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The Whitehall Evening Post. Or, London Intelligencer


Printer / Publisher:  C. Corbett
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 1312
No Pages: 4
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The Whitehall Evening Post. Or, London Intelligencer
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The Whitehall Evening Post. Or, London Intelligencer

Date of Article: 12/10/1754
Printer / Publisher:  C. Corbett
Address: Opposite St Dunstan's-Church in Fleet-street
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 1312
No Pages: 4
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T H E WHITEHALL Or, London : 1IEVEN TJ) r o O ** 1. From THURSDAY October io, to SATURDAY October 12, 1754. yesterday arrived, a MAIL from Holland. MADRID, Sepr. 13. tHE Commissioners appointed by the King to examine the Papers of the Marquis de la Ensenada have made their Report to his Majesty ; and it appears that the Facts in general which ' were laid to his Charge do not turn out so bad as they were - at first represented. Every s Thing he was charged with, in regard to his Negociations at foreign Courts, seems to be without Foundation, and the Persons who have been appointed to succeed him, so far from finding his Af- fairs in Disorder, have declared, that they were in as good a Situation as could be expected under a Minister who had so much upon his Hands. The Branch of the Marine in particular, he has executed in a Manner perfectly confident with the Glory and Interest of the Kingdom. Moreover the Treatment which the Mar- quis de la Ensenada meets with at Grenada, where the greatest Respect is shewn him, is a Proof that the Court looks upon him with a more favourable Aspect than at first. The Duke d'Huescar, who is Dean of the Council, and was heretofore Ambassador Extraordinary at the Court of France, has had the Honour of being ad- mitted into the intimate Confidence of the King, and, on Account of his extraordinary Talents, is consulted upon the most important Affairs, which makes him confi- dered in as great a Degree Prime Minister of the Mo- narchy as was the late Don Joseph de Caravajal de Lancaster, who was also Dean of the Council. BARCELONA, Sept. 12. The Marquis de la Mina, Captain General of this Principality, and the Captains General of the other Provinces of the Kingdom, have had Orders sent them to continue the Levies intended to render the Troops complete, and to establish the new Corps of Militia which it has been resolved to form, NAPLES, Sept. 10. We have received Advice from Capaccio, that M. Ramondi, ths Bishop of that City, had some Words with his Clerk, whose Conduct he had censured ; this Behaviour put the Clerk into such a Passion, that he drew a Poinard and stabb'd the Prelate. The Murderer immediately fled; but the King has sent Orders throughout the Kingdom to arrest him. There have been detached from the Coasts of this - Kingdom several Vessels, in order to discover a felucca, on board of which forty- one Turkish Slaves escaped from Medina, by seizing upon the fusils and Sabres of their Guards during the Time that great Part of them were asleep. As soon as it was discovered as Medina that the Slaves had escaped, five Barks, well mann'd and arm'd, pursued and came up with them, but the Turks fought with so much Resolution and Courage, tho' their Ammunition was spent, and they had no- thing but their Sabres left to defend themselves, with, that they constrained the Barks to desist from pursu- ing them. MILAN, Sept. 19. The Duke of Modena as Governor General, has issued an Edict, whereby all Merchants and private Persons who exercise public Professions, are forbidden to go out of this Dutchy with their Families, to settle elsewhere, upon Pain of being sent to the Gal- leys. The MagiSrates are thereby further permitted to arrelt whoever fliall, with good Foundation, be suspec- ted of having a design to leave the Country. The same Edict recalls, with an Offer of Pardon, all Persons who, Within ten Years, have gone out of the Dutchy without Leave of the Government, to exercise their Commerce and Profession, - nd, in Case of Disobedience, they arc threatned witfi Confiscation of their Effects, a,. d the most severe Punishment. VIENNA, Sepr. 21. The Empress Queen having some Time since declared, that all her Protestant Subjects, who desired to remove, should find Settlements in Tran- silvania, great numbers are already gone there from Upper Austria, and several other of the hereditary Pro- vinces whera their Religion is not tolerated. NANTeS, sept. 1. Sentence was lately pronounced against our Bishop, for refusing the Sacraments to the Sieur Moretu, the Curate of Thouare, condemning him, in case he persihed in fueh Refusal, . to pay a Fine tof 6000 Livres to be raised by the sale of his Effects. The Bishop not paying a due Regard to this Sentence, the Sale of his Effects was ordered the 10th instant, at Three in the Afternoon, and Trumpeters sent about the Town to make it known ; but when the Time ap- pointed came, the Bishop had placed a proper Officer wh0 paid 7200 Livres to preve-. a Seizure. The Par- liament of rennes has condemned him to pay a like Fine for a Refufal to administer the Sacraments at some other Place in his Diocese, but the bishop thinks he shall be able to obtain an Arret of Council to set aside this Sentence. Extract of a Letter from the Camp formed on the Plains of Barlemont in France, Sept. 12. ' A Camp of about 1 toco Horse and Foot is assem- bled near the Village on the Plains of Barlemont, two Leagues from Meubeuge, three from Avesne, two from Landerey, and three from Quesnois This Camp is. well provided with all Sorts of Necessaries: As it a Camp of Pleasure, there is daily a Resort of all sorts of People, from twenty or thirty Leagues round. Ye- sterday being a Day of Rejoicing for the Birth of the Duke of Berry, the Prince Soubise who commands in Chief here, gave a grand Entertainment to ail the Of- ficers of this Army. In the Front of the Center Bat- talion the Table was placed ; at the Right Hand of the Table there was a Band of Rope- Dancers, Tumblers, & c. on the Left, a great Giantest, and many other Cu- riosities of Nature. The Table during Dinner was surrounded by Grenadiers at twenty Yards Distance from it, fo that the Populace saw the wh le Entertain- ment. At each End of the Table was a Band of dif- ferent Sorts of Musick, fifty Performers in a Band. ' The first Courfe at Dinner was served up in six hundred Dishes; the second Course, Entremets, Desert, & c. consisted of nine hundred ; there were six hundred and thirty- eight Persons sat down first to Table, which Number was soon after augmented by seventy more, f) that there were about seven hundred in all. Tho' I have seen most Counts and great Assemblies in this Part of the World, yet I never saw any thing like this: The full Length of the Table was 120 Yards; Breadth five Feet six Inches; the ; paces for the Servants to go " 111 and out were three Yards, the Space between the two Parallel Sides was seven Yards The Prince also gave Abundance of Beef, Bread, Beer and Rice to the whole Army., sufficient to entertain then- in Plenty for that Day. ' The Evening concluded with three general Volleys of the Musketry, Cannon, & c of the whole Line, to- gether with Fireworks, a Ball, & c.' PARIS, Sept. 27. Mr. Ruston, vho murdered Mr. Andrieu, has been condemned by the Chatelet to be broke upon the Wheel ; but being a Gentleman, he has demanded to be judged by the Parliament, and accor- dingly the Chamber of Vacations has appointed Com- missaries to enquire into his Offence. BRUSSELS, Sept. 30. It is confirmed that a Negoti- ation is upon the Carpet for securing the Execution of the Clauses of the Treaty of Aix- la- Chapelle, and to engage the King of the Two Sicilies to accede to it. The Courts of Vienna and England have charged their Ministers to contribute to the Success of this Negocation. HAGUE, October 3. A Courier from London has paired by here going to Constantinople, whose Dispatches, it's said, contain Instructions for Mr. Porter, the En- glish Ambassador at the Porte, to endeavour to keep that Power in its peaceable Disposition, and to remove every Tiling that may tend to give it different Ideas, either on Account of the Affairs of Poland, or any others. SHIP NEWS. DEAL,, October 10. Arrived the Friendship, Nicho- las, from Jamaica ; Horatio, Brook, from Virginia Rem* in his- Majesty's Sloops and OutWArd- bound as in my last Wind W. S. W. blows hard. GRAVESEND, OCTober 10. Pass'd by the Endeavour, Cockfield, and John, Hunting, from St. Kitt's; Charm- ing betsy, Butler, from Nevis; and Heron, her0n, from North- Carolina. The Thomas and Richard, Campion, and Dorothy and Esther, Goston, from Riga, . re arrived at Ostend. — Bower, Tod, from Virginia and Barbadoes, at Liver- pool. — Elizabeth and Rebecca, Dean, from London, at ditto. Thomas and Ann, Dishington, from ditto, at Gibraltar..— Fox, Kemp, from ditto, at ditto. — Henry, Fell, from Lancaster and Cape de Verds, at Antigua. - Africa, Mason, from Africa, at Barbadoes. LONDON INTELLIGENCE. On Tuesday his Grace the Duke of Manchester came from his Country Seat to his House in Berkeley- Square, for the Winter Season. We hear that the Right Hon. the Earl of Powis has purchafed of Lady Nassau Poulet the House in Dover- Street that belonged to the late Duke of Boston. And Sir Hussey Mountagu, Knight of the Bath, has purchased the House late the Countess of Oxford's in the same Street. We hear that an additional Provision of 2000 Sailers will be made for the Year 1755. Thurday a Court of Common- Council was held at Guildhall, when the Report of the Bridge Committee being taken into Confideration, a Motion was made, and carried, for referring it back to the said Committee, to examine how far the Construction of" a new Bridge over the Thames may affect the Navigation of the River and the Commerce of the City ; and they are to make a Report accordingly. Robert Pringle and Thomas Haye, Esqrs. Advocates are both appointed Judges or Lords of the Sessions in Scotland. Andrew Mitchell, Esq; of Thainstone, who represenr- ed the Shire of Aberdeen in the last Parliament, is gone down to Scotland, to offer himself a Candidate for the Burghs of Aberdeen, & c. in the room of William Grant, Esq; now Prefident of the Sessions in that Kingdom. [ PRICE THREE HALFPENCE.] Mrs. Elizabeth Hill, life of Falmouth in the county of Cornwall, Spinster, deceased, has by hee Will be- queathed to the Society for the Propa io; of the Gospel, and to the Society . for promoting Christian Knowledge, each forty Pounds. To the foundling, the London, St. Luke's and St. George's: Hospitals, each twenty- five Pound ..— And to the Lying hos- pital for Married Women in Brownlow- street, Lang- Acre, twenty Pounds. . We hear from Oxford, that on Tuesday last the Rev, Dr. Huddesford, President of Trinity college, entered on the second Year of his Office Vice- Chanecellor; having been nominated thereto by the Right Hon. the Earl of Arran, Chancellor of that Universe We hear Mr. Fenwick refused . ivvol. or l is bay Mwe Dutchess, which won the King's Plate at New- market ON Thursday se'nnight: Wednesday the following started at Great Marlow for the Hunter's Plate. : . % Mr. Stamford's B y fi . rf- bobadill 1 i i Mr Horn's Bay Geiding,' turk 253 Mr. Churchill's Bay. Gelding bandy . 533 Mr. Fettiplace 4 Mr. Johnson'. Grey Ironsides 4 4 dif. Mr. Fettiplace's mare entered . Wednesday Evening Mr Free, of Westminster, WAS attacked in St. George-' s- Field several fellows dress'd in Sailors Habits, armed with Bludgeons who knocked him down aid bruised him very much ; but People coming up prevented his being robbed of con- siderable Sum of Money. From Maryland we are informed tha have been taken into Custody for obstructing the raising Levies in that Province, drinking the pretenders * Health, and several other disloyal and illegal Practices We hear that the Men of War at present designed for North America consist of the Centurion and three twenty- gun Ships, which are to sail to Ireland with seven transportS, and there take on board two regi- ments, making together 900 Men ; which reinforce- ments, Wind and Weather permitting, may reach Vir- ginia about tho End of december. t They write from South- Carolina, that Cape. Maurice Suckling was arrived there from London, being ap- pointed Commander of , i . Majestys- Ship the Baltimore, in the room of Capt Macdonald, deceased The laft Accounts fiom New- England mention that the Seahorse, Capt. Adams, of Boston was in her passage cast away on the dry Tortuga banks bound. fro. •. he Bay of Honduras. The Mate, and seven of , are since arrived at Philadelphia, in a Sloop commanded by Capt. Hardy. The Macclesfield, Capt Broad, frOmn scanderoon, is ordered for stangate- creek t perform Ouarantine. They write from Lisbon, that the Unicorn Man of War is arrived there from the Coast or Sallee, and that tho & People are not at War wth tis ; it thofe of Saffia and Larache, who are under the Government of a Rebel Son of the Emperor of morocco, have sent out a Vessel to take any Colours they meet with. However, it's hoped she will not reign long, as we have the Weazel Sloop of War cruising off the afore said Ports, so that they can't well carry any thing in ; nor is it supposed the Rebel will be able to support himself En ; The Success Man of War of 20 guns, Capt. Rous, and a Man of War Snow from England, are arrived at Hallifax in Nova- Scotia. The Active, the Lion, ar. d the Rose Men of War, Part of M. de la Galisoniere's French Squadron, puc Into Cadiz the 1 ith ult. The same Day arrived In that Port the Nueva Espa- na, and S. Antonio, the first from Vera Cruz and the Havannah, and the orher from the Caraccas and the HaVannah, in 75Days ; and an Advice Boat from Car- thagena and the Havannah, in t; " S Day5- The Delight, Dutchman, from Stockholm, for Lon- don, is lost at Orfordness. On the 16th ult. arrived at Cadiz a French Man of War of 20 Guns, who was attack'd off the Burlings by three Salletine Rovers, a Schooner, a Brig, and. a Sloop; but the Frenchman' firing briskly upon them, they sheered off, and left him. The Ann Gaily, Hamilton, from London for Phila- delphia, was spoke with the 28th of August going up ths River DeLawar, all well. The Griffin, Gill, arrived at Weymouth the ? th In- fant from Newfoundland, aod sailed directly for Dun- kirk, { he left the Nicholas Snow, Wright, and the Bri- gantine -—, Broom, well on the Banks the Beginning of September. Capt. Brewer, arrived in the Downs from Jamaica, spoke with the Snowden, Allen, from Dublin for Vir- ginia, in Lat. 37 N. Long. 6i West, all well. Capt Hall, arrived In the Downs from Galipoly, spoke with the Anna Maria, White, from Newfound- land for St. Andero, the 27th ult. in Lat. 46 N. Long g_ q West, all well. CASUALTIES. Thursday last a Boat was over above Westminster- Bridge, by which Means seven Pj sengers and the Waterman were drowned, and Goods to a considerable Value lost. * « ft' During the violent Shower of Rain on Wednesday, one Francis Ramsay, a Post- Chaise Boy, coming from Windsor through Cranford was drown'd, it is suppos'd by mistaking the Bridge. Thursday Mcrning a poor travelling Pedlar WHS found in a Field betwrrn Bow and Limehouse senseless, with hi Face in a Ditch, and his Boxes rifled : He was carried, by Order of the Gentleman who discovered him, to an adjacent House to be taken Care of. COMMITTED. On Sunday last James Launder committed ro the New Gaol, Southwark, by J. Willoughby, and J, Heathfield, Esqrs. for farther Exa- mination, being charged upon the Oath of John Jef- ferys with having assaulted him on the , th Day of October Instant, at Croydon; and with having a Pistol and Cord found upon him, and upon other suspicious Circumstances of being concerned with one Robert Dunk, either in Robberies 011 the Highway, or some other felonious Acts. Thay hised their Horses in the Borough cf Southwark ; and being pursued on Sunday last: upon an Outcry of Highwaymen, Cheyney and Launder were taken near Croydon, and Robert Dunk escaped from the Pursuers, and came immediately to the Dog and Bear Inn in the Borough, where he had hired his Horse ; and soon after some Gentlemen who had been at Croydon, arrived and gave an Account that two Highwaymen had been apprehended, and that « third had made his Escape ; this coming to the Know- ledge of Mr. Valentine, who keeps the Dog and Bear Inn aforefaid, he caused him to be seized on Suspicion, and on searching him a Pistol was found upon him, which being compared with that found upon Launder, appear to be Fellows. They are youug stout Fellows, and came out of Sussex, and are supposed to have been concerned in Smuggling. On the fame Day a Man ( who refused to tell his Name) was committed to the same Gaol by Z. Cham- bers, Esq; charged by the Oaths of William Emery, Richard Curtie, Edward Nichols and Thomas Steed, with stealing a little black Gelding, three Bridles and a Crupper, Upon his Examination he pretended to be a Lunatick: but all the Witnesses declared that they be- lieved him to be an Impostor, from his Behaviour when apprehended. He is a most miserable Object ; not having, when carried to Gaol, either Hat,' Shirt, Coat, Shoes, or Stockings, and his Back was as raw as a Piece of Beef, by which it is apprehended that he has lately received corporal Punishment for some Offence. And on Monday William Towers was committed to the faid Gaol, by W. Edgell, Esq; charged on the Oath of John Sadler, of the parish of Windlesham, in the County of Surry, with having feloniously broke open the House of the said Sadler; and also with as- saulting him violently in endeavouring to secure him. Three Persons were taken up on Thursday for rob- bing the Three Kings Alehouse in David- Street, Gros- venor- Square, and committed to Newgate; two of them were Brothers, and impeached one the other. MARRIEd. Last Week was married, at Colney- Hatch, Mr Van Wilick, a Dutch Merchant at Budge- Row, to Miss Molly Escutt of the same place. DEAD. A few Days since died, at Barrowdon in Rutlandshire, in the qzd Year of his Age, the rev. Mr. George Child, who had been Rector cf that Parish sixty- one Years, Last Sunday Morning died, very suddenly, Wiliiam Russel, Esq; at his Seat near Rumford. Thursday Morning died Mr. Ray, Grocer, in St- . John street.' Yesterday died Mrs. Hopkins, who kept the King's Head Tavern, the Corner of Chancery- Lane, in Fleet- street. Yesterday Morning Wiliiam Plant, late a Chairman, was found dead in tottenham- Court Road. How he . came by his Death is as yet unknown. NEWPORT, ISLE OF WIGHT, 0£ L. 3. Our Harvest J is now completely finished, and we have had the finest Crop all over the Island that has been known for many ! Years-; and it is no small Addition to our Happiness, ! that we have been quite free from the Small- Pox ( after j the most successful Inoculation) for these five Weeks past; and the new paving and posting our Streets, which has been lately done in the completed Manner, has rendered the Town, healthy, clean and beautiful. DUblin, Oft. 5. Many Complaints having been made to the Government of riotous and wicked People in the Cities of Dubin and Corke; who assault the Weavers and Wearers of stamped Linnens and Cottons, and with Knives and Aqua Fortis cut and destroy them ; and se- veral Thousands of tumultuous People in Cork having carried an Image in Procession ro the Gallows, dressed i- n stamped Cotton, the Manufacture of this Kingdom, hung it thereon, to the great Prejudice of these our own Manufacturers, and obliged the Shopkeepers who dealt in them to shut up their Shops; their Excellencies the Lords Justices, in order to bring such Offenders to Justice, and to prevent the Destruction of the Trade and Commerce of t his Kingdom, have published a Procla- mation, offering a Reward of 50 1. for each and every of the first five Perfons who shall be discovered. PLANTAION NEWS. WILLIAMSBUrGH in VIRGINIA, June : 9. Col. Innes is arrived in this City, who left the Remainder of the Carolina Troops in their March to Hampton, where they would arrive the 16th. After staying here a few Days, he set out to take upon him the Command of all the' Troops assembled upon this Expedition. This Morning ' 00 Stand of Arms, with Ammunition, & c. were sent from this Pl. TC" to Hampton, to be shipped for Alexandria for the Use of the North Carolina Forces, who, we are told, will amount to upwards of four hundred Men. boston in NeW- ENgLANd, July 30, By Letters from Cushenoe on kennebeck River, dated the 18th Instant, we are informed, that General Winslow had erected several Block- Houses and Watches there ; that they were busy in building a Number of Battoes which would be finished in a few Days; and that upon the Arrival of Col. Fry, who was hourly expected with a Reinforcement of Men, and a good Quantity of Stores, the General intended to set out for Treconick with 500 Men, and a Fleet of 30 Boats, to build a strong Fort there; that the Men were in good Heal o, not- withstanding their hard Service, not having fo much as one sick among them. Extract of a Letter from Philadelphia- dated Aug. r. " In this Country We are like to have bloody Wars with the French, who have got the better of us in the first Engagement, sn3 their Encroachments are of the last To. or-: a nee to Britain. The best and surest Part of her Trade depends on a Country larger than the whole Empire of Germany, fertile, pleasant, is worth disputing for. If the French get that, we are hemmed in by the Sea Side, cut off from all Commerce with the Indians, a- d have nothing secure. ' NEW- YORK, August z. By our last Accounts from Cape Breton we are informed, that the Report of a French Fleet being arrived there was false ; that very few Vessels of any considerable Force were then there ; that their Fortifications for some Time past have been in a very ruinous Condition ; and that ; o- Masons and other Artificers were foon expected there from Old France, in order to erect fome new Batteries, repair the old ones, & c. Last Week a Letter from New- York, dated August 5, fays, ' It was currently reported in Town, that the French and Indians from Canada came down on our Frontiers, as far as Saraghtoga, and cut away all the Bridges between that Place and Albany; that they car- ried off some Prisoners and Scalps from the Eastward ; and that our Indians told the Inhabitants residing in the back Parts of this Province, that now was cheir Time to withdraw, as they daily expected an Army of French and Indian! to come against thom ; but as we have no Advice of my Acts of Hostility being commit- ted at the Eastward, and the Accounts received here being very imperfect, we would willingly hope the Re- po ts are groundles, and imagine the whole to be only the Surmise of some, who, no doubt, think, and not w: thout Reason, that, if not something worse, will be the Consequence, unless some speedy Remedy be thought of, and put in Execution, in order to put a Stop to the Encroachments of ojr Enemies, who are now surround- ing us on all Quarters ' Mr. WHITEHEAD'S SONG for RANELAGH Reversed, ard applied to the MEN. In VINDICATION of the LADIES. E Beaux and ye Bloods, and ye fierce looking Things, Who first in this light- headed Round, Pray tell me from whence this Audaciousness springs, To frighten our Sex, and confound ; Why thus bloody your Looks, so void of all Grace, That your Hars e'en seem as they'd swear, More fit for the Fully, or Bravo- like Face, Than the Gentleman's civilized Air ? We toe Modes of the Men much ape, I confess, In Fashions; in Manner, and Way; If we masculine look, or offend by our Dress, Blame those who first led us astray. If our Air and our Hats ill- suit us, we own, The Fault from Example we drew ; Which will be sufficient, we hope, to atone, Since we faintly are copying you. The Men who on Fortune depends for Support May call ev'ry Art to his Aid, His Sportsman's long Stick and his Wig pigeon'd short, Are Implements but of his Trade. But those of real Worth — ( why should they practise Or endeavour to take us by Stare) [ Wiles ? Should frankly attack us with Mildness and Smiles, Not with subtle or Pistol- like Air. The Club that you stalk with so terribly big, As if in some desperate Way ; To pursue us by Flight, with Wings at each Wig ; Or beat up, and knock down your Prey : By such Methods as these, or other worse Snare, Like Poachers you may us trepan ; But give us the Law due to play that is fair, Then catch us you may — if you can. Th' Apollo whose Statue delights all Mankind, How majestic 1 tho' modest, is seen ; And surely it was by the Artist design'd As a Pattern to model your Mein. Let always his Beauties be feen in your Look, And learn how to copy his Grace ; Nor Boldness assert, it's but Manhood mistook, And Insolence stepp'd in its Place. The Courage of Mars, with the Mildness of May, Are Charms which no Art can procure ; O 1 be but as Men, and all Homage we pay, And your Empire's solid and sure. But if Highwayman- like by you we are attack'd, And put thus in fear of our Lives, You may get on the Road what the Law don't exact, Bur, believe me, you'll never get Wives. Little Jermyn- Street. J. P. At the CROWN and ANGEL INN at Staines, and the WHITE HART INN at Bagshot, gENTLEMEN, & c. & c. may be s up- plied with close two- wheel Chaises it Sixpence, and four wheel Chaises at Ninepence a Mile, with go d and able horses, by By their obedient bumble Servants, GABRIEL JONES and ROBERT GAVILL. A PcrP 1 . V ( the ] To the Gentlemen, Clergy, and Freeholders of the County of Southampton. GENTLEMEN, HAVING had the Honour at a General and most numerous Meeting, held here this Day, to be unanimously put in Nomination by the Gentlemen, Clergy, and Freeholders as a Candidate to represent this County, I take the first Opportunity-. to return my most hearty Thanks for so great an Obligation, and honour done me, and desire the Favour of your Votes and Interest at the Election, and am, Gentlemen, Your most obliged Winton, and most humble Servant, Oct, 1754. WINCHESTER. WANTED, etual Advowson or next Presentation ( the Incumbent oil)' of a Living of wards, within fifty or sixty Particulars to A. b. at Baker's Coffee.-- house Exchange. WaNted, ' For a Gentleman's Family, AHouse, not less than three Rooms on a Floor, Furnished i r Unfurnished ni'h convenient Outhouses, and a Farm a Market Town, at least 30 Miles from London. Any Person who has such Premisses to lett are desired to send the Particulars ( post paid) to william. Jackson, Attorney, in Broad- Street Building~, London. wANteD A Compact Freehold Estate, not less than per annum, aituated in an; go:,< l Country near a Market Town, and an h'gh Road, and not nearer than 50, or fjr hot than 100 Mil s from London. Any one that ha « fuch an Eftate, with a good substantial House on it to dispose of, is d to be verv the Particulars In a Letter to 0. t". at the Union Coffee- House, cornhill *** To avoid Trouble on both sides, of such Estate only be sent, on winch it is certain a Gentleman may conveniently and agreeably reside. To be soLD or LETT FURNISHED or UNFURNISHED, At West Cholderton, Wilts, between Salisbury and Andover, AHandsome Stone- built House, high and pleasantly situated in a fine Sporting Country ; a Hall and tv- o Pirlou rs on he Ground Flood, four Bedchambers on the Floor, four garrets, Kitchen, Outhouses, neat Fr.- it Garden walled m, and wejl planted with Fruit Trees, about ' hree Acres Meadow Ground adjoining to the House, Kitchen, Garden, Coach- House, and Stables for ten cr twelve Horses a: a small Distance from the House.— Fo' further Particula s enquire at Will's Coffee- House, Scotland Yard, Charing;- Cross. be peremptorily SOLD, Pursuant to a Decree of ths High Tourt of Chancery, in lots mi Wednesday the 13th Day cf N'ovtmber neit, be ween tie Hours of Five and Seven in the Afternoon, before Peter Holford, Esq; one of the Masters of the said Court, at his Chambers in Symond's Inn in Chancery- Lane, London ; THE Freehold estates of THOMAS VAUGHAN, late of the Inner Temple, Eaq, deceased. Lit I. call'd Newhall, in the Parishes of Ellesmere and St. Mar- tin's, in the County of Salop, and several other Tenements n « ar thereto, of the yearly Value . f 87I. 101. clear o Tares. Lot z. A Tenement call'd Gwernowddy, in the Parish of Llan- drinio, in the County of Montgemery, at 34. I a Year. Lot 3. A large Set of Chambers, M?. J, in Hare Court, Inner temple Particulars whereof may be had at the aaid Master's Chambers. To be SOLD, To the highest BIDDER. On Friday the 25 h of this Instant October, between the Hours of Three and Four in the Afternoon, at the Mitre Tavern in Salis- bury, ( Now Lett to a good Tenant) NORTH- BURCOMB FARM, three Miles from Salisbury, of the yearly Value of nyl con- taining 313 Acres of Arable Land, all inclosed, and 10 Acre, of Water- Meadow, » nd to of Pasture, wi h 100 Acres of Maiden- Down, all lying together, and Tythe free. Also, a Coppice of about Five Acres. There is a good Farm- House, large Garden and Orchard, with three Barns, and two large Rick Houses all in good repair, upon the faid estate. About one Half of the above Estate is free land, and the other held by Lease of twenty- one Years, under the Prior of Walton, subject to a Quit Rent of 61. per Annum . A 1 taxes and Rates, except the Land- Tax, ( which is very easy) are paid by the Tenant and upon the whole, ' tis allowed to be as good a condition'd Farm as any iu th's Coun'ry. Note, There is a large Quantity of young Timber Trees, both on the Freehold and Leasehold, chiefly Elm. enquire, in Salisbury, of Walter Long and Thomas Hayter, Esqrs. or Mr. Ruben Cooper and Messrs. Blackall ; or, in London, of Mr. Morgan Morse, Attorney, in Queen- street, Cheapside. To all PARENTS and GUARDIANS. AGentleman, who keeps a private Academy in London, where grown- Persons are taught most of the po- lite Arts and Sciences, intends to take a few Youths under his Care, that are turn'd of ten Years of Age. and do his utmost Endeavours to qualify them for any Station of Life they may he intended or, and ( il approved) instruct them in Musick, Dancing, Drawing, Fcnc eg, French, Italian, Spanish, and Portugueze, & c. And as his Academy is on a different Footing from, any other m England, the Pupils will not only be taut; ht in less Time, but also at a much less Expence than they generally are, which will i, e made plainly appear 10 any Person that will give themselves the Trouble to enquire of Mr. Hart, in Essex- Street in the Strand. " Les E racers peuvent venir apprendre la Largue Angloise-. " Lei Foreshieri p if no venice jmparare la Lingua en Engraving, and will be - published a soon as it can possibly be finished well and correct, ACHART and MAP of the EAST- INDIES, prepared f.- r the Use of the French East India Company, By the Sieur D'ANVILLE, Secretary to his SErene HIGHNESS THE DUKe of ORLEANS. To which wil be added, Suitable Remarks and Illustrations for the of rhe lish East- india Company : Iso the State of the dutch and Poru- gueze Settlements and Factories, and of those beloning the other in f East- indies,'; on four large Sheets At las paper 3 Engraved ' or the Anthor of the Notes and Remarks that it on this Map. By W. H. SEALE. In Eight pocket MICHAELMAS SESSIONS, 1754. BEDFORDshIRE, ] wHEREaS it hath this ) present Sessions been represented to the Justices assembled that the Distemper now raging amongst the Horned Cattle has lately broke out in several Places in this County : It is therefore Orderel by this Court, that the Clerk of the Peace of this County do give Notice in the public Papers, that a Stop be immediately put to the holding of all Fairs, Markets, and other public Places of Sale throughout this County for he Sale of Horned Cattle, until the next General Quarter Sessions of the Peace to be held to this county ; and the Chief Constable- and Petty C01- stables of their several and respective Districts and DiviSions within this County are herehv directed to attend within the r several and respectve Districts and Divisions, in order to prevent the holding of all fuch Fairs and Markets foi the Sale -- i H orned Cattle. By the Court, WILLIAM GOLDSMITH, Clerk of the Peace FRiDAY- STrEET AVery complete Set of shaped Gadroon'd . Plates and long Dishes in a good Cheft, a Sett of light chased Dressing Plate. - fine chased Historical Dish highly finished, z6 Inches by 19 by Paul De Vienna ; an Eparne, several Torenes Tables and - Viters ol all Sizes, Tea Kettles, Se- rs of Cannifters, Cues and Covers, Saice- Boats, Monumental and other Candlesticks, Setts of Knives, . orks, and Spoons, Repeating, Cha ed, Piain, Gold, Silver, and Metal Watches, by the bell Makers, as Graham, Tom- pion & c. with every other Kind of Second- hano Plate, eiher ufe'ul or ornamental, to be fold exceeding cheap, at the Corner o> Friday- Street, in Cheapside, the Golden ball Only ; as likewise the greatest Choice of new Plate, both chased and plain of the newest Fashion, constantly sold as for many Years past, at lower Prices than common, and the most ready Money alwats given for any Quantity o! old plate, Jewels, Watches, & c. or for such as are pledg'd N. B. A chased Repeater and a plain Cold Watch by Graham, one Gold Repeater by Tompion. one ditto by Post, a a two chased Gold Etwees for a Lady's Side, to be sold very cheap. This Day was published, Beautifully printed on a fine Writing Paper, tHE RAMBLER. A Volumes. Price Eighteen Shillings bound. Sold by A. Millar, in the Strand; and S. Bladon, in Pater- nofter Row. Where may be had, Another Edition in Six Volumes. Price Eighteen Shillings bound. Just published, Price 2s. Printed for T. Trye, near Gray's Inn Gate, in Holborn, and sold at all the Pamphiet- Shops and Booksellers, The Third Edition, corrected, and enlarged, with great Additions, of ABrief ESSAY on TRADE: Setting forth the Advantages and Disadvantages, which respectively attend FRANCE and GREAT- BRITAIN, with Regard to Trade. By JOSIAH TUCKER, M A. Rector of St. Stephens in Bristol, and Chaplain to the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Bristol. W here may be had, I. Reflections on the Expediency of a Law for Naturalizing Fo- reign Protestants, P- rt I. and II. Price is. each. z. An impartial Enquiry info the Benefit and Damage arising from the Sale of low- priced Spirituous Liquors. Price 6d, 3. Two Dissertations against Mr. CHuBB. Price ts. 4. Reflections on the Expediency of Opening the Trade to Turkey . Piice 3d. 5. Two Letter? to a Friend, concurring the Naturalization of the Jews. Price 6d. each. N. B. The above are by the author the Essay on Trade, wheree J Commervisal Tracts tee. mi. be had bound together. 6. An Address to the Educators of Youth in Great- britain. I Price 6d. 7. Proposal for altering the Method and Manner of electing Members of the House of Commons. Price is. 8. Philosophical Conjectures on Aeriel instances, the probable Origin o Diseases. With an original Cure ia the Scurvy. An dressed to D. Shaw, by E. Litton 9 Thoughts on Mans free Agency anf a Futurr State. And on Faith By Britannicus , Price 6rt 10, The power of Imagination in Pr ; ff; d ; with an Address to the Ladies on the Occassion . II. The life ot Betty Ireland, and her eldest sister blanch, of Britain 6c An essay in Atheism and Deism. 13 A Collection of Tracts relating to Public affairs. 11. 14. Memoirs of the Life of the earl of stair. I'. 15. Remarks on the Academic 6d. 36. shower's Account of the Earthquakes that have happened in Europe and America, & c w r, an Appendix, giving an Account of the one felt in London 1750. Priceis. 6d day was published In TWO large handsome OCTAVO VOLUMES, ( Price bound, gilt, a letter'd 8s ) THe DIVERTIN JUMBLE; or, THEY Shall Be SAVeD Being a Collection of Pam- phlets on various subjects, which have been heretofore published, and; though well received by the public, might have perished in Grocers, Cheesemongers, and Chandlers Shops, had they not been carefully preserved and collected together, By OBADiAH BOOKWORM, Secretary to the Bibliopoles, and Fellow of the C. C. Society. Printed for C. Corbett, Bookseller, at Addison's Head, opposite St Dunstan's Church in Fleet Street. Where may be had, r. Prejudice detected by Facts; of, A candid and impartial En- quiry into the Reign of Queen Elizabeth, so far as relates to Mary Queen of Scots: Wherein several material and controverted Paints in the Transactions of those Times are fully consider'd and fairly discuss'd, and the Conduct and Characters ot both Queens are fet in a true Light. Price is. 6d. 2. The Fr sk Muse. Humbly dedicated to the Choice Spirits of tbe Age. ContainIng a large Number of funny Songs, which may be sung without a Voice. Price is. 6d. 3. The Vices of tbe Cities ot London and Westminster traced from their Original. Being an impartial Detection of the true Cause and Source of ti, e present Growth of Immorality , and the prodi- gious Number et Thefts and Robberies daily committed in the Streets, Arc. of this Metropolis ; with some rational Hints proposed for removing these Evils, restoring the Morals of the People, and se- curine cur Persons and properties against the Ou r gts of these People. Price n 4. A Letter from a Physician in tbs Highlands, to h'- s Friend in I- o d n, on the Subject of a Consumptive Habit. Where he la- s down a Rule, which, if followed, a Man may live to a great Age, as was the Case of one in the island ot Jura, who in his Youth recover'd a decay'd Constitution, and lived to the Age of 119, and enjoy'd his Health and Senses to the last. Price 61. 5. The Apothecary Displa'd, where in his Profession and im- portant Character is truly consider'd. Price is, 6. The Tcma'c F'arfon; cr, Beau ia the Sud « ( An Opera' I'aice 11, To the VIRTUOSI in FLOWERS. Juft Imported, SOME Thousand Roots of the true Persian RANUNCULAS, of various Colours, at 2s, per Dozen, or 13'. per Hundred ; a Parcel of fine Double Anemonies, at 8s. per Pound, or Is. 3d. per Dozen ; some bright Mirabella Perperuas, or fine yellow Everlasting Nofegay, at gi. each.; Santa Rosa Tooth- picks of Lemon tree Wood, made by ihe Nuns, at 8d. each Paper, containing near 100 ; some Pods of the Acasia Indica, or the sweet- fcented Thorn, at 6J. each ; some fine artificial Flowers, made by the benedictine Nuns ; some curious Belladonna Lillies from Spain ; as als0 genuine Portugoeze Snuff from the King's Stanka call'd Amostbrina, at 20s. per Pound, in Quarter- Pound Cannissers. Sold only at Thomas Payne's, Bookseller, near the South Sea- House, Bishopsgate- Street, London. T NEW MUSICK. 7in Day were published, WELVE Sonatas or Duets for two Ger- man Flutes or Violins. Composed by Sig Filippo Ruge. Op. 4. In Two Books. Each 3s. Twelve Symphonies or Sonatas far Violns, & c. In Four Parts. Composed by sig. Alberto Gallo. Op z. Price 6s. Printed for j. Walsh, in Catherine Street in the Strand. Of whom may be had, Twenty- four New Country dance. s for the Year 1755. Pr: ce 6.1, z. A Sixth Volume of the Complete Country Dancing Master: Containing upwards o 200 Country Dance , with the present Year included. With Directions ro each Dance. For the Violin Haut- boy, or German F: ute. Price bound 3s. 6 . 3 Select Minuets for the Harpsichord , r Violin. By Mr. Handel St. Mart ai, Sec. Two Volumes. Each 3s 6d. 4 Arne's favourite English Songs. In Six Books. Each 3s. POSTSCRIPT LONDON. fresh Advices from our Correspondents. According to private Letters from Warsaw, the Spirit of Difcord prevails to auch & Degree in Poland, that there is not the least Probability of seeing any thing done for the public We fare ia the approaching Dyet, which, it thought will be very thin. As to the three Turkish Miniflers, for so in Effect they are, tho' they have none of them a public Character from the Grand Signior, they continue with the Crown General, who entertains them very nobly ; and in Return they publish Enigmatical Letters for the Amusement of the Court, and reserve the Secret of their Commission, whatever it is, for the Use of the Patriots, who make no Scruple of declaring their Intention to give their Votes for the Piast at the next Election. They write from Lisbon, that M. Accacolli, the Apostolic Nuncio, being arrived in the Suburb on the other Side of the Tagus, his Most faithful Majesty sent the High Admiral, Count de Besenda, with a Royal Water Equipage, to receive him. Reviewing, Re- cruiting, and other Military Preparations, go on here as if we were at the Eve of a War ; but we are the less gpprehensive of the Event, as it is very evident these Measures are taken in Conjunction with the Court of Madrid. Our Secretary of State, Don Pedro della Alotta, demanded lately Leave to retire. The K; ng advised him to consider of it; and in case he persists in that Resolution, it is thought he will be succeeded by Don Freire d'Andrada. We > re informed by a private Letter from Leipsick, that the Electoral Family lately regaled such a Couple in that City as very probably h. ve not their Fellow in Europe. The Age of the Husband and Wife, taken together, made 232, rhey have been married full 70 Years ; the Man is 129, the Woman 103, and the latter is as brisk and nimble - as any Woman of Fifty. This happy Couple are not in affluent or in indigent Circum- stances, but have been always remarkable for their Industry, their charitable Disposition so far as their Cir- cumstances would permit, and the Chearfulness of their Tempers. Our Correspondent at Paris acquaints us, that his Most Cliriltian Majesty is gone from Versailles ro Choisy, where s great Council of State is to be held ; and will go from thence to Fontainbleau, where he propodes to reside till about the Middle of November, The Dauphiness has been at Church for ' he first Time since the Birth of the Duke of Berry; and the Venetian Ambassador, Signior Mocenijo, has made a most splen- did public Entry. Letters from Amsterdam acquaint us, that one hun- dred and thirty- five Dutch Ships, employed in the Greenland Fishery, caught this Year 651 and a half Fish, but we are also told that most of them were but small. We are asured that his Majesty, the Princesses Amelia and Caroline, v. i' 1 come from the Palace at Kensington to the Palace at St. James's on Monday se'nnighbt, for the Winter Season : And that the Prince of Wales, the Princess Dowager of Wales, with the young Princesses, will come to Leicester- House the same Day. It is said that Sir William Pepperell will have the Command of the Forces in the Expedition forming for regaining our Right in America. Orders were given on Thursday last, that all fhe Mi- litary Stores preparing for America, with Tents, & c. for about 8000 Men should be go: ready for Embarka- tion in seven Days from that Time. On Tuesday some Officers, with Recruits, went out of Town to join Sir Peter Malkett's Regiment at Cork, where they will embark in a few Days for America. Dudley Baxter, Eiq; has purchased the House of the late Christopher Wyvill, Esq; in Red- Lion Square, near Holborn. One Day last Week Mr. Charles Hoskins, only Son of William hoskins, Esq; of Barrowgreen, in the County ot Surry, was married to Miss Carr, one of the Daugh- ters of Henry Thomas Carr, Esq; of t. he County of Durham. This Morning died, at his House at Barn- Elms, Sir Richard Hoare, Knt. and Alderman of Farringdon Ward Without, and Fellow of the Royal Society, younger Brother to Henry Hoare Esq; an eminent Banker in Fleet- Street, and Partner with him and mr. Christopher Arnold.— He was Lord- Mayor of this City at the Time of the late Rebellion, in which critical Juncture he executed that important Office with great Credit to himself, and to the Satisfaction of all the Friends of Liberty and the Protestant Religion — In private Life he was a Man of strivt Virtue and Honour, great Humanity and good Nature His well known Disposition to all Acts of Charity and Benevolence makes his Death both a public and private Misfortune. lie hath left two Sons to- regret the Loss of the best of Fathers, viz Richard Hoare, Esq; near of Age and bred to the Business ; and another Youth at Westmin- ster- School. On Tuesday last Mr. Gaskell's Bay '- Gelding,- beat Mr. Maxwell's Brown Gelding, " :: y o n. f- nr Miles over Peterborough Common, for 50I. The Odds were Two to One on Caesar. The City Subscription was not run for, through a Mistake. On Michaelmas- Day last Mr. John Trevanion. an eminent Attorney, of Chippenham iu Wilis, was selected bailiff of that Corporation for the Year ensuing, and on the Monday se'nnight gave an elegant entertain- ment on the Occasion to near 200 of the Burgesses Freemen and neighbouring Gentlemen ; at which were present their two worthy Members Edward Bayntum and Samuel Fludyer, Esqrs. OXFORD, October 10. This Day the Rev. John Fludger, M A. Chaplain to his Grace the Duke of St. Albans, and Minister of Putney, was unanimously pre- sented by the Master and Fellows of Pembroke College, to the Rectory of St. Toles in Oxford. CAMBrIDGE, Oct 10. This being the first Day of Term, Mr. boare, Fellow of Queen's College, and the Rev. Mr. Lawson, fellow of Sidney College, were sworn into the Office of Proctor of the University for the Year ensuing. ' At the same Time the Rev. Mr. Hammond of Bennet- College, was admitted ro the De- gree of Doctor in Divinty ; and the following Gentle- men to the Degree of Batchelors of Arts, Mr. Ekins, Mr. Marsham, and Mr. Thackeray, Fellows of King's College. We hear that the Right Rev. the bishop of Chester will shortly resign his Mastership of Peterhouse- Col- lege ; and it is thought his Lordship will be succeeded by the Rev. Dr. Law, Archdeacon of Carlisle-. ROCHESTER, Oct. 11. It is reported that Capt. Wil- liam Mantel, who was latejy appointed to command his Majesty's Sh'p Centurion will be removed into another of his Majesty's Ships; and that Capt. Dudley Diggs will be appointed for the Centurion, which Ship is n, e- paring for the Reception of the Hon. Commodore Kep- pell, who is to command in the intended Expedition. They are now busy paying the Artificers of his Ma- jesty's Yard at Chatham in full to Lady- Day last. WOrCESTER, Oct. 10. On monday last the Right Worshipful Benjemin Pearkes, Esq; was sworn in Mayor, William Baylis, Gent. Sheriff, and Mr. Samuel Hill and Mr. William Davis, Chamberlains, of this City,- for the ensuing Year,— On tin Occasion there was a very magnificent Entertainment in the Town Hall, at which were present the Right Hon. the Earls of Plymouth and Coventry; the Lords Ward, poley, and Sandys; Sir John Pakington, Bart Sir William temple, Bart the worthy Representatives for this city and County, » nd other Members of Parliament; the Reverend the Dean of Worcester, the. Archdeacon, several of the Preben- daries, with many others of the Clergy and Gentry of this City and Neighbourhood. On thursday last Joseph Rooke was taken up her--, and carried to our City Gaol, being charged with stealing a Grey Mare, the Property of Mr. James ' Eykin, an eminent Upholder, in Wolverhampton, Staffordshire.— He had been Journey man to Mt. Eykin, and was discharged from his Service but the Day before ; and he now pretend that he intended bringing tho mare back again, having only taken her in order to try if he could get another Journeyman for his Master. j DEAL, Oct. II. Wind W. S W blows hard. Re- | main his Majesty's Sloops Cruizer and Savage, with the rest of the outward- bound Ships as per my last. Ar- rived the Lincoln, Wolfe, from Lam » . j DRUrY- LANE. Yesterday Evening ROMEO and JULIeT, This Evening LOVe MAKES A MAN . or, The FOP'S FORTUN E. With The InTrIgUINg CHAMberMAId. COVENT- GArDEN Yesterday Evening The MISER. To which was added, The LOTTERY. ) Stocks were donethis Day at One s'Clock as follow : ! Bank Stock, shut. India Stock, 187 i-? rh. South sea : Stock, n 5 ^- 8ths. Old South Sea Annuities shut. Ditto 2d Sub. shut. New Annuities, 103 - half. Ditto d Sub. 102 3- 8ths. Three r- half per Cent, consolidated, ; fliut. Ditto : d Sub. shut. Three per Cent, confoli- ' dated, 102 c- 8chs. Three per Cent 1751, < oi 1 8th. Three per Cent. India, shut. Three 1 - half per Cent, ditto, shut. India Bonds, 5I. 17s. bank Cir. 4!. 5s PRICES of GOODS at BRAR- KEV. Wheat Barley — Hog Peas Dtto Boilers Tares Pale Malt _ ! Rye Oats beans -— This Day was published, Price 6d. THE Good Soldier of jesus christ Cha- racterized : In a Sermon preached at Birmingham. March 31, and at Coseley, A p it 7, occasioned by the sudden and much lamented berth or the Rev. mr, S. BOURN, who died March 222, 1754, in Wie ' 66th Year of his Age. By S. BLYTH. Printed for Bou under the Royal- Exchange ; and sold by T. Warren, in the Bull Ring, Birmingham, this day was published, Price bd. N°- I!, [ to be continued Weekly) of thE HISTORY of Our Lord and Saviour JESUS CHRIST. In Four Paris. With suitable Meditations and Prayers. As also the Lives of the Holy Apostles and Evangelists. To which i » prefixed, The Life of the Blessed Virgin MARY, Mother of Our Lord. By WILLIAM READING, M. A. Keeper of the Library at Sion College. Adorned wih a great Variety of Copper- Plate CUTS. Printed f. i Stanley CroWder and Henry Woodgate, at the Golden Fall in pater- noster; or any ether Booksellers or News- Carriers in Town or Country. At the same Time will be published. No VI. of the Works of Mr. Re ding, which will be compleated in Fi ty Numbers. On Saturday next will be publifted, no. III. of the LIFE of CHRIST, and No. VII. of the Works. This Day was published, , With His MAJESTY'S Royal Privilege and Licence, To be continued Weekly, Price 6d. ( lllustrated with a Copper Plate finely coloured ) No. XXXVI. of ASUPPLEMENT to the NEW and UNIverSAl. DICTIONARY of Arts and Sciences. Illustrated with above Thirty Copper- Plates, engraved by the besst Hands from . Original Designs j which will br given gratis. N. B. This Volume will render the Dictionary complete, and con- tain, among the other Branches of Learning. a complete System of Mechanic,, Manual Arts, and Manufacturer ; which, though so and so long defired, has never before been attempted in the English Language, Subscriptions are taken in by J. Hinton, at he King's Arms in Newgate- Street , London j by ths Booksellers of the two Universities of Oxford and Cambridge j and by the Printers and Booksellers of all the Cities and noted Towns of Great- Britain and Ireland. . Those persons who have not yet taken a the Dictionary proceed gradually to the End N. B. At the Desire of a great Number of Subscribers, we have compiled an Index to the Figures on ' h; Copper Piatea in the Dic- tionary , which Index the Subscriber- may have Gratis, of J. Hin ton, in newgate street The Beginning cf next Month will be published, Price si. ios, sew'd up n Marble Paper and Pasteboards,, Leather Backs, being only a Quarter of the Price of the Original, printed at London, ALBNUS'S ANATOMICAL TABLES, on 40 large Copper Plates, 15 Inches by 22. beautifully enfraved, and printed on large- Imperial Paper; representing Figures of the Human Skeleton, and of the several Orders of he Human Muscles j also Views of the particular Parts, wherein a 1 that belongs to the Make or habit of each Muscle is shewn at large from the Body. The Whole containing a complete Anatomical Description of the Human Skeleton and Muscles, very accurately and beautifully en- graved. To which i: added, A complete System of the Blood- Ves- sels and Nerves taken from Albinus'a Edition of Eustachrus, also from Ruysch, Du Verney, Haller, Trew, and . B. Surgeon at avig- non, beautifully engravd on large Copper- Plates, the same Size as Albinus's Tables; with Tables of explanation, containing the Tex of Eustachius, Albinus. Sec. translated into English, To which are prefixed, three whole length Anatomical Figures, representing the External Parts of the Human Body in both Sexes, beautifully printed on large Imperial Paper, The Whole containing a complete Anato- mical Description of the External Parts cf the Human Budy, the Blood- Vessels, and Nerves. With the Tables of the Explanation of the Plates. Translated in o English. Printed in a large Volume in quarto, sewed up in Marble Paper and pasteboards. Leather Backs. Printed for J. and P Knapton, in Ludgate- Street. Mr. TURLINGTON. S I R, IGregory Newman, of the Parish of Bourn in Cambridgeshire, having been afflicted for the Space of fire Years with a Fever and an inward Decay, attended with racking Pains and Stiches n n. y Stomach, Pain in my Head and Knees i I made Trial of several Medicines, but to no effect : I was at last ad- vised to make Trial of your Balsam of Life, and by taking two bottles only ( which 1 had of Mr. Nethercote in Cambridge) restored me to my former Health, under God, as witness my Hand this 10th Day of October 1753. Witness' Dorothy Williamson Elizabeth Ford GREGORY NEWMAN. Sarah Bodger. The abovesaid Specific Medicine, or Balsam of Life, is sold by the Patentee, Robert Turlington, at 1 he King's Arms in Brehin- Lane, London. Price 3s. Sd. the Bottle, and js. § d. the half. By the KING'S PATENT, The Carthartic Anti- Venereal Electuary, WHEREBY all Degrees and Symptoms of . he Venereal DiSease are happily cured and eradicated. Pi ce Shillings the Pot, with a Book of Directions enabling Pa- tients to be their own Physcians. Genuine Balsamic Viper Drops, which stregthen Parts weakened by any injuries whatever, comfort weak Stomachs, are excellent for ths Cure of the Fluor albis, expel wind from the bowels, carry off Gravel arid Sandy Concretions from the Kidnies and Ureters, and heal Lacerations occasioned by Gravel in the Uretere or Urethra, cores Burnt, Scalds, Cures 6d. Shop the Corner Bell Savage Inn Gateway. Reck's Tincture that cores the Tooth- ach, is. and Teeth Powder that cleans, whiten, and On Saturday next will be published. In TWO POCKET VOLUMES, ( Price Six Shillings bou'fld > mEMOIRS of the SHAKESPEAR's- HEAD in COVEnT GARDEN; In which introduced many entertaining Adventures, and several remarkable Characters. By the GHOST of SHAKESPEAR. " I'd take the Ghost's Word for a Thousand Pounds." HAMLET. Printed for and sold by F. Noble, at h's Circulating Library in King- Street, Covent- Garden ; and" J. Noble, at his Circulating Li- brary in St. Martin's- Court, near Leicester Square This Day were published, PROPOSALS for PRINTING fcy SUBSCRIPTION, ,1 NEW and CORRECT EDITION, In TWO Large VOLUMES, Octavo, of CHRIST Alone Exalted, Containing 1 Fifty- two Sermons on select Texts of Scripture, all preached by that late entices. Minister of Christ, TObIAS CRISP, D. D. Some Time Rector of Brinkworth in Wiltshire; an! faithfully transcribed from his original Notes by his worthy Son, SAMUEL CRISP, Esq; To which will be now first added, by Way of Note-, an explanation a - d Vindication of such Passages » s ha e been ob- jected to by Dr. Williams and Others, and which have Occasion to Dr. chauncy, and other Evangelical Divines, to write in his Defence. conditions. I, The subscription Price will I t Eight Shillings for the Two Volumes, printer. on a g'od Paper and ne<- Letter, and sew'd in bloe Paper; Four Shillings to be paid on Subfcr bing, and ti e Remainder on ' he Delivery of he work. n. The Author's Head, curiously engraved on a Copper- Plate, will be given, and prefixed to the Work. III. The Subscribers Names will be printed, ss a Memorial of their Esteem for the worthy Author, and their Love of the glorious gospel. IV. As the Work must be ready to be delivered bv December or January next, and no more ro be printed than Subscribed' for, such as please to become Subscribers are requested to give in their Names at.' Places of Abode with all convenient Speed, to Mr George Keith, in Gracechurch- Street london ; or Mr. George Paton, > u the par liament Close, edinburgh ; where Proposals are delivered, and Sub scriptions taken in. V ^ ^ This day was published, ( Price One Pound Eight'Shillings in Sheets ) Adorned with One Hundred and Twenty- four Copper- Plate) and Maps, the Habits of - h- People, V ews of the Cnies, their mostl remarkable Animals, Vegetables, & c. The FIRST VOLUME of mR. SALMON's. UNIVERSAL TRAVELLER. Which Contains a Description of China, Tartary, Japan, . Philippine, Ladrone, Mollucas, Banda, Amboyna, Ceylon, Sumatra, Printed for R. baldwin, • Iflrids. The only short and infallible Cure For that reigning Disease the SCURVY, and all Scorbu- tick Humours, tht' arrived to the highest and most inve- terate Degree, or of ever so many sears standing, and without any sensible Evacuation, or the least Purging, which by unaccountable Mistake is generally advised, tho* always found rather to increase and confirm the Scurvy than cure it, by the so- much famed and most pleasant Chymical Drops. wHICH, without the least Trouble, Con- finement, or Disorder whatever, do st once strike at the true Cause 0f the sCURY , and entirely destroy it, and ril scorbutick humours and Root and Branch, fo never to return again, as many Thousands of both sexes have experienced, and M all rtko take tiem in thre « D « y » Tixi are convinced i for they almost instantly alter the Morbid state of the juices, purify the blood, sweeten all the fluid cleanse them from Impurities, and directly clear the Habit from all spots, blotches, black and blue Marks Itchings, fsu eruptions or Breaking) our, Weariness in the Limbs, lan. guia heaviness of the where Body, wandering Pains, Weak- ness at the back, and all the- vast Variety of Symptoms bj which the Scurvy imitates, and often lies concealed under the Appearance of the rheumatism, and many other Diseases. And for strengthening the stomach, immediately creating a good appetite, causing a regular and ealy Digistion of Food and curing all windy Effects and disorders of the first Passages, ( whence proceed head- aches, Vapours, and other indisposi- tions no bitters, or any other Medicines upon such car compare with them, insomuch, that besides infallibly curing the Scurvy in alt iu Shapes and Appaarances, they also ediy end immediately cure the Green sickness in Virgins worms of all kinds in Young and old, and almost all other chronick diseases, ( which are Chiefly occasioned by Indigestion and car tainly prevent Femora Agues, and other acute Illnesses. they are Cordial and Restorative, strength « and enliven the whole Machine, and as soon as taken, the Patient pleasantly lightsome, brisk, vigorous to Admi ration, and are good for all sorts of persons to preserve a: well as procure, a sound and healthful state of Body. but the great reputation these so- much fam'd and it* pleasant chymical Drops have so universally gained, among persons of eminence, for their suddenly an d infallibly mrin' the Scurvy, and all Scorbutick humours and other Chronicl Distempers, in such an easy and agreeble Manner have occa sioned many to imitate them, some under the same, and « - thers under other names ) be careful, therefore not to be deceived, but be sure to have the right, which if d » e Au- thor's special Appointment, are to be had only at the Gentle- woman's at the Two Blue Posts in maydon- yard is tht M ries, at 6d. the Bottle, with Directions. sold by C. CORBETT, opposite St. Dunstan's- Church in Fleet- street, where ADVERTT5EMENTS are taken in ADVERTISEMENTS are also taken in— At the Bar of Baker's Coffee- House in Exchange- Allay LLOYD' Coffee- House in Lombards- Street; St. JAMES's Coffee House in St. James's- Street;— ABINGTON's Coffee- House near Grays Inn- Gate, Holborn JOHN BAR • the Gazette fronting the Haymarket, near Pall- Mall DAN. JOB, Stationer, at the Spread- Eagle in King- Street Covent Garden;- And by T. GARDNER, at C ™ Wi;-/ VH" d, Opposite St, Clement's Church in the Strand; BY the KING's PATENT. ' HIS Majesty has been graciously pleased to grant to George WesT, Surgeon, of Bow Church- Yard, Cheapside, london, his Royal letters Patent,. for the sole making and vending his pectoral Elixir, that cures all Disorders ia he breast, viz. Cough, colds. Hoarseness, shortness of Breath » r Hooping Cough, eases violent Cholicks, and the Dry gripes in the West indies, Rheumatick a.- d Sciatic Pains in the Limbs, Af er- pains in Women, *&>• tl internel Bruises it One Shilling and Six- pence a Bott. Country Shopkeepers may have good Allowance to sell again. this is to certify whom it may concern, that I Thomas Whit- church, Cooper, in great. Bandy Leg Walk, southwark was troubled w, th a most violent Cough and Shortness of Breath, with a Stoppage at my Stomach ft> that I could not lie down in my Bed without being bolstered up « . uh Pillows, especting nothing but Death : - I was ad* vised by a Friend nt' mine to try Mr. West's Pectoral Elixir, at ihe Golden Ball in Bow Church Yard ; I took only two Bottles, which perfectly cured me of my Disorder. Witness my Hand, THOMAS WHITCHURCH, to Persons of either SEX, Afflicted with any Species'of the PALSY, cr other NERVOUS DECAYS. This sovereign and incomparable Elixir is now ( on Mrs. Holt's leaving off Trade) permitted to be sold-' Only at Messrs. watson's and Tateham's, Hosiers and Haberdashers, at the Sign of the Lamb, below Pope's- Head Alley, Cornhill, Lon- don. nt Three Shillings and Sixpence a Bottle, with printed Directions at large. Note, This fam'd Balsamick electuary is now, by the Au » thoi's Appointment, to te had only at Mr. Eglinton's, ( Mr. Radford being deceased) at the Great Golden Pair of Spectacles against the east End of the New Church in the Strand. Lon. don. Ask only for a Six Shilling Pot of Balsamick electuary; No Letters answered unlrd PoSt- paid.
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