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London Evening Post


Printer / Publisher: J. Meres 
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No Pages: 4
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London Evening Post

Death of Hans Sloane
Date of Article: 13/01/1753
Printer / Publisher: J. Meres 
Address: Old Baily, London
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 
No Pages: 4
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Additional information:
Extract from the death of Sir Hans Sloane - with mention of his will and collection

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Nuiiife, From THURSDAY January IT, Dante Dec. 22. H E Booty mide by the Rob- bers, who lately broke into the Caftle of the Countefs of Olfolmfki, is much more con- fiderable than it was at fitft reprefented. The Villains leaving their Horfes behind a Hedge,' fcrced a Back Door in the Garden, and furprifing the Porter, bound him Hand and Foot, Two Chamber- maids, whom they found in an outer Apartment, they ufed in the fame Manner j then forcing open a Clofet • where the Lady lay, who had been confined to her Bed for three- Years, not content with t ruelly dragging her out of Eed, the Ruffians beat her fo inhumanly, that they broke one of her Arms, and left her for dead. They afterwards broke open every Box, Cupboard, Prefs, & c. and found a Booty of 5000 Ducats in ready Money, % great Number of Jewels, a Gold Chain, a complete Service of Silver, and many other Pieces of Plate, fome of which were inofi culioufly wrought. They carried away likewife a gieat Quantity of rich Cloaths, and many valuable Papers; but the principal Part of the Booty was a Box covered with Copper, which they found under the old Lady's Bed filled with Ducars. All the Search made to difcovei the Villains has hitherto been fruiileffe An ExtraB of a Letter from the Hague, dated Jan. Z. 1 The Deciaiation which the King of Pruffia has juft * made, that he will retain 19500c Crowns of the Silcfia * Loan to indemnify his Subjefls for the Damage they * fuftained by the Englilh Privateers, is an Aft of fuch * Vigour as can fcatcely be paraliel'd; and at the fame ' Time it is thought here, to be fuch an Aft 0/ Juftioe * as every Sovereign owes to his Subjefts, that is, to de- * fend them from all foreign Violence. The Enghlh, ' that juft and generous Nation, we believe cannot take ' this Step of hisPrulfian Majefty a mifs, efpecially as ' that Declaration is accompanied with a Delay of three ' Months, for thofe who are intereftcd to make their ' Defence. His Pruffian Majefty knows how much ' more efficacious PoffefBon is than Petition.' QOUNTRY NEWS. York, Jan. 9. On Tuefday laft was married Mr. Henry Waite, only Son of Mr. Henry Waite, an emi- nent Attorney of this City, to Mifs Robinfon, only Daughter of Nicholas Roiinfon of Thicket Hall, in this County, Efq; a young Lady with a Fortune of 2j, ooo 1. The fame Day Mr. William Thotnpfon, an eminent Apothecary of Ripon, was chofen Mayor of that Cor- poration for the Year enfuing. Canterbury, Jan. 10. On Friday laft died the Rev. John Bowtell, D. D. Vicar of Patrixborne, with the Chapel of Bridge anr. ex'd r He was liktwife Redlor of Staplehurft ; the former of which is in the Gift of the Rev. Mr. Herbert Taylor ; and the litter, of the Mafter, Fellows, and Scholars of St. John's College, Cam- bridge. LONDON. < Io tie AUTHOR, © V. S I R, AS I believe the following Receipt is a certain Re- medy fot the Diforder that at prefent rages in ****** lhiie, you'll oblige me by giving it a Place in your Paper. Take of the Herb call'd'Honefly, two Ounces ; Of Eyebright, three Handfuls; Of the Flowers of St John s- U'ort, one Ounce ; Ir. fufe thefe in one Quart of Right Englifi Spirit ; mix it - - with a fufficient Quantity of fkimm'd, ot what is com- monly call'd blue Milk : Let the Patient drink plentifully, • with Freedom, with Liberty. N. B. Salary and Penny- Royal are often mwifier'dtin this, and ftmilar Cafes ; but as they are always hot and inflammatory, they are always pernicious to the Co'flitu- iiun, and aie ptefenbed by Empyricks only. Yours, D'ANVEJJS. EPIGRAM. I'VE feen fome Countries, tul'd by Iron Rod ; I've reaJ of States, who've felt the Scourge of God: jRTit ne'er till now have feen, or read, I own, Of a whole Nation crufh'd beneath a STONE. Yet of itfelf this STONE'S without Rebuke, , Till fet in Motion by the WIND- MILL D . We hear that an Application will be fpeedily made for procuring fome further Regulations to be made in ( he Proceedings in criminal Caufes, in order to obviate thofe Inconveniences, and prevent thofe Imputations on publick JuJlice, which have made fo much Noife in the IVorld, and have a Tendency to injure that Reputation our LAWS had fo deferned'y acquired ovet all Europe. As it feems to be a Point of Notoriety, that the lotvefl of the People are now as univerfally and as thoroughly corrupt as tie preatejl in other Countries, the molt obvious and certain Remedy feems to be, taking Care of their Pofierity, that the next Age may have fome Chance for Indujlry and Principles, and for that, at leaft, ftand indebted to the prefent. In order 10 this, the- Hint givervof putting all the Parijb Children within the Silti iif .1 ntrhty under the DireBiop of the FOU ND LI, VG HOSPITAL, appears t- 3 be a proper and praSiicable Expedient, and would cer- tainly fu mi lb Servants of bo; h Sexes Muer inftr- ifted, and lefs expofed to Corruption from bad Examples than ary other. Hie feizing and transferring to France M. de la Curfay, is looked upon in Italy AS a very rtftntd Stroke in Po- liticks ; for if this works nothing in favour of the Gernefe, as it is not probable it - mill, the Corficans mult be- con- flicted as incorrigible, and their Country as irrecoverable; in which Cafe what they cannot keep 7' hemfehes, they may as well part with to their Friends and Neighbours. Thutfday his Majefly went in his State Coach; drawn by eight Hojfes, attended by the Marquifs of Har- lingion Mafter of the Horfe, and Lord Delawar, to the Houfe of Peers, when being feaied on his Throne, the Hon. Sir Henry Bellenden, Gentlemen Ufher of ihe Black Rod, did by Order of his Majefty, Command the Attendance of the Hon. Houfe of Commons ; foon after the Speaker with feveral of the Members came to the Bar, when his Majefty opened the Seflion with a moft gr. icious Speech. Yefterday the Right Hon. the Houfe of Peers waited on his Majefly at Sr. Jame's, with their Addrcfs of Thanks for his moft gracious Speech from the Throne on Thurfday laft. To which his Majefty was pleafed to return the following moft gracious Anfwer: My Lords, \ I return you my Thanks for this very loya! and du- 1 tiful Addrefs. Nothing can give tnc greater Satisfac- ' tion, than thefe folemn A durances of the Continu- ' a nee of your Zeal and Affection for my Perfon, Fa- ' niily, and Government. I firmly rely on your Sup- ' port; and you may depend on my hearty Concern ' for your irue Interefts.' On Thnrfday the Right Hon. the Earl of Guilford, the Earl of Bredalba ne, the Lord Cathcarr, and the Bilhopsof Durham and Gloucefter, took the Oaths, and their Seals in the Houfe of Peer?. The following Writs were ordered Ytfterday, by the Hon. Houfe of Commons, to eleft Members in the pre- fent Pailiament in the room of thofe dead, preferred, or fucceeded to Peerage?, viz Beaumaris, Bridgewater, Bi- lhop's Caftle, Cheshire, Bodmin, Lyme, Rutland County, Wendover, Bearalfton, St. Maw's, Weftminfter, and We ft bury. Yefterday at Two o'Clock, Thomas Cotbett, Efq; the new High Bailiff of Weftminfter, with the Crjer on a white Horfe, dreffed with blue Ribands, and fome other Peifbns, all with white Wands, made the follow- ing Proclamation at Co vent- Garden, Chating- Crofs, and other Places : ' Oyez, Thomas Coibett, tfij; High * Bail. IF of Weftminfter, gives Notice, that the Elec- ' tion for a Member of Parliament for the faid City ' and Liberty, in the room of Sir Pcier Warren, Knt. « deceafed, will be holden on Tuefday next the i6ih ' Inftant in ihe Portico of the Parilh Church of St. • Paul Covent- Garden, at Nine o'Clock of the faid ' Morning. God fave ihe King. We hear that Petitions for private Bills muft be pre fented before the 7th of March. It is faid the Land Tax will be reduced to two Shil- lings a Pound the enfuing Year. On Wednefday laft was held a Board of Treafury, when a Scheme for a Lottery to raife 600,000 1. was hid before their Lordibips; which we hear has been re- jefted, to the great Joy of all Well- wifhers 10 Trade. His Majefty has been pleafed to appoint George Au- guft us Selwyn, Efj; 10 fucceed his la e Father, John Selwyn, Efq; in the Poft of Clerk of ihe Crov. n in the Iflarcd of Barbadoes, & c. and a new Writ is ordered out for Lugerflull in Wilts,- for which Place he is Member of Parliament, and will be re- cliofe without Oppo- firion. The Lords of the Admiralty have put the Union Man of War into Commifiion, and given the Command to Capr. Matthew Buckle. Thutfday came on at Joiners- Hall, the Eleftion of a Beadle of the faid Company, in the room of John Boyce, . deceafed, when John Boyce, Son oF the deceafed, was chofe by a very great Majority. A few Days fince Dr. Rofs, an eminent Phyfician, was'married at the Hot Wells near Briftol, to Mifs Middleton ; a young Lady with a Fortune of 10, © 00 1. befides large Expectancies upon the Death of an Uncle. On Monday laft died at Languard- Fort, —— Hayes, Efq; who was many Years Deputy Governor of that Garrifon. Thutfday Morning died at his Houfe in Chelfea, Sir Hans Sloane, Bart, very much advanced in Years, but blefs'd with all his Faculties of Underftanding to the la ft of his Life. He has left two Daughters; one is Lady of the Right Hon. the Lord Cadogan, and the other the Widow of Stanley, Efq; of Hants. He has direfted by his Will, that his valuable Mu- feuin ( which coft him upwards of jo, oool. in colleft- ing, exclufive of the many Prefents he received, which are worth upwards of 10,000 1.) fhould, for the Sake of preferving it in this Kingdom, be offered to his Ma- jefly at the Price of 20,000 1. The Value of the Me- dals, Oars, & c. alone reckoned at the current Price of Gold and Silver, is faid to amount to feveral Thoufand Pounds. A iS Thutfday laft died, at Bethnal Green, Mr. Jofepti Wefton, formerly a Mercer 111 the Borough. On Wednefday Night tbe Right Hon. the Lord Chan- cellor, returning from the Duke of Ncvvcaftle'. s. to Powis Houfe in a Sedan Chair, the Night being tempefluous4 was, by a fudden Guft of WinJ, oveffer, notwithftand- ing the Chairman's utmoft Efforts to prevent it ; but his Lordfhip received no material Injury. Laft Night about the Middle of the Play* at Covent- Garden Theatie, a Gentleman who fat in one of ths1 Gallery Boxes, alk'd another, who fat next him, if he could lend liim a Knife ; on being told he could notj the former pull'd out a fmall Penknife and ftabb'd him- feif ; which occafion'd fome Confufion in that Part of the Houfe ; he was immediately carried to Shakefpear's Head, and Mr. Baker the Surgeon drefs'd the Wound* which the Gentleman fufFei'd with gie3t Conftraint. He would not tell who he was, nor what was the Caufe ot this rafh Action. On Thurfday in the Afternoon an ancient Woman who lodged at a Carpenter's in Little- Jermin- Street, St. James's, was found burnt to Death in her Room. No Perfon can tell how this melancholy Accident happened. The People of the Houfe fmelling a Smell of Fire, Went up Stairs, and found her on the Floor with one of her Arms burnt off, and her Breaft burnt in fo miferable a Manner, that one might difcern her Heart. A Choco- late Pot was found over the Fire, and ' tis imagined ihat in warming the Chocolate, her Cloatli3 took Fire, fur the Floor where fhs lay had burnt almoft to the Joifts. By a Letter from Glaftonbury we hear that a vail Concourfe of People attended the Thorn on Chriftmas- Eve, New- Stile ; but 10 their gteat Difappointment, there was no Appearance of its blowing, which made them watch it narrowly the fifth of January, the Chtift- mas- Day, Old- Stile, when it Mowed as ufual, and in one Day's Time was as white as a Sheet, to the great Mortification of many Families in that Neighbourhood, who had tapp'd their Ale eleven Days too loon* The Beginning of laft Week one Sarah Thomas, a Giil about twenty Years of Age, declared to feveral People, and among therjft, to the High Conftable of Holbotirn, that ttieGhoft of a Man had appeared to her in her Mothet's Houfe in Bloomftiu'ry, and told her that five Years ago he had been murdered in that Houfe ; and at the fame Time informed lierr who had been his Murderers, with many other Particulars. The fame Story fee repeated before Juftice Fielding in the Pre- fence of feveral Gentlemen and Ladies, and with the uttnoft Confidence offered to fwear to the Truth of it, pioceeding4b fat as to the taking the Book in her Hand. It was difficult to imagine what Motive could induce the Girl to forge a Lie of this Kind, till Monday laft, when an Information being laid againft the Girl's Mo- ther for felling fpirituous Liquors without Licence, it appeared, that the Ghoft had already brought fo much gocd Company to the Houfe, and the Mother had pro- vided fo well for their Enteitainment, that feveral Calks of Brandy were feized by an Officer, and the Woman, who was fined five Pounds, prefently depofited the Mo- ney. " Yefterday Mottling as Mr. Nowell, an Attorney in Grays Inn, was coming over Blackheath from Sir Gre- gory Page's, he was attack'd by a { ingle Highwayman, drefied in a Butcher's Frock, mounted on a Bey Gelding pretty much rode, who prefented a Piftol to him and demanded his Money, with a' How d'ye do; I crave ' a New- Yeat's- Gift, which if you refufe, by G— I'll ' difpatch you immediately.' Mr. Novvell afked him • if he was in F. arneft 5 to which he replied, ' Sir, it is ' New- Year's Day, and a New- Year's- Gift I demand ' from you ;' on which Air. Nowell gave him four Shillings, with which he was very well contented, and rode off. By the Behaviour of the Fellow it is thought he is out of his Senfes, for he threw the Money on the Ground. Laft Wednefday Noon a young Gentleman unus'd to tile Town, going by St. Clement's Churcii in the Strand, was ftrongly prefs'd by a Man in a Sailor's Drefs, 10 look at fome India Handkerchiefs, which he profefs'd to fell him very cheap : The young Gentleman conferr- ing, the Man led him to a dark bye Houfe up a Yard, and fhewed him into a Room, where there lay a Perfon in Bed, who, he pretended, was his Aunt. He then produced his Handkerchiefs, and without being defired, begin to cut fome off the Piece ; but the young Gentle- man not much liking his Situation, watched the Op- portunity of the Fellow's Back being turned, and open- ing the Door, made off as faft as he could. Thurfday the Seffions began at the Old Baily, when twenty Prisoners wete tried, Two whereof were capi- tally convifted, viz. John Briant for a Street- Robbery, and Patrick Nu- gent for a Burglary. Twelve were caft for Tranfpottation, and fix ac- quitted. John Love tried fot marrying Catherine Apleford, his former Wife being living, found Guilty. Yefterday thirteen Prifoners were tried at the Old- Baily, one of whom was capitally convifted, viz. William Baldwin, fot robbing Thomas Mott, of a Watch and fixieen Shillings in the Dwelling Houfe of Rofe Sykes. Six weie caft for Tranfportauon, and fix acquitted. •\\ 7HEREASat a Weetin2 tie'< 1 at Shipton, V V the 181I1 of December i7ia, t'urfuant to the Adver- tifjmmts in rite I . ondnn Evening Poft, York Cotiranr, and Leeds Mercti y, to coil lifter of an Adt for a Turnpike for re- pairing the Highways between Keighley in the County of York, and Kirkby- Kendal in the County of Weftmoreland, it was the Opinion of a grear Majority, that the faid High- ways might be well and fufficiently repaired by fuch Methods as are appointed by rlie Laws now in force, without bur- dening the Country with Turnpike Tolls, aud refolved that all Surveyors, or tliofe who might hereafter be Surveyors of Highways, within the Towns and Villages oil the fuid Road, fliould be profecuted if they lhoulJ hereafter negk- dt their Du- ty, by a proper Perfon for that Purpofe appointed by the faid Majority. The following Gentlemen appeared 3he following Gentlemen appeared for the Turn- pike. Mr. William Bawd wen, jun. ofStonegap. Mr. William Birkbeck, of Set tie. Mr. William Hall, of the fame. Mr. Chriftopher Picard, of tbe fame. Mr. Richard Fouiitaine, of the fame. againfl it. Stephen Tempelt, of Broughton,' William Drakfe, ofCoates- l all, Samuel Swire, ofCononeUiy, Daniel Rouudell, of Marion, Henry Currer, of Kildwich, Richard Heber, of Marton, Jofias Morley, of Giglefwick, S. W. Tempelt, of Broughton, Jam. Wiglefworth, ofSlae! eburn, Matthew Wilfon, ofEfliton, Charles Jugleby, of Aftick, ~ William Paley, of Giglefvvick, Mr. Nowell, of the fame, John Stockdale, of Marton, Thomas Clapliam, of Settle, Clirift. CUpliam, of the fame, Tiio. Parkinfoil, of Otterbtirne, John Buck, ofGargrave, William Guy, of Ingletoil, Hugh Tillo fon, of Shipton, James Morley, . of tliefa'me, I Tho. Chamberlain, of the jjtme, Thomas Watkinfon, of Higate, John Thomas, of Ottcrbume, Thomas Carr, of Settle, J of. Ma fon, ofGargrave, Robert Teni| ieft, of M arton, John Wiikinfon, of the fame, J Oi hJ jy Bath, Dec. 10, 175;. STOLEN fome Time laft Night, out of a Ground adjoining to the London Road, between Bath and Barlt- i aftoa in the County of Somerfet, a dark brown Mare, I J Years old, near 14 Hands and an half high, with a white • Strip down the Face, a. cut Mane, a very thick Clieit, falling to the near Side, a fijflk Tail, with hirer Hairs mix'd there- with, and alfo filver Hairs in the Breech, one Foot behind v hire, lias the Mark of a Blow on the near Biutoeic, is very full of Flefh, and thick winded. Whoever will give Notice of the fatd Mare, fo that fhe may be had again, to Toby Walker, of Walcotr near Bath, fliall have Two Guineas Reward, and all rea. fona. ble Charges. \ \ / Hereas many People V Y pawn their Pkie, Watcher, Wearing Apparel, & c. and are not able to takeout the fame, fuch Per- fons, 011 enquiring for Mr. Clarke, at the Two Kings and Key oppo- fiie Crown Court, or at rlie GoMen Hall in the faid Court, Fleet ftrtet, t;> ey nlay have them redeem'd, in order to he forthwith fold to the beft Bidder, either in private or publick Sale; or, where Goods will admit, more Money advanced, and kept a limited Time. Plate, Watches, Wealing Apparel, & c. bought, although not p'edg'd, or Money' lent 011 tliem to near the ftij] Value, it* a certain Time agreed on. Any Hotife of Goods, or Parcel of furni- ture, bought. Note, Any Gentleman or Lady, by fending Notice, fliall be waited 011 at their own Houfes, and the Bufinefs lha. ll be tranfafted with the utmoft Honour and Secrefy. A good Eight- Day Clock 10 be fold cheap. THOMAS GREENOUGH, Apothecary, ( Inventor » f the Tinctures, publijh'd by his Majefty's Rcyal Letters Patent, for prefervinp, cleaning, and fajlening the Teeth, curing the Scurvy in the Gums, and giving immediate JLafe in the ' vicfl violent Tooth- ach) IS Remov'd from Snow- Hill to the King's Afros and Peftle and Mortar in Ludgate- Street, 011 the Right Hand Side, leading from Ludgate ts St. Paul's. A Large commodious good INN, not further than 13. Miles from London, with feveral good Convenien- ties; Poft- Chaifes, Poft- Korles, and all the f urniture to be fold by Appraifemenr. For further Particulars to enquire for A. B. at St. James's Cofiee- houfe. ' To be SOLD, AN intire Freehold Eftate, call'd STOCK FA EM, lying at GujfJiug ill the County of Suffex, confining of a good Farm- houfe, Barns, Stables, and Out- houfcs, and 2 tr Acres of Land, Arable, Meadow, and Pafture, with Hop Yards and Woodlands, all convenient about the Houfe, being ivithin three Miles of the Port of Winchelfta, four Miles of the Port of Halting?, and fix Miles of the Port of Rye. The Eftate, exclulive of the growing Timber, is now lett at 601. per Annum, adjoins to the Marlhes, and is capable of very great Improvement. There is a very pleafunt Sea Profpeit from it. Enquire for further Particulars of Mr. John Collyer, Attor- ney at Law, At Haftings ; Mr. Henry JDodfon, Attorney at I aw, at Rye, or of Mr. John Wakelm, at No. 4, in hUre- Court, Inner Temple- London. . . To be SOLD, AMeffuage, Tenement and Farm, in Strefton and Over Whittley, in the County of Chefter, containing Forty eight Chefliire Acres, two Rood land, and Twenty oae Perches, or thereabouts; lett to Richard Hunt at the yearly Rent of Seventy Pounds. And another MefTuage, Tenement and Farm, in Stretton and OverWhittley " aforefaid, and in Antrobus in the faid County of Cuelter, containing Thirty nine Cheshire Acres, one Rood Lam',, and thirteen Perch s, or thereabouts;' Jett to Thomas Knowles at the yearly Rent of Fifty in Ppunds; bur tins lift Tenant is to quit to a Purchafer, 011 having proper Notice, and a reafonabie Allowance for Improvements. Thefe Farms are w . Jr built and well tenanted, and they are fituate abo' t Four Milis from Warrington, and about the fame Diltance from Northwieh in Ciieihu- . l'hey are fubject to certain t hief or Quit Rents, amounting to Tine- Pounds Four Shillings or thereabouts, and were late tne c, ltate of William CI. y 1 on - of Liverpool, Kfq; deoeas'd. Enquire i r farther Particulars of Mrs. Sarah- Clayton of Water- fir et in Liverpool, or Mr. Thomas Scaxkie of Preiton in LancaUnxe, To be SO LID, ( O/ i Mmddy the 19th Day of February next, at the HtSufe of Mr. Richard Leigh, Irmholder, in It ' igan in the County of Lancafler, being the Sign of the Eagle and Child, according ts the Conditions which will Le then produced for the Sale thereof) AN Antient Capital MefTuage and Tenement, with about fixty Acres of Land thereunto belonging, called KUILETS, iituate within a Mi e of the Town of Wigan aforefaid, of the yearly Value of T4 which is capable of great improvements at a very ealy Expence; to- gether wirfi three eighth Parts of a Urge and 1110ft valuable Cannel Mine 111 ihe fame Eltate, which lias only been o. ien about three Years ia. it p< t£ t, and trie Work now carrying on in a very Hourilliing and advantageous Way :' Alfo a Lord's Part of ' 1 welve Pence a Score for ail ilie Cannel got and ariling out of the faid Mi. ie, which amounts to upwards of 130 1. a Year: And alfo three eighth Par: s of a large Quantity of Caimel, alrea. iy got and lying 011 the Banks or Brows of the f. iid Mi;; e ready for Sale, Avitli rue like Shares orPaits of all the Ktfkets, Tools, Engines, and r tlier Imp! inents ufed at the faid Mine, for tiie getting and bringing up of Cannel, & c. for farther J'aiticulars enquire of Mr, John Kentlrick, Sur- geon, 111 Wigan aforefaid. • To be SOL]) by AUCTION, On If ' edti/ day the 31 fl of this Mcvth, at Four o'Clock in the Ajiertwon, at the Crown Tavern behind the Exch. inge, for th • Remainder of a Term of about Twelve Tears to come, THE Dwelling- Houfe, Coach Houfe, Stables and Garden Grounds, late of THOMAS FELLOWS, E; q; deceas'd, at Wandf'vvorth in Surry, the Houfe confuting of four Rooms 011 a Floor, handfomely fitted up, and convenient Ourlioufes, a large Court- yard or Garden in the Front of the Houfe, well planted with good Fruit- Trees, inclofed with Brick Walls, and ? very handfome Iron Gate.— A large Gar- den Ground 01 po'ttc- to the Hack front of the Houfe-— Coach- Iloufe and StaSles, with Hay- Lofts, and other Conveniences ; the Whole froi ting the Thame', and commands a fine I'ro- fpe£ l into Middlefex, containing about an Acre and one Rood of" Ground. To lie fold . purfuant to the Will of the faid Thomas Ft 1, t. o u s, fr. bjedl only to the Rents of 81. and 6s. 8d. per Annum. Alfo at the fame Time and Place will be fold to the high eft Hi ' dcr, two Freehold MeffuagTS, aud a Barn, belonging to the Eftaieof rhe laid THOMAS FELLOWS, Elq; the one of tliem lett to William Skinner, at the y early Rent of 4 I. j s. and the other to James Haynes, at 11, 8 s. Lttiate at Walton Heath near fspfoin, being in very good Repair, and are a QtulLica- tion for a Vote in the County of Surry. For further Particulars enquire at J • . Charlton Palm -' s, Attorney, in Pauc/ as Lane ; or of Robert l'liip; s, at the Ship in Hcunfditcli. I'll} Day was pulli/ ISd, ( Price is. in She? p, and 1 s 6 d. in Calf) fk SEVENTH EDITION, correiUd, of AN HELP to DEVOTION; or, Forms of Prayer for every Lay of the Week, and upon various Occafions: With a partinilar OfTici for the Sacrament. I11 Three Parts. Collected by a GENTLEWOMAN tor her own private Uf-'. Sold by J. Oliver, in Rn thoIomew- Clof-, near Weft Smith- field. Where may be bad, Ltfly jiublifti'd, t. The Cbriltian's Pcrfualive 10 a fenous Preparation for Death and Judgment, feeing a Sup, lenient to the 1 liriftian Monitor, ad Edit. Price 3 d, or twenty- five for js. 2. l) r. Woodvvaru's Young Man's Monitor. 4th Edit. Price 4 d. or twenty- five for 7 s. 3. Shore Catechifiii; explaining tbe Subftance of the Chriftian Religion. 4th Ldit. Price 3 d. ortuenty- five for r s. 4. A Collection of Divine Hymns, Songs of Praife, & c. or, A Companion in the Clofet, Garden, Field, 6ic. Piice 3 d. or twenty- five for y s. , ' This D. iy we, e pubhfh'd. The following two New Books for the Ufe of Schools, and all Petfons who defire 10 learn the French Tongue. 1 T7ABLES CHOI SI ES, a l'Ufage des Enfans, i - Xic. or, SeJedt Fables, for the Ufe of Cliildnn, and other Perfons. M hobetin to learn die French Tongue, with an Alphabetical Index of all rhe Words contained in the Book, with their proper Signification in Englifh, and their Ety- mology, in 121110. Price 1 s. & d. Par P. C H A M B A U D, 1. The Idioms of the French and Englifli I anguages, Ireing equally ne. ceflary to the French to learn Englifh; and the left if not the on!. Help extant, to attain to the Knowledge of that Tongue. By LEWIS Cha. mbaui>, b'vo. Price is. bound. . Printed for J. No'irfu, at the Lamb, againft Catherine- Street, in the Strand. This Day zvas fubhjb'd, Pnce bound 9 s. In Two Volumes Octavo, TH E TRUTH of the GOSPEL demonftrared from tiie Difpenfation of Providence preparative to it, particularly from prophecy ; from the Evidence with which it was introduced, and t.. e public Teftimomals of it ever fince fulfilling. To which is prefixed, A Preliminary Difcourfe concerning the Ntceility of a Revelation. By the Abbe L I P L U C H E, Author o, 1' Spectacle de la Nature, Printed for C. Davis, R. Franklin, J. Brindley, S. Rirt, T. Longman, C. Hitch and L. Havves, j. Hodge:, J and J. Rivington. Where may be had, by the fame Author, 1. Spectacle de la Nature ; or Nature difokyed. I11 7 vols. 8vo. llluftrated with near tiirce hundred Copper Plates, Svo. Price bound 2 1. 2 s 1. The fame Book in 7 vols. iamo. with Cuts, Price bound 11. 1 s. This Day were pnhtijh'd, Beautifully primed in Two VOLUMES, Price 6s. < 1 rticjl proper l'rife/ st for Touth) THE E'EAUTIES of SHAKESPEAR. Regularly feledted from each Play. With a General In- dex, digcitiug them under proper Heads. IHuftrated with Ex- planatory Notes, and limiiar PafTages from antient and 1110- dern Authors. The Poet's Eye, in a fine Frenzy rowling, Doth glance from heav'n to Earth, from Earth to Heav'n; rind, as Imagination bodies forth The iorms of Things unknown, the Poet's Pen Turns them to Shape, . mdgives to airy nothing A lo al Habitation and a Name. By W 11. L I A M D O D D, B. A. Late of Clare Hall, Cambridge. Printed fqr T. Walier, oppofite i etter- Lanc, Fleet- Street, To be peremptorily SOLD, Purfuant to a Decree of the High Court of Chancery, on Friday the id of March next, between the Hours of Four and Six m the Afternoon, bejore Francis Eld, Ffp, one of the M fl'rs of the faid Court, at his Chambers hi Symond s- lnn, Lrjamery- lam, JLondon, TH E Eftates, late of Arthur Sqtiisr, dcceafed," in two diftindt Lots ; one Lor being a Freehold Eftate, confifting of feveral Mefftuges and Lands 111 the P. rilhes of Lanelt, Alternon, and eJfewhere, in the Counties of Cor., u ill and Devon, Part in Poffeflion, of the yearly Value of 81 1. is. 7d. and Part in Reverfioii, of the^ yearly \ alue of 8 1; the other Lot, being a Lcafeholcl Eftate, confining of a Mef- fuage and Lands in Laneil afbrefaid, of the yearly- \' alue of 16 1. or thereabouts. Further Particulars to be had at the faid Matter's Chambers j or of Mr. William Baron, at Tregdare, ntar L. tunceft<, iiy Cornwall. On Monday the 8tb luftaut was pub\ i? ad. ACATALOGUE of Books, lately purchafcd by THO. LISDSHAM, BoosfelKr, in Cliefter. Containing abundance of lclett Volumes, out of the Studies of feveral late learned Gentlemen, aid many choice new Books, valued much lower than probably they can ever lie af- forded again. The Whole making up a large Colledtion of the 1110ft valuable Labours of the Learned, in molt Arts, Sciences, and Languages, of this and the latter Part of the laft Centtiry. Which will begin to be fold at the Prices affixed in the Ca- talogue, 011 the nd Inftant, at his- Honfe in Wiiite- F'ryais- Lane, at Ten o'clock in the Morning, and continue ' till the Sale is over. N. B. No Books to be fold before the Time mention'd, anil if two Gentlemen are defirous of the fimeBoeik, the Perfon that firft mentions it ihall have it, and the Price not to be advanced, Moft of the Books are entirely new, and all in very good Condition ; aud may be feen any Time before theS^ le begins. Catalogues may be bad at the Place of Sale ; where the full Value is given for any Library or Parcel of Books. This Day uaas pitblifb'd, NR M B E R 7, ( being a very ufefulFamily Book, ^ excite DevotionT and enable every one to p- riiy with the Unelerltauding) of AN ILLUSTRATION of the BOOK of COMMON PRAYER ; which conneits all the Com- ments and Parapltrafes upon it by the feveral learned LiihOps and Divines upon the Excellent L. I TIIRGV of the Church of England, with Additions by the Compiler. JERDINANDO VV A •<. N E R, A. il. Re& or of Qtieenhitbe. Printed for J. Crokatr, and loki by Meff. Hodges, London- Bridge ; Owen, Publifher, Temple Bar, and Fox in Weft- minlter- Hall. N. B. It will lie publifli'cl weekly, occafionally ac'orntl with Cuts, Price 6d. without Intmmflion ; bewaie of" Coun- terfeits, and be fure to afk for WAHSEX'S Ifluftratioti of ti. e Common- Prayer. speedily • will b' puLlip d, In ONE VOLUME OCTAVO iJncejs. bound,' I) Refumptive ARGUMENTS Lt the Truth and J. Divine Authoity of the CH it 1 s R 1 A N REL 1 G 1 O N. In Ten SERMONS. ' io which isadtlcd, A Sermon upon Go. i's Moral Government. By JAMES D U C H A L, AL A. Printed for A. Millar, 111 the Strand. On Monday next will be publijhj'd,\ In One Volume Oclavo, Price bound 6 s. The SECOND EDITION, correHed, with Additions, ( To which is now firft adde- d, A GENERAL INDEX) OBSERVATIONS on the DIS E A S E S of the A1< MY, in Camp and Garrifon. In Three Parts. With an APPENDIX, . containing fome Papers of Experi- ments, read at feveial Meetings of the Royal Society. By JOHN PR1NGLE, M. /). F. R. S. Phyjician General to his Majefly's Forces employ'd abroad during the late War. Prinred for A. Millar, D. Wilfon and T. Durham, and T. Payne. This Day was publifh'd, Price io s. bound, In Two VOLUMES, Odlavo, THE HISTORY of FRANCL, from the Eftablifhment of that Monarchy under PH.•> it AMOSC, to the Death of I, E W I S XIII. interfpers'd with Relations of rhe moft memorable Events which have happen'd in tbe feveral Kingdoms and States of Europe, in the Courfe of that Period. Written at the Requeft and under the Direction of M. H A K1 A v, Firft Prefideift of the Parliament of Paris. By M. C H A L O N .5. Printed for R. DodfTey, in Pall- Mall. Where maybe had, in two Volumes, 8vo. Price bound 10, s. The Second Edition corredted, of The AGE of LEWIS XIV. By M. de VOLTAIRE. Which completes the above Hiftory to the prefent Time. Veiy Ufeful for S C H O O L S, Lately Publijb'd, Beautifully printed in One Volume in Twelves, on a fm Dutch Paper, Price bound 1 s. NOUVELLEMETHODE pour apprendra racilement les Lazigues FKASCOI. SE ec Asa 1,01 SE, par Mr. ROGISSART. Nouvelle Edition, corrigee & aug « . mentee d'un EfTai for la PROSODIE FRANCOISE paj- i>, DU R A s D, Mill, de la Savoye, & t. Mtmure tie la S. R. N. B. For the greater Exacluefs of this Edition, an Englifh Gentleman had the Care of the Engllfh. Printed by and for J. Watts, and fold by him at the Printing Office in Wild- Court near Lincobi's- Inn- Fields; and by B. Dod, at the Bible and Key in Ave- Mary- Lane, near Stationers- Hail. Very Ufeful for S C H O O L S. Lately pitblifh'd, in One Volume in Twelves, Beautifully printed on a very legible CharaSer, and on a fnper- fine Dutch Paper, with a curious Frontifpicce, engrav'd fif Air. Vandergucht, ( Price Bound is. 6d.) LE NOUVEAU TESTAMENT de Notre Seigneur JESUS CHRIST, Noilvehe Edition, d'apies le texte de M. Martin, mais retouche fur le la,, gage en favenr des jeunes gens; avec line Table des maaeres. Par D. Durand, Mill, de la Savoye, Mrnibre de la S. R. Printed by and tor J. Watts, and fold by him at the Print- ing- Office. in Wild- Cot i t, near Lincoln.' s- Inn- Fields ; and by B. Dod, at the Bible autl Key ill Ave- Mary- Lane, near £ t » - t loner s- Iidll. This Day was pubUfFd, rNo. XXIII. Price 6 d. ( To be continued Weekly) The THIRTEENTH EDITION, to which is now firft added, jeventy- cig c curious Co; per- plates, togetfur tvith a Map ot' all the Places mention'd in the New Teltamenc; of EXPOSITORY NOTES, WITH PRACTICAL OBSERVATIONS on the NEW TESTAMENT of our Lord and Saviour JESUS CHRIST: Wherein tlie Sacred Text is at large recited, the Senfe explain'd, and the inftruai ve Example of the Bleffed jeius, and his Holy Apoftles, to our Imitation recommended. By W I I. L I A M B U R K I T T, M. A. Late Vicar and, LtBurer of Dedbarn in Effex. CONDITIONS. I. The Boot will be printed with anew Letter, and on tlie fame Paper as the Propofais. II Three Sheets wick two beautiful Copper- PL res, or Four Sheets u ith cue Plate, ( as it may happen) ftiteh'd in blue Pa- per, fliall tie delivered to tiie Subscribers every Saturday, at the Price of Sixpence. III. The Work Ihall not exceed Sixty' Numbers, making one handfome Volume in Foiio. Pioj ofals are deiiver'd, and Subfcriptions taken in, by the following Bookleilers, viz. R. Ware, J. and P. Knapton, S. Birt, B. Dod, T. Longman, C. Hitch, J. Buck bind, M. Cooper, T. Ofborne, J. Hodges, J. Ofvvald, E. W- cklteed, A. Millar, E. Comyns, J. Ward, J. and J. Rivitigton, W. Jolmfton, J. Wren, G. Keith, C. Corbet, and M. Downing : Like wife by all the Bookfeliers in Town and Country. , N. B. The Demand for this Work has been fo great, that the Proprietors have been obliged to reprint a conJiderable Part of it, in order to fupply their Subfcribers. Any Perfon therefore may now begin at No. I. and proceed reguiar.' y to the End. This Day was puhhp'd, Price 6 d. ( Containing four Sheets and a . Copper- plate) With bit MAJESTY'S Royal Privilege and Licence, NUMBER XXXIX. of ANEW HISTORY of the HOLY BIBLE, both OLD and NEW TESTAMENT, from the Begin- ning of the World, to the Fiftabliihment of Chriltianity, 111 Two VOLUMES, FOLIO. By the Rev. THOMAS STACKHOUSE, A. M. Late Vicar ef Beenham in Berkfuire. Ill'iftrated vrith One Hundred and Four Copper- plates, which colt upwards of Eight Hundred Pounds engraving, from original Paintings, and given Gratis. Printed for j. Hiuton, at tiie King's- Arms in Newgate- Street, London; aiid folcf by the Bookfellers of the two Uni- ver/ ities ac Oxford and Cambridge ; and by the Printers and Book fellers of all the Citi; - s * nd noted Towns in Great- Britain and Ireland. Where may be had, Mr. STACXHOVSH'S Hiftory, a Vols. compleaf, with the » ! x> v< Copper- plates, neatly b<- lindane! Ltter'd, Price 3I. 3s, N. B. The above 104 Copper- Plates, tirft Imprefliolts, may b? had alone, Price 11. in. 6d. This Day was pilhlijh'd, By the KIN / s AUTHORITY, Very proper for ail Fami . ies to begin the NEW YEAR with ; being the only fertcdic. il Piece publifh'd, that follows a regu- lar Method oilnftrultion in all ufeful Knowledge, a ' anted to the Ule of thofe - who have not ' lime to read many Books; NUMBER VIII. of The FAMILY LIBRARY; INSTRUCTOR O R, in USEFUL KNOWLEDGE. Compiled from the moft eminent Writers, by the Afliffance of learned and ingenious Men, and exprefcly calculated to improve, after an eafy Manner, the Faculties of the Mind in RELIGION, VIRTUE, and all other USEFUL KNOW- LEDGE. Thofe who are deiirous to take it in, may be ferv'd with it, by giving Notice to W. Owen, at Temple- Bur, Lou- don ; It. Goadby, in Sherborne ; or to any of the Bookfellers or Newfmen in Town and Country. So great has been the Demand ibr this ufeful Work, that two large Additions have been already fold off. In the firft Number is a beautiful Frontifpiece, arid in the third Number a Cut of the firft Landing of Columbus in the Weft- Indies. N. B. It will l> e eoimnn'd to be publilh'd regularly every other Saturday, containing Five Half Sheets, neatly printed on a beautiful Letter and fine Paper, adorn'd occalioiuJly v. ith Cuts. Price only Four- pence. On Saturday nexi will he pubhfh'd, . NUMBER LVilf. of THE UNIVERSAL DICTIONARY of TRADE and COMMERCE. Tranflated from the French of the celebrated Mcuilieur SA V A R r, In fpeitor Ge- neral of the Manufactures for the King, at the Cuftom- houfe of Paris: With large Additions and Improvements, incorpo- rated throughout the wljple Work; which more particularly accommodate the fame'to the Trade and Navigation of thefe Kingdoms, arid rhe Laws, Cultoms, and Ufages, to which all Traders are fubjetft. By MALACHY POSTLETH WAYT, Efay N. B. This Work will be embelliihed with feveral ufefiil Maps and Sea- Charts, each printed on a . whole Sheet, which will be given Gratis to the Subfcribers. Propofais at large, with a general Account of the Work, are deliver'tl, and Subfcriptioiis taken in by John and Paul Knapton, in Ludgate- Street; and « !> y the Bookfellers in Town and Country. This Day was publifh'd, Price 6 d. To be continued Weekly, in one Volume, Folio, NUMBER LXXXVIII. of ANew and Univerfal DICTIONARY, of Arts and Sciences; containing not only an Explanation of the various Terms made ufe of in the feveral Arts and Sciences ; but aifo, whatever elfc is requiiite to render thofe Branches of Learning themfelves eafy and familiar to the meanelt Capa- cities : With an introductory Preface, tracing the Progrefs of Literature from theearlieft Ages, and enumerating the various Improvements made then, 111, at different Periods of Time; ex- tracted from the belt Authors, Tranfaftions, Memoirs, & c. in feveral Languages ; and iliultrated with a great Number of Copper- Plates, all new engraven by the beft Hands. Sublcriptions are taken in by J. Hinton at rbe K;; i.{' s Arms in Newgate- Street; and the Bookfellers of Great Britain . and Ireland. Where may be Itad, any of the preceding Numbers. N. B. Be careful to afk for tbe New and Univerfal Dictio- nary of Arts jand Sciences. A Translation of all the Dilcoveries and Improve- ments, contam'd in the Encyclopedic, publilh'd at Paris by M. Diderot, will be. inferied Vi this New Dictionary of Arts and Sciences, ' < This Day was puljifh'd, Neatly printed in Oflavo, Price 6 d. NUMBER II. of APARAPHRASE on the BO OK ol COMMON- PRAYER, and Admiiiftration of the Sacra men r, according to the Ufe of the Church of Englandi With the Pfalmsof David. Together with the Lives of the Apoltles; and an Account of the Original of the FA S TS and FE A ST s of the Church, with feverai of the Kubricks occa- lionaliy examined. By WILLIAM NICHOLLS, D. D. Chaplain to his Grace the Btske of Montagu. Printed for John and James- Riviiigton, at tiie Bible and Crown in St. Paul's Chuicii- yard, and fold by all the Book- fellers in Great Britain. Perfons in or near London may be fupplied by the News- Carriers. UN. B. This Work will Le completed in Twelve Numbers. This Day was piiblijlfd, Price 6 d. With his MAJESTY'S Royal Licence and Protection, No. LXXXYI. ( and to be continued regularly every Week) CYCLOPAEDIA : or, An Univerial Dictionary of- ARTS arid SCIENCES. By E, CHAMBERS, F. Li. S. Illuftrated with a great Number of Copper Plates. *** The Genera! Character and Eftablifhed Reputation this Work lias obtained, is fufficiently nianif'elt from the univer- fal and uncommon Approbation it lias already met with. Therefore, to prevent Impofition on tlie Ptiblick, by any Abridgment or Performance injudicioufiy" imitating this Ex- cellent Work, and to accommodate fuch Perfons who do not chufe to purciiafe tiie Whole together, the Proprietors propofe to publifh it in this Manner. All the Cuts wiJl be given gratis, and deliver'd in the Order they now Itand is the Book. Subfcriptions are taken in by W. Inriys, R. Ware, T. Long- man, C. Hitch and L. Hawes, J. and P. Knapton, S. Birt, J. Ward, J. Hodges,' R. Hett, J. and J. Rivington, T. Ofborne, J. SliUckburgh, M. Senex, D. Browne, A. Millar, aitd by all other Bookfeliers in Town and Country. Where may be had, any of the former Numbers, and Propofals at large ; alfo the Sixth Edition, 111 two Volumes Folio, from which the prefent is printing verbatim. N. ii. At the Defire of feveral Sublcribers the Proprietors will pubiifh two Numbers Weekly, beginning with No. 88, which is the tirit of the fecond Volume. _______ This Day was pubhjVd, trice 6 d. NUMBER XCI. of 7he SECOND EDITION of THE CONTINUATION of Mr. RAPIN's Hiftory of ENGLAND, from the Revolution to the End of the Reign of Kins George I. By N. T I N DAL, M. 4. IJluftrared with the Heads of the Kings and Queens, and of feveral iJlufirious Perfons, etigrav'd by Mr. Houbraken, on 36 Folio Copper- Plates; alfo 20 Maps and Sea- Chans. This Work will be publifh'd without Intermiflion, in icy weekly Numbers, at Six- pence each, containing four Sheets, including the Heads, Maps and Sea- Cliarts, and will not ex- ceed the Price of 11. 1 as. 6ct. Printed for J. and P. Knapton in Ludgate Street, Where may lie had, The above Work in a Vols, in Folio, Price 2!. 12. s. 6 A. in Sheets. The fame in 13 Vols. Oitavo. Mr. Rapin's Hiitory, in two Vols, Folio, Price 21. 12 s. 6< L in Sheers. The fame in i" Vols. Oftavo. A Summary of Mr. Rapin's Hiftory and Mr. TindaJ's Con- tinuation, with Plans of Towns, iScc. alfo the Medaliick Hiftory o.- fhe tlirse Salt Reigns. Folio. An Abridgment of the Hiftory and Continuation, 3 Vols. Oitavo. [ he remaining Copies of the following curious Work, are f id by C. Davis, in Ihlbourn ; and j. Whif- fton ar. d B. Wliite, in Fleet- Street, In ONE VOLUME FOLIO, ( I rice 18 s. neatly hound) ACOLLECTION of STATE PAPERS, relating to Affairs in the Reigns of Henry VIII. Ed- ward VI. Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth. Tranfcribed from original Letters, and other authentic Me- morials, never before pubiilh'd ; left by W 1 1.1.1 A M CECIL, Lord Burleigh, and now remaining in the Library of the Right Hon. the prefent Earl of Salitbury. ' By S A - ivi U E L H A Y N E S, D. D. Late ReHor of Hatfield, and Canon of JVindfor. N. B. The Original Price was One Pound Four Shillngs. Where may be had, Price 18s. bound, Edsn. Chilhuii Antiquitates AJiaiica;, Folio. This Day were publijh'd, Price 10 s. bound, In T W O VOLUMES OCTAVO, With the EFFIGIES of the AUTHOR, SELECT THEOLOGICAL DISCOUftSES : Written by the lute Rev. THOMAS CoC K M A N, D. D. Mafter of Univeriity College, Oxford. Digefted into fuch an Order, as to make a Trjatife againft the prevalent Infidelity, Corruptions, and Errors. And pub- liihed from the Author's original Manufcripts. By tie Rev. TIPPINa SILVESTER, A. M. Printed for T. Gardner, at Cowley's Head, oppofite St. Cle- ment's Church in the Strand ; and by toe Bookfeliers. N. B. There are a few printed 011 Royal Paper njore than were fubferib'd for, which may be had at 15; s. This Day were piibliftid, ( For the Ufe of Schools as well as of private Scholars) 1. \ GRAMMAR of the FRENCH TONGUE : ZJL With a Prefatory Dlfcourfe; containing, An Effay 011 the proper Method for Teaching and Learning that Lan- guage. Price 3 s. 2. The Treafure of the French and Englifh Languages: Being equally neceifary to the French and other Foreigners, underftanding French, to learn Eiiglifli"; and the beft, nor to fay the only, Help extant for them to attain to the Knowledge of it. Price a s. 3. Exercifes to the Rules of Conftruftion of French Speech; conlifting of Palfages extraftec- 1 out of the beft French Au thors, With a Reference to the Grammar Rules, to be turned back into French. Price a s. 4. Themes Francois & Anglois. Price 3 s. 7. The Rudiments of the French Tongue; or, An Eafy and Rational Introduction to French Grammar. Price 1 s. 6tl. The Whole making a complete Syftem of the trench Language. By Monfieur C4AMBAUD, " " Teacher of the French Language. Printed for A, Millar, in the Strand, This Bay teas piihhfjfd, Pries 2 & ( Beihtr a Very prefer Prefent for the approaching holy Sedfon) ' If H E N ii \ V- Y E A R's GIFT, Complete. Irt - I- iix Pans. ConlpciVi of Meditations am: Prayers for every Day in the Week : With Devotion: for tiie SAeminent, Cciicj and oflier Occafions. - N. B. Tiie firitParr may L'e had alone, PricetSd; or 40s. a Hundred. Printed for S. Bir't, at the Bible and Bali in Ave- Maria- Lane, near .% iatiouers- Hall. Where may bs had A New Form of Self- Examination. Digefted under •• i- opef Heads. Drawn rij » fur the Ule, and pubiiflVd at the Kequelt, of a Perfon of Quality. By the Rev. Mi. WINSTANLEYJ Re'tor of Giitfworrh in Northampfonfhire. This Day was publijh'd, The SECOND EDITION, cm- efted, of THE AGE of LEWIS the FOURTEENTH; Tranflated from tlie French of Monf VOLTAIRE; Printed for R. Dodfiey in Pail- mall; Where may be. had, Two Editions of die original French ; one a Royal Quarrcij with a large Letter, in one Volume ; the other 111 two ueac VoJumes in 1 amo. ' I his Day was pubhfh'd, In THREE POCKET VOLUME S> ( Price 9 s. bound in Calf) THE HISTORY of jEMMr and JENNX1 JES S A M V. By the Author of Mifs Betfy Thottghtlefs. Printed for T. Gardner, at Cowley's Head in tiStra> ids and fold by all Bookfellers in Great Britain and Ireland; Where may be had, The Hiftory of Mifs BETSEY THOUGHTLESS, in Four Pocket Volumes, Price 12 t. bound. This Day was pubhjtid^ ( Price bound 2s. 6d.) Carefully ccrre& ed at the feveral Publick Offices, with- Additions not in the former Editions : Being tbe compleatefl Book of the Sort ever yet printed, THE COURT and CITY REGISTER. A for the Year 175- 3. Containing, 1. Rider's Almanack for the ! 3. The Court and City Regi- Year 17- 3; | Iter. 2. New and correft Lifts of 14. Lifts of the Army a:: d tlieLorcis and Commons,& c. | Navy. Printed for J. Barnes ( late Amey's) in the Court of Requefts, and at Clianng- Crofs ; J. Brindley, f. Joiliii'e, C. Hitdiand L. Hawes, M. Cooper, W. and D. Baker, J. Robinfoin, J. Hodges, J. and J. Rivington, W. Reeves, J. Jefieriesj and all the BookfeJlers 111 Town and Country. **# The Lifts may be had without an Almanack, Price isj bound, or is. od. ftitcii'd. / N EW Mullc K. This Day were puMijb'd, Price One Guinea, EIGHT Overtures, and Six Grand Concertos, for 1 Violin's, & c. I11 eight Parts. Op. 7ms. Ccmpos'd by Sg. GIUSEPPI ST. AIARTINI. Printed For J. Wall!), in Catherine- Street jn the Strand. Of" whom may lie had, for Concerts, for Violins, & c. Handel's 60 Overture?. I Arne's Overtures. i6ofongr, from Ora- | Mudge's Concertos. • torios. I Martini and HafTe'sConcertos. — 18 Grand Concertos. | Defefch'sConcertos. Arid in a few Days will be publilh'd, Six Sonatas, cr Leffons for the Harplicliord ; which may lie acconi|) any'cl with a Violin or German Flute. Coiwpo.' il by M. Mondonville. Speedily will be publjiftiJ, In FOUR VOLUMES OCTAVO, Price. bound 1 I. 9he FIFTH - EDITION vf POETICAL TRANSLATION of ths W O R K S of H O R A C E i With the Original Text, arid Critical isoces, collected from his belt Latin and French Commenrators. By the Rev. MY. PHILIP F R A N C I S. Printed for A. Millar, in the Strand. • Of wiiom may be had, Another Edition- of the fame Work, bi. mtifMly printed on Superfine Roj'al l- a;* r, in Two Volumes 4to. Price Two Guineas bound and giir. Alfo an Edition, in Four Volumes 121110, Price bound 12s. This Day was pukhfb'd, In Q U A R r o. LE DICTIONAIRE ROYAL, Francois- Anglois, et Anglois- Francois : Tire des meilieurs Auceurs qui ont eerie dans ces^ detix Langusf. Autrefois toinpofe a 1' Ufage de feu S, A. R. le Due de Glocefter, Par Mr. A. B O Y E R. Re\- u pour la fecrnde foi?, & augmente d'uii gi- and NOmlire de Mots St de Piirales, taut Angioifes que Francois, par D. JDi de la S. R. Ctiez MefT Brotherton, Irinys & Richardfon, Ware, MM* I^. OWS, Knapton, Brindlsy, Clarke, Birt, Comyns, Browne, Longman, Siuicklmrgh, Fuller, Hitch & Hawes. Hodges, Bachurft, Miliar, VaiJlant, Dod, Rivhigton, Ward, Meighan. & Corbet. his Day • Was publifh'd, Price 1 s. THE LADIES Complete POCKET- BOOK, For the Year of our Lord, 1773. Containing, .1. A Memorandum Book, exa^ iy ruled for every L'ay in the Year, fo difpoftd as to ihew at one View, a whole Week's Account of what has been receiv'd, paid, or expended 5 what Appointments, Engagements or Vihts, have been made, and paid, and other occaliona! Memorandums of J^ tifihefi, Sec. 2. An Account of the Feafts and Fafts, fix'd and movafjfe; Holiday and other remarkable Days 111 the Year, 3. Of Rank and Precedence, aijd how to acklrefsjin Writing 01- Difcourfe. Rules of Bath, Turibridge Long Room at Scar- borough. 4. Laws of the Game of Whift, Bill of Fare for every Sea- fon of the Year. Iuftruiftioiis for Carving, and Terms made Ufe of therein. I- iares of Hackney Coachmen, Chairmen and Watermen. 6. Directions for dancing twenty- four new Country Dances for the Year I7f 3. Tables for cafting up Bxpeilces or Wages by the Day, Week, Month, of Year, for the Ufe of the Ladies of Great Britain, and other Particulars^ extremely ufeful for tbe » Pocket of the Fair Sex. ( To be continued every Year,) And, if preferv'd, will enable every Lady to tell what Bufi*, nefs file iias tranfadted, and what Company been in, tver^ Day, during any Period of her Life. Printed for J, Newbery, in St, Paul's Church- Yard. LONDON. On Monday next fix Months Half- pay will be iffued out at the Pay- Uffice, XVlritehall to the reduced Officers of his Majefty's Land Forces and Marines, to the 24th of lafl December. Thurfday his Majefty's Ship the Swallow, htely arri- ved from India, came tip the River to Woolwich. Yefterday there was Advice from Deal, that the Anne, Robinfon, bound for Jamaica, having parted from her Anchors and Cables, in the hard Gale on Wednefday Night laft, drove alhore to the Southward of Ramfgue. Alfo that the Charming Rachael, Richards, from New- York, parted ftom all her Anchors and Cables; a'nd alhore, Between Ramfgate and Broad- Hairs, but the Cargo will be faved. There is alfo an Account that the- Amity, Harris, fr nn Cork, bound to Briftol, is loft in Fitbguard Bay, and two Men erownfid. v And that the Argyll,- Cole, from Glafgow, for Lon- don, wi h Tobacco, and'pa Tons of t'il, was drove afhoie laft WednefJay neat Pool; the Velfel is beat to Pieces, and Cargo fwiaiming. GREAT' BRITAIN'J Own CONCERN; o R, The ADVA NTAG E S - of the HERRING FISHERY Confider'd. ' HAT unaccountable Bias, which is fo flrong JL againft every Thing that is, or is call'd, A new In- itntkn; that Spirit ol Levity, which induces little Minds to ridicule all great Undertakings ; and that fufpicioiis. Humour, which always difcovers fjmething bad at Bottom, whenever public Spirit is declared to be the Moava to any Pefign ; were never fo llron^ ly in- terwoven, as iu she Exceptions taken to the Bririfb Her- ring fllheTy. Sometimes it was a modern Cfumera, proper to amufe warm Fancies, but fcen through by Men of Sen ft- ; fometunes, it was an antiquated Notion revived, which Experience had fnewn to be impracti- cable ; fometimes it was a Bufinefs that poflibly might fucceed if it had fallen into other Hands; in fhorr, fome- times it was an empty Project, and fomeiimes an arrant Tobb. But what is it now ? We have heard of feveral Propofals for employing the Poor, plaufi'oie in Appear- ance, but fcarce practicable in Point of Execuiion ; at moft only fit for Cities, and great Towns. We have feen an Adverifemtnt from'the Council of the Herring Filhery for employing the Poor any where, and at their own Homes. Other Schemes pretended only to relieve them at lefs Expence ; this will provide for them by their own Labour, and that Labour will draw what is to pay for it from other Nation?. Can this be called either a Chimera or a Jobb ? The Braiding of Nets for the Year 1755 will amount to three thoufand Pounds. A fmall Sum confidered in one Light, a very large one confider'd in ano her. it the Filhery can do this in its Infancy, what will it do, or rather, what will it not do in its full Growth ? If the Blolfom be fo fair, what may tfle Public, what may Pofterity expedt, when the Tree comes to be loaded with Fruit ? There will be next Year fixty- feven BuiTes employ'd ; a new Market has been open'd for this Commodity to our Sugar lilands, with this lingular Advantage, That what is a Saving to them brings Riches to us. A little feafocable Attention, with fume fmall, but pioper, En- couragements, would open feveral other Markets, and COpfequently ex'end and enlarge tfje Benefits that have already acctued, and are yearly accruing' from this Trade. The Encouragements given to it will carry no Money out of the Kingdom, but will in the firft Iaftance con- tribute to ihe Maintenance of many, and, in their Con- ference, bring large Returns of Weal'h home. If the original Propof„ ls to Parliament of thofe who favouted the Briiifh Herring Fifliery when it was no more than a ProjeiT, under whofe Care, and by whofe Application it is now become what it is, are confulted3 it will be f>> und that a Provifion for the Poor, and a Refource for manning the Royal Navy, were amongft the great'Benefits that Were promifed on its Behalf. The former nas been already touched, let us now turn our Eyes to the latter. The Whale and Herring Fifheries will, in 1753, employ three thoufand Men. This is a Tenth Part Addition to perhaps our prtfent Naval Strength : And this has been dose in three Years from the Time thofe Fifhsries were fet on Feot. Beginnings are always weak ; but from Beginnings like thefe, what may we sot expedl in Time ? What may we not expeft even in feven Years ? Wiio, that is accuftomed to Ar- gument, but fees the Force of this Ileafoning ? Who that hears of the Endeavours ufed in other Nations to raife a Naval Force, but muft confefs that as this won- derful Addition to our own is not only probable, but in a Manner certain, it is reafonable alfo in the higheft Degree, and will enable us to fecuie thofe great Preroga- tives which have hitherto done fuch Honour to this Nation, and by which all the Blefiings we boaft muft he ever protected and preferved ? The Wifdom of that great Alfembly which is now fitting, will, it is hoped, xnfure to us all, and even more, than has been promifed from the Herring Fifhery. This Day Bank Stock was 144. fr. dia Stock, no Price. South, Sea Stock, 110Price. Three 1 half per Cenr. Old An- nuities', ill Sub. 108 1 half to y 8ths. Ditto 2d Sub. 106 3 qrs to 7 8ths. Ditto New ift Sub. Books fhut. Ditto ad Sub. Books fhut. Bank Annuities 1746, ift £ uli. 107 7 Hth s to 10V. Ditto 2.( 1 SV, 106 3 qrs. J ottery 1747, lit Sub. 107 78ths . ro 108. Ditto ad {> Uf. 106 3 qrs. Bank Annuities, 1747, 1748, a- nd 1- 749, 1" Sub. 107 7 8ths to roS. Ditro id Suit. 106 3 qrs. India Annui ies, 106 j 8ths ro 3 qrs. Three per Cent. Bank Annuities, Books lliut. Ditro Sub. 175- 1, Books fhut. Ditto India, jo? 1 qr to 3 f-' ti. s. New Bank Circula- tion, 11. 17 s. 6d. I'ran. India Bonds, 71. 8 s. to 9s. Pr. To the worthy Tradefmen, the ELECTORS of the City and Liberty of fVe/ immfter. GENTLE ME V, AT the Requeft and by the Ad- vice of my Friends, I have been induced to decline the apprMching Poll for your Re- prefentative in Parliament : Js it is but too obvious to tl e Pub- lick, that my ftar. iing, at this Time, cannot bt attended with that Sitccefs that my Friends hoped for, when they honoured me with their Nomination in Augu/ 1 lap. No EleBor of this City can be touched with a deeper Concern than / am, at tbe cruel Neceffity I am reduced to, of with- drawing tnyfelf; but as Money is now become the Sinews of a'. mofl every Election, I flatter my [ elf my Friends will approve my ConduB, when I affure them, / ha ve not met with the leafl jffjijlanee of that Kind, which was fo generoujly poured in upon me at the late Election for Weftminfter; nor the Coun- tenance of any Gentleman cf DiflinBion and Fortune. I therefore return my moft ftvetre Thanks for the Favours you have conferred upon me ; of winch 1 fo. ill ever retain a mofl gratejul . dckncwlcdgnier. t. I am, Gentlemen, Tour much obliged, Jan. 11, 17J J. and obedient bumble Servant, GEO. VANDEPUT- AT a Meeting bad on Friday the. txth Injlant, at the Crown and Anchor Tavern in the Strand1 furfuant to No/ ia for that Purpofe in the public papers, Sir George Vandepur, Bart, fent tbe following Letter, viz. To the Worthy ELECTORS of the City and Liberty of Weftminller, met at the Crown and Anchor. GENTLEMEN, Z^' f the Reqneft, and by the Advice, of a great Number of my Friends, I have been induced to decline the approaching Poll for your Reprefenrative in Parliament ; as it is but too obvious to the Public, tliar my { landing, ar this Time, foi- waut- of proper Aid and Afliftance, cannot be attended tvirh that Succefs my Friends hoped for, when they Imnoni ' d me with their Nomination in Angtifl laft. I therefore return you my moft lincere Thanks for the Fa- vours you have conferred upon me ; of which, I { hall eyer retain a moft grateful Acknowledgment. I am, Gentlemen, Jan. 12, your much oblig'd, and 17^ 3 • Obedient humble Servant, GEORGE VANPEPTJT. Which the Meeting unanimouffo refolvd, To be a great Abufe of the Confidence they had repofed in him. That the Eleclors are determined, the snore they have been infilled by their Enemies, or betray'd by th, ir falfe Frierrds, to exert themfelves luith greater Spirit and Reflation in De- fence of the Rights and Liberties of their C'untry ; and, in hopes of being property j eprefented, intend to meet at the Crown and Anchor, on Monday next, at Six o'Clock in the Evening,— Unanimoujly to engage tbemftlv- s in Support of the Elc( lion of fuch honejt Perfon as fhall offer himfelf for that Purpofe. £> uere. Whether the Legacy mentioned in the Craftftnan of the 1 xth of November Uft,. Firfe< yc> e. is nor a lapfed Le. gacy ? To the Worthy ELECTORS of the City and Liberty of JVeJimhiJler. GENTLEMEN, Tfjf J'/ ING this Day had the Honour, at a numerous - t - t Meeting of the kicBors of the faid City and Liberty, to le put in Ncmmntien to reprefe,. t you in Parliament, in the room ! tf Sir Peter Warren, deceased; I return you my fwccrejl Thanks for this Mark of your Ejleem, and intreat the Favour of your Fetes aiid hiterefl. I am, Gentlemen, Old Bond- Street, Four mcft humble January 9, 1753- and moft obedient Servant, EDWARD CORNWALLIS. / i Meeting of the . Truflees for Repairing the Turnpike Road from Bafinaftone- Hill, in the Parrfb of Uindle- Ji.' am, in the County of Surrey, to the PowderMilis c- n Hourjlow- Heath in the County of Middlefex', will be held on Monday next, the 1 -} th Jnftant, at Ten o'Clock in the Forenoon, at the King's Head in Egham. - TF the Heir at Liw of GEORGE TOWNSEND, X la. te of Donnington in the County of Gloucelter, Efq; be living, and will fpeetlily apply to Mr. Ifaac Srrurt, at his Houfe in Bream's Buildings, Chancery Lane, Xjondon, and make out liis or her Pedigree, he or flie may hear of ibnie- thing greatly to his or her Advantage. ICHARD~ RUSSELL, Son of William RUFLELL, of Tiverton in Devonshire, about Eleven Years of Age, frelh Colour, and fair Hair, has lieen milling for about five Months; thisis to give Notice; That whoever will bring the faid Richard RnfTell, or fend Word where he is, to Mr. Pink- flone, Shoemaker, near the Roe- Buck, High Holbourn, Lon- don ; or if in the Country, to deliver him to the Exeter or Taunton Stage Coachman, ihall be paid all realbnable Charges, and fatisfied for their Trouble. ALL Perfons who have any Demand on the Eftate of the late Agnes Napper, of Sherbourn, Mercer, de- ceas'd, are delired to fend their Accounts either to Mr. John Yoakfy, in Milk- Streer, London ; or to Mr. Thomas Rot! her, Mercer, in Sherbourn, in order to make a Divideixl of her Eftate. Alfo, all I'erfons who are indebted to the faid Eftate, are defired to pay the fame into the_ Hands of eirher of the above I'erfons, or they will be fued without further Notice. NOTICE is hereby given, THAT an Application is intended to be made to Parliament, this prelent Seflipn, for an A eft to repair the Road from the End of the Town of Burton, next Litchfield in the County of Stafford, through Burma to Derby, in the County of Derby ; and alfo from Derby, to and from Swerk- Jt a large commodious Wharf, at the foot ef fhe lower 8id « of IFeflminfler Bridge, on tht Surry Shore, leading to the new Roads, with two Cranes thereon, MERCHANTS and others may lay up Goods by the Week, Month, or other" ift ; alio a Dock made into the Thames to cair Coals a^ itl other Good;:, which are del iver'd from Che laid Wharf ro all Parts of the Town, at the fame Prices as from the Wharfs On the oppofite Shor •, by JOHN WILLIS. 1 his Day wis p » U/ fh'fy Price 6 d ALETTER to ANDREW STONE, Eft- Printed for H. Carpenter'in Fleet- Street. This Day iv. ts fmblijh'd, ( Price Two- pence ) NUMBER II. of a NHW PAPER, called The WORLD. To be continued every Thurfday. By A D A M F I T Z - A D A M. Printed for R. Dodk- y, in Pall- majl; and fold by M. Croner at the Globe in IVer- nolter Row. Where may be had; Numker I. Price Two- pence. Speedily win he pitblifWd, In FOUR VOL TJ M E S, OCTAVO, Adorned with CUTS, T( Price bound Twenty Shillings) HE WORKS OF VIRGIL. Ill LATIN and E N G I, IS H. The original Text cvrrt& ly printed jrom the mofl authentkk Editions, coilcBed for this Pttrpofe. The JENEID tranilared by the Rev. Mr. CHRISTOPHER, 1' ITT. The ECLOGUES and GEORGICS, with Notes on tlie Whole by the Rev. Mr. J. oSEPH Wakto k. Together wirh feveVal new Oi'fervaiions i> y Mr. Horns. WORTH, r. S?£ scii, and others. Alfo, A Diflemticn oil the- Sixth Book of the JE- ieitT 1, y Mr. ruK'RTOH. On the ShieW of JEnear, hy 2*$ r \\ WHITEHEAD. On the Character of Tapis, |, y rhe'la- e I>- ATTERB t? R y, Biftiop of Roche! ter. And, Three- Effivs on I'aitoral, Diadattic, and Epic Poetry, by the EDITOR Pointed for R. Dodftey, in i all- null. This Day was fuhlifr j, Price 4 s. ( Proper to be confulted by every Freeholder and Gentleman that has any intercfl in choofiig in the next Election of Members of Parliament) A NF. V/ EDITION of THE HISTORY of the PARLIAMENT of ENG t. A N' D. Tranflatedfrom the\ French of the Abbe RAYNAL. Printed for T. O/ borne in Gray's- Inn. Now puHi/ h'd, in Two Volumes, 8vo. Price 1 2 s With CUTS, and the Life of VIRGIL, THE Georgicks and Bucolicks of VIRGIL. With an Ejigtifh Tranflation and Notes. By J O H N , M ARTY N, F. R. S. Profejfor of Botany in the Univerjity of Cambridge. The Quarto Edition of the GeorgicXs and BticoJicks, wish the Cuts coloured, may be had at the SubLri rion Price of One Guinea. N. K... WeXtmi>! fU*, Eaton, aiid the nsoft eminent S.+. 00I3 in England, Scotland and Ireland, have introduced tlie: e ttvo Books into their Schools. Printed for T. Ofborne, in Gray's Inn, This Day was puhlifb'd, In THREE VOLUMES, FOLIO, ACOMPLETE BODY of NATURAL HISTORY, elegantly printed, and aJorn'd with feveral Hundred Figures of Birds, Bealts, Fiihes, and Infects, curi- oufly engraved. ' By JOHN HILL, M. D. In this Work are contained Defcriptiotis of the Animals Plants and Minerals of the feveral Parts of the World ; with their Cltaradters, Places of Production, and an Account of their Virtues and Ufes in Medicine and Mechanics. In the Firft Volume is comprized rhe Hiftory of Metal', Minerals, and Gems-; of Foilils buried in rhe Earth at the De- luge, and fince petrified; of later Petrefaftions; and ali th « concerns the Study of Foflils. In the Second is explaiu'd the feveral Syftems of Botany and the Vegetables of the different Parts of the World, re- markable for their Beauty, Singularity, and Ufe, are de/ cri'. ed at large; together with their Virtues, Ufes, and the Prepara- tions 1/ om them : In this Volume is comprized rhe Stibftance of all that has been written 011 the Scu.'. y of VegerabK. In the Third is contain'ri the Hifiory of Animals, Infefts Worms, Serpents, Birds, Beaftsand Fifties, which are defen- bed ar large in this Volume. N. B. There are a fnia. ll Number for the Curious, with the Figures beautifully coloured to the Life, under the Infpetftion ofthe Author. Each Volume may be had alone ro com' Jtte Sets, or to accommodate thofe who chufe to purciiafe any ' par- ticular Volume. Printed for T Ofborne, in Gray's Lin. This Day were publifh'dPrice 2 s. REMARKS ON Mr. AVISON'S ESSAY ON MUSICAL EXPRESSION-. Wher- in the Chaniftew of feveral great Matters, Iwrh annent and modern, are related from the Mifreprefemarions of the above Anchor, and their real Merit afferreri and defended In a Letter from a Geiufcm^ n in I. or. don, to' Jtis Friend in the Country. Printed for J. Robinfon. ar rhe Golden Lion in Ltid^ ate- Streer. "„ 0 On IVedntjduy nest mil he fit hi •/ ted, ( Price is. < 5d. few'd, or 5 iiotind) THE LETTERS of Midamde MAIN TFKOV. And o'her eminent Per fon; in the Age of Lewis XIV. To which ar added, Some Characterstranflated from the French. c Madam de Miintenon gain'd fnch an Afc- ndanr, and 111- ' fjiired LEWIS XIV. with FB nmch Foi, djief « , and 10 ' many Scruples, rhar the King, following the Advice ' of Father fa Chaife, fecret/ y married her, without the ' leaft Contradt or Stiptilaiion whatever. There are ' 1 etrers ofher* srcmaini:\ s, written with litrprking Ele- ' gance— She had Kiiowledge acijuiced by rtailiwg, See Voltaire's Aft of Lewis yj'v Printed for J. Robin'on, in Ludgare- Street ; and i ockver Pavis, near Salifbury- CotuT, in fleet- Street. Iton Bridge, to Harhorn- Turn, or Bridge, in the County of Leicefter; and that a Meeting will be field to conftik abot the fame, 011 Friday the 19th Inftant, at the King's Head i Derby, about Twelve o'Clock iu the Forenoon. > our in LONDON: Printed by J. MER E a, in the Old Saily, where Advextifements arc- taken i « »
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