horace Flacke. Surgeon, in Wivenhoe aforefaid. N. B. Wanted immediately, at the aforafaid Mr. Flacke's,- a Jouineyman Surgeon and Apothecary; one well recummssded will be kindly received. April 14, 1756! VI7 ENT away from Mr THOMAS COOK, Farmer, aS " ~ PELDON in the County ol Effex, A thin tall Man, about 5 Feet 7 Inches bijrh, of a pale Com- plexion, who went by the Name of GEOROE ; hsd a Lad with him th2t went by the Name f JOHN, and they call'd Brothers. GEORCE was between 30 and 4c Years of Age; had a Leather Jacket on wheat he went iway, and a Frock ; were a brown Wig, but mo% a Cap. JOHN is a Lsd abour 1 j 5 each © f them had Leather Breeches, and they are fuppofed to be Shire- Men. Whoever will infoim the aforefaid Mr. Thomas Cr. ok, r M'. Thomas Francis, Peruke- Maker at Colchefter, ol the faid George or John, fo that they may be c me at, fhall receive Half a Guinea Reward.-—-' Tis fnppnfcd ih « y a- re either gene into the Htindred* of EfTex or into tbe S^ okinsC-•- lo be SOLD. THREE fmalj FARMS, lying in EAST BERCKCtr in ths County of Suffolk ; one confuting 14. Acres U Land, Copyhold, now in the Occupation of Iiaac Grimley, at thf yearly Rent of Eleven P, ur. ds Likewife a fhiall ; ai m containing nine Ac; e » of Land, part Free and pait Copy, at the yearly Rent if Ten Pounds Ten Shillings, now in the Occupation of James Pett. Like\* i e a fmall Farm cnnfiftinfr of eight Acres of Land, Copy- hold, it the yearly Rent ol Ntr. e Pounds ten Shillings, now in the Occuparic!; « f Gec ige Parker, jun. For further Particulars enquire of Mrs. Gullifer at Eaft Berg- holt aforefaid ; or of Mr. Walter Gullifer, Attorney at Law, at Wiiham, EfTex. EAST BERGHOLT in Suffolk, Afril 2a, I756T~ IN the Night between the 14th and ijth of this fWonth dftd in this Parifh, an old Vagrant WcmaR, who had been there, from Place to Place, more than a Week. When fhe wa4 dead, there was found in a Bnfkst fhe hid with her, Fifty Shil- lings Ln Money, and a promiftory Note, made for Twenty- four Pounds, dated October 26, 175 ® , figped Job or John Franklin, ( theChriftian- Name is fo wrote as to be fbme - hat doubtful) pay- able to ANNE SHEPHERD; and the N > te teems be the Hand- Writing of one John Jones, who fi. bfc ibed his Name as a Wit- nefs •. There is upon it a Memorandum of ten Ponnds received in part. There was with this Note another Pap » r of an Agree- ment, dated March 16, 1754., wherein Ann Sbeperd had hired Part of a Houfe ef John ParJ'ons: This is v iti . tffed by Tho Hoare. This W. man f 1 med to all who talked with her, to he ciazy ) and w;, en a Ik* 1 where fhe came fi m, fhe fsid, fhe c « me out of WARWICKSHIRE hi f a Year fince, and did not know how- to get home, and that her Name was ANN SHEPHERD. The N ite is now in the Hands of the Church- Warden of ths faid Parifh of Eaft- Pergholt, ready to be delivered to the next of Kin to the D- ceafed, upon their p aving tbemfelves t be liirt. And, to prevent Trouble, ' tis expefted they bring a Teftjmonial, figned by the Minifter and Church- Warden of the Parifh where they live; and befides, by the abovefaid John Jones, John Par- fons, and Tho. Hoare, if living; tha; their Hand- Writings may bec;. mpa, ed with thefe on the Note and Agreement. iviE IFIELD, Ala 1 ch 10, ; 756. WPfcreas ROBERT WARD has abfented himfelf from bit Wife and family, and left thesn to the Charge of the Parifh; if he will immediately leturn and provide for them, all paft Offences ( hall be forgiven ; cr if the Officers of any Parifh where he hub urs, or any other Perfon, will give Information, by Letter orothervrife, to THOMAS SANDERS, Church warden, or WILLIAM CULLHAM, Overfeer of tire Parifh of Metfield in the County of Suffolk, fo th. it he may be brought to Juftice, flialF" receive Half a Guinea Rsward; and if they be forced to coine, reafonahle Charges. N. B. Robeit Ward wsrks Hulbandry, and is ftippofed to be down to Ipfwich Side: He is a middle- fiz'd Man, abcut 5 Ft't 7 Inches high; had on, when he went away, a grey Wig, a d., k Surtout Coat and a blue grey Coat, a Pair of red Plnfh breeches, and Holland Shirt, and a Pair of light Jerfey Stcckingj, and a Pair of Highlows ; and went away with a dark low Girl of aboi t 19 Years of Age. \ Y ORCESTER C H I N A. THE Proprietors of the Worceller China ManuLflars ( for ihe better Accommodation of Merchants ar. d Traders) have opened a Wareioufe at LONDOJJ- HOUsh, in Alderfgate- Street, London ; wheie they may be fupplied every Dav, bitween the Hours of Nine in the Morning and Three in the Afternoon, wi$ i a Sortment of Goods wholefale on the moft retifoaable Term*. N. B. Orders direfted to Mr. WlLtWlM MATHSWC, AS above, are executed wiJrDifpatch, . SUFFOLK. April lo, 1756. UPON the ftfifteft Enquiry made of the prefect State of the SMALL- POX in BECCLES, this Day, it appears to be ill FltfE Houfes, and no more ; one of which is the Peft- Hcufe. Sign'dby the Picar, Church- Wardens, £? r. as before: HE Gentlemen educated at LAVENHAM SCHOOL will meet, us ufual, at the SWAM there, on MONDAY the 10th ® f MAY; '. There Dinner will be ready at T « © ' Clock : Being fa ® rdered by the prefent Stewards and Company of laft Year. _ ' fo be LETT and Entrid upon immediately, THE ANCHSR in St. Clement's Panlh, near the Skip- Yard, IPSWICH, in good Repair. For further Particular enquire oi Mr. John Sharp. To he SOLD. ONE of the IPSWICH PASSAGE- WHERRIES, with her Mall, Sails, and Rigging, Francis Sibbon late Malter. AH'o a BOAT, newly fitted, 25- Foot long and 8 broad, with Mill, Sails, and Rigging ; fit for a Drudger. For Particulars enquire of Mr. John Trapnell, or Mr. John Sharp, in Ipfwich. IPSWICH, March 24, 1756. ALL Perfons indebted to THOMAS CRAWLEY, is his Braziery and Irenmonger's Bufinefs, which he has now left off, are defired to pay in their refpeftive Debts immediately to him, or they will bj fued for tie fame without further Notice ; and all Perfons who have any Demands on him, are defired to bring in their Account?, to receive full Satisfa& ien for the fame. N. B. THOMAS CRAWLEY and WILLIAM GOODRICH fell Foreign Brandy and J maici Rum neat as imported, all Sorts of Compounds, and fuperfine hard Soap, at the very loweft Prices. NATHANIEL BEARD, CABINET and CHAIR- MAKER, Near the Corn- Hill, IPSWICH, MAKES and fells Mahogony and Walnut tree Defks and Book- Cafes; Double Chefts of Drawers & common Che ( Is ; Bureaus, Bureau- Tables of feveral Sorts, Card- Tables, oblong and oval Dining- Tables, Box- Tables, Chamber- Tables, Tea- Tables ; Tea- Boards and Waiters, either plain or Plate- Fafhion; Tea- Chefts, Screen and Te'a- Kettle Stands, Writing and Corner- Tables, Mahogony and Walnut- tree Chairs, after the neweft Fa- fhioiis ; alfe Sconce and Drefling- Glaffes, in gilt or plain Frames. I To be SOL IX AVery good Dwelling- Houfe, Freehold, fituate in St. Clement's Parifh, IPSWICH ; confiding ef three Rooms on a Floor, three Chambers, two Garrets, very good Cellars, and a good Yard for drying Linnen, with good Cock and Pump- Water, a very good Back- houfe, Outhoufe, and a large Chamber. Alfo a Copyhold Hotife, fituate in WIX- BISHOP HAMLET, eonfifting of three lower Rooms, three Chambers, two Garrets, a Baek- houfe, and an Outhoufe, with two good Yards, and good Pump- Waler. For further Particulars enquire of Mary Howes, Widow, in St. Nicholas Parifh, Ipfwich. ~ To be SOLD or LETT. AHonfe in BRAMTORD, within two Miles of IPSWICH, pleafant Country and good Neighbourhood j containing a Cellar and Vault, a Hall, tw Parlours, a Kitchen, Store Room, two Pantrie?, and a Baskhoufe, with Plenty of Chambers and Garrets, all new- repaired, feoth infide and out; with a good Stable for fix Horles, a Gavden wall'd round and planted with the belt cf Fruit- Trees, and a Paddock adjoining of about two Acres. Enquire of Mr. B. Rowning, Plumber and Glazier, in Ipfwich. N. B. To be fold at the faid Mr. Rowning's, a larg ® Quan- tity of new WAINSCOT SASHES, ready- made, of various Dimenfions; inch- and half, glazed with Crown- Glafs, Leads, Pullies, and Lines, and painted three Times, at Per Foot; the beft London Crown- Glafs, at is. 2 d. Two- inch Safhes, finilh'd as above, at is. 4- d. glaz'd with jfce beft London Grown, at 2 s. 6d. » *„ The faid Safhes may be viewed at any Time. To be LETT and Enterd upon at Michaelmas next. k A Meffuage and Farm at THOR^ NCTON in the County of Xi. Suffolk, with convenient Outhoufes, and about eighty- fix Acres of Land, meadow and pafture, now in the Tenure of Richard Wosdgate. . For further Particulars enquire of Mr. James Hall, Merchant, an St. Andrew's Parifh, Norwich ; Mr. Wm. Kingfbury, Maltfter in Bungay ; or of Mr. James Jermyn, Attorney at Law, in Halefworth. ' • To be SOLD. ' AFARM at WEYBREAD in Suffolk, confifling of a Dwel- ling- Houfe, Barn, Stable, and other convenient Outhoufes, and about 4.0 Acres of very good Land, in the Occupation of John Stockings. Tho faid Eftate is all Freefesld, except 1 Rood Copy, and fubjeft only to a Free- Rent of 4. s. 1 d. and a Copy- Kent of IS. 8d. per Annum. For fuither Particulars enquire of Mr. Leman or Mr. Parifh, Attornics in Beceles. To be LETT ( Furnifh'd or XJnfumtfh'd) and Enter'd upon immediately, or at Michaelmas next. APleafant Dwelling- Houfe, confifling of a Hall, two Parlours, four Bed- Rooms, and Garrets, Kitchen, Pantry, and all other Conveniencies, with Coach- Houfe, and Stabling for fixteen Herfes; with or without about 35 Acres of rich arable, meadow, and pafture Grounds, befides very good Gardens ; fituate in SlBTON, nearYoxford, Suffolk ; a Stage- Coach andPoft- Road. N. B. There are good Lodging- Rooms for Servants over the feveral Offices. For furth- r Particulars enquire of Milefon Edgar, Efq; at the Hed Houfe near 1,- fWch, or Mr. Henry Alexander at Cransfurd, or at the Crown in Framli gham any Saturday. To C « ver this SecfsH ct ELIAS WARD'*, at • SWAN in NEEDHAM MARKET, Suffolk, THE Pay Horfe CHILDKRS, th- t cover'd at BARK- * so HALL, at Haifa Guirea and a Shillin* t-. e Servant : 71". - lor. ey ta be paid when the Mare is covered. * lhere .'. now in tbe Hands « / THOMAS M A PES, Gelder and Farrier, in iV- WTTORD, near Beccles, Suffolk, £ To. Cover Aiur. es this Seafon at Five Shillings a Leap and Six- pence the Man ; Ptyals free) A Curious SHETLAND PONET, known by the Name of CA. MELION, free from any Blemifli, ten Hands high, • Matter of 15 Stone, aai is allowed by all Judges to be c. na of the : h< r( t fhip'd, beft moving, itr. ngeft, and handfomeft in Engl- nd, of hii Sira; five Years old this Grafs.— Th » Money to be' paid at the Time of Covering, NORFOLK, WHereas a very large PURPLE VELVET PALL Snd one i f the CUSHIONS be! or> ging to the Communion- Table in the Cathedra! Church of NORWICH, were llolen from thence on SATURDAY the 17th Inttanr, very early in the Morning; if any Perfon lhall difcover the faid Pall and Cufhion, fo that they may be had again, or ( hall difcover th^ Perfon who committed the faid Robbery, 10 that he may he convifted of the fame ; or if any Per- fon concerned in the faid Robbery ( hall difcover his Accomplice, fo that he may be cosviSted of the faid Robbery ; in any fuch Cafe, the Perfon makisg the Difcavevy ( hall receive a Reward of Five Guineas, to be paid by me, WM. SMITH, Dtputy- Treafurer of the faid Church. Notice is hereby git- en, TPIat the Sale of the late Mr. THOMAS DAYE'S Ertates at SCOULTON and CARBR o OK- E, in the County of Horlolk, of the yearly Value of 286 1. and upwards, which mss advertifed to be On Monday the 19th of April inltant, is deferred until! MONDAY the 14th Day of JUNE next; on which Day, at Ten o'Clock in the Forenoon, the faid Eftates are to be fold by Auc- tion at the George Inn in Ealt Dereham in the faid County. Particulars of the faid Ellates may be had by applying to Mr. J& h.- faphat Poftle at Wymondhrtm, » r Mr. Edward Harvey at Watton, in tVie faid County, ( Truftces and Executors of the faid Mr. Daye's Will;) or of Mr. Jonathan Gleed 111 the Cockey- Lane, Norwich. To he SOLD by AUCTION, On TUESBAY the zjlh Day of April, and the following Days, ( by Order of the Affignees under a Commiffion of Bankrupt againd Mr. JOHN MORSE. J ALL the HOUSEHOLD GOODS of the faid JOHN MORSE, at his late Dwelling Houfe in GREAT YARMOUTH.; con- fining of genteel Sedding, Window- Furniture, Carpets, & c. Mahogony Table', Chairs, Pier- Glaffes, Plate, China, Linnen, Kitchen and Brewing Utenfils. Alfo a valuable Colle& ion of BOOKS, a one- horfe Chaife, and a Sedan Chair. To be SOLD in Parcels, to the Bejl Bidder, On FRIDAY the Thirtieth Day of April infl. between the Hours of Four and Six of the Clock in the Afternoon, at the Houfe of the Widow HiU, being the Sign of the ANCHOR, in Wic- GESHALL SAINT GERMAN'S in Norfolk. TWO- Meffuages, a fcarn, Yard, Garden, and 24 Acres of arable and pafture Ground, ( all Freehold) lying in Wig- genhall St. German's and St. Peter's, late the Eftate of Mr. Jokn Green, deceafed, and ufually lett at about 59 1. a Year. Enquire of Mr. Henry Pole, Attorney at Downham, Norfolk. This is to acquaint the Publick, THat JAMES PORTER ( late Servant to Eliz. Sheldrake at the Swan in Market- Harling, Norfolk) and ELIZABETH his Wife ( late Servant to John Sheldrake at the Crown in Fram- lingham, Suffolk; where he formerly lived) have taken SCOLE INN, and laid in an entire frefh Stock of Wines and Spirituous Liquors of all Swts, and likewife Beds and Linnen fit to entertain Gentlemen and Ladies ; where they, and others who pleafe to fa- vour th » m with their Cuftom, fhall meet viith a hearty Welcome, and their Favours gratefully acknowledged, by their humble Ser- vants, JAMES and ELIZ. PORTER. This is to gi- vt Notice, THat JOIST CATTLE will be taken into METHWSLB SEVERALS in Norfolk, this Spring, at the following Prices psr Week ; d. Horfes and Colts two Years old, or upwards, - - j Year- Olds, .----------- 4 Cows and Bullocks two Years old, and upwards, - 4. Year- Olds, - -- -- -- 3 N. B, If they continue there 16 Weeks, one Shilling per Head will be abated of the faid Prices. Let them be dire& ed to THOMAS ROLFE, at the Several- Houfe, who takes Care of them. For further Particulars enquire of Rickard Spinks of Northwol d To Cover Mares this Seafan, at Half a Guinea each Mare. ACHESNUT HORSE, the Property of JOHN STALLON ofFELTWELL in Norfolk, near Brandon, that is able to carry fixteen Stene a hunting in any Country. IN the PoffeflioR of JOHN GREEN of HARLESTON in Nor- folk, at the SWAN INN, A Beautiful Bay Colt, call'd CRAB, Now rifing five Years old, fifteen Hands high, well mark'd, got by Bumper, Son of Partner ; Bumper's Dam was got by Bay Bol- ton, his Grand- Dam by Commoner, his Great Gcand- Dam by Keflive, out of the Lonfdale iSarb Mare : This Crab'sDam was a famous Mare, got by a Barb of Lord Chcfterfield's, out of a Daughter of the 15ire of Leeds, and is allowed by all Judges to be as prornifing a Colt as any in England. He will Cover this Sea- fen at Half a Guinea 3 Leap and Trial, and a Shilling the Man. AFull Brother to Lord Onflow's Victorious will cover this Seal'on, at Weft Harliifg- Hall, in the County of Nor- folk, within fix Miles of Thetfoid, at a Guinea each Mare, and a Shilling the Setvant; the Money to be paid at the Stable Door. He was got by WhiteNofe, a well- bred Son of Lord Godolphin's Arabian ; his Dam was a Daughter of Old Slamerkin, got by Fire- Tail, a Son of the Duke sf DevsnlhireV Ckilders, out of the fa- mous Commoner Mare : His Grandam, Old Slatnerkin, won the Mares Plate at Newmarket, which was the only Time file ever ftarted ; and was the Dam of Baflard, Black- and- all- Black, and Mr. Fenwici's Dutcbefs. He comes ot a large Kind, is now eight Years old, perfeftly found and healthful ; and his Brother Vic- torious won eight Plates, when five Yeats old, without being beat. There is good Graf? for Mares, and great Care will be taken of thtm. IN the Hands of AMOS ALEXANDER, in TOFT- MSNKS in Norfolk, near Beccles in Suffolk, to Cover Mares this Seafon at One Guinea a Mare and One Shilling the Servant, A Dapple- Grey Horfe call'd BUCEPHALUS. Aifo to Cover at ths fame Place, at Half a Guinea a Mare and One Shilling the Servant, The Chefnut Hoife call'd HAZARD. Likewife at the fame Place, to Cover at Half a Guinea a Mare and One Shilling the Servant, 7' he Chefnut Horfe call'd CHANCE. None will be cov. r'd except all the Money is paid down ; but fuch as hive p. iid for Covering and were not teafon'd, fhall be co- ver'd free.— Grafs for Mnre » . N- B. Thtir Pedigrees, feV, may he feen in the printed Bills. s SEX. DEDHAM, April 23, 1755. THE BOWLING- GREEN will be open d 0 » TUESDAV thei7' h of this Inltsfit, and a Dinner will be provided St the Sun tor the Sublciibers ; 10 be ready at Two o'Clock. NOtice is hereby given, that the next General Mec- t- in^ of the TRUSTEES of the ESSEX TURNPIKES is appointed to be held at the KING'S HEAD INN in COLCHESTER, 011 MONDAY the 3d Diy of Viay next, by Eleven o'Clock the Forenoon ; at which Time and Place the faid Truftees are h'oreby defired to attend. G. GRIGGS, Clerk to the Truftees. - — W A N T E D- AN Apprentice to a PLUMBER, GLAZIER and PAINTER; Any Perfon having a fober Lad, inclinable to thole Blifi- neffjs, may hear of a Matter by applying to John Unwin, in Alt Saints Parilh, near the Old Caftle, Colchefter. IVanted immediately, at GREAT DUNMOW in Effcx. TWO fober careful Perfons, a Man and Woman, who will undertake the Care and Management of a WORKHOUSE,-, and can i » . ftru£ V the Poor in fpinsifcg Wool. Any fuch Perfons may meet with Encouragement by applying to the Overfeers of Great Dunmow. - NY JOURNEYMAN STAY- MAKER, that is a good Hand, may have Fifteen Shillings per Week by applying 10 jos. BENNETT, Stay- Maker, at BRAINTREE in Effex ; who is like- wife ready to treat with any Perfon that has got a good likely fober Lad to put out Apprentice, that has a Liking to the Trade, and not exceeding 14 Years of Age. N. B. The firft Journeyman that comet may depend upon Employment. To be S O'L IX ~ At the late Dwelling- Houje of Mr. JOHN Ki GSBURY, deceafed, in WORMINGFORD in the County of fifllx, on WEDNESDAY the § th Day of May next, at Ten of the Clock in the Forenoon. LL the Houfehold 2nd other Goods, Linnen, Riding - t i. and other Horfes, Cattle, Waggons, Tumbrels, Plows, Harrow*, and other Implements in Husbandry of the faid John Kingfbury. WEATHERSFIELB, Effex, April 16, 1756. rHE Creditors of Mr. THOMAS FITCH. late of Wea- thersfield, deceafed, are hereby defired to fend an Account of their feveral Demands on the Effefts ef the faid Tho. Fitch, to the Rev. Henry Ridlingten, of Weathersfteld af& refaid, Exe- cutor to the faid Thomas Fitch ; and all Pejions indabted to tho faid Thomas Fitch, are" hereby defned t ® pay their refpeftive Debts to the fai>, Hen. Ridlingt- n, within a Month after theDate hereof, otherwife they will be fued for the fame. GREAT CL. ACKTON uTEfTex, Feb. 24, 1756. ' AWRBHCB PELLS, of Great Clackton in the County of i- J Efiex, Butcher, having brought his Action againft me, JO- SEPH THORP of Great Clackton aforefaid, Farmer, for - ailing him Buggerer, at the Houfe of William Boreham in Manningtree, and charging him with being guilty of fodomitical PraSices ; and he having proved his Declaration, I the faid Jofeph Thorp do hereby own and acknowledge, that I had no Intention to preju- dice the faid Lawrence Pells in his Trade and Btifinefs ; neither do I believe hira guilty of any fuch Actions or Praftices. JOS. THORP. To be LETT and Enter'd upon at Michaelmas next. AVer y good FARM of about One hundred Pounds s Year Rent, part arable and part fine meadow and pafture Lands, with a very good Dwelling-.' ioufe, and corrveaient Out- houfes and Offices, all in good Repair. The Premifes are fituated for the moft advantageous Markets and g. iod Roads. For further Particulars enquire of Mr. William Bore, an At- torney at Law, at Chipping Ong; » r in Effrx. Notice is hereby given to any Perfon of the Bufinefs of a BREECHES- MAKER, THAT the Shop of ROBERT PRIGG, deceafed, at the Bottom of NORTH HILL, COLCHESTER., well known t » be a good- accuftom'd Shop, is to be lett and enter'd upon imme- diately.— Whofoever takes the Shop is expefted to take the Re- mainder of ths Stock that is left in hand, with all the Utenfil* belonging to the Bufinefs. N. B. All Perfens indebted t © the Effeas of the late R. bert Prigg, Breeckss- Maker, or his Widow, are defired ta pay their refpeclive Debts to her, at the Shop above- msntion'd, or they will be fued for the fame without further Notice. For Particulars enquire ef the Widow. To be L E T T, Furnijh'd or Unfurnifh'd, and Enter d upon at Midfummer next. About a Mile from Caftle- Hedingham, 8 from Braintree in Effex, 8 frotn Sudbury in Suffolk, and 50 from London.- HpHE MANSION- HOUSE call'd KIRBY HALL, in HE- A DIKGHAM aforefaid, pleafantly fituated on an Eminence, commanding an eafy aBd agreeable Profpeft; confiding of a large Hall and Parlour, Kitchens, Cellars, and a broad light Stair- Cafe, with a large Drawing- Room with a light CItfet, and four Bed- Chambers, and Garrets ever the fame, a fmall Orchard and Garden, walled all round, planted with fome of the very beft Sort of Fruit- Trees, aiid Coach- heufe and Stable, with a Room' over the fame, and in general all other Conveniencies neeeffary for a private Family. The Premiffesare in goad Repair, and the Sudbury and St. Edmund's Bury, befides other Stages, conftantly go through thg faid 1 own. Enquire of Mr. Paterfon . f Winch efter- Street, London, or at the Piemiffes, which may be viewed. In the Hone's of ROGER ASPLIN, < J/- ROCHFORB in Efiex, T HE r- oied Brown Horfe call'd SURLEY to Cover th » Seafon, at One Guinea a Mare and a Shilling the Servant. . Surley was bred by the Right Hon. Lord Portmore, and was got by a Son of Old Fox, ont of a brown Mare called Mandaw, a Daughter of the Old Bald Gallaway, and bred by Mr. Baitlett. Surlef s Dam was got by Mr. Croits's Old Partner, out of a Mare call'd the Bay Bolton Mare, a Sifter of the old Bay Bolton. N. B. He will be at Chelmsford every Friday, and at Maiden every Saturday, all the Seafon. IN the Hands of WILLIAM LEECH of MISTLEY THORN. near Manningtree, Effex, to Cover this Seafon at One Guinea a Mare ; the Money to be paid down at the Time of Covering, The Horfe call'd T O R T O I S E, Late the Earl Gower's, full > 5 Hands high. He was got by the Lord Godolphin's Wbitefoot, his Dam by the Bartlet's C. bilders, his Grandam by Williams's Arabian at Wocdflock; her Dam was bred by Capt. Rider, and git by St. VifiOr's Barb, which was the Sire of the Bald Gallaway. He wo » three King's Plates, and is one of ( ha ftrongeft Running Horfes in England. I- rsper Care will be taken of the Marcs at Two Shillings per Week, by me WILLIAM LEECH. iJA E 19 H Trintvi h W, CRAIG * T- © *, ( Frht Two- F euc « ,}
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