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Berrow's Worcester Journal


Printer / Publisher: Berrow 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 2425
No Pages: 4
Berrow's Worcester Journal page 1
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Berrow's Worcester Journal
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Berrow's Worcester Journal

Date of Article: 22/01/1756
Printer / Publisher: Berrow 
Address: Office in Goose-Lane, near the Cross
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 2425
No Pages: 4
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B E R R O W's Worcester JOURNAL. [ Printed at his OFFICE in Goose- Lane, near the Cross.~ j Price Two- Pence. THURSDAY, January 22, 1756. N° 2425 FRIDAY'S and SATURDAY'S POSTS. Arriv'd a MAIL from HOLLAND, PETBRSBOuRg, December 16. LAST Friday Morning, about Seven o'Clock, a Fire broke oat in the Admi- ralty's Magazine of Pitch and Tar, which, in a very short Time, entirely consumed that Building with every thing in it. Madrid, Dec 16 The King, not- withstanding the good Understanding he maintains with the British Nation, being determined to assert his Rights to Commerce and Navigation in the Gulph of Cam- peachy and the Bay of Honduras, they talk at Court of transporting thither a few more Troops, to relieve or rein force those already there— That is to say, the Court of Madrid will now do as they lslt, because they think we must wink at it. Rome, Dec. 20 Monday died, aged Seventy- eight, Car- dinal Caraffa, Dean of the Sacred College. There are now eleven vacant Hats. Milan t Dec 23. A few Nights ago the Sentinels on the Ramparts of Como obaerved in the Air a very bright Globe of Fire, from which issued a Multitude of Sparks, which dispersed themselves in the Atmosphere. It did not appear above a Minute, and seemed to fall on the City. The poor Fellows were so much frightened that they fainted away. Francfort, Jan. 4. The French are raising Men in Alsace with so much Diligence, that they regard neither Age nor the Height of the Recruits. The Magazines are also filling as fast as possible. Brussels, Jan. 2. According to our Advices from Lor- rain, Orders have been given for preparing Stables in all the Villages about Metz and Thionville, for a Number of Horses that are expected there for the Use of the Artil- lery, and for remounting the Cavalry. The same Ad- Vices add, that there were at Metz fifteen Pontoons, and ii many sharp pointed Boats, with their Tackling, already loaded upon Carriages; that a considerable Number of Hands were employed in preparing Caissons, Waggons, & c. for the Artillery ; that two hundred Woolpacks were lately arrived at Rodemacher to make Mattrasses ( as was given out) for the Use of the Troops ; that the two Fur naces at Hayange were constantly employ'd in casting Bomb- Shells; and that there were Commissaries at that Place to receive and dispatch a great Number of Wag- gons which were expected there, in order to transport Cannon Bullets, and Shells, eight thousand of which were to be removed by the first Convoy to Codemacher and SIRK. Brussels, Jan. 5. Though some late Advices from London say, that a Body ot English Troops are to cross the Sea, in order to garrison Ostend and Newport, we don't yet make any Dispositions for their Reception: And moreover, we are still in Doubt whether there will be any Occasion for such Troops to come over to our Assistance. Paris, Dec. 29. A Courier is arrived here from M de Vergennes, our Ambassador at Constantinople, who re- ports, that all the long Way he travelled he heard of no thing but Earthquakes. It is reported that one of the Shocks hath dried up the Lake of Neuschatel. We have Letters from Portugal which represent the King exercising his Authority as a steady Monarch, and the Ministry are as successfully employ'd in bringing Or- der out of Confusion. The Custom- House Board hath, in particular, given a very signal Proof of their Firmness A Foreign Ship having attempted to steal down the River, and get to Sea without the necessary Passports, was stopt, and immediately searched. She was found to be laden with Plate and Ingots of Gold and Silver that had been stolen during the Disaster. The Crime being manifest, the Captain and all his Crew were hanged up without any Form of Process. Paris, Jan 3. An Arret of the King's Council of State is published, for levying again the Duties laid in 1743, and taken off in 1751, on Poultry, Game, Sea , Fish dried and falted, Calves, Lambs, Kids, Hogs, Pigs, Eggs, Butter, Cheek, and Wood for Fewel. This Arret is dated the 20th of December. As the King seeks only to ease his People, he must needs have offered Violence to his natural Temper in signing it: But, as his Majesty says in the Preamble to the Arret, he finds himself obliged to levy these Duties again, on Account of the Necessity of augmenting his Sea and Land Forces; the Conduct of his Enemies having wearied out his Moderation and Patience. — [ Just so it has been in all Ages with most Courts: When they launch out into a War, their Conduct is just, their Views laudaule, their Pretensions right in their own Eyes; but, when, tired of fighting to little or no Pur- pose, they come to make Peace, they do as good as con- fess, in their Treaties, that they went to Loggerheads only for Want of Honesty, or Sense enough to understand one another. IRELAND. Dublin, Jan 3, We hear that a Bill will be brought into the Right Honourable the House of Lords, for limit- ing and registering the Number of Popish Secular Priests in this Kingdom, with an Exclusion to all others, but particularly Regulars; and, it is said, it will be recom- mended to the Judges to bring in the same. An Account of Flour, Wheat, and Malt, imported into Dublin, from the 1st of January to the 25th of Decem- ber, 1755. 46,970 Hundred of Flour, at 10s. 23.485 0 0 47,037 Barrels of Wheat, at l6s. 37.629 12 o 162,103 Barrels of Malt, at 8 s. 6 d. 68,893 15 6 130,008 7 6 This incredible Sum sufficiently points out the Neces- sity of an Inland Navigation, which would be the most effectual Means of increasing the Tillage of Ireland. SCOTLAND. Edinburgh, Jan. 8 They write from Aberdeen, that on Sunday Evening last a Fire broke out at the Back of the Tolbooth, by which six or seven Families were burnt out before it was extinguished. COUNTRY NEWS. Bristol, Jan. 10. At the Petty Sessions held at Can- nard's Grave, by two Justices of Somersetshire, John Joslet was committed to Shepton- Mallet Gaol, on Suspi- cion of being concerned with Fanny, the Wife of John Scaley, and others, in robbing her aforesaid Husband of the Sum of two hundred Pounds and upwards. Salisbury, Jan. 10. On Monday last seven French Of- ficers, taken by Admiral Boscawen on board the Alcide, arrived here from Portlmouth on their Patrole of Honour, and are to continue during the Government's Pleasure. LONDON, Thursday, JANUARY 15. From the Amsterdam Gazette. London, Jan 2. - An Express is just set out for Vienna with Despatches relating the Measures concerted be- tween the two Imperial Courts and ours, for preserving the Traquility of the Empire in general, and for the Se- curity of Hanover in particular. Two Powers have al- ready declared ( under the Pretence of preventing every Thing that may disturb the Peace of the Germanick Body) that they cannot grant a Passage through their Terri- tories to the Russian Troops taken into the Pay of Great Britain. To obviate the Inconveniencies which might re- sult from this Refusal, the Miniltry are entering upon a new Negotiation with a certain Court. But some are of Opinion, that, if the Russian Troops are employed, they must be transported by Sea to the Place of Action. As the Paris A la main is under the Inspection of the Lieutenant General ot the Police, the Publick are divided in their Opinions concerning the Account given therein or Prince Edward Some- People think, that if he was actually in Paris, and if the French Court intended to make any important Use of him against Britain, the Go- vernment would take care to keep the Matter secret: Some imagine that there is no Occasion for Secrecy, nor any more Measures to keep with the British Court; and, consequently, that the Mask is pull'd off: And some, who do not care to be positive in such slippery Science as Po liticks, content themselves with saying, that the World will soon be entertain'd with a Tragedy or a Farce. Extract of a Letter from Paris, Jan. 3. " All the Reports in foreign Parts of new Propositions for an Accommodation between this Court and that of Great Britain, are by sensible Perfons look'd upon as Sup- positions that have no solid Foundation. Our Court is now Intent upon nothing but putting the Nation in a Con dition to take Vengeance, by all possible Means, for the Hostilities committed by the English 0n the French Trade and Navigation without any previous Declaration. " The Circumstances that obliged Prince Edward Stuart to withdraw from this Kingdom, no longer subsisting, he return'd to this Metropolis a few Days ago. Many Scotch and irish, attached to his Fortune, are likewise here, and appear resolvcd to run all Hazards with him,' Utrecht Gazette It is said in private Letters from Holland by the last Mail, that the Marquis de Bonnac and the Count d'Affry, among other Points of their Negotiation with the States General, insist that the Republick shall put into the Hands of the King their Master, Nimeguen, Maestricht, Breda, and two other Places, as Hostages or Security for the Good Behaviuur ot their High Mightinesses in case of a War between Britain and France. the French Ministry being apprehensive, that however the Dutch may be in- clined to Peace at present, they might hereafter, in the Course of such War, be prevailed upon to Chime in with the Measures of the English, as was the Case in the last War, when the Party of the Stadtholder got the upper- hand in the Republick. We hear that an Express, by Way of Memorial, has been lately received from France, the Contents of which were so arrogant, abusive, and insulting, that it was im- mediately returned without any Consideration thereon,' and with this Answer only, " that its Contents were such as merited not the Notice of the British Nation " A Scheme is talked of for raising the Ten new Regi- ments, and the Marines, by two Men out of each Parish in England. We hear that the Recruiting Parties belonging to that Ten New Regiments meet with such Success, that it is thought they will be able to complete those Regiments shortly with Volunteers. A Command of Matrosses, & c. have received Orders to hold themselves in Readiness to march or embark on the shortest Notice. Letters received Yesterday from Leghorn mention the Arrival there of several British Men of War, in order to intercept the French Merchant Ships from the Levant. This Morning a large Quantity of Cannon Balls was shipped for the West Indies. We hear that the Patents are preparing for creating the Lord Chief Justice Ryder, and the Hon. Horatio Wal- pole, Peers of England. Yesterday a Dispensation parted the Seals, to enable the Rev. Robert Eden, D. D. late a Prebend of Worcester, to hold the Rectory of Hedbourne, otherwise Hedbourne Worthy, in the County of Southampton and Diocese of Winchester, together with the Rectory ot Michel Marsh, in the same County and Diocese, worth upwards of 420 1. per Annum. We hear that Dr. Terrick is appointed to preach on the 30th Instant before the Hon House of Commons : And Dr. Young on the sixth of February, being the Day ap- pointed to be observed for a General Fast. His Royal Highness the Duke is indisposed, occasioned by the bursting of a Vein in the Wound he received in his Leg at the Battle of Dettingen, at the last New Mar- ket Meeting. Tuesday Ive Whitebread, Esq, one of the Sheriffs of London, attended the House of Commons with the City's Petition for a new Bridge. Lalt Night at the Meeting of the Society for the En- couragement of Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce, the Premium of Ten Pounds for the bed five Hides dress'd in Oil, commonly called Losh, or Buff Leather, was ad- judged to Mr. Henry Bullock ; and the like Premium for tinning Copper Vessels in the best Manner with pure com- mon Tin, was adjudged to Mr. John Bootie. By Accounts from Madrid of the 29th pad, they had a more violent Earthquake there than any before, which had also made horrid Devastation at Lisbon and kill'd a great Number of People. The Earthquakes of the 18th and 19th of November, were severely felt at Fez, where more than 3000 Persons were destroyed. Not one House is left standing at Me- i quinez. It is reckoned that 4000 Moors, and 8000 Jews, who lived in a feparate Quarter are buried there. Frequent Shocks continue, and astonishing Noises are daily heard in all that Part of Africa. By the Accounts hitherto received it appears, that the Earthquakes have continued for the Space of Sixty- one Days, that is, from the first of Nov. to the 31st of last Month inclufive; in which Space of Time they have been felt with more or less Violence, from the Eastern Shores of America to the Heart of Germany, and from the fro- zen Clime of Iceland almost to the Topick of Cancer j taking a Range of about 4000 Miles from West to East, and above 2000 from South to North. yet we have Abundance of Wise- acres who are still unmoved by these tremendous Concussions in the terraqueous- Globe, f from a fond Conceit that they are nothing but the Effects of natural Causes, though the most sagacious of them all could not foresee when they would begin, nor dare they now venture to predict when or where they will end. The Master Shoemakers, in St. Martin's le Grand, Bow- Church Yard, Cheaptide, and every Part of the City, make great Complaints of the Idleness of the Journeymen, who, a soon as they earn a Shilling or two, spend it in Drunken- ness and Gaming, to the Ruin of their poor Wives and families, and great Detriment 0f the Master Shoemakers, more than one having assured me, that the Sale of many Thousand Pair of Shoes has been lost, even to Ready MOney customers, on this Account; and so very great is the Insolence of these inferior Crispins, that St. Hugh's Bones lie quiet for Days together, till the Master is neces- sitated to advance them some Money before- hand. Thursday died, aged 67, at Whitton, in Middlesex, the Hon. Mrs. Elizabeth Verney, Daughter of the Right Hon. Thomas Leigh, Baron Leigh, of Stonely, in War wickshire, by a Daughter of the Rockingham Family : She married Thomas, eldest Son of the Right Hon. Dr. George Verney, Baron Willoughby of Brook, Dean of Windsor, and Register of the Order of the Garter, by whom she had one Daughter, married to George Bowes, Esq, of Durham. Last Friday Night Mary Binstead was sent to the Poul- try Compter, as a Street Walking; and 0n Saturday Morning Mr. Alderman Cokayne signed her Commit- ment to the London Workhouse ; but before the Constable took her from the Mansion HOuse, a Washerwoman from the Compter came and charged herewith stealing some Linnen in the Gaol, which being found upon her, she was carried before the Alderman again Ac- count; committed her to Newgate SUNDAY'* and MONDAY's POSTS. WARSAW, December 30. . NOtwithstanding the Measures taken in the 391 Ukrain and Volhina to prevent the frequent Incursions of the Haydamacks, we hear from Zitomierz, that those Robbers, to the Num- ber of Nine Hundred, entered one of the newly secured Towns on the Frontiers, burn- ing all the Houses, and destroying all the new Outworks raised for their Defence, and carrying near One Hundred of the miserable Inhabitants off with them. Prague, Dec. 30. From Olmutz in Moravia we have most lamentable and incredible Stories relating to the Ef fects of the late Earthquakes in that Province: Among the rest, a strange Account of the bursting of one of the Mountains there, and of the Emission of liquid Fire ; but as these Accounts are attended with a Number of fabulous Circumstances, peculiar to the credulous inhabitants of that Kingdom, we are as yet dubious of the Credit due to those Relations. Berlin, Jan 5. We have Accounts from Poland, that, in the Beginning of last Month, such Storms of Wind have arisen in the Salt Pits in several Parts of that King- dom, that some Hundreds of the Labourers, and great Part of the subterraneous Works, are destroy'd, by which the Salt, to a very considerable Value, has been dispersed and spoiled. From other Parts of that Kingdom, also, we have Accounts of Springs and Fires which have broke lose in those subterraneous Caverns, whereby some Pits are entirely destroy'd, and others remain still burning. From those Parts, however, we hear of little Damage that has been done by the late Earthquakes. Amsterdam, Jan. 6. Advice is received from St. Eusta- tia, that the general Earthquake, on the 1st of November last, has occasioned very considerable Damages in the Leeward Islands, which were surprized with the sudden Shock and Inundation of the Water, by which several Vessels were lost, Plantations destroy'd, and Numbers of the Inhabitants drowned. We are hereby become impa- tient for further Advices, on Account of our Settlements at Carasao and Surinam. Letter from Stade, Dec. 18. " Recruits are raising here, as well as in all the Cities throughout his ( Britanick) Majesty's German Dominions, with great Vigour and Success. The Officers also of all the Regiments on the Hanoverian Establishment have re ceived positive Orders to hold their Troops in immediate Readiness to march. Yesterday our Governor exercised the Trains of Artillery, by firing the heavy Cannon on the Rampart's. The Improvements that have been some Time since making in our Fortifications are compleat, and this City on all Sides in a perfect Posture of Defence." COUNTRY NEWS. Extract of a Letter from Taunton, in Somersetshire, dated January 12, 1756. '* One Day last Week were committed to separate Pri sons, in the County of Somerset, Mr. William Pester, and Nathaniel Withers, for being concern'd as Principals in the Forgery, for which one James Wallis was convic- ted at the- last Wells Assizes, and is since executed . This William Pester is the Person in whose Favour, about six Years since, at Taunton Assizes, a forg'd Deed, dated so far back as 1646, was set up and produced, in order to defeat a Mortgage, which James Chaffey Cowper, Esq; had upon the Lands then in Disputes and it being sup ported by false Evidence ( for Perjury is generally concomi- tant to Forgery) a Verdict was obtain'd against the Mort gagee, in Consequence of which Mr Cowper was for some Time defrauded of a very considerable Sum of Money. Two more Persons, against whom Warrants are granted, are absconded." ' . SHIP NEWS. - - • : Plymouth, Jan. 13. The following Ships having been' in this Dock, cleaned, & c. are now preparing for sea with the utmost Expedition, viz. Buckingham, Admiral West, Monmouth. Grafton, Revenge, Vanguard, Culloden' Captain. Northumberland, Edinburgh, Terrible, Ipswich, Orford, of 70 Guns each St. Albans, Anson, Knigston' York, Dunkirk, Defiance, Weymouth, Windsor, Eagle, of 60 Guns each; Falkland, Colchester, Assistance, Win- chester, Rochester, of 50 Guns each ; Ambuscade, of 40 Guns; Portmahon, Gibraltar, Arundel, Sheerness, of 20 Guns each ; Speedwell, Peregrine, Savage, Raven, Otter, Sloops. • " T ' Admiral West in the Buckingham, with the Monmouth, Grafton, Revenge, Vanguard, Northumberland, Edin-. burgh, York, Dunkirk, Windsor, Sheerness; and Raven Sloop, will sail in a few days on a private Expedition. The rest are preparing with the utmost Expedition, and will be soon ready for Sea, the Artificers in the Dock- Yard Working double Days, and Sundays: Gosport, Jan. 16. This Week a Court Martial was held on the Master of the Ferret Sloop of War for bad Conduct'; he was sentenced six Months Imprisonment in the Marshalsea Prifon, and rendered incapable of serving in his Majesty's Navy any more. On Tuesday last the Captain's Clerk of the Barfleur was taken into Custody ; some say for Mal Practices relating to Tickets, others for holding secret Correspondence with our Enemies; but the real Matter does not as yet per- spire. LONDON, Saturday, JANUARy 17. St. James's, Jan. 18. This Day M. Michell, lately Secretary d'Ambassade, now charged with the Affairs of the King of Prussia, had his first private Audience of his Majesty i to Which he was introduced by the Right Hon. the Earl of Holderness, one of his Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State, and Conducted by Sir Clement Cot- trell Dormer, Knt. Master of the Ceremonies. A Treaty of Alliance between England and Prussia was Concluded and sign'd last Night, wherein the latter engages to hinder any foreign Troops from entering into the Em- pire in an hostile Manner. We are told that an Express from the Empress of Rus- sia to his Prussian Majesty, had this just and proper Ex- prission : " I am determined, at all Events, to fulfil and " perform my Engagements to, and with, the most Faith " ful and Humane King of Great Britain." We hear that the Memorial, hinted at in the preceding Page, to have been received from France Was written by the French King himself, and directed For His Majesty singly ; the Contents of which loaded the British Nation ( not to say our most gratious Sovereign) with the greatest Calumnies, and which was return'd 1n a proper Manner, though with Decency. The French Nation, in some of their late Expresses, have threatened us With a Declaration of War, as on Monday next, unless such Satisfaction was made as should be adequate to a squeamish French Conscience; but most English Hearts are apt to think this proceeds more from Fear than true Courage. Thursday in the Afternoon a Report prevailed, that the Empress of Russia was either dead or dethroned ; but in the Evening it dwindled down into a Rumour, that there had been a Conspiracy, and that the Ringleaders of it had been apprehended, and some had undergone the Punishment of the Knout, and some been punish'd with Death This News is said to have come from Berlin, the last Post having brought no Letters from Petersburgh. The Heralds at Arms are in Waiting, and a private Account of Matters is daily expected from the other Side of the Water. We hear that Orders are given for all Sea Officers to repair on board, and that twenty Ships of the Line will sail directly to scour the Channel, and protect the home- ward bound Ships. All the Drummers and Fifers of Colonel Boscawen's Regiment are to be black Men. They write from Venice, that the late Lord Elcho is arriv'd there from Paris, in order to pass the Carnival ; and probably will take up his Residence in that Neigh- bourhood, until the Affairs between Great Britain and France are adjusted. Tuesday last a young Fellow was seized at his Lodgings at Portsmouth, with all his Books and Papers, and car- ried on board the St George at Spithead. From Halifax, in Nova Scotia, we are informed, that the Third of December last was obaerv'd there as a Day of Thanksgiving for the Signal Deliverances already vouch safed them from the Machinations of the French. The Assembly of North Carolina on the 15th of Oc- tober last passed an Act for granting a farther Aid of 10,0001. Proclamation Money, to be appropriated for raising three Companies of fifty Men each, to be sent to the Assistance of the Northern Colonies. Our Correpondent at Barbadoes acquaints us, that the Trial Sloop, Capt. John Falkingham, has been very suc- cessful in distressing the French Trade, and if the Prizes she has taken be condemned, it is thought his Share will amount to £ 500 1. and upwards. The Infante de Bourdeaux from Guardaloupe, Les Deux Petits from Martinico, L'Amiable from Melinsba, with 327 Slaves, and the Sauveur, with 177 Slaves, for Martinico, are taken by Commodore Frankland, and car- ried into Antigua. ... The Margretta, Puno, of Nantz, for Guernsey, is ta- ken by the Humber Man of War, and sent into Barbados. 1 Mr.- George Wilson, of Symonds- Inn, is appointed Se- cretary to the Right Hon. Lord Sandys, as Warden and Chief Justice in Eyre of his Majesty's Forests, & c. on this Side- Trent. '" 1' ' . Charles Pinfold, Esq; Doctor of Civil Law, is ap pointed Governor of Barbados, in the room of Henry Grenville, Esq, Last Night died the Right Hon. the Lord Milsington, eldest Son of the Earl of Portmore. Yesterday a Life- Guard Man belonging to the First Troop, which lately received a Commission, shot himself at his Apartments in South Audley Street. His Royal Highness the Duke, who has been indis- posed for some Days, is much better. —; Chase, Esq, an eminent Portugal Merchant, who was taken out from under the Ruins at Lisbon, with his Arm broke, and his Shoulder dislocated, is gone to Bath for the Recovery of his Health, Yesterday 16,800 Oiinces of Silver Coin were shipped for Holland, and 2800 Quarters of Wheat for Portugal. According to private Letters from Denmark, the Season has prevented their having, as yet, any distinct or authen- tick Accounts from Greenland of ths Earthquake that happen'd there in the Beginning of November, for which however they are very impatient. The freshest Advices from Iceland represent Mount Hecla as very much dis- posed to make a Figure again amongst the burning Moun-. tains of Europe, at which the Inhabitants are the less dis- pleased, as their old Chronicles shew, that while it vomit- ed Flame and Fire their Island was beyond Comparison more fruitful, and the Climate milder than at present. Last Tuesday Jacob Ilive, formerly a Printer at London House, was taken into Custody by Mr. Carrington; one of his Majesty's Messengers, for being the Author, Prin- ter and Publisher of a most infamous and blasphemous pamphlet. *** We hear a New Edition of The COMPLETe LET- TER WRITEr ; or, New and Polite English Secretary, will certainly be published in a few Days: To which is pre- fixed, A plain and compendious Grammar of the English Language, and at the End. A complete Spelling Dictionary. Price of the Whole, neatly bound, 2 s. Printed for Mess. Crowder and Woodgate, in Pater- Noster- Row, London, and sold by S. Gamidge, Bookseller, in Leech Street, Worcester. The Following Scheme for a Lottery, by Way of Life Annuities, has been proposed since that in our last Paper. 1 First drawn of £ 1000 per Ann, £ 1600 5 1 boo 5000 20 500 10000 100 100 10000 2O0 50 10000 400 20 8000. 1200 10 12000 18600 5 93000 t Last drawn 1000 1000 20527 15000o 23473 Blanks, near t 1- half to a Prize, and at the • Rate of 6 per Cent. To be LETT, And Enter'd upon at Lady Day next, A large commodious WAREHOUSE, Near Forty Feet long, and Twenty Feet wide. With a large- Room over the same, capable of housing a large Quantity of Hops, Situate in Powick's- Lene, in the City of Worcester. For further Particulars enquire of Mr. Joseph Watson, Ironmonger, in Broad- Street. N. B. The, above Premisses are very convenient either for a Hop Merchant or a Cyder Merchant. L U D L w 0 w. Jan. 15, 1756. H E R E A S divers Robberies have lately been committed in and aboat this Town j — Therefore NOTICE is hereby given, THAT the Corporation of Ludlow will pay the Sum of TWENTY POUNDS ( over and above the FORTY POuNDS allow'd by Aft of Parliament) to the Person or Persons who shall apprehend the first Perfon that hath been or shall be guilty of any Burglary within the Town of Ludlow, or of any highway Robbery within Five measur'd Miles thereof. And We, whose Names are hereunto subscribed, Bailiffs of the said Town, do hereby promise. That the same shall be paid when such Offender shall be convicted : And, moreover, That We will carry on the Prosecution, if apply'd to, for that Purpose. Witness our Hands, WILLIAM BRIGHT. JOHN TASKEr, To be LETT. And Enter'd upon at OLD CANDLEMAS next, A very IMPROVEABLE ESTATE, Of about 901, a- Year, SITUATE at Storridge, in the Parish of Cradley, in the County of Hereford, six Miles from the City of Worcester, consisting of a good Dwelling- House, Barns, Stables, Hop- Kiln;, Cyder- Mill, and other convenient Out- Buildings, with a large Tra£ l of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Ground, extensive Orcharding, and some Hop Ground, which may be enlarged and polled off the Premisses.— The Farm is now in the Possession of Wil- liam Cook, who hath been Tenant thereof more than forty. Years, and only quits it now on Account of his great Age and bodily Infirmities. A good Tenant will meet with all fitting En- couragement. For further Information apply to John Brodribb, Esq; or Mr. William Freme, in Worcester. NOTICE is hereby given, That The KING'S HEAD INN, Opposite the Town- Hall, in Worcester, Is now taken by THOMAS NOTT, WHO hopes those Gentlemen, Tradesmen, and Others, who oblig'd him with their Custom at the Earl's Post, will, for the future, favour him with their Company at the King's Head, where they may depend on meeting with the best Accommodation, and the utmost Civility,, from their Humble Servant, Thomas Nott. Worcester, Jan. 21, 1756. WHEREAS several Persons, com- monly called JOBBERS, have, for some Time past, employed themselves in the Buying of Horned Beasts; and other Cattle, and again selling the same in less Time than 1s, for that Purpose, allow'd by the Laws and Statutes of this Realm, to the great Prejudice of the Gentlemen Farmers and Graziers of this County, and, by such illicit. Practices, forfeit, in some Cases, double the Value of the Cattle so bought and sold, and in others a Penalty of Ten Pounds; NOW, THIS is to give Notice, That all Per-. sons, who, after the Publication hereof, shall sell any Cat- tle which they shall buy, without first keeping the same, if Horned Beads, forty Days, or five Weeks ; if Sheep or Lambs, according to the Direction of the Statutes in that Cafe made and provided, the Persons so offending will be prosecuted with the utmost Rigour of the Law. F. Thorneloe. AN Y Person who is experienced in Boring and Laying PIPES for the Conveyance of Water, AND MAKING PUMPS to raise, and RESERVOIRS to receive the same, and is inclinable to undertake a large Work of that Nature, may hear further by enquiring at the Ship Tavern, behind the Royal Exchange, London, Or at Hooper's Coffee- House, in Worcester. No PAVING is required. WHEREAS Richard Berrow, of the Parish of Powick, in the County of Wor cester, Shoemaker, hath lately Eloped from his Wife and Family ; Whoever will discover where the said Berrow- is, { so that he, be apprehended and brought to Justice,) shall have Half a Guinea Reward from Mr. Gammond, one of the Overseers of the Poor of the said Parish: Or if the said Berrow will voluntary Return to bit Wife and Chil- dren again, within the Space of a Month, he shall be for- given. - N. B— He is a thin faced Man, has dark Hair, limps much in his Walk, and is suppos'd to be between 40 and 50 Years of Age. To be SOLD, Separate, or Together, • Two ESTATES;. THE one a Freehold, called the Pale, situate in the Parish of Leigh, in the County of Worcester, now in the Possession of Joseph King } the other, Part Free hold and Part Leafehold, called the Brick Walts, fituate in the Parish of Hanky Castle, in the said County, now in the Possession of Richard Pitt: And late the Estates of Francis Moreton, of Eastnor, in the County of Hereford, Gent, deceas'd; For further Particulars enquire of Mr Robert Whit- combe, Attorney at Law, in Ledbury, Herefordshire. N. B. All Persons having any Demands on the Estate of the said Mr. Moreton, are desired to give an im- mediate Account thereof unto the said Mr Whit combe, in order for Payment : And all Persons, in any wise indebted to the said Mr. Moreton, are re quired to pay the same to the said Mr. Whitcombe, or they will be sued for the same without further Notice. Wednesday's and Thursday's POSTS. LONDON, Tuesday, JANUARY 20. WE are assured, that by the Treaty which the' . King of Prussia has entered into with the King of Great Britain, he has undertaken to defend the Hano'ver Dominions against any Invasion. * - It is said that the new Regiments which are to be raised will be by obliging every Parish in the Kingdom to furnish Two Men, which the Parish is to pay, and that these Regiments are to be employ'd in guarding' the Coasts, and that the old Regiments are to go Abroad. ' Tis confidently said, that the Right Hon the Lord Berkeley, of Stratton, is to be appointed Treasurer of the Houshold to his Majesty, in the room of the Right Hon. the Earl of Fitzwalter, who is to have a Pension. ' Tis conjectured that Mr. Pitt is either to be restored to his PlaCe, or to have some other Appointment of Impor- tance. They write from Dublin,- that four Regiments will shortly be raised for the Irish Establishment,. one of Which is to consist of Highlanders. -. , . The Press for Seamen is very warm, and Warrants are expected to be back'd by the Lord Mayor, authorising them to press in the City: Notwithstanding this Press is so hot a Landman will not be received for the Sea. By Accounts from Barbadoes we learn, that there are a great many rich Guiney Ships, belonging to France, brought in there. We hear from Framlingham, in Suffolk, that a large Pond in that Town, in which an extraordinary Motion was observ'd on the 1st of November, was agitated again last Sunday in the same Manner, and in a Direction con- trary to the Wind, which at that Time was pretty strong : So that it is fear'd another dreadful Earthquake happan'd that Day in some distant Part of the World. It is reported ( but we hope without Foundation) that there are Letters in Town from Gibraltar giving an Ac- count of some Shocks of Earthquakes since the 1st of No- vember, which did considerable Damage. The Messenger who was sent with Letters of Condo- lence from this Court to that of Portugal is returned, and confirms that there was another Earthquake at Lisbon on the 21st of December, and that 300 People perish'd there- by.! The Shocks, it's said, were almost as violent as those on the 1st. of November. By the Mercury, Cowley, arrived at Dublin from Fyal, one of the Azores or Wettern Islands, we here the agree able News, that no Disafter had happened to those Islands during the Earthquakes that made such Devastations in . Portugal, Morocco, and other Parts. .. Last Thursday the Sessions began at the Old Bailey, when fourteen Prisoners were tried, twelve of whom were call for Transportation, and two acquitted. Wm. Thorn- ton, for the Murder of Thomas Gresham in Newgate, was found guilty of Manslaughter. Friday seventeen Prisoners were tried, one of whom was capitally convicted, viz. Andrew Brinkworth, for publishing a forged Promissory Note with Intent to de- fraud Henry Hawkins of 30I. Twelve were cast for Transportation, and three acquitted. The Trials of the Thieftakers for a Conspiracy, were put off till next Sessions. Saturday ten Prisoners were tried, two of whom were capitally convicted, viz. Alexander Thompson, for not surrendering himself according to proper Notice given, he being declared a Bankrupt; and John Boswell, a Butcher and Thieftaker, for' robbing Frederick Lenard, a Dutch- man. Boswell called three Women to prove that one of them picked the Prosecutor up in the Street, and Carried him to- her Lodging, where another of them robb'd him, a little before the Prisoner was taken, lying on him on the Ground, and cutting him with a Knife ; but they being separately examined, varied in their Evidence, and were for Perjury committed to Newgate. Five were cast for Transportation, and three acquitted; And Yestrday the Sessions ended : Three Prisoners were tried, and all cast for Transportation. The three Prisoners capitally convicted, as above, received Sentence of Death. On Sunday Morning when the Under- Turnkey of the New Gaol, in Southwark, went to unlock the Felons, five off the most desperate rushed out into the Fore- Yard of the Prison, and one of them, named Walter Dixon, com- mitted for Murder, seized Mr. Johnson, the Head Turn- key, as he was standing at the Lodge Door, and almost throttled him, threatning that if he spoke he would cut his Throat from Ear to Ear. During the Skirmish, five of the Felons got out of the Gaol Door, and ran in to the Borough; Mr. Jones the Keeper being' alarmed, im- mediately sent out several resolute Men, who, in less than an Hour retook them all. This Escape was concerted by John Tomkin and James Thompson, both Highwaymen, John Needham, committed for a Rape and Murder near Guildford, Walter Dixon, for killing a Man in Tooley- Street, and Francis Brown and William Smith, who the Night beforc had cut off their Irons with Spring Saws. From Antigua we are inform'd, that on board the Sau- veur. bound for Martinico, one of' the Ships lately taken by Commodore Frankland, was found a Letter of Marque to make Reprisals in America. Belfast, Jan. 2. By the Peggy, Capt. Jackson, who arrived here on Monday last from Barbadoes, we hare the following Adrices of the 12th of November last ; Com- modore Frankland and the Squadron there under his Com- mand, have taken four large Ships belonging to the French, off Martinico, and sent them down to Antigua. Two of them are Guiney Men, 848 Slaves on board ; one a Sugar- laden Ship, with 500 Hogsheads, bound to Marseillea; and the other from Bourdeaux, with dry Goods. This Account Captain Jackson had from Mr. Jocelyn, a Lieutenant of one of the Commodore's Ships, a Gentle- man known to many in Belfast, and may be depended on. Captain Jackson says also, that on the 1st of November, about Ten in the Morning the Sea at Barbadoes in two Mi nates rose five Feet, and in the same Space ebb'd to its former Height, and continued to do so for about seventy Times successively, which did some Damage to the Small Craft but they felt no Shock of an Earthquake. Extract of a Letter from Philadelphia, Nov. 28. For some Time past the Uneasiness of the Back- Sel- lers has been much increased by the Incursions of the In- dians ( some of them lately in our Interest) who have de- stroy'd many Families within about sixty Miles of our City. These Hostilities having been frequently repeated, occa- sioned a great Number of the Inhabitants of the Back Coun- tries to come to Town, to promote a Reconciliation be- tween the Governor and Assembly, which some think is in great Measure for since that Incident two Bills have been passed, one for regulating such as are willing . fight, and the other for raising 55,000 I. by a Tax upon, the Estates of the Inhabitants; the Proprietors only ex- cepted at this Time, in Consideration of a Gift of 5000l. now given as an Addition to the 55,0001. We expect some Affairs of Consequence may be transacted in Parlia- ment this Winter," which we are anxious to know the Event of. The several Governors on the Continent are to meet the 2d of next Month at New- York, to settle the Plan of Operations for next Spring." BANKRUPTS. John Rimington. of Blackburne in Lancashire, Chapman. Silvanus Perrott, of Hemel Hempsted, Chapman. ——_ John Chappell, of Tring, in HertfOrdshire, Chapman.—— Thomas Smith, of Andover; in Hampshire, Dealer and Chapman. William free- man, of the Borough of Southwark, in Surry, Turner and Toyman. Nathaniel Wraxall, of the City of Bristol Merchant.-— Joseph Capes, of Knottingley, in the Coun- ty of York, Cornfactor, Dealer and Chapman. Prices of STOCKS. Bank Stock, 121 India ditto, 147 $- qrs. South Sea ditto, 164 3- qrs. Old Annuities, 92 3- qrs. Ditto- New Ann. ( hut: , Three per Cent. Bank An- nuities, 8tj t-< 8tfi a 1- half. India Bonds, il. 8s. a 9s. 1 . 1 • WORCESTER, January 22. The GOVERNORS of our Infirmary return their Thanks for a Benefaction of TWO GUINEAS received from Mr. Jonathan Harris, of Stanford. ' :' Last Saturday, at Noon, Mr. Farr ( Father- in- Law to Mr. Hall, at the Dolphin, in Bromsgrove) dropp'd down in an Apoplectick Fit, and immediately expir'd. We hear from Shrewsbury, that the new Spire on St. Mary's Church, in that Town, receiv'd so much Da- mage on Monday last, by a high Wind; that it is daily expected to fall down. A few Days since Ten stout Watermen, of Bewdley, were enlisted together by a Serjeant recruiting in that Town ; and ' tis said they have a Promife to be Continu'd together always in the same Regiment and Company ; and that they will be distinguish'd by the Appellation of the Bewdley BRAVOES. We hear from Birmingham, that on Thursday last, and the Market Day before, the proper Officers there seized considerable Quantities Of Butter which wanted Weight, and gave it away to the Poor, and tried a great Number of Market Measures, amongst which many were deficient i the Owners of which are taken an Account of, in order for Prosecution. Inspectors are also employed to detect that illegal Practice of' Forestalling the Market. - On Monday se'nnight last- were apprehended and brought to Birmingham, on the Confession of one Mould, now in Stafford Gaol, Jonathan Clay and James Barrs, of King's Norton, for being concerned with the said Mould and two others, in robbing Mr. Smith of Bentley, near Wal- sall, last Month 2 for which they are committed to Staf ford Gaol. Some THOUGHTS on the late EARTHQUAKES AS the Subject of EARTHQUAKES [ since the late tre- mendous Catastrophe at Lisbon and Other Places] is become the general Topick of Conversation in most Com- panies, I have taken the Liberty to throw together a few Thoughts upon that awful Subject, which, if admitted, Will prove that we were more interested in that great Convulsion of Nature than is generally imagined It is well known that the Property of Liquids, not- withstanding their- Fluidity, is to remain in a State of Rest, except they are put in Motion by some Impression or external Cause. That surprizing Agitation of the Wa- ters, which was so remarkably conspicuous on the First of November, ( at the Time of the great Earthquakes at bon and other Places) not only upon the Sea- Coast, but. likewise in the Inland Parts of this Island, is, to me a convincing Proof that this whole Island, at the same Time, receiv'd a great Shock, or was actually remov'd out of its former Situation. Something parallel to this is to be shewn by an easy Experiment : If you place a large Bason of Water upon a Table, and, when the Wa- ter is at Rest, remove the Bason along the Table but a Quarter of an Inch, it will give the Water in the Inside an Agitation answerable to all the Phoenomena of our standing Pools at that Time ; which will be more, Or less in Proportion as the Motion is increas'd in Distance and Velocity. Again,- The extraordinary Appearance it had upon the Sea- Coasts naturally arises from the Motion of the Island ; for which Way soever the Direction was, it must naturally cause the Water to arise on that Side; and that, more, or less, as it was on an open Shore, or Con- fined in Bays, Havens, Creeks, or within the Banks of Rivers, and, on the contrary, to subside at the same Time on the opposite Shore of the Island, till, by its fre- quent Vibrations, it had recover'd its natutal State. This is so natural an Effect, arising from such a Cause, that it needs no Experiment to prove it. I will not take upon me to say, that the Motion of oar Island was the Occa- sion of the extraordinary Agitation of the Waters on the opposite Shore, particularly upon the Coast of Hollandt and other Places, where it was more or less Confined, by the frequent Vibrations which the sudden Motion of so large an Island must naturally produce, though, to me, it seems highly probable. If it should be ask'd, How this Island could receive so extraordinary a Shock, and the Inhabitants not be sensible of it? it may be answer'd( That, if the Direction of the Shock was parallel to the Horizon, ( which I suppose be) we could be no more effected by it than we are by the diurnal Rotation or the Motion of a Ship or Vessel ( / Which we sail. I cannot imagine it to be a Vibrating Mo- tion ; for, if so, we must certainly have been sensible of the Return of it. In order to arrive at any Degree of Certainty which Way the Motion was directd, I with that those who made the Observation at the Time would send an Account to wh t Point of the Compass the Waters were directed in their first Vibrations, which would, in all Probability, ascertain which Way the Island was remov'd. What grateful Return of Thanks do we owe to a kind and indulgent Providence, for our Preservation ! At the Time other Nations were groaning under the Wrecks of Nature, his gentle Hand mov'd us in such a Manner as not to be attended with any of those fatal Consequences which the Nations abroad labour under at this Day. Worecester, Jan. 8, 1756. In Consequence of an Advertisement, published by The CORPORATION of this CITY, At the Last MUSIC- MEETING, A Charitable Collection has been made for the Relief of the WIDOWS and ORPHANS of the poor Clergy of this Diocese, amounting to the Sum of EIGHTY POUNDS. They are therefore desired to send their Certificates, as soon as possible, to WILLIAM BROMLEY, or RICHARD CASE, Esqrs. in order that the said CHARITY may be properly disposed of. This is to give Notice, That The CROWN INN In Broad- Street, Worcester, Which was kept by Mr. AUgUSTIN OLDHAM, and, since his Decease, by his Sister, is now taken by JOHN PEMBERTON, Late Servant to WILLIAM STRAHAN, Esq; Where all GENTLEMEN, may depend ou having the best Accommodation, by Their most humble Servant, John P emberton. N B. There is a great deal of very good STALL' STABLINg, and Horses are taken in at Livery. THOMAS and ANN HODGES, FROM The Fleece, in Evesham, Worcestershire, Beg Leave to acquaint their former Guests and Others, THAT they are lately removed to the CROWN INN in the same Town, being one of the largest, most convenient, and pleasantest situated Inns between Land in and Worcester, and where the No bility. Gentry, and Others, may, at all Times, depend on meeting with the best Entertainment, and civilest Usage, From their most respectful humble Servants, Thomas Hodges, Ann Hodges." To be LETT, to the Best Bidder, Upon Monday the Second Day of February next, between Ten and Twelve in tbe Forenoon, at the Guild- Hall in Bewdley, in the County of Worcester, by the Steward of the said Borough, for the Term of Ninety nine Years to commence from Lady- Day next, One Messuage or Dwelling- House, With several Out- Buildings ( Which may be converted into a Malt House ) STTUATE in Load- Street, near the Barley Market, in Bewdley aforesaid, which said Premisses have been occupied by a Baker for Sixty Years last past, and were late in the Tenure of Robert Yarranton, Baker, deceas'd. Particulars may be had of the Steward of the said Borough On Monday, Feb. 2, will be published, ( To be continued Monthly, Price Six pence,) A Periodical Work, upon a Plan entirely New, call'd The UNIVERSAL VISITER, AND MONTHLY MEMORIALIST. For JANUARY, 1756. Sounding with Moral Virtue was hit Speech, And gladly would he learn, and gladly teach. CHAUCER. London: Printed for T Gardner, at Cowley's Head, facing St. Clement's Church, in the Strand i and Sold by all the Booksellers, Printers and News- Carriers in Great Britain and Ireland. IN this Performance the Authors hope to appear as Po- liticians without Party, Historians Without Prejudice, Philosophers without Moroseness, Critics without Ill- Na ture, and as Men of rational Pleasure without Wantonness, And besides these more serious Articles, they pre- sume they can acquit themselves, with some Address, in the various and entertaining Characters of Poet, Painter, Player and Musician. The Amusement of the Ladies will likewise be attended to in the Prosecution of this De- sign; and, in all other Respects, their utmost Abilities will be exerted to merit the Publick Esteem, without which they neither expect nor desire to succeed. As they will ever be glad to give Instruction, ( as far as it may be in their Power,) so, reciprocally, will they be proud of re- ceiving it, by the Means of ingenious and communicative Correspondents: - A Lesson which was taught them by those Two excellent Lines of Chaucer, which they have chosen for their Motto. This Day was Published) ( Price Six- Pence,) Beautifully Printed, With an Expressive and Elegant FRONISPIECE to the VOLUME, a General TITLE curiously Engraved, and Compleat IndEXES ; also a fine Representation of un- Common STAR FISH, on a Copper Plate, APPENDIX TO The LONDON MAGAZINE ; MDCCLV. CONTAINING, I - The SpeeCHES of Pomponius I Trade, and Necessity of pro- Atticus and T. Sempronius G> a thus, in the Debate for addres sing his Majesty for his most gracious SPEECH from the Throne. II. Of the Foundation of our Constitution, and the Expedi- ency of a National Militia. Ill A curious Dissertation on the Gout, by R. Drake. IV. The Footmen's Duel, with just Remarks on the Irish Na- tion. V. Humourous Account of a Country Visit. VI. Mathematical Questions and Solutions. tecting our Colonies. XI Account 0f uncommon Star Fish XII. Description of the Krab- ben, a wonderful Sea Monster. XIII. Of the Operation of Mer. Cury on the human Body. XIV. POETRY On the late Earthquake j Trust in God, a Sapphic Ode j the Enquiry j Correction and Additions to Mr. Smart's Epilogue; on the Ladies Poems ; Transtation of an Ode of Horace; Song, Enig- ma, Epigram. XV. Additions to the Monthly Chronologer, 1755 VII. Distinction between the \ XVI. Marriages, Births, Deaths, Gentleman and the Cit, with proper Remarks. VIII. The Tribe of Hangers- on characteris'd. IX. Description and Settlement of Maryland. X. Importance of the Tobacco and Promotions Ecclesiastical, Civil, and Military. XVII. Alteration in the List of Parliament. XVIII. Yearly Bill of Mortality. XIX. Conclusion of the Catalogue of Books for the Year 1755- LONDON: Printed for, and sold by R Baldwin, at the Rose, in Pater Noster Row, and by all Booksellers and the News Carriers in Great Britain and Ireland. Of whom may be had, Compleat Sets from the Year 1733 to this Time, neatly bound, or stitch'd, or any single Month to compleat Sets. The London Magazine for January, 1756. will be published the econd of February, with a neat and correct Map of Flintshire a Plan of Lisbon, and a View of Tin- mouth Caftle, &' c. & c. To be continued Monthly, Price Six- pence. To be SOLD A Freehold MESSUAGE and FARM, Of the Yearly Value of 5ol. and upwards, SITUATE in the Parish of Welland. being a Manor or Royalty of itself, receiving Chief Rents, having a just Quantity of Orcharding, Meadow, and Pasture, for the Size of the Farm, and the Benefit of a large Com- mon, without Stint, close to the Fold. The Lands lie together very commodiously, and these, as well as the Buildings, are in good Condition. For Particulars enquire of Mr. Dandridge, Attorney, in Worcester. This Day was Published, In OCTAVO, ( Price is. 6d. bound,) The Third Edition, with large Additions, of The Psalm - Singer's Choice COMPANION: Or, An Imitation of HEAVEN on EARTH, And the B E A U T Y of H O L I N E S S, Being a compleat Composition of CHURCH- MUSICK, containing Variety of Tunes for all the common Metres of the Psalms, and others for particular Measures; with Chanting Tunes for Te Deum, Jubilate Deo, Magnificat, and Nunc Dimittis, all set down in Score ; together with Five Hymns and Thirteen Anthems, the greatest Part of which was never before published ; all set in four Musical Parts, within such a Compass as will most naturally suit the Voices in Country Churches, yet may be sung in Three or Two Parts without any Disallowances. With a new and compleat INTRODUCTION to the Skill of MUSICK. To which is added. An Alphabetical DICTIONARY, explaining such Greek. La- tin, Italian, and French WORDS as generally occur in Musick. All Set and Composed by JOHN BARROW, Who has Taught the same, in many Parts of the Kingdom, with great Success. LONDON : Printed by Robert Brown for John Barrow; and sold by J. Hodges, on London Bridge- C. Hitch, i a Pater Noster Row; T. Warren, in Birmingham-, S Unett, in Wolverhampton ; R. Lewis in Worcester ; T. Price, in Gloucester ; B. Haslewood, in Bridgnorth s J, Wilde, in Ludlow; J. Hodges, in Hereford-, J. Barrow, in Leo- minster, and by all other Booksellers in the Country. The Publick are desired to take farther Notice, that it is allow'd, by Judges of Church- Musick, to be the most compleat, and best BOOK of PSALMODY, that has been ever yet published. London, January 19, 1756, Next Saturday will be publish'd, No. I. Price Six- pence, BRITISH HERBAL: CONTAINING A COMPLEAT HISTORY O F T H E PLANTS and TREES Which are NATIVES of BRITAIN, or cultivated Here for Use or commonly raised for their Beauty ; disposed in an easy and natu- ral Method ; with their Descriptions at large ; their Names in dif- ferent Authors i their Places of Growth ; Times of Flowering j and Virtues and Ul'es in MEDICINE and MECHANICKS. Illusrated with a great Number of FIGURES on FOLIO COFPER PLATes, Engraved by the most Eminent HANDS By JOHN HILL, M. D: - CONDITIONS. THIS Work • will consist of One Volume, in Folio, and no more and will be published in Fifty Numbers, on a fine Paper and with a new Letter. Each Number will Consist of Three Sheets of Letter- Press, and one Plate of Figures, or of two Sheets of Letter- Press, and two Plates ; ( each Plate being considered as equivalent to one Sheet-,) and will be de. livered Weekly at the Price of Sixpence. London: Printed for T. Osborne and J. Shipton in Gray's Inn; J. Hodges, on London Bridge ; J. Newbery, in St. Paul's Church Yard- S Crowder and H Woodgate, in Pater Noster Row-, B. Collins, in Salisbury j and sold by S. Gamidge, Bookseller, in leech- Street, Wor- cester j by whom the Numbers will be delivered Weekly - as also by all other Booksellers and News- Carriers. ' This Day were Published And given Gratis, PROPOSALS at Large, With a Plan of the WORK, For Printing, in WEEKLY NUMBiRS, T At SIX- PENCE each A N HISTORICAL ACCOUNT OF ALL RELIGIONS, FROM T H E Creation of the World to the Present Time " Compiled from the best Authorities, By THOMAS BROUGHTON, A. M. And Prebendary of SALisbury. CONDITIONS. HIS Work will- consist of One Volume, in Folio, containing _ sixty Numbers, and no more, which, if it should exceed, the Overplus shall be given gratis. II. Each Number will contain six printed Sheets, and will be de- livered Weekly at the Price of Sixpence. III. Number I. will be published 0n Saturday the 31st of January, London : Printed for S. Crowder and H. Woodgate, at the Golden Ball, in Pater Noster Row ; and sold by S. Gamidge, Bookseller, in Leech- Street, Worcester ; by whom the Numbers will be delivered Weekly ; as also by all other Booksellers and News- Carriers in Town and Country* T p> ADVERTISEMENTS of a moderate Length) are taken in at 2s. 6d. each; and Articles of Intelligence ( Post paid) will be received, and carefuJJy inserted •• ADVERTISEMENTS, are likewise taken in by Mr. Haslewood, Bookseller, in Bridgnorth; Mr Cotton, Bookseller, in Shrewsbury ; Mr. Hopkinson Bookseller in Warwick • Mr Wylde, Bookseller, in Stowerbridge , Mr. Feepound, in Stafford ; Mr. Andrews, Bookseller. in Evesham ; Mr Hunt, and Mr Hedges. Booksellers Hereford ! Mr Moseley,' Bookseller, Kidderminster ; Mt. Ashmead Bookseller. in Tewkesbury ; Mr. Raikes, Printer, in Gloucester ; Mr. Aris, Printer in Birmingham , at the George and Green Dragon inn, at Campden ; by Mr. Thomas, Postmaster in: Leominster , Mr Barrow, Bookseller, in that Town ; . t the principal Inns in Broadway and Morten in Marsh and by the Agents employ d in other Towns in the Distribution of this Journal.— Likewise by Mr. Dod, Bookseller, in Ave Mary- Lane London
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