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The Edinburgh Evening Courant


Printer / Publisher:  R. Fleming and Company
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No Pages: 4
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The Edinburgh Evening Courant
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The Edinburgh Evening Courant

Date of Article: 14/09/1752
Printer / Publisher:  R. Fleming and Company
Address: sold below Laigh Coffee house
Volume Number:     Issue Number: 
No Pages: 4
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T H E venmgCourant T H U R S D A Y SEPTEMBER 14. 1752. NEW STILE. No F O R E I G N MAILS fince our laft. G E N E R A L E V E N I N G P O S T , AUGUST 29. L O N D O N. ON Wednefday laft the Lords of the Admiralty were pleafed to order the St. Albans, a fixty- gun Ship, to be put into Commiffion, and gave the Command to Capt Samuel Faulkner. Within thafe few Days paft five new BufTes have been launched for the Service of the Brkifh Fifhery, which are called the Anti- Gallican, Canterbury, Halifax, Anion and Norwich; in Honour to the laudable Society lately eftablifhed in this Kingdom, his Grace the Archbifhop, the firft Lord Commiffioner of Trade, the firft Lord of the Admiralty, and the Preceptor to his Royal Highnefs the Prince of Wales. We hear there is a great Demand for Corn in feveral Parts of Italy, upon which Orders have been fent hither and to other Places for a Supply. The Report ot the Plague's being broke out afrefh in Turky, we can affure the Publick, is without any manner c f Foundation. DUBLIN, Auguft i t . Laft Tuefday died, at his Houfe in Calvin . town in the County of Kildare, Mr John Courfe, aged 112. He was born in Languedoc, and bred up in the Principles of the Reformed Religion. He was forced into the French Army in the Reign of Lewis X I V , and ferved three Campaigns in Flanders, and then went into the Service of the Dutch, under the Prince of Orange; after which he came to Ireland with JJukc Schomberg, and inlifted himfelf nnder King William III. of glorious Memory. He d. flinguifhed himfelf in moft of the Battles againft the late King lames II. and behaved himfelf with great Bravery, for which he was well rewarded; then quitted the Army, took a Farm, and lived upon it. He has left three Sons, the eldeft of which is near Sixty, and the youngeft but Twenty- two. E D I N B U R G H . This Day the Julian Form of the Year, or Old Stile, ends, and the Gregorian Form, or New Stile, commences in Britain, as appointed by A f t of Parliament.— Whatever Difference there hath been amcng different Nations in the Beginning and Ending their Years, yet the moft of them endeavoured to make their Year correfpond to one Revolution of the Sun through the twelve Signs of the Zodiac: But their want of Skill in Aftronomy obliged them to intercalate Days, and fometimes Months, to keep theirYearto fomething near an Equality to the Courfe of the Sun. The Roman Year was divided by Romulus into ten Months, which confifted, fome of thirty, and fome of thirty one Days; and Numa added two Months more, viz. January and February; but the Form of Nutria's Year was fo corrupted, by thelndifcretion of the Pontiffs, in whofe Hands the fole Power of Intercalation was lodged, that the Winter Months fell back to the Autumn, and thofe of the Autumn to the Summer, / l ' o remedy thefe InConveniencies, Julius Casfar, that Year in which he let about Reformation of the Kaiendar, ( being the 46th Year before Chrift) added 23 Days between the 23d and 2.4th of February, and alio 67 Days between November and December; fo that Year contained 445 Days, and was called the Year of Confufion. Then he inftituted a Solar Year of 365 Days 6 Hours, ordering the 6 Flours to be neglefted till they made a Day, which happened every 4th Year, and to be inferted after the 13d of February, which - fourth Year is called Biflextile or Leap Year. But this Julian Year is too much by near n Minutes, which occafions the Times ot the Equinoxes and Solftices to go backward a - whole Day in about 133 Years. In the Year i> Si Pope Gregory reformed the Julian Kaiendar, and took ten DavS from the Month of Oftober that Year, ordering the 5th to be called the 15th, by which the Vernal Equinox, which was on the IQ h or nth of March, was brought to the 20th or 2Lft, a" u had been at the Time of the Council of Nice, in the Year of Chrirt 325 : And, to keep the Year to very near an Equality with the Courfe . of the Sun, ordered that the laft Year of every 4th Century fhould be a Leap Year, whereas, in the Julian Years, the laft of every 100 is a Leap Year; fo the Years 1800 and 1900 will be common Years confining of 365 Days each, but the Year 2000 will be a Lean Year: And by this Inftitution, which is called the Gregorian or New Stile, the Vernal Equinoxes are fixed, almoft forever, to the 2,0th or 21ft March. The Year, 1700, in the Julian Accompt was a Leap Year, but in the Gregorian a common Year, which is the Reafon that there is now 11 Days of Difference between the Old Stile and the New : And, as the 11 Days are ordered to be taken out of this current Month September immediately after the 2d, this Day, which would have been the 3d, is made the Fourteenth. We hear that upon the n t h Auguft laft, Euphemia Wood, Spoufe to Thomas Fife late Vintner in Edinburgh, obtained a Divorce before the Commiftaries of Edinburgh, againft the faid Thomas Fife upon the Head of Adultery. Upon the 31ft of July laft, the High School of Edinburgh was examined, in Prefence of the Right Honourable the Lord Provoftand Magiftrates, feveral 1' rofeiTors of the College, Minifters and other Gentlemen of the City, particularly fuch who had Sons at the School, who all with'Pleafure obferved the great Proficiency the Scholars had made fince laft Year, and the excellent Method in which the Boys are taught in that Seminary, where they muft certainly make a greater Progrefs in their Education than in mbft cither Schools, whofe Teachers have, perhaps, four, five or more different Claffes, and confequently as many Leifons to prefcribe and examine ; whereas in the High School of Edinburgh, every Matter hath his particular Clafs, who have one Leffon in common; which mult be of great Advantage to Boys of a flow Capacity, or the more carele'f-. Mr. Farquhar's Clafs were examined upon thofe Parts of a f 1 rt / T1 i-\ r O /" PX /" VF- H !->-> T T rwCn m ,1 DI. AFN\ . L. .. . O. 1 J 1 .. 1 ..... / n. tiiuaicu wan great Facility, and appeared fo well founded as to give Satisfaction to all prefent. The Magiftrates, in order to encourage the Youth, who were Very numerous, were pleafed to diftribute a great many Books, handfomely gilt, and impreflcd with the City's Arms, among the feveral Clafles; at the fame Time affuring both Mafters and Scholars, That they might depend on all due Encouragement from them, while they continued to behave fo well in their refpeftive Stations. The who's concluded with tranflating feveral Paragraphs of free Englifh into C L A S S I C A L L A T I N , and pronouncing LATIN ORATIONS by the Boys in the higheft Clafs, in order to initiat them in the ART ' of ORATORY: And that the Publick may not think this a PUFF, A L L who have a Mind, are welcome to hear the Leffons prefcribed or examined, at any Time at School Hours, for their Satiffaftion. Mr. Farquhar begins the Rudiment Clafs on Monday the fecondlDay of Oftober. next, N. S. fuch as defign to enter their Children to the High School, at that Time, may depend on| having them carefully founded and inftrufted in the Latin Tongue. If any enter lat'er, all due Tarns will he ufed to bring fuck tip with the Clafs, by a private Hour. This at the Defire of the Magiftrats, is inferted in the News Papers. TH E R E is to be expofed to Sale, for Ready Money only, at the Auftion or common Rouping- houfe ii » the Writers Court, entering the fecond Door down Stairs below Mris. Witfon's Tavern, alfo by Warifton's Cioic in the Luckenbooths, a very large Parcel of B O H E A and, G R E E N T E A S , neat as ip> por'ted; fine Bbhea, Congo and'Suchong Teas from 4s. 6 d. to 7s. 6 d. Sterl. per Pd. Hyfon and Green Tea from 8 s. to 10s. Sterl. per Pound. The Sales to begin upon Friday the 15th of Sept. iaftam, N e w Stile, and to continue till all be fold off. Attendance will be given from Ten o'Clock Forenoon till One o'Clock Afternoon, and from Three till Five Afternoon. . No lefs Quantity than one Pound Weight to be fold, and whoever foil buy 10lb. or more ( ball have a reafonable Allowance. Commifljons from the Country, from Merchants or others, will be carefuil/ obey'd. Such as want to try the Quality of the Teas may have an Opportunity at the Place of Sale, where boiling Water will be ready, when they will be found to be exceeding good and cheap. As the Proprietors propofe to fell the whole Teas off immediately, they have put very l ow Prices on the different Qualities of them. TH A T the L A R G E G A R D E N , at the Eaft- end of the T o w n of Dunfermline, with Gardner's Hotife and Office houfes, prefently pofleft by John Deall, are to be fct in Tack, for a long or fhort Space, after Martinmas next, or for Crop 1753.- The Garden conlills of upwards of four Acres of Ground, well fenced with a Stone and Lime Dike, lyes to the Sun, regularly planted with very good Kinds of well bearing Fruit Trees and Bufhes, and the Houfe and Offices very convenient, and pay juft now rp 1. 3 s. 4 d. Sterl. of yearly Rent. For further Particulars inquire at William Black Clerk of the Admiralty of Dunfermline, or faid John Deall. P E E B L E S R A C E S. ON Wednefday tire n t h October next, will be run for on the ufual Courfe of Peebles, Weight for Age, a P U R S E of 10 Guineas, the beft of three Heats, by any Horfe, Mare or Gelding that never won moic than 501, four Year olds carrying 8 Stone, five Year olds 9 Stone, fix Year olds 10 St. 41b. aged Horfes 11 Srone. On Thurfda/ the n t h , a Purfe of if Guineas, by any Horfe, Mare or Gelding, Weight for Inches, 14 Hands, carrying p Stone, the belt of three Heats. On Friday the i? th, a Putfe of 20 Guineas, hy Horfes that have been regularly hunted laft Sealon, aged Horfes carrying n S t . i o l b . fixYearolds l o S t . five Year olds y S t. The Horfes to be. entred four Days before Running, paying one Guinea for each of the zo Guinea Plates, and half ; i Guinea for the Plate of 1 y, into the Hands of the T o wn Clerk of Peebles* or double Entrance at the Poft, paying the ufuaj Fees to the C'erk. Certificates of tbe Qualifications of the Horfes to be produced at Entrance. The Entrance Money for each Purfe to be given to the fecond beft Horfe. I"" H A T the F A I R S at M I D C. A L D E R , formerly heid upon the firft TUESDAYS of MARCH and OCTOBER, are in Time coming, in r efpeA of the Al. teration of the Kalendar, to be held upon the 2d TUES- 13 of thefe refpe& ive- Months; and accordingly the Fair in O C T O B E R this Year will be heidupo.; the SECOND Tuefday being the toth of faid Month. (- H E Right Hon. the Lord G R A Y , Robert Graham of Fin try, David Weddetburn. of Wedderburn, Alexander Hunter ot Balskellie, Alexander Read of Logic, James Graham of Methie, Alexander Grahanj of Duntroon, James Guthrie of Craigie, and William Guthrie of Clepingtoun, are refolved to preferve the GAME en their refpectiv- e Grounds -, Tbefe are therefore difcharging all Perfcns whatfom. ev. er from Hunting with Nets, Guns or Dogs, on any of the faids Grounds, other w^ ys they will be profecutc jn the ftri& eft Manner* ' " p H E F A I R o f H A D D I N G T O N , called MicfiaeF, X ntas Fair, which was formerly held upon the 2pih Day of September, is, by Order of the Magiftrates and T o w n Council of that Burgh, appointed to be holden this Year upon Tuelday the 10th Day of OtSober next, New Stile, and to be holden yearly in all Time coming upon the fecond Tuelday of Oftober. BRIFISH L I N E N OFFICE. Sept. 14. 1.752. " J * H E R E is a Quarterly General Court of Proprietors I to be held here on Monday next, in Terms of the Charter- The Mectmg is appointed to be at Twelve o'CIock. Noon. rH A T the Parks of M Y R E T O N , in the County of Wigton, are to be fet in Tack, in whole or in Parcels, for iuch Term of Years as can be agreed upon, by way of pub. ic Roup, at Myreton, the j d Day of October next. Perfcns who incline to take the fame may commune with Alexander MacConnel Town Clerk of Wigtoa, or the Proprietor, who will inform them of the Conditions.— And 011 the 4th and 5th Days of faid Month, are to be fold, at the faid Place, fome Milk Cows, and other Cattle, with fome Horfes, all good in their Kind, particularly fome young Cattle remarkably fo. UPON Wednefday the 2pth Day of November next N . S . bet wixt the Hours of Three and Four Afternoon, there will be expofed to Sale by way of public voluntary Roup, within John's Coffeehoufe in Edinburgh, by Alexander Cunnynghame, one of the Clerks co the Signet , Truftee for Colonel John Cunnynghame of Bogaagreen, the Lands and Eftate of B O G A N G R E E N , within fix Miles of Berwick, lying in the Parifh of Coldingham and Shire of Berwick, the yearly free Rent of which, after all Dedudions, is 77 1. s j s. 4 d. Sicrling : There is a neat Houfe on the Eftate, confiding of feven Rooms, with good Oflicehoufes, two fenfible Inclofures, two Gardens, and a confiderable Quantity of barren Planting, with tbe Privilege of catling Feall and Divot and grating on the Muir of Coldingham. The Progrefs of Writs, and the Articles and Conditions of Sale, to be feen in the Hands of the faid Alexander Cunnynghanie, at his Chamber in the Writers Court, Edinburgh. N. B. All the Creditors of the faid Col. John Cunnynghame are defired to give in a Note of their refpeftive Debts to the faid Alexander Cunnynghanie, and ihe Securities by which they are due, and the Intereft thereon at Lammas 1752. 1~~ HAT the Lands after mentioned are to be fold, jointly or feparately, upon the laft Saturday of September 1752, within the Houfe of Robert Dalgleifh Vintner in Dalmellington, viz. the T H R E E K I R VII N N O S in the Parilh of Carsfairn, WOQDHEAD and LARGRIE in the Parifh of Kels, and all in the Stewatry cf Kitkcudbright; the whole Lands are 6811. t} s. 4 d. Scots of yearly Rent; and tbe Rental, Progrefs of Writs, and Conditions of Roup, are to be feen in the Hands of Andrew Hunter Writer in Edinburgh, at his Houfe in Pater- fan's Court, and the Rental in the Hands ot James' MaeMtu trie Writer- in Dalmellington. If any Perfen inclines to make a private Bargain before the Day of Roup, they may call for- the Proprietor,, who will be got Notice oFfrora. the faid Andrew Hunter or James MacMurtrie. THAT Balmule- mill, commonly called MELDRUM>' SM1LL, with the Multures, Mill Lands, Xounzies, Coaltoua, and- Dovecjtt, lying in the Parifh of Dunfermline and Shire of Fife, prelemly puffed by Lady Wardlaw and her Subtenants, holding Ecu ot Mr. MacPatlanc fee a Merit Scots of- yearly, FeUj belonging to Thomas Dunmoor Merchant in Giafgow, are to be cx- pofed to Sale by way of public Roup, in the Tolbooth of Dunfermline, on Tuefday the 8th Day of September next Old- Stile, which is the ipth Day Mew Stile, at Eleven o'Cock Forenoon. The Articles of the Roup, Progrefs- of Writs, and Rent of the Lands, are to be feen in the Hands of the faid Mr. Dunmoor, or David Wilfun Merchant in Dunfermline, any time betwixt ar. d the Roup, X O be fold at Mris. M A C K E N Z I E ' ? Shop, firft Door within the Cldm- fhell Turnpike, at the upper > f the City Guard, Edinburgh, a famous F R E N C H P O W D E R , an infallible Cure fot removing all Spots, Pimples, Stains, or extraordinary Heats from the Face, rendering the Skin fmooth and beautiful, without the leaft Pain or Uneafinefs. No lefs Quantity can be ( old than a Quarter of an Ounce, two Shillings Worth, with Dirc'Aions how to ufe it. N, B. The above Powder has been ufed by feveral, and has given general Satisfaction to all who' have ufed it. Il is to be fold at no Shop in Scotland but at the above. J U S T I M P O R T E D , BY J O H N R U T H E R F O R D late of Bowland and Company, Merchants in Cape Fare, North Carolina, by the Snow Grenadier, a Parcel of exceeding fine thick T A R , in Barrels, running from 70 to $ o Scots Pints, fit for ( mearing of Sheep, which from Experience of laft Year and precee. iing Years, of the molt confiderable Store- maftcrs in Scotland, has been found to ani'wer as well fot the I'tirpofe as the beft Norway Tar. There is hkeways imported by the fame Ship, a Quantity of Tar fit for making of Ropes for Ship- building, and a confiderable Quantity of Pitch and Turpentine, and Deer Skins in the H a i r .— The above Goods are to be fold at the Cellars of the faid John Rutherford, oppofhe to Mr. Adam's Marble work in Leith. The thick Tar will be lold at 13 s. 6 d. per Barrel, and fix Months Credit to fuch as take a Laft or above i t; a Deduftion o f 5 per cent, is given for ready Money. The other Commodities will be fold at the current Prices, and a reafonable Allowance given to Merchants who fhall take Quantities. Commiflions from the Country will, be anfwered by William Bell Wine cooper in Leith, at his Houfe in Quality- ftreet; and fuch as fend Commi ( lions will take C a r e to mention particularly the Place of their. Relider. ce, and the Parifh in which it. lyes. As this Trade is entirely ' carried on by the Exportation of our own Woolen, Linen and other Manufaftures, it is hoped all thofe who wiflr well to tbele valuable Branches o f the Trade o f their Country will give the proper Encouragement to the Importation o f thefe Commodities. The above Snow Grenadier, New England built, Burthen 2.00 Tons, four Year old, with all her Tackle and Boats, as ( lie prefently lyes in the Harbour of Leith, is to be fold by public Roup, within F01 th's Cofteehoufe, Leijh, on the 8th O& ober next N.. S. bet. wixt. the Houis of Three and Four in the Afternoon. Tbe Conditions of Sale to be • ieen in the Hands of the above William Bell, who will treat with any Perfon for a private Purchafe, before tbe • Day of the Sale. Mr. Rutherford and Company have e. refterf at Cape Fare a Dock for Ship building, and will contraft- for building Ships of any Dimenfions, at fixed Rates. Ship- Carpenters, Wrights, Smiths and Coopers, who are witling to t o n t r a ft to go to Carolina, for a Number of Years not under four, upon applying to the above Mr. Bell, will meet wiih reafonable Encouragement. By Order of the Honourable the Magistrates and Council of the City - of Aberdeen T I J HER'EA'S by Charter from ihe Crown, ratified in V V Parliament, the City op Aberdeen has a Privi'ege of F O U R Y E A R L Y F A I R S , to be Holden in May, June, O i t o b e r and December yearly ; Thefe are intimating to all Perfons whatever, that the firlt of thefe Fails is. ro be held on the firft T u e f d i y and Wednelday of O& ober next, and the Mercat for Horfe, Nolt ana'Sheep is to Hand on the Muir called the White- myres, one Mile Weft o f the City; and for all Merchandize within the City The fecond Fair is to be held; as aforefaid, on the firft Tuafday and Wednefday of December next; the third Fair an rhe firfi Tuefday and Wednefday of May n e x t ; . a n d die fourth to be on the fecond Tuefday and Wednefday of June next : And fo forth yearly thereafter, on the Days and at the Places above mentioned.— Thefe Markets are * o be Cuftom- free° UP O N Friday the i f t h of September inft. N. S. betwixt the Hoars of Three and Four Afternoon, there will be expofed to Sale by way of public voluntary Roup, at John's Coffeehoufe, the following H O U S E S , all lying near the Middle of BLACKFRIERS W Y N D , E. dinburgh, viz. That Houfe prefently pofkfled by the Hon. Lady Margaret Lindfay, confifting of three good welllighted Fire Rooms, with a large Clofet to each, a large well- lighted Kitchen, a Parlour, good Garrets, a C e l l a r , 3 large Area and a Wright's Shop ( lying within the faid Area) prefentlypoffefFed by Mr. John Montgomery Wright,, paying in all 11 1. j o s . Steri. Item, A Houfe lying under Lady Margaret Lindlay's, confifting of a Kitchen, one Fite Room, two Clofets, and a Cellar, prefently poflefTed by John Gray Indweller, paying 3 1. Sterl. Item, A Houleadjoining to Lady Margaret Lindlay's, ( with a feparate Entry from the Wynd_) prefently poffeffed by Mr. John MacPherfon Mufician, confifting o f three good well lighted Fire Rooms, four light Clofets, a Kitchen, Cellar and Area, paying 8 I. Sterl. The Progrefs of Writs and Conditions of Sale to be feen in the Hands o f John Patullo,, Writer in Edinburgh, to be found at John's Coffeehoufe. WHEREAS the Fair commonly called the MICHAELMAS FAIR., kept in the T o w n of A Y R , the firft Tuefday of October yearly, is, by Order of the Magiftrates and To- wn Council, to be kept this Year, and in all Time coming, on the third Tuefday of Ottober, being the 17th of the laid Month N e w Stile, which is the fame Day it would have happened upon provided there had been no Alteration in the Stile;. Therefore this public Intimation is made, that all People having, Bufinefs at faid Fair may regulate rhemfelves accordingly. WHEREAS by the Alteration of the Kalendar, made by an Aft paft in. l a f t Se ( Iron o f Parliament, Miftakcs may happen concerning the Days on which Fairs or M s r - cats arc to be holden after the laid Adl takes Place, particularly the Fair called the ROOD- DAY FAIR, holden in JEDBURGH in tlie County of Roxburgh, upon the 14th Day o f September yearly : T h e r e f o r e , to prevent any Mistakes about the faid Fair, Intimation is hereby given to all and fundry his Majefty's Lieges, that the faid Fair, called the Rood Day Fair in Jedburgh, is and fhall be holden this Year upon the 14th Day o f September Old Stile, which is the z j f h Day of the faid Month according. 10 the ne. w Suppuration. UP O N Monday, the i d of O& ober next, there is to run for on the Town- Muir of J E D B U R G H , a Gi e- and T a k e P L A X E oFEiftcen Gtijneas, giVen by the T o w n of'Jedburgh', the Beft. op three Heats,., by. any Horfe, Mare or Gelding, fourteen Hands high, carrying i o S t o n e, Saddle and' Bridle included,, and to carry or. be allowed- Weight for Inches,. three Horfes. to- ftart- onno Race. The Horfes to be fhown and booked at. the. Ho. ufe of- Andrew Lookup Vintner in Jedburgh, upon Friday the i g t h of Sep-- tember, betwixt the Hours of Twelve and Seven Afternoon, paying half a Guinea.. Entrance Money-, befides the Dues to the Clerk, and to be meafured there the. Day before Running, betwixt the Hours of Four and Seven Af< tcrnoon. And upon Tucfday tbe jd of October, there is to - be run for on the fame Muir, a S U B S C R I P T I O N - PURSE of.- T w e n t y Guineas, the beft o f three Heats, by any Horfc, Mare or Gelding, which ncrer won at. once tire Value offifty Pound, five Years old, carrying g, Stone 7 Pounds,, fix Year olds carrying to. Stone, and aged Horle 10 Stone 7 Pounds: The Ace of the Horfes to be certified by- the Breeder, under Affidavit before a Juftice of Peace: Threes Horfes to flart, or no Race. 1 he Horfes to be ftiown and* booked at the Houfe of the-( aid Andrew Lookup, on S a - turday the 30th of September, betwixt the Hours of a r d 7 Afternoon, each Horfe not belonging to a SufcCcritcr^ paying a Guinea Entrance, befides the Dues t o rhV- O " N. B. There are to he Affembiics on Monday, T i n ; . .- s a d Wednefday. WH E R E A S , notwithftanding of a former Advertife* ment, very few of thofe' t h i t are Debitors to the deceaft J A M E S N A P I E R, late Merchant in, Edinburgh, have either paid or eonfiitutc their Accompts: T H I S is therefore intimating to all who are Debitors to' the ( aid James Napier, that Patrick Bowie, Merchant in Edinburgh, is fufficiently authorifed and empowered to receive and difcharge thefe Debts; and unlefs they are now paid in to him, or conftitute by Bills at a ( hort Date, the more difagreeable Method will be taken without further Notice. B Y Order of the Arbiter in the Submiflion betwixt ihe deceatV J O H N HENDERSON of B R O A D H O LM and his Creditors, there is to be expofed to voluntary Roup and Sale, within the Houfe of Mark MacKune Vintner in Dumfries, upon Tuefday the 7th of November next t o come, betwixt the Hours of Three and Seven in the Afternoon, fiindry DEBTS due to the faid John Henderfon, v i z . An heretable Debt affecting the Lands o f Balgrae, lying in the Parifh of Applegirth and Shire of Dumfries ; and t h e movable Debts owing by Archibald Douglas younger • of Dornock, William Atmflrong 6f Kirdcton, the Representatives of the deceaft John Hendcrfon of Thornywhat, t h e Reprefentatives o f the deceaft John Henderfon o f Caftlemains, John Smith of Parkend, and James Smith Merchant in Dumfries his Brother. As alfo, all and haill the Lands • of Broadchapel, and four Pound Land of Mofsfide alias Newmaihs, and the Lands of Be'fheild, lying in the Parifh of Lochmaben and Sheriffdom of Dumfries, holding Feu o f the Vifcount of Stormont. And likeways the Lands • called Cocltiesknow, lying within the Territory of the Burgh of Lochmaben, holding Burgage; the whole faid Lands paying yearly of free Rent, after Dedu& ion of Mi- • niflcrs Stipends and Feu- duties, 1. 11 s. f d. 4 - i z t hs Sterl. and are to be fet up at 850 1. Ncta, There is a neat well finifhed Houfe at Newmains, and convenient Officchoufes of all Kinds, a large Orchard, and a good Kitchen. Item, Thofe Parts of the Lands called Wamfrey's Merk Land in Moftat, which belonged to the faid John Hendcrf o n , and remain unfold, lying contiguous to the T o w n of Moffat, holding Feu of the C r o w n , and paying yearly of Free Rent and Feu duty 7 1. 15 s. 10 d. Sterl. and are to be l e t up at 150 L Sterl. The Inventaries o f the faid Debts, and of the Progrefs o f the faid Lands, Rentals thereof, and Conditions of Sale, are to be fecri in the Hands of Alexander Goldic Writer to the Signet, Edinburgh, and of Jofeph Corrie conjunct T o w n - C l e r k of Dumfries, who will fhow the Inftruftions and State of the faid Debts, and the Rights of the faid Lands, to any Perfon inclining to purchalc. ' O be fold by voluntary Roup, on the toth Septem- 1 ber inft. at Three o'Clock Afternoon, within John's Coffechoufe in Edinburgh, that S T A B L E and COACHHOUSE in St. Mary's Wynd, lately rebuilt, and prefently poflcft by Alexander Gairdner Ferrier. For Particulars inquire at Mr. Ronald Crawfurd. at his Houfe in Cant's C l o f e. ' H A T a P A R C E L O F H O U S E S , and a Garden, belonging to the deceaft Andrew Wilfon Mafon in Newington, and n ow to" Alexander Wilfon Brewer in Leith, bis So. n, lying in Ncwington in Grange Caufway fide near Edinburgh, confifting o f thirteen Dwelling ho fes high and laigh, with the forefaid Garden, and paying of yearly Rent the Sum of 1? 1. l i s . 8 d. Sterl. out o f which yearly Rental there is payable ro the Laird of Newington, Superior thcrcot, the Sum of 16 1. 13 s. 4 d. Scots Money of Feuduty, which Hollies and Garden above mentioned are to be cxpofed to public voluntary Roup and Sale, at Edinburgh, lipon the fecond Wednefday of September inft. being the 20th of that Month New Sti c, betwixt ihe Hours of Three and Four of the Clock in the Afternoon, within the Houfe o f George Wilfon Vintner in Edinburgh. The Rental of the faids DwelHng- houfes and Yard, Writs of the faids Lands, and Conditions of R,: up, are to be feen in the Hands o f John Wilfon Writer in Edinburgh, at the Admitaity Office there. WHEREAS, the Alteration of the Kalendar takes Place thfs Year, and that, by an Ajft paft laft Ssdion. of Parliament, Fairs are to be kept and holden on the natural Days on which the fame would have been kept and holden in cafe no fuch Alteration had been made; Theref o i e thefe are to advertife, that the F A I R OF D A L K E I T H, which formerly ufed to be kept and holden on the fecond Tuefday of October, is this Year, and for hereafter, to be kept and holden on the third Tuefday, which falls this Year to be the 17th of faid Month, N e w Stile. THE Room and Lands of L O C H E A D , in the Parifb of Auchtertooll and Shire of Fife, belonging to the Right Hon. the Earl o f Wemvfs, is to be fet in Tack ( for fuch a Number of Years as fhall be agreed on) after Martinmas next 1753, by way of Roup, on the lecond Wednefday of February next, within the Houfe o f Gilbert Robertfon Shoremafter at the Methill, betwixt the Hours of Ten and T w e l v e in the Forenoon. The Lands contain about 300 Acres, and are well provided with Mofs, and pay prefently of yearly Rent 1 Boll 3 Firl. 1 Peck 2 and half Lippies of Wheat, 10 Bolls o f Meal, 10 Bolls of Oats, 500 Merks Scots o f Money Rent, and z4 Hens at half a Mcrk each. WHEREAS the Right Hon. Lord Elphinflone, Lord Napier, Lord Boyd, the Hon. Charles Elphinflone, Sir Michael Bruce of Stenhoufe, Sir Michael Stewart of Biackhall, Sir James Dunbar of Mochrum; Sir James Livingftone c f Glentirran, Barts. Captain Robert Haldanc of Piean, Captain John Stirling of Herbertfhire, Thomas Forrefter of Dinovan, Thomas Dundas of Quarole, Laurcncc Dundas o f Kerfe, and James Burns of Dorater, are refolvcd to preferve the G A M E on their rcfpedlivc Ellates in the Counties of Stirling and Dumbarton; Thefe are therefore prohibiting all Perfons whatever from hunting with Nets, Guns or Dogs, on any of the faid Lands, as they are determined to profecute Offenders in Terms of Law. I" H A T 61 Acres of the Lands of W A R I S T O U N , belonging to George Heriot's Hofpital, with the Houfcs, Barns, Byres, & c . as the fame arc prefently po/- fcfled by Mris. Key and Stephen Lithgow Tenants thereof, paying yearly 144 Bolls of Barley, and 3 1. 16 s. 3 d. Sterl. o f Money Rent, are now to be fet in Tack for one, two or three nineteen Years. Any Perfon who inclines to have the faid Tack is hereby defired to give in bis Propofals concerning the fame, betwixt and the 26th Day ot September inft. in a Letter fealcd and direfted to Albert Monro Treafurer of the faid Hofpital, at his H c u l e i n Edinburgh, or at the Britifh Coffeehoufe there. By Order of the Magiftrates and Town Council of Peebles, r^ HERE is to be held at the faid Burgh of Peebles, on Monday rhe fourteenth Day of September inft. O . S. the Day on which Edlcilon Fair ufed to be held, A FAIR for Black Cattle and Merchant Goods, Cuftom free for five Years. Perfons may c x p e d civil and good Entertainment. TH A T the Ship I N D U S T R Y , Capt. Andrew Cowan will fail from Leiih ( where ( he is now Ning) for CHARLES T O W N in South Carolina, Wind and'Weathcr ferving, againft the 2d Day o f O c t o b e r N . S. without touch ing any other Place in her outward Paflage. Any Pcrfon inclining to ( hip themfelvcs or Goods, may apply to the Captain, to be fpoke with at the Ship, or at Mrs. Ruffel's near the Weigh- houfe, or at Hugh and Robeit Clerks Merchants, who will agree with them. The Ship hqs excellent Accommodation for Paflengers. N. B If any 7 radefman of a good Character, with Attcfiation of the fame, will go to Carolina, to ferve for four Years, the Captain will agree with them. HE good Ship THE LEITH GALLEY, about 230 f Tons Burthen, Eofton built, and four Years olij, with all her Pertinents, as ( lie now lyes in the Harbour of Lcith, is to be expofed to publick Roup in Perth's Coflc?- houfe, Leith, on Wednefday the 4th o f O f l o b e r N. S. betwixt Three and Four o'Clock Afternoon. The Invoftary and Conditions of Sale are to be feen at the laid Coffee- houfe, or in the Hands of Robert M'CiclJaa Merchant in Leith.
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