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The British Spy or New Universal London Weekly Journal


Printer / Publisher:  J. Leage
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 206
No Pages: 4
The British Spy or New Universal London Weekly Journal page 1
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The British Spy or New Universal London Weekly Journal
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The British Spy or New Universal London Weekly Journal

Date of Article: 31/01/1756
Printer / Publisher:  J. Leage
Address: near the Sessions-House in the Great Old Baily, London
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 206
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
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B R I T I S H Y * O R, New Univerfal LONDON WEEKLY JOURNALS A T U R D A Y , J A N U A R Y 3 1 , 1 7 $ 6. ' Continuation of the H I S T O R Y of ENGLAND, fcfjr. N the firft year of his reign, he feht amhaffadoTS to FranM, to demand of Charles VI. the reflitution of whatever had been tajcen from England, fince the treaty of Bretagny. This demand greatly alarmed Charles, or rather his miniflryi for he himfelf was feldom capable of guiding the helfn of government, having long been hfflifted with a diftemper which frequently deprived him of his reafon, yet allowing him fome lucid intervals. Henry knew very well that France would not comply, unlefs his demands were back'd by fome warlike preparations. But the French were far from thinking that the Englifh whom they had duped and infulted during the two laft reigns, would not venture to a f t on the offenfive, and therefore they only fought to amufe Henry by artful negotiations; but he returned their own arts againll themfelves, and fairly beat -.. them in their own cabinet, as he afterwards did in the field. France was at this time divided againll itfelf, and the great and powerful duke of Burgundy, the head of a very considerable party, enter'd into an alliance with Henry, which proved of vaft advantage to the Englifh. At length in the third year of his reign, the negotiations broke up, and Henry embarked Jiis troop? at Southampton. Jul! before his departure, he had notice of a plot, for placing the earl of March cm the throne during his abfenct. Henry immediately order'd the chiefs of the of the traitors who were the earl of Cambridge, the lord treafurer Scrope, and Sir Thomas Grey, to be apprehended, convifled, and put to cieath. This may be confider'd as the firft fpark of that flame which confumed in proceis of time the two houfei of York and Lancalter. The earl ejf Cambridge brother ro the duke pf York, had married a filter of the earl of March, and prebably engaged in the confpiracy, with a view of procuring the crown for his fon Richard, prefumptive heir to t j j e j a r l of March, who had no children. ^ TSraf& ir over, Henry Cet tail wtth an army of 50000 men, and landing at Havre de Grace, marched direftlv to Harfteur, a ftrong place and well provided. The garrifon made a vigorous though, not very long defence j no Ipeedy relief appearing, the town furrender'd by capitulation, and the inhabitants being turn' 4 out, their places were ( applied fey the Englifh, as in Edward I l l ' s time had been the fate vf Calais. After the taking of this place, Henry fent a challenge to the Dauphin, offering to decide the quarrel by a fmgie combat; but this the latter very juflly refuted, as Henry would only flake meer pretenfions to the French crown, againft the Dauphin's aflual pofTeffion ot it. The conqueft of Hirfleur might hare fatisfied Henry for the firil campaign, had not the ill ftate of his army given him great concern. The flax had made fuch havock among his troops, that he had not now above 15000 men able to bear arms. At the fame time he learned from all pacts that the French were aftembling the whole force of the kingdom to give him battle. In this forlorn fitu. ition he refolved to retire - to Calais. The fatigues of this march Were cxceflive. The winter approached, the raips had fpoiled the roads, which were rendered more impaffiible by the enemy who deftroyed all the bridges and caufeways in his root; neither was there any provifioni or forage ieft in the country. • Albret the conftable of France alfo, with fc detachment from the grand army which himfelf commanded, continually harrafs'd the Englifh, and greatly incommoded their march. When they came to pafs the Somme, it was found imprafticabie, the French having fixed vaft numbers of pointed ( lakes in that river and a ftrong body of troops were polled to defend the oppofite banks. As in fo ill a fituation there was no other remedy but patience, Henry took all poffible c3re to inftill it into his men, by ( haring with them in all their hardfhips. Their diftemper alfo encreafed with their wants, and great numbers fell fick in every day's march. At lad, to make their condition > » s defperate as poffible, the whole French army, amounting to 150000 men approached. On the zzd ot Odlober, the French generals f< wt flenry word, that on the 25th, they would give him battle, The king chearfully accepted the challenge, and gave the herald a magnificent gratuity. Durihg the three days before the aftiort, Henry never cesfed to infpire his troops with courage, though the enemy were ten times their number.. His exhortations had the defired effect, and both officers and men wete extreamly eager to engage, David Gam, a Welch captain, being fent to take a view of French, gallantly made his report in thefe words. " There are enough to be killed, enough to be made prjfoners, and enough to run away." The confidence of this b r a * officer pleafed the king, who took it for a fpecimen of the refolation of his troops. Whatever difproportion there was betwixt the number of men in the contending Ijrmies, there were ittll a greater difference in their condition. The Englifh were mpft of them affli£ led with the flux, and had alfo been harrafs'd by a terrible march of a month, in very bad weather, and an enemy's country. The Ffench on the contrary, were frefn and healthy, abounding with provifions, and under 110 inconveniency. It is faid, that the French leaders were fo confident of fiiccefs, as to fend to Henry to know what he would give for his ranfom. The king defpiflng this bravado, replied, that a few hours would ( hew whofe care it would be to provide a ranfom. [ To be continued.'] Since our laft; arrived the M A I L S due from F R A N C E . Peterjbsurg, { the Capital of Ruffia) Dec. 10. A Cou ier is arrived from London, and an extraordinary C- Jiyicil has been . held 011 the Contents of his Difpatches. The Board of Trade aiTembled the 10th inft. in the Empreffes's Prefence. The 13th a Fire broke out in the Stables o'f Baron Korff, Chamberlain to her Imperial Majefty, which entirely confumed the fame, together with . an adjacent Warehoufe containing a great Quantity of Grain and Spirituous Liquors. IVarfaw, ( the Capital c'f the Kingdom of Poland) Dec. 12. Some Robbers lately broke open in the Night the Houfe of the Prior of Kohlew, dependant on Para dice Abbay; they killed a Monk there, and carried off all the Plate belonging to the Church. Stockholm, ( the capi'etl City of the King of Sweden) Dec. 30. According to Advices fromWeftern Gothland, the Earthquake of the firft of November was ieit there vety violently : Trees of the large!! Size were thrown down by the heaving of the Earth ; in divers Places a hollow rumbling Was heard in the Waters; and on the Lake of Miorn, near Gofhen- ) burgh, rnoft pf the Timber Floats broke from their j Fattening?, and wete difperfed about the Waters. Genoa, [ a Republic of Italy) Jan. 8. We learn from Milan that on the 28th uk. a Fire contumed the whole Quarter of Port Tefin. According to our Advices from the Coaft of Barbaryj the War is vigoroufly carried on between the Regency of Tunis and that of Algiers. The former hath been joined by the Regency of Tripoli. Brujfels, ( the Capital of the Audrian Netherlands) fan. 9. It is teported that Orders are fent from the Court of France fur each Company of their National Infantry to furniih a Vo'unrier to be lent to Canada, which will form a Body of 2405 Men, to he commanded by M. de la Morliere ; and that another Detachment of 1400 Men is likewife to be fent thither, under the Command of M. de Quincy, who is to have the Command in Chief of all the French Troops in America, in the room of Baron Diefkau. Brujfels, " Jan. 16. We are informed that a great Number of Cannon are tianfportiflg to Djuay to- be new caft ; and that feveial Carts, Waggons, and Gun Carriages, he. for the Life of the Artillery, are likewife continually tranfpoiting to the fam£ Place from Givet, Phillippeville, and Roctoy, in order to be repaired. Our Advices add, that General St. Germain was fhortiy expe£ led at Valenciennes, and that he is to go from thence to Dunkirk, where he is to have a Meeting with the Prince Soubife. Verfailles, ( a City in France) Jan*. 22. On the 21ft part M. Rouillt, Minifter and Secretary of State for Foreign Affair*, wrote the following Letter to Mr. Fox, Secretary of State to the King of England, Sir, By Command of the King my Mafler I have the Honour tofindyour Excellency ihefollowing Memorial, life. ' T H E King able to demonftrate to the whole Univerfe by authentic Proofs, that it is not owing to his Majefty that the Differences relating to America have not been amicably accommodated. * The King, being moft fincerely defirous to maintain 0ie Public Peace and a good Underftanding with his Britannic Majefty, carried on the Negotiation relating to that Subject with the moft umeferved Confidence arid good Faith. . The Aflurances of the King of Great Britain's Difpofttion to Peace, which his Britannic Majefty and his Minifters were conftantly repeating both by Word of • Mouth and in Writing, were fo formal and preeife, that the King could not, without reproaching himfelf, entertain the leaft Sufpicion of the Sincerity of the Court of London's Intentions. ' It is fcarce poffible to conceive how thefe Affurances can be reconciled with the Orders of Hoftilities given in November 1754 to General Braddock, and in April 1755 t o Admiral Bofcawen. ' The Attack and Capture, in July laft, of two of the King's Ships in the open Sea, and without a Declaration of War, was a public Infult to his Majefty's Flag; and his Majefty Would have immediately manifefted his Juft Refentment of fuch an irregular and violent Proceeding, if he could have imagined that Admiral Bofcawen. afted by Order of his Court. 4 For the the fame Reafon the King fufpended at firft his Judgment of the Piracies ( Pirateriss) that have been committed for feveral Months, by the Engliih Men of War, on the Navigation and Commerce of his Majefty's Subject?, in Contempt of the Law of Nations, the Faith of Treaties, the Ufage eftablifhed among civilized Nations, and the Regard they reciprocally owe to one another. ' The Sentiments of his Britannic Majefty gave the' King room to e* pe£ t that at his Return to London he would difavow the Conduct of his Admiralty and Naval Officers, and give his Majefty a Satisfaction proportioned to the Injury and the Damage. ' But feeing that the King of England, inftead of puniihing the Robberies ( brigandage) committed by the Englifh Navy, on the contrary encourage? them, by demanding from his Subjects frefh Supplies againft France, his Majefty would fall fhort in what he owes, to his own Glory, the Dignity of his Crown, and the Defence of his People* if he deferred any longer the Demanding of a iignal Reparation/ or the Outrage done to the French Flag, and the Damage done to the King's Subjects. ' His Majefty, therefore, thinks proper to app'y diredly to his Britannic Majefty, and demand from him immediate and full Reftitution of all the French Ships, as well Men of War, as Merchantmen, which, contrary to all Law and all Decorum, have been taken by the Englifh Navy^ and of all the 6fficers, Soldiers, Mariners, Guns* Stores, Merchandises, and in general of every thing belongihg to thofe Veflels,' ' The King will always chafe to Owe to the King of " England's Equity, rather than to any thing elfe^ that Satisfa& ion which he hath a Right to demand : And all the Powers imEurope will undoubtedly fee in this Step which he hath determined to take a new and ftriking Proof of that invariable Love of Peace which diretils all his Counfels and Refolutions.' ' If his Britannic Majefty order Reftitution of the Veffels in Qyeftion, the King will be difpoled to enter into a Negotiation for that farther Satisfaction which is legally due to hini, and will continue defirous, as he hath always been, to have the Difcuffions relating to America determined by art equitable and folid Accommodation. ' But if, contrary to all Hopes, the King of Englandrefiife what the King demands, his Majefty will regard this Denial of Juftice as the moft authentic Declaration of War, and as a formed Defign in the Court of London to difturb the Peace of Europe.' Mr. FoJc fent to Mr. kouille the following Anfwer dated at Whitehall, Jan. 13, 1756. Sir4 I received 011 the 3d inft. the Letter dated the 2 i f t paft with which your Excellency honoured me, together with the Memorial fubioined fo it. I immediately laid them before the King my Mafter ; and by his Command I have the Honour to inform your Excellency, that his Majefty continues deiirous of preferving the public Tranquility: But tbo' the King will readily confeht to an equitable and foltd Accommodation, his Majefty Cannot grant the Demand that is rtisde of immediate and full Reftitution of all the French Veflels, and whatever belongs to them as ths preliminary Condition of any Negociation j bis Majefty having taken * no Step but what the Hoftilities begun by Fraiice ih a Time of profound Pcacc ( of whifcli he hath the moft authentic Proofs) and what his Majefty owes to his own Honour, to the Defence of thq Rights and Pofi'effions of his Crown, and the SecUrttyi 0 f his Kingdoms, rendered juft and indifpenrablei 4 have the Hojiour to be, S* e," L I l Coblen.' z « ( a u'ty b-^ Wmany) j an. 7. They Write from Driebourg ift the Bifli prick of Padetbom, that an Inhabitant of that T'ovvrt died lately in the 120th . Year of his Age. Hague, ( a City in Holland) Jan. fo. The Deputies of the Admiialties have refolved, it is faid, to fit out Forty Ships of War againft the Spring, befides the Eleven that are now at Sea, in order to protect not only our Mediterranean Trade againft the Algerine Corfairs, but alto that of the Ocean, in cafe there filould be Occafion. Hague, Jan. II. The Roman Catholicks of the Provinces, and part'cularly thofe of Brabant, having made Complaints to their High Mightineffes, that their religious Liberties have been in many Places infring'd, by the Fees exa£ ted from them by the Officers of the States ; a frefh Edict has been publifh'd in their Favour, forbidding any fuch Exactions or Prohibitions, adjudg. ing it criminal for any Officer, Bailiff, or Subftitute, even to afk fuch ufual Fees as have been given upfln licens'd- Places, of Worfhip and forbiding, the Pradtice of any oppreilive Meafures, on Pain of Death or Banifhment. Paris A la- main, Jan. 12. At the fame Time that we received Advice of the Earthquake which happened at Lifbon in the Night of the 21ft of laft Month, and which completed the Deftru& ion of that Citv, we learnt Likewife that the Ruins iiave been fince enrireh overflowed by the Breaking- in of the Sea : Before this laft Cataftrophe, thofe who had faved their Lives hid ftili fome Hopes of finding, at leaft P? rt of their Effedb among the Ruins, but now they are deprived even of that Refource, the Sea covering the whole Place. We learn from Tours, that the River Loire has overflowed that City, and the Country roundabout it. It's faid, that the King has fent a Perfon of DiP tiniStion to London, to demand the Reftitution of all the Ships that have been taken, or an Equivalent f or them, and that in cafe both fhould be refufed, he is to declare that his Majefty will treat the Englifh as Py rates. Paris A- la main, Jan. 16. Laft Tuefday it blew fo violent aStorin all tne Morning, that we were apprehenfive of ftich another fatal CataftJophe as lately happened at Lifbon : Several Chimnies were thrown down, and Houfes unroofed, but happily no Body was'hurt. At the fame Time the Seine was fo much agitated, that ' twas expected it would have overflow'd the City ; and feveral Boats breaking their Cables weredafh'd to Pieces againft the Bridges. Towards Evening the Wind abated, and the Seine immediately fubfided. The Domeflick who murder'd the Prior and his Mother and buried them in the Garden of the Priory, as mentioned fome Time fince, was iaft Wednefday carried to the Place whete he committed the F a d , and there broke upon the Wheel, then burnt, and his Afhes thrown in the Air, purfuant to the Sentance pafs'd upon him by the Patliament. The King has declared his Intention to fupprefs forty Counfellors of the Parliament as foon as. ibmany of them either die or retiie. Thefe Places being always purchafed, his Majefty propofes, that thofe who fhal! hereafter fucceed to them, fhall pay 200 © 0 Livres more that the Government may not Lfe by the Number being lefleh'd, and in Confideration of this Advance, fome additional Pierogatives will be affigned to the new Purchafers. Paris A- la- main Jan. 19. All the Officers have receiv'd Orders to repair to their Regiments, and are fetting out accordingly. - Lord Bulkey, Lieutenant- General- of the King's Foicrs, died a few Days ago in an advane'd Age. It's faid that his Majefty has declared himfelf in relation to the Affair of the Great Council, and has decided, that that Court only ( hall, for the future, have a Right to take Cognizance of Ecclefiaftical Affairs. The bad Weather continuing, the Seine which had fallen to its ufual Heigh th rofe again, the Night before laft 18 Inches, and laft Night eight Inches ; fo that the Water is higher now than it has been this Winter. This Overflowing of the Seine not only greatly obftrufts the Navigation, but even the travelling by Land, the Roads about Paris being all under Water ; fo that the bringing Provifions from the Country is attended with great Difficulties. It's reported that the Englifh have taken eight Ships out of nine that were coming home together, belonging to the India Company, and that the 9th having efcaped is ai rived at Marfeillcs, but this merits Confirmation. ' Paris A- la main, Jan. 23. The King of England's Anfvver being come over to the Demand, which was fer. t to Mr. Fox by M. Rouille, Secretary of State, there feems to be no Poffibility of avoiding a War. hear, that the Brifcifli Troops were then encamped in the Mrdft cf Froft and Snow, as the Towns will not quarter them, in which Situation they muft remain till the Wooden Barracks is finiflied for their Reception ; but as they Were foon to be ready for that Pur-, pofe, it' is hoped they are by this Time marched into them. A few Days ago died at his Houfe at Rathfarnham, aged upwards of 90, John Barrington, E'q; Reprefentative in Patliament for the Borough of Ballynakiil. A Patent is patting the Great Seal of this Kingdom for Paul'Nightingale of Derby, Gent to have the fole Privilege of making and vending all Saltpetre or Nitre which he fhall make from Vegetables of the Growth of this Kingdom. ftfaieflv's Ship Stirling Caffle, Savage. Granada, Wolf, Hazard, and Wafp Sloops, the Brilliant and Maryland Planter artnsd Ships, With all the outward bound Ships. Came down his Majelty's Sloop Cruizer, and remains with his Majefty's Ships Oxford, Vice- ft Admiral Smith, Newark, Colchefter, Centaur, th? Swallow Sloop, and Macclesfield armed Ship. S C O T L A N D . Edinburgh, Jan. 11. Tuefday laft died Mr. Jofeph Cave, Engraver to, the Mint. C O U N T R Y N E W S. tJewcaJlh, Jan 24. Monday laft and the two fucceeding Days, we had here a violent Wind, which has done confiderable Dimage, by unroofing feverai Houfes in and near this Neighbourhood, and on the River, where, fe vera! Keels were drove on Shore, having had fome of tieir Man blown over- board and perifhed ; but, as it was at Weft, we hope none o. f the Veffcls on this Coaft have fuffered. On Sunday Night was found in Durham River, between New and Elvet Bridges, a hay Mare with a fwifh Tail faddled and bridled almoft drowned, belonging to a Gentleman from York, who f: t out from Mr. Blenkinfop's that Evening in Liquor, and is fuppofed to he drowned, as a Hat'and Wig were found near the Place where the Mare was taken out. On Monday Night and Tuefday the Wind was remarkably ftrong here, by which fome Chimneys were thrown dowr, and Koufes unroofed ; but as it came from the Weft and South- Weft, we hear of no Harm done to the Shipping. Sunday died at Ovington in Northumberland, aged 109, Ifafce! Simpfon, who retained a'l her Senfes to Jie laft, except her Sight; and tho' fhe loft that fome Years ago, yet till within- the laft fix, file commonly fpun Lint or T o w on the Rock. Birmingham, Jan 26. Ts'iefday Night, about Five o'Clock, as Mr. Jones of Tipton ( a Carrier that tra vels between Dudley and Burton upon Trent) was going from Walfail f » ' wa* rds Litchfield, he was attacked near Shire Oak by two F<- ctpads arm'd with thick Sticks, one of whom feizcu his Horfe by the Bridle, the other pulled him off by the Collar, and threatened to blow his Brains out in cafe he re. fi ft . d. They tore open his Breeches Pocket, and took from thence a Bladder, in which was forty- fix Pounds Coin. A few Days fin re a Fifti Pool at Chadflsy in Worcefferfhire, belonging to Mr. John Highway, which was full of Water over Night, was the next Morning found quite empty, with ail the Fifh dead, and no Conveyance appear'd by which the Water was drawn off. in Portugal I R E L A N D . Dublin, Jan. 17. By a private Letter from an Officer in Colonel Webb's Regiment et Albany, dated " the 25U1 of November, brought by C a p t ^ ' r o y , we S H I P ' N E W S . Falmouth, Jan. 22. Put back, the Duke Packet, Phillips, for the Weft- Indies, the General Wall Packet, Leflie, for Corunna, and the Expedition Packet, Clies, for Lifbon, having Mails on board. Extraft of a Letter from Portfmouth, Jan. 23. " The Invincible is got out of the Dock, Ihe is to carry eighty- four Guns, and will be a very fine Ship of her Rate. Admiral Moftyn arriv'd here on Wednefday, and hoifted the blue Flag at the Mizen on board his Maje'fty's Ship Monarque in this Harbour. " Juft arriv'd at Spithead his Majefty'sShip Dreadncnigh, on board which it is faid, Admiral Townfhcnd ( who is here) is to hoift his Flag. " there are feventeen Sail of the Line at Spithead, and feven Frigates." Chatham, Jan. 25. It is faid here that Sir Edward Hawke is to hoift his Flag on board the Namur, and that the St. George's Men ( on board which Ship it now is) will be turned over into the Namur ; alfo that the Men belonging to the Prince will be put on board the Royal Anne, a fine Firft Rate, ready to be launched at Woolwich. T w o Men belonging to Chatham, who k; pt Boats and were wont to go to Dunkirk or Bslogne, to carry over our Money, and bring back Tea, Brandy, & c. are taken into Cuftody for giving Intelligence to the French Court. Dartmouth, Jan. 25. Laft Monday was loft in Bigbury Bay, the David and Mary, Capt. Thomas Allenfon, for London from Bofton ; the Mate and four Men drowned, and three Men faved. Deal, Jan. 28. Came down his Majefty's Ship Queenborough and Difpatch Sloop, with the Friendfl> ip, Cochran, for Londonderry, and / ailed with his L O N D O N On Tuefday there was a great Council at St. James's when his Majefty prick'd the Sheriff's to ferve for the feveral Counties in England for the prefent Year, viz. Berkfhire, Thomas Reeve, of N e w Windfor, Efqj Bedfordfhire, James Smith, of Streatly,- Efq; Bucks, Thomas Worfter, of Cheddingtftn Efq; Cumberland, Sir Wilfred Lawfon, of Brayton, Bart. Chefhire, Thomas Prefcot, of Overton, Efq; Camb. & Hunt. Charles Pepis, of Impington, Efq; Cornwall, John Sawle, of Penrice, Efq; Devonfhire, John Oliver Williams, of Exweeke, Efq; Dorfetfhire, Harry- Meggs, of Bradford Peverell, Efq; Derby fhire, Nicholas Hurt, of Alderwafty, Efq; ' Eflex, Edward Emmett, of Alborough Hatch, Efq; Gjoucefterlhire, Charles Wyndham, of Ciowerwail in the Foreft of Dean, Efq; Hertfordfhire, John Turven, of Gilfton, Efq; Herefordfhire, Edmund Thomas, of Michael t h u r ch Efq; Kent, John Cockaine Soley of Bobbing, Efq; Leicefterihire, William Pochin, of Barkby, Efq; Lincolnfhire, Thomas Lifter, of Brough cum Geai'fby, Efq; Aionrnoutbfhire, Daniel Tregofe, of Tregirog, Efqj Northumberl. Poftponed. Northampton, John Afhlcy, of Ledgers Afhby, E% Norfolk, John Barker, of Stopham, Efq; Nottinghamfhire, Robert Suttan, of Retford, Efq; Oxfordlhire, Charles Peers, of Chiflehampton, Efq; Rutlandfh. Robert Tomblin, of Edith- Wefton, Efq; Salop, Aethony Kinnerfly, of Leighton, Efq; Somerfetfhire, James Perry, of Perry Elm, Ffq; Staffordftiire, John Touchet Chettfftde, of Oakeley, Efq; Suffolk, Poftponed. Southampton, Bernard Brocas, of Beaurepaire, Efq; Surry, Charles Dovon, of Peckham, Efq; Suffex, Jofeph Calverley, vf the Board, Efq; Warwickshire, John Taylor, of Sheldon- Hall, Efijj Wei cefterfhire, Jofeph Bidle, of Evefham, Efq; Wilts, John Jacob, of Token ham, Efq; Yorkshire, George Montgomery Met ton, of I^ trsh Cave, Efq; S O U T H - W A L E S . Brecon, William Prythercb, of Llandevalog, Efq; Carmarthen, Henry Penry, of Lanedy, Efq; Cardigan, Lewis Lloyd, of Gernos, Efq; Glamorgan, Henry Stratsfield, of Coyty, Efq; Pembroke, George Lloyd Mears, of Pearfon, Efq; Radnor, John Lewis, of Prefteigne, Efq; N O R T . H - W A . L E S . Anglefey,- Charles Allanfon, of Drfiniog, Efq; Carnarvon, William Owen, of Clenenny, Efq; Denbigh, Maurice Jones, of Gellygonan, Efq; Flint, John Wright, of Pias iffa, Efq; Merioneth, Richard Owen, of Caethly, Efq; Montgomery, Richard Powel, of Poole, Efq; On Wednefday the Judges met at the Lord Chief Juftice Ryder's Chambers, and chofe their Curcuits for the enfuing Lent Affixes. Northern, L. C- J- Rvderand Mr. Juft ice Birch. Norfolk, L. C. J. Wi'Ues and Mr. j'uftice Giive. Midland, L. C. Baron Parker and Mr. Baron Smyth. Home, Mr. Juftice Denifon and Mr. Juftice Fofter. Oxford, Mr. Baron Legge and Mr. Juftice Wilmot. Weftern, Baron Adams and Mr. Juftice Bathurft. O11 Tuefday the Right Hon. John Lord Hobart, Comptroller of his Majefty's Houfh:; ld, was by his Majefty's Command fworn of his Majefty's Moft Ho- • nourable Privy Council, and took his Place at the Board accordingly. It's faid that we are to pay the King of Pruffia 20000 1. for fome Ships of his that were taken the laft! War, and he is to pay off the Silefia Loan. We hear that the King of Pruffia has augmented his Troops with 2 0 0 0 0 Men. Letters from Paris, by Monday's French Mail, bring Advice, of a dreadful Shock of an Earthquake at Lifbon on the 5 th Inftant, which was attended with ftfery Eruptions from the Bowels of the Earth. The fame Letters make mention of an Earthquake near Bayonne, where a whole Village has been fwallowed up. They likewife tel! us, that Madame de Pompadour and Monfieur Puyzieulx are againft a War, but whether they will have Influence enough to prevent a Rupture, a very little Time will probably Difcover. It was reported on Wednefday, that Advice had been received, that Sir William Johnfon had refigned his Command. A j / 0 the Sunday a Man was taken out of the New- River by Collins's Bath ;' he is fuppofed to be one f o w l e r , who . is Co has been mi/ ling from his Family ever fines Chnflmas; ntry, On Monday one of the Porters at work in the n in- Eift- fndia Company's Warehoufes in Brown's- yardj Crutched- Fryars, was kill'd by the Crane, mefit On Monday Night a young Gentleman ih Blackrfiau- ftreet, Southwark, who had loft a confiderable jt of Suiri of Money at Gaming, went Hortie tt> his Lodg= Jerk- I ings, and hanged himfelf. On Tuefday Night a Hackney Coachman was % ife, thrown off the Seat of his Coach in Shoreditchj by a fudden Jolt, and killed on the Spot, ill of On Wednefday a Boat overfet near the Hermith. e tags, by running foul of an Anchor, and one of the the Perfons in her was drowned, tho' they had immediate vhat Afliftance. / een A few Days ago a Merchant in this City fent his hree M? id Servant, a raw Country Wench, along'with his near Daughter and only Child of feven Years old, to St. d to James's Park, where in ftaring about her foe Lft the on ; Child, who was picked up by a Woman, who, under > ke, Pretence of taking her home, carried her id a - Cellar lea- where fhe lived, and immediately ftripped her, and put oin heron Rags; and on the Maid's returning without the Child, the unhappy Parents were in Pangs only to be [ es's conceived, not expreffed ; the poor Gentleman, howhe- ever, conje& uring fhe was Aden in order to be ftripped, li's, fearched all the Pawnbrokers in Lxpe& ation of finding ap- the Cloaths, which at laft he did ; on examining how the Pawnbroker came by them, he faid he had them of ath a Woman who lived in a Cellar juft by, whither they nt. went, and, to the great Joy of the Gentleman, found ear the poor Child, not only in Rags, but almoft blind ; this inhuman Monfter having every Day applied hot to Brafs to her Sight, that when fhe was blind fhe might > n, fet her out to Beggars. There were four Children in the Cellar in that Condition. SI e was carried before his Juftice Wright, who committed her to Gaol, and fent ) n . the unhappy Babes to the Workhoufe, ! i; On Sunday Night laft as two Women and a Mar! were coming aiong St. George's- Fields about Eight : es "' Clock they were attacked by four Men, who robbed he them of what Money jhey had; and then made off. 1C. Thurfday Morning the Houfe of Mrs. Salaway at Newington, was broke open and robbed of Plate, pti HoufhoJd Furniture, occ. We hear from Taunton, that there are committed to feparate Prifons in the County of Sometfet, Mr, Pe& er, and - Mr. Withers, for being concerned as Principals in the Forgery, for which one James Wallis was convi& ed at the iaft Wells Affizis, and exes cuted. Lad Sunday Evening, as two young Men, belonging to the Law, were going up Cbancerv- Lane, one of them wantonly broke a Lariip at a Gentleman's Door with a Stick, and th~ n both of tnem ran u - the Lane, but being purfuec', v. d one cf them t?!-: en, he was carried before a Magiftrate, and he at fi; ll refufing to give an Account of himfelf, the Juftice was going to commit hjm as an incorrigible Rogue, under a late A < 51 of Parliament ; but the young Man then telling who he was, and it appearing that he was a Genii tlcman's Son, and that he did the Fa£ t < ut of fooiifh • e Wantonnefs only, the Profecutor, to prevent his bey ing farther expofed, generou/ ly interp '- d, and forgave him, on paying the Lamplighter for Lamp, and the other Incidental Expences. . that this will be a Caution to other young Mu. - injure the' Property of Tradefmen, and bring u. . ves into Difficulties, from fuch an idle Difpofition. Yefterday ffc'nnight James Moore was brought before Jofeph St. Lawrence, Efq-, and after a long Examination, committed to the Gatehoufe, for breaking open the Stables of William UuderWood and Georje , Williams, and flealing a brown Gelding and a bay Mare. Moore is a tall thin Man, pitted with the Small- Pox, and wears his own Hair. On Tuefday two Men, faid to be Spies, were brought to T o w n under a ftrong Guard from Rochefter. On Wednefday Alexander Holton was committed to Wood- Street Compter by Sir Robert Ladbroke, on Sufpicion of ftealing about Ten Pounds Worth of Halfpence from the White Horfe in Friday- Street, the Property of Henry Pitts. Same Day William Jenkins was committed to the N e w Gaol, Southwark, for being concerned with one Thorpe in robbing Mr. John Lambton of a Guinea and nine Shillings, on the K: ngs s Highway in the Cdunty of Surry. B A N K R U P T S . James Afhley, late of Breadftreet, London, Brandy Merchant. John Green and Robert Green, of Leeds, Merchants, John Roffe, of Avebury in Wilts, Chapman. Thomas Haflcer, of Southampton, Merchant. John Dagley, of Bafinghall- Street, Bricklayer. James Dolman, of St. James Weftminfter, Innholder. Robert Pycroft, of St. Boiolph Altlgate, Btewer. iinbiy his Majefty's Service, was onTuefJay extended to rnor, 29th of February riext; cula- We are allured that the Spirit of Refentment fo h he great, among the comm^ krT^' pIe in the Country, fitiih that the Recruiting Officers vfind no Difficulty in inlifting Numbers of flout young Fellows, it the We hear that Veflels are hiring by the Government ality, j for tranfporting Troops to North Ar;° rica. King J Qn Wednefday a Train of Artillery went out Irian Town through Oxford- Road, for the Troops in Berk- 1 : his fhrre. with Extrafi of a Letter from Milverton, Someifetjhini, the dated January 27. Jreat ' The 15th Inftant, at Eight at Night, a Ball her : Fire, its apparent Magnitude equal to that of the Re- Moon, was feen here ; its Direction was from this South- Weft to North- Eaft; it muft be fomewhat Mo above the Clouds, becaufe it could be feen only between , he them; its Velocity was pretty great, being about three nces Quarters of a Minute in paffing from the Zenith ( dare which it was firft difcovered) to the Place it fcemed " be extinguilhed, which was very near the Horizon , re- it left a confiderable Train of dark Vapours like Smoke, 1 id a but was attended with. no Noife. I had not the Plea- ' anf- fure to fee i t ; but the above is what i gather'd from i from thofe who did.' 1 lifli Yefterday being the Ariniverfary of King Charles's c 1 to Martyrdom, the Right Hon. the Lord Mayor, She- e riffs, & c. went with the ufual Solemnity to St. Paul's, f nch where the Rev. Mr. Bearcroft, his Lordftiip's Chap- t en, Jain, preached an excellent Sermon. - c On ThurWay was held a Genera! Court of the South i? h Sea Company, when a Dividend of T w o per Cent, v was declared on the Capital Stock for the Half- year tl er- ending at Chriftmas. f snt On Monday the Eail of Egtnont was married t Mifs Compton, Sifter to the Hon. Charles Gortipton, k es, Efq;' ana Neice to Earl of Northampton. ied Thurfday fhe Hon. Lord Eufton, Grandfon to J Grace the Duke. of Grafton, was married to the Hon. is MjIs Lytldell, only Daughter of Lord Ravenfvvorth ; a Lady of very great Fortune. " f a On Saturday died, advanced in Years,. James for Winter, Efq; at his Houfe in Stepney, lately in the tr ok Service of the India Company, in which he had acquired a largeFortune. for On Sunday died in Narrow- Street, Ratc'iff, Capt. ^ R'charJ Shubrick. n, An E A 1 T A P H upon a M U s E. TR Whoe'er thou :' rt. this poor infeription ( hew-, v- Here refts to . ! Eternity, a Mufe., > le With or;>: alone ( he pbf.' d her Noifelefs Life, A foft Companion, and a tender Wife. Cl y, Obec. Lovingi Senfib'. e,. Difcreet, ift The fecrt'. InterC'Hirfe, was doubly Sweet! ln None e'er iiood Witncfs '?> ' heir ftolen Loves, m Bat faithful Eccho is ( he ft'ent Groves. D The Morn behf'd their Infant hopes afptre; i, The Ev'ning, ft e'en'd upon the tun'ral Pyre. w- • Content, tho' Poor, fhe ! iv\ J without a Stain, f'r is A life of Penury, but not of Pain. '"! In modeft worth, and light intrinfick Shone, ) al Unknown to Envy, to the Great unknown. , n{ : r A lew Days fince five- Farthing Jack, a Perfon well t c known, was difcharged for Male Practices in the Office ^ > r he was introfted with ; to whofe fhamelefs Memory lnE the following Lines a,- e inferibed : Sa' n WHAT, Jack, is all your Boafting come to this ? 3,11 r Your Trade en created, and your Pay remifs ; In Selling cheapeft may you fell fo well, Jur e You may not have one Daily ' eft to fell. , nt l Though to you Culfomers it may be fome Lofs, And none but Wee * Have Cat/ ie for to rejoice : f° ri f But Fate will follow to us, one and all, mu , From the Five Farthing Enp. gn to the General. ° Pe ; ' An Epitaph, Sacred to the Death'of the Five Farthing W Outftgn. Ma , Faith Jacky, " now I think you're very quiet, 1 Let * * * **** mourn whilft W e e * Rejoice and Riot. ( None thought you was a Saint, allcall'd you Knave, brot : So Fire a^ id Nouns, Wee'll fhite upon your Grave. C * The poor Hawkers. } On Thurfday a Man who got his Living on a Violin in the Streets, dropped down dead in St. Martin's Pe nc Church- vard ; there were twenty- nine Guineas found Pertl in his Pockets. SOn Sunday laft a Sailor who happened to be in the Tower during the Time of Divine Service and impa- ' to get our, and the Gates being ftvit, Ieap'd from anc* the Wall into the Ditch, thirty Feet perpendicular, and received no Damage, except the Lofs of one of his Shoes. Jams Laft Week S" ephen Thurfton, a confiderable Dealer M Horfes, was found drowned in a Ditch near Nor- J° hn : He had upwards of thirty Pounds in his Pock- J° hn j ets. Thoi On Saturday Afternoon a Fire broke out at a Pain- J° hn at Cock- Hill, Ratcliff Highway, which did Jame confiderable Damage before it was got under. Robii Virginia we hear that the Affembiy j • w j H f b e e n cfiffblved, on a Difference with the Governor, J [ xE> o refufed to give his Conferit to a Law fo't circula- I / t i n g 200,0001. more of Paper Currency, which "^ Judged would greatly hurt the Intereft of the Bfitiih < . Merchants. t It is faid that M. d'Affry, the French Minifter at * Hague, when he touches the String of a Neutrality, ' infinuates that it is not yet certain whether the j I his Mafter will not fuffer it to extend to the Auftrian Netherlands as in 1733 ; and that in either Cafe f Majefty will infill upon the City of Maeftricht, ! the Fort of St. Peter, be delivered up to him till 1 final Accommodation of the Differences between Great Britain and France. M. d'Affry even goes farther He favs the King his Mafter, by offering to the Republick the great Advantage of a Neutrality at Price, gives her and all Europe a new Proof of his Moderation, fince, by Virtue of the Treaty of Aix, might reclaim the Affiftance of the United Provinces againft Great Britain an/ d all the Powers who efpoufe her Intereft. One of our Men of War having been off Breft, i ports that there are about twenty Ships of War, and t great Number of fmall Veffels, fuppofed to be Tranf f ports, in that Harbour. f Qn Wednefday laft Advice came that fome Engiifli Veflels are ftopp'd at Calais and the Men committed T Frifon. r It was reported on Thurfday Morning that a French v . Man of War of 70 Guns, and five Martinico Men, U are taken and carried into Port- Mahon. ^ And it was alfo ftrongly reported that the French Si -^ ecbred War laft Monday. w ' Tis faid that fome of our Men of War have inter- ei cepted the French Indiamen bound from Port " Orient for China and Bengal. IV The Amphitrite, from St. Domingo for Marfeilles, £ is taken by { he Godolphin Man of War and carried into Gibraltar. G A Fiench Snow from St. Domingo for France, tarried into Jamaica by the Hind Sloop of War, The Banton Brigantine, Capt. Coliifon, fprun § -' a Leak in her Paffage from Newport, Rhode Ifland, V Philadelphia, acid funk : The Captain and People took St to their Boat, . and got to Bofton in New- England. qc The John and Hannah, Parke, from Virginia Dumfries, is loft near Crookhaven. R The Mary, Hempfeed, from Barcelona for Lo. idon, is loft on Tariffa, but the Crew are faved. - T h e Jamaica Packet, —, from Surinam for New- Hi York, is loft on Sandy- Hook, and all the People W drowned except one. T h e Mayflower, Drifcall ; Sarah, Lake ; Society, O! Butler, and a Sloop, Cotter, all from Ireland, are loft Tl near Bourdeaujc. Nc The Diamond, Rice, from Carolina, laft from Ba Guernfey, is afliore near Boulogne. Tl The Aurora, Philips, from Rhode- Ifland for London, Tt is put into Antigua, leaky. Co The Jemima, Slezer, from Trieft for London, put into Ferrol in a fhattered Condition. T h e William, Thorpe, from Yarmouth for Lever- Un pool, is put into Dover, in Order to take out her , Cargo, which has received Damage. kne T h e Milford, Watfon, from Briftol and Cork for Jamaica, was well at Nevis, the ift of December We have Advice that the Turky Fleet failed fiom \ Cadiz the 6th inftant, with the Beoford Man of War Yni for Lifbon, from thence for England. . We hear that on Tuefday laft the Ships bound for the Y01 Mediterranean, & c. fail'd from Portfmouth, with a Tin fair Wind, under a ftrong Convoy. Am T h e Lime, Holland, with 4 0 0 Slaves, the Duke of Cumberland, Nuns, with 290, the Carter, Bailie, Fro, with 260, and the — , Cooper, with 280, ate arriv'd at Jamaica from Africa. On Monday laft came Advice, that the Adventure, F Capt. Wilfon, is arrived in the Bay of Honduras from Jamaica. N011 Private Letters from Bourdeaux advife that there are f s hundred Ships in feveral of the Weft Ports of France Wind- bound, and that the Merchants who had bought O Corn fome Time fince, have juft fold it to great Advan- t Eagej a Proof of their not being too plentifully ftored Chu with that Commodity. hi Laft Tuefday the Oxford, Capt. Stevens; and the O Godolphin, Capt. Hutchinfon. failed from the Downs Tow for the Eaft- Indies. The fame Day the Swallow Sloop tient of War arrived in the Downs from a Cruize. off tl Letters from Plymouth give an Account that the r Buckingham, Admi: al W e f t ; the Monmouth, Edin- SI burgli, Vanguard, Northumberland, Captain and La Windfor Men of War are in the Sound, and ready in H for failing. wich T w o Men of War are fitting out for Novia Scotia, Co relieve the two that ate ftationed there. I Or The T i m e for giving Rewards to fuch Seamen and 1 ter's able bodied Landmen as fliould enter, or be prcwur'd for confid —— V . Tht Weekly Bill of Mortality. DISEASES. Aged 28. Apoplexy 2. Aflhma J. Childbed 2. Confumption 97. Convuliion 110. ' Dropfy 23. Fever 43. Gout o. Hooping Cough 1. Mcafles 8. Mortification^. Small Pox 19. Stilborn 10. Suddenly 1. Teeth 13. CASUALTIES. Drowned 4. Killed by a Dray I » Found Dead 1. Fradtured Skull 1. Hanged himfelf 1. Scalded 1. Cnriftened Males 160. Females 146. In all 306* Buried Males 202. Females 191. In all 393. Decreafed in the Burials this Week 7. The Affize of Bread remains as per laft. PRICES of GOODS, isle. at the Corn- Exchange in Mark- Lane. Wheat — . 25 s. to 26 s. per Quarter. Rye —•— 17 s. to 18 6. ditto. Barley — — 12 s. to 14 s. 6 d, ditto. Oit3 •— — 12 s. to 13 s. 6 d. ditto. Rape Seed 13 1. per Laft. Bank Stock, no Price. India Stock, 143 I half. South- Sea Stock, Books Ihut. Three I half per Cent, Old Annuities, ift Sub. 93. Ditto 2d Sub. 91 3 8ths. Ditto New, 1 ft Sub'. Books ftiut. Ditto 2d Sub. 90 3 8ths without the Dividend. Three I half Bank Annuities, 1 ft Sub. 92 a 91 3 4ths a 1 half. Three per • Pent, ditto 2d Sub. 90 7 8ths. Three per Cent. Bank Annuities, 90 a 8 9 7 Sihs a 3 4ths. Ditto 1751, 90. Ditto India Annuities, 90 1 8th. Bank Circulation, 5 s. Di'fc. India Bonds, t I. 6 s. Prem. High Water at London- Bridge for the enfuing Wee A T h i s Day, at 56 Minutes after 1 in the Morning ; and 19 Minutes after 2. * To- morrow, at 39 Minutes after 2 in the Morning; and 56 Minutes after 2. Monday, at 11 Minutes after 3 in the Morning ; and 25 Minutes after 3. Tuefday, at 39 Minutes after 3 in the Morning ; and 53 Minutes after 3. Wednefday, at 6 Minutes after 4 in the Morning; and 20 Minutes after 4. Thurfday, at 33 Minutes after 4 in the Morning; and 48 Minutes alter 4. Friday, at 3 Minutes after 5 in the Morning i and 20 Minutes after 5. AL L Gentlemen V O L U N T E E R S that are willing to ferve his Majefty KING GEORGE in one of his Majefty's Marching Regiments of Foot, now lying in England, or in a Regiment now lying in Ireland, or in a Company of Marines, or the Honourable United Eaft India Company as Soldiers for five Years in Eait- India, let them repair to S E R J E A NT W I L L I A M SOSBY, at his Office at the Sign of the Grenadiers in Abei's- Buildings, Rofemary- Lane, near the T c w t r of London ; alio at his Office, the Sfvp and Horihoe, Charing Crofs, where they fliall enter into prefent Pay and good Quarters. For preventing any further Impofttion on the Publick, HI S Majefty's Royal Lecters Patent pailed the Great Seal the 31 ft ot Oifobcr hit, for inverting the ( oL Property tor u Years, for making and vending the genuine JESUIT'S DROPS to the Inventor tnereof; which faid Patent Jcfuit's Drops are an exceeding pleafant Remedy, and rhe moft certain, fafe, cheap, effectual, and immediate Cure in the World, for the Venereal DTeafe it;. both Sexes, and for an obftinate and inveterate Gle. t, or Weakntfs of the Kcins or Kidneys, of ever fa long ( landing, is a powerful Cleanfer and Strengthened and a great Purifier of the B ond in all Scorbutck Humours, though attended with all their moft maUgnant Circumllances; and by its wonderful Efficacy has rendered Health and Strength to a very gieat Number of Peifons of b th Sexes, who have been affliflca with deea>' d or broken Conftitutions, ashey are rCjl y to atteft. It lias nxMercurials in its Competition, and neither Purge's nor Vomits, bur carries it clean oft by Urin- , ( the- Dofc only ly Drops in a Glats ( if white Wine or Waiei', or <. n a Lump of Su- tar) at ys. a Bottle Sufficient for a Cure; and is an excellent . mcdy for Travellers and Perfons g ring to Sea, as they may be take 11 ( 0 fecret that even a Bedfellow cannot make Diicovery, and at any Time, in any S'eaf; n or Climate, without Altera ion of Diet; and abfolutely eradicates, Root and Branch, all the poifotious Symptoms or" thufc loatlifmc Diftempers, without the lead Diltaltc to the Palate, Diforder ot" the Body, or Coniinemciu whatever, and abfolutely anfwers all the Ends chat caa be expected by Saliv. tion, without going through that dangerous and naufeous Operation. Bottles proportionate, at i s. 6 d. To be had, by the Patentee's fpeeial Appointment, with DU regions at large, at the Bble and Crown in Fleet- Lane, near the Seifions Houfe < Jate, 01d- Baily; Mr. Mackinder's, Peruke- maker, in King Street, St. James's Square ; Mrs. Prir. tup's, Broker, in Ratcliff- Highway, near Weil- clofe- Sqttare; Mr. Saunders's, a Chandler's Shop, Li Frying- Pan- Alley, oppofite St. Thomas's Hofpital. South wark, and Mr. Ozlcy'o, oppofite the Ship and Star near Salt- pare Bank, and no where e'lfc j therefore this publick Notice is g ven, that whoever fhall front this Time eitheT make op, vend, utter, or expofe to Sale any Drops in the fame Name, or'in Imitation thereof, in Violation of his Majefly's Commands, to the great Prejudice of the Healths of his Majefty's Subjects, • will be proftciu « d as the Law direSs : and Profecutions are already commenced in the Court of King's Bench, againft the perlons who vend a fpu ions Sort, under the Name or Title of True and Origin- 1 Jcfuit's Drops; therefore be careful to ask for the GENUINE PATENT JESUIT'S DROPS, at the Places above ( peeificd, and all io d elfewliere arc a grofs Impolition. f4f They may fent, ( ealed up, fo as got to be known what they are, iy any MeUcnger or Carried on Receipt of a Letter, Poltu^ c and Other Expenses paid, diredted for R. W A I K E J , the Patentee, at the Bible and Crown as above. By the K i N G ' s Patent, HI S Majefty having been gracioufly pleafecl to grant his Royal Letters Patent, bearing Date at Weft* minfter the 1 7' h Day ot October, 1751, in the 2jth Year of his Re- gn, - unto RICHARD ROCK, of the Parifh of Sr. Brdget, otherwife St. Bride's, London, Licentiate in Medicine, for his New Compound Medicine, or Anti- Venereal Catharrick Eleituary, for the true Cui e ot frefh Venereal Inuries, and all the lurking Reikis of old ones, wl."_ h he has brought to a furprizing Legree of Perfection in rhe Cure cf the ( evcral Stages of the Venereal Diftemper, from the ( l ghteft Intention to the moft inveterate Degree thereof, without breaking or impairing thf Conltitution, enervating the human Syffem, or leavLi g any Foulnefs or Weaknefs behind : This is therefore to acquaint the Publick, for whofe Ufe and Bent fit the faid Letters Parent were obtained that the faid moft admirable Eletftuary is fold by him at the Golden- Head and Key, Beil Savage Inn Gatevvay, Ludgate Hill, London, at only 6 s. and a Book of plain In'ru& ions ( by the Help of which every one may be his own Ph. iiciin) given with each Pot: Where Advice is to be had, and in Debilities, Obftruiiions of the Urinary i^ affag. s, and Gleets are abfolutely cured Sold at the Widow Adams's, Printei, at Wefl- Chefter; alfo at Mr. John Seymoui's, Bookfcller in BNLL- A y, near George- Yard, Lombard- Street. Advice and omftant Attendance from Seven in the Morning ' till Ten at Nigiip. The True and Original J E S U I T S D R O P S, Recommended to the Public for the Cure of the Venerea Di.' eafe, AL L Pcrfons afflidted with any Symptoms of the Venereal Dtfeafe, be they ever fo malignant, may now be affur< d of a certain Cure, by the moft pleafant Remedy that ever was discovered, entitled, The True and Original Jefuit's Drops, which will tffe£ tually carry off any Degiee of that Diftempcr, without injuring the Conftitution. This Mtd'csne alio, aiter ihe Virus is removed from rhe Body, ftrengthens the Parts that have been weakened in the Courfe of t! e. Di! eafe, cures' Glee ings and Weakness, and leftores the Tone of all the Parts iirurtd ; theieby preventing Waitings a„ d Consumptions, io fatal after partial or pretended Cur s, It's Compofition is entirely devoid cf Mercurials; was the Secret of a Jeluit in France, where it was ufed for many Yea- s with the otmoft Sncccls. It is extremely convenient for 1 rayelie- s, and Perftns going tr> Sea, as it will keep ( and be equally cffc& ual) in all Climates, and may be taken fo fccret, tiiEt the niceft Int'mjcy can occolion no Difcove- y ; it's Dole b- eiiig onL if Drops in a Glafs of whiie Wine or Water, or on a B. t ot" Sugar. It is neither a Cathartic nor an Emetic, but works < ff by U. ine, and is fold for 6s. a Bottle, which is fufficient for the Cure ; and fome proportionab'y fmaller for 3 s. U* Be careail to ask fcr the Original Jcfnit's Drops. By t e Author's Appointment ro be had at Mr. Tuffnel's, a S. 1- loop Shop, at ihe Black Boy on Lo., don1 Bridge; at Mr. Keho's, the Scorch Aims in the Hay- Market, facing the Opera- Houii i at a Chandler's Shop in ' Angel- Court, near the Hand- in- Hand Firc- Office, oppolite St. Sepulchre's Church; and at Mr. Johnfon's, at he Gun, Gun- Dock, Wapping. By the K. 1 N G ' s Royal Letters PATENT. it the Gulden Ball, in Bow- Church Yard, Cheaplidc, London, is feld W E S T ' S Elixir Afthmaticum Mirabile :< Or, Wonderful PECTORAL ELIXIR. Vy H I G H gives Eafe in all Diforders o( the Bread; it admirably allays the Tickling ihat provokes frequent Coughing ; curcs all Colds, Hoarfenefs, Phthilick, Wheezing, Ratling in the Throat, or Difficulty of Breathing * the Hooping-( Cough in Children, Stoppages at the Stomach, and helps Digeftion, eafes violent Cholkks, the Dry Gripes in the We( t- Indies, racking Pains in the Gravel or Stone, Rheumatick and Sciatick Pains in the Limb3, Af er Pains in Womer and all Internal Bruiles, at is. 6 d. a Bottle. If this falubrious Medicine was truly " known, no Mailer nf a Family would be without it in their Houfes, or Captains of Ships go to Sea without it in their Cabins. The Grand Sptcifick llyfitrick, or, Weft's Female Villi; they remove all Obfti uition s, and purs the Blood into a right Circulation ; they alfo cure Hypochondriacal and Splenetic* Diforden in Men, and Vapours in Women. Thefe Pills has been experienced in private Pi adice upwards of ; o Years with wonderful Six ceft There is i i o Pills in a Box, at s. the Box, or 13. 6 d. the Hall, and 1 s. 3 d. the Quarter Box. L: kewifc incompaiable Daffy's Elixir, allowed by all Judges of Medicines, both Phyficians and Surgeons, to be the beft in England. . The faid Elixir is alfo fold at Legrange's Medicinal Warehoufe at the Acorn in New- Street, Covent- Gardeti ; by Mr Spires, a Haherdaftier under Aldgate- Church, facing the Mi. nories, Mr. Read, by the Gun Tavern at Billingfgate, Mrs. Nafh, at Peter's- Field in Hampfhire, Mr. Moofe, Painter, at the Globe- Corner, at Ipfvrich, Samuel Webb, Chandler, on Enrielci Chace Side, near the Church, John Richards, Haber. dafher, at Reading in Berkfhire, Ann Collier, at Greenwich, Richard Watters, a Grocer, at Gravefend, Catherine Steele, at Bromley, Mr. Metthew Price, near the Bridge at Wandflvorrh, Mr?, Lydia Nicholls, in Wood- Street, near the Church, at Barnet, Mr. Burchel, at the Cafe of Knives in Long- Acre, ar the Me. dicinal War hotife in Haye*- Court, Newport- Marker, Mr. Ha iris, a Shopkeeper at North- Hall, Mr. Robins, Shopkeeper, at St. Neots, Huntingdonfhirc, Mr. Tomkinf, near the Three Tuns, at Edraohton, John Rankin, at Ware, Mr. John Taylor, at the Golden- Ball in King Street, Deptford, Mrs. Dewel, at St, Sepulchres Coffee Houfe, Snow- Hill, Mrs Cundall, at the King's Head and Parrot near Gray's- Inn Gate,, Holborn, Mrs. Church, a Toyfhop at the Parrot in St. James's- Streer, at Bernard's old Perfume Shcp, facing the Bottom of the Hay Market, William Thome, Bookfeller, at Darlington, in rhe Bifhoprick of Durham, James Davidfon, Haberdafher and Holier, at the Ship and Riling Sun, in Pcltern Row, Tower Hill, likewife fold by the following Sh- pkeepers, viz. Jo in White, at Norihockendon in Effcx, James Rule, at Bow, Sarah Amis, at Rumford, Jane Stokes, ai Chelmsford, Mr. Proffer, near the Feathers at Richmond, Francis Starke, near the Market- Place in Rochcfter, Mary St anten, at Staines, Sarah Byrn, at Kingflon upon Thames, Henri Wright, in St. Clement's Paflage, Clare- Market, Mrs. Wood, by the London ' Prentice, Hoxton- Square, Mrs. Whitehoufe, the Corner of Gloucefter Court, in Whitecrofs Street, Mrs, Leppard, at the Sported Horfe, in Ratcliff- Highway, near Well- Clofe Square, Mr. Bowen, at both the Gates of the Royal Ex, change, Mrs. Stevens, at the CivetCat a Perfim. ers Shop in Mount Street, near Grofrenor- Square, and Mrs. Hood under Ludgate. Mr. Weft cures aii the various Symptoms of the Venereal Difcafe. - . twgpw Cr T o Mr. WoobWAkn and Mr Hrsr.' burg^ near Half- Moon- Street, Piccadilly. ^ , W E the Minifter, ^ Clurdjwarittns, O- vtrftert, and otb< r | Inhabitanti if the Varijh of Rumfat d, in Ejf: x, ac return you our hearty Thanh for your Care, in curing ' farms' Tyler of a bud Rupture, % e being rtcommendtd by us to you, bit . Frietrdi not being able to pay for his Care ; be ii now quite txll • by rearing your Bandages, ar. d taking your Medicines, and lie are further defirous of making this puhhek for the Brnrf. t cf Others labouring under this great Aff. i& ien ; the Truth of ibit may be had of his Father, or of Tour humble Servants, John Heath, Curate ; John Black ar. d William Poll, Cbi rcjj- . nxjardens ; Henry Kemp and John Chcate,- Overfeirs ; EdtOara Sumpner, Stephen Hauting ; ar. d James Nnfb, Pefiry- Cicrk. Merchants and Captains of Ships may be fupplied uoith Ban - dages and Medicines to carry abroad i or any PtiJon affliiUi • with a Rupture, may receive equal Ad- vantage either c: r.:-> e or abroad ; or in any Part of the World, by fending the e. r^ S MeaJ'ure round the Wait}, alfo the Size of the Rupture, < w ' eibtr it is in the ( Mom, Scrotum or Navel, and on lubich Siu it ii fltuated •, alfo whether Man, Woman, or Child, by • which Means many have already received compleat Cures. Mr. Woodward attends Tuefdajs and Fridays from Ten la Two, at Mr. Fcjier's, Jeweller, in Little Carter- Lane, South Side of St. Paul's ; the other Days in the Week at bis Hcefe, facing the Green Park Wall, Piccadilly. He attends by Letter or M/ ffage ( if Poft- paid.) His Wife the Ladies. Ihts is to inform the F U i J e i c - J S ., That a regular bred Surgeon, who has fery'd an Apprentice/ hip wi'b one of the greatefi Mafleri of that Profeffion in thit Town, who h. is feu the Frati ice of all the Rofpitals and Locks sponging lo this great Metropolis, and has been Eyg Wit nefs of the Number of unhappy People who ha< ve been drove into thefe Hofpitels by the Puifonaus Medicines of Quail*!, whs know very little more of Phyjick than the bare Name : J N Companion to Mankind in general',^"" and to the Poor in particular, he is determined if pollihlc, to fnarch them out of ihe Hands of thofe Empiricks, and ro preferve them liorn flow but fure DcftrtiQion : For which Resfon he has carefully prepaied, not only the moft pleafanc buc alio the moft efficacious Medicines, fuch as are now ufed by the ablest and beft of hir Fraternity. For a virulent Gonorrhea, vulgarly call'd a Clap, be has an admirable EleJiuary, which has never failed Success tor upwards oi fourteen Years ; one fingle Pot of which is genei ally ( iifficient for a Cure. He has a'fo an excellent Inicttion, which is of lingular Ufe in rhe Gonoirhea, both in taking off the Heat of Urine and preventing a Cords e ; it is likewife of a very great Service, if ufed immediately after an impure Coition ; for by injuring it diredily, and waehing the Part, you c-> rry i w ^ that fubtil Matter which when once lodged is the Occalion of all Venereal Diforders ; this is what every young Fellow ( hou'd carry in his. Pocket. For the Lues Venerea, or Grand Pox, which he cures without Salivaiion, in a much fafer and eafier Method than has hitherto been praflifed, and ac a much cheapci Rate than even the Quacks thcmfclves ( ell their pernicious Medicines. For as it i; intended for the JBerefit of the Poor, fo the Price is adapted to their Circnmflanees r And "-' » hoped thofe who can afford to pay a Surge- on will not fend for thefe Medicines, rhis not being done with any lucrative View nor to hiirt the Profcffion, but to preferve his Fellow Creatures and relieve the P00V, The Pot of Eledluary is four Shillings j the Bottle of Injc& ion is one Shilling ; the Pills for the Lues Venerea or Grand Pox, which has reftflred Numbers who have been miferably harrafs d with Salivations in vain, is but fix Shillings the Box, and which is generally fufficient even in ihe isft Stage of tint Difordcr, to perfect a Cure. Yen may reft affur'd that thefe sre the Medicines of one who has ferv'd feven Years Apprentice/ hip in one of the grearefr Hofpitals of this City. There is a printed Dire£ ik> n wrapp'd round each Parcel, hoiy to order you'felf whilil you take it, and what Quantity you are to take, all which you may do without the Privity of any of your Acquaintance. To be had ar Mr. Oake's Hard- Ware and Cane- Man, in Bedford- Court, Bedford- Street, Covent- Garden ; or at Mr. Eilines a Toy- Shop, next to the Gun- Shop, under St. Dunftan's- Church in Fleet- Street; or at Mr. Smith's, a Map and Printfeller, at Hogarih's- Head, facing the End'of Wood- Street, in Cheapfide ; or at Mr. Asbridge's, the Queen't- Head the Corner of lames- Srreet, Bedford- Row, Holborn. Inftead of asking ( or a Pot of Elefluary, ask for a Pot of Ba » - fam ; for a Box of Pills, ask for a Box of Beads 5 and for t fe Bottle of lnie£ tk>-> ask for the Bottle of Eye Water. H . D E A N , SURGEON. Living at the' Blue Ball in Poflern Row, near the IVatch- Houfe on Little Tower Hiii, with the Blue Ball at my Back Door in George Yard, , W ^ ^ T i W B k R E yQU may have - - " ~ * a fafe and private Cure for all Venereal CLAPS or TOX, with all its dreadful Symptoms, whether frelh contradted or ot long Continuance ; I give immediate Eafe to painfuj Buboes, SWeii- ' n,- 25< Tumours, Ulcers in the Nofe, JSsSallJ Throat, or Pirate. I fpeedily remove Cordecs, Shankers, Phymofts. Paraphymofe?, with pocky Warn and Nodes, diurnai and noflural Pains, with Gleets or virulent Runnings. Let ysisr Condition be ever £ 0 bad, and after yoss have been ruined, fpoiled, and miferably tormented, and brok- » out in a Thouiand Blotches sll over your Body, by raking nacreous Loads of Phyficfc, for Months hay Ycsrs together, whicBl have been the Ruin of Hundreds, by felling under unskilful Hands and can fine' no Relief, defpair not, for no one ever fail* of a Cure, by an eafy fure and private Method, without azqr Alteration of Dyet, Confinement at Home, or Hindrance of Bufincfs. Note. Yon mty have my Chemical Wartr th; t perfefily cOr « tfie Itch, or Itchy Humours, without any trouble( ® rae, daubing fiinking Ointment, Price one Shilli ng rhe Bottle, with DireGions At the fame Place you may have the EfTex and Kentifh Chy rnical- Drops for all manner of Fevers and Agues, of never fi long ( landing, with printed Diredtions how to take them. Prici one Shilling the Bottle. And for Conveniency of thofe that defire my Medicines to carry Abroad with them, I always keep them ready prepared by me, with printed Direitions how to ufe the fame. Z~ U M D 0 N: Printed for J. L E A G E , near the Sdfions- Houfe in the Great Old Bcttly, where ADVERTISEMENTS are taken in, aa all Manner of Printing done in a neat and reafonabie Manner.
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