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London Evening Post


Printer / Publisher: J. Meres 
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 4079
No Pages: 4
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London Evening Post
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London Evening Post

Death of the race horse, Godolphin Arabian
Date of Article: 03/01/1754
Printer / Publisher: J. Meres 
Address: Old Baily, London
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 4079
No Pages: 4
Sourced from Dealer? No
Additional information:
Extract from brief report of the death of the famous race-horse, the Godolphin Arabian

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London NUMB* 4079 From TUESDAY January i, to THURSDAY January 3, 1754. PLANTATION NEWS; Boflon, OH. 22, AS T Wednefday Capt. Dunn arrived here, who on the i8th met with a terrible Gale of Wind, and four Days after met with a Sloop that had been overfer, with three Men on board, two of whom they with great Difficulty took oil her Quarter, but the other be- ing in the fore Part of the Wreck, fo weak that hefeem'd almoft dead, thev could not by all their Attempts get to his Relief. The Matter's Name was Bowen, who with three of the Men had been wafh'd overboard and drowned. The Mate, named Peatfon, and a young Man named Oris, are thofe brought in hither ; they are both very weak, efpecialiy the Mate, who is much bruifed. Philadelphia, OB. ij. We have Advice from the Filh- Kills, in Dutchefs County, that a Number of Negroes having lately run away from their Matters in thofe Parts, had formed themfelves into a Gang of about a Dozen, and greatly molefted the back Settlements there: That about a Fortnight ago, they came in the Night to a lone Houfe, where there was none but a Man and his Wife, with a Negro Girl in the Kitchin ; as they hap- pened to go into the Kitchin firft, the Girl immediately utied out, on which they knocked her down ; the Mafter thereupon alarmed, took up his Gun, and with his Wife efcaped out of the Houfe juft a.-, the Negroes enter'd, and waiting at fome Diftance tired at them on their coming our, ar, d killed one of them, but the reft canied him offafter plundering the Houfe. A few Days after they came to a Negro who was ploughing alor. e, and told him he muft fteal fome Guns and Ammuni- tion for them, and join them ; that they had lately loft one of their Gang, wanted fome more Arms, and then intended io march off foi Canada before Winter. The Fellow promifed all they bid him, but afterwards told his Mafter, who thereupon got a Company of the Neighbours to go in queft of the Rogues, but they found none of them. SCOTLAND. Edinburgh, Dec. 2;. Yefterday came on before the Lords of Jufticiaty here, the Trial of Robert M'Gregor for Hamefucken, the forcible Abduciion, and pretended Marriage of the new deceafed Jean Key, Heirefs of Edin- beUy, wiien their Lordlhip's found the Libel adduced sgainft htm relevent to infer the Pains of the Law; and the Pannel was allowed to adduce Witneffes for his Exculpation againft 1' hurfday next, when the Court proceeds to examine Witneffes, and hear Evidence on both Sides. Ytfternight died here Mr. Ronald Dunbar, Writer to the Signet. L. O IN D O N^ ~~ Great Britain's REMEMBRANCER: O R, A juft ACCOUNT of the many lingular Obligations, fo generoufly, from Time to Time, conferred upon her, by fundry difinterefted good People, both at Home and Abroad. A Monitory, Familiar, New SONG: Iii Favour, chiefly, of our Foreign Friends. [ To the Tune of The Abbot of Canterbury.] % ih ! pnful Nation !— your Country is deflate :— your Land, Strangers devour it in your Prefence ; and it is deflate, as overthrown by Strangers, lfa. i 4, 7. . JVo unto us ! for we are fpoiled. Jer. i V. 15. COMt!— liften awhile, ev'ry ftaunch, honeft Tory .' And I'll 1 ell you a ftrange, tragi- comical Story ; ( It fhill be, Sirs, however, no ftranger than true) Of ths Rump, - and the Dutchman,— the German, - and Jew. Deny down, down, Hey, deiry down. What a mighty Support they have been to this Nation,-- How worthily walk'd of their weighty Vocation, My Mufe fhall teheaife,— if I can but prevail, And my Countrymen dear will attend to my Tale. When Britain was bleft with a cuts'd Lord ProteBor, And Satan's pure Saints too whin'd many a d— mn'd LetSure, The Righteous bore Rule ;— happy, thrice happy Cafe!— For Dominion ( they'll tell ye) is founded on Grace. . The Church then, what choice NurfingFathers did nourifh ! The State too, — how finely, forfooth, did it flourifh ! When, with unhallow'd Hands, both the Mitre zn& Crcwn, Infernal Fanaticks made bold 10 pull down ( a). How did Anarchy then, and the wildeft Corfufon, Demonftrate an hellifh Ufurper's Intrufion ! How did all hontft Subjeds, and faithful good Folic, Then gri& voully groan, Sirs, beneath the fad Yoke ! ( a) Delight is not feemly for a Fool; much leis for a Ser- vant to have Utile over Princes. Prov. xix. 10. Folly is fet in great Dignity, and the Rich fit 111 low Place. 1 have feen Servants upon Horfes, and Princes walking IS Ser vants upon the Earcl- Ecdef. x. 6,7. The Dutch Hegan- Megans have 6ft; itl great Meafure, Augmented alike both out Trade and out Trt. ifure ; And, with Whigs and Diffenters, oft Iain in the Lurch, To demolifh out precious Epifcrpd Church. Queen Befs,( we all know) whom they fawningly courted, The fear, difirefs'd States, often ftoutljf fupporteel: But, Lords, High and Mighty, forfooth, when become, Wtong'd Britain might kifs then their tafcally B— ai ! Her SubjeSis they murder !— het FaBories feize on ! ' Gainft her KINGS the faid Caitiffs promote horrid Treafon ! Her PRINCES, when banifh'd, they rudely rejeB ! But the rankeit of Rebels thefe R~ gues can pnteft 1 For which Crimes, fure5 Jack- Catch might with Juftice have hang'd ' em : But, the brave Duke of YORK, Sirs, at Sea often bang'd ' em : Hans Butter- Box tho' ( we'll allow) took a ftrange,— A prodigious, unparallel'd Kind of Revenge. Long, on this Side the Water, the Whigs had been working ; And beyond Sea their Serpentine Brethren lay lurking : Two Birds with one Stone the Dutch C. ihit. ifls kill'd ; And our Ille, ever fince, with Confufion have filf'd. They rarely got rid of their fturdy St adth older-, And, as Men without Confcience ( we know) cutfed bold are, Requir'd, for their pious, religious, good Prince, Many Myriads, yea, Millions, ( mirandum !) of Pence. ' Tis true, they ne'er paid for th' Affiftance we gave ' em, When Elizabeth deign'd from their Sov'reign to fave ' em : Fot Dutchmen have deem'd it, ( we find) heretofore, Better far to receive, than to give, ot reflate ( 6). And, e'er fince the faid glorious, relipious Ir. vafion, Thefe godly, good Lubbers have ftill took Occafion, Ev'n, whilft in the field they've rely'd on our Aid, To kidnap our Herrings, ana cramp all our Trade. What horrible Hardfiips, what Plagues without Numbed, What Wars, Debts, and Taxes the Nation incumb r ! In lh > rt,— we've been facrifcd, Sirs; ever fiiice( r) : But Najfiu, no doubt, was a — politick Prir. ce. Yet Britain of Blefftngs is not grown fo bate of, But Germary now too comes in for a Share of The Bounties and Favours that ( all the World knows) Or Plutus or P , ia Plenty beftows., Poor Britain's half brcke, Sirs!— a, nd yet, at a Venture, To German EleBors large Subjidies lent are ( J) : ' Gainft Rome we exclaim (' tis an odd kind of Thing ;) Yet gladly would make of the Romans a King. We too boaftof Religion and Liberty apt are ; Yet bribe ind corrupt,— to the End of the Chapter: In other Folks' Quarrels we fooiifhly fight ; And Foreign ComcQitms may finilh us quite. Thus, fome State Phyfcians have giv'n us All over !— But our Wife- leaded Whigflers ( e) can all Things recover : Now the Cafb of good Chri/ lians they've fquander'd away, Lo!— to Stock- jobbing Jews, they have fomething to fay. Fot Mountains of Mammon the Jews are much noted ; And peihaps may, e'er long, bs good Proteftants voted : Loyal Subjefts (/), at leaft, fo much Cdjh to command, Sure, won't fcruple to fell their Religion and Land ( g). O ! the Money ! the Money !— pray, Who but a Fool, Sirs, Would not any Thing do, for ihe Sake of dearGo! d, Sii± ( h) ? This,— and of the Great Samfon, their wonderful Love, Our S— tfmen's Defcent, fure, from Solomon prove. But, alas! Sirs, at length, that great Prince turn'd Apoftate, And to Idols of Silver and Gold he fell ptoftrate: The Devil, the World, and the Flefb, Boys, ( O fad!) Drove that wifefl tf Kings, ( why'd ha' thought it ?) flark mad. ( b) The Wicked borroweth, and payeth lint again: Rut the Righteous P. ieweth Mercy, and giveth. Pfal. xxxvii. 21. ( tr) Remember, O Lord, What is come Ujxsn us; coniider, and behold our Reproach. Our Inheritance is n: rnTd to Stran- gers, our Houfes to Aliens. U'e have drunken our Water for Money, our Wood is fold umb lis. © ur Necks are under Persecution : We labour, and have 110 Reft. We have given the Hand to the Egyptians, and to the Affyritin?, to be fatif- fied with Bread.— Servants have inlet! over us: There is none that doth deliver us out < gf their Hand. Lam. v. 1,2,4,7,6,8. ( d) — How is flie become as a Widen ! Site that Was great among tlie Nations, and Princefs among the Provinces, how is fhe become Tributary 1 Lam. i. r. ( e) — Men of corrupt Minds, and deflittite of the Truth, fuppofmg that Gain is GodJinels. 1 Tim. vi. f. ( f) — A rebellious People, lying Children^ Children that will not hear the law of the lord, if a. xxx. 9. ( g) Do ye indeed fpeak Righteoiifncfs, O Congregation? Do ye judge uprightly, O ye Sons of Men ? Yea, 111 Heart 3' ou work Wickediiels. Pfal. Ivni. i, 2. — The Lord is our J tidee, the Lord is our Law- giver, the Lord is our Kfiig ; He will lave us. Ifa. xxxiii. 22. Shall theThrone of Iniquity have Fejlowfliip with Thee, which frameth Mifcfief by a law ? Pfal. xciv. 20. — What Concord hatli Omit with Belial ? or what Part liath lie, that believeth, with an Infidel ? 2 Cor. vi. if. Wo unto them that decree unrighteous Decrees ! Ifa. x. 1. The Rulers rake Counfel together againlt the Lord, and againft his Anointed. Pfal. ii. i. ( h) Wo to l. im that covefeth an evil Covetoufuels to his Houfe, that he may fit his Neff 011 high, that he n- ajt be iltli- vaedfrpni the Power of Evil 1 iu4>- u. 9. The penitent Monarch ( we find tho') recanted; But Repentance, ih Britain, ( I doubt) i> much wanted (/); So, your Servant, fwcet Friends I— I ih. il now lay no more, Than— G O D fate theK ING !— and our Senjes nfrre (/). Perry down, down, Hey nerry do wn. f. X. f ( i) — Retilrn, thou backflidihg Iftielj faith the Lord, and X wtli not caufe mine Anger to fall upon yon : For i am merci- ful, faith the Lore!, and I will not keep Anger for ever. Only acknowledge thine Iniquity, that tiiOti halt tranfgreiicd againlt the Lord thy God, and halt fcaiter'd thy Ways uj. the Strangers: — and ye have not obey'd my Yoke, faith the Lord. Turn, O backflidiiig Children.— ' fer. 111 12, 13, 14. Turn thou us unto thee, O Lord, and we ll. till be hirn'd ; new our Days, as of old. Lam. vtii. (, k) Hear the Right, O Lord, attend unto my Cry; give Ear Unto my Prayer, that goeth 110c out ol feigned. Lips. pfal. xvii. r. Turn us, O God of our Salvation, and caule thine Anger towards Us to ceafe. Wile thou be angry with us for ever ? Wilt thou draw out thine Anger to all Generations ? Wilt thou not revive us at; tin ; that thy People may rejoice in thee? Shew tis thy Mercy, G Lord, and grant us thy Sal- vation. I will hear what Gqd, the Lord, will Ipeak ; lor he will fj eak Peace unto his People, and to his Sauns: But let them ilot turn again to Folly. Surely 1 . is Salvation is jiigli them that tear him ; thatGlorjr may dweii in our Land, pf. il. lxxxv. 4, j, 6,7,8,9. Tho' there be not in Nature any two Things more oppojiie than Duty and Difaffectum, yet fuch is the Depra-' • vity of Human Kind, that there was never any " Nation fo wife, or Government fo ptrfeB, as to prevent th e forme* from bring fo mifep efented, as to be taken for the latter, which is owing to mat intoxicating Quality in Power, wliich miftakes all but impliot Submijfton for criminal Op ppftticn; and, after jultly exploding' Infallibility in the Church, wantonly introduces it again into the State. Defpotic Princes very wifely encourage Luxury, Mag- nifctnce, and Frivolity, fince Men, who make it a Point to comb up their Toupits, ftudy the important Science of Cookery, and I'ppcd more in fumifhtng a r. eiv Houfe, \ nn their Amfhrs in maintaining their Houjhcll, ate docile in all Things that procure Eafe and pecuniary Supplies, in- different as to the Meant by which tlie; are obtained, and catelefs as to the' Conduit of- their Superiors, upon whom they depepd as Slaves for a Suhfifience. By fhe Rigour of the Seafon we were difappointed, the laft Mail of Letteis from the North, of any frefh Date; but we hal^ Reafon to expert, ihat the iiii" mild Weather will bring News of great Importance. We hear from Hrtnts, ihat the Rev. Mr. Parke, B. D. Rfdlor of Amporr, mentioned in laft Thuilday's Papet to be dead, has left by Jiis Will ihe Bulk of his rot- tune, which is very confiderable, to las only unmarried Daughter, Mifs Molly farke. Tutfday b- ing New Year's Day, his Majefty recer. td the Comp'iment of ihe Nobility and Gentry on the Occafion. At Noon ihe Ode for ihe Day was performed in ihe Council Chamber before his Majefty and the Royal Family, the principal of the Nobility and Gentry; and being Collar Day, the Knights Com- panions of the Noble Oiders of Garter, Thiftle and Bath, appeared in the Collars of their refpedlive Orders. ' Tis reported that the Right Hon. ihe tarlof Chefter- field will bs dtfired 10 acccpt the Poft of Lord Lieute- nant of Ireland. Tusfday laft Orders were given for the Diftribirio* of his Majefty's Bounty of 1000 1. to the Poor of th « Parifhes of Sr. Martin in the Field?, St. James, Sr. Margaret Weft. ninfttr, St. John the Evangelift, St.- Anne Soho, St. Paul Covent Garden, St. Mary la Strand, St. Clement Dane, and S:. George Hanover- Square. Laft Week died at his Houfe in Argyll- Street, aged near 80, Richard Wyar, Efq; a Gentleman of a very antient Family. at Boxley in Kent ; and being the laft, his Real and Perfonal Eftates, which are very confi- derable, devolve to the Right Hon. the Lord H. omney, Monday died advanced in Yeats, at his Lodgings in Bell- Alley, Coleinan- Street, Richard Markes, Efq; formerly a Student in the Middle Temple, faid to haw died very rich. Tuefday died of the Small- Pox, after a few Days 111- nefs, at his Parfonage- Houfe at Edgware in Middlefex, the Rev. Mr. Coventry, Redior of thai Pariftl. Some Days fince was buried at Long- Benton Church near Newcaftle, Margaret Kochefter, aged 107, as ap- peals by the Regifter there: She lived all her Life in the Town of Long Benton, and retained het Senfes to the laft. We hear from Newmaiker, that on Chriftmas- Daf died in the 33d Year of his Age, the famous Horfe known by the Name of the Godolphin Arabian. He was efteemed ihe beft Horfe for getring Race- Horfes that ever was brought into theft Kingdoms. A great Number of his Sons ihat are Stallions in different Parts of England, are in the higheft hfteern arnongft the No- blemen, Jockeys, and Breeders of Horfes. On Monday next a Match long depending will be run over Hounflow- Courfe, between two Horfes belonging to two Gentlemen, the beft of three two- mile Heats, for a confiderable Sum of Money ; 10 carrj eleven Stone each, play or pay. On Saturday laft one Smith, a Weaver in Salisbury hanged himfelf; his Wife, who was become chargeable to the Parifh, was lately cirried to lite Woikhoufe, which, ' us £ uJ, occa| iyn" il this jafli Action, rH E Gentlemen, Clergy, and Freeholders of the County of Hertford, are deftrtd to meet at the Glove and Dol- phin Inn at Hertford, on Monday next the - jth of January, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon, to con/ ider of proper Perfons to reprefent the faid County in the enfuing Parliament. To tils Gentlemen, Clergy, and Freeholders of the County of Her. ford. WHEREAS you are difirtd to meet at Hertford on the " jth of January next, to confult of proper Per- fons to reprefent you in Parliament at the next General Elec- tion., you are mofi earneflly defired not to engage your Vites and lnttrejl at that Meeting ; for a G utleman of this County, of known Worth and Integrity, will', at a con venient Time before the E It it ion, be propofed to join Mr. HALE, your prefent wor- thy Reprefentative. Hertford, Dec. 20, 1773. N. B. It's known by whom the Meeting of the qth of January is calltd ; and a great Number of the Electors are deternund to examine the Conduct of their prefect Members before they truftthim again for feven Tears. To the Gentlemen, Clergy, and Freeholders of the County of Worcefter. GENTLEMEN, ITA K E this early Opportunity to return you Thaf. ks for the Honour ) ou lave done me, in eleS'ntg me a Member for this County. By the Numbers that were fo kind to appear now in my fntereft, 1 am encouraged to offer myjeif a Candi- date at the next General Elecfion ; and hope to ' cave the Favour ef your Votes and Inlereft. fnd I once more nffure you, that I will faithfully difcharge the great and imp. riant Trufl repefed in in-', hy a fieady Ad! eience to the true Interefljf my Country, and a confiant .. tten lance in Parliament. - I am, with the grealefi Refpecr, Gentlemen, Worceller, Tour moft obedient, Dec. 17, 1753. And obliged humble Servant, EDMUND PYTTS. To the Ficemen of the Town of Great Yaimouth. GENTLEMEN, HA V ING had the Honour this Day, at a Meeting cf the Freemen, in Purfuttnce of a general Summons from fhe Mayor, to b' nominated and approved ef as joint Ca'. d- idates to reprefent thii Liu rob in the enfuing Parliament, IVe return our fincere Thanks to our Towilfmen for this Proof of their Con- fidence, and he7 the Favour of your Totes and Interefl at the £ tefHcn ; which fliall always be ackn. wtedg d with the utmofl Gratitude hy, Gentlemen, Tour mcfi obliged, and faithful Servants, Y& Rmouth, RICHARD FULLER. Dec. 17; W1 r. 1.1 AM J< R ow NE. To the worthy Fieeiiicn and Inhabitants of the Borough of St. Albans. GENTLEMEN, 11 ake the earheji Opportunity of returning you my fincere lhanks for yeir. kind Appearance on my behalf, and tie very gri. it Slice fs I have met with on my, Canvnfs. J beg the Continuance of your Favours, and yon may nffure ) ourfelvrs, if I jboiild have the Honour to le chojen one your R eprefpentatives in Parliament at the enfuing EleEhon ; it pall be my conflant Endeaiour to prtmota the true Inter fl of my Country in general, and as my Duty and Inclination iblige me, the IP el fare and Prorpe'ity of this Borough in particular 1 am, Gentlemen, Saint Alban?, Tour mcfl eli'iged, Dec zp, 1 75 3- and me ft ibedient Servant, JAMES GKIMSTON. To the Gemlemen Butgeffes of the Town and County of the Ttnvn of Southampton. HA V I NO the Honour of reprefenting you in the prefent Parliament, which now draws near a D'Jfolution ; 1 hope my ConduS the ein has been fuck as to merit your Appr hation, c" » d that you will again confirm it, by affijling mi with your J- AJr. tereft at the General El. If ion ; whnh will lay a • lafii/,_. . . - « /! ' OH, G entlemrn, Long woo], Tvur faithful and obedient Servant, Dec. J, 1755- Antiv ny Lans/ ley Swymmer. To the Burgeife> and Inhabitants cf the Town and County of . Southampton. GENTLEMEN, HAVING met with great Encouragement from the Bur- geffei a> d Inhabitan s of the Town and County of Southampton, I dffign to tffer myftlf as a Candidate at the next Eleflion, and humbly entreat the Favour of your Votes and Intcrefl- which ( kali be ever gratefully acknowledged by, Southampton, Gentlemen, Dec. 16, 1- 773. lour m< tfi obedient humble Servant, H. STANLEY. To the Gentlemen, Clergy, and Freeholders of the County of Cambridge. . . T T VIN G this Day been uttanimoufly approved if at a 1 J- General Meting of the Gentlemen, Clergy, and Freeholders as proper Candidates to rcprejent you in the next Parliament, We think it cur Duty to take the frft Opportunity df returning our fincere CI hanks for the Honour of that Nomination, and de firing the Favour of your Vctes and Inter ef}, whickwill he ever grate- fully acknowledged by, Gentlemen, four mcfl obliged and A.' ofl obedient Servants, Cambridge, GRAN Br, Oil. 9, 17;;. P. YORKE. Kinfs Heatf, bewcaftle upon 1 yne. JAMES RUDD, who ' formerly liv'd with Mr.' Ket- ilewell, at the Mlack Swan in York, and lately with Mr. Ryan, at the King's Arms, Pall- mall, London, hatli fticceedeil the late Mr. David Fiih, in the Kitig's Head Inn on the Key Side,. in Newcastle upon Tyne. All Gentlemen Travellers, and others, who are pleafed to honour him with tlieir Favours, may depend upon being tntcitain'd to their entireSarisfadtioij, Speedily mil be puWfFd, Puice 6cl. THE IMPARTIAL OBSERVER: Being a modeft Reply to \ vhat has been advanced concerning Jews. Conlider'din a ferious, mora], and religions View. Printed for John Level, at the Bible, three poors from the Ma* itoH~ fck> ufe, in tlie Pouiuy. To the Worthy BurgefTes and Electors of the Borough of Evefham. GENTLEMEN, ro U have done me the Honour to chufe me to reprefent this antient Borough in the prefent and the preceding Parliaments ; I acknowledge it with' the utmofl Gratitude ; in the Difcharge of the important ' Trufi, I hope I have never loft Sight of the Relation which I bear to my Country in gene- ral, or to my Confiituent; in particular. 1 owe much to the Good Will and Affeilion of the Electors upon former Occafions, and, as I am not confeious that I have done any Thing to for- feit either, am determin'l to offer myfelf a Candidate for this Borough ( fingly, upon my own IntereflJ at the next General F. led ion, and take this ptblick Method of entreating the Fa - vour of your Voles and Isterejl, If I fhall have the Happi- nefs to fucceed, it Jhall be my conflant Endeavour, at all Times, and upon all Occafuns, to approve myfelf your faithful Reprefentative. Eve'iham, Dec. 12, 17^ 3. ' t E. R U D G E. W A N Th D. for any Term of rears, AHOUSE furnifh'd or unfurnifh'd, for a fmall Family, with a Coich- hopfe, and Stables for Hven or eight Horfes, and fome Meadow Ground, if convenient, to he within ten or tsvelve Mil's of Windfor, but would be molt convenient iu the County of Racks, Szc. Enquire of Mr. Wit ers, tfookfdler, at the Seven Stars, be- tween the Two Temple- Gates in Fleet- ftreet. SUMS from 3000 1. to 50,0001. to be lent upon Freehold Farms well left, not further than IJO Miles from fconcloii, and iu Yorkihire, at 3 1 half per Cent, and from 1000 1. to 40,00c 1. in any Part of England, at 4 per Cenc, Annuities, from yol. to 1000 1. a Tear, payable Quarterly in London, to he fold to any Life, at 16 Years purcl afe, and to two 1 ives and tne Survivor, at 19 Years Purchafe. Annuities, well fecured, for the Sellers Lives, not- left than 401. a Year, are u anted ; and an Annuity of 27 1. a Ytar, for the eeller- VLife, to be fold, vt ith Security in Middlefx -, he is . near IT, and nine Years the loweit Price. 17 1 half" Years Purcnaf' ready to lie given for an Annuity fiotaaool. to tool, a Year,- for a young Lift : Freehold Land Security will lie reifliir'J. A Coniecy of Dragoons, at Home; and an Enfigncy at Home, Gibraltar, or Port- Mahon, are wanted. A Leafehold Eftate for three Lives, Jet at 401. a Year, and a Freehold Farm, Jetr at 20 I. a Year, 10 be fold, in Berkihire. Genteel Place? under the Government, in the Lavvj or in the City, from fol. ro lyool. a Year, are mnch wanted. Perpetual Ad vow Ions, or next Prefent. itions of Livings, from too I." to f-> ool. a Year, with immediate Kefig 11 anions, or old Incumbents-, are wanted in any Part of England. Any Principal inclined to rrear, or that want to purchafe orfeJl Freehold or Leafehnkl Eftat^ s, in Land or Houfes, lend or lorrovv Money upon Freehold l and, in any Part of Eng- land, may direct for Mr. ST A c P O I, K, at Will's Coffee- houie in rvuckingham- Court, Charing- G'rofs, who attends from Ele- j veu to One, and from Four to Six. _ _ j DORTABLE SOUPS, ufeful on Journeys, or at A Sea, in Cakes of a proper Size, to make one Mefs each, ! in Quantity three or four ( ills, which will never fpoil, if j kept dry, and are dlffolv'd in a few Minutes in boiling Water. Tlie Itroiig Gravy Soup is very handy for Sauces. Alfo Veal, Mutton, and Chicken Broth, which being all made feparare, 1 may be mix'U to every one's I. iking. She makes Lent Broth ; entirely of Shc- li and other Filh. All die above Soups or S Broths tiie Sixpence eacli, or Five Shillings a Dozen; and ' are fold by the Maker, Elizabeth Du fiois, at the Golden Head I in Brown! ow- Street, ntor Long- Acre; the Name o\ er the Door. ' To be Sold b/ Auction, at Great Yarmouth, On Monday, the 14th of y. muary In ft ant, at the Sign of the Three H'refilers, ALL the Goods fav'd Out of the Anna Regina, David Tetzlaff, Commander, from Stetin, Confuting of the following Particulars; $ 60 Eaft Country Oak Planks, from 30 to 45: Feet long, from 11 to 18 Inches broad, and from two 1 half to four 1 half Inches rliick. IZJO S jtrare Pieces ofEaft Country Oak Timber, from 18 to 24 Feet long, and, about four Inches f') 11 a re each. ' 10 Pieces of ditto, of about 30 Feet long, and lix Inches fjuare each. 18 Pieces of ditto, of 41 to yo Feet long, about 20 Inches broad, and , 18 Inches deep. each. 4060 Pipe Staves.. 700 Barrel Staves. The Sale to continue ' till all are fold. The faid Goods may be view'd at any Time ' till the Dare of | Fale, by applying to Mr. Charles le Grys, of Great Yarmouth afofelaid. - To be LETT, And entered on at May Day next, TH E Black Bull Inn in Prelum in Lancafhire, ! with large and commodious Vaults, Cellars, Coach- houfes and Stables, and two Gardens, being one of the largeif, handfomeft, and beft accuftom'd Houfes in that Part of the Kingdom, formerly kept by Mr. Wallhman, deceased, and now by. tlie Widow Cliorley, who at tint Time units publick Bufinefs. For furti er Particulars enquire of Mr. Bold, 111 Effex- ftreet, London; or of Mr. Thomas Eattham, at Cuerden, near Preltou aforefaid. • ; ' On Tburfday the i Jth Inftant will be pubYijtid, ( Price bound Five Shillings) THE LIFE of the truly Eminent and Learned HUGO GROTIUS. Containing a copious and cir- ciimftantial Hiftory of the feveral important and honourable Negotiations in which he was entploy'd : Together witli a critical Account of his Works. Written originally in French by M. de BURIGNY. Printed for A. Millar, in the Strand ; J. Whifton and B. White, at Mr. Boyle's Head; antl L. Davis, at Lord Bacon's Head, both in Meet- ftreet. This Day was publijh'd, THE RATIONAL AMUSEMENT: Comprehending a Collection of Letters on a great Va- riety of Subjt- dts, ferious, entertaining, moral, diverting, and inftrudtive. Interfpcrs'd with ESSAYS, and fome little Pieces of Hiltory, more efpecially adapted to exercife the tMerftand- ing, inform the Judgment", correct the Paflions, and to intro- dm e a Philofophic Calmnefs, and the Maxims of Oeconomic Prudence, 111 the Conduct of HUMAN LI FE. With a P R E F A C F., By the AUTHOR of The Memoirs of the Duke de Ripptrda. Printed for J, Hodges, facing St. Magnus- Church, Landon- • Brid- e. Juft Pul0: ed, Dedicated to his Grace the Duke of RUTLAND, ( Price Two Guineas in Sheers) Tlie FIRST VOLUME of Mr. P O S T L E T H WAY T's UNIVERSAL DICTIONARY of TR A DE and COM M E RC E. Printed- for John and Paul Kiiapton, in Ludgare- Street. In this Dictionary will be given Gratis, A compleat Body of Geography of the whole World, engrav'd 011 tweary- four Sheets. The Second Volnme is now publirtiing in weekly Numbers, which will compleat this Work, and will come to; 11. i8s. in Sheets, the two Volumes amounting to 4 I. ac- . cording ro the Conditions of the Subfcription. Vol. I. con- tains from the Letter A. to K. and Vol. II. from L. to Z. At the Requeft of feveral LADIES eminent for the- irCEconcmy. This Day was: pnttifl-' d, Price' r s. Kfsttly hound with Cafes for Letters and Nctes. Qfc. THE LADILS C IIPIET= POCKLT- BOOK, for the Year of our Lord 1754. To be-. continued every Year. And, if preferved, will « itable any ; ady fo tell what Bulinefi ii e has tranfacted, and \ t- liat Viiits , e has received or paid every Day, during any Period of. her I its. t his Book is , tinted en a fine Writing l'a[ er, and ren- der'd more commodious for the Pocket than ajjy 11,111 of the Kind extant. It was piibliili'd three ifears. by ihe X. eme, and for the Uf.-, of fevera] Ladies of Diltindtion, before any other Attem; t of the Kind was made. ' J e Books of this Sort th. ic have been lately p j- itetl - for 1 adits Poc:; : t;, are, i. j general, Imitations of this, as may be laen by comparing them toge- ther j, and the Publiflier is provided \ v . h a Ktmiber of eaulv in his Shop, that La- dies, before they buy any, may lee to which the Preference is jultjji due. Printed for J. Newbcry, at the Bible and Sun, hi St. Paul's ChurchvYard. This Day was pitblifi'd, Price is. 6 d. ( Printed on a fine Writing Paper) THE DAILY REGISTER: Or, GEN- TLEMAN'S and TRADESMAN'S POCKET COMPA- NION ; being a new Memorandum Book, for the Year 17J4. Of univerfal Ufe'for all Perfons. Containins.', I. Two Pages for ery Week in the Year ; that on the lefc Hand divided mro fe ven Parts, to anfu- er the Days of the Week; which Divilions are fir entering Memorandums of any Kind. O11 the oppo'ite Page are rttl'd Colmrins, fome for entering Monies receiv'tl, and of whom; others for Monies paid and expended, to whom, & c. II. A fliort Hillory of riie molt remarkable Events that have happeti'd in the World,, from the Creation to the Death of Julius Casfar. III. A fliort: Abflradt of the Hiftory Of England/ begin- ning with the Invahon of Julius Cafar, and continu'd down to modern Times. IV. Obfervations and Direflions concerning foreign and inland Bills of Exchange, with Abitradts from ail tile Acts of Parliament concerning them. V. An Account of the Holidays- kept at the feveral publick OiTicts throughout the Year. With ftveral other ufefi] Par icitlars. To l- e contiiiu'd ann'nally. Printed for J. and J. Rivington, in i o'ndon; and fold by S. Rudder, in Cireneelter; and by the Bookfejlers in Town and Country. iieeg. ana a near new ef sue mwn op u rmtngtiam ; with a Country Dance, and a new Dialogue Seng, fet to Mufick, and fung by Mr. Lowe ana Mifs Stevenfon ; THE LONDON MAGAZINE- For DECEMBER, 1753. Containing, among a great Variety of other remarkable "" A -"-'".' J' VJ1 W11IC1 LEMA- RKAUIE Particulars, Speeches 11,1 the Political Club 011 the Marriage ' Vilion ; an excellent Cliar^ dter, Befcriptioii of r A I/ L^ I TIATR - IN/ I 5ST V Ir • F- MFU O, A r-\ . _ r . 1 Bill ; a Moral V liie/ ji , . in c/ L- ciiciiL vjiiaiitcicr^ lyeicriptlon c Jert'ey, Guernfey, Aideniey, and Sark .; Caufe and Cure of the Glanders in Horfes ; of the Purple of the Amients ; Idea of a tit-, IrvTotilTPr - U. rlimnnral 1 uioflinnc • ..... r i < i AH , ... UIC *- UIJ. IE 111 LIIC Annans idea ot Philofopher ; Mathematical Qtigftions.; with many feledt Pieces of Poetry. Occurrences, Promotions, Marriages and Births, Deaths, Bankrupts; Prices of Grain and of Stocks for each Day ; Bill of Mortality ; Catalogue of Books, Printed for R. Baldwin, at the Role lii Parer'- nolter Row. This Day was pubhfh'd, Price 6d ( Beautifully printed on a new Elzevir Letter) Illuflrated with a beautiful pirfpeBwe View cf the City of Har- wich ; the Black, White, and Red Indian Creeper, colcur'd from Nature ; the Gentian l'lant, alfo colow'd from Nature • and a fine Ilead of Air. Hampden ; with a new Country Dance, and a Song fet to Mufick ; No. XOL Vol. XIII. of' THE UNIVERSAL MAGAZINE of KNOW i. EDGE and PL E A S T; s s. For D E C E M B E R, 17- 3. Containing a great Variety of curious and entertaining Ar- ticles. Printed for J. Hinro. i at the King's Arms in New, gare- ftreet London ; and fold by all the Bookiellers i' 11 Great Britain anil Ireland. Where alfo may lie had, The Twelve Volumes neatly Bound and Letter'd, Price at 14 s. 6 d. or Half bound a 1. 8 s. 6 d. or any lingle Number from the Beginning, at6d. each. N. B. No. XC1I. being the Supplement to the Thirteenth. Volume, will be publilli'd about the Mid- die of January and No. XCIII. which begins the Fourteentii Volume, will be publhli'd ou the firft of February. Note, Be careful to alk for the UNIVERSAL MA G A z I N E. This Day was publtftfd, Vrtce 6d. Illuftrated with the Pitinre of the Hon. Robert Beyle, Pfq\ tlf Reprefejitatior. of a Knight of the Garter in his Inflailatifn Robes, & c. a new Song, With a curious Ilead piece ; and a humourous Print of'the Diverf. cn of Seefiw, engruv'd from, an original Painting in Vattx- h i'- l Gardens ; NUMBER XXX. of THE NEW UNIVERSAL MAGAZINE, Or, GENTI.- E M A N and LAD V'S PO I 1 re INSTRUC TOR. For D E C E M- B E I{, 1773. Dedicated to His Royal Highnefs GEORGE Prince ofWajts. To which IS adde'd, A Compendious Di c T I O N A K Y of Arts and Sciences; carefully cojiegted and improved from the belt Authors and lateft Difcoveries in-' every I an , of Li- terature, both inot. r own and other Languages. Sold by M. Cooper, at the Globe in i'atrr jioiter- Row ; and by all Bookfe- Hers, Hawkers aud Ncvvs- Carrieis in Great- Bri,-. tain an:' Ireland. Where any former Number may be had, Price 6tl. *** ^ carelid to alk for The NEW Umv c- rai Magazine* THERE is now at tli « MufF and Tippet- fhop, the Sign ® f tlie Bible and Lamb without Temple- Bar, a molt beautiful frelli Sortment of Muffs and Tippets, entirely an the new Tafte ; right Sable Tippets at « 1. y s. Ditto Mutts ,1 is Like wile Sable Tippets from that I'rice to 10J. 10 s. Likewife a hue Sortment of Siberia Ermine and Squirrel Muffs and Tippets; a beautiful Variety ot Muffs and . lippec in the Venetian Tafte, Tippets y s. 6d. Muffs ? s. mock Ermine f potted in a molt genteel Manner ; Muffs and Tippets the fame Price ; mock Sable the fame Price ; beft Imitations at 18 s Muff and Tippet; Children's mock Ermine Tippets and Mutts; Tippets at 4s. Muffs at 3 s. Alio Fur- linings for Ladies Ca- Sabje an over, at 10 s. ou. ," - V > the Middle 6 s. Geutlemerfs liu'd Gloves at 3 s. a Pair ; Ladies atfs. Gentlemen's Fur- Caps ttiru'd up with mock Sable at 10 s. 6 < 1. Fur Trimmings of all Sorts at the fame Place are taken in : all Sorts of Furs to be clean'd and repair d; and Jikewife is to !•= fold a Skin, whofe excellent Nature and . Quality is to tall- all Sorts of Pains 111 the Head or Limbs, Price 2S. All Sous of Hare- flcins, & c. Allowance to thofe who fell again. : This Day was publijb'd, Piice only 6 d ftrch'd, or 9 d. neatly bound in red Lean er, or gilt Paper, Wkh Blank Paper for Memorandums, lieing a very pretty P. xf nr for Young Ladies and Gentlemen,, ac French Board- ing Schools, Sec. . _ „ _' „ . _ Lies SAlSONS; avec un ALMANAC de Poche, pour la Secon'. le Ariiiee apres'la Biflextiie, MDCCLIV, Nouveau Stile. Grandeur de i'Annee Tropique, 26 j Jours, y Hem e?, Minutes, 38 Secondes. X); la Creation cu Moltile - — — — r^ oj Du Deluge Univerfel —- — — — y. 498 De L'Shcarnation — — — — ,. I7T4 Contenaut njut. eures ehofes ctiri ufes, et utiles ail Public. • Chea G. Owen,- Libraire dans Fket- ttrcet, proclie de Temple Bar. .__„_ • il'is Pay fras piibhji) dx Price 1 THE GES" TUM? N and LADIES MEMO- RANDUM • AJJM- AN ACJJC or, A Compleat Pocket of O'. ir LORD, H54. Novv tirft pqb- qtilute as A j1c. 1t i- owiM ....... 1- randuin Book ; but alfo a coiv. ife Gardener s Calendar, for every Month m the Year ; and feme Account of . the late Act to prevent clandei'iine Marruges, with Obfervanons- thereoH. By T Y C H O V ORES 1 < J H. T, Efy; Printed in- a fmall Com pais for the Waiffcoat Pocket ; and iiamp'd according to Ait of Parliament. . Sold by j. Marlbail, at the Unworn, 111 Sk Clement's Church- yard,, in the Strand; and sa all the- Booklellers in Loudon and Weltminffer. On Tn. ( day ihe I'yth Inftant will be piibhfi'd, THE DREAMER. Effigies facrx Dhupn i ' fx. antej'cuics r. djlare jacentis in fomriis. Htc fipsr illad er. it; fed coram a7v. ef. eve vulfus, Veldt, fiax comas, fvufentid^ ne or* sidebar. VIRSIL. Printed tor W. Owen, at Hointr's Head, in Fle^ t- ltreer. This Day was pthlffid, Dice 2 s. 6 cl. Inferibed to His Ro} AL HI ; hnefs the Pa 1 NC E of WAL ES, The First Book of PUBLICK VIRTUE. A POEM. In Three f'IXIKS. I. Agriculture. II. Commerce. III. Arts. By R. DODSLEY. Printed for R. and J. Dodfley in Pall- mall. I bis Day was pubhjl) d, In Two Volumes, Price 4 s. few'd, THE SCOTCH MARINE: or, Memoirs of the Life of CEI. ESTINA ; A young Lady, who fe- crctly defertin ., her. L ANIILY,. fpe; it two Years in ftridl Amity, as A Man, wirh her beloved (" ATTAIN without a Difcqvery or' Suf, icion of her Sex. Including a great Diverlify of llirprilmg Incidents. Printed from the Original Manufcripr, for the Juflification of her Cliarafter. Printed for J. Robinfon, in Ludgate- Street. This Day was pitbUflfd, Price is. 6 d. DEFORMITY: An ESSAY. Ky WI L L I A M HAY, Efq; Printed for R. and J. DodllSy, ill Pall- mall; and fold by M. Cooper, in Pater- itoiler-- Row. V'heie may be had, R E L 1 G 1 O S-' A IR. osop N 1 ; or, . The Principles of Mora- lity and Ghrilli. uiity iUultrated from a View of ' the Univerfe, and of Man's. Siuurion in ir. By the fameAuTHOit. -- - To ' be fublifb. d by Sublcription, EIGHT Concert o s, in Seven Parts, for \ 7iolins, & C. & C. Compofed by CHARLES A V I S O N, Organ'! 1, in Nvtucaftlc. Op. 4ta. Siibfcriptions, at One Guinea each Set, are J taken by Mr, Avifon, in Nswcaftle. JNI. R The full Subfcription to be paid 011 Delivery of the Books. ,. • Jufi pitblifh'd, Price ^ s. THE PLAIN ENGLISH DISPENSATORY: Containing a Ihort, yet ufeful, . Hillary of Phylick ; an inflruftive Materia Medic a ; all the COMPETITIONS in the three Difpenfatories of London, Edinburgh, and Dr. Fuller ; with experimental Notes on ail the Medical Forms, as well as Prin- cipal Compolitions ; all en rich Y with agreeable Hiftory, ajid ( unlike almoft all other Difpenlatorie;) done in a Stile quite plain and intelligible. By R. COLBORNE, Apothecary. Printed for the Author, and fold by J. Clarke, under the R » yal Exchange. This Day was publift'd, Price 2 s. 6 d. Printed on a ROYAL ? APER, Quarto, HORACE'S ART of POETRY Tranflated. Infcrib'd to the Right Honourable Earl of HALIFAX. By WILLIAM POPPLE, Efq; Printed for A. Millar in the Strand, and fold by him ; H. Whitridge, near the Royal Exchange ; M. Cooper, in I'ater liofier Row; R. Dodfley, in Pall- Mail; H. Cliapelle, in Grof- venor- ftreet; G. Woodfajl, Charing- Croftand J. Barnes, in THE Court of Requelt. T In a few Days will be pUlliJFd, AFaithful NARRATIVE of the furprizing • Tranfartions attending the late unhappy double Mar- riage of a young Widow Lady in Staflordlhire, fupporced by authentic Copies of the Affidavits, fworn 011 a late Mouon for an Information in the Court of King's Bench, j Printed for M. CooJ- er, in Pater- nofter Row. This Day was publilh'd, Price 15 s. HE ANALYSIS of BEAUTY. Written by WILLIAM HOGARTH. To be had at his Heufe in Leicefter- Fields. Where may be had, all his other Works. Oil Monday next ' jodl. be pitblijh'd, Elegantly primed on fine Writing Paper, BABOUC; or, The World as it GOES. By Monfieur de VOLTAIRE. To which are added, Letters concerning his Difgrace at the Priiflian Court: With his- Lecter to liis Niece 011 tliac Occa- sion. Alfo, The Force of Friendfliip, or Innocence diftrefs'd. - A Vovel. I be Sub/ cribers to Eurkitt on ih: New Telta- tnent are defired to take Notice, THAT on the 25th of March next, the odd Numbers of the faid Hook will be made into complete Serrs. Wherefore Gentlemen are deiir'd forthwith to make up their Setts, becaufe 110 Jingle Numbers will'be fold after that Time. The Numbers are fold by S. BJadon, in Patsr- iiofter Row Of whom may Ix; had complete Books, either with 78 curious Copper Cuts, or withdur. cIhts Day was pubiijh'd, Price bound 1 s. Neatly primed in TweLe--, THE HUSKANDMAW'S SPIRITUAL COM- PANION: Being the Subffance, of feveral Sermons, preach'd 111 the Pari;; Church of Watt!, near Rijion iu York- ihlie. By JOHN H I L D R O P, D. D. Printed for John and James Riviagton iu St, Paul's Church- This Day were pubhjb'd, Price 3 s. 6 d. bound, The SECQND EDITION, corrected, of MEMOIRS of the Affairs of Sc > tland. Con- raining a full aud - impartialAccount of the Revolution in that Kingdom 111 the Year 15- 67. By D A V t'D C R A W F U R D, of Bntmfey, late Hilloriographer for the Kindorn of Scotland. To tvliich is adtietl, The tUrl of Morton's Coufeflion. Edinburgh, Printed for Gitleon Crawford ; and fold by C.. Hirch and L. Hawe?, in Parer- noller- Row; and A. Millar, in til? Strand, London. This Day was pubhth'd, In Two Volumes, Odlavo, DR. ALBERT HALLER'S PHYSIOLOGY: Being a Courfe of Leftures upon the ViReral Anatomy and Vital CEconomy of Human Bodies; including the Jateil and molt confiderable Difcoveii s and Improvements which have been made by the moft eminent Profeffors, through all Parts of Europe, down to the prcfent Year. Compiled for the Ufe of the Univertity of Gortingen; now ilhiifrated wirh ufeful R marks; with an Hiltory'bl . Medicine ; and with a Nofology, or Dedtrine of Difeafes. Printed for W, Innysand J. Richardfon, in Pater- nofter- Row This Day was publijb'd, Price 2 s. 6 d. The Fifth Edition, corrected and improved, ( With the Addition of four hundred genuine Receipts, fent to the Author by feveral worthy Perfons; to which are added tafy Tables of Sums ready caft up, from one t arriving to a Pound, fortheUleof thofe not converfantin Aritll- nutick ; alfo Tables, flieVving the Inte- reft of- Monej' from Three, Three and an lialf^ . Four, aud Five per Cent, from one Day t o a Year) THE HOUSE- KEEPER'S POCKET- BOOK, and comiLat F A m 1 r, y Co O k. Containing above noo curious and uncommon Receipts in Cookery, Paltry, I'refer- ving, Pickling, Candj ing, Collaring, Sic. Wkli plain and eafy Inftruetions for preparing and'dreffing every Thing ( lik- able for an elegant E'n'terraininent, from two Dilhes to five or ten, < Vc. and Direftions for ranging them in their proper Order. To which is prefix'd, fuch a copious and tifeful. BUI of Fare of all Manner of Provilions 111 Seafon ' for every Month " of the Year, that no Perfon need lie at a l ofs to pro- vide an agreeable Number. of Pifhes at a liioderare Expeiice. With Direclions for making, all Sorts of Wines, Mead,, Cy- der, Shrhbj.& c, and diftilliug Strong Waters, Sic. > alter rhe moll approv ed Method. And Directions . for managing, and . breeding PouJfry. t6 . Advantage. Concluding tvifh inajiy ex- - cellent Prefcripticiis, of XiiVguUr. Efficacy in moft Diflempers incident to the human Rodj; ; extratted from die Writings of . the moft eminent Phyficians. ' By Mrs. SARAH I- lAP- RrsON, of Devonfbire. Printed for R. Ware, at the Bible and Sun, on Ludgare: Hill. By the KING'S Authority."" On Saturday next wilt be publifb'd, Price 6 d. N UjiCER I. ( to be continued U^ eekl)) of ' A NEW EDITION of THE HISTORY of L O N D ' G N. By WILLIAM MAINLAND, F. R. S. Illtillrated with 120 Copi er- Plates of all rlie Churches, Public Buildings, Eol'pitaJs, Bridges, & c; PIms of- tlie City of London, Wellminlier, Southward, & c. and a Map of the Country ecu Miles in Circumference. Improved with ati- thentick Pieces, relating to the Progrefli ve Alterations it has undergone, by which all the Defects of other Authors 011 this Subjedt will be Itipplied, their Errors corrected, and the Hiltory brought down with great Care aiid Impartiality to the prefent Time. CONDITIONS. This Work will be coniprifedin 120 Numbers, at 6d. each, printed 011 a new Letter, and fine Paper. One Folio, or Broad Sheet Copperplate, engraved by eminent Maflers, fhall he deliver'd with each Number. If it ftiould exceed tfie 120 Numbers propofed, the Overplus to lie given gratis ro the Sub- fcribers. A Lift of the Subfcrihers Names will be printed. Sulifcrijitious are taken in, and Pro[ X) fiIs deliver'd gratis, by R. Baldwin, at the Rofe in Pater nofler How ; by all the Book- fellers, and by the Hawkers and News- Carriers in Great Britain and Ireland. N. B. The Publick may be allured, that 110 Expence or Tains will be fpared to make the above Work in every Refp; Ct com- plete. What has or fhall lie mention'd by any other Author relating to the Subjedlr, will be inferred in tlie Progrefs of this Publica. ion. This Day WAS publifFd, The SECOND VOLUME, ( Price bound O- ie Shilling) ( N. B. A large Allowance will be made to Gentlemen who buy them to give away) of THE INSTRUCTIONS of a Parifh Miiiifter to his rarifliioners, 011 the Subje£ t of POPERY. Occa- irbn'd by the late Growth of Popery in this Kingdom. By HENRY S T E B B 1 N G, D D. Chancellor of the Diocefe of Sarum, and Chaplain to his Majejly. Printed for C. Davis, oppolite Cray's Inn Gate, in Hol! 0111. Where may be had, by the fame Author, 1. The Firft Voluqie of the Xiiftruilions of a parifli Mi- nilter, & c. Price bound is. 2. A Brief Account of Prayer, and the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper, and other Religious Duties. Price bound 1 s. 6d. 3. Cliriftianity jultified upon the Scripture Foundation : Being a Summary View of the Co. troverfy between the Chriltians and Deills. Price bound in Hvo. 6 s. 4. Obfervations 011 Dr. Middlecon's Introductory Difcourfe to a larger Work. Price 6 d. This Day was publijb'd, Price bound 9 s. The THIRD EDITION, revifed and corrected, of the Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Volumes, in Twelves, iUuliated with Copper- Plates, , SPECTACLE de la NATURE: or, NAT¥ T'. E DISPLAY'D. Being Difcourfes on fuch Particulars of Natural Hlftory as were thought moft proper to excite the Cttriofuy and form the Minds of Youth. Tranflated from the Original'French. Printed for R. Franklin, C. Davis, J. Kiindliy, S. Bin;, T. and T. Longman, C. Hitch and L. Hawes, J-. Hodges, and J. and J. Rivington. Where may be had, lately yublifhed, in i2ves. the 7th Edit, of 1. Spectacle de la Nature: or, Nature Difjilay'J. Price 12s. 2. The fame in' Seven Vols. Rvo ( 011 a large Letter.) Price bound 21,2 s. 3. The yth, 6th, and 7th Vols, in 8vo. may be had feparate. Price bound 18 s. . This Day was publifh'd, Printed 011 a fine Paper, in Two large Volumes", Quarto, IJlultrated with Maps and Copper- p' ires, Price One Pound Ten Shillings liound, Tie Second Edition, revifed and c. rrefted, \ N Hiltorical Account © f the BRITISH f\ TRADE over ihe CASPIAN SEA : With the Author's Journal of Travels from England thVoiigh Ruflia into Per/ la , and luck through Ruflia,- Germany and' Holland. To which are added, The Revolutions of Per/ ia during- the preferrr Cen- tury, with the particular Hiltory of die great Ufurper Nadir Kouii. By JONAS H A N W A Y, Merchant. Printed for T. Ofborne, D. Brown, T. and T. Longman, C. Davis, C. Hitch and L. Hawes, A. Millar, J. Wliilton and B Wi< re. R. Dotifley, antl j. and J. Riviiinron. This Day was publifh'd, A NEW EDITION in OCTAVO, of PHYSIC O - TH EOLO GY; or, A Demon- llration of the Being and Attributes of CX) D, from liis Works of Creation: Being the Subltauce of Sixteen Sermoi. s preaCh'd at. Boyle's Lectures. By WILLIAM D E R H A M, D. D. Printed for W-. IrMiys and J. Riuhardfon, in Pater- noiter Row, Where may lie had, 1. The lame Book in two Pocket Volumes, 2. Dr. Derham's Aftro- Theology, in 8vo. or in a Pocket Volume. Chriltp Theology, Rvo. Pr. 6cl Speedily will be publijb'd, PROPOSALS for Printing bj SUBSCRIPTION, Weekly, in Two Large Volumes, Folnti, A SURVEY of the Cities of LONDON and WESTMINSTER : Containing the Original, An- tiquity, Increafe, modern Eitate, and Government of thofe CITIES. Written at. firlt in the YTSAR MDXCVIII. By JO HN S T O W, Citizen• and Native of Lcndon. Since reprinted and ' augmented by the Author, and after- wards by A. M. H. D. and others. Now falfly corrected, improv'd, and very mush enlarg'd; and the SURVEY and HISTORY brought- down from the Year 163310 the prefent Time. • By JOHN ST R Y P E J. M. A Native a'fo of the faid City. Iliuflrated] wkh exact Maps of the Ciry and Suburb?, and of all the Wards, and likfwile of the Otit- Parillies of I ON- DON and WESTMINSTER. Together with many other fair Draughts of the more eminent and publick i;<; mces and Monuments. In Six Books. To which is prefix'd, The I. IPE of the AUTHOR, wrote by the EDITOR. At the End is added < t; i APPENDIX of certain TRACTS, DISCOURSES and R CM ARKS concern- ing the State of rhe City of LOJUIOII. Together witli a Per- ambulation or Circular Walk four rr five Miles round » bouc London to the Pariflies, defcubing the Monuments of the Dead there interr'd, with other Antiquities obffrvable in thofe Places; and concluding with a, fecond Appendix, as. a Sapply and Review, and a large Index of the whole'Work- Printed for D. Midwinter, j: and P. Knapron, S. Girt, D. Brown, C. Bathurif, and J. Ward. ^ BY the KING'S PATENT, C1 ht Carthartic Anti- Venereal Eletiv. r/ y, \\ 7 HEREBY all Degrees and Sy. mptoms o£ • V tlie Venereal Difeafe are happily cured and eradi- cated. Price 6s. the Pot. Genuine Sulfamic Viper Drops, which flrengthfn Parts weakened by any Injuries whatever; comfort weak Stomachs, carry off Gravel and Sajuly Concretions, heat Bt;- ns, Scalds, Cuts, & c. and are admiiabie in Fits, Sic. 111 Phials of 3 s. or 1 s. 6 d. Sold at the Chymift's Shop the Corner of the BeJl Sa- vage- Inn Ludgate- Hill, where Mr. RuCK attends from Seven in rhe Morning till Ten at Night. Daffy's Elixir if d. the Bottle, Chemical I iquor for die Itch, and cutaneous Eruptions. The Bottle is. 6d. . DR. JAMES's POWDER for FEVERS, and other Inflammatory Diftempers, publiftitl by Virtue of his Majefty's Royal Letters Patent ; will remove ( as has ): een experienced in many thoi.' and Cafes) air. conrinttal Actite- Fever in a few Hours, tho' attended with Convulfions, 1 ight- lieadednefs, and the worlt Symptoms; but if c< iJieu in the Be ginning of a Fever, one Dole is generally futhcisnt to perform a Cure. * This Powder ( which is a very fafe and plealant Medicine to take) is fold only by J, Newbery/ at the Bible and'Sun in Sc, Paul's Church- Yard, over- agamft the North Door of the Church, at as. fid. the two Dofes, with g( V> J Allowance to thofe who buy it for Charitable Ufes, or co fell again j * See. a Difftrtatjon Fevers, fokl at the tame Place. Pr. 6 d LONDON. On Tuefday fe'nnight, about Nine at Night, a Fire lupper. ed in a Ba.. k Street at Southampton, which burnt down two Houfe. s and much damaged a third ; and ali ihe Furniture belonging 10 that in which it begun was delhoyed. A tew Days ago a fingla Highwayman robb'd two Wonun of their Money, in the Road between Honiton andtxe er: He afterwards went to Exeter to buy a Brace of Piit- ds for further Bulinel"-, bat he was there apprehended and ' committed to Prifon. On Monday Night Air. Chambroon, Haberdafher, near Tmnftfle, Holbourn, was robbed in Great Ruffcl- Sitte:, ot fot, r Guineas and fome Silver, by three Fel- lows. Tuefday Night Mr. Williams, a Sjltfman in the Wineries, was attacked and refbb- d on Tower- Hill, of Ins Money, one of ihe Villain^ gave him a violent Blow on his Head, for making R filtance, and it is fcarrd that it will prove Mortal. Tuefday Evening, between Six and Seven, the Can- terbury Stage was liopp'd by a tingle Highwayman in the New Road leading fiotn Newington to the Dog ani Duck; there « ere three Gentlemen in the Coach, anel upon his demandif- g their Money, one of the Gen- ilcmeri tired a llorfe Piftol at him; upon which the Highwayman fired into the Coach, and the Ball went through the Back of it, and mil ft have killed one of the Gentlemen, had he not ftooptd at the Time. The third Gentleman then fired a Pocket Piftol at the High- wayman, upon which he feemed to diop upon the Neck of his Horfe, and rode away j his Hat dropp'd off, which a Servant behind picked up, and there appeared to have been four Slugs ( hot through it. The fame tvemr. g a Peifon fent for Air. Heaihfifld, a Surgeon in Wcftmmfter, to drefs a Wound, which he faid lie had received from a Highwayman that Night upon Black- Lea Ji; but feveral fufpicious Circumftances appearing, and his Cloaths being fearched, a Btacs of Piftols and a Mafk were found in his Pockets; three Watches, fome Rirgs, and d. ffere'nt larcels of Money were alfo found about him, al) which were fecured by the Surgeon. Yeflerday Morning Application was made to Thomas Lcdiard, Lfq; who immediately went and examined ihe Man at his Lodgings, and the Gentlemen who had been attacked, being likewife found out, attended on Mr. Lediard there, and all thefe Circumftances being rela'ed to hiin, he feemed greatly confounded, but would own nothing. He has much the Appearance of a Gentleman ; his Drefs was fworn to, and he came home without his Har, which was Ihewn him, but he • would not own it to be his. He pretends that he deals in Watches, and carries them to France. His Wound is fo dangerous, thai there are little Hopes of his Re- C'jveiy ; but as lie cannot yet be moved, a proper Guard is kept over him. Yeflcrday Morning about Six o'Clock, the Weft- Chefter Stage Coach going out of Town, was ftiopr by three Footpads in Gofwell- Street, who fired a Piftol at • the Coa<; hmart, but luckily miffed him, after which they took from the Paffengers a confide table Booty, and Blade olt". On Monday laft James Walmfley, Clerk to M-. ffieurs Vere, Afgill, and Wickenden, was apprehended at Wol- - verhauvpton by another Clerk to the faid Gentlemen, on Sufp'. cion of forging three Bilis of Exchange, amount- ing to 550I. which lie had difcounted with Mr. Swaine of Lad- Lane, and Mr. Humphreys in St. Martin's- le- Giand. On Monday fe'nnight William Carey, of Avebury, was committed to Salilbary Gaol, for breaking open the Houle of ilis. Hannah Griffin, of Beckhampton near Marlborough, and ftealing upwards of The Mo- ney was found about him, and he confefs'd the Fact. They write from Poole in Dorfetfhire, that for above p. Month paft they fiave been fo infefted with Houfe- Blsiakers, that hardly a Nigh', has paffed but a Houfe has teen broke open, or attempted to be fo ; and not- v/ itiiftcoding ali the Care and Caution imaginable is uftd to acted them, it has hitherto prov'd fruitlefs. The Difcovery'of William Price, a Native and J- oiner of Criek'xuvtl in Breconfhire, who was the bar- barous Murderer t> f the Jew, was occafioned chiefly by his « audaciufly carrying in bis Pockets feveral Watches, and wearing at his Knees and in his Shoes genteel Silver Buckles, Ornaments unfuilvble to hira ; and, in fome jreafure, to his great Genert. fity towards his Female lAcqsaintance in Brecon, in bellowing on them Gold Rings, Stone Girdle- Buckles, Snuff- Boxes, in too liberal a Manner ; and fince his Confinement to Mon- niouili Gaol, he has made the foltowir^ Voluntary Confe- ffion, which we inferr verbatim, ' Nov. 20, I was going from my Mother's Houfe to ' Precon, I met Jonas Le- fi a Jew, within two Fields ' of Crickhowel, ihere I turned back and followed him 4 to the Place where I took a Stake and laid it down, I « was then before him, and then turned back and met * him, and with that Stake I knock'd him down, and * haul'd him to the Wood where he was found, I threw * the firft S; ake away, and was in fiich Coftfufion that * 1 could not find it again, but took another Stake and < flruck him again, and no other Blows, neither was * there any Body elfe with me, no body knows any ' Thing of it but rryfelf till this Moment, and there I ' robbed the Box of all that was therein of any Value, * after I killed him, I robbe.' him of a Guinea in Gold ' sud two- Shillings and Sixpence in Silver, as Whntfs * my Hand, William Price.' A* Perfon was on Tuefday Night ftopt neat Southamp- ton- Row, Bloomfbury, with a Hamper, fuppofed to cert) tain ftolen Goods 5 on examining it, there were found two Bodies, the one a Woman, the other aa Infant, fti out of a neighbouring Buryir. g- Ground. The Cieefo, from Barbadoes, artived laft Sunday at Forifmouth. Cap:. Adams, her Commander, died in his Paffage. The Grapignon, Anthony Jacquelin, Mafter, from Chebec, for Havre, is drove up Briftol Channel. She had been three Montiis out, and the Crew alrnoft ftarved. The above Mafter fpoke with an Englifh Man of War of 40 Guns in Briftol Channel, and believes fhe came from JamaivM. From New York they write, that by Capt. Taylor, arrived there from Halifax, in Nova Scoiia, they were informed, that a Sloop belonging to Louifbourgh was lately loft to the Eaftwardof th » Place, the Captain of which, with feveral of lis People, had* been killed by the Indians. The Charming Betty, Burden, from Dublin, for Bourdeaux, was run down by a Dutch Dogger, bound from Cork for Nantz, but the Crew were taken up by ' fhe Landovery, Miller, from Jamaica, which was fince loft near Bouloign. On the z8th paft a Snow, Burthen about too Tons, belonging to Briftol, laden with Pipe Staves, Stock Fifh, See. fuppofed to come from fome Part of Holland, ran on the Goodwin Sands, and every Soul on board periflied. The Elizabeth, Palmer, from Jamaica, for Briftol, that was on the Nalie Sands, fome Days ago, is entirely loft. A Veffel of about roo Tons, laden with Pitch and the Haftings Packet, Meriion, of London, are loft near Bouloign. They write from Aberdeen, that on Thurfday the 14th paft, the Alexander and Elizabeth of Aberdeen, John Fergufon, Al after, bound for Aberdeen and Dun- kirk, was drove afhore in a violent Storm among the Rocks near Stonehaven, and beat to Pieces; the Crew with Difficulty faved their Lives and moft of the Goods. BANKRUPT. Edward Setchall, of White- Horfe- Yard, Drury- Lane, in the County of Middlefex, Dealer and Chapman. Difeafes and Cafualties this Week. Difeafes. Aged 39. Confumption 79. Convui/ ion 1T3. Droply 23. Fever J2. Small Pox 31. Teeth n. Cafualties. Drowned 1. Found dead 1. Kill'd bv a Horfe 1. KiJl'd 1. Chriften'd Males 163 Females 161 In all 327 Buried Males — 206 Females 1K7 In all 393 Increafed in the Burials this Week < 31. This Day Bank Stock 135- 1 half! India Stock, Boots fhut. South Sea Stock, 11b Price. Three I half per Cent. Old An- nuities ift S11I). 107. Dirto 2d Sub. 110 Price. Diito New itt Sub. Rooks fhut. Ditto ad Sub. Books flint. Three 1 half per Cent. Bmk . Annuities ift Sub. 104 7 St I is. Ditto 2d Sub. 103 i half Ditro india 103. Three per Ce r. Bank Annui- ties, 103 7 Btlis. Ditto 1771, Books fhut. Ditto India, 102 1 half. New Bank Circulation 11. 2s. 6d. Prem. India Bo- ids 6J Q- S. tors. Pi cm. Sun- Fire- Office, Dec. zo, 1754 \ TOTICE is herely . given, That the GENERAL IV QUARTERLY MEETING of the huftees, will be held at their Office lMit& the Royal- Exchange, London, on IVednefday the 9th of January, at Ten in the Forenoon ; be- fore which Time all Perfons who have fufl. urii any Lofs by Fire, are defir'd to make their Claims, in order to receive SatisfaSion for the fame. Conjlant Attendance it given at the faid Office, and at their Office in Craig's- Court, Charing- Crofs, for Inftiring Houfes, Goods, and Jlerchandize, ft am Lofs by Fire, throughout Gieat Britain. To the Gentlemen, Clergy, and Freeholders of the County of MiddJefex. > TH E Death of Mr. Wright having made a Vacancy in the Office cf one of the Coroners of your County, I am encou- raged by my Friends to rffer mfelf a Candidate for the fame : And as my Succefs defends on your Friendfbip and Ajpflar. ce, your Votes and Jnterefl at the next Eletticn are mojl e. trnefily intreated fort No. 9. Gentlemen, * Clement's- Inn, Tour m.~ Jl obedient humble Servant, Nov. ii, 17s?. ' W. DAVIDS. K". B. The ElerfHon will be at Hicks's Hall oil Thurfday the loth of January next; and the Poll is to begin at Nine 111 the Morning preeifely, and finally dole at Five in the Afternoon. Mr. Davids for the Accommodation ofliis Friends has taken the Boar's- Head Tavern naer Smithfield- Bars, and Hicks's- Hall Coifee- lioufe over- againft it, where he liopes to have the Pleafure of feeing them early. To the Gentlemen, Clergy, and Freeholders of the County of Middlefex. rOUR Votes and Interefl are humbly defirtd in Favour " f GEORGE GREW, Attorney at Law, To be one of tbt Coroners of this County, in tbe Room of Mr. Wright, deceas'd; mho, if he has the Honour to be chofen, legs Leave to affure you, that he will be • vigilant andfaith- ful in tie Execution of the Duties of that Office; and remain ' Barnard's Inil, Your obliged ar. d devoted Nov. 23, 17 JJ. Humble Servant, GEORGE GREW. N. B. The Eleflion will be at Hicks's- Hall 011 Thurfday the 10th of January next; and the Poll is to begin at Nine in the ^ Morning precifely, and linally clofe at F'ive iu the Afternoon. WHEREAS in the laft Cambridge Journal of the 29th of December, ail Advertifement ( direct- ed, To the Creditors of William Lea, I, ae of the BeJl Inn in Wifbeech, Cambridgefhire, and lign'd William Lea, dated Ely Gaol, Dec. 26, 1773, highly reflt< ftin° upon the Cha- i dfter of one Mr. Warriner therein nam'd) vvas inferred. I ( lieiiig lince informVi that what is contain'd therein is falfe, and calculated with a wicked and malicious Delian to derradt from and afperfe the well known and eftabhfh'd good Cha- racter of that Gentleman) do in this publick Manner aft Par- don of rhe faid Mr. Warriner, for fuffering the faitl Ativer- tifement to be inferted is the faid Paper printed by me ; and < lelire that this may be inferred in ali, or fuch of the London Evening Papers as the f. iid Mr. Warriner fliail think fir, at my Ex pence'. Witiiefs my Hand this Firlt Day of Jan. 1774. Cambridge. THOMAS JAMES, STOLEN laft Week from tVs White :, » .'( e Witham in EfTex, A large Silver Sen ion-.. <,>-. ( r:, » Property ofMr. John Armftrong) Maker's fiame Mts siV, mark'd oil the Rack of the Inner Cafe W jK, Number not cet • tainly known ( both Cafes open WorK.) Whoever will ; iye Iii- ttJligence of it, fo rhar the Owner m* y have it again, lha. ll have three Guineas Rew ard ; and it' anj Perfoit lhout! oiier t e fame to fale, pay flop the Party, and acquaint tiie ri^ kc Owner therewith. - Several Things of Value, as flair Lav/ 11, Chintz, Cotton, & c. being Solea at rhe Urns Tune. STOLEN or Strayed from LLN blodwe'l in the County of Salop, on Friday Night, being the lQtli of Oitober laft, A dark Hay Mare, alotit 14 Hands high., coining feveti Years old, a final! Star in her Forehead, n.- arkVl vviru a Collar on both Sides lier Neck, and Saddle irark'd on iiie Top of her Back. Whoever ihaJl giie Intelligence of her to Mr. Matthew Hughes, of Llanyblodwell, near Ofweftry in Sliroplhire, io that ilie may be had again, ihall have two Guineas lieuJ, and ail reafonable Charges. \ A 7 HEREAS Edward Jakeman and Thomas V % Day, both of Ting wick in the Comity of Bucks, on the ifth palt, made their Efcape from the ConftaWe sud others, as tliey were conducing them to Ay lefbury Gaol for a Burglary. Whoever fluJl apprehend the laid Jake man anil Da}', and fend Notice chereof to me, James tokes, Conftabfc of Tingwick, fliall receive Four Guineas over and above Charges, or Two Guineas for either of them, by me, JAMES STOKESi. Jakeman is a luify- made Man, and Hoops in the Small of liis Back, has a large hooked Nofe, fi efli Colour, is about Forty Years of Age, had 011 when, he efcaped, a coarfe Sacking Frock, a white Flannel Wailicoat and Sacking Breeches. Eteiy is a little Man, has but theSiglit of one Eye, the other ha- . ving a large Speck over it, is about Thirty Years of Age^ had 011 when he efcaped, a brown Drab- coiour'd Coar, and Boois. RObert Royften, late of Ciayworth in Nurtinjfham- Ihire, Gentleman, deceas'd, having devis'd ali his real Eliates, in Trull, to be foil for Payment, riot only of" ali his own jult Debts, but likewife all fuch Debts as u ere char ® ' il thereon by the Will of Thomas Royit? n, his late lather, deceas'cl: This is to give Notice, that all perl'cns, who have any Demands 011 the faid Eftates, may forthwith f^ ril in die rune, with the Nature and Amount thereof, to Thomas Hail of Beckingham in the County aforefaid, Gentleman, Thomas Colten, or Richard I edger, of Clay worth aforefat I, Gentie- n. eiij rhe Devifees in Trult for the Purpofe alxiveii: ei. riaiiM - or to Mr. Robert Bank?, at Bawiry in the County of York* Attorney at Law : And all Perfous, indebted to the Eftateof the faid Robert Royfteu, are defir'd forthwith to pay thdi refp- ctive - Debts ro Edmund Dodgfon, of CJayworch afbre- faid, and Anne liisWj/?, Joint- Executors of the Will of the faid Robert Royften, ctlieivvife ihey will be liud for tlia fame. FurnivaPs Inn. JOHN THOMPSOK, Stafford, Dec. 12, 175?. AN U/ lier being wanted lor the Free Grammar School at Stafford, this publick Notice is given, chat any Peifon duly qualified, and well recommended, {. v} ., dunks the Place- worth his Acceptance) may meet wk. h Suc- cefs and proper Encouragemenr. The Place is in the Gift ai the Corporation, and the Ii aifir Part of that Body arc- deter- min'U ( as far as in them lies) ro make Choice of inch J'erforj as is agreeable to rli; luhabicants of the Town, and is tacit likely tu anfwerthe Founder's Intention. The Salary is near 301. a Year, wnl tfae Schoof is now - gor into good Rewire, by the Care and Diligence of Mr. South'-.; the Head Miiter, who has as many Boarders as his Hojfi wiii well contain, and a proper Under Mafter may iiai 0 ai, Of porttuiity of taking Boarders, N. B. There wiil be no_ Objection to ail Uflier for the Schoo:, if the Gentleman is not in Orders. This Day nous fublip'd, ( Dedicated to His M A J E S T Y) Price bound Five Shillings in Calf, and Lett; f'd, THE ANALYSIS OF INOCULATION Comprizing the Hiftory, Theory anui Pradlica of it- with an ocoafional Coufideratioli of the molt remarkabif App; arances in the Small Pox. By J. KIRKPATRICK, M D. . Printed for It. Griffiths, in Paul's Church yard, J. RuiT* fe land, in Pater- nolter Row } and J. Millan, ar Chariug- CrDf^- " This Day was publijh'd, Price 3 s. bound, ON < the Management and Education of CHIL- DREN, A SERIES of LETTERS written t< t a NIECE. By the Honourable JULIAN A SUSANNAH SEYMOUR, ' Printed for R. Baldwin in Pater- uofter Row, Of whom may be had, Price 3 r. written by the fame Lady, The CONDUCT of a MARRIED LIFE, laid down in feveral Letters to a young Lady, her Relation, newly inarriaj, Thefe two Volumes are printed exaetly alike, and may- be had together uniformly bound, Price 6 s. The following Common- Prayers, Bibles, { 5c, Printed* at CAMBRIDGE, Are fold by BEN J. Do D, Bookfeller, at the Bible and L/ Y Jj$ Ave- Mary Lane, near St Paul's, tendon, Sole AG EST for the UN 1 V EKS 1 T V. COMMON PRAYER in Folio, for Charche « , printed 011 a large beautiful Letter ancl good Paper. ... in Folio, 011 the fame Letter, printed on a fuperftas Itrong Medium Writing Paper. in Oitavo, 011 a neat Pica L- etter, and good Paper, in Oftavo, on the fame Letter, and a fine ltrong Meditun Paper. — in large i2mo, on a Long Primer Letter, and good I'a| K- r. in fmall i2mo, a neat Poek- et Size, 011 a beautiful Minion Letter, and fine Writing Pa)> er, long Lines, in- fmall i2mo, Minion Letter, double Column, . iu 24U10, oil a Nonpareil l etter.. — in fmall 241T10, 011 a fine Elzevir Letter, long Lfsiw, BIBLE, large 121110, 011 a Nonpareil: Letter, ftrong Jii « Paper. on the fame Letter, and a fmaller Pajter. SERVICE, to bind with the faid Bible, printed 011 the fame Letter as rhe Bible is. SINGING Ps A L M s, to bind with the above Books, OFFICES of rhe Church, in a Pocket Size, for the U& of Clergymen.' Price nearly bound 2s. 6d. N. B. The new Calendar is printed in all the Common prayers. Tiie above Books are likewife fold by the Bookfellers 14 all the Cities and noted Towns In England, LONDON: Printed by J. MEZ E I, IN ^ s Old Baity t where Advertifements are taken in.
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