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Berrow's Worcester Journal


Printer / Publisher: Berrow 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 2435
No Pages: 4
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Berrow's Worcester Journal
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Berrow's Worcester Journal

Date of Article: 01/04/1756
Printer / Publisher: Berrow 
Address: Office in Goose-Lane, near the Cross
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 2435
No Pages: 4
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B E R R O W's Worcester JOURNAL, [. Printed at his OFFICE in Goose- Lane, near the Cross) Price Two- Pence. THURSDAY, April 1, 1756. FRIDAY'S and SATURDAY'S POSTS. FOREIGN AFFAIRS. STOCKHOLM, ( Sweden) March i. TH E King has appointed Four Days of Fasting and Prayer to be observed thro'- out his Kingdom every Year, viz. on the 9th of April, the 14th of May, [ his Majesty's Birth Day,] the 18th of June, and the 24th of September. The Cir cular Letter on this Subject, sent to all the Towns in each Province, is a truly pathetick Piece, and worthy the Piety of a Monarch reminding his Subjects of their Duty to the King of Kings. Hanover, ( Germany) March 12. The Letters which the Regency receive from London, announce nothing but a Continuation of the vigorous Measures taken by the Government of Great Britain, for maintaining the Rights of the Crown in America, and providing for the Defence of the three Kingdoms. The Hessian Troops continue " their March, not the least Alteration in this Respect hav- ing intervened ; nay, there is so little Probability of any Change happening, that they talk here of making Dispo- sitions for the March of a Body of Hanoverian Troops, in case there should be a Necessity for employing them out of the Empire. Reports have been current here, as well as elsewhere, about a neighbouring Prince interposing his - good Offices; but the Advices we receive from other Quarters leave little Hopes of Success from a Mediation, so long as the Court of France will" not desist from the Pretentions she trumps up in Opposition to the Claims of our Monarch, the Validity of which is so vigorously sup- ported by his Parliament. Brussels, ( Low Countries) March 15. We are assured from Paris, that the Marquis de Galissoneire is set out for Toulon, in order to take on him the Command of the Squadron fitting out at that Port. At the same Time they write, that a general Embargo is laid on all Ships in the French West indies, in order to prevent the Knowledge of what they are expediting in those Islands being speedily communicated to Europe. In the Cannon Foundery and Arsenal of Douay they are continually at work, Sundays not excepted. Amsterdam, ( Holland) March 17 The Ships employ'd this Year in our Whale Fishery will amount to 159, of which 79 belong to the Merchants of this City. These will be joined by eighteen Hamburghers, and two Danish Ships. PLANTATION NEWS. Philadelphia, February 12. We have Advice from Carlisle, that, besides the Mischief already mentioned to be done by the Indians near Patterson's Fort, on Juniata, the Party that went to bury the Dead found one Sheridan, his Wife, three Children, and a Man Servant, all mur- der'd; also two others in another House ; these within ten Miles of Carlisle: And that two Persons have been found murder'd on Potomack. By a Traveller, who lately came from New River in Virginia, we learn, that two Women were returned, who had been taken Prisoners the Beginning of last Summer by the Shawenese, and carried to one of their Towns, where there was a considerable Number of English Prisoners, who have been taken Captives from the Frontiers of Vir ginia. That when their Warriors arrive within Half a Mile of their Towns, it is their Custom to whip those who have been so unfortunate as to fall into their Hands, all the Remainder of the Way till they get to the Town ; and that it was in this Manner our poor unhappy Neigh- bours from Virginia had been treated by them. Captain Stahlnicker, who was carried Captive from Holston River, and supposed to be killed, was still a Prisoner amongst them, and was in Health. The two Women above- mentioned were carried, by some Indian Hunters, above too Miles from their Town, to attend them, as Servants, to dress their Victuals and stretch the Skins they might procure; and, as the Indians left them in the Day, while they went to hunt, and did not return till the Evening, their Absence gave the Wo- men an Opportunity to make their Escape, which they effected with great Difficulty and Danger. Philadelphia, Feb. 19. Last Tuesday an Express arriv'd here from Reading, in Berks County, with most dismal Accounts of further Mischief done by the Indians in Albany Township, Cumberland County, & c. Exeter, March 23. Last Wednesday arrived in this City, in his Way to London, an Ambassador from the Emperor of Morocco: His Dress, which was entirely that of his Country, drew together vast Numbers of Spec- tors; his Legs were bare, as were also his Arms to his Shoulders; he wore no Shirt, and a loose Garment of white Swanskin covered his Head and the upper Part of his Body, beneath which a Kind of a Petticoat hung down from his Waist to his Knees. After taking some Refreshments, viewing our Cathedral, the Guildhall, the Castle, & c. he fet forward on his Journey, accompanied by his Interpreter, conducted by two of his Majesty's Messengers, and attended by two Moorish Servants in the Morisco Habit. Salisbury, March 22. Before the 8th Instant fifty Men were raised at Wells, by the Dean and Gentlemen there, and fifty at Shipton Mallet, for Colonel Campbell's Regi- ment at Salisbury ; not one ragged Fellow amongst them, all entering on a Principle of Honour, and most of them left their Advance Money with their Wives or Parents. It deserves Notice, that four Sons of the Sexton of Woky ( being all his Children except a Daughter, who wishes to go too) and the two Sons of the Clerk of the same Parish were of the Number enlisted. Sherborne, March 22. On Friday the 12th Instant the Town of Pool in Dorsetshire was alarmed with an Ac- count that a great Quantity of Gunpowder and Arms was found in the House of a Gentleman in that Neighbour- hood ; on which Occasion Numbers flock'd to be Wit- nesses of the Discovery. The Gentleman to whom the House belong'd hath not thought fit to appear to give a satisfactory Account for what Purposes this Collection was brought together at this extraordinary Juncture, and so near the Sea Coast. Gosport, March 22. On Wednesday Evening Mr. Sparrow, a Shopkeeper in this Town, shot himself thro' the Head with a Pistol charged with Small Shot. He left a written Paper behind, in which he disposed of his Ef- fects, & c. desired a Coroner might nOt sit on him, but that he might have a Funeral Sermon, the Text to be the Nine first Verses of the 102d Psalm. Thursday the Co- roner's Inquest brought in their Verdict, Lunacy. Plymouth, March 21. Yesterday was sent in by Capt. Vernon, of his Majesty's Ship the Lime, the Gabriel, Girand the Master, bound from Nantz to Rochfort, & c. and the Hirondelle, of and from Bayonne, Paul Aberie, Master, for Nantz. COUNTRY NEWS. Canterbury, March 24. On Saturday last about 400 of the Foot Guards and Grenadiers arrived at Dover Castle, from London. f LONDON, Thursday, MARCH 25. Tuesday a Message was sent by his Majesty to the other two Branches of the Legislature, acquainting them that there is undoubted Intelligence that the French intend to invade Great Britain or Ireland : In Consequence of which we hear, one Million more is to be rais'd for the Support of the Government, and that a Body of 12 or 15,000 Hanoverians may be allowed to be brought over for the further Security cf the State, as they may be more de- pended upon than any other foreign Troops. Yesterday the Lords waited on his Majesty at St. James's* with their Address for his Majesty's Message to that House, [ in which Address they have assured his Majesty that they look with the utmost Indignation upon so unjust and daring an Attempt as that of invading these Kingdoms, in Re venge for his Majesty's generous and steady Conduct in maintaining the Rights and Possessions of his Crown and Subjects in North America against the unprovoked Ag gressions and Hostilities originally commenced on the Part of France; and humbly intreat his Majesty not to suffer Himself to be diverted from it by any Appearances what ever; assuring Him, that they will, with unshaken Zeal Vigour, and Unanimity, at the Hazard of their Lives and Fortunes, Hand by his Majesty against all his Enemies and support him in all such Measures as he shall find re quisite in this critical Conjuncture.] And this Day a Committee of the Hon. House of Com- mons did the same on the like Occasion. A very large Train of Artillery is getting ready at the Tower, to be ready to march at an Hour's Notice. On Sunday the Earl of Northumberland set out for that County, as did Sir William Middleton, Bart, one of the Knights of the Shire, to raise Men there for his Majesty's Service. We hear that Sir James Lowther, Bart, is raising a Re- giment in Cumberland, at his own Expence, for his Ma- jesty's Service. His Majesty has given Orders for two new Saddles to be made for him. By the last Letters from Newcastle, which came in Yes terday Morning, the Dutch Ships are increased to a Fleet of sixteen Sail already arrived there, to load Coals for France. The Militia Bill, now depending in Parliament, we are well assured will take Place, whereby One Hundred Thou- sand Men will be raised in a very short Time. -' The French King has published an Edict inciting Ships of all Nations to bring Goods to the Ports of France, fox which he offers a Bounty 0/ 35 Livres per Ton. It is said the French have hired 60 Vessels of the Dutch, each to carry 500 Men, and 14 of Spain. Admiral Smith's Squadron in the Downs being already augmented, and soon further reinforced ; the Sloops and armed Ships are order'd to be kept cruizing on the French Coast, in order to watch their Motions. By a Packet arrived To- day from New- York we are informed that the People in general there were in good Spirits, and going to form their Armies near Crown- Point. We hear that George Haldane, Esq; Colonel of a Com- pany in the Third Regiment of Foot- Guards, is appointed Commissary to the Hessian Troops, and will set out in a few Days in order to conduct them to England. Colonel Webb is to take the Command of the Troops in North- America till the Arrival of Lord Loudon. It is said that the Proposal for paying one Month in three to the Nominee of every Seaman, for the Support of their Families, is again reviv'd, and it is hoped will be carried into Execution. The Willing- Mind, Smith, who sailed from Oporto the first of January, was, by Stress of Weather, forced to put into Brest the 6th of the same Month 5 where she was p seized, and the Men confined in Prison. ' The Augusta, Capt. Willet, is arrived at Spithead from Cadiz, having on board great Treasure in Silver for the Merchants. They write from Newcastle, that a Ship going over the Bar at Tinmouth, was pursued by a Man of War's Boat, who immediately boarded her, and found eight Hands on board, exclusive of the Captain, whose Ages amounted to 551. The Lieutenant, however, examined their Protections, which being found Valid, after wishing the Captain a good Voyage, he left him, adding, " I am " surprized, Sir, out of what Church Yard you pick'd so many stout Hands." On Monday se'nnight arrived at Shields in great Dis- tress, the Elizabeth, W. Barton.. This Vessel went from Newcastle in December last, laden with Coals for New- England, and had been beating in the North Seas, about 200 Leagues West of the Orkneys, ever since. The Captain reports, that tho' he had been about Thirty Years used to the Seas, he never was out in such stormy Weather before ; and till he came off Newcastle, could never make or see any Port since his Departure. On coming in his Men were all press'd ; but when his Distress was known to the regulating Officer, they were immediately released. They write from Amsterdam, that a few Days ago Mynheer Holmes a Person of some Repute, who teaches Mathematicks and Navigation in that City, having pub- lished a Book letting forth the World would certainly be at an End one Day last Week; the Commonalty assem- bled in great Numbers before his House, at the Top of which is an Observatory, where he waited himself the Event; but the Time of his Prophecy being elapsed, the Riot began ; and it was with great Difficulty the Civil Officers prevented his House from being plundered, or preserved his Person ; tho' the Burghers Were ordered un- der Arms to his Assistance. We hear that a Bag of Letters was taken out of the Spanish Merchant Ship that arrived at Dover from Havre de Grace last Friday, and brought the Account of four Frigates and twelve Transports having sailed from thence the preceding Wednesday to the Westward 1 all which Letters were sent up to Town directly to the Secretary's Office : And this was what occasion'd the Report that the Packet- Boat had stopt just within Sight of Calais, and put back to Dover, on the Mate's picking up a Letter dropt by one of the Passengers, & c. as related in our last Paper. It is said that the Sixpence per Ounce Duty on Plate will be taken off; if so, it is apprehended that the Work- men in Silver will soon be employed to supply Spain and Portugal. That Duty occasioned the Ounce of Plate to sell Ninepence dearer than it would without the Duty 1 for though there is a Drawback of Sixpence per Ounce on Exportation, yet none, or very little, was ever demanded, the Charges attending the making out and receiving the Debenture being often equal to, if not exceeding the Amount of the Drawback j as is also the Case in many other Goods, when the Parcels exported are small, the Charges and Trouble about it exceeding the Benefit ac- cruing thereby, or at least diminishing it very much, and more so in Plate; because it is generally the Custom in Spain and Portugal, as it is here, that Persons provide themselves with Plate, Piece after Piece ; so that one or two Pieces called for there, by different Persons, can never benefit the Drawback, and consequently the Duty stagna- ted the Plate Trade much, as it doth other Articles of our Manufactories, tho' a Drawback be allowed. Yesterday ended the Sale of China Ware at the India House ; and we hear that blue and white Plates will be sold at 11 s. per Dozen, and all other Sorts of China cheap in Proportion. Last Week died suddenly, at her House near Brentwood, in the County of Essex, greatly lamented for her extensive Charity, Lady Mary Petres, Relict of Mr. Petres of Stan- ford- Rivers, and Sister to the late Earl of Derwentwater. Sunday Evening died, after a long and painful Illness, John Duvernet, Esq; Lieutenant Colonel of the First Troop of Horse Grenadier Guards. We hear that he has left the Bulk of his Fortune to his Colonel, Lieutenant Gene ral Onslow. About a Fortnight ago one Davidson, a Farmer, near Brumpton, in Cumberland, being served with a Writ, and having his Goods seized by the Bailiff, Solomon Armstrong, for Debt, way- laid the said Armstrong as he went home in the Evening, and murdered him in a strait dark Lane, and immediately absconded. Monday died in the New Gaol, Southwark, aged 64, Richard Hatch, the Pork Butcher of Islington, who was committed for murdering his Wife eleven Years ago, which Fact he confessed before his Death. Yesterday Morning, at Four o'Clock, as one of his Majesty's Messengers was going to Harwich, he was stopt by a Highwayman at Bow, and robbed of about Six Guineas. SUNDAY'S and MONDAY'S POSTS. Arrived the MAILS from France and Holland. DANTZICK, ( Poland) March 10. THE French are buying up such large Quantities of Corn here, that the Price thereof rises daily. According to Advices from Little Russia, the the Plague hath broke out again at Nimcrow. The Small Pox continues to make great Havock in this City, sparing nether Age nor Sex. Madrid, ( Spain) March 1. Tho' our Court is very desirous to preserve the Peace of Europe, no Body can pretend to say that we shall continue idle Spectators, in Case a War should break out between France and Eng- land. Some Circumstances may then appear that may oblige us to adopt a new System. Marseilles, ( France) March 8. The fourteen Ships from St. Malo, which the Court has taken into its Ser vice, are gone to Toulon with a great Quantity of War- like Stores. A great Number of Fascines, Gabions, and other Things employ'd in Sieges, have been sent thither from hence by Land ; and a considerable Embarkation of Troops will speedily be made there. Twelve Men of War are now in the Road of Toulon, and the others will soon follow. Brussels ( Low Countries) March 18. According to our last Advices from Metz, another Battalion of the Royal Regiment of Artillery are set out from thence, together with a great Number of Waggons laden with Mortars, Cannon, Balls, Bombs, & c. which are to be joined on the Road by a considerable Train from Strasbourg, and after- wards proceed to Normandy. Hague, ( Holland) March 21. We have Advice by Masters of Ships, that several French Frigates are sailed to protect their Trade, and cruize on the English. One of them, the Emerald, carrying 26 Guns and 200 Men, which cruizes ofF Cape Finisterre, has taken and ransom'd several English Vessels. Paris, ( France) March 19. There is no Reason to doubt that War will soon be declared ; and it is conjec tured that the Operations will begin by the Siege of Port- Mahon. According to Letters from Calais, an English Frigate of 30 Guns drew near that Port the 9th Instant, under Dutch Colours, and made a Signal of Distress, upon which a Sloop, with a Pilot and nine Men, was immediately sent out to her Assistance ; but the Frigate took the Sloop, and carried into some Port of England. IRELAND. Cork, March 15. This Day 1100 Arms were deliver'd to the Mayor for the Use of the Militia. Saturday Daniel Croakly, otherwise Donnahy, a Popish Priest, was committed to Gaol, for marrying a Soldier in General Blakeney's Regiment to Mary Healy. Galway, March 15. Friday last our Militia Arms were order'd to be clean'd and put in Readiness against any Emergency. Naas, March 18. Tuesday Night last the Cow- House of Mr. James Archbold, of Eadstown, by the Carelessness of two of his Servants, was set on Fire, by which six Cows, three Bullocks, and three Yearlings, were burnt to Death, and a large Stack of Hay, consisting of about 200 Loads, entirely consumed. Dublin, March 20. We hear that four new Regiments will shortly be added to the Forces on this Establishment. Four Hundred Tons of Musket Ball are calling with all possible Expedition for the Use of the Government. Tuesday died Mr. Michael Chaddock, formerly an Of- ficer in Ligonier's Horse. He was six Feet eight Inches high, and every Way proportion'd to his Height. SHIP NEWS. Extract of a Letter from West Lulworth, in Dorsetshire, dated March 22. " The Master of a Vessel arrived at Weymouth last Night, from Mountsbay on the Coast of Cornwall, reports that he saw Ten French Men of War, with One Hundred Transports, sailing for St. George's Channel.' Letter from Portsmouth, March 26. An Order is come to the Custom House to Unload the Prizes laden with Fish only, but the Owners of the Storehouses have refused to lett them for the Reception of Fish, lest they should ( being quite rotten and spoiled) breed an Infection. The Gosport People have likewise refused their Storehouses on the same Account. " The Augusta, arrived at Spithead from Cadiz, is said to have on board Fourteen Tons of Silver. " Yesterday 14 Smugglers were pressed and brought hand cuffed to the Yard.— Smugglers are generally good Sailors, and understand the Ports, Members, and Creeks belonging to the French Harbours as well as our own, and, in case of an Invasion, the French may be deprived of so many good Hands to pilot them in. L O N D O N, Saturday, MARCH 27. Kensington Palace is ordered to be fitted up by the 18th of April, for the Reception of the Royal Family. The Duty on Plate will commcnce at Midsummer next. We hear a Clause will be added to the Plate- Bill, to except such Perfons who may have Plate left in their Hands as Trustees for Orphans, & c. A Part of the Scheme for a General Militia, which it is thought will now take Place, is, we hear, to cloath the Men in a regular Uniform, and to exercise them every Sunday, after Evening - Service, in the Church - Yard ; aftsr which their Arms, Accoutrements, & c. which they are to be supplied with from the Ordnance, are to be safely lodged in the Parish Church. They are to be new- cloathed once in three Years. The Artificers of Deptford, Woolwich, and other of his Majesty's Yards, exercise, as a Body of Troops, two Afternoons every Week. Yesterday Col. Cornwallis., Member of Parliament for Westminster, set out for Plymouth, in order to embark for Minorca, to join his Regiment there. Tuesday the Right Hon. the Lord Robert Bertie set out from his House in St James's Place for Gibraltar. Yesterday the Right Hon. the Earl of Effingham set out from his House in Albemare- Street, to embark at Ply mouth, for his Regiment at Minorca. The Regiments order'd home from Gibraltar and Port- mahon are countermanded, and the Troops destin'd to relieve them will be added to those two Garrisons. An Order is issued for the Troops design'd for America to be in Readiness to embark on a Day's Notice, and for the Artillery which is to accompany them the same Orders have been given. A Letter from Boulogne, dated March 14, says, we have all Things in Readiness for declaring War, and em- barking our Troops for a Descent upon Great Britain. Letters from Cadis say, that they have Advice that the French had actually landed on the Island of Minorca. And there are likewise Letters from Cadiz importing that the French were actually in Possession of Port Mahon. But this we presume is either false or premature. Letters from Gibraltar advise. that a Sloop of War was arrived there from Port- Mahon, with an Account that our Troops were making Preparations against a De- scent, and putting Fort St. Philip in the best Posture of Defence. Letters from Cadiz by the last Groyne Mail mention the Governor's having received Orders from Court, that in case Admiral Byng fhould appear off that Port with a Fleet of British Men of War, he be immediately admitted with all Marks of Distinction due to him, and supplied with every Thing he may want. ' Tis said that Admiral Hawke has blocked up a Fleet of ten Men of War and forty Transports in Port I'Orient. ' Tis also said that the Frigates and Transports which lately sailed from Havre de Grace to join the Brest Fleet, are blocked up in Cherburgh. An Express has been received from Admiral Hawke, the Contents of which are not known, but we hear he is to be follow'd, in a few Days, to a certain Latitude with six Men of War of the Line, which, with Admiral Mos- tyn's, will form a Fleet of 26 Ships of the Line, 12 Fri- gates, besides Seekers out and other small Vessels- • They write from Leghorn, that they have great Ex petitions of feeing a British Fleet very quickly in the Mediterranean, which will act in Conjunction with the Land Forces of the King of Sardinia, and of another great Power, not in making Conquests, but in preserving the Peace of that Part of Europe, and preventing the Schemes of certain ambitious Courts from being carried into Exe- cution. Letters from Brest of the 1 2th Instant advise, that the Prudent Man of War, which sailed from Rochefort the 20th of last Month with two Frigates, took, some Days after, an English Ship, and sent her into Bourdeaux; and that a Privateer of Bayonne, who mounted only six Guns, had taken an English Ship superior to him in Artillery. By Capt. Gallop, in thirty Days from Jamaica, we are told, that when he left Kingston there were seventeen French Vessels at Port Royal, taken by our Men of War. It is said that Orders have been dispatched to Sir Wil liam Johnson to attack Crown- Point at all Events. ' Tis said that 15,000 Hanoverians and 12,000 Hessians will be forthwith brought over. We hear that notwithstanding the very extraordinary Quantity of Coals imported into France last Year, seve- ral of their Forges now stand still for Want; however, our good Friends and Allies the Dutch, to remedy it, as early as possible, have already sent feveral large Ships to Newcastle, which were actually in Loading by some Ad- vices, and we hear are to be follow'd by many more. ' If these Methods are practised by our Friends, how can we expect to distress our Enemies ? A few Days since an Officer, quartered in Kent, near the Sea Coast, was taken into Custody by one of his Majes- ty's Messengers, he having taken a large Farm, bought up a great Quantity of Hay, and stock'd it with all Man- ner of Provision for Man and Horse. The following Relation may be depended on as a Fact, viz. General Hawley's Regiment of Dragoons for some Months past having been quartered at Canterbury, the General made Use of a Field, the Property of an honest Farmer in that Neighbourhood, who desired nothing in Return but the Dung made by the Horses. The Farmer accordingly received an Order from the General to re- move the Dung; when the Farmer's Servants insisted upon it as their Property, and on being refused it gave their Master Warning, nor could the General persuade them to continue in their Service : To requite them therefore, the General procured a Press- Warrant from the Lords of the Admiralty, and had them all impressed as fit Persons to serve their King and Country. After the Charity Sermon preached last Sunday at Bow- Church by the Lord Bishop of Norwich, a Gentleman laid on one of the Collector's Plates a Piece of Paper neatly folded up, in which, on being opened in the Vestry, was found a Thirty- six Piece of Gold ; and on the Paper was wrote, Accept this in Part for the Education I received by this Charity Go on with Courage in your good and laudable Undertaking ; and the God of infinite Mercy prosper you. Yesterday died, at his Apartment in Chelsea College, Gilbert West, Esq; Brother to Admiral West, and a near Relation of Lord Temple's. He was one of the Clerks of his Majesty's Privy- Council, and Paymaster to Chelsea College : A Gentleman of an universal good Character, and well known to the World by his many elegant Wri- tings, particularly his excellent Book on the Resurrection, for which the University of Oxford complimented him with the Degree of Doctor of Laws. Thursday Night, in Consequence of an Information sent to Justice Fielding and Justice Welch, nine notorious Sharpers were taken from the E O. Table in the Assem- bly in the Haymarket, most of them dressed in rich Cloaths and Swords hired in Monmouth Street. Among them was a Fidler, formerly a Tapster, dressed in rich Silver Tissue ; a broken Publican, in Brown and Silver ; a Sau- sage Merchant, in cut Velvet; a Journeyman Founder, in Blue and Silver ; and several others in Black. They were re- examined before the above Magistrates, and, for want of Securities, committed to Prison. We are assured that the Thief takers will not stand again in the Pillory this Year, the Violence of the Mob being so great as not only to endanger the Lives of them, but also of the very Officers who attend. Thursday Night a Gentleman belonging to one of the Inns of Court came to an Oyster- Stall and ordered the Girl to bring her Oysters to a private House in the Neigh- bourhood ; but met the Girl in the Street, told her his Company were gone to his Chambers, and ordered her to come thither ; which she accordingly did, where she found no body but the Gentleman, who on her Entrance put our the Candle, and committed a Rape on her. He is said to be a Man of Fortune, and has absconded ; but a Warrant is granted for apprehending him. ** TH E Creditors of Job Thatcher, late of Wribbenhall, near Bewdley, in the County of Worcester, Trowman, deceas'd, are desired to send an Account of their respective Debts to Ann Thatcher, ( the Widow and Administratrix of the Deceased) within 20 Days from the Publication hereof; when she intends to pay the Creditors of the Deceased as far as his Effects will extend to pay. To be LETT, to a substantial Tenant, IMPNY MILL S, near Droitwich. O R, An elderly Married Man, that is a good Grinder, and is well recommended, may have a suit- able Service, by enquiring at the Turnpike at Droit- wich.- Also, an elderly Married Man, that is fit for Barn- Work, and comes well recommended, may have a suitable Service, by enquring at the same Place. To be SOLD, to the Best Bidder, On Monday the 5tb of April next, at Four of the Clock in the Afternoon, at the Dwelling House of Mr. George Woodcock, known by the Sign of the Hop- Pole, in the Foregate Street, Worcester, A Messuage, Garden, Stable, And other Out- Buildings, Held by Lease under the Dean and Chapter of Worcester, SITUATE in the Parish of St. Martin, near Badham's Vine, in the City of Worcester, now in the Occupa- tion of Mr. Thomas Spilsbury, Haberdasher. For further Particulars enquire of Mr. Thomas Giles, Clothier, in Worcester. STOLEN, or STRAY'D, On Monday Night the 22d of March, 1756, from High- tinton, in the Parish of the Rock, in the County of Worcester, A very dark- brown MARE- COLT, ABOUT Fourteen Hands high, coming four Years old, with a white Star in her Forehead, a brown Nose, a long wisk Tail, and had no Shoes on when lost. Whoever will give Intelligence of the said Colt ( so that she may be had again) shall receive Two Guineas Reward, and all reasonable Charges allow'd, to be paid by Mr. John Crane, of Hightinton alordaid, 01 Mr. Thomas Palmer, Glover, in Bewdley. Worcester, March 22, 1756. COmplaint having been made by several Inhabitants of this City, that divers Persons resort here with their Families, in order to be INOCULATED for the SMALL POX, which may probably be a Means of spreading and continuing the Distemper amongst us, to the endangering the Lives of many of his Majesty's Subjects, to the spoiling of our Markets, and the great Detriment of Trade in general; to put a Stop therefore to this growing Evil, and to preserve as much as possible the Health of the City, It is thought proper to give this publick Notice, That whoever presumes, after the Publi- cation hereof, to lett Houses or Lodging for Inoculation, will be prosecuted with the utmost Rigour of the Law. By Order of the MAYOR and JUSTICES. At BROMSGROVE, in the County of Worcester, ( In a pleasant and healthful Situation, ) A BOARDING- SCHOOL is open'd YOUNG LADIES, By MRS. HOLYOAKE. Such GENTLEMEN and LADIES who shall be pleas'd to commit their CHILDREN to her Care, may depend on their being compleatly instructed in all the Branches of a useful and polite Education, and their Favours most gratefully acknowledg'd, by a Their very humble Servant, JANE HOLYOAKE. N. B. Proper Masters to teach WRITING, DANCING, & c. will attend the said School. WORCESTER, March 31, 1756. Mrs. ELEANOR TAYLOR, Begs Leave to inform her Friends, THAT she shall continue to carry on the Business of an UPHOLDER, in the same Manner as her late Husband did, ( she having engaged the same Journeyman who has been employ'd in the Shop for more than twenty Years ) and hopes her Friends will please to continue their Favours to her, who may depend upon being served in the best and cheapest Manner, by Their most obedient Servant, ELEANOR TAYLOR. WHEREAS James Farley, late oi Pershore, in the County of Worcester, Leather Breeches Maker, hath, for Ten Months last past, absented himself from Mary his Wife, and Three Children ; Now, in order that his said Wife and Children may not become burthensome to the Parish, This is to give Notice, That John White, of Kempsey, in the said County of Wor- cester, Yeoman, Father of the said Mary, hath lately bought a small Parcel of Leather, amounting to the Sum of 20/. or thereabouts, and entrusted the said Mary Far- ley, now residing at Pershore aforesaid, to make up and finish the same into Breeches, where all Persons may be furnished with LEATHER BREECHES, as in James Far- ley's Time. Note, Leather Breeches are also wash'd by the said Mary Farley. ' Wednesday's and Thursday's POSTS. PARIS, March 30. M. Gouffreand M. Lionees, Bankers, have broke at Marseilles for Seven Millions. Accidents of the same Kind have happened at Lyons, Nantz, and almost all the great Towns in the Kingdom. LONDON, Tuesday, MARCH 30. We hear that the Parliament have so much Business be- fore them, that they are not likely to rise till some Time in May. His Majesty, who had a slight intermitting Fever last Week, is now ( God be praised !) out of all Danger. We hear that the Hon. House of Commons have agreed to address the King, to desire his Majesty to engage a certain Number ot his Electoral Troops for the Service of Great Britain, if the Situation of Affairs should re quire it. The Sheriffs were informed To- Day at St. James's that his Majesty would send the Lord Mayor Word when he would receive the City's Address. A Change in fome Branches of the Ministry is daily ex- pected, the Particulars, tho' talked of, we choose not to insert without further Authority. It is strongly reported, and by Persons of some Note, Account of his stewardship, on Pretence that all his Rentals and Accounts that were to charge him, were stole away, but all his Papers and Vouchers for his Payments were left behind ; but the Court not being satisfied with such an Excuse, ordered the Steward to come to TOWn forthwith, to attend one of the Matters of the Court in Person, that so dark a Transaction might be fully exami- ned into and brought to Light, and the Steward effectual- ly brought to Justice.— An Example which will, it is to be hoped, have its due Effect on all other Stewards and deter others from the like Practices. This Day 2500 Quarters of Wheat were shipp'd for the Streights, 1800 Quarters for Lisbon, and 1000 Quar- ters for Portugal, BANKRUPTS. John Cracknell, of Birmingham; Linnen- Draper. George Houstoun, of Fleet- Street, Goldsmith. John Church, late of Bristol, now of London, Merchant. Elizabeth Denham, of Catherine- Street, in the Parish of St. Mary le Strand, Middlesex, Victualler. Edward Spink, of St. Andrew, Holborn, London, Hatter and Hosier. STOCKS. Bank shut. India shut. South Sea no Price.' Old Annuities, shut. Ditto New Ann. 91 1 half. Three per Cent. Bank Annuities, 89 1 half. India Bonds, il. 53. Lott. Tickets til. 8s. Kinsale, March 13, This Day Mr. Robert Dyer made a large Seizure of Tobacco, worth about 2001. and ap- plied to a Justice of Peace for Assistance, on finding the Country rising against him, but was refused ; upon which he returned to his Men, ( five in Number) whom he had left to guard the Tobacco, and was attacked by a great Number of People ; when after a vigorous Resistance, Mr. Dyer's Men were obliged to retreat, he having re- ceived a desperate Hurt on one of his Legs: The Country People carried off the Seizure. Dublin, March 23. A few Days since died, in Elbow- Lane, Joseph Riggs, a noted Upholder. He was one of the People call'd Methodists, and reputed, for his Singu- larity of Life, having never slept out of his Coffin, which was mode by his Order twelve Years ago. Saffron Walden, in Essex, March 19. About 10 o'dock Yesterday Morning we were surprized with a very unusual Noise in the Air, attended by the Descent of Hail- stones of an extraordinary Size, bigger than Black- birds' Eggs, some measuring three Inches and a Half round and up- wards, in Shape like a Pear. The Hail Storm went off North of this Place towards Newmarket, the Noise gra- dually decreasing for some Minutes, and then entirely AGNES GUEST, Widow of WILLIAM GUEST, late of Bewdley, Hatter, deccas'd, IS Remov'd below the Town- Hall in that Town, and 1 continues to carry on the Business in the same Manner as in her Husband's Life- time ; those Persons therefore, whom he had the Honour of serving, she humbty hopes will continue their Favours to her, and they may depend ou meeting with the best Usage, from Their humble Servant, AGNES GUEST. To be LETT, And Enter'd upon IMMEDIATELY, A SMALL CONVENIENT FARM, Consisting of Meadow, Pasture, and Tillage, Near the Borough of DROITWICH, Worcestershire. For Particulars enquire at Hooper's Coffee- House, Worcester. To be SOLD, separate or together, Before the Commissioners in a Commission of Bankruptcy awarded against THOMAS TEARNE, of Bromsgtove, Whitster of Cloth, on Tuesday the 20th Day of April Instant, at the Golden Cross, in Bromsgrove aforesaid, at Four o'Clock in the Afternoon of the same Day, FIVE SEVERAL Messuages or Dwelling - Houses, With Shops and other Buildings, Situate in or near St. John Street in Bromsgrove aforesaid, held for the Remainder of a Term oi One Thousand Years, at a Pepper- Corn Rent. Enquire of Mr. George Boulton, of Tardebigge, Mr. Edward Wood, of Bromsgrove, the Assignees; or of Mr. Brettell, Attorney, in Stowerbridge. To be SOLD, to the BEST BIDDER, On Monday the 19th Day of this Instant April, at the Dwelling House of Mr. John Nott, known by the Name or Sign of the Angel, in Sidbury, in the City of Wor- cester, between the Hours of Three and Five o'Clock in the Afternoon, FIVE FREEHOLD Tenements or Dwelling- Houses, SITUATE in the Fryars- Street, in the several Tenures or Occupations of Francis Elcox, Richard Morton, Charles Pert, John Kaysh, jun. and Mary Ashby, with all Conveniences to them respectively belonging. The Whole in good Repair. For further Particulars apply, in the mean Time, to Mr. Jewkes, Attorney, in Worcefter. that War is declared in France againat England. It is hoped this Piece of News will prove true. We hear that it is actually resolved, that 15 Battalions, of Hanoverian Troops shall be forthwith imported for the Defence of this Island. By Yesterday's Holland Mail there is an Account that the Transports which went to Holland, in order to bring over the Dutch Troops, are arrived at Hamburgh for the Hessian Troops. We hear, by Yesterday's French Mail, that the four Frigates and twelve Transports, which lately sailed from Havre de Grace, and were said to have been chased into Cherburgh by some of our Men of War, are arrived at Brest: They were indeed seen by the Windsor Man of War, and another of our Cruizers; but it seems they could not come up with them, or did not think themselves a Match for them. Yesterday's Letters from Plymouth, dated the 26th Instant advise, that his Majesty's Ships Anson, Winchel- sea, and Otter, were sail'd: Governor Littelton is on board the Winchelsea. His Grace the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland is expected to visit this Capital in May next. According to the latest Advices from that Kingdom, the old Spirit is again broke out : It is added, that it was with great Difficulty the worthy Speaker escaped the Vio lence intended him on Account of the late Honours con ferred on that Gentleman. By the Act for granting to his Majesty two Millions by Annuities and a Lottery, the Laws against private and unlawful Lotteries are extended to Ireland. It has been for some Time reported, that Dr. Bernard, Bishop of Derry in Ireland, will succeed to the vacant Bishoprick of Rochester and Deanery of Westminster. A few Days since a Press Gang made use of the fol- lowing Stratagem in order to procure Men for his Mi- jesty's Service ; they picked up near fifty Women of the Town, whom they carried to their Rendezvous, and agreed to give them a Crown a piece provided they would consent to be put into St. Martin's and Covent Garden Roundhouses, and then send to desire all their Cullies to come to them ; on their coming, they were to shake Hands with them as a signal to the Sailors who were present that they were the Fellows they wanted, on which, the Tars desiring to treat them with a Pot of Por- ter, carried them to the Gang without giving any Alarm, by which near an Hundred were decoyed and put on Board a Tender. A Tradesman in Leadenhall- street has lately discovered a Brood of young Rats in his Cellar, whose Tails are so formed by Nature as not to be separated and are deem'd a very extraordinary Curiosity by Numbers of Virtuosi who daily see them: As the Owner is a Man of Sub stance, ' tis said he has refused a very considerable Sum for them. The like Circumstance happened to him some Time ago, which he took but little Notice of, and occa- sionally speaking of it to some People, the Matter was doubted ; but upon this Repetition of the Fact, it must certainly be from the same particular Brood. A few Days ago an Apartment belonging to the Lord Chamberlain's Office was broke open, and robb'd of a considerable Sum. Friday came on before the Court ' of Chancery a very extraordinary Case, between a Gentleman of Fortune in Carnarvonshire, and his Steward, who had, for many Years received the Rents of some large Estates in Carnar- vonshire and Anglesea, and had refused to deliver in any ceased. As there was not the least Breath of Wind, the People here were in the greatest Confusion, thinking of nothing but an Earthquake. WORCESTER, April 1. Yesterday John Collins ( condemn'd at our last Assizes for robbing and dangeroully wounding Mr. Wm. Hulme, Steward to Sir Thomas Sebright, Bart.) was executed, amidst a great Concourse of People. His Behaviour at the Place of Execution was suitable to his unhappy Situation, tho' he labour'd under the utmost Dejection. Just before he was turn'd off, he address'd himself to the Spectators, and acknowledged himself guilty of the Crime for which he suffer'd, declaring that himself only was con- cern'd in the said Robbery ; yet hoped, from his sincere Repentance, he should obtain Forgiveness from God, as well as from Mr. Hulme, and the Four Persons he had falsely accused ; and then exhorted the People present to take Warning by his ignominious Death. ——— George Robinson, the Soldier, was to have been executed with him, but on Saturday last a Respite came for him till the 14th of this Month. On Monday last one Nicholas Fitz- Simonds, alias Ha- milton, was taken up at a Publick House in the Tything, near this City, and committed to the County Gaol, on a strong Suspicion of Healing a Grey Gelding he had with him, as also of being a Highwayman, there being found on him, when search'd, some Shot, Gunpowder, and Pistol- Flints, as also two Bullets concealed in the Lining of his Breeches; there were likewise found at his Lodg- ings, in a Green Waistcoat Pocket, some more Bullets, a Horn of Gunpowder, and several Papers. He very nearly answers the Description given of a Person advertis'd in the London Evening Post of Saturday last, though only the Initial and Final Letters of the Person's Name are inserted. By the Papers found upon him, he appears to have been formerly a Rider or Agent for an Irish Lin- nen Merchant. We are credibly inform'd, by a Person of undoubted Veracity, that he lately heard a Reverend Divine ( a Doc- tor in Divinity, and Rector of a Parish in this County) declare, and with all Appearance of the utmost Gratitude and Acknowledgment to Almighty God, That, tho' he had been a Master of Servants for about Fifty Years, and near Thirty- six of which he had a large Family of Chil- dren, Servants, & c [ frequently Eight menial Servants at a Time, even Seven the very lad Year], yet, he thank'd God, he never had in all that Time a Funeral from his own House, tho' several Servants had died after they were hired, and within a few Days of entering into his Service, and many others in a very little Time after they had quit- ted it. All which, being so particular and uncommon, we were willing to acquaint our Readers with. On Friday at the Assizes at Coventry the two Parlamans, who had been confined about Ten Months on Suspicion of murdering a Man in the Road near Coventry, were ac- quitted and released from Gaol on their entitling to serve his Majesty as Marines. On Saturday the Assizes began at Warwick, when the two following Persons were tried, viz. William Horton, for robbing the House of Mr. Gibbs; and Wm. Watkins, for robbing Mr. Mason of Birmingham, of a Quantity of unfinish'd Thread, who were both capitally convicted. AL L Persons that remain Indebted to the Estate of James Warner, of Hawford Mills, near Worcester, deceas'd, or of Thomas Warner, late of Huntingdon, on Account of the Flour Trade carried on at the said Mills, are required forthwith to pay their re- spective Debts to Manison Warner, or they will, one and till, be sued without further Notice. Hawford, March 17, 1756. Manison Warner. N. B. Any Persons that shall be pleased to have any Kind of Grain ground only, or ground and dressed too, at the abovesaid Mills, may be assured of having it well done, and on the cullomary Terms. I I ' THE Creditors of Mr. John Crane, late of Bewdley, in the County of Worcester, Surgeon and Apothecary, deceas'd, who are yet unsettled with, are hereby desired by his Administrator, Mr. Thomas Crane, to send in their several Accounts, as soon as may be, to Mr. Daniel Clarke, Attorney at Law, in Bewdley aforesaid; for the Balancing of which Accounts, proper Attendance will be once more given at the Angel Inn, in Bewdley aforesaid, from the Hour of Ten in the Morning till Four in the Afternoon, upon Saturday the 10th Day of this Instant April. And all those Persons who do yet remain indebted to the said Mr. Crane, are hereby required to pay imme- diately their respective Debts to the said Mr. Daniel Clarke, ( who is empowered to receive the same,) or they will be forthwith sued for the same, without any further Notice. This is to give Notice, That The CROWN INN In Broad- Street, Worcester Which was kept by Mr. AUgUSTIN OLDHAM, and, since his Decease, by his Sister, is now taken by JOHN PEMBERTON, Late Servant to WILLIAM STRAHAN, Esq; Where all GENTLEMEN, & c. may depend on having the best Accommodation, by Their most humble Servant, John Pemberton. N. B. There is a great deal of very good STALL- STABLING, and Horses are taken in at Livery. This Day was Published, Containing three Sheets stitch'd in Blue Paper, N° II. Price Six- pence, To be continued once a Fortnight, or every other Saturday, REPOSITORY; GENERAL REVIEW: CONSISTING Chiefly of a Select Colleton of Literary Compositions, extracted from all the celebrated Periodical Productions now publishing, with Occasional REMARKS. Fanorum opimis Spoliis Sociorum ditata. London ; Printed for A. and C. CORBETT, in Fleet- Street-, and Sold by all the Booksellers, Printers, and News- Carriers in Great Britain and Ireland. N- B. This and the preceding Number compleat the REPOSITORY for the Month of March, 1756. CONTENTS of this Number. I. Conclusion of the Account of Mr. SHERRIDAN'S British Education. II. Account of Mr. MACKNIGHT'S Harmony of the Four Gospels. Acccunt of Dr. BLACKWELL'S Memoirs of the Court of III. Augustus. IV. Account of HALLEr'S Dissertation on the sensible and irritable Parts of Animals. V. Account of WHYTT'S Physiological Essays. VI. Verses to a young LADY, on her having the Small pox. VII. Prologue and Epilogue to ATHILSTAN, a new Tragedy. VIII. Ode to the Memory of SHAKESPeAR, by Mr. HAvARD. IX. Ode to MEMORY, by Mr. MASON. X. Concerning the Capriole of the Ladies ; a Scheme for extending the Use of this capital Decoration, and rendering it of Service to both Sexes, by a new Method of Courtship. XI. An Essay in Ridicule of the prevailing Taste for Statues of the Heathen Deities. No. III. of the REPOSITORY will be publish'd on Saturday the 10th of April By Letters Patent under the KING's Sign Manual. This Day were publish'd, PROPOSALs at large, with a Plan of the Work, For Printing in WEEKLY NUMBERS, The NAVAL HISTORY of BRITAIN, FROM The earliest Periods of which there are Accounts in History to the Conclusion of the Year 1756. Compiled from the Manuscript Papers of The late Honourable Captain GEORGE BERKELEY Commander of his Majesty's Ship Windsor. In the Hands of Richard Tattersall, in Bewdley, and to Cover this Season, At ONE GuiNEA a Mare, and a SHILLING the Man, The Dark- Chesnut Horse, call'd BLAZELLUS, RISING Five Years old, Fifteen Hands and three Inches high, with a Star, and one Hind Foot white. He was got by Mr. Steel's Young Blaze, Son of ' Squire Ridsdale's Bay Bolton, Son of Old Bay Bolton. Blazellus's Dam was got by Second, now in the Hands of Edward Leeds, Esq; his Grand Dam by Surley, his Great Grand Dam by Rockwood. In the Year that Blaze got Blazellus Five Hundred Pounds were refus'd for him, and Blazellus coll Thirty Guineas when sucking the Marc.— Near Skip- ton in Yorkshire there are several Foals of this Horse's getting that have been sold for 20 and 35 Guineas each ; and Mr. John Smith, in the Parish of Silsden, has refus'd 5 Guineas for one of his getting. Blazellus is fit to carry 18 Stone a'Fox- hunting, and 19 allow'd to be the best Horse of his Size that ever was bred in Yorkshire. N. B. The Connoisseurs allow him to be a fine Horse to get Cattle for the Coach, out of proper Mares ; he got above a hundred Mares in Foal last Year: And, to convince some of my Brother Stallion- keepers that he is not the Horse they report him to be, but that he can gal- lop, he shall run against any one travelling Covering Stallion in the County of Worcester. or any other County adjoining thereto, the First Day of Worcefter Races in 1757, the best of three Four- Mile Heats, carrying sixteen Stone, Weight for Age, to give or take the Covering of twenty Mares for the Year 1756, Fifty Pounds each, half forfeit ; to enter in to Articles any Time in a Month after the Date hereof. Bewdley, March 17,1756. RICH. TATTERSALL, This Horse will attend the Markets as under : On Tuesday at Mr. John Lambeth's, the Three Swans Inn in Walsall, on' Wednesday at Mr. William Sa- vage's, the Bell Inn in Wolverhampton, and will call that Night at the Bush Inn in Dudley, on Thursday- at Mr; Richard Harrison's in Spiceal- Street, Birmingham, and will call that Night at Mr. Henry Allport's, the Three Tuns Inn in Sulton Coldfield,-— 011 Friday at Mr. Wm. Kelham's, the Swan Inn in Lichfield, on Saturday at Mr Edward Birch's, the Star Inn in Stafford, on Sun- day and Monday he will rest at Mr. Thomas Yardley's, the Crown Inn in Cannock ; where there is a large Quan- tity of Grass engaged, and proper Care taken of Mares. In the same Hands is To Cover this Season, At the White Lyon Inn, at Upton upon Severn, in the County of Worcester, lately bought in out of the North, and now in the Hands of Mr. JOHN HURST, of Royals Court, A Most Famous Thorough- bred Dark Chesnut STALLION, ( Being the same Horse Mr. Hurst had laft Season) SIX Years old this Grass, full Fifteen Hands and an Inch high, with a Bliss down his Face, and one white Heel behind, and Master of twenty Stone a Fox hunting. He was got by Goliah, and out of a thorough- bred Mare. His Actions are very fine ; and is allow'd, by all Judges that have seen him, to be as just a Horse in Shape and Actions as any in the Kingdom. It is worth while for any Gentleman to send his Servant on Purpose to see him : And, for the Sake of encouraging Breed, he will Cover at Half a Guinea, and One Shilling the Man, with the Benefit of the Season. N. B. No Mare will be Cover'd without Ready Money the first Leap. No Horse can prove more lucky in getting Foals. *„* Good Grass for Mares, at reasonable Rates, and proper Care taken of them. To Cover this Season, At Holme Castle, near WoRCESTER, At One Guinea a Mare, and One Shilling the Servant, A Fine Strong Chesnut HORSE, call'd YOUNG TORTOISE. HE was got by Earl Gower's famous Tortoise, which was got by Lord Godolphin's Whitefoot, Son of Bay Bolton ; his Dam by Bartlet's Childers; his Grand Dam by Williams's Arabian, at Woodstock: Her Dam was bred by Capt. Rider, and got by the St. Victor's Barb, who was the Sire of the Bald Galloway. Young Tortoise's Dam was got by Bonny Batchelor j his Grand Dam by Velters Cornwall, Esqr's Prince of Wales. This Pedigree is true. Witnefs my Hand, JAMES SQUIRE. N. B. He will keep no Markets, therefore may be found at Home, when wanting. Good Grass for Mares, and proper Care taken of them. ILLUSTRATED By the Accounts of the most accurate and faithful Historians of the several Periods, and compleated from a great Number of authentic Papers, communicated by some of the most distinguished Com- manders of the present Time, never before published. EMBELLISHED With a great Number of Figures on Folio Copper- plates, of Sea Charts, Heads, Engagements, and other Subjects. CONDITIONS. This Work will consist of One Volume, Folio, and no more ; and will be compleated in Sixty Numbers, on a fine Paper, and with a new Letter. Each Number will consist of Three Sheets of Letter- press, ele- gantly printed, with a Folio Copper- plate where necessary, and will be delivered Weekly at the Price of Six- pence. Number I. will be published on the 24th of April. London: Printed for T. Osborn and J. Shipton, in Gray's Inn ; J. Hodges, on London Bridge ; and S. Crowder and H. Woodgate, at the Golden Ball, in Pater Noster Row; by whom the Numbers will be delivered Weekly ; and sold by R. Lewis, Bookseller, in High Street, and S. Ga- midge, Bookseller, in Leech- Street. Worcester, and by all other Booksellers, Printers, and News Carriers in Great Britain and Ireland. To Cover this Season, AT the Myth, near Tewkesbury, in Gloucestershire, at One Guinea a Mare, and a Shilling the Servant, YOUNG REGULUS, He was bred by Thomas Duncombt, Esq; and got by Regu- lus. his Dam by a Son of Childers-, her Dam was the Dam of Squirt, and got by Snake. T. DUNCOMBE. He beat Lord Eglintown's Bay Colt, got by Spinner, a Match over the Beacon Course at Newmarket in April Meeting 1755, for Forty Pounds, play or pay, and Fifty Guineas bye, which was the only Time he ever started.— He is Master of high Weights, and perfectly fresh and found. Regulus was got by the Lord Godolphin's Arabian his Dam was the noted Mare call'd Grey Robinson, and got by the Bald Galloway. He only run one Year, in which he won Eight Royal Plates of 100 Guineas each and One Plate of 50 Pounds, which were all the Times he started. Y0UNG CADE, And will Cover Mares at One Guinea each, and a Shilling the Man. Young Cade is rising Six Years old. He was got by Old Cade, and out of Hartley's Roundhead Mare, which was gin by Roundhead; his Grand Dam by " Squire Lister's ( of Gisbourn Park) Silverheels; his Great Grand Dam by Fearnought ; his Great Great Grand Dam by Brimmer.— He is a Bright bay, well mark'd, fifteen Hands and an Inch high. He is fit to carry 16 Stone a'Fox- hunting, and allow'd to be a fine Horse. Old Cade covers at Ten Guineas, and was the Sire of Danby Cade, Bay Horse J Bandy, Camilla, Roan Colt, Lightfoot, Nan in tbe Vale, ' Comet, Roebuck, Catus, Chance, Cardena, Match'em, Light- ning, ( which won at Worcester last Year) and many others in high Running Form. *„* His Foals are very fine, boney, and strong. This Horse will attend the Markets as under : Coventry, Warwick, Stratford, Evesham, and Chipping Norton. Paiticulars as to Time and Place where this Horse may be met with, will be mention'd in the Papers that will be distributcd at the above Markets. Likewise in the same Hands is YOUNG FRIDAY,\ And will Cover Mares at Fifteen Shillings each, and One Shilling the Man. Young Friday is a beautiful Chesnut Horse, near Fifteen Hands high, rising Seven Years old. He was got by Dr. Green's Friday; His Dam by Snake, his Grand Dam by Highland Laddie, his Great Grand Dam by Mr. Bathurst's famous Grey Horse Look about yon. The Sire of Dr. Green's Friday was got by Robinson Cru/ oe, his Dam was a noted Running Mare call'd Osbaldistion's Galloway, and was Daughter of the Bald Galloway. Robinson Crusoe was got by Jigg, Sire of Mr. Croft's Partner. Young Friday was bred by Dr. Dunn, of Bishop Auklard. Friday is able to carry 15 Stone a'Fox- hunting. This Horse will be at Mr. Lilley's, the Crown in Bromsgrove, on Tuesday,— at Mr. Woodcock's, the Hop- Pole in Worcester, on Fri- day, by 12 o'Clock, and stay till Saturday about Two o'Clock; the rest ot his Time at Bewdley, where there will be a large Quantity of Grass, and proper Care taken of Mares. N. B. The above Horses are perfectly sound, free from Blemishes, have excellent Constitutions, and are certain Foal- getters. The Money to be paid at the full Covering, or when the Mares are taken from Grass. ADVERTISEMENTS ( of a moderate Length) are taken in at 2r. 6i. each; and Articles of IntcIigence ( Post paid) will he rcceiv d and carefully mferted * . ADveRTISEMENTS, & c. are likewise taken in by Mr. Haslewood, Bookseller, in Bridgnorth ; Mr. Cotton, Bookseller, in hu « fbury ; Mr Hopkinson, Bookseller, in Warwick; Mr Wylde Bookseller, in Stowerbridge ; Mr. Feepound, in Stafford ; Mr. Andrews, Bookseller, in Evesham ; Mr. Hunt, and Mr Hodges, Booksellers, in Hereford ; Mrs. Moseley, Bookseller in Kidderminfter ; Mr. Ashmead, Bookseller. in Tewkesbury ; Mr. Raikes, Printer, in Gloucester ; Mr Aris, Printer, in Birmingham ; at the George and Green Dragon Inns, at Campden ; by Mr. Thomas, Postmaster, in Leominster ; Mr. Barrow, Bookseller in that Town ; at the principal Inns - Broadway and Morton in Marsh ; and Agents employ'd in other Towns in the Distribution of this Journal.— Likewise by Mr. Dod, Bookseller, in Ave- Mary- Lane, London.
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