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Berrow's Worcester Journal


Printer / Publisher: Berrow 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 2427
No Pages: 4
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Berrow's Worcester Journal
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Berrow's Worcester Journal

Date of Article: 05/02/1756
Printer / Publisher: Berrow 
Address: Office in Goose-Lane, near the Cross
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 2427
No Pages: 4
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BERROW's Worcester JOURNAL. [. Printed at his OFFICE in Goose- Lane, near the Cross.] Price Two- Pence. THURSDAY, February 5, 1756. N° 2427 FRIDAY'S and SATURDAY'S POSTS. ^ From the PARISGAZETTE. Versailles, January 22. . THE Sieur Rouille, Minister and Secre tiry of State for Foreign Affairs, wrote the 21 st of last Month to Mr Fox, Se- cretary of State to the King of England, the following Letter. [ They should have said, King of Great Britain but we shall follow the Original as near as we can.]— SIR, TIS by Order of tbe King my Master that I have the Ho- nour of sending to your Excellency the Memorial, which herein inclose, & c. IT is not the King's Fault that the Differences con- cerning America have not been terminated by concili- atory Methods ; and this his Majesty is able to de- monstrate to the whole World by authentick Proofs. The King, ever animated with the most sincere Desire to maintain the publick Repose, and the best Understand- ing with his Britannick Majesty, has carried on, with the fullest good Faith and Confidence, the Negotiation reta- tive to this Object The Assurances which the King of Great Britain and his Ministers incessantly renewed verbally and in Writing, were so formal and so precise, in Regard to the pacifick Dispositions of his Britannick Majesty, that the King would have scrupled to harbour the least Doubt concern- ing the Uprightness of the Intentions of the Court of London. It is scarce possible to conceive how these Assurances could be reconciled with the offensive Orders given in November, 1754, to General Braddock, and in April, 1755, to Admiral Boscawen. The attacking, in the Month of July last, and the taking two of the King's Ships on the High Seas, and without a formal Declaration of War, were a publick In- sult on his Majesty's Flag ; and he would have shewn im- mediately all the just Resentment which an Attempt so irregular and so violent kindled in him. could he have believed that Admiral Boscawen acted only in Consequence of Orders from his Court. The same Motive did, at first, suspend the King's Judg- ment concerning the Piracies, which, for some Months past, the English commit against the Navigation and Commerce of his Majesty's Subjects, in Contempt of the Law of Nations, the Faith of Treaties, the Usages esta- blished among civilized Nations, and the Regard they owe each other. The King had Room to expeCt, from the Sentiments of his Britannick Majesty, that, upon his Return to Lon- don, he would disavow the ConduCt of his Board of Ad- miralty, and of his Sea Officers; and that he would give his Majesty a Satisfaction adequate to the Injury and the Damage. But the King, seeing that the King of England, very far from punishing the Piracies of the English Marine, does, on the contrary, encourage them, by demanding of his Subjects new Supplies against France; his Majesty would be wanting is what he owes to his own Glory, the Dignity of his Crown, and the Defence of his People, if he delay'd any longer to demand of the King of Great Britain a signal Reparation for the Outrage committed on the French Flag, and for the Damage done to the King's Subjects. His Majesty, therefore, thinks he must address himself directly to his Britannick Majesty, and demand of him the speedy and full Restitution of all the French Ships, both Men of War and Merchantmen, which, against the Laws, and against all Decorum and Decency, have been taken by the English Navy, and of all the Officers, Soldiers, Sailors, Artillery, Ammunition, Merchandize, and every Thing in general that belonged to those Ships. The King will always better like to be beholden to the King of England's Equity, than to any other Means, for the Satisfaction he has a Right to claim ; and all Poten tates will, doubtless, perceive, in the Step he has deter- mined to take, a fresh and very sensible Proof of that constant Love of Peace which direCts his Councils and his Resolutions. If his Britannick Majesty orders the Restitution of the Ships in Question, the King will be disposed to enter into a Negotiation about the other Satisfactions that are law fully due to him, and will continue to lend a Hand, as he has formerly done, to an equitable and solid Accommo- dation of the Disputes concerning America. But if, contrary to all Hopes, the King of England refuses the Requisition which the King makes him, his Majesty will look upon this Denial of Justice as the most authentick Declaration of War, and as a Design formed by the Court of London to disturb the Repose of Europe. Mr. Fox has made the Sieur Rouille the following An swer, dated from Whitehall the 13th Instant. S I R, I Received, the third Inftant, the Letter which your Ex- cellency has honour'd me with, dated the 21st past, with the Memorial annex'd to it. I lost no Time in lay- ing them before the King my Master ; and ' tis by his Or- ders that I have the Honour to inform your Excellency, that his Majesty still wishes for the Preservation of the pub- lick Tranquility ; but though the King will readily listen to an equitable and solid Accommodation, his Majesty cannot grant the Demand made of the speedy Restitution of all the French Ships, and of every Thing belonging thereto, as a preliminary Condition of any Kind of Ne- gotiation ; the King having done nothing in all his Pro- ceedings, but what the Hollilities commenced by France, in Time of full Peace ( of which we have the most authen- tick Proofs) and what his Majesty owes to his Honour, the Defence of the Rights and Possessions of his Crown, and the Safety of his Kingdoms, have rendered just and indis- pensible. I have the Honour to be, ( 37. IRELAND Limerick, Jan. 6. For some Time past there have been many Robberies committed in this Country by a most in- human and barbarous Set of desperate Villains, who cruelly tortured all those they robbed that attempted to conceal their Effects. They have for many Years past sheltered themselves in the Suburbs of this City, and be- came so formidable, as to appear openly in Arms and in Defiance of the Laws, and constantly made it their Prac- tice to stop all Prisoners committed here from the Country, and set them at Liberty. But by the great Care, Activity and Resolution of our good and worshipful Mayor, Stepney Rawson Stepney, Efq; ( who upon every Occasion exerts himself beyond what is common tor a Magistrate to do) we hope this Gang is happily dispersed, he having assem- blcd some Gentlemen of his Friends in the Town, who, with him, armed themselves, and privately went in the Night to the Houses where thofe Villains were known to frequent, broke open their Doors, and secur'd several of them, whom he committed to Goal Paul Hifferman, who they stiled their Captain, and had formerly been a Foot Soldier, and deserted out of his Majesty's Service, made his Escape, by getting out the Back way, and the Night favouring him ; but a conside- rable Reward being offered by our Mayor, Richard Bourke of Drumsallagh, and William Green of Ballymacrees, Esqrs he has since been taken at Newcastle in the County of Limerick, and brought to this City, conducted by a numerous Appearance of Gentlemen both of the City and County. LONDON. Thursday, JANUARY 29 The Report of an Embargo laid on our Ships in the French Ports was a very short liv'd one; it was at its Ma- turity at Noon Yesterday, and expir'd before the Mer- chants left the Change Commissions have been granted by his Majesty to the Officers of Portsmouth Dock Yard, in order for their rai sing a Regiment of Foot, consisting of 1000 Men, out of the Workmen, to do Duty in the said Dock Yard, where of the Hon Richard Hughes, Esq; is appointed Colonel. The Time for giving Rewards to such Seamen and able bodied Landmen as shall enter, or be procured for his Majesty's Service, is extended to the 29th of February next The Earl of Loudon is to have a Garter, and will set out for America as soon as the Regiments are complete and the winds will favour. Whatsoever our Enemies, either abroad or at home, may insinuate to the World, we have been hard at Work ; and if Providence sends us a Pro- testant Wind we are ready to put to Sea. Our Admirals have, or will very soon have their Flags flying on board their respective Ships Sir Edward Hawke is expeCted at Chatham ; Admiral Smith is in the Downs; Admirals Townshend and Mostyn at Portsmouth ; Messrs. West and Holbourn at Plymouth ; and, in general, we are prepar'd to distress our Enemies, or defend ourselves against the At- tacks of France, who may repent their open and secret Breaches of so many solemn treaties and Engagements with us and other Nations, for which they are so infamous. We hear that Col Abercrombie will be appointed Co- lonel, -. and have the Command 0f the Regiment late Ellis's, which was late Halket's. Two Men of War are fitting out for Nova- Scotia, to relieve the two that are stationed there. " Tis said that some of our Men of War have inter- cepted the French lndiamen bound from Port l'Orient for China and Bengal. It was reported also this Morning that a French Man of War of 70 Guns, and five Martinico Men, are taken and carried into Port Mahon. A French Snow, from St. Domingo for France, is car- ried into Jamaica by the Hind Sloop of War The Amphitrite, from St. Domingo for Marseilles, is taken by the Dolphin Man of War, and carried into Gi- braltar. Tuesday the Right Hon. John Lord Hobart, Comp- troller of his Majesty's Houshould, was, by his Majesty'S Command, sworn of his Majesty's Most Honourable Privy Council, and took his Place at the Board accordingly On Tuesday two Men, said to be Spies, were brought to Town under a strong Guard from Rochester. They write from Genoa, that on the 28th of last Month a Fire broke out at Milan, and consumed all that Quar- ter of the City which was terminated by Ticino Gate. They also inform us of a much more dreadful Conflagra- tion at Grand Cairo, whereby upwards of 6000 Houses have been reduced to Ashes, and the whole Loss is esti mated at about a Million Sterling. They write from Driebourg, in the Bishoprick of Pa- derhorn, in Germany, that an Inhabitant of that Town died lately in the 120th Year of his Age. This old Man's common Drink was the Mineral Waters of Driebourg. They write from Ovington, in Northumberland, that one Isabel Simpfon lately died there, aged 109, who re- tained all her Senses to the last, except her Sight; and tho' she lost that some Years ago, yet ' till within the last six she commonly spun Lint or Tow on the Rock * By Letters from Boston, in New- England, we hear, that the famous Betty Canning, taking the Air with her Mis- tress, the Chaise overset, and she broke her Leg ; which however, has been treated with such Skill, that she feels no Manner of Inconvenience from the Accident On Monday Night a young Gentleman in Blackman Street, Southwark, who had lost a confiderable Sum of Money at Gaming, went home to his Lodgings, and hanged himself. Yesterday se'nnight Mabbot was whipped through the City of Oxford at the Cart's Tail, according to his Sen- tence. The Streets and Windows on this Occasion were lined with a prodigious Concourse of People, and a large Mob attended the Cart but all behaved well, and shewed a proper Detestation of the unnatural Crime for which he suffered, as well as of all other Violence and Indecency. After Mabbot returned to Prison he fell upon his Knees, and in the most solemn Manner denied the Fact for which he had been punish'd, and earneftly pray'd that God Al- mighty would inflict some immediate Judgment upon him, if what he then declared was not the Truth. SUNDAY's and MONDAY'J POSTS. • 3? REMARKS on the French KING's MEMORIAL. NOW that his Most Christian Majesty, or if y0U Please Most Patient Majesty, has demand- ed Restitution of all the Ships taken from him and his Subjects, with every Thing belonging thereto, and has declared that if our Court refuses to restore them, he will look upon such Denial of Justice as the most authentick Declaration of War ; one must naturally expect that the French will im- mediately commerce Hostilities at Sea. and make Repri- sals for the Reprisals they have forced us to make. And, as the Grand Monarch likewise , ts that the Court of London has formed a Design to disturb the Repose of Ed- rope, we may take it as an Insinuation that he will do all the Mischief he can upon the Continent, in order to cir- cumvent us. However, he does not plainly say, that he will immediately declare War, upon the Refusal to deliver up all the Prizes we have made : Therefore, we may suppose he will content himself with letting loose his Men of War and Privateers upon our Merchantmen, in order to chase and fret us so far as to get us to make the first Declaration of War in due Form ; because this may be an essential Point towards warranting him to call upon some of his Allies for the Performance of Treaties, but, suppose we will not declare War, but chuse to proceed as we have begun, then the Continent may remain in Peace, and the Question between England and France will be, Whose Navy will be first destroy'd, or whose Exchequer will be first exhausted ? IRELAND. Dublin, Jan. zo. Sunday Mr. Spencer, one of his Majesty's Messengers, arrived with an Express to his Ex- cellency the Lord Lieutenant. He rode from London to the Head, which is two hundred and twenty nine Miles, in thirty two Hours. Letters from the County of Galway, by Yesterday's Post, mention, that there has been an Earthquake on the Lands of Lieter, belonging to Mr. Richard Lewis, near Corkomo, in that County, which swallowed up two Acres of Land, to the great Terror and Amazement of the in- habitants, who quitted their Houses for some Time. The Place where the Land was is now covered with Water. Galway, Jan 13. A few Days ago an entire Piece of Ground, containing upwards of ten Acres of Sleave boghty, near Peter's Well, in this County, was hurried away by a Mountain Flood, and carried near a Mile, where it now continues, partly over a Potatoe Garden, and partly on the Lands adjacent, upwards of thirty Feet thick. For several Days after, a Current of Water, black as ink, flowed from the Place whence it was car ried, which, running into the adjacent River, so affected it, that a great Number of Trouts were found dead on the Shore. Waterford, Jan. 12. Last Thursday the Harry and Betty, of Liverpool, Capt. Overton, arrived here in six- teen Days from Lisbon, with fifty Passengers on board, all doubly ruined, having lost their Friends and Substance in the late general Destruction of that City. The Vessel was employ'd by the English Consul to bring away as many of the poor Sufferers as close to return to their native Coun- try, for whom he very generously provided Provisions, and paid their Passage- Money. Extract of a Letter from Tuam, Jan. 19. " We have here the most dreadful Season your Idea can form ; nothing but Lightning and Thunder, Hail and Rain, and such terrible Storms, that the very Houses crack and shake. Scarcely a Week passes that we do not hear of some Persons being drowned, the Floods are risen to such a Pitch. The Archbishop was five Miles on his Way to Dublin last Monday, but obliged to turn back, the Roads being quite impassible." Cork, Jan 19. The Matthew Snow, who has follow'd the Coasting Trade from hence to Waterford for many Years, was loft, two Days ago, near the Harbour of Youghall, and all the Crew perished. MURDER'D. — Michael Lymhy, of Aghabrack, in the County of Longford, by six Fellows in the Town of Gra- nard. A Man in Billyna in the County of Cavan, by Poison given him in Bread by his own Wife. A Journey- man Baker, in Truck- Street, Dublin, by his Wife and some others. A Child of about eight Years of Age, by its own Mother, who is committed to Kilkenny Gaol. COUNTRY NEWS. Milverton, in Somersetshire, Jan. 24. The 15th Instant, at Eight at Night, a Ball of Fire, its apparent Magnitude equal to that of the Moon, was seen here ; its Direction was from the South West to North East , it must be some what above the Clouds, because it could be seen only be tween them ; its Velocity was pretty great, being about three Quarters of a Minute in passing from the Zenith ( near which it was first discover'd) to the Place it seemed to be extinguished, which was very near the Horizon; it left a considerable Train of dark Vapours like Smoke, but was attended with no Noise. LONDON, Saturday, JANUARY 31. It is now said for certain, that War will be declared on Tuesday se'nnight, We hear that John Thornton, Esq; of Clapham, has subscrib'd 100,000 I. to the new Loan. We hear that in Case the French invade us, which they sometimes threaten to do, the Government will demand of the Dutch the Troops they are oblig'd to furnish us with by Treaty. A very formidable Train of Artillery is preparing ; but for what Part destin'd is not known. We hear that an Embargo is expected to be laid on the Ships in the Irish Ports. We hear that Press Warrants have been sent from the Admiralty to ail the Out Ports of this Kingdom ; and Sloops are also ordered to Ireland to bring as many able Men from thence as they can procure, that our Ships may be completely mann'd . And we may see, by every Step taken in Affairs of the Navy, that Matters are carried 011 with Spirit, Resolution, and Vigour. We hear that all the Regiments on the Irish Establish- ment are to be augmented by twenty Men in each Com- pany. By the last Accounts from Plymouth we hear, that Rear- Admiral West, with seven Sail of the Line, still remains in the Sound in Readiness to join Admiral Osborn, who, with twelve Sail more, is hourly expected ; and that there now remains in Hammoze eighteen Sail of the Line, under the Command of Commodore Ward, in his Ma- jesty's Ship Culloden, which it is thought will be ready for the Sea in ten Days. The Merchant Ships arrived this Week in the Downs have been navigated up the River by Men belonging to the Ships of War, their own being impressed. Charles Knowles, Esq; having desired Leave to resign the Government of Jamaica, the same hath been granted. The Remembrance of the fatal 30th of January, 1648- 9 is so far worn out, that there were no Sermons at many of the Churches in the City, and very few Shops shut up Capt. Mabbot is elected Member of Parliament for Hindon, in Wiltshire, in the Room of Bisse Richards Esq; deceas'd. It is said that General Sir William Johnson has not re- sign'd the Command of the Troops in America, but is expected so to do, being in a bad State of Health. There was a Rumour Yesterday, that a Duel had been fought between Sir William Johnson and General Shirley, in which the former was killed. Evening Advertiser. We hear that the two Persons brought to Town out of Kent last Week hid several Letters about them, by which Letters, as they had not Time to destroy them, it is be- lieved, the Business in which they were employ'd will be discover'd. A Person is brought to Town from onboard a Dunkirk Trader, said to be an Irish Officer in the French Service. We find there was no Manner of Foundation for the Account lately inserted in the Papers, of three Men being taken up at Aberdeen in Scotland, for making Use ol Treasonable Expressions, and having French Commissions found upon them. We hear there are now seven East Indiamen at Spit head, waiting for a fair Wind ; they are to be convoyed by a Fleet of twenty Men of War; as the same Wind which will carry them to Sea will also serve the Brest Fleet. By a Letter from Capt. Park, of the John and Hannah, of Whitehaven, for Dumfries, we learn that he was driven ashore in a small Bay, called Borley Cove, near Crook- haven, on the 25th of December last, where they saved their Lives, but were plunder'd of all they had by the Inhabitants. He left Virginia the 19th of November, and on the 17th of December the Carpenter was killed on the Quarter Deck by a violent Thunder Storm, and four of the Hands lamed, but they are since recovered. The Ship received so violent a Shock that her Decks were like a Riddle. The Crew were obliged to eat raw Beef for nine Days before they made Shore, in four Days after which the Mate died. Thursday was held a General Court of the South Sea Company, when a Dividend of Two per Cent, was de clared on the Capital Stock for the Half Year ending at Christmas. The great Cause that has been depending between Jane Maria Forbes and James Lord Forbes, we hear, is deter- mined in favour of the Lady. On Wednesday the Judges met in Lord Chief Justice Ryder's Chambers in Westminster Hall, and chose their Circuits for the ensuing Lent Assizes, viz Northern Circuit. Lord Chief Justice Ryder, Mr. Justice Birch. Norfolk Circuit. Lord Chief Justice Willes, Mr. Justice Clive. Midland Circuit. Lord Chief Baron Parker, Mr. Baron Smythe. Home Circuit. Mr. Justice Denison, Mr. Justice Forster. Oxford Circuit. Mr. Baron Legge, Mr. Jullice Wilmot. Western Circuit. Mr. Baron Adams, Mr. Justice Bathurst. Last Tuesday there was a great Council at St. James's, when his Majesty pricked the Sheriff to serve for the seve- ral Counties for the present Year, viz. BErkshire, Thomas Reeve, of New Windsor, Esq; Bedfordshire, James Smith, of Streatly, Esq; Buckinghamshire, Thomas Worster, of Cheddington, Esq Cumberland, Sir Wilfred Lawson, of Brayton, Bart. Cheshire, Thomas Prescot, of Overton, Esq; Camb. & Hunt. Charles Pepis, of lmpington, Esq; Cornwall, John Sawle, of Penrice, Esq; Devonshire, John Oliver Williams, of Exweeke, Esq; Dorsetshire, Harry Meggs, of Bradford Peverel. Esq; Derbyshire, Nicholas Hurt, of Alderwasley, Esq; Essex, Edward Emmet, of Alborough Hatch, Esq; Gloucestershire, Chirles Wyndham, of Clowerwall in the Forest of Dean, Esq; Herefordshire, Edmund Thomas, of Michael Church, Esq Hertfordshire, John Turvin, of Gilston, Esq; Kent, John Cockayne Sole, of Bobbing, Esq; Leicestershire, William Pochin, of Barkby, Esq; Lincolnshire, Tho. Lister, of Brough cum Gearsby, Esq; Monmouthshire, Daniel Treagose, of Tregirog, Esq; Northumberland, Postponed. Northamptonshire, John Ashley, of Ledgers Ashby, Esq; Norfolk, John Barker, of Shropham, Esq; Nottinghamshire, Robert Sutton, of Retford, Esq; Oxfordshire, Charles Peers, of Chislehampton, Esq; Rutlandshire, Robert Tomblin, of Edith- Weston, Esq; Shropshire, Anthony Kinnersly of Leighton. Esq; Somersetshire, James Perry, of Perry Elm, Esq; Staffordshire. John Touchet Chetwode, of Oakeley, Esq Suffolk, Postponed. Southampton, Bernard Brocas, of Beaurepaire, Esq; Surrey, Charles Devon, of Peckham, Esq; Sussex, Joseph Calverlcy, of the Broad, Esq; Warwickshire, John Taylor, of Sheldon Hall, Esq; Worcestershire, Joseph Bidle, of Evesham, Esq; Wiltshire, John Jacob, of Tokenham, Esq; Yorkshire, George Montgomery Mettam, of North Cave, Esq; SOUTH WALES. Brecon, William Prytherch of Llandevaylog, Esq; Carmarthen, Henry Penry, of Lanedy, Esq; Cardigan, Lewis Lloyd, of Gernos, Esq; Glamorgan, Henry Stratsfield, of Coyty, Esq; Pembroke, George Lloyd Mears, of Pearson, Esq; Radnor, John Lewis, of Presteigne, Esq; NORTH WALES. Anglesea, Charles Allanson, of Dreiniog, Esq; Carnarvon, William Owen, of Clenenny, Esq; Denbigh, Maurice Jones, of Gellygonan, Esq; Flint, John Wright, of Plas issa, Esq; Merioneth, Richard Owen, of Cathley, Esq; Montgomery, Richard Powell, of Poole, Esq; By the last Letters from Alderman Richard Beckford, who is in the South of France, it is concluded that . that Gentleman is past all Hopes of Recovery. Wednesday last John Higgins and John Buen were re- examined before John Fielding and Saunders Welch, Esqrs. for uttering and putting off false and counterfeit Money, and, there being sufficient Evidence against them, were re- manded back to Prison, in order to take their Trials at the next Sessions. Some Days ago was apprehended at Sherborne, and committed to Dorchester Gaol, one Henry Simmons, ( said to be not above 16 Years of Age) for committing a Rape on the Body of Sarah Loaden, Widow, an old Woman of sixty Years of Age, between Sherborne and Milborne Port. Yesterday Richard Hitch, aged upwards of 60, for- merly a Hog Butcher at Islington, was committed to the New Gaol in Southwark, by William Hammond, Esq; for the Murder of his Wife eleven Years ago. The Night this Murder was committed, the Prisoner, by his own Con- fession, fled to Hitchin, in Hertfordshire, and has been strolling up and down the Country ever since in a wretched Condition. Last Thursday being accidentally met at Ditton upon Thames by two Butchers who knew him, they treated him till they came to Wandsworth, and there seized him. Since his Commitment he hath confessed that he was in the Room when his Wife's Throat was cut, but says she snatched the Knife from him, and did it herself. WORCESTER, February 5, 1756. NOTICE is hereby given, That the ASSEMBLY at the GUILD- HALL, Which was to have been held This Evening, is ( On Account of the General FAST) Defer'd till Thursday next, the 12th Instant, when the same will be held again, and continued every other Thursday during the Remainder of the Quarter. ANY Person who is experienced in Boring and Laying PIPES for the Conveyance of Water, AND MAKING PUMPS to raise, and RESERVOIRS to receive the same, and is inclinable to undertake a large Work of that Nature, may hear further by enquiring at the Ship Tavern, behind the Royal Exchange, London, Or at Hooper's Coffee House, in Worcester. XJ* NO PAVING is required. « £ f To be LETT The Earl's Post INN, Situated in the High- Street, near the Town Hall, in the City of Worcester, Being an old accustomed Inn, with large Vaults, Cellars, and Stabling for 40 Horses, All in good Repair. For further Particulars enquire of Mr. Thomas Rayment, Giover, near the Hop Market. NOTICE is hereby given, That The KING'S HEAD INN, Opposite the Town- Hall, in Worcester, Is now taken by THOMAS NOTT H O hopes those Gentlemen, Tradesmen, and Othert, whoused the said INN, in Mrs. Brad- ley's Time, will now favour Him with their Custom ; and that those Persons likewise who oblig'd him with their Company at the Earl's Postt ( which is now to be Lett) will continue their Favours to him at the King's Head. where all Persons may depend on meeting with the best Accommodation, and the utmost Civility, from Their Humble Servant, Thomas Nott. N B. There is a great deal of very good Stall- Stabling at the said King's Head Inn. To be LETT, And Enter'd upon at OLD CANDLEMAS next, A very IMPROVeABLE ESTATE, Of about 901, a- Year, SITUATE at Storridge, in the Parish of Cradley, _ in the County of Hereford, six Miles from the City of Worcester, consisting of a good Dwelling House, Barns, Stables, Hop Kilns, Cyder- Mill, and other convenient Out- Buildings, with a large Tract of Arable, Meadow. and Pasture Ground, extensive Orcharding, and some Hop Ground, which may be enlarged and polled off the Premisses. The Farm is now in the Possession of Wil- liam Cook, who hath been Tenant thereof more than forty Years, and only quits it now on Account of his great Age and bodily Infirmities. A good Tenant will meet with all fitting En- couragement. For further Information apply to John Brodribb, Esq- or Mr. William Freme, in Worcester. LOST, about three Weeks ago, A Brindled Greyhound DOG, About a Year and a Half old, Who answers to the Name of SMOKER. Whoever will bring the said Dog, or give Intelligence of him, ( so that he may be had again) to Mr. Wiggins, Surgeon and Apothecary, in High Street, Worcester, or to the Printer of this Paper, shall have a Crown Reward. Wednesday's and Thursday's POSTS, Arrived the MAILS from France and Holland. At TRINITY - HALL, in Worcester, Y O U T H Are Instructed in the following Branches of LEARNING by ROBERT HOWORTH, and Assistant, viz. The Rudiments of the Latin Tongue, ENGLISH, after the correctest Manner, Writing and Arithmetick in all its PARTS, BOOK- KEEPING According to the Italian Method, MENSURATION Superficial and Solid, GAUGING, PLAIN TRIGONOMETRY Right and Oblique, Navigation and Dialling. N. B. SUN DIALS of all Sorts, and ASTRONOMICAL FURNITURE inserted upon them, are made at the above mention'd Place. To be SOLD, A STACK of CORN- MILLS, Call'd Piddle MILLS, SITUATE upon the River Avon, and near the Town of Pershore, Worcestershire with the Fishery Heights, Meadow Ground, and Appurtenances thereto belonging. For further Particulars enquire of Mr. Twinning, at the said Mill; Mr. Thomas Bomford, in Wyre- Piddle ; or of Mr. Gresley, Attorney, in Pershore. To be S O L D, to the Best Bidder, And Enter d upon at Midsummer next, or sooner if required, A DWELLING- HOUSE, In good Repair, SITUATE in the High- Street, in Warwick. It hath been occupied by a Tradesman, but, with a little Alteration, may be made fit for a genteel private Family. —*** There are very convenient Out- Offices, in a plea- sant Opening behind the House, from whence is a Pros- pect of Earl Brooke's Park. Enquire of John Bird, who now inhabits the said House, for further Satisfaction in the Premisses. BRUSSels, January 27. • OUR Letters from the Frontiers mention, that French Troops in the Interior Parts of the Kingdom are every where in Motion, and drawing near the Coasts of the Ocean between Brest and Dunkirk. They add, that Orders have been lately given to the Magistrates and Command- ing Officers, all along the Frontiers, to be very careful in examining and taking a particular Account of all Tra- vellers passing to and fro. Lond Gaz. To be S 0l D, And Enter d upon at ANYTIME, Five Messuages or Tenements, Stiuated in St. Johns Street, Bromsgrove: TOGETHER, with Stables, Brewhouse, and other Conveniencies: And also good Gardens ad- joining, which lead down to the River or Brook Side. Two of the Houses are new- built, and the others in good Repair; all well tenanted at 22l. aYear; all upon a Lease of 999 Years. For further Particulars enquire of Thomas Tearn, Whitster, or Benj. Watson, Mercer, in Bromsgrove. N. B. The Two New built Houses are distinct from the rest, and may be sold separate, if required. To be LETT, And Enter d upon Immediately, An Inclos'd FARM IN the Parish of Aldermaston, in the County of Wor- cester, containing 379 Acres of Arable and Pasture Ground, of about the Yearly Value of 150/. It is within four Miles of Stratford upon Avon, and five of Shipston upon Stower, both good Market Towns. For further Particulars enquire of Mr. Perry, at the Bridge- Foot, at Stratford. To be LETT, And Enter'd upon at Lady Day next, A large commodious WAREHOUSE, Near Forty Feet long, and Twenty Feet wide, With a large Room over the same, capable of housing a large Quantity of Hops, Situate in Powick's Lane, in the City of Worcester. For further Particulars enquire of Mr. Joseph Watson, Ironmonger, in Broad Street. N. B. The above Premisses are very convenient either for a Hop- Merchant or a Cyder- Merchant. LONDON, Tuesday, FEBRUARY 3. Hopes of Peace no longer subsist, the French in a most dastardly and cowardly Manner having seized all our Ships while in their Harbours, whereas the Ships taken from them by us were upon the open Ocean, whereby they had an Opportunity of defending themselves to the utmost of their Power / but by a Letter from the Master of a Ship detained at Dunkirk, it appears, that all the Engish Sailors, with their Officers, are locked up in a very small and loathsome Prifon : And from Calais there is certain Ad- vice laid before the highest Authority, that a Packet Boat, or Vessel from Dover, belonging to Mr. Minnet of Dover, a Banker, is detained in that Port, and all the Passengers made Prisoners. " This may be depended on, ( says a Letter from a Gentleman or great Veracity and Know ledge, resident in one of the before- mentioned Places, brought by the Way of Holland). " I am so closely watched I can hardly stir, and only because I am an Eng- lishman The Gentleman who delivers this is my Coun- tryman, and can testify that the greatest Preparations ima- ginable are making at Brest for invading fome Part of the British Dominions ; and that there are a great Number of Irish and Scotch Officers in the Sea Ports I can justify, and a Number of Troops daily pouring in ; and it has also been reported from Day to Day, that War will be de- clar'd To morrow." A Letter from Paris, dated Jan. 19, runs thus: All the Officers are setting out successively to join their Regi- ments. All the Intendants of Provinces have received Or- ders to assemble forthwith the Militia in their respective Departments, and ' tis thought they will be sent into the strong Towns, in order to replace the old Troops, most of whom are actually marching. down to the Sea Coasts. The Court has sent Orders to Toulon, Rochefort, and Brest, to equip all the King's Ships. M. Perrier's Squa- dron will set sail in a few Days, and the Marquess de Conslans's Squadron will soon fall down into the Road j the Latter is augmented by two Ships of the Line and six Frigates We near by the last Mail from France, that the Body of the young Nobility have offered their Service to invade England ; but the same Advices add, that they are under some Difficulties how to get there.—— N B. It is certain they can't come in the Diligence, they having already been expected here these five Months. . According to some Letters from Paris, the Answers they have received from several Courts give Room to ex pect that the only Combatants in Europe will be France and Great Britain, without the Intervention of any other Powers but those whose Assistance may be required under the Denomination of Auxiliaries. An Article from the Paris A la- main, dated Jan. 26, runs thus : A Declaration of War against England is ex-, pected every Moment: It is said the King's Manifesto on this Subject is actually in the Press We are assured that, by the late Treaty, the King, as Elector of Hanover, renounces, in Favour of his Prussian Majesty, all Claim co East Friezland. We hear from very good Authority, that the Dutch and Hessian Troop : are ordered to come over here, agree- able to Treaty as soon as possible. We hear from Rome that an Irish Officer lately ar- rived there with Letters for the Pretender, and set out again in a few Days, with answer thereto, and a large Sum of Money drawn upon Belloni the Banker. We hear that 120,000- h will be sent over with the Forces to America. We hear that the Commissioners of the Navy contracted this Day for tne transporting of 2300 Scotch- Hollanders from Holland into England. Besides the thirty additional Companies of Marines, it is apprehended that six more Regiments will be forthwith raised to compleat the original Intention of 16 new Regi ments of Foot. Towards the Support of which, the fol- lowing Taxes are talk'd of, viz An additional Tax on Coaches, & c. a Tax upon Livery Servants ; a Tax upon Swords ; a Tax upon the Play- Houses, viz one Shilling upon each Box Ticket, and Six pence upon each Ticket for the Pit and Galleries; a Tax of five per Cent, upon all publick Salaries and Profits of Government Places, that are not at present subject either to the Land Tax, or Civil List ; when the Salaries are liable to these Deductions, then the Tax is only to arise from the Profits ; an addi- tional Tax of Six pence per Pack upon Cards; and a Tax upon Dogs of all Denominations. ' Tis said an Express is arrived from Admiral Smith in the Downs, and forwarded by General Hawley at Can- terbury, that the French have pick'd up no less than six- teen of our trading Vessels in the Channel; and ' tis added the Brest Squadron, consisting of 29 Ships of the Line have sailed from thence; but their Destination is at pre- sent unknown. We hear a Camp is ordered to be mark'd out on Finch- ley Common. Sir John Ligonier will set out To morrow Morning for Kent and Sussex; and a Train of Artillery will soon follow. ON Saturday last Admiral Osborn in the Somerset, Ad- miral Mostyn in the Monarch, and Admiral Townshend in the Dreadnought, with twelve Sail more of the Line, and four Frigates ; also seven Indiamen, and upwards of one hundred Sail of Merchantmen, sailed from St He- lens. They are to be join'd off Plymouth by Admiral West with six Ships of the Line, and eight Frigates, and when the whole Number of Ships from the several Ports have joined, they will consist of upwards of 150 Sail. From Triers we have Advice of the Death of the Elector, and that he is succeeded by his Co- adjutor, Ba- ron John Philip of Walderdorff. Her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales lost at Court on Sunday a Diamond worth upwards of 500 I. We hear that two Ladies of Quality intend this or next Week each to give a Masquerade. We hear that the Hon. John Spencer, Esq; will soon be created a Peer. The Right Hon. the Lord High Chancellor has been pleased to sppoint Mr. John Davenport, of Leek, in the County of Stafford, Gent, a Master Extraordinary of the High Court of Chancery. According to the late Dr. Halley ( as we are informed) the Return of the great Comet is fixed for the Year 1758. It is also said that it will revolve in the same Line, and in the same Part of that Line wherein the Earth moves. This Morning it was strongly reported that the Right Hon. the Earl of Chesterfield died on the Road ; which we hope is not true. His Lordship set out two or three Days ago in a bad State of Health. We hear the Magistrates and other Officers of the se- veral Parishes of London and Westminster are determin'd that no Taverns, Alehouses, or Coffee Houses, shall be open'd on Friday next, being the Day appointed for a Ge- neral Fast ; it being observed that when the last General Fast was kept in the Time of the Rebellion, Numbers of poor Wretches lay wallowing in our Streets, to the Re- proach of Human Nature. Letters from Lisbon advise that the Presents of his Bri- tannick Majesty, for the Relief of the poor Portugueze, were arrived there: That Mr. Castres has had the Honour to deliver those Presents to his Most Faithful Majesty, who received them with the greatest Satisfaction: They con- sist of 30,000 1. Sterling in Portugal Gold, 20,000 1. in Piastres, 6000 Barrels of Salt Beef and Pork, 4000 Bar- rels of Butter, 1000 Bags of Biscuit, 1200 Barrels of Rice, 10,000 Quintals of Meal, and 10,000 Quintals of Corn, besides a great Quantity of Shoes, Stockings, & c. The last Letters from Portugal, by the Way of Madrid, advise, that the Earthquake which happen'd at Lisbon on the 21ft of December last, shook the House of the Count d'Aranda, the new Ambassador from Spain, in such a Manner that the Fire fell out of the Chimneys, and set Fire to the Furniture, so that the Nobleman and his Ser- vants narrowly escap'd the Flames; and the Count d'Aranda, in endeavouring to save a Box whxh contain'd some Papers of Confequence, had the Misfortune to burn his Right Hand. By the Holland Mail which arrived on Sunday last, we have the following Paragraph from Barcelona, dated De- cember 3 ; viz. " According to some Letters received from the Coast of Barbary, the two Earthquakes which happened thereon the 1st and 18th of November, swept away upwards of Six Hundred Thousand Inhabitants, as well Moors as Jews, and, among that unfortunate Num- ber, it does not appear that one Christian perish'd ; a Cir- cumstance which may be thought miraculous to those who do not know that there are upwards of Forty Thousand Infidels to One Christian in the two Kingdoms of Morocco and Fez However, there is no Doubt but that the Num- ber of Inhabitants said to have perish'd by this Calamity is magnify'd; but some Circumstances relating thereto deserve Notice. The Day on which the second Earth- quake happened ( the 18th of November) the Sky in the Morning was very clear and calm, and the Weather ex- cessively hot for the Season, a small Wind rising from the Eastward, shifting to the South, and fixing in the West towards the Evening, when the whole Horizon was cover'd with Clouds, frequent Flashes of Lightning, and soon after several rumbling Claps of Thunder were heard ; then followed a violent Rain, mix'd with Hail, which continued without ceasing till the Conclusion of the Earth- quake. ' Tis said, that during the Earthquake the Sea overflow'd one Half of the City of Arzilla, by which an English Pink was carried into the Middle of it, and left dry there. The Earthquakes and the Overflowing of the Waters have done great Damage at Larache, Mamora, and Sallee." - BANKRUPTS.— Thomas Oldfield, of Covent Gar- den, Victualler. Thomas Mackrill, of Bermondsey- Street, Southwark, Woolstapler. James Gallopine the Younger, of St. Clement Danes. Merchant. Richard Whitcher the Younger, of Nursling, in the County of Southampton, Miller. — Richard Light, of Southamp- ton, ironmonger. Richard Hargreaves, of the Forest of Rossendale, Lancashire, Woolstapler. John Brooks, of Battersea, in Surrey, Engraver.- - James Dancer, of Old Swinford, Worcestershire, Scythe Smith. Edward Cox, of Dudbridge, in Gloucestershire, Clothier. Joseph Burghall, of St. Clement Danes, Cheesemonger. Upcher Alefounder, of Colchester, in Essex, Bay- maker. William Brackstone, of Watling Street, Lon- don, Haberdasher. Mathew Blaquiere, late of Lon- don, Merchant. Robert Fogg, late of Liverpool, in Lancashire, Brewer. 1 20 Bank Stock, India d'tto, South Sea ditto, fhut Old Annuities, 92 Prices of STOCKS. Ditto New Ann. 90 3- Sths Three per Cent. Bank An- nuities, S9 3 Sths, a 1 - half. India Bonds, 11. Ss. w Worcester, Jan. 21, 1756. WHEREAS several Persons, com- monly called JOBBERS, have, for some Time past, employed themselves in the Buying of Horned Beads, and other Cattle, and again selling the same in less Time than is, for that purpose, allow'd by the Laws and Statutes of this Realm, to the great Prejudice of the Gentlemen Farmers and Graziers of this County, and, by such illicit Practices, forfeit, in somc Cases, double the Value of the Cattle so bought and sold, and in others a Penalty of Ten Pounds; NOW THIS is t0 give Notice, That all Per- sons, who, after the Publication hereof, shall sell any Cat- tle which they shall buy, without first keeping the same forty Days, if Horned Beads ; or five Weeks, if Sheep or Lambs; according to the Direction of the Statutes in that Case made and provided, the Persons so offending will be prosecuted with the utmost Rigour of the Law J. Thorneloe. The This is to give Notice, That CROWN INN In Broad- Street, Worcester, Which was kept by Mr. AUgUSTIN OLDHAM, and, since his Decease, by his Sister, is now taken by JOHN PEMBERTON, Late Servant to WILLIAM STRAHAN, Esq; Where all GENTLEMEN, & c. may depend ON having the best Accommodation, by Their most humble Servant, Pemberton. STALL- W John N. B. There is a great deal of very good STABLING, and Horses are taken in at Livery. To be SOLD, Separate, or Together, Two ESTATES THE one a Freehold, called the Pale, situate in the Parish of Leigh, in the County of Worcester, now in the Possession of Joseph Kemp ; the other. Part Free- hold and Part Leasehold, called the Brick Walls, situate in the Parish of Hanley Castle, in the said County, now in the Possession of Richard Pitt: And late the Estates of Francis Moreton, of Eastnor, in the County of Hereford, Gent deceas'd. For further Particulars enquire of Mr. Robert Whit- combe, Attorney at Law, in Ledbury, Herefordshire. N. B. All Persons having any Demands on the Estate of the said Mr. Moreton, are desired to give an im- mediate Account thereof unto the said Mr. Whit combe, in order for Payment : And all Persons, in any wise indebted to the said Mr Moreton, are re- quired to pay the same to the said Mr. Whitcombe, or they will be sued for the same without further Notice This Day was Publish'd, In OCTAVO, ( Price is. 6d. bound,) The Third Edition, with large Additions, of The Psalm - Singer's Choice COMPANION: Or, An Imitation of Heaven on Earth, And the BEAUTY of HOLINESS. a compleat Composition of CHURCH- MUSICK, containing Variety of Tunes for all the common Metres of the Psalms, and . others for particular Measures; with Chanting Tunes for Te Deum, Jubilate Deo, Magnificat, and Nunc Dimittis, all set down in Score j together with Five Hymns and Thirteen Anthems, the greatert Part of which was never before published j all set in four Musical Parts within such a Compass as will most naturally suit the Voices in Country Churches, yet may be sung in Three or Two Parts without any Disallowances. With a new and compleat INTRODUCTION to the Skill of MUSICK. To which is added. An Alphabetical DICTIONARY, explaining such Greek, La- tin, Italian, and French WORDS as generally occur in Musick. All Set and Composed by JOHN BARROW, Who has Taught the same, in many Parts of the Kingdom, with great Success. LONDON : Printed by Robert Brown for John Barrow ; and sold by J. Hodges, on London- Bridge-, C. Hitch, in Paler Noster Row ; T. Warren, in Birmingham; S. Unett, in Wolverhampton ; R. Lewis, in Worcester j T. Price, in Gloucester; B. Haslewood, in Bridgnorth j J. Wilde, in Ludlow ; J. Hodges, in Hereford; J. Barrow, in its - minster, and by all other Booksellers in the Country. The Publick are desired to take farther Notice, that it is allow'd, by Judges of Church- Musick, to be the most compleat, and bed BOOK of PSALMODY, that has been ever yet published. To be S 0 L D, At the White Lion, in Upton- upon- Severn, On Thursday the 12th of this Instant February, at Two o1 Clock in the Afternoon, A Parcel of very good WHEAT, In the Straw, BEING Part oF the Stock of William Tandy, of the Parish of Earl's Croombe, in the County of Worcester, one Mile from Upton aforesaid, where the said WHEAT may be seen, by enquiring of William Barton, near the Premisses. To be SOLD, A Capital MANSION HOUSE, Call'd the COMMANDRY, In or near the CITY of WORCESTER, WITH good and convenient Offices, Coach- Houses, Stables, ano other Out- Buildings; and also several handsome Gardens thereto belonging,— of the Yearly Value of Forty Pounds, or thereabouts. A DWELLING HOUSE, thereto adjoining, in the Possession of Dr. CAMERON, with its Appurtenances, — at the Yearly Rent of Fifteen pounds. Several Parcels of Meadow and Pasture Lands, in or near the said City, called The PARK, The Great Meadow, The Rack Closes. Green and Windmill Hills, Callendar and Garden, lett at several Yearly Rents amounting together to the Yearly Sum of Ninety four Pounds Seventeen Shil- lings and Sixpence- Five several MESSUAGES or DWELLING- HOUSES, in the said City, of the Yearly Rent of Forty five Pounds Five Shillings. Chief Rents, One Pound Two Shillings and Ten- pence. A FARM, calied SPELLIS, in the Parish of Claines, near the said City, lett at the Yearly Rent of Sixty Pounds. All the above mention'd Premisses are Freehold. ALSO, The RECTORY and VICARAGE Impropriate of the Parish of Claines aforesaid, the one Freehold, and the 0ther Leasehold, worth about Three Hundred and Fifty Pounds a- Year. N. B. All the Freehold Premisses stand charged with the Payment of Two Hundred Pounds a Year, to and for the Life of an old Lady. fQ, The Premisses will be shew'd by Mr. Freme, Iron monger, in the Mealcbeapen Street, Worcester. For further Particulars enquire of Mr. WHITE, Attor- ney, in Bridgnorth. To be S0LD, to the Best Bidder, At the Eagle and Serpent, at Clcobury - Mortimer, on Monday the Fifteenth Day of March next, between the Hours of Two and Six of tie Clock in the Evening, After the Decease of One Life, now above Sixty Years old( The Reversion of a Freehold ESTATE, Situate, lying and being in the Parish of Higley, in the County of Salop, of the yearly Value of about 23 I now in Possession of Anthony Hinckesman : With about Seven Pounds per Annum Freehold Lands, in the same Parish, and heretofore Part of the same Estate, and now held therewith. For Particulars inquire of Mr. Charles Holland. To be LETT, And Enter'd upon the 5th of April next, A FARM, Situate in the Parish of Peopleton, within about six Miles of Worcester, and six of Evesham, COnsisting of a good Dwelling- House, Stables, Barns, and Out- Buildings, with Arable, Pasture, and Mea dowing, to be sett from about Sixty Pounds a- Year to One Hundred Pounds or more. For further Particulars enquire of Mr. Dineley, of Peopleton aforesaid. Jan. 15, 1756. WHEREAS Sarah, the Wife of Samuel Studman, of the Parish of Hope Sare, in the County of Salop, has Eloped from her Husband ; This is to forbid all Persons trusting her, as her said Husband will not pay any Debts she has already or shall hereafter con- tract: And, as she is strongly suspected of keeping Company with other Men, he takes this Method of acquainting her, That it is his Desire she wou'd never return to him, he being determined never to live with her again. Witness my Hand, Samuel Studman. To all COUNTRY SHOPKEEPERS, 5CC. WHEREAS at the Sittings at Guildhall. London, on Saturday the 13th of December, 1755, was tried , before the Lord Chief Justice Ryder, a Cause, wherein William and Cluer Dicey and Co. of Bow Church Yard, London, Original Proprietors of Dr. BATIMAN'S PECTORAL DROPS, were Plaintiff's, and Joseph Russel, of Queen Street, London, Defendant, for the Defendant's selling a Medicine as and for Dr. BATFMAN'S Pectoral Drops pre- pared by the Plaintiff's, in Bottles sealed in Imitation of theirs, and with printed Papers resembling those which are given by the said Diceys and Co, with their True and Original Dr. BATEMAN's Pec- toral Drops ; when, after a full Hearing, the Jury, without going out of Court, found a Verdict for the Plaintiffs, with Damages, be- fides Costs of Suit: And whereas a former Verdict was likewise ob- tain'd by them some Time since, against one Thomas Randall, of Bread Street, London, for a like Complaint: It is hoped these Prosecutions will, for the future, prevent any more such Practices, and fully prove to all the World, that the True Medicine call'd Dr. BATeMAN's Pectoral Drops is sold only at the said Diceys and Company's Warehouse, at the King's Arms and Boar's Head, directly facing ihe South Door of Bow Church, in Bow Church Yard, next Bow Lane, Cheapside, London. But inasmuch as many. Town and Country Shopkeepers may have bought for Sale Medicines under the Denomination of Dr. BASE- MAN'S Perioral Drops, prepared by the said William and Cluer Dicey and Company, which in Fact never were so, and may inadvertently attempt to sell the same by Retale or otherwise; THIS is therefore to give Notice to all such Shopkeepers, That if any of them shall for the future presume to sell any Medicine what- foever under the Name of Dr. BAT£ MAN'I Pectoral Drops, pre- pared by the said William and Cluer Dicey and Co. which shall not have really been prepared by them, that they will be prosecuted for the same as the Law directs. And as an Encouragement to detest such Counterfeits, and the Venders ot them, the Proprietors do hereby promise a Reward of TwENTY POUNDS on Conviction of any Person or Persons Counter- feiting these Drops, their Seal and Directions, and Selling them for the Drops prepared by the said William and Cluer Dicey and Company. n. B. These DROPS have, for more than Forty Years, been universally known, for Curing and giv- ing immediate Ease in all Colds, Coughs, Agues, Fevers, Fluxes, Spitting of Blood, Pains in the Breast Limbs, and joints, in all Fits of the Gout, Rheu- matic Pains, Stone, Gravel, and Cholick, And, by Appointment, are now sold by the Printer of this Paper, at One Shilling each Bottle. By the King's Royal Letters Patent, ( Which passed the Great Seal June 5, 1755, ) Dr. LOWTHER'S Anti- Epileptic NERVOUS POWDERS. THESE Powders were discover'd by the Doctor through a Series of fatiguing and expensive EX- periments, and are now experienccd a certain Cure for the most vio- lent Tremblings, causing a perfect Steadiness in a short Time ; for continual shaking of the Head, Palsy, and all Paralytick Disorders J for Weakness of the Nerves, sudden involuntary Catchings, Cramp, Contraction of the Nerves, Lowness of Spirits, Vapours, Palpitation of the Heart, and all Degrees of Nervous Complaints, They are an EFFECTUAL Remedy for Convulsion, Epileptick, Hysterick, Fainting, or any Species of Fits. By their Operation on the Blood and Juices, they have proved surprisingly efficacious in the Small- pox, particularly if taken when the Symptoms of that destruscive Disorder first ap- pear ; they generally prevent the catching of that infectious Distem- per, or, if catched, are sure to render it more favourable than even the so much extoll'd and prastis'd Method of Inoculation. These Powders, in a few Days, remove all Heaviness in the Blood, drowsy, sleepy, lethargick, and melancholick Dispositions, rendering tie Patient brisk, active, and lively. They are a certain Specific for Dimness OR Mist before the Eyes, for strengthening the Eye- sight and Optick Nerves ; for Dizziness and Swimmings in the Head, a bad Memory, Pains in the Head and Stomach, Worms, an ill- scented Breath, Retention of Urine, the Gravel, Jaundice, sick Qualms, violent Retching", a lost Appetite, bad Digestion, Obstructions, and a weak Habit of Body. They are a sure Preservative against Apo- plexies; are far better than any Mineral Water, Salts, or Purge, whatever, in purifying and sweetening the Blood j and, what greatly adds to the Preference, they generally operate insensibly. They remove a pale, wan, and livid Complexion, substituting a chearlul and healthful Countenance ; are pleasant to the Taste, grateful to the Stomach, and expel Wind. They are of so great a Help to Na- that even Old Persons who have been deemed past all Assistance by Medicine, have, by the sole Use of them, been restored to a great Degree of Strength and Vigour. They are an infallible Remedy for the Convulsion Fits in Infants, and generally with six Doses. *„* Dr. LOWTHer will undertake ( at a fix'd Price), No Cure no Pay, in the above Disorders. He attends, to give his Advice [ Gratis] from Ten to One, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, at Brooke's Warehouse, almost facing Water- lane, Fleet- street, Lon- don, where the Powders are sold, and may likewise he had of the Printer and Distributors of this Paper. N. B. These Powders are done up in Papers of different Prices and Sizes, viz. Six Doses far Infants, 3 Shillings; Six Doses for Children, 3 Shillings; Six Doses for a Crown Person, 3 Shillings ; and Twelve Doses for a Grown Person, 6 Shillings : So that Per- sons are desired to particularize what six'd Paper they want. And of the Printer and Distributors of this Journal may likewise be had. Dr. Godfry's Cordial. | Dr. Bodock's Cordial. Dr. Daffy's Elixir. An excellent Water for curing the Itch and other scor- butick Disorders. The never- failing Chymical Drops, for Coughs, & f Clinton's Imperial Royal Golden Snuff and Oil, for the Cure of all Disorders in the Head. The Ladies Court or Sticking Plaister. ALSO. Fine Durham Flour of MUSTARD- SEED, In Six penny Bottles; And The British Flour of MuSTARD- SEED, In Six penny and Three penny Bottles. ADVERTISEMENTS ( of a moderate Length) are taken in at zs 6d. each ; and Articles of Intelligence ( Post paid) will be receiv'd, and carefully inserted V aDvertisements, & c. are likewise taken in by Mr. Haslewood, Bookseller, in Bridgnorth ; Mr Cotton, Bookseller, in Shrewsbury ; Mr. Hopkinson, Bookseller, in Warwick; / r. in Stowerbridge ; M;. Feepound, in Stafford ; Mr. Andrews, Bookseller, in bvn1 ; Mr Hunt, and Mr. Hedges, booksellers, in Hereford ; Mr Moseley : : , in " Kidderminster ; Mr. Ashmead, Bookseller, in Tewkesbury ; Mr. Raikes, Printer, in Gloucester ; Mr. Aris. Printer, in Bun. ir. gh: ni ; at the George and Green by Mr Thomas, Postmaster, in Leominster ; Mr Barrow, Bookseller, in that town5 at the principal Inns in Broadway and Morton is Marsh ; and v in other Towns ia the Distribution of ( his Journal.—— Likewise by Mr. Dod, Bookseller, in Ave Mary- Lane, London, z —
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